Avril Lavigne vs. Ariana Grande by Luffy316

The club was electric that night; full of flashing lights and energy from everyone, between the mood, the music and the alcohol. People were even a bit more excited due to the attendants, the club famous for being one of the hottest LA party spots, and so a frequent hangout for various celebrities in the area. Avril Lavigne was one such big name that came to the club often, often addressed by fans and admirers of her music and looks alike. She wore a stylish pink dress that showed off her body without coming off too trashy (if you asked her, of course). She was at least able to minimize the flirts, since she was there with her husband Chad Kroeger at her side.

Of course, they weren’t the only big names under the same roof that night. Also at the bar was Ariana, out partying with some of her girlfriends. Ariana went more casual than Avril had, wearing tight jeans and a black t-shirt, matching the look of most of her girls.

The trigger for the whole event finally came when Avril went to the bathroom, leaving her husband to fend for himself at the bar. Seeing the available piece of manmeat (whether or not she knew who he was wish would remain unclear), Ariana excused herself from her friends and made her way down to get friendly with Chad for a while. Naturally, Avril came back before long, and the scene had her seeing red.
“What the hell, bitch!?” Avril exploded at the intruding Ariana as she stormed up to the bar. “The fuck you think you’re doing, you little punkass wannabe!? Coming in here like a man-stealing slut!? The fuck you get off?!” She approached the bar and kept walking, giving a light, daring shove into Ariana’s chest as she turned to face her. Ariana looked more surprised than afraid, and Avril leaned in to get into her face.
“Alright, back the fuck up and quit your squawking, chicken bitch!” Ariana cut her off sharply, getting right back into Avril’s face in return. “Believe me, if I knew the guy had been inside your washed up, unwashed cunt, I wouldn’t have gone near him for all the diseases he must be swimming in. Might want to get checked out there, Chad, because when she’s out on tour, she sure doesn’t get all those crowds of boys with her singing, if you get me.”

That seemed to be the tipping point for Avril Lavigne, snapping into a wordless growl and sent a bitchslap flying at Ariana’s face. With the huge windup, though, Ariana saw it coming and took a step back, letting Avril’s swing go wildly past her face, doing nothing but putting herself off balance. Ariana didn’t wait for her to get upright and try again, shooting a fist straight into Avril’s belly button.

The self-proclaimed punk queen spat out a squeaking wheeze as the strong suckerpunch perfectly knocked the air from her lungs. Her vision blurred a moment before she fell to her hands and knes, hurt and letting out weak coughing and choking noises as she tried to get her breathing straight again.

People around them backed off and gasped, raising a general ruckus as Ariana went for some payback from the attempted smack. “You wanna go, little dyke?!” she snapped, throwing a sharp kick into Avril’s ribs. It got a pained grunt out of her as what little air she’d regained left her again. “That all you got, badass bitch!?” She drew back her leg for another shoe into the ribs when Chad stepped in between the women, getting his bigger body in the way of the swing.

Ariana stopped herself from hitting the man she’d been flirting with moments ago. She tried to feint a way around him, but Chad put out his arms protectively, catching her eye seriously to try and get her to stop. “Fine!” Arianna shouted. “Hide behind your man, you no talent twat! Can’t take a punch and can’t sing for shit, is that it!? I will fuck you up, Lavigne! You hear me?! FUCK you UP!” She kept shouting trash talk and pelting Avril with insults rather the kicks and punches until her girlfriends finally started to pull her back. She was finally dragged kicking and screaming far enough that Chad was able to turn back to his wife. She was still on the floor near the bar, holding her chest and getting her air back, but dizzy and lightheaded enough that she was having trouble standing.

“It’s alright, I’ve got you,” he assured, taking her arm and helping her finally get back on her feet after the single-handed humiliation. People bustled around to make sure that the young star was alright alongside him.

