If I Should Fall Behind: A Couples Story by Kiva

Author’s Note

This story is a collaboration I wrote with another member here, whose privacy I shall maintain.  My collaborator created all of the characters, the overall concept and parts of the fight sequence.  My part was to flesh out the story and put it into a narrative.

I’d like to thank the members so far who have trusted me with their characters or story ideas to create something consistent with their vision.  Hope everyone is dealing well in these unusual times and staying safe.

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Holly sat in the large brown leather chair in her host’s game room watching her husband Shaun grind another man into the mat. At 6’2” and 218 lbs, Shaun was a powerful man. At age 48, the former college scholarship football player was still very handsome, fit and athletic. Dominant the entire match, he had Henry, face down trapped in a quarter nelson, pressing his forehead to the mat while trapping the other arm into a chicken wing. Although physically imposing, Shaun wasn’t the larger or the older man on the mat. Henry, Shaun and Holly’s host, was a 6’0”, 260 lb. ox. The balding former weight lifter at age 50, an international construction company program manager, carried a little extra girth around the middle but was still an impressive physical specimen. Both men were experienced fighters. Both men had a lifelong fascination with female fighting. Both men and their wives had been trying for months to arrange a couples match. Dates were set. Plans were made, then life circumstances got in the way. Today was no exception. Holly’s opponent today, Henry’s wife Kelly, had to leave town on a short notice business trip.

It was unfortunate. Shaun, a medical device sales representative, was going to be at a conference not far from Henry and Kelly’s home. The couples match was planned after the conference. A professional photographer was even hired, only for the event to be cancelled again.

“I have an idea,” said Henry, “since you guys are going to be in the area anyway, although Kelly won’t be here, why don’t you come on over. We can meet, get to know each other and the guys can have a match. Holly’s invited to watch. Afterwards, we’ll shake hands and try to get the girls involved next time.” So that was the new plan.

Holly, dressed in her denim blouse and khaki slacks, felt a swell of pride for her husband as she watched the mature bulls battle. At 38 years old, she was a beautiful woman. A fit 5’7” and 130 lbs, her wavy blonde hair flowed just past her shoulders. Her thin nose and high cheek bones gave her face a look of classic beauty. She worked hard to keep her body in great shape and she was proud of it. In recent years, she took an interest in female combat sports, especially wrestling, much to Shaun’s delight. After all, he introduced her to the activity. With Shaun as her trainer and workout partner, their marriage seemed to reach a new level of intimacy. Holly knew Shaun found women wrestling to be sexy and she was all too happy to oblige him with fantasies in the bedroom. They discussed scenarios of each of them watching the other in a physical struggle with an opponent of the same gender. In their imaginary world, they would train, fight, cheer, and support each other. Victorious, their sweaty, aching, exhausted bodies would come together in a passionate embrace, a kiss, then a long night of intensely exhilarating love making.

“Holly,” Shaun offered, “we can make this real. There are couples just like us that wrestle. They’re not hard to find. We can connect on line. If they sound like a match and they vet out OK, we can set up matches for the both of us.” It didn’t take much for Holly to get over any initial reservations. The idea that their fantasy could become reality was just too exciting.

Henry and Kelly’s home was spacious. The large game room was the site of their hosted couples matches. Bordering the wrestling area was a pool table, ping pong table, and video and sound equipment, including a five foot screen suspended from the ceiling.

The men wrestled in trunks on a 20 x 20 foot mat. The match would end by pin or submission. Henry somehow managed to power his way out of his predicament but as he and Shaun faced each other, it was Henry who clearly appeared fatigued and short winded. Henry was a fine fighter and wrestler, big and tough as nails, but on this occasion, he was thoroughly outclassed by his smaller, quicker and technically proficient guest.

Holly watched her man charge in, capturing his opponent in a side headlock. She sensed the passion rise within her. She did not pack her wrestling gear for this trip. There was no need for it. Her match cancellation brought alternating feelings of disappointment and relief. At least she could relax and enjoy her husband’s dominating performance. Tonight, they will spend a romantic evening of dining and dancing. She purchased a sexy red plunge push-up lacy Victoria’s Secret bra with matching lacy panties just for the occasion to surprise him at their last night at the hotel. She saw her man lift his larger opponent’s tree trunk thigh, throwing him over his back in a fireman’s carry take down. As the 260 pounder got to his feet, Shaun lifted him up by the waist, sweeping away the legs, slamming his beefy man on his back. Holly felt her entire body blush. And that familiar tingle. “He’s doing this for me,” she thought as her mind drifted halfway into fantasy. “Perhaps he’s fending off an intruder. Or he’s protecting his woman from an unwanted suitor.”

