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Hostel Sluts 2: In His Room by Justlooking9000

The perky Korean beauty Park Mihi had lusted after Japanese stud Euji Oue from the very first meeting. She spent no small amount of time and energy outmanoeuvring the rest of Euji’s coterie of attractive female “friends,” all yearning for claim his cock for themselves. The cute art major finally prevailed over all of them by scoring a backpacking trip with the young heartthrob after beating her main sexual rival in his bedroom (Hostel Sluts 1: In His Bedroom). This wasn’t a knock-out, drag-out catfight where two girls defiled the other woman’s looks until one could no longer go on; but a more “gentlewomanly” contest, where two tongues battled around his engorged cock for hours until finally Mihi managed to claim his cum for herself one final time.

She recalled the tense pause right after, when the Ong Hyejin tried to win with her claws what she couldn’t with her sexual skills. Given their history, Mihi had been aware of the possibility of a violent backlash and had come fully prepared for a showdown with the insolent history major. Just when it seemed the two cute university students would go at it, Euji made it clear Mihi would travel with him no matter what.

One of Euji’s conditions had been that while they would spend the nights fucking each other’s brains out from the start, the budding couple were free to see other people as they pleased. The brown-haired beauty agreed on principle, but the scheming college girl had zero intention of letting another woman get a taste of his chiselled physique, especially after all she had done to secure her dream holiday with him. She always intended to squeeze his cock so dry he never felt the need to taste another pussy during their trip.

For the first two weeks of the trip everything went Mihi’s way, the leggy beauty using a combination of short dresses, outrageous short pants, revealing cleavages and a heavy dose of sex to ease her commitment-shy fuckbuddy into a relationship by the time they went back into campus. Their schedule was full of fucking, dating, sightseeing, heavy petting, public sex and then more lovemaking at night until the couple fell exhausted on the bed, her pussy brimming with Euji’s seed.

So it was with much chagrin that the jealous Mihi spotted Slovakian whore Katerina Polievka, sitting on her bedmate’s lap. This “hostel slut,” as Mihi called her, had showed up one day and then made passes at Euji from the get-go. The fucking whore was aggressive and impertinent, caring little of the fact Mihi was sitting right in front of them as she flirted with her man.

She had read all about these brazen adventuresses that flooded into cheap hostels and aggressively went after men in an effort to secure a holiday fuck buddy. The limited timeframes usually meant the would-be man stealers cared little about being found out by the man’s current girlfriend. Most times, these interlopers were actively trying to provoke the man’s travelling companion, knowing that a catfight might give them a chance to replace her as the man’s bedmate.

The shameless Slavic skank had pretty much spelled it out loud, eye fucking Euji as she told them she had come from remote Slovakia for a lengthy summer holiday in Asia, hoping to find a handsome guy to fuck her brains out during her stay. Mihi shook with rage as she recalled the vulgar callgirl telling how “fortunate” she was to have Euji by her side, but she worried the pretty coed “wouldn’t have what it took” to ward off potential competitors.

Mihi had finished that conversation by “subtly” suggesting she was more than ready to defend her place in Euji’s bed, yet couldn’t help but to be chagrined to see Euji’s gazing at the East European skank.

The feisty Korean had several options to deal with the brazen upstart. The first and easiest one was to run the clock: Prevent the charming trespasser from seducing her man until it was time to leave the hostel. This strategy was ideally suited if the stay was short or the couple had some history together. Sure, the foxy stranger might secure some pity sex with the man in question, but she’d lack the sentimental pull to make the man change Euji’s current plans, or pay to change said plans.

The problem was that up to recently Mihi had been nothing but a booty call aspiring to become Euji’s girl. A more aggressive approach was called for. The “girlfriend’s” only option, especially considering she had just staked her claim on his bed, was to firmly reject this third party, escalating the situation until either the Slovakian harpy backed off, the Euji rejected one of them or the girls found themselves in a vicious catfight over his cock.

Mihi knew Euji and the insolent wench had already made love: Her sexual rival hadn’t been subtle about it, leaving several pieces of lingerie around their room for Mihi to find. It was a direct challenge to the jealous college girl, daring her to step up or give Euji up.

