Fyre’s Fight Journal — Chapter 5: The Couple That Fights Together… by FyreCracka

To my surprise Patricia uploaded our fight to the very exclusive section of the Catfight organization that runs the app that I use to find matches. In fact, I was only allowed in the “VIP” section where the videos are available because I was in one of the more popular videos and I have almost had the requisite number of official fights to get in anyway. This has brought me more attention from some of the more well known leagues and their fighters. While I don’t have any interest in joining a league or doing this at a higher level, it has been nice to chat with some of these fighters and hear their experiences.

As it happens there is one of the more popular fighters, known as La Tigresa, that is almost local to us. After quite a few conversations, she explains to me that the only difference between the women in the leagues are purely cosmetic, they all tend to make sizable amounts of money on the side through the sales of the videos and tickets to live matches. This revelation might explain how Patricia paid for our dues to the country club.

Eventually, La Tigresa talks me into meeting her and her boyfriend for a couples match. She offers to split the proceeds 50/50 with us and all we have to do is show up and fight. Jake reluctantly agrees, doing the typical “well, the holidays are coming up and that would make gift giving easier on the wallet…” line of male thinking to justify his decision. After having convinced Jake, I contact La Tigresa and ask for the details. She says that she’ll schedule us for this Friday.

When Friday rolls around, an excited but anxious Jake and I pack an overnight bag and leave our suburban palace and drive the half hour to the city. Jake and I pull into the almost empty parking lot at the address we were given.  The building looks like an old brick warehouse or meat packing plant that has been converted into a trendy club or something similar. He goes up to the large metal door and knocks on it. The door swings open and a man introducing himself as Adam, he is La Tigresa’s boyfriend and also a fighter in the male league, greets us and escorts us down a hallway. After some pleasantries and chitchat, he stops and opens a door revealing a locker room “You guys can get undressed in here, slip the robes on and we’ll take about everything in mat room.”

Once he leaves, Jake looks at me and says “Who has their own mat room? What have we gotten ourselves into?”  We both strip down and I put on a nice matching purple workout shorts and sports bra combo that I thought were sufficiently revealing after La Tigresa told me that more skin equals more money. Jake wears a pair boxer briefs that I had picked for him to compete in, we put on the robes and head into the other room.

Once we head into the other room, we can tell it’s a martial arts gym of some sort, it has a huge mat in the center but it is also has several nice seating areas with plush couches and chairs. You can see that there are cameras mounted everywhere and large TVs near the seating areas that I assume are for watching the action on the mat.  “What you guys think of our ‘lair’?”  a tall, dark haired woman in a robe says laughingly.

“It’s impressive….so I take it this isn’t your first match?” I ask jokingly.

“We have these things all the time” says Adam appearing from the locker room area now also wearing a robe. “Most times we sell tickets to spectators- they pay handsomely.  Even though they are small crowds, they pay for all of this.” He gestures to the entire building. Then continues, “After watching Fyre’s video, Cassie- or La Tigresa as the community knows her, thought it looked like you two would be an even match. Cassie doesn’t do those intimate, intense fights like that, but we could definitely see Fyre’s talent.”

We all make ourselves comfortable on the couches, while the Cassie pours her and I some champagne. Adam and Jake have scotch. Cassie begins “Once we began chatting and found out our husbands were also similarly talented and close to the same size, I knew I wanted to make this a couples thing”. Adam picks up where she left off “Usually, only one of us gets to fight or we mix and match couples to get fair fights, but when we saw that both of you were willing to fight and we were all similarly sized, I had an idea that should make all of us some money”. 

Adam continues on, “One of the things that makes our videos popular is that we like to raise the stakes of matches. While this isn’t unusual, what we do differently is that we continue filming as the wager is settled.”

Cassie picks up where Adam left off, ” Now that we have seen you both in person, there is no doubt that this particular bet will sell lots of videos.” Cassie’s eyes get large with excitement and her hands are animated as she prepares to give us the proposed stakes of the match, ” Imagine this…the fitness and fighting professionals versus the wholesome suburban couple….man against man…woman against woman- on the same mat at the same time…the winners fuck each other in front of the losers…imagine the possibilities…”.