With perfect leverage, atop his opponent’s chest, Shaun hooked Henry’s massive leg while pulling the head forward, keeping him subdued in a near fall position. Holly watched her husband’s powerful shoulder and upper arm muscles bulge and flare, as the two men grunted and panted on the mat. Henry, tried to roll his shoulders, and push up with his free leg to escape his attacker, groaning and snorting with each attempt, but to no avail. Holly knew. The larger man was fading fast. “It won’t be long. It’s almost over,” Holly thought. Giddy with excitement, she noticed her heart racing and rapid breathing. “Cool it, girl,” she told herself. Save it for later.”

Shaun, in complete control on top of his opponent, looked at his wife. She looked at him. The gloss of sweat gave a polish to his extruding muscles locking down his opponent. He smiled first. It was not a smile of arrogance or cockiness or disrespect to his opponent. It was a smile only for his wife. Holly knew immediately what it meant. It was a smile that said, “ You and me, my love. We’re in this together.” She smiled back. Her husband was about to win his match. All was well in the world.

One hour ago, Holly did not feel this self assurance. “We’re almost there,” Shaun told her. “According to the GPS, Henry and Kelly’s house is two miles away.”

“It’ll feel a little funny, just you wrestling while I watch,” she said. “I’ll be the only woman in the house. But you know, some days I can’t wait to get on the mat again. Other times, I’m still trying to process my last match. Maybe it’s better to just watch you today.”

“What is there to process?” Shaun asked.

“Well, you know, losing for the first time.”

Holly and Shaun had three prior couples matches. Their preferred style of combat was wrestling ending with pin or submission. Holly enjoyed her matches spiced with a few “catty rules” like slapping and hair pulling for control. Unlike many wrestlers, the couple would rather pin their opponents than force a submission, although they would certainly take advantage of a submission opportunity. Shaun, extensively trained in freestyle wrestling that banned submission holds, excelled in take downs and pinning combinations, a philosophy he taught to Holly. Shaun, easily won his first three matches as Holly’s partner. In her first match, Holly dominated an equally inexperienced opponent. Her second match was a close back and forth battle in which she eventually prevailed. Both matches ended with Holly rendering her opponents pinned and helpless. Holly’s penchant for the pin had another reason. The experience of vanquishing another woman by pressing her into the mat under her complete control, her victim unable to arise until Holly allowed it, was …..so exciting. To feel her opponent vainly struggle and flail beneath her and to then sense her subdued resignation was a rush! And with the husbands watching, very few life experiences could match the intensity. The pin just speaks dominance. In her first match, she defeated her woman with a school girl pin and double leg grapevine, just a few feet from the poor woman’s husband. For Holly, the high was indescribable.

Holly was not so fortunate in her third match. For most of it, she was in control of her opponent. Just when it appeared she was headed for her third straight win, a quick reversal and arm bar submission ended the match. Just like that. One little mistake.

“It’s natural to lose confidence after a loss,” Shaun counseled, “you just have get back on your horse and get in there again.”

“I’m mad at myself because I made one little mistake. I had that match won,” Holly replied.

“Everyone loses some time. We learn from our mistakes.”

“It’s more than that. Losing is one thing but it’s so crushing to lose….in front of you. Didn’t you feel humiliated seeing me tap out?”

“Of course not,” Shaun answered. “You fought a good fight. I was proud of you. Why would I feel humiliated that you got caught in an arm bar.”

“OK,” Holly responded. “Remember how I said pinning another woman in front of her husband is a huge rush for me? What if it was me getting pinned? What if I was the one flattened on the mat with another woman pressing me? Like a schoolgirl pin, where I can see her face looking down at me while she has complete control over me. And what if this were happening right at your feet? And what if I was dominated the whole match before getting pinned? I know I’d feel humiliated. But it’d be ten times worse knowing you’re humiliated for me and I let you down.”

“Honey, look,” Shaun offered. “You’re never going to let me down by losing a match. All any of us can do is our best. Someday, you’re going to see me lose. And anytime you lose, I will be there for you. That’s marriage. It’s two partners going through life with victories, defeats, joys and sorrows. When one of us falls, we pick up each other.”

“As a fighter, you’re so much more advanced than me. You have so much more experience. I feel so far behind you.”

Shaun smiled, his eyes softening, “then that means I’ll wait for you.”

For several seconds both were silent. Holly felt a small lump in her throat, overwhelmed by her husband’s expression of devotion. She watched her husband’s fingers manipulate the controls to the MP3 player. “Here hon, listen to this,” just before Bruce Springsteen’s raspy voice filled the car.

We said we’d walk together, baby, come what may
That come the twilight should we lose our way
If as we’re walking a hand should slip free
I’ll wait for you, should I fall behind wait for me

We swore we’d travel, darling, side by side
We’d help each other stay in stride
But each lover’s steps fall so differently
But I’ll wait for you, and if I should fall behind wait for me

“That’s beautiful,” Holly said softly.

