Bloody Gulch by Mr. Cage

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The cell phones were buzzing. Kids were checking their texts. Nobody believed it at first. Then during the class changes, the halls roared with excited chatter. The teachers had no idea why the rest of the day was basically useless. All anybody could do was thing about 3:30 at Bloody Gulch, the tradition arena for any serious fight for at least sixty years around Evansville.

The final bell rang and the town’s single public high school emptied. Kids went in various directions. They weren’t so stupid as to walk in mass to the Gulch. An old flood sometime before the Indians had arrived had cut a gulch through Evansville separating the town into a northern two thirds of business and middle class homes and the southern third of working class and welfare apartments. Bridged in three places the Gulch was seldom dust dry and only ran with water after days of rain. It had been a relatively dry April and May. Plans to concrete its sides never went beyond designs because town wasn’t rich enough to do it on its on or politically important enough to have a Congressman steal the money from some other taxpayers.

The public school was newly built on the lower side so those kids approached from the south. The two church schools and one private school located on the upper side arrived on the opposite bank. Sometimes these conflicts were geographically and economically based, but normally it was just two boys or two girls who hated each other.

Trisha Morgan this year’s Homecoming Queen, two-time Teen Miss, basketball guard and generally recognized hottest chick in Evansville arrived with her five friends in a hot looking Mercedes. She stood at the top of the Gulch wearing her Catholic school uniform: green plaid skirt, white socks, black shoes, white blouse, green jacket and green tie. She stripped off her jacket and tie and stood there with her hands spread on the fender looking out over the Gulch while her friends buzzed advice from all sides. Her boyfriend arrived and put out a jar of Vaseline, some oil, white tape and scissors. The low buzz of conversations was more like the roar of an ocean. No one could believe she was really going to do it!

Five minutes later Linda Bosch arrived walking with her band of rough looking, dirty jeans and black shirt wearing freak girls all rumored to be dykes. She had supporters, especially from the lower side kids, but in truth she wasn’t well liked. Only a few wanted to see her win, but a lot wanted to see Trisha Morgan beat to hell just because she was so beautiful and untouchable. Perhaps it was fair to say the silent majority just wanted a bloody fight.

Linda yelled from the top of the lower side gulch, “You fucking Barbie are you really going to do this shit?”

“Yeah you fat cunt, just like the rules say!” yelled back the Catholic school girl.

The crowd roared. The comments continued as the fighters were prepared in full view. The rules for boys and girls fights differed only in that the girls got to start in their bras. Trisha took off her blouse to the yells of the crowd, undid her skirt and stepped out of it. She was wearing a very tight black bra that showed her tanned tits spilling out of the top and super tight black shorts that barely covered her firm ass cheeks and did nothing to hide her prominent sexual lips or round mound. Her belly was tight and firm even showing a two-pack as she lifted her arms to let her boy friend oil her body. Her long blonde hair was tied back in a thick pony tail secured by three ribbons. He rubbed Vaseline into her cheeks and across her forehead. She let him take off her shoes and socks.

Everyone was cheering and she raised her arms and showed of her incredible body. At 5’9’’, 140, and golden tanned she was as hard and fine as a fitness model on television. Everyone said she had plastic tits, but if she did they had been put in when she was twelve, because that’s when she bought her latest sized bra 40DD. She held out her hands. No jewelry or rings were allowed. Then her boyfriend began to tape her fists all the way back to her wrists. The fingers were left free and the knuckle area was about a half an inch thick when she made her fists.

Linda Bosch was the mirror opposite. First she had a blocky man-like face complete with square chin and wide cheeks. Her black hair, dyed that way from brown, was greasy and cut short hanging in matted strips to just below her neck. Her skin was pale and freckled with brown and black spots. She was tall and big: 5’10’’ and 190 at least. She was a brawler and a bully and even guys didn’t fuck with her. She had beat up a boy in eighth grade at the Gulch in a legendary blood bath. Most people hated the fat bitch, but in truth were looking forward to her destroying the beauty.

When her girlfriends stripped off her dirty rocker shirt there were some chuckles from those far away from her. She was a thick fat chick. Her soft fat 44J tits were held back by a sweat stained red bra that looked ready to submit. Her belly wasn’t huge but it was fat and shook slightly as she moved and she had the beginnings of a spare tire around her waist. It took two girls to get off her boots and jeans. She was wearing a full grey-white panty and you could see dark brown or black pubic hair poking through the too tight leg holes. Her thighs jiggled. She didn’t bother to do anything but rub some Vaseline into her face. Then she let them tape her fists with white tape.

