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Donna and Ms. Jones by JB57

Donna Parker pulled up to the school in her roadster. It was 4 PM in the afternoon, and she knew that she would be one of the last parents to see her son’s teacher for this parent-teacher interview day. She was anxious to have this interview over and to get back home. At 6:00, she was supposed to be going to the house of her friend and neighbour Jane for a long-delayed meeting, and Donna had been looking forward to that meeting all day. The aching heat in her tits, the tingling sensation in her nipples, the tension in her wet pussy, all testified to her sexual excitement.

Donna swung her long, shapely, and powerful legs out of the car, her 3-inch heels striking the pavement, and pulled herself out of the low-riding vehicle. Donna was a beautiful, powerfully built woman in her early 30s. Her long blonde hair flowed around her shoulders, her clear blue eyes sparkled. She was wearing sheer black stockings, a grey miniskirt, and a tight-fitting white blouse. The blouse accentuated her remarkable, 40DD tits, which strained at the fabric of the garment, her formidable cleavage framed by the deep “v” of the neckline. She swung her business jacket over her shoulder, picked up her purse, and clicked quickly up the pavement toward the school’s entrance, her womanly hips swaying.

Once inside, Donna found her son’s homeroom and then sat down to wait. Several other parents, mostly women, were still in line, and Donna began to be concerned. She was scheduled to meet with Ms. Jones, her boy’s teacher, at 4:30. But she had come a bit early in the hopes of seeing the teacher sooner rather than later. She knew that if she finished early, she could get home to prepare for Jane. Now, she began to doubt that she would be able to leave here on time as she discovered, to her chagrin, that 4:30 was the last appointment for the day.

She crossed and uncrossed her legs, occasionally rubbing her inner thighs together, trying to ignore and control but secretly enjoying the wet heat in her crotch as she thought about what she planned to do to Jane. Then her cellphone rang.

“Hello?,” Donna asked. She saw from the call display that it was Jane’s number, and her stomach tightened in anticipation of disappointment. Sure enough, the moment her friend started speaking, Donna knew that their plans for the evening would have to be delayed again.

“Donna?” Jane croaked. “Jane here. I’m sorry, dear, but you won’t be able to come over tonight. I’ve caught a nasty flu from work and it’s really making me feel crappy.”

“Yes, I can hear,” Donna replied, trying to keep the intense disappointment out of her voice. “I’m really sorry that you’re not feeling well. I was looking forward to this evening.”

“Yes, so was I,” Jane squeaked. “But don’t worry, we’ll get together really soon. I just love the way you suck my clit.”

“This time it would have been different,” Donna responded, with a tight grin. She barely restrained herself from adding “bitch” at the end of her sentence, but she knew that cursing her oldest friend and most intense sex rival while she was in a public place probably would not be a good idea.

“Well, I’ll have to take a rain-check, dear,” Jane continued. “Don’t worry, we’ll get together in a week or so. It sounds like you need another lesson in which of us is the better woman.”

“I’m here at the school, waiting to see Mark’s teacher, or I’d have more to say about that, Jane,” Donna replied. “But we’ll talk some more, the next time we meet.”

The two women said goodbye to each other and hung up. Donna replaced her phone in her bag and tried to hide her frustration. She had last fought Jane more than a month ago. They had locked together in a long, brutal, incredibly intense fuckfight that had resulted in her dark-haired neighbour eventually riding her into submission. Ever since, Donna had been spoiling for the chance to get back at her beautiful friend. Now, she was going to have to wait even longer.

Even worse, Donna’s body was primed for sexual warfare. She had spent the entire day daydreaming about the delicious sensations of being locked body to body with another woman, the heat of struggling cunt to cunt and tit to tit with an equally formidable woman, of rubbing clits with another sex-crazed, determined foe. She had spent hours imagining the intense fucking that she had planned to administer to Jane. Her pussy had been wet, her nipples had been lightly aroused, ever since she got up this morning. The sexual tension in her pussy had built up throughout the day and demanded release. Now, no release was in sight. All that she could do was sit and stew in her own juices as she waited to see her son’s teacher.

4:30 came and went and there were still four parents ahead of her. Donna sighed. Today was turning into a long day. When 5:15 PM rolled around, she knew that she would be late getting home. She called and left a message for her kids to take some leftovers out of the fridge. Donna decided that she would go and get herself a restaurant meal after she saw Ms. Jones. But first, she would need to go somewhere private in her car and masturbate. Right now, she was just too aroused to pretend that she could function normally.

At 5:30, Ms. Jones, Mark’s teacher, showed the final parent out, then turned to greet Donna.

“Mrs. Parker,” the teacher said. “I’m ready to see you now.”

Donna got up and shook hands with the teacher, appraising the other woman as she did so. This was the first time she had met the teacher and, from everything she had heard, the woman was a real bitch, at least with adults. Ms. Jones had a reputation for being rude and dismissive towards parents. Donna noticed that Ms. Jones had not even apologized for keeping her waiting so long. The woman was, however, an excellent teacher, and this fact ensured the safety of her job. Indeed, although the woman was only in her early 30s, she was in high demand and the fact that she had ended up in this exclusive, private school was a testament to her teaching abilities.

Donna was impressed with the teacher’s firm grip. She also noticed, to her surprise, the flash of fire in the other woman’s eyes as they shook hands. Something struck her as oddly familiar about the teacher’s expression and demeanour, but she could not quite figure out what it was.

Ms. Jones was a gorgeous woman. She had bright green eyes, thick black hair and a tight, strongly built figure. She looked to be Donna’s height and build, with the notable exception of her chest. While her breasts were hardly small, they were considerably less substantial than Donna’s own meaty rack. The teacher was wearing a loose, buttoned-up red blouse and a black midi-skirt, black stockings and high heels. As she followed the teacher into the classroom, Donna noticed the woman’s wide, inviting hips and long, strong legs.

Donna entered the large classroom and glanced around. There was a desk at the far end of the room and some comfortable chairs facing it. The center of the room was an open space. Students’ desks were lined up against the walls. The room’s walls were colorfully decorated with posters and cut outs, and a number of piñatas and educational toys hung from the ceiling. Three arched, ceiling-high windows were situated at the far end of the room, on the wall behind the teacher’s desk, looking out on the park beyond. Bright sunlight streamed in the windows but, for some reason, Ms. Jones walked over to the wall and pressed a button. Automatic shutters slid into place, blocking out the sun and leaving the classroom considerably darker. Still, the ceiling lights were a warm yellow glow, not institutional white fluorescents, and that helped compensate for the lack of sunlight.

The teacher slid behind her desk and gestured for Donna to take the chair across from her.

“I’m delighted to meet you, Mrs. Parker,” Ms. Jones said. “I’ve really been looking forward to this meeting all day. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a very long time, now.” Donna noticed the same flash of fire in the teacher’s eyes and, suddenly, she realized what it was. The woman facing her was deeply, intensely sexually aroused!

“Um… why is that?” Donna began, cautiously. Something was amiss here, and she needed to figure out what was happening.

Ms. Jones smiled tightly. “Let’s just say that we have a number of … mutual friends … who have told me a lot about you. You and I have some very similar hobbies. I thought maybe we could have a nice, long chat this evening. In private. Just the two of us. That’s why I scheduled our meeting for the end of the day. I think that we should have a lot of time to… get acquainted.”

Donna felt an explosion of heat between her legs. Her nipples tightened sharply. Her breasts pulsed with sudden erotic sensations. It sounded like this woman knew about her sexfighting hobby. But she had to be sure.

“I’m afraid that you have me at a disadvantage, Ms. Jones,” Donna replied, coolly. “I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.”

The teacher grinned smugly, her beautiful face lighting with excitement, her eyes suddenly hot with sexual fever. “Oh, I think that you know exactly what I’m talking about, Mrs. Fuckfighter. I’m challenging you to a sexfight. Right here, right now, just you and me, body against body, to see which of us is the better woman. Do you have the guts for that?”

Donna smiled. The heat in her sex, the intense arousal that she had felt all day in anticipation of her battle with Jane, was back full-strength. The pounding sexual hunger and the associated need for relief filled her veins. Excitement and tension began to flow through her erogenous zones. But she did not know this woman and she needed to be careful.

“Well, I guess that we do share some hobbies. But I don’t really see how this is going to work. I’ll happily fight you with almost any rules that you like, but I don’t think that we can go at each other very well in our clothes, and I’m not about to strip down and sexfight in a school building where anyone can walk in.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” the teacher replied. “We’ll have all the privacy that we need.”

Ms. Jones got up, stepped from behind her desk, and marched over to the thick, wooden classroom door, her high heels clicking. She turned the lock on the knob, snapped the deadbolt then, for good measure, reached into a filing cabinet beside the door, pulled out a padlock, and snapped it into a locking ring on the door. It was clear that no one would be able to drop in on them unexpectedly, including any janitorial staff. Then, Ms. Jones took a plaque hanging on the doorknob and placed it in the square window of the door. The plaque read “In Conference -Please Do Not Disturb”. It completely covered the window in the otherwise solid door.

Ms. Jones marched back across the room to the closet. She pulled two thick mats out of the closet and dragged them over to the center of the room. She arranged the pads on the floor, then stood beside them, her hands on her womanly hips, her expression expectant.

“Do these meet with your requirements, Mrs. Parker?,” she asked archly. “No one can come in, the door is sound proof, the blinds are shut, the mats will protect us when we fight. Anything else?”

Donna rose from her chair, smiling. There was only one possible answer now.

“OK, baby. If you want a sexfight, you’ve got one. And I think that you’re going to regret it. What are the rules and what do we take off?”

“Usual sexfight rules,” Ms. Jones replied. “No biting, scratching, hitting with the fist or slapping above the neck. Breast grabbing, hair-pulling and any kind of wrestling holds are allowed. Of course, by ‘hair-pulling’ I mean head and pussy hair.”

“Oh, of course you do,” Donna murmured, a delighted, predatory grin lighting her face.

“As to clothing,” the teacher continued, “I’m wearing thigh stockings. Let’s lose everything else, including bras. I want a good, hard titfight, and I want to get my hands on your tits too.”

“I’m sure you do,” Donna replied. “No offense, but I don’t think that you’re much of a match for me in the tit department.”

Ms. Jones smiled. “Don’t worry, baby. My clothes are cut to conceal not reveal. I like to surprise.”

So saying, the teacher began to strip. She kicked off her high heels, then wiggled her hips as she pulled her skirt down her thighs, letting it drop at her feet. The teacher was not wearing any underwear, and her hot, hairy twat was suddenly revealed. Ms. Jones unbuttoned her loose-fitting blouse and Donna was surprised to see that the woman was wearing a minimizer bra under her shirt. Ms. Jones’ tits overflowed from the tight garment. The teacher unsnapped the bra and her massive jugs seemed to almost explode outwards. Thick, heavy tits swayed gently, their dark brown nipples flashing, ridged areola tight and hard. Ms. Jones’ tits were fantastic, Donna realized. They were round and hard, thick and tight, and every bit as large as her own. She could not pull her eyes away from those delectable mammaries. She imagined holding them, squeezing them, driving her own dense tits into them until they flattened and surrendered…Donna licked her lips, her eyes glazing over with lust.

The teacher stood before Donna, naked except for her black stockings which encased her legs three-quarters of the way up her thighs, her hands on her wide, womanly hips. Ms. Jones shook her torso. Her jugs jiggled aggressively. She cocked her pelvis forward, drawing Donna’s hungry eyes down from her delicious tits to the thick, v-shaped fur crowning her moist, hot cunt. The teacher smiled lasciviously, then raised her hands from her hips and, holding out her hands palms up, gestured to Donna with her fingers.

“Come on, honey, let’s wrestle.”

Donna smiled. The blood pounding in her veins, her heart pounding in her ears, the heat flowing through her cunt and tits, all betrayed her growing excitement. She loved fighting big-titted women, she loved grinding her own thick, delectable titflesh into those of an equally-endowed foe, nipples thrusting and grating. She was elated that Ms. Jones was proving to be so formidable. She could hardly wait to get her hands on this woman, to meet this bitch with her own womanhood, lock together, and fuck and fuck until the better woman was decided. She just hoped that the teacher could give her a real challenge.

Donna felt the sexheat raging in her body, but she tried to stay calm and in control. She slipped off her shoes, then carefully peeled off her tight white blouse. She was wearing a demi-bra, which cupped and supported her heavy tits, even as her massive jugs strained to break their restraints. She slipped off her mini-skirt and stood before the teacher wearing thigh stockings and a thong. Her thong was already damp, as it had been most of the day. She unclasped the bra and let her beautiful golden tits bounce free. She could feel Ms. Jones’ hungry eyes fix on her swaying rack. She reached down and slid the thong off of her hips, sliding it down her powerful thighs and gracefully curved calves until it dropped at her feet. She stepped out of the thong and kicked it aside. Ms. Jones’ eyes moved to the thick, v-shaped thatch of golden pubic hair that blossomed between Donna’s legs.

The two beauties regarded each other, their mutual hunger burning in their fevered eyes. Each woman took in every inch of the other –their round, firm, thrusting tits, their hot, hairy twats, their smooth, well-muscled limbs and abdomens. Their navels were tight and deep, their torsos were well-defined, their hips flared.