“According to the GPS, this is Henry and Kelly’s house Looks like we’re here,” Shaun announced.

“You know Shaun, I’m feeling feisty again,” Holly said. “That bitch Kelly is lucky she’s out of town. If she was here, I’d kick her ass.”

“That’s my girl.”

Henry’s attempts to throw off his aggressor were becoming progressively less forceful. His shoulders twitched but were unable to rise. The free leg no longer kicked but only pawed the mat with his bare foot. Fatigued and gasping, his situation was dire, like a critically ill patient on life support. Shaun lied over the big man’s chest, joining his hands together, pulling Henry’s head and right leg together, locked into a foreboding cradle. Like a rodeo steer, Henry was pinned, roped, and tied. Shaun and Holly counted together, as the photographer clicked. “One…Two…Three…Four…Five!”

Henry accepted their verdict, “OK, you win.”

Before Shaun could release his host, a loud sound shot through the game room. It sounded like a shotgun blast. No, it was a door slamming shut. In front of the door stood a brunette woman dressed in a gray business suit and pumps. With her hair up in a bun, her face scowled and her hands on her hips, she glared at Holly, then at the two men still on the mat, then back to Holly. And then she bellowed, WHAT THE FUCK! I THOUGHT THIS MATCH WAS CANCELLED!

The two men on the mat, startled, rose to their feet. “HENRY, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” The woman screamed. YOU SAID YOU WOULD CALL THEM AND RESCHEDULE. WHY THE FUCK ARE HERE?”

“Uh, Kelly,” Henry attempted, unable to conceal his embarrassment. “They were going to be in town anyway, and you know how we’ve been trying to meet for months, I thought I’d at least get started with them and later we all could – “

“So you bring them in here without my knowledge?” She said sharply.

Her husband, valiantly trying to defuse an extremely awkward situation answered, “Why not? They’re good people. This is Shaun.”

“Hi Kelly,” Shaun offered as Kelly gave him an expressionless glance.

“And this is his wife, Holly.”

“Hi Kelly,” Holly said nervously while trying to seem cheerful. “We’re sorry there seems to have been a mixup. We didn’t know you weren’t aware we were coming today. You have a lovely home. We’ll go now. Maybe we can meet at a better time.” As she spoke, Kelly stared at her with piercing eyes which shifted up and down Holly as if the brunette were sizing her up.

Kelly bit her lip and stared at the floor for a few seconds. “Dammit Henry,” she started. “My meetings finish up a day early, I dash to make this flight, I come into my home just in time to see you get your ass kicked by strangers in my house and I’m just suppose to flip into party mode? No couples matches unless I say so. Get it?”

“My wife can be a little type A,” Henry whispered into Shaun’s ear.

“You can say that again,” Shaun thought to himself. “She’s more than type A. She’s a full blown control freak alpha female bitch.”

“Kelly, it was nice meeting you,” said Shaun. “Your husband was a fantastic host but we’ll be going now. We’ll make sure next time you make the plans. We’d love to have you at our place.”

Henry added, “I’ll take them to the guest room so Shaun can change…”

“No,” Kelly interrupted. “No one’s leaving. I want them to stay…We have unfinished business. This was supposed to be a couples meet. The guys already had their match. Now blondie and I have to settle it.”

“Uh, Kelly, this doesn’t seem like a really good time,” Holly said.

“No, it’s a perfect time. You people come in my house, make my husband your bitch, and I don’t get a chance to even the score?” She looked up at the video screen which now displayed an image of final seconds of Shaun’s conquest of Henry. She instructed the photographer, “Get that thing the fuck off the screen.”

Kelly removed her earrings, her necklace, bracelets and rings. She took off her gray blazer, placing it on the back of a chair. She slipped out of the matching skirt and kicked off the gray pumps. Standing in just a white blouse, underwear, and stockings, she continued to provoke Holly. “Why are you just standing there? It’s you and me right now.”

“I didn’t bring wrestling gear,” Holly replied.

By now, Kelly unbuttoned her blouse one by one before unsleeving her arms and removing the blouse completely. The stockings were the last to go. Standing in a white bra and panties, Kelly countered, “You brought underwear didn’t you?”

Remembering her underwear was actually lingerie, Holly hesitated, “Um yeah, but…”

“You guys are welcome to stay,” Henry interjected. “If Holly’s ready, we can have the girls match. Since it took so long to get together and you’re here now, we may as well do it.”

Shaun added, “Holly, it’s up to you. If you want to leave now, fine, or we can stay and you and Kelly can have your match.”

“Maybe she’s afraid,” taunted Kelly. “Maybe she already knows I’m the better woman.”

All eyes were on Holly. Kelly had gotten under her skin. Her bossy, temperamental manner was off putting and offensive. The idea of giving her an attitude adjustment in her own home in front of her husband was alluring…and exciting. “Can I change in the guest room? Shaun, will you come with me?”

