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Inge by JB57

Dawn comes hot and humid to the part of the jungle around the Amazon River. The constant mixture of sun and rain make the trees and bushes a lush green. The heat and humidity seems to affect anything that lives here. Animals of this jungle are always in a state of constant tension. Lions and tigers stalk their prey with taut muscles and trap like jaws. Driven by hunger, their battle lust is high.Antelope, on guard and restless, are ready to spring anytime. They must be ready to run…or fight…at any given moment. However it is not only the animals that are affected in this way.

The warm jungle sun filtered through the trees onto the soft voluptuous curves of Inge. She opened her sparkling blue eyes to the morning and stretched languidly. Her firm legs muscles grew taut under the luscious bronze thighs. She brought her arms up high over her head and deeply breathed in the crisp morning air. Her tits grew to dangerous proportions, then slowly fell as she slowly exhaled. She started to arrange the thick leaves and branches that made up her bed in the treetops.

To look at Inge, a woman of the jungle, was to gaze at a goddess. Her crystal blue eyes and full red lips were perfectly matched to the flowing golden locks of her hair. On her right cheek a beauty mark dotted her creamy smooth skin. Her teeth were dazzling white as she smiled at some of her animal friends below her home. But Inge’s body was her crowning glory. Her massive 49 inch bust jutted straight out from her leopard skin halter, always straining to break the bonds that held them encased. As she arranged her bed of leaves they bounced dangerously, seemingly ready to spill out at any moment. Her waist measured an incredible 21 inches, then flared to a stunning 38 inches of smooth firm hips. The leopard loin cloth she wore barely concealed her round hard ass.

With the movements of a graceful jungle cat, Inge descended from her tree top home. As she came down the rope-ladder to the ground below her leg muscles stood out clear and sharp under the skin.

She wondered what exciting adventures lay ahead of her. She remembered her battle with a cheetah two weeks before. It had been a savage fight but her strength and stamina finally overcame the enraged animal. Even now, while thinking about it, her nipples started to crust in excitement. Her face became flushed as she flashed back on the close contact with the heated body of the animal. As she continued daydreaming, a familiar sensation began in the pit of her stomach. It was like a huge band of butterflies were flopping their wings inside her. This sensation started to cord and knot into a tight ball that flowed into her loins. It almost made her cum just thinking about.

But when her mind drifted back to the fight she had had with a native girl 3 months before. This really started the blood blasting through her veins. Tying up, body pressed to body gave her a sensation like nothing else. Inge began to rub her thighs hotly together as she remembered the feeling of being on top of the struggling girl, bearing down with all her might, finally causing the girl to beg for mercy. From the tips of her golden hair sensation coursed through her body until it made her toes twitch and curl in ecstasy. Inge always enjoyed daydreaming about fighting, but she dearly loved actually tying up with an animal, or better yet, another woman, in do or die struggle for supremacy. This electrified her beyond measure. Her will was supreme, and she literally ached to pit it against any kind of adventure that came across her path.

And adventure was coming her way very quickly as Conchita Cortez rapidly moved her healthy body through the thick jungle. Conchita was a wealthy but wicked countess from Spain. Her wealth was mainly accumulated by fighting bulls. Since she was a child, Conchita loved anything that included physical activity. She deeply enjoyed hurting animals or people with her strong hands and well muscled legs. This enjoyment of giving pain eventually led her into the bull ring. And how ruthless she was!! As her sword plunged into the bull, she always seemed to have a glazed look in her eyes. Some even remarked of seeing a wetness around the crotch of her tight toreador pants.

Conchita had won a lot of money in this venture, but she also created many enemies. This didn’t bother her a bit. Conchita remembered how one young woman took exception to the way she had killed a bull in the ring recently. This woman felt Conchita got a little too much pleasure from it. On word led to another and soon the women were on the ground rolling, scratching, clawing, and biting. Conchita was on top of the girl squeezing with all her might when several spectators broke up the brief fight. Although the encounter lasted only a few minutes, Conchita was excited for hours afterward. Every time she thought of the close, hot body contact, she trembled with excitement. Even bull fighting hadn’t turned her on this much. She knew she had the girl beat but those nosy people had to butt in. Her will to win was very strong and she hated anyone who tried to get in her way when she had so obvious an upper hand. She tried to locate the girl to finish the fight but couldn’t find her. Ever since that brief encounter she wondered if she would ever get another chance to test her will and strength against another whose will to win was as strong as her own.

Conchita had come to the jungle for money. It seemed the more money she has, the more she wanted. And it didn’t matter how ruthless she had to be to get it. Her destination at the moment was a large herd of elephants. What a fortune in ivory she could get!.

It was hard to believe, but this mulatto skinned Amazon had a body
that matched Inge’s. Concita’s massive 48 inch tits jiggled dangerously inside her tight fitting blue blouse. Because of the heat, she had rolled the blouse up and tied it in a knot at her breasts. You could see the contraction in the taut stomach muscles as they worked under her smooth midriff. Conchita’s waist measured a scant 20 inches, then gracefully swelled to lusty 38 inch hips. The tight blue shorts she wore showed every indentation of her sweet ass as she stepped over branches on the crooked jungle path. Her legs were especially beautiful. Calf and thigh muscles were in exact proportion. When she jumped over a fallen tree, The leg muscles danced beautifully under her skin. They were feminine, yet showed great strength in their movements.

But Conchita’s face set her apart from all the others. It was beautiful, and very cruel at the same time. Her dark eyes flashed with fire, as if ready to challenge anyone who got in her way. Her lips were full, yet seemed to be always sneering. Conchita’s long, jet black hair billowed out from her head giving her an appearance of beauty and savagery rolled up into one.

Suddenly, Conchita heard an elephant trumpet. It sounded loud so she knew she was getting close. She started running toward the sound.

Inge heard the trampling of the jungle brush, and decided to go investigate. It was then she saw Conchita. Inge’s heart almost skipped a beat when she saw the dark beauty pushing and tearing the vines that blocked her way along the trail. She noticed how the muscles of Conchita’s back knotted and bunched under her skin.

“Where is she going in such a hurry?” Inge thought to herself. ” I guess I’d better follow her to find out!”.

Finally , Conchita saw the elephant herd. They were grazing in a small clearing in the jungle. Conchita’s tits rose and fell excitedly at the thought of all the ivory. “I’ll be rich beyond my wildest dreams!” she suddenly yelled.

“Why is that?” questioned Inge.

Conchita whirled around to see who was talking to her. She hadn’t noticed Inge approaching since she saw the elephants. Conchita’s heart started to hammer away when she looked at Inge. She was standing about 15 feet away, with her hands resting on her hourglass hips. Her feet were planted widely apart, as if defying anyone to move them from that spot.

Conchita was speechless for a few moments. During this time she took in every square inch of Inge’s body. She noticed the combination of female beauty and power in her legs. The strong indentation of her stomach. The thrusting breasts. As Conchita continued gazing intently at Inge, she became aware in a change in her own physical being. Her tits started to crust. She felt a tingling sensation in her stomach that was slowly approaching her loins. Conchita knew she must tangle with this woman! She had never been so infuriated and excited!

“Why will you be rich ?” repeated Inge. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly now. Inge could tell this woman was extraordinary. She noticed that Conchita was almost her exact double, physically speaking. Her fingers started to open and close quickly. She licked her dry lips with her tongue, exposing her perfect set of white teeth.

Conchita’s lips went into a cruel sneer. She replied cattily “I’m going to shoot them and take the ivory. That’s why I’ll be rich.”

Inge saw red. Nobody was going to harm these elephants, least of all that black-haired bitch! Also, it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to contain herself. She was literally aching to throw herself into the arms of Conchita and fight it out.

“Not as long as I’m here to stop you,” snorted Inge.

“Come on cat, try and stop me,” panted Conchita. Her Spanish blood was pounding. Her nipples were like two silver bullets as they tried to poke through the material of her shirt. Her muscles were taut, ready for the physical punishment that was inevitable.

Inge was infuriated and excited. She trembled in anticipation. Her eyes seemed to turn one shade darker in color. Her tongue moved sensuously around her lips, trying to keep moisture on them. As she breathed deeply , her naked midriff tucked in so that her rib cage and pelvis flared out.

“Talk’s cheap bitch, and so’s your lousy body!” spat Inge.

The usually noisy jungle became quiet as the two women looked at each other with hate and fire in their eyes. It almost seemed hundreds of eyes, hidden by the jungle, were gazing intently at the combatants in the clearing. The two amazons circled each other warily, crouching. Because of their positions, the huge globes of both women were almost spilling out of their halters. Shining droplets of perspiration formed on their tits and glistened in the heat of the sun.

Both women were trembling excitedly as they continued circling each other. Conchita knew that this woman posed a threat greater than anything she had ever fought before. This blonde would be much stronger and aggressive than the other girl she had the brief struggle with. Inge had never seen anyone as powerful. One could almost hear her heart pounding viciously behind her now heaving tits.

Both women seemed to know this was going to be a supreme test of agility, strength, and stamina coming up, and they both were mor than ready for it. Suddenly, Conchita coiled her right hand and lunged forward toward Inge. The palm of her hand smacked hard on Inge’s left cheek. This was followed by a left and another right handed slap. Conchita’s white teeth were bared as she continued the onslaught. Every slap was accompanied by a shrill cry of hate from Conchita’s mouth.

Inge, caught by surprise at the sudden attack, took two steps

backward. Her cheeks were cherry-red from the slaps she had absorbed. Quickly, gaining her senses, she side stepped Conchita’s left hand. Then, Inge let go with a slap of her own.


It hit Conchita right in the forehead. Inge quickly lurched forward, and, in a flurry of right and left handed slaps, had Conchita backing away.


Each girl could not help uttering those moans and groans. They put every ounce of energy and strength into each shot. Both girls backed away form each other. Conchita’s face was stinging from the pain Inge’s hands had inflicted. She was growing angrier by the minute.

“You fucking slut!” snapped Conchita.

Inge’s cheeks were very red from the force of Conchita’s attack. She hated this black-haired witch.

“Come here and say that!” cried Inge. “I’ll slap you silly!”

Both women took two steps forward and planted their bare feet squarely on the ground. Then, simultaneously, they started throwing left and right handed cracks at a terrific pace.


The sound was echoing through the jungle. It seemed as if the entire jungle were watching this confrontation, as no other sounds were heard. Both girls heads were lurching from right to left as they connected with these lethal blows. Their white teeth were bared in a grimace of pain and hate. Their eyes were shut because of the
constant punishment. Inge’s hair, usually straight, was taking on a wild appearance. It started to billow out from the constant motion of her head. Conchita’s hair became even wilder than it was before.

Suddenly, Inge brought her right hand back and hit Conchita squarely on the cheek. Grunting and squealing lustily with every slap, Inge hit Conchita with another right and left. Conchita raised both hands to her face and started to stagger backwards. But no matter how she held her hands, it seemed a few of Inge’s shots would break through.

Finally, Inge’s left hand landed a particularly stinging blow to Conchita’s right cheek. Conchita’s eyes winced from the pain as her mouth opened slightly. Then, she fell to the ground. She opened her eyes and saw Inge standing triumphantly over her, rubbing her fire-red palms together. Conchita’s cheeks stung terribly, but the sight of Inge standing enraged her. Conchita knew that this fight was far from over. She knew there were other tactics that would work against this blond bitch.

Inge was smiling. Although her cheeks were still a bright crimson from all the beating they had taken. She had given her all against this bitch, and so far had the upper hand. Her heart thudded excitedly as she wondered what would happen in this wild free-for-all!!

Conchita looked at her own hands, the palms red from their constant contact with alien skin. Then she noticed her long, sharp nails. “That’s it” she thought. “I’ll use my claws, with some hair pulling thrown in to really work this cunt over!”

With her sparkling white teeth flashing, her lips drawn back into a sneer of hatred and a primitive cry of rage deep within her body, Conchita sprang at Inge. Inge, who was still savoring her slight victory, was caught off guard. Conchita landed on her knees in front of Inge and began clawing her way up Inge’s body, much like that of a jungle cat climbing a tree. Inge screamed in pain as she felt the sharp talons sink into her skin. But this time Conchita had managed to claw herself upright. Her eyes shot sparks of fire into Inge’s eyes as her nostrils flared like a stallion enraged.

Inge, not to be out done, shot her right hand onto Conchita’s shoulder and raked her own nails over the smooth skin. As her hand moved down, three long scratch marks appeared, showing the damage that was being done. As her right hand moved downward Inge’s left grabbed a handful of Conchita’s black hair and jerked mightily, causing her head to move wildly from side to side.

Conchita’s face showed the extreme pain she was enduring. Her lips were pulled back and eyes were shut tightly. She must do something to ease the pain. Conchita countered these moves by grabbing Inge around her slim waist. Using a very quick raking technique, she was leaving many small scratches on Inge’s side. With her free hand she grabbed a hand full of blond hair and pulled mightily.

Both women were now grunting and groaning lustily. Such was the pain they were inflicting on each other. Back and forth their shining bodies were pulled and tugged, like some sort of wild erotic dance. For fifteen minutes they scratched each other in a frenzy, pulling hair all the while.

With a sudden groaning cry, both heated women shoved each other apart. They staggered slightly form their exertions. Their tits expanded to full capacity to allow much needed air into their lungs. Conchita had three long scratches, starting at her shoulder and going to her elbow. She had some blotches on her forehead from the frenzied hair pulling. There were numerous swollen marks on her torso and back. On both her legs, Inge had four long red trails where Conchita clawed her way upright. She had many smaller marks on both sides of her body. She had also suffered scratches on her cheek.

It appeared as though someone had applied baby oil over the entire bodies of both women. Their powerful bodies were perspiring freely. The sun shining on their skin made them look like two savage goddesses…. one creamy white, the other mulatto. Inge couldn’t help letting her eyes roam over every inch of this enemy wench. She looked at the leg muscles standing taut under the smooth skin. She gazed at the flat stomach and the absolutely stupendous heaving, hot melons. The full sneering lips and flashing eyes. Inge felt a tight cording sensation in her loins as she gazed intently at Conchita. Inge was hot. Hot to rip this girl up, but also hot for some tight body contact. She knew this woman could give pain as much as she could take it.

