The Better Woman vs. BriBunny: Family FuckFight – Part 3

The Better Woman vs. BriBunny on FCF

Preamble Written by Jennifer “The Better Woman”

OOooooooooookkkkkkkkk, remember how the last two stories in this series were wild, inscestuous, fetish-drenched filth? This one is worse. This one is SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much worse. So just don’t.

Don’t read it.

Don’t think about what happens in it. Just go to Target, buy some skim milk, shoot a Tik Tok video of you and your girlfriends dancing awkwardly at the club, and leave this chat-log for the true deviants of this site.

Or, you can read it, and subject yourself to utter sexual madness. Your choice.

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Jennifer – The Better Woman:

For years we struggled with it. Our feelings for each other. Always feeling at odds and yet, at the same time, drawn to each other. Even when we were angry, jealous, and hateful, we felt the pull to be together. To move close. And then to express our frustrations. Not with words or hugs, but with pain. 

A pain that healed us, bound us, and yet at the same time left us confused. What were we? Why were we locked in such a game? What did it mean? And where would it all lead us. 

Those answers we could not see, as we two sisters. Even in the dark of our shared room, cloaked ourselves in a heavy blanket of denial. Never wanting to admit the desires and lust that stirred just below the surface of our every action and encounter. 

Until finally, the day came when we were set free. Driven to our new home to be sisters, yes, but roommates without mom or dad. A trip that had only barely finished when every feigned pretense was cast aside, and in an instant we came for each other. Lips and bodies locking together as we excised all those painful years of denying what we were and what we wanted. 

Desires shared by our parents, who soon joined us in the throes of a battle we had all always wanted. A battle that we, as a family, played out again and again. In our new home and the one we grew up in. In pairs, triplets, and teams. Our fantasies coming true and becoming our reality, until one day — it came and stole it all away from us. 


A sickness that trapped us each afar and apart from one another. Me across the country in Seattle, Washington, you on the other coast in a city you went to visit, and mother and father in their home. They, as clearly and as firmly as they ever have, demanding that two of us just stay. Just remain. Wherever we were. As not to travel and catch an illness with unknown consequence.

And so we did. 

For one month and then two — three and then four. Until finally, in a text, you and I agreed. We’re coming home. No matter what mother and father said. We needed out. We needed freedom. And most of all, we needed the high that we had let ourselves become accustomed to. 

The high of fighting with our family. 

And though it was a decision we made with certainty, as we made our separate ways to different airports, I worried. Not about my life but yours. Knowing that by suggesting we fly home, I had put your life in danger. The one person in the world I could not live without. 

Tears I shed, at the gripping hands of nightmares that came while I was awake. And though they did reach for me, grip at me, and gnaw at my soul as I traveled, finally I made it to our parents home. My tight blue sundress, and black heels bringing me, and my run mascara stained cheeks to the front door. Hoping that the texts I sent you in the uber would be answered soon, or that somehow, when the door opened, you would be inside. 


When does a vacation become a nightmare? When what was supposed to be a few weeks away visiting friends in NYC turns into months and months away from home. “I’M GOING HOME!” I typed into the phone as soon as the news started to break about COVID, and most sane people realized it wasn’t just going to go away all on its own. “NO! YOUR NOT!” Dad replied. “You’re not traveling. You’re not getting on an airplane. You’re staying in that Airbnb for as long as they will let you or until I tell you to come home. Put it on my credit card. I’m done talking about it!” Dad could be forceful. So forceful that I hung up the phone on him earlier because I didn’t particularly appreciate how he was talking to me. But with this last message, I threw the phone against the bed and started to cry. How long was I going to have to be away from Jenn? How long was it going to be until I saw my parents again? I was going to go stir crazy all alone in this place, and that’s precisely what happened.

The only thing that centered me as days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months was talking to Jenn. To say our relationship was complicated is an understatement, but at the end of the day, no matter whatever happened between us, she was my sister. We would talk, laugh, and even flirt on the phone. Our FaceTime calls seemed to involve less and less clothing as time wore one. One night, in particular, we both started to rub ourselves as we talked without either of us acknowledging what was happening. I put my MacBook Pro on the bed, spread myself so you could see everything, and fingered myself to the sound and sight of you doing the same thing. Of course, that wasn’t the first time I had fingered myself in this exile. Still, it was the hottest, and it became an unspoken thing that we ended our nightly calls with that mutual satisfaction until our gasping, orgasming voices finished moaning and hoarsely whispered, “Good night, sis. I love you.”

But I can’t stay away from you any longer. I don’t care what dad says. I don’t care what mom says. Things are starting to calm down. I’ll wear a mask. I’ll wear a goddamn full body suit if I have to. I want to see you. I want to see our parents. I want to do the things we do together as a family now, no matter how wrong they may be. And so we hatch our plan. No one is going to say a word to mom and dad. We’re just going to show up at their house, and that’s what we did. I arrived first. I wanted to surprise you too, but the real surprise was for mom and dad. When I used my key to open the door, Dad was standing there, his arm holding mom back to protect him from this invader. I was wearing a tight pink sundress,  white heels, and nothing underneath. “What the hell are you doing here!” Dad shouted. Mom ran and hugged me. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me all over, but daddy was upset. “Sabrina. What the hell are you doing here!” he said again as my eyes drifted from mom back to him. “I told you to stay put.”

I pulled from mom’s arms, looked him in the eyes, and walked up to my daddy. I pushed my breasts to his t-shirt, stood up on my toes as much as I could to reach his lips, and kissed him. Just before our lips pressed, I purred, “Shut up, Daddy.” His lips pressed back to mine, his tongue reached out for mine as he wrapped his strong arms around me, and as our tongues danced for the first time in far too long, I heard the car pulling up and the door opening, and I knew our family was finally all back together.


I knocked once, with an overly wide smile. Hoping it would disarm whichever parent opened the door and began to yell at me for breaking their instructions. And though I waited, my dress-matching mask tucked into my purse, no such parent came. In fact, the door didn’t even open. 

Instead it just remained shut and unmoving. For one minute and then two. And so I began to listen. And when I did, I could hear the sounds of voices. Low, but still audible. It was mother’s and then father’s, and then after that, yours. The sound made my affected smile turn real, as without consent or invitation I reached down and turned the handle to the door. To my luck, it was unlocked, and so I burst inside and into a dream we had each imagined in our FaceTime calls night after night.

But in this version, you had both mother and father, pressed against the wall. Your left hands down the front of daddy’s slacks and your right beneath mother’s floral skirt and inside of her white panties. You keeping them both enthralled and sexually distracted as I knocked. Their faces a strange mix of defiance, anger, and yet satisfaction that kept them from resisting. 

At the sight, I ran inside, and towards your gathered threesome. My route taking me to your right, and to our mommy. One whose body I pressed my own into, as your hand pulled free and moved to focus on daddy once more. 

“You’re both in so much trouble….” Mother muttered in a lust-broken voice, as I grabbed for her skirt, and then yanked down. Pulling down from her wide, child-bearing hips as I sought to quicken a battle that started without me. 

“So much trouble….” Daddy agreed between your kisses and his. His pants, already unzipped and unbuckled, falling down around his ankles, as like a predator you tear into him. 

“Good to see you, siIIIS!!!” I try to say confidently, in celebration of our control. But as I do, mother surges into me. Her breast and mine crashing together and then flattening as I did in my left heel, and she spins us in a 280 degree pivot. She slamming my back against yours, you forward into daddy, daddy back harder into the wall behind him, and then his rigid cock between your thighs. 

“Don’t focus on your sister!” Mother demands before planting her lips on mine, and invading my mouth with her tongue. A tongue I meet, battle, and wrestle with my own, as behind me I feel our dresses kick up, high and higher as our soft, curvy butts rub together. 


Daddy melts with the kiss. He could never resist me, and so as our tongues wrestle, I push him to the wall. My right hand grabs mom’s, and I pull her with us. Daddy isn’t complaining anymore. He’s moaning and drooling into my mouth as my hand slides down into his pants to grab his already hard cock. “You missed me, Daddy,” I said with a wicked smile as I looked him in the eyes and slid my hand down into my mother’s skirt. “You missed me too, Mom,” I moaned as I pushed my fingers into her wetness as I kissed my father, stroked his cock, and rubbed my mother’s clit. Just then, the door opened, and it was you.

You come up beside me and decide to take mother. You pressed your body to hers and pinned her up against the wall beside me, just like how I have daddy pinned. As he looked at you with lust a father should never have for his daughter, I worked on his pants, unbuckling them and dropping them to his ankles so I could take his big, hard cock in my sweet fingers.