“Come on, baby,” Ms. Jones breathed. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Oh, you’ll find out, honey,” Donna purred. “I’m going to ride your clit until you beg me to stop.”

The women exchanged hot, hungry grins, then stepped onto the mats and began to circle each other. They crouched, their hands extended, their legs slightly spread. Their heavy, matching tits swayed and jiggled enticingly. Their hard nipples throbbed and hardened, nearly doubling in size as each woman grew more enraged with lust. Their massive tits ached and pulsed, swelling with arousal. Moisture began to ooze from the thick lips concealed in the course fur between each woman’s legs, as their need to fight and fuck grew to a fever pitch. Donna and Ms. Jones panted furiously, the excitement and lust boiling in their bodies. Both women had spent the day in a state of bitch heat and sexual anticipation. Now, finally, the sex fight that Ms. Jones had wanted for so long, what she had been dreaming about the entire day, had arrived. Donna had not expected this particular fight, but now that she was facing the beautiful teacher she knew that the sexual release she had been craving for hours could finally be satisfied.

Donna acted first, reaching out for Ms. Jones’ hands. The teacher eagerly met her, and they locked palm to palm in a test of strength. Both women hissed with lust and grunted with effort as they fought to control each other. Their hearts pounded with excitement and growing exertion. The women struggled hand to hand, each trying to push the other back. Their beautiful bodies came closer, their thick tits rocked with each jerking movement. Donna and Ms. Jones struggled for control, but both also became more excited as their massive chests swayed closer. Their hard nipples pointed like spears.

With a sudden groan, Ms. Jones pushed their locked hands high over their heads. The teacher could not stand it anymore. The heat in her cunt was simply unbearable, the tension in her tits was driving her crazy. She needed flesh to flesh contact. She needed to lock her body with Donna’s and finally begin the process of learning which of them was the better woman. She had waited months for this moment and she could not stand to wait another second more. She lurched forward. Donna stepped forward to meet her. With a mutual groaning cry of joy, the two women’s massive, meaty tits crushed hard, nipple to nipple, and squashed into a single, quivering flesh.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, FUCK!!,” Ms. Jones cried as a blast of pure, ecstatic pleasure reverberated from her yielding tits and piercing nipples and into every part of her burning sex. Her thick, taut titflesh squashed tight with Donna’s equally dense jugs, their nipples struggled and fused and their areola grated and scraped, sending electric sparks of pleasure into their swelling boobs.

“Oh, God, you Cunt!!,” Donna moaned, her body burning with sexual heat. The women pushed tighter, their arms now spread out to their sides, their hands locked, their arms trembling with effort and the sexual tension now flowing through their bodies. They used the power of their legs to crush together. They rested their heads on each other’s shoulders and, gasping curses into each other’s ears, began to rub tits. Back and forth, up and down, nipples flicking and spearing, pulsing and grinding, thick flesh mashing into a delicious throbbing mass. Their jugs battled for a few minutes, neither gaining any advantage, both women feeling the size and power of her opponent’s taut tits. Suddenly, Donna freed her hands and wrapped her arms around Ms. Jones’ naked back. The teacher returned the hold instantly and, as one, the women squeezed each other tight. Tits flattened even more, dense titflesh struggling to resist its compression, blasts of aching ecstasy rippling through both women as their tits mated and their rock-hard nipples melted together. Squeezing tight, crying into each other’s ears, cheek to cheek, the women worked their bodies together, they worked their nipples hard, drilling into each other, struggling to overwhelm each other with pleasure. They used their powerful pectoral muscles to thrust at each other, adding even more pressure to their warring tits.

They staggered back and forth on the mat, their smooth stockinged feet giving them little purchase on the vinyl-covered mats. Thick, nylon-covered thighs moved up into each woman’s wet, hairy cunt and both women found themselves riding the other’s thigh, pressing moist twat lips into the smooth nylon sheath. As their tits struggled, both women began to move up and down, sliding on each other’s leg, their hot, wet pussies starting to suck to the shiny nylon. They began to groan and gasp, and Ms. Jones began to feel her burning clit slowly fill with heat and power. Gasping with pleasure, she knew she had to break the delicious tension building in her cunt. Ms. Jones ran her hands up Donna’s back and buried her claws in the other woman’s golden blonde hair and pulled hard. Donna screamed out, the burning pleasure in her chest and cunt suddenly seasoned by the burning pain in her head. Instantly, she retaliated, sinking her fingers into the teacher’s black locks and yanking hard.

Squashed tit to tit, crying out with pain and continuing spasms of pleasure from their massive mashed boobs, Donna and Ms. Jones staggered around the mats, each trying to throw the other to the ground. Their bellies crushed tight and Donna felt the heat of the other woman’s body burning in her core. Their thick thighs fought for dominance, their abrading nylons hissed as they rubbed and, for a moment, both women tottered on the brink of falling to the ground. With a cry, Ms. Jones broke her grip on Donna’s hair and, shoving her hands between their locked bodies, placed her hands on the blonde’s massive tits and squeezed. Ms. Jones gritted her teeth with pleasure as her hands filled with Donna’s dense, yielding titflesh, as she felt the blonde’s thick, hard nipples drilling into the palms of her hands. Her hands could cover only a fraction of Donna’s mammoth jugs, and the teacher realized how much filling her hands with Donna’s tits was like filling her hands with her own, they were so close in size. Donna shrieked then, a moment later, seized Ms. Jones’ huge boobs and begin squeezing and kneading in retaliation.

Squeezing each other’s tits, kneading hard, working the nipples and areola, pushing their enemies tits together, the two battling beauties attacked each other desperately. They leaned into each other, nose to nose, their eyes flashing with pain and pleasure as each sought to stimulate the other to a nipple orgasm.

“Bitch, you fucking bitch…,” Ms. Jones groaned, her sweet breath washing over Donna’s face, her wet lips brushing those of the blonde as she cursed.

“Slut, dirty slut…,” Donna moaned back. She tightened her grip on her enemy’s beautiful tits then, as Ms. Jones gasped, Donna’s tongue darted out and ran along the teacher’s moist lips. Ms. Jones’ tongue flashed out to meet its attacker. In a moment, overwhelmed by lust, the women locked into a deep, tongue thrusting kiss. They scoured the inside of each other’s mouths, they exchanged hot spit and deep moans of joy and lust as they tongue fought. Their mouths filled with saliva, but still they refused to separate, each determined to conquer the other. They swallowed back each other’s spit, but kept struggling tongue to tongue, all the while kneading and caressing and massaging the other’s aching tits. Finally, squeezing each other hard, they broke the kiss and pushed away from each other. The drooling liquid from their oozing pussies had soaked their bushes and now trickled down to moisten the tops of their black thigh stockings.

Gasping, the two beautiful women regarded each other from across the mat. Their tits heaved. Then, suddenly, Donna sprang forward. She grabbed Ms. Jones’ right arm and pulled the teacher into a side headlock, wrapping her own right arm around the black-haired beauty’s neck. Ms. Jones found her face pressed tightly into the side of Donna’s bountiful right tit. The women fought, bent over, their pussies wide and open, dripping hot juices to the mat below. Ms.Jones stretched her left arm across Donna’s back, to grab the blonde’s left hip. With her free right hand, she reached up and seized Donna’s massive left tit in a death grip.

Donna gasped and moaned, then threw herself back, flipping both sex warriors to the mat. They landed side by side, with Ms. Jones still held in Donna’s head lock. Donna rolled over onto her enemy, her massive jugs crushing down on Ms. Jones’ matching pair. Donna wanted to feel the other woman’s body writhing beneath her own, but she especially wanted to feel her tits mating and crushing with those of her rival. Their bellies slapped hard, their giant jugs ground together mercilessly, their nipples grating each other, releasing electric pleasure with each pulse. The women screamed and writhed, their thick pubic hair scraping and tangling.  As Donna rubbed her tits into Ms. Jones’ pair, the teacher used her left hand to pull hard at Donna’s hair, even as she rocked her body from side to side, trying to throw Donna off. When that was not enough to force Donna back, Ms. Jones managed to slip her right hand down between their bodies and, seizing a handful of Donna’s pubic bush, yanked hard.

“AARRGGH!!,” Donna shrieked. “Fucker, dirty fucker…,” she moaned. “So you want to get nasty, you cunt…” Her face was twisted in a rage.  She released the teacher’s head from her lock, grabbed the woman’s thick black hair with her left hand and sank her right hand into the teacher’s massive left tit. She squeezed, twisting and crushing the nipple between her forefinger and thumb.

It was Ms. Jones turn to hiss in agony. She grabbed Donna’s right tit and retaliated, rubbing and twisting the hard nipple. She continued to pull viciously at the blonde’s pussyhair. The women panted face to face, forehead to forehead, glaring hatefully, lustfully into each other’s eyes as they forced each other to higher and higher levels of pleasure and pain.

“You whore,” Ms. Jones gasped. “You’re as wet as a mop in your cunt. I’m going to rip out your dirty twat and feed it to you.” As she finished saying this, the teacher suddenly shrieked as Donna’s left hand found its way onto her cunt. The blonde seized the black-haired pussy fur and began ripping it out.

Panting, snarling, glaring at each other eye to eye, the women squeezed tits and pulled viciously at the other’s cunt fur, inflicting more and more pain, littering the mat with the signs of their delightful battle. Ms. Jones suddenly changed tactics, plunging two fingers hard and deep into Donna’s soaking cunt. Donna gasped, then immediately returned the favour. For the next two minutes or so, the only sounds in the room were the moans and gasps of two women locked in sexual rage, and the wet, sucking sound of eager fingers pumping juicy cunts. The women’s erotic whimpers grew louder as the struggle continued.

“Enough,” Donna finally groaned. “We’re both too wet to hold back much longer. Let’s lock up cunt to cunt and see who can last, you fucking bitch!”

“Yes, slut, let’s lock up twat to twat and fight it out,” Ms. Jones agreed, gasping with lust and tension. “Let’s go tit to tit, too, if you think you can stand it.”

Their gorgeous bodies glistening with sweat and other juices, their massive tits heaving, the two women slowly released each other and pulled apart. Panting, they faced each other. Eyes locked in hate and rage and pure lust. They sat down and, hands behind their bodies, began to slowly push towards each other, legs spread wide, thick, juicy cunts framed within the course, dense mats of pussy hair.

Donna and Ms. Jones pushed up until they could slide their nylon-sheathed legs over and under each other and ease into a scissors-lock. They pushed closer, until each tickled the other’s cunt with her pussy hair. The women glared at each other, both seeing the fear, the hate, the raw excitement and lust that fought in each of them. They both wanted to fuck desperately, the lust was burning them alive. Each woman knew that she could end up defeated, sucking the clit of the winner. But what they were about to do was worth the risk.

Donna and Ms. Jones reached for each other, each grasping the other’s arms at their biceps. They squeezed their massive tits between their arms, compressing their meaty racks, their nipples pointed at each other like sex swords. They pushed closer until, with a  gasp, their engorged nipples touched head to head. The women hissed, then kept pushing, allowing their nipples to crush each other back. Donna and Ms. Jones shuddered as raw sexual power flowed from their struggling tits to their aching, burning cunts. They inched their wet twats closer and closer together. Just fractions of an inch from touching, from locking up, the women paused. Exchanging final snarls of hate, they finally closed the gap. Thick, hot, juicy twat met thick, hot, juicy twat, both cunts slapping together wetly. With a mutual groan of raw ecstasy, the two over-sexed women began their meaty grinding, cunt to cunt, fuckmeat to fuckmeat.

Slick, hot, juicy cunt lips met and merged, soft, sensitive flesh meeting and melting. Pussy lips slid and burned, sending shots of almost unbearable pleasure through both women. “FUCK!!,” Ms. Jones and Donna screeched in unison. The women gripped each other’s arms even tighter, then began to work their hips and asses, grinding their pussies hard, forcing open and spreading the other’s sopping wet sexhole, forcing themselves ever more deeply into the other, drawing each other even more tightly into one sex-crazed body.

Ms Jones was groaning and snarling in erotic bliss. Ever since she had learned of Donna and the blonde’s reputation as a particularly accomplished and determined sexfighter, she had been dying to meet the woman. When she had learned that Donna’s son was in her class, she knew she had no choice but to arrange this battle. And, so far, it had been everything she had ever hoped. And now, now that she was locked cunt to cunt and tit to tit with her foe, now that they were both trembling with almost unendurable pleasure, she could only bask in the pleasure and hope that it did not end. She wanted to fuck Donna senseless, she was determined to win their fuckwar, but she wanted this ecstasy to go on as long as it possibly could. And she and Donna still had to meet clit to clit. Ms. Jones rubbed and humped her lush pussy into its attacker. “Oh fuck, that feels so good…” Ms. Jones moaned, her head thrown back, her nipples grinding like thick fleshy spears into Donna’s matching pair. “So good, fuck, so good…Fuck, I’m going to grind you into paste, you blonde cunt,”she gasped.

