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Just Trust Me by Rival’s Rapture

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“I can’t believe Rival’s is closed! They just fucking reopened!” A light-haired brunette named Kaylee complained as she paced back and forth in front of a sliding glass door.

“Oh my god! Shut up! You can live without the saloon for a week while they remodel the … ugh … remodel. ” Replied her dark-haired roommate with a sigh. One she gave as she sat in a well-worn and antique-brass-colored armchair. Her thick legs spread wide, leaving her shorter than short denim shorts to keep her trimmed kitten within.

“No. No, Brie. I can’t. I’m a girl with needs, ok. NEEDS! And this town is too small for me to fill those needs. Not when the only bar worth a shit is closed….” Sexually frustrated. Lust-driven. And cruelly kept from finding a new prey at her usual hunting ground, and yet Kaylee could not be deterred.

She, in her pink, Kermit the Frog covered pajamas trying to think of a solution to the problem life had presented.

She needed it. Sex. Immediately. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Paramount as that necessity was in Kaylee’s mind, as her pacing path brought her nearer her friend, she dropped down to her knees just below her. Then, in only a cling a desperate girl can bring, Kaylee wrapped her arms around her roommate’s extended and bent right leg.

“Roomies with benefits…. I’m calling it right now.” The light-haired brunette said in a plea, her eyes growing as big as saucers.

“What…? Kaylee … you are such a little slut!” The words were playful, and no different than names they had each called one another a thousand times before.

“I know…. I know…. Now…. Let’s go!” As Kaylee spoke, she hopped up from her kneel and back into a stand. Once she was back on her feet, she reached for the bottom of her soft, oversized top, and then pulled it up and over her head. A removal that let her large and un-bra’d breasts come free in a series of light, tantalizing bounces.

Brie could refuse. She had refused before, though not nearly as many times as she had accepted such offers from Kaylee. They were each hot separately, and together they could set inferno to a cinder.

Not to mention, there was something about their almost identical bodies that made Brie all warm and fuzzy inside. Each was thick, in the most intensely sexy way such a descriptor could be used. A thickness that did not stop at their thighs, calves, or hips, but also benefited their breasts. Each of the two brunettes rocking identically shaped and sized G Cup’s.

Assets they flaunted, joked about, and compared on a near daily basis. And though a month ago such comparisons ended at words and with laughs. Brie had a secret. A happening of which Kaylee knew not of.

A happening that made her well-built and heavy-busted roommate into something other than a friend. The sexy and light-haired brunette becoming a chance. An opportunity to engage chest-to-chest with another women. As Brie had with Kylie, in a battle of breasts the bartendress liked to think of as a showdown at the saloon.

A battle she wanted to engage in again. Even if it was with someone she liked. Even if it meant thereafter, crossing thighs with the same.

“On one condition….” Brie offered in a tone tinged with her own growing excitement.

“Anything….” Without questioning what and why, Kaylee accepted Brie’s terms — all while she hurriedly tugged down her pajama bottoms.

“Anything…?” Came Brie’s questioning response. She wanting to make sure Kaylee couldn’t back out when first their tits slapped together.

“Yes, fucking whatever, Brie. Bring your freakiest shit.” As Kaylee spoke, making clear her willingness to pay her roommate’s price, she also reached out and grabbed that same roommate’s shirt. Then, with the last remaining top between them in her grip, she pulled it up and off of Brie — thereby releasing the darker-haired brunnette’s own god-given gifts to pop loose with a jiggle.

A jiggle that came again as Brie, free of all else but her bottoms, shed those two. She, pushing them and her thong down and off with a thumb before sending them away with a kick.

With that, and after only a matter of seconds having elapsed, both were nude and seemingly ready. So ready, in fact, that without prompting Kaylee stepped in and tried to press her body against her roommates.

Brie, wanting her second competition of tits to play out just right, reached out and took Kaylee’s hand. A hand she then pulled in lead back to her bedroom.

“Is this where you reveal you have some kind of freaky foot fetish or something” Kaylee asked in jest, as she felt Brie pull her hand free and away from their momentary clasping.