“Good to see you too, S….” my voice instantly was muffled as father shoved his tongue into my throat, and out of the corner of my eye, I see mom start to fight back, turning you and slamming your back into mine. I grunt loudly at the impact as I am forced back into daddy, and he reaches down to grab the bottom of my dress and start to lift it. I feel mom’s fingers moving behind me as well, and suddenly our dresses are pulled up, and our bare, naked asses press together. Dad’s right hand grabs my left cheek and spread me out as mom does the same to you, and both mom and dad push with their hips, dad’s hard cock rubbing between my legs as he pushes my spread cheeks back into yours.

“I missed you so fucking much, Jenn,” I moan, leaning my head back against yours to touch more of your body with mine. But truthfully, I didn’t just miss you. I missed fighting you. And I missed fucking you. Daddy can see in my eyes. I need this. I want this. My right hand comes up behind me, and it rubs over your left cheek. Your head turns, and you suck on my fingers in your lips as mom licks across your cheek. “Did you two come here to hurt each other?” Mom moans as her tongue drags up your cheek. “Mmmmmm, yes, we did….” I moan in response, my voice trailing off as I reach up now with both hands, slide them into your hair right against your skull, and I pull down, yanking your neck backward and your vision up as mom and dad press us together, and our daddy’s cock rubs up against my wet, soaked slit.

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I entered seeing you dominating both mother and father, and though I had spent countless nights thinking of taking you on, and battling as only we sisters can, I seized at the opportunity to control our parents once more. 

And though for a moment I felt that confident, unquestioned, twinge of pride as we tag-teamed mother and father, now I feel it all drain from me. The feeling of your body and mine touching after so long distracting me more than anything possible could. Or at least I thought, until somewhere in the haze of all that goes on around us, I hear you asked and then your answer. The feral need to fight me in your voice once more. Something I process just as your hands reach for my hair and pull, even as I suck on your fingers. 

The tug is not brutal or cruel, but instead feels like an offer — a request. Fight me, sister. And god I want it. So bad. So intensely. That without more I reach up, back, and then grab your hair, and return the pain. Accepting your terms and demand that we focus on each other, even while stuck between the two people who brought us into this world. 

A father who, as you and I increase the pressure we use to pull, moves, angles, aims, and then as you start to widen your base to get more leverage, plunges his dick into your already river-wet pussy. A daring invasion that causes you to scream out loud, just as I do the same. Mother having combined three of her fingers and then slammed them past my waiting lips and into my kitten. All as they talk to us. 

“You’re too weak to beat her, Jenn.” Mother chides, as her digits pump in and out of me. 

“You’ll give in before she does, Sabrina. You always do….” Says father, knowing his words will only make you fight harder. A calculation, as cruel as it may seem that he makes as his dick slides in and out of you, again and again. Each of us, kicking up our feet and legs, and wrapping them around the parent in front of us, as we pull ever harder on each others hair. 

Both out of competition and a desire to cause pain, but also to endure the pleasure our parents bring us as we duel. 


Every woman knows that feeling. It’s almost indescribable, but I’ll try. The most sensitive part of your body is soaked and wet. Your nerves are practically tingling. They’re eager and yearning for something, anything, to press against them. To fill you. To touch the deepest parts of your body. And when it happens, when you feel his manhood, especially someone as large as dad, sliding inside you, thick enough to touch you in so many places at once, all you can do it gasp. If you can get one word out at that moment, you’re lucky, and I can form just one word.


I moan out with my mouth open and my eyes wide just as you grab my hair back and start to pull. Another moan escapes my lips, this one of pain and pleasure mixed as you pull my hair, and my father pumps inside me. They both start to taunt us, egging us on, on it’s almost laughable. They’ve seen us fight. They’ve seen me sitting on your chest and slapping your face until you were acting like you were drunk. They’ve seen you holding me down to the carpet with your nails shoved into my breasts with one hand while the other hand abused my pussy relentlessly after wearing me down to the point where all I could do was scream. We don’t need their extra motivation, but it helps. I also don’t need my daddy in me any deeper, but I want it, and my legs around him will help.

I slide my right leg up first, and then my left. My legs slide around dad, and he collapses back to the wall and continues to thrust inside me. Your back crashes into mine as I feel you do the same, and we start pulling side to side on each other’s hair as our loving parents fuck our wet pussies.

“BITCH!” I scream as you pull harder on my hair to my right, and I join you, pulling the same direction angrily. “Stop! Stop!” Dad shouts, but it’s too late. We both go tumbling to the side, and we crash hard on the floor, me on my right side, and you on your left. I moan, both in pain and from the absence of feeling my father’s cock inside me. My left hand reaches up to grab his manhood, but as I try to reach for him, you slap my face hard with your right hand, and I collapse to my back.

You roll on top of me, and you grab my hair and pin my head back to the carpet, pulling on my strands right at my scalp and making me scream. I feel your whole body thrust forward, and I hear you and daddy moan at the same time. Daddy’s on his knees and taking your wet pussy from behind. I’m mad because if I had been on top, he’d be in me. “That’s my cock!” I go to scream at you as my hands come up to your sides and slide to your tits. As I go to scream, my fingers grab your tits and start to squeeze. My nails stab in, and as I scream into your face and claim our father’s cock as my own, I hear mom moan, “Oh no, baby, it’s not.” Just as she says it, she lowers herself down to her knees, and she sits on my face, pushing the pussy that birthed me to my mouth so I can shove my tongue deep inside her, and I’m happy to oblige as my fingers scratch and squeeze your chest.


It’s too much. Too hot. Too intense. The moment of us sisters being fucked, as we press together back-to-back. A moment that begins with us each crying out, you screaming daddy and me mommy. All as their chosen weapons slide into us, and fill our warm, wet, emptiness. Our fingers bound tightly in each others hair as we pull more and more painfully with every given second. 

The moment in my memories will last forever, and though it will, in reality it cruelly comes to an end. As after a shouted curse from your lips and then mine, we work ourselves too far in one direction and then fall to the carpeted floor without mommy or daddy or the appendenges they had buried deep inside of us. 

Their absence leading you to cry out and reach, and when you do, I turn, slap, and mount you. Knowing that they will be coming for us, and that when they arrive I want to be in control. A control daddy sees and rewards, by choosing my pussy to enter, as beneath me you rage at the realization. “That’s my cock!” You shout, as mother rounds us, replies to you claiming true ownership before sitting on your face. 

I would love it. The sight of it. Mother thick hips and soft ass lowering down on top of your beautiful face, if we weren’t once more hurting one another. Not with a mutual pulling of hair, but by gouging our nails into each others tits, and tearing as hard as we can. Not because we hate, but because we love to hurt one another.

A desire only worsened as daddy decided to share himself with us. He pulling his cock from my soaking pussy and driving it into yours. He making sure to spread my wetness and gather yours as thoroughly as he can, before he pulls out and returns to my kitten. He getting off on playing the role of courier by mixing our juices again and again. Until there is no longer an essence of Sabrina and one of Jennifer, but instead our mingled makings.

The feeling of it, and an awareness of what he was doing only making us more hot as still we squeeze hard and pinch worse at each others nipples and breasts. A torturing we continue as mother means back, reaches behind her head, and pulls me into an over the shoulder kiss. One we share as over and over she grinds her pussy and clit across your face. Not letting your tongue be enough for her ravenous and daughter-spawning cunt. 


Daddy always had such a hard time choosing between us. It manifested itself sweetly when we were little, and every birthday would mean presents for both of us. He didn’t have it in his heart to buy gifts for only one of his little girls. It also manifested itself sexually, now that we’re older, when he seems to have the desire to be inside both of us at once, and, barring that option, to take turns filling each of us. And that’s what he does, making me gasp as he pushes inside me, which forces my mouth open and allows more of mom’s honey to drip inside my lips. She begins to kiss you as we squeeze each other’s tits, and I push up, helping you up to her lips as I feel dad pull from me and slide back into you.

With our father’s cock not inside me, the yearning for our parents only increases, and so I wrap my lips around mom’s clit, and I suck and lick as intensely as I can while she makes out with you. I feel the quiver in mom’s hips. I hear the gasp. And then… the explosion. Mom starts to gush against my lips and down my cheeks. She moans and screams, pulling her mouth from yours in the throes of pleasure, and she collapses to the side, which makes you fall back down on top of me entirely as daddy pumps inside you.

