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Au Naturel II by JB57

Prologue: The Gazebo

Louise Long  gave the valet a dazzling smile as he opened the door to her silver Mercedes sports car. She unfolded her long, muscular legs from the driver’s side of the vehicle. She rose to her full height, enhanced by three-inch stiletto heels. She was wearing a white sun hat and a short, colorful sun dress. The dress did nothing to hide her voluptuous curves or the rolling bounce of her braless breasts.

“Thank you, Todd,” she smiled at the valet. She reached into the back cargo seat of the car and pulled out a bag. That was all she would need for her one-week stay here at Au Naturel, her favorite nudist resort.

“Welcome back, Ms. Long,” the valet replied. Not many guests liked having their cars driven by a naked valet, so Todd was dressed in a uniform. But he was one of the few people on the property who was expected to wear clothing.

As Todd parked her car, Louise sashayed into the main building of the resort, her womanly hips swinging, her long, beautifully muscled legs flashing. The moment she entered the lobby, she was confronted with the appealing sight of acres of naked human flesh. All of the workers at the resort were hired for how good they looked naked, so Louise appreciated the display of youthful beauty. She approached the lobby desk and the gorgeous, buxom young brunette behind it. The woman checked Louise in to her usual accommodation at the resort – a small but luxurious cabana located in a particularly private spot on the grounds.

“It’s been pretty quiet, this week, Ms. Long,” the girl informed Louise. “I know how much you like it that way. You should have a lot of the facilities to yourself, especially the pool near your cabana.”

“Oh, that’s lovely, dear,” Louise smiled. “I intend to catch up on my tanning and swimming.” She smiled a bit wider. “But I am expecting to meet a friend for dinner, “ Louise continued. “Has Mark Adams checked in yet?”

The lobby clerk checked her computer screen. “Yes,” she said, after a moment. “Mr. Adams checked in about two hours ago.”

“Good, “ Louise smiled. “Could you give me his room number? I may want to have something sent to him later.”

The girl smiled and happily obliged.

A golf cart came around to transport Louise across the grounds to her cabana. The young driver was a beautiful woman, who was enticingly naked.  Louise enjoyed watching the girl’s tits quiver as the cart vibrated. As the cart zoomed across the resort grounds, Louise called her friend on her cellphone.  Mark picked up after the second ring.

“Mark, darling!,” Louise exclaimed. “How wonderful to hear your voice.”

“Louise!,” Mark replied. “So, you’ve arrived? I made reservations for us at the the Blue Door for 7 PM. Can you make it?”  The Blue Door was the five-star restaurant on the property.

“Of course, darling,” Louise purred. “I”ll be there at 7 sharp! I’m looking forward to catching up.”

The two friends said their goodbyes. Louise smiled as she thought about her evening with Mark. He was a former client, one of the many men Louise had favored with her charms over the years, one of many men whose business contacts had proven invaluable to Louise’s own money-making endeavors. He was also a very handsome man and an excellent lover. Louise was looking forward to taking him for a ride that night, after supper.  She intended to have some wine delivered to his room while they were out at dinner.

Louise disembarked at her cabin. She threw her bag onto the bed and pulled open the curtains to let in the sunlight and the beautiful view beyond. The cabin had a good view of the forest and the pool. Louise had considered getting a lakeside cabana, but they were much more popular than this more isolated location. Privacy mattered a great deal to Louise, even at a nudist colony that was renowned for its policy of encouraging sexual license.

Louise kicked off her high heels and put them in the closet. She shrugged off her sun dress and hung it up in the closet, too. She slipped off her thong and tossed it in a laundry bag that she had brought with her. She did not intend to wear any clothing at all for the rest of the week.

She smiled and stretched her nude body in front of the full length mirror on the cabin wall. Her tan was unbroken. Her body was spectacularly beautiful. Her bountiful breasts jiggled deliciously, bouncing gently as she tightened her muscles and reached for the ceiling. Her abdomen was subtly muscled, her navel narrow and deep. Her hips flared delectably, her thighs were round and thick, her calves were ridged seductively with muscle. She spun around to examine and admire her heart-shaped ass in the mirror and the graceful curve of her flawless back. Louise was a vain woman, but she embraced her vanity with a sincere appreciation and admiration of her own beauty.  She tossed her red hair, her blue eyes flashing.

Smiling with contentment, Louise entered the bath and treated herself to a long, hot shower. She enjoyed running her hands over her heavy tits, her thick nipples. She smoothed the palm of her hand down her flat, hard belly, and ran her fingers through the thick, dense fur crowning her pussy. Louise’s perfectly sculpted, densely thatched mat of cuntfur was, to her, a further symbol of her feminine power. The current style was for women to shave themselves bare, and Louise had occasionally considered going with the fashion. She thought it would be wonderful to lock up with another women, naked, shaved, slick cunt to cunt. But, in the end, she could not bring herself to remove something that was so much a part of her womanly beauty. Besides, all the women with whom she had her greatest rivalries were also women who had enormous pride in their pussyfur. Louise was confident that, eventually, sexual fashions would come full circle. For now, she was willing to buck the trends.

Louise dried her voluptuous body, then spent some time preparing her hair and makeup.  When she was done, she admired her beautiful face in the mirror. Her large blue eyes shone out of her heart-shaped face, her slender nose curved up elegantly, her thick lips glowed with a gentle pink blush. She had allowed her red hair to grow out a bit over the past several months, but it was still relatively short, hanging only just below her neck, but luscious and curly.

It was now almost 4:30. Louise had more than two hours before she needed to leave to meet Mark. She considered masturbating to relieve some of her sexual tension, but she was afraid that a really good session of self-love would leave her hot and sweaty and dirty and ruin her makeup. Besides, being a bit extra horny would probably make the evening with Mark a bit more memorable.

Louise grabbed her purse and slipped on a pair of wedge sandals. She placed her sun hat on her head carefully, making sure that it did not mess her hair too much. She slipped on her sunshades. At the last minute, she remembered the yellow wrap that the resort provided to its guests. While the restaurant did allow naked diners, it was generally regarded as good manners to have something to cover the genitals. Louise tied the gossamer-thin garment at her hips, leaving her torso bare.

The redheaded beauty left her cabin, locking the door behind her. She had a book in her purse. She considered going down to the pool and sunning herself on a chaise longue while reading. But she remembered a gazebo that was halfway between her cabana and the main hotel that was on a secluded part of the grounds. She had not been there before, but she had always intended to visit the spot. She decided to go there now.

Enjoying the kiss of the late afternoon sun on her naked breasts, Louise strolled across the resort. There were very few people around, but she nodded greetings to the few individuals she encountered. Always, she thrilled with delight as the members she passed, men or women, were unable to take their eyes off of her incredible body, her massive jugs.

It took Louise almost 20 minutes to find the gazebo. It was a little out of the way, in a small, sun-dappled clearing in the middle of the forest. The gazebo was large and white, its roof coming to a point and topped by a crescent-moon shaped weathervane. The sides were bordered by a railing.

As she approached the open structure, Louise realized, with a flash of disappointment, that someone was already there. Someone was sitting inside the structure on one of the benches lining the inside of the gazebo. Louise realized the other person was a woman with jet-black hair.  The woman was sitting with her back to Louise and her head appeared to be bent over something, probably a book or magazine. It looked like this woman had the same idea as Louise. Oh well, Louise thought, she could always share the space.

As the redhead drew closer, something about the other person in the gazebo began to feel strangely familiar. Her body was reacting to this other woman on some primitive level. Her breasts were growing heavy and tight, her nipples were starting to swell. Her pussy was growing wet. Suddenly, with a flash of disbelief and hope, Louise realized who this other woman might be.

“No,” Louise thought to herself, suddenly excited. “It couldn’t be… that would just be too perfect, it would be an incredible coincidence!” Even as this thought crossed her mind, the woman in the gazebo turned her head so that Louise could see her in profile. Louise’s mouth widened in an irrepressible grin; she was now certain: the black-haired woman in the gazebo was Veronica Carter, the incredibly voluptuous, sexually insatiable beauty that Louise had encountered the last time she had visited Au Naturel.  Veronica had come looking for Louise, to challenge her to a sexfight. The two women had locked up and fucked each other all day and night, ravaging and satisfying each other in every possible way, exploring and violating each other in the most primitive and enjoyable ways. Louise had succeeded in using psychological tactics to get Veronica to concede the battle, and the struggle had ended with Louise shaving the other woman’s pubes and claiming Veronica’s cunthair as a trophy. Veronica had left swearing revenge. Louise wondered if Veronica being here now really was a coincidence. But, in truth, she did not care. Whether or not Veronica had planned it, she was here and Louise could barely contain her excitement. All thoughts of Mark were forgotten. Suddenly, the prospects for her visit here at Au Naturel had become a lot more interesting. Nothing delighted Louise more than the chance to fight and fuck and assert her superiority over another woman, and Veronica had been one of the greatest conquests of her life.

Veronica seemed to sense Louise’s approach. The black-haired beauty turned her head fully, to see who was moving toward the gazebo. Louise was gratified to see Veronica’s eyes widen in shocked surprise; clearly, the other woman had not planned this encounter. Then, Veronica’s eyes lit with fire and intense excitement and Louise could see her own feelings, her own insatiable lust, mirrored in the other woman’s beautiful face.

Louise added a seductive sway to her hips, her thickening tits bouncing harder as she moved toward the gazebo. Veronica put down her book and rose to meet Louise.

Veronica stood in the centre of the gazebo, her hands on her hips, her feet wide apart, her head cocked, her long black hair flowing down her back. Like Louise, she was wearing a thin yellow wrap stretched across her wide hips, covering part of her lower body. On her feet were wedge sandals. She was naked above the waist, her round, heavy, perfect tits hanging proudly, firm and high and not needing any support . Before Louise’s eyes, she watched Veronica’s massive brown tits grow engorged with arousal, her nipples grow hard and strong. Louise felt her own nipples swell to rival those of the other woman.

Louise walked up the steps of the gazebo and moved slowly, seductively towards Veronica’s luscious body, her hips swaying gently, her breasts aching with heat, her nipples hard and throbbing with need. The women’s eyes were locked, raw hate and incredible lust flowing between them like electricity. About six feet from Veronica, Louise stopped, her beautiful face lit with a predatory grin. Veronica smiled back, her teeth gleaming, her eyes glowing with desire.

“Veronica,” Louise purred.  “What an unexpected pleasure to see you.”

“Louise,” Veronica replied. “I’m very happy to see you, too. I wasn’t expecting it, but I always like being surprised.”

Slowly, smiling grimly, her eyes never leaving Louise’s, Veronica reached down and untied the wrap knotted at her hip.  Tantalizingly, deliberately, she pulled the cloth back, revealing her swollen genitals, her bare thighs. The cloth trailed from her hand to the deck of the gazebo as she cocked her pussy forward, presenting her womanhood to Louise in challenge. Louise’s eyes drifted down, to take in the other woman’s thick, juicy cunt. Louise smiled viciously as she saw what else Veronica was revealing. The black-haired beauty’s cuntfur had grown back in, just as thick and lush as it had been the last time the two women had fought. Louise felt a thrill of anticipation ripple through her.

“As you can see,” Veronica smiled, “my pussyfur has come back since you shaved me. In fact, it’s come back in thicker and coarser and stronger than ever. I should thank you.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure, Veronica,” Louise replied. “I’ll be happy to shave you again, anytime you like.” As she spoke, Louise untied her sash, pulling it away from her hips, revealing her enraged, throbbing cunt and the thick thatch of red fur crowning her pussy. “In fact, we can start right now, if you’d like.”

Both women dropped the scraps of cloth to the deck of the gazebo and stepped out of their sandals. Louise threw her bag and hat off to the side. The women’s eyes were locked as they moved closer and closer to each other. Veronica raised her hands; Louise reached out. The women twined their hands together, palm to palm, fingers interlaced. As their flesh touched, electrical, erotic fire burned through both women. Louise and Veronica smiled at each other savagely, thrilling as the heat flowed from their hands deep into their tits, deep into their boiling clits.

“I’m going to fuck you senseless, you cuntsucking whore,” Veronica murmured, as she and Louise pressed closer. They pushed their interlocked hands out to their sides, aligning their engorged nipples directly to each other, getting closer and closer. “Then, I’m going to rip out every one of your cunt hairs by the roots.”

“No, you bitch,” Louise groaned, “I’m going to ride you and ride you and fuck your cunt dry. Then I’ll shave you clean.  This is going to end just like it did before.”

The women’s burning nipples touched and slid on each other, sending blasts of pleasure coruscating through their pulsing tits. Louise and Veronica gasped in unison, then flicked their nipples across each other again, wedging them against each other, then pushing hard in opposite directions, each beautiful woman trying to bend the other’s nips over. Instead, their rock-hard nipples held, then slowly twisted each other back until they sprang apart under the pressure. The two gorgeous Amazons groaned as their heavy tits quivered with the released pressure. In a flash, they brought their pulsing tits together again. Holding their hands above their heads, the women rolled and rotated their tits around and around each other, their nipples circling and rubbing constantly, their hard brown cylinders spearing and grating against the women’s tight, hot areola. Louise and Veronica’s back muscles rippled as they went nipple to nipple, their massive tits rolling and rotating around their struggling brown cylinders.

The pleasure built and built unbearably. The women’s breaths came in hot pants, their eyes remained fixed together as they each sought to grind the other down, tit to tit. Their breasts ached with the incredible sensations, their bodies felt totally aroused. After a few minutes of tit grinding, of fencing nipple to nipple, neither woman could take it anymore.  The women pulled their arms out to their sides and pressed in tighter, compressing their throbbing tits, grinding their taut, pulsing titmeat harder and harder. Their massive boobs slapped and slopped together, sliding in the building sweat. Their thick round orbs slid in and around and over each other, slicking and burning with sexual heat and friction until both women felt that their beautiful tits might explode with the exquisite pleasure.

The women pressed their beautiful faces nose to nose, their red lips and hot tongues only a whisper apart.

“You dirty fuck,” Veronica moaned, “You dirty, filthy fuck…”

“Cunt,” Louise groaned back. “You filthy fucking cunt…”

The women pressed their red lips together, their hot tongues slipping out to stroke and caress each other. Their mouths sealed tight, their thick tongues thrust together, lapping and rubbing, sharing spit and heat. Their tongues shoved and twisted into one. The women moaned into each other’s throats, delirious with pleasure and burning lust.

Almost by mutual consent, the women released each other’s hands and slipped their arms around each other’s backs, pulling each other in tight, squeezing hard, crushing their massive tits into one, groaning in ecstasy as their heavy, meaty tits squashed tight, compressing nipple to nipple.  Both women thrust their powerful thighs up into the other’s wet, hot cunt and began moving their hips, rubbing their twats up and down into the thick muscle of the other’s thigh, leaving behind a slick coating of pussy juice on the smooth flesh. Louise felt her pussy lips sucking to Veronica’s thigh, she felt her aching clit slide out and begin to caress the taut, slippery flesh and she almost orgasmed on the spot.  Her moans of sexual joy grew even louder and harder, even within the women’s inosculated mouths. Veronica’s cries echoed Louise’s cries. The women slapped their bellies together and writhed uncontrollably in each other’s arms, rubbing and grinding and sliding every inch of naked flesh against its counterpart on the other woman. The sexual frenzy built and built, the women’s moans grew louder and more ferocious as they struggled on.