“Just trust me.” Sincerity, softness, and compassion filled Brie’s voice as she climbed onto her own bed, and brought herself to kneel in its center. The darker of the two brunettes knowing she was asking a lot, even if Kaylee was too.

“Ooookkkkk….” Slowly, warily, and still entirely unsure of what her roommate had in mind, Kaylee climbed onto the bed. Her thick, busty, and nude frame coming to a kneel just before Brie’s. The apexes of their breasts brushing softly, as the soft bed beneath them gave quarter way.

“Alright, sooo….” Kaylee said awkwardly and half-afraid.

“So now…” Brie began, before reaching out and placing her hands softly on Kaylee’s shoulders. “…we…” Adding only a word in between action, the bulgarian-rose brunette suddenly pulled with her grasps, thereby bringing she and her roommate’s large, natural breasts together in a muffled clap. “…fight.” Finally the end of her sentence came, and when it did — the off-work bartendress looked up to her roommate with an excited smile.

“Fight…?” Kaylee asked, more than a little confused. A confusion that did little to slow the hardening of her nipples.

“Fight….” Came Brie’s reply, one she gave as she, without warning, drug her breasts across Kaylee’s — from left to right and then back again.

“I don’t see….” The copper-haired roommate undertook in question, before she found her focus stolen away by an electric meeting of fully extended nipples.

“Mmmm, yes you do.” Brie said with a smirk, as she continued shifting her tits against Kaylee’s. The darker brunette using her grips on shoulders to aid her friend in doing the same.

“So this is….” Kaylee was normally more comfortable with Brie than anyone. And yet, as on their knees they swished their breasts one way and the other, the bar-hopping beauty found herself nervous and even unwilling to look into her roommates eyes. “….some kind of titty-fight?”

At the sound of the name, and an off-angle brushing of nipples, Brie giggled. It sounded ridiculous and yet just having a name for her new favorite hobby turned her on and made her press her breasts harder into Kaylee’s.

Learning though she still was, at the feeling of Brie’s breasts increasing their pressure, Kaylee did the same. A meeting of mamorries and strain that caused their fleshy weapons to compress together as they shifted.

One pair going left and the other right, not together, but at odds. The contrary purpose of each making their tits war with one another, in pressing and in pressure. Until finally, each set fought its way to the other side and sprang free in a soft mini-series of jiggles.

A freedom that was then abandoned, as the battling roommates began their chest-to-chest drags again.

It had taken Brie, as least as she remembered it, nearly her entire titty-fight with Kylie to understand what was happening and why. Slow though she may have been to understand. Her friend Kaylee seemed to be picking the same up quickly.

So quick, in fact, that before Brie had even mentioned or demonstrated it, Kaylee added a new attack to their battle. Doing so by pulling her upper body back and then slamming it forward and into her roommate’s with a swift and audible splash of flesh against flesh. A splash that drew a simultaneous and breath-expelled yelp from each, as finally, and with self-pleased smile, Kaylee let her eyes meet Brie’s.

“This is fuUUNNGGHHn….” Mid-word, the lighter brunette found the air driven out out of her lungs. As in retaliation, Brie mirrored Kaylee’s unexpected attack by giving it right back.

“See, I told yoUUGGHH to trust me.” She had asked for it. Trust. And Kaylee gave it, though in truth, she fully expected to be licking Brie’s toes at this point in the affair.

And though there were no toes to be licked or soles to be worshiped, still Kaylee came for her gentle revenge. She, like her roommate, slamming their bodies tit-to-tit once again.

Fun though such eruptions of displaced oxygen and splashing skin were, after that series of three, they returned to their heavy shifting of even heavier tits. They, for the first time, looking deep into each other’s excitement filled eyes.

“If this is a fight, I’m going to win it.” Kaylee bragged with a smirk.

“Ain’t no way I’m letting you win….” As she rebutted, Brie moved her arms and wrapped them around her friend’s neck. “I already beat Kylie….”

“You beat KYLIE?!” Kaylee responded in shock. She knowing not only how much the two bartendresses hated each other, but also how formidable the blonde’s tits must have been.

“Mmm hmmm….” Breaking their mutual gaze, Brie looked down to the war that played out beneath their chins. Chins which soon found themselves layered deeper in shadow, as Kaylee too lifted her arms, and laid them atop her friend’s.

