The Duel Room: Battling Girlfriends 1 by JustLooking9000

9.1 The Duel Room: Battling Girlfriends
(Formerly Known as A Mother’s Perspective)

Fan Rong remembered that fateful day as it was yesterday: She picked up the phone only hear her daughter’s outraged voice. The twenty-year old Fan Huiyin (English name Elodie) had left for university 6 months ago and had taken a fancy for a Chinese boy called Li Song. The target for Elodie’s white hot fury soon became clear: a brazen Thai slut who pretended to steal what Elodie regarded as her man right under her nose!

Fan Rong felt Elodie’s contempt for her newfound rival oozing from her otherwise sweet voice. She thought it more likely that Li Song had been seeing both girls at the same time, as men are wont to do when the rate of women to men is so skewed. But that was besides the point. She listened patiently, just as her own mother had done when a then 23-year-old Fan Rong had called about some “boy trouble.” Or more precisely, when she was looking for advice about how to get rid of the other woman. She told Elodie the same thing her own mother had told her: If she wanted to keep Li Song she would have to fight for his cock tooth and nail!

Fan Rong had always known this day was coming. As a matter of fact, she welcomed it. In this sexually competitive world, a woman who isn’t ready to fight for her man’s affection will quickly find herself boyfriend less. Fan Rong guided her daughter the same way her own mother had done, pushing Elodie to taste men at an early age. For only when a woman experiences the electrifying effect of touching her beloved’s skin, his soft lips caressing her neck, the sheer feeling of his engorged cock sliding into her humid womanhood could she comprehend what was at stake. Thus sexually awakened, it wasn’t hard to make her daughter realize that other women coveted the same thing, and they wouldn’t hesitate to take it from her!

Fan Rong had taught Elodie bits and pieces of the art of seducing men and pleasing them in bed. How to steal another’s woman man and the art of outdoing her in the bedroom. How to engage in catty exchanges with her rival in love when confronted, how to tug his heart in her favour. And if push came to shove, to defend her place in his bed with her claws! What Fan Rong had done was nothing out of ordinary. Indeed, considering duels were a trial every straight woman had to face at least once in her life, Fan Rong would have been remiss if she hadn’t at least made Elodie aware of the realities of seducing and keeping a man, either in bed or in a physical confrontation.

Advice was nice, but nothing beats raw experience. Regrettably, high schools were unisex, greatly reducing the potential for sexual conflict, but universities and colleges teemed with young men and women eager to mingle and have sex. It’s no surprise then that many a young woman has her first catfight when attending university, graduating both in the art of becoming a woman and her own formal studies.

Fan Rong had encouraged her daughter to look for a steady man, knowing that would sooner or later that would lead on a collision course with another young woman looking to replace her in his bed. Better for Elodie to learn the art competing over a man early than to leave university with no clue how to conquer a man and keep him by her side. Even if worst came to worst and Elodie lost a duel now, the one-year exile penalty was trivial for a young girl like her.

From the day of that angry call, Fan Rong had assumed the role of mentor to Elodie. Every few days where mother and daughter shared strategies to undermine the Thai hussy (It turned out her name was Sarai Tangtrongchit) and get her to back off Li Song. Every call brought news of a new affront, a new escalation. Soon Elodie told her that she had confronted Sarai face to face, the two women exchanging acid insults over the other woman’s looks and sexual skills. Then came the threatening phone calls, and the relentless sexual war, where both tried to monopolize Li Song’s bed for as long as they could. Then there was a slapping fracas and Li Song’s efforts to separate the battling girls every time they came to blows. Fan Rong knew this was all leading to an obvious conclusion, yet rather than dissuade her daughter from backing off, she told tell to dig her claws deeper!

-“Listen not to his reproach”-had said Fan Rong on the matter-“Look at how hard his dick gets when you promise to fight for his cock. Young men might deny it to themselves, but deep down they love it all. A timid woman might hang on for a while, but soon she’ll find herself losing his affections to her sexual rival. If you don’t want that fate, you must make it clear that you will fight for every inch of his cock!”

