Hot for Teacher by Mr. Cage

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“Miss Pentelow, is our time up?”

Sarah Pentelow looked up from her pile of paperwork. Probationary teachers just didn’t have to prepare lesson plans, grade papers and in their spare time teach these days; they had to be full-time bureaucrats and part-time prison guards too. At twenty-five her girlish dream of being a beloved teacher of eager to learn, independent young ladies had evaporated. Even in this exclusive college preparatory school for the girls of the upper middle class and the new rich she found listless, angry, self-possessed, entitled, rampant ignorance. As a dedicated student, she had been a minority in her school but at least a few of her fellow students had wanted to learn and grow. These stuck-up bitches thought the world owed them a joyous life without pain or work. They thought everyone else in the world was there just to serve their needs and puff up their boundless egos.

Even among themselves, these princesses could not muster a modicum of empathy or mutual respect. Four of the girls stuck in this Friday Night Detention had been filming a fight in the bathroom between the other two girls in detention. Rather than expelling customers, damaging their records with an arrest record or even a suspension the lick-spittle school administration had given the camera girls one hour of detention and nasty little battlers two hours of detention. You would have thought the girls had been water-boarded and then sent to a CIA secret foreign prison. Sarah Pentelow secretly wished the fight had been allowed to continue until one or both of the bitches had been left on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood. Of course that would have never done as the black girl was a daughter of a corrupt politician and the Indian import the daughter of a multi-millionaire outsourcing-businessman who wanted his troublesome daughter out of sight.

Sarah bushed a lock of red hair out of her eyes and forced her face into a smile. “Ms. Lenz, Ms. White, Ms. Guerrero and Ms. Winston, I believe your time is up. You’re cell phones remain with the Principal. Once you give written permission for the school authorities to remove the recordings the Principal will return your phones.”

“But it’s the weekend. How can we talk to our friends without our cell phones?”

“Sorry, the administration office closed for the weekend a minute ago. You will have to endure a weekend without texting.”

Taj Ramshama muttered, “Fucking dyke bitch can’t get laid so she doesn’t need a phone to keep up with her business.”

The girl Taj had been fighting, Keisha Greene, laughed, but then remembered she and the Indian were still enemies. They exchanged glares. Sarah suppressed a snarl and motioned to the four standing girls to sign their dismissal slips and leave. The girls left, whispering and giggling before they got out the door.

Taj mumbled again. “Look at that red hair, like anybody believes it’s natural.”

“No talking, please.”

“Prissy white bitch dyke, fuck off please.”

Taj’s whisper was perhaps louder than intended because not only the giggling Keisha heard it, but so did Sarah.

“Ms. Greene, since you find this so amusing you can spend an additional half hour and Ms. Ramshama can contemplate the meaning of no talking for additional hour??”

Taj clamped her thin red rouged lips together glaring at the hated teacher. Sarah Pentlow was a slender, 5’6’’, red head with firm high breasts, athletic legs and pale white skin. She outclassed every teacher in the school and the girls thought she must be either a slut or a dyke just because she was so stuck-up and haughty. The other teachers pretty much let the girls do what they wanted and gave them passing grades for showing up, B’s for good behavior and A’s if they tried. But the new red head kept crashing grade point averages refusing to listen to reason.

In time Keisha left, sneering at Taj. They had agreed to fight it out in the bathroom with the loser going to her knees and licking the winners’ pussy in front of everyone. Tasha had planned to beat the nigger bitch and rise up to the top ranks of the fighters at school. Keisha had beaten eight girls and Taj had whipped five, but lost once.. The white girls were afraid of Keisha, but not Taj. Taj knew she would have beaten Keisha down and then rubbed the fat nigger lips all over the thin, tight, hairy pussy. She looked at the smiling bitch and simmered. The red head did not even look up as Taj spread her legs flashing her pussy under her grey skirt. Taj imagined forcing the teacher to eat her pussy then take her fist up the cunt, screaming first in pain and then in pleasure.