Shaun followed his wife to the bedroom. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

“I do want to,” she answered. “I already can’t stand that bitch. But look.”

Holly removed her shoes, unpeeled her denim blouse and slipped off her slacks. Standing before her husband in her red deep plunge bra and panties, she explained, “This is all I have to wear. I was going to surprise you tonight.”

“You look so sexy”

“But to wrestle in this? In front of other people? There’s another guy here.” Holly was proud of her body and she wasn’t afraid to show it in public at the beach or the pool. But she certainly wasn’t an exhibitionist.

“Is it much different than a bikini?” Shaun asked. “And besides, Henry’s cool. But it’s your call. We’ll do whatever you say. As I said in the car, I’ll always support you.”

Holly moved closer to her husband. He was still wearing only his gym trunks. She placed her hands on his strong shoulders. They looked at each other’s eyes. He smiled. It was THAT smile, the one that said, “I’m with you.” She massaged the shoulders, roamed her fingers along the biceps, then caressed the large chest. The thought of her in her underwear turning him on lit the fire. Now wrestling another woman before his eyes brought back the passion, the drive, the will to win. They kissed.

“I’m going to do it,” she asserted. “Let’s get out there.”

The sight of Holly re-entering the game room in her red bra and panties certainly got Kelly and Henry’s attention. “Now ladies,” Henry instructed. “Let’s briefly review the rules.” The women previously agreed on a “catty” wrestling match to end by pin or submission. No closed fists but open hand strikes and forearms were allowed. No crotch attacks. Use of hair for control and nail use below the shoulders was permitted.

The women met facing each other in the center of the mat. Kelly, at 5’5” and 140 lbs was 2 inches shorter but 10 lbs heavier than Holly, slightly stocky but in good shape. Kelly had several more fights than Holly. Her hair remained in a bun, while Holly pulled back her long blonde hair into a pony tail. Kelly’s skin tone was tan compared to Holly’s fair complexion. Kelly made no facial expression when Holly emerged from the guest room. Holly’s sexy underwear seemed to further intensify Kelly’s coldness to her guests. The two women engaged in a stare down. Kelly puffed out her 36D chest at her opponent but it was Holly with her 36C bra showing more cleavage.

Something seemed to be boiling inside Kelly. She was the alpha female. She hated that plans were made without her. She hated guests were in her home without her knowledge. She hated that her 260 lb husband was defeated. And she absolutely hated that her opponent looked sexier. In her own home. Kelly was furious and someone was going to pay.

Holly suppressed feelings of intimidation facing the icy brunette and returned Kelly’s glare with her own steely stare. Holly, however, was not quite prepared for Kelly’s ire to start the match. With quickness and ferocity, Kelly’s right hand whipped from out of nowhere, hitting Holly’s cheek with a vicious slap. Holly’s head turned abruptly, the ponytail snapping to the side of her head. She quickly regained her bearings and with a burst of fury of her own, repaid the deed with her own harsh slap. Kelly quickly shook off the sting, landing a second slap. Then Holly slapped again. The two women paused for a few seconds, then charged at one another, each with both arms swinging and hands slapping. The smacking sound of open hand to skin carried through the game room as both husbands watched the spectacle.

Kelly tucked her chin and bore in on her taller opponent, throwing a whirlwind of slaps and forearms. Holly’s slaps were reduced to ineffective flails as the brunette landed the more frequent and harder blows. Kelly drove in as Holly’s head snapped side to side, knocking her off balance. A hard right hand nearly turned Holly’s face around as she stumbled and twisted, falling over her tangled feet, landing on her back with a force that made her feet fly in the air.

Stunned and embarrassed, Holly quickly rolled onto her hands and knees, fully expecting her opponent to move in quickly to take advantage. Instead, she looked straight to see her surly opponent standing still, hands on her hips, grinning in admiration of her handy work. “Arrogant bitch,” Holly thought. “I’ll knock that smile off her face.” But no sooner did Holly lift a knee when Kelly rushed right on her, clamping on a side headlock. The blonde quickly realized the strength of her rival as the brunette used the control of her opponent’s head to move the body around as Holly’s feet frantically tried to keep her in balance. It was not to be, as Kelly used her leg to sweep away the head locked woman’s feet, driving her down to the mat. With impressive speed and efficiency, the hostess trapped her guest face down on her belly, mounting her back.

Before Holly fully regained her bearings, she felt Kelly’s weight on her back and then she felt her legs spreading apart, both of them grapevined, then separated by Kelly’s powerful legs. The next thing she knew, her hair was being yanked up off the mat. With her body prone, her face was forced to point in the direction of…her husband Shaun. “I won’t let him see me like this,” she said to herself. Indeed, she had not previously been dominated this early in a match. She was fully aware of the photographer snapping a shot. In an instant, there it was on the overhead screen, her face, in a position in didn’t choose, in an expression of pure torment. “Oh God, is that what he sees? I’ve got to get up and turn this around.”

