Hostel Sluts 1: In His Room by Justlooking9000

Euji Oue clutched the bedsheet, arching his back as he felt his whole being on the verge of an orgasm. He gasped, feeling Park Mihi’s tongue working his pulsating cock. He regarded this magnificent exemplar of the weaker sex in all her nude beauty, her slim frame a perfect representation of what a woman in her sexual prime ought to look like. He moaned once again, feeling her long brown locks grazing his skin as her hardened nipples rubbed his thigh.

Euji heaved again, feeling another tongue licking his manhood from the opposite side. The young heartthrob shifted his head slightly to the right, his eyes resting on the equally beguiling and just as naked Ong Hyejin doing her best to one up Mihi in this bitter sexual contest. He watched her alluring physique rocking back and forth as she manoeuvred her tongue around his cock, her face hidden under her lush black locks.

His older friends weren’t kidding when they said university was a different ballgame to high school. Not that girls hadn’t competed for him back then, but now that he was actively mingling with the opposite sex in a mixed campus instead of sneaking from an all-male high school, the dynamics were different. There was a decidedly sharper edge, each member of the weaker sex of regarding him as a sexual prospect from the get go. Scores of attractive female classmates vied for the chance to prove themselves in his bed.

Living in the coed campus, Euji could no longer turn a blind eye to the backroom machinations, the sneaky attempts to undermine romantic rivals, the predatory mentality that had girls seeing each other not as peers but as sexual threats, the straight threats to fight other women for his cock…it’d be fair to say Euji spent more time fooling around in his bedroom than in the classroom.

The two sex kittens now worshipping his cock were not the only girls that had pursed him, but they had been the keenest. The ones that had proved themselves the most insistent in their pursuit, the most eager to sate his manly needs, the most willing to compete for his cock. Each had used a mix of sex, skin-tight outfits and emotional warfare to best ensure the other girls were no more than mere guests in his bed. He knew of instances where each had used the threat of physical violence to dissuade the others from seeing him. And for the most part they had succeeded. The only obstacle that remained was each other.

They had come dressed for his benefit, with Hyejin clad in a provocative black minidress that exposed her shoulders and a decent amount of cleavage, while Mihi opted for a revealing red short dress that looked spectacular on her. Soon the dresses fell by the wayside, leaving two clotheless goddesses ready to do his bidding.

It wouldn’t have been hard for Euji to get them to fight for his cock: They had already exchanged charged threats against each other several times, and he could sense they were more than ready to sink their long nails into the other woman. And yet…he held them back. It’s not that he wouldn’t have welcomed the spectacle of seeing them rolling on his bed. If anything, he found it flattering that they were willing to put their womanly assets on the line for him. Yet he decided their competitive fire was better spent in some other way.

And so it was that now these two sexy college girls found themselves in his room, clad in nothing but their birthday suits as they clashed tongue to tongue at the base of his engorged cock. They fought, bitterly and furiously, neither tongue asking nor giving quarter as they ran the length and girth of his hardened manhood. Their natural desire to prove themselves the better lover powered their exhausted tongues through 5 rounds of non-stop cocksucking, neither willing to find herself second best in this sexually charged contest.

He watched as each sophomore tried to claim his semen for herself throughout the night, their pretty heads clashing as their perspiring melons jiggled, their swaying bodies looking for better ways to service his pulsating manhood. After four hard fought rounds, the count stood two and two. His sexual organ was still hard, yet exhausted from the marathon of orgasms; making it harder for the competing Korean belles to extract one more eruption out of it. This last round would decide who would be his hostel slut for the next two months.

The Japanese stud exhaled one more time before his vision went blank. Euji moaned, arching his back as he quivered with pleasure, his cock filling the winning girl with his cum. As soon as his fifth orgasm for the night passed, Euji panted, slumping his sweat-soaked physique on the headrest. He regarded the young Korean girls in front of him, one happy to have won that coveted backpacking trip he had promised the winner while the other girl watched him with uncertain eyes.


