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Bianca Torres and the Minotaur’s Mistress by JB57

Bianca Torres knelt in the sand in front of her adobe house and wiped the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand. The desert sky was clear and blue and the sun beat down relentlessly. Bianca was almost naked. She was wearing only the briefest bikini. She leaned back on her heels, placed her hands on her knees, and concentrated. Her incredible body was almost fully revealed, large, perfect breasts straining the bikini top, thick nipples indenting the thin material. Her breasts, despite their considerable size, were so firm that they could stand without support. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a short, tight braided pony tail that extended down to between her shoulder blades. Her body was accented with a number of small, tasteful tattoos. An ornate image of the sun god kissed the top curve of her right breast. A representation of a thunder bird graced the back of her left shoulder. Her tramp stamp was a Mayan calendar wheel. A stylized salamander adorned her left foot. She meditated in the afternoon sun, readying herself for the tests of self-control that were soon to follow.

Six months before, Bianca had visited an ancient Mayan temple in Mexico. She had entered the temple to test the validity of a legend, a claim that on the day of an eclipse, the eyes of a carved monkey head inside the temple would open a door to secret chamber, within which dwelt a “temporal serpent”. To her amazement, the legends had been true. The eclipse caused the eyes of the carved monkey head to glow a crimson red. A door opened onto an impossible, secret chamber, a chamber that existed on the other side of a wall that should have led to outside the temple. Bianca entered the room and found that the serpent within was not a reptilian monster but, instead, a giant green penis, protruding from a hole in the stone of the floor. Apparently, the cock was attached to some being beneath the temple floor. Before Bianca could even start to consider and question what she was seeing, she was overwhelmed by an incredible surge of erotic desire, a spell of sexual lust so intense that she was powerless to resist. In moments, she had stripped herself naked and eagerly impaled herself upon the throbbing green cock, riding it ecstatically, driving it deep into her sexual core, until the creature beneath the floor ejaculated powerfully, flooding her tight, hot cunt with its cum. To Bianca’s astonishment, the ejaculate injected deep into her body, combined with her incredibly intense orgasm, imbued her with the ability to travel in time and space. Over the next several days (as she experienced it) her body bounced from time period to time period and place to place, to ancient Egypt, then back to the dawn of humans, to an orgy in the Rome of Caligula to Alcatraz Island, then to the distant future. In all of these places, she had been ravaged, sometimes willingly, sometimes not, by groups of sexually voracious humans and monsters. She had quickly discovered that the only way for her to move through time was to experience a powerful orgasm, a discovery that had made her erratic journey an erotic odyssey through an ocean of sexual desire and lust.

Finally, she had returned to her own era, exhausted but elated and full of questions. She was powerfully motivated to discover some way to control her new powers. She could not risk traveling through time and space every time she had an orgasm. At the same time, her powers were an extraordinary gift, especially to an archaeologist like herself. She had spent the past few months meditating and disciplining herself, learning how to control her abilities. She had made small leaps through time and space. She had masturbated vigorously and still been able to prevent the jumps. Now, she was ready for a major test of her control over her new abilities. She was going to jump back in time to a period she had already experienced.

Towards the end of her previous time-traveling epic journey, she had landed in ancient Greece in the maze of the monstrous half-man, half-bull creature called the Minotaur. She materialized directly before the monster, wearing the helmet of a Greek centurion, a metal girdle that wrapped around her torso and pushed up her naked breasts, wrist guards, stringed sandals on her feet, and nothing else. She had found the Minotaur to be every bit as horny – in every sense – as any rutting bull. The Minotaur’s cock was the most enormous male shaft she had ever seen. At first, she refused to allow the beast to penetrate her, believing that its enormous cock would kill her if it did. She got the beast off by sucking its massive member until it exploded like a firehose, washing her in an ocean of ejaculate. Eventually, aroused by being doused in cum and by the animal hormones of the monstrous beast in front of her, Bianca decided to risk taking the creature’s cock into her body. The initial penetration had been excruciating; she felt she was being split in two. But she loved the pain and the intense pleasure that went with it and her pussy was dripping with juice and burning with heat by the time the monster sheathed its prick in her cunt. The Minotaur fucked her mercilessly, filling her aching cunt with its enormous cock, then followed her instructions to plunge its meaty spear deep into her vise-tight ass. The creature’s monstrous shaft stretched and plumbed her depths, saturating her with pain and intense pleasure. When the beast came, it filled her distended ass with its hot cum, forcing an incredible orgasm from her womanly body, an orgasm so powerful that it had sent her bouncing back through time to the Mayan temple complex, albeit in a different time than her own. She had never been fucked so completely and deeply, her ass and pussy had never been stretched so tight, as with the Minotaur. She eventually found her way home, but the sheer sexual deliciousness of her encounter with the monster stayed with her. She decided that her ability to control herself and her new powers could be put to their ultimate test by another encounter with the Minotaur.

Bianca walked towards her bedroom, stripping off her bikini along the way. Naked, still damp with sweat, she toweled herself off, and then drank a great deal of water to make sure she was fully hydrated. She threw herself onto the bed. The bedroom was dark, the light of the blazing sun kept out by the heavy drapes over the windows. She lay flat on her back, staring up at the ceiling in the semi-darkness. She focused her mind on the Minotaur, on her memories of its smell, its sweat, the feeling of its massive cock penetrating her straining cunt and stretching her tight asshole. As she focused on these images, she started to masturbate. She stroked and caressed her own massive breasts, playing with the nipples. She traced her hand down her flat, tight stomach to her bare-shaven cunt, where she slowly ran her middle finger up and down her wet, tight slit. She groaned as the pleasure grew, her nipples growing hot, her clit swelling up from her naked twat. In her mind, her concentration remained centered on the Minotaur, her destination. She felt the temporal power rising within her, growing stronger and stronger as her orgasm came closer and closer to explosion. The familiar point of no return arrived. She hitched and screamed, raising her hips off the bed as the orgasm washed over her, its raw energy activating and fueling her time jump. She felt the energy wash over her; the now well-understood disorientation seized her. Even with her eyes closed, she knew that her body was moving through time, but this time it was controlled. The disorientation lasted longer than she had experienced recently in her practices, but this was the first time she was deliberately leaping such a long distance through time.

Slowly, the sense of vertigo vanished. Bianca felt warmth on her body; she felt items of clothing on her naked body. For reasons she still did not comprehend, she often found herself in the places she jumped dressed in a manner that sometimes reflected the time and place. Not always; many times, she ended up where she was going completely naked, though that suggested that she ended up many places where she was supposed to be naked.

Bianca opened her eyes and smiled. She had succeeded. She looked around at the familiar surroundings. She was standing on a piece of masonry, a rocky remain of a broken Grecian column. She was leaning against a solid wall made of massive stone blocks. She looked up; she could see the top of the wall about 5 meters above her head. The brilliant sun streamed in from the breaks in the arched ceiling above. Large parts of the ceiling had caved in. Through those cracks, she could see other standing Grecian columns and indications that some kind of forest lay beyond. She looked further down the wall she was leaning against; the wall stretched out, one side of a long hallway. The hall formed a corner, then disappeared into dully lit darkness beyond. Bianca could tell that she was in a giant stone maze, one that was very ancient and had begun to crumble but that still continued to hold its monstrous prisoner.

Bianca was dressed exactly as she had been the first time she arrived in this maze. She was wearing a silver centurion helmet. A tiny metal girdle was fixed to her torso, just below her massive, naked tits. The girdle pushed up her tits, but otherwise left most of her belly bare and provided no protection. The rest of her body was absolutely naked, except for some metal wrist guards and sandals on her feet, that were laced up her lower calves.

Bianca removed the helmet and placed it on the ground. She stepped down off the masonry and slowly, carefully, began to walk down the rock-strewn corridor towards the end of the hall. She was leery of getting lost in the maze, but she was sure that, if she did, she could masturbate again to activate her time and space traveling powers to extricate herself. She was a little surprised that she had not materialized in the proximity of the Minotaur as it has been the focus of her concentration. But she decided that the creature must be near. So far, her powers had proven very reliable in taking her where she wanted to go.

Bianca had just started down the corridor when she heard a grunting, growling sound coming from out of the dark, from around the corner of the maze. She backed up into the sun, somewhat nervously. She knew that this monster was incredibly dangerous and she did not want to take any chances surprising it. It was better that it discover her. If, for some reason, it decided to eat her rather than ravage her, she would have no opportunity for escape. She stood in the sunlight, her hands on her hips, her legs slightly spread, her tits swollen and shoved forward. Despite her unease, her body’s sexual juices had started to flow in anticipation. Her pussy had become moist and she was sure that the beast would soon detect her sexual scent, if it had not already. She was hoping the scent of a woman in heat would be enough to put the monster into the mood to rut.

The growling, grunting grew louder. She could see shadows moving on the wall at the far end of the hall. Whatever was coming through the maze, its progress was illuminated by a torch that must be burning around the corner. She waited nervously. Suddenly, the Minotaur appeared. Bianca’s heart leaped, both with fear and anticipation. The creature was enormous, exactly as she remembered. Its body was that of a giant, incredibly muscular and powerful man. But its head was that of a full grown bull, with curved horns and a ring through its nose. The creature’s entire body was covered in coarse, short brown fur. Its massive penis hung between its legs, swinging as it walked. The member was thick but flaccid when the beast turned the corner. It sniffed, its head going up as it picked up Bianca’s intoxicating scent. Immediately, its cock started to harden. The Minotaur glared at Bianca, its ferocious eyes taking her in. She was not sure that it recognized her; indeed, she could not be sure that she had arrived at a time after her first encounter with the beast; what was the first encounter for her could have been the second encounter for it. She noted, gratefully, that the Minotaur’s cock was quickly growing to stand at attention as it advanced on her.

Bianca smiled encouragingly. She reached down and rubbed her pussy, trying to get the juices flowing, trying to do what she could to encourage the beast to fuck her, not devour her.

“Hey, big guy,” Bianca said to the approaching monster. “Do you remember me? Do you remember how much fun we had the last time I was here? Do you want to do it again?”

The beast was now mere steps away from her. Its ferocious eyes roved up and down her incredible body and it licked its lips. Its cock was now huge and fully engorged, standing at full attention. Bianca could not help but fixate on the enormous shaft. She knew that she had taken it into her body before, she knew it had given her incredible pleasure, but she was now afraid of what could happen when that thick, meaty spear stabbed all the way up her vaginal canal. It was so huge!

The Minotaur reached out and grasped Bianca under her arms. It picked her up easily. Her feet dangled in the air, the creature’s hands pressed in on either side of her bountiful breasts. The creature sniffed her, paying special attention to her breasts and her pussy. Then, it lowered its head and its powerful tongue snaked out and lapped enthusiastically at her dripping cunt.

“Mmmmmmm,” Bianca groaned as the thick, powerful muscle slid deliciously along her naked, wet slit. The beast’s tongue moved higher, lapping at her swollen breasts, teasing her enflamed nipples. “Aaaahhhh,” Bianca gasped as the intense pleasure flared through her erogenous zones. Things were getting off to a good start, Bianca thought.

The Minotaur carried her over to the wall, where it put her to sit on a flat stone. Its massive penis was almost at Bianca’s face level and she understood what the Minotaur wanted. Quickly, she got onto her knees and took the shaft between her massive breasts, squeezing her tits around the thick meat with her hands. The head of the penis was in her face, the cleft at the top almost dividing the head in two. She began to lick the Minotaur’s cock expertly, licking all around the head then plunging her tongue into the hole, playing with the exquisitely sensitive nerves. The Minotaur roared out in pleasure, its animal cry of joy raw and guttural, echoing into the forest beyond the maze. Bianca smiled. She rubbed her tits into the cock even more strongly, then grabbed the monstrous shaft with both hands and squeezed and massaged it vigorously. The beast groaned in ecstasy. The penis head was too enormous for her to take in her mouth, but she licked nibbled and sucked at the flesh wherever she could. She considered turning over on her back and taking the beast’s ball sac into her mouth, but she realized that the Minotaur’s jewels might be too large for her to service orally in that way. Still, she resolved to suck the monster’s balls as soon as she could.

The creature’s shaft swelled even longer and thicker under Bianca’s ministrations. Her tongue worked over and over the head, she sucked at the penis hole and ran her tongue through the cleft. The fellatio went on for a few more minutes, the Minotaur growing ever more engorged with desire. It threw back its horned head, its vocalizations becoming croons of unbearable pleasure. Its massive body trembled. Bianca threw all her skill into the sucking until, finally, the Minotaur roared out in bliss and thrust forward its hips as it ejaculated powerfully. Bianca saw the climax coming. She aimed the shaft at her breasts; even so, the blast of hot cum that erupted from the Minotaur’s cock hit her chest and splattered everywhere, splashing her face, saturating her chest, running down her bare belly to her naked cunt. It flowed down to streak her thighs. Bianca shoved her mouth over the flow and, in moments, had swallowed her full as the creature erupted again and again. Its cries of pleasure roared up to the sky.

Finally, the Minotaur’s ejaculations stopped. Panting furiously, the monster looked down at Bianca with an almost puppy-dog expression of gratitude. Bianca smiled. She wiped some of the cum off her face with her hands, then reached behind her back and began to remove the metallic half girdle she was wearing. There was no need for it and she did not want it to get in the way later, given all that she planned to do with the beast. She removed the girdle and threw it away. Her magnificent tits swayed gently as the slight lift from the girdle released. Now, she was nearly completed naked, except for the wrist guards and her laced sandals. She removed the wrist guards.

The Minotaur was watching her with fevered eyes. It was taking in the sight of Bianca’s incredible body, shifting and bouncing as she moved, glistening with sweat and streaked with cum. The monster’s incredible libido reignited and it felt the heat stirring in its loins once more. Bianca smiled as she watched the Minotaur’s cock start to swell again. She had known that she would not have to wait long for the monster to reload and she was ready for it.

“Come here, baby,” Bianca cooed, crooking her finger. She leaned back on the stone and spread her legs, revealing her clean-shaven cunt, her dripping pink labia. “I think my pussy is wet enough to take you now.” The Minotaur’s shaft swelled even more as it moved forward eagerly. Its massive shaft probed at Bianca’s juicy cunt as she lay back on the stone and spread her legs as wide as she could. The beast pushed its head forward; Bianca grabbed its nose ring in her teeth and pulled it closer. Her tongue ran along its nose and the Minotaur’s tongue instantly reached out to match and push at the beautiful woman’s matching pink organ. The Minotaur grabbed Bianca by the hips and ass, holding her in place, as it slowly, persistently, shoved its cock into her dripping, slowly stretching vagina.

“That’s it, baby,”Bianca groaned. She reached around to grab the beast’s powerful ass and guide it in. “Slow and easy, just slide it in…” she encouraged. The pain was growing by the moment as her incredibly tight, strong vagina expanded around a penis head almost as big as a baby’s head. Her insides were completely juiced with arousal and her cunt was leaking copious amounts of fluid. Even so, the Minotaur’s penetration of her yielding cunt was a slow, tortuous affair. But Bianca loved the pain, loved the intense pleasure that she knew would follow with it.

“Oh god, you’re in,” Bianca gasped as she felt the monster’s shaft slide past her labia and into the opening of her vagina. “Oh god, fuck me, fuck me hard, you filthy beast!” Bianca screamed. In response, the Minotaur shoved hard, its cock driving all the way up into Bianca’s womanly core, filling her completely, sending a spike and pain and pleasure through her body that was so intense she could only throw back her head and shriek in ecstasy. “Oh god, it hurts!” she screamed. “More, more, more you bastard!”

Bianca braced her body on the stone with her hands. Her powerful legs wrapped around the Minotaur’s hips. The Minotaur grasped her by her ass, holding her up, as it began to thrust hard, ramming itself in and then drawing back to shove and penetrate again. Bianca moved with the beast, loving every violating thrust. The two rutting beings’ cries of erotic joy began to mix and harmonize. Bianca’s massive tits bounced enthusiastically as the Minotaur fucked her powerfully, the meaty orbs spraying sweat as they jolted on her chest. Bianca used her deep vaginal muscles to squeeze and release the Minotaur’s driving cock, giving as much pleasure to the monster as she could, even as she rejoiced in the feeling of being stuffed and physically occupied in a way that she rarely experienced.

The bucking and grinding went on and on. The Minotaur lowered its head and began licking and sucking at Bianca’s heavy tits. Bianca felt a massive orgasm building in her core. “Slower, baby, just a bit slower,” she moaned at the Minotaur. It followed her directions, slowly its thrusting as much as it could. Bianca could feel its monster cock twitching inside her and she knew that it was nearing its own climax. In their previous encounter, Bianca had stopped the beast before it ejaculated in her pussy and had made it penetrate her and have its climax in her ass instead. This time, she intended to let the beast unload in her cunt. There would be lots of time for the ass later.

The pressure and pleasure built and built. The Minotaur’s thrust became stronger and harder. Bianca reached up and grabbed first one of the beast’s shoulders then the other. She pulled herself up so she was chest to chest with the monster. It pushed her until Bianca’s back was to the stone wall. Its thrusts grew harder and deeper and Bianca felt herself stretching and being penetrated even further, harder, deeper. An incredible orgasm strained at her self-control and suddenly she knew she could hold it back no longer.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so hard!!,” Bianca shrieked. Her orgasm released, flooding her entire body with excruciating pleasure, sending the flow of tension rippling in and out of her straining muscles. At the same time, the Minotaur roared in pleasure. Standing on tip toes, driving with its hips and ass, it rammed itself all the way into Bianca’s body. Bianca felt the eruption of hot, steaming cum filling up her insides, saturating her vaginal canal and womb, somehow overflowing and sending trickles of cum down the Minotaur’s shaft, even as it impaled her at its root. Bianca moaned in pure pleasure as her body released, as the monster released inside her, as all the erotic sensations combined and peaked and filled her with sexual bliss. As these feelings overwhelmed her, Bianca felt her time traveling powers activate, she felt them charging up, getting ready to draw on the erotic energy being unleashed to bounce her to another time. Slowly and carefully, almost as an afterthought, she used her mind to turn the powers back down. She smiled. This had been her ultimate test: could she have a deliciously pleasurable orgasm and still keep her time and space powers under control? Now she had her answer.

The beast collapsed on top of Bianca and the two naked lovers lay for a time, entwined, on the floor of the ancient maze. The beast’s animal smell and sweat was overwhelming, but Bianca enjoyed the massive weight on her body, crushing down her tits, covering her with its scent. The beast’s cock remained driven deep into her loins and her body felt split in two, but in a good way. Their pants and hot breath mixed. After some time, the Minotaur raised itself off of her. It looked down at her, its animal eyes lighting up. Bianca smiled at the beast. “Do you want more already, baby?” she cooed. Its blazing eyes gave her its answer.

Smiling, Bianca pushed the beast on its chest. Slowly, reluctantly, it withdrew its cock from her body. Hot cum gushed out as the monster’s cock pulled out of Bianca’s cunt, no longer acting as a dam to the flow of juices within. The beast’s cock was smeared with cum and other secretions. Bianca got to her knees and began licking and sucking the monstrous dick, swallowing back the juice, even as she massaged the organ with expert hands. It was not long before the Minotaur was as fully aroused as it had ever been.

When the Minotaur was ready, Bianca squeezed its shaft between her swollen, aching tits and kissed the top of the shaft, before spitting on it several times. Then she turned around, pressing her tits into the ground, her back to the Minotaur. She shoved her ass into the air, arching her back, and presented her genitals and ass to the sex-crazed beast. She smiled at the monster over her shoulder and reached around to pull one of her buttocks away from the other, emphasizing her asshole.

“Give it to me in the ass, baby,” she purred. The Minotaur eagerly complied. It aimed its giant cock directly at her tight asshole and slowly, slowly began to push and penetrate the incredibly tight, vise-like space.

“Fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” Bianca moaned. “Aaaaahhh!,” she screamed as the beast’s giant dick stretched her to the breaking point. “That’s it, you’re in!” she cried, as she felt the meaty spear spread her beyond the threshold point. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me deep!” she pleaded.

The Minotaur eagerly obliged. Excited and enjoying the deliciously tight, fleshy grip of Bianca’s ass, the beast shoved hard, sliding its massive shaft up and down, deep and hard, into the tight, wet space. Bianca rocked her hips, wriggled her ass, and screamed in pain and ecstasy as the beast reamed her out. “Deeper! Harder!” she insisted. “You fucking bastard!”

The Minotaur drove into Bianca enthusiastically, fucking her powerfully. Bianca moved back and forth on the shaft, moaning and screaming with pleasure and just the right amount of pain. This went on for some time until, finally, the Minotaur went stiff, surging with pleasure, and ejaculated inside of Bianca’s ass, filling her insides with hot cum. Bianca cried out in pleasure as she felt the flow of juices, she rejoiced in the erotic sensations, then she came hard, screaming in pleasure as the sensual feelings overwhelmed her. Once again, she felt her time travel powers beating at the edge of her consciousness, but she pushed them back.

The monster collapsed beside Bianca on the dusty ground of the maze. It was panting, its massive chest heaving, its short furred coat damp with sweat. For the moment, its monstrous member was half-flaccid. Bianca smiled at the beast, through the haze of her own tiredness. “Mmm. That was good baby,” she cooed to the beast. “I think that we can do a lot more, too.”

The beast rolled her over and began to lap at her body, using its tongue to wash the cum off her breasts and torso. Then, suddenly, it reached down and picked Bianca’s naked body up in its arms. Carrying the voluptuous woman, the Minotaur began to walk back towards the darkened end of the corridor, where it had come from.

“Um, what are you doing, beast?” Bianca asked. The creature glanced at her, but it did not stop. In moments, they had turned the corner and Bianca lost the comforting light of the sun. Instead, she was now being carried by the Minotaur deeper and deeper into its inescapable lair. The corridors were deep and dark and illuminated every five meters or so by low-burning torches. The air was hot and humid. The maze soon took on the air of a hellish, interminable tunnel and Bianca easily understood the fear of the children of Greece who were forced to enter this maze and fight for their lives against the very monster she had taken as a lover.

Bianca was not worried for her own safety. She was sure that the Minotaur wanted more sexual pleasure from her. But she appreciated that the time might come when it wanted to enjoy her flesh in other, more culinary, ways. She did not intend to be around for when that happened. So far, she had successfully tested her control of her powers over a considerable distance of time and space. She was confident she could escape anytime she needed to escape.

The Minotaur carried her deeper and deeper into the maze. After what Bianca estimated was an hour of walking, the beast lowered its head and began to lick her breasts and pussy. Bianca soon found herself hot and ready. They stopped and fucked hard for the next hour, the beast spending most of its time fucking her pussy with wild abandon. Bianca enjoyed every minute of it, but there was one time that her orgasm was so hard she almost time-traveled. Fortunately, she was able to keep it in check. Their screams and howls echoed through the maze and Bianca wondered what anyone hearing those cries would think. After their interlude, the beast picked her up and they continued on their way. They walked for another two hours before they suddenly stepped into a large chamber.

At first, Bianca assumed they had reached the center of the maze, maybe the Minotaur’s home. But, as she looked around, she realized that the chamber was far too delicate and feminine to be the beast’s home lair. The chamber was draped with expensive silks and hangings and tapestries. It was scented with vanilla and other pleasant smells coming out of braziers situated around the room. It was reasonably well lit, though still gloomy. The center piece of the room seemed to be a massive wooden bed. It was also covered in rich sheets and cushions.

The Minotaur placed Bianca on the ground. She stepped gingerly on the rock floor. The floor was clean and rich carpets were strewn about. She looked around more carefully. There was a dresser in a corner and a wardrobe. It was increasingly clear to her that this was the chamber of a woman, maybe some kind of beast companion for the Minotaur, maybe the remains of a harem. This thought led her to wonder what had happened to the previous occupant? But she quickly dismissed this idea; it seemed evident that the space was being used by someone right now.

No sooner had this thought entered Bianca’s head that a voice broke through the semi-dark.

“So, you’re finally back,” a woman’s voice said. “I was getting worried. There were all kinds of noises coming out of the maze. You and the howls of a woman. What were you doing? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’d found someone new to fuck.”

Bianca spun around, looking for the voice. She was shocked for a moment as the speaker stepped into the light. Bianca saw a stunningly beautiful blonde woman. Her hair was short, no more than shoulder length. Her face was truly beautiful. But what was most memorable about this woman was that she was completely naked and absolutely magnificent. Her breasts were huge but perfectly formed and remarkably firm, as they jiggled deliciously on her chest. Her torso was smooth and beautifully muscled. She possessed wide hips and a deep navel. Her hips flowed into long, powerful legs. She was bare foot, but even her feet were perfect. Bianca noted that the woman’s genitals were clean-shaven, completely bare and glistening wetly in the dim light. Bianca realized that this woman was juiced up and ready to fuck the Minotaur.

Bianca was a stunningly beautiful and voluptuous woman. She was certain that she was this woman’s equal in every way. Even so, she wondered if the woman was some kind of Greek goddess. Certainly she did not seem to be the Minotaur’s unwilling captive. As she watched the blonde beauty move, her tits bouncing, her hips swaying, Bianca felt a spike of desire in her loins. She hoped that some sharing and mutual erotic exploration might lie in the future.

The woman had not yet seen Bianca. She probably was not expecting another person and Bianca was in a slightly darkened corner of the room. She decided she had better introduce herself immediately. She thanked the aspects of her supernatural powers that gave her the ability to speak and understand any of the languages she encountered.

“Um, hello,” Bianca said. The woman, who had been approaching the Minotaur, stopped dead in her tracks and looked around frantically, her blue eyes wide. When she saw Bianca, her mouth dropped open, then it snapped shut. Her lovely eyes narrowed with anger and jealousy as they swept over Bianca’s gorgeous naked body. Bianca instantly realized she had found an enemy, not a friend.

“Who are you?” the woman asked, her head snapping from Bianca to the Minotaur and back. “What are you doing here? How did you get here?”

“My name is Bianca Torres,” Bianca explained. “I stumbled into the maze. The Minotaur found me. He has been – enjoying me – since he found me. That was us you heard earlier. He brought me here.” Bianca hurried on, seeing that the woman’s rage was about to explode. “I don’t mean to intrude on your relationship with the beast. If you just show me how to leave, I will be on my way.”

“There is no way out, at least not for you,” the blonde woman said. She began walking towards Bianca, her hips swaying, her body language taking on a clearly threatening tone. “If he brought you here, it’s because he means to keep you. He means to keep – ‘enjoying you’ –for a while yet.”