Finally, gasping with pleasure, Veronica and Louise broke their ferocious, sucking kiss. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose, they glared at each other through half-closed eyes, their bodies vibrating with erotic power. They touched tongues and lapped at each other, before pausing to share hot, sweet breath and get ready for the next round in their erotic war. Both women spread their legs, eagerly opening themselves to each other, and pushed their pelvises forward, lining up their ravenous cunts.

“You fucking slut,” Veronica moaned. “I’m going to fuck your twat off. If it takes us the rest of the night, I’m going to eat your pussy alive.”

“I have a dinner date in two hours,” Louise replied. “But that’s all the time I’ll need to turn you and your tired old cunt into a puddle on the ground.”

The women edged in closer, pressing their pubes together, both smiling as they felt their thick bushes mesh and twine. Louise and Veronica shuddered with pleasure and anticipation.

“A dinner date, hm?” Veronica murmured. She licked and then nibbled at Louise’s ear. “You really think you can beat my cunt in two hours?”

“Oh, I guarantee it, baby,” Louise replied, her voice a low, throaty growl. She bit at Veronica’s neck. “I’m going to suck you dry then go and have a nice dinner. I’ll stop by later to shave your cunt.”

“I have a deal for you,” Veronica whispered. She pulled back so that she was nose to nose and eye to eye with Louise once more. The women licked at each other’s lips and tongues. At the same time, they spread their legs a bit wider and pushed closer. Veronica could almost feel the incredible heat radiating off of Louise’s engorged clit. Both women’s twats were dripping with cunt juice, which trickled down their thighs towards the gazebo deck.

“What’s that?” Louise asked, her nipples throbbing unbearably as they pressed and pulsed tip to tip with Veronica’s nips, struggling together deep inside the women’s locked boobs.

“Simple,” Veronica explained. “You take me on right here in a stand-up fuck. Whoever cums first or falls loses. If I lose, I concede. You go off to your dinner date and I will come by your place tomorrow evening and we can finish this. If you lose, you cancel your dinner plans, and then we go back to my place and settle this right now. Tit to tit, cunt to cunt, all night, all day, however long it takes.”

Louise felt a deep pulse of pleasure and anticipation ripple through her. For her, locking up with another gorgeous, savage Amazon and fucking endlessly, mindlessly, for hours and hours until one of them could not go on – that was her idea of paradise. And she was so close to it she could taste it. But she also wanted, needed, to dominate this black-haired whore, to prove to both of them which of them was more of a woman.

Louise smiled. “I agree. I think that this is going to be a very short fight for you, honey,” Louise whispered, a vicious grin lighting her beautiful features.

“Let’s do it, bitch,” Veronica murmured. “Let’s see who’s the better fuck.”

The women pressed even tighter, both beautiful Amazons slipping their arms down around the other’s waist to grip her opponent’s hard, round ass. They spread their hands on the other woman’s buttocks, sinking their fingers into the taut flesh, and pulled each other in. Their rock-hard abdomens pressed tight, their deep navels sucking at each other. Their massive, bulging tits compressed between their biceps and grew even firmer as they thrust into each other even harder, nipples spearing each other, areola grating and fusing. The women tilted their pelvises forward and slowly, carefully, began rubbing and stroking their engorged clits against each other, stabbing and grinding head to head, corkscrewing and twisting the exquisitely sensitive organs into one mass of erotic flesh. Wave after wave of excruciating pleasure burned up from their stroking, twisting clits. Louise and Veronica sealed their mouths together, hot tongues lapping and twining together, thick spit flowing between their inosculated mouths. Soon, their tongues were moving in time to their battling clits, the battle above mirroring the battle below.

Veronica and Louise both felt like they would die from the pleasure. Sheer ecstasy burned and rippled through their locked, fused bodies with every beat of their hearts. Their most exquisitely sensitive organs teased and caressed and ground against each other relentlessly. Their bulging tits throbbed and pulsed with heat. The women moved and rubbed flesh to flesh, their voluptuous bodies constantly grinding in a continuous dance of erotic warfare. They kept their mouths sealed together as they slowly, relentlessly, fucked each other to a submissive orgasm. Ten minutes of stroking and grinding sexhorns turned to twenty, then forty, then more than an hour of clit to clit fucking.

Louise was almost delirious with sexual pleasure. She felt like her entire body had become one giant cunt, sucked and sealed and fused in every way to another woman-sized genital. She felt like she and Veronica were slipping and sliding into and around each other’s voluptuous flesh, their senses so overstimulated, their bodies so aroused that they had become one flesh. Louise was in paradise and she only wanted the clit to clit fucking to go on and on.

Veronica had exactly the same feelings. Her body was burning with erotic heat, she felt joined to Louise in an unbreakable bond of flesh and sexual intimacy, a shared bond of hatred and bile and irresistible desire. She could not imagine anything better and more pleasurable than what she was doing with Louise right now, except for the excruciating, unbearable orgasm that they were fucking each other towards.

The women’s perfect bodies were aching with effort, their legs crying out in pain as they struggled to remain upright, to remain locked together, even as they kept their swollen, pulsing clits in constant contact. The pain of their battle blended with the delicious pleasure to form a heady mixture of sensation. Their bodies trembled with the combination of muscular strain and sexual ecstasy. Sweat dripped from their bodies, mixing with the pussy juice as it streamed down their thighs.

After nearly ninety minutes of clitfucking, Veronica felt Louise’s rock-hard abdomen tighten against hers. She pushed back, delighting in the feel of her muscles grating against Louise’s belly. Both women were crying quietly, tears streaming down their faces as they fought to contain the incredible pleasure burning in their cores. After another five minutes, Louise’s belly rippled against Veronica’s again. Then, gasping, Louise pulled hard on Veronica’s hair and broke their relentless kiss, their mouths jerking apart in a spray of spit.

“Oh, oh fuck, fuck, fuck….,” Louise groaned. She had not cum yet, but she was on the verge, fighting desperately to hold back the unbearable explosion of ecstasy raging in her core, radiating from her engorged clit.

Veronica saw her chance. She pushed hard, causing Louise to lose her balance. Slowly, agonizingly, Veronica rode Louise’s writhing, muscular body down to the deck of the gazebo. The women spread themselves to each other, their powerful bodies aligned, their shuddering cunts wide open and ravenously hungry. Gathering all the power of her ass, Veronica thrust herself deep and hard into Louise’s exposed twat. She felt her quim fuse and merge and spread Louise’s matching cunt, she felt the soft pink petals of her labia mash and fold into Louise’s labia. Veronica began rotating her powerful ass, drilling herself deep, deep into Louise’s aching pussy, sucking and squeezing at the redhead’s cuntmeat even as she rammed herself deep. The erotic sensations were unimaginably intense and both women shrieked in shared ecstasy as their twats merged hungrily.

“Noooooo,” Louise cried, still struggling to hold on. She felt spread out and violated by Veronica at her deepest level, her twat as tight as a drum, melting with Veronica’s equally powerful twat. Louise sank her claws into Veronica’s pumping ass, she bucked hard, answering all of Veronica’s thrusts with her own. The women locked their mouths together once more in a vicious, consuming kiss as they rode each other to the end. They writhed uncontrollably, they ground and drilled their bodies as deeply and tightly together as they possibly could. Louise and Veronica held each other’s asses for leverage as they fucked and fucked to the finish.

“GOD, YES, YES, FUCK YESSSSS!!!,” Louise shrieked, breaking the kiss, throwing back her head, wriggling her hips and ass and torso furiously. Her insides convulsed in an unbearably powerful orgasm. She let loose a stream of cum so hot and strong that she felt like she was peeing. The moment Veronica felt Louise’s hot cum jetting up into her pussy, washing over their intertwined clits, bathing the intersection of their grinding bodies, she let herself go, finally able to truly enjoy fucking this incredible opponent.  She thrust as hard as she could, trying to take as much of Louise’s cum into herself as she could, but it was only an instant later that Veronica felt her own intense orgasm arrive. She erupted, injecting Louise’s cum, mixed with her own, back down into the redhead’s convulsing body.

Groaning, screaming, crying out in sheer ecstasy, Louise and Veronica writhed and rubbed their bodies together, their pussies sealed tight, their cunt lips flattened and mashed together, their thick bushes twined and meshed in unbreakable knots. They shared jets of boiling cum, clinging to each other as they exchanged orgasm after orgasm.

“Ahh!! Aahhhh!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!,” Veronica cried, as she pumped her hot cum deep into Louise’s body. Veronica threw back her head and powered her ass mercilessly down into her enemy. She pulled viciously at Louise’s flame-red hair. Louise gratefully accepted the burning juices, her legs spread wide, her back arched in ecstasy, her toes curled in pleasure. Moments later, she pumped back much of what she had received as orgasm after orgasm exploded out of her core.

For more than ten minutes, Louise and Veronica rode each other viciously, fucking orgasm after orgasm out of each other, writhing in shared and unbearable ecstasy, joined by their mutual hate and their overwhelming desire to completely possess and dominate the other woman.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. The women lay together, their bodies twined, Veronica sprawled on top of Louise. Their clits pulsed together, their heavy tits remained crushed tight. Their magnificent bodies were covered in sweat and cum. They panted furiously, their hearts pounding into each other through their compressed tits. They rested cheek to cheek, their eyes closed as they struggled to regain their senses.

Veronica stirred, then raised her head to look down at Louise, who turned her head to look up at her dark-haired enemy. The women stared deeply into each other’s eyes, nose to nose and lip to lip.

“First blood to me, whore,” Veronica murmured to her enemy. Her eyes flashed with heat. Louise could feel Veronica’s still rock-hard clit pulsing against her own rigid sexhorn.

“Fine,” Louise said, trying to hide her lust and excitement. “I”ll phone and cancel my dinner date. Then, we go back to your place and start fucking again.” Louise thrilled to the idea of locking up with Veronica, of fucking and fucking and fucking until only one of them could stand. She knew that sex with Mark could not begin to match the combination of erotic fury and competition and ecstasy that she would experience when she pitted her luscious body, her womanly power, against another erotic warrior like Veronica.

Veronica smiled, then pushed herself off of Louise. Their bodies peeled apart, cunt hair tearing, slick, juicy pussies sucking apart in a spray of cum. Even their navels separated with an audible pop.  Sweat dripped from Veronica’s tits onto Louise’s chest.

Veronica sat back on her ass in the center of the gazebo, her legs spread wide. Louise sat up, even as she admired Veronica’s dripping, engorged pussy lips and the thick, fat clit that protruded from Veronica’s cunt.  Louise could not wait to drive her own dripping twat deep, deep into depths of Veronica’s twat and resume the fuckwar.

“Actually,” Veronica said with a malicious smile. “I”ve changed my mind. I don’t think that I want to continue this tonight after all. You go to your date. I’ve got other plans tonight, myself. Why don’t we meet tomorrow at my villa? It’s house 213, near the lake.”

Louise almost screamed in frustrated rage. Her body was boiling, burning with lust and need. The very idea of having to wait another day before she could lock up with Veronica again almost drove her insane with rage and need. But she knew what Veronica was doing. The last time they had fought, Louise had won by taking advantage of Veronica’s uncontrollable lust to get her to admit that Louise was the better woman. Now, Veronica was showing Louise her control. Louise had no doubt that Veronica was every bit as sexually voracious as she was, that Veronica wanted to take the redhead’s body every bit as desperately as Louise wanted her.

Louise was sure that if she attacked Veronica right now, if she forced their bodies together, they would soon be locked together, fucking each other senseless once more, unable to resist the pleasure and hate found between their legs. But she knew that doing this would be an admission of weakness.

Trembling with rage and lust, Louise forced herself to smile.

“Well, if that’s what you want, Veronica, that’s fine with me.” Louise got slowly to her feet. Veronica followed suit.

The naked woman stood only a few feet apart, their hands on their hips, their swollen nipples and clits confronting each other. Their bodies were slicked with sweat and cum. Erotic electricity and mutual lust flowed between them. The scent of fully aroused womanhood permeated the air.

Veronica reached down and picked up her wrap. Slowly, she tied it around her hips. She stepped into her sandals. Then, she walked over to the bench and picked up her book and her sunglasses and a hat. She pulled on the glasses and the hat. She smiled viciously.

“Well, then, I’ll see you tomorrow at six, Louise,” the dark-haired vixen purred. “Try not to be too late. And don’t make any plans for the next day, either. Who knows how long this will take?”

“I’ll be there,” Louise growled, barely able to contain her rage.

With a final smile and a wave, Veronica swayed out of the gazebo and up the path, into the forest. She never bothered to turn around.  Louise watched her go with building rage and incredible lust and frustration. But she had to admit that she admired the other woman’s self-control and her skill at playing games.

Louise tied her wrap around her hips, stepped into her sandals, pulled on her sunhat and her glasses, then retrieved her bag. She had a little time before her meeting with Mark, but she would need that time to return to her cabin and clean up. Then, she would go to the restaurant and, hopefully, be able to concentrate on her dinner with Mark and the hot sex that would follow. But, already, she knew that this would not happen. Her body was burning with need for Veronica, the cat fury was raging inside of her heart. She had to fuck Veronica into submission. The wait was almost more than she could stand.

She swore that she would avenge herself on Veronica. Tomorrow would be here soon enough, six o’clock would roll around eventually. And when it did, Louise would meet and destroy her sexual rival completely.

Part II: A Test of Wills

Louise walked back to her cabana, her voluptuous body boiling with lust. Her massive, perfect tits bounced higher and harder, the dense flesh thick and pulsing with the heat of arousal. Her pussy dripped, her body was covered in sweat and drying cum. Her sex battle with Veronica gotten her juices flowing. The erotic combat had stoked the insatiable sexual power burning in her core to a fever pitch. But now she felt horribly unsatisfied, desperately craving more.

Louise phoned Mark on her cellphone as she walked back to the cabin, to let him know that she would be late.  After she reached the cabin, she called the main desk of the resort and asked that a golf cart be sent to pick her up in thirty minutes. Then she climbed into the shower, to wash off the filth of the fuckfight, and to soothe her aching, trembling body.