The internet was buzzing with the “news” of their throwdown. Countless blogs, tweets, and online news headlines showed reports along the lines of “Ariana Attacks Avril!” and “Avril Beaten In Celeb Bar Brawl” and “Ariana Found Flirting With Married Man! Read About the Explosive Results!”

It was impossible to disprove the event either. As if all the word of mouth wasn’t enough, numerous people got shots of the incident on their smartphones, getting all manner of pics of as many angles. They flooded the net, either getting sold to news sites or posted proudly on social media about their celebrity encounter. Many of them featured Avril down on all fours, some of them with the thrashing or threatening Ariana being dragged or held back.

Avril was asked about the incident on several fronts, and when she was finally asked in a public interview, she couldn’t bear to let out that she’d been taken out in one punch and saved by her husband to anyone.

“Like she could ever beat me!? Please! That no-talent loser got me from behind! She gets in a lucky shot when I’m not looking and runs away before I can get my hands on her, and everyone’s acting like she’s hot shit! If it were a straight-up fight, I’d have kicked that bitch’s ass!”

Ariana was fuming at her entire reply. All those lies and insults and challenges wound her up into a swearing fit when she first caught wind of it. She got her agent on the line and with enough shouting, had her own forum for her public reply.

“I can’t believe how pathetic you are! All shit talk when you’re miles away from me, but can’t do nothing but fall on your ass and hide behind your man! You’re lucky they got me off you, or I’d have beat you all over that club. In fact, I’m calling you out! I’ll fight you anywhere, any time you want, and I’ll still break your fat ass in front of all the witnesses you want!”

Only then did Avril really recognize what she was getting into. Ariana was out for blood and wanted to demolish her reputation as badly as she did her face. Avril just wanted to weasel out of the whole event so that people would forget about it, and she’d just been stoking the flames of Ariana’s rage. She needed a way to back out of this.

“Much as I’d love to kick your scrawny bitch ass, some of us still have a career. I’ve got so much work and appearances, I’m booked for months, so no way I could fit that little pillow fight of yours in to my busy schedule.”

And that would be that. Avril had her excuse, and she did have a number of tours, signings and appearances to make her appear as busy as she claimed, and still leave some room for her usual partying on the side. All she had to do was avoid Ariana until she had cooled off.

So long as Ariana let it go, anyway, which was the last thing on her mind. She wasn’t about to be brushed off that easily, let alone in such an insulting manner. Ariana stopped by the bar they’d briefly clashed in before, but no one had seen her since the incident. She was intentionally avoiding her, and knowing that Ariana went there as much as she did, Avril was partying somewhere else instead.

Not ready to let her get off that easily, she continued to ask around. Before long, she found one of the high end party clubs in LA where they’d seen Avril the last few nights with her husband. Ariana just grinned and asked to speak with the manager about an unbeatable idea she was about to offer him.

Late in the same week as the initial conflict, Avril was looking to let out some of the pressure she’d been going through. There’d been no sign oof Ariana so far, and no backlash on any media she could find. Chad assured her that she was taking it too seriously, and that it would blow over soon enough.

As they entered the club, a few things were very apparent. There was no one dancing on the floor, most of the people lingering around the bar or various tables. Even then, those people seemed plenty excited to be there, and the place was crowded, even for a Friday night. It would seem that word had gotten out about the reason for the lack of dancing space: a full blown boxing ring set up in the middle of the floor. They gave it some odd looks, but chose to ignore it for now as they headed for the bar itself.

They’d ordered and started on their drinks when they heard a spotlight snap on and shine down on the ring. Avril nearly choked on her drink when she heard Ariana’s voice come over a mic as the music died down.

“About time you showed up,” Ariana purred into the mic with wicked glee. She paced slowly in one corner, wearing a silver bikini on her slim but shapely body. “I knew you’d try to hide from me. That you’d be too scared to show up anywhere I’d call you out. But now you’re here, I’m here, and there’s a break in your precious schedule!” She jerked a thumb over her shoulder at the ring. “Let’s dance, you little punk bitch! I’m ready for you.”