The blonde moved to within an arms length of Bianca. She placed her hands on her hips and looked Bianca up and down, seemingly looking for flaws in the brunette’s luscious body. She seemed annoyed when she could not find any. Bianca mirrored the other woman’s pose. She also examined the blonde up close and remained impressed by her spectacular physical beauty.

“The Minotaur means to ‘enjoy’ both of us, it seems,” the blonde continued. “At least for a time. But, let me tell you this, Bianca.” The blonde stepped closer, until her swollen nipples were only a hairs breadth from touching Bianca’s distended nipples, until her sweet breath washed over Bianca’s beautiful face and the women were almost nose to nose. The women’s blue eyes and dark eyes locked. “I don’t like sharing. The beast is mine. He gives me more pleasure than any other man I’ve ever had. And he does what I ask him to. I don’t intend to endure your presence for long.”

Bianca glared into the blonde’s eyes. She was very conscious of the other woman’s nipples only millimeters from her own, of the woman’s hot, naked cunt dripping with juice only inches away from her own twat. The woman’s overwhelming physical beauty, her overpowering sexuality, burned into Bianca’s mind. At the same time, Bianca found herself despising this bitch. The combination of lust and hatred boiling in her mind excited her enormously. “What is your name, woman?” she asked.

“I am Stacia,” the blonde replied, her blue eyes flashing.

Bianca stepped forward, her nipples pressing directly into Stacia’s. Both women hissed, an intake of breath, as incredible erotic electricity leaped through both of them at the contact, warming and moistening their hungry twats. Their nipples stiffened into each other. Bianca pressed her nose to Stacia’s nose; the women’s foreheads touched and pushed.

“I don’t like threats,” Bianca growled, through gritted teeth. “I do not claim the beast, but I will enjoy him as long as he wants me. You can share him with me. Or you can fight me for him. But I will not be intimidated by the likes of you.”

Stacia licked her lips. Her smooth tongue ran along her lips and gently caressed Bianca’s lips. Bianca kept herself from starting and she kept her tongue in her mouth. But the erotic charge than ran through her magnificent body was undeniable. “Then we will fight, Bianca,” the blonde replied in a low whisper. “I will take you on, woman to woman, to decide which of us gets him. But I will not share.”

“So be it,” Bianca replied.

The Minotaur had been watching all of this, its eyes glowing with heat as it saw the two beautiful women it desired pressing together, luscious body to body, sexual organs lining up in the promise of erotic confrontation. Whether or not the Minotaur understood what was happening or understood their words was not clear. What was clear was that its sexual urges were fully charged in the presence of so much beautiful, voluptuous female flesh. The monster roared, drawing the women’s attention back to it. Both noticed instantly that its erection was at full strength. Glaring at one another, Bianca and Stacia pulled apart and began to approach the beast, walking side by side, their lush, naked bodies swaying seductively, as they converged on its massive erection. Bianca realized that, whether the blonde liked it or not, the two women would need to act like partners, at least for now.

As they approached the Minotaur, Stacia swung her naked hip into Bianca’s swaying hip, attracting the brunette’s attention.

“Let’s tire him out and put him to sleep,” the blonde beauty whispered. “Then, we can settle our differences.”

“I agree,”Bianca replied. She rubbed back with her hip, secretly delighting in the feel of her naked flesh pressing on Stacia’s flesh.

The women approached the beast together and dropped to their knees at the same time, one on each side of the Minotaur’s erection. The women began to lick and nibble and suck at the creature’s enormous penis, covering the shaft with spit that they spread around with their tongues, rubbing the monstrous cock with their expert hands. An immediate intimacy developed between the competing women as they spread each other’s spit around the rigid flesh, as their tongues slid against each other as they sucked at the monstrous dick. Their heads and tongues pushed at each other as each tried to get at the most sensitive parts of the Minotaur’s penis. They covered as much of the turgid flesh with their mouths and tongues as they could, sucking and slathering, until the Minotaur’s shaft was dripping with spit and pre-cum was leaking from the exquisitely sensitive hole of its prick. The beast moaned and growled with unbearable pleasure, its horned head thrown back, its bovine face twisted in a rictus of ecstasy.

Bianca massaged the monster’s balls, then dipped her head below the shaft to lick and suck at the jewels in the sensitive sack. Stacia joined her. Cheek to cheek, pushing at each other, the women slathered the monster’s balls with spit, sucking and licking at the musky flesh, lapping up each other’s spit, their tongues caressing and shoving at each other as Bianca and Stacia fought to dominate each other in every way.The women pushed the monster’s cock up and licked and nibbled at the veined underside of the shaft. The Minotaur continued to moan and groan as its pleasure built. Its massive body heaved with furious panting and it began to tremble with pre-orgasmic ecstasy.

Stacia suddenly got to her feet in front of the beast; Bianca followed her lead. Stacia stood to one side of the Minotaur’s cock, Bianca on the other. The blonde and brunette placed their hands on the monster’s chest and pushed it towards the bed, until it fell onto its back on the bed, the women’s magnificent bodies falling down with it on either side. Stacia, on the beast’s left side, threw her left leg across its left thigh and pushed her heavy breasts into its side. She began to rub her naked body on the creature’s coarse fur. Bianca pushed herself up on the other side and unlaced her sandals and threw them away. Now completely nude, she looped her right leg over the Minotaur’s right and pushed her thigh up against the beast’s massive erection. She began to massage and stroke the beast’s cock with her hand, something that Stacia was already doing. Bianca had another idea; she rose to her knees and then leaned forward, placing the Minotaur’s monstrous cock between her breasts, using her hands to squeeze them around the shaft, and began titfucking the beast. At the same time, she spit on and licked at the top of the beast’s prick. Her thick, meaty tits rolled and massaged the massive shaft, sliding in the slick spit and pre-cum that soaked the monster’s swollen spear. Stacia got to her knees on the other side of the beast and used her hands to push her massive boobs together on either side of the Minotaur’s cock. She shoved her firm, thick orbs aggressively into Bianca’s tits, matching nipple to nipple. The women gasped and then moaned as their nipples swelled into each other, as they rubbed and began to grind the luscious meat of their throbbing tits directly into each other, even as they slid their breasts up and down the Minotaur’s slicked cock. The four meaty masses of their breasts formed a fleshy prison for the beast’s erection as they vigorously frictioned against the monster’s shaft. The women gasped and moaned as they titfucked each other, their breasts rubbing and grinding and pulsing against each other, thick meat crushed tight as they moved in unison up and down the beast’s cock. Bianca and Stacia licked and spat on the penis’s head, their tongues moving on the wet, hot flesh, their beautiful faces eye to eye, nose to nose and tongue to tongue as they struggled against each other for sexual dominion over the Minotaur. Bianca and Stacia realized that they were fucking each other as much as the beast, maybe more. They were both excited beyond measure but they understood that they needed to finish off the Minotaur before they could fully engage each other.

The grunts, gasps and moans of all three sex partners continued to grow. After several minutes of enthusiastically titfucking the beast and each other, Stacia and Bianca were caught by surprise when the Minotaur’s groans became hitching gasps and roars. The women had been focused on outdoing and overwhelming each other and both had missed the signs of the monster’s impending orgasm. The Minotaur roared and bucked its hips. Its powerful legs went stiff and it arched its back as a massive wash of cum ejaculated from its penis, gushing out and soaking both womens’ tits, which were still pressed firmly to all sides of the Minotaur’s cock. The ejaculate erupted again, splattering both women right in their beautiful faces, seeping down the sides of the women’s tits to slick the monster’s penis even more.

Bianca and Stacia glared at each other, both women’s gorgeous faces dripping with cum. The monster bucked a third time. This time, Bianca was ready. She pushed her face forward, pushing Stacia’s head back with her forehead, and positioned her mouth over the beast’s cock hole. The ejaculate jetted out and she caught as much of it in her mouth as she could, though much of it still splattered her face and breasts. Bianca gasped with pleasure. A moment later, Stacia grabbed the back of Bianca’s head and pulled the brunette to her. The blonde drove her tongue deep into Bianca’s mouth as she locked her rival into a deep, probing kiss. Bianca kissed back, her tongue looping around Stacia’s strong, pink muscle. The women sucked at each other, fighting over the Minotaur’s cum in Bianca’s mouth. They moaned uncontrollably, both incredibly aroused, as their massive tits wrestled and their swollen nipples jousted, as their tongues struggled and they fought to suck the spit and cum out of the other’s mouth. The Minotaur’s cock remained trapped and crushed between their jostling breasts and erupted a fourth time, jetting cum out onto the women’s lower chins and faces, splattering down onto their struggling tits. Bianca grabbed the back of Stacia’s blonde head and, for almost a minute, the two women kissed sloppily and angrily, until saliva and cum was leaking out the sides of their inosculated mouths. Finally, with a slurping gulp, Stacia pulled back, yanking on Bianca’s head to separate their beautiful faces. The women glared at each other, their tits still crushed and pulsing, their faces and upper tits streaked with the monster’s cum. Their eyes shone with mutual anger but also incredible lust. Bianca smiled savagely and Stacia smiled back. Both women could not wait for their own impending battle when they could settle their differences, woman to woman.

The Minotaur’s massive shaft had been vigorously massaged inside the mashed, meaty vice formed by the women’s four breasts. The monster’s shaft had already started to thicken and harden again. Stacia suddenly placed her hands on Bianca’s shoulders and pushed hard. The beautiful brunette fell on the bed, landing on her back, grunting with the unexpected impact on the hard mattress. Still flat on her back, her legs spread, Bianca watched as Stacia stood up, placed her feet on either side of the Minotaur’s hips, then slowly lowered herself onto the creature’s throbbing cock. Stacia used gravity to impale herself on the monster’s enormous shaft. As Bianca watched, the blonde slid down the massive cock, the blonde’s tight twat stretched and strained around the meaty shaft, soaking the prick in lubrication as it slowly, agonizingly, sank deeper and deeper into Stacia’s cunt. The blonde shuddered, her beautiful face a mask of erotic pleasure, her eyes closed, her head thrown back, moans of intense joy coming from her gorgeous mouth. Bianca could see from the way Stacia’s belly rippled that the blonde woman was massaging and squeezing the beast’s shaft inside of her, she was even using her vaginal muscles to pull herself lower and lower on the prick as it slowly filled her to the breaking point. When there were still an inch or two of exposed cock, Stacia seemed to get stuck. She reached down, grabbed the Minotaur’s hips, and pulled hard, even as she shoved down with her hips. With a gasping groan, a combination of exquisite pain and pleasure, Stacia’s cunt slid the remaining distance, completely swallowing the creature’s monstrous member. Her thick, juicy vaginal lips pressed down on the Minotaur’s thick pubic hair. The Minotaur moaned in animal joy; Bianca could see Stacia’s vaginal lips trembling as she did something incredibly pleasurable to the beast deep inside her body. Now that she was fully impaled on the Minotaur’s shaft, Stacia began to rock up and down, thrusting with her hips, using the rigid meat to stir up her insides, to massage all of her g spots. Bianca could see the blonde’s massively swollen clit riding against the topside of the beast’s shaft, rubbing and rubbing against the turgid flesh. Stacia moaned and cried out. She reached up and ran her hands through her hair, arching her back; she threw back her head and squeezed and kneaded her massive breasts. The Minotaur reached up and covered her tits with its monstrous paws. The beast’s enormous hands filled with Stacia’s thick, taut titflesh and he squeezed excitedly.

Bianca watched this display for a minute or so, then decided it was time she got involved. She was impressed by what Stacia had done, but hardly surprised. The blonde was her sexual equal in every way and it was obvious that Stacia had lasted as the Minotaur’s lover for some time because her incredible body could fully satisfy the monster’s lust. Bianca moved forward. She stood over the Minotaur’s head and let her pussy drip down into its muzzle. The monster’s eyes shifted from Stacia’s tits to Bianca’s fragrant cunt, directly overhead. Bianca lowered herself onto the Minotaur’s face, twat first. In an instant, the beast released Stacia’s breasts and looped its arms over Bianca’s thighs and hips, filled its hands with her ass, and buried its muzzle and its questing tongue deep into her wet, hot cunt. Bianca felt the beast’s face working into her tight twat, its powerful tongue lapping her pulsing clit.

“Mmmmmmm, fuck, yes,” Bianca sighed. It was not quite as good as having a cock filling her cunt, but it still felt amazing.

The two women were now straddling the Minotaur’s giant body, one woman impaled on his shaft, the other opening her snatch to the beast’s hungry mouth and tongue. The women sat facing each other. Their eyes locked and they smiled at each other, both enjoying the sight of the other’s woman’s jiggling tits, the raw, wanton lust in the other woman’s eyes. Bianca offered Stacia her hands; the women locked hands, palm to palm, fingers interlacing. They pushed their hands up over their heads, pulling their equally massive, taut tits up on their chests, and leaned forward, mashing tits directly into each other, nipple to nipple.

“Oh, fuck, yessssss….,” Bianca groaned as the intense pleasure of the tit to tit mash combined with the lush heat building in her ravaged cunt.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…,” Stacia chanted, her whole body vibrating as her insides locked and rippled around the Minotaur’s shaft and her tits grew unbearably hot as they wrestled, nip to nip, with the brunette intruder’s incredible rack.

The women pressed forehead to forehead and nose to nose. Their hips and asses continued to writhe and wriggle as they each worked their cunts into different parts of the Minotaur’s body. All the while, the monster groaned and snarled, lost in its own world of sensual delight as its two beautiful lovers competed to see which of them could exhaust the monster more completely.

Bianca slipped her nose past Stacia’s and locked the blonde in a thick, violating kiss. She grabbed the back of Stacia’s head and pulled the other woman into her mouth even more deeply. Their tongues lashed at each other and both women sucked at the other’s spit. Stacia grabbed the back of Bianca’s head with both hands, even as she consciously worked her deep vaginal muscles on the monster’s throbbing prick. Her entire body was quivering with pleasure. The women moaned in concert as they kissed ravenously.

Bianca slid one of her hands down Stacia’s hot, tight belly and began to stroke and tease the woman’s marble-sized clit. Stacia screamed and gasped within their locked mouths. She reached for Bianca’s clit but found that it was being ministered to by the Minotaur’s thick tongue. The women wriggled against each other uncontrollably, meaty tits struggling for domination.

Stacia went stiff as she felt a tremendous orgasm swell in her core, burning up to fill her with overwhelming pleasure. She broke the kiss to scream in utter bliss. Her deep muscles contracted around the monster’s cock and held tight. The Minotaur roared, pulling its mouth and tongue away from Bianca’s dripping cunt, and bucked its hips hard as it jerked, its body shuddering with intense sensations. The monster ejaculated powerfully deep inside of Stacia, filling her insides with its hot cum. The blonde and the Minotaur strained against each other in ecstasy. Stacia’s deep muscles rippled over the monster’s convulsing cock, milking the thick shaft. Bianca wrapped her arms around Stacia’s luscious body and squeezed her rival tightly, tit to tit. Stacia cried out and squeezed back, clawing at Bianca in her passion.

The Minotaur buried its massive head in Bianca’s twat once again and drove its tongue deep into her cleft, lapping at her engorged clit. Bianca was nearing an orgasm. She clung to Stacia, returning the other woman’s scratches and passionate bites, writhing with pleasure. Her nipples were on fire as they ground mercilessly with Stacia’s equally enflamed nips. Screaming, Bianca came hard, her pussy gushing into the Minotaur’s bull-face, further soaking its already wet muzzle. The beast lapped at her twat even faster, drinking up her ejaculate like milk.

Bianca shuddered, crushing Stacia’s luscious body even more tightly to her own. The blonde returned the bear hug. The two incredibly beautiful women trembled against each other as raw pleasure arched through their bodies. They clung to each other, gasping and panting, hot sweat slicking their gorgeous bodies as they strained together in ecstasy, their massive, swollen tits mashing into each other, taut flesh fused. Slowly, the pleasure retreated and they remained pressed together, tit to tit, cheek to cheek.

“Get off of him,” Bianca panted into Stacia’s ear. “It’s my turn to ride his cock.”

Stacia smiled viciously. “You’re not getting me off this meat, fucker,” the blonde replied. “This prick belongs to me and you’re not getting any more of it.”

Bianca licked Stacia’s ear. “That’s fine by me, cocksucker,” the gorgeous brunette replied. “I’ve already had that thing jammed up my pussy and my ass for hours. I can use the break. But if you want to exhaust yourself by riding cock all by yourself, that’s fine with me. It’ll make it easier for me to take you on when we get started.”

Stacia growled. She knew from experience that the effort to exhaust the Minotaur would leave her too spent to meet Bianca on equal terms. She was determined to sexually overwhelm and humiliate this brunette cunt.

Stacia pushed Bianca away. Bianca climbed off of the Minotaur. Stacia braced her hands on the beast’s rock-hard abdomen and pushed away, rising up as she slid her incredible body off the monster’s penetrating cock. Cum and other juices came surging out of her pussy as she lifted herself off the beast’s jutting staff, leaving his cock coated in sexual slime. Stacia stood up over the beast, her pussy dripping. Bianca wasted no time. In an instant, she threw herself on the sex-slimed cock and began licking and sucking at it vigorously. In a matter of seconds, the beast went rigid again, roaring with pleasure as Bianca sucked its cock expertly. Bianca’s ass was facing towards the monster’s face and she groaned as she felt its massive paw cup her vulva and squeeze, before the creature’s fingers began probing and teasing her juiced up labia, then penetrated her vaginal canal and her asshole.

When the monster was steel-hard once more, Bianca rose to her feet. Standing with her back to the beast’s face, she grasped the massive cock and lowered herself onto the monster’s throbbing shaft. Bianca whimpered with delight as the stiff meat penetrated her juiced up twat, spreading her labia, sliding slowly and inexorably up her hungry vagina. The slick member slid more easily into Bianca’s tight, hot, wet cunt than it had before, but it still stretched her insides to the breaking point, filling her completely. Her body swallowed the shaft completely, ravenously. Like Stacia, she found herself stuck on the last two inches. She rocked herself down, her hips jerking and her belly undulating, until the monster’s prick was sheathed inside of her, surrounded by her hot, wet, welcoming vaginal canal, until her thick pussy lips pressed tightly to the beast’s pubes.

Bianca worked the Minotaur’s shaft, her inner vaginal muscles squeezing and releasing, massaging and rippling over the beast’s sensitive prick. Bianca rocked her hips as she moved on the monstrous member, forcing intense pleasure on the beast as its cock burned inside the wet, hot, tight furnace of Bianca’s cunt. The Minotaur groaned in unbearable pleasure. Its massive hands moved over Bianca’s flexing ass and over her perfect back. Suddenly, Stacia intervened. She sat on the Minotaur’s chest, thrusting her hot, fragrant twat into the beast’s face. Instantly, the Minotaur began to lick and eat her pussy, burying its muzzle deeply into the succulent flesh. Stacia pressed her heavy tits into Bianca’s flawless back. She slipped her hands around Bianca’s waist, then traced up Bianca’s flat abdomen to the brunette’s massive tits. Stacia squeezed and kneaded the other woman’s beautiful rack, teasing and twisting Bianca’s rock-hard nipples. She slipped one hand down Bianca’s belly and began stroking and teasing the brunette’s swollen clit. Bianca moaned and turned her head and twisted her neck back. Stacia eagerly met her; the women locked into a spitty, tongue-twisting kiss, both gasping and growling as their tongues played. The women pulled at the other’s hair as they sucked on each other’s tongues. The Minotaur’s cock worked inside Bianca’s body, even as its tongue and mouth ravaged Stacia’s dripping twat.

The three lovers continued to fuck vigorously. Stacia clutched at Bianca’s bouncing tits, squeezing and mauling the beautiful golden orbs, even as one of her hands continued to work Bianca’s swollen clit. Stacia ground her engorged tits and pulsing nipples into Bianca’s back. Bianca reached around and caught Stacia’s head in the crook of her arm. Pressed cheek to cheek, panting and cursing each other when they were not locked in a sloppy kiss, the women continued their erotic struggle. The pounding, bucking and grinding went on and on until all three sex partners were trembling with pre-orgasmic tension, all trying to hold off incredibly powerful orgasms. The Minotaur roared out its climax first, its body going rigid, its hips thrusting high as its pulsing cock exploded. Bianca smiled, crying out in ecstasy as she felt the beast’s warm cum flood her insides, surging in the depths of her body. She squeezed the cock furiously with her inner muscles, then let herself go, screaming in joy as a delicious orgasm took her. Her hot ejaculate flowed out, coating the Minotaur’s crotch and spilling down to its inner thighs. As Bianca screamed, Stacia pulled the brunette’s head around and stifled Bianca’s cries with her mouth and tongue. Moments later, the blonde’s twat exploded into the Minotaur’s face. For several excruciating minutes, the women gasped and cried out as their luscious bodies shuddered through multiple orgasms, their pussies gushing again and again. The Minotaur ejaculated twice more before it collapsed, temporarily spent.

Bianca panted, her forehead dripping with sweat. She felt like collapsing, her insides quivering with the released pleasure. But she could not fall over; the Minotaur’s still rigid cock remained fully inserted into her body, holding her up like a pole. Bianca suddenly felt Stacia’s hands under her arm pits, the blonde’s hands compressing Bianca’s tits. The blonde lifted Bianca up, using her legs to carry the weight, and pulled the brunette directly up, off of the monster’s cock, before Bianca had a chance to tighten her vaginal muscles. With a loud pop, Bianca’s cunt released the Minotaur’s shaft. Hot cum dribbled from her engorged pussy and a thick string of sexual secretion continued to link the woman’s genitals to the Minotaur’s incredible shaft.

Bianca stood and swung around, angrily pushing at Stacia, shoving the blonde in her bountiful chest.

“Get off of me, you cunt!” the beautiful Latina snarled.

“You whore!” Stacia growled. The blonde beauty hurled herself at Bianca. The naked, sweat-soaked women went down in a thrashing tangle of voluptuous flesh, their powerful bare legs twining immediately, their massive tits squashing each other, their naked bellies slapping. Pulling at each other’s hair, Stacia and Bianca rolled back and forth on the bed, cursing and spitting, each trying to gain and hold the top position, their incredible bodies locked up in a rolling ball of female fury. The repressed anger and hatred that they had put aside came boiling back up and both women were consumed with the desire to overpower and dominate the other. Their taut flesh slapped, their sweat-soaked muscles strained. Bianca succeeded in gaining and holding the upper hand, at least for a moment. She managed to pin one of Stacia’s hands to the bed in a hand to hand wrestle, but the blonde used her other hand to pull savagely at Bianca’s hair. Nose to nose and forehead to forehead, the two luscious beauties growled at each other, each trying to push the other back, their beautiful eyes locked as they glared into each other with furious rage and incredible lust.

Their battle was suddenly interrupted by the Minotaur. Its sexual hunger revived by watching the two naked, voluptuous women’s luscious bodies locked and struggling, the beast loomed over the women. It reached down to spread Bianca’s ass cheeks then, slowly and powerfully, drove its massive prick into her puckered asshole. Bianca shrieked with the sudden pain and intense pleasure. The Minotaur reached down and lifted her by her hips, moving her away from Stacia’s prone body. Bianca curved her back and shoved her ass into the air, even as she pressed her tits into the bed. She moaned in agony and ecstasy as the beast thrust into her, its grunts of effort and desire harmonizing with her cries of sexual bliss.

Stacia watched this in a rage. She knew from her own experience with the Minotaur that the creature was in a sexual frenzy. Stacia realized what she had to do. She crawled across the bed until she was directly beside Bianca’s straining body. The brunette’s beautiful face was pressed to the bed, her eyes closed tightly, as the Minotaur’s cock reamed her ass. Stacia positioned herself right beside Bianca and adopted the same position. She shoved her ass into the air, pressed her tits into the bed and presented her sex and ass to her monstrous lover.

The Minotaur was immediately distracted. It kept thrusting into Bianca, who used her deep muscles to squeeze and tease its cock. But the beast ran its giant hand over Stacia’s smooth cunt, cupping the blonde’s alluring fuckmeat, before it began to stroke and probe at the woman’s waiting twat with two fingers. Stacia moaned and wriggled, encouraging the beast to do more. The Minotaur kept pounding into Bianca for a few more minutes before it suddenly withdrew its prick from the brunette’s ass. Shifting to the side, the beast drove itself into Stacia’s waiting asshole. The blonde groaned with animal lust as the beast penetrated her. Bianca opened her eyes, puzzled by the sudden withdrawal, and found herself staring into the triumphant glare of her blonde opponent. Bianca realized what had happened. Before she could think of how to retaliate, the Minotaur began running its hand on her cunt, caressing and probing her with its fingers, exploring her cunt and her ass with enough diligence to keep her quivering with pleasure.

This went on for some time. The women presented their haunches to the beast, their rounded, heart-shaped asses side by side, pressed against each other, offered to the Minotaur, taunting it and tempting it to satisfy its lust. The beast moved from woman to woman, driving its cock into their asses then their vaginas, mixing each woman’s juices into the other, grunting and growling as it worked itself deep and hard into its two lovers. It struggled to hold back its pleasure, determined to keep riding both women for as long as it could.

All the while, Stacia and Bianca glared at each other through half-closed eyes as they enjoyed the monster’s cock or its fingers, depending on which of them was being ridden at the time. When the beast had its cock sheathed in either woman, the recipient vixen used all of her tricks and skills on the monster, hoping to get it to ejaculate inside of her. The marathon fuck went on for some time until the Minotaur was quivering with barely controlled orgasmic power, until the two women were writhing in erotic ecstasy as they struggled to contain their orgasms. Finally, when the Minotaur was balls-deep inside of Stacia’s tight, hot cunt, it suddenly jerked up, roared out in unbearable pleasure, and came hard, flooding her cunt with cum. Stacia smiled triumphantly. She wriggled in ecstasy as she released her orgasm; she screamed in bliss as the pleasure washed through her.

Bianca was glaring with anger when the Minotaur pulled itself out of Stacia. It was still ejaculating and its cock was still rigid. It rammed itself deep into Bianca’s twat and began thrusting. Less than a minute later, the beast roared again and ejaculated powerfully, filling her quim with hot, sticky cum. The Minotaur pulled back from Bianca, withdrawing its cock, spraying her and Stacia with its ejaculate. It staggered back from the bed and then fell to the rug at the foot of the bed, unconscious. Its body and sexual power finally gave out. It lay sprawled on the rug, its penis still leaking juices. Bianca stirred and looked down at the Minotaur on the floor. The beast’s penis was flaccid for the first time since she had met it. She and Stacia had succeeded in exhausting the beast.

