Boarding School Queen – Part 12 by Ragnar0k

“Take your starting positions please, ladies.”

Before Janice Mearns had even finished speaking, Helen Brodie and Mhairi MacGregor began shuffling forward on the mat impatiently without taking their cold, wary eyes off each other for a single moment.

As their long, athletic legs brushed past, each girl placed her right leg over her rival’s left and vice versa so that they were now entwined: then they both sat waiting patiently, their threatening looking bushes now barely a foot apart.

As each girl raised her leg she had wafted her own strong signature pussy scent towards her opponent who recognised it clearly from the time they had accidentally acquired and ended up wearing each other’s panties as well as the time they fought at the Eerie a few days before.


At the command Helen and Mhairi raised their pelvises towards each other, feeling their inner thighs caressing softly as they braced nervously for battle. Each knew full well that the girl who won the first critical ‘shakedown’ (a term girls often used to refer to the phenomenon when pussies became locked up in combat) would often go on to dictate the course of the action and win the match.


The audience exploded in excitement as the bitter rivals lunged at each other with the speed of striking rattlesnakes. There was a thunderous slap as their inner thighs connected and loud gasps from both girls as their hairy mons crushed into each other.

Both girls had purposely angled their vulvas down before impact to protect them from being scraped by their opponent’s thick, wiry pubes. Still keeping their thighs scissored tightly they now began twisting and grinding their crotches together aggressively, trying to root under each other’s thick bushes to scrub at the soft labial lips below.

To the watching girls, the two alpha females’ massive bushes superficially resembled two cannibalistic beavers, one black and the other dark brown, vying desperately to become the first to eat the other alive. Both Helen and Mhairi’s supporters were now calling out their encouragement and offering unsolicited advice as they sought to influence the outcome of this first shakedown tussle.

But it was soon apparent that neither girl was making much headway in breaking through the thick defensive entanglement of her opponent’s hairy bush and, starting to tire from holding the same position for too long they pulled apart, gasping in pain as a good number of pubes that had become caught and tangled up were ripped out by the roots.

In the brief pause that followed Mhairi and Helen locked eyes again, both shaking their heads slightly ruefully, as if reappraising each other’s fighting ability with a new sense of caution and respect. But no sign of respect was shown in the brutal force with which they slammed their crotches together for a second time. This time Helen had subtly changed her angle of attack, forcing her pelvis beneath Mhairi’s and grinding upwards with such force that the girls’ pubic bones jarred painfully despite the protective layers of fat under their hairy mons.

The new girl suddenly found herself on the defensive as Helen’s thick, bristly pubes starting working their way under her bulging mons, attacking the soft flesh around the top of her vulva. Using her arms for support and pushing back on the mat, Helen pressed her advantage home, forcing her pelvis still higher so that she could drive her abrasive bush even more firmly into her opponent’s vulva.

Cursing her failure to anticipate her opponent’s skillful attacking move Mhairi quickly realised she had no choice but to accept a brutal pussy scouring as she pushed back strongly, gradually managing to force Helen’s pelvis down until her own angle of attack improved and she could grind her own abrasive bush down on Helen’s exposed vulva simultaneously.

Helen accepted the challenge this counter move created and the girls let their buttocks hit the mat again as each grabbed a leg and, turning slightly sideways on, began a sustained grinding attack on one other’s pussies.

Both girls were increasingly feeling the pain as this battle went on: as pube after pube was caught and ripped out by the root; as their sensitive labia were scraped and tormented by each other’s thick abrasive hairs, some of which were sloughed by the constant friction forming irritating wads of hair that caught in the wet folds of their vaginas.

Eventually deciding enough was enough they both disengaged and pulled back slightly, continuing their aggressive stare down while catching their breath briefly. The spectating girls noticed that the battle had left a trail of pubic hairs on the rubberised mat beneath them, which had become increasingly wet and slippery as the fighters sliding buttocks spread around the lubricating juices that were now leaking constantly from their drooling pussies.

As Helen and Mhairi engaged in the next shakedown it was clear that they wanted to avoid grinding this time as they slapped their aching cunts together with a resounding splat instead. Having taken the measure of each other they jerked and thrust their hips forward, smashing the soft, wet flesh together again… and again… and again.

Both girls were so well lubricated by now that each impact sent a spray of pussy juice into the air, adding to the heavy scent of sexual musk that already pervaded the close air in the cramped cabin. All this wet slapping was making the girls around the room thoroughly moist themselves and some were contemplating whether it might soon be time to surreptitiously slip their hands inside their panties.

More than ever, the watching girls be they judges, seconds, committee members or spectators were all completely on tenterhooks. Everyone was clear that so the fight remained incredibly finely balanced and as such the outcome remained too close to call. Of the girls in the room, probably an equal number were backing Mhairi to those who backed Helen to win.

The new girl largely had her new friend Susan Walkerburn to thank for the speed with which her following of admirers had grown but no less a personage than the CATS chair Janice Mearns also had a large bet riding on the new girl, having learned secretly through her contacts that Mhairi MacGregor enjoyed a formidable reputation as ranking sex-fight queen at her previous school.

As the contest reached the half hour mark both fighters remained locked together, clearly tiring but also becoming more highly aroused, and recognition was growing around the room that both girls would soon have to bring their cunts more fully into direct combat if they were to break the growing stalemate.