Conchita was also strangely excited. She needed this little breather, but the more she hungrily looked at this blond bitch’s body, the more increased her breathing became. She looked at the long claw marks on Inge’s legs, starting at the thighs and going down past the knees. Yes, she definitely had inflicted some damage. She knew she could continue in this manner. But something deep inside her was stirring. It made her feel hotter than ever. She started to quiver. She knew there was only one way to cool this fire. She wanted some alien skin pressed hotly to her own. Not just at some places but everywhere. Tightly. She wondered if this whore would stand up to her in such a match. Secretly she hoped so.

Inge couldn’t restrain herself any longer. She wanted to get her hands on the billowing black hair of Conchita. She lunged toward her target. At the same moment, Conchita jumped toward Inge. She craved the physical contact with this slut. She wanted to sink her fingers into the blond tresses of Inge and pull them out by the roots.

Their sleek, sexy bodies came crashing together. Both girls uttered shrill cries of lust and pain. Conchita grabbed two handfuls of Inge’s hair and started yanking back and forth, grunting lustily with each movement. Inge countered this by sinking one hand into the head of Conchita and trying to scalp her with scraping and clawing motions. With her other hand, Inge punched her forehead.

In order to keep close contact for their constant hair-pulling, both women entwined their long sensuous legs. Inge’s right leg shot up behind Conchita’s left and locked at the back of her knee. Conchita countered by moving her right leg behind Inge’s thigh. It almost looked as if Conchita had glued their legs together, so tight were they embraced. Conchita’s and Inge’s leg muscles undulated swiftly beneath their satiny smooth skin. From their movements, one could tell there was tremendous strain and pressure on both sets of legs. Both women now realized the strength of her opponent. They could equal, but as yet neither could overpower the other. Because of the position of their tightly entwined thighs, the girls’ hard smooth midriffs and hot tits were crushed together.

Both girls continued to savagely pull hair, but at the first contact of breasts, neither could help sighing in a pleasure-pain combination. The halter tops of both women were matted together, causing parts of their huge globes to spill out over the top and stick hotly together. Even though the material still covered their nipples, these were now like hard jutting bullets. Both women were amazed…and aroused…to feel their tit bullets penetrate and fighting each other, even though the material kept them from total contact. With eyes tightly shut and teeth clenched, they continued to inflict punishment upon each others voluptuous bodies. Their heads were snapped back and forth as each combatant attempted to scalp the other.


“You whore!” shouted Inge. “Bitch!” spat Conchita.

They were growing more and more fight heated. Neither seemed to be totally satisfied. Although neither was losing, neither was winning either.

Conchita decided to change her plan of attack. Letting go of Inge’s golden hair, she grabbed both her shoulders tightly and pushed backwards. Inge was caught by surprise, but still tried to hang on to the hair of Conchita. Suddenly Conchita released one of Inge’s shoulders and tightly grabbed her leopard top. She sank her claws deep into the material. Inge shrieked in sudden pain and leapt backward. However Conchita didn’t let go. She pulled the halter toward her as Inge kept straining backward. In second the halter had stretched and broken. Now it was clutched tightly in the hand of Conchita. Conchita, however, hardly felt the halter. She was staring at the jutting globes of Inge.

Inge wasn’t ashamed of her tits at all. Instead of trying to hide them, she moved her chest outward, causing her huge breasts to grow even more in size. Her red-tipped nipples were extending a full inch outward, as an invitation to do battle. Inge was breathing hard, causing the mounds to rise and fall rapidly. She now knew what those hot rushes inside her loins were. She must do battle with this cat in every way possible.

Conchita, momentarily stunned by the sudden happening of events,
quickly regained her senses. Her long red tongue slowly licked her lips as she languidly fingered her crusting nipples beneath her sweat soaked blouse. She sensed Inge’s challenge, and was more than ready to comply. Slowly she undid her blouse and peeled it away from her body. Her big tits jiggled deliciously as they enjoyed their new found freedom. She looked down and was amazed to see her nipples standing so firm and erect. Never had they been so stunning. Her blood was pounding in her veins like a runaway train. She was having a hard time controlling herself. She wanted more than anything to crush herself against Inge again.

Uttering lusty squeals and grunts, both girls bodies slapped together. Upon impact they meowed like cats as bare nipple met bare nipple in full contact for the first time in this frenzied fight. They could feel each others heart pounding wildly behind their tits. This seemed to make both girls more determined to win this fight for supremacy. Both women’s arms circled the back of their opponent, searching forthe best position to take hold and squeeze. Upon finding the best places, their arms slowly tightened and locked, causing Conchita and Inge to come closer than ever before. Deep inside their struggling tit flesh, their nipples were locked in heated battle, trying to push each other in as far as possible.

The tight heated contact of their bodies brought their faces only inches from each other. Both women saw the sparks of lust and hatred in their enemy’s eyes. Inge’s nostrils were flaring as she continued to squeeze beyond belief. Conchita’s white teeth were parted in an angry sneer of hate. Inge agonizingly moved her strong body up and down against Conchita’s, trying to find a weak point in her defense. Conchita moved herself from side to side, trying to beak Inge’s momentum.

The heated women coiled their legs together. Their muscles corded and quivered from the unbelievable strain. Mulatto thighs churned against white thighs as the backs of their knees locked tightly together. Even their ankles were tangled, so fully did these two want to tie up and become as one body enraged. With their legs precariously locked together, Conchita and Inge continued to move their upper bodies together. This caused much heat from the friction of skin against skin. Soon they found it harder to hold each other as the body heat turned to sweat and they began slipping and sliding on the hot wet skin of each other. Both women were now thoroughly aroused, sexually and physically.


This was all the two amazons could utter as they slithered against each other.

Finally with a great amount of straining, Inge was able to slide her smooth thigh up the fight heated thighs of Conchita until it reached Conchita’s womanhood. With a final lusty grunt, Inge heaved Conchita to the ground and landed squarely on top of her. Because of their tight embrace neither hold was broken. Conchita., straining and moaning mightily, arched her back and pelvis, trying to dislodge Inge. Inge countered these moves by trying to painfully press Conchita’s body down. Conchita knew she had to get out from underneath this hot body pressing deeply into her own. Using every ounce of strength, she slowly started to roll on top of Inge. This was terribly painful as Inge was countering her every move. Their tits stuck wetly and flatly against each other during this mammoth battle of strength and will. Both women’s taut bellies were so tightly compressed that only by looking at the color of their skin could one tell where Inge ended and Conchita began.

After an agonizing amount of time, Conchita finally rolled their locked bodies so that she was on top. She crushed her tits, belly and crotch deeply into Inge in an effort to keep her still. Inge however kept their slow momentum going. Using her crotch she arched upward, trying to force Conchita off. Conchita countered by undulating her own crotch against Inge’s. But Inge pushed harder, and soon they were slowly rolling over again. They continued rolling over and over very slowly. Straining, grunting, panting…lusting.

Skin and tits were jammed together. Their crotches were now very heatedly involved in a pushing, undulating battle every time the girls rolled. And with each roll, Conchita and Inge did less pushing, and more undulating. They wanted the final lock up. They panted for it.

Finally Conchita had enough stamina on top of Inge to remain on top, despite Inge’s strength. Both women lay cheek to cheek. They were breathing deeply, eyes closed and mouths hotly open from their ever increasing squeezing.

Conchita turned her head slightly, and Inge followed suit. Their lips and noses slightly brushed together. Their eyes locked onto one another. Conchita started sexily bumping and grinding her fired pussy into Inge with a triumphant look of lust and victory in her eyes.

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Inge and Conchita lay together, arms wrapped around each other, legs locked, panting in the jungle heat. Conchita had managed to hold the top position for now, and she had started to grind her burning pussy into Inge’s crotch, a look of lust and victory in her eyes. However, Conchita’s tight shorts and Inge’s loincloth still separated the women’s throbbing sex, denying their mutual desire to lock their bodies together in the final and most decisive way.

The two women’s tits were crushed together, their rock hard, one-inch nipples driving directly into each other, and their areolae perfectly eclipsed each other. Their naked torsos were welded together almost all the way down to their groins. The sweet sweat of their exertion had made their bodies slick and helped suck their navels together. Their powerful, bare legs were intertwined, straining against each other and holding their bodies in tension. The heat in their cunts was unbearable; for both women, the juices flowing from between their legs were like nothing either had ever experienced before. Inge’s loincloth did little to keep the wetness in; her inner thighs were slick with her own juices, and her moisture also coated Conchita’s bare inner thighs. Conchita’s tight blue shorts were doing a better job of containing her womanly juices, but her crotch was still soaked, and her pussy was aching with need. She undulated her crotch against Inge, who thrust her pelvis up in response. Conchita and Inge could feel the other’s pussy through the intervening layers of cloth and could stimulate each other through rubbing and pressure, but this was not enough for either woman. Conchita knew that her body could not be satisfied with anything less than a complete joining with Inge; she had to feel the throbbing heat of her naked womanhood locked up with Inge’s womanhood. Inge felt exactly the same need.

Conchita and Inge glared at each other, nose to nose and breathing in each other’s sweet breath. Conchita pumped down on Inge a few more times, but then stopped. She knew what she had to do. “Listen to me, you bitch,” Conchita said, struggling to overcome the intense pressure of the women’s mutual bearhug in order to speak. “I could beat you down from where I am right now, but I think we both know that would not be enough. The only way we can really decide this is to fight each other woman-to-woman, with nothing between us. My shorts have to come off. But I’m not willing to give up being on top. You will have to agree not to attack me while I am taking them off and until we get back into position. Do you agree?”

Inge laughed at this remarkable request. “You whore!” she said. “Why should I agree to that?”

Conchita gave her a vicious smile. “Because I think that you want to feel my naked pussy on yours and in yours just as much as I do. That’s not going to happen if you don’t agree to my terms. I’m just going to grind you down the way I am now.”

Inge considered. The momentary truce would give her time to rest and could provide an opportunity to move the fight back into her favor. Right now, she was pinned beneath Conchita. Moreover, it was also true that her body was aching for pussy to pussy contact with her black-haired enemy. The idea of rubbing her naked clit against Conchita’s clit filled her with a dizzying lust and made her pussy tight with anticipation. “I agree,” she said.

Conchita and Inge gradually released their holds on each other. Conchita refused to abandon her dominant position on top of Inge, however. Pressing cheek to cheek, Conchita untangled her legs from Inge’s, and then lifted her slick abdomen off of Inge’s to reach her shorts. She leaned her weight forward onto her breasts, and both women groaned as a throb of ecstasy pulsed out of their compressed tits and nipples and shot down to their hot groins. Conchita writhed on top of Inge as she pushed her shorts down from her luscious, flaring hips. She ground her tits into Inge’s, and her slick belly slid along that of the jungle queen. Inge laid back and enjoyed the sensations, occasionally pushing back with her body, while she waited for her opportunity. As Conchita pulled her shorts down her thighs and began wiggling them off her legs, Inge reached down and undid the string around her hips holding her loincloth in place, removed the loincloth, and threw the scrap of fur aside. She was now completely nude.

A moment later, Conchita joined Inge in this naked state as she finally managed to kick her shorts away from her calves with her bare feet. She now began to reposition herself on top of Inge. As Conchita aligned her body with that of her beautiful foe, and began to wrap her arms and legs around Inge, both women felt the heat of their naked cunts throbbing close to each other. Thick pubic hair crushed together and hot fluid from Conchita’s soaked vagina dripped into Inge’s vaginal cleft, adding to the wetness already there. Both women panted with excitement. Before their thick vaginal lips had a chance to crush together, however, Inge made her move. She grabbed Conchita’s arms and pushed her over; at the same time, Inge swung her hip up into Conchita’s, throwing the other girl off of her. Inge’s body was not completely aligned with Conchita’s, so the bucking motion narrowly missed pressing the women’s burning cunts together. Even so, in their brief contact, some of their pubic hair had become entwined, and this tore away with the sudden motion. Conchita fell onto her side and rolled away and to her feet. She experienced a momentary flash of anger at losing her advantageous position, and at what she saw as Inge’s cheating. Her anger quickly cooled, however. She had pinned Inge once; she was confident she could do so again. Besides, there was a part of Conchita that felt it was appropriate that the two women begin this next and most important phase of their battle from equal positions.

Conchita stood with her hands on her bountiful hips about ten feet from Inge. Inge stood in the same posture, facing the dark-haired beauty. Crystal blue eyes locked with dark brown ones, then both women turned their gazes to the other’s naked body. Once again, Inge was struck by how much she and Conchita were mirror images of the other. Proud heavy tits hung high on their chests. Inch-long nipples jutted out toward each other. Narrow waists and muscular abdomens flared out into luscious hips, then tapered down in long, beautifully muscled legs. Both women now focused on the other’s pussy. Heavy mats of pubic hair grew between their legs and around their cunts. Both women possessed exceptionally large and powerful vaginas. Equally thick and juicy vaginal lips, swollen by their sexual arousal, pushed out from between their legs.

The humid heat of the day hung in the air. The jungle was quiet again, as the forces of nature itself seemed to wait with bated breath for the outcome of this confrontation. As Inge faced Conchita and stared at her enemy’s magnificent pussy, she felt a blast of heat and lust go through her; it caused her nipples to harden even further, her breasts to throb, and her powerful pussy to suddenly contract, sending a gush of warm liquid down her thighs. An intense shiver ran down her spine. Her heart pounded and her breath started coming faster. Her magnificent tits heaved with her growing anticipation of what was to come. From what she could see, Conchita was reacting in exactly the same way. The two women walked up to each other carefully, each planting her bare feet in the dirt and stopping when the nipples of their tits were only two inches apart, and perfectly aligned. Neither woman could hide her excitement. Their breasts rose and fell in unison, the nipples tracking each other as both women started to pant even faster. The excitement and tension built between Conchita and Inge. Sweat dripped from their nipples, and trickled down between their massive breasts to pool in their navels and then continue down to dampen their pubic hair even more. Vaginal juices moistened the inside of their thighs, and dripped from their soaking pussies down to the ground.