Then it happened. One night Elodie called at 2 am at night in a euphoric mood: She had just fought tooth and nail catfight with the Thai slut when both girls had arrived Li Song’s place for a night of torrid lovemaking. It wasn’t the first time the girls had come to blows, but it was the first time Li Song seemed to give up trying to stop them and just let them go at it! Given free rein to indulge their basest desires, the bellicose succubuses trashed and rolled wildly around Li Song’s apartment, each young sex kitten using every the little dirty tricks she had learned from her elders to beat her nemesis into submission until at long last Elodie was able to overcome her tenacious Thai archrival and kick her out of the apartment. The Chinese beauty then enjoyed a round of rough love-making before calling her mother.

Fan Rong congratulated her daughter on her victory. There was no better feeling than making love to one’s man after just showing herself the better woman, the only one deserving of her bed. Fan Rong told Elodie to enjoy her prize, not forgetting to keep the torn remains of her beaten rival’s lingerie as a memento.

If only it would have been so easy. Most times a decisive catfight would have solved the issue between two young coeds disputing a man’s cock. Yet a month Elodie was calling her mum about her resurging Thai enemy. Apparently being humiliatingly dragged around like a rag doll at the end of a sleazy catfight wasn’t enough for the Thai whore and a new lesson was needed. Fan Rong for a moment suspected this was Li Song’s doing: Some men enjoyed pitting their lovers against each other repeatedly and then fucking the winner. At this point, a duel would not have been out of question, but regrettably neither girl was of age yet. Otherwise Fan Rong would have suggested so. Yet Fan Rong didn’t necessarily see it as a bad thing: The experience of matching up against a stubborn rival could be instructive to a young girl at the start of her sexual prime.

Elodie called again, with news of a second, terrible catfight, this time in some seedy student bar in front of a cheering crowd of horny university students. According to Elodie, Sarai pounced on her man when Elodie was in the toilet and was rubbing her tits all over him when Elodie arrived. Elodie threw her beer at the Thai harpy and then it was ON! The rivals in love scratched, kicked, slapped, bit as they rolled on the dirty dance floor; ripping off the other’s tiny dresses for the enjoyment of the crowd until security came and tore Elodie off the struggling Thai vixen. She had capped it all by taking Li Song home to celebrate her victory.

It was by the third time catfight Fan Rong realized something was up. Now a crying Elodie told her they had fought 20 long minutes, the presence of the man in dispute doing nothing but to inflame the passions between the two Asian beauties. The Chinese goddess knew she had seriously damaged Sarai’s ability to have sex for several days with a devastating cunt attack that had almost secured her victory, but in the end that wasn’t enough. To rub salt on injury, the Thai victress had sent Elodie a video of herself eating Li Song’s manhood until it exploded in a rain of cum that Sarai eagerly licked off.

Even as a tearful Elodie was telling the story, she vowed vengeance! She would not give Li Song up. No…she’d fight and reclaim his cock! It was then that Fan Rong realized that Li Song was different: An average man of his age might be able to command a catfight(duel) between two jealous girlfriends, but often there wouldn’t be a rematch. Time and the loss of face very often conspired to cool the passions of the loser. From time to time, she might think of getting back with the lost boy, but the thought of upending her new life and put her body on the line once again for his cock just for the uncertain chance to dislodge his current girlfriend from his bed will dissuade her from going through with it.

No…this Li Song was at another level. Maybe he was a beast in bed, causing Elodie to scream deliriously as wave after wave of orgasms overtook her. He might be skilled in the arts of seduction himself, titillating her heart with romantic gestures and unforgettable dates. He could be rich and handsome. He could be all of that at once. Whatever it was, such a man was like a drug, commanding a fanatical fervour from his lovers, who will sometimes go to insane lengths in order to secure his love. It wasn’t rare for such men to witness several rematches as women spent years fighting over him, the only break from their feverish struggles being the imposed exiles.