“Mmmm, that’s good, so good…,” Donna echoed as she worked her ass and hips, as she felt the hungry maw between her legs suck and grind at the matching sexual furnace burning between Ms. Jones’ legs. Donna was almost delirious with passion. She did not know if Ms. Jones would prove to be as formidable an enemy as Jane but, so far, the teacher had more than held her own against Donna’s powerful pussy and throbbing tits. Donna pulled the teacher’s upper body even more tightly to her own, crushing their tits harder. She felt her thick pussy lips spread and flatten against the other woman’s hot cunt, she felt her clit throb and pulse as it rose out of its hood. Donna pushed her face up to Ms. Jones’ face. She released the teacher’s arms and slipped her arms around the other woman’s back, sliding her right hand down to grab the teacher’s pumping ass, nesting her hand in Ms. Jones’ ass crack.

Ms. Jones groaned and wrapped her arms around Donna’s back and squeezed hard. The women moaned together as their tits squashed tight, throbbing and struggling nipple to nipple. The women opened their mouths to each other, teased with their questing tongues, sucked at each other’s tongues, before plunging into each other’s mouths. They each drove their tongue as deep into their foe as they could, penetrating each other, trying to consume each other, preparing for the clit fight to come.

The women continued to rock their hips and asses, driving into each other, sealing their ravenous pussies even more tightly. Donna felt her throbbing clit finally push hard out of its hood and drive into Ms. Jones’ pussy, caressing the slick flesh of Ms. Jones’ burning labia. The teacher groaned, feeling the violation. She moaned, breaking the kiss with Donna, and felt her own clit harden and rise in response to the challenge. Panting, gasping, the women glared at each other through half open eyes as they worked their swollen, pulsing clits into position to begin the final battle. They smiled at each other through the haze of sexual fever, both knowing that the real struggle was about to start.

“Yes, let’s do it…,” Donna murmured at her foe, the pure lust burning in her veins more than she could stand. She had to clitfuck this bitch, her body demanded it.

“Yes, yes…,” Ms. Jones whispered in reply, her eyes glazed with need and delirious with lust.

Gently, apprehensively, the two women worked their hips and stroked their hugely swollen clits against each other. Throbbing, nerve-rich sexhorns caressed, pushing head to head, then held, quivering with power. A sexual bomb exploded in both beauties, nova heat suffusing every inch of their sex-saturated flesh. The women stared at each other, their eyes open with the shock of pure, unbelievable ecstasy. Their bodies shivered, almost convulsed with pleasure. Then, they finally regained their voices.

“Fuck, fuck, oh JESUS FUCK!!!,” Donna shrieked. She could not believe how good this felt, she could not hold back the raw power inflaming every erogenous zone in her body. Her breasts seemed to swell, her nipples grew even harder, her cunt gushed pussy juice like a fountain, flowing from her sex into Ms. Jones’ open, inviting cunthole, to which she was locked in an unbreakable seal.

“Oh my FUCKING GOD!!!,” Ms. Jones howled, her body trembling with raw sensation, her whole world suddenly narrowing down to the indescribable pleasure burning out of her cunt, then blasting back out to her entire body. Her cunt gushed back, sharing its burning liquids with Donna, her breasts and nipples pulsed with tension and sensitivity.

Sobbing uncontrollably, shaking with pleasure, neither woman retreated an inch. Instead, they began to grind harder. Their rock-hard, swollen sexnubs were locked together, crossed like two fleshy sex swords, and the battling women began to grind them against each other. Up and down, side to side, length to length and head to head, never letting the most exquisitely sensitive and erotic parts of their bodies separate, they battled. Each sought to drive the other woman insane with pleasure, to force her to surrender her control to the sheer joy of their clit to clit fuck. With every thrust, their tits seemed to swell against each other even more, their nipples penetrated and struggled against each other harder and more pleasurably. With each jerk of their hips, their hot cunts seemed to grow hotter, their pussy juice flowed ever more freely. Both women were sure that their vaginal canals were filling with their mixed juices, so tightly were they sucked and sealed into one.

They panted nose to nose, staring at each other in delirious pleasure before they locked their mouths and used their tongues to imitate the clitfight going on below. Both women, at the same time, reached behind her opponent and filled her hands with the other’s pumping ass. They pulled hard, bracing against each other to grind harder. They spread their legs wide and opened each other as much as they could to their delicious mutual violation.

Donna and Ms. Jones pushed hard with their powerful asses, sealing each other even tighter. Hot, wet squelching noises issued from their hungry cunts as their pussies locked. Ms. Jones contracted her cunt muscles, squeezing Donna tight; Donna immediately responded and the women found their genitals merged and meshed with even greater force, eating at each other, trying to devour one another.

For both women, their senses narrowed to their warring sexual organs. Both felt like their cunts had expanded to encompass their bodies. They slid and sucked and merged in hot, wet ecstasy, a sensation that rippled through every nerve in Donna and Ms. Jones’ beautiful bodies. They squeezed at each other. Their tits seemed to be on fire, their nipples were hot spikes of erotic sensation, piercing each other and fusing the women ever more tightly into one. Their clits were like nova-hot swords, grinding and spearing and filling the women with electricity and fire with every driving thrust. The women pulled each other as close as they could, both struggling to become one sex-engorged body as they fucked each other to the most intense orgasms of their lives. Their hot, hungry kisses eventually gave way to resting forehead to forehead, nose to nose, as they exchanged hot breath and vicious curses. They sucked at their darting tongues when they could.

The fuckfight raged on and on, neither woman willing to surrender to the incredible sensations wracking her body, neither willing to surrender to the other woman’s hungry cunt and thrusting tits. The battle seemed to go on for an eternity, the women struggling, humping and bucking, hot sweat and cunt juices soaking and slicking the mats on which they fought, their groans and gasps of pleasure slowly growing to moans and cries of sheer ecstasy, their hitching sobs of joy slowly fading as they lost the ability to verbalize the raw sensations wracking their dueling bodies.

Through her delirium, Donna knew she could not last much longer. She knew that she had never held back an orgasm this intense for so long before and she was amazed that she had done it so far. Ms. Jones felt the same way. Her body was saturated with raw sexual bliss and she knew that she could not hold back the pleasure much more.

Both women were crying out, their bodies trembling with erotic tension, their arms and legs now wrapped tightly around each other as they struggled to grind the other into sexual submission, as they struggled to merge.

Suddenly, Ms. Jones felt her rock-hard clit, already burning nova-hot with pleasure, explode with a transcendent burst of erotic power. The orgasm she had been fighting back finally arrived.

“No, nooo, nooo… Oh, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!,” Ms. Jones shrieked. She rammed her clit as hard to Donna’s matching sexhorn as she could, but she felt her insides convulse and suddenly she was releasing sexual power and pumping hot cum up into her enemy’s vagina, her body finally surrendering the struggle.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” Donna cooed, squeezing Ms. Jones’ cunt with her own as hard as she could, pulling the other woman as hard to her as was possible. Her own body was shuddering on the verge of orgasm, but she was determined to humble this woman, to prove, incontestably, which of them had the stronger cunt. She delighted in the feeling of Ms. Jones’ body writhing against her own in the throes of her orgasmic release, she loved the sensation of the hot cum jetting into her core. Ms. Jones convulsed a second time, groaning in defeat, and Donna felt a second surge of hot, steaming liquid suffuse her vagina. Now that the orgasmic dam had broken, the teacher seemed to have lost all control of her ravenous sex.

Suddenly, Donna found herself on the edge of orgasm. It happened so suddenly she could not resist. A surge of unbearable pleasure, greater than anything she had yet experienced, raced through every inch of her flesh and her vagina convulsed. Donna found herself letting loose a full-throated scream of joy. She pumped her cum into Ms. Jones’ welcoming body as every muscle in her body tightened, then released in a flood of pleasure.

Ms. Jones was sobbing uncontrollably, but she tightened her cunt on Donna’s convulsing pussy, and held on, struggling desperately to keep from coming again. Donna was almost delirious with her own pleasure and did not realize this until she felt the second intense orgasm burning up out of her core. She looked through glazed eyes into the teacher’s pleasure-tortured green eyes. As she came, she saw Ms. Jones let herself go.

The women shrieked together. They squeezed each other hard and rammed their clits together, squashing them, fusing them, as they shared a simultaneous orgasm. Both women pumped steaming cum into each other at the same time, suffusing their bodies, sealing them together, sharing their orgasmic release.

Nose to nose, hands behind their bodies and bracing them so that they could grind together harder than ever, swollen tits squashed tight, engorged nipples pulsing, Donna and Ms. Jones shared orgasm after orgasm, pumping hot juices back and forth into each other, basking in their shared ecstasy, squashing their raging clits until they pulsed together in unison. They screamed and howled together, their cries of bliss merging and harmonizing, even as their bodies reached sexual ecstasy in harmony. Three, four, five orgasms came, one after the other, each more devastating than the last, each shared by the two battling women until they finally fell back, flat on their backs, but still sealed tight, cunt to cunt. Their tits heaved with their desperate panting, their bodies gleamed with sweat and heat. 

Donna lay on the mat, the vinyl slick with the many secretions of the battle. She stared up at the ceiling, at a poster of a kitten struggling to climb onto a tree. “Never give up!” was the poster’s advice. Donna smiled. Her body was floating on a cushion of pure pleasure. She had never had such a delicious fuckfight in her life. Even better, she had won.

She tightened her cunt and felt an answering squeeze from Ms. Jones. Donna propped herself up on her elbows and looked between her massive tits and down the length of their joined bodies to the teacher, who now propped herself up to stare back.

“To the victor go the spoils, bitch,” Donna said, smiling. “Come and eat my clit. Then, I won’t keep you after school much longer.”

Ms. Jones pulled herself away from Donna’s body, their pussies separating with an audible pop and a gush of fresh juices. She turned herself around and lowered her face to Donna’s hot, hairy cunt, framed by soaking wet pussy fur.

“This is not over between us, Mrs. Parker,” the teacher snarled. Her massive tits hung enticingly from her chest, wobbling with weight as she moved. Then, she lowered her face to Donna’s pussy, drove her tongue deep into the blonde’s cunt, wrapped her lips and tongue around the woman’s sex-engorged clit and began to suck vigorously. Her hands snaked up Donna’s body until they were filled with Donna’s dense titflesh. Ms. Jones squeezed and kneaded.

Donna leaned back, smiling with pleasure, and enjoyed the delicious tension building in her cunt, pulsing in her tits. She knew that the battle wasn’t over yet. But it was off to a very good start.

To be continued:

Donna and Ms. Jones, Part II

Ms. Jones sucked hungrily and spitefully at Donna’s swollen clit, she rubbed her nose and face viciously into her enemy’s wet, fragrant cunt, abrading her cheeks on Donna’s cunt hair. The teacher was angry and chastened. Being forced to suck another woman’s clit was the ultimate expression of humiliation for the loser in a fuckfight and the ultimate expression of domination for the winner. Ms. Jones was not often in this position. Usually, she was the one lying back and enjoying both the pleasure of having her cunt eaten and the joy of knowing that she had mastered another magnificent woman’s body with her superior sex. But, as far as the teacher was concerned, this battle was not yet over. She would acknowledge her defeat by eating Donna’s cunt, and eating it with all of her skill, but she had no intention of letting the other woman walk away from this battle so easily.

Donna smiled with delight, a smirk of absolute satisfaction. She moaned with pleasure. She lay back on the wet mat, her hips bucking gently, her arms extended over her head, enjoying the sheer bliss of having her clit licked and sucked. Ms. Jones was working her tits expertly, and Donna lowered her hands to cover the teacher’s hands as they kneaded and caressed her over-stimulated boobs, as they rubbed and squeezed her hard, throbbing nipples. As the intensity built, Donna’s moans became louder and more insistent. She buried her hands in Ms. Jones’ raven-black hair and pushed the other woman’s face deeper into her overflowing cunt. Donna’s clit burned and throbbed ecstatically. Her hips bucked harder and harder as she felt the impending orgasm build in her core. She knew that Ms. Jones could be almost suffocating in her soft, yielding pussy, but she did not care. All that mattered was reaching the pinnacle of pleasure and victory that she was on the verge of attaining.

“Yes, yes, yes, you whore, you fucking bitch, that’s it, suck me, eat me you cunt, you fucker, fuck, Fuck, FUCK!,” Donna snarled with passion. Ms. Jones squeezed Donna’s nipples as hard as she could in response, even as she redoubled her efforts to devour Donna’s delicious twat.

 “Oh, yes, Yes, FUUUCCCK!!” Donna howled as an excruciating orgasm burned out of her core. Her clit detonated, spreading sheer ecstasy through every muscle in her body. She arched her back high off the mat, her spine curved in raw pleasure, her toes curled, her limbs stiffened as the pure sexual joy burned through her. Ms. Jones continued to maul her tits, to suck hard at the blonde’s engorged, pulsing clit. Donna continued to push the teacher’s head even further into her cunt, but now she also worked her hips around and around, grinding her pussy into Ms. Jones’ beautiful face, claiming her victory, asserting her dominance over the teacher. Donna’s pussy exploded, squirting with vaginal fluids. Ms. Jones’ face was immediately soaked, the thick liquids spread into her hair. But she did not mind. She swallowed as much of the hot cum as she could, even as Donna’s grinding cunt smeared the juice into her face. The teacher accepted the humiliation, but she was looking forward to the time when she would repay Donna in kind.