Our hands smack together, and the pain makes us both lose our grip on each other’s tits. But it’s not my tits you’re worried about. You start to lick over my face, trying to lick the glistening honey of our mother from my skin and moaning like a needy whore with each long lick. I grab your hair with both hands and rip it back. I pull your tongue from my right cheek, and I see the anger in your face as your tongue stretches to taste our mother on my skin. “You want to taste her, whore,” I ask in passion and lust, my voice is not clear because of the fluid in my mouth, and suddenly I spit up into your face.

Daddy gasps and he pulls back too far. He’s so close, and he thrust in again, but this time he doesn’t slide into either of us, but between us. His cock rubs over our presses pelvises, and he starts to squirt. He pulls back, and the second squirt comes spraying out, and he coats both of his daughters’ wet pussy lips with his hot cum. He falls back too, collapsing to his ass, and we both scream in rage at having been denied our father’s cum. Our legs intertwine, our pussies press together, and his cum begins to ooze inside us both. I pull your hair hard to the right, and I pull you off me. “FUCKING BITCH!” I snarl as I roll on top. “I’ve been waiting for that orgasms for MONTHS!” I scream as if you haven’t been waiting just as long.

“FUCK YOU!” You snarl back, and we go rolling across the carpet as we trib hard. My left hand stays in your hair, but my right pulls back, slapping at your face, arm, and side as often as I can as we both scream and moan, and our parents watch, rubbing themselves as they watch their favorite thing in the whole world…. their only daughters fighting like whores.


Perhaps we could have milked it. That moment. By going slow and keeping steady. And somehow not letting ourselves get lost in the moment. But that would require something the last 4 months had stolen from us: patience. Something we lost in the first week of being apart. 

And so, the four of us rush. At first towards each other and then to satisfaction. Mother sitting on your face and bucking wildly. As daddy pounds his meat into us again and again. One daughter after another. Until he is so very close to orgasm that one more stroke will do the trick. 

His aim was on point and angle just as good. But hearing his wife cum on his daughter’s face, distracts him. Leaving his nigh-onto-bursting cock to slide between our wet and ever-close mounds. They providing the perfect glide path and trap to capture his rod, and with one hard, shifting of baby-fat-made skin, he cums hard. He, just like the woman he married, collapsing as he spurts his hot, milky, cum onto our stomachs as he shoots and our mounds as he withdraws. 

A loss of ownership and painful tie that sends us both into a rage. One that worsens when you refuse to let me taste mother’s essence, by pulling at my hair and trying to drag me away. 

At first, as we begin to roll, your effort works. But as you say your piece and I shout back with my own! “That should have been my cum, you STUPID CUNT!” I lean back down, our up and over rolls making it just hard enough for you to keep me away, that I latch my lips onto yours. Both upper and lower. The lower half in a hard, aggressive trib and the the top in a wild, passionate kiss in which I try to steal every last drop of mother’s cum from your mouth. 

The former you allow and engage in, though the second you fight to stop. Kean on denying me the satisfaction, just as I did in robbing you of daddy’s cum. But as we struggle, we continue to move. Not in one, unending roll, but in half turns and quarter high topples. But always thrusting. Always fucking. Even as we feel the orgasms we have wanted to share for so long welling, building, and brimming within us.

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“Ohhhhh GOODDD….”


I haven’t fucked anyone other than my fingers in months. I wouldn’t risk it. I’m not stupid. Not with a stranger. But with you, mom, and dad, it’s worth the risk.

Our bodies roll and twist and turn. Mom and dad scoot closer to each other, and then as we start to roll away, they rise to their feet and begin to follow us until we finally settle on the carpet. Our hips thrust, and our pussies mash together. Our lips kiss, and our tongue duel. Our bodies are getting what they wanted. They’re getting what we’ve yearned for and craved for all these months. We fuck so hard. We both start to cum as we trib, and we don’t slow down. The orgasms roll through us, our honey splashing through our lips like the waves of the sea crashing on the beach. We gasp as we kiss, and I pull my right hand up to the back of your hair, and I rip back. I snarl into your face as I roll on top of you, and I moan, “I didn’t just come here to fuck you, whore…”

I push my hands down quickly onto your big, firm tits. They’re already scratched, and I drive down with both hands, mashing them down to your chest. I can feel your hard nipples in my palms, and I could squeeze and twist, but my top priority right now is getting up. Daddy is standing right in front of us. His cock is wet and messy, and mom stands behind him. They’re both naked. Her tits press to his back, and her right hand wraps around to take his cock in her fingers. She milks his cock forward, making more cum escape from his head, and I look up just as a considerable strand drops down onto your face. “What a mess you are, Daddy,” and Mom pushes him forward, holding his cock at the base and bringing his head to my mouth.

I moan as my lips wrap around his wet manhood, and with my father’s cock securely in my mouth, my fingers clench into your breasts. Your nails find my side, and you start to scratch down my ribs. “Don’t scream, baby. You might bite him,” Mom moans. I close my eyes to block out the pain, but I can feel it all: the pull of your nails down my skin, the grouping of your breasts in my fingers, daddy’s cock filling my mouth, and his cum rolling over my taste buds. I thrust my hips down into yours. I trib you hard. Was that three a piece? I don’t know, but I know I need and want more.

“STOP SCRATCHING ME SLUT!” I scream, pulling my mouth back from daddy’s cock, and I reach down and start to slap your face with my right hand, which spreads daddy’s cum across your cheek and up towards your eyes, and as I slap his beautiful daughter, Daddy’s cock pokes me against the lips, and I open wide. I swallow him, and mom thrusts into his ass with her his, pushing him forward and driving his cockhead over my long tongue and into the back of my throat.

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There on the carpet we once played on together in front of the Christmas tree, we writhe together on the floor. Our eyes alight with passion and anger — lust and jealousy. Our nails digging into flesh, or grabbing and pulling at hair as we fight to overcome one another. 

Claim one another.

And fuck one another like only sisters can. 

Knowing every inch of each others bodies, almost as if it was our own. And though that knowledge allows us to drag one orgasm after another from each others bodies, we fight on without stopping. 

Roll on without slowing. Until like Nala from the Lion King, you raise up, and slam be down on my back. Mounting me like the goddess you are. A site that in its glory beckons daddy to come to you, with mother at his back. She readying and offering his cock to you, in your momentary moment of ascension. 

And you take it deep. You take it full. Milking our father’s cock of every last droplet of expressed but not freed cum. But at the sight of you claiming a reward we three women claim rights to, I reach up, out, and jam my nails into your sides. 

At the pain you recoil, and release daddy — mother giving you a warning not to bite him. One that washes over you unheard as you slap down at my face. Your palm crashing across my cheek with loud, echoing claps of flesh against flesh. The sound, my closed eyes, turned head, and removed claws you take as submission. 

A submission that leads you to take him once more into your mouth. Your every intent to take from him first, and prove your dominance over me, at least for this encounter. 

But as you do, and as daddy’s cock grows harder and harder with every second that passes, I suddenly lean up, my head just beneath daddy’s hanging apples, and bite your vulnerable right nipple.

At the sudden, piercing contact of teeth and tip you cry out and bite down. Doing exactly what mother told you not to do. 

Her warning coming not from a place of concern for father, but for you. As within a second, daddy grows angry. Your quick, doe-eyed apologies falling flat, as he steps right, pulling his dick from your hands and then wrapping it around your throat. His left hand moving to the tip of it and locking down, as he begins to choke you. Dragging you fiercely off of my body and your straddle as I hear you gurgle and cough. 

The sight and sound fill me with a devilish glee and a soul-deep regret. The expression on daddy’s face as he chokes you unlike any I have ever seen before. It is anger, yes. Rage, without a doubt. But there is a confidence to it. A masculinity-fueled power that he had always hidden from us in our games. 

“Bri….” I mutter softly, half afraid and half excited. But just as my hand reaches out for you, to undue what I have done. I feel mother’s left forearm sneak beneath my chin, her legs wrap around my abdomen, and her entire body seize as she locks me deep in a rear-naked choke. One she pulls me back into and to my side. Leaving me to watch you suffer, and you to watch me as only feet from each other our parents drain every last breath from our bodies.

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No one can make out the words that I’m moaning as I suck on my daddy’s cock. I’m moaning his name, calling him daddy, begging him to fuck my mouth deep and hard. But each of those attempts at manifesting words is drowned out by the sound of my lips slurping and sucking on my father’s manhood. And then… you bite me. I scream, and I can’t help it. My teeth close in pain, and I bite into Daddy!