The crowd cheered and whistled encouragement for the celeb showdown, Avril going a bit pale as she realized what was happening. She was cornered, and would have to bluff her way out of this fight in person.

“I can’t!” Lavigne insisted, waving her hands defensively to the urging crowd and her glaring rival. “I’m dressed for the club, not a fight. I don’t have a slutty outfit like you to wrestle in, so you can’t expect me to compete like this!”

There were some consenting murmurs from the crowd before Ariana replied. “Guess you’re right. You sucked so bad last time in that outfit.” This got some laughs from the crowd while Ariana snapped her fingers just over the ring ropes. A girl dressed as a referee handed off something to her, which she threw at Ariana. She caught it and found it to be a gold, glittery bikini in just her size. “So you can wear that. No excuses, right? Oh, and at least use the changing room out back. No matter how much you want it, nobody wants to see your fat ass naked.”
Ariana blushed and frowned at her angrily, but made her way backstage. This many witnesses and a fair and open challenge, she couldn’t let herself be seen backing down.

Soon enough, both women were in the ring and in their bikinis, getting all manner of catcalls and cheers for their looks. Avril decided that her only chance was to act on Ariana’s strategy from last time; hit her dirty and early, slow her down so she can capitalize for the rest of the match. One of the club’s staff rang a bell to cue them to start. There was no real ending point determined before the match, but Ariana was sure it would be obvious when she was finished with her.

Avril came out quickly, light on her feet rather than blindly charging in like last time. She was playing it more tactically, or cowardly by some points of view. She made sure to move in quicker than Ariana, then throw in a punch as fast as she saw an opening. Ariana blocked the paler girl’s punch and leaned back from it expertly, then dodged her upper body back as a second wild swing missed her. Avril felt like she had Ariana on the run, smiling a bit more confidently when she was on the offensive end of things.

“Can’t run forever, Ari,” she teased. “You made your bed, now you sleep in it.”

“I heard you do ANYTHING but sleep in bed,” Ariana shot back, and right when Avril’s lips twisted in a sneer at the comment, Arian threw a slap that cracked across the distracted, twisting face. It shocked Avril a moment as Arian gave a boastful “HA!” at her expense, just succeeding in getting her angrier and more aggressive. Avril’s punches kept coming up short, pursuing Ariana as she practically danced around the ring, eluding her.

She finally worked Ariana into a corner, the tanner of the songstresses seeming to realize she was trapped. Avril saw her opening and lunged in with a hard straight, but Ariana still saw it a mile away and ducked down and to one side, letting her fist thump right into the pads of the ringpost behind her. “AH!” Avril gave a sharp cry, clutching her hand and leaving herself wide open for Ariana to step in behind her, grabbing her hair and throwing several sharp blows under her ribs and into her sides. Avril grunted loudly from the blows, grabbing at the ropes as she leaned forward and kicking back, trying to drive off Ariana but just getting tangled in her legs. She was only now starting to realize just how tired out she was getting, all those missed blows and chasing the fleet-footed Ariana starting to weigh down her limbs ever so slightly. She had to fight back harder and faster, and it was all going to be uphill at this rate.

Avril gave a sharp shove in Ariana’s chest, launching herself away from her opponent while Ariana hardly budged, both girls jiggling a bit from the push.
“What’s the matter? Too soft around the middle to take a punch?” Ariana mocked, working up the crowd to her side as she grinned impishly at Avril. The words stung Avril along with her throbbing ribs, trying to move in and fake out Ariana with her left before throwing a big uppercut at her jaw. Ariana was still quick enough to shove the left away before dodging around the right, leaving Avril wide open for a one-two set of fists across the face. Her eyes rolled briefly as she was dumbstruck, falling dizzily flat on the mat.