Yet, Shaun’s expression had a quiet strength to it. Sure it was an expression of concern, but it was one that exuded heart and fortitude. And that was what his eyes communicated to his wife’s twisted face. Holly tried to draw in extra air. Her arms were still free. Reaching behind her head, she found Kelly’s arms, and then her nails dug in. The brunette yelped, but before Holly could escape, Kelly hooked her arm under her opponent’s and placed her hand on the back of the head into a quarter nelson. Holly’s legs transitioned from the double grapevine to wrap around her opponents hips, rolling her onto her back into a crossbody press.

Holly now felt the weight of her opponent across her chest. She felt a pool of sweat form between her shoulder blades; the same shoulder blades being pressed into the mat. “A pin!” She thought. “I’m being pinned!” And with her husband just a few feet away, she felt a panic. She tried to stay calm. Digging her feet in the mat, Holly twisted as hard as she could. Kelly and Henry counted, “One…two…the shoulder came up.” Kelly shifted her weight again, forcing the shoulders down again as Holly fought to keep her arms free. The blonde could not see her husband but felt his presence. It was enough. There would be three more near fall counts before Holly finally kicked, thrusted, and rolled to her side. She locked arms and legs with her opponent before finally freeing herself, quickly rolling away, creating space between herself and her aggressor.

Holly lifted herself into a standing position, adjusted her bra and panties, and took a few deep breaths. A few seconds was all she was allowed as Kelly resumed her relentless attack. The brunette tucked her head and charged forward. Holly moved backwards and managed a few slaps to momentarily slow the assault. However, Kelly continued to press the action, driving forward, keeping Holly on her heels. The aggressor lowered her shoulders and bore in to her opponent. Holly could feel her confidence slipping, unable to find an answer to Kelly’s continuous pressure. The brunette drove her opponent back several yards. Holly, her feet scrambling to stay upright, was helplessly forced backward.

Unable to see behind her, Holly felt her lower back pressed into smooth hard wood. Then it became apparent. The dynamo she was fighting had driven her into the pool table. With ferocious tenacity, Kelly attacked her opponent’s upper body, lurching at the chest, her arms reaching around the neck. Trapped between the table and her opponent, Holly felt herself bending backward, her feet leaving the floor, her back and shoulders falling onto the soft green felt of the table surface. Standing at the side of the table, Kelly continued her merciless offense, grabbing at her opponents legs, giving the blonde no room to improve her position.

For Holly, it felt like a battle for survival. Since the start of the match, the raging brunette left her no time to breathe. With her back on the table, her legs extended over the sides, she frantically kicked, hoping to fend off her attacker. A random kick struck Kelly in the chest, knocking her back for a second. But that was all – just a second- and the attack resumed. Holly, panting and grunting on the table, pushed Kelly backward again. Realizing she only had a second and unable to fight her way back to the floor, Holly tried another approach. With her one second reprieve, Holly lifted her knees and swung her hips rolling her entire body onto the pool table.

Her chest heaving for oxygen, her body aching, she tried to collect herself. Rolling on her hands and knees, she slowly rose, feeling the felt surface beneath her bare feet, standing on the pool table. “A few moments,” she told her self, “then the action will resume on the mat.” She took several deep breaths, stretched and swung her arms trying to loosen up. From behind her she felt activity vibrating through the pool table under her feet. Something just happened behind her back. She turned around. To her surprise and horror, the brunette leapt onto the table, and was now standing facing her. Holly panicked when she saw the venom still burning in her opponent’s eyes. “She’s an animal. She’ll stop at nothing,” she told herself. Indeed, the vixen lurched forward at Holly’s head and neck forcing the head down to the aggressor’s hip. The men were both amazed and apprehensive, having never experienced this situation. “Let’s break this up and return them to the mat,” they said. Stunned at the spectacle of the struggling women, the men were unprepared for what would happen next. Kelly forced her foe to the edge of the table. Hooking the other woman’s shoulder and sticking out her hip, Kelly threw her opponent in a hip toss.

The men could only watch helplessly while the blonde, her hair flying, hurdled through the air, emitting a piercing scream. The horrifying sight appeared to be in slow motion as Holly’s body rotated and finally came crashing down on the mat on her side with a blood chilling thud. Holly rolled onto her back. Her ribs were racked with pain, worsening with each breath.

“OK, stop the match,” her husband ordered.

Holly turned and pushed up to her knees. Panting, her hair a wild mess, she spoke in a breathy voice, “No, let’s keep fighting.”