Inge and Conchita understood that they were only moments away from locking together in the most intimate way possible. They were about to embark on a battle where the victor would be determined by her ability to give and receive ecstasy. They would be pitting their perfectly matched bodies against each other in a struggle that would mean using the deepest sexual parts of themselves to overcome and overwhelm the other. Both women were afraid of the possibility of losing. But both also wanted the joy of winning, the glory of mastering the other woman. Moreover, the women also understood that in the course of this battle they would be subjecting each other to intense pleasure of a kind they might never experience again. Both Conchita and Inge realized that they might never again meet another woman who would be as perfect a rival as they were for each other.

The women stood face to face and tit to tit for a few minutes, their eyes locked together. The air between them was now full of the scent of their intermingled musk. For both women, the tension and heat in their pussies had grown to an unbearable level. It was finally time to begin the next, most intense part of their struggle.

Inge acted first. She took a tiny step forward, and pressed her iron-hard nipples into Conchita’s. She applied only slight pressure, but both pairs of nipples pushed into each other without giving at all. The nipple contact sent a spasm of pleasure through both women, causing them to gasp and their pussies to burn a bit hotter. Their nipples moved together as the women panted even faster in their growing excitement. Conchita and Inge now both pushed their tits together more solidly. The sweat-slicked nipples slid on each other, but both pairs succeeded in bending each other back and twisting together. As the women pushed harder, their heavy breasts moved into closer contact, and their perfectly matched areolae covered and grated each other with their roughness, sending another frisson of pleasure through the combatants. The women applied still more pressure, causing their areolae and nipples to disappear within their pulsing breast flesh. Both women groaned as ripples of pain and pleasure shot through their breasts, down to their cunts. They were not pushing nearly as hard as they could, but as they slowly ground their breasts together, their beautiful back muscles rippling with effort, their nipples and areolae twisted and scraped against each other, sending spasms of sensation into both women. Both knew that these sensations would become much more painful and pleasurable in the near future as they ground their tits harder and harder together. For now, it was enough to engage each other a bit at a time.

Conchita acted next, taking her hands from her voluptuous hips and placing them on Inge’s equally abundant hips. Inge reciprocated the move. The two women began to angle their bodies closer together, pushing their breasts harder, but leaning back to bring their bellies into contact and their cunts within striking distance. The women both spread their legs slightly, allowing their pussies to open up, bowed their knees and pushed their pelvises forward. For the moment, they were literally toe to toe, their knees pressing into each other, leaning back and preparing to drive their cunts deeply into each other. The women stopped for a moment before the next step. Their cunts were an inch apart. Each woman could feel the heat coming from the other’s pussy. Inge and Conchita locked eyes and prepared for their mutual violation. Their hearts were pounding with excitement and anticipation. “Slut. My pussy is going to eat yours alive,” Conchita snarled at her foe, her voice catching as she panted. “We’ll see, you whore,” Inge responded, almost gasping with excitement. Finally, both women drew their pelvises back, then, signaling with their eyes, thrust forward hard.

“AAAAH!!”. Both women screamed together, shrieks of absolute delight. The delicious contact that they had been anticipating for so long was finally joined. Thick vaginal lips slapped wetly together, then began pressing and grinding into each other with an enjoyably slick friction. The women wrapped their arms around each other’s waists and worked their asses hard. Their hips locked and gyrated together, both women working in partnership to drive their cunts as deeply into each other as they could. The women’s labial folds mashed together and seemed to merge; womanly fluids lubricated the delicious thrusting that drove them into each other’s core. Inge and Conchita pressed together as closely as they could. Their throbbing tits crushed and rolled together, their burning nipples rubbed and fought within their combined titflesh. Their sweat-slicked bellies slid against each other. Their legs were now intertwined, and strained against each other. The women leaned back slightly, as their ass cheeks clenched and thrust. Their pussies were sealed tightly, vaginal lips sucked together. The hot, musky fluids flowing between and combining within their pussies increased the suction of the seal. Conchita’s black pubic hair caught and tangled with Igne’s golden pubic hair, further joining the two women together.

Inge and Conchita drove hard into each other, but made sure that their thrusts did not break the join between their cunts. The women ground their labial folds into each other, penetrated each other, spread each other apart, each desperately seeking to dominate her opponent. The sensations running through their bodies were delicious. The slick, wet heat from their conjoined cunts had both women moaning and gasping in pleasure. For the combatants, it felt as though their whole bodies were engaged in the process of melting together in the most sensual way possible. It felt like every part of their bodies was locked together, skin to skin and in wonderful friction with its counterpart on the other woman. The women wrapped their arms around their naked backs and squeezed as tightly as they could, crushing their swollen tits as hard as they could, even as they continued to grind their bodies together. The women gasped into each other’s faces, nose to nose and forehead to forehead. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as, finally, they felt their clits emerging from their hoods, thickening, hardening and preparing for combat.

So far, the pleasure that Inge and Conchita had inflicted on each other had been considerable. As their clits grew frighteningly large and hard, however, both women knew that the best – and worst – was yet to come. Inge had never felt her clit this hard or large before; but she had never been as completely aroused as she was now. Again, she suspected that Conchita was having a similar experience. As their clits emerged, the two women stopped thrusting and gyrating; they did not want their clits to come together accidentally. Inge and Conchita both had the sense that they could feel the electricity and power of the other woman’s clit radiating within their joined pussies. They stared at each other, both women licking their lips, preparing themselves for what was to come. Finally, they began to work their hips into each other again, thrusting together and bringing their clits closer to contact.

Their asses pumped and hips rocked. They pushed even more deeply into each other, their cunts seeking to devour one another even as they joined the two voluptuous women in intimate combat. Each woman’s clit reached out and penetrated the other woman’s pussy, causing both women to moan with passion. Inge decided to stop putting off the inevitable. Gathering herself, she thrust her clit out towards where she felt Conchita’s clit. Conchita had made the same decision as Inge, however. The two women ended up driving their throbbing clits into each other with full strength. The clits rammed into each other, held one another for a moment, then slipped past and gave each other a hard and continuous lick down their sides, before driving into each other’s base and holding there, still pressed tightly together.

For Inge and Conchita, the impact of their clits on each other was utterly devastating. The initial contacts sent an electric shockwave of unbelievable sensation through both women, causing them to suddenly spasm, and emit gasps of pure pleasure. The lick that followed the initial contact was much worse. The single shockwave of intense pleasure turned into a continuous explosion of ecstatic sensation. Inge and Conchita stiffened in each other’s arms and jerked back their heads, their eyes wide and their voices trying to scream out in ecstasy. For a moment, the pleasure was simply too great –neither woman could do anything but silently endure the most phenomenal sensation either had ever felt. Then, they found their voices. “AAAAH, Oh God!” shrieked Igne. “Oh God! Fuck, yes!” screamed Conchita. Their pressed-together clits continued to radiate pleasure outward from their cunts. Tension filled their breasts and caused their tits to melt together, their hard nipples burning. The women sobbed and screamed into each other’s faces. Their bodies trembled as the incredible sensations fed the enormous tension that had been building in both women, a tension that could only be released with orgasm. After a few seconds, the women pulled their clits apart, and gasped in relief as the sensations abated. However, Inge and Conchita knew that their true battle was just starting.

Pulling back and trembling slightly, both women looked into each other’s eyes. Then, they drove their clits into each other again. Again, they shrieked at the incredible pleasure, but this time they kept their clits together, pulsing into each other, licking each other as the women jerked their hips and thrust into their cunts as hard as they could. Inge and Conchita grabbed the other’s muscular ass with both hands, each woman pulling her opponent as deeply into her as possible. Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through the women, as their muscles shook with tension. Hot juices flowed between them and increased the fire within their locked pussies. They clung to each other, gasping into each other’s faces, or rubbing cheek to cheek, burying their faces in each other’s hair. Their breasts continued to crush each other, adding to the throbbing heat that now threatened to overwhelm their bodies. Yet, somehow, they kept going, riding each other to higher and higher levels of agonizing delight.

As their legs collapsed from the growing pleasure and tension, the women remained locked together and, instead of falling back or on their sides, they fell straight down, onto their asses, their legs sliding out in front of them. Inge and Conchita managed to scissor-lock their legs, and were now in a position to ride one another down to a devastating orgasm. The women continued to rub their clits together, even as they sobbed with the overwhelming sensations and their bodies began to tremble in pre-orgasmic preparation. Each woman wrapped one leg around one of the other woman’s flaring hips, locking each other more firmly in place. Both women now held each other tightly by the biceps, but they leaned away from each other. Their stupendous tits remained in contact, nipples pressed together, but their bellies separated, at least down to their conjoined crotches. They continued to pump their pussies, their clits thrusting against each other, feeding the unbearable pressure within both women’s bodies.

For Inge and Conchita, the pleasure was every bit as intense as it had been when their clits first made contact, and it was still building. Both women were clearly close to orgasms, but they had also learned to tolerate the intense sensations to a limited degree. Both women craved the release of an orgasm, though each needed to outlast the other. But the women also were thoroughly enjoying the immense pleasure of fucking each other clit to clit. Inge found the tension and pressure in her body to be tortuous, and she was conscious of her fear of being ridden to an orgasm by Conchita. But mostly she was lost in the sheer ecstasy of fucking Conchita. Besides the unbelievable pleasure that the women were now sharing, Inge reveled in the feeling of being locked together cunt to cunt with a woman as magnificent as the Spanish countess, a woman who was her physical equal. This was the kind of battle that Inge lusted after. Similarly, Conchita enjoyed the delicious feeling of sliding her slick cunt into the wet heat of Inge’s pussy; of using the very core of her sex to inflict pleasure on Inge, and then to have pleasure inflicted on her in turn. Both women wanted the torture of the current situation to come to an end; but there was also a part of each woman that desperately wished they could go on fucking each other forever.

Still, this battle demanded a victor. By now, both women were shaking uncontrollably as they continued to fence with their burning clits. Sobs, cries and moans continued to pour from them. Inge released Conchita’s biceps and leaned further away from her beautiful opponent. For the first time since they started the pussy fighting, the women’s magnificent tits separated. The women’s nipples bounced free, though the sexual intensity of the present situation had made both sets of nipples much harder and more sensitive than before. Inge placed her hands behind her for support; Conchita understood what Inge was doing and mirrored the jungle goddess’ actions. Both women were now scissor-locked on the ground, leaning away from each other so that they could have better and deeper access to their throbbing cunts. In this new position, both women would be able to employ their hips, asses, and cunts to even greater effect when driving their clits together.

The two women leaned back and raised their asses off the ground as they thrust into each other. Their cunts sucked together even more tightly. Soon, Inge and Conchita were moving together rhythmically, their hips jerking and their abdomens rippling as they pussy fought. Inge and Conchita cried out in unison, with each thrust: “ugh, ugh, ugh”. Their magnificent tits bounced to the same rhythm. Inge and Conchita locked eyes from across the length of their warring bodies and their bouncing tits. Each women panted with effort and building excitement. Each could feel that the end was near. The pleasure and tension building up in their pussies and the rest of their bodies had simply reached an impossible point; it had to be released. The intensity of their pleasure was so great that both women had to struggle to keep their eyes open and their gazes locked as they fucked. Inge and Conchita were dripping sweat, and their inner thighs were slicked with the other juices the women had produced and shared.

As the end approached, both women slowed down and struggled to control themselves. They rubbed their clits directly into each other with careful but hard strokes. Inge knew that she could not withstand more than another few licks from Conchita’s clit. She was on the verge of a monstrous orgasm, and she thought it a miracle that she had not exploded already. Her body was trembling and the tension in her muscles was so great that some were starting to twitch and cramp. Only her pride and determination kept her going. Inge continued to apply slow, hard strokes of her clit to Conchita’s clit, hoping to drive the Spanish beauty over the edge before Inge exploded. Inge expected to fall off the edge, herself, at any moment. Inge knew that if she was beaten it would be a devastating defeat. However, she also knew that she was on the verge of an orgasm that would transport her to utter ecstasy when it did happen.

For Conchita, her will to win was as strong as ever, and her aristocratic Spanish pride was keeping her from giving way. But this could not last much longer. Her body had felt at an orgasmic point of no return for several minutes, and the last few strokes from Inge’s clit had finally been enough. Conchita knew she could take no more. One more stroke and she would have the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Both women prepared themselves, then thrust their clits at each other one last time. Their thick, throbbing clits met head-on. They crushed into each other, bent each other back, then tangled together. The two women experienced these impacts as three successive ecstatic shocks, with the final shock increasing enormously in intensity when Inge and Conchita tried to pull back and instead crushed their clits more strongly together. The pleasure was excruciating, and was finally too much. The orgasm arrived.

Inge’s and Conchita’s cunts exploded together. The women experienced simultaneous orgasms; if one woman went off before the other, the difference was too close to tell. The two women shrieked in absolute ecstasy and arched their backs as they drove their perfect, voluptuous, sweat-soaked bodies into each other. Their hips bucked hard, ramming their sexual cores together; their bellies rippled as they pumped prodigious amounts of hot cum into each other. The two women remained locked together cunt to cunt as they squeezed each other’s pussies tightly as their muscles contracted. Multiple orgasms, of ever increasing intensity, chained through them. The women stopped screaming as the unbelievable pleasure stole their breath, leaving them to grunt and moan incoherently. Both women fell onto their backs, writhing, their bountiful tits bouncing and rocking as their bodies continued to struggle for dominance, their limbs thrashing. Inge and Conchita finally passed out, rendered unconscious by the sheer intensity of their shared pleasure, carried away on waves of pure bliss radiating out from between their legs. Even after they were unconscious, they continued to twitch and moan. Their clits remained tangled together, a fact that made the women experience a number of smaller, shared orgasms until their clits slowly shrank down and retreated into their hoods.

Inge and Conchita lay unconscious on the forest floor for almost two hours. The women had begun their encounter in the early morning, and had fought for well over an hour. As Inge returned to consciousness, she registered that the sun was now almost directly overhead, beating down on the clearing in which the two women had battled. Inge slowly forced herself to stir. Her body felt exhausted; she was sticky with sweat and the skin of her inner thighs was crusted with womanly juices. Despite her tiredness, Inge was elated. She had never dreamed that she could have the kind of intense sexual encounter with anyone as she had just had with Conchita. She now knew that this was exactly the kind of sensual experience that she had been seeking in all of her past body-to-body encounters with other women. Inge wanted more of it. She still despised Conchita and the woman’s plans for the elephants; nothing would change that. She still planned to dominate Conchita and stop her. But now she also needed to feed her own hunger.