“Wow, out with what, five punches? REAL badass, Lavigne!” Ariana boasted to the crowd. Avril rubbing her jaw and moaned as she started to push herself up to her elbows, but Ariana wasn’t about to let her lounge around, and there was no Chad to stop her now. She stepped on top of her back, getting a quick cry from Avril as she used her as a doormat. Ariana dug her bare heels into her spine a bit before she started stomping up and down, getting a long pained scream from Avril. It got some cheers from the crowd, and some laughs as Avril’s drawn out screaming vibrated from the rapid trampling Ariana gave her.

“It’s like you’ve got built in auto tune! Still sounds better than your actual singing!” Ariana mocked, finally stepping off to leave Avril moaning and holding her largely bared back. Avril staggered up slowly, her curvy young body apparently not built to take a lot of damage and keep on ticking. She pushed herself back to all fours, and by the looks of it only achieved this by Ariana posing and parading around the ring. She forced herself back to her feet, Ariana’s backers shouting warnings for her but she didn’t need them, since Avril

“It’s like built in autotune! Still sounds better than your actual singing!” Ariana mocked, finally stepping off to leave Avril moaning and holding her largely bared back. Avril staggered up slowly, her curvy young body apparently not built to take a lot of damage and keep on ticking. She pushed herself back to all fours, and by the looks of it only achieved this by Ariana posing and parading around the ring. She forced herself back to her feet, Ariana’s backers shouting warnings for her but she didn’t need them, since Avril looked a bit punch drunk and unsteady on her feet as exhaustion was taking its toll.

Ariana still turned back with a wiggle of her hips for the crowd (which hooted in approval back) on her way back towards Avril. She stretched her fingers lazily, giving Avril time to bring her arms up in a clumsy defense… only for Ariana to proceed as if she didn’t even notice and shoot her fist right through her guard. Avril got clocked in the nose and staggered, letting Ariana march after her, winding up and swinging a hammer blow into her gut and knocking the wind right out of her, just like at the club scene that started it all.

“Jeez, fatass! Winded again? You’re really getting out of shape, you lazy little cunt!” Ariana taunted fearlessly as Avril hugged her stomach and bent over, coughing pathetically. “Well at least we figured out a way to shut you up!”

Avril backed away, waving a hand as she wheezed for air. “Wait… no, please! Time out! Can’t breathe!” Ariana stopped following her, holding up her hands in a sign of stopping, smiling derisively before she swung the open hand to smack Avril across the face with a loud, crowd-stunning slap. Avril spun all entirely backward from the slap, dizzy and light on her feet as she turned around again, punching wildly at Ariana’s chest. Ariana held up her hands again, this time show the crowd that Avril was so punch drunk and desperate, that she didn’t even have to dodge to avoid her blow, letting her miss and hit nothing but air.

“That your plan, you teenage has-been?” Arian mocked, grabbing her by the hair firmly and getting a pained whine out of Avril. “Knock me out with your stink alone?!” Avril pulled at Ariana’s hands and tried retreating, but the grip along was stronger than she was, and she was dragged around the ring by her hair, forced to bend double to minimize the agony in her scalp. When she felt like she had enough space, Ariana yanked harder and spun around, whipping Avril after her with a pained scream, bare feet scrambling just to remain standing. Ariana got a few full rotations before she swung extra hard and then let go, actually getting Avril airborne as she tripped over her feet at the sudden stop. She stopped even more suddenly as she crashed down tits first into the mat, bouncing once completely off the mat before landing in a heap in her corner.

“10 point landing!” Ariana cheered loudly. The crowd was eating it up, apart from a few diehard fans of Avril’s and of course, Chad, fretting at ringside. “Baby, stay down,” Chad urged at ringside, banging a palm on the mat to try and get her attention over the booming crowd.

“Come on, get up! I know I kick ass, but gotta give em a show! Oh wait, I forgot you’re a fucking awful entertainer!”

Avril crawled on her hands and knees for the ropes, trying to drag herself up as one hand held onto her aching breasts.