Donna finally collapsed to the mat, panting with heat and joy. Ms. Jones squeezed her enemy’s tits a final time, her fingers sinking into the spongy flesh, rubbed her face into the other woman’s hot, hairy cunt one more time, then rolled away from Donna’s body, onto her back. Ms. Jones licked her lips, and ran her hands over her face, wiping away some of the wet. She panted, trying to catch her breath. Her massive tits jiggled, weighing slightly to her sides, still swollen with arousal, nipples hard with passion. Cunt juice trickled away from the hungry maw between her legs, and she felt the tension pulsing in her pussy.

For several minutes, the women lay flat on their backs on the mats, their bodies sprawled out, the sweat and cunt juice cooling on their voluptuous forms. The only sounds in the room were the husky pants of the two sex warriors.

Donna smiled, her body awash in the afterglow. She stretched herself, enjoying the relief as the tensions melted out of her sexually invigorated muscles. Despite the delicious cunt-eating she had just experienced, she was surprised and delighted to find that there was still an aching heat between her legs. It seemed that her body wanted even more from the other woman.

Donna looked down her voluptuous form at Ms. Jones, whose body was resting down around Donna’s legs. Donna examined the teacher’s heaving tits, rising from the woman’s chest, wobbling seductively as the dark-haired woman panted. Donna was consumed by the sudden need to eat and suck Ms. Jones’ hard brown nipples, to chew and lick at the teacher’s dense tits, to feel those massive feminine glands crushed beneath her own massive rack, titflesh to titflesh. The heat in her crotch spiked as she thought about that delicious sensation.

Gathering herself, Donna slid down the mat so that she was directly beside Ms. Jones. The teacher’s eyes were closed as she panted and she seemed, for the moment, unaware of Donna’s move. Donna stretched out beside the teacher, pausing for a moment to savour the delectable flesh before her. Then, she descended on the other woman. Her right hand grasped Ms. Jones’ massive left tit and squeezed hard. Her lips and teeth wrapped around the teacher’s right nipple and areola, and sucked hungrily. Donna drew the whole nipple into her mouth and chewed vigorously. She ran her tongue around the dense, pebbled areola, then opened her mouth wider and enveloped as much of Ms. Jones’ jutting tit as she could, biting and sucking with all her strength at the thick, salty flesh.

Ms. Jones reacted instantly, groaning and writhing, her body squirming in delight on the wet mat. Her right thigh thrust up between Donna’s thighs, rubbing her soaked and ragged nylon into Donna’s gaping pussy. The blonde groaned, then bit Ms. Jones’ nipple harder. The teacher cried out, her right hand seizing Donna’s golden locks and yanking. Her left hand dug into the mat, her body twisting and bucking. Donna drove her right thigh up into Ms. Jone’s cunt, retaliating for the teacher’s assault on her own pussy. Their legs looped and twined. The two women found their hips jerking, their rounded asses flexing as they each rubbed their burning cunts up and down the other’s hard thigh. Hungry cunts squelched with wet as they sucked and slid along both women’s soaked black nylons.

Donna shifted her head and began feasting on the teacher’s left tit, while seizing and crushing Ms.Jones’ sensitive right tit with her left hand.

“No, no, fucking whore…,” the teacher gasped. She pulled on Donna’s blonde locks, trying to gain herself some relief from the constant attack. But Donna increased her efforts, doing her best to devour the teacher’s beautiful titflesh. The women humped rhythmically. Their bodies twisted into a knot of beautiful writhing, jerking flesh as they rode the other’s thigh, as Donna feasted on Ms. Jones’ throbbing tit. The teacher buried both her hands in Donna’s hair. With a gasping effort, she finally succeeded in pulling Donna’s face away from her aching tit. Donna reluctantly released the ripe flesh, chewing at Ms. Jones’ rock-hard nipple vigorously, before releasing it and letting the dense tit bounce. The women glared at each other, panting hard, ripe, luscious mouth to mouth, nose crushed to nose. Their eyes locked in hate, blue to green.

“You’re my fuckbitch, whore,” Donna snarled at her foe. “I’m going to take you for a nice, long ride.”

“Dirty sow, you’re going to eat my cunt, you filthy fuck,” Ms. Jones gasped in reply.

 Donna squeezed the teacher’s nipples tight then, as the other woman reacted with a cry of shocked pleasure, she slipped her hands away from the teacher’s tits and up the other woman’s back, until she seized Ms. Jones’ thick black hair and yanked viciously. The teacher responded in kind as Donna shifted her weight, reared up, then dropped her massive tits down on top of Ms. Jones’ matching pair. The women groaned in ecstasy as their tits squashed and flattened each other, dense, aroused flesh throbbing with the pressure. Their thighs drove ever higher and harder into their wet, gaping cunts. The women locked their mouths together, tongues licking and twisting into an erotic knot, hot spit flowing. Their bodies writhed desperately, rubbing and grinding, slick, hot flesh to slick, hot flesh.

For long, luscious minutes they fought furiously, rolling around on the mat, stimulating each other into a sexual frenzy, their fantastic bodies rubbing, sliding and slithering against each other, squashing tits, spearing nipples and exchanging hot spit and probing tongues. Their overheated twats continued sliding on their smooth thighs, thick pussy lips fastened ravenously to the other woman’s abrasive nylon stocking. They pulled viciously at the other’s hair, they scratched at their enemy’s back and ass, leaving long clawmarks. The two locked, battling Amazons rolled and thrashed, a churning, intertwined ball of female fury, each trying to overwhelm the other, the heat between their legs growing and flaring as they struggled, the wet from their aroused pussies leaking out to moisten their struggling legs.

Finally, lying locked together side by side, their limbs twined and their flesh crushed tight, their hands fixed to the other woman’s big, muscular ass, their bodies sweating and heaving with exertion, the women stopped, momentarily exhausted.

“This won’t solve anything,” Ms. Jones moaned at Donna, nose to nose and hot breath mingling. “Let’s try another kind of contest.”

“What do you have in mind?” Donna asked, panting in heat.

“A 69 contest,” the teacher replied. “We eat each other’s pussy. Whoever comes first has to submit.”

Donna grinned. “You’re on, you whore. I’m going to suck your clit out of your weak little twat.”

Ms. Jones did not bother to reply. The women released each other, then rolled apart. Ms. Jones rolled on to her back, then, pointing her powerful legs straight into the air, quickly stripped her sheer black nylons off. She balled up the wet, ragged stockings and threw them away, towards the wastebasket next to her desk. Donna locked eyes with the other woman. Leaning back, she peeled off her own stockings and threw them in the direction of the garbage can. Now, completely naked, the two beautiful women crawled towards each other on their hands and knees, their majestic tits swaying as they moved. Face to face, they stopped, breathing in the other’s breath, wet lips brushing, noses touching. Their massive tits hung down from their chests and their tight, pebbled nipples touched lightly, sending electricity flaring into their jugs.

“I’m going to eat that delicious little twat, fuckwhore,” Ms. Jones breathed. “I’m going to make you beg like the slut you are.”

Donna just smiled, then thrust her tongue between Ms. Jones’ parted lips. The women locked into a biting kiss, which grew in passion as they licked and chewed at each other. Kissing ravenously, they rose up on their knees, their arms wrapping around the other’s naked back, hands creeping  to the back of the other’s head, their heavy tits crushing and compressing, nipples piercing and twisting together. Wet, hot juice dripped from their boiling pussies. After a minute of passionate, furious kissing, they broke off. Licking at their enemy’s lips, panting with lust, they pulled apart, both ready to begin the next contest.

The women dropped to their sides on the mat, their bodies pointed in opposite directions. They eagerly spread their legs, and each woman dived into the other’s hot, hairy cunt with unrestrained lust. The women locked their muscular thighs around the other’s head; their hands looped around the other’s wide hips and spread over their enemy’s hard, round, smooth ass. Their mouths sealed over their enemy’s pulsing cunt and, in moments, the women were devouring each other hungrily.

Donna drove her powerful tongue deep into Ms. Jones’ vagina, licking and nibbling at the soft, yielding labial flesh. She licked around Ms. Jones’ engorged clit, teasing the thick, wet button, but held off attacking the swollen sexnub directly, hoping to tantalize and torture her foe. With her left hand, Donna thrust one finger up Ms. Jones’ tight asshole. With her right hand, she began to finger-fuck her foe’s pussy, driving two fingers deep into the teacher’s welcoming twat. Sex juice began to flow from the teacher’s enraged pussy.

Ms. Jones ran her tongue around and around Donna’s slick labia, licking and kissing, tantalizing and teasing, devouring every inch of her enemy’s sweet pussy. Finally, she plunged her tongue deep into Donna’s sexhole, going in as far as she could, and then wrapped her soft lips around Donna’s engorged clit and began sucking powerfully, letting her tongue caress and probe at the throbbing, excruciatingly sensitive nub even as she sucked. Donna’s cunt was blazing with heat and now began leaking uncontrollably. Ms. Jones rammed two of her left fingers up Donna’s ass, then used the fingers of her right hand to gently, tortuously, stroke Donna’s burning clit.

With muffled grunts and cries, the women rolled their fevered bodies back and forth several times, but they ended with Donna on top, Ms. Jones below, with their thighs spread around their heads. The women moaned into each other’s pussy, their bodies aching with the incredible pleasure burning out from their cunts in rippling waves to all parts of their ripe forms. The women licked and sucked at their enemy’s clit, feeling their enemy’s thick sexhorn grow ever harder, pulsating with raw pleasure. They moaned and groaned, using their fingers to rub and stroke at the other’s clit, to pierce vulnerable asses and caress sensitive inner thighs. Donna and Ms. Jones attacked the other woman’s sex with all of their skill and lust. Donna felt the teacher’s hand sliding up her back, moving up her delectably curved spine, grasping at her golden hair. She sucked harder at the thick, pulsing clit of her gorgeous foe.

The women cried out and sobbed with the indescribable sensations they were inflicting on each other. Their bodies quivered with barely contained erotic power, their muscles burned with sexual energy, their nerves pulsed with electricity and lust. Still they continued eating each other, each woman desperate to force the other to surrender, both on the verge of a devastating orgasm. Donna felt the other woman’s grip on her hair tighten as Ms. Jones neared the final stage, mere moments away from orgasm. But still, her tongue and lips worked hungrily between Donna’s legs. Donna found her own body thrashing and shuddering with pleasure, her cunt leaking prodigious amounts of fluid, her sex throbbing with overwhelming heat and tension.  She knew that she could not take any more agonizing pleasure.

Crying out, Donna pulled herself away from the battle, desperate to escape Ms. Jones tortuous tongue and nimble fingers. She slapped the other woman’s hands aside and crawled out of range of the teacher’s tongue, gasping with relief, the heat in her pussy burning in her veins.

Suddenly, Donna felt her head jerked back painfully by her hair. Ms. Jones had sat up and was grasping Donna’s right thigh with her remaining hand.

“Where do you think you’re going, cuntfucker?” the teacher growled. “We’re not done with each other yet, bitch.”

Donna snarled, and twisted her body around so that she could reach out and grab Ms. Jones’ black mane with her left hand and return the painful hairpull. At the same time, she threw her leg over the other woman’s hip and opened her thighs, presenting her dripping, raging pussy to her foe. Her cunt was burning with pleasure and aching with need. She would not allow herself to be humiliated. Ms. Jones may have succeeded in defeating Donna in the 69 fight but the blonde was not beaten yet. Ms. Jones saw what Donna was doing. Eagerly, she accepted Donna’s challenge. She spread her own legs and readied herself to receive her enemy’s body. Donna scissor-locked with Ms. Jones, and both women gasped as they bisected each other, as they slid their powerful legs around each other’s beautiful bodies like interlocked clothespins. Their hot, hungry, hairy cunts came crushing together with a wet, hard slap.

Rough pubic hair crunched and twined, soft, thick pussy lips crushed and yielded, and then melted together into one burning, juicy mass of sucking cuntflesh. The women screamed and moaned as their genitals meshed and mated, as hot cunt juice gushed in celebration of their joining. They worked their womanly hips and pumped their powerful asses and spread each other’s twats apart. Their muscled bellies rippled with effort. Soft labia melted and fused and the women’s enflamed clits finally met, licking head to head, then held in a quivering stalemate.

The women shrieked in harmony, howling like banshees.

“Fuck, Fuck, oh FUUCCCKK!!!,” Donna screamed, the sheer pleasure just too much to stand. She pulled viciously at her enemy’s raven hair. She gritted her teeth and threw back her head, in an agony of ecstasy.

“Whore! Slut!! Fucking CUNT!!,” Ms. Jones shrieked, her body convulsing with the shock of pure erotic electricity that ripped through her body and pooled in her cunt and tits. She wrenched at Donna’s golden hair in reply.

Growling, snarling, the two women began smashing their clits together as hard as they could with all of their strength. Each woman was determined to grind the other down, to force the other to submit, to prove, once and for all, which of them was the better woman, which of them had the stronger cunt. They pounded together mercilessly, each woman supporting her bucking, writhing body with one arm behind her, the other hand anchored deep in her enemy’s hair. Their massive tits jolted violently with each powerful thrust of their jerking hips and bucking asses. Each woman was eager to penetrate and violate her enemy’s body as deeply as she could, both vixens seeking the pinnacle of the indescribable pleasure that their magnificent bodies were inflicting on each other. Each woman was determined to feel the other woman’s cunt surrender to her own. They snarled and growled, they cursed each other viciously as they attacked each other with all of the fury they contained. They spread their legs wide, then released each other’s hair so that they could brace their bodies with both of their arms and drive their twats at each other with even more force and animal rage.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, you little fuck…,” Donna groaned, her head thrown back, her arms shaking with effort, her ass and hips grinding furiously, as she tried to drive herself deep, deep into Ms. Jones open, drooling cunt.