The rules were simple. Two people who wanted to hurt each other would slide down into the Gulch and fight. Nobody else went down and the fight went on until the winner climbed out. Then the loser’s friends could go down and collect what was left of the loser. This was not a sporting event, but a grudge match. The unspoken rule was you didn’t kill anybody and you tried not to break anything important.

The crowd roared as the Beauty and the Beast walked to the edge and started to slide down the dirt walls. Clods of dirt rolled down as Linda’s big ass hit the dirt and she slid getting dirt on her fat thighs and ass. Trisha managed to keep her feet slipping only once and catching herself with her left hand. The blonde beauty made it to the dirt floor of the Gulch first with nothing but muddy feet, ankles and the palm of her left hand. She raced across the ten foot slightly rounded floor. Linda’s supporters screamed for her to hurry. She tried but slid out of control rolling up her panties over her fat ass and filling them with dirt. She was on her back trying to roll to her feet when Trisha slammed into her fists pumping.

The crowd roared as the meaty whacks of the blonde’s fists hit Linda’s face and fat arms. Linda cursed and rolled down to the floor getting dirtier. Trisha stomped her right foot down in the small of Linda’s back and pushed the bitch into the dirt tits first. The blonde jumped on the fat girl’s back and started punching her in the sides of the head and then in the back of the neck, bouncing on Linda’s back trying to keep the big girl down. Linda took a one-sided beating. People began to cheer openly for the blonde hoping the rule of the fat bully was over.

Linda took the punches, dug her hands palm first into the dirt, yelled with an effort and pushed up rolling the blonde off to the side. Trisha came down on her left shoulder, her legs around the bully’s waist. Linda grunted as the long-legged blonde clamped on a scissors arching up on her shoulders. It would have been a devastating hold in a wrestling match. Linda cursed and drove her dirty right fist into the blonde’s lower belly leaving a muddy imprint on the black shorts. Trisha’s legs popped open and she was on her back with her legs spread and the fat bitch between them. Now Linda’s supporters screamed for a beating.

Linda’s big fists came down, one into the belly the other just missing Trisha’s perfect mouth. The blonde drew back her legs kicking. Her feet left dirty trails across the pale skin of the fat girl, but she wasn’t able to catch something hard to push off. Linda grabbed the front of Trisha’s bra, dirty hand squeezing in between the breasts’ cleavage and jerked upward. Both sides of the Gulch roared as the black bra stretched and twisted up over the golden brown, pink nipple beauties and spilled them out. Only six boys and two men had seen those tits. Now everyone had.

Trisha was jerked up by the stretched bra and Linda’s meaty left fist smacked her square in the mouth. The blonde’s girlfriends squealed. Linda drew back her left fist again only to catch Trisha’s muddy right foot to the chin. The big girl’s head snapped back and she fell back on her heels. Trisha took aim and pumped her feet into Linda’s tits and belly, kicking so hard she pushed herself through the mud. When she finally scooted backwards and scrambled to her feet Linda’s soft right tit was flopping around on her belly with the bra cup rolled underneath.

Trisha ran forward and tried to kick Linda in the crotch, but the big girl rolled forward and took the kick on her shoulder, grabbing Trisha’s ankle. Trisha jerked and pushed trying to get free. Linda’s hands moved from ankle up to thigh step by step. Trisha pounded Linda’s face and then the back of the girl’s head when she ducked her head down. The taped knuckles were like rocks and Linda was being rocked, but the girl was determined.

Trisha screamed as Linda hugged her thigh to her mouth and bit into the perfect tanned flesh. Trisha ripped at the muddy black hair and then pounded the bitch’s head and neck. Linda took a dozen shots before she stopped biting and rolled over dragging Trisha by the leg. The beauty slammed tits first and face first into the mud with her thighs stretched across Linda’s wallowing belly. Trisha’s hands clawed at the dirt and mud and started to slide off. Linda grabbed the back of Trisha’s black shorts and held on pulling them down exposing a fine ass crack to the delight of the roaring crowd. Cries of “strip that cunt” roared from both sides of the Gulch.

Trisha straightened up in a surge and drove her right elbow into Linda’s grinning mud stained face. Crack! Linda let go and fell backwards on her knees bleeding from the mouth. She sat there stunned, a muddy hand to her mouth. Blood dripped through her fingers and stained the formerly white tape. Having escaped Trisha stood up and actually tried to scrap some of the mud off her body to keep it from slowing her down. In the process she shed her bra. She was about to throw it away when her boyfriend yelled, “Choke that fat cunt to death!”