“Quit feeling yourself up and fight, fatass!” Ariana snapped, sending a barefooted kick into Avril’s ass to send her stumbling back off balance, arms and head resting on the middle rope in a dazed mess, her clearly battered and dazed face painfully close to her fans and husband. “See what you get when you mess with perfection, bitch!?” Ariana laughed as the crowd got a good look at her handiwork. “This how you do when you can’t run or lie your way out of trouble, you stupid litte shitrag! Surprised you didn’t have a heart attack with all that clumsy elephant stomping around on stage you call dancing!”

Ariana send a kick to Avril’s lower back, getting her to scream in front of the crowd and grab onto the ropes, desperately trying to get back up but her feet slipping out from under her. Ariana gave her a few more stomps before grabbing her by the bare feet, trying to drag her away from the ropes but Avril wrapping her arms around the chords to try and hug onto them for dear life.

“No! Don’t! Let go! STOOOOOP!” Avril wailed as she was stretched out by the pull on her legs, putting more pressure on her aching arms and her ass starting to show to the laughing crowd as her legs were stretched and spread by the pull and her pathetic position.

“So you got the energy to bitch, but not fight back, huh? Guess you’re as much a fraidy cat as you are a big-mouthed weakling!” Ariana leaned back sharply enough to make herself stumble a few steps, but finally pulling so hard that Avril snapped off the ropes. Gravity took over from there and made her crash on her face with a husky grunt, whimpering and holding her aching face. Chad seemed unable to take it anymore, leaving ringside to head for the bar.

Ariana laughed at her foe’s pitiful state, crouching down by her head and yanking up on her hair to make her face her. “God, you have no idea how pathetic you look right now,” she growled with her wicked grin right in Avril’s face. She motioned with a wave of her fingers at her dizzied foe. “Come on. I’ll prove it. Free shot, right here.”

Avril took a moment to register this, then another just to muster her strength. Her few remaining backers cheered her on to take it, and crush her with a comeback, Avril finally clenching a fist and swinging it to smack across Ariana’s face. It bounced back a bit, but she stayed standing (or squatting, as it were) and her head snapped back. The anger on her face made Avril’s soft stomach sink and her swelling face wince in immediate fear of the pain to come.

“Had to go for the face, huh you little piggy!?” Ariana growled, winding up a fist when she heard something beside her. She looked down to see a towel at her side, then up to see Chad leaning under the ropes. He’d run off, but only to grab a spare rag from the bartender and throw the towel in for his girl. “There. Let her go. She’s done! Stop the fight.” he insisted firmly, almost a threatening tone to it.

Ariana looked between him, the towel, and his powerless lover, then smiled wide once again, laughing at his stern face. “Thanks for that, asshole! Now I’ve got a new toy for my toy!” She unwrapped the towel, wrapping it around Avril’s neck and tying a crude knot. Avril clawed at it weakly, but the towel her husband had picked out too thick and firm to undo quickly. Ariana pulled on it hard, making Avril gag and her tongue roll out, eyes bugging and coughing and drooling over the rag. “You can thank your boy for this part!” Ariana laughed at the choking girl. “You picked a real keeper, smart guy like that! See how GOOD a job he did!?” She yanked on the towel harder, Avril’s face turning a nasty shade of red as Ariana started walking away from her, letting the knot grow tighter with their distance. Avril had to let go of the towel just to crawl on all fours closer to her, giving Ariana just what she’d wanted; a crowd of flashing camera phones watching her strut around the ring in her shiny bikini, Avril Lavigne forced to crawl behind her like a dog on a leash or suffer further pain and loss of air.

“Come on, get up! I know I kick ass, but you gotta give em a show! Oh wait, I forgot you’re a fucking awful entertainer!” Ariana spit derisively on the downed entertainer, but Avril was so sore and humiliated, curled up holding her chest, that she couldn’t even tell.

