Lauren vs. Niki


Lauren Preston was just pulling into the parking lot at work when she noticed Niki Moore walking across the lot. She felt her whole body stiffen and a scowl immediately form on her face. It was crazy how much this woman got to her. There wasn’t any singular reason Lauren had to hate her. Frankly they should have been friends. Both were 4-5 years out of college, single, intelligent, and were on fast tracks at work. The marketing firm they worked for was growing quickly, and those that were helping it grow were being rewarded. Lauren had been with the firm for just over 3 years, and Niki had started maybe 6 months later. Niki was on her 3rd promotion already, while Lauren had just received her 4th and was now an assistant director already at age 27.

Lauren sat in her car a moment to give Niki a chance to get into the building just so she didn’t have to deal with her. She wasn’t scared or intimidated by Niki at all, she just didn’t like her. As Niki walked directly in front of her car, Lauren looked the blonde over. She couldn’t help but compare herself to Niki. Niki was hot, there was no doubt about it. Lauren knew that the guys in the building all considered the two of them to be the sexiest girls in the office. Part of Lauren enjoyed it, and fed off the competitive energy that seemed to exist when the two of them were around each other. However, another part of her just wanted the blonde gone.

Niki was settling into her office when one of the other girls stopped over to chat. “Hey Niki!” Rachel said cheerily.

“Good Morning, Rachel. How are you?” Niki asked.

“I’m doing great. Already worked out this morning, and almost have my emailed cleared out!” Came her reply.

Niki liked Rachel, but she could be way too perky at times. “I got caught up last night, couldn’t sleep, but you definitely have me one upped on the workout.” Niki smiled as she responded. It was hard not to be nice to Rachel.

“Oh! Did you hear about Lauren’s promotion yesterday?” Rachel inquired.

“Yeah. I heard.” Niki grumbled out. Rachel laughed, “I’ve never understood why you two don’t like each other. Lauren and I went out for drinks after work last week. She’s a lot of fun… I mean you are too, Niki… I‘m just saying that it would be nice if you guys got along so we could all go out together.”

“I honestly just don’t think she’s anything special. I don’t see why they promoted her again already, and I really just can’t stand to be around her.” Niki said very matter of factly.

“Well, I don’t think she likes you very much either. When we were grabbing drinks, she mentioned how she wasn’t very happy about working on the Mercer file with you.” Rachel informed her.

“What? What did she say exactly?” Niki demanded.

“Oh, it’s not that big of a deal. I was just pointing out how your dislike is mutual.”

“Come on, Rachel, I want to know what she said”

“it’s really nothing big, she just was saying that it seemed like you avoided working on the Mercer project with her, but you didn’t have a problem acting like you did a bunch of the work.” Rachel answered.

“What?!” Niki said louder than she intended. “She never even invited me to half the meetings, and then finished the week I was in Denver. She never wanted my help, and I never acted like I did a bunch of the work. What the fuck?”

“Hey. Hey. Settle down. She had a drink or two and was just complaining. I’m neutral in this. I shouldn’t have even said anything… Anyhow… I need to get back to work. Cya!” Rachel said as she walked off.

Niki was angry and annoyed. She sat down and turned her computer on. She knew she needed to distract herself and get her mind off of Lauren, so she dove into work.

-Two hours later-

Having just finished the presentation she had been working on, Niki decided to stretch her legs and walk down to first floor cafe. As she rounded the corner, she saw the elevator starting to close and reached out just in time to catch the doors before they closed.

After they opened back up, her face almost immediately turned to a scowl as she saw Lauren standing in front of her on the elevator. They gave each other little fake smiles, and then stood silently on the elevator next to one another. Niki was still fuming from her conversation with Rachel earlier that morning. The elevator finally opened and Niki stepped out quickly, cutting Lauren off and headed toward the café.

Lost in thought while bent over and looking at labels on some protein bars, Niki accidently backed into someone. Startled, she stood up and started to turn around, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know…” Niki started to say to whomever she had bumped into, until she realized it was Lauren. “Oh. It’s you.”

“It’s me? What’s that supposed to mean?” Lauren said back to her, with just a bit of venom in her voice.

“It’s not supposed to mean anything; I’m just not going waste an apology on you.” Niki replied with an icy smile.

“Excuse me? What’s your problem today?” Lauren asked, still not sure why the sudden confrontation was occurring.

Niki put her hand on her hip, as she was starting to gain more confidence, “Rachel told me that you were talking about how you said I didn’t help out on the Mercer project.”