“FUCK!!!” he screams, and I immediately loosen my mouth, and Daddy pulls back.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” I say through gasps as I rip at your hair with my left hand and slap at your face, apologizing and assaulting his daughter. But Daddy will have none of it. He grabs my hair and pulls me, dragging me off you as I scream out, and he turns me enough for him to get behind me. “Daddy! Daddy!” I scream in protest as you watch on, but then I feel it. Daddy’s cock pushes against the right side of my throat as he steps over my right arms. His left hand reaches down to grab his thick head, and he pulls, wedging his cock up against my throat and cutting off my air.

My eyes go up desperately to dad, who looks down at me and snarls, “I told you never to fucking bite me,” and he pulls up harder. My eyes roll for a second, and I look to mom and you for help, but you sit there watching our father choke me with his cock, and as you call out my name, you don’t even notice mom moving behind you. “I missed you, baby girl,” Daddy hisses down at me, “but maybe you forgot who rules every pussy in this house.” My eyes flutter again, and I look up as he spits down into my face, letting his spit hang and gather before the weight makes it break from his lips and drop on my face. I look up at him with his spit running down my cheek and my air fading, and I mouth two words: “Fuck…. you…” My right hand turns, and I shove my hand up just as mom grabs you and contracts around you. I take both of my father’s heavy, large balls in my hand, and I SQUEEZE… I dig my nails in, and my fingers clench around his meaty balls.

Daddy screams. Mom calls out to him, but he only screams more. I twist my hand, and his legs give out. He stumbles to the floor on his back, and his cock slips from his hand. I gasp now that I can finally breathe, and I turn. I push his legs apart, and his large cock hangs to the floor. I put my right knee on it, and I lean over him. I pull my hair back and look into his face as he moans in pain, and I lean down and lick his chest as I purr, “Are you sure you own my pussy, Daddy? It sure feels like I own YOUR FUCKING COCK!” I shout the last words down into his face as my knee grinds, and over the shouts, I can barely hear you and mom going at it behind me.

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As mother pulled me over to my side, and began to choke I was certain that in those grasps our parents would drain us. Slowly. Cruelly. Until we were breathless and beaten. Broken and barely conscious. Not so that we could be put to bed like when we were smaller, but instead so they could find some new, dirty little play to punish us for our refusal to do as told. And our audacity in flying during such a dangerous pandemic. 

But you have always been tougher and more resilient. And so before you have even lost a full lungs worth of breath you turn the tables on our father. Grabbing his balls and squeezing. He releasing a low and heavy groan as he falls back from you and to the carpeted floor. 

And when he does, mother, in shock and dismay, goes to help him. And thwart your plans of claiming daddy for yourself — without her there to keep you in line. 

But as she uncoils herself from around me, and stands back up to make her move. I make it back to my knees and dive at her. Pulling her down to the ground, and onto her ass in a loud, yelp-inducing slam.   

“You little, bitch, Jennifer! We need to help your father!” She yells at me, certain I will see the wisdom in keeping you from having daddy all to yourself. And though I do, somewhere deep inside, I choose to salve my guilt for biting you, by keeping mother from taking you down. 

Doing so by hoping down behind her, and wrapping my legs around her body. Not in a leg scissor, but instead to pry her legs open so that I can reach around her, and slide my fingers into her pussy only a foot from your plump little ass. One that moves before us like a cobra to a flute as you set in on securing daddy in whatever you have planned for him. 

A sight I fully intend on finger-fucking mother to. To make her watch as the moment she sought to stop plays out. That is if you can keep daddy down and in your control. Something we have both found hard to do, when he wants to take back his throne.

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Daddy groans. His head tosses back and forth to the side. “Screw… you… Sabrina…,” he moans out as my knee grinds down, pressing his cock painfully to the carpet between it and my bony knee.

“Noooo, Daddy… I’m going to be the one screwing you.” I lift my hands high, and I smack them down onto his chest with a double, open fingered slap down to his hard muscles, and I slide my hands forward, which makes my lean forward until my breasts are dragging on his chest. My fingers slide up to his shoulders and then into his hair, and they lock behind his head. I pull his head forward as my knee finally comes off his cock, and I bring my lips to his and moan, “Show me how much you missed me, Daddy.” I kiss his lips. “Show me I’m still your special girl. Let mommy and Jennifer see how much I mean to you.”

I feel daddy’s lips part, and his tongue comes out to caress mine. His hands slide down to my ass. He could push me off. Hell, he is strong enough to pick me up and throw me off, but he doesn’t. He lifts me, and I feel his hard cock head rubbing up against my slit. His head pushes, and I gasp. I feel him spread me and start to slide in me again. “I love you, Daddy,” I moan against his lips, and he moans back, “I love you too,” and with a hard push, he thrusts up inside me. I kiss him again, deeply and passionately, and I thrust my hips down into his. And with my mother watching… in the middle of fighting my sister… after having not seen all of you in person for months, I begin to do something a daughter never should, something that feels so right and true deep inside me that I can’t stop thinking about it when we’re apart, and I start to make love to my father.

“Resist her! Fight her off! She’s trying to claim you!” mother screams between orgasmic gasps as you finger her. But daddy doesn’t resist. He stares into my eyes and sees a younger version of the face and woman he’s fucked for most of his adult life.

“Fill me, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy. Harder, Daddy. Deeper, Daddy!” I hear mom screaming behind me, and I can hear you taunting her. I know her voice. She’s close. As close as daddy, and the two prodigal daughters, now returned home, have their parents on the brink of orgasm as daddy thrusts inside me, his eyes go wide, and I purr as he beings to fill me as deeply and fully as I’ve needed for months and months and months.


You’re beautiful. You’re sexy. And to our father, you’re undeniable. He, wilting to your will like a wet tissue to a thrown fist. His eyes glazing over as you mount him and take his still rigid mace into your delicate and yet dominant flower.  

The sight fills me with jealousy. Seeing you once again take daddy as your own. But I know I can’t stop you. Not without letting mother free, and once more striking at you when you’re moments away from what you want most. 

Why do I resist that urge? Why do I let you have what we both want? Because I love you. Deep down, beneath the competition and lust-fueled desire to fight. And knowing that once more, we, as a family, are together, makes me smile. Even as mother strains so very hard to break free from my grasp. 

She willing and wanting to do what I will not. But when she can’t escape me, she calls to father. Trying to guide him into snapping the spell you have over him. But it’s too late. And he is too far in your trance. 

But that doesn’t stop her. Our mother. Who sees the power you have over our father and her husband. A power that drives her mad with jealousy and rage — doubt and fear. 

Emotions that are too powerful for me to quell with my already aching muscles. And so I switch tactics and whisper to her. “Don’t you want me mommy…” I ask it so sweetly. So softly. And in a blink, mother’s concentration breaks. She looking at me with more emotions than I can count. 

Lust. Fear. Sadness. Regret. Doubt. Each of which she conveys to me with a wince as to our front, and as my fingers still slide in and out of her pussy, daddy erupts within you. His groan coming in a roar and then petering out into a broken moan of defeat and ecstasy. One that you accompany with a soft, sensual, and yet victorious coo of your own. 

I can see the sounds break mother’s heart, and when the pieces fall I speak to her again. “You can have me … mommy. I want you….” Upon hearing my words I see a tear form in mother’s eye. One that drips and slides down her cheek as she turns and leans into me, my tight grips having released as father came.

Then, as I fall to my back and mother chases, I hear you teasing and taunting daddy with a few playful words, and a handful of kegel flexes that drain him of every last drop of his cum. 

All as mother and I kiss — she being hungry to feel wanted and loved as she mounts me. Crossing our thighs, and sliding our soaking wet pussies together. A glistening trek that brings gentle whimpers from both mother and I as we look soul-deep into each other’s eyes. 


Daddy fills me. It’s what I’ve needed and wanted for months. I enjoy fucking other women, especially my gorgeous sister and beautiful mother. However, at the core of my being, I still crave a long, hard, thick, veiny cock driving deep inside me more than anything else. It’s been months since I had one, and my father’s cock meets all of my requirements and then some. Plus, the part of me that is pure bitch knows I get off a little harder hearing mom’s screams and protests. She knows daddy and her girls have something special. Each of us is daddy’s girl in her unique way, and as much as he talks and as much as he brags, again and again in these family fun nights, he’s shown one simple truth: he can’t resist either of us. He’d chose mom over every woman on planet earth, every woman, that is, except the two she birthed.