She looked at the outline of the white woman’s breasts. The bitch wore tight white blouses and tailored jackets; today’s was black to match her knee length flared black skirt. Even with the tan stockings the bitch’s hard calves showed how strong her legs were. Taj rubbed her slightly shorter legs together imagining them on either side of Pentelow’s face just before grinding her pussy on the woman’s quivering mouth. As she daydreamed she played with her school stripped blue and yellow tie and the buttons of her one size too small white blouse. She had taken a punch to her right breast, but now it only felt warm and she noted her tits were bigger than Pentelow’s.

Taj looked out the window as the last car left leaving the white bitch’s cheap-ass hybrid in the back of the teacher’s lot and Taj’s hot pink Mercedes in the front of the student lot. Being Friday even the janitor’s truck was gone.

Sarah watched as the smug Indian daydreamed. She finished up her work, packed her briefcase and waited until the last second ticked off the clock.

“Your time is up young lady, I hope you’ve learned a lesson.”

Taj smirked. “There’s nothing you could teach me, Miss.”

She strutted to the front of the room and got her detention slip signed. The white woman’s perfume filled her nose. As the teacher folded the slip into her bag she turned and Taj got a view of the long strong stocking covered legs. She decided to scare the bitch a little bit. She stepped just so, putting her left leg in between the white teacher’s knees. Pentelowe looked up slowly. Taj put her hands on her hips and smirked looking down on the red headed pussy. She hadn’t done anything the teacher could report, but both of them would know she had scared the bitch into wheeling her chair backwards.

Sarah grimaced. The fucking bitch needed that smile wiped off her mouth. Instead of backing up, she stood up, inches away from Taj’s face. Their blouses rubbed. Sarah’s green eyes glared and bright red lips twisted in a smile as Taj’s dark eyes flashed in surprise. Sarah pushed her tits into the girl’s.

“Excuse me young lady.”

Taj didn’t move away. Instead she trembled with fury. “You fucking stuck up cunt, I’d like to whip your ass and ride your face.”

Sarah smiled. “That sounds like a threat.”

Taj paused worried about what might happen to her then she knew what she would do. “It’s not a threat bitch. And if you say anything about it, you’ll get it ten times worse.”

With that the Indian girl seized the sides of teacher’s face and brutally kissed her driving her back into the chair. The white woman struggled, head pressed back over the edge of her chair, lips crushed to lips. Taj’s left knee was in her crotch and her right leg straddled the chair arm, her low heel scratching the carpet for bracing. She was enjoying dominating the teacher, smearing lipstick on her. Then suddenly her hair was jerked back by both white hands and she found herself twisting in the chair. The chair went over and they rolled on the floor. When the red head got on top, she didn’t flee, but instead roughly kissed and then wiped her lips over Taj’s face smearing it with lip stick. Taj struggled under the white woman trying to get back on top. She pulled at the red hair and got the lips off her face.

Sarah moaned as she was pulled backwards painfully by the hair. She had her hands in the Indian’s hair too. More importantly she was half-straddling the bitch’s crotch pinning her on her back. They yanked hair, hurting each other. Cursing and spitting started with their faces a few inches apart. Sarah decided it was time to teach this little arrogant foreigner a serious lesson in calling women dykes. She slammed her stocking covered, mound down on the girl’s uncovered mound and started grinding her. The pain in the Indian’s brown eyes changed to surprise and then fury as she saw Sarah’s green eyes gleaming and mocking her.

“You fucking bitch! I’ll wear your pussy out and then beat you bloody!” Taj screamed and jerked harder on the red hair, banging her bare pussy up into the nylon covered crotch. The teacher moaned, but then slammed her own cunt down hard hurting both of them and smashing Taj’s bare ass cheeks into the carpet. Stunned she lost a grip on the red hair and suddenly the bitch was kissing her again, roughly and mockingly.

Sarah finished mouth raping the squirming Indian’s face, and then she put her lips together and spit right in the Indian’s open mouth. The bitch gagged in fury and bucked like a wild bull. This time she dismounted Sarah and they rolled over and over until Sarah’s back hit the wall. Their legs were tangled, and both used the others’ hair to force them into a mouth raping kissing contest.