From his body language, I can tell my husband is really not into this idea. I ask Cassie and Adam for a minute to talk to Jake alone. Once we are alone, he looks at me “Kelli, what do you think?”  I think for a moment to find the proper words and say “Baby, I’ve never known you to lose a fight in your life and hey you’ve even trained me to a winning record…plus, if what Cassie has been telling me is true about how much a popular video can bring in, even 50 percent could be a new car……lets do it”.

Jake cautiously agrees to do it. We return to the other couple and we all shake hands, cementing the deal “So what are the rules of the match…er…matches?” I ask.

Cassie says “For our match, Fyre, I think we should wrestle until one of us gives up….not like submits to a move…but actually admits that the other woman is better. Of course that means no strikes like punches, knees, elbows, kicks or joint locks, or anything that would do real damage no need to mess up our money makers, right”. Joint locks? and striking?….what have I gotten into, I think to myself, but my pride blurts out “sure, sounds great!” before my brain can think of anything else.

“As for us, Jake…” Adam begins, “we will fight until one of us does the same, but I say we allow body shots. Hey, I love to fight but I’m in sales -black eyes, busted lips, and broken noses don’t make selling Range Rovers easier”.

Jake chuckles at him and nods his head, “Ok, I can handle that”.

We make our way onto the huge mat in the center of the room. Cassie looks at all of us and says “the women will stay on this half and you boys do try and stay on that half”. They walk to the edge and drop their robes. Both of them are completely nude and look like they just walked out of a fitness magazine.  Jake and I look at each other, both of our faces blushing. Jake gets that crooked little boy smile of his and says “New car money, right…are we talking foreign luxury new car or domestic new car money?” I smile back and say “Foreign luxury, baby”. He just shakes his head “Well shit…I guess I’m getting naked.”

We both take a deep breath and let our robes hit the floor. Then we unceremoniously slip out of our fighting clothes, much to the amusement of our hosts.  All four of us meet in the center of the mat again.  Cassie is a stunning brown haired Latina, I think to myself how much lighter I must look than her with my blonde hair and paler than normal skin as the late autumn lack of sun has taken its toll- at least my tan lines won’t be as severe, I think to myself. At 5’9″ she is almost 3 inches taller than me. When we weighed in just before we stepped on the mat I was at 142 pounds and she was 145, but she looks a little firmer than me and has huge breasts probably at least “D” cups compared to my smaller “B” cups. I notice her legs are toned and muscled much like mine but longer. This should be quite a match.

The men stand in front of each other. Adam is built like a Greek god, standing 6’2 he’s almost as tall as Jake who is 6’3″. At the weigh in Jake was 240 pounds and Adam will be giving up close to 20 or so pounds. Jake isn’t built as pretty but you can tell he’s a tough, strong man, built for brawling and that if he gets a hold of something it’s going to move.  Jake is pushing 40, putting him almost 10 years older than his opponent. As the old bull and the young  bull look each other over, I can’t help but to sneak a peek below the belt,  I see that Cassie is doing the same.

When I catch her, she just smiles and says only half joking “After I finish with you, I don’t think it will matter which one of them wins, I’ll enjoy it!”

I cut my eyes towards her, “A little presumptuous, don’t you think?”

We walk to the middle of our half of the mat and the men saunter off to their half. Adam sets the large clock overlooking the mat then jogs back as the clock counts down to the starting bell.  I’m full of nerves with so much riding on this. Cassie and I stare at each other, both of us knowing that by the end of the night we will know which woman is superior. I look towards the men, they look like caged animals ready to be unleashed upon each other. 

The bell dings, Cassie and I begin stalking each other. “How long to you think you’ll last, soccer mom?” she teases.

“You might want to watch that mouth, Gym-bo” I tease back.

“What’s a gym-bo?” She asks.

“You know… a bimbo from the gym…I beat gym-bos all the time” I answer.

 Rolling her eyes she says “God, you old people are lame….lets do this”.

Realizing that we are so equally matched physically and neither one of will win through trash talk, we rush each other. Our hands slap and slide, trying to find something to hold on to on our opponent’s naked body. I finally get my arms around Cassie’s waist. I sling the taller girl onto the ground on her back. She hits with the now familiar sound of flesh smacking canvas. I try to hold her down keeping my body on top of hers, I can see her face. Cassie looks partly shocked and partly angry that I took her down so easily.