“Are you serious? That’s what you are mad about? You DIDN’T help out on the Mercer project. I did 90% of the work.” Lauren responded, her irritation coming to the front now as she felt herself being drawn into the heated conversation.

“The only reason you did that much of the work was because you intentionally shut me out of it. So you could get all the credit!” Niki said, now voice slightly raised.

“I didn’t include you because frankly I knew you wouldn’t really help me!” came Lauren’s quick reply, as the two women inched closer to one another.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Niki demanded.

“It’s no secret you and I don’t get along Niki. Be honest, you would have loved to see me fail on that project and I wasn’t about to let you sabotage me in any way.” Lauren said now in a much more controlled, if hateful, voice.

“Sabotage? Please. This isn’t some TV Drama. You just wanted the credit yourself, plain and simple,” came Niki’s condescending reply. The two women were now mere inches apart; both had one hand up on their hip, and were glaring at each other with barely masked hatred.

“Go ahead and pretend like you wouldn’t. You have made a career of not pulling your weight around here, and then stepping in at the very end of a project to share in the credit!” Lauren said fiercely, the gloves finally off.

Niki’s face registered shock, as the last comment took her off guard. Just as she was about to respond back, one of their coworkers walked into the café.

“Hey Ladies!” Brian from human resources greeted happily. The women’s cheeks both colored as they stepped away from each other, equally embarrassed.

Brian, however, was oblivious that anything had occurred. He was just happy to see the two hottest girls in the office, and was hopeful to strike up a conversation. Both women simply said hello back to him and headed off to the elevator without buying anything.

Once in the elevator, both women could barely contain their rage. Defiantly they stood almost shoulder to shoulder as neither was willing to back down. Lauren could clearly see Niki’s chest heaving as she also realized her chest was doing the same thing. She couldn’t believe this bitch! She had to say something. Niki turned toward Lauren, just as Lauren was turning toward her. Both women clearly had more to say.

“I can’t believe that you think I don’t pull my weight around here,” Niki said in a very controlled, yet unfriendly tone. Lauren’s face was only inches away from her’s, as they both stared hard into each other’s eyes. Niki could feel Lauren’s chest press into her own anytime she breathed in.

“What else should I think? I clearly did most of the work on the Mercer project. Why you thought you should answer the questions that John asked is beyond me. I did the work. It was my project. You should have sent John to me for the answers, instead you made it seem like you were some integral part of the project!” Lauren snapped back, while she took a slight step forward pressing her chest against Niki’s even further.

Just then the elevator doors start to open and the two women step back from each other quickly, interrupted now for the second time. Niki and Lauren stepped off the elevator and headed in opposite directions toward their desks. Lauren sat down at her desk, her hands were shaking she was so full of rage.

She couldn’t believe that bitch and her nerve. As soon as she turned her computer back on, a message popped up from their internal messaging program

Niki: our conversation isn’t over

Lauren: not even close

Niki: from the start, you have never been anything but shitty to me

Lauren: please

Lauren: I took you to lunch on your first day and showed you around

Niki: come on Lauren, we both know John asked you to do that. Ever since the first project we worked on together, you and I haven’t gotten along

Lauren: well from now on, if you have something to say about me I would appreciate that you just say it to my face

Niki: believe me, I have zero problem with that. I would appreciate the same from you

Lauren: I’m glad we understand each other

Niki almost let the conversation end there, but she was just too angry. Also, she had never been one to walk away from a confrontation.

Niki: me too

Niki: bitch

Lauren: fuck you Niki. Maybe our conversation really isn’t over

Lauren: bitch

Niki: fuck you too Lauren. Frankly, I do have some things I want to say to your face

Lauren: anytime you want to “chat” just let me know bitch

Niki: why wait… How about we have a nice “chat” after work today

Lauren: sounds good to me. Where do you suggest we have our “chat?” I think we need to find some place private

Niki: There is an empty field just past the trees at the edge of the parking lot where I think we can “chat” as long as necessary without any interruptions

Lauren: Good. I do not want interruptions. Let’s head out at 5:30 once the parking lot has emptied out.

Niki: ok

Niki: I’m looking forward to it bitch

Lauren: Me too bitch

Lauren had to stand up and walk away from her desk for a moment. She hadn’t felt this angry in years. She wasn’t surprised that she and Niki had gotten to this point, their mutual dislike had been growing over the last two years and it had only been a matter of time before it came to a head. She wanted to hurt the bitch. Sure, she been angry before at other women and wanted to just reach out and slap them, but with Niki… she had a visceral emotional response every time she saw her. They had definitely been on a collision course.