“Look who’s the new slutty bitch around town, everybody!” Arian laughed as she showed off her freshest victim, too weak and slow and beaten silly to stop her

“Thought she could beat the hottest piece of ass in town, and this is where you end up! A broken, pathetic little slut!” She ranted as she made a full lap around the ring, Avril finally getting a moment to loosen her “collar” and plead out, tears in her eyes and saliva backed up in her throat.

“Please… stop it! I can’t take it… god, stop, I hurt so baaad!” She didn’t care that she sounded like a distressed child, she couldn’t stand another second of the beatdown.

“For a chick with no stamina, you really never shut up!” Ariana yanked up on the towel, forcing Avril to stumble to her feet. Ariana removed it roughly and shoved Avril into a corner, shuddering as her back hit the ringpost with a thump. Her body instinctively settled back against the ropes and turnbuckles for a moment’s rest, only to be interrupted by a huge, echoing smack as Ariana wound up and buried a fist in her belly. Her fat rippled over her skin as her mouth and eyes fell wide open, her body rocking against the corner and going utterly limp, her propped up arms all that kept her standing. It was enough to seal that she wanted to quit instantly, gagging for air as it felt like Ariana had punched clean through her stomach and hit the ringpost instead. Her entire stomach and even her back exploded in agony and felt like it wouldn’t stop throbbing all night.

“Damn, that felt good! For me, of course. All that soft flab around that gut makes it great for punching!”

And then she hit her again. And again, and again, each punch drawing out a huge scream from Avril, Arian grinding her fist into her each time to ruin the performer’s bruised flesh even further.

“You make me feel like such an artist, painting you black and blue! Gorgeous and talented! You’re lucky you’ve got such a queen diva to beat the shit out of you rather than some random gutter trash like you usually hang out with, or some tasteless fan of your music! Not like all those smart cuties who listen to EM.”
Avril’s pale skin was a big purple-red stain where Ariana kept winding up and delivering her full force fists like a speeding truck into her gut. Avril was so paralyzed with overloading pain she never managed to move from that spot.
As Ariana rubbed her knuckles and smirked at her work, reading a fifth belly buster, Avril managed to get her sobs and wheezing breaths under control enough to cry out.

“Chaaaad! Please! He- help me!” she pleaded, eyes tearing and sputtering as the beating to her abs made even breathing hurt. Her stomach felt like it was in so much pain that it had popped inside her. “My sto- my stomach, Chad! She’s killing me! I can’t breathe! Hurts so fucking bad! I… I can’t… can’t walk…”

Her legs fumbled awkwardly underneath her, exaggerating her condition, perhaps, but still looking an awful mess. Chad couldn’t risk her life over her stupid bet. At her pleading, he climbed up onto the ring apron and started to pull apart the ropes.

Ariana whipped around to face him, staring daggers at the interfering husband before he could step foot into the ring. “Watch it, bitchboy!” she shouted, aiming a warning finger at him. “You step one foot in this ring and I’ll tear this bitch wide open. I’ll let everyone here see her slutty body, from her sagging tits to her fat ass to her diseased sluthole! Everyone will see the ugly little shit you call a wife that you fuck every night like a whore!”

Chad hesitated on the apron, getting some boos and “do it!” shouts, but relented as he dropped back to the floor of the club, getting cheers as it signaled the beating to continue without Chad to interfere. Avril was still a rag doll in her corner, glassy-eyed and drooling as she touched her swelling lip and rubbed her sensitive stomach.

Ariana smirked at the retreating Chad proudly, then turned to take hold of Avril again. She wrapped a hand around her throat, pushing her back against the corner once again as she raised a clenched fist. “Time to finish you, wannabe. You AND your career. Where to start… black eye, split lip… maybe put some teeth out…” She touched her fist lightly against the locations as she suggested them, as if sizing up where to put her fist exactly. “Or just work on your head til I start busting your skull in…”

Avril just shook her head, sobbing and crying openly in the face of her stronger adversary. “Please… no…” she choked out. “I’m sorry I said all that shit. I’ll never bother you again. Don’t kill me, please! Don’t hurt me anymore! I’m hurt so bad… I need a doctor!”

