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Club Wars by JB57

Amber was 29 years old, beautiful, brunette and voluptuous. She had just opened a new woman’s health club specializing in a unique style of physical activity that mixed an intense cardiovascular aerobic workout with erotic exercises. In just two short months, Amber’s club had become the most popular exercise club in town. Even Amber was surprised at how many women seemed eager to join up.

Amber had a history as an exotic dancer and a fitness model. She had combined her two careers to invent an exercise program that was guaranteed to strengthen any woman’s vaginal muscles all the way up her vaginal canal. Other exercises helped women use their assholes, hips and other muscles to full effect, to make them better, more capable lovers. The distinctive exercises were remarkably effective, but they also always aroused the women using them. Amber was already an oversexed brunette beauty. Her natural sexual voraciousness, combined with the fact that she led her erotic exercise classes all day, often left her feeling incredibly horny by the end of the day. Amber had found that no one gave her the kind of sexual satisfaction she gave herself. So, when classes ended, she was eager to be alone to work out and relieve the erotic tensions in her voluptuous body, until she went rigid in a series of exploding orgasms. Other times, classes started late while Amber stood in a sexual trance before a full-length mirror. Her blue eyes lustfully watched the reflection of a powerful, naked woman exploring her 40DD-29-39 dimensions with knowing hands, until they slid down into the wet depths of a densely thatched crotch and made her moan with narcissistic pleasure.

Vanessa was another 29-year-old aerobics instructor who ran her own, more conventional, exercise club. Vanessa noticed the steady decline of women attending her classes. She became fiercely jealous when she realized that someone else was competing with her and even more enraged to think that so many of her own clients preferred another instructor to her. Like Amber, Vanessa was a self-absorbed, gorgeous, blue-eyed brunette with an almost identically-sized, 40DD-28-38 body. Like Amber, Vanessa was a powerful, sensuous woman. Her body was both voluptuous and perfectly muscled. While she had not worked as a stripper like Amber, Vanessa had done a lot of fitness modeling. Her studio was lined with pictures of her in various bikinis, mostly of the teardrop and thong variety. These served as an inspiration to her clients and an advertisement for herself, but the images of her physical perfection also boosted her considerable ego. Vanessa also possessed an insatiable sex-drive. She could awaken her ravenous sexuality just by rubbing the rich outlines of her well-defined buns or caressing her firm, thrusting tits. She often teased herself into a sexual frenzy after a vigorous workout and satisfied herself by driving her eager fingers deep in her pussy, by kneading and caressing her tits, using her supple tongue on her pulsing nipples. Like Amber, she had found that no one knew her body the way she did; she was best at bringing herself to explosive orgasms.

Vanessa decided that she had lost too many clients to the new fitness club. She needed to end the threat posed by Amber. Vanessa looked at her beautiful, luscious reflection in the mirror. She ran her hands over her incredible body. Her full red lips curled into a malicious sneer. Vanessa knew exactly how she was going to deal with her unsuspecting rival.

The following day, Vanessa entered Amber’s establishment and registered herself for the last class of the day. She intended to confront her competition directly and she did not want to be rushed while she dealt with the other woman.

In the locker room, some of Vanessa’s former clients smiled nervously as Vanessa silently changed into her most revealing workout outfit: a bright red sports halter with a plunging neckline and tight black spandex leggings, which hugged her powerful legs like a second skin down to the halfway point on her lush calves. Her beautifully muscled midriff was bare and generously exposed, the waist of the leggings low on her torso and stretched across her womanly hips. Her generous DD tits pushed out arrogantly against their tight confinement, forming an alluring line of lush cleavage and exposed tanned titflesh. She was wearing workout shoes and pixie socks. Vanessa watched herself in a nearby mirror and vainly gazed at her own muscular beauty while the other women prepared themselves for class. For several exciting seconds, Vanessa’s entranced reflection watched as her caressing hands slowly glided down her smooth, lushly voluptuous body and firmly cupped her quivering ass muscles with self-loving admiration.

“Let’s just see if this bitch is as good as everyone says,” Vanessa thought as she entered the large workout room and took the center position of the first row. Vanessa expected her competition to be some kind of ugly, flat-chested health nut.

Amber was late and Vanessa became more restless to meet her rival as the minutes slowly passed. Vanessa was sure she heard a faint cry of feminine pleasure come from another room.

Soon a door opened and Amber, a faint flush tinting her cheeks, entered from the back of the class. All eyes were on the impressive woman as she took her place up on a platform in front of everyone, smiling as she apologized for being late. Vanessa couldn’t keep her eyes off of Amber’s voluptuous curves. She became both jealous and excited at the same time, realizing that Amber was every bit as powerful looking a woman as she was. Fascinated by her foe’s beauty, Vanessa imagined how their two powerful bodies would feel struggling against each other, completely naked, locked in a test of strength. She fully intended to make that fantasy a reality.

“Damn, she’s fucking gorgeous!” Vanessa thought excitedly, her jealousy and lust warming her crotch. She couldn’t wait to show Amber which of them was the top bitch in town!

The two club owners stood face to face. Amber was dressed in a manner very similar to Vanessa. She was wearing a brief, bright purple sports halter that supported and emphasized her well-tanned, massive tits and her deep, alluring cleavage. Her belly was bare, her powerful abdominal muscles rippling, her deep navel narrow and tight. Her legs were sheathed like a second-skin in hip-hugging black spandex that ended midpoint on her calves. She was wearing running shoes. The women locked blue-eyed stares. Amber immediately felt the uneasy tension forming between them and unconsciously thrust out her tits at Vanessa. She was not surprised when Vanessa flexed her own muscles, puffing up her tits in response. Amber loved the competition. Her crotch warmed rapidly, just knowing that a woman built like Vanessa was standing in front of her and flaunting her muscular beauty. “Nice set of tits.” Amber thought, giving the other woman a high-voltage, appraising look. “I wonder if she’d go a little one-on-one with me? It would be fantastic to get her naked and grinding under me. Damn, I’m still hot!”

As class began, the other women seemed oblivious to the private body contest taking shape between Amber and Vanessa, and just followed Amber’s maneuvers. Vanessa glared at her rival, certain that Amber was secretly taunting her in front of everyone, and shoved out her barely covered boobs with a challenging gesture. The brunettes watched each other with increasing hostility, silently comparing every inch of their powerful and seductive physiques. Amber’s athletic body jiggled enticingly as her tits bounced in her halter. Vanessa became frustrated with herself that she could not pry her eyes off the other woman. Their thick muscular legs began a tantalizing display of shapely firmness, bulging competitively through the lustrous coverings of black spandex tights. Their beautiful abdomens twisted and strained in competition, smooth muscles flexing. Vanessa’s stares lowered to Amber’s pussy mound, and, with a familiar tightness filling her own prominent womanhood, she knew that she wanted to fight this other arrogant bitch more than ever.

Amber brought her class up to speed while her proud tits bounced teasingly to the beat of the music. The vigorous exercises made Vanessa’s tits jump and jiggle deliciously and Amber found it increasingly difficult not to stare at them. She also became annoyed with Vanessa’s noticeable attempts at trying to outdo her. Her nipples grew taut, agitated with growing anger and lust, while she and the other brunette began a personal competition with each other. Sweat glistened off firm feminine muscles while the two rival instructors twisted and stretched, struggling to out perform the other. “What is this fucking bitch trying to do?” Amber thought, fighting to control her rising temper. “She’s looking for trouble if she doesn’t stop competing with me.”

Amber’s attention was now so focused on Vanessa that she led her class into some strenuous exercises that weren’t part of her normal routine. She cursed herself for losing control of her temper and concentrated on getting her group back into routine with the erotic moves that made her classes famous. Amber lay on her back and arched her spine, thrusting her hips high into the air, displaying every type of lewd, thrusting and hip-gyrating pelvic exercise one could imagine. Pussies clearly showed through wet tights as all the women duplicated Amber’s lusty pelvic grinds. The group of sweaty women’s pelvises thrust wildly, high into the air. The women rolled onto their stomachs and began a series of butt clenches and other exercises designed to increase their anal control and flexibility and to strengthen their pussies all the way up and down the slit. The next part of the class consisted of grueling abdominal workouts to tone the belly. The class then finished with intense pectoral exercise to help lift and firm thrusting tits. Even Vanessa was experiencing a straining workout of her own developed muscles. Amber finally slowed the class down and finished off with some light stretching. Sitting up, she was once again face to face with voluptuous Vanessa. “All right, that’s all for today girls. We’ll see you again tomorrow,” Amber announced between deep breaths as she glared at her sweaty, panting rival.

The exhausted women in the class made their way out of the large room, except for Vanessa. Breathing deeply with her hands on hips, Vanessa stood facing Amber, a contemptuous look on her gorgeous face. Feeling her temper rising, Amber stepped forward and pushed her sweaty face into Vanessa’s while their barely covered breasts came just short of touching. The women’s halters were wet with perspiration and their prominent nipples were clearly outlined.

“Just what the hell is your problem girl?” Amber asked, her eyes quickly darting down to glare at Vanessa’s impressive nipples.

“I’ll tell you what my problem is,” Vanessa snarled back without hesitation, “It’s pretty clear that you’ve been stealing my girls away from my club and I’m here to put a stop to it!”

“Oh, you must be Vanessa,” Amber nodded, everything coming clear to her. “Several ladies that attended your club told me that they like mine better!” Amber smirked. “I guess you just don’t have what it takes anymore.”

“I just attended your class, girl,”Vanessa shot back, moving in closer to match her body to Amber’s. “I’m just as good as you! In fact, I’d say I’m even better!”

“From where I’m standing, I have to strongly disagree with that statement.” Amber argued as she placed her hands on her strong hips and flexed her chest and torso, her powerful body brandishing her sexual weapons. “That body of yours is no match for me, honey!”

“I’m bigger and stronger than you, Amber,” Vanessa snarled, “and I’m going to prove it!” She took the same defiant stance as Amber, stepping forward to close the gap between the women’s engorged nipples, which were tenting both women’s sports bras. The sexy adversaries gasped as their identical globes touched and a shock of pure erotic electricity rippled through them, pulsing straight into their moistening cunts.

Both women shivered with delight at the thrilling contact. Amber and Vanessa smiled wickedly at each other, their blue eyes shining with growing lust and mutual hatred. They both knew where this was going and they both wanted it. They wanted it very, very much. Both women felt the insatiable sexual hunger they each possessed swelling inside of them. They prepared to unleash their hunger on the other beautiful bitch. Their hardened nipples compressed against each other with increasing pressure as the thick, fleshy pegs swelled with desire. Each woman felt the other’s aroused body heat as it penetrated the thin material of her halter and mingled with her own. Grunting, hands on hips, the two angry club owners pushed their opposing breasts together, awakening their clits with lecherous anger.

Amber kept her purple halter glued to Vanessa’s red bra. “I’ve worked on this body for years, bitch!” she grunted, flexing her tanned biceps. “My tits and ass are tight and firm, my legs are as strong as steel, and my stomach muscles are as hard as a rock.” Amber always loved to brag about her physical attributes, especially to another woman built like Vanessa. “You’ve got nothing that I can’t beat down.”