Taj felt the nylon crotch or thigh rubbing against her slit and mound. The feelings there plus the kissing and the grinding of boobs bothered her. The red head almost rolled her on her back as she savored the feel of hot nylons on her clit bud. She twisted her left hand deeper in the red hair and let go with the right. The teacher was too busy yanking hair and smearing Taj’s face with her lips to notice. Taj shifted just enough and pushed her right hand between their bellies. The teacher gasped as she felt something under her skirt, but too late. Taj’s green nails gripped a handful of pussy and nylons. She dug her nails in and pulled. She felt the meaty, red hairy lips slip from her grasp, but the nylon stretched and stretched until it ripped free. The white bitch screeched as her pussy was exposed. Taj managed to glance at her right fist. A torn patch of nylon dangled between her claws she tried to push it into the white bitch’s face, but her arm was intercepted. The nylon fell against the sides of their bulging tits showing a tuft of curly red pubic hair. Taj thought, “Amazing, she really is a red head.”

Sarah had been shocked by the attack on her pussy, but no more shocked than the sexual assault. This little bitch had crossed the line. They had gone beyond the limits of either to explain. If either talked, both would be ruined. There was no way this foreign spoiled cunt was going to humiliate her. Using her leverage on the girl’s wrist she pushed and twisted the Indian’s hand behind her in the classic school front facing arm lock. With that she rolled easily on top, trapping Taj’s hand under her back. Taj squirmed and kicked, but she was trapped for a moment. Sarah slammed her mound down feeling her hair and the Indian’s hair tangling in a wet snarl. Then she started humping and grinding mound to mound. She would grind an orgasm out of this hot little whore whether it cost her job or a prison system.

Taj struggled to free her arm, but the harder Taj tried the more her shoulder and elbow hurt. The white bitch’s wet mouth was all over her face, forcing rough kisses and from time to time almost suffocating her with sucking kisses. Their tongues fought as both seemed to avoid biting for the moment. She felt her tits smashed flat against the red heads. Their blouses were sweaty and pulled out of their skirts. Their loose skirts were rolled up in the front and flopping in the back. Taj’s was caught under her ass, totally exposing her pussy and crotch. The red head pounded mounds and then assaulted her with a grinding circular motion.

“Get off me you fucking dyke!”

“Take it you fucking upstart third world bitch!”

“White whore, I’ll kill you!”

“Kuthi! Ban choud!” Sarah snarled two curses she had looked up on the internet after Taj’s last stay in detention. She was afraid she had mispronounced them, but the look in Taj’s eyes as Sarah covered her mouth with another rape kiss told her the Indian had understood, “Bitch” and “Sister Fucker.”

Taj bucked and struggled. The bitch smeared her nasty mouth all over her face and tongue raped her, but the real problem was her hairy mound grinding against Taj’s clit. The pressure had her cunt wet and wanting more. What’s worse, the white’s eyes taunted her with the fact that the red-head knew she was raping and orgasm out of Taj against her will. Taj pulled hard on the red hair dragging the white bitch’s face back. Her teacher moaned as the skin on her face was pulled taunt by the scalp. Taj pulled harder and tried to roll, but suddenly a white hand covered her nose and mouth. Taj tried to twist her head, but the wet hand had her nose and mouth covered. She had to let go of the hair and pull the hand away.

Sarah snarled, “You are such a little cunt whore, I can feel how wet you are. My cunt owns your cunt and we both know it.”

Taj moaned as the white bitch stopped circling and rubbed her hairy mound up smashing and separating Taj’s thin upper lips. Her swollen clit bud must have peaked out of its dark rough hood because she could swear she felt every red pubic hair scrubbing over the pink head. Her toes curled. Her ass clenched and she felt a gurgling moan of denial coming through her lips into the hated white bitch’s mouth. Then the explosion spiked fire into her nipples and her clit. Her cunt quivered seeking a cock to milk, but instead she humped desperately against the red mound.


Sarah felt the orgasm coming and then rode the bucking little bitch as her body betrayed her. Sarah’s own cunt wanted relief, but she had other ideas for that. The bitchy Indian moaned and squirmed as she came in waves, wetting both of them. She might as well have peed, what a dyke whore. Taj stopped squirming and just moaned lying still while breathing desperately in and out of Sarah’s swollen mouth.