Bianca and Stacia stretched out on the bed on their sides, facing each other, their womanly hips curving up, their long, powerful legs extended, their powerful, round tits rolling on their chests. The women smiled at each other, their mutual hunger and hatred tangible. Stacia offered her hand to Bianca. Bianca took the blonde’s hand. Their fingers twined together, they pushed their hot, sweaty palms together and smiled wider.

“Now, Bianca,” Stacia purred. “Let’s settle our disagreement, shall we?”

“Of course, Stacia,” Bianca murmured in reply. “I’m going to make you cum so hard, you won’t be able to stand for a week.”

Stacia smiled. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk, bitch,” the blonde replied.

Still holding hands, Bianca and Stacia moved into sitting positions, facing each other. They finally released the other’s hand and leaned back. Their eyes locked. Signaling with their eyes, the women spread their legs at the same time. Hungry gazes drank in the other woman’s hot, dripping snatch. Semen leaked from both women’s twats, trickling down towards their gaping assholes. Both women could see that the other’s cunt and ass were distended, stretched open by the Minotaur’s massive cock. Bianca shuddered. She knew what this meant. She and Stacia would be able to get good, hard, deep locks on each other when they came together cunt to cunt. They would be able to suck together completely and merge their cunts into one mass. Bianca thrilled to the idea of being able to lock up so deeply and completely with another woman. From the glint of excitement in Stacia’s eyes, Bianca could see that the other woman was thinking the same thing.

Smiling, both women reached down and spread their cuntlips a little more. Stroking their enflamed pink labia and engorged clits, readying their cunts for battle, Bianca and Stacia began moving towards each other on their asses, their legs spread wide, finally ready to meet woman to woman and decide their rivalry.

Bianca advanced on Stacia, pushing forward on her ass, her beautiful legs spread wide. The blonde moved to meet her. The women moved slowly, seductively, each one giving the other plenty of time to take in her rival’s gorgeous body. Both women’s bodies gleamed in the dim light from the torches illuminating the chamber. Their luscious flesh was wet with sweat and streaked with the Minotaur’s discharge. Their clean-shaven pussies were dripping with juices and expended semen. Their equally massive, firm tits jiggled enticingly as they moved. Sweat dripped from their jutting nipples. The women’s hair was messy, damp with sweat. Both women smelled of sex and cum, and the animal scent of the Minotaur. The women’s eyes locked as they shifted their right legs over lefts, their sticky bare skin sliding electrically against each other as they slowly scissored.

Bianca found herself filled with an overwhelming hunger, an incredible lust, for the blonde vixen confronting her. Her blood was boiling with desire. She should be exhausted after all of the delicious sex she had had with the Minotaur. But, instead, she felt rejuvenated. It was as if everything she had done with the beast had only primed her pump for this cunt to cunt, clit to clit, tit to tit confrontation with her gorgeous blonde rival. As her pussy closed in on Stacia’s dripping fuckmeat, Bianca was seized with the overpowering desire to merge her flesh completely and absolutely with Stacia’s voluptuous body, to match like to like and fuck and fuck and fuck until she drained every drop of cum, every single orgasm, from the incredibly beautiful bitch before her.

Stacia had exactly the same feelings. She had been trapped down in the Minotaur’s maze now for several months. She enjoyed being here; she was a sexually insatiable woman and the Minotaur was one of the very few lovers she had ever had who could keep up with her, let alone satisfy her. But the same intense sexual fires that she felt burning in her core she could also sense within Bianca. Stacia desired to join her fire to Bianca’s, to merge completely with the intruder in the most intimate ways possible and to fuck her until they both exploded in unbearable pleasure. These desires ran through her and fed her lust. She wanted to do nothing more than fuck Bianca endlessly until she exhausted and drained the other woman, until her blazing sexual fire overpowered Bianca’s sexual heat. As she lined up her dripping twat with Bianca’s snatch, she realized that she was more aroused than she had been in as long as she could remember.

The women paused, their naked cunts only an inch apart, and smiled at each other, their eyes glowing with pure animal lust. They read in each other’s eyes their mutual desire to completely possess the other. They were leaning back, their torsos supported by their arms, their proud, firm tits jiggling with each heaving pant as their excitement built. They could feel the erotic heat pouring out of their hungry twats. Their fully engorged clits throbbed with need. They flexed their ravenous cunts, readying them for battle.

“No rules,” Stacia purred. “We just keep fucking until one of us is completely drained and can’t take it anymore. Agreed?”

“Absolutely, baby,” Bianca smiled back. “I’m going to squeeze that twat dry. I’m going to suck out every drop of cum in your body.”

Stacia smiled wider. In reply, she moved forward, just slightly, and brushed her slick, wet, naked cuntlips against Bianca’s equally slick vaginal lips. Both women gasped at the erotic contact, at the delicious burst of electricity that raced through their bodies.

“I want you all the way inside me, cuntlicker,” Stacia whispered hoarsely, “And I want to be all the way inside you. I want to feel our cunts eat each other. I want to feel my clit crush yours after a long, hard fuck.”

“I want you in me, too, Stacia,” Bianca grunted, her voice husky with need. “I want you in me deep. I want your clit inside me. I want every inch of me against every inch of you.”

The women were now panting furiously, their massive, perfect golden tits heaving with lust; their cunts were burning with desire, their clits were throbbing uncontrollably. They could not wait an instant longer; they needed each other. Only the other woman’s delicious body could satisfy the intense heat burning in their aching loins.

Stacia licked her lips; Bianca grinned savagely. Then the women closed the distance between their ravening cunts. They pressed together, hot, juicy cuntlips crushing to slick, hot cuntlips. They groaned in mutual joy and then cried out in shared ecstasy. The erotic sensations were overwhelming; they were both in sexual heaven, almost paralyzed with the intense pleasure but anticipating the sheer unbearable ecstasy that they were about to unleash on each other.

Their pussies slapped like hot, wet meat, slowly melting into one steaming mass of pleasure. Their soft, lush labia slipped into each other, their complex folds interlocking and fusing. The women’s nova-hot, pulsing clits pressed hard and tight into each other, marble-sized head to head, and seemed to fuse into one hot, throbbing point of absolute pleasure. The clitoral rings surrounding the women’s vulvas, the ring of nerves and heat that fed their sexual fire, flared to full burning life.

“Fuck! Oh my God!!” Bianca screamed. She threw back her head, her eyes closed tight, her tits heaving on her chest as she jerked in unspeakable pleasure. “Oh Fuck, that feels so fucking GOOD!!”

“Yes, Yes, Goddess, YESSSS!!” Stacia screamed, as wave after wave of pleasure burned up from her pussy, filling her entire body with wracking ecstasy. “Harder, harder, you cunt!!”

The women pulled back, momentarily disengaging their steaming cunts, then drove forward, pounding pussies, slamming their twats together with wild abandon. They did this for almost a minute, each hard, wet slap sending cum and juice spraying over their inner thighs and bellies, their majestic tits bouncing deliciously. But they wanted to lock up. They wanted to violate each other. They wanted to enter and devour each other from the inside out. Soon, they stopped pounding. Instead, they kept their cunts locked, pressed tight, and pushed into each other with all their power. Their pussy lips flattened against each other with an audible hiss and spread out, opening and sucking at each other like ravenous flowers. Their labia melted together, their pulsing clits seemed to swell even larger and harder and fused to each other as the women ground them together relentlessly. The women’s vaginal canals, so distended by the invasion of the Minotaur’s enormous cock, formed a tight, powerful suction to each other. Hot juices flowed between the two women’s sealed vaginas. The women panted and heaved as their asses flexed and shoved with all of their power, as their hips thrust and their hard bellies undulated with effort. The women worked their bodies tighter and harder, until their cunts were locked together in an unbreakable and unbearably sensuous bond. Bianca and Stacia thrust at each other, moving their bodies in concert as they fucked furiously. They screamed and cried out with each delicious thrust. The dim chamber rang with the sounds of their animal lust and fury. The mighty maze beyond the chamber echoed with the incredibly erotic sounds of two women in heat. When the women were sure that they were locked together unbreakably, that they could not go any deeper into each other, they began to wrestle with their cunts, using their deep muscles to try to pull each other in, to squeeze each other, contracting their muscles around each other, using their vaginal lips to apply pressure to their twined clits. Their pussies trembled as they wrestled, their vaginal canals quivered all the way up into their wombs.

Bianca and Stacia glared at each other, their blazing eyes locked as they fucked each other’s brains out. When they were locked and sealed into one body at their cunts, the women pushed up, moving their torsos together. The women’s nipples were burning with arousal. When their nips came together, it was like four little clits spearing each other. The shock of incredible pleasure radiated from their breasts into the rest of their bodies, feeding into their battling clits. Bianca grabbed Stacia’s golden hair savagely and pulled the beautiful woman’s face to hers; Stacia returned the grip, but she slipped her other hand down Bianca’s back to pull and scratch at the brunette’s ass. The women pulled closer; their massive tits crushed each other, taut, aroused flesh resisting deliciously. Their struggling tits rolled against each other, sending waves of erotic pleasure rippling through the women’s bodies. Their sweaty foreheads pressed tight, they rested nose to nose, staring deeply into each other’s eyes as their hot breath mixed, as their whimpers and screams of pleasure grew more frantic. Bianca and Stacia slipped their hands around each other’s waists and gripped the other woman’s ass tightly; their bare bellies undulated against each other, smacking and slapping as their pussies fought. Bianca pushed her abdomen hard into Stacia’s sweat-drenched belly and groaned in pleasure as she felt her deep navel suck to Stacia’s navel. The women wrapped their legs around the other’s body, locking each other in place. Slowly, as their erotic ecstasy built to unbearable levels, as their voluptuous bodies shuddered with pre-orgasmic energy, Stacia and Bianca began licking each other, tongues pushing and playing. The women slowly sealed into a deep, hard, tongue-twisting kiss. They moaned deep in their throats as their tongues licked and lapped at each other. They sucked back each other’s spit. Their moans and cries of pleasure grew more frantic as they bodies moved harder and harder against each other, as the fucking became ever more intense. The women quivered with erotic tension. Each woman felt an excruciatingly powerful orgasm building up inside.

Stacia clawed frantically at Bianca’s ass as she felt her orgasm on the verge of explosion. Bianca pulled viciously at Stacia’s hair, then returned her grip to the blonde’s ass. Both women shoved two fingers up each other’s assholes. A moment later, screaming like banshees, Stacia and Bianca came as one. Their bellies rippled as their insides contracted in ecstasy. Hot cum gushed, filling both women, mixing and flowing back and forth within their locked vaginas. Stacia and Bianca screamed again and again, in concert, as they shared one devastating orgasm after another. They clung to each other, squeezing with their cunts, trying to wring every drop of cum from the other. They squeezed with their arms, crushing their throbbing tits together furiously, even as they rubbed and ground their tits into each other.

For several minutes, the women shook and moaned through one shared orgasm after another, their arms and legs wrapped around each other, their powerful bodies straining against each other as they rode each other in ecstasy. They buried their faces in the other’s sweat-soaked hair and moaned and screamed uncontrollably. They pulled hair and bit and clawed at each other passionately. They ejaculated hard time and again, filling their vaginal canals with their mixed cum, until their juices leaked out from the seal between their twats, the wet increasing the strength of the suction.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. Gasping, sobbing with pleasure, the women fell away from each other, landing flat on their backs on the bed. Their bodies gleamed with sweat, their heavy tits heaved with their pants. They remained sealed together at the crotch. They lay there for several minutes, recovering from what they had done to each other.

Finally, Stacia pushed herself up on her elbows to look over her dripping tits at her enemy.

“More, you cunt,”the blonde whispered, her blood hot. “I want more.”

“I’ll give you a lot more, Stacia,” Bianca replied, her eyes glowing with animal fury and desire. “A lot, lot more.”

The women sat up. They shifted slightly, their pussies still locked, and grasped the other’s slick thigh. Neatly scissored, they began to fuck, working their hips and asses, driving their clits against each other even as they clamped their pussies around each other like vises and struggled to devour the other. Their cries soon became furious screams and howls of pleasure as they ground into each other mercilessly, furiously, fucking and fucking and fucking. Their tits bounced exuberantly as their bodies writhed and rippled against each other. They each reached out to grasp and knead and maul the other woman’s bouncing tits.

The first wave of orgasms hit them after almost 30 minutes of constant, delirious fucking, of struggling to keep the pleasure from exploding too early. The orgasms rocked both women, causing them to scream in ecstasy. They pumped hot cum into each other. They fell onto their backs and continued to writhe and grind into each other. Bianca braced herself against the bed frame and used it to anchor herself as she pumped herself deeper and harder into Stacia’s yielding cunt. Stacia braced her hand on the wall as she shoved and thrust back, driving herself as deep and hard into Bianca as she could. The women arched their backs and drove together, each trying to fuck the other into oblivion. As they arched their backs to better penetrate each other, both women realized that they could make their distended assholes kiss. They began to grind assholes at the peak of every cunt thrust, moaning in bliss as they violated each other in yet another intimate and erotic way.

It was as though a dam broke inside the women. They could not stop having orgasms, they could not stop cumming. As much as they ejaculated their pussies remained hot and wet and burning with sexual need. The women grabbed each other’s hands. Straining against each other, they worked their cunts together as hard and deep as they could, grinding and grinding, cumming and cumming, until both women felt they would die from the pleasure, until their frantic screams of ecstasy filled the room.

Bianca’s nipples were burning and she squeezed her own tit as she writhed, her body jerking as she came again and again. Stacia was cumming just as hard. The women’s orgasms synched up and they writhed and undulated on the bed, trapped and locked between each other’s thighs as they fucked each other relentlessly, ejaculating into each other every few minutes, screaming and gasping as they rode each other to the end.

Finally, their locked bodies stopped straining as the orgasms abated. Stacia did not know if she could move. Her entire body was vibrating with incredible pleasure. Bianca felt the same way. Barely conscious, the women lay flat on the bed for some time, their gorgeous bodies soaked with sweat and cum. Exhausted, panting desperately, the women rested for a time.

Moaning, Bianca finally pulled herself up. Stacia pushed herself up on her elbows to face her enemy. The women smiled at each other, both seeing the hunger in the other’s eyes. They were both ready to keep on going.

Bianca and Stacia sat up and reached for each other. Vaguely, Bianca realized that their pussies had not separated since their marathon fuckfest had started. The women moved into each other, tit to tit and nose to nose. They stared into each other through sex-glazed eyes. They did not need to speak. Slick tongues caressed before they sealed in a lustful kiss. The women worked their shoulders and chests, rubbing and rubbing and rubbing their throbbing tits together. Their bare bellies slapped, their hungry cunts feasted on each other, their boiling clits began to throb as they ground against each other once again.

Bianca gave herself to her animal lust. She knew that giving into her passion was the only way to match and beat this blonde beauty. She felt another monstrous orgasm building in her core and she knew that this one would likely become a chain of devastating explosions. The women trembled with pre-orgasmic ecstasy as they fought to hold back their pleasure, as they struggled to fuck the other into submission. But the pleasure grew like a tidal wave, washing over them from their locked and pulsing cunts, radiating from their fused clits in ripples of pure sexual ecstasy.

Bianca felt her pussy clamp and squeeze and suck at Stacia’s cunt, even as Stacia’s twat tried to devour Bianca’s cunt. Bianca felt the shot of hot cum that jetted from her straining body into Stacia’s vagina, even as Stacia’s hot ejaculate flowed into Bianca’s quim. The waves of hot pleasure soared through her. Even as she let herself go, losing herself in the raw sensual pleasure of a series of intense orgasms, something unexpected happened. Bianca had become so immersed in her erotic fuckwar with Stacia that she forgot to hold back her temporal powers. The energy of the incredible pleasure that she had stored in her body since her battle with Stacia began was suddenly unleashed. As the women’s bodies trembled and strained against each other in orgasmic bliss, Bianca felt the time jump take hold. She was helpless to stop it. With a wash of power, the temporal energy suffused Bianca’s luscious form and sent her shooting out into the time stream. But this time something unusual happened. As the women shared hot cum and the pure ecstasy of simultaneous orgasms, as their bodies struggled, as their most intimate, pleasurable flesh fused into one, the power washed over Stacia, too.

An abrupt silence fell over the sex-room in the heart of the maze. The Minotaur remained sprawled on the rug at the foot of the bed. It remained unconscious, only subconsciously aware that the erotic screams that had accompanied its exhausted sleep for the past few hours were suddenly gone. It snorted and returned to a deep sleep. Somewhere in the time stream, locked together in erotic bliss, Bianca and Stacia came to rest.

Bianca woke abruptly. She quickly realized what had happened. She had lost control of her temporal powers and her incredible orgasms had bounced her to another time. Angrily, she realized that Stacia had won their contest by default. The blonde cunt had fucked her so hard she lost control and removed herself from their erotic arena. Bitterly, Bianca knew that she could not argue with the result. But she was not about to let this go. She would work harder at controlling her powers, then go back and fuck the blonde’s brains out. It did not hurt that Stacia was the best fuck Bianca had ever had, and that was really saying something.

Bianca pushed Stacia out of her mind and took a quick inventory of herself. She was naked, lying face down on some kind of rough surface. The air was warm, at least, which was a blessing. She got to a kneeling position and looked around. She saw that she was on a cliff and that the sun was low in the sky. The place looked familiar, but it took her a moment to realize exactly what she was looking at and where/when she was. She was looking out at the ruins of New York City and she realized that she was in the far future. She had been here before. At that time, she had encountered a beautiful blonde clone named Candi. She and Candi had retreated into underground caverns to wait out the night. They had been making love when they were attacked by mutant monsters. The mutants raped both of them. In the end, they were saved by a small alien who had been Bianca’s travel companion. The alien killed the mutants using his psychic powers. Bianca had tried to take Candi with her and had started making love to the blonde beauty again in the hope that a simultaneous orgasm might enable both of them to time travel. However, before Bianca could test the theory, the alien opened a time portal. One of the mutants who survived the aliens’ attack seized Candi just before she could enter the portal and Bianca had ended up time-jumping away by herself. Losing Candi was one of Bianca’s biggest regrets and she was determined that, once she fully controlled her powers, she would go back for the gorgeous clone and put her theory to the test. She intended to arrive just after she had left, to be sure that she could help Candi with the mutant, if necessary. It now seemed that she had come back to this time period, however accidentally. She could not be certain if she had arrived before or after her first visit but she had started to develop a vague time-sense as her powers came more fully under her control and she felt that she was sometime after her first visit.

It was getting dark. Bianca knew that it was a bad idea to be out in the open. Behind her, she saw the entrance to the same underground caves where Candi had taken her. She began to walk towards the cave opening. She realized that if Candi was still here, there was a chance she would be able to find the blonde and, maybe, test her theory after all. Suddenly, she heard a scuffling sound off to her side. Instantly, she was on high alert, looking for a weapon. But she started when she saw what had made the noise. It was Stacia! The blonde Greek woman was naked, sprawled on the ground, and only starting to stir. Bianca’s head reeled. Now she knew, just as she had suspected, that it was possible for her to take a sex partner with her through time.

She approached Stacia quickly. The blonde woman came to consciousness, but she was disoriented. She looked around. “Where are we?” Stacia asked Bianca. Bianca reached down and helped Stacia to her feet. The blonde was still unsteady, so Bianca put the woman’s arm over her shoulder, her arm around Stacia’s hip, and began leading her groggy rival towards the underground caverns. As her naked body pressed up against Stacia’s nude perfection, as the sides of their massive tits pressed tight and rolled against each other as the women moved, Bianca felt a shudder of erotic desire race through her. She smiled. She knew exactly how she and Stacia would travel on from here and it would involve a great deal of relentless, ecstatic fucking and an enormous amount of sexual pleasure. She just had to find someplace where they could fuck each other senseless without being interrupted or attacked.

“We are in the far future, in a place that doesn’t exist in your time,” Bianca said. “We have to hide in these caverns.” They entered the first of the caverns. “There are all sorts of dangers out here and we can’t stay in the open.”

Stacia said nothing. The cavern was large but dirty. Its floor was coated in a thick layer of moist mud. The women plodded through it on the balls of their feet. After the women traveled into a second large cavern, Stacia disengaged herself from Bianca. “I think I can walk on my own now,” she said curtly. Bianca led the blonde vixen deeper into the caves. It was dark but an orange glow, similar to the light in the Minotaur’s maze, emanated from glowing rocks scattered around the floor. The illumination was poor, but it was enough to guide the women into another smaller cavern. Bianca was looking for an even smaller cave, someplace well hidden and defensible, where she and Stacia could get down to the serious business of ravaging each other. In her previous visit to this time and place, she and Candi had begun eating each other’s pussies out in the open and they had been surprised by the mutant troop that came onto them from out of the dark. Bianca did not want anything to sneak up on her and Stacia this time. Bianca had no desire to stay in this dangerous world any longer than necessary but, given that she did not know the rules that allowed her to time travel with Stacia, the safest thing to do would be to try to recreate the conditions that had preceded their time jump from the maze. And that would involve building up a great deal of orgasmic power.

Bianca took Stacia’s hand and led her deeper into the smaller chamber. She saw what looked like an even smaller cavern off the main cavern. It was an opening no more than a meter or so high and about half a meter wide. It was dark but she threw a few of the glowing rocks inside. To her delight, the interior of the small cave was the size of a small room, no more than 3 meters by 3 meters in floor space and about 2 meters high on the inside. It appeared to be unused. She and Stacia moved a few more glowing rocks into the cave to provide more light. Once they entered the cave, Bianca saw that a large boulder, just the right size to cover the opening, was set off to the side. She knew then that the cave had to be someone’s hidey-hole, a place to retreat to for safety. There was no indication that anyone lived in the cave, though maybe whoever used it traveled so light that he or she had nothing to leave behind. Bianca’s mind went back to Candi. When she met her, the blonde clone had been wearing only a scrap of cloth around her crotch, a scrap that she soon lost. Candi could well be living or hiding in this cave, Bianca thought. If so, then she and the clone might have a reunion. But, for now, Bianca needed the hole for the night and she did not plan to be there by the time morning came. With Stacia’s help, she rolled the boulder into place. She used some smaller stones to jam the larger rock in place. She felt much safer now. At least now there was no chance of being ambushed and it would be nearly impossible to push the boulder aside from the outside. In the quiet of the cave, she heard a gentle trickle. She found that the back wall of the cave was damp. She showed it to Stacia and, side by side, the women drank, quenching their thirsts. Bianca examined the cave wall and found it to be a porous rock that worked very well as a sound baffle. She smiled. At least she and Stacia would not have to worry about making too much noise. Between this stone and the boulder protecting the entrance, very little sound would get out. They could scream their heads off in here and no one would hear. That was good. Bianca intended to have her rival screaming in ecstasy very soon.

Stacia had been very quiet to this point. Now that they were safe, at least for the moment, Bianca turned her attention to her blonde rival. It was possible that she could masturbate and leave this place, but she had no intention of leaving the Greek beauty to the tender mercies of the mutants. Still, she needed to explain what was going on.

Bianca and Stacia sat facing each other, their legs folded under their voluptuous bodies, their lush asses resting on their feet. The glowing rocks gave off a gentle heat that soon warmed the cave. The floor was dry and clean, free of the thick mud they had moved through to get here. At least they were as comfortable as they could be.

“Tell me what is happening,” Stacia said. Her voice was firm but Bianca could tell the woman was frightened and confused.

“OK,” Bianca replied. “Here is the truth. I am a time traveler. I came to the Minotaur’s maze from a time far in the future, at least from where you are. My ability to move through time is connected to sex. When I orgasm, I can jump through time. I gained this power a short while ago. Since then, I’ve been learning how to control it. I’ve gotten a lot better at that but, clearly, I’m still not completely in control.”

“Though,” Bianca purred, “in my defense, you are the most spectacular fuck I’ve ever had. I’m not surprised you made me lose control.” She reached out and gently, slowly, traced the nipple of Stacia’s abundant right breast. The blonde’s nipples hardened immediately. But Stacia brushed Bianca’s hand aside.

“I have to accept what you are saying, though I don’t understand it,” the blonde began, speaking slowly. “I cannot deny that you and I have somehow traveled to some other place, some kind of horrible place. I don’t know if this is some different time, but I can see that we have moved from one place to another and I have no memory of doing so. The last thing I remember is cumming with you and feeling incredible pleasure. Then I was here. If you can do that, I don’t see why you would lie about moving through time.” Bianca nodded.

“If you can move through time in this way, why did you come to my time?”Stacia asked.

Bianca smiled. “To fuck the Minotaur. I fucked him during one of my first trips, when I first gained my power. It was a great experience and I thought riding him would be the ultimate test of my ability to control my power.” She smiled lasciviously. “I just didn’t count on finding someone who is an even better fuck than the Minotaur.”

Stacia seemed to be relaxing as she understood the situation. She smiled back and the fires of lust began to shine in her eyes. “So, how does this work? If we fuck long and hard enough, we travel back to the maze?”

“I’m not sure,” Bianca said, reaching out again to stroke Stacia’s beautiful tit. This time, the blonde did not stop her. Stacia’s nipples grew rock-hard in moments and the blonde began to breathe harder as her pussy moistened. “I have never traveled with another person before. I think that our safest bet is to try to duplicate what we did before.” Bianca got on her hands and knees and moved closer to Stacia, who rearranged herself to sit with her legs slightly spread in front of her. Bianca lowered her head to Stacia’s beautiful round right tit, the luscious brown nipple. She licked at the areolae; Stacia signed with pleasure. Bianca took the entire nipple into her mouth and chewed at the sensitive flesh. She bit it with her teeth, then took as much of Stacia’s entire luscious tit into her mouth as she could, sucking vigorously. The women had fucked for hours but had not yet sucked on each other’s massive orbs. Bianca was eager to correct that wrong. She pushed Stacia, who willingly fell over onto her back. Bianca followed her down, lapping and gnawing at the other’s woman’s succulent tits. Stacia moaned in pleasure, stretching out on the ground. She stretched her hands over her head then lowered them to grasp Bianca’s head and push the brunette even more deeply into Stacia’s throbbing chest. Bianca feasted on her rival’s magnificent tits, licking and sucking and biting, chewing on the delicious nipples, running her tongue on Stacia’s pebbled areola. Bianca soon covered her rival’s tits in spit. She began moving down the blonde’s body. She kissed and licked at Stacia’s bare belly, her hands running over the smooth skin, the rounded hips. Bianca probed Stacia’s navel with her tongue. The blonde arched her back and groaned in pleasure when Bianca pushed Stacia’s thighs further apart and buried her face in Stacia’s dripping cunt. Stacia spread her legs a bit wider and pushed Bianca’s face deeper into her fragrant twat. Bianca was almost insane with lust; her body was burning with need. But her desire to consume her blonde lover was never greater. Eagerly, she drove her tongue deep into Stacia’s cunt, lapping at the pink labia, probing the ridged vaginal canal, before licking and teasing the woman’s engorged clit.