“If it was going to war, then so be it!”-thought Fan Rong as she consoled her crying daughter and steeled her through the trials to come. The conversation was long and deep, where mother and daughter talked at length about the handsome boy and Elodie’s implacable romantic rival, the ways she could re-seduce him and get an edge over her, how to confront her when they met to face again, the dirty tactics she’d would use to weaken her…it was all information that Elodie probably already knew, but she lacked the experience. Fan Rong was happy to share.

If her intuition about the guy was correct, there was no doubt there would be more catfights in the absence of a duel. A duel that was bound to happen as soon as both girls were of duelling age. Before that fateful day though, Elodie would have to go through several tribulations if she wanted to remain competitive in her man’s eyes.

Just as Fan Rong predicted, there was a 4th clash, which was decided in Elodie’s favour…then a 5th, with varying rates of success and ever shorting lapses between catfights. This was exactly the sort of scenario that duels were meant to prevent. Winning or losing no longer seemed to matter much for these young women at the start of the sexual life, each defeat just a break for the beaten woman to lick her wounds and challenge the victress once again for Li Song’s cock! It was agreed by all involved that the situation was proving untenable, but neither girl wanted to give the man up or share him, so they keep going at it, each time slightly worse for wear. Fan Rong remember letting out a sigh of relief when Elodie told her sexual rival had finally reached duelling age (Elodie had done so 5 months ago). A challenge was issued and accepted, the duel to happen 2 weeks from then.

Back to the present, Fan Rong was led to a spectator room in the duel centre, where a TV screen started loading the video recording of the duel. The duel had already taken place, a girl had won the boy and the other was to be exiled, unable to keep interfering with the winner’s romantic life…at least for a year. Usually such videos were the preserve of the girls fighting the duel, but interested parties, like the duellists’ mothers could apply to watch the recording just after the duel had been concluded.


Fan Rong stared at the TV screen, laying eyes on the Li Song’s naked form as he entered the rather non-descript duel room. He had chosen for his two girlfriends hatch it out in a tit jousting duel rather than a straight catfight. Fan Rong knew most men never really grow tired of seeing catfights, but after having witnessed 5 of such confrontations, it was understandable the boy wanted a little variety. A duel was the perfect occasion to do it in a semi-controlled environment with enforceable rules that prevented the fighting from devolving into a vulgar street fight.

The rules were simple enough. The almost naked girls would fling their alluring physiques at each other, hammering their gorgeous tits at each other until one was beaten unconscious or surrendered. Wearing captivating yet precarious high heels, the girls were certain to fall at several points through their duel, which would grant the opportunity for the combatant who managed to stay standing to maliciously sink her heels into her rival’s flesh for a few precious seconds before she was pulled away by Li Song. The man’s role in the fight would be to help the fallen girl stand up and encourage her to keep on fighting. As the duel progressed, the timing of each break between falls would gradually increase to give the fallen duellist more time to recover and be “encouraged” by Li Song. A little rule no doubt put in place to make the duel last longer than would otherwise be the case.

Fan Rong’s eyes wandered towards her indecently attired daughter entering the duel room, her topless tits undulating sensually as she strutted about the room. In fact, the scant pieces of clothing she wore – in a tiny black thong that could hardly contain her throbbing pussy, matching stockings and black high heels- were mostly there to enhance her womanly charms rather than to help her fight. A slight neck collar completed Elodie’s provocative outfit. Fan Rong could swear her daughter smiled for a second as the slutty getup worked its magic on Li Song’s cock. As it should, for a woman should strive to present herself in a manner that will excite the passions of her man as she fights tooth and nail for him.

Elodie skipped about in her black heels, intentionally causing her well rounded orbs to jiggle in an alluring way for his benefit, and in return she was pleased at the hypnotizing effect her bouncing boobs were having on the young man. She betrayed a proud, arrogant posture, the attitude of a woman who was confident she would prevail over her romantic rival.