Just yesterday the Asian and Slavic girls had argued over the cute boy, the haughty backpacking wench telling the sultry coed that she was already making plans with Euji to travel together. Mihi was not buying any of it, telling this shameless intruder to keep her hands off Euji or else! Standing close together, their tits mashing together as they stared at their sexual rival with undisguised contempt, Mihi swore a catfight was about to break out when the man in question came from the supermarket and the girls parted ways.

The realisation she had some competition over Euji left the good-looking sophomore thirsting for his cock. It always had. His bed wasn’t just the place they fucked, but the stage in which she had proved herself, session after session, better than the alternatives. That night the attractive classmate jumped at the handsome man, riding him especially hard to remind him what a good thing he was having right now and what she could do to please him.

In between the rowdy sex sessions, the jealous Korean goddess probed Euji carefully, never letting on she knew of the other woman. His answers, given in a casual demeanour, showed that talks between him and Katerina were at an early stage and he had zero plans to dump her mid-trip for that cow-titted shrew. However, the mention of him extending his trip after the original date troubled the Korean sex kitten, especially since he didn’t ask her to go with him.

Mihi contained her dismay at hearing the news, her plans of using her delectable body to seduce him into a relationship now on the brink of collapse. At this rate, she would be just another notch in his bedpost. A nice pussy to dump his cum into for the duration of the trip, but not his girlfriend. Deep into the night, the nubile Korean maiden thought of her dilemma as Euji’s toned physique spooned her protectively.

How could she overcome this problem? The Slovakian bimbo couldn’t be as easily ignored as an Asian competitor. She saw how Euji looked at the white whore, fascinated by her exotic looks, her lush brunette locks, her blue eyes, and her accented English which gave her a mystic allure. Katerina had picked on this and had played up her alien mystique to the max.

An option was to invite herself to the extended trip. She doubted he’d object once she was there, but that would mean a sexual war of attrition with the insolent interloper. A draining contest with an uncertain outcome. Threatening Katerina with physical violence seemed to have no effect on her. It was at this stage the young college girl made a fateful decision.

Back to the present, the brunette Mihi sported a white minidress which showcased her toned legs and exposed shoulders. It was the tightest outfit in her wardrobe, especially designed to show off her curves and highlight her sizeable boobs. The art major slammed the door of the tiny room and made straight for Katerina, who was sitting on her man’s lap, her lips locked against Euji’s mouth-“Get off my man you fucking whore!”

-“Come at me you cheap slut!”-retorted Katerina, her yellow one piece underwear hugging her athletic frame tightly, having already taken off jeans and heels a while ago in preparation for some fun time with the Asian stud. The hostel whore stood up, receiving the full brunt of Mihi’s tackle head-on-“I’m not scared of little girls like you”

-“I told to stay away from my man!”- roared Mihi, slamming the would-be man stealer into the wall. Katerina moaned, her chest exploding in agony as Mihi sunk her shoulders deep into her chest.

-“As if I care about what you think”-jeered European beauty, raising her arms, pounding her fists down Mihi hunched back-“I’ll see him when I wan…”

Mihi didn’t let her romantic rival finish, sinking her teeth into the slutty top and pulling the flimsy fabric together with a fair amount of tit-flesh! The zealous coed was rewarded with a high-pitched scream as Katerina rained a torrent of frantic blows on her back. Pulling even harder with her teeth, Mihi only relented from the savage opening salvo when she felt a sharp pain on her belly, followed by more hits. Euji’s travelling companion held on stubbornly until the Slovakian banshee finally kicked her away, sending her rolling over the king bed.

Mihi groaned, quickly getting on her knees. She looked straight ahead, seeing the top of Katerina’s lingerie hanging precariously on the sides, leaving the harlot’s sagging melons bouncing in the open and sporting a few bite marks, courtesy of Mihi’s attentive “care.”

-“You fucking bitch!”-screamed the sultry Slavic goddess in rage, hopping onto the bed and meeting Mihi midway. Sneaking their arms around each other’s back, the rapacious vixens engaged in a sensual bear hug while they used their free hands to pull each other brunette manes with wild abandon.