“He said he’d always be there for me” she thought. “I’m not quitting. That bitch did that on purpose. I won’t give her the satisfaction of quitting. I’m fighting to the end.” On the screen was the image of her falling off the table, her back to the camera, her head down, hair pointing straight down to the floor. Sucking in air, she realized the left shoulder strap to her bra was torn, leaving the cup uselessly dangling below the exposed left breast.

From her position atop the pool table, Kelly eyed her victims body like a predator spotting its next meal. “She’s grinning again. This bitch is sadistic. I have to stop her,” Holly thought. She looked at Shaun and nodded. Holly braced herself as Kelly jumped down to the mat to return to the battle. The blonde rose to her feet to meet the challenge.

The two women grappled with their upper bodies, breasts pressing together, grabbing at each other’s arms. Holly managed to pull her opponent off balance, then landed a hard slap to the face, sending the cantankerous woman reeling. The visiting guest, who up to this point had been dominated, moved in to take advantage, reaching for her host’s neck and shoulders, before Kelly spun around and plowed her shoulder into Holly’s midsection. The blonde in the damaged red lingerie let out a grunt as if the wind was knocked out of her before doubling over and dropping to her knees. Kelly’s aggression once again took control. Moving behind her kneeling opponent’s back, she twisted Holly’s right arm behind the back into a chicken wing, then pushed forward sending her opponent once again on her belly, face down.

“Give up?” the hot tempered mistress of the house growled, as she applied pressure on the arm. “You don’t have a chance. Submit. Make it easier on yourself.”

Holly withstood the pain and arm pressure. “No,” she screamed loudly. “I’m not a quitter,” she quietly told herself.

Kelly moved to a new tactic. Mounted on her opponent’s back, she abandoned the chicken wing hold and reached for a rear chin lock in another submission attempt. Holly felt her opponent’s hands coming from behind clasping her jaw. Instinctively, she kept her chin tucked resisting the chin lock, even when Kelly yanked on her hair attempting to expose the chin.

Holly arched her back like it was a protective tortoise shell, tucking in her head and arms, as Kelly continued to reach. Then Holly saw her chance of escape. Seizing her aggressor’s arm, she pulled and rolled to the side, forcing the brunette off her back. With both women lying on the mat, Holly rolled away, providing an opportunity to get back to her feet.

Both women rose and prepared to face off. By now, Kelly’s hair bun had fallen apart, leaving wild strands of black hair falling around her shoulders and face. Kelly, true to her aggressive style, charged in. This time, Holly was ready. With perfect timing, the blonde ducked under Kelly’s arm moving into a go behind. Facing her opponent’s back, Holly seized her by the waist, then tripped her feet, sending the arrogant hostess to the mat. Finally, it was the guest’s turn to control her opponent from a back mount.

Holly slid her knees up to her opponent’s shoulders and patiently waited. As soon as Kelly, lifted her head, Holly wrapped her legs around it into a head scissors, then twisted, sending the brunette down on her side. Kelly, now panting and groaning, tried twisting her head and digging in her nails into Holly’s thighs. The blonde held on. Kelly managed to get to her knees, then lifted herself upward, working Holly’s arms to attempt an escape.

Holly felt her head scissors grip weakening. She swung her legs, pulling Kelly off balance and back down to her knees. As quickly as she could, Holly mounted the back again, this time locking her ankles around her opponent’s waist into a body scissors. Kelly groaned and gasped before falling face first to the mat. For several seconds, neither woman moved, as the husbands listened to both wives heave for oxygen.

Then, Kelly again shifted her weight to her knees and elbows. Attempting to stand, her arms wailed away at Holly’s legs, as she attempted to ameliorate her opponent’s hold. Kelly managed to achieve a tenuous standing position as Holly squeezed her thighs and twisted. It worked. Kelly could only briefly hobble on her feet before Holly’s legs pulled her down, sending her on her back with Holly’s legs still firmly entrenched around her waist.

The blonde felt a sense of relief. The miserable home owner aggressively had her way with her the entire match, now Holly was in control. And she told herself it would stay that way. Her mean spirited opponent lied still, trapped in the body scissors. With her weight on her rear end, Holly tightened the grip, leaned back and rested on her hands for a desperately needed rebreather. Her eyes scanned to the side of the mat. To Shaun. Her husband. Her love. Once again, their eyes connected. His eyes had witnessed his wife take a terrible beating. “Look, my love. I’ve weathered the storm,” she seemed to be saying. “You were there earlier when I was battered and humiliated by this bitch. Now look. I’m in control. And you’re still here. You waited for me, my man I will always love.” She smiled. He smiled back. It was THAT smile. The one that says, “We will always be there for each other.” Holly saw herself on the monitor screen, the enduring image of her smiling with her husband as her legs kept her enemy subdued. It mattered not to her that her left breast was bare and the bra cup was now sagging on her right. Why should it matter? Her husband is with her.

