Chapter 1: Faith The Nurse vs. A Jobber by Kiva

Author’s Note:

This is from a request. Faith was the main antagonist in a more realistic story about workplace bullying among nurses. She was depicted as a tall, powerful woman with exceptionally large hands and an arrogant, mean but smart persona. A reader thought she would make an excellent heel in a pro wrestling story. I wanted to give it a try. The problem is that Faith was killed off in the original story plus she lived a few decades in the past in a story told in flashback. No one really dies in fiction. Through alternate endings and parallel universes, she can be alive and well in the present.

If you read my original nurse story, here’s an alternate to Faith’s fate. 2 years after her fight with Kiva, she relocated with her family when her husband’s work transferred him to Dallas, TX. She took care of a patient injured in a motorcycle accident who turned out to work for a local pro wrestling promotion. Recognizing Faith’s potential as a wrestler, he offered her a developmental contract. This is how I imagine her pro debut would look.

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Part 1

“In the opening match, we have two ladies making their professional debut. In the ring, weighing 136 lbs, from Hagerstown, Maryland,…Karen Young.” The youthful 5’7” blonde, wearing a red tank suit, waits apprehensively in her corner, adjusting her knee pads and continuing stretching exercises. She notes a mild commotion in the crowd as heads turn to the back of the aisle. Her opponent was approaching the ring. “And her opponent, weighing 160 lbs., now making her home in Dallas, Texas, let’s welcome,…Faith Morrison.”

The crowd buzzes as the physically imposing nurse nears the ring. On the apron, she enters the ring by stepping over the top rope. The referee calls the women to the center for instructions. At 5’11”, the former Division II All American power forward looks as impressive as ever. With her brawny athletic figure, brown hair, piercing wide set brown eyes, you might say she looked beautiful – if she didn’t look so mean. Wearing a brown tank suit to match her brown size 12.5 boots, she stood in front of her opponent. Karen tried not to look directly at her adversary’s icy stare. As the two women prepared to return to their corners, Karen’s offer of a sportsmanship handshake was met with Faith’s arrogant sneer.

“Before the match, Faith will perform an exhibition,” the announcer explains. On cue, a young male assistant trainer enters the ring carrying a watermelon. He and Faith return to the center. She shows off her massive hands before making a fist as the young man holds the melon tightly against his abdomen. Faith positions herself in front of him, measuring the distance to her target. Finally, she pulls back her fist, lets out a shriek, and in a blur, drives her fist through the rind and into the center of the melon, as juicy pink and green portions splatter in all directions before falling on the canvas. She acknowledges the applause with a scowl before giving her opponent one final pre-match stare as if to say, “This is what I’ll do to your head.”

The intimidating nurse wipes off her hands and waits for the bell. Ding..ding. The two women meet in an collar and elbow lock up. It’s no contest. Faith easily drives her opponent’s back into the ropes. She pushes the smaller woman’s chin back over the top rope, then drops a hammer blow to the chest with her great fist. The referee warns her for using closed fist as Karen reels on the ropes. Taking hold of her opponent’s head, Faith again holds her against the rope, then delivers a nasty backhand chop to the chest, creating a loud smacking sound throughout the arena. Karen pitches forward falling on one knee. The aggressor yanks her up by the hair, then snaps it forward forcing her opponent to flip forward in a hair mare. A second hair mare follows, then a third. Faith rushes her prey into the ropes. Seizing the woman’s arm, she sends her across the ring with an Irish whip. Helplessly, bouncing off the ropes, Karen catches Faith’s large boot to the chin, knocking her flat on her back. The cocky, calculating nurse moves in, sizing up her victim. With one boot standing on the other woman’s hair, she uses the other foot to inflict a series of vicious boot scrapes to the head. Pulling her up again by the hair, she prepared for another Irish whip. This time her overmatched opponent stumbles forward, falling through the top and middle ropes, landing on the concrete floor outside the ring.

The crowd is equal parts impressed and appalled by Faith’s actions as she saunters around the ring while her opponent writhes outside on the floor. Like a cat, she climbs over the ropes and onto the apron, looking down on her battered foe. As Karen gets up on all fours, Faith perfectly times her leap off the apron, landing her boot on the helpless woman’s back. She follows this up with a sledge hammer blow to the back, driving Karen back on her belly. The methodical mauler rolls back into the ring, beating the referee’s count. As the blonde struggles to reach the apron, she again felt her hair yanked by Faith, forcing her to a standing position. Faith pulls the hair forward sending Karen head over heels over the top rope, landing in the ring on her back. Still holding on to the hair, she brings Karen to a standing position. With one arm around the neck, and another between the legs, the dominant wrestler lifts the blonde off the ground and into a body slam position. With her opponent high in the air, Faith rotates her victim’s body into an upside down bear hug, before running her into a corner. By tying up the feet over the top turn buckle with the head touching the canvas, Karen is helpless in a tree of woe position. The brutal nurse moves in, delivering a series of kicks to the abdomen, before the referee finally frees Karen, who falls to the canvas holding her belly, legs kicking in pain. Faith hovers over the hapless wrestler before reaching down with her gigantic hand. This time, instead of seizing hair, Faith grasps her woman with one hand tightly gripped on the upper part of the face, with the thumb and fingers digging into both temples. In this manner, she pulls her opponent to her feet and walks with her across the ring to an opposite corner, holding her by the head in a hold reminiscent of the Von Erich claw hold.

In the corner, Faith transitions the claw hold into a side headlock. And then, in an impressive display of athleticism, the former basketball star makes a running leap toward the center of the ring, shifting into a sitting position in mid-air while releasing the headlock. Her body comes crashing down with her weight driving her victim’s head into the canvas, perfectly executing a devastating bulldog move. Faith rolls her motionless opponent on her back. She covers the chest while unnecessarily hooking the leg. The referee slaps the mat three times. The final bell sounds. The winner….Faith.

The victor stands over her victim’s supine body. The referee raises Faith’s hand as the announcer makes it official. The young man who assisted Faith with her watermelon stunt returns to the ring, this time carrying a …pumpkin. He tosses the gourd to Faith. Standing over Karen, she presses it on opposite sides with both hands at chest level and elbows outward. She squeezes harder until her arm, neck, shoulder and back muscles and veins are bulging. With a menacing grimace and fearsome scream, she appears to be straining beyond her limits until the pumpkin suddenly and violently collapses, leaving Faith holding an orange mess of shell, goopy insides and seeds. She drops the pumpkin’s remains on a gradually recovering Karen, before arrogantly walking on the defeated woman’s chest before exiting the ring.

Faith scoffs at the crowd one last time. She motions her hands around her waist in a gesture that says, “the belt is mine.” As indicated by the crowd’s response, some were buying it. Others, not so much.

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