“I’d say your body needs an overhaul. There’s no way it can match mine, especially those flabby tits of yours!” Vanessa snapped back, even though she could feel that Amber’s delicious breasts were every bit as round and firm as hers.

Amber’s eyes narrowed and she rammed her proud tits hard into Vanessa’s arrogant chest. “Maybe I need to show you just how big and strong they really are, little girl?” Amber murmured, her voice a low growl.

Vanessa looked down at their struggling, juicy tits pushing tightly against each other. The women’s massive tits had overflowed their halters and now succulent, sweat-damp titflesh was in direct contact. Vanessa felt a jolt of excitement and erotic pleasure race through her body. “Just how do you think you can do that when there’s not much there?” she taunted, pushing back hard, delighting in the sensation of her hard nipples penetrating and being penetrated by Amber’s matching nips.

“Then I’ll just have to press my tits in harder and show you how much of me there is,” Amber whispered as she pushed her face forward until she was nose to nose with Vanessa. The women’s blue eyes glared, their hot, sweet breath washed over each other’s gorgeous, angry, sweaty face. “Let’s see how tough those bumps you call tits are, little girl!”

“My bumps are tougher than yours, you fucking bitch! I’ve got more than enough to flatten your fucking little boobs!” Vanessa snarled. She shoved her chest into Amber’s as hard as she could. “Come on, you slut. Let’s see who is the “little girl”!”

Vanessa’s inflamed nipples lined up to Amber’s bursting ones as their thin bras mashed together, their luscious contents bulging out to press and share heat and sweat. Tense silence, punctuated by angry pants, filled the large mirrored room as the two instructors pressed together, eyes locked with glares of hate, noses and foreheads pressed tight. The women’s eyebrows twisted inward with lusty anger as the outlines of four erect nipples flattened together, separated by the thin, wet material of their colorful bras. Each grunting woman felt the other’s extruding nipples burn and pulse into her own. Harder and harder, they lunged together as hot bulging tit flesh overflowed the tops of their crushed together halters. The battle quickly intensified and the two adversaries made lewd guttural sounds when their covered nipples grazed and poked at each other. Mouths twisted into snarls as two equally matched pairs of breasts tried in vain to conquer the other. Wild with angry passion, the women threw their powerful arms around the other and squeezed together in a vicious bear hug. Taut, wet stomach muscles and well-defined pubic mounds crushed up against each other. The women moaned in mutual lust as they felt their hot, sweaty bare flesh come together. As they struggled, working their back muscles to grind their tits, twisting their torsos to force their bulging boobs against each other, their bellies rippled and flexed against each other and their deep, sweat-filled navels kissed and sucked. The women slipped their faces past each other and pressed damp cheek to cheek as they gasped into each other’s ears, squeezing and squeezing with all their power even as they struggled to move their tits back and forth, up and down against each other. The heat in their pressed together crotches began to grow exponentially. Both women could feel the lubricants flowing inside their steaming hot cunts.

For some time, the women stood and crushed each other, tit to tit, belly to belly, shoulders and torsos working slowly against each other as they tried to prove which of them was the more powerful bitch. The unbearable erotic heat between their bodies grew irresistibly as their bare flesh rubbed and slid and as their bulging tits swelled with heat and electricity. The struggling women’s gasps and moans grew more fevered with every passing moment. Finally, Vanessa reached up and took hold of the shoulder straps on Amber’s purple halter and started to pull them down.

“You want to see my boobs, don’t you?” Amber whispered, her words coming in halting pants as she struggled to speak despite Vanessa’s crushing arms. “I should have known you were a fucking dyke!”

“You want this too,” replied Vanessa groaning into Amber’s ear, her sweaty cheek pressed tight to her rival’s face. “Your nipples are big and hard against mine!”

“All right you fucking lesbo bitch!” Amber breathed between her moans of pain from the brutal bear hug. “You want a tit-fight with me? Then get that bra off now so our big tits can fight each other naked!”

“Let’s do it, cunt. My tits are going to burst your tits.” Vanessa hissed.

The women released each other and stepped apart. They were panting with anger and effort. Amber reached up and tore off her purple spandex bra. Vanessa slipped off her sweaty red bra.

The two fight-horny women threw their halters aside and unveiled to each other’s lusty gaze an alluring set of hot, throbbing DD tits. Vanessa and Amber glared hatefully at the other woman’s spectacular rack. Their tits were golden brown and round and thick. They dripped with sweat and glistened in the harsh light. Both sets of nipples were equally large and fully aroused, extending more than an inch from each woman’s areola. Amber and Vanessa quickly realized that the other woman’s tits were every bit as incredible as her own. Their tits were virtually twins. The women’s mutual hate grew even more.

The two gorgeous women approached one another, naked from their pubes up, wearing only their smooth, glistening exercise tights and their shoes. They closed on each other, their blue eyes locked, their tits heaving with their growing excitement and anger Thrusting out their chests, the two combatants aimed their nipples at each other and attacked. The women met, tit to tit, meat to meat, hard nipple to hard nipple. This erotic contact caused their agitated nipples to swell and harden even more, growing into fat, hard brown pegs. Vanessa and Amber groaned in harmony, incredible pleasure arcing through their bodies as their titmeat crushed and fused.

The two tit-fighters retreated slightly. They placed their hands on their hips then started to stab and flick their nipples back and forth across one another. They cursed each other as their aroused nipples struggled for dominance, stabbing and poking equally against each other in naked, sensual combat. Frustrated that their dueling nipples were too evenly matched, both women went at it full force, bashing sweaty tits into sweaty tits. They let out a grunt each time their fleshy daggers made contact with the other’s. Vanessa and Amber’s hostile nipples bore into each other with battle lust.

“Feel my big , hard nipples destroying yours little girl?” Amber taunted through clenched teeth.

“I feel yours all right, but I feel my big nipples destroying yours!” Vanessa shot back while she grabbed her own tits and mashed them harder into her foe.

In a fit of rage, the two voluptuous vixens threw their arms around each other and squeezed tight, putting all their considerable muscular power into squashing the other’s naked tits flat. Their evenly matched nipples pressed directly into each other, locking like fleshy swords, crushing each other back into the women’s fighting, throbbing titflesh. Vanessa and Amber could feel their nipples locking up nipple hole to nipple hole, areola eclipsing areola. Engaging in a rib cracking bear hug, sweaty tit flesh slid and mushroomed together, squishing out the sides as the two women cursed each other. Full bosoms crushed tight, the firm, thick orbs of their massive tanned boobs crushing and holding each other at bay while the two furious women held onto one another so tightly that they found it difficult to breathe. Vanessa and Amber worked their backs and chests, rubbing and grinding their thick, meaty tits against each other, moving up and down and back and forth, trying to crush and squash the other set of tits. Expressions of pain appeared on their sweat-soaked faces as the battling women continued crushing their buxom chests violently together.

As tits battled against tits, the two muscular instructors soon became aware of other sensations and emotions igniting between them. While their opposing strengths brought their breasts into greater contact, Amber and Vanessa couldn’t help smiling wickedly at each other. Their pussies were burning with need and both women knew it was just a matter of time before the focus of the fight shifted from tits to cunts.

The titfight went on and on, thick breasts rolling and grinding, meaty orbs crushing and pulsing against each other. But there was no sign of a winner emerging any time soon. After some time, even as their nipples and meaty titflesh remained crushed together, Amber changed tactics. She started pressing and rubbing her thickly muscled thighs against the voluptuous strength of Vanessa’s big strong thighs.

“You don’t have the legs to fight mine!” Vanessa sneered as she felt the heat from Amber’s rigid thigh muscles straining against her own.

“Ever tangle with a pair of legs like these?” Amber asked as she rubbed her shiny black tights against the smoothness of Vanessa’s matching tights.

“So you think your legs are pretty strong, eh?” Vanessa grunted, firmly wrapping one of her muscular calves around Amber’s.

“Strong enough to break your miserable legs, bitch!” Amber threatened, her voice husky as her unyielding thighs bulged against Vanessa’s.

“Then show me!” Vanessa demanded, enjoying the rustling friction between their lustrous tights.

Coiled together, the two instructors stood their ground, growling, gasping, panting, woman to woman. Leg muscles distended solidly against each other while identically sized breasts crushed urgently together. Hateful, lustful stares met head on in angry silence as muscular legs wrestled for a dominant position. Amber’s right leg moved around Vanessa’s left while Vanessa’s leg made its way around Amber’s in the same fashion. The two immovable women made their stockings slither up and down against each other, locked in a leggy embrace, while wispy sounds of nylon dragging across nylon filled the room. Both women latched on to each other’s forearms for support while their bodies strained together, each one yielding to the uncontrollable lust building deep in her loins.

“Come on bitch! Show me how strong your ass muscles are! Ram your pelvis up against mine as hard as you can!” Amber demanded while she desperately tried to spread Vanessa’s thighs apart.

“I’ll show you just how strong my ass is,” Vanessa snarled confidently. “You’ll be screaming for mercy while my cunt bone grinds into yours!”

Vanessa spread apart her strong legs and aggressively pressed her nylon-covered crotch against Amber’s crotch, groaning lustfully as their pelvic war began. The battling Amazons grabbed each other around the waist and leaned back to inflict as much pressure on each other’s pubic bone as possible. Shiny black tights merged and made a muffled rasping sound as both muscular females pushed each other back and forth in a savage, lustful rut for sexual superiority. Locked pubic bone to pubic bone, Amber and Vanessa grunted out with pain and pleasure. Their hips rocked in tandem, their powerful asses flexed and rippled as they drove against each other furiously. Between their lush legs, their hot, wet pussies seemed to explode with power and heat. Their muscular bodies trembled as the distended hardness of their aroused clits rubbed together under glistening hosiery. The women moaned, throwing back their heads to cry out as their rock-hard clits worked against each other through the thin, tight material of their leggings. The grinding friction was maddening and both brawny rivals tried desperately to throw each other down to the matted floor, intent on mounting and fucking the other in submission.

Stumbling around with equally matched efforts, the women finally tumbled down to the floor in a sweaty mass of brawling female flesh. Strong hands grasped each other’s big muscular ass and held on tightly as they rolled around on the mat. Heated pussy mounds hammered together with mounting lust as the women fought and twisted on the floor. Their lustful moans and angry curses echoed in the empty room as powerful legs wrestled for control. Hot thighs slid back and forth creating the smooth, erotic whispering of nylon against nylon.

“Oh, yesss!” Vanessa hissed, her lips brushing Amber’s. “Fight harder, you big bitch!”

“Ohhh! You fucking slut!” Amber whined as they rolled together on the floor.

“CUNT!” Vanessa shrieked, rolling on top of Amber.

“SLUT!” Amber shot back, rolling on top of Vanessa.

Both women fought strenuously to mount each other and take the dominant position, but Amber finally managed to gain the top position. There was a sudden pause as the two panting women looked at each other hotly, both realizing that their cunts were throbbing with unbelievable sexual desire against one another. Amber moaned hungrily and fastened her mouth onto Vanessa’s, driving her tongue into Vanessa’s open mouth. Vanessa’s tongue fought back by wrapping itself with Amber’s before it drilled into the other brunette’s wet mouth. The women moaned deeply into each other’s mouth. Their passionate tongue fight escalated, making the powerful women stiffen against each other. Rolling tongues coiled together, trying to push each other back into submission. The women tongue-wrestled and twisted the entire length of their muscled pink probes around one another, blending their saliva together inside their tightly sealed lips. Finally, the lip-mashing kiss ended, both women sucking back each other’s spit. The brunettes opened their eyes to glare hate into each other.