Elodie then approached her naked beau, whispering in his ears words of sweet love and bitter hatred as she used her petite hands to caress his already hard shaft. Slowly but surely Li Song’s manhood started filling up with precum, making the task of pleasing him easier. Fan Rong couldn’t hear clearly what was said, but managed to make out the words “mine, slut, cock, tits, bitch, Thai, whore, destroy”. Whatever it was, Elodie was surely talking trash about her sexual rival! Fan Rong soon started growing slightly wet herself, the salacious sight reminding her of her own duel antics of yesteryear.

Soon the vile diatribe was having the desired effect as the young couple stopped talking and started making out, Elodie’s hand never giving her grip on Li Song’s cock as she rubbed her spectacular body onto Li Song…until the young Chinese vixen decided it was the right time to impale herself into his hard rod. Fan Rong’s gaze couldn’t help but to admire Elodie’s glistening back and jiggling ass as she rode her man. Realizing that her Thai enemy had just entered the room, a perspiring Elodie willed her round hips into a frenzy!

-“”-commanded Elodie in Chinese as Li Song’s body quivered in pleasure, depositing his much sought after cum into Elodie just as an angry Sarai approached them. Fan Rong grinned, glad to see her daughter take her advice. Duels are as much about the theatrics as about the catfight. It was stunts like this that made duels a memorable experience for the man in dispute and helped in winning his favour.

-“That’s the last time you’ll ever enjoy him”-shot Sarai, a venomous atmosphere quickly taking over the room. Fan Rong had seen photos of the beautiful Thai flower before but this was the first time she’s seen her practically nude, clad in high heels and a little leopard patterned thong. A pair of wristbands, collar attached to a chain and headband grasping her light brunette hair gave her a cute yet beguiling presentation. It was clear her tits were nothing to sniff at, and Fan Rong wouldn’t have been surprised if the reason to pick a tit joust as the duel method was that the girls wanted to prove their otherwise abundant melons superior to the other. What a sight it was! Fan Rong could see why a young man like Li Song would hesitate in picking a favourite.

-“Just like last time? I recall one of us claiming him that night and it wasn’t you”-interjected Elodie in a mocking tone, clearly referring to the latest catfight they had before being able to duel legally. She stood up, her excited nipples inevitably clashing against Sarai’s aureoles as they engaged in an angry stare down right in front of the guy in question. Close and personal, just as Fan Rong had suggested Elodie: “Let yourself feel her chest, her smooth skin, her hateful fragrance, her long legs. That’s how she tempts him away from you. That’s was what he enjoys when he isn’t with you. Let your jealousy fuel your hatred!”
Soon Elodie’s rival took off the headband and chains, causing her abundant mammaries to jiggle delightfully for Li Song’s benefit.

-“Let’s see you bragging about that after I crush your tits”-Replied Sarai, her nose touching Elodie’s in a tense standoff as the guy they were fighting for tied their hands behind their backs. As soon as the starting bell sounded, the duel formally commenced!

Even though Fan Rong knew the match had ended already (even if she didn’t know the result yet), she silently cheered for her daughter as the young sex kittens began viciously powering their tits into each other with little care of the world around them. It was furious, it was explosive, it was fast: duels often start in such dramatic fashion as the two jealous rivals unleash all the pent-up sexual rage accumulated over months of romantic rivalry. By duel day they’re usually sick of the other woman sleeping with “her” boyfriend and have been looking forward to defining the matter once one for all. The judgment of the duel room was final, and winning here almost certainly meant one woman would assert her exclusive rights over a man’s cock.

However, such feistiness tended to cool down somewhat later on, as little by little the exertions of the physical confrontation imposed themselves, leading to a hellish slugfest that lasted until when one woman proved her love stronger. Aware these young wildcats had already fought 5 times, Fan Rong couldn’t help but to wonder who would prove that she thirsted for his cock more. Elodie had won 3 of those catfights. Yet such a score meant nothing in the duel room, especially since by Elodie’s own reluctant admission, they had all been pretty nasty affairs that had taxed her physique and stamina to the limit.