As the hot water flowed down between her majestic tits, as it rushed over the cleft between her legs, caressing her incredible body, Louise could not help but finger her throbbing clit and squeeze her engorged nipples. She began to masturbate desperately, powerfully. Her body craved, needed, a temporary sexual release. She stroked and caressed her burning clit until her body trembled with erotic power. She slid down the wall of the shower until she was sitting on the floor of the tiled stall, her succulent legs spread wide, channeling the hot water over her pussy. With the water coursing over her voluptuous body, she shoved her fingers deep into her tight, thick cunt, then vigorously fisted herself, groaning and gasping in pleasure, snarling in passion. With her free hand, she kneaded and squeezed her tits and nipples mercilessly. She closed her eyes and remembered how it felt to go tit to tit and cunt to cunt with Veronica, the excruciating pleasure of rubbing and grinding her pulsing clit into Veronica’s matching sexhorn. “Fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes, yessss….” Louise groaned.

Finally, Louise came hard in a gushing blast of cunt juice. She screamed out in rage at Veronica. “You fucking, fucking cunt!!,” she cried. Her hips and ass bucked, slapping the wet tile of the shower.  Her powerful legs shot out, rigid with tension as waves of orgasmic power washed through her.  The erotic power flowed from her tits and her clit to every cell in her body. Panting, gasping with effort and temporary satisfaction, Louise rested for a few minutes, recovering from the hard climax.

Louise finally, wearily, got to her feet, turned off the shower, toweled herself down, and used the blow dryer to dry off her damp hair. She felt better. The masturbation had taken the edge off her lust. As she was brushing her hair, she heard a knock at her door.

“Driver,” came a young woman’s voice through the door.

“I’ll be right there,” Louise sang out. She finished freshening up. She pulled a multi-hued wrap out of the dresser drawer, slipped on her sandals and sunshades, grabbed her bag, and left the cabin, swaying down the walkway to the golf cart where the naked driver waited for her.

The golf cart dropped Louise at the restaurant five minutes later. The redhead could already feel her sexual fever returning. Her nipples were growing hard, her clit was beginning to pulse with heat. Sometimes, she almost cursed her insatiable sexual appetite. On the other hand, it was that same unquenchable hunger that had brought her hours and hours of exquisite pleasure as shelocked up with other, equally insatiable women, to prove who had the stronger sex. Taking everything into consideration, occasional situations of discomfort were a small price to pay for so much ecstasy.

Mark was waiting for Louise at their table, which was sitting on a promontory looking out over the lake. He was wearing a black wrap around his crotch area. When he saw Louise coming, he rose to meet her. His eyes were unable to keep from fixing on her bountiful, bouncing tits as she moved towards him. The friends hugged. Louise felt her rock-hard nipples dig into the man’s muscular chest. She wriggled, flexing her back, grinding her nips into the man’s firm flesh. She enjoyed the delicious spasm of heat that raced through her. She heard Mark gasp and, a moment later, felt his swelling erection on her thigh. She smiled and pressed her thigh even more firmly into his crotch.  

Louise and Mark sat down to eat. They smiled and chatted and made small talk, but Louise felt her clit throbbing, her tits aching with heat. Her wet pussy was almost dripping with cuntjuice and she knew that the musk of her sex was wafting out across the table, sending pheromones out to her dinner companion, giving him the distinct message of what she wanted. Louise could not see Mark’s lap, but she had no doubt that he had a raging erection.

The two friends ordered supper, but Louise made a point of just asking for a light meal, something that could be prepared and eaten very quickly. Mark got the message.

“I’ll have the same thing, “he said to the waitress, as he gave her back the menus. The girl smiled. Louise saw the waitress’ eyes drift down to Mark’s crotch. “And please put a rush on the food,” Mark continued.

“Yes sir,” the waitress replied. “I”ll let the kitchen know.”

Louise and Mark caught up as they waited for their food, but the undercurrent of sexual tension was too powerful to ignore. Finally, their meals came. They finished off in record time. Mark signed the cheque to his room. Taking Louise by the hand, he led her out of the restaurant and across the compound to his hotel. Louise smiled, enjoying the anticipation.

The moment they stepped inside Mark’s hotel room door, Louise pulled off her wrap and then reached out and yanked off Mark’s covering, too. The man and woman examined each other. Mark was panting with lust and need as his eyes ate up every inch of Louise’s incredible body. His gaze fixed on the redhead’s thick, juicy cunt. Louise basked in the man’s adoration. She smiled languidly as she observed his incredibly engorged cock. She reached out and wrapped her warm hand around Mark’s thick member and squeezed gently, even as she ran her hand up and down the shaft.

“Oh God!,” Mark gasped. Louise pulled him by his cock, leading him to the bed. She spun him around and then pushed him so that he landed back down on the mattress. Louise felt her pussy burning, but she enjoyed torturing her friend. She threw herself onto the bed between Mark’s legs and took the full length of his burning cock all the way into her hungry mouth. She sucked long and hard on the shaft, working it up and down, teasing the head of the member with her tongue and teeth, sucking his dick until Mark groaned in sexual agony. His hands burrowed into Louise’s thick red hair, his body went rigid on the bed as she sucked him up the pleasure curve. Louise fondled his balls, then delicately sucked each fragile bulb.

Louise pulled herself up and straddled Mark, spreading her legs to either side of his body, holding herself just high enough to avoid impaling herself on his rock-hard, jutting member. Louise smiled down at the prone man, enjoying his helplessness in the face of his own lust, enjoying the sense of enormous power that she held over him.  She raised her hands to her hair, intertwining her fingers behind her head, thrusting her beautiful chest out. Her massive, throbbing tits jiggled deliciously. Mark moaned as he reached up and filled his hands with Louise’s incredible jugs. He squeezed and kneaded the dense flesh, rolling the rigid nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Louise slowly lowered her hot, hungry, wet cunt onto the man’s shaft, teasing him, letting his blood-swollen prick slowly, tortuously, spread and sink into her hot, tight cunt. Louise and Mark moaned in unison as his engorged cock penetrated her core, as she slowly, slowly impaled herself on his thickened flesh. Louise’s pussy ate up Mark’s cock like a ravenous beast. She enjoyed the sense of her tight twat stretching and spreading as Mark’s sword sank into her luscious body.  When she was fully and completely sunk on his shaft, when his throbbing dick was sheathed right to its hilt in her body, when their pubic hair was mixed and twined, Louise began to rock and roll her belly, her torso swaying, even as her deep vaginal muscles began rippling and massaging the length of Mark’s cock.

Mark squeezed Louise’s tits harder and harder as he groaned in unbearable pleasure. She picked up speed as she rode him, her ass and hips undulating, her belly rippling, her massive tits rocking and jolting. Mark and Louise moaned and cried out in ever growing ecstasy as they fucked and fucked, their bodies vibrating with sexual power and desire. On and on they fucked, building up more and more pleasure until, finally, Mark could not take any more.  He  roared and came with excruciating force, harder than he could ever remember, his ejaculation so intense that he almost passed out, so powerful that the pleasure was almost painful.

Louise threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy. Her hands covered Mark’s hands as he sank his fingers into her taut tits. Louise released a gusher of hot cum as her powerful pussy contracted around Mark’s dick, squeezing him mercilessly. At the top of her orgasm, an image of Veronica’s delicious body flashed through her mind, a memory of the orgasms she had fucked out of Veronica, that Veronica had had fucked out her. Her pleasure doubled and she screamed passionately.  

Even as she bucked and moaned her way to temporary satisfaction, Louise smiled with joy and hate. Tomorrow, she thought to herself. Tomorrow, I will own your cunt, Veronica. My pussy will suck yours dry, I will eat every inch of you. With that blissful thought, she fell forward onto Mark’s chest, her heavy nipples stabbing into his pectoral muscles.

“Fuck,” Mark gasped, “Fuck, you almost killed me, baby.”

“Hm,” Louise smiled, as she ran her lips along Mark’s throat. “Better reload, lover,” she murmured. “We’re just getting started.”  Louise had enormous sexual tension to burn off and she was determined that Mark would help her do it.

Veronica bucked hard and groaned in exquisite pleasure. Behind her, a large, powerful man had his massive cock shoved balls-deep up her asshole; below her, lying flat on his back as she straddled him, was another large, powerful man, whose equally impressive shaft was sunk all the way to the hilt in her cunt.

The man behind her had one hand on her bucking hip, the other pulling at her long, thick black locks. He released her hip, leaned forward and reached around to seize and squeeze one of her massive, bouncing tits. The man below ran his hands up and down her muscled, straining torso, mauling her free tit, and then pulling it down to his mouth to suck hard at the enflamed nipple. The three lovers grunted, groaned and writhed in pleasure, their animal sounds blending together. The men rammed themselves as hard as they could into the depths of Veronica’s luscious body. Veronica eagerly received them, locking them into her body and squeezing their members with all the power of her deep muscles.

Veronica had come to Au Naturel this week with the specific goal of participating in a series of orgies. As a sexually adventurous woman, she had discovered the pleasures of group sex several years before at a private club on the Mediterranean. Since then, Veronica made a point of getting in a good, all-night bacchanal at least two or three times a year. She had been invited to this particular gathering a few weeks ago. She had avoided Au Naturel since her last visit had ended in her humiliating defeat by Louise and the subsequent loss of her cunthair and her wealthy boyfriend. She saw the invitation as a sign that she was meant to go back. Her sense that destiny was at work was reinforced by her earlier encounter with Louise.

Veronica worked her internal muscles, using her vaginal muscles to massage and stimulate the thick shaft buried in her cunt. At the same time, she worked her ass and hips, sliding back and forth on the cock impaling her from behind. She soon had both of the men who were riding her panting and groaning in ecstasy and it was not long before they both cried out in passion and exploded inside of her. Veronica shuddered in pleasure as an intense orgasm rippled through her. Her pussy spurted juices from around the fleshy spear filling it to the brim. Her nipples hardened to rock. She loved sexually dominating her partners, be they men or women, and taking out two men at once was a particular thrill.

Exhausted, the threesome collapsed in a heap, Veronica’s delicious body sandwiched between the sweaty, well-muscled bodies of her companions. After a time, she pushed hard on the chest of the man below her and rolled herself over, taking her other partner with her. His softening cock slipped out of her ass and his exhausted body rolled away. She lay between the two men for a few more minutes. Covered in sweat and cum, she finally stirred, preparing to go to the bathroom to clean up.

Grunts and cries of pleasure were coming from the other side of the room. Veronica propped herself up on her elbow to watch. A few feet away, the other three participants in this orgy were enjoying themselves. Two beautiful women were riding one man. One of the women, a spectacular redhead, was mounted on his cock. She was bucking and writhing, undulating her hips as she used the massive shaft to stir her insides. Facing her was a gorgeous blonde woman. The blonde was sitting on the man’s face. His arms were looped over her hips and his hands were spread on her ass as he sucked hungrily at her oversized clit. The two women were pleasuring each other as they fucked the man. They were kissing deeply, their arms wrapped around each other’s backs. Veronica noted approvingly that their sizable tits were mashed together and grinding hard as their bodies writhed.

Veronica noticed that the redhead seemed particularly aggressive as she ferociously kissed her blonde partner. The redhead’s flaming locks reminded Veronica of her upcoming battle with Louise. Smiling savagely, Veronica got on her knees and began crawling across the room towards the panting, straining threesome.

When Veronica reached the group, she put her arms around the shoulders of the two women. Her heavy breasts pressed into the sides of the women’s tits. The women broke their kiss and turned to Veronica. For a few moments, the three women shared tongues and kisses and exchanged spit. Veronica kissed each of the women deeply, driving her tongue into their mouths and swirling it around, establishing her dominance.  The women’s heavy tits crushed and rubbed, Veronica’s firm breasts pushing hard into the other’s women’s sizeable racks. The blonde and redhead both reached for one of Veronica’s tits and each woman sucked hard at the black-haired beauty’s delicious nipples for a few moments. Veronica threw back her head to smile and groan in pleasure, before she reached down, gently gripped the women’s hair, and  pulled both women’s heads back from her tits.

“Jody,” Veronica said to the blonde, “I want to take Maureen here for a little ride. Why don’t you take your turn on David’s cock?” As she said this, Veronica was already wrapping her arms around the redhead, pulling her away for a one-on-one session.

“I’d be happy to, Veronica,” smiled the beautiful blonde. She shifted her weight forward, preparing to swallow the man’s dick with her cunt the moment the redhead vacated her position.

“Veronicaaaaaaaaa,” complained the redhead as the black-haired beauty pulled her away from the pleasure of the man’s cock. David’s thick member pulled out of Maureen’s tight cunt with an audible pop and a spray of juice. A moment later, Jody impaled herself with David’s dick and began to ride the man furiously.

Veronica pushed Maureen hard, sending the redhead over onto her back. The young woman’s heavy tits bounced enticingly as she landed. The girl was incredibly beautiful, with a truly fantastic body. She was just a shade short of being the phenomenal physical specimen that Veronica was, but she came very close. Her tits were not quite as big or hard as Veronica’s, but they were easily double Ds. Her pubic bush was also not quite as thick, but her pussy was gorgeous and her clit was thick and hard. Perfect, Veronica thought, as she mounted the girl and forced the redhead’s legs wide apart.

Veronica twined her fingers with Maureen’s and pushed the other woman’s arms down to the ground and off to the sides. Maureen arched her back, her beautiful tits rolling up, and tilted her pelvis, so that her wet cunt was open and available.

Veronica lowered herself onto the other woman’s chest, her massive tits crushing down on Maureen’s boobs, their nipples lined up tip to tip. Maureen groaned in pleasure as Veronica’s tits mashed her own; she spread her legs even wider and bucked her hips up eagerly. Veronica lowered her belly to Maureen’s abdomen, their stomachs flattening against each other. She slid her wet cunt into place on the redhead’s tight twat. Veronica thrust with her hips and ass, driving a hard fuck-stroke deep into the other girl’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, god, yessss, “ Maureen moaned.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Veronica groaned, her eyes closed, her face lit with a smug smile of satisfaction. “This is good,“ she thought to herself, as she felt Maureen’s twat spread, as she felt her labia melt with the redhead’s labia, as her clit sank into Maureen’s twat. “This is so fucking good.”

Maureen wriggled and writhed beneath Veronica, grinding her lush body into the other woman’s flesh, wriggling her ass to grind and spread her twat against Veronica’s dominant pussy. Both women screamed out in pleasure as their throbbing clits licked and then crushed tight. Veronica began pumping her ass even as she squeezed Maureen’s cunt with her own, sucking and devouring the redhead’s delicious pussy.

Maureen screamed with pleasure as she was consumed by Veronica’s ravenous cunt. Veronica thrust her tongue deep into the other woman’s mouth, sealing the redhead’s lips shut with her own, swallowing Maureen’s screams of joy. Maureen freed her hands and reached down to grip Veronica’s powerful, thrusting ass. Veronica buried her hands in the other girl’s red hair and pulled viciously. Both women threw their heads back and groaned with uncontrollable passion as their bodies struggled to merge, to become one. The women fucked and fucked, grinding and writhing in raw pleasure.

Maureen eagerly accepted being dominated by Veronica. But Veronica imagined that Maureen was Louise and her cries of submission were cries of defeat and humiliation.

“Oh god, oh god, oh goooodddddddd!!!,” Maureen howled as her body exploded in ecstasy. Her powerful cunt began pumping, gushes of pussy juice squirting from her core. Orgasms of devastating power chained through her voluptuous body.