Inge was lying flat on her back. On either side of her head, she could see Conchita’s legs. Conchita’s left leg was draped over Inge’s right leg, a position mirrored by Inge’s body.. The women were still scissor-locked together. Inge raised her head and looked down between her massive tits towards her crotch. She and Conchita remained pressed together, cunt to cunt. Their pussies were no longer sealed tight, but they were still pushing hard into each other, catching the heat and sweat at the intersection of the women’s bodies. From her position, Inge could only see Conchita’s massive tits jutting into the air; she wondered if Conchita was still unconscious. As she watched, though, Conchita began to move.

In fact, Conchita had been awake for a few minutes. Like Inge, she had been lying on the jungle floor, contemplating what they had done. Conchita’s encounter with Inge was easily the most intense sensual experience that she had ever had, in a life filled with sensual experiences. Her body still felt the pleasurable aftershocks of their sexual struggle, and she was very conscious of a hot stirring in her loins. She had locked her naked womanhood with Inge’s, and the result had been pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. Conchita still planned to dominate Inge and claim what she wanted from the denizens of the jungle. But she also understood that the situation had become more complicated. Conchita’s desire to inflict pain upon and dominate her foe was wrestling with her desire for more sensuality.

Both women raised their heads, using their elbows to support their bodies as they stared over their tits at each other. Inge and Conchita felt their hearts quicken as they met each other’s gaze; their mutual hatred was seasoned and intensified by their deep and obvious lust for each other. The women rose, pulling apart from each other’s cunts with a bit of difficulty. Their pubic hair had become deeply entangled and crusted over with dried bodily fluids, and separating from each other required some painful jerking apart. Afterwards, Inge saw that her pubic hair was interspersed with Conchita’s dark, curly hairs; looking across at her enemy, she saw that Conchita’s pubes were flecked with golden hair from Inge’s pussy, further indications of how deeply intimate the fight had become.

The two amazons stood and faced each other. Each woman noted that her opponent’s powerful, beautiful body looked none the worse for wear. A few scratches from their earlier fight were visible, but both women seemed strong and capable of continuing the battle. More than this, their beautiful bodies radiated an unleashed animal power and raw sexuality. They faced each other like two predators, battling for the same territory, both seeking to establish their dominance.

Inge spoke first. “Do you still plan to kill the elephants for their ivory?” she asked the Spanish countess.

Conchita smiled cruelly. “Of course.”

Inge nodded. “Then nothing has changed,” she said, “and our battle will go on.”

The women settled into a crouch, arms out, feet planted wide apart, prepared to grapple with each other. They moved in a circle, facing each other. As the women prepared for battle, their bodies quickly became fully aroused, in anticipation of the struggle – and the orgasmic confrontation – to come. Their nipples hardened into spikes; their roughened areola tightened and crusted over; their pussies began to throb in time with their quickening heartbeats, and soon became soaked with womanly lubrication. Their powerful tits hung from their chests, firm, perfectly shaped, and massive, swaying gently as the women circled. Inge reached out for Conchita’s hands; the women quickly moved into a hand-to-hand struggle, their fingers interlaced, their powerful arms straining against each other. Both women were incredibly strong. Their muscles bunched and quivered as they struggled to control each other. Beautifully muscled legs flexed, perfectly matched thighs and calves bulged with effort. Bare feet sought purchase in the soft ground as Inge and Conchita tried to physically overpower each other. Soon, the women were panting and sweating from their exertion, but neither could dominate the other. They had so far kept their bodies at arms length.

Now, however, both women pushed against each other, and slowly forced their powerful arms over their heads. This drew the women towards each other, chest to chest. Their perfect breasts were mirrors of each other, almost exactly the same size and equally firm. Their engorged nipples were aligned perfectly. Just before their massive tits made contact, the women paused. They glared into each other’s faces. Inge panted with desire. Conchita licked her lips as a look of hot lust passed over her face. Blue eyes locked to dark eyes, the two women closed the gap between their beautiful tits. Rock hard nipples met head on and crushed each other back to equally large areolae; heavy titflesh made spongy contact and merged, throbbing with heat. As their beautiful tits mated, Inge closed her eyes and smiled with savage pleasure; Conchita moaned with delight. Both women relished the delicious sensations pulsing through their tits. Their nipples and areolae were exquisitely sensitive, and the slow, hard friction between them filled both women’s massive breasts with a pulsing heat that flowed directly from their tits and into their cunts, hardening their clits and feeding the aching need between their legs. Their tit to tit contact caused their pussies to contract, sending a gush of hot liquid down their thighs.

The women’s fingers were interlaced over their heads; they brought their arms down, fully extended out to their sides at shoulder height. Then, they released each other’s hands, and each woman wrapped her arms around the other’s back, squeezing their burning tits together. Conchita thrust her tits at Inge; Inge rubbed her tits into Conchita’s, building up a steady rhythm. She did not push hard, but rather met Conchita’s gentle thrusts with her own. The two women held each other in a loose hug as they rhythmically pushed and rubbed their burning tits together, their back muscles rippling, their legs and hips moving in concert. Conchita rested her head on Inge’s shoulder as their tits stroked each other. “Yes,” she gasped, “God, yes.”

The pleasure in the women’s tits continued to build, feeding the maddening tension in their cunts. Hot juices continued to trickle down both women’s thighs, all the way down their calves and to the ground. Inge began to think they might bring each other to orgasm just by massaging their tits into each other. But as the pressure heightened, so did their sense of urgency and building lust. The women began to push into each other harder and stronger, both encouraging the pulsing heat from their tits to further inflame their loins. Soon, they were holding each other tightly, grinding their throbbing tits together as hard as they could, sending jolts of white hot heat into their cunts. Their breath came in ragged pants of excitement and gasps of pleasure. “You bitch, you bitch…” Conchita moaned in Inge’s ear. “Cunt, you cunt…” Inge moaned back.

The women leaned into each other, increasing the pressure on their tits even more. At the same time, they angled the rest of their bodies away from each other. Powerful legs tensed and pushed; bare feet dug into the soft earth to anchor each woman as she applied the full force of her powerful body to crush tits with her opponent. Inge and Conchita stood nose to nose, gasping as the pressure built and their tits strained against each other. Their pussies ached and pulsed as the pressure on their tits fired the sexual arousal in their cunts. Their pussies dripped with juices and contracted with powerful spasms, desperate to be sexually engaged. Their clits were fully aroused, swollen and dripping with womanly fluids, and so hard they were almost painful. But both women resisted the almost overwhelming urge to thrust together and fuck each other senseless. That would come later. For now, they were prepared to torture and tease each other’s bodies, working to tire each other and gain an advantage for the final struggle.

Slowly, Inge and Conchita wrestled each other around the clearing, arms wrapped around each other, all their muscles straining. Both women were painfully aware that their wet, burning cunts were only tantalizing inches apart. The women lurched back and forth as their bare feet shifted around the uncertain ground. Suddenly, one of Inge’s feet slipped on the sandy soil, causing her to lose her balance and stumble. Conchita took immediate advantage of Inge’s misfortune. She pushed Inge hard, forcing the blonde jungle goddess halfway across the clearing. Inge found her back crushed into the giant trunk of an old tree, her body too far off balance to be able to push back against Conchita.

Conchita braced herself and quickly used her powerful legs to leverage Inge’s thighs apart. Conchita leaned hard into her blonde opponent, pinning her to the tree, increasing the pressure on their tits even more, sending a swelling spike of heat down into their cunts. Conchita pushed the entire length of her torso into Inge, forcing their muscled bellies together. Inge writhed hard against Conchita’s hot body, struggling to free herself. For the moment, however, Conchita had her pinned and exposed. Conchita felt the heat between Inge’s legs calling to her cunt. She drew her hips back to thrust, then paused for a moment, closed her eyes, and savored the aching desire in her throbbing pussy.

In seconds, she would be locked into the labial softness and the wet furnace of her enemy’s cunt, sucked tightly in place, pushing, driving the most sensitive and ecstatic part of her body into its twin on Inge’s body, feeling Inge’s body thrusting back in response. She was seconds away from sheer ecstasy. Conchita smiled hungrily, and enjoyed the sense of anticipation and the thrill of delicious lust that coursed through her. Then, finally, she drove her hips forward, powering her soaking cunt hard into Inge’s pussy, thrusting into her blonde opponent with all her strength, from the tips of her straining toes to the end of her burning clit. Both women shrieked with shock and electric pleasure as their juicy pussies slapped together, then gradually opened and sucked each other in. Inge’s wet, aching pussy gratefully accepted Conchita’s violation, and Inge’s throbbing clit eagerly sought its counterpart in the Spanish countess’ cunt.

Their hard, wet clits came together with a shock of sensation so intense that both women blacked out for an instant. They recovered, gasping and sobbing, then shrieking with joy as waves of electric pleasure radiated out from their crushed-together clits and burned through their bodies, making their skin pulse with sensation. Their rock-hard nipples stabbed into each other even harder; their breasts threatened to explode with the tension.

Despite the unbearable pleasure, the women kept their clits glued together, each woman determined to overwhelm her opponent. Both women started to grind into each other frantically, desperate to feed and satisfy the burning lust that they had been denying. Conchita held Inge by her hips; Inge sank her nails into Conchita’s thrusting ass. Both women threw their heads back, eyes closed and teeth gritted, and growled, gasped and sobbed with unrestrained pleasure as they rubbed their throbbing, burning cores into each other. Their crushed tits and aching nipples continued to grind together, fuelling the fire in their cunts. But Inge found that her awkward position limited her ability to thrust back at her foe.

By contrast, Conchita was able to drive herself into Inge with all the strength she could muster; she was quickly taking control of the pussyfight. Conchita rammed herself into Inge’s hot, slick cunt with wild abandon, almost lost in the tight, wet heat of Inge’s body. Her swollen clit, aided by her thrusting hips, crushed Inge’s clit. The women cried out together from each shock of ecstasy, and Inge humped back against Conchita, but she could not get the leverage that she needed to match the Spanish woman’s power.

“You’re mine, you whore. My pussy is eating yours. You’re mine” gasped Conchita, nose to nose with Inge, her cruel, beautiful face contorted by the deep pleasure wracking her body. Inge was almost overwhelmed by the intense sensations burning up from her cunt. Their clits were grinding directly into each other, and the stunning pleasure made it almost impossible for either woman to do more than just enjoy fucking each other.

Every nerve in their bodies seemed to be on fire with ecstatic sensations. Already, their muscles were beginning to tremble with preorgasmic tension. It was only with an immense act of will that Inge forced herself to think. Conchita’s sex was slowly overpowering and controlling hers. Inge could not let this happen. Struggling to concentrate past the haze of pleasure, she spread her powerful bronzed legs, opening her cunt even wider and, to her delight, letting Conchita in even deeper. For a moment, Inge simply enjoyed the delicious feeling of being locked even more tightly with her enemy. She gasped with enhanced pleasure. Then, she managed to regain her focus; she was not going to be defeated this easily. Inge closed her spread legs, wrapping her wet thighs around Conchita’s hourglass waist. Inge locked her legs together at her bare ankles, then pulled her thighs down to Conchita’s hips. Inge squeezed hard with her legs, doing her best to control Conchita’s thrusting pelvis. At the same time, her action anchored her to Conchita and provided her with greater leverage from which to work her ass and hips back against the black-haired beauty. Her strategy was immediately effective.

Inge was able restrain Conchita’s thrusts with her powerful legs. She was also able to drive her burning clit back at Conchita’s clit with equivalent force, matching each stroke from the Spanish countess with one of her own. The women were, once again, on equal terms. The women bucked against each other, panting desperately, riding each other as hard as they could, each struggling to control the other. Inge reached up and grabbed Conchita’s black mane, pulling the woman’s head back painfully. Conchita and Inge snarled at each other for a moment. Then Inge plunged her red mouth forward and locked Conchita into a sensual kiss, driving her tongue against that of her opponent.

Conchita kissed back hungrily, but found herself being bent back, as Inge pulled hard on her hair. Inge pressed her torso forward, pushing her tits into Conchita’s as hard as she could, sending a spike of pleasure into their cunts. Conchita overbalanced and staggered back from the tree, Inge’s long, gorgeous legs still wrapped around her hips. Inge used the chance to regain her footing, and now pushed back against Conchita. The women’s legs tangled together. For a moment, they balanced precariously in the center of the clearing, their asses clenching and thrusting; then, they fell together.

Inge and Conchita landed on their sides, Inge slightly on top, with their arms still wrapped around each other’s backs. The impact jolted their pussies apart, providing both women with sudden relief from the waves of exquisite pleasure radiating from their grinding clits. Both women panted, took a moment to recover from the abrupt change, then began to struggle with each other for the top position.

Beautiful bronzed legs thrashed against equally magnificent tawny legs; sweat-slicked bellies rippled against each other, their navels sucking together. Inge and Conchita crushed each other’s chests together as hard as they could, their grinding tits still feeding heat into their throbbing cunts. Inge managed to use her slightly better position to slowly, agonizingly, force Conchita onto her back. The women now found themselves in a position very similar to the one in which they had first started to fight. As before, Conchita pushed her crotch up into Inge’s crotch, as part of her struggle to gain the top position in their battle.

It was only a moment, however, before the two naked, writhing women unavoidably locked their slick pussies together once again, sliding into each other, their clits crushing, sending out electric shockwaves. Their struggle for position was undermined by the intense sensations pulsing out of their cunts. Both women sobbed with pleasure as they struggled, driving into each other and trying to control each other through sheer strength, even as their muscles tensed and twitched in response to the flood of volcanic heat emanating from between their legs and pumping through their bodies.