Back to the actual duel, the girls proved an even match for the first 3 minutes of this raunchy spectacle when Sarai managed to get the better of the beautiful Elodie, sending her swaying around as she tried to balance in her high heels. Sarai pounced immediately, lugging at Elodie over and over until the Chinese girl tumbled and fell.

-“I guess your tits aren’t up to the task huh”-mocked the Thai goddess as she kicked the prone Chinese beauty until Li Song pushed her away. Then he gently helped Elodie stand on her feet, starting the 30-second break, which he used to fondle her wet cunt and incite her to keep going.

-“She won’t take your cock away from me”-said Elodie as she stood up and the two Asian sirens restarted their erotic contest. They flung their young bodies at their hated enemy, moaning as they rammed their melons against each other without care of the world. Soon an oppressive heat imposed itself despite the air conditioning, causing their attractive figures to glisten against the light. The effect of such reckless thrusts should have been significant but neither girl paused to collect herself. There was no hesitation, to baulking, no timidity as the eager nymphs rushed their feminine figures at each other like gallant knights in a jousting tournament.

Five…ten…fifteen rounds…the girls jousted without pause nor truce in a display of raw femineity. Their womanliness was on the line and neither wanted to lose this lascivious display of sensuality, especially not in front of the man they both wanted to impress.

Fan Rong let out a pleased screech as the Thai slut slipped and fell on her knees. Elodie saw her chance and took it, kneeing the Thai whore full on the face. The sounds of Sarai’s whimpering moans as Elodie stomped the little Thai tramp filled Fan Rong with joy. She too knew the pleasure of sinking her heels into a romantic rival’s tender flesh and regretted seeing Li Song pushing Elodie away to help Sarai get up.

-“What’s up Thai bitch? Already regretting matching your saggy tits against mine?”- said Elodie as she waited like a tigress stalking her prey, pouncing as soon as the 30-second break was over.

-“My tits will destroy yours Chinese whore!”-shrieked Sarai as the two girls viciously thrust their well-endowed melons at each other with renewed vigour. Fan Rong watched fascinated as she saw the look of hatred in her daughter’s eyes. She had no doubt Elodie was hell bent in destroying her Thai rival for good. Not a mere victory, but to ruin her in Li Song’s eyes. Show him the Thai slut wasn’t as womanly as her. Make the Thai harpy so ashamed of her loss she wouldn’t even dare to return a year later for a rematch.
Another pitiful shriek refocused Fan Rong’s attention to the video recording, and she was happy to see Elodie stomping over her prone nemesis a second time before Li Song intervened. It was occasions like this when every woman came to love the use of high heels, not only as an instrument to seduce a man away from another woman, but to magnify her suffering if she decides to get physical with you.

-“The little whore is running out of steam Li”-said Elodie with glee as she soaked on Sarai’s hateful glare. Yet, it was clear to Fan Rong that the Thai beauty had no intention of quitting. That wasn’t surprising, considering she had endured 5 heinous catfights for Li Song’s sake. Sarai was not doubt burning with white-hot hatred for Elodie, which would power her onwards as the titfight began grinding the girls down.

Fan Rong counted 2…4…7…10 powerful clashes of tits before Elodie succumbed to Sarai’s cruel stilettos. She winced, seeing her daughter writhing in pain as the Thai goddess paid Elodie back for all her former “niceties”.

-“Not so cocky now Chinese whore”-gloated a heavily perspiring Sarai as her breasts heaved up and down, giving her a savage, sexy appearance. While Li Song was tending to Elodie with his manhood, the girls exchanged a few choice words related to the other’s sexual skills and then and the girls clashed once again! Having now clashed for over 60 bouts, the increasing toll of the constant jousting was beginning to tell on the once eager girls. Yet Elodie and her rival continued charging at each other like battering rams, over and over, falling and rising as the tables turned over and over.