“Whore, tramp, fucking bitch…,” Ms. Jones sobbed in reply. Her position mirrored Donna’s and she moved her hips and ass in the opposite direction, drilling her cunt into Donna’s gaping pussy with all of her strength. Their wet, thick bushes of pubic hair grew ever more matted and tangled as the women fucked harder and harder, blonde and black pussy fur twined into a dense mass.

The women’s bodies rotated around their locked clits, which were crushed head to head, swollen, equally huge, and trembling with effort and terrible pleasure. The power and ecstasy of the clit to clit fuck radiated out to the Amazons’ locked, battling bodies. Sweat flew as their tits bounced, hot pussy juice trickled out from their sealed cunts to coat their thighs and dribble down to the mat. Their moans and cries of sheer erotic bliss grew louder and more insistent. Their perfect bodies shuddered with sexual power. 

They rubbed their clits together over and over, each woman desperate to crush the other’s sex, to feel her womanhood prove its superiority. Both women grunted and groaned with effort as they tried to push back the other’s clit, to crush the opposing sexhorn into submission. Their beautiful eyes locked in hatred and they growled at each other like wild bitches in heat.

“Ride my clit, you SLUT!!,” Ms. Jones shrieked at Donna. “Feel it!! Feel my clit!!”

“BITCH!!,”Donna screamed back. “Fuck me, you cunt! Fuck me hard!!”

Their engorged clits rubbed and licked and ground against each other, but never separated. The women rammed together again and again, nuclear explosions of pleasure reverberating through their flawless bodies with every delicious thrust of their powerful hips. Still their nova-hot clits, pulsing with tension and swollen with pleasure, held each other in trembling stalemate. Donna and Ms. Jones locked hate-filled eyes. Sobbing, groaning with sexual joy, they gritted their teeth and threw all of their power into one, final devastating attack on the other’s throbbing, rock-hard clit. Their hips and asses strained with effort. One powerful push from both women at once and their massive clits slowly, agonizingly, crushed and then bent each other back. The thick, turgid flesh of both clits seemed to fuse and melt together like hot wax. An explosion of pure, raging ecstasy coursed through both women simultaneously.

The women screamed as one, their fused clits vibrating in their locked bodies, raw heat pouring through every cell. Steaming cunt juice gushed from both battling Amazons, jetting into both women, saturating their vaginal canals, filling them with steaming cum, their juices mixing, then leaking out on all sides of their merged cunts. Their thighs, asses and bellies were soon slick with the escaping cunt juice, their pussy hair was drenched, yet there seemed no end to the orgasms that chained through their battling bodies. Their cunts were joined together in an unbreakable seal, and they squeezed and wrestled each other pussy to pussy, as they struggled passionately. Donna and Ms. Jones fell flat on their backs, still locked cunt to cunt, pumping hot cum out into each other as orgasm after orgasm peeled through their sealed bodies. They screamed and bucked, their bodies rising and falling in unison, slapping the mat before arching up and holding each other taut as yet another simultaneous orgasm coursed through them. An orgasmic dam had broken in both women, and now they could only ride out the incredible pleasure together.

“Don’t stop, oh Fuck, don’t stop!!!,” Ms. Jones screamed at her foe. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!” She grabbed Donna’s thighs and sank her claws in, holding the blonde in place, trying to pull Donna as deeply into her own body as she could. Donna immediately returned the grip.

“No, no, I’m going to ride you, I’m going to fuck your cunt off, Oh God, God, FUCKING GOD!!,” Donna howled as another devastating orgasm roared through her body.

The women finally collapsed, their bodies soaked with sweat and the hot cum that they had released in inhuman quantities into and on each other. Donna lay staring at the ceiling, the power of the incredible orgasmic battle she had just fought still reverberating in her sex and her tits. Her nipples burned with sensitivity. Her eyes were glazed, and she hovered on the edge of unconsciousness, her incredible body vibrating with sexual pleasure. She had been fucked out of her mind.  

In a haze, Donna felt Ms. Jones separate from her, she felt the tearing as intermeshed pussy hair pulled free, she heard the groan of pain and exhaustion from the other woman. Ms. Jones appeared beside Donna. The teacher looked completely spent, her face was dripping with sweat and her hair was bedraggled, but she still managed a smug smile. She pulled herself up over Donna’s body, then dropped into a kneeling position over Donna’s face. Donna’s head was trapped between Ms. Jones’ thighs and the teacher’s rounded ass rested on Donna’s chest, the weight of her body leaning just far enough forward to keep from completely crushing the blonde’s delicious tits, but settled on Donna’s shoulders firmly enough to keep her from using her arms. Ms. Jones legs were curled up, her feet pressed to either side of Donna’s torso. Ms. Jones’ thick-lipped, black-haired pussy crushed down on to Donna’s face.

“Eat me, bitch,” the teacher snarled. “You lost the 69. Now, lick my pussy. Suck my clit. Do it!”

Defiantly, Donna raised her head to the task, licking and sucking at Ms. Jones’ brimming cunt, feasting on the teacher’s aching clit. Ms. Jones smiled and moaned, playing with her own ripe tits, squeezing and kneading the slick, dense flesh and the hard, sharp nipples, before reaching back and down to crush and maul Donna’s massive rack, twisting the blonde’s nipples between her fingers. Donna groaned, but she could not move her arms to retaliate. The black-haired woman gasped and groaned, working her hips gently, stroking and running her hands through her thick, lush mane, arching her back in her ecstasy.

“Mmmm, mmmm, yes, that’s good, that’s it,” she moaned. “Suck me, girl, suck me hard…mmmm.” 

Ms. Jones’ cries continued to build until, finally, the teacher stiffened, threw her head back, and screamed in pleasure even as she squeezed her own nipples hard, and exploded in victory all over Donna’s beautiful face. Donna swallowed as much cum as she could, but the teacher lowered her pussy onto Donna’s face and rubbed her slick, hot, gushing sex around and around into Donna’s mouth, nose and cheeks, smearing her cunt juice into the other woman’s face.

“That’s it, whore, take it, take it,” the teacher smiled viciously, elated at her victory, her eyes glowing with malice and triumph as she forced her enemy to eat her cunt, to accept the humiliation of sexual defeat.

Choking, gasping for breath, Donna finally had to turn her face away from the invading pussy, and suck in air. Satisfied, Ms. Jones pulled herself up, off of Donna. But she did not go far. She stretched her body the length of Donna’s body, holding herself over the blonde’s prone form with her arms. Lining up her hard nipples with Donna’s matching pair, the teacher dropped her body onto Donna’s. Their massive, equally engorged tits crushed deliciously and both women cried out in pain and exquisite pleasure as their massive racks met and merged. Their hard bellies slapped, their pubic hair twined. Their long, muscular legs tangled and locked. Donna wrapped her arms around Ms. Jones’ back and squeezed. Ms. Jones slipped her arms under and around Donna and returned the squeeze. They groaned in unison as their pulsing nipples eclipsed each other and penetrated even harder, as their hard tits pancaked each other and throbbed with tension.

For some time, they lay twined together, cheek to wet cheek, panting, sharing their intense body heat, dripping in their shared sweat and other juices, basking in the scent of steaming hot pussy. Donna and Ms. Jones could both feel the other woman’s heart pounding behind her massive jugs. After some time, Ms. Jones turned her head to look down at Donna. Donna turned her head to return the teacher’s gaze. Their noses touched, their wet lips rested against each other. Their angry eyes locked.

“You’re mine, you blonde cunt,” the teacher breathed, her green gaze flashing with triumph.

“No, your pussy belongs to me, whore,” Donna replied.

“Like fuck!” Ms. Jones growled. “I sucked your clit off, you lost. I had you running away like a little girl. You have to submit.”

“That’s not how I see it,” Donna responded. “You got your victory suck from me a few minutes ago. Now, the clock starts again.”

Ms. Jones smiled tightly. “If that’s what it takes. I’ll break that little cunt of yours, but you’re going to admit that I’m the better woman before you get out of this room.”

Donna said nothing. She pulled Ms. Jones’ face to her own and drove her tongue into the teacher’s welcoming mouth. The teacher replied and their tongues looped and locked as they battled, sharing hot spit and moist breath, groaning with pleasure and anger. They kissed passionately for a while longer, their hot bodies slowly writhing and grinding against each other, their limbs twined and straining. Then, slowly, the women eased off. Too tired to keep fighting, they slowly relaxed, exchanged a few final tongue to tongue licks, then fell into a deep sleep in each other’s arms, their voluptuous bodies slick with sweat and pussy juice, their tits and pussies crushed tight.

To be continued:

Donna and Ms. Jones, Part III

Some time later, Donna returned to consciousness. She was immediately aware of the pleasant, sensual weight of the other woman’s body crushing down on her own, of their tightly compressed tits and hard nipples stabbing each other and their pebbled areola grating, their bellies pressed tight and their cunt fur tangled. The heat in her crotch flared back to life. She smelled the intoxicating, mingled odour of  aroused womanhood. The sweat and sex juices that she and Ms. Jones shared had begun to dry, cooling on their hot bodies. The teacher was breathing deeply, her arms wrapped around Donna’s back and neck, her beautiful face pressed tight to Donna’s cheek, her raven-black hair fanned out on Donna’s face.

Donna smiled, a grin of satisfaction. So far, this sexfight had been everything she could have hoped. The burning lust that had built up in her core all day, in anticipation of her battle with Jane, was now being happily satisfied by her conflict with this black-haired bitch. Ms. Jones had proven to be Donna’s match in every way, and the blonde beauty enjoyed nothing more than a true challenge. The teacher had proven to be a spectacular fuck. She had ridden Donna to more orgasms than the blonde ever remembered having before in a single battle. But Donna was determined to vanquish the other woman, no matter how long and hard they had to keep fighting.

Gathering her strength, she slowly disentangled her limbs from Ms. Jones’, then pushed the other woman away, placing one hand on the teacher’s huge, firm left tit and squeezing the taut orb as she shoved.  Ms. Jones gasped as she returned to consciousness. Her eyes snapped open.

Donna got to her feet and Ms. Jones quickly rose to match her. The naked women glared at each other’s beautiful bodies from opposite sides of the mat. They examined each other, feeling the heat and tension return to their erogenous zones, fevered eyes taking in the other woman’s voluptuous flesh. Donna licked her lips as her eyes drank in Ms. Jones’ large, heavy, perfectly shaped tits, the teacher’s flat, hard belly, the wide, womanly hips, the thick black fur of her cunt, her long, muscled legs. At the same time, Ms. Jones glared ravenously at Donna’s fantastic body, imagining breaking and overwhelming the blonde’s magnificent, golden-haired cunt and massive brown-tipped tits with her own, forcing the blonde whore to submit to her greater sex. Ms. Jones felt a shudder of pure heat and lust pulse through the deepest core of her being, flaring in her cunt, tightening her tits. The women’s eyes locked, blue eyes to green, and a glare of pure hate and mutual desire passed between them. Both women were consumed by the need to master and possess the other.

Donna could not wait another moment. With a cry of rage, she hurled herself at Ms. Jones, her hands out, reaching for the other woman’s hair. Snarling, Ms. Jones threw herself at Donna, meeting the blonde’s attack. Both women buried their hands in the other’s thick mane and, taking a firm grip, began tearing at each other’s hair. They shrieked in pain and rage as they used their enemy’s lustrous hair as a handle and tried to wrangle each other down to the ground. Their bodies bent over and strained against each other, their faces pushed close until they were almost nose to nose. They shared hot breath and vicious curses as they inflicted terrible pain on each other.

“You fuck, you dirty, filthy fuck!” Ms. Jones snarled at Donna, her teeth gritted in agony as the blonde tried to rip her black hair out by the roots.

“You cunt, you filthy little twat!” Donna groaned in reply, her teeth clenched in exquisite pain. Her scalp burned as her thick mane resisted Ms. Jones’ vicious pulls.

The women’s heavy, throbbing tits were compressed between their upper arms as they fought, their torsos bent away from each other as they dragged each other around the classroom. Their struggle raged on for many minutes, their bodies growing wet with sweat, their breath coming in pants of rage and effort, their hair growing moist as they battled furiously. Their swollen, throbbing nipples pointed like spears and now dragged and flicked across each other as the women struggled, sending delicious pulses of erotic energy coursing into their cunts, punctuating the excruciating pain of their hair-pulling combat. Their bare feet sought purchase on the tile floor, but their sweaty bodies made it hard for them to really get a grip on the slick surface. They clung to each other’s hair desperately, each woman determined to force the other to succumb to the pain she was inflicting.

Ms. Jones pressed her sweaty forehead to Donna’s, and the women’s noses pressed tight. They glared at each other, their eyes so close that they could feel the other’s eyelashes, the intimacy of their mutual hate and lust overwhelming and inflaming both battling Amazons. Their snarling lips touched and they extended their tongues, letting the pink probes slide along each other for a moment, before they returned their attention to ripping at each other’s scalp. Donna pushed forward, gasping as her rock-hard nipples crushed and pulsed against those of Ms. Jones. The blonde beauty realized that this fight was a battle of attrition and that she and her enemy were still too evenly matched. Taking a risk, Donna released the handful of Ms. Jones’ thick black hair that she had knotted around her right hand and, still yanking powerfully with her left, reached down and grabbed a handful of the teacher’s curly cunt hair.  