But mommy wasn’t much better. Even as I moaned loudly, screaming out and then silencing my screams by kissing and making out with my father, you two were behind me, and mother was falling into your trap. Daddy moans, and I climb off him, almost shocked that one of you two didn’t come to pull me off, but now I see why. You’re on your back, and mother is on top, but you are the one in control. Or maybe you’re giving yourselves to each other. It’s hard for me to tell from here, but it makes my pussy stir again, even with my father’s cum oozing from between my legs, to see you two kissing on the floor.

“Roll her over, Jenn… I had daddy’s cock. I want your lips.”

Almost immediately, I see you two roll. Mother is entirely on board now as she’s in heat for her gorgeous daughter. Mom goes to her back, and I shift on knees towards her head. You two keep kissing, but I pull the back of your hair and lift you. I draw your lips up to mine, forcing your upper body up while your pussy stays connect to mom’s, and I crawl forward until I can push my cum soaked pussy to mother’s mouth and push my lips to yours.

“You can have some of daddy back, mommy,” I moan, and I feel mom’s mouth moving under me, sealing around my lips, and her tongue sliding up into my pussy. Your clit grinds to her, and both your bodies churn, as our lips press and open, and our tongues come out again to keep profoundly and passionately. “I’ve missed you so fucking much, Jenn.” I moan out between kisses as you and mother grind, and mommy eats me out.

“I’ve missed you too, Sabrina.”

My left hand comes up to your chest, and I squeeze your sore, scratched breasts. I give each several hard squeezes, and then I slide my hand higher up towards your throat. I feel your hand doing the same. You know what game I want to play with me even having to say it. You squeeze my chest and then put your hand on my throat as I put my hand on yours. Choke and slap… I love this game, and I don’t think we’ve ever played it on mom before. My left hand clenches as my knees spread, getting my balance over mom’s face, and my right hand pulls back and begins to slap wildly at your arm and side. Daddy sits up and calls out to mom underneath us as the slaps start to get harder and harder.

“Mmmmm, love, you should see how hot our girls look trying to choke each other.”

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I’m on my back, but I have her. Have mother. Her full attention and under my control. Her soft, loving kisses coming as I softly whisper to her. “We don’t need daddy right now. Let her have him. It’s just you and me….” 

I can tell the words hit hard at first. She never wanting to admit that either of us have a hold on daddy equal or greater to hers. But as our pussies continue to meet, slide, and then return for another go, she begins to soften. To accept. And to forget about you and her husband behind us. 

A moment of weakness that comes just as you instruct us to roll. An instruction I expected and comply with in a flash. My left foot planting, and driving us up and over. My red hot cunt and mothers never breaking apart as I move her to her back. 

Then, with her there, and as she and I continue to kiss, I feel you pull my hair, and drag me back into a straddle. One you match, though with you sitting on mother’s face. 

For a moment we speak of how much we missed each other, and how long we had waiting to be reunited once again. But then your hands move and my follow suit. One preparing to choke and the other to slap. The game we played as children, that has grown only more intimate and sexual as we have grown older. 

But now we have a new twist to add. One in which mother’s tongue twists and turns in your pussy, as I use mine to grind against hers. A combination of pleasure and pain that we begin as our throat-bound fingers grasp and tighten as our opposite hands begin to strike anywhere and everywhere. All as beneath us mother plays the role of a mounted Sybian. 

“They’re gorgeous, honey, they really are.” Daddy admires as he makes his way back to his feet and towards us. His still flaccid and cunt-wet cock hanging between his legs as he approaches our right. 

His presence making each of us choke and slap harder. The resonant competition for him sparking and then catching flame just as he comes so very close. And when he does, and as we lean into each other, our foreheads sealing together and nose-tips brushing, I reach out with my slapping hand, grab his barely recovered cock, and then bring it up and between our saliva spewing lips and reddening faces. 

Our lips sliding around it in opposite half-moons as I add yet another piece to our already filthy little puzzle. Can we get daddy hard once more and make him cum again as we choke each other? And into whose mouth? Or will mother make us both cum and seize back control. 

Another family game to play for we four dirty deviants. 


Choke and Slap. The game isn’t about trying to choke each other out, nor is it about trying to slap the other unconscious. It’s about making each other suffer. The loss of air and the mixture of pain makes you woozy and delusional. We want each other in that place where we can’t think but only feel, straddling the line between consciousness and unconsciousness with a mixture of pain to make it all perfect. So there are moments where our hands relax, and we let the other breath a bit. Our faces are turning red, even purple at moments, but who will give first? Who will stop the choke and insist that the game stop? That’s always the challenge. This isn’t the first time that daddy’s watched us play, nor is it the first time that he’s gotten his big cock involved in the fun.

The head presses to our lips, and I open up to take him in, but you lean into me, push your head to mine to push me back a little, and swallow him. He pushes into your mouth, and his cum drips on your tongue. I hear you moaning, and I kiss along his shaft and tighten my fingers to punish you for taking his cock. I slap hard at your side, but he’s at my right hand side, which makes it harder for me to slap you. So I cheat. I’m not going to sit here and just watch our daddy fuck your mouth. I dig my nails into your lower side, just below your ribs, and I squeeze. You squeal, and daddy pulls back from fear of being bitten again, and I take him into my mouth immediately.

And FUCK… his cock is already hard. Does he always get that hard just from being in your mouth? Daddy starts to pump into my mouth as I keep my nails in your side, and mom continues to eat at my pussy as more of his cum oozes out into her mouth. Daddy’s pumping me again for the second time in the past five minutes, and this time he’s doing it right in front of you!

“you…. bitchhh… Sabrina…” I hear you barely getting the words out from the finger-clamp I  have on your throat. Your right hand comes up to my left breast, and you dig your nails into the top of my breast and start to scratch down. I cry out around daddy’s cock, but he’s so deep inside me that he can’t pull back entirely, and my lips seal around him. And for one perfect, painful, sexually charged moment, my father pumps his cock in and out of my mouth, my mother’s tongue works up inside my pussy, and my sister scratches at my breast. That’s enough to throw me edge again, and my whole body contracts as I start to cum on mommy’s face, and my fingers slip from your throat. I lost…

I hear you cough and gasp, even as you squeeze my throat, and daddy pumps my mouth, and you say one simple and entirely accurate word.


And Daddy knows your right. He pulls out of my mouth and turns to you. As I squirt all over mother’s face, I watch as you enjoy the taste of our father’s cock filling your mouth. At the same time, you continue to squeeze and scratch at me, and between the pain, the orgasm, and your fingers on my throat, I’m struggling hard to get any breath.


Fingers tighten and hold. Until we see black spots. Until our faces turn red and then purple — purple and then a touch of blue. But then we release, allow one another to breathe, only to reaffix and refocus on choking one another. 

But then, as we have so many times before, we bring in daddy, and in so doing, stir our already boiling competitive juices. All while stretching daddy’s labedo and sexual prowess to their absolute limits. Making him go again and again, when most men would fail to even see this moment without exploding like a bottle of champagne. 

But daddy fights through his own sexual fatigue, and in our dueling mouths gets hard. Rock hard. All as we strategize how to steal that glorious rod that gave us life for ourselves. And though at first I feel as if once more you are beating me — bettering me, and likely to take his cock and cum for yourself, mother gets her revenge. She, knowing what is at stake, working your clit with her tongue like a master. And in so doing, dragging you to orgasm on her face. A release that makes you weak, and leads you to fall from your straddle and down to the floor on your back. 

My mouth opening at first not to take daddy once more, but to couch, sputter, and hack. Trying to regain the breath you choked out of me — even as I see it in our father’s eyes. He wants to give it to me. My reward. And I want it. Desperately. Deeply. And right at that moment. But instead of giving it to me. As I cunt-fuck mother into oblivion. He grabs my hair, and pulls me to my feet. Just as mother rolls to her knees, takes two handful of your golden locks, and then with you returns to her own.

He and she then dragging us out from the living room, down the hall, and into the master bedroom. Each of them throwing us onto the bed and on our backs side by side. There, I look to you. To see your tired, lust-drunk face. Your eyes blinking slowly, as you try to recover from your most recent and entirely draining orgasm at mother’s hands. 

Then I look back to daddy, as he crawls onto the bed, and between my legs. And mother who moves quickly to her top dresser drawer and pulls out a strap-on she had molded in the shape and size of daddy’s cock. One she equips, just before she too joins us and finds her way between your spread thighs. 

That’s when I grab your hand, and squeeze it tight. A pressure that only increases as in unison they enter us and together we moan out loudly. 