Slowly, Conchita managed to turn Inge over and gain the top position; Inge kept the turn going, however, and inch-by-inch, tortuously forced herself back on top of Conchita. The women groaned and cried out with the incredible effort. Their magnificent bodies strained against each other to the utmost; luscious hips locked to hips, their powerful legs wrapped around each other and struggled for supremacy, their arms crushed their tits together so hard that they found it difficult to breathe. Their clits slid together within their pussies, the constant friction sending waves of ecstatic pleasure thrumming through their bodies.

“Enough!,” Conchita gasped and, for a moment, Inge thought her enemy might be giving up. She immediately realized this was not the case, however. Rather than continuing the exhausting struggle for top position, Conchita decided to change tactics. Conchita moved her arms from Inge’s back and seized the blonde goddess by her hair. Conchita stared intently into Inge’s face; then, wordlessly, Conchita pulled Inge’s face down to hers and sealed their mouths together in a probing kiss. As their tongues wrapped together within their mouths, Conchita began to stroke and explore Inge’s body, running her hands down to Inge’s ass and up her belly to the sides of her tits.

Conchita took her bare foot and ran it along Inge’s thigh and calf, using her toes to probe and caress the smooth muscle. The women’s cunts were locked together like a hot, wet furnace, radiating pleasure, which intensified with each delicious jerk of their luscious hips. Now, however, Conchita moved her hips and ass carefully, stroking and teasing Inge’s clit with her own. Conchita’s entire body writhed against Inge’s. She slid their bellies together and arched her back, increasing the friction between their tits. Both women’s bodies were at a state of exquisite arousal, brought on by the constant, electric friction between their clits, and Conchita’s seductive attack caused Inge to groan with pleasure. Inge retaliated by drilling her tongue into Conchita’s mouth, then writhed on top of Conchita, answering the Spanish woman’s overwhelming sensuality with her own.

Their bodies slid against each other with a smooth slickness. Inge’s hands moved restlessly over Conchita’s body in response, her nails scratching and stroking Conchita’s beautiful chocolate skin, sending tiny pulses of pleasure into her enemy. Each woman squeezed and stroked the other’s ass, exploring the sensitive skin around her anus. Their legs moved constantly, sliding smoothly against each other, sometimes rubbing, sometimes locking up in brief tests of strength, pressing their taut muscles into each other.

The women pressed the sensitive soles of their feet together, part of their overwhelming desire to match like-to-like. Their pussies kissed each other like lips, their clits caressing and retreating, shocking each other with toe-curling sensation then drawing back to tease. Their sexual duel had gone from a frenzied meeting of mutual, consuming lust to a test of skill and restraint. But the burning need was still there, feeding the hot juices that lubricated both women’s cunts, fed by the molten pleasure that made their straining muscles rigid with tension. As the two women stroked and explored each other, as their skilful hands, tongues and clits turned all of their skin into burning erogenous zones, the familiar and terrible pressure in their pussies once again built to orgasmic proportions.

The time for skill and restraint soon passed. Both women realized that they were coming to the final struggle. Trembling with pleasure and passion, Inge pushed her pussy solidly into Conchita’s. A few hard thrusts from her hips and powerful ass were enough to suck and seal the women’s wet cunts together. Conchita wrapped her powerful legs around Inge’s hips and arched her back, bucking up to meet her foe even as she locked Inge in place. Inge leaned forward, putting as much pressure on Conchita’s tits and cunt as she could, hoping that the advantage of gravity would be enough to give her victory.

The two women kissed hard, even as they began to ride each other down to the decisive orgasm. Conchita slid her legs down Inge’s legs, entangling their thighs and calves as tightly as she could. As their hips and asses began to rock and thrust, Inge and Conchita pressed face to face, and stared into each other’s eyes. As the pace of their thrusting increased, the women’s breath came in excited gasps, the tension in their bodies building rapidly. They panted into each other’s faces, and kept their gazes locked together.

The anger, hatred and pure lust that they each saw in the other’s eyes thrilled both women, and fed their will to keep fighting and fucking. The women tried to kiss, but they could only lock their mouths together for seconds before their need for air forced them to break apart, gasping for breath. Instead, they placed their open mouths together, panting into each other, their tongues occasionally darting out to tangle together or lick the other’s lips.

The two women thrust against each other, moving in a hard rhythm. Their clits ground into each other, creating excruciating pleasure for the two combatants. The juices flowing between their cunts burned like molten lava, and the hot wetness suctioned them together. Their sweat-soaked bodies strained against each other, sealing them ever more tightly together. Their thick hair thrashed about and tangled together as the women rocked. Their muscles trembled with preorgasmic tension.

“Come you whore!”Conchita snarled at Inge, as they thrust deeply into each other. “No, no.. you …come…bitch,” Inge gasped, through clenched teeth. Both women wore expressions of near desperation. The pleasure that they were feeling was agonizing in its intensity. They could both feel and see how close each of them was to final defeat. They were riding each other to a devastating climax.

They were both desperate for a conclusion to this unbearable battle. Still, they continued moving together in a powerful rhythm, grinding their cores together until neither knew where she ended and her enemy began. They were completely absorbed in each other. Both women were overwhelmed by the searing heat from their cunts that had fused them into one enraged body, and their powerfully throbbing tits, which sent waves of pleasure rolling through them.

Inge felt herself letting go. She knew that she could not resist an orgasm much longer. The pleasure and the tension were simply too great. She could tell from the desperation on Conchita’s face that her enemy was close to her own eruption, but Inge knew that her own expression was every bit as desperate. Her will to win just could not resist the overwhelming ecstasy that was being inflicted on her. In her mind, her orgasm was being held back by a paper-thin wall that was in the process of crumbling. She just could not take it anymore. She felt her body preparing to explode – then, suddenly, Conchita’s expression went from a look of desperation to sheer agony. “No…” the Spanish beauty groaned. Then “No! No! AAAAH!” Conchita howled out in ecstasy as she came; her cunt massively contracted and she suddenly bucked in pleasure, and started to pump her hot cum out into Igne’s pussy. Only a few seconds after Conchita exploded, Igne joined her, unable to hold back an instant longer. Her own shrieks of pleasure were every bit as loud as Conchita’s, but they also contained a note of victory. She had won! She had managed to hold out, to force Conchita into a terrible orgasm before Conchita had managed to overcome her. The women thrashed together, pumping into each other, riding each other mercilessly. Conchita clawed at Inge’s back and ass, raising welts; Inge eagerly returned the favor.

Their orgasms offered no release to either woman. Instead, they seemed to go on forever, building and building together until both women hovered on the edge of unconsciousness from sheer ecstasy. The tension in their bodies was exquisite. The women’s thrashing slowed and stopped as their muscles locked together. The women held each other almost immobile, as they strained against each other, trembling with effort. They sank their claws into each other’s asses and held on, pulling each other as deeply inside as they could. Their bellies rippled against each other as their internal muscles convulsed, continuing to pump hot cum.

Both women gritted their teeth and closed their eyes tightly, unable to scream, tears coursing down their faces as the overwhelming sensations vibrated through every fiber of their bodies. Then, slowly, their orgasms reached their crescendos and began to subside, gradually dissolving into a series of smaller orgasmic shocks. The women clung to each other, crying with pleasure, and rode these through, keeping their clits tightly locked together the whole time, screaming out, cursing, still trying to dominate one another. Finally, the shockwaves subsided.

Inge and Conchita lay wrapped together in the aftermath of the battle, their wet, hard clits pressed tightly together, throbbing into each other, momentarily sated. Their magnificent tits crushed each other nipple to nipple, their legs interlocked. They lay cheek to cheek, breathing heavily, their unruly hair tangled together, damp with sweat. After some time, Inge finally stirred, raising her head to look down at Conchita, who returned her gaze. Inge’s thick, golden hair hung down, shrouding the two women’s faces. Inge pushed in until she was nose to nose with Conchita; when she spoke, her lips grazed Conchita’s lips. “I won,” Inge breathed. Conchita snarled. “Barely,” she responded, sullenly. “Perhaps,” Inge allowed. “But I still won. Do you accept this, or do we keep on fighting?”

Every instinct in Conchita’s body screamed for her to keep on fighting, to fight this whore until Inge surrendered, or until Conchita was broken herself. But these instincts contended with Conchita’s newly awakened lust. Conchita feared that an all-out struggle with Inge could only be resolved in a fight that would end in one of them- maybe even both of them -destroyed. And even though part of her wanted this, another part wanted the possibility of future battles with Inge even more. Conchita had tasted the intensity and pleasure of battle with a woman who was her equal. There weren’t many other women who could fit that description. The idea of spending many more hours locked together with Inge, pitting every inch of her body against Inge’s, filled Conchita with a staggering lust. Even as she thought this, her clit throbbed against Inge’s, reminding her of the potential for ecstasy. She had no doubt that the day would come when she and Inge would need to fight a final, apocalyptic battle. For now, however, she wanted to keep alive the prospects for the future.

Conchita then did the most difficult thing she had ever done. “I will give you this battle.” she said to Inge. She looked Inge straight in the eye, determined that her concession not be interpreted as weakness.”But I want you to understand that this is not over between us.” Inge smiled haughtily. “We shall see,” she replied. For a moment the two women glared at each other. Then, as if of one mind, each woman seized her opponent by the back of the head, burying her hand in the thick hair. They pulled their mouths together in a hard kiss. Their mouths pressed into each other painfully. The two women wrapped their tongues together inside their sealed mouths and fought slickly with each other for several long seconds. Their drowsing clits, still pressed tightly together, quickly thickened and began to pulse. Both women broke off the kiss, and glared at each other, deciding to ignore the tickling pleasure between their legs. Inge slowly disentangled her body from Conchita’s. She pulled herself off of the Spanish beauty, their cunts separating with difficulty as, again, their pubic hair had matted together from the constant grinding. Their aching tits and flat, hot stomachs peeled apart. Inge finally rolled off Conchita, onto her back. She stretched her tired muscles luxuriously and arched her back, pushing her massive, jutting tits into the air, as she enjoyed the feeling of victory.

Conchita slowly sat up, then contemplated Inge beside her. She saw Inge basking in her victory, and Conchita felt a swell of anger and shame. Conchita realized that her pride would not let her just walk away like this. “Get up girl,” Conchita snarled to Inge. “This isn’t over yet.”

Inge gave Conchita a startled look, then slowly, warily got to her feet. She prepared herself for further battle. Conchita had also gotten to her feet and was facing Inge from a few feet away. However, Conchita’s stance was not that of a woman preparing for combat. One hand on her cocked hip, she looked coolly at her blonde enemy. “I’m giving you this fight,” she said. “But I want to leave you with something to remember me.” Slowly, carefully Conchita moved towards Inge.

Conchita moved to within a foot of Inge, then she paused. The two beautiful woman stared deeply into each other’s eyes, both recognizing the mutual hatred and incredible lust that defined their feelings towards each other. Even in the heat and humidity of the jungle, Inge and Conchita could feel the warmth radiating from their tits and pussies. Conchita slowly reached out and encircled Inge’s left nipple with her thumb and index finger. She stroked the nipple gently but firmly, watching Inge intently for her response. Inge closed her eyes, bit her lip, and tried not to cry out as sudden, sharp heat stabbed through her nipple and throbbed deep into her tit. In response, Inge reached out and cupped Conchita’s heavy left breast, lifting and weighing it, kneading it, then traced her palm gently up the bottom of the breast to the nipple, which she squeezed like a knob. Conchita gasped as an electric pulse rippled through her tit.

As if of one mind, both women now reached for the other’s remaining breast; their hands filled with the hard, firm flesh, and moved gently but insistently over the increasingly sensitive skin. Inge and Conchita massaged each other’s massive tits, each woman feeling her enemy’s rock hard nipples jabbing into her palms, using her fingers to tweak, squeeze and caress her enemy’s nipples and areola. Inge crushed Conchita’s beautiful tits together; Conchita groaned, and reciprocated. Inge and Conchita both used their hands to explore, stroke and arouse every inch of their competing breasts. Their magnificent tits burned with caresses, their nipples and areola crusted over with moist arousal, and filled with a throbbing, aching heat that seemed to make their dense tits even heavier. The awakening pleasure in their tits fed the growing heat in their cunts.

Moaning with need, Inge leaned forward, cupped Conchita’s left tit, lowered her head, fastened her lips to the long, hard nipple and sucked hungrily. Conchita groaned with the delicious spike of pleasure, then leaned over and pulled Inge’s left tit to her mouth, and fixed her lips around Inge’s delicious, bullet-like nipple in reply. Both women groaned as the heat in their tits grew to laser-intensity. Their heavy tits were now burning with sensitivity. Both women sucked hard, taking as much of their enemy’s tit into their mouth as they could, working the nipples and areolae with their tongues and teeth, leaving softly reddened bite marks on the delicate flesh as they tried to devour each other. As they ran their mouths over the other’s left tit, the women slowly covered their burning orbs in sweet spit. The hot tension in their tits grew steadily; their clits hardened and began to pulse.

As they sucked each other, Inge removed her left hand from Conchita’s right tit, and slipped it down Conchita’s beautiful, slick belly, burying her fingers in the Spanish woman’s thick pubic hair. Inge ran her index and middle fingers around Conchita’s soft, wet vaginal lips for a moment, tracing the slick, smooth flesh, forcing Conchita to gasp with the sudden, moist friction. Then Inge inserted her fingers into her enemy’s hot, wet cunt. Conchita groaned, gently bit Inge’s nipple and ran her teeth up and down it, forcing a gasp from her blonde foe. Conchita quickly slipped her own fingers into Inge’s pussy. Standing in the clearing, their bodies starting to quiver with growing pleasure, both women groaned. Inge moved her fingers inside of Conchita, stroking and teasing Conchita’s clit, pushing deep into the Spanish woman’s soft, yielding core. Conchita responded, working her fingers more deeply into Inge, now using her thumb to gently push on Inge’s clit as her other fingers probed Inge’s vaginal walls, looking for pleasure spots. For both women, their hands quickly became slick with the warm, clear juice that flowed from their cunts like water.

The women continued to feast on each other’s left tit, using their right hands to squeeze and caress the firm flesh. Inge and Conchita groaned together, their mouths full of each other’s delicious tits, their left hands immersed in the warm, wet heat of their enemy’s cunt. The gentle, massaging pressure that they applied to their each other’s clits sent spikes of hot tension up into their tits; the hard sucking on their tits sent electricity down into their cunts. Conchita suddenly gasped as Inge’s seeking fingers found one of the pleasure spots inside her cunt. The shock of ecstasy weakened her knees and curled up her toes, and she sucked harder on Inge’s tit in retaliation.