Fan Rong could see the girls were at a stalemate, each titanic meeting of tit flesh slowly but surely sapping their energy. The count now at 10 falls -Elodie falling 3 times-, the young sex kittens were now visibly panting and moaning as they shoved their glistening orbs into each other in a test of femineity. Yet the signs were all there: the slower returns and starts of their thrusts, the lingering glance as each beauty searched for signs her enemy was faltering, the longer time needed for Li Song to bring the fallen girl up, the increasingly fervent exhortations from their mutual lover to go on. As the break times became slightly longer (now at 90 seconds long), Li Song’s rapid interventions became slower, more deliberate, more forceful in his encouragement, resorting to penetrating the fallen girl’s wet cunt to remind her of the stakes.

Fan Rong knew the constant, frequent “entreaties” were also having an effect on the man in dispute. She saw him lifting Elodie up (after another fall) and immediately thrust his wet cock into Elodie’s wet cunt, quickly pounding the Chinese girl with little concern for niceties. Elodie didn’t mind at all. On the contrary, despite having just lost the “round,” Fan Rong’s daughter was moaning and squealing, clearly enjoying her boyfriend’s attentions. The boy was about to cum…but time ran out.

Pleasure gave way to jealous rage as the two harpies restarted hostilities, aware the boy they were fighting for would surely cum the next fall. Despite that knowledge, neither beauty slackened her efforts or tried to “lose” the round on purpose. Claiming the guy mid-duel was a nice thing to be had, and extremely pleasurable when it was a winning condition, but that wasn’t the case for this duel. Claiming was allowed but only the woman who showed herself the superior tit fighter will keep the guy.

Just to be sure, Fan Rong had warned Elodie last night against disadvantaging herself in order to gain momentary bragging rights No…Elodie had to focus on obliterating the Thai vixen in the duel room and just then could Elodie proceed to claim Li Song. She was glad to see Elodie had taken her advice to heart.

The Thai tart howled as Elodie sank her heel onto her exposed feet, staggering sideways until Elodie rammed her with her boobs, making her tumble like a house of cards. Elodie went further, maliciously kicking Sarai’s cunt three times and making the Thai slut shriek loudly before she was intercepted by Li Song. Sarai would get his coveted cum, but Elodie had made sure the privilege had cost her dearly.

Fan Rong had a visceral reaction to the sight of Li Song pounding the haggard Sarai. “This is wrong”-she thought to herself. Like many a woman, Fan Rong saw claiming as the prerogative of the woman who had just bested her sexual rival. She could therefore understand the conflicted look on Elodie’s face. Her daughter was no doubt longing to be the one claiming his cum, yet “losing” the round on purpose would not have compensated for the damage Sarai’s sharp pumps would have inflicted on her.

Seeing the man you coveted being claimed by your love rival can be a demoralizing sight for many a woman. Yet Fan Rong had told Elodie not to avert her gaze from the copulating couple. No, she should sear this event in her mind to remind herself she was fighting for that cock her opponent was enjoying right now. To imagine that if she were to lose, it was her nemesis would enjoy her nights feasting in his cum while Elodie slept in a cold bed, alone. It was a useful frame of mind to have; to use jealousy and white-hot anger to reinvigorate an otherwise hurting body.

Even though she couldn’t see it directly, Fan Rong knew instantly when Li Song had cummed: It was obvious by the eager expression, the heavy breathing, the changing atmosphere in the room. While claiming wasn’t a winning condition, such an event was always a noteworthy event in any duel: its passing usually marked a revival of the otherwise flagging fighting spirits. The once exhausted girls would seem to get a second wind as they were reminded of the stakes, the one watching the claiming wishing nothing but to “scratch all of her man’s cum out of that whore’s cunt” while the one claiming feeling the man’s cum slowly oozing from her vaginal slit.