While they hadn’t talked about the conditions or the stakes, Mihi knew deep in her heart that the loser would no longer be travelling with the handsome Japanese stallion. There would be no half measures, no split decisions, no sharing of the man. It was her or this shameless skank!

-“I thought…I would just…let you walk over me…and steal my man?”-gasped the seductive sophomore between moans, pulling another chunk of her nemesis’s darker brown hair as she felt her tits grinding against Katerina’s exposed mammaries.

-“After I’m done…with you…I’ll fuck your man’s…brains out!”-grunted her feisty antagonist, spitting on Mihi’s right eye. Taken by surprise, Euji’s bedmate abandoned the vicious bearhug, her exquisite figure falling prey to the hostel whore’s barbaric claws. Mihi felt the provocative dress she had worn for Euji’s benefit being shred to pieces while she cleared the spit off her eyes, leaving her clad only bra and thong. Mihi raised her head, slamming her tormentor’s chin. The Slavic man stealer shrieked, tearing what remained of Mihi’s red bra as she fell on the bed.

-“You fucking cow-titted whore!”-roared an almost naked Mihi, now positively boiling with fury. She saw the insolent airhead using her hands to massage her chin while she squirmed on the mattress. Mihi wasted no time, pouncing on the beleaguered wench.

Her would-be prey received her with her talons wide open. The furious girls jerked each other’s brunette locks while their free hands slapped and scratched the other’s exquisite figure. They trashed on the mattress, neither giving nor asking quarter as they ravaged the other woman.

Mihi gasped, trying to suck in as much oxygen as she could while trying to hold down the Slovakian bitch. She was oozing with hatred for her sexual rival, and more than willing to fight to the bitter end to fight for her man. And yet the incessant fighting was beginning to take a toll on her young physique. The proud coed winced, feeling the agonizing sensation of Katerina’s nails littering her otherwise perfect skin with scratches.

The contest for the top position was fierce, as the foxy ladies could secure only the most precarious of pins before being thrown off and the whole struggle would start anew. The pugnacious college girl pushed herself up, getting on top of Slavic skank after a supreme effort. Sitting on top of Katerina’s flat belly, the perspiring Mihi held the struggling bitch down and slapped her face over and over, beads of perspiration falling off her hard nipples as she whacked her nemesis silly.

Mihi gritted her teeth, feeling her now ruined skin burning with pain, no doubt the work of Katerina’s cruel nails… And yet Euji’s bedmate rained vicious slap after vicious slap down the trashing tramp, with a back fist added every and now then for good measure.

The implacable university beauty caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, seeing her sweat-covered body glistening against the sunlight while her delectable knockers bounced wildly as she tried to stay on top of the flailing whore beneath her. At the corner of this raunchy reflexion, she could see a now naked Euji watching them with a positively erect cock.

She had seen such a ravenous look in him, back when she confronted her erstwhile campus nemesis in his bedroom. She had noted his eyes feasting at the drama of them competing for his cock for 5 straight rounds of cocksucking until the poignant moment she secured his manly essence for herself. Despite having cummed 5 times already, the rest of that night was a rare pleasure for the young victress. Mihi couldn’t help but to feel wet at the prospect of another such torrid night of passion.

Mihi had never let the sight of Euji’s engorged manhood distract her from punishing the brazen bimbo who wanted to replace her. However, even the most vigilant of girls can see the tides of a catfight turn against her in a matter of seconds.

The attack was dirty as it was quick. Mihi didn’t realise what was happening until it was too late for her to react. All the bewitching Asian bombshell knew was that one second she was pounding the hostel wench, and in the next one a foreign finger violated her womanhood. Soon the jealous coed felt a shock wave of pain coming from her moist vaginal lips.

Letting out a high-pitched screech that echoed throughout the spartan room, the sexy sophomore felt her body fail her before she even understood what had just happened. Falling on the soft mattress, the wounded Mihi whimpered, her hands massaging her abused cunt as her battle-worn body squirmed about the bed.

The moaning Mihi turned her head sideways, seeing a battleground littered with sweat and torn hair. Her unfocused gaze rested on her sobbing nemesis, her once flirty get up now reduced to a miniscule strip that stubbornly hung around her waist. The shameless man stealer’s otherwise slutty figure was marred with hideous scratches. It was clear by now that this would be a costly victory for the eventual winner.