Ms. Jones screamed in sudden agony.

“You CUNT! You fucking, dirty CUNT!!” she sobbed.

“You said pussy-hair pulling was allowed, dirty whore!” Donna gasped in reply, as she tightened her grip.

Donna used the opportunity to push harder, smashing her tits to those of her enemy, trying to force the other woman to the mat. But Ms. Jones recovered quickly. Her right hand darted down between Donna’s legs and, in an instant, it was the blonde who was shrieking in agony as the teacher pulled viciously at her golden pubic hair.

“Yeah, I said it was allowed, blonde bitch!” the teacher growled. “Let’s see if your little pussy can take a really dirty fight!”

“The dirtier the better, cuntlicker,” Donna gasped in reply, tears springing to her eyes as she fought the pain.

Screaming, snarling, nose to nose, tit to tit, both women maintained death grips on the others’ pubic and head hair as they pulled each other around the room. Tears trickled down their faces as the sheer agony they were administering to each other took its toll. At the same time, the delicious pleasure from their abrading nipples fed the sexual furnaces burning between their legs. The pain of their battle seasoned and intensified the sexual fury driving both women.

Slowly, painfully, neither woman giving an inch or releasing their grips, the battling beauties worked their way back to the mats and then wrestled each other to the ground, their knees slowly falling to the mat. Ms. Jones now changed tactics. Letting go of Donna’s head, she took her left hand and sank her fingers into Donna’s thick right tit. She squeezed the engorged nipple viciously. Donna screamed, then reciprocated the hold.

Howling, gasping, pushing their faces even closer, the women mauled each other’s right tit even as they continued to yank viciously at the other’s cunt fur. Donna suddenly released Ms. Jones pussy fur and, using her right hand, batted away the teacher’s grip on her pussy. Before Ms. Jones could regain her bearing, Donna took her free hand and sank it into the teacher’s tit. In a lightning fast moment, the battle shifted from pulling hair to squeezing and mauling thick, beautiful tits. Their fingers sank into the taut, tight flesh, they cupped the other’s beautiful breasts, using their fingers to tweak and crush rock-hard nipples. Their sobs and screams grew as they assaulted the other’s delicious rack, careful not to inflict permanent damage but determined to cause as much pain as they could.

On their knees on the mat, groaning with the agony of the mutual tit squeeze, Donna and Ms. Jones leaned into each other, resting their heads on the other’s shoulder, tears streaming from their eyes as they fought. They panted with the pain and raw fury.

“Oh god, you cunt, you filthy fucking cunt…,” Ms. Jones groaned under her breath.

“Dirty whore,” Donna sobbed in reply. “Fucking, dirty, filthy slut…”

The women shifted their heads, now moving forehead to forehead, nose to nose, eye to eye. They glared at each other through half-open lids, their eyes burning with pain, yet also fired with deep lust and sexual joy. The pain was building to exquisite pleasure and they both knew that the intense hatred and rage they now felt towards each other would soon be settled with an all-out fuck that would deliver them both to the most delicious orgasms they could imagine. Just thinking about how they were going to fuck each other, just imagining subjugating and mastering the other woman’s voluptuous body with her own, made both women excited beyond words. Ms. Jones groaned as her growing sexual fury suddenly caused her aching, burning pussy to contract. A gush of pussy juice issued from her soaked cunt, splashing onto the vinyl mat. Donna gasped, the scent of delicious, aroused womanhood suffusing the air. A moment later, the blonde’s hot, wet pussy sent an answering squirt of cunt juice splattering down on the mat. The women moaned in unison, then intensified their grips on the other’s tits for just a moment, before pushing each other away.

Donna pulled herself up, still on her knees, and lashed out at Ms. Jones’ bulging tits. She slapped the thick flesh just along the outer edge, near the nipples, where it was most sensitive and would sting the most. Ms. Jones screamed, then lashed out, returning the blow. Donna gasped at the shock of pain. Both women’s equally heavy jugs rocked and jiggled. In an instant, they both dropped their butts to the mat and kneeled, legs spread, and began exchanging vicious tit slaps. The blows stung mercilessly, but neither woman retreated, nor did either attempt to protect her breasts from the brutal assault. Instead, they clenched their teeth to keep from shrieking with the pain and, eyes locked in hate and jealousy, they pummeled each other’s tits, rejoicing in making the other woman’s magnificent rack bounce and rock under the mutual assault. The intense pain built to a crescendo, the women panting furiously. Their burning cunts suddenly gushed once more in intense arousal. Donna and Ms. Jones stopped slapping the other’s tits and, for a moment, once again filled their hands with the other’s thick titflesh, now reddened under the mutual assault, and squeezed each other viciously. Then, they pushed each other hard and fell back, away from each other, landing on their backs on either side of the mat, their legs spread, their cunts open and inviting, and burning with uncontainable desire.

Donna and Ms. Jones glared at each other over the length of the mat. They panted furiously, their equally massive tits heaving, sweat dripping from their engorged nipples, trickling down their slick, flat bellies to pool in their deep, narrow navels. Ms. Jones gasped as her cunt contracted yet again, her arousal grown to inhuman proportions. As Donna watched, the other woman’s dark-furred pussy released an even more intense stream of hot juice. Donna smiled with feverish lust at the sight, then groaned as her own pussy, once again, gushed in response. Wet poured out, coating her inner thighs, dripping down to the mat. The women studied each other, each taking in the other’s battered but still beautiful tits, their bodies shining with perspiration, their eyes burning with fury and jealous hatred and pure lust. They smiled at each other, both completely understanding their need to conquer and humiliate the other in the most pleasurable and intimate way possible. The time to fuck to the finish had finally come.

“Enough,” Ms. Jones growled hoarsely. “Let’s end this the only way we can – cunt to cunt, my clit to your clit.”

“Yes,” Donna replied, snarling with rage and lust. “We fuck until one can’t go on. No stopping, no quarter given. You won’t be able to walk for a week after I’m done clitfucking you, you whore.”

Ms. Jones sat back on her beautiful, powerful ass and spread her muscled thighs wide. She reached down between her legs, raked her right hand through her dense pussy fur until it reached her twat. She used two fingers to spread her thick, wet cunt lips, opening her fuckhole and presenting her swollen, throbbing clit to Donna. “My cunt is hot and hairy and more than enough to eat your delicious little pussy alive, you filthy twat. Come here and let’s find out who is the better fuck.”

“My bigger, hotter, hairier pussy is going to destroy that little slit, bitch,” Donna replied. She sat back, mirroring the teacher’s position, and used her right hand middle and index fingers to spread her burning pussy lips, exposing her engorged clit. “My cunt is going to suck that nasty little twat of yours inside out.”

Both women were more aroused than they had ever been in their lives. Their raw sexual excitement shone in their fevered eyes. Their mutual fear and hatred seasoned their lust. The incredible heat in their pussies was too much to bear and each woman began to finger-fuck herself in front of the other, lewdly challenging her enemy to battle. Ms. Jones plunged two fingers of her right hand deep in her steaming vagina and pumped hard, feeding her own heat. Donna returned the gesture, driving her own fingers into her body, rejoicing as she stimulated her clit to even greater size and tension. She could feel that his was going to be the best fuckfight of her life, and she was determined she would come out on top.

Panting with lust, the two women pushed up towards each other, scissoring right legs over left, their well-muscled limbs sliding on the slick juices leaking from their burning sexholes. As their hot flesh touched, Donna and Ms. Jones both shuddered with need and overwhelming anticipation of the fuck they were only moments from engaging.  They used their wet hands to brace their bodies and pushed up close, until each could feel the incredible heat pouring out of the other’s open sex. The thick hair from their pussies touched and intermeshed gently, then tickled the other woman’s slick, burning cuntlips. Ms. Jones and Donna groaned in unison, both women biting their lips in their struggles to control their raging womanhood.

Eyes locked, Donna and Ms. Jones reached down between their legs and, their hands touching, used their fingers to spread their wet, aching pussy lips wider apart, opening their cunts to the other, their engorged clits hard with desire and pulsing with power. Then, leaning back, bracing their voluptuous bodies with their hands, staring viciously into the other’s fevered gaze, they drew themselves up. Their eyes locked, the women sharing their mutual lust and hate, both seeing the other’s excitement and fear. They licked their lips, the feverish desire burning in their cores with nova intensity. Then, finally, signaling with their eyes, they began. They rammed forward, driving at each other with all their strength. They drove their steaming, aching pussies directly into each other, their sexholes spread wide, their labia sizzling with heat, their enflamed clits ready for combat. Slick hot flesh slapped together with a wet clap, swollen, pulsing clits smashed directly into each other and crushed hard. Nearly orgasmic pleasure roared through both women with a jolt of erotic ecstasy.

“YES, yes, oh FUCK, FUCK, YESSSS!!,” Donna howled, throwing back her head, her blonde hair flashing, her ass and hips working powerfully as she ground her aching cunt into her rival’s twat with all her might, desperate for the pleasure and the release of unrestrained sexual combat, desperate to penetrate her enemy as deeply as she could.

“FUCK, FUCK, Good, GOOD, so FUCKING GOOD!!,” Ms. Jones screamed, her head tossed back, her long, black hair jouncing with every powerful thrust of her hips, her tits jolting in delicious rhythm to her rocking, humping body. The sensation roaring between her legs was unbearable and excruciatingly pleasurable, and she did not want it to end. Far in the back of her mind, she rejoiced to the fact that this fuckfight with Donna Parker was turning out to be every bit as wonderful as she had dared to hope in her wildest dreams. Indeed, it was proving to be even better than she had dreamed. Ms. Jones was determined to conquer this blonde whore, but she also intended to enjoy every delicious thrust along the way.

Leaning back from each other, their hate-filled eyes locked, their wild manes bouncing, tossing their sweat-slicked hair back from covering their beautiful, savage faces, the women fucked furiously, relentlessly, with unrestrained joy.  Their matching tits jolting and spraying sweat with each hard thrust, Donna and Ms. Jones ground their cunts together with all of their strength. They moaned and cried out in harmony as they slowly penetrated each other, as they worked their hungry cunts in opposite directions, drilling into each other, spreading each other’s twats. Their cunts worked into one mass of moist, ravenous, steaming sexual flesh. Their slick, wet labia melted and meshed into a boiling mass of pleasure, vaginal juice poured out of their sexholes, coating their slick cuntflesh and their inner thighs, lubricating their driving thrusts, even as it trickled down to the wet mat. Their thick, course pussy hair tangled and matted. Their powerful asses quivered with effort as they held each other up, grinding hard. With an audible sucking hiss, their swollen cunt lips flattened against each other and sealed tight. Their thick pussy lips formed a deliciously hot, fleshy arena for their warring clits. Their overstimulated clits crushed head to head, sending electrical shocks of raw ecstasy burning through their perfect bodies. Their clits fenced side to side, licking each other, forcing sobs of joy from the battling Amazons. Their magnificent clits sawed back and forth and up and down against each other with excruciating sensitivity, causing Donna and Ms. Jones to throw back their heads and howl in hate and sexual need. All the while, the women’s hungry cunts ate at each other, squeezing tight, each trying to suck the other in, to devour the other woman’s sex completely.

The battle raged, the clit to clit fuck forcing greater and greater pleasure into each woman’s overtaxed body. Still they battled, neither woman willing to surrender, both adamant to defeat and sexually humiliate and control her rival. On and on, their hips and asses worked, holding each other in stalemate, humping furiously, neither woman gaining an advantage. Finally, however, tiredness took them, and their powerful, quivering asses dropped slowly to the sex-slicked mat. The women continued to thrust at each other, their cunts squeezing and wrestling. Ms. Jones used the opportunity to pull her hands from behind her and, using her powerful abdominal muscles to hold her torso upright, seized Donna’s delicious tits. Ms. Jones squeezed tight, she kneaded the blonde’s delectable jugs, filling her hands with the taut, yielding flesh, sinking her fingers into the dense tissue. Donna cried out then instantly returned the grip, squeezing the teacher’s magnificent rack, enjoying the feel of the other woman’s hard nipples punching into her palms, before she seized the nipples and twisted them viciously. Ms. Jones cried out and reciprocated the savage attack.

For long minutes the two women mauled each other’s tits, squeezing and twisting, stroking and massaging, crushing their enemy’s breasts together, sometimes flicking hard, exquisitely sensitive nipples with their thumbs, sometimes rubbing their nipples directly into each other, sometimes massaging hard, pebbled areola. All the while, they kept their hips working, grinding clit to clit, willing their locked twats to keep eating at each other hungrily. Their legs were spread wide, better enabling them to keep their sex organs intermeshed and sealed. Their pubic hair was tangled into a single wet, course mass. The women pressed sweaty forehead to forehead, their long, perspiration-soaked hair tangling, sharing hot breath as they glared hatefully into the other’s eyes. Donna and Ms. Jones touched tongues, groaned with pleasure, then licked lasciviously at each other, before locking into a savage, tongue-twisting, spit-soaked kiss. The teacher released Donna’s swollen tits and wrapped her arms around Donna’s naked back. Donna reciprocated and the women crushed each other tit to tit, their hard nipples fusing and forcing each other back into their merging, dense titflesh.