“Not bad for a soccer mom, huh?” I tease. I am able to hold her down for only a few seconds before we are rolling all over the mat. Both of trying to secure a mount on the other woman.

Across the mat, the men have started as well “let’s see what you got, old man” Adam says.

“More than you can handle, I’m sure…lets see if you’re built for anything more than showing off” Jake snaps back, as they start  circling each other.

 I can hear the men’s grunts as they try to take the other man down. Trading body blows and parrying lunges, it looks like a real championship match. As Jake rushes in,  Adam hits him with several rib shaking body punches that echo with a sick thud inside the gym. I hear my man wince with every shot, but after absorbing several hard hits from the smaller man he is in close enough to grab Adam and slams him down to the mat hard enough that the smaller man lets out a loud groan and writhes for a second before Jake crawls on top of him. From the  way they move, you can tell that they both are very skilled fighters. Without the use of joint locks, the men are having to rely on sheer pain inducing holds and from the determined looks on both their faces, it’s going to be long and brutal fight.

Back on our side, Cassie and I have been trading pins and leg scissor holds pretty equally. It seems that we are definitely an even match as no one has been able to gain control of the other for more than a few seconds.  We are probably close to five minutes into this battle and neither one of of us has ever been in trouble- or in control. I can hear the punches and kicks land next to us and it’s all I can do not to look over when I hear the grunts and yells as the two men seem to be ripping each other apart, but if I lose my focus I know, as evenly matched as Cassie and I are, that any lapse in focus and she will have me.

 Our bodies become covered in combined perspiration almost reminding me of my oil match with Amy as we slip and slide all over the mat.  It seems that we are both resorting to school girl pins and scissors exclusively to try and limit our rival’s ability to breath. Also, as the match continues to grind on, and we realize the rules have made it where you have to break the other woman’s spirit as much as wear her down physically, we both start to talk trash to each other in the brief moments when we are one top.

Both fights are continuing at a back and forth pace, albeit, a slowing and more grinding pace as the match passes the twenty minute mark. My entire body is burning with fatigue from fighting off her skilled attacks. I look at the woman in front of me and other than her hair being a complete mess, she still looks remarkably fresh. I wonder to myself, what I look like. Am I still looking as strong as her or do I look as exhausted as I feel? I’ve heard her groans of pain as my scissors have crushed her belly, so I know she has to be hurting, I just hope it’s as much as I am.

After breaking my leg scissors hold, Cassie and I again get to our feet, and begin circling each other again. Both of us using this rare moment to catch our breath. “Y’know, you have a pretty nice body…for your age, soccer mom…although your tits look like they stayed in Jr high.” Sassy says to me with a smile.

“Don’t worry gym-bo, yours still have a couple of good years before gravity takes over”  I fire back.
For some reason the age insults have been starting to get to me, and I finally have had enough. With a bit of a growl, I charge in at her. With as little as I have left, I think why not use this as motivation and try to end this. We clash as hard as we did at the beginning of the bout, both of us trying desperately to get the other woman to the mat. Each of us with a handful of the other’s hair, yanking, swinging, and pulling violently to get the our foe off balance enough to fall. The sounds of our yelps and groans echoing through out the gym as we desperately yank each other’s head back and forth . Finally, Cassie with a strong yank of my blonde hair and a slap across my breast, sends me to the mat. The taller woman lands on top and uses her longer legs to grapevine pin me. I cry out in pain as I am stretched. I fight and try to pull her hair to get her off of me, but she slams my hands down to the side of my head. I am pinned and hurting. She holds me in this painful pin for what feels like an eternity. Every time she flexes her long, strong body, it sends pain radiating thought my entire body.  I try to turn my head towards the men, hoping to gain some inspiration from the sight of my husband.

I see the men are still grinding and trading brutal shots. Though it looks like after twenty five minutes of wrestling with a man twenty pounds larger, Adam is starting to wither. He is still very skilled and dangerous, able to escape most of the crushing neck cranks and smothers that Jake puts him in, but he is increasingly on the defensive and not delivering much damage outside of those fading but still devastating body shots.

As I see Jake starting to wear down Adam, I realize there is a very real possibility that he could end up with Cassie- in front of me! And no one denies My husband from me!  With everything I have left, I buck, squirm, thrash, and anything else I can do to escape Cassie’s painful hold. I manage to wriggle free….for a moment, before she slams back on to my back and mounts me in a classic schoolgirl pin. I try to move but my legs are like jello, my arms lie limply underneath her legs. Cassie, while still breathing heavily looks down at me, and she can tell that I’m physically spent.