Veronica powered her cunt down into Maureen’s gash and squeezed as hard as she could, sucking the redhead’s pussy into her vagina, devouring the other woman’s twat. Her rigid clit crushed down Maureen’s sexhorn, bending the stiff rod, forcing another round of convulsive orgasms out of the redheaded beauty.

As Maureen screamed and bucked beneath her, Veronica let herself go. A powerful orgasm shook her core, sending waves of pleasure rippling through her perfect body. Veronica injected a gush of hot cum into Maureen’s cunt, flooding the other woman’s sex, dominating the other woman completely.

Veronica closed her eyes and shuddered with ecstasy as her body emptied itself into Maureen.  She groaned long and hard as she came, her muscles going rigid, straining against Maureen’s taut muscles, then slowly relaxed. The women lay together soaked in their sweat and cum, wrapped around each other, gasping for breath.

“Fuck, oh fuck…,” Maureen groaned, her body vibrating with the intensity of her orgasms.

“Mmmmmm,” Veronica smiled. “That was good, little girl, really good.”  

Veronica pulled herself off of the woman beneath her. She smiled at Maureen’s glazed eyes and her sexual exhaustion. She decided she would give the other woman a little more time to recover before she rode her again. Her encounter with Maureen had helped take some of the edge off her lust, but she was still far from satisfied. Tomorrow, Veronica promised herself. Tomorrow this time, Louise will be the redheaded bitch lying on the floor, legs spread wide in defeat, tits mashed and depleted, fucked out of her mind. Veronica smiled in anticipation.

The next morning, Louise left Mark’s room rather late. The man was completely exhausted and lost in a deep sleep. Louise had ridden Mark all night but she still felt the tight pressure of sexual need burning in her core.  As enjoyable as her night had been, she was a woman who found the sexual competition and conquest involved in sexfighting another woman far more satisfying than sex with any man. She was burning with desire for Veronica and nothing Mark had done could get at that fundamental lust.

Louise walked back to her cabana, enjoying the late morning sun on her bouncing tits. She found a book and went out to the chaise longue by the pool. She hoped that she could distract herself from the sexual tension building in her body, but it was a failed effort. She felt the tension build and build as she counted out the hours, waiting for the time when she could finally go to Veronica’s room and fuck the black-haired bitch into submission. She swam in the pool and then went down to the resort’s gym, in the hope of relieving some of her tension. But nothing worked. By mid-afternoon, she was almost crazy with desire. Under any other circumstances, she would have gone to Veronica’s room and begun the fuckfight early. But she knew that she could not appear weak; she had to show that she was not a slave to her lust.

Veronica, too, was taut with anticipation. She had left the orgy at noon, after fucking Maureen several more times. She had left the redhead sore and pleasantly exhausted. But, if anything, Veronica found that ravaging the other woman only added to her desire for Louise. She returned to her room and found herself pacing.  She climbed onto the bed and began to masturbate. She soon found, however, that her fantasies turned inexorably to Louise. Her memories of struggling, fucking the redhead’s incredible body sent her into a fever of lust. Even as her twat exploded, gushing with cum, she felt the heat in her body building to unbearable levels.

Veronica stayed in her room, pleasuring herself, until mid-afternoon. At 2 PM, she could not take it anymore. She signed out a golf cart and drove herself to Louise’s cabana.

Louise had returned from the gym just a half hour before and returned to the chaise lounge with her book. But she could not read anything. Her mind was in a sexual fever.  Louise heard the whir of a golf cart coming down the path. When she looked, her heart leaped into her throat: Veronica was driving. “Oh, fuck, yes, yes,” Louise murmured to herself. Her pussy began to lubricate, her nipples grew hard. Veronica was coming to her. She knew that she now had the psychological advantage over the black-haired beauty, but she did not care about that. All that mattered was that Veronica was here, now.

Veronica brought the cart to a halt next to the pool. Smiling grimly, Veronica grabbed her oversized purse and walked, naked and perfect, towards Louise. Her hips swayed voluptuously, her massive tits bounced enticingly. Her eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses.

Veronica stopped a short distance from Louise’s chaise longue, cocking her hip forward, her purse hanging from her shoulder. She made no effort to conceal her wet pussy.  Louise put her book aside and stretched out her long, taut body. She peered at Veronica through her dark glasses and smiled pleasantly.

“I’m surprised to see you here so early, Veronica,” Louise said. She could not resist rubbing in Veronica’s surrender. “I guess that you just couldn’t wait to get started.”

“Hardly, Louise,” Veronica replied. “I can wait as long as I need to for you.” Veronica reached into her bag and brought out a stoppered bottle. “But I did want to bring you this.” She held up the bottle for Louise to see.

“And what’s that?” Louise inquired, peering at the bottle over the top of her sunglasses.

Veronica dropped her purse at her feet and kicked off her sandals. She walked up to Louise’s chaise and, smiling viciously, stepped so her legs were on either side of the lounger and lowered herself onto the end of the seat. She sat facing Louise, her thighs spread wide, her hungry cunt fully exposed. Veronica slipped off her glasses and dropped them beside the chair. She leaned forward, still holding the bottle.

Louise spread her legs, presenting her powerful twat to her foe. She pulled off her glasses and dropped them over the edge of the chair. She could not contain her excitement.

The nude women sat facing each other, cunt open to cunt, massive tits heaving as they began to pant with excitement. Their eyes glowed with heat and both women licked their red lips. Their hearts pounded furiously in their chests.

“This oil,” Veronica said, brandishing the bottle, “helps to make the nerves more sensitive. Used the right way, it can make a woman’s labia and clit and nipples feel almost three times as sensitive as they normally would.”

“Really?” Louise smirked. “I’ve never heard of that before.”

“It comes from Eastern Europe. Not well known in this part of the world. I’ve tried it before, I know that it works. But there is one catch,” Veronica explained. “For it to work really well, it ought to be applied three to four hours before the sexual encounter. Gives it time to sink in.” She smiled. “That’s why I came a bit early. I thought we should give ourselves every chance of having a really good time, later tonight.”

Louise smiled. Veronica was playing this well. She had come here with a good excuse, not one that made her look weak, but one that allowed for the possibility of Louise giving in first.

“Really?” Louise murmured. “Well, then, why don’t we apply the oil and see how it works. I can do you and you can do me.”

Veronica grinned. She unstoppered the bottle and then leaned forward, her heavy tits swaying. She tilted the bottle just over Louise’s cunt and carefully poured a dollop of the thick liquid down onto the redhead’s glistening cunt. She had to hold the bottle close, to be sure that the liquid did not hit Louise’s pussy fur.

Louise gasped as the liquid hit her genitals. It burned, but in a very pleasant way. Then Veronica poured small dollops of oil onto each of Louise’s beautiful tits, right above her nipples, so that the liquid trickled down to her areola. Louise shuddered with the delicious heat.

“My turn,” Louise murmured, reaching out for the bottle. Veronica handed it to her, letting their fingers slide against each other, seductively. The flesh to flesh contact was electric and both women suppressed gasps.

Louise held the bottle directly over Veronica’s exposed cunt and poured down an equal amount of the liquid into the other woman’s twat. Veronica grunted, then smiled lasciviously. Louise poured oil onto each of Veronica’s tits and smiled as the fluid pooled around the woman’s ridged areola.

Louise put the bottle beside the chair, then leaned back. The women stared down into the other’s cunt, watching as the liquid glistened and pooled. It was in danger of trickling down their open thighs. The oil on the women’s breasts was now hanging on the edge of their nipples, threatening to drip to the chaise.

“Maybe we should rub it in,” Louise suggested, her voice growing hoarse as her lust built.

“Yes, let’s rub it in,” Veronica whispered.

The women’s eyes locked, rage and lust flowing between them like electricity. They pushed their beautiful faces closer as they leaned towards each other. Their massive, throbbing tits hung heavily from their chests, their burning nipples just a whisper from touching.

Veronica and Louise reached up and began to rub and squeeze the other woman’s engorged nipples between their thumbs and forefingers. The women gritted their teeth to keep from screaming in pleasure. They used their fingers to trace and press the oil into burning areola. They circled around and around the other woman’s swollen nips until the oil was gone. Their nipples grew incredibly hard and long and began to burn like fire as the oil penetrated the sensitive skin.

Veronica and Louise reached down and began to stroke the other woman’s labia, gently and teasingly rubbing the burning oil into the turgid flesh. They were careful to spread the oil to the other woman’s growing clit.

The women gasped and moaned in unison. Their eyes blazed, their beautiful faces became ferocious with rage and lust as they masturbated each other, both trying to get the other to give in to their raging lust, to be the first one to begin the sexual battle they both wanted so much.

For several minutes, distinct sounds filled the air;  the wet sounds of nimble fingers pumping  soaking pussies, the gasps of two women almost insane with lust, the pants and cries of pleasure and rage and excitement. The women’s pussies lubricated heavily, dripping with sex nectar. Veronica and Louise leaned closer and closer, almost nose to nose, their eyes locked. They were drowning in each other’s eyes, both women willing the other to give in first. Their swollen nipples touched, just lightly, sending a bolt of electricity through their aching bodies. The women shuddered and screamed. With a gasp, they pulled their hands out of the other’s pussy.

Veronica and Louise leaned away from each other, panting hard.  They were supporting their bodies with their hands behind them, their pelvises cocked forward. They stared into the other’s swollen, aching cunt.

Slowly, the women began to slide along the chaise longue towards each other. They slipped right legs over left; their cunts drew closer and closer, almost as if pulled by a magnet. The need to mate was irresistible. They had fought it for as long as they could. Now, by unspoken mutual agreement, they were both giving up. Now, they were ready to take what they both needed wanted. Eyes locked, tits heaving with their pants, bodies burning with need, Veronica and Louise prepared to drive into each other, cunt to cunt.

Their pussies were only an inch or so apart when a series of four golf carts came trundling up the path. The naked people in the carts did not seem to see the nude women on the far side of the pool. The resort guests began piling out of their carts, laughing and chattering, as they prepared to spend the afternoon in the pool.

Veronica and Louise pulled back from each other, their eyes flashing in rage and incredible frustration. Louise glared hatefully at Veronica, then cast an angry glare at the intruders. In a moment, however, she adjusted for the situation.

“Well, Veronica,” Louise said as she gathered up her things. “I think I’m going to have a …nap.  I’ll see you at six.” Saying this, she swung her legs onto the poolside deck and stood up. “If you want to talk to me some more, I’ll just be in my cabin.” She gave Veronica a hungry, challenging smile, then walked away, up the gentle hill towards her cabin.

Veronica watched Louise’s swaying ass as the other woman walked away. She watched Louise enter her cabin and close the door. Veronica wanted to scream in unbearable frustration. They had been only moments away from kissing cunts. She knew what Louise was proposing – that they pick up where they had left off in her cabin. But Veronica knew that if she followed Louise now, she would be the one giving up, the one letting her lust and desire dictate her actions. Even so, she found herself putting her glasses and the bottle into her bag, grabbing her sandals, and starting to walk up the hill towards Louise’s door. She knew that she would find the door unlocked and Louise waiting on the other side for her. The redhead would probably have her legs spread, her arms open, her own insatiable desire unable to wait a moment more.

As she walked up the hill, Veronica’s pace began to slow. She reached the door and reached for the doorknob with a trembling hand. Her hand rested on the knob; she even began to turn it. But, gathering all her will, she suddenly let it go. She hurried down the hill to her golf cart and climbed in. She knew that she would need to spend the rest of the afternoon masturbating, but she could not bear to lose again, in any way, to Louise. Boiling over with desire and frustration, she sped down the path, toward her hotel.

Inside her cabin, Louise lay on her bed, her back resting on the headboard, her legs spread wide. She had watched Veronica’s shadow under the door, she had seen the doorknob start to turn. Her heart had leaped at that and her body had begun to pulse with raging lust as it prepared for the all-out fuckfight to come. But she had been horribly disappointed when the door did not open, when the shadow disappeared and when, moments later, she heard a golf cart speed off.

“No,” Louise groaned. “Oh, fuck, no.” She clenched her teeth in bitter frustration and anger. Slowly, she brought her frustration under control. She began to masturbate hard and furiously. She needed this now, but she knew that, soon, she and Veronica would be together. Nothing would get in their way. They would finally be alone, nothing interrupting them, no reason for them to stop. Then, they would satisfy their lust for each other and they would decide, at least for now, which of them was the better woman.

Part III: Veronica’s Villa

The next few hours dragged on endlessly for both women. Louise masturbated hard for almost the entire time but, to her great frustration, the more she stimulated herself, the more the hunger in her cunt grew. She knew that she could be laying the seeds of her own defeat by stimulating herself so vigorously before her confrontation with Veronica. But she was sure that Veronica was doing exactly the same thing in her room. Louise was absolutely correct.

Lying in her bed, her right hand stroking her clit vigorously, her left hand squeezing and kneading her thick round tits, torturing her engorged nipples, Veronica groaned in ecstasy. Her eyes were half open but glazed with lust as she imagined the feeling of Louise’s body locked to hers, the sensation of slick flesh sliding on flesh, throbbing clits rubbing mercilessly. She heaved and bucked hard, spraying the towel she had placed under her round, bucking ass, and groaned tortuously. When she was finished, she started again almost immediately.

Veronica relished the conflicting feelings racing through her, the emotion of overwhelming desire combined with pure hatred. She despised Louise passionately. Just thinking about the redhead sent her into a white-hot rage. But her hatred was matched by her incredible lust. Veronica knew her confusion could only be resolved by conquering and crushing Louise in the most intimate ways imaginable. Soon, she swore to herself, she would crush Louise, she would crush Louise’s tits, she would suck the other woman’s cunt dry. Then, she would unleash her full hatred on the redhead’s magnificent body, using her and humiliating her, and making her pay for what Louise had done to her before.

Six o’clock, the appointed hour, finally arrived. Louise ordered a golf cart to pick her up at six. As much as she hated waiting a moment more than she needed to, she was sure that arriving a bit late would give her a psychological edge. Even so, her body ached and burned, hot flashes rolled up from her cunt to radiate deep into her tits. She could not remember the last time she was so aroused, so aching with anticipation. As the golf cart zipped across the property, she could barely keep herself from groaning with need.  Louise was dressed only in a crimson wrap, which was tied around her hips, leaving her torso naked, her beautiful tits bouncing free.

Ten minutes after 6, Louise disembarked at Veronica’s villa, house 213. Gathering herself, drawing her sexual power and control around herself like a shield, she rang the doorbell and waited. After a moment, the door silently swung open.

Veronica stood before Louise, smiling brazenly, seductively. She posed in the doorway, her hand resting up the door, her other hand on her cocked hip. The black-haired beauty smiled radiantly, but her eyes were lit with the overwhelming lust burning in her core like a fever. Veronica was wearing a crimson wrap, but rather than wearing it around her hips, she had wrapped it around her torso. A deep cleavage accentuated her breasts; the rest of the cloth dropped down her body, to the top of her succulent thighs. Veronica’s eyes swept over Louise’s exposed torso, focusing on the redhead’s massive, naked tits.