“Don’t start something you can’t win at girl!” Vanessa breathed up at her panting rival.

“You wouldn’t last thirty seconds if I did, baby!” Amber replied, feeling Vanessa’s moist pussy mound throb warmly under hers. “Enough of the foreplay, cunt,” Amber growled. “Let’s see who has the stronger pussy.”

“You’re on, you lezzy bitch, “Vanessa growled back. “I’m going to grind your filthy twat into a hairy pulp!” Vanessa hunched up furiously to meet Amber’s forceful cunt.

Separated by their smooth tights, the two rivals entwined their sturdy legs and began their sexfight by crushing pubic bone into pubic bone. Shouts of erotic pain echoed through the room as the two women savagely rammed their spandex-covered crotches into each other. Vanessa used their tightly entwined legs to lift her muscular ass up off the floor while at the same time, Amber arched her back to allow more excruciating pressure between their warring pelvises. Eyes locked in vicious glares as nylon-clad pussies rubbed wetly together. It was not long before Vanessa felt Amber’s hot juices seep through.

“You’re wet, bitch.” Vanessa hissed.

“And so are you!” Amber snarled back in reply.

Amber started thrusting her weight up and down trying to force Vanessa to collapse, to break her rival’s cunt. But the woman underneath met every one of her thrusts with equal power. Bouncing furiously, Amber lost her balance and fell off to the side. With their spandex clad legs so tightly laced, it was easy for Vanessa to roll over and get on top. Resuming their burning crotch-to-crotch fight, both overheated brunettes became drenched with sweat as their muscles strained and swelled to maximum size with raw feminine power. Lusty moans and growls filled the room as the woman to woman, pussy to pussy sex battle escalated. The women’s bulging, sweat-soaked tits ground and slipped and slapped against each other. Their tanned bellies pressed tight. Too evenly matched, Vanessa lost her balance and fell over to her side, but was quick to keep Amber from taking the top position and mounting her again. The women struggled for dominance for a few minutes, but it soon became apparent that neither one could roll or control the other.

“This is getting us nowhere,” Amber snapped. “Get those fucking tights off now so our cunts can fight naked!” Angry lust shook her body.

“Then let go of me, bitch!” Vanessa demanded. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll be begging me to stop!”

The two sexually enraged women broke off their fight and rolled apart. Eyes locked, sneering at each other in hate, Vanessa and Amber doffed their shoes and socks, then peeled down their soaking-wet legwear. They glared at each other, their fevered eyes drinking in the other luscious woman’s naked perfection. For both, seeing the other in the nude was almost like looking into a mirror, below the neck. Both women shuddered with uncontrollable lust. They licked their dry lips, even as their sopping wet cunts dripped pussy juice to the floor.

Amber gathered a few more exercise mats and sectioned off a large area for their ultimate test of womanly strength. Now totally naked, the two sweaty women took their positions on opposite sides of the exercise mats. They kneeled, sitting back on their haunches, and slowly began stroking and probing their wet, furry pussies.

“This is the deal,” Amber said, her voice surprisingly calm for someone whose sex was raging with heat. “We fuckfight until one of us can’t go on. The loser has to close down her class for good.” Amber waited to see Vanessa’s reaction.

“You’re on girl,” Vanessa replied, spreading her legs apart to reveal her swollen pussy. Sexual lubricants dripped to the mat from her pulsing cunt. “I guess you had better start planning a new career. I’m going to fuck you into the ground with this big hairy cunt of mine!” Vanessa’s dense patch of dark pubic hair was glistening with sexual wetness, ready for intimate combat.

“Fuck you Vanessa!” Amber hissed. “That little pussy of yours is no match for mine!”

Amber’s hairy twat throbbed maddeningly in anticipation of the pussyfight. The sexual tension had both aerobic queens lewdly finger-fucking themselves in front of each other. Both women sat back on their asses, their legs spread, and masturbated savagely. While their fingers slid into their wet cunt flesh, their blue eyes locked in hate and raw, pure lust. They taunted one another, promising to destroy each other. They began to slide across the mats towards each other.

“My big hairy cunt is going to fuck the fight right out of your twat!” Amber promised, while spreading the lips of her wet pussy to free her stiff clit for battle.

“Not before my bigger and hairier cunt finishes off that pathetic little pussy of yours!” Vanessa responded as she spread out her equally hot pussy lips and stroked her burning clit.

With two hard clits ready to attack one another, both female warriors quickly moved to the center of the mat, leaving a trail of pussy juice as they pushed across the vinyl surface. Amber and Vanessa slid their muscular legs against each other, scissoring each other, until wet cunt came together with wet cunt. Amber and Vanessa groaned together in indescribable pleasure and anticipation as their hungry, wet cunts mated. Pure pleasure and sensual slickness emanated from where their twats kissed and caressed. Leaning back on their hands, the women lifted their brawny asses up off the floor and moaned in unison as their juicy cuntlips pressed tight with a gentle squelching sound, as their coarse pubic hair meshed and grated roughly together. Vanessa’s strong cunt pushed against Amber’s with a steady grinding motion as both women tried desperately to mount each other and gain the dominant position. Each woman knew that there was no turning back as they ferociously humped feminine flesh into each other. They screamed out with sexual pain each time their two hairy cunts slid wetly together, cries of pain that soon turned to moans of unbearable erotic pleasure. Their inner thighs became saturated with a mixture of sweat and sex fluids as both women fought for the top position from which to grind her opponent into a submissive orgasm.

The two went at it full force, cunt to cunt. Hot, swollen vulvas flattened together, thick juicy meat melted into one and spread out, forming a fleshy arena for two warring clits to fight in. Wet inner labia mashed together with demanding need, soft tissue seeming to melt into one succulent mass of pleasure. Their interlocked labia released a torrential flood of sexual secretions to bathe their brawling pussies and inner thighs. Vanessa’s eyes were shut tight as she fought to control the fiery ecstasy building within her hairy crotch. Amber winced with unbearable pleasure as she crushed her parted vaginal lips against her rival’s juicy netherlips with all her might, intent on spreading and locking with Vanessa, fuckhole to fuckhole, in a sensuous bond.

When she was sure she was deep enough into Vanessa’s twat, when she felt she had a good enough cunt to cunt lock, Amber contracted her pussy, determined to crush and suck the other woman’s twat dry, using to their full effect the erotic exercises she had perfected. But, to Amber’s amazement and surprise, Vanessa contracted her pussy at the same time. Their cunts trembled as their genitals wrestled; both women pulled at each other with their deep vaginal muscles, trying to suck each other in, trying to wring the other out. Their struggling, trembling twats locked their clits into an ecstatic vise, squeezing and massaging their most exquisitely sensitive body parts as they fought to overwhelm each other with pleasure.

The brawny cunt battle raged on and on, the women’s erotic moans, grunts and shouts growing more intense as they fucked and fucked and fucked. Neither woman could remember the last time she was so aroused. The cunt to cunt battle lasted for several delirious minutes, the women’s lush bodies bucking and heaving, powerful muscles undulating and rippling as they drove their swollen fuckholes into each other passionately, pounding and grinding, sucking and thrusting, their swollen clits sawing at each other like fleshy swords. Sweat coursed down their struggling bodies, their wet flesh glistening in the harsh light, their bulging tits quaking and jolting as their naked bodies ground together mercilessly. The women’s erotic moaning spiraled higher and higher, their shouts of pleasure growing ever more desperate. Their powerful, muscled bodies undulated as they rammed and ground themselves into each other’s twats. Their massive, perfect tits bounced and jolted deliciously, spraying sweat with every hard, excruciating thrust.

Suddenly, Amber’s sweaty hand slipped out from behind her and she landed back on her shoulders. Vanessa was quick to take advantage of this and mounted her prone enemy, fastening her twat to Amber’s strong cunt. She poured on the fuck attack and ruthlessly ground her pulsing clit into the hated pussy below. The woman to woman contest of sexual strength continued on unequal terms, and the two powerful brunettes bucked and humped against each other with brutal passion. Amber felt her prominent womanhood pressing clit to clit with its assaulting counterpart, thick sexhorns jousting, grinding and rubbing, every stroke an explosion of pure ecstasy. The women snarled with lust as their pubic hair ground coarsely together, knotting and pulling.

“I’ve got you now, bitch!” Vanessa whispered hoarsely, smiling as she humped down on Amber.

“Fuck you slut!” Amber moaned as she angled her pussy up to meet Vanessa’s powerful thrusts blow for blow. The women grasped each other’s driving, naked asses and held on as they ground their cunts mercilessly into each other, clits sawing and grinding at each other, thick, succulent cuntlips spread flat against each other, labia fused and flowing with cunt lubricants. For long minutes, the two naked, writhing beauties struggled on in sexual bliss, riding each other viciously.

Vanessa got carried away by thinking she had the advantage. Within moments she found herself on the edge of orgasm. Their warring cunts mashed snugly together, both women using their deep vaginal muscles to squeeze and suck at each other, sealing their twats together in an unbreakable fleshy bond. Their juicy cunts wrestled, sucked and ate at each other, each one seeking to trigger the other off first. Amber and Vanessa pumped genital heat into one another with vivid hip movements, while their mouths sealed tight in a biting, lustful kiss. Vanessa’s entire body was shaking with pre-orgasmic tremors but she kept a steady, grinding downward force on Amber’s up-thrusting crotch.

Sensing Vanessa’s approaching orgasm, Amber wrapped her legs around her sexual enemy and forced her cunt up with renewed vigor, her hips jerking powerfully, moving with Vanessa’s driving hips. Amber’s body was shuddering with pre-orgasmic tensions too. Dimly, her mind registered that this was the best fuck she had ever had in a fuck-filled life. The struggling Amazons screamed with wild passion as their trembling, throbbing clits rammed together harder than ever. The women’s rock-hard sexhorns seemed to press into one flaming nerve of exquisite, unbelievable pleasure, mashing and crushing into a single point of unbearable sexual ecstasy. Vanessa’s fierce whimpers of erotic delight fed Amber’s unbelievable need and she gripped Vanessa’s big, muscular ass tightly to keep their pounding cunts wetly together. Amber felt she would die if Vanessa’s clit separated from her own.

Suddenly, the women’s enraged pussies melted together with a shared, shattering orgasm. Amber felt the hot liquid of Vanessa’s woman-cum jet into her shuddering, convulsing cunt and gladly accepted the boiling fluid because she knew the tables were about to turn. The women screamed and screamed, their shrieks of ecstasy harmonizing, until they silenced each other by driving their mouths together and locking into a tongue-twisting kiss of pure desire. Multiple orgasms rocked their bodies, hot ejaculate shot from each woman into the other, soaking their cunts, thighs and lower bellies, mixing into a sexual froth inside of Amber’s sucking twat. As soon as Amber felt the last pulsating throb from Vanessa’s pussy, she quickly used her hands to push Vanessa’s body up and force her back and roll her over. Amber’s sudden move caught Vanessa off guard and the next thing she knew she was on her back with Amber’s cunt on top, grinding wildly, driving cunt-deep into her own yielding, fleshy twat. Gravity took over and the shared sexual release that had filled Amber’s gaping vaginal canal now poured out into Vanessa’s shuddering pussy.