The screams aren’t mine alone. They’re both of ours. The bliss of the moment of this devil’s foursome with our parents is used by them to turn the tables on both of us, and they start to drag us down the hall by our hair naked and screaming. They pull us past our old bedroom where we used to fight more than they even know, where we’d finish by masturbating under the covers as if the other wouldn’t hear our moans just because we had the covers pulled over our heads. They drag us past the bathroom where we used to get ready for dates as teenagers, where I would look in the mirror and wonder if you knew how much you were the one I wanted to be on a date with. They drag us to the bedroom and throw us onto the bed side by side.

I’m still so out of it that I can barely tell what’s happening. I hear you moan like a whore, and my head turns back. I see Daddy behind you and thrusting inside you. But where is mom? The question is answered as I feel hands on my cheeks spreading me as a cold, dry fake cock pushes to my wet lips. Mom thrusts inside me as we grasp each other’s hand.


Mommy had that strapon made just for us. She got it to taunt us, but I still think she doesn’t realize how much we love it. It’s a replicable of our father, and it’s the second-best thing to having him inside us. I can still remember her taunt as she pulled it out. “You girls enjoy your father so much… well, here you go.” Besides my father’s flesh and blood, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted something in me more at that moment. It was daddy, but it would never tire and never go flaccid. I tried to take it from mom once in a fight, but she beat me, scratching and slapping me naked as we rolled and tribbed until I had to scream for her to stop. And now she uses it on me again, thrusting inside me.

“Look at them holding hands,” Mom purrs in a sadistic tone. “I thought they came here to fight.”

“So did I,” Dad says, and he leans down and takes your hair in his hand and begins to wrap the strands around his wrist. Mom’s hands roam up and down my back as she thrust inside me, and suddenly daddy rips back on your hair. I hear you scream, and your grip tightens around mine. Mom’s nails slide up to my shoulders, and then she starts to scratch down my back. Mom moans loudly as her fingers drag down me, and I scream.

“Mmmmm, baby, don’t you love hearing our daughter’s scream. I know I love feeling their skin pulling up under my nails.” My back arches in pain, and mom pours the gasoline onto the fire. “Come on, girls. You haven’t seen each other in months. You came here to fight, didn’t you? So do it. Your daddy and I want to watch you hurt each other.”

We both know they won’t stop hurting us until we hurt each other, and so our grip on each other’s hand release. My left hand pulls up, and I slap you hard across your beautiful, gorgeous face as our parents thrust inside us and fuck us so hard that the bed is shaking, and daddy… daddy is getting very close.


Since we were little they have bred us to fight. Nurtured us to battle with each other, and without our knowledge them. And though at first, we resisted and rebelled. Now, we not only comply on command, but want it. Need it. And fiend for it when we don’t have it. 

And so as they challenge us to fight. Insult us for not being more violent with each other, we each feel it like a red hot poker to the soul. One that starts with what little attack we can muster, there on our knees and bent over. But then, as within us our hungrier wolf ascends, we grab for each others hair, and wrench at the same so hard that our entire bodies twist. Forcing mother and father off the bed, and to the side of it, as each continues to fuck us from behind. The two versions of father’s cock, one real and the other hard rubber, sliding in and out of us as in the center of the bed, angled horizontal we pull and pry — twist and almost tumble over. Each of us snarling and cursing at one another, as we lose ourselves in the battle our parents want to see. Fighting through the pleasure we feel and the lusts that tug at us. 

“Fucking bitch! How could you have left me alone for so long!” I scream at you, as with a devil’s strength I pull so hard at your hair that we roll to the right, and up the bed. Our legs lifting into the air, as mother and father stay at our ends — fucking us even as we roll like ballerinas at the end of their cocks. 

But then you pull back just as hard, and send us rolling back down the bed and over.  With every yank, pulling closer and tighter. And then when we’re near enough, we bite at each others mouths. Not in some playful kiss, but hard — the taste of drawn copper filling our mouths on contact, as like dogs we attack one another. 

Moaning through our teeth as once and then again mother and father drive into us. Until finally, as we tear into each other, father cums and collapses back. His cock filling me with his seamen as he falls back and into a nearby chair. And at the sound of it, mother pulls back and out of you. Leaving us to climb fully onto the bed and war. Our teeth releasing each others lips, and bodys writhing as we growl and groan with each other. 

Our wounded tits pressing and flattening against each other, only to pull apart as we wrestle for control. A sight daddy watches exhausted, as mother climbs into his lap. Her hand gently stroking his withered rod, to milk it of what little drips I did not steal away. 

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Fighting while you’re getting fucked is not easy. Our fighting is awkward and restrained by the motion of the two people behind us who are thrusting deep inside us even while encouraging us to fight one another. And my anger to you is fueled not just by their goading but by the simple fact that you’re the one with daddy inside you. I’ve had him in me twice already tonight, but twice is not enough for me. You’re going to take his load. He’s going to be filling you and not me, and that makes me grab your hair and pull and twist and do whatever I can to hurt you until it finally happens.

Daddy moans, and he fills your wet pussy with his cum. I know that gasp. I know that moan. I wish it were mine, and as he cums inside you, I slap at your face and pull your hair. “That’s supposed to be mine!” I shout, but Dad stumbles back, and mom, wanting things to be fair, steps back as well, pulling the long, fake cock from my eager slit, and we throw ourselves at each other on the bed.

“YOU LEFT ME ALONE, CUNT!” I scream back at you, and we both go for the other’s lips with our teeth, biting down and tasting blood. Our tits smash together and pancake against each other, and our wet pussies smack together. Both of us have daddy’s essence inside, but you are fuller than I am, and as we push together, he oozes between us and flows back and forth between our warring cunts.

I roll on top, and I smash my hips down as much as I can with our legs intertwined. My clit smashes down to yours, and my left hand pushes on the left side of your face, turning your neck and pushing your head down into the comforter. My right hand pulls my nails down the outside of your left arm, and as you scream, you slap my face, sending me collapsing to the side so you can roll on top. Your pussy mashes down into mine twice, and I moan loudly. Your hands start to smack at my face, and I use both hands to cover up.



My hands thrust up, allowing you a few shots to my face, but I grab your breasts and squeeze. I shove your tits together with my fingers pinching around the sides of your nipples. I push to the side, rolling on top and hammering my hips down into yours so hard that the headboard starts to slam into the wall and the whole bed shakes.  Blood runs down my chin from the bite, and I toss my hair back as best as I can with a flick of my head, and Daddy moans as Mommy works his cock.

“Aren’t they perfect?” she asks, knowing the answer.

“They are. They really are.”

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They brought us to their marital bed to fuck us, yes. To punish us, even more so. But seeing us there, on top of the duvet cover we as a family used to cuddle sweetly under when we were children drove them to want more. 

To want to see what their years of setting us against each other, and yet always keeping us together has wrought. And so they taunted us, challenged us, and even dared us to battle for them. 

And when they withdraw their cocks, one real and one other, we lunged at each other like ravenous wolves. Anger-fueled, jealousy-drenched, and lust-driven. Each of us desperate to hurt, hurl, and punish the other for everything we can think of at that moment. The trip apart. Daddy’s cum slowly oozing out of my pussy. And even slights that go un reminded and unsaid. 

For a moment, in the heat of that bubbling vengeance we’re on our knees, until we fall together, and lock together at the legs, the pussy, and the breasts. Our every muscle working at odds and in unison. To resist, and yet keep the other close. Close enough to touch. Close enough to fuck. Your piston like hips driving your sex into mine. Demanding more of it. More of what daddy shared with me. 

“You want it, bitch!?” I ask as my hands search for your wrists and then slam them down to the bed.

“You want to share, when you wouldn’t share with me? HUH!?” My voice is not only defiant, but near deafening. So loud and proud, as I pin you beneath me, line myself up, and then as hard and as painfully as I possibly can, I drag my pussy across yours. Spreading our lower lips, so that dad’s still leaking seed seeps from my pussy into yours. A drainage I feel you working for by shifting up, spreading your legs wide, and by doing so opening your cunt for more. 

“YOU WANT ME TO SAY FUCKING THANK YOU, BI–?!” You yell up at me, refusing to give me even a hint of gratitude. And when you do, I gather the leavings of father’s cum, still in my mouth, the saliva that coats it, and then spit down into your open and speaking mouth. 

A ball of liquid that makes you choke, and weaken, if only for a second. But when you do, I quickly pull my legs from yours, scramble up the bed, and go to sit on your face. My hands moving to the headboard to keep myself steady and in place, as my thighs, ass, and pussy close in. 