For their own part Helen and Mhairi had found that the sustained grinding, thrusting pussy slapping combat had left their fighting cunts feeling reddened and slightly raw but also increasingly hungry to get to grips with each other to achieve the decisive breakthrough that each girl so desperately craved.

By convention, the more refined girls at Cardugan rarely trash talked or even spoke much to one other as they fought, so the sounds articulated so far were the grunts, gasps and shouts of battle, increasing in intensity as the contest seesawed back and forth.

Finally Mhairi broke convention however, murmuring to Helen: “Let’s cut to the chase and go up against each other cunt to cunt… no more bushwhacking for now.”

Helen studied her rival closely before answering back. “OK then. Let’s do it clit to clit and keep our bushes out the way… until one of us has enough of it…”

Looking almost relieved both girls then slithered their pussies forward on the mat while reaching between their legs, parting their hairy bushes and spreading their thick labia. Then Mhairi and Helen pushed forward again until their pussies smacked together with a wet sealing and sucking sound that was clearly audible to all of the other girls in the room.

Interlocking their thighs more tightly than before, Helen and Mhairi forced the entire length of their long cunt slits together, as if probing each other for signs of weakness. Then, grabbing a leg each, they began grinding together powerfully, using all the strength of their hips and buttocks as their thick, strong labia wrestled to spread and overpower each other.

As the girls squeezed harder still, their cunt lips squashed wider apart, allowing their clitoral shafts to press together for the first time. Soon both girls began gasping as their big clits pushed forward, became aligned and started rocking rhythmically against each other.

“Mmmmhh! Unnghhh!” “Aaahhh! Aaaahhh!”

Both girls started groaning intensely as they worked their sealed cunts together more forcefully until the thick, puffy labial folds became fully interlocked, forming a fleshy cage inside which their well-matched clits were now compelled to wrestle head to head, their thick shafts rubbing and trying to force each other sideways on which, as both girls well knew, in clit-fighting terms is the equivalent of getting your opponent in a brutal full nelson.

The wet smacking and sucking sounds the two contenders’ thick cunt lips were making as they mated soon drove the audience wild and they all started shouting out at once.

“That’s it Helen, fuck her senseless!”

“You’ve got her now Mhairi! Finish her off!”

As their supporters shouts of encouragement rose to a crescendo Helen and Mhairi simultaneously felt the first stirrings of orgasm deep in their loins and instinctively reached out to pull each other into a clinch, squeezing their perfect breasts together as their mouths locked up in a deep, hungry kiss.

Feeling their orgasms approaching rapidly each fighter now struggled to get into the best position to quickly take their rival down to the mat as her dam finally broke. With their pussies locked tightly their throbbing clits had nowhere else to go as they rammed into each other continually, and this was causing each girl’s arousal to grow exponentially as the wet puddle growing on the mat beneath them testified.

Finally as they jerked their hips hard and shoved with their powerful buttocks Helen felt her own cunt beginning its first violent contraction and, timing the move to perfection, the raven-haired girl slammed her weight against her rival taking her by surprise at the moment that Mhairi also felt herself began to climax. The girls swayed against each other, still upright for a few moments until the incredible suction being inside their sealed, orgasming vaginas overcame them and Mhairi fell backwards, her buttocks sliding on the slippery mat as they crashed down together with Helen on top.

Sexually pinning a climaxing woman is not reckoned to be an easy task when you are simultaneously climaxing yourself but, although her conscious brain was in orgasmic lockdown, Helen’s unconscious fighting instincts still kicked in somehow.

“Ms Brodie has started to orgasm” reported Judge Peterson who had been following the latest developments intently.

“So has Ms MacGregor,” confirmed Judge Chen.

However it was Janice Mearns job to make the next important call and she deliberated quickly but carefully before announcing:

“Ms Brodie has Ms MacGregor in the control position. Starting the count now…one!”

Helen had fortuitously fallen on top as the challenger slid backwards on the wet mat and, with both girls’ pussies still locked tightly together, the reigning sex-fight queen clearly held the crucial control position for now under CATS rules.


As her overloaded synapses cleared slightly Mhairi felt the warm, comfortable weight of Helen’s body pressing down on her as she became aware of the distant din of girls shouting chaotically in the background.


“Get her off you, Mhairi NOW!” That sounded like Susan Walkerburn’s worried voice in the foreground as her senses came back to her in a rush. Mhairi could still feel Helen Brodie’s big cunt rippling against her own, both still convulsing with the strong aftershocks of one of the most powerful orgasms either girl had experienced in a long time.


As her head started to clear Mhairi knew that she would only have a single brief opportunity to avoid a bitter and humiliating defeat. She could already feel Helen working to consolidating her hold on top of her: tasting the other girl’s tangy sweat in her mouth as she stretched to pin Mhairi’s wrists to the mat above her head.

She felt her rival’s steaming hot twat pinning her own to the soaking mat, both now rendered deliciously wet and slippery by the glistening streams of girl cum still running off them following their mutually forced orgasm.

As Helen’s long, athletic legs began wrestling to grapevine and capture her own, Mhairi suddenly started fighting back, lashing out desperately with her legs to prevent the final component of her opponent’s intended trap falling into place.


Then, taking a deep breath, Mhairi MacGregor suddenly pushed her pelvis violently upwards while twisting her entire body sideways until she successfully broke the control position Helen Brodie held over her, temporarily saving the match with only a single second to spare!

To Be Continued in Chapter 13.

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