Holly’s brief respite was quickly interrupted as Kelly started to thrash on the mat; twisting, turning, clawing. Clamping with her legs, Holly reached her arms to her opponent’s head. If only she could reach the chin, she thought. A chin lock combined with a body scissors will end this thing. Kelly won’t withstand her body, her neck being stretched. She’ll surely submit. Holly inched her body and her hands, grabbing on to the brunette’s hair. The chin was out of reach. Kelly saw to that.

Kelly lifted her back off the mat with her hands, then her hips, lifting Holly’s python legs with them. She managed to turn and twist her opponent, somewhat palliating the hold. Then she pulled forward with her abdominal muscles into a sitting position. “God, she’s strong,” Kelly thought. The brunette rose, frantically pulling Holly’s knees apart, her arms and shoulders bulging, her face a fearful grimace. Clawing, twisting and pulling, she elevated Holly’s feet to shoulder height as the blonde’s back was to the mat, trying to hold on.

Violently, jerking and turning, the brunette angry wife let out a terrifying scream before thrusting her arms out to her sides, holding her opponent’s legs, forcing the ankles to unlock. Holly, felt her opponent’s body slip between her feet to freedom, and then she screamed her own wail of heartache, her anguished face captured by the photographer and on display overhead.

Kelly stepped backwards to take some deep breaths, and Holly again scrambled to her feet. The combatants prepared to square off again. Kelly icy eyes stare into Holly’s. “It’s over, blondie,” she sneered. Kelly returned to her aggressive high pressure tactics, rushing forward into her opponent. Holly’s defenses quickly caved, as Kelly got through with a standing headlock. The career woman twisted the neck, driving the visitor to the mat keeping the headlock secure. “Give up yet, loser?” she taunted.

“No, bitch,” was Holly response. But Holly had no answer for the hold. Her face red from Kelly’s pressure, she appeared helpless.

“A matter of time for the submission,” Kelly thought. But Kelly, impatient by nature, didn’t want to wait. She released the hold, yanked her opponent up by the hair, then dove for the hips, lifting the blonde into the air, then threw her forward sending her on her back.

Holly was incensed. “I’m not taking her shit,” she thought. Furiously, she summoned her own aggressive forward charge. Digging in with her feet, she rushed at her menacing opponent, screaming, “Bitch.” Kelly, however, grabbed on to her rushing foe’s arm, using the momentum against her attacker, flinging her in a circle. Kelly released the arm, sending Holly careening uncontrollably off the mat and into…her husband Shaun, still seated in his chair.

Shaun scooped up his wife like a third baseman fielding a ground ball. Seeing Kelly in pursuit of Holly, Shaun, out of instinct pulled his nearly topless wife behind him, with his arms around her waist. His back and shoulder rotated to form a protective barrier between his bruised and battered wife and her aggressive assailant.

“Hon,” he tenderly whispered. “We can stop now. You fought well. I’ll throw in the towel.”

“No, don’t”, she breathed.

“It’s OK to quit.”

“I’m not quitting. I’m finishing this to the end,” she insisted.

“Are you two having a conference or are we going to finish this fight,” Kelly interjected.

Shaun felt torn. He felt his wife had endured enough. Yet, she was determined to fight on. He loved her. He trained her. He supported her. But he couldn’t fight her battles for her. With trepidation, he rotated his back and shoulder leaving his wife exposed. He released his arms from her waist, letting go of her to return her to battle.

In front of him, Kelly stood like a lioness waiting to be fed a lamb. She went right after Holly as soon as Shaun removed his protective embrace, nearly jumping in his lap. Kelly pushed down her opponent’s head, trapping her into a front face lock. Using the head to control the body, she led her victim to the center of the mat. Shaun watched his wife dressed in torn lingerie dragged off from his presence like a ship taken by gale winds from the moorings of its pier.

Kelly brutally swung her fading opponent’s body, sending her spiraling to the mat. She stood and watched as her visitor struggled, achy and weary, to stand. Holly’s upright posture didn’t last as Kelly rushed in, grabbing the hips and shoving the blonde down again. Now playing cat and mouse, she allowed her seemingly defenseless adversary slowly get to her feet again before initiating another offensive attack. This time, she lifted the blonde off her feet into a bear hug. Holly slapped away at the aggressors back, arms, and back of the head ineffectively. After a minute of squeezing her opponent’s torso as hard as she could without a submission, Kelly moved to another phase of attack. She pitched forward with Holly in her arms, slamming her onto her back, while falling with her landing on top. Holly made a gasping yelp as the air seemed to leave her lungs at impact.

The two women were face to face on the mat, with Holly, lying stunned and defenseless on her back. Kelly, sensing the end, went right to work, pulling Holly’s wrists above her head, pinning them to the mat in a schoolgirl pin, while her legs claimed ownership of Holly’s legs with a double grapevine.