Then, while the image of Brie and Kylie titty-fighting played out in the Kaylee’s mind, she pulled back. Not her upper body, but her abdomen and middle-back, so that she could slam her tits forward once more. The change from upper to lower angles of movement made necessary as each held the other’s shoulders in place with their draped and surrounding arms.

An embrace that kept the two roommates face-to-face, and so close that their proximitous lips began to call to them. And at that calling, Brie made comment. “Want to know what else we did…? While we had our fight…?”

As Brie spoke the words, Kaylee knew. She could sense it in the way her friend’s voice quivered as she spoke. And from that knowing, she took the initiative.

“Let me guess….” The sex-hungery barfly muttered in a whisper before she turned her head and then as soft as could be, pressed her lips to Brie’s.

It was so gentle. So delicate. The tender meeting of their lips, though below them breasts continued to drag against one another with force and ferocity. Neither rushing it or worried about anything else.

They were each other’s world that night.

They and their battle of busts being their distraction as lips parted.

Their heaven as tongues met and like lovers embraced.

It was not the first time those tongues had met before. Nor the first time the two roomates had embraced.

As yet as breasts met and pulled against breasts, and as steel-hard nipples drove into flesh, it was different. It was perfect. It was a game they would thereafter always want to play.

And though neither thought their little fight could get any better, without either expecting it, suddenly a new and delicate serenity came. The nipples of the pair of breast-blessed brunettes meeting and at their protruding centers catching.

“Fuck….” Brie muttered as a wave of pleasure moved through her kneeling body.

“Shit….” Kaylee uttered as she felt the same. The warring duo laying their heads on each other’s shoulders, facing out, in an attempt to endure the sensation.

“Don’t move….” The darker brunette asked in a voice that made it clear she was desperate for whatever was happening to continue.

“Uuhh huuhh….” Kaylee answered, as in compliance she kept her place and their nipples aligned and connected.

“Do you … feel it…?” Came the question in a stutter from Brie, she wanting to know if her friend felt the same intense and unforgettable sensation, or if she was alone.

“Yeeeeessss….” Came the answer from Kaylee, who felt the same intoxicating pleasure but also the very first tinges of pain.

“Let’s press together on 3….” Brie instructed.

“Ok….” Kaylee agreed.

“1….” They spoke together.

“2….” They said in the same.

“3…. UUUNNNNNNGGGHHHH.” On three, the two, with their arms draped around each other’s necks pulled tight. An embrace that caused their tip-to-tip nipples to press forward. Then, as the resulting collision of half-centimeter high pink sabres pushed the body-to-body brunettes to moan. Not just moan but shiver. Not just shiver but near the same sun that singed Icarus’ wings.

A threatened orgasm that was so close. So bright and glorious, that when those same sabres pressed past one another and their near-orgasm faded, the two body-locked women each cried out into the bedroom’s warming air.

Cry, and then a moment later, begin their breast dragging again. The moment of tantric tension draining something from them. So much so that into one another they began to lean.

“Hey….” Kaylee whispered gently and in plea — her head lifting from her roommates shoulder and then turning in before coming down again.

And though no context was given, in an instant, Brie knew what Kaylee wanted. Another kiss.

A need the darker-hued brunette fulfilled by matching her friend’s reversal of rest and then bringing their lips together once more. Then, as lips parted and tongues met, they pulled their centers back and then in unison brought them back together — once more in a fleshy thud.

At the impact and into their kiss, they moaned and then pulled back. And though they held for a moment, thereafter, and with their arms still wrapped around each other, they again slammed their breasts and bodies together. A retraction and then contraction that they reenacted once and then again.

With every such slam, just like the side-to-side grinding they undertook before it, the two titty-fighting women felt both pain and pleasure. Their large compressing breasts aching with every contact and stinging with every collision. And while that tenderness was real and threatening for both Brie and Kaylee, their nipples sparked with sexual electricity and a white-hot desire for more.

That intoxicating dichotomy of suffering and sensuality would have kept Brie there, in that kiss and warring embrace, for as long as she her breasts would hold out.

But Kaylee wanted more. And to take it, the light brown-sugar brunette pulled her arms from around Brie, and then in a soft push, sent her friend to the side and down to the bed on her back.