For some time, the only sounds in the clearly were Inge and Conchita’s muted gasps and groans as they sucked each other’s increasingly sensitive tits, and the soft, wet sounds of their fingers working their cunts. As the tension built between them, Conchita made the next move. She suddenly pulled her hand out of Inge’s cunt, moved forward and thrust her muscled thigh up between Inge’s spread legs. Inge gasped, then immediately duplicated the move. In moments, the two goddesses were riding each other’s thigh. Their inner thighs rubbed together, the hot, wet flesh sticking and caressing. Their legs weakened with the growing pleasure.

The women slowly folded into a kneeling position, their solid, muscular thighs sucked tight to their pussies, the rough pubic hair grating on the smooth skin, the thick, musky vaginal juices flowing uncontrollably out over their legs. Both women were still sucking each other’s tits vigorously, the delicious friction between their cunts and legs only feeding their desire to feast on each other. Inge and Conchita began moving their hips and asses with growing urgency, both sliding in the slickness on each other’s thigh, their hard, swollen clits rubbing into their enemy’s leg, electric shocks of pleasure coursing through their bodies. Both women were soon gasping as the hard clitoral friction drove their bodies to new levels of tension and arousal.

As the struggle continued, and their bodies became ever more inflamed, Conchita changed her tactics. Suddenly, she released Inge’s tit from her mouth, pulling away with a gasp. She quickly grasped Inge’s liberated left tit with her right hand, and squeezed the exquisitely sensitive nipple sharply. Inge gasped, loosening her mouth’s hold on Conchita’s beautiful breast. Conchita took immediate advantage. She slipped her arms under Inge’s shoulders and around Inge’s back, grasping the blonde’s flowing golden hair tightly. Conchita crushed Inge’s tits to her own. Both women groaned as the familiar and delightful feeling of their engorged breasts and nipples crushing each other shot through their bodies. Their tits were now especially sensitive after having been sucked and stroked for so long. Conchita only paused for an instant to savor the sensation. Yanking on Inge’s hair, she pulled the jungle woman’s head still further back.

At the same time, she pushed herself forward. Inge and Conchita were still kneeling together, their thighs firmly thrust into their soaking pussies, their cunts sucked tightly to the hard muscle. As Conchita pushed forward with her body, her thigh pressed even more firmly into Inge’s cunt, forcing the pussy lips even wider and crushing Inge’s hard clit. Inge gasped, then screamed with the sudden electric pleasure. She wrapped her own powerful arms around Conchita’s back, grabbed Conchita’s jet black mane and pulled. At the same time, Inge bucked hard against Conchita’s leg, desperate to continue the hard clit contact, and drove her own thigh powerfully into Conchita’s cunt. Conchita shrieked in response to the sudden ecstatic shock. Still, despite Inge’s efforts, Conchita had already managed to gain better leverage, and even as the two women struggled, Inge was slowly forced down, Conchita solidly on top. Inge’s lower legs were caught in the kneeling position; she found her upper body and thighs being pushed back to the ground, with no way to free her lower legs. Inge’s body was far too flexible for this to hurt, but it left her unable to effectively resist Conchita’s attack. Inge thrust her pelvis up, even as her shoulders were pressed into the ground, to give herself the room she needed to pull her legs out from under her own body.

Even as her legs thrashed free, however, Conchita changed her attack again. Conchita pulled her cunt away from Inge’s thigh, shifting her own cunt at the same time. Conchita pushed down hard on Inge’s tits with her own, their nipples piercing each other like hot spikes. For a moment, the two women’s bodies were perfectly aligned, tits mashed to tits, thick vaginal lips pressed tightly together, sharing heat and moisture, matted pubic hair intertwined. Then, her hands still entwined in Inge’s golden hair, Conchita slowly pulled her body down Inge’s. She buried her face in Inge’s beautiful tits, licking and sucking at each breast, biting gently. Inge, her hands in Conchita’s hair, groaned with pleasure, relishing the delicious heat that radiated away from her tits and into the rest of her body, feeding her hard clit. Still holding to Inge’s hair, pushing her head back, Conchita moved her face down Inge’s belly, kissing and licking the rippling abdomen, the sweat-filled navel, and finally buried her face in Inge’s hot, soaking wet pussy. Conchita released Inge’s long hair, and then reached up and grabbed both of Inge’s breasts, squeezing and massaging the massive mammaries, even as she drove her tongue deep into Inge’s steaming core.

Inge cried out, arched her back and writhed. She rubbed her ass into the ground, then involuntarily bucked up against Conchita’s probing tongue. She buried her hands in Conchita’s thick hair but, rather than pulling the black-haired beauty away, she held her enemy’s head in place, not wanting Conchita to stop. Conchita’s slow, hard squeezing of Inge’s exquisitely sensitive tits sent spikes of heat and building tension down into her burning cunt. With each tweak of a nipple, each tracing of an areaola, each squeeze of moist, firm flesh, Inge’s clit grew harder and more demanding of release. At the same time, Conchita’s powerful tongue wrapped itself around Inge’s clit, probing and teasing, covering it in aching softness, then pushing it hard. Her teeth scraped the excruciatingly sensitive clit, sending electric waves of pleasure exploding through Inge’s body. Inge could only moan and cry out in ecstasy, lost in the raw delight of being devoured at her core.

As Inge writhed with pleasure, Conchita felt completely in control for the first time in the fight. She finally had Inge exactly where she wanted her. Conchita drove her tongue and teeth into Inge’s core with ever greater enthusiasm, and delighted in Inge’s moans, cries and spasms. However, the situation also affected Conchita deep in her own core. She was completely immersed in Inge’s juices, taste and smell. She was swallowing Inge’s female essence; her nose was buried deep in the source of Inge’s powerful feminine musk. Her hands moved freely over Inge’s voluptuous, irresistible body, squeezing nubile flesh, caressing rippling muscle. Conchita found herself powerfully stimulated and aroused. She was lying flat on the ground, stretched away from Inge’s throbbing core. Her arms reached up Inge’s belly, grasping Inge’s beautiful tits and working them. Her tits were pressed between Inge’s thighs. The rest of her body was mostly removed from contact with Inge’s writhing form. Conchita found herself undulating gently on the ground. Conchita’s nipples were caressed by the soft earth as she moved; her cunt was burning, and she found her hips moving in time with Inge’s bucking body. Even as her nimble tongue stroked Inge’s clit and her eager hands caressed Inge’s tits, Conchita desperately wanted the hard contact of Inge’s body; her pussy cried out for the stimulation of teeth and tongue.

Conchita suddenly felt her head being violently jerked back by her hair, pulled away from Inge’s cunt. Inge pulled Conchita’s head back, raised herself up, and glared down at Conchita from between her jutting tits. At the same time, Inge closed her powerful thighs around Conchita’s head, giving herself complete control over the situation. “Cunt,” Inge snarled, “It’s not going to be that easy. If you’re going to eat me, I’m going to eat you too.”

Conchita placed her palms on Inge’s tits and pushed hard on the jutting nipples, sending a shock of pure pleasure through Inge’s magnificent body. Inge gasped, then released Conchita’s head from her leg lock. Conchita smiled coolly and contemptuously, but she could not quite hide the eagerness in her eyes. “You want to eat my cunt, whore? That’s fine. Maybe I can teach you a few things about how to eat pussy.”

“Slut,” Inge spat at her.

Conchita merely smiled, then stretched her body out alongside Inge’s, her head directly across from Inge’s pussy. “I think I’ve been the challenged party,” Conchita said to Inge, assuming the role of a decadent aristocrat. “So, that means I get to choose my position. I want to be on top.”

“Fine,” Inge snapped, growing impatient. Though she did not want Conchita to know, Inge was deeply aroused and wanted nothing more than to get Conchita’s tongue back into her pussy. “Let’s get started.”

Inge arranged herself on her back, her tits jutting into the air, her knees slightly bent and her legs spread, her cunt offered to her foe. Conchita was not as anxious to start, however. She moved around to Inge’s head, contemplated the jungle queen’s magnificent body from this new perspective, then slowly lowered her mouth to Inge’s lips, suddenly locking the other girl into an upside-down kiss. Inge gasped, her tongue thrashing back, but Conchita had already released her and moved on, working her way down Inge’s body from her head to her cunt. Conchita sucked hard at Inge’s tits, her own tits falling down to cover Inge’s face. The blonde woman gasped, afraid of suffocating under the enormous breasts of her enemy. Conchita’s tits were firm and perfectly shaped, however, and Inge easily moved them aside, then began working them, massaging Conchita’s tits, squeezing them, sucking hard at each nipple.

The women feasted on each other’s tits for a few minutes, feeding the fire in their cunts, before Conchita moved on. She licked at Inge’s beautiful belly, then moved down to Inge’s burning cunt. By now, both women were thoroughly aroused. Conchita’s cunt was poised directly over Inge’s face; hot juices dripped onto Inge’s face, but she accepted this hungrily, and thirsted for more. Conchita looked down into Inge’s beautiful cunt and smiled, eager to devour Inge, just as eager to be devoured in turn. She finally settled her body on Inge’s, letting her full weight drop onto her foe. Both women’s massive tits crushed into their rock-hard bellies, their jutting nipples pushing hard into their abdomens. The undersides of their breasts crushed up against each other. Their legs were spread, and both women now looped their arms around the other’s hips, placing their hands firmly on each other’s muscular ass.

Conchita smiled, and lowered her head. She ran her tongue along Inge’s vaginal cleft, licking, teasing, then driving her tongue into the open, exposed cunt as far as she could. She placed her mouth on Inge’s pussy and kissed it, sucking at it, and then wrapped her tongue and teeth around Inge’s clit and began her attack in earnest.

For her part, Inge attacked her foe with everything she had. She raised her head up to Conchita’s beautiful pussy and drove her tongue hard into the core. She drove her face into Conchita’s cunt, filled with a desire to consume her foe, aroused and excited by the powerful musk and the pungent liquids that were emanating from her enemy’s womanhood. Inge ran her tongue deep into Conchita’s pussy, then slipped her lips and tongue around Conchita’s hard, wet clit and begin to suck it – gently at first, then hard, then softly, then nibbling with her teeth. She could tell that she was having a terrible effect on Conchita from the way the other woman bucked, gasped and groaned. At the same time, however, Inge was finding the ecstasy being inflicted on her was equally devastating. Her clit was radiating pleasure, sometimes through painful spikes of sheer ecstasy as Conchita chewed on it with her teeth, other times through gentle radiating heat and subtle tension, as Conchita caressed it with her tongue. Inge found that Conchita was devouring her in the most pleasurable way possible, and she soon found that she could barely control herself. Even as she pulled screams and gasps and cries of sheer ecstasy from Conchita with her skilful tongue and teeth, Conchita was giving to Inge everything that she was getting. Inge felt the heat and tension pulsing up through her body from her ravaged cunt was quickly driving her towards a powerful orgasm. She bent her head to the task of ensuring that she did not go alone, though it took all her willpower to focus on eating Conchita’s cunt.

Both women were amazed and delighted at the skill of her opponent. Conchita felt herself torn between incredible gratitude that her powerful arousal was now being so wonderfully met, and a deep resentment that this jungle woman should be so instinctively gifted at eating pussy. However, Conchita was not surprised. Inge had proven herself exceptional at every turn, and Conchita resolved both to enjoy Inge’s unexpected abilities and, at the same time, ensure that the jungle whore did not dominate her in this contest.

Conchita and Inge ran their hands over each other ‘s beautiful asses, gripping and squeezing as they feasted on the other’s cunt. Conchita ran her hands down Inge’s body, pausing to squeeze the sides of Inge’s tits. Inge groaned at the sudden stimulation, then returned the favor. Conchita quickly tried another tactic, however. Suddenly pulling away from Inge’s pussy, she pressed her breasts hard into Inge’s belly, then dragged her mammoth breasts up Inge’s tits, first crushing the undersides of their tits together, then continuing to move her breasts up until their tits were nipple to nipple. Conchita pushed down hard, then dragged her breasts back down to Inge’s belly and resumed her task of eating Inge’s cunt. This sudden, unexpected attack was brief, but it sent a shockwave of sudden pleasure through Inge’s tits, coursing down to her cunt, distracting her from her own attack on Conchita.

The women continued to devour each other, but they were rapidly approaching an orgasmic conclusion to their contest. The constant stimulation of their tongues to their clits had pushed both women to the brink of an explosion. Both women screamed and sobbed into the other’s crotch as waves of deep pleasure rippled through their bodies. Once again, Inge and Conchita were driving each other to heights of ecstasy, but they were doing it with skilful hands and the exquisite softness of their lips and tongues. Incredible pressure built up in their bodies. Both women fought off the powerful urge to simply writhe and grind into each other’s face. As the pleasure built to its ultimate climax, both women trembled with tension, groaning with passion into each other’s cunts.

As the women pushed each other to edge of another orgasmic explosion, Inge fought desperately to hold on. However, she had let Conchita get too much of an advantage early in this struggle. She was simply too stimulated. Inge moaned with agony, then, with a shriek of anguish, she finally let go. Her pussy contracted powerfully, and she convulsed with a devastating orgasm. Her beautiful belly bucked and rolled, pumping out her juices. Inge’s hot cum gushed up into Conchita’s mouth and over her face. Conchita moaned with pleasure, sucked and swallowed what she could, then applied even greater tongue pressure to Inge’s clit. Conchita fully intended to pull every orgasm out of Inge that she could, to exhaust her foe and demonstrate her own sexual superiority.

Inge knew that this is what Conchita planned for her, and her pride just could not let this happen. Screaming with pleasure, but fighting desperately against the overwhelming orgasm, Inge drove her tongue into Conchita’s pussy, sucked the Spanish woman’s hard sex nub with her lips and teeth, and used her fingers to add greater pressure and friction to Conchita’s clit. Her final, desperate move was to drive her fingers deep into Conchita’s ass, sending a new kind of pleasure burning through Conchita’s body. This maneuver, combined with the others, had the intended effect; Conchita suddenly found herself, unexpectedly, on the edge of a terrible climax of her own. The explosion of pleasure and tension was so sudden that Conchita could not resist. She shrieked with pleasure, then exploded in a powerful orgasmic release. Her cunt pumped hot cum out into Inge’s face as she bucked hard. The two women clung to each other and writhed together, crying out with ecstasy, as they rode out their mutual convulsions.