Holly recovered enough of her senses to realize her predicament. Her body stretched, her opponent on top of her, her arms and legs were taken captive. Feeling like she was trapped in a medieval torture rack, she could only helplessly wiggle her fingers and toes. Holly was now fully aware of her situation. Her worst fear had been realized. Holly was….pinned. Several feet away to the side, she saw her husbands feet in her peripheral vision.

So this is what it’s like. To be beaten, dominated, controlled, humiliated. And pinned. Stuck on the mat like a chewed piece of gum. Helpless. At the mercy of another woman, who conquers me in an act of domination and submission. In front of my husband. My bra is torn but I still wear its remains. My breasts are uncovered in subjugation. This is the moment I feared. I am about to be counted out and stained by the stench of defeat. I can turn my head. I see my husband. I look at his eyes. His eyes look into mine. He doesn’t look humiliated or defeated. His eyes are strength. My strength. My encouragement. My hope. His eyes say, “This will pass, tomorrow is another day.” He was at my side in my victories. He’s at my side now. We will build on this. This is our journey, come what may.

“One…Two…” Kelly and Henry count.

Holly stares down at her victim. Sensing Kelly drawing inspiration from her husband, she crosses the arms above Holly’s head, holding them down with one hand. Her free hand forces Kelly’s face to the opposite side.

I can no longer see Shaun. All I see is an uncaring wall. She wants to demoralize me. She can’t. I don’t need to see him to know he’s with me.

“Three….Four….Five….”. Shaun threw in the towel in acceptance of defeat on behalf of his wife.

Kelly rose, raised her hands in victory, stretched, then hovered over her fallen opponent. Holly, still on her back, worked to refill her body’s oxygen requirements. Then, her rising and falling chest felt the presence of a foot. Kelly’s foot in a victory pose. The irascible brunette in one final act of triumph and subjugation posed with her victim underfoot and postured her dominance. And then in a cruel, diabolical move, the foot shifted from the loser’s chest to her face; toes pushing the cheeks to turn the face in the direction the winner desired, namely to face the loser’s own husband, Shaun.

Her foot is on my face, pinning my head to the mat. She forces me to see my husband Shaun. She wants to humiliate both of us. His eyes are as strong and hopeful as ever. The humiliation hurts. It will hurt for some time. But our love is affirmed. We are committed. He is mine and I am his. We are in it for life.

Now everyone dreams of love lasting and true
Oh but you and I know what this world can do
So let’s make our steps clear that the other may see
And I’ll wait for you, and if I should fall behind wait for me

Henry greeted his victorious wife but she backed off, rejecting his embracing hug. “Great job, babe. I got such a hard on right now. Can’t wait until tonight.”

“Not so fast big guy,” she responded. “You lost. The alpha female doesn’t mate with losers.”

Across the mat, the scene was different. Shaun lifted his beaten wife, holding her at chest level, one arm supported her legs, the other her shoulders. Her bra was just dangling by now. Her red lacy panties remained intact. Her body ached, her mind was a torrent of emotions. She would deal with that later. For now, she was safe and secure in his arms. “Do you remember the last time I held you like this?” He asked.

“When?” She replied.

“Our wedding day” he answered, as the two of them kissed.


One week later, Holly and Shaun looked at photo proofs of the match. The match being mostly one sided, few photos were favorable to Holly. “I like this one”, Shaun said. It was the picture of Holly trapping Kelly in the body scissors. “You were close to submitting her. We can build on this.”

“I’m keeping this one,” Holly said. Shaun was surprised. It was the shot of Holly pinned and forced to look away from Shaun. “It was when I realized you’re with me no matter what. I don’t need to see the proof.”

They both chose one other picture.

On the bedroom dresser, two framed photos stand side by side. On the left is a picture of a handsome athletic man in a tuxedo holding his bride at chest level, his arms supporting her shoulders and hips. The bride looks vibrant and radiant. Her blonde hair is tied back to support her veil. A beautiful white chiffon wedding dress envelopes her body. They look lovingly into each other’s eyes.

On the right is a picture of a handsome athletic man wearing just gym shorts, holding his wife at chest level, his arms supporting her shoulder and hips. The bride looks exhausted and worn. Her blonde hair is a wild tangled mess. A torn bra and red panties is all she has covering her body. They look lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The picture on the left symbolizes the hope of the future of the newlyweds; journeys yet to travel, the joys and happiness that await. The picture on the right symbolizes the hope of the future of a couple married several years; the miles past, the battles fought, the scars earned, the challenges already faced and the trials to come. Both pictures are two halves creating a whole, that is to say…marriage.

Now there’s a beautiful river in the valley ahead
There ‘neath the oak’s bough soon we will be wed
Should we lose each other in the shadow of the evening trees
I’ll wait for you, should I fall behind wait for me
Darling, I’ll wait for you, and should I fall behind wait for me

The End

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