Looking past Katerina, the oriental bombshell saw Euji standing close to the bed, eager to see what was going to happen next. His pulsating cock stood above the fallen girls as if calling for them to decide who was worthier of its seed.

The worn-out sexual rivals shared a glance, and Mihi instantly knew this wasn’t over. The good-looking art major heaved as she got groggily on her knees, throwing her harassed body at the woman who wanted to take Euji away from her!

-“I’ll enjoy fucking your man after I’m done with your saggy tits”-asserted Katerina as she went for what remained of Mihi’s luscious hair.

-“I’ll be the one fucking him, like I’ve always done!”-retorted the angry Mihi, reciprocating the malicious hair pull, slapping the foul European skank down.

-“You’re not woman enough for him!”

-“I’m woman enough to teach you a lesson about going after other’s people’s boyfriends!”

-“Boyfriend? You’re nothing but a glorified cum-dump!”

-“Yes, he cums inside me every night, just like he’ll tonight-said Mihi landing another harsh slap on Katerina’s cheek-“after I beat your sorry ass!”

-“Tonight I teach him what a real woman fucks like!”- said Katerina, retaliating with her own hate-filled slap, slamming the feisty undergrad with such force that Mihi’s head was knocked past the edge of the bed, her face hanging upside down while her body was still on the mattress. The increasingly exhausted sophomore tried to rally only for the hostel shrew to pounce on her.

-“Got off me, you wench!”- screeched Mihi as she felt the cantankerous whore pinning her down and scratching her delightful melons. Mihi flailed her shapely legs to get the cock-hungry harpy off her while her hand rummaged desperately for something she had seen when she had barged into the room…

The increasingly frantic university student suddenly raised her arm, her hand now blandishing Katerina’s stilettos, using the pointy end of the heel to whack her relentless tormentor in the face. The blue-eyed bimbo seemed impervious to pain for the first two hits, yet the constant hammering soon took a toll on her rabid torturer. Feeling the leg hold trapping her weaken, Mihi bucked as highly as she could, sending Katerina crashing down the floor.

Mihi groaned as she tried to rally once again. The longer this unrelenting catfight went, the harder it became to ignore the increasingly painful toll the vicious quarrel was having on her womanly bits. Fighting her soreness, Mihi shakily sat on at the edge of the bed, her abused tits rising and sinking as she sucked all the oxygen she could. Looking straight ahead, Euji’s bedmate saw Katerina in an equally sorry state, her once tempting figure now a regrettable mess.

This had gone longer than Mihi had wished or expected. On brink of collapse, the idea of letting the other woman have Euji or at least offering a truce to let them rest and then solve their differences at another time sounded very appealing. She could offer to share the man. And yet, the words that came out of her lips let no room for peace.

-“Give him up or I’ll rip your tits off slut.”-commanded the haughty Mihi. It was a provocative statement that brooked no compromise, where the only valid responses were an unconditional surrender or a fight to the bitter end. She saw Katerina’s expression hardening as uncertainty was replaced by the will to keep fighting for Euji’s dick. Mihi ponderously stood up, knowing Katerina’s answer even before the hostel call girl said anything.

Mihi was slightly faster this time, tackling her love rival against the wall. Mihi was taken by surprise when the cornered Slovakian harlot didn’t try to free herself but instead hugged Mihi tightly, bringing them closer together. The girls embraced as closely as lovers, rolling on the wall in a vertical catball as their nails unleashed a world of pain onto the only thing standing between herself and summer romance.

The furious catball soon came to a standstill as the pretty girls hit a corner. Yet the apparent impasse masked the catty contest of nails, the jealous wildcats doing their best to ruin each other sexual charms, each trying to corner her sexual rival while avoiding being cornered.

-“I’ll end you!”-whispered the tired Mihi as she mustered enough energy to rip another chunk of Katerina’s thinning scalp and indecorously slammed her against the corner.

-“I’m not…scared of you!”-retorted the Slavic goddess, tears rolling down her cheek as she sank her fist into Mihi’s belly. A hurt Mihi recoiled, only to receive another gut-wrenching punch before she could retaliate. A third hit made the tired college girl wobble and a fourth unchallenged attack forced her to let go the hair pull.