“Feel my hot cum, you fucking slut!” Amber sneered. “Feel it mix with yours and burn into you!”

“Fuck, fuck you!” Vanessa cried, even as her body shuddered with unimaginable sexual pleasure.

Shouting out in sexual triumph, Amber started pulverizing her slick cunt down against Vanessa’s with renewed stamina. Sobbing quietly, Vanessa tried her best to continue the fuck-fight but the assault from Amber was too much. Her erotic defenses were down and Vanessa could only tremble with bliss as orgasm after orgasm shook throughout her exhausted body. Amber continued her victory fuck against Vanessa’s ravaged twat until she reared up and screamed out with a second, unbelievably powerful, gut wrenching orgasm. Amber’s conquering sex injected her woman-cum into Vanessa’s spent pussy, again and again. The cum-drenched women collapsed in each other’s arms, their naked limbs twined together. Their pounding clits throbbed together in aftermath.

Amber had won this cunt battle. Exhausted, she rested on her defeated foe, enjoying the pounding of Vanessa’s heart through their mashed tits, reveling in the feeling of her pulsing clit locked and throbbing against Vanessa’s still hard clit. For some time, the women lay sprawled and tangled together, their flesh interwined, wet with cum and sweat.

Once the beating pulse of her orgasm diminished to nothing. Amber pulled her sweat-soaked body off the sobbing woman below her. Their knotted pubic hair pulled apart with a burst of pain. Amber flopped over onto her back next to Vanessa and gently massaged her sore and battered pussy. After a moment, Amber pulled herself onto her side and braced her head on her hand to stare at Vanessa.

“I’m expecting you’ll follow through with the deal we made. I don’t ever want to see or hear about you again.” Amber said firmly as she glared down at her defeated foe.

“Yes…” was all that Vanessa could muster, knowing she had lost the sexfight with Amber. She closed down her classes and moved out of town.

Three months later, Amber received a challenging letter from Vanessa. She smiled grimly as she read the note. She had been expecting it. She began to prepare herself for the imminent rematch with Vanessa.

To be continued:

Club Wars, Part II: The Rematch

A month later:

Amber waited for Vanessa in her studio late on a Friday night. The women had agreed to a fuckfight rematch for Friday evening so that they would have all the time they would need. Amber could already tell that this battle was going to be even more difficult – and maybe even more erotically rewarding – than their last fight. This time, they were both practiced and ready. Amber shuddered with excitement and anticipation. She was confident in her ability to defeat Vanessa a second time, but she was looking forward to the intense pleasure that would come as she and the other woman fucked each other into submission. Amber was a very sexually experienced woman, but what she had done with Vanessa had been exquisitely enjoyable and she was looking forward to doing it again.

At 9 PM, Amber heard a solid knock at the door of her club. She left her office and went into the reception area. Vanessa was standing at the glass door. She was wearing a hoodie to conceal her identity. She had a gym bag slung over her shoulder. She was wearing skintight black yoga pants and workout shoes. Amber went to the door and let her rival in, then immediately locked the door after. It was important that they not be disturbed.

Amber was dressed in a red halter and black yoga pants; she was wearing an open sweat jacket over her torso, which left her gleaming bare midriff fully visible. The two beautiful women glared at each other. The tension between them was immediate and incredibly powerful. They stared into each other’s blue eyes, their mutual hate and lust flaring to full life.

Vanessa put down her bag and shrugged off her coat. Underneath, she was wearing only a tiny green halter, which barely contained her magnificent tits. The halter pushed up her rack so much that her tits threatened to pop out of their flimsy supports. Her belly was taut and tanned, rippling with muscle, her deep, narrow navel winking. Amber felt a thrill of desire race through her.

“How have you been, Vanessa?” Amber asked, her gorgeous lips twisted into a vicious smirk. “Have you found some other city to set up shop and offer your sub-standard exercise classes?”

“I moved a hundred miles down the road, Amber,” Vanessa replied. “I keep my promises. But I like here better. I plan to come back.”

“That wasn’t our deal, cunt,” Amber reminded her.

“That’s why I’m here, bitch,” Vanessa replied. “I kept my part of the deal, but I never said I wouldn’t demand a rematch. And you’ve agreed. This time, I’m ready for you. I’m going to fuck you into the ground and take back what you stole from me.”

Amber stepped closer, until the two women were almost tit to tit, their breasts only a whisper away from resting on each other. Their nipples strained their respective halters, aching to get at each other.

“I didn’t steal anything from you, whore,” Amber breathed. “But I am going to teach you what a real woman’s cunt feels like. I’m going to suck you dry and squeeze you out. I’m going to destroy that little, hairy twat. When I’m done with you, that little baby pussy is going to be too sore to use for a month.”

“Bring it on, you bitch,” Vanessa snarled. “You got lucky last time. This time, I’m going to leave you in a puddle on the floor. I’m going to fuck your cunt until you can’t walk.”

The women glared hatefully into the other’s blue eyes. But both could also see and feel the lust, the pure desire, building in their flesh. They smiled at each other wickedly, the desire to destroy each other, to conquer the other woman completely, burning in their eyes.

“Let’s get started, fucker,” Amber breathed. Without another word, she turned and walked down the hall. Vanessa picked up her bag and followed Amber, close at her enemy’s heels.

The women entered the large studio in which they had fought their first battle. The room was dark, except for a pool of light at the end of the room. The light illuminated a floor covered with a set of mats which defined a makeshift fuckfight arena. At one end, Amber had left a box of bottled water. Amber walked up to the mats, then reached down and pulled off her shoes. Barefoot, she stepped onto the mats and turned around, hands on her hips, to face Vanessa.

Vanessa put her bag on the edge of the mats, pulled off her shoes, and stepped into the arena. She smiled at Amber cruelly. For a few moments, the two gorgeous vixens glared at each other, their hands on their hips, their tits thrust out at each other, their bare bellies gleaming in the light, their perfect legs encased in skintight black tights, their perfect bodies virtual mirror images.

Vanessa reached up and unhooked her halter in the center of her chest. She peeled the flimsy green bra away from her tanned body and threw the scrap of cloth away, into the darkness surrounding the arena. She put her hands on her hips and pushed her magnificent, naked tits out, her engorged brown nipples pointing straight at her foe. Her massive tits gleamed, thick and juicy, dark and round and tight, throbbing with heat and desire.

Amber glared at Vanessa’s incredible boobs, licking her dry lips in anticipation. She felt her own boobs swelling, her nipples growing rock-hard with desire. Vanessa’s tits were fantastic and Amber imagined biting and sucking and sinking her teeth into those massive, juicy glands. She swore that she would do that to Vanessa’s boobs before this night was over.

Smirking, her beautiful face bright with lust, Amber stripped off her red halter and tossed it aside. She arched her back, pushing her massive tits out at her enemy. She gloried in the feel of her thick, swollen tits jiggling on her chest. Her nipples felt ten times their normal size; she brushed her nips with the back of her hand and bit her lip at the sudden shock of pure pleasure that radiated through her entire body. God, she was going to enjoy going tit to tit with Vanessa, grinding that bitch’s luscious rack into sagging meat with her own taut, pulsing glands.

The two topless women walked towards each other, hips swinging, tits jiggling, eyes locked. They pushed close, stopping just inches from their thick brown nipples coming together nip to nip. Amber and Vanessa looked down at the other’s voluptuous rack. Then, slowly, Vanessa reached up and grasped Amber’s thick left tit. She lifted and caressed the succulent gland, gently squeezing and caressing, letting her index finger run over Amber’s thick nipple, before pushing the rigid nip back. Amber closed her eyes and gasped at the stimulating contact, struggling to keep from groaning in pleasure.

“I don’t feel anything here that can match my meat, bitch,” Vanessa murmured. She slowly lowered her head, her eyes still locked to Amber’s, and licked Amber’s swollen nip.

Amber gasped. She felt her pussy leaking, throbbing with heat.

Vanessa sucked at Amber’s delicious tit, closing her eyes and taking more of Amber’s breast meat into her mouth, then bit and sucked even harder. The brunette beauty groaned deep in her throat as her lips pulled hard on Amber’s pulsing nipple, as her teeth gently gripped the sensitive dark flesh.

Amber cried out, throwing back her head to gasp in ecstasy. Amber reached out and filled her hand with Vanessa’s lush left tit. She squeezed the thick meat, sinking her fingers into the yielding flesh, then squeezed the engorged nipple between her fingers. Vanessa cried out in turn, even as Amber seized her hair with her spare hand and pulled back Vanessa’s head, forcing Vanessa to release Amber’s boob. As Vanessa gasped, Amber lowered her head to her opponent’s chest and began sucking and sucking at the other woman’s thick, juicy tit. Vanessa moaned in pleasure, reaching up to grab the back of Amber’s head, pushing the other woman’s head deeper into her tit, before finally yanking Amber away.

Panting, holding each other by the back of their heads, hands twined in the other woman’s thick, dark hair, the women glared at each other in hate. Their tits felt twice their usual size, their nipples were rock hard spikes. Groaning with lust, the women threw themselves at each other, their throbbing, pulsing tits coming together, thick titmeat mashing tight and hard, rock-hard nipples crushing and spearing and grating at each other, sending spasms of pleasure racing through their powerful bodies. The women’s hungry mouths locked together in a lip-mashing kiss, their tongues wrestling and twisting together inside their sealed mouths. Hot spit flowed between the two sex-crazed women. Amber and Vanessa closed their eyes and moaned in indescribable lust as they ravaged each other’s mouths, tongues playing and struggling, sharing and swallowing back spit. Their hands moved, caressing each other’s naked backs, grasping and kneading powerful asses. Both women thrust a powerful thigh up into the other woman’s hot crotch. They rubbed the other’s pussy with their thighs, they both moved their hips, grinding their cunts into the invading thighs, all the while twisting around each other in a long, lust-filled kiss.

For long minutes, the two struggling Amazons held each other, locked together passionately, both enjoying the delicious feel of bare flesh against flesh, of heat and sweat, of hot spit and probing tongues jousting, of their pussies burning from the stimulation of their thighs. Their heavy tits throbbed and pulsed against each other. With a groaning gasp, Amber and Vanessa finally broke their kiss, spit flying. They glared at each through half-closed eyes. For a moment, it seemed they would resume their lusty, passionate kissing. Instead, they pushed each other away, gasping as they separated.

The two women glared at each other, panting, tits heaving. The body to body contact they had both been lusting after ever since they had re-established contact had finally been achieved and now left them hungry for more. Much more.