“Fuck, oh fuck, yessss,” Stacia groaned, her hips wriggling as she writhed in pleasure.

Bianca’s fingers moved into the Greek beauty’s vagina, probing and stroking, teasing her g-spot and caressing her clit. Bianca settled between the other woman’s legs, stretching her body out. She wrapped her lips around Stacia’s throbbing clit and began sucking it like a lollipop. At the same time, she drove all her fingers up into the blonde’s tight, hot cunt and then clenched her fist.

“Oh Goddess, YESSS!!,” Stacia cried out, her body convulsing in ecstasy. Bianca drove her fist deep into Stacia’s vagina even as she devoured the woman’s clit. She used her free hand to caress and then violate Stacia’s asshole, pulling more groans of delight from the other woman. Stacia jerked her hips up and down, her luscious body quivering with erotic tension. “Fuuuccckkkk,” the blonde moaned, rubbing her ass on the hard ground, desperately seeking relief from the sexual torture.

Bianca pulled her hand out of Stacia’s cunt in a gush of juice. She rubbed her face around and around in the blonde’s yielding, delicious fuckmeat, licking and sucking. She licked at Stacia’s asshole, loving the acrid taste. She reached up to grab and knead Stacia’s pulsing tits, then drove her massive tit into Stacia’s cunt, rubbing her rock-hard nipple into the woman’s thick clit. Stacia screamed out in joy when Bianca drove her fist back into the blonde’s twat and twisted, twisted, violating and penetrating the other woman as deeply as she could. She sucked vigorously on Stacia’s clit once more.

Arching her back, Stacia screamed in absolute bliss. Her powerful cunt gushed, a waterfall of hot ejaculate. Bianca pulled her hand out of the blonde’s fuckhole and fastened her mouth on the vaginal opening, sucking and drinking up as much of the sweet discharge as she could. Stacia bucked hard two more times, convulsing in pleasure. Gasping, she fell back on the ground, her massive tits heaving with her pants, a thin sheen of sweat coating her luscious body.

Bianca smiled. She licked her way up the other woman, enjoying the salty taste. She sucked at Stacia’s nipples again, then raised herself up over the other woman. She lined up their nipples, then slowly pressed her tits down on Stacia’s boobs, nipple to nipple, enjoying the feel of their nipples fusing, of their heavy tits slowly, relentlessly crushing, taut, juicy flesh straining and compressing each other. Bianca’s flat belly settled on Stacia’s warm abdomen, navel to navel. The women twined their legs. Bianca smiled down at Stacia, who looked up at her through half-closed eyes, her beautiful face glowing in the aftermath of her pleasure.

“Did you like that, bitch?,” Bianca smiled, pressing her nose to Stacia’s nose, running her tongue on the other woman’s lips.

“I liked it a lot, whore,” Stacia replied. She pulled Bianca into a lustful kiss. The women’s tongues played inside their mouths for a minute, spit flowing freely as they explored each other’s oral cavity. The women wriggled against each other, rejoicing in the feel of lush, sweaty flesh sliding, of powerful muscles straining. Bianca’s wet, hot cunt rested firmly on Stacia’s dripping snatch and both women began pushing at each other’s crotch, their hips jerking involuntarily.

Stacia suddenly rolled Bianca over onto her back. “Now it’s my turn to show you how it’s done, cuntlicker,” the blonde whispered.

“Give it to me, fucker,” Bianca replied.

Stacia lowered her head to Bianca’s majestic tits and began sucking and biting. Over the next several minutes, the blonde vixen did to the brunette everything Bianca had done to her. She covered Bianca’s golden brown orbs in spit, leaving behind teethmarks where she sucked at and worried the succulent flesh. She licked the sweat out of Bianca’s navel, then spread Bianca’s legs and buried her face in the Latina’s delicious cunt. She ate Bianca ravenously, she fisted the brunette enthusiastically, she violated Bianca’s asshole and devoured the other woman’s clit until Bianca arched and howled in ecstasy, until her pussy was gushing like a geyser.

When it was over, Stacia covered Bianca, tit on tit, and rubbed her entire lush body against every part of Bianca. Bianca eagerly responded. The women locked into a lustful, deep, spit-filled kiss. As they sucked at each other’s mouths and faces, they writhed delightedly in each other’s arms, rubbing and rubbing slick, naked flesh on flesh, enjoying the feel of taut tits struggling, of firm bellies slapping and sliding, of strong legs twining and straining. Their pussies burned hotter and hotter and they started slapping and rubbing their wet cunts into each other. The women began to struggle, each one wrestling for the top position. Bianca succeeded in rolling Stacia onto her back. The blonde stopped fighting. Instead, she spread her legs wide, eagerly. Bianca slid her wet twat onto Stacia’s hot fuckmeat. The women moaned in shared delectable pleasure, smiling at each other in pure lust, as their slick, hot cuntlips caressed, sliding and burning against each other. Gathering herself, Bianca thrust down and into Stacia, spreading the other woman’s twat with her own, labia fusing and melting together, sliding her engorged clit into Stacia’s fuck trough. Stacia moved with her and soon the blonde’s swollen clit was probing Bianca’s labia. Their clits slid together, rubbing and grinding and then twisting into a knot of unspeakable ecstasy. Bianca and Stacia humped ferociously, their voluptuous, sweat-soaked bodies moving in a hard rhythm, plastered together, forming one flesh. The women locked their mouths together, taking turns sucking at each other’s tongues, their groans and screams of animal lust and pleasure harmonizing with the sound of taut flesh pounding at each other.

They came hard, ejaculating into each other with groans of agonized ecstasy. Stacia bit and sucked at her lover’s shoulder to keep from screaming; Bianca buried her face in Stacia’s hair, then bit the other woman’s neck in her passion. Their bodies trembled as multiple orgasms chained through their straining, mating flesh. The women sobbed together in shared ecstasy, delighting in the feeling of injecting hot cum into each other.

Finally, the orgasms diminished. Bianca lay sprawled on top of Stacia for some time, both women enjoying the weight of their tits crushed together, the feeling of their hearts pounding into each other. Their limbs were twined and they shared sweat as they panted in pleasure. The cave had become hot with the combination of the dull heat given off by the stones and the furnace of the women’s raging fuck marathon.

Bianca finally rolled off of Stacia. The women lay side by side, panting, their bodies dripping sweat, their hot twats leaking cum. Their massive tits were taut, their nipples jutting. Their bodies continued to vibrate with barely-contained desire.

Stacia looked at Bianca and smiled. “Let’s eat each other,” she purred. Bianca smiled and nodded in eager delight. She lay back and spread her legs, offering her sex-slimed cunt to Stacia. Stacia smiled wider. She rose up, turned her body around, then climbed over Bianca, spreading her legs on either side of Bianca’s head. Her pussy dripped liquid down onto the Latina’s gorgeous face. Bianca eagerly lapped it up. Stacia looked down into Bianca’s succulent twat. The women probed each other’s vaginas with skillful fingers. They caressed and stroked the lush flesh until, unable to wait any longer, they drove their faces and tongues into each other’s cunts and began to eat, to lick and suck, with a ravenous hunger. They looped their arms around the other’s hips and spread their hands on each other’s asses, pulling the delicious assmeat apart so they could lick and probe each other’s assholes with fingers and tongues. It was not long before they were fisting each other’s cunts, before their fingers were going up assholes and their tongues were licking and lapping at every inch of cuntflesh. Moaning, groaning with shared lust, the women rolled onto their sides and continued eating each other like starving predators.

Lost in their intense desire to devour each other completely, Stacia and Bianca rolled around the cave, their animal cries of pleasure and lust muffled by the other’s cunt. They began to cum, shooting hot ejaculate into each other’s faces, eagerly drinking from each other, trying to suck cum out of each other with their mouths. Both women lost track of how many times they squirted in each other’s faces as they rolled around the cave, deliriously lost together in the delicious 69. Their luscious bodies vibrated and trembled with released tension, yet seemed to grow even more desirous of the other the longer and harder they ate.

Finally, the women rolled apart. Gasping, they stared at each other from across the cave. In the dim light and stifling heat they took in the other’s beautiful body, dripping with sweat, tits hard and round and heaving on their chests, bellies damp, cunts leaking with cum. Bianca and Stacia smiled at each other. Finally, they were ready.

“Let’s do this, bitch,” Bianca breathed.

Bianca and Stacia moved towards each other, legs spread wide, and came together in the center of the cave with a hard, wet slap of fuckmeat on fuckmeat. They groaned in shared ecstasy as their cunts locked, folded together between their scissored legs. They leaned back, grabbed the other’s sweaty thigh, and began pumping into each other, thrusting with their hips and asses, their bellies rippling with effort. Their massive tits bounced furiously, spraying sweat with each delicious jerk. The women fucked hard, working their cunts together, penetrating each other. Their clits rubbed and rubbed, finally locking and twisting together. The women’s grunts and cries of sexual bliss grew louder and harder, harmonizing with each delicious thrust. Bianca saw that Stacia’s beautiful face was streaked with tears as well as sweat as she cried with the sheer ecstasy rippling through her body. Bianca realized that she was crying too as her body trembled with pleasure. When the women were deeply locked, they squeezed each other cunt to cunt, their inner muscles pulling them in and locking them even harder, applying greater erotic pressure to their twined and throbbing clits. Bianca and Stacia pulled themselves up and came together tit to tit. Their nipples burned as they mated, their pulsing tits fused and ground and pulsed against each other, titflesh merging. Their bellies slapped and rubbed. The women grabbed each other’s asses and began to move, rubbing and bucking, fucking and grinding. They kissed deeply, joining together in every way, fusing and mating their bodies as completely as they could. They could feel the monstrous, shared orgasm building inside of them, slowly, powerfully filling their luscious bodies.

Stacia broke the kiss. Nose to nose with Bianca she whimpered. “Almost there, fucker, almost ready…”

“Yes,” Bianca moaned, “It’s coming, it’s coming……”

Both women felt their bellies tightening against each other, they felt their navels sucking. Both reveled in the delicious sense of passing the point of no return. Yet both also knew that they could hold out longer, that they could let the pleasure build and build and build…They smiled at each other as they understood that this is what they would do to each other, that they would fuck each other into a raw ecstasy that would fuel their next time jump with unbridled erotic power.

The boulder blocking the door began to shake and rock. Something was on the other side, trying to get in. Bianca and Stacia were nose to nose, gazing deeply into each other, when this happened. They started, then returned to their mutual fucking. They smiled at each other; the sudden element of danger made their intimate joining suddenly even more delicious.

The women screamed in unison as the enormous orgasm detonated inside of them. Unbearable pleasure radiated out of their locked clits, roaring through their cum-whipped muscles. The women’s bodies trembled and shuddered as they strained against each other, strained to become one body. Their bellies contracted, their deep vaginal muscles convulsed, and hot jets of creamy cum shot out, injected by the women into each other, mixing inside of their locked cunts, sealing them together in intimate violation. Their nipples burned and burned with sensations as they grated against each other, as their massive tits strove to flatten each other.

As multiple orgasms began to rock their perfect, straining bodies, Bianca grabbed Stacia’s head and pulled the other women into another deep, lustful kiss. She stifled Stacia’s screams of ecstasy. Bianca came again and again, her ejaculations now synchronized with Stacia’s hard injections of cum into her welcoming body. She felt a tidal wave of an orgasm coming, a monster that, she was sure, would drain both women when it arrived. She summoned her temporal powers and, as the wave of pure ecstasy washed over the locked, thrusting women, Bianca let the time-jumping energy go. She tightened her cunt around Stacia’s cunt and felt a welcoming pressure in reply. She kissed the blonde even harder, and squeezed the woman’s tits to her own magnificent rack with even greater force. Stacia eagerly replied. The women did all that they could to make themselves one sex-filled body as the energy erupted and the time jump began. Bianca’s last sensation was that of unbearable erotic pleasure and the feeling of Stacia’s cum entering her, filling her with wet heat, overwhelming her with lust. Then she was gone, her luscious body cast again on the winds of time.

Bianca woke slowly. She was fuzzy, her mind confused. She was aware of a sensation of coolness on her naked skin, of the sensation of something soft under her body. A dim light, an artificial light, was somewhere near. As she slowly came back to herself, she became more conscious of her body. She knew that she was still absolutely naked. More remarkably, her lower body, her pussy, felt like it was vibrating, somehow still awash in the sexual power that she and Stacia had generated in their passion. Bianca smiled as she imagined that she could almost feel Stacia’s cum still burning in her pussy. The very thought made her tits hard and she became aware of how her tits were already pulsing with sexual heat. She smiled and stretched. “God,” Bianca thought to herself, “that bitch is a fantastic fuck.” In that moment, she imagined that heaven for her could be spending the rest of her life locked up with the blonde, fucking each other senseless. “God, that would be good,” Bianca smiled. She stretched out her entire body, pointing her toes, stretching her arms over her head. Her massive, heavy tits jiggled deliciously on her chest and she smiled with pleasure as she felt their weight shift. She opened her eyes and looked up. For a moment, she did not understand what she was seeing. Then she realized that she was lying on a bunk bed, staring up at the underside of the bunk above her.

“Where am I?” Bianca thought. Then, the answer hit her in a flash. Her eyes widened and she looked around in a panic. She sat up quickly, pulling her knees to her chest, looking to see if she was alone. She was in a prison cell. A dull incandescent light bulb hung from the ceiling, suspended by a threadbare wire, casting light in the cell. Another light hung in the hall outside the cell. Bianca calmed as she realized that she seemed to be alone. The cell was large, maybe 4 by 4 meters, but it was almost empty. Except for a sink and toilet and the bunk pushed up against the center of the back wall, there was nothing else.

Bianca knew exactly where she was. She was in Alcatraz Prison in the 1930s. The last time she was here, she had been viciously raped for hours by the criminals inhabiting this godforsaken place. Once again, the assistance of the little alien had allowed her to transport out. That experience had been the most unpleasant one that she had gone through during that first time-jaunt and she had been sure, for a time, that she would die in the prison, ravaged relentlessly by the human scum that inhabited it. This was not a place that she would have come back to willingly. She realized that the time jumps she was making were duplicating her earlier trip, or at least she was jumping to the same locations, but in the reverse order. She had an inkling of why this was happening. Her sexual encounters with Stacia were so overwhelming, so deliciously pleasurable, that she was delirious whenever they leaped. She could not guide the time travel when she was so lost in erotic delight. As a result, her powers were taking her to where she had gone before.

Bianca suspected that no one yet knew she was here. She was grateful for that. If she was not discovered, she should be able to get away without having to deal with the unpleasantness of last time. But then her mind cleared and she realized that Stacia was not with her! Bianca felt fear spike within her. She could masturbate herself away from here but she could not abandon Stacia. The woman could be lost somewhere in time or she could be only a few cells away. But if Bianca could not get to her, the woman might as well be lost in time. Eventually, the convicts would find her and she would become their prey, if they had not found her already. It was entirely possible that Stacia had materialized right inside the cell of one of those monsters.

Bianca climbed off the bunk and stood up. She was about to check the cell door to see if it was locked. When she stood at her full height, however, she was shocked and then immediately relieved to see that Stacia was sprawled on the top bunk. The blonde beauty was fast asleep, a pleasant smile on her gorgeous face. Stacia was lying on her side, her beautiful, lush tits lolling on her chest, her luscious hip curving up. Bianca smiled wide, the sense of relief washing through her, immediately accompanied by a sense of intense lust. “Good,” she thought to herself. “Things are back on track. We just have to fuck our way out of here without being discovered.”

Quickly, Bianca padded to the cell door. It was locked. That was good. If someone found them, the person would not be able to get in, at least not until they obtained a key. For now, they were protected. She looked up and down the corridor. It was wreathed in darkness in both directions. The corridor ran along the outer wall of the prison. Directly across from the cell was a large barred window. The light of the full moon poured in through it, dulled by the glow from the lights in the cell and the corridor. Bianca frowned. Somehow, her powers had known enough to deliver Stacia and her to what seemed to be an unused part of the prison. That bought them some time. But, eventually, someone would come down the corridor and see them. Even more likely, someone would be attracted by the erotic screams and gasps that were sure to follow once she and Stacia started fucking each other with wild abandon. Bianca did not know how to deal with that; part of the intense pleasure that they needed to jump from this place required that they fuck each other so deliciously that they lost all sense of place and time, that they lost all sense of separation. Bianca pushed this out of her mind. For now, they needed some way to hide, some way to keep from being discovered the moment someone came down the corridor.

Bianca heard Stacia stir behind her. She turned. The blonde beauty was stretching languidly, smiling at Bianca seductively. Stacia arched her back as she stretched, her firm, massive tits jutting proudly towards the ceiling. Bianca felt heat suffuse her pussy. She could not wait to sink her teeth into those tits, to grind them under her own massive rack.

“Goddess, that was good,” Stacia murmured. “I can still feel your cum inside of me. I haven’t been fucked like that in my entire life. You are one incredible cunt.”

The blonde sat up on the bunk bed and looked around. “This doesn’t look very pleasant,” she said. “Why do you keep taking us to such wretched places?” She noticed the lightbulb with a start and stared at it curiously.

“Ssshhhh,” Bianca whispered, putting her finger to her lips. She crossed the cell to Stacia and helped the blonde down from the bunk. The women stood close, nipple to nipple. A wave of erotic pleasure washed through them and they smiled at each other. Bianca felt her pussy growing wet and tight. She pushed closer to Stacia, so they were nose to nose. The blonde slipped her tongue along Bianca’s lips and wrapped her arms around Bianca’s waist; Bianca wrapped her arms around Stacia’s back and pulled the blonde closer, compressing their swelling tits. Before they could get started, however, Bianca whispered urgently in the other woman’s ear.

“We have to be very, very quiet. We are in danger here.”

“Again?” Stacia said, starting back. “Once more, I must ask: why do you bring us to such places?”

“I’m not doing it on purpose,” Bianca said. “I think I have an idea of why this is happening. For now, we need to stay hidden. I don’t think anyone knows we are here yet and we need to keep it that way.”


“Well,” Bianca replied, “Let’s start by making it dark in here.”

She looked up at the bulb in the cell. It was already dull, but its light made it impossible to hide. The bulb was hanging from the center of the ceiling. She looked at the bunk, but it was bolted to the floor. She did not want to smash the light, because she did not want to make unnecessary noise. She looked at Stacia.

“I will need to climb onto your shoulders to get at that light,” she said.

The blonde nodded. Bianca pulled the blanket off the lower bunk; the blankets on the beds were the only pieces of cloth in the room. She climbed onto the top bunk; Stacia stood under it. Bianca climbed onto the Greek woman’s shoulders. She smiled despite herself; her naked pussy pushed into the back of Stacia’s head and the woman’s blonde hair grated against her naked cuntlips. Stacia stood up straight and slowly gained her balance. When she was ready, she walked Bianca to the center of the room. Bianca reached up; using the blanket to grasp the hot bulb, she quickly unscrewed it. The cell went dark, the only source of light now the dim bulb in the hall outside. Stacia lowered Bianca to the floor. Taking the blanket, Bianca walked to the cell door. She stared up at the bulb. It was on a cord hanging down from the ceiling. She had an idea. She twisted the cheap blanket and stretched it into the shape of a rope. She made a noose at the end of the rope. She climbed up on the cell crossbar and threw the noose at the bulb. On the second try, she managed to snag it. She pulled the hanging bulb towards the cell. Using the rope blanket to protect her hand, she unscrewed the bulb. Finally, the cell and the entire corridor plunged into darkness.

Stacia watched all this from the center of the cell, her hands on her womanly hips, her expression bemused. The only light now entering the cell came from the full moon outside. The light fell directly onto the bed and illuminated the toilet and sink. But it left the far corner of the large cell in pitch darkness. Bianca smiled.

She brushed by Stacia, deliberately pushing her naked hip into the other woman as she walked by, a playful bump. Stacia smiled, less tense now that Bianca seemed satisfied with the situation. Bianca held her finger to her lips to warn the other woman to stay quiet. Carefully, she pulled the bottom bunk mattress off of the bed and into the darkened corner of the cell. She placed it on the floor, then walked back to the door of the cell and looked. The mattress was invisible in the corner, completely submerged in the cocooning darkness. Bianca smiled. Anyone walking by the cell would not be able to see into that corner without light.

Stacia remained standing in the center of the cell watching all of this. Though she was a bit apprehensive about whatever threat the brunette thought was here in this dismal place, she was not nervous. She had confidence that her sexual rival knew what she was doing.

Bianca looked at Stacia, the woman’s magnificent body glowing in the moonlight, her voluptuous curves limned by the light. Bianca smiled as she felt her loins stirring, her clit starting to harden. Her nipples became little fleshy spears as she stared at the blonde. She shivered in anticipation of the delicious fucking to come.

Bianca walked towards Stacia, her hips swinging seductively in the moonlight. The blonde saw how her rival was approaching and smiled lasciviously, thrusting her chest out to meet the brunette. With a shiver of pleasure, Bianca pushed her yielding, throbbing titmeat into Stacia’s matching boobs and slowly, carefully, rubbed her rock-hard nipples around and around Stacia’s areola. The blonde shuddered and began rubbing her tits around and around, but in the opposite direction. For a few intense minutes the women did nothing but massage their taut, thick tits into each other. Their pussies were soon dripping with juice, their loins tightened, heat poured from their twats, which grew slick as they lubricated themselves. The women panted as they worked their tits against each other in the center of the cell. They tried to keep the noise down, but they could not fully suppress their pants and their little whimpers of delicious pleasure. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, the women titfucked, sharing sweet breath, touching and licking tongues. Juice began to trickle down their inner thighs as their pussies overloaded, leaking with arousal.

Gasping, Bianca pulled away suddenly.

“No,” Stacia moaned, whispering. She needed the erotic contact; her cunt was burning with need, her flesh was on fire. She tried to move back into contact with Bianca, but the brunette caught her lover by the shoulders and held her back.

“We need to get out of the light,” Bianca whispered hoarsely. “Come with me.” Taking Stacia by the hand, Bianca leaned down and picked up the blanket she used as a rope. She walked to the bunk and pulled the remaining blanket off of the top bunk. Then, still holding Stacia by the hand, she led the blonde into the pitch dark corner of the cell. Bianca took the two blankets and doubled them up. She gestured toward the mattress.

“Lie down on top of that,” Bianca instructed the other woman.

Stacia looked a bit reluctant, but she climbed onto the mattress and stretched out on it, her perfect, voluptuous body arching seductively. Bianca draped the doubled up blankets over her shoulders like a cloak, then kneeled at the foot of the mattress. She reached out and ran her hands along Stacia’s luscious thighs. The blonde gasped with the sudden erotic contact, then began to breathe harder, starting to pant as her excitement built. Bianca smiled. She ran her hands along the other woman’s legs and then began working Stacia’s inner thighs. Her hands moved up to the blonde’s vulva and she felt the cunt juice that had already moistened Stacia’s thighs and crotch. Bianca ran her finger along Stacia slick fuckslit, smiling as the blonde released a hitching gasp. Bianca lowered her head and rubbed her nose into Stacia’s gash, then rubbed her entire face into the blonde’s twat. The blonde spread her legs wide, pulling them apart with her hands and holding her thighs as Bianca’s tongue ran along her gash, licking gently, then starting to probe more forcefully. Bianca used her fingers to spread Stacia’s cuntlips. She began to tease the blonde’s clit with her tongue. Bianca’s heart was pounding with excitement and lust as her fingers drove deep into Stacia’s asshole. The blonde let loose a hard, low moan. Bianca’s heart jumped, but the frisson of danger sent a thrill through her, warming her cunt even more. Slowly, she began licking and kissing her way up Stacia’s luscious body, licking at the woman’s belly, exploring her navel, stopping to bite and suck and suck and suck the blonde’s incredible tits. Stacia was heaving now, her heart pounding, her lush body fully ready to fuck and be fucked. She writhed deliciously on the mattress, her leaking twat already leaving a wet spot on the tired material.

Bianca slid her massive tits onto Stacia’s matching rack. The women groaned in shared ecstasy as their perfect bodies matched up, flesh to flesh, tit to tit, cunt to cunt, once again. Bianca covered both of their bodies under the blankets, which now fanned out over the mattress. Under the blankets, the women shared sweat and breath. Stacia spread her legs and tilted her pelvis upwards. With a groan of unbearable lust, Bianca slid her twat onto Stacia’s burning, soaking fuckmeat and shoved down hard, spreading and sucking to the other woman’s twat with her own. Their pussylips flattened and spread against each other, hissing with wet and tension. The heat and wetness of their matching cunts sent shudders of pure delight through both women. The women’s engorged clits ground into each other like two fleshy ball bearings, grating on each other constantly, every stroke a shockwave of pure ecstasy racing through the women’s perfect, lush bodies, filling their insides with sexual tension, wracking their muscles with erotic need. Stacia twined her legs through Bianca’s, locking the brunette in place. She spread her hands on Bianca’s heart-shaped, flexing ass and sank her fingers into the round, strong flesh, pulling the brunette bitch as deep into her as she could.

As she began to pump her lover, her rival, Bianca gasped out a warning. “We need to be quiet,” she moaned, her ass already rippling with effort, her hips thrusting as she sought to ram herself deep, deep into Stacia’s hungry, burning twat. The delicious heat in her cunt was already spreading through every cell in her body like erotic acid, burning with pleasure. Her tits were on fire as her nipples wrestled and mated with Stacia’s rock hard nips. Her belly was flat on Stacia’s warm, slick belly. The sheer delight of the sensual ecstasy already threatened to overwhelm Bianca’s self-control.