She had been in a couple of physical confrontations in the past, but those hadn’t had any of the anticipation that this one had. The need that she currently felt hurt another person and inflict pain on them was perhaps the strongest emotion she had ever had in her life. Her previous two fights seemed childish compared to what she was feeling now. A silly high school fight over a boy that her and another girl were pressured into, and a drunken fight in college because her and another girl got into it after bumping into each other on the dance floor.

Neither of those fights were extremely brutal, but she felt like she had won both. Her upcoming “chat” with Niki though, she knew that would most likely would be much more intense. Actually, she was counting on it.


For the last few hours, Niki hadn’t been able to concentrate on work whatsoever. While her and Lauren had never actually spelled out what they were about to do, she could only think about how much she wanted to put that bitch in her place. Niki packed her stuff up, and took one last look at herself in the mirror. She knew it was a ridiculous thought, but if she was about to get into a fist fight with another woman she damn well wanted to look good when it started. Niki’s only previous fight happened just a few months before she started this job, and was why she left her previous job. Her and another girl had set their sights on the same promotion at work, and decided to settle things in women’s restroom. Niki had won the fight, but she had bragged to a couple of others that she worked with… and the rumor eventually got back to her boss. Her and her rival at that time were both fired.

Niki knew this time around that she would have to be much more careful, and there was no way she would be talking with anyone else about whatever happened. Especially Rachel. Niki pushed all other thoughts aside and focused on what was about to happen. She started heading towards the elevator.

Her and Lauren got to the elevator at the same moment this time. The two women glared at one another as they waited for the doors to open. They stood in silence as the elevator slowly descended to the first floor. Niki was calculating in her head how she wanted things to start and certain things she wanted to keep in mind once things started to escalate. For the first time she really started to look Lauren over. They could have been body doubles. Both women were 5’4”, with very trim and athletic body types. They couldn’t have weighed more than a pound or two different. Niki couldn’t wait to get her hands into the brunette’s hair. She wore it at a length that went just a few inches below her shoulders, just like Niki wore her own blonde hair. Niki hated to admit it, but this bitch was pretty hot. Which was going to make it that much more satisfying when she fucked Lauren’s pretty little face up.

Lauren couldn’t help but think about how long this elevator ride was taking. She had spent the entire afternoon focused on exactly the many different ways she wanted to hurt the blonde. She knew that their “chat” would without a doubt turn physical very fast, and she couldn’t wait to go at with the blonde. Lauren saw Niki turn her way as the elevator seemed to crawl along. She stared right back at her, and really started to notice how similar the two of them were. Lauren automatically would compare herself to many of the women she was around, and she always felt that she outclassed any of the other girls. With Niki though, she knew they were in the same class. She even guessed if she swapped out the 34C bra she was wearing with Niki’s, she wouldn’t even have to adjust the straps.

Lauren was glad to see that they were both wearing shoes with about a 2-3 inch chunky heel, she did not want to be disadvantaged by her shoes. After many hours dancing nights away in clubs all over the city in even taller heels than that, she wasn’t too worried about her ability to stay balanced with her shoes on.

Niki exited the elevator first and started walking toward the door. Lauren wasn’t about to walk behind the bitch, so she caught up to walk side by side with Niki. Their shoulders were a mere inch or two apart. Both of them had their chests puffed out as they walked with a purpose. Lauren felt the adrenaline start to rush through her body as they walked across the now empty lot. Lauren walked straight ahead and acted as if there was no one at all next to her. Maybe she was just doing it subconsciously, but she wasn’t even acknowledging the other woman’s presence. Somehow this increased her confidence.

They reached the edge of the parking lot in just a couple of minutes and both stepped over the curb to walk through a small path in the trees. Niki walked a bit further out into the field before stopping to turn around and face her adversary.

“You ready to finish our ‘chat,’ bitch?” Niki spat out with obvious contempt.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day, bitch.” Lauren replied defiantly.

“One rule. This is between us. No one else in the office needs to know,” said Niki.

“Agreed. Just between us,” replied Lauren as she sat her bag down next to her.

Niki copied Lauren, setting her bag down as well. She then reached up and began to take each earring out, never once taking her eyes off of her opponent. Lauren was removing her earrings and other jewelry at the same time. Both women removed their outer shirts next: Niki slipped off her loose charcoal colored sweater, while Lauren unbuttoned a shear burgundy blouse.