“You need to shut the fuck up, you ugly little cunt!” Ariana shouted at her, shaking her by the neck forcefully. “I’m tired of your shit, and you’re not getting away with this one! You act like such a spoiled little princess, when you’re just a fucking useless whore!” Ariana wound up her fist, her arm visibly tensing as she clenched her muscles into her heaviest swing he had aimed for her face. “Say good night, fugly!!”

Ariana suddenly froze, confused as she felt something against her feet. She almost expected to see Chad, or maybe him throwing something else into the ring, but she shifted her feet and felt something fluid. She looked down and saw a growing puddle, scanning its source before seeing that it was coming from Avril. She was frozen in fear against the ringpost, eyes wide and looking paralyzed as her instincts kicked in and focused on pissing herself in fright.

Ariana couldn’t help but smile, and that smile grew into a hysterical laugh, stepping back and pointing out the pissy mess on the ring mat, letting the rest of the world see what was happening.

“OMG! You’re actually pissing your panties!!” Ariana cackled loudly, the rest of the crowd laughing and jeering as more cameras caught the event on film and started uploading it instantly to the web. Chad could only blush and try to look away, no chance of stopping all the cameras in this big of a crowd.

“Fuck, I knew your singing was shit, but I guess it was PISS all along!” Ariana cackled louder, holding her stomach with laughter rather than pain, like Avril. “Is that how you get your man off, skank?! Wet yourself like a baby and pretend you’re squirting!?” She stepped closer to Avril to give her a derisive shove, Avril stumbling but cowering in the corner fearfully, still unwilling to fight back after this new level of humiliation killing her pride and any will she had left to resist.

“Well!” Ariana bumped her fist lazily against Avril’s chin, as if a friendly welcome rather than the power blows she’d been hitting her with. Avril still winced away, from how sensitive the blows had made her face. “Looks like you didn’t NEED my help to ruin your career after that one! You did a real bang-up job all by your bedwetting self!” She gave her a firm pat on the cheek before suddenly smashing her foot up, tagging Avril right in her bruised lump of a gut.

“UGHHK!” Avril gave one more sickly gag, Ariana stepping back to let her collapse into the ring, landing in a shivering mess in the middle of her own pool of urine, sobbing and twitching as it smeared over her skin. Ariana ignored her all the same, going to the ropes nearby. She smirked briefly over at Chad before motioning to her friends, one of them passing her cell phone off to her. She aimed it at her, walking around Avril to catch her destruction and humiliation from every angle. She knelt down in front of her, outside the reach of the urine, posing in her bikini and arching her back to thrust out her hips and chest proudly. She pouted up her lips and made sure the camera could still see who it was and her weeping face stained with her own juices. Then she snapped a selfie.

She flicked at her phone to load it to Twitter in front of the cheering crowd, all of whom would see the picture uploaded later under the title “When you mess with Ariana Grande…” (#pissbitch). Content with that, she tucked the phone into her cleavage and stood with a foot mounted on Avril’s chest, flattening her soft and jiggling boobs while waving for the crowd to join in counting her out with a 1-2-3 for the pin.

“1! 2! …3!!!” The bell rang again over the speakers, blasting some of Ariana’s music overhead as she took her time striking sexy and cocky poses over her enemy for the hundreds of flashing cameras. She finally gives the motionless, miserable Avril the finger with both hands before turning sharply and marching outside the ring. “Go ahead,” she said without even looking up at Chad as she addressed him. “You can go be a man for once and save your wimpy wife.” She didn’t even look back at his shocked reaction as she left to get changed, making her way through the throng of adoring fans that had seen her pay back Avril Lavigne by ruining her life.

The End

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