“Louise,” Veronica breathed. “Please, come in.”

Veronica stepped aside. Louise strolled into the room, her magnificent tits bouncing. She took in the luxurious space in a glance. She was very impressed. It was a large, open-concept room. Floor to ceiling windows washed the room in the evening sun.  A thick leather couch flanked a large fireplace, which was burning brightly. A thick rug lay on the floor in front of the fireplace. Louise smiled. She knew where she and Veronica have their contest.

“Please, have a seat,” Veronica purred to her guest, gesturing towards the couch. As Louise seated herself on the slick leather, Veronica made her way over to a corner bar. “Would you like some wine?” she asked.

“Yes, white wine would be good,” Louise replied, spreading her arms along the top of the couch. Her beautiful tits rocked gently. She enjoyed the game that Veronica was playing, the effort to stretch the moment of their confrontation out even further. Veronica walked over to the couch carrying two glasses. She gave one to Louise, then seated herself on the couch. She kicked off her sandals and pulled her bare legs under her as she turned to face Louise. Veronica sipped her wine gently, her blue eyes drinking in Louise’s body. Louise turned herself to face Veronica on the couch. The women’s eyes locked. Veronica finished her wine and placed the empty glass on the table behind the couch. Louise did the same.

“How does the oil feel?” Veronica asked. She shifted her weight, moving her body forward, towards Louise.

“It’s good,” Louise replied. “It’s been burning on my clit for the past few hours, and on my nipples, too. When I touch them, it feels wonderful. Really intense.”

Veronica smiled. “Yes. When you rub clit to clit, it feels even more fantastic. It makes every sensation feel maybe three times as intense.”

Louise wondered if Veronica had set a trap for her. The idea of feeling three times the pleasure that she had already experienced while clit-fucking Veronica excited and terrified her. She did not know how she could take that kind of pleasure without passing out.  She did not know if she could take that kind of pleasure and remain sane. It would be unbearable. Veronica had used the oil too, but maybe she had taken something else to deaden its effects. Maybe just the fact that she had more experience with the substance would be enough to give her an edge. Louise decided to dismiss these concerns. She was sure that Veronica was just like her, which meant that the lustful black-haired bitch would never do anything to reduce her sexual pleasure. Louise had overwhelmed this bitch with sexual ecstasy once before; she was absolutely confident she could take Veronica in any fair fight again.

“That sounds great, Veronica,” Louise murmured. “Why don’t we try it out?”

Veronica smiled, unfolded herself, and stood up from the couch. Slowly, smiling with anticipation, she reached up and untied the knot holding her wrap closed at her cleavage. Slowly, she pulled the wrap wide, revealing her incredible, naked body. Her massive tits jiggled, taut with arousal. Her nipples were rock-hard, jutting from her tits almost an inch. Her belly was firm and beautifully muscled, her navel deep and tight, her pubic hair dense and black and shaped into a triangle. Her cunt dripped with juice. Her round, wide hips curved into her powerful thighs and calves. Louise felt the intense heat in her body almost explode as she took in every inch of Veronica’s physical perfection.

Veronica threw the wrap onto the couch and backed up towards the fireplace, her hands on her hips. She twisted her torso from side to side, causing her majestic tits to rock and wobble deliciously.

“Come and get it, baby,” Veronica moaned, her voice thick and hoarse. “Come over here and show me what you can do.”

Louise rose from the couch. She pulled on the knot of the wrap tied at her hip and let the cloth fall away from her hips to the floor.  She paused for a moment, giving Veronica a chance to admire her body in all of its nude magnificence. Louise saw and felt Veronica’s gaze wash over every inch of her awesome body, drinking in her womanly curves, her thick tits, her engorged, juicy pussy. Louise smiled viciously.

Both women were panting with excitement and anticipation, their massive tits heaving. The time they had both waited for was finally, almost, here.  Veronica and Louise’s eyes were bright with sexual fever, locked in passion and lust.

Hands on her hips, her chest thrust out in challenge, Louise closed the gap between her tits and Veronica’s matching pair. Four massive mammary glands crushed together, thick, yielding flesh squashing to thick, yielding flesh, sharp nipples catching and grating and penetrating, pebbled areola sliding and slotting. Louise and Veronica gasped in mutual ecstasy as their solid tits connected and surged against each other. The explosion of heat in their thrusting tits was almost unbearable. Deliciously sensitive nipples became enflamed with power. The heat turned to erotic electricity as it flowed through every cell in their voluptuous bodies, stopping to pool in their engorged clits and swollen cunts.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck…,” Louise chanted as she struggled to control the sensations rippling out from her nipples like waves of sexual bliss.

“Cunt, cunt, fucking cunt…,” Veronica sobbed. She had used this oil before, but never in combat with a woman like Louise and, as her nipples and titflesh locked with Louise’s equally formidable pair, she desperately tried to keep herself from having an orgasm on the spot. She felt pussy juice flow down her thighs, like a spigot had opened between her legs.

Veronica slipped her arms around Louise’s shoulders; Louise immediately looped her arms around Veronica’s back. With shared moans of ecstasy, the women squeezed even harder, mashing their throbbing tits tight, almost screaming with pleasure as their nipples fused, hard nubs head to head, pushing each other back and twisting together.

Moaning uncontrollably, the women crushed each other in a mutual bearhug, pressing their throbbing tits together so hard that the meaty balloons looked almost ready to burst as they strained against each other. Veronica and Louise rubbed cheek to cheek, gasping into each other’s ears.

“Fucking, fucking cunt…,” Louise moaned.

“Filthy twat…,” Veronica murmured in reply.

The women writhed in each other’s arms, rubbing their naked, slick bellies together, enjoying the delicious sensation of hot, smooth naked flesh gliding on flesh. Their navels caught and sucked and then popped apart before locking again. Their powerful legs twined and slid and strained against each other, their bare feet running along each other’s calves, their thick thighs pressing hard. Their pubic bushes crunched and knotted as their bodies writhed, as they swung their hips side to side, grinding into each other.

The women seized each other by the biceps, forming a cage trapping their massive tits into the same space. They pressed nose to nose, lips only a whisper apart, sweaty foreheads lodged against each other. They glared hatefully into the other’s eyes. Then they pulled their faces apart and they leaned the upper parts of their torsos back slightly, so that their tits could slide and grind more easily. At the same time, they arched their lower bodies forward, so that their bellies were flat against each other, so that their bushes twined into unbreakable knots. The women spread their legs and eased their pelvises forward, pressing their crotches hard, pussy lips slick on each other. Gasping with pleasure, Louise and Veronica slopped and thrust their bulging tits together, trying to grind each other down, their rock-hard nipples gouging and stabbing into thick titflesh, their massive glands rolling and pulsing against each other as they struggled to flatten each other. The women battled to prove which of them possessed the better, stronger set of tits.

The nipple on nipple friction soon proved to be unbearably delicious as the women’s oversensitized nips almost exploded with erotic sensation. Their round, hard tits wrestled for supremacy even as they stimulated each other with incredible pleasure. The women’s titflesh grew harder and thicker as their bulging mammaries grew ever more aroused. Sweat poured from the women’s bodies, coating their tits and making it harder for the massive glands to stay locked together. The slick friction was delicious.  The air filled with the grunts and groans of two women locked in ecstasy, with the alluring smell of aroused womanhood, with the thick sound of heavy titmeat sliding and slipping.

Louise could not believe the raw sensation enveloping her tits, radiating out from her engorged nipples to fill her dense titflesh. It almost felt like her breasts were two fleshy cannonballs of pleasure, burning up with heat and slick with sweat, grinding and slapping and rolling around on Veronica’s equally taut, slick tits. The women closed their eyes and threw back their heads in pleasure, even as they tightened their grips on each other’s arms.

Veronica growled with frustrated rage. Her tits were pulsing with unbearable erotic power. She felt almost orgasmic, even though her pussy had not yet become fully engaged in this battle. She could tell that she was not far from a tit orgasm.

“Nip to nip, cuntfucker,” Veronica gasped at her enemy.

Panting with lust, Louise eagerly complied. The women lined up their swollen nipples head to head.  Tightening their grips on the other’s biceps, the women began to push in. Their hard nipples were dripping with sweat and, normally, would have slid off and around each other, stabbing and penetrating the other woman’s areola. But Louise and Veronica felt their milk holes lining up and suctioning to each other, locking the rock-hard shafts in place and making both women feel violated by her enemy at the most intimate levels.

The women pressed together with all of their strength, their gazes fixed on their battling nipple shafts. Rather than one pair pressing the other back, both sets of equally hard, thick nipples pushed the other back into their mistress’ thick tits. There was intense pain, but it was more than offset by the growing and growing pleasure as the incredible heat between the women’s nipples built and built. Their nipples disappeared into their tits and their bulging mammary glands slowly flattened against each other, thick flesh resisting full compression. Veronica and Louise moaned with pleasure. They began rotating their tits around and around each other, moving their tits in opposite directions, setting up a slick, grinding friction between their rolling tits. The women felt the heat between their mated nipples growing unbearably, spreading out to suffuse the deep tissue of their struggling tits, sending waves of erotic sensation to set their pussies boiling. As they churned their tits against each other, their bodies undulated, slick flesh rubbing and sliding and sucking.

Louise and Veronica felt the erotic sensations in their breasts grow overwhelmingly. Louise released Veronica’s biceps and slipped her arms around the black-haired beauty’s back, pulling Veronica in tighter, groaning in bliss as their tits compressed even harder. Veronica returned the grip and the women stood squeezed together, crushing each other, shuddering as spasms of pleasure rippled through their bodies. Juices flowed down their thighs from their cunts, dribbling down to the rug.

Louise felt the pressure and pleasure in her tits build and build until she was almost delirious with the overwhelming sensations. She could tell from Veronica’s gasps and groans that the dark-haired beauty was on the verge of orgasm, too. Suddenly, the intensity of the pleasure grew to unbearable levels. Louise was sure her tits would explode. Instead, there was a sudden, intense and excruciatingly pleasurable sensation of release from her tits, almost as though they were cumming. With a gasp, she realized that her tits had, indeed, released a thick, clear liquid from her nipples. Incredibly, she was lactating, ejaculating some kind of sexual fluid from her overwhelmed tits.

Louise screamed in ecstasy. Liquid pulsed from her nipples, covering her tits and Veronica’s matching boobs, coating both sets of glands in the sudden flow. Spasming in ecstasy, Louise tightened her grip on Veronica’s back. Veronica howled in triumph. Louise felt her pussy gush with cum, and a hot flow of ejaculate rushed down her thighs, to splatter on the floor. The strength left her legs and she toppled over, still clinging tightly to Veronica. Veronica and Louise fell to the rug, Veronica landing solidly on top of her enemy, shifting her weight so that Louise’s tits took the full brunt of the fall. Louise shrieked again, and came hard a second time from both her tits and her pussy. 

Louise was overwhelmed with sexual fever. Even as she and Veronica wriggled and ground their bodies together, Louise instinctively spread her luscious thighs wide, inviting her enemy to fuck her below. Veronica eagerly slammed her wet, thick cunt down on Louise’s twat, moaning in ecstasy as she felt the heat in her pussy meet and match the boiling heat in Louise’s fuckmeat. Louise twined her legs through Veronica’s, locking the dark-haired beauty in place. The women’s bellies began to slap as Veronica thrust down on and into Louise’s body, pounding her pussy into Louise’s cunt, driving her throbbing tits down onto Louise’s matching rack, trying to milk every drop out Louise’s tits and pussy. Louise screamed again and again in raw pleasure, the liquid from her tits continuing to squeeze out, the cum spraying from between her legs. She crushed Veronica as hard to her body as she could, struggling to merge her flesh with that of her opponent.

Veronica reared back and then drove her pussy down into Louise’s welcoming twat with all the strength of her powerful ass, penetrating and spreading her redheaded enemy. The women’s engorged clits smashed tight. The sudden surge of ecstasy was too much for Veronica; she shrieked in unbearable pleasure.

“OH, FUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!!!,” Veronica screeched. Her tits exploded, releasing, lactating. Louise felt the sudden flow of hot liquid from Veronica’s tits, flowing out. Some of it entered her nipple holes, but most gushed down her tits, mixing with her own flow. Veronica’s nipple orgasm was immediately followed by the black-haired bitch’s cunt exploding with a spasm of hot ejaculate. Louise felt the creamy cum as it was injected deep into her own soaking twat.  She moaned in pleasure as the hot liquid flowed into her, as her cum mixed with Veronica’s and, a moment later, she returned the thick mix to Veronica’s body as she convulsed in another powerful orgasm.

Louise and Veronica shrieked in ecstasy, their hands grabbing and clawing, roaming over each other’s backs and down to their asses, gripping and pulling, each woman straining to hold and crush the other woman as tightly to her body as humanly possible, struggling to become one flesh. Their legs twined and locked, trembling with effort as they strained muscle to muscle, as they struggled to merge their bodies. Their tits, locked together nip to nip, trembled with the pressure of their squeezing. The women’s bodies exploded, again and again, gushers of cum jetting from their pussies, hard shots of sexual fluid flowing from their tits, their bodies coated in sweat.

Sobbing, gasping with the incredible pleasure, Louise and Veronica attacked each other with a savage kiss, their thick tongues twisting together, their mouths biting at each other before locking up. Both women were overwhelmed with the need to consume each other, to devour one another completely.

Louise and Veronica rolled back and forth on the thick carpet, their bodies trembling with sexual release and pleasure.  For several minutes, the pleasure rolled on and on, building to an unbearable crescendo. Louise and Veronica shuddered and thrashed together, finally breaking their kiss to scream with excruciating pleasure as the orgasms reached their peak.

The women finally fell still, their bodies slick with sweat and sexual secretion. They lay wrapped together, bodies twined tight, cheek to cheek, Veronica on top. The women panted with exhaustion. Their flesh knotted, their sweat mixed, the two sexual warriors fell into an exhausted sleep, their bodies gleaming in the golden glow of the firelight.

Part IV: The Confrontation

Veronica returned to consciousness slowly. She was groggy, but she could feel the heat of Louise’s body under hers, the tension of the other woman’s breasts pushing into her own. Their bodies were sticky and pungent with the scent of sex and sweat. Veronica moaned, then rolled off of Louise. Their bodies peeled apart. Thick pussy bushes, deeply entwined and caked together by dried cum, ripped away. Veronica let out a short, sharp scream with the sudden pain. Louise moaned with agony. Her eyes fluttered as she returned to wakefulness. The women’s breasts were crusted together at their nipples. As Veronica rolled away, their nips pulled apart painfully.

Veronica and Louise lay side by side, panting and hot. They turned their heads to stare at each other. Both women’s eyes hungrily swept the length of the other’s, coming to rest on the other woman’s lolling, beautiful tits.  They felt their blood begin to boil once more.