“What…?” Brie asked, her voice betraying a certain worry.

“Shh….” Kaylee bid as she pressed the thumb-facing inside of her index finger to her lips. A gesture she gave with a devilish smile. One she donned as she, on her knees, moved behind her roommate’s head, dropped down on all-fours, and then after a crawl moved herself over Brie.

Bartendress on bottom and on the bed facing upward, as her lusty roommate faced down. It was then, as the pair looked to be aligning themselves in a half-body sixty-nine, that Kaylee spoke.

“Let’s see if you can take this….” As Kaylee spoke, she aimed and adjusted herself. Then, when she had gotten it and they just right, she quickly dropped her upper body and smashed her breasts together with Brie’s.

After the smash came a drag and after the drag a grind. One way and then the other. In quarter-trips, half-journeys, and three-fourths sojourns. Kaylee intent on getting every bit of contact and friction before she raised up once more and then dropped down again.

On that, Kaylee’s second descent into attrition, they could hear it. The tonal addition of coating sweat to the echo made by their large, pillow-soft breasts coming together in a splash

An alteration of pitch and resonance that grew more and more prominent with every return and every withdrawal. Drips of effort-earned liquid forming on their warring tits as between their entries and exits the two fought.

In that quiet Texas moment, as a heavy rain continued to patter on their roof and windows, the breasts of the two young women ached. Ache though they did, the struggle called to them. The intimate and sensual nature of competing with their nearly identical chests.

Chests each had admired and compared for years. Comparisons which had always left them guessing. Left them wondering. Whose were better? And there on that bed they were finding out. With Kaylee hovering above and then slamming her breasts down on Brie’s.

The scene of it, the sound of it, the feeling of it, even with the pain was incredible. And yet Brie knew it wasn’t in her favor. And so when Kaylee came down one more time, the darker brunette beneath her reached up and wrapped her arms around she above. And then with that hold, and not an ounce of resistance from Kaylee, the two rolled.

Brie reversing their positions, and placing herself above her bed-layed friend.

“Let’s see if you can take it, Kay….” Brie mused in a coy and teasing voice — one she used as she lifted her body and breasts off of roommate.

“Get your tits on mine, girl.” Kaylee dared playfully, knowing what was to come.

A new sensation for each of them.

A reverse of the pain-tinted heaven they had just mired in for so long. Brie dropping her tits down hard against those of the brunette beneath her.

A deviant descent that came without another word spoken. It, like all those before, drawing a quick, exhale-amplified breath from their dry mouths. Then after, came their grinding.

Their dragging.

Side to side.

One and against.

Flesh against flesh.

And in the midst of that roiling sea of chest-top assets, the roommates moaned. Gently. Softly. The passions, power, and parity of the moment and their battle overwhelming each of them in equal parts. And yet, broken though she was by all that was ongoing, Brie again lifted her breasts, and then in a sudden drop, smacked them down atop Kaylee’s.

The impact brought yet another sweat-tinged clap from their chests, and then something new. A groan of pain from Kaylee. Not one that spoke of devastation or wound, but instead of the weight of attrition. Her breasts continuing to ache, just as her still-hard nipples, for the first time, began to sting.

At the sign of it, Kaylee’s pain and swelling weakness, Brie moved to capitalize. Doing so by lifting herself once more and then dropping her heavy tits once again. Once done, she did not leave or smear their sweat-wet weapons across her roommate’s. Instead she lifted them and without waiting, let them plunge once more.

With each contrived collapse, Kaylee whimpered in pain, more than pleasure. She finding her friend’s every descent to be too much for her reddened and swollen breasts to bear.

And so it was then, after the third or forth such battering, Kaylee having lost count. The light brown sugar brunette reached up and grabbed Brie by the hair and then softly pulled. Not to hurt, but to bring. She wanting to submit not in a gentle tap, but into the lips of her roommate.

A roommate who knew exactly what was coming, and as a result, accepted both the pull and the kiss. The latter after a lip-to-lip whisper, one spoken submissively by Kaylee. “You win….”.

The sound of it — the tone of it — how drenched it was in withering lust and broken will, made Brie dizzy as she remained on all fours.