“Fyre, the soccer mom, do you want to give up?”  She asks playfully. Knowing that it looks like Jake is close to winning, I refuse to answer. “Have it you way, soccer mom” she says. She then gets up, I try to take this opportunity to get back to my feet, but my body won’t respond. “Oh Fyre, I think we need a better view of the boys!”  She reaches down and lifts me by my hair, I half crawl and am half dragged to the center of the mat. She callously flings me onto the mat, and come to a stop in a panting heap. She casually strolls over and stands over me to admire her handiwork as I writhe helplessly on the mat. Again I try to crawl away but I’m still unable to. Cassie stands straddling me, as I lay on my stomach. She reaches down and grabs my sweat soaked hair and pulls my arms onto on top of her thighs onto a sort of camel clutch but with my head hanging. “Alright, Fyre, are you comfortable?”  She taunts “No, I suspect you aren’t, my little soccer mom”.

Just feet away Adam and Jake are still fighting. Their glistening skin and their muscles rippling would be so sexy if I was in a position to enjoy it. Through the strands of my hair, I can see them, Jake is on top of him, it’s odd to see the men try to physically dominate each other rather than trying to inflict a knockout or cause as much damage as possible through a joint lock. Jake is using his weight advantage to to make Adam fight for every precious breath, keeping the smaller man underneath him at all times. Cassie’s voice pulls me out of the trance of watching the men. “That’s a huge man, you have there, soccer mom. I haven’t seen Adam lose very often, but it looks like I might be fucking him tonight……how do you feel about that?” I want to say something but I’m afraid “I give up” will be the only thing that will come out of my mouth.

“Well soccer mom, let’s finish this, what do you say?”  I shake my head as defiantly as I can manage. “Just say it Fyre, it’s ok…” She pulls my head up by the hair again and then grabs my chin. The pain is unbearable and all I can do whimper through gritted teeth, but I can see Jake.

He is still on top of the smaller Adam who looks to be out of energy. Jake has the smaller man’s arms pinned and is using his one  forearm to torture Adam’s neck. “C’mon man, just give up” I hear Jake say. Adam laughs and through the obvious pain says “Why? Old man….I’ve got right where I want you”. I see Jake shift and quicker than a big man should be able to move he almost floats around Adam and has his neck trapped and cranked. I don’t know how Adam hasn’t given up but it’s just a matter of time now as his locked in and unable to escape.

Cassie, who has been too occupied with inflicting pain on me to pay attention to the men, keeps pulling on my chin. The pain is just too much, I can see Jake has looked up and is looking me in the eyes. “Had enough yet, soccer mom?” Cassie says like she’s almost bored of torturing me.

 “Ok…ok…you win” I say, meekly.

“What’s that, Fyre? I need to hear you say it-  loud enough the men can hear you” Cassie commands.
I swallow my pride, fighting back tears my mouth opens “Jake, baby, I’m sorry she’s too good- I quit”.

Finally, Cassie lets me drop, into the puddle of sweat that has pooled beneath me. The relief from that the pain is instantaneous and I feel I can breathe again finally since the pain has stopped at last. Immediately my brain remembers Jake and my eyes focus  back towards the men.

I can see Jake looking at me, he has Adam locked in that painful neck crank. Then, to this day, I still don’t know what happened. But it looked like Jake let go. What I do know, is that somehow Adam still had enough of his wits and energy to move lightning fast and escape. Within seconds he has slipped Jake into his trademarked banana split hold. I could hear Jake groaning in pain as his legs are stretched apart.

“Alright, old man, you’re trapped, say it!” Adam excitedly asks through his heavy breathing. My husband shakes his head indicating no, but says nothing as he tries to hold out.  I can tell he is in an inordinate amount of pain. Adam, straining to get my husband to give up, looks like he might lose his grip. He lets go with one hand and lands a sharp, crushing strike to Jake’s exposed testicles. Jake howls in pain and is writhing on the ground. Adam, moving in to finish the match, delivers more devastatingly accurate kicks to Jake’s ribs. My husband, instinctively, gets up to all fours, attempting to get up. Adam draws back and unloads a devestating kick to his ribs, knocking my man onto his back.