The women slowly approached each other again. They reached for each other’s hands. They twined their fingers, hands locked palm to palm, then pulled their arms up, their hands over their heads, and brought their heavy, meaty tits together, nipple to nipple. Staring lustfully into each other’s eyes, they hooked their nipples on each other and began twisting, sparring, working to bend each other back. Their nipples flicked back and forth, stimulating and exciting the battling women, until they could not resist anymore. Aiming their nipples directly at each other, Amber and Vanessa wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed tight. Their tits compressed as their bodies came together in a rib-cracking bear hug. Their pulsing nipples pushed each other back deep into each woman’s tits, trapped together in the meaty furnace of their dense flesh, fused into one, areola eclipsing each other and grating mercilessly. Their muscled bellies slapped tight; Amber could feel her navel lining up with and sucking at Vanessa’s navel, even as their hot, sweat-streaked abdomens rippled against each other. The women’s tits throbbed with heat and tension. Amber and Vanessa squeezed with all their strength, trying to crush each other back. They threw back their heads and moaned. Then they pushed their faces together, nose to nose, forehead to forehead. Glaring hatefully into each other, they began working their tits into each other, back and forth, up and down, heavy, meaty orbs grinding at each other relentlessly. Soon, their bodies were slick with sweat and their tits rubbed against each other with a delicious slickness. Each woman lodged her thigh into the other woman’s crotch. Squeezing, rubbing, grinding at each other, nose to nose, hot breath washing over each other, Amber and Vanessa shared moans and gasps as they fought to overpower each other, to wear each other down.

The titfight went on and on, the women’s backs and torsos working, their tits struggling powerfully, sweat pouring down their lush, slick torsos, adding a delicious, sensuous lubrication to their rubbing, sliding flesh. Cheek to cheek, they moaned and gasped into each other’s ears, exchanging obscenities and threats, all while their nipples burned and their massive, meaty tits throbbed with heat and power and raw sensitivity.

“You dirty fuck, you fucking dirty whore,” Vanessa moaned at Amber, her body burning with sexual fever. “I’m going to break your saggy bags, you cunt.”

“Fuck you, slut,” Amber gasped in reply. “Your meat is getting weak, I can feel it softening up. I’m going to grind you flat.”

The titfight lasted for several more minutes, neither woman gaining any ground, their swollen nipples burning against each other with raw pleasure, their thighs working into each other’s crotch, their pussies growing hotter and wetter by the moment. Both women could feel the other’s juices seeping through their yoga pants. Vanessa slid her cheek on Amber’s, then pulled the other brunette back into another long, deep, tongue-filled kiss. The women locked legs, their powerful limbs straining at each other. Still locked in their kiss, it wasn’t long before the women overbalanced and fell onto the mat in a sweaty, half-naked tangle of straining flesh.

Instantly, Amber and Vanessa began thrashing against each other, their naked torsos wriggling and undulating as they fought to gain the dominant position. Their grabbed each other’s big, muscular asses and began to roll back and forth, each one taking a moment on top of their straining tangle of voluptuous flesh before the other gained the upper hand.

“Fucking cow!” Vanessa snarled, squeezing Amber’s ass and arching her back, rolling on top of her opponent.

“Cunt eating sow!” Amber gasped, rolling on top of Vanessa.

“CUNT!” Vanessa shrieked.

“Fucking TWAT!” Amber screamed back.

The women rolled back and forth, pulling hair, gripping each other’s asses and cursing each other viciously. Finally, the women came to rest. Vanessa was on top, pressed belly to belly and tit to tit with her foe. The women’s powerful legs were grapevined together in a straining, trembling knot. Amber and Vanessa glared at each other through hooded eyes. Panting with lust and hate, Vanessa slowly, carefully pressed her hot, throbbing crotch down onto Amber’s equally wet twat. Through the soaked yoga pants, both women could feel the other’s distended clit pushing out of the other’s cunt, swollen and hot, aching for sexual contact.

“Yes, oh yes, you big bitch,” Amber moaned.

Vanessa and Amber began sliding, grinding, their hot hard clits together, their moans and cries of passion growing more and more intense, their straining muscles starting to quiver with sexual arousal. Amber could not help herself; it felt too good to resist. She untwined her legs from Vanessa’s and spread her thighs wide, arching her back, opening herself, giving Vanessa a bigger target, encouraging Vanessa to fuck her even harder. Vanessa eagerly obliged, spreading her own legs, aiming her crotch, pushing her trembling clit directly onto Amber’s pulsing sexhorn. The women moaned and shouted in shared ecstasy as their rock-hard clits ground at each other through two layers of nylon. Amber pulled Vanessa’s face down to hers and the women locked into another deep, lush kiss, even as their powerful asses moved in unison, rubbing clit on clit through the sopping wet crotches of their skintight yoga pants.

Their hearts pounded, their tits grew even hotter and heavier, their breath came in panting moans. Amber and Vanessa’s blood boiled, they both knew what they needed. Finally, they broke the kiss and glared at each other in mutual understanding.

“Get off of me, cunt,” Amber breathed, her pants coming hot and heavy. “Strip off and let’s fuck. Let’s see who has got the better cunt.”

“Oh baby,” Vanessa cooed, her eyes gleaming with lust. “We’re going to fuck. We’re going to fuck so hard, your head is going to explode. When I’m done with you, your hairy twat will be hamburger.”

Vanessa pushed herself away from Amber, who released her and pushed herself into a sitting position. Vanessa lay back on the mat and lifted her ass, then slipped the elastic of her pants over her hips and down her powerful ass. She sat down, naked ass on the mat and peeled her soaking, sopping pants down her lush legs, over her bare feet. She threw the pants aside, outside the circle of light.

Amber sat across from Vanessa. She, too, peeled her soaking pants away from her body, tossing it aside.

The two women sat totally nude, legs spread wide, facing each other. Amber slipped her fingers through the thick tangle of her wet pubic fur and into her sopping, aching pussy. She was burning up, her cunt was throbbing with heat and electricity. She longed for the pussyfight to come. She could barely contain herself. She lewdly stroked her own clit, shuddering as waves of pure erotic heat arced through her.

Vanessa caressed her aching cunt, tangling her fingers in her cuntfur, slipping her fingers inside and stroking her clit, then licking her wet fingers. Her body was absolutely on fire, her need to consume Amber, to lock cunt to cunt and clit to clit with another woman never so great as it was now. What she had dreamed about for the past four months was about to become a reality, win or lose. Before they could start fucking, however, the terms of their battle needed to be clear.

“Here’s what’s going to happen, slut,” Vanessa said, even as she gently caressed her wet, hot twat. “Same as last time. We fuckfight until one of us can’t go on. Number of orgasms, who goes off first, all of that doesn’t matter. It’s just a question of who gives out first. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Amber replied. She favored this kind of battle. She was sure that her insatiable sexual hunger could devour any other woman and she had already consumed Vanessa once before.

“If you win, I leave here. I never bother you again. I swear that you are the better woman and I agree to pay you half the profits of my club for the next year,” Vanessa continued. “If I win…” here she paused, her beautiful face breaking into an evil smile… “you have to sign over half the ownership of this club to me. We become partners in this business. I get back what you took from me. Agreed?”

“I’ve already agreed to this, cunt,”Amber snapped. Her burning pussy demanded feeding. “Enough of this. We both know what’s at stake here. It’s time to settle this, woman to woman.”

“Oh, we’re going to do that, baby,” Vanessa purred. She began sliding across the mat on her ass, leaving a trail of cuntjuice behind. Amber slid on her ass to meet her enemy, her body aching with anticipation of the fuckfight to come.

The women panted with excitement and desire as they closed the final few feet between their trembling, sex-crazed bodies. Their massive tits heaved in unison, their hairy, hot cunts dripped with juice. They both reached down to spread engorged pussy lips and free the thumb-sized clits that lurked within. Their clits were hot and hard and throbbing with electricity and desire. The women’s nipples were aching, rock-hard. Amber and Vanessa slipped their naked legs over and under each other, smiling evilly at each other as their slick limbs caressed. They pushed their hot cunts to within an inch of each other then stopped.

“Are you ready, bitch?” Amber whispered, her voice hoarse with incredible lust.

“I’m ready, fucker,” Vanessa replied, her voice equally rough.

“Then let’s fuck, cunt,” Amber smiled. “Come and give me a kiss.”

The women leaned back, bracing their powerful bodies with their hands. They shoved their hungry, aching cunts together. Soft, thick pussy lips met and slid slickly together, kissing and sucking wetly. Amber and Vanessa groaned in shared ecstasy, throwing back their heads as they mated, as the joining they had both been craving finally became real. The women raised their brawny asses off the ground and drove at each other with all their strength, gasping and moaning in absolute pleasure, working their hips to rotate and grind their dripping fuckmeat together. The pressure forced their succulent fuckholes open, spreading thick pussy lips, forming a muscle-bordered oval arena of wet, hot sex in which their clits met and began to grind against each other mercilessly. Wave after wave of indescribable pleasure radiated from each powerful thrust. Thick, course mats of pubic hair grated, meshed and tangled into inextricable knots.

“Fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes,….” Amber gasped. She could not help it; the pleasure was unbearable and everything she had wanted from the moment she had opened Vanessa’s letter.

“God, oh God, yesss, fuck, fuck, yesss…” Vanessa moaned. Her body was trembling with raw lust, as the incredible anticipation and desire that had been building in her for so long was finally rewarded.

Vanessa and Amber exchanged vicious smiles over their jiggling tits and rammed together mercilessly, both women almost insane with lust. Their clits fixed to each other and rubbed around and around, over and under, locking and releasing, crushing and stroking, fighting and torturing each other, two slick, hot, rock-hard nubs of pure ecstasy. Their bouncing tits swelled with arousal, the heat building inside their struggling pussies spreading throughout their bodies, filling them with unbearable pleasure. Their powerful abdomens rippled, sweat damp bellies undulating, glinting in the light, as they fucked.

Both women remembered how Amber had slipped and fallen back in their last fight, so both were careful to make sure their bodies were fully braced, despite the sweat flowing off of them in rivulets as the exquisite fuckfight raged on and on. Amber and Vanessa’s cunts locked, sealed together in a fleshy weld, rock-hard clits pulsing and fusing into one. The women’s hips moved, their asses thrust powerfully, but neither could overpower the other. The raw pleasure built and built. The women’s erotic moans and cries of joy grew higher and louder. They grunted and screamed out in unison, with every delicious penetrating thrust.

Amber clamped her pussy on Vanessa’s cunt, squeezing the other woman’s vaginal meat with all of the power of her twat, all of the power built up over years of erotic exercises. At the same time, she pulled with her deep vaginal muscles, doing her best to suck Vanessa’s twat into her own, to turn the other woman inside out, to suck her enemy’s juices out of her thrusting cunt. She wanted to break the other woman’s sexual power with her own. Vanessa cried out, her body convulsing as she felt her pussy being crushed and eaten by Amber’s powerful twat. Instantly, she retaliated. She flexed her cunt, locking lip against lip with Amber, pulling back with her deep vaginal muscles. The women’s locked twats trembled in delicious stalemate. Their wrestling cunts squeezed and rippled on their fused together clits, sending waves of even greater, more unbearable pleasure radiating through their bodies.

“Yes, oh yes, you fucking whore,” Vanessa gasped. “Let me feel you…”

“Dirty whore,” Amber groaned. “I’ll crush you girl, I’ll suck you dry…”

“Bring it on, fucker…” Vanessa moaned.

The women fucked and fucked, their pussies trembling as they wrestled, as they sucked and ate at each other. They exchanged thrusts, their exquisitely sensitive clits sawed at each other relentlessly, sending wave after wave of pure pleasure deep into their powerful bodies.