Sarah wanted to linger mound to mound, but feared that temptation. She needed to make a final statement. Taking advantage of the Indian’s collapse, she set up and pinned the other arm to the floor. Moving quickly she bounced up on her knees and landed heavily ass cheeks bouncing on the girl’s blouse covered tits. Taj grunted as her lungs emptied. The dark eyes looked up showing a mixture of hate, shame and surrender. Sarah felt a rush of female power and vindication.

“Eat me bitch!”

She moved up and used her hands to force Taj’s face into her wet cunt. The Indian moaned pathetically and closed her mouth. Using the hair like a bridle with her left hand she shoved her hips forward and leaned backwards. Her red nails combed through the wet black hair covering Taj’s mound and found a swollen, surprising thick and long clit hood. Sarah knew exactly what to do. She used her thumb and middle finger to pull back on the hood exposing the pink nerve packed bud. Then she touched it lightly with her index fingernail. Taj stiffened and whimpered.

“Eat it or you know what comes next!”

Taj started licking and sucking, Taj’s nose snuffled in Sarah’s thick wet, tangled red bush unable to deny the smell of the wet white whore. She felt the sharp edge of the bitch’s finger on her still burning clit. Whether it was pain or pleasure, Taj could stand no more. She put her lips to the fat hairy cunt lips and started licking and sucking. The bitch used Taj’s chin to message the bottom of her slit, while using Taj’s tangled black hair to shift her tongue around finally coming to a hard clit but hidden between really fat, hairy swollen upper lips. The bitch had one of those fleshy cunts. Taj worked on the clit trying to bring the white bitch off as quickly as possible. The teacher needed little encouragement. She came quickly, but not so hard as to become helpless.

Sarah laughed in between hot breaths. She pulled the defeated Indian’s face and mouth away from her cunt before the hot little whore could make her cum again. She sat there for a moment then rose up so her pussy would drain into the girl’s eyes. She felt the girl trying to twist her face away, but the tangle of black hair in her left fist kept her target in place. Just to be sure she sat down and smeared her wet crotch back and forth while listening to the girl’s groan’s of disgust and gasps for fresh air. Sarah lifted her ass and then used the Indian’s long black hair, tangled and matted as it was to wipe her crotch. The little bitch would smell Sarah’s cunt even after a couple of shampoos. Victory was so sweet. She stood up slowly, surprised to still having her jacket and heels still on.

She smoothed her skirt down. Her blouse was out and wet with sweat and she could feel hot sticky liquid between her thighs, staining her panty hose which had despite being made crotch-less still covered her firm thighs. A little work with her hair brush and some time so the flush left her pale cheeks and Sarah could stop by the store on the way home. She stepped over the downed student, turned on her heels and looked down on the Indian who had curled up holding her pussy with both hands. Sarah couldn’t just leave. She put the abraded sole of her right heel on the Indian’s face.

“Lick it bitch, lick my shoe like the fucking dog you are!”

The Indian whimpered. Maybe she licked and maybe she didn’t. Sarah laughed.

“You started this and I finished it, but no one will believe it happened, so keep your dirty little cunt eating mouth shut or else.”

Taj could not keep from crying. The humiliation was too much. Then she felt spittle hit the upper side of her cheek. The white bitch had spit on her, and then walked away as though Taj was really dirt under her heels. Fury rose up inside her. She heard the classroom door shut. Suddenly the strength returned to her body. She stood up. That fucking dyke had raped her. But it wasn’t over! Not yet it wasn’t. Taj kicked off her low heels and ran after the red head.

Sarah heard the slap of feet on the faux stone tiles and turned just in time to get rammed in the left side. The red head flew off her feet and slammed hard on her shoulder and hip with the Indian student grunting from the tackling impact. Both lay still for a few moments as their bodies assimilated the shocking collision. Sarah new better than to roll on her stomach, but rolling on her back seemed like a bad idea with the Indian stirring and beginning to climb up Sarah’s stocking covered thighs.