“First blood to me, whore,” Veronica breathed.

“I fucked your brains out.” She smiled viciously. “You’ve never had a nipple orgasm before, have you? That can happen when you use the oil.”

“Fuck you, slut,” Louise groaned. “We’re just getting started. I’m going to have you creaming yourself like the cunt that you are.”

“Really?” Veronica murmured. “Well, let’s find out, bitch.”

Veronica rolled towards Louise. She reached for the redhead’s massive tits. She kissed the tit nearest her and began rubbing the other, playing with the nipple and kneading the firm flesh. She began to suck powerfully at the breast in her mouth, and was soon rewarded with the taste of milk as Louise’s aroused boobs began to lactate once more.

Louise gasped and moaned under this sudden attack, her back arching in ecstasy as Veronica’s tongue and teeth inflicted pain and pleasure on her exquisitely sensitive nipples. Part of her just wanted to lie back and enjoy it, to let Veronica suck her and fuck her and rub her body all over Louise’s luscious flesh. But Louise’s pride asserted itself. She could not just surrender. She had every intention of enjoying Veronica’s body in every way imaginable, but she needed to prove her dominance over the black-haired bitch.

With a tortured groan, Louise wrapped Veronica’s thick hair around her hand and pulled hard, jerking the other woman’s head back and away from Louise’s aching tit. With her free hand, Louise began to squeeze and knead Veronica’s left tit vigorously. Then, she lowered her head to the same tit and took the thick, hard nipple into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. Veronica moaned in sexual agony as Louise began gnawing at her nipple and areola. In moments, Louise was gratified to taste Veronica’s milk on her tongue. The other woman was clearly as aroused as she was.

Louise pulled Veronica by hair and pushed with her other hand, which continued to knead at Veronica’s tit, even as Louise sucked the dense, thick flesh. Louise rolled Veronica onto her side and began to push the bitch onto her back. Veronica resisted. She jerked Louise’s head back by the hair and sank her claws into Louise’s right tit. For a moment, the two women strained against each other, pulling hair, rocking back and forth as each tried to roll the other onto her back and mount her. Louise threw her right thigh over Veronica’s left, trying to gain momentum. She succeeded in rolling Veronica onto her back, but only for a moment; Veronica kept the roll going and took the top. Louise released Veronica’s head and tit and, instead, wrapped her arms around Veronica’s luscious body and pulled her rival in tightly. Veronica wrapped her arms around Louise’s voluptuous form and squeezed back. The women’s round, hard tits flattened against each other with an explosion of sexual electricity. The two sets of luscious tits massaged and crushed each other, and it was not long before they began leaking milk, thick, throbbing flesh mashing and rolling and rippling.

The women rolled back and forth in the closed space between the fireplace and the couch, neither one willing to be on the bottom. Panting, gasping with shared pleasure and lust, the women’s fantastic bodies struggled, flesh writhing on flesh, powerful muscles straining and twining, the furious lust growing in the struggling Amazons as the oil burned their erogenous zones, threatening to send them into a frenzy of desire.

Veronica succeeded in taking the top position. Groaning, she pushed herself back off of Louise just enough to get at the redhead’s tits with her teeth and tongue. Veronica began sucking Louise’s right tit with a ravenous hunger. Louise gasped uncontrollably, sobbing with the incredible sensations. But she managed to roll Veronica onto her back. Veronica continued sucking hard, but Louise slipped her hand down between the black-haired whore’s legs and began stroking the woman’s exposed, swollen cunt. She rubbed the thick fuckmeat vigorously, stroking and gently probing at first. Veronica tightened her teeth on Louise’s nip and increased the intensity of her suck even as raw pleasure coruscated up from her pussy. Louise gasped and moaned, the milk from her tits flowing into Veronica’s mouth and making Louise feel like an orgasm was flowing from her nipples. She intensified her attack on Veronica’s cunt, her stroking becoming finger fucking, her finger fucking soon becoming an all-out attack as the knife of her hand plunged into Veronica’s twat, filling the wet, warm, sucking space. Veronica’s tight cunt closed around the redhead’s fist as Louise began to viciously fist fuck her enemy. Veronica sucked on Louise’s tit even harder but, after a few moments, she released the redhead’s nipple as she gasped in pleasure.

Louise used the moment to slip further down Veronica’s writhing body. She shoved her fist even deeper into her rival’s wet twat and lowered her head to Veronica’s bouncing tits. She took as much of Veronica’s right tit into her mouth as she could as she began sucking and biting at the luscious flesh.

Veronica moaned and wriggled, rubbing her ass into the carpet, bucking and heaving as incredible sensations roared through her body. She could not resist wrapping her arms around Louise’s upper back, pulling the other woman in tighter to her body, even as Louise ravaged her.  Veronica could feel Louise sucking milk from her tit, she felt her cunt splitting in two as Louise’s fist strained the elastic tissue of her tight twat. The redhead twisted and thrust with her fist and arm, reaming out Veronica’s aching cunt, viciously pumping the ravenous fuckmeat.

“No, no, oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK!!,” Veronica gasped, her head thrashing from side to side, incredible pleasure building and bubbling in her core. She realized through the haze of sensation that Louise had her at her mercy; Veronica had to find some way to break the redhead’s advantage. But she could not; her tit was throbbing and burning with pleasure, her cunt felt stuffed to overflowing, even as it was being massaged and teased and stimulated through every inch of her vaginal canal. Her clit pulsed ecstatically, grinding against Louise’s hand and wrist as the redhead worked her fist expertly. Veronica arched her back, screaming uncontrollably, as raw pleasure wracked her body.

“That’s it, you little fuck,” Louise moaned, releasing her enemy’s tit, just for the moment. “Lie back and enjoy it, like the whore you are.” She locked Veronica’s nipple between her teeth and lips once again and resumed sucking mercilessly. Milk flowed from the black-haired beauty’s tit like ambrosia.

Veronica trembled, struggling against her own body. She forced herself to breathe, she fought back the sensations rippling out of her core, overwhelming her senses. Grasping Louise’s hair, arching her back and bucking her hips, she succeeded in rolling their bodies, rolling Louise onto her back. Veronica’s massive tits crushed down on the redhead’s face, blocking her breath. With a gasp, Louise released Veronica’s swollen nipple. Her fist remained lodged in Veronica’s twat.

Veronica moved quickly. Fighting back the intense sensations, she rotated her whole body around Louise’s invading fist, until their bodies were reversed. Grasping Louise’s ankles, Veronica pulled Louise’s legs apart and pushed herself back, until she was staring down into Louise’s blood-engorged red cunt. Louise’s clit was protruding, swollen to its full size. With a growl, Veronica descended on Louise’s cunt, burying her face in the wet, hot meat, covering her face with Louise liquids and scent, even as she began to lick and suck and eat at the luscious fuckpie. She released Louise’s ankles, looped her arms around the redhead’s hips, then shoved four fingers up into Louise’s aching twat. The four fingers soon turned into a fist and Veronica began eating Louise even as she reamed the whore’s cunt with her fist, even as she shoved three fingers up the other woman’s tight asshole.

Louise screamed with pleasure. She worked her fist even harder inside of Veronica, she sucked hard at her enemy’s bulging clit, she rammed three fingers into Veronica’s puckered anus and spread the tight, thick orifice, which soon became slick with secretion.

The women wrapped their thighs around the other’s head and rolled onto their sides. The firelight glinted on their sweat-soaked, writhing bodies, the room filled with their groans and moans of ecstasy, the air grew thick with the smell of hot sex. On and on, they sucked and pumped each other, driving each other insane with lust, violating each other in every way that they could. Eager fingers probed and spread tight assholes, clenched fists rotated and thrust into hot, wet, distended pussies. Louise and Veronica sucked and nibbled and licked at the other woman’s clit until the engorged organs burned scalding hot. Their magnificent, perfectly matched bodies trembled and shuddered with erotic power. Their arms almost down to their elbows grew wet as the liquids from each other’s twats coursed down their invading appendages.

The mutual fisting and cuntsucking went on and on until Veronica and Louise were delirious with lust. The stimulating oil that coated their nipples and breasts, that saturated their twats, continued to feed deep pulses of heat and pleasure through both women’s aching bodies. The pleasure built and built until, suddenly, Veronica felt the dam deep inside of her explode with a raging torrent of heat and ecstasy. She released Louise’s clit from her lips and shrieked in unbridled passion.

“Oh God, Oh FUUUCCCKKK!!,”Veronica howled. Her insides convulsed, her vaginal canal contracted, and a hot, thick stream of cum erupted from her pussy. Louise pulled out her fist to let the cum flow and eagerly shoved her face into the stream of gooey liquid, opening her mouth and locking her lips around Veronica’s twat, forming a seal so that most of the cum jetted into her mouth. She swallowed it eagerly, sucking as much back as she could. Veronica shuddered over and over as her body ejaculated, as each powerful orgasm spewed her juices into her enemy. Louise could swallow no more and pulled back, gasping in pleasure as her enemy’s cum shot into face, into her hair. Veronica shuddered and groaned. Louise sucked in her enemy’s clit once again, resuming her assault.

Louise was sucking and feasting on Veronica’s cunt when, suddenly, she felt the erotic power that was building in her body build to a sudden peak then explode. With a scream of ecstasy, she released Veronica’s clit and shrieked as her twat erupted, blasting full into Veronica’s face. The defeated woman happily accepted the flow of hot cum. She licked up what she could, then buried her face in Louise’s red-furred twat and swallowed as much as possible. Hot liquids gushed onto her face and into her hair.

The women’s trembling orgasms finally tapered off. Louise and Veronica released each other and rolled onto their backs, their bodies facing opposite directions. They panted furiously, their massive tits rising and falling, shuddering as their chests heaved.  Their chests were covered in secretions, cum from their pussies combined with milk from their ejaculating tits and the slick sweat of their bodies.

Louise turned her head and smiled down the length of her body at Veronica. “First blood really doesn’t matter now, does it, you cunt?” she murmured.

Veronica said nothing, but her eyes glinted with fire. Slowly, she pushed herself to her feet, her drenched body glistening in the light. She staggered a bit as she walked a few steps to the fireplace mantle. For the first time, Louise noticed that the vial Veronica had used earlier that afternoon was sitting on the mantle.

Veronica picked up the vial and turned around to face Louise. Smiling lasciviously, the black-haired beauty unstoppered the vial, then slowly tilted a thin stream of the liquid onto her right breast, then her left. Veronica shuddered as the oil struck her sexually-enflamed flesh.  Veronica placed the vial back on the mantle and used both hands to slowly, carefully, rub the slick liquid all over her massive, perfect tits. The thick, meaty orbs gleamed with the liquid sheen, unspeakably beautiful and erotic in the firelight. When the oil was well-distributed over her tits, Veronica reclaimed the vial, then lowered herself to the rug in front of the fire. She sat with her legs spread, her ass on the fur rug. She poured a thick dollop of the oil directly onto her juicy twat. She gasped as the oil hit, but continued pouring until her pussy was overflowing with the liquid. She put the vial aside and, with her right hand, rubbed the liquid into her cunt, running her fingers along her pussy lips, covering every inch of her labia, inside and out, smearing the oil over and over her burning clit, pushing it deep into her vagina. Veronica’s savage smile trembled, her eyes half-closed, as the raw sensations of pleasure rippled and built in her perfect body.

Veronica knew that the oil had the property of being absorbed into a woman’s body instantly if the woman was fully sexually aroused and saturated with active sexual hormones and other chemicals, as well as the earlier dose of the oil itself.  At this moment, both women were overflowing with sexual power. The oil worked deep inside of Veronica, driving her insane with lust as the fire built.

Veronica held out the unstoppered vial to Louise. Louise took it eagerly. She poured a thin stream of oil on each tit, then used her right hand to rub the liquid into her dense titflesh, kneading and massaging the luscious flesh, circling each nipple and areola with her slick index finger. She gasped uncontrollably; the oil burned like liquid fire as it sank, instantaneously, deep into her enflamed boobs, causing her massive breasts to throb and ache with pleasure, causing her engorged nipples to swell and harden to rock. Milk trickled from her aroused organs. The redhead shuddered with pleasure and understood how it would feel once she came together, tit to tit and nipple to nipple, with her dark-haired foe.

Smiling in anticipation, Louise tilted a heavy flow of the oil into her beckoning cunt. She moaned in sheer pleasure as the liquid saturated her vagina, spread over her pussy lips. The last of the oil dripped out onto her fuckmeat. Throwing the empty vial aside, she eagerly rubbed the slick liquid into her cunt, spreading it onto her labia, her pulsing clit.

Grinning at each other savagely, the two women began to push towards each other on the fur rug, their asses sliding on the soft material. Every sense was alive. Their erogenous zones burned and pulsed and sizzled in anticipation. Veronica reached down and spread her cuntlips, letting her thick, powerful clit pop free. Louise did the same. The women’s eyes were locked as they pulled close. They trembled with pleasure as they slid their luscious legs over and under each other. They turned on their sides, so that they could fit their bodies together like interlocked scissors.

Veronica and Louise stared into the other’s juicy twat, mesmerized by the sight. Both women’s tight, thick twats had been distended just slightly by the savage fistings they had inflicted on each other. Their pussies felt soft and tender, looser and more malleable. Both women could see that their fuckholes were spread a little wider, open and inviting, the openings to their vaginal canals slick, soft and wet. Their burning pussies offered the promise of a thick, wet, tight suction. They offered the possibility of complete immersion in each other’s cunt, the hope of sucking each other deep inside and devouring each other.

“I’m going to fuck your filthy twat inside-out, you fucking whore,” Veronica breathed at her enemy. “My pussy is going to eat yours alive.” The women shifted their bodies, leaning back, as their ravenous cunts aligned.

“Then bring it on, you little cunt,” Louise snarled back. Her eyes were blazing with need.  She knew that she was only seconds away from pure ecstasy. The oil was working on her body in ways that she could not withstand, and she looked forward to mating with Veronica with a mix of incredible lust and dread. She knew that the sensations they were about to inflict on each other would be unbearable.

Exchanging final glares of hatred, Louise and Veronica braced their naked bodies with their arms. Their legs spread wide, their cunts aimed at each other, the women leaned back, then thrust their aching, burning twats forward. The thick, juicy, oil-slimed flesh came crushing and mashing together with a hard, wet slap. Instantly, the women’s fuck meat began to melt into one, sealing in raw ecstasy. Their eyes wide as the unbelievable pleasure roared through them, their choked voices lost to the overwhelming sensations, Louise and Veronica both grabbed the other’s powerful thigh. Using the other’s voluptuous limb for leverage, the women shoved into each other as hard as they could, with all the power of their asses, with all of the lust in their bodies. Their desire to penetrate each other as deeply as possible, to lock together in an unbreakable, intimate bond, burned with insane intensity in their minds. Their labia spread and fused, their fuckholes opened and sucked hard and tight at each other. Wet suction formed between their struggling cunts. Louise and Veronica screamed uncontrollably, lost in the delicious sensation of intimate violation as their vaginal canals locked and opened, now forming a single passage between their trembling bodies.