For some time, the women lay together, their faces buried in the other’s cunt, breathing in each other’s powerful musk, hot breath caressing each other’s pussy. After a time, Conchita pulled her cheek from its pillow on Inge’s soft pubic hair and wet cunt, and turned her head. She kissed Inge’s vaginal lips, running her tongue up the cleft. Inge groaned, reached down and squeezed Conchita’s beautiful tits. At the same time, she raised her head and kissed Conchita’s hot, open cunt, running her tongue over Conchita’s labia, licking her clit. The two women sighed together, a gentle arousal rippling through them.

Conchita pulled herself away from Inge, and rolled over on her back, panting. Inge remained on her back, her mountainous tits swaying gently as she breathed deeply. Both women wiped the cum off their faces with the back of their hands, licking up what they could with their tongues. After a while, the two women slowly pulled themselves into a sitting position. Side by side, they regarded each other coolly. Inge knew that Conchita had mastered her in the 69. Conchita may already have conceded the battle, but her victory with her teeth and tongue had restored the sense of balance in the conflict. Still, as the two women stared at each other with barely disguised anger and hatred, both felt strangely unsatisfied. There was more remaining that they had to do to each other.

A look of sudden lust and anger passed over Conchita’s face. Then, her face became a mask of self-control and haughty coolness. She had come to some decision. Remaining seated on the ground, she pushed a few feet back from Inge. Then, facing her blonde enemy, locking eyes with Inge, Conchita slowly and carefully pulled her succulent thighs apart, exposing her pussy to Inge, offering her sex to the blonde jungle goddess. Inge looked down into Conchita’s cunt. Her heart quickened, her tits hardened, the juices began to flow in her pussy. She readied herself for this final challenge.

Inge gazed fixedly at Conchita’s cunt, almost hypnotized by its beauty: the thick, moist vaginal lips, the soft pink labia, the powerful muscles which even now pulsed and contracted, squirting thick juice, and promised a delicious, encompassing tightness; the hard, throbbing clit which pushed out at her, the thick protective mat of course black fur, the irresistible heat and wetness. Inge found herself aroused and excited beyond all measure. She had just spent a considerable amount of time devouring this same pussy with her mouth, but now Conchita was inviting her to match like-to-like, cunt to cunt, and somehow, this was even more exciting. Inge felt that this was how their battle had truly begun and it was fitting that this is how it should end. An expression of intense hunger and unmitigated lust swept over her features. Her magnificent tits began to heave as her breath came faster, her heart began to pump harder with growing excitement. Her nipples became so hard they hurt. She looked up and met Conchita’s eyes. Conchita had been watching Inge this whole time, and seeing the hot desire and animal excitement of the blonde jungle woman had fuelled exactly the same feelings in Conchita.

As they gazed into each other’s eyes, a barrier seemed to fall. Their desires to dominate, to break the other woman, their intense mutual hatred, were set aside. What they were about to do had nothing to do with their struggle. Now, they were confronting each other as two women who were seized with an incredible animal lust for each other that had built to terrible proportions, and was now unleashed. When they looked at each other, they saw nothing but a burning need, and the desire to satisfy it. The only way to do this was to lock together cunt to cunt and fuck until they exploded with pleasure. As the women came to this silent, mutual understanding, a pervasive tension drained from both women. Now, it no longer mattered who was forced to an orgasm first. It only mattered that they fuck each other as long, hard and mercilessly as they possibly could.

Inge spread her own legs, and gave Conchita time to admire her blonde pussy and her soft pink core. Inge watched with satisfaction as Conchita became as excited and aroused as she was. Then, the two women pushed towards each other on their hard, round asses. As their feet came near, they touched toes, then pressed the soles of their feet together, flexing the muscles of their feet against each other. As they pushed closer, their feet moved up their enemy’s naked legs, caressing the taut muscle. The women then scissor-locked, left legs over right, and slowly slid their smooth, bare legs together, delighting in the hot friction. They maneuvered together as closely as they could, their legs meshed tightly together, their hot, sticky inner thighs pressed close, and leaned back from each other, keeping their throbbing breasts from touching by mere inches. The women pushed their pussies directly up to each other, and paused. Conchita and Inge felt the heat burning out of their cores, warming their inner thighs.

The women pressed a little closer; their thick, wet pubic hair brushed together and tangled up, and gently stroked their exposed vaginal lips. Both women inhaled sharply at the sudden, tantalizing contact. Inge locked eyes with Conchita; both were panting feverishly now, their magnificent tits heaving. Inge pushed in just a bit closer; their slick, wet pussies touched ever so slightly. Inge rubbed her vaginal lips softly against Conchita’s. Both women groaned; their pussies were open and the soft, slick skin-to-skin contact sent a wave of delicious heat coursing through Inge and Conchita. The women felt the heat pouring out of their pussies, their vaginal lips pushed together like mouths caught in a tentative kiss. Then, reacting to the agonizing, teasing stimulation, their pussies suddenly contracted powerfully, sending a gush of hot liquid out their cunts. Their womanly juices flowed between them, but Inge and Conchita were not yet solidly sealed together. Most of the hot liquid splashed onto their inner thighs, and the two women drew back from each other with gasps of delight.

Inge and Conchita locked eyes, panting hard, excited and overwhelmed with lust.

The women gathered themselves, and moved in close again. This time, they gently pushed their pussy lips solidly together, then sat together, motionless, only their heaving tits rising and falling in unison. Each woman savored the feelings – the wetness, the intense heat, the sensitive slick skin melting into each other, the throbbing deep within their cunts as their sexual cores burned ever hotter, maddened by the stimulation and the growing anticipation. Occasionally, the women moved, shifting their hips, caressing pussy lips with pussy lips, sending small fantastic bursts of pleasure deep into their cores. They began to move more often, soft wet sounds coming up from their pressed cunts, their hot, wet pussies starting to suck each other together. Inge and Conchita closed their eyes and moaned with need. Then, for a second time, the women pulled apart, an act of near superhuman willpower. Their pussy lips slowly peeled away with a soft, wet sigh.

Inge and Conchita’s eyes were locked together, unable to look away from each other, feverish with lust and desire. Both women were panting hard, licking their lips in anticipation. The heat coming off their cunts was like a furnace; their pussies were pulsing with involuntary contractions, which sent hot liquid flowing down their thighs. Their cunts were touching lightly at the bottom of their vaginal clefts, angling away from each other nearer their clits. The hot liquid mixed and moistened both women’s inner thighs, trickling down past their cunts and into the crack of their asses. Their nipples were as hard as iron, pulsing with heat and lightning sensations of pleasure. Their clits were throbbing, fully aroused, hard and hot and desperate for full contact. Finally, the women could not resist anymore. “Fuck me, you cunt,” Inge whispered hoarsely at Conchita. “Fuck me as hard as you can.” Conchita whispered back, her voice thick with lust. “You whore. Give it to me. Give it to me until I can’t take it anymore.”

Smiling at each other with an unrestrained hunger, the two beautiful women pushed themselves slightly closer, until the tips of their nipples brushed together. Both gasped at the shock of pleasure, and their pussies contracted powerfully in response, but neither broke their gaze. They panted even harder, their smiles even hungrier. Their cunts were perfectly aligned, their legs were interlocked and spread as wide as possible, opening up their pussies. Both women now looked down between their heaving tits into the gaping maw between her enemy’s legs, then back at each other. “Yes,” Inge moaned. Conchita gasped with excitement. Gathering themselves, both women raised their asses slightly off the ground, pulled back, then – their eyes still locked together – thrust forward into each other.

Their pussy lips slapped together, and with a few hard thrusts of their hips, the two women worked their cunts into each other, sinking into their hot, wet sex, feeling their sexual cores surrounding and merging with the heat of their foe, fusing their labia together and sucking together into one hot, tight mass of pleasure. They screamed with joy, both women almost laughing as the molten liquid flowed between them, heating their insides and locking them even more tightly together. Unexpectedly, their swollen clits rubbed directly into each other, grown to a size and sensitivity that neither women had expected. Conchita and Inge whooped together in sheer ecstasy as their clits ground into each other, crushing each other with each thrust. The familiar and longed-for waves of pure electric pleasure pulsed out of their burning cunts into every cell of their bodies. “Yes! God, oh God, yes!” Conchita screamed. “Fuck me!” Inge howled. “Fuck!” Their tits bounced together in a wild rhythm, their nipples still joined, but rubbing together furiously as their bodies rocked. The tension in their tits quickly built to unbearable levels. Both women were carried away on waves of sheer bliss.

Inge and Conchita threw back their heads, their faces wearing expressions of rapturous pleasure, as they drove into each other with wild abandon, pounding into each other with all the strength and heat they could muster. They were already locked so tightly and deeply together that their constant thrusts manifested in their rhythmically jerking asses and thrusting hips. They rocked hard, fused together into one undulating, bucking body. Their arms were behind them, supporting them as they drove at each other. All thoughts of winning and losing were put aside; the only thing that mattered to both women now was simply to fuck each other for as hard and as long as they could. They ground their clits together mercilessly and reveled in the sheer ecstasy as explosions of pleasure coursed through their bodies with each thrust. They slid inside of each other, their legs completely soaked and deliciously slick with the hot wet juice, their combined secretions, that forced itself out from between the women’s joined cunts with each powerful thrust, but which also suctioned them together with an unbreakable tightness. They squeezed each other with their deep muscles, drawing gasps of pleasure.

Conchita and Inge fucked each other, both women losing track of time and everything else except the sheer ecstasy coursing up from their cunts and electrifying their skin, making every part of their bodies pulse with heat. As they humped each other as hard as they could, Inge felt the delicious tension building inside of her to unbearable levels. She simply enjoyed the intense sensation, riding with it, letting the tension flow through her muscles and into her tits until she was on the verge of exploding. Inge groaned, forcing her eyes open to look at Conchita, over their bouncing, grinding tits, which were burning with delicious friction. Conchita’s eyes were closed tightly, her mouth open as she gasped with pleasure, basking in the raw sensations wracking her body. Her hair flew out with each powerful thrust. “St-stop,” Inge gasped. Conchita continued grinding her clit against Inge’s swollen organ. “Stop!” Inge cried. Conchita opened her eyes, saw Inge’s gasping face, and immediately understood. Conchita was not far from her own orgasm, but she pulled back her clit, slowing her thrusts. Inge moaned with relief. The building pleasure in her body slowly declined, pulling her back from the edge of orgasm. But her body still remained taut with tension and burning sensation, and the women’s cunts remained locked deeply and tightly together.

The two women moved together, forehead to forehead and nose to nose. They gazed at each other, sweat trickling from their damp hair, their sweet breath intermingling as they panted into each other’s face, their hard tits crushed tightly together, nipples spearing each other with every pulse of their hearts. Their tongues came out, licking each other, running over each other’s lips. Then Inge locked Conchita into a hard kiss, tangling their tongues together within their conjoined mouths, sharing their sweet saliva. As they kissed, Conchita used her right hand to stroke and knead Inge’s left tit, sending waves of delicate pleasure rippling through Inge’s oversensitive tits, causing the blonde jungle woman to gasp with the sudden sensation and her areola to tighten even more.

Soon, they were ready to start again. They broke off the kiss, lingering to tangle their tongues together and moan with the delicious sensation. Then, they leaned back, letting their heavy tits fall away from each other. Placing their arms behind them, Inge and Conchita prepared to resume their clit on clit fuck. Their bodies were still burning with arousal; their muscles cramped with building tension. Hot womanly juices lubricated their meshed cunts. Inge and Conchita bucked their hips up hard, driving their clits together again. Their clits were even more exquisitely sensitive than before, the near orgasm enhancing them, making them harder, larger and even more electrifying.

The women screamed together as the explosions of pleasure started again, but even more intense than before. They rode each other mercilessly, their asses rocking together, never touching the ground as they thrust into each other with all their strength, their powerful asses and legs holding each other in tension. Their clits licked and rubbed together, burning with a hard, wet friction. Waves of heat spiked through their bodies, causing both women to shake with spasms. Their bountiful tits bounced with each thrust, throwing sweat in every direction. Their nipples grew harder with each push. They pounded into each other for some time, riding each other up to greater and greater levels of pleasure. The tension built minute by agonizing minute, their bodies quaked in preparation for orgasm.

This time, it was Conchita who cried out first. “Slow…,” she gasped. “Slow down… ah, God!” Inge slowed her thrusts, gasping and sobbing with pleasure and desire, barely able to control her own need for release. She stopped, though, allowing both women to come back down the pleasure peak, their magnificent tits heaving, their nipples and areola now so sensitized by the constant clitoral grinding that even the heavy, humid jungle air seemed to caress them, sending sparks of pleasure into their tits. Inge could tell that each time they built toward then pulled back from an orgasm, it increased the level of tension and pleasure in their bodies. They were building up to a devastating final orgasm.

The women lay locked together for a few minutes, letting the near orgasm subside, but squeezing each other with their internal vaginal muscles, and stroking each other’s burning bodies. Inge pulled herself up and gently placed her hands on Conchita’s mammoth tits. She squeezed Conchita’s breasts firmly, then stroked the incredibly sensitive nipples. Conchita gasped, then cried out as a throb of almost unbearable pleasure pulsed out and seemed to fill her tits, before dispersing through the rest of her burning body. Conchita’s shoulders hit the ground and she writhed hard, as Inge – moving carefully to make sure that their cunts stayed sealed together – slowly repositioned herself. Inge leaned over Conchita’s prone body, moved her scissored right leg, and pushed the full weight of her body into Conchita’s cunt. She pulled Conchita’s legs apart, and maneuvered so that she was soon lying between Conchita’s wet, voluptuous thighs.