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My defiance and shouting at you get me a mouth full of spit and cum. You catch me off-guard, and I gag hard, losing focus and control for only moments, but against my dear sister, moments are more than enough time for you to take advantage. Your legs pull from mine. I try to sit up to stop myself from gagging and couching, and you slap me across the face. I scream, and my head flies back. I collapse backward on the bed, and before I can get back up, you grab my wrists and pin them down and then make your way up my body. “GET OFF ME BITCH!!’ I shout up, but you should back down.


I twist and turn my head defiantly as your ass drags over my tits, and then you slide forward, pinning my wrist down with your knees and taking a seat on my face. Instantly, I feel the smearing. It’s dark, wet, and it smells of sex. You rub your pussy across my mouth and my nose. Then you lean back a bit, getting your ass involved, and your puckered whole rubs over my lips and presses up against my nose like you were trying to push my nose inside you. Your cum and daddy’s cum smears across my face as I inhale your musk. And with me pinned under you, you… GRIND…. over and over, forward and back, smearing your pussy and ass across my face, making sure to push them against my mouth and nose, making sure that I smell you and taste you.

“That’s it, make her taste your ass, baby!” Mom calls out, and dad moans and slides his right hand around mom’s hip and his fingers into her cunt.

I feel humiliated. You’re using me. You’re wiping yourself on my face in front of our parents, and you’re about to cum all over me. I know it’s my best chance… to make you cum. To make you lose focus and gasp. And so I do it. I open my mouth, extend my tongue, and as your pussy and ass slide across my mouth, I lick. I lick whatever you shove against me. I lick and suck and do everything I can to get you off until I feel your whole body tighten and begin to climax against my face. Just as you start, I swing my legs up at my waist, and I bring my feet up around your neck. My ankles lock, and I pull back hard. I yank you down onto your back between my legs, and your back straightens from the pain. Your hips rise, and I lean my mouth forward. My hands slip free from your knees, and I grab your hips and pull your pussy back to my mouth. I eat you wildly. Your body is still climaxing. You’re squirting against my tongue even as it pushes inside your slit. And with our parents watching and my face glistening from getting smeared by your pussy and ass and your initial gush on my face, I try to trap you there, with my ankles locked in front of your throat, and my mouth devouring your cunt through wave after wave of orgasm.

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It is a game we’ve played when we’re alone at our place. One of us sneaking up on the other as she naps, and then planting our naked lower half down on their face. A game of dominance and submission. One we take pleasure losing and winning, as day turns into day. 

But those small exchanges aren’t in front of mommy and daddy, nor stolen in the middle of a fight for control. And consequently there is nothing game-like when I crawl atop you, and trap you so very deep between my thighs. My molten hot and ocean-wet pussy dragging across your pretty little face again and again, though I don’t stop there. No, I go further, and pull m y darkstar over your lips and nose. Making you smell it. Taste it. Endure it as I ride your face to fucking orgasm. 

“NOW WHICH OF US IS THE DUMB WHORE, HUH, SABRINA!?” I ask, as again and again I shift my already low hips back and then forward. Back and then forward. Almost twerking on your face, as I keep you trapped beneath me.

Oh and how mother and father love it. Each praising me as I own you there in their marital bed. Soaking their pillows with my sister-drawn-essence. Knowing they will each enjoy my scent that night, and until finally they feel compelled to wash the pillows I have perfumed for them. 

But then suddenly I feel it. Your tongue! “YOU BITCH!” I cry out. Knowing what you’re doing and hating it. This is my moment! My time to control! And yet I can’t stop or resist your snake-like tongue gliding over my two lower portals. Your tastebuds playing the role of roller, as again and again I drag myself atop your face. 

Until finally the welling pleasure within me explodes! LEaving me to shake, to quake, and collapse onto my back and onto your body. And though I can’t think, speak, or even move, you collapse your legs around my neck, lock your ankles at the heels and then lock me down. A trap you spring before you drag my lower half back towards you, and begin a new, fresh assault even as my latest orgasm is only quarter-through.

“Mmm, there you go, Bri. Hold her down for….” Daddy says, as he tries to get up and out of the chair. But mother’s hand reaches out and stops him. Without words the matron of our family instructing him to wait as she stands, naked just like we, and makes her way to the bed. Not to you, but to the end, where I struggle and scream in ecstasy I cannot control or even take.

A state she finds me in, as she begins to climb onto the bed, and then straddles my face. Pushing your feet just far enough down to, with two fingers, pinch closed her labia around my mouth, sealing off my air. 

“Mommy raised such a clever little girl in you, Bri….” She muses with a devilish smile before mumbling under her breath. Too bad you’ll never be the woman I am….” 

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You’re trapped, but not without a means of escape. Your hands are free, and if you can control yourself through the orgasm, you can grab my ankles, pull them apart, and escape from this hold that I’ve put you in. That’s once you settle down, but for now, you keep orgasming against my lips, and I keep licking. I don’t taunt you. I barely even moan. I have one goal right now: to eat your pussy raw and to make you cum so hard that your eyes start to roll in your head, and you can’t even think of getting free.

Daddy cheers me on, but he’s cut short by mommy. I’m so focused on bringing unceasing pleasure to your cunt that I don’t even see her standing up and walking to the bed. It’s not until she’s kneeling at your head that I can see her just over your mound. She pushed on my ankles, but she doesn’t break the hold. She pushes them down to your breasts, and I’m happy to spread my legs out more to bring my locked ankles lower. She compliments me as she mounts you, and slides her pussy over your mouth and presses your nose flat in her cheeks. She takes the parts of her little girl needs to breathe, and she completely surrounds them with her sex. And she’s not playing around. She pinches herself shut around you, sealing you breathing off.

And Mom and I start to bitch, almost as if she isn’t pussy choking her daughter out and while I eat my sister’s pussy. I lick you long and deep and then pull my head up to look at mom. Your body is twitching and turning as you try to break free, but we both have you trapped, and barring daddy knocking one of us off you, you’re going to drift into lalaland.

“Didn’t you see your husband’s face when he fucked me?” I lick you again and swirl my tongue inside your pussy as your hips shake and thrust. “Did you see the way he looked at his baby girl? Did you see how hard he got for me the moment I walked through the door?” My tongue plunges in against, and my lips seal around your clit until they pull back with a pop.

“That’s your husband, whore, and he yearns for me. Of course… he doesn’t yearn for me as you much as you do, mom? Did you tell him about our late night calls? Did you ever tell him why you take the phone into the shower with you sometimes? Do you ever show him all the sexting you do with your baby girl?” Mom’s face goes red, and in anger, she pushes down more on your face.

“She’s who you’ve been messaging?” Daddy asks from his chair and rubbing his cock. “She’s the one you get out of bed to talk to when you think I’m asleep?”

I drag my tongue up your quivering slit. “Sorry, Daddy, I guess I’m the other woman.”


“I WAS GOING TO FUCK YOU ALL NIGHT YOU FUCKING WHORE!” I shout back at her, but neither of us moves, we growl and hurl insults, but all the while… we keep smothering you and fucking you into utter oblivion.


A marathon of sex. Not simple, missionary, boring ass sex. But the dirtiest, freakiest, kiniest sex anyone could possibly imagine has left me exhausted. Broken. And after you licked my ass and pussy to a cataclysmic orgasm that shook the very foundations of my universe, I am barely able to breathe let alone think of escape.

But that moment of utter destruction is when you begin to lick again! And when mother comes and sits on my face! Sealing me off from the moist, warm, sex-scented air in the room. Leaving me not to scream or rebel, but in my calamity wither beneath her. Even as my legs spasm as they lay on your shoulders. You continuing to barrage my battered pussy with your mouth and tongue — even as bit by bit I slip away from the conscious world. 

And though I drift, I can hear it. You and mother fighting. Arguing. And having the discussion I knew to be brewing for months if not years. I wish I could see it, without mother’s pussy blocking my view. Hear it, without her inner thighs cupping my ears. And enjoy it, without my every breath being stolen. 

Until finally, when mother has taken me out of the scenario — exactly as she wanted, she lifts her sexy ass and pussy from my face, leans towards you, and grabs your hair. Leading both you and she to the side of my unmoving body. One that daddy scouts around the bed to collect, and bring back to his chair, as face to face and nose to nose you and mother glare. 