Through all the screaming, the muddy beauty heard the request and she stepped behind Linda. Linda rose up on her knees having recovered her senses although the mud on her face was streaked by tears on her cheek and her chin was blood red. The bra flashed in front of the fat girl’s eyes and up under her chin almost. The arm of the hand holding her mouth blocked the perfect choke. Trisha didn’t see it and she rammed her knee into Linda’s shoulder blades and pulled back like she was going to garrote the bitch.

Trisha had the big girl immobilized, but not choked. Finally she heard yells from the crowd that Linda had the choke blocked. The hard body let go of the bra strap and heaved forward driving Linda to all fours. Linda started to push up out of the mud, her panties full of muck and her body covered except where her blood had washed it off. Trisha moved quickly to the side and put four field goal kicks into the fat girl’s belly and a fifth to her hanging tit. Linda took it and somehow managed to lunge forward moving up the far wall, turning and standing.

Trisha was gasping. The fight had gone on longer than most. Without round breaks and referees most fights ended in less than three minutes with another couple of minutes of beating. Linda was gasping too, but despite the ruin of her nose and the obvious swelling of both cheeks she was standing and still looking like a tank. The fat bitch duplicated the blonde’s stripping of her bra and sliding her hands down her body to shed mud. Trisha was too tired to interrupt. She backed up and waited catching her breath looking anything like the prim proper beauty that had been leaning against the Mercedes a few minutes previously. She wasn’t bleeding but under the mud it looked like her lower lip was swollen.

“Round two!” was chanted by the delighted crowds.

Linda grunted, “I’m going to fucking tear off your tits you cunt and fuck you in the mud with my fist!”

Trisha snarled back, “Come on and try you ugly dyke pig!”

Linda stomped forward slowly splattering the mud with her big feet. Linda shook her fists and dared Trisha to stand and fight with her. The blonde took the dare and crushed Linda’s bloody nose with a stiff left fist moments before a looping right punch crashed into Trisha’s left eye. Linda’s head snapped back and blood spurted again. She staggered a moment grabbing her nose. Trisha stumbled to the side and recovered. She came back swinging lefts and rights at Linda’s face. The big girl stood flat-footed and punched back punch for punch. Trisha’s lip ruptured and then she staggered backwards. Linda’s face was a ruin but she lumbered forward and slammed a round house into the blonde’s bouncing right tit.

The crowd loved tit shots, especially to those big round firm beauties. The right tit slammed into the left and wiggled, but the firmness quickly calmed the gyrations. Linda’s left missed as Trisha’s stagger had turned into a fall. The blonde hit the mud with a splatter. Linda staggered over the blonde’s legs and fell face first beside her. Both girls lay deep in the muck for what seemed like minutes to the screaming crowd but were in fact seconds.

Trisha rolled to her left hip and punched over with her right into the small of Linda’s back as the fat girl pushed up, her drooping tits still hanging into the mud. Linda groaned and crawled forward. Trisha grabbed the back of the muddy panties, but unlike her tight shorts these cheap rags were not sturdy. The waist band stretched and popped and suddenly Linda’s big ass was exposed. Laughter rang out as the fat girl crawled out of her panties leaving Trisha with a handful of granny panties.

Trisha climbed out of the mud and grabbed Linda’s muddy black hair as the girl rose up. The blonde hooked her right fist around again and again smashing Linda’s swollen face. The fat girl grunted and flailed with her hands unable to stop the battering of her busted nose and now busted mouth. The blonde pounded away, but Linda didn’t go down. She twisted around tearing out her own hair and lunged into the blonde. Trisha staggered backwards trying to keep her balance but three steps later she crashed to the ground only to be crushed by Linda falling on top.

Linda’s girls screamed in triumph and some of Trisha’s looked away fearing the fight was over. Linda pushed up with her hands on Trisha’s firm tits. The fat girl’s face was a swollen ruin and blood and mud dropped off it onto the beauty. Trisha screamed and grabbed at the taped wrapped wrists ineffectively. Linda’s hairy cunt was riding on Trisha’s left thigh. Trisha moaned and suffered a brutal tit torture. The fat girl seemed fascinated by the round globes and she dug her dirty fingers in deep, twisting, rolling and squashing. The blonde let go of the wrists and she rammed an already bloody mud colored taped fist into Linda’s grinning mouth.