Niki was the first who was ready. She stood there with one hand on her hip, looking stunning in a tight fitting white shirt and designer jeans that hugged her body in all the right places. Lauren, once ready, struck the same pose standing only 15 feet away. Their outfits were nearly identical; the only real difference was Niki’s top was a v-neck, while Lauren’s was a keyhole design. The stare down lasted maybe 30 seconds, as each of them were ready to take their confrontation to the next level, but wanted a moment look the other woman over.

Not able to wait any longer, Niki started to walk slowly toward Lauren, “Let’s go bitch.”

“Gladly bitch,” Lauren responded as she started walking toward Niki as well.

The two women each drew their right arms back as they closed the distance. Lauren’s punch was coming a little faster than Niki’s, and Niki started to raise her left hand to try to block the other girl’s fist. Lauren’s fist glanced off her opponent’s hand, but still struck a glancing blow to Niki’s cheek. This threw Niki’s aim off and her punch only connected with the other girl’s shoulder.

Lauren was quick and threw a follow-up to Niki’s midsection with her left fist, along with another right to the top of her head while Niki was trying to duck out of the way. The blonde was able to twist her body back and throw a strong right to Lauren’s left breast that caused the brunette to take a couple steps back.

“Mmphh,” Lauren let out as each girl took a moment to reassess their opponent. With fists raised now, they slowly circled each other. The pause lasted maybe 3 seconds before Niki threw another right that Lauren was able to dodge and then land a straight left that connected with Niki’s mouth.

Stunned for just a moment, Niki stepped inside another punch and grabbed the brunette’s hair with her left hand and landed a right to the side of Lauren’s head. As Niki was drawing back for a second punch, Lauren was able to bury her left hand in the blonde bitch’s hair as well. The girls’ bodies pressed against each other for the first time, their flat stomachs and breasts coming in complete contact as their backs arched back.

Lauren and Niki both intensified their grips, and as their bodies slowly separated, they resumed throwing rights toward each other’s heads. Niki’s fist was connecting repeatedly with Lauren’s head, ear, and cheek. While Lauren was having a harder time connecting because of the position of Niki’s other arm in her hair. Realizing that she was starting to come out on the worse end of this exchange, Lauren switched tactics and threw her next punch as an uppercut, connecting with the blonde’s mouth for a second time during the fight.

“Ahh, that bitch!” Niki thought to herself as she tasted blood in her mouth. She reached and grabbed another handful of Lauren’s hair and pressed her body in against her rivals to prevent any further punches. She pulled as hard as she could and twisted Lauren’s head to the side.

“Oww! You Bitch!” Lauren shouted. She stopped focusing on throwing punches and grabbed the blondes hair as tight as she could, doing her best to pull herself back into a better position using Niki’s hair as leverage. As the fight turned to a hairpulling contest, the women’s bodies and faces became pressed against each other.

“Fuck you, Niki.”

“Fuck you, Lauren.” Niki growled in return. Niki took the opportunity where their faces were lined up and slammed her forehead into the brunette’s nose. While it wasn’t forceful enough to break the other woman’s noise, it did cause blood to start to flow. The head-butt caught Lauren completely off guard and she slipped down to one knee. Niki pressed her advantage and pushed the brunette the rest of the way to the ground, keeping her body pressed on top as they both hung onto the other’s hair.

Lauren was able to slide Niki slightly off to the side so she didn’t have the blonde’s entire body weight holding her down. Lauren and Niki’s legs quickly became entangled, further locking them into their position. Even though she was on the bottom, Lauren had her right arm free while Niki’s was against the ground. Lauren removed her right hand from Niki’s hair and was able to land a solid punch to the blonde’s mouth again. Being on top, but still not in a good position, Niki let go of Lauren’s hair and rolled away. The two women stood up at the same to survey the damage they had done to one another. Both had disheveled hair, faces red from effort, and were breathing somewhat hard. Lauren was happy to see blood running down Niki’s chin and spots all over her shirt from a swollen and bloody lip.

As Niki looked over at her rival, she enjoyed the sight of Lauren’s bloody nose, especially as the brunette reached up to wipe the blood off of her face. She had done some decent damage, even though she had definitely taken damage in return.

“Have you had enough, bitch?” Niki questioned.

“Please Honey. I think we are just getting started,” came Lauren’s quick reply.

“You’re not as tough as you think you are Bitch.”

“Neither are you Bitch.”