Donna and Ms. Jones ground breast to breast, bucking hard, titfighting furiously, working their torsos, rubbing their equally massive tits around and around each other, trying to force the other’s fantastic jugs back into her chest, trying to stimulate the other to the point of no return. Engorged nipples caught and struggled, rough areola rubbed hard. Each woman felt that this was the final, decisive battle and that she had to overwhelm her enemy with her sexual power in a frantic all-out fuck.

Ms. Jones went on the attack, suddenly shifting her right hand from Donna’s back to tear at Donna’s hair, pulling the blonde’s head back and out of their vicious kiss. Both women’s legs were splayed out on either side of their bucking hips, rights over lefts. Even as she yanked Donna’s hair, the teacher used her left hand to reach down and pull up on Donna’s right calf, lifting the blonde’s leg and shifting her weight off-balance. Ms. Jones also increased the violent motions of her hips, thrusting at Donna’s cunt with even greater force. The blonde was caught off-guard and found herself off-balance. Ms. Jones pushed harder. Suddenly, violently, Donna was forced over on to her back. 

Ms. Jones followed her down, gasping with excitement and lust, finally able to take the top, dominant position in the vicious fuckfight, determined to grind Donna into a submissive orgasm. The women’s sealed cunts sucked apart with a wet pop and a gush of mixed juices as they shifted positions, giving their swollen, warring clits a momentary respite from the constant grinding stimulation. But Ms. Jones jumped on top of Donna, and quickly fastened her boiling cunt to Donna’s powerful twat, driving down with her hips and mashing her hot sex into Donna’s soft, yielding cunt, working her pussy around and around in a tight circle as she spread Donna’s inviting twat with her own. Donna angled her pelvis up, to meet the fuck attack. The women whimpered in erotic need. The blonde thrust back against her foe, rolling her hips, working her cunt into its attacking counterpart. The women’s heavy tits squashed, exquisitely sensitive nipples knotting and fusing as they buried themselves deep within the women’s combined titflesh, locked in intimate combat.

Ms. Jones poured on the fuck attack, ruthlessly driving her throbbing clit deep into the hated cunt below, violating Donna as intimately as she could, searching for the blonde’s powerful clit. Donna thrust up to meet the attack with all of her strength. The women’s pulsing clits met and crushed solidly, ecstatically, erotic electricity exploding and saturating their enraged bodies. The battling beauties shrieked with unbearable pleasure, then snarled at each other viciously, hatefully, and resumed their passionate bucking and humping.  Donna spread her hands on Ms. Jones’ powerful, pumping ass, sank her claws into the hard flesh, and pulled the teacher as tightly to her as she could. She was determined to keep their squashed clits and cunts sealed into one. Their pubic hair ground roughly. The women moved together, humping, bucking, fucking each other into one enraged body.

“I’ve got you now, you fucking bitch,” Ms. Jones panted at Donna, a smug, savage smile lighting her sweat-soaked face. “I’m going to ride your little clit until it explodes. I’m going to suck your dirty twat inside out. You’re mine.”

“Fuck you, slut,” Donna replied with a moan, her eyes flashing with hate. She angled her pussy to meet and match every one of Ms. Jones’ powerful thrusts.

The women’s warring cunts mashed snugly together, wet sucking noises emanating from their locked twats with every delicious thrust. Thick sexual fluids trickled from their fuckholes, lubricating their vicious battle. The women moaned and gasped in unison, their cries of erotic bliss slowly rising in volume and intensity, mingling and harmonizing. The women pumped sex heat into each other with their grinding hips, each cunt seeking to trigger the other into an orgasmic defeat. Their tits rolled and struggled, their nipples burned with unbelievable pleasure as they twisted and fought with delicious friction. The women’s hard, toned bellies slapped in rhythm, their deep, sweat-filled navels occasionally sucked and locked as they writhed in each other’s arms. Donna and Ms. Jones rested forehead to forehead, nose to nose, the black-haired teacher’s long mane veiling their faces. Their lips touched and they shared hot pants and desperate whimpers of erotic need as they fucked relentlessly. They moaned and gasped their hate and pleasure into each other’s faces, their feverish eyes locked in a glare of hate and lust,  before finally joining in a biting, sucking kiss, driving their tongues as deep into the other’s mouth as they could, twisting them into a delicious erotic knot. Pleasure flowed through every inch of their burning flesh, radiating out from their battling cunts, tits and tongues.

The women trembled with pre-orgasmic tension. Both women felt themselves close to the edge of an erotic explosion. They continued to kiss savagely, hot tongues and spit flowing freely within their locked mouths. Donna wrapped her long, muscled legs around her sexual rival and thrust her cunt up with all of her power, trying to drive an orgasm out of the teacher before her own twat exploded with sexual pleasure. The women’s trembling clits crushed together harder and tighter than ever and the battling Amazons broke their kiss to shriek together in wild passion. They ground their crushed clits furiously, whimpering and sobbing with erotic delight as they rode each other to the edge of endurance. Donna kept her hands gripped to Ms. Jones’ big, powerful ass, straining to keep their wet, pounding cunts plastered together. The women glared at each other through half-open eyes, each determined to watch the moment of her foe’s ultimate defeat. Their cries and screams grew to a fever pitch.

“Give, you little fuck, give…,” Ms. Jones snarled, whimpered at Donna. Her teeth were gritted with the effort of holding back an overwhelming orgasm.

“Never, you dirty cunt, you fucker…,” Donna sobbed, her own teeth clenched in desperation.

Suddenly, the women’s enraged cunts melted together into a single mass of unimaginable ecstasy. Nova heat exploded in their clits as a shattering mutual orgasm coursed through their perfect bodies. Ms. Jones reared up and screamed as her convulsing cunt shot a hot stream of molten cum deep, deep into Donna’s welcoming sexhole. At the same time, Donna arched her back and shrieked as her raging pussy exploded and pumped its own gusher of boiling cum up into Ms. Jones’ writhing body. The explosion of sexual juices coated both women’s inner thighs and raging pussies, but gravity took hold and sent a stream of hot, mixed cum, the combined juices of the warring women, seeping down into Donna’s vaginal canal. The blonde did not mind. She enjoyed the feeling of the hot liquids saturating her womanhood, burning down to her womb. She was confident that she could soon turn the tide of battle. For now, she twined her limbs with Ms. Jones, she locked the teacher in place, and both women writhed and screamed as their grinding clits kept fighting, as their sucking, shuddering cunts pumped steaming cum back and forth, as their bodies wriggled, twisted and strained and slapped together in ecstasy. They fucked each other senseless, sharing delicious orgasm after orgasm. Their tits throbbed and ached with heat and friction, adding to the incredible sexual release that pulsed through the battling women in waves of bliss. They drove their mouths together in a biting, licking kiss. Every part of their beautiful bodies struggled with its matching counterpart in intimate, erotic battle. The women humped slow and hard, their perfect bodies straining to unite, to merge, every muscle in their bodies taut with sexual power.

Several delicious, excruciating mutual orgasms roared through the women’s joined bodies. They both lost count of how many. The women collapsed in each other’s arms, soaked in sweat and pussy juice. Donna felt the last pulsating throb from Ms. Jones hot, wet twat, which was mashed tightly to her own. Donna knew this was her only chance to turn the tide and win this battle. Gathering her energy, fighting back her tiredness, Donna wrapped her arms around her beautiful nude foe. With a cry, she twisted their bodies, trying to roll Ms. Jones over on to her back.

The exhausted teacher could not believe that Donna still had the energy to continue the battle. But she refused to be beaten. With a groan, Ms. Jones resisted the roll and brought their naked bodies to a halt. Donna pushed harder, determined to win this struggle. For a moment, the women’s nude bodies rocked back and forth, their arms twined around each other in a fevered embrace, their magnificent forms slapping together from tit to cunt, their long, beautiful legs twined and straining. Donna shoved her pelvis into Ms. Jones’ hairy crotch and, calling on her last energy reserves, she pushed with all of her strength. With an agonized groan, the teacher found herself tilting over just enough. With final, mutual cries of rage and hate, the two women rolled in each other’s arms. Ms. Jones found herself flat on her back. Donna finally took the top position.

Rearing up, Donna slammed her aching, throbbing tits down on top of Ms. Jones matching, fleshy orbs. She delighted in the feeling of her firm, taut tits crushing with those of her enemy, which did not yield an inch. Donna slid her hot, slick pussy into place against Ms. Jones’ steaming twat. As she did so, she felt her enflamed clit push its way out of her spreading cunt. Ms. Jones felt it too. Glaring hatefully at each other, the two women wordlessly worked their hips, spreading each other, bringing their clits into position so they could, once again, meet in savage sexual combat. Ms. Jones spread her legs wider to open her cunt to its attacker. She gripped Donna’s beautiful, powerful ass and pulled tightly.  Donna rammed her sex-slimed, boiling pussy into its beautiful counterpart, bringing her pulsating clit into full, excruciating contact with Ms. Jones’ unconquered sexhorn. The women shuddered and groaned in mutual ecstasy. Once again, they began grinding and thrusting wildly, passionately, driving their bodies together, resuming the full clit to clit fuck. Their open, gaping sexholes locked and sealed. The thick, hot mixed cum that had filled Donna’s vaginal canal now flowed out and began coursing into Ms. Jones’ welcoming cunt, filling her vaginal canal. Snarling at each other, the women locked tongue to tongue in another hateful kiss.

The enraged women grew dizzy with lust and sexual joy as their clits sawed at each other and fenced and fought up and down and side to side, only to grind and pulse together head to head in the most excruciating pleasurable attacks they could force on each other. Their hot cunts lubricated constantly until it felt like they were fighting in pussy juice, their taut, heavy tits pulsed with electric intensity, their nipples screamed with delicious sensations. The women moaned and sobbed as the heat from their writhing, sweat-slicked bodies continued to build, as their hot flesh rubbed and slid and slapped, driving them both crazy with lust and need. Every inch of their beautiful bodies burned with sexual power. Donna drove her slick cunt down into Ms. Jones’ matching twat with all of her strength but, somehow, the teacher still managed to meet her thrust for thrust, clit to clit.

Panting, moaning, writhing in pleasure, Donna and Ms. Jones fucked and fucked, driving each other insane with ecstasy, even as they fought their exhaustion. Their throbbing clits rubbed and rubbed, merged and fused, each incredible contact more excruciatingly delicious than the last. Their moans and cries rose in fever and intensity. Donna felt the unbearable heat building in her core, she felt the sensual fever burning off of her opponent’s bucking, writhing body as it squirmed and twisted in her arms, she felt her aching, battered tits throbbing with renewed sexual sensations. “Oh fuck,” she thought, “this is just too good.” The sexual heat built and built, she knew she could not stand much more. Her howls and cries of ecstasy merged and harmonized with Ms. Jones’ gasping cries below her. Their bodies wriggled and writhed and drove each other to higher and higher pleasure. Donna concentrated with all her soul on forcing back the orgasmic explosion building in her core. The heat flared unbearably then, slowly, temporarily, subsided to an aching, pulsing warmth.

Beneath Donna, Ms. Jones gritted her teeth, closed her eyes tightly, and forced another orgasm back. She knew that she could not last much longer but she refused to be beaten by this blonde bitch. Looking down at Ms. Jones, Donna realized how close her enemy was to sexual defeat and launched a new attack. Donna began rotating her torso, rubbing her heavy, aching tits around and around into Ms. Jones equally massive, throbbing jugs. Their beautiful boobs slid and rubbed on the hot sweat and the slick pussy juice that now covered most of their bodies. Their nipples caught and fused together, ecstatic sensations pulsing out of their crushed nipples and areola. Ms. Jones was not expecting this sudden, incredibly pleasurable new attack. In an instant, before she could regain her bearings, she found herself on the verge of a raging orgasm.

Donna continued to rub her tits into her opponent’s chest, even as the clit to clit fuckfight raged below. Ms. Jones tightened her grip on Donna’s pounding ass and fucked up against the blonde with all her strength. Donna moaned, gasping as she fought back the building, unbearable heat in her pussy as the women’s clits pounded together deliriously. But this was Ms. Jones’ final, desperate attack. With a sudden scream, the teacher threw back her head, arched her back, and erupted in a delicious, excruciatingly intense orgasm.

“No, NO, Fuck NOOOOOO!!,” Ms. Jones shrieked. Donna felt the heat as a blast of hot cum streamed from Ms. Jones contracting cunt up into her conquering pussy. Their clits throbbed and pulsed together in an agony of pure, unimaginable pleasure. Donna slammed their wet cunts together again and again and shoved her clit even harder to Ms. Jones’ erupting sexhorn. The teacher was still riding out her earlier orgasm. Now, under Donna’s assault, a second orgasm detonated in the raven-haired woman’s clit, suffusing her body with nova heat, causing her powerful muscles to convulse in ecstasy once again.