A primal groan from Euji Oue signalled the end of their bitter contest. After 5 rounds of nonstop cock sucking, where tongue faced against tongue throughout the night, finally one girl had proved herself the better lover and won herself a backpacking trip with the Japanese stud.

Ong Hyejin had arrived determined to overcome her sexual rival in this most womanly of struggles, proving herself worthy of being Euji’s hostel slut. She knew what was at stake. Though he cautioned that he still wanted to fuck other women while travelling, the young coeds knew this to be a minor inconvenience: The victress would most likely become his girlfriend by the end of the trip.

It didn’t start well for the cute art major, who saw with impotence as her romantic antagonist drew first cum early in the night, and then followed up with another decisive cum-swallowing, raising the possibility of an early victory. The impertinent bitch taunted her, insulting her oral skills as cum dripped off her chin, describing how she was going to fuck Euji’s brains out in the future.

It was too much. Hyejin slapped the haughty wench, almost provoking a catfight right then had Euji not stepped in to calm their fraying nerves. He warned them that victory was not to come from physical violence but from lovemaking mastery.

The prospect of losing this most carnal contest fired up Hyejin, helping her to claim his jizz the third and fourth time despite Mihi’s best efforts to end this depraved affair right then and there.

The final round was the most bitter of all, both girls knowing their romantic lives were at stake. Hyejin butted heads with Mihi trying to force the other woman out and secure his coveted semen. The sexy art major sucked, licked, wrapped, salivated her cum-lathered saliva into his cock like never before, the pressure of securing his cum to the detriment of her sexual rival pushing her exhausting tongue to carry onwards.

Feeling the momentum on her side, Hyejin gave it her all. So it was with it was with a heavy heart that she heard Euji’s guttural moan and her mouth wasn’t there to gobble his cum. The sexy Korean succubus raised her head in disbelief just in time to see Euji’s veiny manhood pumping the precious white liquid into Mihi’s mouth.

The chagrined Hyejin stewed with indignation as the impertinent Mihi looked at her with a wolfish grin, silently taunting Hyejin for her defeat. Hyejin regarded the spent man, still heaving and sweating from the marathon of blowjobs. The beguiling Asian coed couldn’t believe this result! Hyejin refused to believe that she’d not accompany him in his two-month backpacking trip. She knew this would be a major blow to her ambitions.

And yet…even as she contemplated the prospect of being relegated to nothing but an occasional booty call once Euji came back from his holidays, Hyejin knew there was another option. To get with her claws what she could not get in a straight sexual contest. To chance it all in an all-out reckoning, to battle it out to the bitter end until one woman was ruined. Hyejin knew that Mihi was no pushover and doubling down carried great physical risk to herself. Yet to leave things as they were meant to cede Euji to the other woman. She knew had to act now, when Euji was still in a horny state and unlikely to stop the fight.

It was easy for Hyejin to decide. She had already thought about the prospect before coming here and she knew this was the right course of action. Hyejin thus pounced on her romantic rival, who waited her with open claws.


Mihi’s friends told her to be prepared for anything tonight. Everyone knew these bedroom contests had a nasty tendency to end in violent slugfests the moment the losing girl refused to admit her loss and then escalated the issue with her nails. Many guys just let the ensuing catfight overturn the results of whatever depraved contest they had designed to determine a winner.

The night had been an emotional rollercoaster for the charming history major, the euphoria of claiming him the first two rounds soon giving way to bitter disappointment when the other woman managed to rally back and claim Euji in the third and fourth round.

The perspiring Mihi panted as she rested on the wall, chagrined to see Hyejin licking her lips with Euji’s jizz. The girls stared down at each other, knowing this would end the next time the Japanese man cummed…or would it?

The threat of this lovemaking contest degenerating into a carnival of violence had loomed since the beginning. Mihi could swear this is how it was going to end when the slutty classmate slapped her. She was ready to retaliate and let the chips fall where they may when Euji stopped them from sinking their talons into each other. He insisted the issue be settled by lovemaking skill rather than violence.