The younger man then mounts the prone, gasping Jake, in much the way Cassie did me. Adam looks up to  check the clock and then looks down at The battered Jake “Ok, old man, we’ve been at this for 42 minutes…you’re impressive, but it’s over”

 Jake coughs a couple of times, looks at me and smiles weakly. Then looks back up at the powerfully built man sitting on him, lays his head back on the mat and in his slow southern drawl says “I’m done…you win, I give up”.

Seeing my man like this, and only a few feet from me, is even more crushing than my own defeat. Which, realistically, I came to terms with well before I admitted it to Cassie. I crawl over to him. As I get there I feel Cassie gently roll me onto my back with her foot. “Picture time!” She says smiling. The perfectly sculpted pair place their feet on our chests and flex their biceps while the cameras record it.

Next they each reach down and help their opponents up. “Let’s get you two to a couch….don’t want you to miss the festivities” Adam says smiling.

Cassie helps me across the mat to a couch.

“Thanks” I say.

 “No problem, soccer mom…..you’re really tough and I enjoyed the competition” she says while getting me settled.

I hear Jake talking to Adam as he helps him to my couch “you’re the prettiest tough son of a bitch I’ve ever met” Jake says laughing through his coughing.

 As Adam puts Jake on the couch he says “I only have one question, why’d you break that neck crank?”

Jake takes a ragged breath and says “I didn’t, I was worn out and cramping and you were too strong to hold anymore”.
Adam looks at him “Either way, it was a good fight,  man…we should do it again sometime”.

Rubbing his ribs, I hear Jake mutter “not likely.”

As he walks to claim his “prize”, Jake and I are amazed at how much energy those to still have after the fight. They proceed to put on a good show for us- it’s not everyday you get to watch too perfect bodies having sex right in front of you. I look down at my husband’s crotch…well, at least it still works after that punch, I think to myself.

We continue watching the show. “She is pretty…and those tits, my god!” I say to him ” you know you almost got to have her tonight”

He looks at me and smiles “I don’t think I had enough energy left to do anything but disappoint her” he says chuckling.

I give him a playful elbow to the ribs.

“Ow! Ow!” He says laughing.

“Sorry, babe, I forgot” I responded apologetically but still amused.

Per the conditions of the wager, we watch until both of them have finished their athletic session. Adam looks up, “hey, you two, you want join in. I think you’ve more than earned it?”

Jake laughs, “I don’t think we could top that, I think we’ll just go hit the showers”.

 “Alright old man, suit yourself” Adam says laughing “you guys can sleep on a couch if you want to wait until morning to leave”.
Cassie takes her focus away from trying to breath life back into Adam’s member, long enough to say “I make killer breakfast tacos, if your still around”. Then goes back to her task.

As I help Jake back to our locker room I ask “where do they get that energy?”

 “I wish I knew” he’s says laughing. As we go into the locker room, we hear them starting to go at it….again and we just shake our heads.

I get a nice hot shower running for us. I help my poor, battered husband onto a bench in the shower, his ribs already turning purple from the beating. While my loss was more  humiliating, there’s no doubt that his body endured a far more painful experience. I take great care to wash him gently. Before long, even though he doesn’t say anything, he rewards me with a long, slow, tender love making session in the shower.

I guess we were going for quite some time, as when I look up I see Cassie and Adam at the door. “We were just checking on you guys- looks like you’re both fine” says an amused Cassie.

“We still haven’t cleaned up, mind if we join you?” Adam says with a grin.

“Sure, come on in” I say. The night continues on with us each making love to our partners and watching the other couple until the very wee hours of the night.  The next day, after some really killer breakfast tacos, we leave the couple, thanking them for their hospitality and head home for some much needed rest.

A few weeks later, a couple of thumb drives arrive in the mail. They are marked “Fyre vs Cassie” and “Jake vs Adam”, along with a nice fat check from the original release of the videos. From time to time I watch my match with Cassie, remembering how tough of a loss it was. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to watch Jake’s match with Adam. Part of me wants to know if he really just lost his grip or if he did let go to stay loyal to me. I never asked him about it again, but I’d like to think that he did it for me…

However, times marches on, and I can’t dwell on the past when I have be on the lookout for my next adventure.

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