Taj mounted the bitch’s hips rolling up red head’s skirt in the process. She didn’t want to get bare bush to bare bush again, not even bush to hip, but she had to get on top. The white bitch started struggling so Taj grabbed for her hair with both hands. The sex fight was over as far as Taj was concerned and as she dug her green nails into the red head’s scalp the teacher understood that the rules had changed. The white bitch screeched ass bits of her scalp and tufts of hair rolled up under Taj’s wicked sharp nails. But, the teacher surprised her. As Taj balanced on the white woman’s hips, the bitch grabbed the white blouse from the back and the dangling blue and yellow stripped tie from the front. Despite spreading her legs, the Indian student found she was rolling in the direction of the pull on her tie and before she could stop she was on the bottom looking up at a angry white face.

Sarah grimaced as her scalp felt like a razors had been dug into it, but as she rolled on top she took quick revenge. The Indian’s legs were spread wide and kicking as if she was trying to roll over, but the bare feet were working in opposition. Sarah shifted her weight to her left knee and drove her right knee forward lifting it just enough to slam into the hairy mound beneath her. Taj’s eyes went wide and her mouth cursed, but then she gasped as Sarah slid her knee up over the mound and shifted her weight to that knee digging it into the soft belly above the pubic shield. Sarah knew from experience getting kicked there in a rugby scrum that she was hurting the young aggressive Indian slut.

Taj felt every inch of the knee as it violated her womb and vitals. Her arms lost their strength and she released the red hair. Her hands went to the white’s face. The teacher gasped and jerked backwards, relieving the pain in Taj’s female core. Before Taj could move the teacher was standing. The toe of her right heel drove into Taj’s slit and another wave of sexual pain flowed up to her brains.

She curled up and rolled over trying to protect her softer front. Another toe kick took her in the small of the back. Then she took a stomp to her ass as she tried to rise up facing away. The teacher’s heel gouged her brown ass cheek and rammed her head into the wall. Taj rolled onto her side and then back risking another kick to her cunt and jammed out both her bare feet. The right one missed but the left foot took the teacher’s right foot out from under her. The teacher staggered and then retreated out of range, leaning against the far wall. Taj scrambled up still unable to straighten out entirely. The pain in her womb and pussy still raged weakening her ability to fight. She gasped and hoped the white bitch would give her time to recover.

Sarah looked up and down the hall. No one had come. “Listen you stupid, spoiled, dot-head cunt! I’ll fight you if you want to fight, but not in the hallway like a couple of stupid freshman girls.”

Still hurting Taj decided to talk until she could jump the bitch again. “Oh, you mean find a ring and put on boxing gloves. No thanks. You fucking raped me. I’m going to beat the shit out of you and then rape you back!”

“I said I’d fight you, but both of us can’t show up with marks on our face, Monday. Everyone will know what happened, or will think they will know. I’ll charge you with assault. You’ll charge me. In then end you’re father will be dragged in to save you, but then I’ll go to the press. Left and right wing will be happy to attack the foreign rich girl who’s father steals American jobs. Your daddy will be an All-American Press Clusterfuck and you know that will get Congress running to get on the camera. By the time it dies down I’ll be unemployable but rich on interviews, you’ll be a millstone around your daddy’s neck and he’ll be testifying before media-whore congressmen from now until the end of the decade.”

Taj’s raged cooled as she imagined her father banishing her to some dark hole back home and marrying her to one of his running-dog lackeys. Her life would be over! “What are you talking about bitch? I’m not going to rub pussies with you again!”

Sarah laughed. “Oh, I think you will, but not like last time. We go to the men’s shower room off the faculty lounge. It’s an open floor about twenty feet long and ten feet wide. I’ll fight you anyway you want below the neck – just no hitting, clawing, or biting to the face or the neck. And I suggest if we bite we agree not to remove body parts.”

“What about hair-pulling?”

“Pulling hair is okay. Headlocks are okay! Scissors are okay! Let’s avoid bruising, claw marks and bites.

“So, no biting off your nipples but I can chew your tits until they bleed.” Taj snarled parting her lips and making biting motions with her straight, chemically whitened teeth.