“We will try,” Stacia groaned back. “But I need to fuck you, I need to feel your cum in me, I need your clit on mine, I need every part of you in every part of me.” Stacia moaned again as Bianca’s clit fused to her own. The women were moving together now in a timeless rhythm, fucking hard, the sound of their bellies slapping, their hot cunts sucking, beginning to echo in the corridor beyond.

“Slow, we need to do it slow,” Bianca gasped.

“Yes,” Stacia murmured, “yes.”

The women slowed down. Slow and hard, they moved their bodies against each other. Bianca lifted herself up slightly and rubbed her majestic tits around and around Stacia’s equally massive chest, their burning nipples torturing each other inch by inch, their swollen areola rubbing each other electrically. Their hot bellies slipped and slid, navels sucking and releasing, powerful abdominal muscles rippling against each other. Under the double-blankets, the two women’s magnificent bodies were soon slick and dripping with sweat, their inner thighs wet with juices leaking from their burning cunts. Their twats moved slow and hard against and in and out of each other, two ravenous beasts locked together in mutual hunger. Clits caressed and rubbed and twisted together, then grated on each other, sending shockwaves of pure pleasure racing through their twined muscles. Bare feet rubbed sole to sole, toe to toe, and caressed thick, powerful calves. Inner thighs, wet with sex, moved and rubbed in erotic companionship. The women moaned with unbearable pleasure. They sealed their mouths together, their tongues moving in slow rhythm to their stroking, grating, grinding clits.

Whimpering, gasping, moaning with pleasure, Bianca and Stacia slowly, tortuously, fucked each other out of their minds. Their hands moved over their bodies, stroking and teasing, caressing and scratching and gripping, violating puckered assholes, pulling hair and pushing beautiful faces more closely together, pushing mouths more deeply into each other. On and on and on they fucked, their bodies moving constantly but slowly, carefully, like matching and sealing to like, flesh flowing into flesh, waves of erotic energy moving ponderously through their slowly writhing bodies, filling them to overflowing with ecstasy.

The slow fucking went on for an hour, two hours. At some point, Bianca realized that she was crying with pleasure, her face wet with sweat but her tears pouring from her eyes. She realized that Stacia was crying too and she realized that she no longer knew where her body ended and Stacia began. Soaked in sweat, their thighs dripping with sex, their bodies fused together from swollen, burning nipples and engorged tits down to throbbing, aching, electric clits, their cunts sucked into one meaty mass, the women were locked together in sensual ecstasy. They had become two woman-sized genitals, slipping in and out of each other, merging and melting into one, every nerve in their bodies burning with erotic power and lust.

Stacia and Bianca kept their mouths locked together, swallowing each other’s spit, feasting on each other’s breath. Their whimpers of pleasure were the only sound coming from their mouths, but their heavy breathing, the slow whisper of hot flesh sliding, of hungry cunts sucking, of straining muscles writhing could not be concealed. Still, the women fucked quietly, deeply.

After two hours of pure ecstasy, Bianca felt the tension that had been building slowly, slowly for all of that time begin to reach its peak. She felt her belly tighten. A moment later, she felt a rippling spasm in reply from Stacia’s body as their perfect bodies synched up once more, both preparing to orgasm at the same moment. Bianca pulled Stacia’s face away from hers, breaking their lustful kiss.

“Stacia,” Bianca gasped. “It’s coming, it’s coming, you fuck…”

“I can feel it, cuntlicker, I can feel it, oh Goddess, it’s going to be so fucking good…”

The women were trembling uncontrollably, their bodies quaking, their asses and hips still moving in slow, hard rhythm as they fucked each other into delirium. The blankets were soaked, as was the mattress. Their bodies were doused in sweat, leaking sex. Stacia sank her fingers into Bianca’s slowly pumping ass and held on; Bianca reached down and seized Stacia’s ass, returning the grip. Whimpering, sobbing with the incredible pleasure they were about to share, Stacia and Bianca sealed their mouths together once again.

Tortuous minutes later, the orgasm finally came boiling, rolling up out of the cores of their womanhood. Their clits erupted with unbearable heat as waves of pure erotic delight filled the women then broke over them time like a sexual tide, time after time. The women’s bodies strained, every muscle locking, holding each other in a shuddering stalemate as they both went as rigid as boards, as they struggled to become one. Their deep inner vaginal muscles convulsed; their powerful cunts, flat and sealed against each other, labia melted together and interwoven, contracted against each other, sealing and wrestling and quaking as the two irresistible forces of their sexual power met and merged. Stacia and Bianca screamed and screamed into each other’s sealed mouths, sobbing uncontrollably, tears streaming down their faces. For more than ten minutes, the women shuddered in one continuous orgasm, their bodies pumping copious amounts of hot cum back and forth, their nipples and clits harder than rock as they expended the pure sexual pleasure the women had pumped into each other over the course of the steaming night. The women felt their bodies melt together, they found themselves merging completely, burning tits and nova-hot cunts fusing and meshing, flesh sealed and flowing into flesh, waves of pure erotic ecstasy washing over them and through them like cleansing fire. The pleasure was unbearable and the women could only scream and sob into each other’s mouths, their perfect bodies locked and trembling under the institutional grey blankets on the dirty prison mattress.

When the orgasmic ecstasy finally abated, Bianca and Stacia collapsed in each other’s arms, Bianca sprawled over the other woman. They panted and sobbed, gasping for breath, struggling to regain their minds. Erotic electricity continued to leap back and forth between them. They could feel their hearts pounding into each other through their mashed tits. Their nipples burned. After some time, Bianca reluctantly rolled off of Stacia. She threw the blankets aside. The cool prison air caressed the perfect, voluptuous bodies that were soaked with sweat and shared cum. The women lay side by side on the narrow mattress for a while, panting, their tits heaving, their twats burning with unexpended sexual power and desire. Bianca shivered, the pure pleasure of what she and Stacia had just done leaving her aching for more. She was vibrating, her cunt growing hungry, like an addict desperate for another fix.

In the darkness, Bianca felt Stacia moving. The blonde was suddenly kneeling at the foot of the mattress. Bianca could see the woman’s voluptuous body gleaming with sweat in the reflected moonlight. With a smile, Stacia picked up the blankets that Bianca had cast aside. She wrapped them around her shoulders. Then, she stood up and spread her arms, opening the blankets like a cape. She stepped forward, so that she was looming over Bianca. Groaning with desire, Bianca moved to the center of the mattress. She spread her legs eagerly and opened her arms, reaching up to the woman standing at the foot of the mattress. With a growl of lust, Stacia dropped to her knees between Bianca’s legs. Then, she lowered her body onto Bianca. Both women moaned deeply as their throbbing tits mashed, as their bellies flattened against each other, as their hungry pussies met and sank into each other once more.

Stacia spread the blankets around the soaked mattress and, mounted on Bianca, began to fuck her rival mercilessly. Hips and asses moved in slow, tortuous rhythm. Once again, slowly, slowly, Stacia and Bianca fucked and fucked and fucked, driving each other insane with lust and pleasure, working their bodies relentlessly until they were soaked in sweat and sexual secretions, until they were sobbing with unbearable pleasure, until their sexual cores were vibrating and shuddering with erotic tension. This time, it took only an hour and a half of clit to clit, tit to tit, tongue to tongue fucking until they locked up in a convulsive orgasm. Bodies straining against each other with unbearable tensions, cunts gushing, jetting thick, viscous cum, Bianca and Stacia orgasmed into each other for another ten minutes of indescribable ecstasy.

Sobbing and gasping, exhausted but still wanting more, the women sprawled on each other in the aftermath, slowly gathering their strength. Stacia’s tits were throbbing against Bianca’s massive tits, the perfect orbs interlocked on their chests. The women’s bellies were flat against each other, soaked with sweat and cum. Their twats were dripping with cum, fuck gashes pressed tight and hard, clits throbbing against each other in time to the pulses of their hearts.

Through the delirious pleasure still suffusing her body, Bianca knew that they were almost ready to try the next time jump. Her body was quivering with erotic power and tension and she could feel her temporal power pushing at its borders.

Suddenly, voices came down the hall. Stacia jerked up. Bianca placed a finger on the blonde’s lips, then slowly pulled her head down, so that they were resting, nose to nose, on the mattress. Slowly, Bianca twined her legs with Stacia’s and pulled the other woman down on her, trying to make their bodies as small as possible. She reached down and pulled the blankets up over their heads. She could feel that her feet were covered with the blankets; she could only hope that no part of their bodies was exposed. Lying tit on tit, the gorgeous women could feel their hearts pounding into each other as they waited, the voices getting nearer.

A light was coming down the long hallway. The voices now became audible. Bianca listened intently; it occurred to her that Stacia could not understand what was being said. As the light moved closer to the cell, Bianca and Stacia began to see each other more clearly. They locked eyes and listened. Bianca pushed her face up to Stacia’s and licked the other woman’s lips. Stacia pressed her lips to Bianca’s and opened her mouth. Bianca opened her mouth in turn and the women intimately exchanged and shared their breath as they waited for possible disaster.

“Yeah, the light is out down here. Hell, there’s not even a light bulb!” said a gruff voice.

“Well, these cells are hardly used anymore, so it doesn’t really matter,” said another voice.

“Still, I could swear that I’ve been hearing things from out of this wing for the whole night,” said the first voice. It was coming from an older man.

“Yeah? Women crying? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“I tell you, that’s what I heard. It didn’t quite sound right either – crying, but it didn’t really sound unhappy. Almost sounded like happy crying, if that makes sense.”

“It don’t,” said the second voice. The two men were now standing outside the cell. From the flickering, Bianca could tell that they were holding up a single kerosene lamp. “You’re probably hearing ghosts.”

“Well, nothing in this cell,” said the second voice after a moment. There was another pause. “Hey, almost missed that mattress in the corner. Wonder how it got there. It’s got some junk on it. I’ll have the janitors clear it out tomorrow. Don’t have the key now, anyway.” Bianca heard the sound of the cell door rattling. She held her breath. Stacia was staring at her with wide eyes. Both women were lying absolutely still. Their hearts pounded wildly.

“Do you smell something?” asked the first voice.

There was a pause. After a moment, the second voice responded. “Yeah, I do. Smells really good, but I can’t quite place it. Reminds me of something.”

“Reminds me of pussy,” said the first voice. “Lots of it! It’s like someone had a fuckfest in here.”

“Hm.” Another pause. “Well, there’s no one here now. I know that some of the inmates manage to smuggle in women from time to time. Maybe they were down here earlier and they got out when they heard us coming.”

“I don’t know. We would have heard the cell closing. This one is old and needs a good push. Besides, no one has the key to this one. I don’t even know if the janitors have the key to this one. This used to be an isolation cell. That’s why it’s down here by itself.”

There was a longer pause. “Well, nothing we can do now,” the second voice said. “If there was something going on here, it’s done now. Let’s head back and look for a key. I’d like to check out that pile of junk in the morning. If it was left here by whoever was using this place, there might be a clue.”

The two men with the lantern retreated down the hallway. The cell went pitch dark once again and the two women began to breathe easier. They pushed the blanket back.

“That was close,” Bianca said to Stacia. “One of them plans to come back in the morning and check out this mattress. He saw us, but he thought we were just garbage in the cell. But they heard our sounds and they could smell the sex.”

Stacia smiled. “That is a wonderful smell.” She turned more serious. “Are we to be concerned about this?”

“No, I don’t think so,” Bianca replied. “I think that we’re almost ready to make the jump now. Just a little bit more fucking. We’re almost where we need to be.”

Stacia smiled in the darkness. “Then, let us do it,” she whispered seductively. “My pussy aches for your cunt, my clit lusts for your clit. I want to feel your cum inside of me and I want you to feel me inside of you.” Stacia reached out and stroked Bianca’s heavy right tit, running her finger on the sensitive nipple and areolae. Bianca barely suppressed a lustful moan as her nipples tightened and burned.

Bianca smiled. In that moment, she felt like she had died and gone to heaven. She knew that she was only moments away from pure, ecstatic pleasure and she could not wait to get started.

Bianca got to her feet. She stepped off of the mattress and walked to the center of the room. Her voluptuous body gleamed in the moonlight. She gestured to Stacia. Stacia got to her feet. Slowly, seductively, she walked across the concrete floor, her hips swaying in the moonlight, her perfect jugs bouncing with her graceful prowl.

The women came together, Stacia slipping her arms around Bianca’s narrow waist and around her swelling hips and then down to her perfect, powerful ass. The blonde gripped Bianca tightly, squeezing her ass cheeks and pushing her belly hard into Bianca’s abdomen. The women smiled as their hot, hard nipples sealed and slowly pushed each other back, as their engorged titflesh pressed and slowly crushed. Bianca slipped her hands down to Stacia’s ass and pulled the other woman in tighter. They were now nose to nose, forehead to forehead, tit to tit, smiling at each other in fevered anticipation, both women almost insane with lust. Bianca thrust her hips forward, tilting her pelvis, presenting her aching, dripping pussy. She spread her legs a bit more, offering her cunt to her rival. Her swollen clit arched up out of her twat, its exquisitely sensitive flesh burning with erotic electricity, the heat of her deeply buried clitoral ring causing her entire cunt to sear with need.

“Let’s try a stand-up fuck, bitch,” Bianca moaned. “Let’s rub clits for a while. If you’re woman enough to do it.”

“Fine by me, fucker,” Stacia grunted, her heart pounding with excitement, her pussy dripping with desire. “I’m more woman than you’ll ever be able to handle.”

Slowly, carefully, Stacia pressed her aching clit directly into Bianca’s. The two sexhorns caressed head to head. A bolt of pure erotic electricity flared through both women’s bodies, rippling through their flesh like lightning, causing both luscious vixens to release hitching gasps. Bianca closed her eyes and smiled in bliss. Tears slowly coursed down her face as the indescribable pleasure radiated into her flesh from her fused clit. She worked her hips slowly, carefully, moving her clit head around and around Stacia’s swollen clit. The blonde replied, slowly and deliberately stroking back. The women’s pants became moans of desire, gasps of pure pleasure. The erotic heat they had been building since they first started fucking grew to an unparalleled intensity. They sealed their mouths together, tongues licking, spit flowing. They kept their clits plastered together as they moved with agonizing slowness, stroking and grinding each other relentlessly, beautiful, perfect asses flexing and rippling in contest.

For almost an hour, the clit to clit grinding, stroking, fencing went on. Stacia and Bianca moaned in unbearable ecstasy within their locked mouths. Their bodies trembled, their bulging tits wrestled, hot sweat coated their aching bodies. The moon was the only witness to their ecstatic erotic struggle. They swallowed back each other’s spit, they moaned and groaned in shared pleasure as they fucked each other up the pleasure curve. Once again, both women felt lost in each other, their voluptuous flesh fusing together, neither knowing where she ended and the other began. Bianca felt the unbearable sexual release growing and growing inside of her. She felt her rock-hard belly twitching against Stacia’s equally hard belly. The blonde woman’s body was also trembling with pre-orgasmic tension.

Bianca suddenly pulled back and pushed Stacia away at the same time, disengaging their burning clits.

“No!” Stacia cried, unable to contain her frustration. She was almost delirious with lust and pleasure. To suddenly lose her clit to clit contact with Bianca was devastating.

Bianca was trembling with pleasure and lust. She smiled at her enemy, hunger burning in her eyes like a fever.

“It’s almost time, fucker,” she moaned. “We’ve got to be ready.” Taking Stacia by the hand, Bianca led the other woman back to the mattress in the darkened corner. She released Stacia and sat down on the ragged pad. She spread her legs wide and leaned back. Smiling hungrily, unable to wait any longer, Stacia sat on the mattress and opened her legs. Carefully, the women scissored each other, gasping and crying out in pleasure as their wet fuckmeat came together, as their gashes opened up and sucked into one, as their engorged clits came together in ecstasy. Heat flared between their straining bodies and their flesh began to merge and slide sensually into one as their pure pleasure rose to a fever pitch.

Trembling, struggling to control themselves, Stacia and Bianca rammed together, opening each other with their distended cunts, sealing together twat to twat. Their hips and asses bucked, then began to work slow and hard, grinding and stroking and grinding, clits fused and radiating erotic heat, pussies lubricated and slick. The women gripped each other’s arm for leverage as they slowly pumped each other, as their shared sexual power built and built. Their animal pants and cries of ecstasy began to grow harder, louder, as they fucked. Bianca felt a devastating orgasm building in her core. Stacia trembled with barely-contained pleasure. The women pushed together nose to nose, then cheek to cheek, moaning and sobbing, grunting and gasping. Their massive, perfect melons rolled against each other, their pussies rippled inside of each other, squeezing and squeezing, as their cunts wrestled for domination. Sweat poured from their luscious bodies.

Stacia and Bianca no longer cared about the animal, erotic noises they were making. They were too far gone, too lost in their own universe of sensual ecstasy, to care about being revealed. Their lush bodies were merging, melting, twining and locking, flesh to flesh, tit to tit, cunt to cunt. They wrapped their arms and legs around each other, pulling each other in tight, kissing and sucking. Their clits were fused into one, pure pleasure pouring out of the merged nubs like water from a hose.

Vaguely, Bianca and Stacia heard the sounds of voices raised in alarm. Light bounced around the cell, illuminating their grinding, straining bodies, as they writhed and penetrated each other. The women ignored it. They only had eyes for each other, they could only see and feel the incredible sexual pleasure they were inflicting on each other.

The orgasm exploded in their bodies, its devastating force and excruciating pleasure causing both women to throw back their heads and scream in sheer erotic ecstasy. Pleasure roared in every cell of their bodies. Both women went rigid as their bodies convulsed, as they injected steaming cum into each other. The second orgasm came moments later, followed by a third. It was with the fourth orgasm that Bianca finally seized the incredible releasing power. It washed over Stacia and Bianca. Screaming with joy, squeezing each other’s cunts with furious force, the women disappeared into the time stream in a flash of light.

The wardens of Alcatraz never did find the key to open the cell.

Bianca woke suddenly. She was lying on her stomach, her massive, round tits pressing deeply into a soft pillow, her lush body stretched out on some kind of comfortable, soft surface. She was almost completely naked, but she found that she was wearing earrings and a necklace. Something felt different about her hair; she reached up to touch it and realized that her it was styled and pinned. An ornate golden circlet looped around her head, resting on her forehead. Another golden circlet was attached to her left bicep. Otherwise, she was spectacularly nude.

Bianca was not surprised to find herself in this situation. Given what had already happened, she had suspected that the next time jump might take her to this time and place: the Ancient Rome of the degenerate Emperor Caligula. She had been here before and, at that time, had completely enjoyed herself at an orgy staged in celebration of Caligula’s birthday. The orgy had been one of the most delightful experiences she had had during the first time jump and she was happy to be back. She hoped that she would have the chance to get involved in another orgy while she was here.

“Well, I see that you are awake! It is good to see you again,” said a slightly familiar voice.

Bianca turned on her side and looked up at two voluptuous, beautiful women smiling down at her. One was a redhead, the other had black hair. Both had styled hair, ringed with gold, and jeweled earrings. Otherwise, except for a few body adornments, they were also nude. Bianca recognized these women; they were the same ones who had greeted her the last time she woke in this place.

“We have not seen you for a few weeks,” the redhead said to her, smiling. “You seemed to be having such a good time at the Emperor’s birthday celebration, then you were gone.” She smiled wider, leaning over. By this time, Bianca had turned over onto her back, so that she could see the other women more easily. The redhead got on her knees, leaned down and took Bianca’s left nipple in her eager mouth. She started sucking.

“Mmmmmm,” the redhead smiled. She released Bianca’s tit for a moment. “You taste really good.” Bianca pulled the other woman in for a kiss and for a long moment the two luscious beauties shared tongues and spit.

The black-haired woman smiled, looking down at Bianca and the redhead, then interrupted. “Come, Mescia, there will be a lot of time for that. The orgy is just starting. Let us go!”

The redhead helped Bianca to her feet. The three women left the ornate pavilion in which Bianca had been resting and started down a garden path, through a spectacular green park, towards a second, larger pavilion. The sounds of music and the murmur of human voices and noises came up the path as they approached.

“Did you see a blonde woman?” Bianca asked her companions. “She may have arrived with me, or somewhere close by. She only speaks Greek, but she is very beautiful.”

“Your golden-haired Greek friend woke up a few minutes before you did,” the redhead explained. “I speak Greek, so I was able to converse with her. She has already gone to the orgy. She seemed quite eager to see it when I explained what goes on in there.”

The women entered the pavilion. Bianca could not help but smile; a pulsing heat began to spread up from her pussy, inundating her heavy tits and filling her core.. Everywhere she looked, men and women were engaged with each other, fucking and sucking, licking and biting, men with engorged cocks were shoving their pricks into every wet, hot hole they could find, women with luscious bodies were eagerly spreading themselves and presenting their haunches for the men and other women to violate. All around the pavilion, writhing, grinding bodies were going at each other, sometimes in heaps of voluptuous flesh, other times in small groups of two or three on one. She saw a group of five men clustered around one gorgeous woman, all of them with their cocks inserted into some part of her body, some of them sharing a single hole. Elsewhere, Bianca saw two women kissing and sucking at each other’s tits, even as two men took them from behind. Men were engaged in sex with each other and women were rolling around in delicious 69s. Bianca scanned the crowd, looking for Stacia in the sea of rutting bodies. Mescia, the redhead, grabbed her and pulled her onto a set of cushions near the door.

“Come here, beautiful one,” Mescia smiled. “Livia and I want to enjoy you a little. We did not spend enough time together the last time you were here.”

The black haired woman helped pushed the unresisting Bianca flat on her back. “What’s your name?” Livia asked, as she began to lick Bianca’s turgid cunt. Bianca smiled and sighed with pleasure as Livia lapped at her bare pussy, as Mescia sucked and sucked at her sensitive right tit.

“I am Bianca,” the beautiful explorer moaned. She pulled the redhead in for a deep, tongue-filled kiss, delighting in the feel of the woman’s breasts mashing with her own. Between Bianca’s legs, Livia eagerly feasted on her twat. Bianca wrapped her powerful thighs around the black-haired beauty’s head, encouraging her to continue her ministrations. Livia devoured her until Bianca was writhing with pleasure. Then the black-haired woman sat up and scissored her prey. Bianca found herself grinding pussy to pussy with Livia, even as she and Mescia sucked at each other’s tits, exchanging hungry kisses when they were not playing with the other’s nipples. Bianca willingly descended into sexual bliss with her beautiful companions. Now that she had greater control over her time-traveling powers, she did not have to worry about the first orgasm sending her spiraling off into the ether.

Bianca brought Livia to orgasm, then soon found herself scissored with Mescia as the redhead and brunette changed places on Bianca’s body. Bianca writhed and moaned in a mutual orgasm with Mescia, her cries of erotic joy swallowed by Livia’s ravenous mouth. Mescia pushed Bianca into a delicious 69; Livia helped her suck and eat Bianca’s succulent twat until the dark-haired beauty exploded in a series of screaming orgasms, even as she buried her face in Mescia’s twat and devoured the redheaded beauty with ravenous hunger. The three women were joined by four or more men and Bianca sighed in erotic ecstasy as she felt herself penetrated in her ass and cunt by two massive shafts. She continued to exchange kisses and licks with the women until, at some point, she found herself sucking on a prodigious cock.

Over the next several hours, Bianca happily threw herself into the orgy. Her incredible body attracted a crowd of men and women lusting to have their way with her flesh. She soon found herself riding several cocks at once, her ass and pussy stretched to accommodate the multiple penetrations. Men and women sucked and bit at her meaty tits. Tongues and teeth licked and sucked at every inch of her voluptuous flesh. Bianca enjoyed it all, relishing orgasm after orgasm, even as she brought many of the people around her to climax. She was soon slicked with sweat and the ejaculate of the many men and women sharing her sex. She felt the power building in her core, but she was careful to keep it under control. She knew she would soon need to find Stacia and lock up with the blonde if they were to continue their time traveling together.

A few hours into the orgy, Bianca found herself being fucked in her ass by a man behind her, even as she rode another man below her, whose massive shaft filled her pussy. She was sucking on a third man’s cock. A beautiful redheaded woman, not Mescia, was sucking and licking hungrily at Bianca’s slick, sweaty tits. Bianca grunted as the man who had been fucking her ass suddenly withdrew, then redirected his cock into her pussy. The man below her gasped as he felt his compatriot’s cock shove up into Bianca’s cunt, forcing him to share the tight space. Bianca squeezed her vagina as hard as she could and smiled as the two men gasped and moaned in pleasure. A moment later, the man whose cock she had been sucking suddenly pulled away from Bianca. He went only far enough to climb onto her back and shove his shaft deep and hard up her ass. Bianca pulled the redheaded woman into a deep, luscious kiss, and delighted as the woman’s heavy, taut tits mashed hard against her own. The man under Bianca was sucking on the redhead’s cunt, even as his cock pulsed and throbbed inside of Bianca’s twat.

All three men exploded inside of Bianca, filling her vagina and ass with their slick cum. Bianca wiggled in pleasure. She felt herself on the verge of a massive orgasm. She suddenly pushed the redhead over onto her back, pulling herself away from all three men and disengaging her body from their spent cocks at the same time. She landed on top of the redhead, crushing the woman into the rug on the floor, and forced the woman’s lush legs apart. The redhead eagerly spread herself and, in moments, Bianca and the redhead were fucking vigorously, hot, slick, cum-wet pussies pounding and then grinding together in ecstasy, thick clits grating against each other in waves of pleasure. After a few minutes, the women came together in mutual orgasm, screaming and clawing at each other in erotic delight. Bianca held the other woman down and rejoiced in the feel of her muscles tensing and releasing, her hot ejaculate injecting deep into the other woman’s twat, the other woman’s cum mixing with her own. Smiling, gasping, Bianca collapsed on top of the redhead, who wrapped her limbs around Bianca and held her tight.

Bianca felt the power building inside of her, quickly approaching the point of no return. She needed to find Stacia. She was only one or two ecstatic fucks away from an irresistible time jump.

Reluctantly, Bianca peeled herself away from the redhead, who desperately wanted to hold onto her. She kissed and fingered the woman until the redhead collapsed in sensual bliss. Then Bianca got up and went in search of her blonde companion.