Vanessa shuddered with pre-orgasmic tension. Her body was unbearably aroused, the erotic pleasure building in her sexual core like a bomb, every inch of her flesh alive with heat and pleasure. She felt welded to Amber in an unbreakable bond, joined and fused at the cunts, their fuckmeat so deeply locked they were one voluptuous body. Amber felt the same unbearable sensations. Both women sobbed, gasped and groaned as their bodies bucked and humped in a hard rhythm, asses and hips moving in unison, massive tits bouncing as they fucked each other’s brains out.

Their cunts melted together in an explosion of heat and unimaginable ecstasy, a pair of simultaneous orgasms so intense that the two women could only scream in unbridled pleasure. Hot cum gushed from Vanessa and Amber at the same time. They grabbed each other’s muscular thighs and held on, grinding into each other as deep, as hard as they could. The women shouted out in ecstasy as they filled each other’s vaginal canals with hot cum, as they shot ejaculate back and forth. They screamed out in orgasmic joy. Orgasm after orgasm shuddered through their straining bodies. They fucked and fucked, each woman determined to exhaust the other, to pull every last drop of cum out of her adversary.

Amber reached for Vanessa. The women pulled each other in tight, crushing their aching tits together, grabbing each other’s powerful asses and pulling each other in deep and hard, keeping their throbbing clits fused into one. They kissed deeply, sucking at each other’s tongues, biting and clawing at each other as another wave of orgasms roared through them.

Exhausted, Amber and Vanessa fell away from each other, landing on the mat, flat on their backs, still sealed together cunt deep inside of each other. They panted furiously, their massive tits jiggling. Their tanned bodies gleamed with sweat and cum in the spotlight. Their dark hair bushed out around their heads. They lay that way for some time, too spent to do more than squeeze each other’s pussies.

Finally, Amber pushed herself up on her elbows and glared down her body at Vanessa. Vanessa smiled back.

“Looks like we need to keep going, cunt,” Vanessa said.“I’m ready when you are.”

Amber slowly, painfully, disengaged from Vanessa, pulling away in a gush of cum and the tearing of tangled pubic hair. The women moaned in mutual pain. Vanessa rolled onto her knees, then crawled across the mat to her gym bag. She opened the bag, reached in and pulled out a massive clear dildo, about 12 inches long and almost three inches thick. Smiling savagely, she brandished the thick plastic rod.

“Ready for round two, baby?” Vanessa asked, a wicked grin on her gorgeous face.

Amber was not about to back down now. “Ass to ass,” she said, smiling grimly. “Let’s see how much power your pussy really has.”

First, however, the women needed to drink. Amber crawled to the side of the mat and picked up one of the bottles of water she had left there. She threw one of the bottles to Vanessa. The two women drank every drop, both only then realizing how thirsty they were. But it was not surprising, given how much cum they had exchanged.

When she was ready, Vanessa took the thick tube, got down on her knees, and turned her ass to Amber. She inserted the dildo slow and hard into her swollen, battered pussy. For the first time, Amber saw that the dildo was hollow, with large holes at either end. She realized this was to allow the women using it to share ejaculate. She smiled, shuddering with pleasure. This was going to be good.

Vanessa wiggled her ass from side to side, the massive dildo protruding from her pussy, and grinned at Amber. “Come and get it, baby,” she purred.

Amber backed herself onto the dildo, pushing up ass to ass with Vanessa, reaching between her legs to direct the thick shaft into her aching, throbbing cunt. She groaned with pleasure as the rod sank deep into her womanhood, spreading her twat, filling her with a surge of erotic sensation

The women pressed up, bare soles to bare soles, round, strong, heart-shaped ass to ass. Their juicy pussylips pressed tight, completely engulfing the dildo. They pressed closer and wiggled their hips to rub their assholes into each other. Their asses high in the air, Vanessa and Amber began to struggle for control of the dildo, each determined to seize control of the shaft and use it to ream out the other mercilessly. The women leaned down, their arms extended, their thick tits pressed into the mat, and began to wriggle and thrust, squeezing and releasing the shaft, both struggling to control the dildo enough to ram it deep into the other. Their swollen clits, cresting their vaginal slits, rubbed together firmly, sending shockwaves of sheer pleasure radiating through the struggling women. .

“Mmmmmmm, fuck….,” Amber moaned. She was confident in the power of her pussy, she was sure that she would eventually wear Vanessa down. Even so, she was amazed at how strong her rival’s pussy seemed to be. Each woman had about six inches of the dong firmly lodged in her vagina. Over the next 20 minutes, this hardly changed at all, even as both women squeezed the dildo with their muscular vaginal lips, as they worked it with the deep muscles of their vaginal canals, each trying to seize control of the shaft and drive it core deep into the other woman. The shaft became harder to hold as their cunts lubricated over and over, making the plastic slick and hot. The constant flexing and rippling of their deep muscles was also making both women indescribably horny, their bodies responding to the delicious stimulation. Foot to foot, toe to toe, round, strong asses flexing and rubbing against each other, ass cracks sliding in and out of each other, the two fitness instructors battled on, lost in erotic intimacy. Their massive tits were flat on the mat as their spines curved up and their asses jutted into the air. Their nipples were rock hard and grinding into the vinyl mats, made slick by their sweat.

Vanessa came first, suddenly going stiff as the intense orgasm building in her core finally proved too much to contain. With a screaming moan, she came hard, ejaculating into her enemy, her whole body trembling with orgasmic release. The hollow dildo directed much of her discharge deep into Amber’s vaginal canal. Amber moaned and smiled in pleasure, enjoying both the sensation of hot cum flowing deep into her as well as the sense that she was finally beginning to overpower the slut she was fighting. Amber tightened her grip on the dildo even more and tried to use Vanessa’s distraction to take control of the shaft. But she was frustrated to discover that, even as she convulsed in orgasmic bliss, Vanessa’s vaginal muscles still gripped the dildo tightly, resisting Amber’s efforts to ream her out. Amber pushed herself up on her arms, raising her ass slightly higher than Vanessa’s, and leaned back, hoping to use gravity to overpower her enemy. Vanessa moaned. She was still in the throes of orgasm and the cum-drenched dildo was proving impossible to fully control. She felt it drive an inch deeper into her twat. Vanessa came again, her discharge soaking the intersection of the women’s bodies, trickling into their asses and coating their lower bellies and thighs. Much of the ejaculate flowed into Amber who, once again, moaned in pleasure at the sensation. Suddenly, Amber found herself on the verge of orgasm. It happened so fast, she barely had time to register what was happening. Then, she was down on her elbows on the mat, her tits crushed into the slick vinyl, screaming out in ecstasy as her pussy contracted around the shaft and her shuddering pussy pumped copious amounts of steaming hot cum into Vanessa, even as it splattered the women’s lower bodies. Vanessa smiled in bliss, enjoying the sensation of the alien cum flowing into her. She tightened her grip on the dildo and succeeded in regaining the inch she had lost.

Over the next hour, Vanessa and Amber exchanged discharges of ejaculate every few minutes, their luscious bodies quivering in orgasmic ecstasy, until their bellies, thighs and asses were dripping with cum and sweat and their pussies were aching with effort. Neither woman was able to overpower the other and take control. Eventually, Amber and Vanessa realized they could take no more. They had filled each other with shared and mixed cum, they had struggled ass to ass and pussy to pussy as long as they could. They realized that neither of them was going to win this particular contest. They eventually laid flat on the mat on their stomachs, their legs overlapping, their asses and pussies fused together, their clits pressed into the mat, and rested.

After some time, Vanessa stirred. She tightened her grip on the shaft and pushed back into Amber, who grunted in response, then tightened her cunt around the dildo.

“Are you ready for more, cunt?” Vanessa asked, her tired, dry voice barely more than a whisper.

Amber looked at her enemy over her shoulder. “No, this is getting us nowhere. Let’s try something else.”

“Like what?” Vanessa asked, with some relief. Her pussy was sore, battered and aching and she did not think it could take much more of a pounding. Her insides felt like liquid.

Amber smiled maliciously. “Let’s eat each other. Make this a 69 contest. See who can suck a clit better.”

Vanessa grinned in eager anticipation. “You’re on, you slut,” she smiled. “I’m going to eat your pussy and suck out every ounce of cum in your hairy twat.”

“We’ll see, bitch,” Amber said. “I worked in a strip club. I have a lot of experience eating pussy. I’m going to have you screaming like a cheap whore in no time.”

Slowly, painfully, the two beautiful women slid themselves off of the two-headed dildo. They threw it aside and moved into position, until they were lying down on the mat perpendicular to each other, each with her head facing into the other woman’s dripping pink cunt. Amber raised her leg; Vanessa did the same. Smiling at each other, the two naked women closed on each other. They both buried their faces into the other woman’s wet, hot, hairy pussy. Side by side, they closed their thighs around each other’s head, locking each other in place. They looped their arms over the other’s hips and spread their hands on the other’s round, thick ass. The women began to eat each other earnestly. Amber buried her entire face in Vanessa’s wet, fragrant twat and inhaled the intoxicating womanly scent. She licked voraciously at Vanessa’s soft labia, before wrapping her lips and tongue around Vanessa’s thumb-sized clit and began sucking. Vanessa did the same, exploring Amber’s fuckhole with her tongue, licking up cum and natural pussy lubricant, enjoying the smell and taste of her enemy’s luscious twat, before wrapping her mouth around Amber’s clit and sucking lovingly, teasingly, at the sensitive nub.

Amber and Vanessa moaned and groaned in shared ecstasy as they assaulted each other’s most precious, sensitive sexual organs. They licked and spit into the other woman’s twat. Their eager tongues explored each other’s puckered assholes and it was not long before their probing fingers were helping in their assaults on the other’s cunt or going deep into tight, hot assholes. Amber came first, throwing back her head to howl in pleasure as her cunt ejaculated powerfully into Vanessa’s face. Vanessa smiled in satisfaction and eagerly sucked back and drank as much of the discharge as she could. It was not long, before it was Vanessa’s turn to go stiff in ecstasy as her succulent pussy gushed powerfully into Amber’s gorgeous face.

Vanessa shoved three fingers into Amber’s tight, hot twat, then all five fingers, finally forcing her fist deep into the other woman’s vagina. Amber rocked in ecstasy as she was violated so intimately and completely. She loved it and she wasted no time in driving her own fist deep into Vanessa’s vaginal canal, twisting and flexing her fingers to force moans and screams of pleasure from her foe. Amber probed Vanessa’s ass with her fingers and Vanessa realized where this was going. She withdrew her fist from Amber’s twat and began working on shoving her hand full up the other beauty’s ass. Amber gasped at the violation but retaliated immediately, fisting Vanessa’s anal cavity as hard and violently as she could.

Soaked in sweat and cum, moaning and screaming in pleasure, writhing violently, Amber and Vanessa devoured each other ravenously. Their mutual desire seemed endless and their powerful, perfect bodies bucked and heaved in response to their sexual assaults on each other. Sucking deeply on Amber’s clit, Vanessa slowly succeeded in rolling the other woman onto her back, giving herself the top position. Amber did not care; in a cunt-eating competition, who was on the bottom really did not matter. She continued to suck and lick at Vanessa’s dripping twat, ravaging every millimeter of the other woman’s succulent cuntmeat.