The young Asian vixens which seemed so exhausted a minute ago now sought each other with berserker rage, having just been reminded of the prize! Nothing was held back, the young women clashing and jousting with renewed zeal, using their mammaries like wrecking balls against her nemesis’ pair! It was an immensely wanton sight designed to impress the man in question. Elodie twisted her back violently, using the momentum to tit-slap Sarai’s chest, making the proud Thai wobble in pain. Despite being the attacker though, Elodie hadn’t come unscathed, wheezing as tears flowed down her face: It was clear Fan Rong’s daughter was hurting too, yet had decided to take the pain if that meant winning this heinous conflict.

10 bouts of back and forth action and neither girl seemed any closer to victory. It was to end when Elodie was the target of a underhanded knee directed at her cunt. Fan Rong winced as she saw Elodie bending over in anguish before she tumbled down the floor like a rag doll.

Fan Rong was relieved when she saw Elodie’s exhausted yet determined expression as Li Song helped her stand up, then to see her brazenly seeking her enemy’s chest. She was proud to see her daughter conducting herself like a true woman, not even once shying away from seeking a clash with her nemesis tits regardless of her own obvious pain. She had to, for her romantic life was at stake. Most often than not duels prove to be a drag down, knock out type of affair, the fighting gradually but surely sapping their strength and ravaging their delicate figures until each jealous lover ends up desperately trying to squeeze every last drop of energy in order to vanquish her rival and win the man. Only the woman who proved herself the most ardent in her desire for his cock would prevail!

Yet Fan Rong couldn’t help to watch with concern as the frenzied duel went on. One would fall, only to be propped up again by Li Song, who reminded her what she was fighting for while wrapping his arms around her perspiring body, urging her forward! She’d rise, more determined than before, still seeking to destroy her rival at any cost!

Five falls later, the fall score was 8-11 on Elodie’s favour. Yet that provided little comfort for her worrying mother. Elodie’s once forceful thrusts were becoming weaker and weaker every terrible collision; while at the beginning of duel she couldn’t wait to start lunging again at her hated rival in love, now she only sought her after a good rest. There was a slight hesitation in her eyes, a fear to confront her Thai rival. Fan Rong’s only consolation was that Sarai was showing similar signs of deterioration. The once proud Thai warrioress seemed at times on the verge of collapse only to catch herself and fling her weary physique at Elodie.

Then it happened…a second claiming that acted as a shot of adrenaline to Elodie’s weary spirit. Yet such claimings were a double edge sword, for very often they also served to inflame the girl who had to impotently watch the claiming happen. Having been on both sides of claimings, Fan Rong knew well the magical effect of feeling your man’s twitching cock inside you can have on your worn out body…or the uncontrollable rage from seeing the unworthy wench receiving your man’s cum!

For the next ten bouts, the duel regained a measure of the vitality it had lost, but the effect was not to last: It was clear that neither girl was in any shape to keep on going much longer, and no amount of claiming would change that. Fan Rong felt her anxiety rise as she intently watched her daughter’s every shove, every movement, every pained moan. Li Song’s urgings became ever more pressing, no doubt almost pleading the falling girl to rise up to the challenge!

Fan Rong soon perceived a turning point had been reached in this terrible clash of tits when the fierce back and forth of the fighting slowly gave way to one girl consistently getting the better of each clash. A slight, yet consistent advantage, those which have a nasty habit of becoming irreversible trends by the end of the duel. Despite all frantic efforts, it was becoming clear that Elodie was being bested.

The final collapse wasn’t evident in the beginning. After all, each girl had fallen many times by now and had managed to come back with a vengeance, even this late into the duel. Fan Rong watched anxiously as Elodie felt once again. The second made her nervous…by the third consecutive time she feared the worst…the fourth fall only confirmed her suspicions. Elodie now was spending way more time recuperating in Li Song arms than confronting her rival. Fan Rong noticed a change in Li Song’s expressions: As long as his lovers had proved equal he was keen to egg them on, but now that this was slowly turning into a one sided beatdown he seemed to be asking Elodie to give up. Yet Elodie faintly shook her head in defiance!