Donna held on, struggling to resist her own pounding orgasm as the teacher’s body jerked and bucked in her arms, as their tits rubbed deliciously, as the other woman’s clit thrust and pulsed mercilessly into her own. Ms. Jones’ gushing cum forced itself up into Donna’s vagina, warming her insides with the boiling juices, mixing with her own intense sexual secretions. Donna pushed down with her rock-hard clit and crushed Ms. Jones’ sexhorn yet again. The teacher’s sex resisted, but the intense sensation was too much and third devastating orgasm, accompanied by another blast of steaming juices, erupted from her ravaged twat.

Even as the teacher howled in sexual joy, Donna gasped with her own efforts to remain in control. She knew that she had broken her enemy’s orgasmic dam and she could win this struggle if she could exhaust the sexual powerhouse writhing and bucking beneath her. Even as this thought crossed her mind, however, Ms. Jones, in a final act of desperation, wrapped her powerful legs around Donna’s hips, pulled hard on Donna’s quivering ass, and fucked up against Donna’s clit with all of her remaining strength. The women’s sexhorns crushed tight, quivered with the terrible strain and raw sensations pulsing in the sensitive flesh, then bent each other back before fusing and melting together like hot wax.

The intensity of the pleasure was indescribable. Ms. Jones shrieked like a cat in heat as even more unbelievable ecstasy exploded out of her core, suffused her body and forced her muscles to snap and lock. Donna felt the tension explode over her body like an erotic bomb. Her insides convulsed and she reared up, screamed with mind-blowing pleasure, and injected her women cum in a thick, continuous stream deep into the welcoming cunt of the writhing body beneath her. Ms. Jones’ contracting pussy gushed back with an equally intense flow of cum, injecting it into Donna’s receptive twat. The two women twined arms and legs around each other, buried their beautiful faces in the other’s neck, their perfect bodies crushed as tightly as possible. Their locked cunts gushed in unison, filling their vaginal canals with their shared, mixed cunt juice. The hot fluids pumped back and forth, uniting the battling women in complete intimacy as they violated each other in their deepest cores. The women sobbed and shuddered as they rode out the incredible orgasms rippling through their bodies, filling them with such intense feelings of ecstasy that they could barely stay conscious.

The devastating orgasms slowly, agonizingly subsided. Donna lay on top of Ms. Jones, her head seeming to float in the clouds as her body slowly recovered from the incredible sexual stimulation it had just experienced. She had been fucked senseless. She had never had such a deliciously intense sexual battle before. Indeed, no other battle had even come close to what she and Ms. Jones had just done to each other. The women’s clits throbbed together in the aftermath of the terrible struggle, pounding with intensity and electrical sensations, crossed like two sexswords sheathed within the women’s merged cunts.

After some time, Donna gathered her strength and slowly pushed herself off of Ms. Jones’ voluptuous perfection. Their cunt lips sucked, their pussy hair tore painfully as they pulled apart. Both women groaned in pain and exhaustion. Donna flopped beside the teacher, and rubbed her battered, aching cunt. Her breasts pulsed painfully, the pounding they had taken over the course of the evening’s fuckfight now making itself felt.

Ms. Jones turned her head towards Donna, her eyes glazed with tiredness and sexual exhaustion. Donna locked eyes with the other woman and was amazed to feel a familiar heat begin to build between her legs and in her breasts. She knew that she needed to claim this victory.

“You know what you have to do,” she muttered, hoarsely, at the teacher.  “Do it now. Suck my cunt. Show me that you know I’m the better woman.”

Ms. Jones said nothing, though a shadow of anger and shame crossed over her beautiful face. Donna smiled smugly at the sight. But the teacher knew that she had been defeated. Slowly, she pushed herself up to a kneeling position. Her body glistened with sweat and sex juice, her hair was bedraggled, her body bore the marks of the long sexual struggle. Sweat and woman cum dripped from her dark, thick nipples. Still, she looked absolutely irresistible, the personification of animalistic sexuality. She licked her ripe, red lips as she glared down at Donna, her magnificent tits heaving with anger. Then, a slow, sensual smile creeped across her face. On her hands  and knees she crawled towards Donna’s body. Donna opened her thighs, ready to accept her foe’s surrender. But the teacher did not immediately dive between the blonde’s legs. Instead, she positioned her body over Donna’s, her dripping, cum-filled pussy directly over the blonde’s face, her knees to either side of her opponent’s head. Then, Ms. Jones descended on Donna’s pussy, her tits pushing hard into Donna’s belly. She wrapped her arms around Donna’s hips, placing her hands on Donna’s beautiful ass. The teacher drove her tongue into Donna’s twat and began to lap and suck at the swelling clit within.

Donna smiled, enjoying the delicious sensations, turning her head away from the gaping pussy above her. Donna thrashed her head from side to side, moaning and crying out as her cunt was devoured, smiling with satisfaction. She bucked her hips up, reached around and down Ms. Jones’s body and, seizing the back of the teacher’s head and pushed the woman’s face hard into her burning cunt. At the same time, Donna rotated her hips, grinding her cunt into the teacher’s beautiful face, smearing her sex juices around and around, marking her defeated enemy with her pussy cum. Ms. Jones groaned in delight.

“That’s it, bitch, suck me good, suck me hard, eat my pussy, you cunt, you pussylicker, you fucking whore …,” Donna moaned.

It was not long before Ms. Jones’ cunt began to drip sexual juices down onto Donna’s beautiful face. Donna stopped thrashing her head and turned to stare hungrily into the gaping maw above her, observing the thickening clit and the slick, pink labia. The intense heat between her own legs stoked the sexual fires throughout her entire body. She could not resist. Donna looped her arms around Ms. Jones’ hips and planted her hands on the other woman’s muscled ass. She pulled the thick muscle apart and, raising her head, gently licked at the black-haired teacher’s delicious pink clit, which was rapidly stirring back to life. Ms. Jones groaned in pleasure and her pussy dripped harder.  She redoubled her assault on Donna’s throbbing clit. In reply, Donna wrapped her tongue and lips around the teacher’s swelling sexhorn, and sucked hard. She licked at the smooth labia, she extracted some of the mixed cum from the teacher’s vaginal canal with her tongue. At the same time, Ms. Jones eagerly scoured the inside of Donna’s pussy, nibbling, feasting on the sensitive flesh, then sucking joyously at the blonde’s aching clit.

Moaning, groaning with pleasure, Ms. Jones lowered her pussy to Donna’s face. The two ravenous women devoured each other’s twats, eating at each other, finger-fucking each other to add extra sensations, driving probing fingers up tight, puckered assholes, until Donna’s pussy exploded in absolute, unbearable ecstasy all over Ms. Jones’ face and hair. The blonde screamed out in victory even as she released a long, hard gush of fragrant cum. A moment or two later, Ms. Jones erupted in pleasure, spraying Donna’s face and golden mane with her sexual juices. The blonde lapped hungrily at the erotic discharge, gasping with pleasure as delicious sensations rippled through her body.

The women held each other tightly until their shuddering orgasms ended. Then, sighing with satisfaction, finally overcome with erotic bliss and sheer exhaustion, they passed out, their heads nestled between the other’s legs.


Donna awoke and turned her head to look at the clock. It was almost 8:30. She had been here, fuckfighting her son’s teacher, for the past three hours. She groaned as she braced herself then rolled her body, rolling Ms. Jones over on to her back. Donna staggered to her feet. Her tits ached and her pussy felt raw and ravaged. Walking a bit unsteadily, she made her way to the children’s bathroom in the corner of the room. She looked in the mirror. What confronted her was a beautiful blonde woman whose clear expression of exhaustion could not hide the intense sexual fire burning in the back of her eyes. Her face was covered in dried sweat and cum, and thin strands of sexual discharge glistened in her hair. She smiled at herself. This had certainly been a worthwhile evening. Turning on the water, she used paper towels to sponge herself down, washing away the sweat, the cum, and the odor of hot sex.

When she emerged from the bathroom, she saw Ms. Jones just finishing cleaning herself off. The teacher had used towel-wipes that she kept in her desk drawer and was now brushing out her wet, disheveled hair. The women locked eyes, and an intense sexual heat passed between them.

Without saying a word, Donna crossed the room and picked up her purse, extracted a brush and quickly ran it through her blonde locks. Ms. Jones started to dress. The teacher did not bother putting on her underwear. She merely pulled on her blouse and then her mid-length skirt. She buttoned the blouse only halfway, allowing a view onto her massive cleavage, her unconstrained tits shifting voluptuously under the material, her thick brown nipples visible through the thin cloth.

Donna pulled on her mini-skirt and her scoop-necked blouse. She shoved her thong and her demi-bra into her purse. She did not bother with her ruined nylons. She picked up her high heels and walked towards the door, which remained triple-locked.

Ms. Jones came up behind Donna, padding on her bare feet, then reached around Donna to undo the combination lock. She snapped off the padlock and placed it on a table by the door. Then the she turned to face her blonde nemesis. Donna stared back coolly, but the heat building in her body could not be denied.

“Thank you for a most …interesting evening, Mrs. Parker,” Ms. Jones said evenly. The black-haired woman’s eyes blazed with anger and humiliation and animal lust. “I hope that we are able to meet and continue our discussion at some other time.”

Donna smiled. “I would like that,” she said. “The sooner the better. I’m going to enjoy fucking your cunt off on a regular basis.”

“You were lucky, you sow,” the teacher snarled. “The next time we meet, I’m going to fuck your clit until it comes out your ass.”

Donna smiled hungrily. “Next Friday morning,” she murmured. Her nipples visibly grew to stab her thin blouse. “The children leave the house at 8:30. They won’t be back until 3:30. And I’ve got a very nice, big room for entertaining my…guests.”

The teacher arched a perfect eyebrow then said, “I can take a professional development day. I’ll be there.”

Ms. Jones smiled, then stepped forward, into Donna’s voluptuous body. Their sharp nipples flicked then pierced and pushed into each other through the thin material of their blouses. The women pushed their faces close, rubbing noses and licking at each other’s ruby red lips, flicking their tongues against each other. Their arms wrapped around their bodies and their heavy tits pushed tight, pulsing with heat. They locked into a long, luscious kiss, their tongues stabbing and twisting together. Donna and Ms. Jones moaned in concert, their tits began to throb with arousal. The women simultaneously pushed a bare thigh up into the other’s hairy pussy. Their cunts began to moisten as their mutual arousal built.

Donna felt her lust growing again. But she decided it was time to fully assert her victory. She reached up and pulled Ms. Jones’ face away from her own by yanking viciously on the teacher’s black mane. The women’s mouths separated; they both gasped with pleasure.

“Enough, you cunt,” Donna snarled. “Down on your knees, slut. It’s time for you to be my bitch. I won tonight, and I want you to show me that you understand that.”

Ms. Jones glared at her blonde nemesis, but she did not resist. Pulling away from Donna, she fell to her knees in front of the blonde beauty. She pushed up Donna’s miniskirt, then ran her hands over the other woman’s tight, round ass. Donna leaned back against the door and looped her right leg over Ms. Jones’ shoulder. Ms. Jones began eating her pussy, even as she sent her nimble fingers probing into Donna’s cunt.

For the next several minutes, Donna pushed herself up against the door, her hands braced against the doorframe, her left leg supporting her weight, her head thrown back as she moaned with pleasure as the teacher devoured her cunt. Occasionally, Donna squeezed the nipples of her heavy tits or kneaded the dense titflesh. Every now and then she reached down, sank her fingers into Ms. Jones’ hair and pushed the other woman’s face even more deeply into her wet cunt. The teacher moaned with delight, her eyes closed as she used her tongue to probe Donna’s sexual depths, her fingers busy working in Donna’s aching pussy and tight ass. Finally, Donna’s gasps turned to cries, then screams of pure pleasure. Her aching pussy squirted her woman juice into the teacher’s eager mouth. Ms. Jones swallowed all she could, but some of the wet dampened her face and trickled down her neck into her cleavage, moistening her blouse.

Panting, Donna rested against the door for a moment. She raised her right leg from Ms. Jones shoulder and put it down on the floor. Sex juice dripped down her thigh. Donna reached down and pulled the teacher up by her hair. She smiled smugly as she examined the beautiful woman’s wet face. Donna licked at Ms. Jones’s lips and nose, tasting herself on her enemy’s skin. Ms. Jones’ tongue darted out to taste and push against Donna’s luscious pink probe. Their tongues wrestled for a moment. Then, placing her hands on Ms. Jones bulging tits and engorged nipples, Donna pushed her away.

“That was very good, cuntlicker. Don’t forget how that feels. You’ll be doing a lot of it.”

The teacher’s eyes flashed with humiliation..

“Why don’t you go clean yourself up, again?” Donna suggested, with a nasty smile. Ms. Jones grinned back sourly.

“I’ll see you next Friday,” Donna continued. “Don’t be late. I intend to ride your little cunt all day.”

With that, she turned her back on her sexual rival, unlocked and opened the classroom door and walked out into the corridor. She made her way down the darkened hallway, her pumps in one hand, her bag slung over her shoulder. She put on the high heels when she reached the door, then walked out into the parking lot and got into her car.

Donna smiled again. The night had been fantastic. She still felt wet and enjoyed the heat burning in her pussy every time she thought back on what she and Ms. Jones had done to each other. Next Friday could not get here soon enough. She would eventually tell Jane about this evening’s encounter. For now, though, she planned to keep Ms. Jones all to herself.

The End

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