“Right now, Sabrina. My pussy vs. yours. Winner gets to control these little get-togethers of ours. And the loser takes her place beneath the others thumb.” I can hear mother’s challenge, but not see it. As my eyes are bleary, wet with tears of exhaustion, and filled with spots from my lack of oxygen. Leaving me to curl into a ball in daddy’s arms as the two women in the family who most vie for his attention stand off.


Right before you pass out, your body convulses, and you squirt on my mouth. But the way your body moves when you orgasm tells me what I could have already guessed. You’re out. Mom starts to dismount your face, and I unlock my ankles. I know she’s coming for me. Before I can get out from under your lower body, she is pulling my hair, and I have to push you to the side. Your body turns, and Daddy jumps from his chair to make sure his baby girl doesn’t fall.

I groan out, and I start to get to my knees, and she pulls harder to help me out. “FUCKING BITCH!” I scream, and I grab her hair. Our foreheads press, and she snarls in my face, making her challenge, putting it all on the line. “You don’t want to do that, you dumb whore.” I hiss back into her face. “You’re going to lose…. you’re going to lose everything, CUNT. I’ll own this family… I’ll own your pussy… I’ll own Daddy’s cock… I’ll own Jenn’s sweet cunt.

“Fuck you, whore. You don’t know how badly I want this!” Mom’s body comes crashing into mine. Her breasts first, and then her stomach, and then her hips. Her pussy smashes to mine, and she drives me onto my back on the bed again. Our arms wrap around each other, and we pull each other’s hair from behind. Our legs slither like snakes and intertwine until our pussies come flush together.

“I birthed you, cunt,” Mom hissed down into my face as she grinds her pussy into mine.

“You don’t think I know that, whore? We talk about it every night on the phone while we finger ourselves.”

It’s true. It’s a nearly nightly conversation at this point. It started months ago, even before COVID. My phone rang at 2 am, and I only answered it because it was Mom. “Mom, are you ok?” I asked immediately.

Mom was breathing heavily, and her voice was raspy. “Oh, baby, I’m fine. I’m just thinking about the next time I see you, and how I’m going to use this pussy that birthed you to devour your tight cunt.”

Her words instantly made me wet. I moaned and slid one hand between my legs. “I’m going to destroy you, mom. Pussy to pussy. Woman to woman. And I’m going to take Daddy’s cock from you.”

It went on like that for nearly half an hour as we fingered ourselves until we were both gasping, and then we hung up like it never happened. But it did happen, and it happened again a week later, and then a week after that, and then with increasing frequency, especially as COVID happened, until it was only a nightly thing. There were nights I couldn’t even sleep because mom hadn’t called me yet. When she’d finally call, she’d tell me all about what she did with my father that night. How she fucked him and sucked him. How he licked her. It was graphic and detailed, and it always got me off because she knew I craved my father’s cock.

And now, we were finally together. With you out of the picture, and Dad still reeling from his multiple orgasms, we could finally fight. I pulled her hair and thrust my hips, and I rolled us over on the bed. I thrust my hips down into hers and make our clits stab together.

“I’m more woman than you, whore. I was born to replace you, BITCH!”

“You’ll never be more woman than me!”

The taunts turned to grunts. The harder we fought with our pussies, the more we struggled to form words as we rolled across the bed, grunting and moaning, warring, with the sexual future of this family hanging in the balance.

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I can feel now, what you and mother won’t feel until the adrenaline has passed. The soreness. The exhaustion. The mental fog that comes after a sex session like this. And though the burden of it is heavy, still am I finally able to turn my head and open my eyes enough to watch as you and mother finally reach the moment of zenith. Your battle for control of the family and daddy. 

My proud, powerful, and sexually irrepressible sister, and the mother who raised you to be just that. But in your ascendance you flew to close the son, and now the same woman who made you, looks to singe your wings and keep you soaring beneath her. 

An attempt she makes as she slams herself forward and into you. Identical body against identical body. Identical breast against identical breast. Your foreheads sealed together, and snarling lips releasing lines of drool, as you each build within yourselves the confidence you will need to overcome one another. 

She, the matriarch, with years more experience, and you, her daughter, with the will and the wiles to seduce an entire family. 

Two competing queens who after that moment of staredown grab for each other, crash down onto the bed, and then coil like snakes. Locking your bodies together and hinging at the clit. Your sex and hers, fusing together in one final, fuckfight to the finish before the unanswered questions is answered. Who is truly in control. 

It is a site that rouses daddy, whose cock raises bravely beneath me, and pokes into my back. Beckoning me, as his sweet, sweet daughter to reach beneath, even in my spent state, and stroke him gently as you and mother curse and cry — threaten and promise. 

Your states of agitation and daddy’s of arousal, leading his right hand to slowly slip between my legs and gently finger me — knowing how weak I am. My soft, gentle moans escaping lip and filling the air, though you and mother can barely hear them as you pull at each others hair and slam your hips forward. Each of you fucking harder than you have ever fucked before. Both of you making good on your taunts all those nights on the phone  

Just as I do the same. A different promise, made on a different phone call. Ones daddy and I had as you and mother spoke about which of you two were made to lead the family. Which of you two were more powerful and sexy. Phone calls in which I was barely mentioned. Phone calls that left me time to secure my place in daddy’s lap. A knowledge and confidence I hide behind a soft, submissive simper. One that makes daddy smile down at me, and then break his gaze at you and mother’s conflict entirely. He leaning down to steal a kiss, as you two, without even a hint of awareness, battle for second place. 


The battle that ensued on the bed was fierce. Mother against daughter. Goddess against goddess. Slut against slut. Whore against whore. Bitch against bitch. Insatiable feminine power against insatiable feminine power. To describe what happened on the bed between mom and I would take pages and pages, a whole other story. We spit in each other’s faces. We slapped each other’s cheeks, and we clawed at each other’s arms and breasts. It was a war. And the whole time we were tribbing.

Like with you earlier, I completely lose count of the orgasms. Mom was the first to cum because she had had your mouth against her pussy, but I was right behind her. That was our first. Our second came moments later when our clits lined up, and we both came so fucking hard that our bodies started shaking.

But the real war happened on the floor. With a hard turn, we fell off the bed and crashed down to the wooden flooring in the master bedroom, but we didn’t stop. We kept fucking, and we kept fighting, and the minutes passed, the orgasms crashed through us and wrecked our bodies, but slowly, I could feel it. It was a long time coming. We were probably on the floor for 15 minutes. Maybe 20. But slowly, I could feel mom’s body starting to give out. “You’re mine, whore. You and this whole fucking family are mine!” Mom was on her back and shaking her head in protest, but she could feel it too.

The orgasms continued to come, but now, mostly from her. I was on her, and she wasn’t able to get me. She was gasping, and I was thrusting. She was cumming, and I kept fucking her. I didn’t stop. Even when she started to beg. I didn’t stop even when there were tears in her eyes. I didn’t stop until I wanted to. Until I was done fucking her. Until I was ready for my father’s cock.

I collapsed on her, spent, but ready to take Daddy deep inside me again. But it took me minutes to recover. Minutes I spent panting, calling out to you and Dad, telling you both that you’re mine, and hearing nothing back. I figured you must be busy fucking, but I couldn’t hear that either. And so I put one hand on the bed and pull myself up. My head turns towards the chair where dad was sitting, and now it’s empty. I moan as I pull myself up more. Maybe you’re in the shower. Nope. Perhaps you’re in the closet. Nope. Also empty. Then I hear it. Moans from down the halls. Moans from our bedroom.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I scream, and I charge down the hall with what strength I have. I grab the door handle; the door is locked. “Open up, Jenn! Open up, Daddy!” But all I hear is more moaning, louder fucking probably for my sake. “I WANT DADDY’S COCK!” I scream as I beat on the door with my right hand, and I don’t even see mom coming down the hallway. She grabs my hair and pulls hard. She yanks me down to the floor on my back, and her fingers shove inside me. I moan and gasp, and her lips find mine. She kissed me passionately, wetly, and deeply, and only pulled her lips back to taunt me.

“I guess you don’t get your father’s cock tonight. It sounds like Jenn wins.”

I started to protest, but she kissed me again, and that was the pairing for the rest of the night. You and dad in our old room. Me and mom on the floor just outside the door. Daddy took you all night long. There were moments when you needed breaks, especially him, but after a few minutes, you’d be right back at it. Same for mom and I. We fucked for another hour there on the carpet until we both passed out in each other’s arms, and I could still hear you fucking daddy as my eyes closed, and all I could think was…

“I’ll get what’s mine soon enough, whore…”

To Be Continued….

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