Their pussies remained locked together, and Inge pushed hard with her hips and ass to lock their cunts even more solidly. Inge continued to massage Conchita’s tits, even as she bore down with her cunt. Conchita cried out, and reached up to grasp and knead Inge’s beautiful tits in response. Both women screamed out as their exquisitely sensitive breasts and nipples pulsed with heat and sent spikes of vibrating electricity into their cunts. Inge released Conchita’s tits and grabbed her hands instead. Inge and Conchita locked hand to hand, their powerful arms straining. Inge managed to pin Conchita’s arms to the ground, then leaned over and slowly, teasingly brushed her nipples against Conchita’s.

Both women groaned with the electric sensation as their nipples caught. Inge pushed down harder on Conchita’s tits, thrusting their chests together, rubbing her tits into Conchita’s from side to side, slipping her tits between Conchita’s and vice versa, as they rubbed together, slippery with sweat and the sexual secretions lubricating their areola. Inge now began to ride Conchita, thrusting her cunt hard into the Spanish woman’s pussy. The women screamed as their clits made electric contact. Conchita bucked up and writhed hard, driving her hard sex into Inge’s clit, sending shockwaves of ecstasy through both women. They shrieked together; Inge could no longer hold Conchita’s arms as her strength vanished in a spasm of unbearable pleasure, and she fell forward hard onto Conchita’s breasts.

The women crushed together tit to tit, their nipples grinding into their sensitive areola. The sudden shock of their crushed-together tits sent a surge of electricity through the women that caused them both to gasp with pleasure. Inge wrapped her arms around Conchita and thrust her hips as hard she could, driving their cunts together, crushing clit to clit. The women screamed as one, their legs thrashing and then locking together. Inge and Conchita moved together rhythmically, writhing hard, working their hips, sobbing and gasping as the incredible tension in their cunts built to unbearable proportions. Inge’s toes dug into the soft ground and helped her to power her burning clit down into Conchita; her hips thrust and pushed, increasing the pressure. She used her clit to lick the Spanish goddess’ engorged clit from all sides. Conchita matched every thrust, bucking up to meet Inge’s body, working her hips and ass against Inge’s, intertwining her chocolate-colored legs with Inge’s bronze ones, beautiful muscles straining together. They rode each other hard, nose to nose and mouth to mouth as they fucked, panting feverishly, occasionally touching tongues, but needing their air too much to kiss. They worked each other as hard as they could.

Slowly, Conchita managed to roll Inge over, and took the top position. The women shifted their legs, so that Inge could now wrap her thighs around Conchita’s swelling hips, bucking her pelvis up to meet Conchita’s hard thrusts. Conchita pulled Inge’s head back by her hair, then slid her head down to Inge’s magnificent tits. She eagerly locked her lips and teeth around Inge’s right nipple and sucked hard, biting down gently as she pulled the nipple through her teeth. Inge howled as the orgasmic sensation filled her tit, then flowed down into her cunt. She bucked back against Conchita, driving their clits together with even greater force, working her hips desperately. Both women gasped, then screamed and sobbed as incredible pleasure roared through their bodies.

Writhing, grinding their tits and cunts into each other, they rode each other ruthlessly. Inge and Conchita threw back their heads and screamed with ecstasy, then pushed their faces together nose to nose, their heads shrouded by Conchita’s cascading black hair. They gasped and sobbed, rubbing cheek to cheek. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes…” Inge panted, her eyes squeezed shut, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes as the incredible sensations threatened to overwhelm her. “More, more, oh God, please, more…” Conchita sobbed, as she rammed her swollen clit into Inge’s with all her strength.

They were dangerously close to a devastating orgasm when Inge cried out. “Stop, stop, fuck, stop…” Conchita could barely restrain herself. The tension in their bodies was unbearable, worse than anything they had yet inflicted on each other. Yet, they both knew that they were riding each other to something incredible, and they had to have it. Conchita stopped thrusting, but it was no longer possible for the women to separate their clits. Their clits had grown to unprecedented size and hardness, stimulated to levels of arousal that neither woman had ever felt before. They could not disengage their clits without actually pulling their cunts apart, and neither woman wanted to do that. Indeed, neither woman could do so; their need for each other’s sex was, by now, overwhelming and irrevocable. They needed the ecstatic release that they were slowly, agonizingly, grinding their way towards.

Conchita and Inge lay together, moaning and gasping, their clits crushed hard together and pulsing into each other, but now, at least, not grinding together. Their clits were hot, wet and hard, and every time they pulsed more tension was added to the women’s bodies. Inge and Conchita lay together, letting the pleasure and tension subside a bit more, but it soon became apparent that their bodies had come to a point of arousal that could only be relieved with an orgasm. Resting cheek to cheek, Conchita raised her head and turned to Inge. Nose to nose and mouth to mouth, they gazed at each other for a moment. Conchita locked her blonde enemy in a hot, hungry kiss. For several seconds, their tongues tangled together and they exchanged hot breath.

Then, Conchita broke the kiss and, her eyes still locked to Inge, began to pull herself up. Inge rose with her, and the women soon settled back into a scissorlock, their legs interlocked, one leg wrapped around the other woman’s voluptuous hip. They wrapped arms around each other and pulled their throbbing tits together, nipple to nipple. Then, they gathered themselves and begin to move their hips and asses together, every motion driving their exquisitely sensitive clits together, filling their bodies with burning waves of excruciating pleasure. In seconds the two women were sobbing with pleasure, their sobs soon turning to screams, then gasps as the ecstasy simply became too much, making it hard to breathe. The tension was exquisite and unendurable; every fiber in their bodies seemed saturated with heat and sensation. The slightest contact sent a wave of pleasure through their bodies. Between their legs, their clits continued to grind, the intensity of the sensation so great that the women began to black out, their minds having a difficult time coping with the ecstasy. Conchita and Inge were shaking uncontrollably. Pleasure suffused every inch of their bodies. Nonetheless, they continued to grind into each other, slow, hard and excruciating.

Suddenly, both women felt on the verge of a cataclysmic orgasm. They both stopped abruptly, tears coursing down their faces, gasping with pleasure, waiting for the near orgasm to recede. Their eyes widened, however, as both realized that this one was not going to recede. They had finally pushed their bodies to the absolute limit, and the apocalyptic orgasm they had been struggling towards all day had finally arrived. It was building, coming rapidly, filling them up, and they had only seconds to find some way to intensify it even more.

Eyes wide and desperate, Inge and Conchita prepared to explode with an ecstasy beyond anything they had yet experienced. Inge suddenly realized how to make this final orgasm everything it could be. “Your clit,” she gasped at Conchita. “Lock with me.” Conchita understood immediately. Their clits had been grinding together, but if intertwined even more of them would be in contact and when crushed together would erupt with even greater intensity. In the moments that they had left, the women carefully maneuvered their clits, and managed to wind the massive, hard sex horns together, fighting the excruciating pleasure that burned through them just in doing this.

Facing each other, Inge and Conchita gathered themselves and prepared to meet their orgasm on their own terms. Eyes locked, bodies quaking with electric sensation and tension, arms crushing their tits together as hard as they could, they drew their hips back just slightly – an act that sent a wave of incredible, screaming pleasure through them, as their clits pulled against each other – then thrust at each other with all of their strength, crushing their engorged clits together as hard as they could.

Inge and Conchita exploded. Every orgasm that they had managed to hold back now came roaring out, part of the ultimate orgasm that now detonated inside of their cunts. The women shrieked for only seconds, before the pleasure stole their breath and they could only convulse in silence. Their heads were thrown back, eyes tightly shut, their faces contorted by the agony of absolute ecstasy. Inge and Conchita experienced the orgasm as a nova-hot heat, searing through their bodies in waves of unbelievable electric pleasure. Their bodies bucked and quaked. The women strained against each other, incredible tension pulsing through their every muscle. They sank their nails into their backs and muscular asses, holding on with all their strength.

For both Inge and Conchita, their bodies could not handle the explosive sensations. When the first orgasm reached its crescendo, both women felt as though the top of their heads had blown out with sheer pleasure. Waves of ecstasy raced through their bodies and blasted out of their pores, leaving them breathless, weak and sobbing. But the orgasms simply kept coming, each more intense and powerful than the last.

The heat enveloped them, and as every orgasm reached its climax, Inge and Conchita blacked out, knocked unconscious by the indescribable pleasure, regaining consciousness only long enough to experience the next excruciating climax. Even as they see-sawed back and forth through consciousness and ecstasy, Inge and Conchita were both aware of the unbelievable heat and throbbing pleasure in their cunts and breasts. For both women, it almost felt as though their cunts had expanded to encompass their entire bodies.

With each orgasm, it felt as though their tits were exploding with tension, the explosions blasting out through their nipples. Inge was conscious, too, of a tight, hot wet pressure in her pussy, something that filled her and crushed her and merged with her, enveloping her with a slick hot friction. This was Conchita’s cunt, locked tight with hers, sharing convulsions and heat and wet ecstasy with Inge. It felt as though their bodies had merged, melted into one throbbing mass of wet heat and electric sensation. At some level, she could feel her body bucking and convulsing, could feel her hard, slick belly rippling against Conchita’s and could feel her hot cum pumping out of her, feeding her release, even as she felt Conchita’s hot cum entering her, burning into her core. It felt absolutely wonderful.

As the orgasms kept coming, each more devastating than the last, the small part of Inge’s mind still capable of any kind of thought wondered if it was possible to die from pleasure. Conchita, riding out wave after wave of unbearable ecstasy, dimly wondered if she and Inge would end up destroying each other after all.

They finally collapsed into true unconsciousness, their bodies jerking and shaking as spasms of incredible tension and pleasure flowed through them. The orgasms slowly abated, gradually lessening in intensity. Inge and Conchita had managed to directly experience the most powerful of the orgasms, however. They had succeeded in riding each other to the absolute limits of their bodies and their burning womanhood. They sank into unconsciousness completely satiated, expressions of animal satisfaction on their beautiful faces.

At some point, Inge regained consciousness. She did not know how long she had been unconscious, but she felt that it had not been too long. She had a dim recollection of feeling her shoulders hit the ground, and of her massive tits bouncing on her chest from the impact. Inge immediately realized that she and Conchita were still locked together. They were both flat on their backs, and their cunts were sealed tight, still buried in each other. Inge could still feel the heat of her orgasm, and the wet hot core of Conchita’s cunt burning into hers. She groaned, shifting slightly, then quite deliberately used her internal muscles to squeeze Conchita’s cunt. Conchita regained consciousness with a gasp, then squeezed back hard. The two women held each other like that for a moment, both feeling the hot juices flowing between them. Then, with a gasp, they released each other. Inge was completely spent, and she enjoyed the wet, hot sensation of Conchita’s cunt locked with hers. They had to separate. For now, however, they simply lay back and enjoyed their shared heat and tension.

After a while, Inge gathered herself and began to pull away from Conchita, who grudgingly aided their disengagement. Groaning, both women sank their heels into the soft earth then pushed away from each other. Their cunts separated slowly, bound together by intertwined pubic hair but, more than this, by the suction between their pussies. As the women pushed, they came apart with a wet, sucking pop. Their pussies ached, relieved of the constant pressure. Inge and Conchita had pumped prodigious amounts of hot cum into each other, and it now spilled out between the two women’s legs, down their thighs and onto the jungle floor. The women’s pussies remained linked by thin strands of thick, viscous cum.

For some time, Inge and Conchita lay flat on the soft earth, both spent and overwhelmed by the incredible pleasure they had shared. They breathed deeply, trying to regain their strength. Finally, Conchita rose slowly from the ground, pulled herself to her knees and stood up. Inge mirrored her actions a moment later. Both women felt unsteady on their feet. Their pussies ached, and their limbs were totally exhausted. Their tits throbbed painfully from the constant friction, pressure and arousal.

Inge and Conchita faced each other warily. Their hair was wild and billowed out over their shoulders and down their backs. Scratches marred their beautiful skin, and a sheen of sweat slicked their bodies. Their magnificent tits were covered in gentle bitemarks, light scratches, and abrasions. Their inner thighs were similarly marked. Cum hung from their thick pubic hair. It was evident that the two women had completely ravaged each other. Even so, both women looked utterly magnificent. They were two wild, untamed jungle goddesses, powerful predators who had locked together in a primal battle. Despite their tiredness, their bodies radiated an unquenchable raw sexuality and womanly power.

The two women regarded each other, fully aware of the other’s burning erotic power. Hot, hungry looks passed between the two women, then quickly retreated. Finally, Inge spoke. “Get out of this jungle,” she said, quietly but firmly. “Never threaten the creatures here again. Or you’ll answer to me.” Their encounter had gone far beyond this original cause of conflict but, in the end, it had to come back to this.

Conchita sneered in response. “You were lucky, girl. I hope you realize that. I will be back, and then we will see which of us comes out on top.”

For a moment, it felt like the two women would lock up again. Heat and anger built between them, and they both thrust their chests at each other. But they both sensed that they had pushed each other as far as they were capable of going, at least for now. Slowly, both women pulled back from further confrontation, gradually relaxing.

Conchita turned, gathered up her blouse and shorts and, without bothering to dress or look back, stalked off into the jungle, in the direction of her camp. Though she hid it well, Conchita was exhausted, and she longed to sleep and recuperate. Just as much, however, Conchita feared that if she stayed close to Inge much longer, she would not be able to resist throwing her naked body onto Inge’s and resuming their battle – or, more honestly, resuming their incredible sexual combat. Even as she walked away, Conchita began to plan and hope for the next time Inge’s glorious body was crushed to hers.

Inge watched her go, admiring Conchita’s beautiful rounded ass, the delicious swing of her hips, and the rippling of her beautiful back muscles as she pushed her way through the foliage, before disappearing into the green. The scratches on Conchita’s back and ass added immeasurably to her erotic appeal.

After a while, Inge picked up her halter and loincloth, and walked slowly back towards her treetop home. It was early afternoon, but her body was completely spent. She needed to rest.

As she walked home through the jungle heat, she contemplated the idea of future battles with Conchita. Despite her exhaustion, the prospect sent a deep, lustful thrill rippling through her body. The burning sensation settled in her loins, causing her cunt to tighten. Inge hoped it would not be too long until Conchita returned to challenge her again.

The End

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