Sarah kept fear from showing and nodded her head. “Yes, and I can use my claws on your nasty cunt until you’ll have to plug it with tampons for at least three weeks.”

Taj instinctively closed her thighs together. “We settle this right now and the loser is fucked like a whore. You don’t go to the police or the press!”

“That’s right, I don’t’ tell anyone and you keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell your friends because then they’ll sell you out to the tabloids and we’ll both be back into the shit. We do this and then we keep our mouths shut. Only you and I will know which one of us is the better woman! Can you live with that?

“Oh yes, I can live with that. I’m going to fuck you so long and hard bitch you’ll be sorry you ever gave me any shit.”

“Follow me; we’ll see who fucks who!”

They got to the shower. Taj was ready to fight, but the teacher started stripping. It made sense, so Taj did the same. The pale red-head’s skin showed some bruising already. Her cunt lips were still puffy. Her pink nipples were like rubbery conical pyramids rising from the smooth round two inch circular pink aureole. Taj thought her dark black thumb-like nipples and thick bumpy dark brown aureole could easily match those pale things, but was more worried about the white woman’s cunt. It had taken a clawing and merely looked swollen and excited. And, it had clearly outlasted Taj’s in the grinding match. Taj’s own cunt still throbbed from the kicks and her womb still threatened to cramp. She decided to protect her lower body and attack the red head’s tits early and often.

Sarah looked at the dark black nipples sticking out from the rough thick rubbery aureole and wanted to make them bleed. She planned on working out all her frustrations on this little cunt leaving her a ruin under her clothes. She stepped slowly to the side letting her bare feet get the feel of the shower tiles. At least they were dry. Taj circled slowly cursing non-stop making promises of all the things she would do to Sarah’s tits and pussy. Sarah concentrated instead of taunting back. She intended to crush the spirit out of this arrogant young cunt. They circled closer and closer. Sarah could see Taj’s eyes flicking toward her red bush. So the little bitch wanted to cunt fight. Sarah raised her hands and straightened up walking with her legs just so to show and open crotch. Taj could not resist.

Taj saw a chance and leapt forward intending to hook her right hand claws into the teacher’s pussy in one quick strike. The stupid white bitch had left herself open. Taj shot forward, her right hand sweeping down from her tits to twist over and come up underhand. She would end it quick with a cunting. Just before her hand completed its curling motion upward, Taj’s cunt exploded. The white bitch had lashed out with her left instep slamming like a lacrosse stick into her pussy. Instead of white cunt her right forearm slapped into the back of the teacher’s right leg and the claw dangled uselessly in free air. Disappointment was the least of her trouble. Her pussy throbbed and she just wanted to curl up on the tiles and cry.

Sarah grabbed the bitch’s hair as she inevitably bent forward moaning and clutching herself. Despite her hatred, Sarah had to give the Indian credit for remaining standing and sending her claws forward for Sarah’s white tits. She grabbed the Indian’s tangled black hair and as pain exploded around her nipples Sarah drove her right knee up hard crushing the sticky Indian cunt up hard. Sarah’s tit pain was worth the sound of the spoiled Indian groan of complete agony.

Taj fell to her knees doing her best to keep from throwing up. Her hands came away from the white tits. She raised them to cover her face and head, but the bitch grabbed her wrists and held her steady for a savage knee to the left tit. Now another gland erupted in pain. The blow was so hard that it knocked Taj backwards. At least her hands were free. She rolled to get her legs unfolded and took a stomp on the hip. The bitch had aimed it at her cunt, but missed. Despite the agony still roiling her belly, Taj knew she had to fight back or get her ass handed to her by this white dyke. The teacher raised her right foot again and Taj slammed both her feet into the white woman’s left ankle. The bitch cried out and felt in a semi-split, her right foot slamming down to the left of Taj’s thigh and the left knee smacking the tiles far to the rear.