Veronica sucked Louise’s cunt with her own, pulling hard, trying to draw the other woman into her. Louise moaned and sucked back with all the strength of her trembling twat. The women felt thick juices flowing and burning between them, racing back and forth as they pulled at each other, and they screamed in delight at the incredibly intimate sensation. Gripping their thighs harder, the women thrust and ground into each other with all of their strength, trying to penetrate each other to the core. Their huge, swollen clits rammed together head to head, gliding and grinding against each other, sexual swords fencing, trapped together in a space too small and tight for both of them. The women twisted their hips just enough and deliberately wrapped their engorged sexual organs around each other, twining them into a knot. As their pulsing clits swelled even more, the knot became an unbreakable fusion of exquisitely sensitive, electrically pulsing flesh, squeezing, squeezing tight, forcing blasts of pure pleasure through their bodies. Louise and Veronica shrieked in ecstasy as their clits melted into one, the heat from the oil sealing their sizzling flesh into one thick nub of pure pleasure. They continued to buck and grind, sobbing uncontrollably.  They moved in unison, drilling into each other with all of their power, their magnificent bodies undulating as one, their massive tits quivering, sweat flying off of their bouncing boobs, milk trickling from the fully-aroused orbs.

Every thrust sent shockwaves of ecstasy through the women’s battling bodies. The oil with which they had coated their sex organs amplified every feeling, every unbearable sensation, threefold. The intensity of their mutual fucking was indescribable. The friction between their pulsing fuckflesh burned and throbbed, sending electrical sensations racing and building through their bodies. The women panted and heaved like rutting mares, struggling to control the torrent of raw erotic pleasure building in their cores.

Panting, screaming, the women writhed and strained against each other. Their eyes were wild, locked together in glares of hatred and desperation, silently pleading with the other woman to surrender, to give into her pleasure, to let the other win. Their long hair billowed out around their heads, slick with sweat and cum. Their enraged tits bounced furiously, but also craved contact as they throbbed and burned with the penetrating oil.

The suction between their nova-hot cunts grew, their twats flattened against each other and merged, fused into one. Louise and Veronica trembled with erotic power, neither woman knowing where she ended and her enemy began, both feeling like they were one intertwined, muscled mass of aching, flaming erotic flesh. They felt like their cunts had expanded to encompass their entire bodies, even as their twats locked and sucked and their clits twined and throbbed and pulsed. Sure that they were sealed together pussy to pussy, as tight as was humanly possible, Louise and Veronica struggled to penetrate each other even deeper. One arm bracing their body, the other hand holding tight to the other woman’s muscular, trembling thigh, the two Amazons ground as deep and hard into each other as they could.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god…,” Louise gasped, her body trembling with the intense sexual energy. She had never felt anything like this before. She felt her throbbing cuntflesh melting into Veronica’s bucking body, she felt every inch of her body vibrating with sexual pleasure and tension. Her bouncing tits seemed to send waves of erotic power reverberating through her writhing flesh. Her abdominal muscles trembled. She felt that she was only moments away from an incredibly powerful orgasm. Yet, still, she held on, determined to fuck her foe into submission.

Veronica howled and screamed, battling against the incredible pleasure torturing her beautiful body, struggling against the pure, delicious sexual power of the red-headed bitch who was so close to dominating her yet again. The black-haired beauty held back the raging ecstasy building in her core.

Groaning, their swollen tits aching for contact, Louise and Veronica reached for each other. They pulled each other in close until, finally, their massive tits met and crushed, nipple to nipple, areola to areola, dense titflesh to titflesh. An explosion of erotic electricity burned through their struggling bodies as their nipples met and mated, milk holes sucking tight.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…,” Veronica sobbed. It felt like her chest had exploded, the intensity of the nipple to nipple rubbing and mating felt almost as pleasurable as going to clit to clit with Louise. The women groaned and screamed and began to rotate their quivering tits against each other, grinding their nipples, letting the heat and friction build. Milk began to flow from their lactating tits, small nipple orgasms began to occur, sending short gushes of lactate out over their straining, taut orbs, the flow of milk mixing and pushing against each other even inside of their mated nipples.

Louise tightened her grip around Veronica’s back and pulled the other woman in harder, hoping to crush her foe’s tits. Veronica returned the grip. The women moved their backs, grinding and rotating their battling tits into each other. The taut orbs rubbed and crushed and vibrated with raw power, rotating around the fixed point of the women’s locked nipples and areola. The milk from their lactating tits flowed out, lubricating the sweaty flesh of their tits, making the friction between their struggling orbs even slicker and hotter. Milk flowed down their naked, writhing bellies and dotted their thick pubic bushes.

Louise and Veronica pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Their eyelashes touched and tangled. Blue eyes and green glared into each other, hate and pure lust flowing between the women like electricity. They panted into each other’s mouth, hot breath mingling and becoming one, much as their flesh strained to become one. Louise offered her tongue, running it along the rim of Veronica’s luscious lips. Veronica licked at Louise’s lips, then slid her tongue along the redhead’s pink probe.

Groaning with unbearable lust, the women slid their noses past each other and locked their mouths tight. Strong tongues pushed and twisted and wrestled, hot spit flowed within their inosculated mouths. Louise and Veronica sucked each other’s spit and tongues, scoured the insides of the other’s mouth, before their tongues twisted together and fought in the wash of spit. Saliva flowed down their faces, but they swallowed back what they could and renewed their tongue to tongue battle.

The women wrapped their legs around the other’s hip, their hands reached down to grab the other woman’s sweaty ass. Their cunts were sucked and sealed, their tits crushed hard and pulsing, their wriggling, sweaty bellies undulating against each other. Louise and Veronica could feel the other’s heart pounding behind massive tits, their locked, fused clits pulsed and throbbed in rhythm. The women were lost in a universe that consisted only of their burning flesh, the incredible sensations roaring through their sweat-soaked forms, the intense heat that made it feel like they had become one straining body. On and on they fucked and fucked and fucked, all thought gone. All that mattered was giving and receiving the incredible pleasure their voluptuous bodies could inflict on each other.  The room filled with stifled groans of ecstasy, the air grew thick with the scent of hot womanhood and fully-aroused sex.

For more than an hour, the sexual war continued, Louise and Veronica lost in the lushness of their conjoined flesh. Louise’s abdomen began to twitch against Veronica’s bare belly, the women’s navels sucked tight. Louise’s groans grew more intense, she began to feel the force of an impending, excruciating orgasm building uncontrollably in her core. She could feel from the trembling in Veronica’s body that the black-haired beauty was on the verge too. Louise shoved two fingers up Veronica’s asshole, she tightened her clit, she twitched her cunt, pulling harder at Veronica’s twat. The other beauty responded, working back against Louise’s body, clit to clit. The Amazons moaned passionately in their locked mouths.

Louise and Veronica exploded at almost the same instant. Their bellies tightened, their powerful muscles went taut, then a gush of cum roared out of both women as their internal muscles convulsed in an incredible orgasm. The women shrieked into each other’s mouths, straining to kiss and tonguefight even harder. Tears flowed down their beautiful faces and their eyes clenched tight as waves of erotic power burned and exploded through their bodies. They pulled on each other’s backs and asses even harder, trying to crush each other as tight as they could, straining to become one flesh. Their hot cum flowed into each other, mixing into a hot froth inside of their sealed vaginas. Their clits seemed to swell to ten times their normal size and strained to crush each other like struggling snakes, even as they radiated unbelievable heat and ecstasy to every inch of their bodies. Their nipples and tits seemed to swell and explode in waves of pure pleasure. Milk ran freely down and around their tits as nipple orgasms synchronized with the multiple orgasms burning out of their locked twats.

Louise and Veronica finally broke their kiss to throw back their heads and scream in pleasure. They clawed at each other’s backs, they pulled each other’s thick hair, they bit each other in passion. Still, the pleasure built to maddening levels. Both women felt like they were dying in ecstasy, killed by an unbearably powerful explosion of pleasure. As their throbbing flesh melted into one, the women felt themselves beginning to pass out. They fell back from each other, their tits separating as they fell onto their backs. Instinctively, Louise and Veronica reached for each other. They grabbed each other’s right arm by the forearm, then seized each other’s left arms. Flat on their backs, anchored by their mutual grips, their legs spread wide, they continued to grind and buck and drive their inosculated cunts deeper and deeper into each other. They raised their hips and asses off the ground, bucking hard, penetrating as far as they could. Their clits ground together relentlessly, mercilessly, as they fucked orgasm after orgasm out of each other. The women screamed incoherently as they fought to the end, each determined to overwhelm the other with raw sexual power. Louise and Veronica clamped their legs around each other’s bodies, squeezed with all the power of their cunts, pulled on each other’s arms, dragging each other in. They finally passed out in a devastating explosion of unbelievable pleasure. Cum gushed and flowed between their inosculated cunts,  hardly any trickling out from the tight seal between their locked twats.

Part V: The Finale

A short time later, Veronica stirred. Her pussy was still vibrating, locked deep in Louise’s twat. She could feel her clit pulsing and throbbing, twined tight with Louise’s clit. Veronica’s whole body felt simultaneously exhausted and drained, yet also exhilarated, floating on a cloud as it tried to process the aftermath of the most intense and exquisite orgasms of her life. Veronica felt Louise stirring between her legs. The women sat up and glared at each other over their heavy tits. By mutual, silent agreement, they began to pull apart. They groaned as their clits slowly loosened their grip on each other and peeled apart, as their powerful pussy lips unclenched and released each other. Slick labia came unglued in a spasm of pleasure. Hot cum flowed out as their twats separated. Thick strings of cum continued to join the women’s hungry twats, even after they pulled apart. Their twined cunt bushes ripped away from each other, causing the women to hiss in agony.

Separated, their magnificent bodies vibrating with sexual power, Louise and Veronica glared hatefully at each other. Their eyes raked over the other’s naked body and they both felt the lust build again, to incredible levels. They knew that there needed to be more, much more, before their rivalry could be decided.

Louise spoke first. “Ready for the next round, slut?” She was eager to start, as she stroked her aching pussy and scooped up a trickle of cum with her finger.

Veronica shook her head slowly. “I’m more than ready to take you on, fucker. But what we just did shows that neither of us can win in a cunt to cunt contest.”

Louise snorted. “Fuck that! I’ve beaten you before. We just need to keep fucking until one of us can’t go on.”

“That’s not how I remember it,” Veronica snapped. “Besides, I have another idea.”

So saying, she stood up, ignoring the pain in her crotch and the aching in her tits. She padded across the room and into her bedroom. Moments later she returned, holding a thick, rubber, two-headed dildo and a tube of jelly.

Veronica  slicked both ends of the dildo down with jelly as she brandished the sextoy at Louise. “We can’t beat each other twat to twat. Let’s try this ass to ass.”

Louise felt a little worried. She certainly enjoyed anal sex, but it was not something she did often. It might be a weakness, something that Veronica could do better than she could. But she could not deny the thrill of going ass to ass with Veronica. Besides, the position would still allow them to lock up cunt to cunt, clit to clit. That was where the battle would be decided.

“OK, whore, I agree,” Louise purred.

The gorgeous women lay down on the rug, and moved their asses into position. They pushed close, one leg stretched out horizontally from their bodies, the other pointed up to the ceiling. Veronica shoved half of the massive dildo into her puckered asshole, groaning as it penetrated more than four inches. She gave the other end to Louise, who inserted the thick shaft into her ass. She gasped with the sudden, delicious violation. She worked her body down the dildo until she had a firm grip. The women then rolled onto their hands and knees, facing away from each other, but their round, firm asses pushed up behind them. Louise and Veronica pressed the soles of their bare feet together as they wriggled up the shaft towards each other, working down it until the thick rubber rod disappeared from view and their puckered assholes were pushed tight and hard. They spread their legs and pushed in. Their breasts crushed into the rug and they sank their fingers into the soft fur as they readied themselves for the battle to come.

Veronica thrilled to the feel of Louise’s hard, round ass crushed tight to the thick, muscular pads of her ass. She could feel the heat and wet of Louise’s asshole meshed to her own. She arched her back and pushed back. Louise matched her move and the two women groaned in ecstasy as they felt the slick “v”s of their hot, wet pussies slide together deliciously. Louise and Veronica wriggled their hips as they strived to get a good grip on each other, pussy to pussy. They felt the other woman’s hard clit twitch and swell against their labia.  They pressed harder and their slick labia meshed again. The residue from the oil began to burn as, once again, the women’s deep sexual power roared to life.

The women spread their legs, pressing the backs of their thighs and calves tight.  The heels of their feet crushed. They began writhing and thrusting, undulating against each other, ass to ass, pussy to pussy.  Their grunts and moans of passion and pleasure filled the air. For some time, they did this while holding their bodies up with their arms. Their heavy tits swung from their chests as they thrust, as their asses wrestled for control of the dildo. Soon, however, they rested their massive tits on the ground and slipped their legs over and under each other, bucking back.

The long, slow, ass to ass fuck continued. The women groaned and gasped as they violated each other, first one then the other gaining slightly greater control of the dildo and sending it plunging deeper into the other, before the tides turned again. For the most part, Louise and Veronica found themselves equally matched, the dildo staying equally buried inside both of them. The real contest became the slow, sensual stroking and struggling. Wet pussies clamped on each other, sliding slickly, then releasing. Hot, swollen clits jousted and rubbed, sending bolts of electricity racing through their bodies. Sexual juices dripped from their mashed twats, trickled down their inner thighs. Their heavy tits and engorged nipples rubbed into the soft, hot fur of the rug, sending sensuous friction radiating into their dense titflesh. The pads of their asses and the sensitive flesh of their inner thighs stroked and caressed each other in erotic competition. All the while, the powerful intimate sensation of the thick dildo moving in and out and around inside their tight assholes sent new and delicious sensations rippling through both womens’ bodies, feeding the raw pleasure growing everywhere else.

The women’s groans and moans of erotic pleasure spiraled higher and higher. Louise felt a delicious orgasm building in her core and knew that the full power of their last, long, hard, cunt to cunt fuck had not fully dissipated. Now, it was building again, fed by the long hard, grind of the ass to ass war.  Louise looked over her shoulder at her sensual rival. She reached back and grabbed Veronica’s thick black hair, pulling hard, jerking Veronica’s head back. Veronica moaned loudly, protesting the pain, but she did not retaliate. Instead, she worked her ass harder, churning the dildo inside of Louise, forcing more pleasure on the redheaded beauty.

Louise released Veronica’s hair and gripped the rug hard with both hands. She felt the orgasm growing, growing inside and she was no longer sure she could control it. She worked her ass hard, she ground her pussy deep into Veronica’s twat and rubbed their clits hard. Slick juices were dribbling down from the women’s locked cunts, wetting their inner thighs, making a damp spot on the rug. The women groaned together tortuously, both rocking their hips and asses as their throbbing clits attacked each other ferociously.