The Thai harpy for her part seemed rejuvenated at the prospect of finally besting her sexual rival, making the most of her growing advantage by maliciously staying glued to Elodie’s battered physique and using her stilettos to their full, terrible potential; targeting Elodie’s cunt when she had fallen, much to Fan Rong’s horror.

Fan Rong started crying despite herself. She had accepted all along this was a possibility. Yet her daughter needed to experience the terribleness of duels. The viciousness, savagery, the sweet deliverance of victory or the bitter taste of defeat. Yet, for all the very good reasons she had to egg her daughter on the way to becoming a real woman, Fan Rong couldn’t help but to reproach herself on her daughter’s predicament.

The tearful mother mentally begged her daughter to give up what was now a one sided beatdown on the duel floor, yet she knew there was almost no chance of that. The consequences of losing felt so dire that many a woman stubbornly hung on, hoping for a small miracle that never came. Fan Rong could see Elodie’s anguished face as she willed her increasingly unresponsive body to fight on, each time receiving a worse beating at the hands of the Thai harpy. Fan Rong wanted to exit the room, yet she couldn’t. She owned it to her daughter to keep on watching, to get as many lessons from the video to then teach her from her mistakes.

The miracle never came for Elodie.

Fan Rong watched horrified as her almost naked offspring fell on the floor one last time, the buzzing sound marking the end of the duel and Sarai’s victory. A relieved Sarai slumped onto the chair where just 30 minutes ago Elodie had fucked Li Song with such confidence. Soon the “prize” of this drawn out duel came over and started tending to the Thai victress, his concern for Elodie seemingly replaced by adoration for his now official girlfriend. With lust in his eyes, he then proceeded to please the crying yet ecstatic Sarai, any thought of Elodie now banished from his soul. It was a scene Fan Rong was only too familiar with, both as the winner who basked in her boyfriend’s adulation and the forgotten loser whose life was about to be upturned for good.


Fan Rong spent the next week visiting a desolate Elodie in hospital and helping along her upcoming exile. A shocked Elodie tried to process the bitter loss, one moment vowing a rematch as soon as her exile was over to crying for her defeat. Fan Rong tried to console her, assuring Elodie that she wasn’t any less of a woman as the Thai slut. She didn’t try her to dissuade from a rematch: It was important her daughter didn’t fall into despondency and her confidence as a woman recovered. She knew full well that time and distance will help cool her emotions, making a rematch somewhat unlikely. Eventually Elodie would forget all about her former beau, yet the lessons learned in the duel room would stay with her.

The End


-Sarai was about to step back after her first defeat at Elodie’s hands. The Thai goddess saw little point in engaging in these quarrels that solved nothing and wanted to wait for her birthday 8 months later in order to issue a challenge and face Elodie in an honest to god duel over a Li Song. Sarai’s mother, however, insisted she persevere despite the seeming pointlessness of it all. The experienced woman understood the male mind well. Any backing down would have been seen as conceding ground to her romantic rival and sway him towards Elodie. Should she have “steeped back” from the sexual competition and downright hostility towards Elodie, Sarai might have found Li Song no longer interested in seeing her duel Elodie.

-Despite the appearances, it takes a lot of anger and hurt feelings to the girls to a point where they’re willing to hurt (and get hurt) in a physical confrontation over a guy. There’s always a lot of hesitation behind closed doors, and in their most rational moments the combatants think they could work out an arrangement between themselves. The amount of sex and escalation in the duel room aren’t an accident. Each step is designed to make the women set aside their qualms and work out enough rage so that they’re begging to claw each other to pieces. Sex is an important piece of the puzzle, bringing the duellists to a heightened state where their primal desires overtake any rational thoughts. Just as Elodie was riding Li Song pre-duel, Sarai was getting increasingly angry at watching them fuck. By the time Sarai had entered the room, each girl was more than ready to tear into the other in a vicious tit joust to the bitter end!

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