The women writhed and groaned and shouted out in erotic pleasure as they continued to feast on each other’s twats, to finger and fist each other’s cunts and assholes. The pleasure flowed over them in waves, their bodies going stiff and convulsing as they ejaculated powerfully into each other’s faces, again and again. Amber and Vanessa lost all track of time. They just kept eating each other until, at some point, they collapsed in a shuddering mass of luscious flesh.

Amber lay flat on her back under Vanessa, staring up at the ceiling. She could barely move or think; her mind was lost in an erotic fog, her body was depleted of all energy. She felt completely sexually spent. She licked Vanessa’s inner thighs, which were on either side of her head, and smiled as she tasted the sweat and cum. She and Vanessa had fucked and sucked each other into mutual exhaustion.

Vanessa tiredly pushed herself up and rolled off of Amber, collapsing on the mat beside her sexual rival. The women lay that way for a few minutes. Then, Vanessa pushed herself into a sitting position. Amber watched, but she did not move. She was not sure that she could. Vanessa’s eyes were dull, but there was a glint of determination in them. Amber was spread out beside Vanessa. With a groan, Vanessa crawled around Amber’s prone body and moved between the other woman’s legs. Amber saw what was going to happen as Vanessa moved over her, supporting her body with her arms as her tits hung directly over Amber’s magnificent rack. The women’s exhausted eyes locked and Amber spread her legs wider as Vanessa mounted her.

“Come and get it, fucker,” Amber groaned.

Vanessa lowered her lush, sweaty body onto Amber’s equally gorgeous form. Their nipples hardened as they crushed together, their taut breasts mashed tight. Amber moaned as Vanessa’s hot, sweaty belly settled on hers. Vanessa’s slick, hairy cunt slid onto Amber’s thickly thatched, equally slick twat. The women groaned in shared pain and pleasure as their hot, thick-lipped pussies mated once more. Swelling clits pressed tight and raw electrical pleasure arced through both straining women. Amber twined her calves through Vanessa’s and gripped the other brunette’s flexing ass. Amber jerked her hips up to meet Vanessa’s downward thrusts. The women’s clits crushed tight and the women gasped and moaned in shared erotic joy as they moved in rhythm, their cunts glued together as their bodies began to hump. Cheek to cheek, Amber and Vanessa groaned and cried out as the pleasure built and built. Amber felt an uncontrollable orgasm growing in her core. She could not restrain it; it barreled ahead like a freight train, unstoppable.

Amber shrieked in ecstasy, arching her back, lifting Vanessa up with her bucking hips. Vanessa gritted her teeth and forced back the orgasm that she had been about to release, as she ground herself down into Amber’s convulsing cunt, grinding clit on clit. Amber screamed and bucked a second time, more hot ejaculate jetting into Vanessa’s quivering cunt.

Vanessa began grinding and pounding down onto Amber with her last bit of energy, driving her clit against the other woman’s engorged sexhorn. Writhing, gasping, Vanessa pulled on Amber’s hair, turning the other woman’s face to her so that she could lock Amber into a tongue-thrusting kiss. As she ravaged Amber’s mouth, Vanessa fucked her foe with all her remaining strength. Amber continued bucking and humping back, but she was clearly on the verge of another tremendous, draining orgasm. Amber went stiff a third time, gasping and sobbing.

“No, fuck, noooo,,,,” Amber moaned, her body shuddering with pleasure.

Vanessa rammed herself deep and hard into Amber’s pussy. She worked her ass and hips, her tits and belly rubbed and slid deliciously on Amber’s luscious flesh, she worked her clit hard and relentlessly on Amber’s yielding clit. Beneath her, Amber cried out, her body moving with Vanessa’s dominating form. At the moment of final, ultimate ecstasy, Amber shrieked and spread her legs wide in surrender. Vanessa roared in ecstasy as her cunt finally released, hot cum jetting into Amber’s yielding twat. The women’s heavy ejaculate mixed, combining into a sexual froth inside of their locked bodies. It coated their lower torsos, thighs and flowed down Amber’s crotch and into her asshole as it continued down to form a puddle on the slicked vinyl mats.

Vanessa collapsed on top of Amber. Amber twined her arms and legs around her enemy, holding her in place. Slick with sweat and cum, their magnificent nude bodies glistening in the light, Amber and Vanessa held each other, their hearts pounding, their mashed together tits heaving as they struggled for breath. Their throbbing clits pulsed against each other within their locked cunts.

“Mine, you’re mine,” Vanessa gasped at her foe, pressed cheek to cheek with Amber, both women too exhausted to raise their heads.

“Fuck, fuck you…,” Amber managed. But she knew that Vanessa was right. She had lost the fuckfight. She would need to pay the price.

For now, however, neither magnificent woman could move. Naked limbs twined, soaked bodies gleaming in the spotlight, Amber and Vanessa passed out, lying in a puddle of their mixed juices, and did not stir again until morning.

To be continued:

Club Wars, Part III: The Aftermath

On Monday morning, Amber and Vanessa went together to a lawyer’s office to draw up the necessary papers. Amber was giving Vanessa half ownership of her exercise club. The lawyer, a lovely young woman who had attended both women’s clubs in the past, did not ask any questions. But Amber sensed that the lawyer guessed at what was going on. After all, it wasn’t every day that one businesswoman simply gave half of her business to a past competitor. Amber’s humiliation grew even more intense.

Amber and Vanessa were both dressed in long skirts and loose, elegant blouses with just a hint of cleavage, and high heels. The ensembles were highly professional and alluring, hinting at the women’s spectacular curves rather than brazenly putting them on display. But they were unusual. Normally, both women would have come dressed in tight blouses, mini-skirts and high heels. There was another reason for their choice of clothing.

Once the papers were signed, Amber and Vanessa put the documents in their handbags. They thanked the young lawyer for her help.

“No problem, ladies,” the young woman replied. “I’m really glad you’re getting together. You’re both really good separately; together, you’ll be dynamite!”

Amber and Vanessa walked down the hall together and into the lawyer’s office women’s washroom. It was a large space and it contained a handicap stall. The women entered the stall together. There was one last humiliation that Amber had to endure, one last symbolic representation of her defeat and her acceptance of her loss that the women had agreed to before their fight started.

Amber turned around and glared at Vanessa, who stared back at her with a small smile and a self-satisfied expression on her beautiful face. At the same time, both women unbuttoned their blouses, the buttons slowly revealing their massive, heavy tits. They opened their shirts, but neither disrobed; they just allowed their magnificent tits to hang exposed on their chests. Amber unhooked her long, loose dress and pulled it off of her hips. She was completely naked underneath, her long, powerful legs flashing. Vanessa stripped off her dress and revealed herself to be equally nude. The women hung their skirts on the hook on the stall door. Clad only in shoes and their open shirts, Vanessa closed on Amber. She shoved the other woman to the back of the stall. Amber closed the toilet lid and sat on the toilet. She leaned back on the wall and spread her legs wide, her calves looped over the aluminum support bars on either side of the handicap toilet. Amber’s hairy twat opened wide, the thick pink slit slick with juice.

Vanessa smiled, her eyes glittering with excitement. She mounted Amber, scissoring her enemy, before lowering her dripping cunt down onto Amber’s hot, wet fuckmeat. The women groaned in mutual pleasure as their sopping wet cunts mated. Vanessa let gravity do its work as she began working her hips, grinding and driving herself down into the luscious pink meat that formed a saddle for her twat. She dipped and stabbed her hot clit deep into the folds of Amber’s yielding cunt. Amber’s vagina closed on Vanessa’ invading twat and the women squeezed each other mercilessly. Vanessa reached down and filled her hands with Amber’s massive tits, squeezing and squeezing even as she bucked and humped, riding her defeated enemy like a horse. Amber bucked up to meet Vanessa’s hard thrusts as best as she could, but she was in a terribly disadvantaged position and could only take the fucking being administered to her.

Vanessa gasped and groaned. Amber panted, her tits heaving as the pleasure built. Vanessa threw her head back and ran her hands through her hair, gasping with pleasure as her scooping, driving hips, worked her cunt deep into Amber’s receiving twat. After 15 minutes of humping, bucking and thrusting, Vanessa went stiff. She squeezed Amber’s tits mercilessly as she bucked hard, three times in a row, her gorgeous face contorting with pleasure. Under her, Amber went as stiff as a board, her body responding and exploding with pleasure despite herself. Vanessa’s convulsing cunt soaked Amber’s twat in steaming hot cum; Amber shot it back, moments later. The women writhed uncontrollably as their cunts clamped on each other and twisted and trembled together in final ecstasy.

Panting, sweating, Vanessa looked down on Amber and smiled. “Oh, that was nice, baby. Nothing like a good, hard fuck to seal the deal, is there?”

“Get off of me, you whore,” Amber snarled. Her pussy, lower thighs and lower belly were drenched with their shared ejaculate.

Amber and Vanessa left the office, Vanessa wearing a haughty smirk, Amber barely able to contain her rage and humiliation. Half of everything she had worked for had just been signed over to the bitch she hated more than anyone in the world, a bitch she would need to share her time and space with, from now on. She had just been forced to accept her enemy’s victory fuck. But, as much as she hated the new situation, there was a deep, dark part of Amber’s heart that secretly thrilled to her new circumstances. She knew it was just a matter of time before she and Vanessa met in another fuckfight, and she was going to be ready for the next one.

The next day, Amber introduced Vanessa to each of her classes. Amber and Vanessa would enter the exercise studio together, walking side by side up to the front of the room. Both were dressed in tight, straining halters of different colors, skintight yoga pants and workout shoes. Amber introduced Vanessa the same way each time.

“Ladies,” Amber began. “This is Vanessa. Most of you know her from her past experience running an exercise club here in the city. Vanessa left a few months ago, but she is back now and has agreed to become my full-time partner in this establishment. She will be conducting her own classes. Between the two of us, we plan to increase the number of classes offered here at the studio. But they will all involve the erotic exercises that have made us so distinctive!”

Amber and Vanessa worked out a schedule where they did not have to see each other very much . As often as possible, the women would lead classes on alternate days. Within a week, however, the increase in the number of women signing up had increased to the point that both Amber and Vanessa had to work every day. Even so, they avoided each other and worked out schedules that had one coming in during the morning, the other during the afternoon.

For the next three weeks, the women maintained this schedule, usually only seeing each other when one was leaving and the other coming in. They would exchange looks of pure hatred, but they were able to be civil enough to each other to conduct business. Amber realized that Vanessa’s involvement was significantly increasing the overall popularity of her studio. Even better, even as her income increased, the number of classes she had to teach fell. Things were working out well. Even this positive outcome irritated Amber. She could not stand the other brunette and she knew the feeling was mutual.

After the third week, the demand for their classes increased to such a point that Amber and Vanessa agreed to both work all day on Friday. Their Friday classes were particularly popular so they added more slots to the day and soon filled all the available spots. The fourth week of their partnership was the first day of the full Friday classes.

At the end of the day, Amber stood in the private locker room that was set aside for instructors. She had spent the whole day working out her erotic muscles and, as usual after such a day, she was incredibly horny. She had not had a chance to relieve herself earlier. Overflowing with sexual energy, she now stood, nude and gorgeous, in front of the full-length mirror. She looked narcissistically at her beautiful reflection. She cupped her massive tits, squeezing them together, before sending her hands sliding down her taut belly and into the thick fur crowning her pussy. With a sigh, Amber thrust her fingers deep into her wet, throbbing cunt and began to masturbate in earnest.