Bianca threaded her way through the mass of sprawling, rutting bodies. Everywhere, naked men and women writhed and thrust, licked and bit and squeezed at taut, sweaty flesh. Several people tried to pull Bianca into their groups as she passed; a number of men and women approached her with the intent of engaging her, but she pushed them away. She scanned the room, looking for Stacia. It was hard; the room was filled with beautiful, voluptuous women, many of them blonde, all of them writhing and wriggling in various states of sexual ecstasy. Bianca finally came across a thick knot of men and a few women who seemed focused on one particular person in the middle of the knot. Bianca was hardly surprised to find that person was Stacia. The blonde beauty was in a situation similar to the one Bianca had been in recently. She was riding one man, whose cock was buried deep in her pussy. Another man was sharing the vaginal space from behind, while a third was lodged and pumping deep into her asshole. Two women were sucking at each of Stacia’s tits, even as two men were riding them from behind. Two other men were flanking the knot of sweating, grunting bodies around Stacia, standing on either side of her. She had a hand on each of the men’s pricks and she was moving her head side to side as she took turns sucking each swollen member. The blonde beauty was clearly enjoying herself immensely.

Bianca watched the show for a moment, enjoying the erotic spectacle. Then she intervened. She pushed aside one of the men whose cock Stacia was sucking. Stacia looked to see why the man was pulling away, her hand still locked around his thick dick. Bianca grabbed the blonde by her cum-streaked hair, pulled her head back, and forced her tongue deep down Stacia’s throat. Stacia moaned in sensual bliss, sucking and licking back. Both women moaned in pleasure, their incredible bodies tingling and throbbing with heat now that they were together again. Bianca realized something she had not before; something about her sexual union with Stacia was more intense, more pleasurable, than sexual union with other people. Bianca broke the kiss, then spat down Stacia’s open mouth. “It’s time to go,” Bianca whispered at the blonde.

“I will finish these off quickly,” Stacia whispered back. As Bianca watched, Stacia began to rock her body, moving the shafts thrust into her ass and pussy up and down the slick corridors of her body. Bianca could tell that the blonde was squeezing and massaging the trapped pricks with her vaginal and anal muscles. Minutes later, all three men were gasping and crying out as they came in a torrent of hot ejaculate. At the same time, Stacia worked the cocks she was holding, using both her hands and her tongue. These men came first, groaning as they ejaculated; Stacia aimed their streams at her breasts, giving something hot and creamy to the women who were sucking on her incredible tits. The men exhausted, Stacia kissed first one woman, then the other. The women were still being fucked by other men from behind. With a final kiss, Stacia extracted herself from the bodies attached to her own. The men collapsed in a spent heap while the two women continued to gasp and moan as they were taken from behind.

Smiling, Stacia took Bianca’s hand. The two women walked away from the orgy and out into the garden, where they would not be disturbed. Bianca led Stacia to a quiet spot on the lawn, near a bench by a pond. Bianca sat down and spread her legs. Stacia sat and mirrored her. The blonde and brunette smiled ate each other. Their magnificent bodies glistened with sweat and were streaked with cum. Their gold-adorned hair was wild and unkempt. They reached between their legs and spread their pussylips, freeing their swollen, pulsing clits. They pushed up to each other, both eager to lock up and begin the final, devastatingly pleasurable fuck that would take them on to their next destination.

“I think I can get us back to where and when we left,” Bianca murmured, as her luscious legs slipped over and under Stacia’s voluptuous limbs. Bianca sensed that her instinctive control of her powers was improving. The women sighed as their slick, tanned flesh smoothly slid against each other.

Stacia replied by pushing her engorged cuntlips directly into Bianca’s wet, thick twat. The two women sighed in erotic delight, then bit their lips as they struggled to control the surging pleasure in their cores as their hungry cunts mated and fused. Slow and hard, they began to twist their hips and pump with their asses, drilling their pussies into each other, sealing together in a fleshy bond. A strong suction developed between the womens’ wet, hot fuckholes as they slowly penetrated and spread each other. Juicy labia meshed and fused with juicy labia. Bianca groaned as she directed her swollen clit into Stacia’s hot, wet flesh, sliding her pulsing clit around and around the slick, hot cunt of her blonde enemy. Stacia’s engorged clit reached out to meet hers and the women moaned in mutual ecstasy as their throbbing clits licked and rubbed against each other, two exposed nerves of pure pleasure.

Joined in an unbreakable seal, cunt to cunt, Stacia and Bianca raised their asses off the ground, arms bracing their bodies, and fucked slow and hard. Their equally massive tits jiggled in time to their powerful, driving thrusts. Their muscled bellies rippled with effort as they worked their luscious bodies together. Their hot twats merged and fused, heat and wet pouring out of the conjoined flesh. Their passionate moans of pleasure harmonized.

Their eyes locked, their gasps and cries of pleasure growing hotter and louder. The women’s massive tits bounced furiously; their bodies quivered with pleasure and tension. Their muscles strained powerfully as they used all their strength to drive into each other, to fuck furiously, desperately.

Bianca felt the energy build in her core, growing unbearably, in conjunction with her impending orgasm. Stacia threw back her head and moaned in an agony of pure pleasure as she strained to hold back her own explosion of ecstasy. Bianca reached out with one hand and grasped Stacia’s luscious, bouncing tit. The brunette squeezed the blonde’s taut, golden orb. Stacia screamed, but still she held back her orgasm, just for a moment later.

Bianca knew that the end had come.

“Oh god, oh fuck,” Bianca cried out. She reached for Stacia; the blonde reached for Bianca in reply. With a shared scream, the gorgeous women pulled each other in tight, their engorged tits flattening against each other, taut meat fusing to taut meat, nipple to nipple, areola to areola. Their mouths locked, their slick tongues twisted into a knot. Screaming into each other’s mouths, lost in pure sexual joy, the women went stiff in each other’s arms as their bodies convulsed in one incredibly intense orgasm after another. Hot cum flowed between their fused twats like boiling water, filling their vaginas, coating their inner thighs and bellies with hot ejaculate. Tears flowed down their beautiful faces as their minds exploded with unbelievable pleasure.

Bianca moaned in orgasmic bliss. With the third mutual orgasm, the power erupted from her once more, washing over her body, washing over Stacia. Clinging to each other, joined as intimately as it was possible for two women to be joined, the erotic combatants flowed into the time stream. The final sensation Bianca felt before her body ceased to exist was the intense feeling of Stacia’s clit knotted and pulsing against her own throbbing clit, their two nerve-rich nubs mated in shared ecstasy. Then the world vanished in a burst of light. Bianca knew that when she next regained consciousness, she and her blonde lover would be back in the Minotaur’s maze, no more than moments after they first left. Deep in her mind, she knew that their sexual contest would be decided there.

Bianca awoke in a fog, her mind dull and confused. She was lying face down on a thick blanket of fur. She needed a moment to regain her bearings. She was dizzy, something that had not happened before. Slowly, she became conscious of where she was. The room was hot and there was a distinct animal scent in the air. There was a low rumbling sound coming from somewhere. The room was dark. The walls and ceiling flickered with shadows cast by a few torches resting in sconces. Bianca smiled. She could feel deep in her bones that she had successfully returned to the Minotaur’s lair. Even more, the time sense that she was rapidly developing assured her that she had returned only seconds after she and Stacia had left.

Gingerly, Bianca raised her head. The world stopped spinning. She rolled over onto her back. She was completely nude, her gorgeous body sprawled out on one of the rugs on the floor of Stacia’s chamber. She raised her head and saw the massive bed where the Minotaur had fucked her and Stacia before falling into an exhausted, sated sleep. Bianca could not see the beast, but now that she had regained her orientation, she realized that the low rumbling sound she had been hearing was the monster, snoring on the rug at the foot of the bed, just out of her view.

Bianca looked to her side. Stacia was sprawled on the floor on the other side of the room, flat on her back. The blonde beauty’s magnificent naked body glinted in the half light; her heavy tits rose and fell with an alluring jiggle as she breathed deeply. The woman’s thighs were slightly spread and her bare-shaven cunt glinted with moisture. Bianca smiled. She felt her own pussy growing hot, her clit starting to throb. She had the other woman at a disadvantage. If she moved quickly she might be able to mount Stacia, fuck her opponent into submission, establish her dominance, and win this sexual duel they had been fighting through the ages.

Even as she watched, however, Stacia stirred. The blonde beauty’s eyes opened with a start and she sat up and looked around. She saw Bianca an instant later. The women’s eyes locked and the hostility and mutual lust that passed between them almost sent Bianca’s head spinning again. Stacia got slowly to her bare feet and began to walk towards the bed. Bianca got to her feet and approached the bed from the opposite side. The two sexual combatants reached the massive bed at the same time. They both glanced down at the unconscious Minotaur. The beast’s rumbling snores continued to ripple through the closed chamber. There was no sign that he was about to waken.

Bianca and Stacia climbed onto the fur-covered bed and crawled towards each other on their hands and knees. The women’s equally formidable tits rocked and swayed, hanging from their chests like four meaty, succulent cannonballs. They pushed up until they were nose to nose. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes. Both women saw the mutual desire within the other; the desire to defeat the other woman and win the Minotaur’s cock for herself; the desire to prove to the other woman which of them was the better lover, the stronger woman, the more sexually potent bitch. Bianca and Stacia tilted their heads and slipped their noses past each other, so that their wet lips could touch. The women did not kiss; instead, they touched tongues, then lapped at each other with increasing hunger. They pressed the undersides then the tops of their tongues into each other. The women could almost read each other now and they both knew this was what the other wanted. Finally their tongue tasting turned into a hot, slick, passionate kiss. Sensations raced through their bodies, sparking their lust, filling their veins with the hormones and chemicals that caused their pussies to burn with desire, their hot, heavy tits to harden and swell with need. Stacia and Bianca broke the kiss, then pulled back to look deeply into each other again. Their lips were connected by a string of saliva that they both lapped up with their tongues. Both women smiled as they saw the raging lust that now filled the eyes of the other. They were ready to end this sexual war, to match bodies and sexual power and decide, finally, which of them deserved to have the Minotaur as her own.

The women sat back on the bed and spread their legs wide, offering their wet, burning pussies to each other. Smiling hungrily, eyes locked, Stacia and Bianca reached down between their legs and began stroking and caressing their aching clits, their slick, hot labia and burning cunt lips. Both women bit their lips as sensations of pure erotic delight began to ripple through them, filling their bellies, pumping up their tits, enflaming their throbbing nipples.

Bianca moaned as the pleasure built. Her body was ready and primed, more than ready to fuck. Stacia grunted, her fingers working nimbly between her legs, fueling the incredible heat building there. The women began to push towards each other on their beautiful asses, leaving a trail of pussy juice as they advanced on each other. They scissored their legs, rights over lefts, and pushed closer. When their pussies were just inches from kissing, their muscular thighs were on fire with the heat radiating from their cunts, the women reached and used their fingers to press their twats open, spreading their pussy lips, freeing their engorged clits, opening their cunts so that pink could reach to pink.

“Now, we decide this,” Stacia whispered to Bianca, her blue eyes glowing with furious lust. “My cunt against yours, until one of us devours the other…”

“Yes,” Bianca breathed. “We settle this here and now, woman to woman, clit to clit…”

Smiling at each other, both women burning with lust and trembling with anticipation and raw, sexual hunger, Bianca and Stacia closed the final inch between their sizzling twats. Pussy lips slapped and sucked to pussy lips, pink labia melting into one thick mass of pleasure, sexual organs fitting together like gears in an erotic machine. The beautiful, voluptuous women screamed in concert, throwing back their heads to moan in excruciating pleasure. Gasping, panting, Stacia and Bianca locked eyes, then smiled at each other again, both anticipating the unbearable pleasure to come. They thrust with their hips, screaming again and again as their swollen clits crushed head to head and seemed to fuse together. They bucked and humped, rubbing clits together relentlessly, their bodies trembling and jerking as they sexually tortured each other.

The women leaned back on their hands, their juicy cunts slotted together, thick muscles intertwined and quivering as they squeezed each other with all their vaginal power. Their hips and asses moved in tandem, raised slightly off the bed as each woman strived to sexually overpower the other. The women’s massive tits bounced in rhythm as they fucked. Eyes half-closed, Stacia and Bianca watched the other woman’s bouncing tits intently, almost hypnotized by the jolting, jerking masses of delectable meat, as their bodies struggled, fucking furiously. On and on and on they fucked, their grunts and gasps and screams of pleasure growing more and more intense.

“I will break you, you bitch,” Bianca gasped, sweat rolling down her beautiful face, her entire gorgeous body glistening wetly in the firelight.

“I will fuck you senseless, you whore,” Stacia replied, between deep breaths. “The Minotaur is mine. His cock, his strength, it will always be mine.”

“I will take him for myself,” Bianca snarled, increasing the force of her thrusts. “If you will not share, I will take!”

The women fucked each other to ecstasy. After nearly a half hour of constant, vicious clit to clit grinding, their incredible bodies were shuddering with repressed sexual pleasure and power. Bianca felt her time-traveling energies swirling inside her body, straining against their containment, begging to be released with her next devastating orgasm, which was so, so close. She pushed the energies back. She had no intention of leaving the hot, dim bed chamber until she had completely sexually destroyed her hated blonde rival.

Grinding, humping, asses pumping, hips jerking, beautiful, throbbing tits bouncing on their chests with every thrust, Bianca and Stacia fucked to the end. Finally, the sheer pleasure in their bodies exploded in a series of devastating, shared orgasms. Screaming, the two women fell flat on the bed. Their shoulders supporting their bodies, they arched their backs high off the bed, forming a bridge. Their tits bounced back into their faces; they screamed and screamed as their bellies rippled, as their hips jerked in ecstasy. It was as if someone had turned on a spigot inside their cunts; hot cum flowed from their convulsing, squeezing pussies, soaking their locked genitals, flowing into their ass cracks, flowing down their bare bellies, pooling in their navels, until it hit their jiggling tits and began to flow over and around the meaty orbs, the way a river flows around islands in the stream. Stacia and Bianca held each other rigid, eyes wide in excruciating pleasure, muscles straining, bodies trembling, as orgasm after orgasm rippled and roared through their exquisite bodies, radiating through their luscious flesh as waves of pure erotic pleasure. For all the cum that coated their sweaty skin, much more injected into the women’s vaginal canals, mixing and combining into a hot slurry that they shot back and forth. The women writhed uncontrollably. Finally, the orgasms subsided. The women’s asses hit the bed and, for almost a half hour, they lay locked together, legs scissored, cunt sucked and sealed to cunt, bodies shining with sweat and cum, their massive tits heaving with their exhausted breathing.

Bianca floated on a cloud of sexual bliss. She felt the time travel powers roiling in her body, pumped up by the raw sexual power that her orgasms had fed into them. Her body was so saturated with pleasure that she felt almost disassociated from it, her awareness anchored only by the delicious heat in her throbbing nipples and pulsing clit and the pleasing feeling of hot flesh merged to hot flesh in her cunt.

Stacia groaned and then slowly rolled her body, twisting her cunt away from Bianca’s twat, causing the thick-muscled quims to suck apart, releasing a gush of cum. Bianca moaned in protest, but she did not move. She felt too spent and she decided to let Stacia make the next move.

The blonde turned around immediately and crawled on her hands and knees to Bianca’s prone body. Stacia mounted the gorgeous brunette, sliding her perfect tits into place on top of Bianca’s beautiful rack, nipples meeting nipples and sucking into place. The thick meat of their tits compressed with a throbbing, aching pulse of pleasure. Their flat, wet bellies slid into place, navels sucking as they mated. Their slick pussies lips caressed wetly, sex-slimed and hot with electricity and sensual power.

Bianca smiled as she felt the blonde mount her, as she felt her rival’s perfect naked body mate to her own perfection once again. “Yesssss,” Bianca smiled. “Fuck, yes…”

Bianca spread her legs and tilted up her pelvis, welcoming Stacia’s violation. Stacia’s thumb-sized clit penetrated and slipped up Bianca’s fuck trough until it was head to head with Bianca’s equally huge, sensitive clit. The women pushed into each other, their pussy lips locking and spreading against each other, both women contracting their pussies so that their cunts sucked and sealed in a hot, meaty lock.

“Yes, you fucking cunt,” Stacia whispered, her eyes half closed but shining with lust. “Oh gods, yes, we’re going to fuck so hard…”

Stacia’s arms wrapped under Bianca’s shoulders, her hands buried themselves in Bianca’s thick hair. Bianca seized Stacia’s round, perfect ass and squeezed hard, sinking her fingers into the taut, resisting flesh.

“Give it to me, fucker,” Bianca replied. “Give me everything you’ve got.”

Stacia began moving her clit around and around, her ass and hips moving almost microscopically, just enough to rub and rub and rub her slick, pulsing, swollen clit head to head with Bianca’s equally formidable nub. Bianca moved her ass and hips in reply, shifting enough to keep her clit head kissing and grinding and sliding on its counterpart. Unbelievable sexual pleasure roared and rippled and radiated through the writhing women’s exquisite bodies, sensual bliss born as the most erotic, unbearably sensitive parts of their bodies went to war, each trying to destroy the other with pure ecstasy.

The women seemed to be hardly moving at all. They lay on the bed, body on body, Bianca’s lush legs spread, Stacia lodged between her thighs. The women were belly to belly, lush tits crushed and swelling against each other like meaty balloons, nipples and areola fused. Stacia’s ass moved constantly but minutely as the clit to clit fuck went on and on. The women were nose to nose, forehead to forehead, gasping and moaning, hot breath mixing, sharing whispered obscenities, but not kissing, not yet, despite their overwhelming urge to suck each other’s tongues, to share and suck back hot spit.

Bianca and Stacia fucked relentlessly, the pleasure and pressure between their legs growing and growing inexorably, the heat spreading and swelling and filling their lower bodies, moving in waves through their tits and nipples. It was just too much; they felt another series of exquisite orgasms building inside.

The women’s whimpers and moans became louder and more insistent, more urgent. Their moans turned to groans turned to cries of ecstasy.

“Oh god, you fucking whore!” Bianca cried. She pulled harder on Stacia’s ass, even as she pushed up with her hips, trying to press her clit against Stacia’s attacking clit with even more force.

“Cum for me, cum for me, you cunt,” Stacia moaned at Bianca. The women slid their noses passed each other and locked into a tongue filled kiss. Soon, they were sucking back each other’s spit, their tongues dancing and wrestling within their sealed mouths.

Stacia stopped grinding, rubbing her clit to Bianca’s clit. She broke the kiss and stared down into Bianca’s eyes, both women’s expressions glazed and distant as the unbearable pleasure they were feeling filled their senses. Their bodies were trembling with repressed sexual ecstasy. Stacia began moving harder, faster, rubbing and grinding Bianca’s clit with as much force as she could. The women’s shared erotic moaning grew louder and louder as they fucked to the end. Their bodies quivered even more as the pressure built, as the pleasure locked within their clits grew more and more unbearable, as the heat in their sealed genitals swelled to volcanic proportions.

On the very edge of orgasm, Stacia pushed down with all the power of her hips and ass, pressing clit head to clit head. She could not crush Bianca’s rock-hard clit, but she put as much concentrated pressure on the brunette’s throbbing, aching sexbud as she could, her own clit threatening to explode with the incredible sensations. Bianca’s eyes went wide, she threw back her head and howled, and she spread her legs wide, even as she thrust her hips up, ramming her clit to Stacia’s clit as hard as she could. Her fingers dug into Stacia’s ass and she pulled the blonde down onto her, into her, with all her strength, wanting nothing more than to penetrate and be penetrated at her core.

“Oh, fucking GOD!!,” Bianca howled as an excruciating orgasm roared out of her convulsing vagina. Her pussy contracted and a geyser of hot cum blasted out of cunt, soaking the intersection of the women’s bodies.

Stacia screamed, but it was a scream of near despair. She forced her orgasm back down. With all her will, she pushed her ass high in the air, pulling her throbbing, desperate clit away from Bianca’s clit, disengaging their sexnubs at exactly the moment that they wanted, needed, to fuse into one flesh. Her clit was separated from Bianca’s clit by mere millimeters when the wave of sexually powered temporal energy erupted, washing over Bianca’s body as a blue flame, filling every cell in her body. Stacia screamed; she had held back her orgasm, she had disengaged her clit, but almost every other inch of her flesh was in full contact with Bianca’s luscious body. Bianca shrieked, her cry taking on a distant, echoing sound. Stacia cried out in fear as she felt the temporal energy wash over her, swirling around her flesh. She closed her eyes tight, riding out the powerful electrical currents that raced all over her body, seeking some kind of outlet. Slowly, the sense of power faded. The last remnant of the electrical heat seemed to flow into Stacia’s nipples and clit, where they slowly melted into her sexual organs.

Stacia opened her eyes. She was alone in the bed; she had succeeded in forcing Bianca to make the time jump. Stacia had defeated her sexual rival. She had proved that she had superior sexual control. She had won her long, long battle with the greatest challenger she had ever faced for control of the Minotaur’s fantastic cock.

Stacia’s sexual energy was unspent. She gasped and rolled over onto her back, moaning with pleasure as her sex-saturated tits jolted and bounced on her chest, sending shocks of sexual delight rippling through her body. Stacia needed sexual release. She been so close to cumming when she had finally managed to disengage her clit. She lay on the bed, panting, staring at the ceiling. She reached down to stroke her pussy, to tease and rub her huge, engorged clit. She needed, desperately needed, to get off. As she masturbated, she moaned and writhed, grinding her ass into the bed. She reached up to squeeze and knead her breasts.

Slowly, as she fingered herself, Stacia became aware that the Minotaur was standing at the foot of the bed, observing her. Even as she watched, she saw its massive cock swell and stiffen into its full, monstrous length and thickness. “Oh fuck,” Stacia thought to herself. “This is perfect.”

The blonde beauty spread her legs wide, offering her hot, pink, dripping cunt to the beast. At the same time, she opened her arms. “Come here, my love,” Stacia purred. “I’ve fought another woman for the right to your cock, to your prick. I have won. Come and give me what is mine!”

The Minotaur growled, its cock so aroused that it visibly throbbed with blood and tension. It climbed onto the canvas mattress and positioned itself between Stacia’s spread thighs. The beast placed the head of its monstrous shaft at the mouth of Stacia’s wet, soft cunt. Stacia braced herself on the bed, anchoring her body so that she would not be pushed up the canvas when the beast thrust. She waited in breathless anticipation of the painful, ecstatic penetration to come.

The Minotaur roared as it thrust with the power of its massive hips and rock-hard ass. Stacia screamed in a combination of exquisite pain and unbearable pleasure as the monster’s incredibly huge, thick cock spread her pussy, forcing its way all the way up her tight, hot vaginal canal, sheathing itself within her perfect cunt right to the hilt. It impaled Stacia’s beautiful body in one long, hard, slow stroke, ending only when its thick, hairy pubes crashed into Stacia’s pelvis. Stacia shrieked. She felt split in two, but in a good way. Stacia gasped and pulled the beast down onto her. Its powerful chest crushed her tits into her chest, the soft, thick fur of its belly grated on her smooth, slick flesh. Stacia’s legs locked around the monster’s hips. Stacia seized the creature’s bucking, rolling ass and moved her body with the beast, keeping it lodged all the way inside her, riding her, filling her with its flesh, violating her in the most delightful way. The woman and the monster bucked and humped for some time, Stacia using all her will to keep herself from erupting in orgasmic bliss. Grunts, moans, screams of pleasure filled the air. The room grew thick with the scent of hot sex. Stacia felt the beast’s sweat flowing down over her body, mixing with her own sweat, she felt herself covered in its musky scent. She felt owned, she felt possessed, but she also felt that this was her reward, something she had fought hard to hold and she intended to enjoy every inch of it.

Finally, the Minotaur reared up, roared in sexual agony, and exploded deep inside of Stacia’s twat. Stacia used her deep muscles on the beast to squeeze it and massage its prick, draining every drop of cum from it. She smiled, loving the feel of the monster’s boiling hot cum filling up her insides.

The Minotaur collapsed on top of Stacia, its massive weight completely crushing her, almost flattening her powerful tits to her chest. The beast intended to use her as a mattress for the night. Stacia smiled as she shifted beneath the monster. She did not mind. She claimed her prize, she had defended what was hers. Her last thought, before she drifted off to sleep under her captor and lover, was to wonder if she would ever see Bianca again.

Bianca arched her back in ecstasy, and moaned wildly. She squeezed her bouncing tits hard, enjoying the feel of their weight and tightness in her hands. She squeezed her nipples even harder and groaned in pleasure as sexual fire filled her thick nubs and radiated through her massive tanned globes.

Bianca was riding a massive rubber cock. She was in her bedroom, mounted on a leather saddle outfitted with a removable dildo that she had specially made to approximate the length, thickness and shape of the Minotaur’s monstrous erection. Without the power of the monster’s ass and hips behind the thrust, the giant dildo was simply too big to go all the way up Bianca’s deliciously tight vaginal canal. She had found the only way that she could get the massive shaft all the way in was by lowering herself onto the artificial dick and allowing gravity – combined with her internal vaginal muscles and using her arms to pull herself down – to drive the shaft right up into her sexual core. She loved being completely penetrated and stretched by the dildo, but she loved the real thing even more and she fully intended to get it back.

Bianca squeezed the thick rubber with her penetrated pussy, her deep muscles rippling along the length of the cock, sending spasms of pleasure roaring through her body. She hit a button beside the saddle and activated a vibrator that ran along the length of the rubber dildo. Bianca groaned in ecstasy. She could feel the time travel power building and building. She had been riding the rubber cock, stimulating herself, for more than three hours. She had cum several times and the leather saddle was slick with her juices. She could feel the time travel charge that she needed to make her jump building up to the point where she could finally use it to take her where she needed to go.

More than two months had passed since she had been defeated in sexual combat by Stacia. The loss rankled like an itch that was impossible to scratch. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to let it stand. She would not allow another woman to get away with sexually overpowering her. She would not deny herself the pleasure of the Minotaur’s massive cock. She had spent the past three months mastering her sex-driven time travelling powers. She had masturbated herself all over the time stream, developing her control of her abilities and learning how to use her new, innate senses to navigate time and space. Now, finally, she was ready to return to ancient Greece and face Stacia, cunt to cunt and clit to clit, for control of the Minotaur’s dick. If the bitch wouldn’t share, Bianca was determined to sexually dominate her blonde nemesis.