Linda groaned and fell forward covering the beauty again with her fat body sinking them both deeper in the muck. Trisha had nails and her fingers clawed muddy streaks in the fat girl’s back leaving red welts in the plowed mud. Linda screamed and put her hands on Trisha’s face. The dyke had no nails, but her muddy fingers gouged and pulled. Trisha had to twist her head side to side to keep from being blinded. Linda pressed down with her hands forcing Trisha’s head down in the muck.

The fat bitch crawled on top of the downed beauty’s belly. Linda’s girls were yelling for her to kill the blonde. Linda released her double palm face plant and went to work punching wildly. Hard muddy taped knuckles crashed into Trisha’s face from all ankles. It looked like the fight was over now. Blood spurted from an eyebrow. The beauty’s left eye was closing. Bucking and twisting did nothing to get the fat bitch of her belly. Linda’s nose spurted! The blonde had put up a hell of a fight, but she was in against a beast and was paying the price.

Then Linda let out a wild scream. She leaned back slapping at the blonde’s hands. Linda’s long puffy dark nipples were being wrenched off her fat tits. She squealed and screamed and slapped at the hands. The blonde’s dirty nails were in the tit meat and every time Linda pulled she hurt herself. The fat bitch endured the nipple torture and finally got her tits free by leaning backwards and holding the blonde’s hands by the wrists. Her fat tits flopped back to her belly as the blonde’s nails slipped from the stretched out nipples. Linda cried out in relief and then shouted in surprise. Trisha’s long legs had hooked under Linda’s armpits and suddenly the fat girl was on her back in the much with her legs doubled under her fat ass and her hairy pussy pointed to the sky.

Somebody yelled, “Fuck that cunt!”

Trisha sat up between the fat spread thighs and dropped an elbow down on the exposed mound. Linda’s much sucked and rubbed clit had swollen over the years and her clit hood was thick and leathery. The elbow crushed the clit against the bone. Linda screamed and writhed, almost freeing her legs. Then she stiffened as the bloody beauty grabbed hold of the untrimmed muddy black bush and yanked. The crowd loved dirty fighting, particularly girls. Guys had been stripped, ball busted and ass raped in the mud. Girls had been fisted before until they passed out. Fights here knew no boundaries and humiliations were part of it.

Linda squealed as a handful of matted hair was ripped from her snatch, and another, and another. Trisha’s bloody mouth was twisted in a snarl. She started punching the gaping pussy with short rights as her left pressed down on Linda’s belly keeping her in place. Linda cried and cried for someone to get the crazy bitch off her cunt. A couple of her girlfriends looked ready to come down, but anybody who interfered at the Gulch got a mob ass-kicking.

Trisha’s normally lovely voice rasped, “How do you like this you ugly fat whore?”

Then the swollen face beauty jammed all four of her muddy fingers inside the swollen pink slit in front of her. The crowd gasped, went silent and then cheered as Trisha finger fucked the hated bitch. Linda screamed and begged, “I quit! I quit! You win! Please, no more!”

Trisha finally stopped and pulled her now bloody mud covered fingers outside of the busted cunt. Linda still wallowed on her back crying. Trisha grunted and pushed free of the bitch’s ass. Linda’s legs came free and she rolled over in the fetal position and held her bloody crotch with both hands. Trisha stood up and again wiped the mud off her body, even grabbing her sodden ponytail and stripping off three handfuls of muck. She started to stagger toward the wall she had come down. Linda mumbled some curse.

The unrecognizable beauty turned around and walked up behind Linda’s back, raised her muddy foot and stomped down on Linda’s face. Linda grunted and rolled onto her belly covering her face. Trisha stood over her and stomped on the back of the beaten girl’s head pushing her face deep in the mud. Then she knee dropped in the middle of Linda’s back. The big girl stiffened and then groaned.

Trisha grabbed the fat girl’s limp right arm and tugged until Linda was on her side. The long-legged beauty started stomping repeatedly on the fat drooping tits. Smashing her foot down again and again Trisha crushed the right tit down onto the left and the left into the muck. Then she dragged the helpless bully onto her back. Trisha put her foot on Linda’s swollen tits and actually did a muscle pose for the roaring crowd.

The beauty crawled and pulled her way out of the Gulch. Linda remained in the mud her tits swaying with each shallow breath. Her girlfriends slide down the hill and went to her. They called for help, but everybody laughed at the dethroned bully. Trisha’s boy friend poured water over her from two coolers then gave her a towel. She climbed into his car and went off to do what victors do.

The End

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