Mihi leaned on the wall to catch her breath from the brutal assault but soon felt Katerina’s hands latching onto her hair. The next thing the aspiring girlfriend knew was that her pretty face was slammed against the unforgiving wall over and over again. Mihi kicked the relentless Slovakian tormentress a few times in a last-ditch attempt to break free, but it was a too little too late.

Mihi didn’t know how many times her head was smashed against the wall, nor for how long. To be fair, by that point was barely aware of what was happening, only vaguely feeling her nipples grinding against the wall as she fell on the floor.

She remembered vividly but vaguely what happened next, if such a thing was possible. Walking the fine line between consciousness and blacking out, the once confident university student was slapped and humiliated, forced to endure the disgusting feeling of the victress moist pussy rubbing against her face. It was the terrible punishment that awaited those who failed to keep another woman away from their men. Between tears and pleas, the once-quarrelsome undergrad was forced to recognise Katerina as the better woman and Euji’s sole travelling companion from now on.


Mihi was in a state of shock. Her fairy-tale two months backpacking trip turning into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. By the time she recovered her senses, she could hear Euji fucking the insolent man stealer in the next room. With some effort, the beaten woman sat on the floor and stared blankly at the bed where just last night she was fucking her cute classmate. She glanced at the mirror, seeing her once ravishing physique defiled, marred by her triumphant love rival. She winced as she felt her once magnificent tits suffering from the aftershocks of the savage fight.

Even this late, the beaten Korean siren knew that so long this wasn’t a formal duel, she always had the chance to overturn the result of the catfight. All she had to do was to go to the next room and challenge the insolent harlot to a rematch over Euji’s cock. She was sure Euji wouldn’t object. It was a logical step, since she had nothing to lose at this point.

Her honour as a woman demanded it. It was something had promised herself to do in case she lost her catfight to this hostel slut. And yet the spent Mihi found it impossible to will herself to confront the Slovakian harpy once again. The brutal non-stop violence, the sheer savagery of the conflict, the agonizing back and forth attacks, the humiliation of defeat all conspired to paralyse the once proud woman into inaction.

Mihi was physically and mentally broken and she knew it. She made no effort to stop the new couple from packing or leaving the hostel, implicitly giving up her chance to win her man back…for now. She might change her mind in the future and have another go at the vicious hostel slut, but for now the inconsolable Mihi cried silently as she heard her man leaving the hostel, new bedmate in hand.

The End


-Ironically, it would have been better for Mihi just to ignore Katerina’s provocations until it was time for the couple to leave this hostel. Considering how long Mihi had been a presence in his bed, there was little chance Euji would consider replacing Mihi for Katerina in the absence of a catfight. While the exotic upstart might have secured a promise to travel with him after Mihi’s portion of the trip was done, Mihi could have used the one month and a half she still had to convince Euji to ditch Katerina.

-Of course, the above strategy was good only if Mihi wanted just a holiday fling. As things stood, she wanted to return as Euji’s undisputed girlfriend. She was aware that often victory begets affection, so she decided to chance it all in a high risk/high reward proposition. Had she won the catfight, or some sexual contest where Euji was the prize, Mihi’s path to girlfriendhood would have been shorter and easier.

-Before any potential catfight, many a young woman thinks she’ll be eagerly looking for a rematch should she lose the catfight. If she wants to keep her man, seeking a rematch is only logical. However, that’s easy said than done, for many don’t take into account the physical and emotional toll of losing the catfight and the ensuing humiliation, leading to many a once proud women to rethink if the guy is worth a second catfight. Mihi isn’t the first woman to shy away from a rematch, and she won’t be the last.

-Mihi wasn’t willing to actively seek a rematch against the woman who just deprived of her man. That’s not to say that the university student would have refused a rematch. After all, there’s such a thing as pride. Should Katerina have come back to rub in her victory of her or had decided to claim Euji right in that room, Mihi would have felt compelled to give battle once again regardless the consequences.

-Katerina considered going back to the room where she had just beaten Mihi just to rub in her victory on a crying Mihi but in the end was persuaded not to by Euji. Has she done so, the girls would have fought a second time.

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