Bianca felt the massive orgasm that she needed coming on. With her mind, she reached down into the wave of growing ecstasy and, even as her pussy convulsed in a long, hot shot of cum, she seized the erotic energy and threw it into one powerful time jump. Bianca felt the electricity wash over her, she felt every cell in her body burn with the cosmic heat. Then she was leaping through time with the sense of falling and jumping and flying all at the same time. She had a sense of being outside time and space, of floating outside the universe, at the peak of a giant leap. She started to feel as though she was falling, arcing towards some particular place. She concentrated on the maze, on Stacia, on the room in which their last battle had been fought. Whatever power she possessed seemed to understand. Things speeded up, the sensations became even more overwhelming. As protection, Bianca’s mind faded and she fell into unconsciousness.

Bianca returned to consciousness slowly. She was lying on the rough, rock-strewn ground of the maze. She could tell where she was instantly; the dim light, provided by the widely-spaced,-glowing torches, the crumbling architecture that spoke to the maze’s great age, these things were unmistakable. Bianca was slightly surprised to find that she was completely nude. She had expected to reappear in her abbreviated Centurion’s armor, as she had in the past. But whatever source provided her with what she needed for each era had decided that nudity was all that was required for what she would be doing here. In that, it was certainly correct.

Bianca got to her feet. Her eyes adjusted to the dimness. Her time sense, finely honed over the past few months, told her that she arrived exactly when she had planned to arrive: one month after her forced departure. But she was not certain of exactly where she was in the maze. Her abilities usually deposited her near where she needed to be, and she had hoped to land inside the chamber where she had first met Stacia. She was sure that she was close, but she could not see the opening to the bed chamber. Now that she thought about it, she realized that she had not been paying much attention when the Minotaur first brought her to the room. The beast had been carrying her down the corridor. If she remembered correctly, it had been suckling her tit, driving her crazy with lust. Then it suddenly turned sharply and seemed to walk into a wall. They pushed through some kind of obstruction, and they were in the chamber. Bianca realized the room must be camouflaged; its opening was covered in furs or cloths that looked very much like the stone walls of the maze and were easy to disguise in the dim light.

Carefully, she allowed her instincts to guide her. She felt her way along the wall of the ancient construct for almost 10 meters when her hand encountered a course material. She seized the material and felt around it, realizing that it was a heavy piece of fur that hung down low on the wall. She pushed it and found that it moved to one side. She encountered more hanging furs as she walked down a short corridor off the side of the maze. She pushed aside the last heavy, hanging obstruction and found herself in Stacia’s bed chamber. It was exactly how she remembered it. Rich tapestries adorned the walls, ornate rugs were scattered on the floor. The air of the room had a strong musky odor, mixing with the regular sweetness. Bianca recognized it as the thick scent of the Minotaur, the scent of sex and sweat. The creature was either in the room or had been here very recently, involved in some strenuous sexual activity.

Soundlessly, Bianca padded into the room on her bare feet. She could not see the massive bed from the door but it soon came into view from around a pillar. She expected to see the Minotaur sprawled on the bed. It was not there. But Stacia was. The blonde beauty was flat on her back on the tautly stretched skin that served as the bed. Her legs were spread wide and slightly akimbo. Her arms flopped to either side of her magnificent body. Her face was turned towards the wall and her shortish hair was tousled and wild. Her voluptuous chest was rising and falling, her beautiful tits jiggling gently.

Bianca smiled at the sight of the blonde. Her tits thickened and her nipples swelled, growing hot and hard in an instant. Her pussy juiced and began to drip. Her clit began to pulse and ache as it grew and hardened. Bianca licked her lips in anticipation.

Silently, she moved to stand at the foot of the bed. She looked down at Stacia, taking in every inch of the woman’s lush form. Stacia’s body was sheened with sweat. Bianca stared down at the blonde’s smooth, clean shaven cunt. The hot pink slit looked slightly distended and redder than usual. It was also wet, glistening in the dim light. Bianca could see that a trickle of thick cum was leaking from Stacia’s twat. The complicated folds of her swollen labia were red and hot. Even more, her inner thighs and lower torso looked damp from sweat and cum. Bianca ran her eyes up Stacia’s smooth, taut belly to the blonde’s bulging tits. The woman’s nipples were still hard and looked a little red as well, a testament to being sucked and licked vigorously. Her massive mounds jiggled slightly as she breathed.

It was obvious from the evidence before her and from the powerful scent in the air that the Minotaur had been here, fucking Stacia, only minutes before. Bianca must have just missed the beast. She had mixed feelings about that. The idea of feeling that enormous cock spreading her cunt and filling her insides with cockmeat and hot cum filled Bianca with a delicious lust. But she was here to settle accounts with Stacia.

Staring into Stacia’s thick, pink, wet fuckmeat, Bianca fingered herself, slipping her middle digit into her slit, rubbing and caressing her burning clit with her lower palm. She was distended from hours of riding and bucking on the Minotaur-sized dildo. She was happy to see that she and Stacia would begin their battle on relatively equal terms. The softer and looser they were in the twat, the more deeply they would be able to lock up and penetrate and devour each other when they cunt-fucked.

Smiling evilly, Bianca crawled onto the massive bed. She moved carefully, trying not to disturb Stacia. Slowly, carefully, Bianca lowered her face to Stacia’s beautiful, meaty, thick-lipped cunt. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, thoroughly enjoying the delicious scent from between the blonde’s thighs, the combination of the Minotaur’s animal musk, its hot semen, Stacia’s gushing cum, and the shared sweat of sex. Bianca’s nose came to within millimeters of Stacia’s glorious twat. Bianca inhaled the intoxicating odor again, taking it deep into her lungs, and thrilled as the smell set her body on fire. She raised her head as she looked up Stacia’s body, up the slick belly and over the meaty tits, tipped with thick nipples, at the blonde’s gorgeous face. Stacia had an expression of pure sexual satisfaction.

Bianca lowered her head and teasingly ran her tongue along Stacia’s hot,wet, pussy lips. Her tongue played with the slick cuntlips and gently probed the pink labia, sliding enticingly on the wet, swollen flesh. Stacia moaned and shifted her hips, wriggling on the bed in pleasure. She did not wake up, but she smiled in delight and murmured encouragement, lost in the dream. Bianca slowly, gently licked the blonde’s swelling clit, keeping her tongue pressed lightly to the thickening bud. Stacia cried out and jerked, but she still did not wake. Evidently, Bianca though wryly, the Minotaur had done quite a job on her. Bianca pushed her strong tongue up into Stacia’s wet, yielding, swollen vagina, pushing into the vaginal canal, swirling her tongue around like a stir stick. She licked up some of the Minotaur’s residual cum. Stacia gasped and writhed a bit on the bed, shifting her hips and arching her back, just slightly. Bianca smiled as she withdrew, licking and swallowing back the delicious pussy juice.

Bianca worked up Stacia’s body, licking around the blonde’s pubic region, gently nibbling and licking at the soft flesh, then moved up the woman’s lower torso, pausing to slip her tongue into Stacia’s navel. Stacia smiled and murmured some more. Bianca lifted herself over Stacia and then lowered her head to gently lick and suck, ever so slightly, at Stacia’s thickening nipples. Stacia moaned and writhed, arching her back, pushing her tit into Bianca’s face. Bianca could tell the other woman was just moments from waking up. It was time. Bianca took Stacia’s right nipple firmly in her teeth and bit. She lowered her head, took as much titmeat as she could into her mouth, and sucked with all her power.

Stacia came awake with a shriek of pure carnal joy, her hands automatically locking around the back of Bianca’s head and pushing the beautiful brunette’s face even deeper into her throbbing tit. Stacia’s body was primed and ready, her erogenous zones were on fire and she was shocked and delighted to find this was not a dream.

Bianca bit into Stacia’s succulent tit even harder, leaving teethmarks. She filled her right hand with Stacia’s left tit, and squeezed ferociously. Bianca reached up with her free hand, grabbed Stacia’s blonde hair, and jerked the other woman’s head back. Stacia groaned in pain and pleasure and tightened her painful grip on Bianca’s hair. Bianca shifted her weight and moved her body up Stacia’s lush form, mounting the blonde. The voluptuous women’s massive tits rolled and crushed against each other, hot areola and engorged nipples finding each other and twisting and grating, sending waves of pleasure rippling through their succulent flesh. Nipple hole locked to nipple hole as their nips fused tight, pushing each other back into their merging, swollen titmeat. Bianca smiled viciously into Stacia’s beautiful face. The blonde looked up at her through half-closed eyes. Both women pulled each other’s hair even harder even as they strained to bring their faces together, nose to nose, lip to lip. They writhed in each other’s arms, their hot, naked flesh wrapping into one, legs twining, their bodies melting together.

“I knew you would be back, cuntfucker,” Stacia breathed up at Bianca. Bianca smiled, then drove her tongue and lips deep into Stacia’s hot mouth. The women’s tongues wrapped together in spitty knots, their lips locked into an unbreakable seal. For long minutes, Stacia and Bianca kissed passionately, savagely, exploring and fighting within each other’s mouths with their tongues, even as their bodies writhed slow and hard against each other, muscles straining, sexual organs burning in sensual pleasure. They pulled each other’s hair and caressed each other’s bodies, hands moving eagerly over naked backs and flexing asses, fingers slipping into puckered assholes, caressing and exploring lower vulvas. Thick lipped pussies pressed tight and caressed slick and hot, fuck hole sucking and kissing at fuck hole. The women’s moans of pleasure deepened and they finally broke their kiss. Strands of spit linked their lush lips as they glared at each other lustfully.

“So, you are back for more, cunt,” Stacia breathed. “You are not satisfied with being beaten once. I must fuck you until you submit again and again.”

“I’ve never submitted to anyone in my life, you whore,” Bianca whispered back. “Least of all a loose-lipped twat like you. I’ve got a lot more control of my powers now and you’re not pulling the same trick twice.”

“You came and I did not, fucker,” Stacia smirked at her foe. “I defeated you fairly. But if you want to try your luck with me again, I am happy to teach you another lesson.”

“I’ll be the one doing the teaching, bitch,” Bianca spat.

“We will see.”

Stacia placed her hands on Bianca’s shoulders and pushed the brunette off of her. Bianca did not resist. She pulled herself back from the blonde, eager to see what the other woman had planned. Stacia lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. She reached between her thighs and used her fingers to press down on and pull apart her thick cunt lips, spreading the hot pink labia and exposing her normally tight vaginal hole, now stretched and loosened by the recent pounding it had taken from the Minotaur’s monstrous cock.

Bianca smiled lasciviously. She reached down and spread her own pussy, opening her labia, exposing her distended vaginal hole, stretched by the massive dildo. Bianca moved so that she was over Stacia, her fuckhole lining up with Stacia’s juicy meat. Both women continued to hold their pussies open as Bianca lowered her cunt onto that of her blonde nemesis. Bianca and Stacia moaned in exquisite pleasure and excited anticipation as their open, hot pink holes kissed and merged, labia melting into labia, vaginal opening sucking to vaginal opening. It was the ultimate, most delicious violation either woman had ever felt. They loved it. The women pulled their hands away from their cunts and thrust their hips in concert, crying out as they felt their holes squash and melt into one. When they were sure they had a good, solid grip on each other, when pink was mated to pink, when they felt their vulvar lips fold and flatten together, Bianca and Stacia both contracted and pulled with their cunts, sucking hard at each other, sealing each other together. The women moaned and screamed in delight, their cries of pure sexual bliss harmonizing.

Bianca held herself over Stacia, her massive tits hanging down, her arms on either side of Stacia’s head, supporting her body. Her back arched as she pushed and thrust herself down into her enemy’s luscious cunt, her head thrown back in screaming pleasure. Stacia seized Bianca’s ass, then reached up and pulled Bianca down onto her. Their tits crushed, their bellies flattened together, their bodies aligned deliciously, navel sucking to navel, hard abs rippling on abs. Stacia kept her legs spread and her pelvis up-tilted to ensure the women’s twats remained merged and locked in a fleshy seal. Moving in an undulating wave of mated flesh, Stacia and Bianca kissed deeply, lustfully, as they rocked and thrust in a full body fuck. Their clits fused, sending shockwaves of unspeakable ecstasy rippling through their writhing, wriggling bodies. For more than an hour, the sexual rivals fucked and fucked, taking all of the delicious pleasure that they could from each other, doing all they could to prolong their mutual fuck. Their screams of joy rose in a chorus and when they finally came, they bucked together in multiple orgasms, emptying their cum into each other, drowning their inosculated twats in rivers of cum, their sweat-soaked bodies gleaming and shuddering in the dim light.

For ten minutes, Bianca lay sprawled on top of Stacia. The women were cheek to cheek, panting furiously, their wet hair matted and tangled, their tits mashed, belly to belly, legs twined, arms wrapped around each other. Their hearts pounded into each other, their tits pressed-together, engorged clits pulsed. Finally, Bianca sat up, pulling herself off of Stacia. But she had no desire to pause or rest. Instead, she sat back on the bed and spread her legs, bracing her body with her hands, and offered her red, dripping cunt to her blonde nemesis.

Stacia smiled. She sat up and spread her legs, mirroring Bianca’s position, then slid forward on the bed to drive herself cunt-deep into her brunette rival. The women’s lush bodies slotted together like mating scissors. Stacia also had no desire to stop. She understood, just as Bianca did, that this was going to be a fuck to the finish. The winner of this battle would be the woman who could fuck her enemy dry, who could outlast and outfuck her foe. They would not stop until they both knew which of them was the stronger woman.

Locked between each other’s powerful thighs, Stacia grabbed Bianca’s hip for leverage and Bianca seized the blonde’s thigh. The women commenced fucking furiously, their hips and asses bucking and jerking, their majestic tits bouncing and jolting, as they wrestled cunt to cunt. The women screamed and growled, cursed and shrieked, as they worked their pussies deeper and deeper into each other. Their cunts locked together, wet, hot cuntmeat spread and penetrating into equally succulent, powerful twat muscle. Their massive clits rubbed on each other head to head, sending continuous bursts of unbelievable pleasure rocketing through the women’s struggling bodies. Their clits soon hooked and locked, driving both women to screaming, sobbing cries of ecstasy.

Bianca closed her eyes and threw back her head to scream out in pleasure. She was in paradise. The raw sensations roaring through her body were unbearably delicious. She could think of no better way to fight, no better way to have sex, than to match cunt to cunt and clit to clit with another big, beautiful bitch and fuck it out to the end. The only other pleasure that might come close was to feel the Minotaur’s cock splitting her in two as it drove all the way up her cunt, spreading and filling her to the brim and beyond. Suddenly, Bianca was hit by a thought that caused her eyes to shoot open. She looked lustily at Stacia. The blonde had her head thrown back, her beautiful face a mask of rapturous pleasure, as she bucked and thrust, her tits bouncing exuberantly as her body rocked in ecstasy. Bianca grinned. She had already built up enough power in her body to time travel, but the control she had learned over the past six weeks allowed her to push the power aside and dissipate it. Now, she let it build to a peak as she and Stacia fucked each other harder and harder, closer and closer to another excruciating mutual orgasm.

When the climax finally arrived, when Bianca knew she could not hold back her building orgasm a moment longer, she reached for Stacia. She could tell from the trembling in their locked cunts that the blonde was also only moments from complete orgasmic delight. Bianca pulled Stacia to her.The blonde eagerly complied. The two women’s tits mashed, their mouths and tongues locked in sensuous, passionate kisses, they filled their hands with the other woman’s round, flexing ass cheeks. A mutual orgasm of overwhelming power roared through the straining, bucking women. Bianca and Stacia moaned in shared delight as they felt their hot cum mixing, spraying out on their thighs and bellies, rolling into their ass cracks. As their bodies writhed in pleasure, Bianca seized the energy and felt the electricity wash over their locked flesh. The women shifted into the time stream, their moans of erotic ecstasy echoing across the ages as they disappeared from the Minotaur’s maze.

Bianca regained her senses slowly. She was lying face down on a sand dune, her naked flesh caressed by hot desert winds and the light sting of the sand shifting on her perfect body. She quickly remembered why she was there. She took a moment to close her eyes and feel the time and place with her new abilities. She smiled. She had arrived exactly where she had wanted to come. She also sensed that Stacia had traveled with her.

Bianca pushed herself up and stood straight. She stretched to the darkened sky, standing on tiptoes, her massive breasts rising as she raised her arms, then jiggling enticingly as she lowered her arms back to her sides. The moon hung low on the horizon; streaks of sunset lingered in the warm air. She could feel the chill of the desert night starting to assert itself on her nude body. She looked around and got her bearings. She could not see her house, but she knew, with certainty, that it was just over the next dune. She could feel that Stacia was somewhere nearby, but she did not immediately see the Greek woman.

“Stacia!” Bianca called out. It was very likely that the blonde was unconscious. A moment later, however, Bianca heard an answering call, in ancient Greek.

“I am here!” shouted a voice.

“Keep calling, I will find you,” Bianca shouted back. Over the next few minutes, the women’s calls gradually led Bianca to her nemesis. Bianca topped a dune a short distance from where she had started and saw the blonde beauty, naked and perfect, just climbing to the top of the crest of the next hill over. Stacia put her hands on her hips and thrust out her chest when she saw Bianca. She was trying to hide her fear and her thankfulness for seeing a familiar face behind the bluster of her anger.

“Where are we?” Stacia asked crossly. “When are we? Why did you bring us here?”

Bianca walked down her hill and then back up to the top of the next, her eyes sweeping over the other woman’s naked perfection. Her loins stirred and her tits started to swell as she considered the answers to those questions.

“I have brought you to my time and my home,” Bianca explained. “I have something here that can settle our disagreement to our mutual satisfaction.”

Stacia arched a golden eyebrow. “Really?” she replied. “There is no disagreement. I am a better woman than you. No amount of sorcery or trickery on your part can change that.”

“Just follow me, bitch,” Bianca snapped. She started to walk away, across the spine of the sand dune. “That is, unless you’d like to stay here, naked, cold and without a way home.”

Snarling, Stacia began trudging after Bianca. The women worked their way across the sand dune, then over a few more hills. Within 5 minutes, they crested another hill and saw Bianca’s large, ranch-style house, nestled on the flat, hard ground at the edge of the desert.

The voluptuous, naked women padded up to the house. As they approached, motion sensors activated lights that illuminated the grounds and the house’s door. Stacia gasped, but she continued to follow her nude enemy. Bianca entered a security code then swung the door wide, inviting Stacia in.

The ancient Greek woman looked around. She had certainly seen many grander structures than Bianca’s home in her time, but she was awed by the lights that glowed without fire. Many of the other fixtures of the house she could link to some of the common features of her own time. The water that flowed from the tap when Bianca offered her a glass of water impressed her but was clearly an improvement on the pipes and aquaducts of ancient Greece.

When she had seen to her own and Stacia’s immediate needs, Bianca ushered Stacia down the main hall and into her bedroom. The blonde woman smiled when she saw the bed; she knew that it would be the arena for their final battle. She saw the saddle with the massive, penis-shaped shaft growing out of it and she grinned wider. She sensed that this obviously sexual device would play some role in what Bianca wished to do. She noticed another massive dildo sitting on the bedside table.

Bianca walked around to the other side of the bed and crawled onto the mattress, to the dildo saddle. With an evil grin, she flipped a switch and unlocked the massive rubber shaft. The dildo slid out of the saddle, revealing itself to be twice as long as it had seemed. Bianca placed the massive black shaft on the bed, then lifted the saddle off and put it beside the bed. While she did this, Stacia crawled onto the mattress. The blonde beauty stroked the monstrous dildo, then placed her hand on it and tried to encircle it with her fingers. She measured it in her mind against the Minotaur’s monstrous member.

“It’s a bit smaller than what I am used to,” the blonde sneered.

Bianca sat back on the bed, and spread her luscious legs. Stacia’s eyes fixed lustfully on the other woman’s rosy pink twat, which was already glistening with moisture. Bianca’s throbbing clit protruded at the top of her fuck hole, hot and hard.

“It will still be enough to ram it up your dirty twat and fuck you senseless,” Bianca purred. She reached out and took the dildo from Stacia. The blonde surrendered it without complaint.

Bianca took the massive dildo, which was almost 20 inches long, and unscrewed well-concealed caps from either end. The caps revealed that the inside of the dildo was a hollow shaft of one-inch in diameter that allowed juices to flow between the cunts that could be lodged at either end of the shaft. Stacia smiled as she realized the purpose of the opening. Her nipples hardened even more. She knew exactly what Bianca wanted.

“I’ve enjoyed fighting you woman to woman and clit to clit,” Bianca purred. “You’re a filthy whore but you are a fantastic fuck, and I’ve loved fucking your brains out all over time and space. But, we’ve lost track of what we’re fighting for. We both want the Minotaur’s cock. You refuse to share. I think it would be fitting to use this cock on each other as well, and see which of us can handle it better.”

“How will we know who wins?” Stacia asked, her eyes bright with lust.

“Whoever can walk away from this,” Bianca said. “Whoever can get out of this bed under her own power, when this is over, is the winner.”

Stacia smiled. She knew what Bianca meant. She wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck until one of them simply passed out, from exhaustion or pleasure or both, it did not matter. Stacia was supremely confident. She sat back, spread her legs to mirror Bianca’s position, and began moving forward, her dripping cunt leaving a wet trail as she pushed herself across the bed.

Bianca took the massive dildo and placed one of its heads on her hungry cunt. She pushed it, so that her wet cunt sucked at the upper curve of the massive shaft. But her pussy was far too tight and the shaft much, much too big for her to penetrate herself. Stacia moved into position, reaching down to take the other head of the cock and aim it at her cunt. With the massive shaft lodged perfectly between their voluptuous bodies, their wet, tight cunts ready and hot, Stacia and Bianca braced their bodies with their arms. Legs spread wide, both women clenching their teeth, they pushed forward at the same time. Slowly, tortuously, the massive shaft penetrated both women, forcing their vaginal lips to expand around its monstrous heads, then sliding, with agonizing and exquisite pleasure and pain, into their slowly stretching vaginal canals. Bianca and her rival moaned in sheer ecstasy. The women locked eyes and smiled at each other savagely as they mutually penetrated and violated each other. Their eyes fixed on the monster dildo as it forced its way into the other woman’s aching, elastic cunt, spreading them, making both women feel like they were being split in half. Their powerful hips and asses kept pushing, they pushed with their arms, and the cock slid deeper and deeper into their ravishing bodies, impaling them both an inch at a time, filling them both to the brim, to the breaking point. Their deep, inner vaginal muscles pulled and sucked at the shaft, dragging it deeper in. Bianca reached for Stacia; the other woman offered her hand. Locking their hands and twining their forearms, using them for leverage, Bianca and Stacia slid their bodies up the final few inches of the shaft, until their juicy pussy lips squashed wetly together, until their pulsating, swollen clits crushed tight, two rock-hard buds of unbearably sensitive nerves, sending shockwaves of pure ecstasy radiating through the women’s heaving bodies. The women turned slightly, so their voluptuous bodies could fit together like meshed scissors. The women were leaning back, their bodies supported by their arms, their cunts crushed together at the intersection of their crotches, the massive dildo completely swallowed up by their ravenous cunts. The women groaned in shared pleasure, panting furiously, their massive tits heaving, their bodies sheened with sweat. They paused, staring at each other in building anticipation.

Stacia and Bianca came together, pushing up and reaching for each other, wrapping arms around each other’s lush bodies and squeezing tight, hot, firm tits mashing, nipples burning as they mated, their bellies flattening to each other and rippling with effort as both women worked the massive cock hard, pussy wrestling to control it. The women locked into a deep, hard kiss, their tongues lashing out and tangling, struggling, within their inosculated mouths, sucking and giving spit, trying to dominate each other mouth to mouth. Their hands ran up and down each other’s backs, tracing beautifully ridged spines, seizing and kneading hard, round asses, fingers occasionally slipping into tight assholes or teasing and probing at hot, wet vaginas, which were filled to the brim with the monstrous cock.

The women tightened their vaginal muscles around the massive shaft and used their hips and asses to try to ram the dildo further and harder up the other woman’s twat. They knew that the winner of this struggle would be the one who could wear out the other, take control of the cock, then use it to pump and ream her opponent into sexual submission. Their powerful abdomens rippled against each other as their inner vaginal muscles struggled. Stacia and Bianca broke the kiss. Resting nose to nose, forehead to forehead, the women seized each other’s asses and fought, pussy to pussy, for control of the rubberized cock. Their erotic moaning grew louder and lustier as they struggled on, their pulsing, aching clits fused into one mass of ecstasy.

“You filthy whore,” Stacia panted. “I’m going to ram this thing so far up your cunt that it comes out your mouth.”

“Fucking slut,” Bianca gasped back. “When I’m done reaming out your pussy, I’m going to take this thing and shove it all the way up your ass.”

“I love taking it in the ass, cunt,” Stacia snarled. “I dare you to go ass to ass with me.”

“We’ll take each other on, asshole to asshole, fucker,” Bianca breathed. “But first I’m going to ride your twat until it gives out.”

The women locked again in another savage kiss, sucking and tonguing each other until saliva overflowed from their locked mouths and trickled down their chins. Their raw hatred for each other was exceeded only by their overwhelming lust.

For some time, Bianca and Stacia struggled to sexually overpower each other, face to face and tit to tit. It did not take long, however, for both women to understand that they would need to go at each other in as horizontal a position as possible, if they really intended to drive the shaft as deep into enemy cunt as they could. The women leaned back until their torsos were at 45 degree angles from the bed, their arms supporting them. Legs spread wide, pressed bare feet to bare feet, Bianca and Stacia wrestled viciously for control of the dildo, both women pulling back with their asses and hips, gripping the dong powerfully with their straining vaginas, both trying to pull enough of the shaft out of the other so that they could drive it back in, so that they could pulverize and violate their enemy as deeply as possible. But the massive shaft moved no more than 2 inches or so in either direction; the women’s cunts were too strong, too evenly matched. Bianca managed to pull the dildo a further two inches out of Stacia’s twat. When she could get it no further, she shoved forward with the power of her ass and hips, slowly driving the massive shaft deeper into Stacia’s resisting cunt. The blonde beauty groaned with rage and agony, as her powerful vagina clamped on the shaft, fighting to keep it from splitting her in two. But, only moments later, when Bianca had to relax her cunt grip on the dildo, Stacia seized control of the monstrous penis and thrust it deep and hard into Bianca’s core, causing the brunette to gasp and then howl in pleasure and pain.