“Bitch, you bitch,” Louise gasped as she bucked back frantically, finally feeling the uncontrollable urge building to the point of no return. She knew she had to trigger an orgasm in Veronica now or it was all over.

“Come you fucking whore, come!!,” Veronica snarled in reply. She knew Louise was on the verge, she could feel it in the trembling of the other woman’s twat, which was melted into her own. But she felt her own orgasm building and building, an out of control train gathering speed.

Louise suddenly released a tortured groan. Her whole body went rigid. Her fingers dug into the soft rug.

“No, no, oh fuck, fuck, nooooo…..,” Louise moaned. Then she screamed. “OH GOD, OH GOD, FUCKING GODDDDD!!!”

A powerful gush of cum erupted from her enraged pussy, coating the intersection of the women’s bodies, splattering down to the rug.

Veronica screamed out in triumph. “Yeah, that’s it you bitch, you fucker, come, come, COME!!”

Louise screamed as she came again, even harder. Strength seemed to leave her body and she fell forward, her clenched ass sliding the dildo out of Veronica as the redhead collapsed. A third orgasm trembled in her cunt, threatening to erupt.  Louise panted as she fought to control herself.

Veronica groaned. She had wanted to follow Louise down, to grind the other women into submission ass to ass. But this was even better she decided. She spun around, yanking out the dildo and throwing it aside. Veronica’s own orgasm trembled in her core. She rolled Louise’s shuddering body over onto its back. Louise looked up at Veronica, hate and rage glowing in her eyes, but she was focused on holding back, on forcing down the explosion of pleasure threatening to break free.

Veronica smiled. She pulled Louise’s legs apart, exposing the redhead’s glistening twat.

“No, bitch,” Louise growled weakly. She raised her hands to push Veronica away. But Veronica seized Louise’s hands, interlocking their fingers, and pushed Louise’s arms down and to the side. Veronica lowered her aching, sex-engorged body down onto Louise’s waiting, willing form.  The women’s taut tits crushed tight and both women groaned in ecstasy as their nipples squashed. Milk bubbled and flowed up from between the dense titflesh.

Veronica slid her sweat-soaked belly onto Louise’s abdomen. Their navels sucked together. Finally, she slid her sex-slimed cunt onto Louise’s slick, wet “v.” Veronica thrust hard with her hips and ass and felt Louise’s cunt spread and lock onto her own. Their thick clits slid together, electricity raging through the women’s bodies as their sexhorns mated.

“No, no, no….” Louise chanted, thrashing her head from side to side. But her body was bucking and moving with a mind of its own, her clit was grinding and driving against Veronica’s attacking sexhorn. The women freed their hands and wrapped their arms around their lush, grinding bodies. Their legs twined tight and strained, locking their bodies even tighter. Louise and Veronica began to grind and buck harder and harder, fucking to the finish.

“You’re mine, you cuntfucker, you’re mine,” Veronica groaned in Louise’s ear. Her hair fell in a curtain, covering both women’s faces, as she gasped, nose to nose, lip to lip with her enemy.

“No, never, you fucking slut,” Louise gasped. Veronica’s tongue plunged into her mouth and the women’s tongues struggled. Louise could not take it anymore.

Screaming uncontrollably, Louise sank her claws into Veronica’s rippling ass and pulled her nemesis down on her body as hard as she could. She bucked her hips, grinding the hard nub of her clit as forcefully to Veronica’s clit as she could. Her pussy gushed, and Veronica willingly accepted the hot discharge. Louise came again, and then again. She screamed in sexual ecstasy.

Grinning,  snarling in triumph, Veronica began pumping her cunt into Louise’s twat as hard as she could. The sound of cunt clapping and sucking to cunt momentarily filled the air. In moments, Veronica felt her own uncontrollable orgasm build to overflowing. Veronica arched her back, reared up, and screamed in ecstasy as she injected a gush of cum deep into Louise’s defeated twat. Veronica came again and again, howling in triumph, finally claiming her redheaded rival as her own. Louise’s orgasms matched Veronica’s and the women pumped hot cum back and forth as they rode each other to the end.

Gasping, moaning in ecstasy, the women twined their bodies together. Locked tight, cheek to cheek, covered in sweat and cum and milk from their ejaculating tits, they fell into a blissful sleep.

Epilogue I:

The early morning sun was just lightening the sky when Veronica and Louise regained consciousness. Veronica moaned, then rolled off of Louise, pulling their sticky bodies apart, ripping their intermeshed bushes away from each other. She rested by the redhead’s side, her luscious left thigh thrown carelessly across Louise’s voluptuous body, her heavy breasts crushed to Louise’s side and resting on the redhead’s chest. Veronica caressed Louise’s perfect tit, then stroked her hand along Louise’s beautiful, taut belly, through the redhead’s thick, matted bush, down to the redhead’s twat. She used her palm to caress then seal Louise’s wet slit, and smiled in triumph as she squeezed the woman’s cunt.

“This belongs to me, Louise,“ Veronica purred. Louise turned her head away. Her eyes burned with rage and humiliation, but she said nothing. “And this is mine, too,” Veronica said, tangling her fingers in Louise’s red bush.

“Fuck you,” Louise growled. But her tone was defeated. She knew that she had lost the marathon sexfight and she knew what that would cost her.

Veronica smiled in triumph. “When are you scheduled to check out?” she asked Louise.

“Tomorrow night,” Louise replied.

“Hm,” Veronica mused. “I’ve got two more nights here. Good. Here’s what you’re going to do. You will spend the rest of today and tomorrow here with me. You will check out tomorrow. Then you will come back here and continue being my slave.” Veronica smiled triumphantly, then lowered her lips to Louise’s ear. “You and I are going to fuck each other, Louise,” Veronica whispered. “We are going to fuck each other’s brains out. Everything we can imagine, we are going to do to each other. Then, when this is over, I’m going to shave that pretty little pussy and leave your cunt bald. I’m going to take that nice little pad of fur as a trophy.”

Louise glared at the other woman savagely.  But her eyes could not hide her growing excitement, touched by shame.  Louise found herself shaping her body to Veronica’s, she found herself spreading her legs, even as her cunt grew hot and her breasts began to swell in arousal. Her insatiable sexual hunger came back full force. Veronica pushed in closer, offering her tongue. The women’s nipples pressed tight, pulsing with heat. Louise licked and then sucked at Veronica’s tongue. Both women were already panting, bitches in heat.

“Do you have any more of that oil?” Louise murmured, as she wrapped her arms around the black-haired bitch, pulling Veronica’s body down onto hers, arching her back and spreading her legs.

Veronica smiled. “Yes,” she whispered back. “I’ve got a little more.”

The women smiled at each other, raw lust burning in their eyes. Their cunts slid into each other and melted into one, their legs twined, they wrapped their arms around their bodies and pulled each other in tight, tits mashing, nipples pulsing, as they descended together into a red haze of pleasure.

Epilogue II: Three Days Later

The alarm clock went off at 7 AM. Exhausted, Veronica rolled over on her king-size bed and slapped the top button, turning the alarm off. She lay sprawled on the bed for a few minutes more, gathering her strength, her right arm tossed across her face. She looked beside her. Louise lay on the bed, still dead to the world. The redhead was lying on her stomach. Her beautiful face wore the gentle grin of a woman sexually satiated.

Veronica crawled off of the be, then staggered across the room and into the ensuite bathroom. She peed, washed up, then paused to examine her naked body in the full-length mirror. Her body bore all the marks of two solid days of relentless fuckfighting. Her magnificent breasts were covered with teeth marks, her ass and thighs were clawed and scratched, her neck and shoulders were a riot of hickeys. Between her legs, her cunt was swollen and sore and her inner thighs were also covered in bite marks. Her asshole was sore, the recipient of numerous invasions from fingers, fists and dildos.  Her thick black hair was a cloud of tangles.

Still, she looked fantastic. Her body almost glowed with raw sexual power. Her fantastic tits hung high and proud, her muscles rippled with power, her pussy seemed perpetually wet and hot. The past two days had stoked a furnace in her core that was now burning with an unquenchable heat.

Veronica and Louise has spent the past two days and nights fucking each other mercilessly. They stopped only long enough to eat, drink, and relieve themselves. When they showered, they showered together, erotic encounters that had led to many hours of fucking each other on the bathroom floor. Louise had left, briefly, to check out. After that, she returned to Veronica’s villa and never left. They had run out of Veronica’s oil after the first day, but that had not stopped them from ravaging each other, their insatiable sexual appetites driving them to new levels of hate and lust.

Louise had never surrendered to Veronica. The redhead seemed to accept that she had lost the fuckfight that would decide the outcome of their time together, but she refused to be a compliant slave. That did not bother Veronica. She far preferred fighting and fucking her foe into submission, rather than being handed victory. Their struggle over the past two days had been brutal and ecstatic. Veronica felt that if she died now, she would die happy, having experienced the most intense, erotic and enjoyable sexual encounter of her sex-filled life.

But now it had to end. She needed to check out of the villa at noon, and she needed time to get ready before she left.

Veronica brushed out her hair, then reached into her bathroom accessories bag and pulled out a pair of scissors, a hair clipper, and a plastic baggie. The baggie she had delivered from the kitchen. The rest of the equipment had come with her.

Smiling grimly, Veronica walked back into the bed. She admired Louise’s naked body, and considered grabbing a dildo and taking the other woman from behind. Instead, she climbed onto the bed and rolled Louise over, onto her back.

Louise stirred, her eyes fluttering. “What…?” she began. Then her eyes flew open and she quickly pushed herself into a sitting position, her massive tits quivering. She saw the scissors and the clipper. She realized what Veronica was going to do. In the past two days, Louise had almost forgotten Veronica’s claim to her pussy fur. Now, she knew she was going to pay the price.

“Time to pay up, Louise,” Veronica smiled. She crawled onto the bed. “Spread your legs, cunt.”

“You dirty fucking whore,” Louise snarled. But she lay on her back spread her legs as she was instructed. “I swear to God, I will get you back for this, you cunteating slut.”

Veronica smiled wider. “Maybe. But I’ll worry about that for another day. Right now, I’m taking what I promised you I would take.”

Veronica kneeled between Louise’s legs and ran Louise’s thick red bush between her fingers. The red hair was dense and thatched. It was matted, and gelled with liquids. A lot of black, curly hair was tangled up in the red. Veronica smiled wider at that, knowing that her own bush contained many curly reds.

Carefully, Veronica began cutting Louise’s cunt hair with her scissors. Louise shuddered and turned her head away. She managed to keep from crying in rage and humiliation, but a single tear slipped down her rigid, rage-filled face.

As she clipped the hair, Veronica put it in the baggie. When she had cut down the knots, she clicked on the clipper. In a matter of seconds, she had removed most of Louise’s dense bush, leaving only soft stubble. She gathered up all the hair that she could, put it in the baggie, then waved the baggie in front of Louise’s face.

“Hey, I think that your fur looks better in here than it does on you, “ Veronica taunted. “What do you think?”

Louise glared at Veronica hatefully, a reaction that sent a thrill of heat and passion through Veronica’s body. The raven-haired beauty smiled wider.

“Now,” Veronica murmured, “let’s see how it feels when you don’t have anything to protect you. Maybe you’ll like the bare cunt feeling.”

Veronica threw the bag, scissor and clippers aside. She reached out, grabbed Louise’s ankles, and pulled the redhead’s legs wide apart. Louise’s hot, wet cunt lubricated even as she watched. She smelled the thick scent of aroused womanhood. Her own twat grew hot and slick. Her clit swelled up in preparation and she delighted as she saw Louise’s thick pink clit balloon at the top of her fuckslit. Louise’s eyes were burning, her sexual excitement something even humiliation could not quench.

Veronica slid her engorged cunt directly onto Louise’s waiting twat. The women’s Vs fit together perfectly. Soft, thick cuntlips crushed and melted together, swollen labia caressed and sealed. Veronica angled herself forward, so that her course bush could grind against Louise’s unprotected pubes. The women moaned in shared ecstasy as their pussies fused together once more. Soon, Veronica was firmly lodged in the saddle, fucking Louise slowly and powerfully. Their clits dipped into each other’s fuck slits and began to caress and grind and rub. Veronica reached down and, as her hips bucked and her pelvis scooped down into Louise’s cunt, she filled her hands with Louise’s massive, rocking tits, squeezing and teasing the sensitive nipples and areola. Louise reached up and filled her hands with Veronica’s tits, caressing and kneading and pinching the nipples between thumb and forefinger. Soon, the women were milking each other as their tits began to lactate, filling with erotic pleasure. Louise raised her left leg onto Veronica’s shoulder, giving Veronica better, deeper access to her burning cunt. Veronica thrust harder, deeper, riding Louise’s aching twat powerfully. The women’s cries of ecstasy grew louder and more frantic.

Finally, her body glistening with sweat, her tits wet with milk, her powerful abdomen undulating as her hips and ass bucked, Veronica felt an overpowering orgasm build in her core. She opened her eyes to see the raw ecstasy blazing on Louise’s face. The redhead’s eyes were closed, but the smile of sexual joy and animal pleasure was mirrored on Veronica’s beautiful face. The women opened their eyes to glare at each other in hate and lust as they orgasmed powerfully, thrusting deep into each other, crushing their clits. They sank their fingers into the other’s taut titflesh and squeezed mercilessly as a wild orgasm roared through their cores, erupting in a hot flash of cum. They ejaculated as one, filling their vaginal canals with mixed hot cum.

“FUCK, OH FUCK, YESSSS!!,” Louise screamed, her back arching high off the bed.

“GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!,” Veronica replied. She ran her hands through her own wild hair as her cunt shot a powerful stream of juice into Louise’s welcoming twat.

With a final gasp, Veronica collapsed forward, pushing Louise’s leg down to the other woman’s body. Louise slipped her leg out from Veronica’s shoulder, twining her legs through Veronica’s legs, locking the black-haired woman in place. The women’s tits crushed hard and Veronica sprawled across Louise’s submissive form.

Panting as one, hearts pounding, sweat glistening on their naked bodies, the women lay twined together for some time, before Veronica raised her head to stare down into Louise’s beautiful face. Their eyes locked and Veronica smiled in triumph, a smug grin of victory.

“Never forget who came out on top here, Louise,” Veronica murmured. “Never forget how I fucked you until you came like a common whore. Never forget how I took your precious bush. The next time we meet, you will submit to me, like a good little girl.”

Louise glared up at Veronica. “The next time we meet, fucker, you will pay for everything you’ve ever done to me. I swear to God, this is not over between us.”

Veronica smiled. She reached up around Louise’s shoulders, filled her hands with the other woman’s red hair, and painfully yanked back Louise’s head. She ran her tongue along Louise’s throat and nibbled at the woman’s soft neck.

“I hope not,” Veronica replied, with a savage grin. Then she set about ravaging Louise for the rest of the morning.

The End

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