And now with one round left, Mihi was too aware of the possibility of a catfight no matter who won, but especially if she lost. There was no way she’d let Hyejin win the boy.

Knowing what was at stake, the charming history major went all out on the fifth round, not giving an inch of his cock even as she became progressively worn out by the nonstop licking and sucking, miraculously pushing back Hyejin’s tongue at the last second and claiming his fifth climax for herself.

And now with Euji’s still warm liquid seeping from Mihi’s grinning mouth for the third time tonight, she looked at her opposite number in a taunting way. The significance of the moment wasn’t lost on them. If not outright winning the war over his affections, this encounter in his bed was a decisive victory of Mihi. Scoring that coveted backpacking trip would give her plenty of opportunity to seduce him into a relationship.

Of course, she knew better than to say that out loud. Euji had made it clear he didn’t think this trip meant anything relationship-wise: The abundance of pussy in the world made many a man commitment shy. Nevertheless, everyone knew that you could give him the impression that he was free to pursue other girls but at the same lulling right into a committed relationship. Once he became emotionally dependent on her, Mihi could declare herself his girlfriend without him raising an eyebrow. By the time Mihi came from the trip, it was likely to be as his girlfriend. Hyejin (or any other girl) would have a hard time getting back into his room as other than an occasional cum-dump.

It was probably this awful thought that prompted the resentful Hyejin to raise her hands and go straight for Mihi’s hair. Now that Hyejin had decided to raise the stakes, there was a chance Euji would just go with the winner of this unplanned catfight instead of abiding by the result of the hard-fought blowjob contest. Mihi hissed, her nails as she prepared to defend her claim to Euji’s cock!

And yet, even in this supreme instant, when her long awaited showdown with the intractable whore who refused to give Euji up seemed all but inevitable, Mihi saw a semi groggy Euji get in between the lunging harpies.

-“No”-said Euji in his deep, masculine voice-“Mihi won and she’ll come with me”

Mihi inwardly sighed with relief. Even as she was willing to put her womanly assets on the line for Euji’s companionship, she knew it would have been a violent, vicious, savage affair that would end with a broken loser, and a winner no much better off. Such were the lengths a prospective girlfriend had to be willing to do if she wanted to win the affections of a man.

The history major watched with glee as begging Hyejin pleaded her case, to let her prove herself in womanly combat over his dick. Mihi watched, resisting the urge to mock her beaten nemesis, not wanting to tempt fate by encouraging talk of a catfight. She grew anxious when Euji seemed to hesitate for a second, before finally showing Hyejin the door, much to Mihi’s relief.


The path to girlfriendhood was laid wide open to Mihi…for now. Even as she baked in the glow of victory, the cute history major knew that in the modern world her romantic fortunes could turn on a dime should another woman come to challenge her for Euji’s affections.

The obvious threat was Hyejin wanting to re-litigate the issue in the future. Could be tomorrow, 3 months from now, 2 years from now, it didn’t matter. Former fuckbuddies were an ever-present danger to the current lover, especially if they had already proven willing to engage in a vicious catfight over the man. The way the unrepentant Hyejin glared at her before being escorted out told Mihi that her sexual rival did not yet acknowledge her sexual supremacy.

A catfight might be needed if Mihi hoped to break Hyejin’s insatiable hunger for Euji’s cock. However, it was equally likely that time might conspire to pacify her hurt pride.

However, the most immediate danger was the prospect of another challenge from a woman she did not yet know. It was known that hostels were teeming with bachelorettes looking for a holiday fling. The lack of unattached men available and the short timeframes involved conspired to make potential sexual rivals bolder, caring little of even today’s lax decorum.

Mihi gasped, feeling Euji’s manhood entering her moist cunt. Her just reward for a triumphant night. A prize she would not yield willingly, no to Hyejin, nor any hostel slut wanting to take his cock away from her!

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