On and on the battle raged, one woman’s powerful pussy gaining a momentary advantage that was soon negated by the other woman’s retaliation. Stacia and Bianca exchanged brutal, violating thrusts; they both developed the technique of backing up on the dildo, sliding it a few inches further out of their own cunts, then gripping it hard and trying to drive the revealed length into the other woman’s twat. Their pussies clamped on the thick rubber tube and shoved it back and forth, churning up each other’s insides, even as the incredible sensations of being filled to brim, the constant, erotic stimulation of working and working their vaginas on the sleek, slick cock grew more and more intense. Their perfect bodies dripped with sweat, their massive tits bounced and gleamed in the half-light of the room. They moaned and screamed and cursed each other as they fucked and fucked and fucked. The first incredible orgasms hit Stacia about 20 minutes into their combat. Her vaginal canal, her throbbing clit, seemed to explode in sexual delight. She screamed in ecstasy as wave after wave of orgasmic passion flowed through her jerking body. The gusher of hot cum that erupted from her pussy soaked the dildo and the intersection of the women’s writhing flesh, but much of its flowed down the tube and injected deep into Bianca’s vaginal canal. The brunette moaned as she felt the flow of alien heat, alien cum, inundating her insides, filling her vagina, warming her womb and her deepest core. The pleasure was too great. An instant later, Bianca’s hips were jerking, her ass was bucking, her head was thrown back in a shriek of ecstasy as she came hard, sending her own flood of hot, womanly ejaculate down the tube deep into Stacia’s voluptuous body, triggering another series of intense orgasms in her blonde foe.

So it went; every 20 minutes or so, Stacia and Bianca went stiff, howling in sexual ecstasy, as they fucked each other to another series of multiples orgasms. Momentarily relieved, they would then resume fucking, wrestling cunt to cunt for control of the shaft. After about an hour, both women fell flat on their backs on the bed and kept grinding, writhing, hips and asses bucking, spines arching, their backs bridging as they shoved and rammed and worked their bodies up and down on the massive cock, each woman doing all she could to dominate the other, to fuck her foe into absolute submission and sexual surrender. Their tits bounced and jolted on their chests as their bodies undulated sensuously, as their moans and cries and screams of sexual bliss grew more and more ecstatic. Hot cum flowed up and down the tube, frequently mixing into a delicious froth, as the women shared simultaneous orgasms. Their shared cum boiled inside of both women, linking them in an intimate violation that enraged and delighted both women at the same time.

Finally, they stopped writhing and grinding, at least for the moment. Panting furiously, tits heaving, beautiful bodies slick with sweat and cum, the women lay interlocked, the dildo still invisible, completely swallowed by their hungry cunts. Their clits were fused, pulsing and throbbing as one. Their nipples were rock hard and dribbling with nipple cum, their tits engorged with blood and trembling as they struggled to breathe. Their vaginas were aching, all the way from their thick, juicy lips, up the length of their vaginal canals, so tightly stretched by the massive cock, so tired from their constant gripping and releasing. They had been battling for almost three hours and both women were physically tired, though still far from sexually sated.

“You dirty fucking whore,” Stacia finally gasped out. “I hate you, I hate you so fucking much…”

“You cunt sucking fucker,” Bianca snarled back. “I swear to God, I’m going to ride you until your pussy falls apart…”

“You’re dreaming, you fuck,” Stacia snapped back. She pushed herself up on her elbows to look between her massive tits and down her lush, wet body at Bianca. The view was spectacular; even Stacia had to admit that. “I can feel it, you can’t keep this up, you’re just a few good, hard pumps from giving up.”

“Like shit, whore,” Bianca retorted. She pushed herself up to glare down her perfect body at her voluptuous enemy. The women locked eyes, glaring at each other viciously, hatefully, yet also with hearts consumed by the mutual desire to completely devour each other.

Looking deeply into each other, Stacia and Bianca arrived at the same conclusion at the same time.

“Ass to ass, fucker,” Stacia murmured.

“You’re on, cunt,” Bianca shot back.

As one, the sexual warriors rolled over onto their bellies, their massive tits crushing into the bed. They pulled their knees up under them, then thrust their beautiful asses into the air, arching their backs as their powerful buttocks slapped wetly together. Their cunts pressed tight and hard, the underside of their clits grated on each other. Faces pressed to the mattress, asses rubbing and grinding, sliding and pressing, Bianca and Stacia rammed and slapped ass to ass, driving their hips, flexing buttock to buttock. Their tits burned as they ground into the bed, their stomach muscles strained as they worked their asses around and around on each other. It felt wonderful and it was not long before both women were screaming and howling into the bed, their bodies going taut as orgasm after orgasm pealed through them, boiling cum splattering down from their overflowing pussies, steaming ejaculate coursing through the tube to deposit itself deep inside each struggling woman’s body. Bianca reached behind her to grab Stacia’s hair and pull savagely; Stacia screamed, then reached back and retaliated. Pulling hair, humping and bucking, the gorgeous women fucked furiously.

Stacia and Bianca rubbed asses for almost an hour, their groans and cries growing more coarse and hungry with every moment. They finally pressed their bellies to the bed and stretched out, flat on the mattress, their powerful legs stretched over and under each other, and kept bucking and thrusting back with their hips, asses jiggling and rippling against each other, pussies sucked tight and hard, joined by the massive dildo. Both women felt like their insides had been churned into mush.

After more than four hours of fucking and fighting, cunt to cunt and ass to ass, to control the dildo and prove which of them had the stronger twat, the women were nearly exhausted. Stacia pushed herself onto her elbows, then looked over her shoulder at Bianca, who was still sprawled, face down, on the bed. Stacia loosened her vaginal grip on the dildo, inched herself up the shaft a bit until about two inches slipped free. Then, as she had done many times before, she clamped down hard on the shaft and drove her hips and ass back, thrusting the massive weapon deep into Bianca’s cunt, penetrating her to the core. Bianca screamed, going stiff in agony and rage. She tightened her grip on the shaft, and for a few moments, the women’s vaginas held the massive pole in stalemate as their equally powerful grips kept it in place. Then Bianca loosened her grip, slid up the shaft, then tightened again and drove it back with all the power of her ass and hips. Stacia tried to stop the shaft but her vagina could not resist the full power of Bianca’s hips and the dildo penetrated her painfully and thoroughly. She bucked in a combination of agony and exquisite pleasure, stopped the shaft, then thrust back. For a time, the women exchanged hard, penetrating thrusts, before finally stopping, both realizing they were too evenly matched.

After a time, Bianca raised her head and looked over her shoulder at Stacia.

“Asshole to asshole, you fucker,” the brunette growled.

“I’d love to, bitch,” Stacia replied. She began sliding up the shaft, using Bianca’s grip on it to provide her with leverage.

“No,” Bianca said. “We don’t separate pussies. I want double-penetration.”

At first, Stacia did not understand. Then she looked at the other massive dildo on the bedside table and what Bianca was suggesting dawned on her. She smiled, her gorgeous face lit with growing desire.

“That’s fine by me, cunt,” the blonde sneered. “Maybe neither of us can win pussy to pussy, but I guarantee you my asshole is stronger than anything you’ve got.”

The dildo lying on the nighttable was significantly shorter than the one penetrating the two women- maybe about 15 inches in length. It was also slightly smaller in girth. That was fine with both women; taking a second shaft the size of the Minotaur’s cock in their asses was probably too much for even their incredible bodies.

On their hands and knees, the women slowly pulled apart. They took turns, first one then the other clamping down vaginally on the dildo, allowing the other to loosen her grip and slide up the shaft. When about 15 inches of the dripping, slick cock was exposed, leaving about 2 and half inches for each of the women to grip tightly with their vaginas, Bianca took the smaller dildo and placed it against her tight, puckered asshole. The other end pushed against Stacia’s equally tight anus. Slowly, carefully, rocking their hips gently, the women began to back up onto the new shaft. Their assholes were a much smaller, tighter opening than their vaginas. Both knew, from erotic experience, that the orifice could be stretched and forced to accommodate truly massive, penetrating instruments, but it had to be done carefully.

Slowly, slowly, the women undulated their hips as they worked the massive shaft up into their assholes. They groaned as they felt their anuses expand, stretch to take in the head of the dildo; both sighed with pleasure as they forced the massive intruder in, past its initial penetration. Asses swaying, Bianca and Stacia worked their way down the shaft, enjoying the pain and the intense pleasure as they filled their asses with almost as much cock as was now refilling their cunts. They slid down the 15 inch length of rubber tube, even as their pussies eagerly devoured the even more monstrous cock connecting their cunts, until their heart-shaped asses, perfect reflections of each other, slapped and then pressed, tighter and tighter. They rubbed asses eagerly, their buttocks slick with sweat and cum. They rolled their ass cheeks in and out of each other, then pressed harder, angling their bodies up slightly so that they could press their distended assholes together. The women had to move carefully. They were too deeply penetrated by the two massive shafts to simply grind and thrust the way they had been before. On their hands and knees, the dildos extending horizontally, connecting and penetrating their perfect bodies to the core, the women began moving back and forth, pulling out, then thrusting back, one tightening and thrusting, forcing cries of pain and ecstasy from the other as the double-dildo penetration reamed her cunt and ass, then crying out in pleasure and pain as her opponent retaliated in kind. The women’s clits ground and thrust and rippled against each other constantly, moving back and forth as their cunts slid back and forth on the cum slick dildo. Their massive tits swayed and rocked on their chests as they pumped and thrust, ass to ass.

On and on the women struggled, their cries and groans of pleasure spiraling higher and higher.

“Oh god, you fucking whore!” Stacia cried, reaching behind her to seize a handful of Bianca’s hair and pull savagely.

“Cunt, cunt, you filthy cunt!” Bianca sobbed. She did not retaliate, but thrust harder, forcing Stacia to release Bianca’s hair and catch her body before she overbalanced.

The rocking, thrusting, pumping went on. The women violated and reamed each other’s cunts and asses as hard, as deeply as they could, riding each other, screaming and groaning in ecstasy as they fucked each other senseless. The overwhelming sensation of being filled to the brim, of violating and being violated in the deepest and most intimate ways, the regular gushes of hot cum infusing their bodies from their opponent, the detonations of raw orgasmic pleasure, gradually sent the humping, fucking women into a delirious haze of sensual pleasure.

For another hour, Bianca and Stacia fucked each other’s pussies and asses, the pleasure building and building until, finally, it broke like a dam. With shrieks of pure joy, Stacia and Bianca slowly collapsed to the bed, flat on their bellies, their tits crushed into the mattress, their nipples burning. They writhed and wriggled as wave after wave of orgasms roared through their struggling bodies, hot cum flooding into their connected cunts, filling up their vaginal canals, mixing and flowing inside the dildo. Their asses clenched and flexed around the massive shafts, sucking and pulling the rod back and forth. The women came and came, their screams slowly fading into gasping sobs, before they finally passed out, their bodies overwhelmed with the incredible sensations.

For some time, Bianca and Stacia lay sprawled on the bed, their asses and cunts tight and hot together, their legs splayed on either side of the other woman’s body. Bianca finally stirred. Groaning, she tightened her ass and pussy’s grip on both of the dildos and slowly pulled herself apart from Stacia. The two huge dildos slowly slid out of Stacia’s relaxed cunt and ass as Bianca pulled herself to her knees. Stacia stirred as she felt the two dildos move. Cum and other juices gushed from her pussy and ass as the massive shafts popped free. Her bodily orifices throbbed and burned, the hours of being reamed and stretched having spread and loosened them more than ever before.

Stacia rolled onto her back, smirking at Bianca. “So, you have surrendered, you little bitch. You are finally ready to admit that I have the better cunt and ass?”

Bianca reached behind her, gripped the dildo protruding from her ass and slowly slid it out. Then she turned and sat on the bed and gripped the massive shaft lodged in her cunt with both hands. Slowly, she pulled it out, until the monstrous dildo popped free, releasing the torrent of cum and lubrication it had dammed up inside of Bianca’s twat.

Bianca threw the dildos aside. She braced her body with her arms and spread her legs wide, pointing her distended cunt at Stacia. Stacia looked down at Bianca’s gaping twat. Hours of having the massive shaft stretching and opening it, hours of constant ramming and thrusting and grinding, had turned the usually tight pink slit into a hot red maw, dripping with juices and topped with a throbbing, pulsing red clit.

“I’m not giving up, you fucking whore,” Bianca smiled. “We’re just getting started. Bring that cunt over here and let’s fuck, baby. I’m going to eat you alive. I’m going to suck your pussy inside out with my twat.”

Stacia spread her legs and presented her equally distended pussy to Bianca. She shuddered with excitement. She understood that their pussies now had an opportunity to lock up and suck each other more deeply, more completely, than ever before. She realized that this was what Bianca had wanted all along.

The women pushed up to one another, sliding sleek, muscular legs over and under each other, bracing their voluptuous bodies and tilting their pelvises forward, presenting their hot, hungry cunts in challenge. They inched their naked vulvas towards each other, their blood-gorged lips hot and thick, their vaginal openings slick and ravenous. The women paused when their hungry pussies were only millimeters apart, letting the heat from their twats warm their wet, inner thighs, letting the anticipation build. Eyes locked with feverish lust, the women slowly pressed their thick vaginal lips together. They smiled and gasped as intense pleasure radiated from the slick, slowly caressing flesh. Gently, they pulled apart, looking down to see their wet pussies linked by strings of cum. Then, they thrust again, this time hard and savagely. Their cunts slammed together. The women gasped and cried out. Bracing their arms, gathering their strength, the women powered into each other with all the strength of their hips and asses, struggling to spread and penetrate each other as deeply and as completely as humanly possible. Their thick pussy lips flattened to each other, their hot vulvas spread wide, wider than they ever had before, their bodies vaginal openings closed on each other. When their vagina’s kissed, then merged, Stacia and Bianca threw back their heads, howled in ecstasy, then pulled, sucked as hard as they could with their vaginal muscles. The women’s cunts formed an unbreakable seal as they struggled to devour each other. Turning their hips slightly, Bianca and Stacia slotted their cunts together, sliding into each other, their genitals merging in a fusion of wet meat and sizzling, steaming cunt juices.

“You bitch, you fucking bitch,”Bianca groaned, as she thrust powerfully with her hips, driving herself into Stacia’s welcoming twat, pulling hard with her vagina, determined to suck the other woman’s cunt inside out.

“Fucking whore, filthy slut,” Stacia moaned. She thrust back just as hard, resisting the suction, pulling back with all her power.

Harder and harder, the women worked their bodies, grinding their cunts together as deeply as they could, their hot genitals slowly fusing, merging, their pulsing clits trapped and locked together, head to head, within their locked vulvas. Bianca reached for Stacia; the women pulled close, mashing their meaty tits into one, spreading their legs wide to push as close and tightly as they could until they were tit to tit, nose to nose, their hips and asses moving in a tight rhythm as they fucked. Bianca and Stacia seized each other’s asses and held on desperately.

As she stared deeply into Stacia’s beautiful green eyes, as she saw the hate and overwhelming lust of the blonde woman reflected back at her, Bianca felt the incredible power of her time travel energies building to an impossible level. It happened unexpectedly; the power she had been suppressing for hours suddenly grew to a level that could not be contained. Bianca seized the energy and, as she and Stacia erupted in a delicious simultaneous orgasm, she let it go, letting it wash over them and transport them into the time stream.

What happened next defied description. In all of her past time jumps, Bianca had fallen into unconsciousness before the jump completed, always awakening wherever she ended up. This time was different. As the two women’s perfect, merged bodies leaped into the time stream, their minds stayed conscious as their bodies flowed together, cells and flesh, souls and minds, forming into a single primal explosion of pure energy. It was a merging, a unity of two bodies so complete that there was no separation. Both women were overwhelmed with the sensuality, with the sensations of their tits and clits, their cunts and nipples, every part of their bodies flowing in and out of each other. The pleasure was indescribable and unbearable. Their bodies seemed to hang in the realm outside of space and time, an instant the same as forever. They moved inside each other, joined together in a perfect sexual union that transcended every other sensation. If they could have screamed they would have howled their lungs out.

After an eternity, the merged women felt the sensation of falling, slowly picking up speed, as they hurtled back into the timestream, towards a particular place and time. As they got closer, their bodies regained shape and individuality, flowing apart into separate entities as the destination got closer and closer. But the women did not separate, as they had in the past. Instead, the sensations of their tits crushed together, their clits intertwined and burning with pleasure, became more intense, more defined. With a shared scream, Stacia and Bianca materialized, in a blast of electrical energy, on Stacia’s massive bed in the Minotaur’s layer. The women were locked together, face to face, tit to tit, holding each other’s asses, just as they had been when they began the time jump in Bianca’s bed. The women’s pussies were still locked, merged, fuckmeat sucked and fused, clits throbbing against each other. But there was one crucial difference.

The women’s bodies were trembling with sexual power and erotic pleasure. The experience in the timestream, the complete merging of their bodies that had brought such exquisite and unbearable pleasure to the sexual warriors, had supercharged their sexual energies. It was as if all of the unbearable orgasmic ecstasy the women had shared in the time leap had somehow been channeled into their physical forms, filling the women’s voluptuous flesh to overflowing with sexual need. Their bodies burned with pleasure, with erotic sensations, and the overpowering need to discharge that energy.

Bianca recovered from the time leap just moments before Stacia. Her eyes were wide with pleasure, with the incredible power burning in her core, consuming her body and her sex. With a scream, she pushed Stacia onto her back and mounted the blonde beauty, almost frantic with the need to fuck. She pushed Stacia’s thighs apart and aimed her steaming, throbbing, pulsating cunt directly at the blonde’s open, inviting, soaking twat. Stacia had recovered her senses by then. The blonde’s eyes were also wide with the unbearable sexual desire filling her voluptuous flesh. Eagerly, she spread her legs even wider, tilting her pelvis up. She grasped Bianca’s ass tightly and pulled the brunette on to her, into her body, as hard as she could.

“Yes, yes, YESSSSS!” Stacia screamed. She was frantic with need, inflamed with desire and sexual lust in a way that made all of the arousal she had ever experienced before, in a life filled with erotic encounters, pale to almost nothing.

Screaming with need, Bianca thrust her pussy deep and hard into Stacia’s waiting twat. The women’s clits crushed and fused and twisted into an unbreakable knot. Their juicy cunts mashed and sucked and sealed. Stacia and Bianca shrieked together in absolute ecstasy, then wrapped their arms and legs around each other, sank their mouths into a sucking, biting, devouring kiss, twined their limbs so that their muscles were locked and straining, and proceeded to fuck each other harder than they had ever fucked in their lives.

Their bodies twined into an unbreakable erotic knot, their mouths sealed together, their cunts fused into one mass of ecstasy, Bianca and Stacia ground their clits together relentlessly, fucking orgasm after orgasm after orgasm out of each other, the sexual need fueling their bodies demanding all their energy, all their will. Grinding clits, writhing and rubbing belly to belly, tits mashed and burning into each other, legs straining muscles to muscles, hands filled with the other woman’s ass, grabbing and holding, pulling and struggling, tongues twisting and wriggling frantically inside sealed mouths, Bianca and Stacia fucked and fucked and fucked, lost in a world of unbearable need and pleasure. Orgasms flowed out of them, but still the incredible energy suffusing their bodies needed more. For more than an hour, the women writhed together in absolute ecstasy, their bodies soaked with sweat and cum, their nipples ejaculating nipple cum, covering and slicking their massive tits, their mouths overflowing with spit. They were delirious with pleasure, unable to stop, lost in pure, orgasmic ecstasy.

Finally, finally, the energy abated. Sobbing, gasping, almost totally exhausted, Bianca collapsed on top of Stacia. For more than a half hour, they lay sprawled together, their hearts pounding into each other, bodies twined, neither wanting to separate. Bianca finally rolled off of Stacia. Side by side, panting and moaning, their bodies soaked with sweat, their nipples coated in cum, their inner thighs slicked with ejaculate, the women rested. Stacia reached out and placed her hand over Bianca’s wet, thick twat, and cupped the raw fuckmeat, feeling the wet slit against the palm of her hand. Bianca reached down and grasped Stacia’s cunt in the same way. The women turned their beautiful faces to each other, their eyes glazed with the incredible pleasure they had given to each other. Stacia squeezed Bianca’s wet twat gently; Bianca returned the squeeze.

“More,” Stacia whispered. “I must have more.”

Bianca did not reply with words, but she settled back on the bed and spread her legs wide in invitation, her wet thighs sticky with cum. Stacia rolled over onto her body, mounting Bianca. Their heavy tits crushed, Stacia’s slick twat mated to Bianca’s hungry cunt, their aching clits crushed tight, then began to caress. As they sank into a deep, lustful kiss, Bianca knew that what she and Stacia had just done to each other was something they had to have again. Hips and asses rippling, clit riding on clit, the women slowly fucked to another delicious orgasm. Bianca knew that Stacia wanted to ride her into the timestream again, to refuel their lush bodies on the sexual energy that had just rewarded them with such unbearable ecstasy. But Bianca knew that they could not do this; if they did, they might never stop fucking each other. As the women bucked and writhed their way to another mutual orgasm, Bianca let herself go, making no effort to forestall her release. As the pleasure reached its peak, she seized the energy and allowed it to wash over her.

“No!” Stacia screamed out in distress as she felt Bianca’s lush body evaporate into a wash of electrical discharge. All of Stacia’s hair stood on end as the electricity rippled through her but she knew, with a sense of anger and loss, that Bianca was leaving without her. The energy faded; Stacia was left lying alone in the bed, her pussy erupting in a long, hot orgasm, just moments too late.

Crying out in frustration and anger, Stacia rolled onto her back. She stared at the distant ceiling as she felt the sexual need burn inside of her. As she lay in frustration, realizing that she was at the mercy of Bianca in fulfilling her sexual desire, the Minotaur entered the room. Attracted by the thick scent of sex, the beast had made its way through the maze, looking for its blonde lover and captive.

Stacia smiled at the monster as it climbed onto the bed. She spread her legs, wordlessly inviting it. What Stacia had experienced with Bianca far exceeded anything she had experienced with the Minotaur, but maybe the beast could take the edge off of her frustrated lust. The monster licked her body up and down, tasting and enjoying the sweat and cum coating her from head to foot. It slid its massive cock deep into her cunt, impaling her, splitting her in two, filling her insides with its monstrous size, and began riding Stacia furiously. The blonde beauty moved with the beast, enjoying the sensation of being spread and filled, the penetration. As the monster and the woman built towards a delicious orgasm, Stacia felt a strange tickling feeling deep inside of her sexual core. As her back arched in orgasmic release, as she screamed in pleasure, the tickling became an explosion of heat and electricity. In a flash of light, Stacia disappeared from under the Minotaur, leaving the beast alone on the bed.


Bianca Torres was sound asleep in her bed when, in a blaze of light, Stacia materialized in the living room of Bianca’s home. Stacia was completely nude. She looked around, her eyes wide. This was the first time she had appeared inside a home, but this was what she had been aiming for with her rapidly developing powers. The surroundings looked familiar. She closed her eyes and reached out with her senses. She could feel that she had arrived at the right time and place: Bianca’s home, about three weeks after Bianca had brought her here and then abandoned her in the Minotaur’s layer. In that time, Stacia had bounced all over the timeline, having sexual adventures in many different places, slowly mastering her new-found powers. Amazingly, Stacia could sense Bianca’s presence as a fellow temporal traveler.

Stacia got to her bare feet and stood silently in the living room, getting her bearings. She padded down the hall to Bianca’s bedroom. She opened the door slowly, carefully, and peered inside. Her eyes adjusted to the dark; she could make out Bianca’s voluptuous body under a thin sheet. The brunette beauty was lying on her side, her curving hip shaping the sheet. Stacia felt her clit harden, her nipples swell to full arousal. Her pussy moistened, then began to fully lubricate in delicious anticipation. In all of the sexual adventures she had since leaving the Minotaur’s lair, with all of the exotic and exhilarating pleasure she had given and received, none of it could rival what she and Bianca had done to each other. Stacia could not wait to experience that kind of sexual ecstasy again.

She entered the room, closing the door, and considered how to proceed. As she hesitated, Bianca rolled over flat onto her back, with a gentle murmur. Stacia smiled. This new position decided her approach. Carefully, the blonde moved to the foot of the bed, then lifted the sheet and slipped under. Stacia crawled up until her face was just above Bianca’s hot cunt. Stacia could smell the intoxicating scent of the brunette’s genitals in the dark. Slowly, she lowered her face down to Bianca’s cunt and greedily inhaled the delicious scent. Then, very carefully, she ran her tongue up Bianca’s wet, hot slit. Bianca moaned, stirring in her sleep, wriggling her ass as the delicious stimulation rippled through her.

Stacia felt her heat rising, her need to take what she had come so far and so long to take rose to a fever. She pulled the sheet up, rising to her knees between Bianca’s legs, then mounted the brunette, pulling the sheet up over their naked bodies as she settled on top of the other woman. Bianca came awake to the sensation of a hot, wet pussy crushing onto her own, of her breasts being mashed beneath the weight of another pair of tits, of her belly flattening to the muscled abdomen of another woman. As Stacia’s tongue forced its way into her mouth, Bianca realized who it was that was trying to fuck her. She knew Stacia’s body by now, she knew Stacia’s taste and the feel of the blonde’s flesh to her own. She responded instinctively, spreading her legs and seizing Stacia by the ass, twisting and pushing tongue to tongue with her rival. The women moaned deep into each other’s mouths as their clits came together, wave after wave of pure sexual delight rippling through their bodies.

Panting, the women broke the kiss as their asses and hips moved in rhythm, clit grinding on clit, pleasure building in waves of erotic sensation.

“Stacia, you whore,” Bianca moaned as she writhed in pleasure.

“You cunt, you filthy cunt,” Stacia panted, her ass pumping. “You know what I want, what I need. I’m here to take it, to take you, to get what you tried to keep from me…”

“You stupid cunt,” Bianca gasped, her hips and ass moving with Stacia’s, keep their clits glued together, her hands pulling on the blonde’s rippling ass. “I’ll give you what you want, I’ll fuck you until you beg me to stop fucking you, I swear to god…,”

The women stopped talking and turned all their attention to fucking and fucking, both knowing that when they hit their orgasms, when they shifted into the timestream, the real pleasure, the real pure ecstasy that they both craved would finally come. Stacia suspected that now that both she and Bianca had time powers, their merging, the pleasure they would get from it, would be even greater than what they had experienced before, if such a thing was even possible.

Bodies humping, moaning, panting, writhing, their cries of pleasure turning into screams of ecstasy, Bianca and Stacia disappeared together in a flare of pure electricity.

It turned out that Stacia was right.

The End

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