She had just begun to pant and moan when, suddenly, the door to the locker room opened. Amber started; she was sure she had locked the door.

Vanessa entered the room. She was wearing a brief green halter, yoga pants, and was bare foot. She swung a master key on the end of a chain and a tight grin on her gorgeous face. Her eyes were burning.

“What do you want, you whore?” Amber snapped. “This is my private room; get out!” Amber’s fingers were still deep in her cunt, her other hand on her massive, throbbing tit.

Vanessa said nothing. She entered the room, closed the door, and locked it. She turned back to Amber. By this time, Amber had turned to face the intruder, hands on her hips, her tits thrust out in challenge. Amber looked into Vanessa’s eyes and read everything there. The other brunette had spent the whole day doing erotic exercises with her class. Like Amber, maybe it had been a full month since she had last had sex with another person; certainly, it was that long since she and Amber had crossed clits. Vanessa was out of her mind horny, and she clearly intended to get some release. Amber grinned. Fortunately, she felt exactly the same way.

As Amber watched, Vanessa reached up and slipped off her halter. Her perfect, bulging tits lifted and then fell with a firm., taut bounce. Vanessa locked eyes with Amber as she slipped her yoga pants down her long, powerful legs.

Vanessa stood nude before the equally naked Amber. The two women examined each other in minute detail, drinking in every inch of flesh, every luscious curve, on the other woman. Their eyes took in the other woman’s massive tits and hard brown nipples; her smooth and rippling abdomen, with the deep, narrow navel; the wide, womanly hips, the long, beautifully and powerfully muscled legs. Mostly, Amber and Vanessa stared at their enemy’s dripping, powerful cunt. Hot, hairy and thick with arousal, the women’s powerful twats confronted each other from across the room. As one, Amber and Vanessa reached down and used their fingers to pull back their vaginal lips, giving their sexhorns the chance to pop out, large and thick, glistening with lubrication. Two hard, throbbing clits stood ready to meet their counterparts in battle. Amber swallowed, an iron taste in her mouth as her lust grew, as her heart pounded with excitement. Vanessa licked her dry lips, the heat in her clit, the aching in her cunt, almost unbearable.

The nude women walked across the room to each other, their round, thick tits jiggling deliciously, their hips swinging, their tanned brown thighs flashing. Their wet pussies throbbed in anticipation. The women stopped only when their nipples were a hair’s breadth apart from touching.

“What do you want, Vanessa?” Amber breathed, her hands on her hips, her chest thrust out aggressively.

“You know what I want, Amber,” Vanessa replied. “And I know that you want it too.”

The women’s blue eyes locked. Amber slowly moved forward, pressing her pulsing nipples directly into Vanessa’s matching nips. The women gasped, but their eyes remained focused on each other as they slowly rolled their brown nipples around and against each other, probing and thrusting, sending pulses of raw pleasure shivering through their lush bodies.

“You’re a filthy cunt, Vanessa,” Amber moaned. She pushed her face in close to Vanessa’s, their lips brushing. “I’m going to make you cum until you can’t walk.”

“Try it, bitch,” Vanessa breathed back. “I’m going to ride your little pussy until its splits in two.”

The women’s thick, hard nipples penetrated and grated at their taut titflesh, sinking into their throbbing, matching glands. The women dragged and pressed their four heavy glands together, mashing them into one. Vanessa slipped her arms around Amber’s wasp waist; Amber pulled Vanessa in tighter by wrapping her arms around her enemy’s broad shoulders. The women moaned into each other’s faces in mutual pleasure as their heavy tits crushed and throbbed, squeezed and slid slickly.

Amber slid her hands down to Vanessa’s ass cheeks. Vanessa spread her thighs wider, pushing her crotch forward in invitation. The women urged their slick pelvises forward, teasing and tantalizing each other with the erotic contact. Their rough pubic hair burned as the course fur tangled and crunched together, thick, dark hair interlacing, twin bushes crushing and wrapping up in a hairy bond. Vanessa urged Amber’s thighs to spread further. The two women urged their juicy snatches into soft, slick contact.

“Is this what you want, Vanessa?” Amber cooed. “Do you like what you feel?” Her soft, sweet breath washed over the woman.

“You’re going to like what you feel, baby,” Vanessa murmured. “You’re going to be begging me to keep fucking you by the time we’re done here.”

The women continued to massage their breasts into each other, teasing their nipples around each other’s hardening shafts, grating areola to areola. Vanessa pulled Amber even closer, tilting her head back so they were mouth to mouth.

“Let’s find out who is the better fuck, baby,” Vanessa taunted. “You against me, clit on clit. A stand up fuck, loser comes first.”

“Mmmm,” Amber grunted, her tongue running along Vanessa’s tantalizing lips. “What does the winner get?”

“The loser as a fuck whore for the rest of the night,” came the eager reply.

Amber hugged Vanessa in even tighter. She could feel the heat, the throbbing erotic power of Vanessa’s thumb-sized clit reaching for her own. The heat, the aching power of her own swollen clit, was nearly unbearable. She could feel hot cuntjuice trickling down her inner thighs. She knew that she needed this, she needed Vanessa’s clit, Vanessa’s luscious body, desperately. She could feel from the erotic trembling in Vanessa’s powerful muscles that the other woman wanted her just as badly.

“Stand up fuck,” Amber agreed. “The first one to fall or come loses. After that, winner’s choice for the rest of the night.”

Vanessa nodded slowly, her lips touching Amber’s lips, their hot breath mixing. “Beautiful,” the gorgeous brunette moaned. “I’m going to enjoy making you cum, you fucking hot bitch.”

“You sexy whore,” Amber replied. “I’m going to make you cum all over me. Then, I’m going to make you lick your filth off of me.”

“Come on, baby,” Vanessa snarled. “Let’s see who is the better fuck.”

Spreading their thighs carefully, the two enemies began flicking their throbbing, swollen clits across each other, curling and corkscrewing the incredibly sensitive organs together with agonizing, exquisite slowness. Amber and Vanessa moaned and shuddered with indescribable pleasure, their bodies quivering with ecstasy as the most deliciously erotic parts of their voluptuous bodies rubbed and ground and jousted against each other.. Amber trembled at every touch of Vanessa’s fat clit against hers, carefully guiding her own sexhorn against Vanessa’s in a contest of pure sexual stamina. Which woman could take and give more pure sexual pleasure? The sensation of Vanessa’s hard, hot clit pressing and rubbing slowly and agonizingly against her own filled Amber’s entire body with erotic electricity. The sensation was redoubled by Vanessa’s trembling reactions as Amber’s clitoris stroked her clit back, just as tortuously.

Amber’s hot mouth found Vanessa’s and their tongue war resumed as their maws closed on each other with insatiable hunger. The battle was soon slippery and slick with spit as the women’s arousal grew. They swallowed back each other’s saliva, they moaned deep in their throats as the pleasure from their warring bodies grew. Both women fought to choke each other, to overwhelm one another with licking, tasting each other’s lengthy and strong tongues hungrily against each other, exploring each other’s hot mouths and wrestling as they tested tongue strength against tongue strength.

The women gripped each other’s ass cheeks, squeezing and urging each other’s pelvises into tighter and tighter contact as they slid their slick, bulging breasts against each other. Their bellies were hot and flat against each other, powerful abdominals rippling at each other, deep navels sucking and releasing each other then sealing again. Hot sweat flowed from their luscious bodies, mixing and mingling, lubricating their erotic struggle, making every inch of their bodies slick and wet. Amber felt like her body was one huge sexual organ, lubricated and aroused beyond measure as she stroked slowly, softly, clit to clit with the woman she hated more than anyone.

Ten minutes of clit to clit stroking became twenty, then thirty. The women’s muscles ached as they kept their sexual weapons engaged directly with each other, rubbing head to exquisite head or twisting their thick clits around each other in unbearable knots. Wave after wave of pure erotic pleasure arced through them, filling them with incredible sensations. Both women were sobbing, tears streaking their faces as their hungry mouths remained sealed together in a spit-filled kiss. Their bellies began to ripple against each other uncontrollably, their gyrations increasing until both women felt the strength leaving their trembling legs. They began to sink towards the ground together, breaking their kiss to curse and sob at each other.

“Bitch, you fucking bitch,” Vanessa sobbed.

“Dirty fucking cunt,” Amber moaned in reply, her body quivering with overwhelming sensations.

As they collapsed to the ground, Amber and Vanessa spread themselves out and sank their aching cunts deep into each other, their pink slits opening and expanding to seize and devour each other, their clits fusing into one within the trembling arena of their locked cunts. Amber pulled hard on Vanessa’s long, dark hair and was rewarded as the other woman slowly gave way, falling onto her back. Amber rode Vanessa’s quivering, muscular body. Sunk cunt deep in her foe, Amber thrust harder and harder with her ass until her glutes were aching with effort. Vanessa bucked to meet her, to keep their ravenous cunts glued together. The women struggled to crush and squeeze each other dry, cunt to cunt. Their vaginas quivered in tension as they wrestled.

Vanessa screamed in surrender as her body convulsed. Hot cum jetted up into Amber’s conquering sex. With a groaning cry, Amber redoubled her attack. Her sore glutes throbbed as she powered her pussy deep, deep into Vanessa’s yielding cunt. She gripped Vanessa’s firm tits and rammed her clit against Vanessa’s rock hard sexhorn as hard as she could, grinding out orgasm after orgasm, moaning and gasping with delight. Amber let herself go and truly enjoyed fucking her incredible opponent. Her hips bucked hard as a wave of delicious, overpowering orgasms overwhelmed her. Her powerful cunt convulsed as jet after jet of hot cum shot from her aching pussy into Vanessa’s defeated twat. She thrashed against Vanessa, finalizing her victory.

For some time, the women lay on the floor, their bodies wrapped together, limbs twined, cheek to sweaty cheek, panting, hearts pounding, tits mashed into one, hot clits pulsing and throbbing together. After a while, Amber raised her head. Vanessa turned her head, so the women glared into each other’s blue eyes, nose to nose. Slowly, their tongues lapped at each other’s lips, then twined, then sank into a long, lustful kiss.

They finally broke the kiss. “I think this is the beginning of a really good partnership,” Amber smirked at her enemy.

Vanessa did not reply. Instead, she pulled Amber into another deep, passionate kiss. Their throbbing clits began grinding, wrestling against each other again.

Amber and Vanessa did not leave the club until the next morning. Both of them had problems walking for the rest of the weekend.


Two weeks later, Amber and Vanessa moved in together. Their business partnership was working out so well, they decided to try sharing accommodations to see how that would work out. At least, that was what they told everyone. The truth was that the women despised each other more than ever. But they could not keep their hands off of each other. Their endless desire to humiliate and conquer the other required that they have constant access to the other’s twat. Every night turned into exhausting, exhilarating hours of grinding, relentless competitive sex. Amber and Vanessa were never happier than when they were locked together, fucking each other into submission. The two fitness instructors were never in better shape as they tested and practiced Amber’s erotic exercises on each other on a nightly basis.

The End

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