And yet it was the next set of words spoken by her defeated roommate that pushed the bartendress to move. “Now fuck me….”

Brie had promised to satisfy Kaylee’s desires if she played along. Agreed to quench her thirst, if she trusted and pressed breasts. Kaylee had done all and every, and now it was Brie’s turn to indulge. And indulge she aimed to.

The dark-haired bartendress crawling over and down her own bed. Then, when she had made it to Kaylee’s lower body, Brie raised her right leg, lifted it over her roommate’s, and then paused.

“Thank you for…. Ummm….” Brie began, but couldn’t finish. She still finding the word her friend came up with silly.

“Titty-fightin’ you? I loved it…. Now…. Take your prize or give me mine….” Kaylee’s words went from soft and playful to hushed and sensual as she adjusted her mile-wide hips with Brie’s. She truly ready to receive what she had earned.

And receive she did, as not a moment after Kaylee’s voice disappeared into the quiet of the Texan night, did Brie shift forward and lock their river-wet sexs together. Each moaning loud and long, as their eyes closed and hands sought one another. The fingers thereupon lacing, as together they rode.

Victor and loser. Roommate and friend.

The titty-fight teacher and her new trainee.

The End

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10 thoughts on “Just Trust Me by Rival’s Rapture

  1. Giannis says:

    The end ????

    I read all the story hoping for their next step and you stopped when it started !! A BIG tease !!!
    OK, i do not complain. let’s call it a “friendly titfight”. I hoped for the “full packet” of a sexfight (where the main plate would be a wild p…y vs p…y fight) but i liked that too, as it was sensual and friendly as well.
    I guess that some of your readers (who prefer rough @ violent moments to be shared) may hate you for exactly the same reason ! LOL Each with each own taste…

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      Ha ha, sorry! I knew you’d be disappointed with my ending on the trib. My reasoning was that I wanted the story to be short. And I didn’t want them to have a sexfight just yet. So I decided to end it there.

      And yes, it was friendly. And though that will irk some people, there are other’s that would be super into it.

      I try to write stories from different segments of the fetish, so not every story will be for everyone. Still though, I am glad you liked it for what it was. <3

  2. dermonarch says:

    That was interesting. It was relaxing to read a story about a Titfight, where it wasn’t about any higher stakes. Just a friendly quarrel where there is no real loser at the end anyway. And the length was just right for that.

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      That’s exactly what I was hoping to deliver. It isn’t a tale of love or hate — vengeance or consequence. It’s just two girls titfighting because the idea was presented to them.

      It was important to me to keep it short, because it was a story without consequence, but also because, for a story without a real feud, it didn’t need a long runway.

      It won’t be for everyone, but I’ve had the story in my mind for so long, I just had to get it out.

      1. dermonarch says:

        But, although the conflict and possible consequences are missing, this story is not boring. That is also a remarkable accomplishment.

  3. Jon Grey says:

    Soft, sensual, and so much fun! They enjoyed each other’s bodies wonderfully in this, from the kiss, to the feel of their breasts against each other. Thanks for this nice change of pace story!

  4. apenman says:

    This is like reading a long, epic poem. Such lyricism! Again, I scratch my head wishing that I could write like this! Like my friend Giannis, I look forward to a continuation of the P vs P…

    A. Penman

    1. rivalsrapture says:

      You always shower me in such praise, it makes it hard to stay on the ground! he he

      But still, I am so glad you like my work. Especially the lyricism I try to have. I think you might be the only person who notices that aspect of my stories. Or at least the only one who comments on it. <3

  5. apenman says:

    The praise is well deserved, Rivalsrapture. You’re the writer I most like to read.
    I have endeavored to write like you in the past, but the results always came out rather maudlin…

    I do love the English language though. I love the way you can play with the words and the shadings and the innuendo…That and my love of humor/irony/sarcasm is what keeps me writing…


  6. JB57 says:

    Hi! Love the story, though it was not what I expected. Are you planning a rematch between Brie and Kylie, her rival bartender from the first story? A more confrontational battle, one that becomes a sexfight, would be my hope/preference. At any rate, I hope you have more stories about Brie and her various friends/foes in store!


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