Sarah felt like her ankle had been taken out by mule. The bitch could kick. Her left knee was numb and she was now open to a kick to the body or the crotch. She shoved over her right toes gripping the tiles and half-lunged and half-fell forward. She slammed down across the Indian’s sweaty belly trying to land as hard as she could without gutting herself. It didn’t work. Both of them grunted. Sarah felt her knee and ankle returning to feeling, they hurt, but it was a dull pain not the sharp pain of a break or a sprain. She felt lucky right until claws dug into her ass cheeks and the other hand grabbed a fist full of hair right above her forehead.

Taj felt the air leave her lungs again as the fat white cunt slammed down on her belly adding to the agony starting in her cunt traveling up her belly and clutching her lungs and heart from below. Her body demanded she surrender or pass-out. Her brain screamed for her to fight back so she did. She tried lift the bitch’s hairline by a fistful of hair, but unlike a black girl these roots clung on like every strand was a tree. Still she had the head held down and the body attached to it pinned down. Her claws raked the undersides of the surprisingly firm white ass. She tried to get into the cunt from behind or the asshole, but as soon as she reached thighs clapped on her hand and the way to the glory holes was barred. Now she was as pinned in place as the bitch teacher.

Sarah new her ass cheeks had been clawed raw and now she could feel the fingernails trying to pry apart her upper thigh. She couldn’t let this little bitch get to her sex. She knew the slut would claw her bloody, scoop out her eggs if possible. Faced with that and basically wallowing on the Indian’s belly she risked ripping out her own hair and turned her face slightly to the side. Her left hand snaked downward. The Indian was trying to get to her cunt, so why not. She sank her manicured nails into the young cunt, three fingers sliding between the fat, hairy, sticky lips and digging into the pink meat inside. The brown girl stiffened, screamed and ripped out a fistful of hair. Sarah screamed too as tears filled her eyes. She reflexively pulled away grabbing for her scalp and felling a wet bald space, not too large but still her fingers were red when she looked at them.

“You dirty cunt!” The red head screamed and drove a fist down on the girl’s mound. The hammer hit with a thud and the Indian groaned and brought up her knees. Sarah was on her knees and the Indian had protected her crotch and belly so she slammed both fists down on the brown tits, crushing them. She opened her fists and grabbed them, jerking and gouging as she moved her knees to the woman’s tangled hair, holding her down by the hair pinned to the floor. The Indian’s screams were more than satisfying.

Taj could not believe how bad the pain in her crotch was. Even now her tits were being tortured and her whole body seemed focused on her mound. She had underestimated the red headed bitch again. Tears streamed out of her eyes as the sharp nails opened up her nipples and now those pain centers fought with her throbbing mound for attention. She screamed unable to control herself. Her hands clawed at the teacher’s white wrists, but only increased the pain in her savaged tits. She could not stand it.

“Please stop! I give! I give!”

The teacher give both nipples a savage pinch and twist almost making Taj pass out in agony, then suddenly the pain was gone. She curled up into a ball and sobbed. The red head stood above her gasping, sweat sliding down her body. Taj opened her eyes, pleading with her soul for mercy.

Sarah wanted to destroy the girl beneath her. Stomp her face in or at least turn her tits into raw meat. She had done some savage work on the dark nipples, but she had clawed up an ex-lover to the point that her tits were left as swollen scabs. Of course that pretty much ended that relationship, but the scissor stab wound in her thigh and side had kept the bitch from prosecuting her. Well that was spilt milk now. Sarah shook her tangled red hair to clear her mind.

“Taj, you started this twice. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. In fact, we could be helpful to each other. I don’t care what you do in other classes, just show up for mine and do your work. I’ll treat you fairly. We will forget this little disagreement. And I won’t collect on our bet right now. But if you feel the urge when we are healed to play with me out of school, in private, I would be pleased to mutually enjoy one another without all the anger and violence. Now let’s shower off and I’ll help you dress those wounds.”

Their affair lasted until graduation. Sarah got to meet Taj’s father who thought of her as the woman who finally got his little girl to take her education seriously. He had no idea of how seriously the private education was or continued to be on and off.He gave Sarah a prime public relations job in return for fucking him when he made one of his periodic visits to check on his business or his daughter. Who knew a brutal sex fight was the pathway to gainful employment and breathtaking pleasure?

The End

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