“I’m going to fuck you up.” Niki said evenly.

“Talk’s cheap. You ready for round two, bitch?” Lauren challenged as she started walking toward Niki again.

“Let’s go Bitch,” came Niki’s response as she started to close the gap as well.

This time the women both raised their hands and approached more cautiously as they had a new measure of respect. Niki had thought this would be an easy victory, but now knew they might be evenly matched. Niki feinted a right, and threw a left jab at Lauren’s face. Lauren was able to back out of the way in time and counter punched with a strong right that Niki was able to dip to the left and avoid. They were both trying to stay light on their feet as they circled around each other.

A few more cautious punches were attempted by each women, either missing or being blocked by the other woman’s hands. Lauren attempted a few straight lefts, finally scoring a slight hit to the blonde’s forehead, but left her open to Niki’s left hook that landed on her check. Lauren threw a solid right that clipped Niki in the ear, and Niki threw a right back that caught Lauren on the other cheek. The women, who were both more concerned on inflicting pain on each other than protecting themselves, started trading punches more rapidly.



Punches were landing more often than not. Lauren connected twice near Niki’s eye, but had taken a solid shot in return to her eye. They continued trading punches for another 20 to 30 seconds. Breathing heavily, she took a step back to plan her next attack. Both her and Niki dropped their hands as they circled each other, checking out the damage they had done. Niki’s mouth was still bleeding, and it looked like her eye was swelling pretty badly.

“Your face is pretty fucked bitch,” Lauren said to her rival.

“Your face is fucked too, bitch,” Niki shot back.

Both girls now had a decent amount of blood smeared on their faces and on their shirts. They stood there, staring at each other; their chests heaving, bodies glistening with sweat and blood, and their eyes still burning with hate.

“Let’s finish this.” Lauren said while wiping blood off of her mouth with the back of her hand.

Niki didn’t even reply, she just started slowly walking toward Lauren while the brunette stood there waiting. Niki stopped about two feet away from her opponent. Both women stood there, daring the other to make the first move. Niki moved slightly faster this time and threw a right that was quicker than it was solid. It caught Laruen just below the ear, but barely phased her as Lauren was launching a right of her own.

The women didn’t even bother putting up a defense this time, as if by some mutual agreement, they were both content to trade punches – each taking their turn.

Lauren’s right caught Niki just below the eye.

Niki landed a left to Lauren’s chin.

Lauren threw a straight left and connected with Niki’s eye.

Niki’s next right landed solidly to the brunette’s chin, clearly hurting her.

Lauren took a step back and launched a heavy right that connected with Niki’s cheek again and carried her right into the blonde. Their bodies smashed together as they went down in a tangled heap, both landing on their sides and grabbing for each other’s hair. The combatants were becoming exhausted, and pulled each other close to prevent any further damage from punches. Lauren pulled the bitch’s hair as hard as she could, and got her hair yanked painfully in return. Both women screamed out in agony, as tears were starting to mix with the blood and sweat that already covered their faces.

“Bitch” exclaimed Lauren

“I hate you Lauren,” Niki said through the pain.

“I hate you Niki.” The brunette said through equal pain. She eased back away slightly so she could throw a punch to the ribs of the blonde.

Niki punched Lauren in return. They were determined to continue to inflict pain even though both were clearly exhausted. After another minute of trading weak body shots, they both stopped and laid there as they continued to gasp for air, their faces pressed together. Lauren rolled away onto her back, and Niki followed suit. The adrenaline was worn off now, and the two were exhausted beyond the ability to even talk.

Niki laid there for two, maybe three minutes then finally willed herself up to a sitting position. She was still breathing heavy. She quickly scanned around for Lauren and saw her struggling to her knees, clearly exhausted and in pain. Niki was able to take pleasure in seeing the amount of pain and damage she had done to the brunette, but she knew that she may look just as bad – perhaps even worse. Niki finally got to a standing position about 10 feet from where Lauren was standing. The women did not speak.

They each walked to retrieve their bags and started walking back toward the parking lot.

As luck would have it, they were parked only a few spaces apart as they walked to their cars. Lauren’s mind began to reflect on her current situation. The primal rage that had fueled her actions throughout the day had worn off, and more sobering thoughts were creeping in. Just before she opened her door, Lauren called out.


“What?” Niki replied without turning her head to look at Lauren.

“I don’t think either of us wants to jeopardize our careers. If my face looks anything like yours, I don’t think I want to be seen in the office for a while,” Lauren paused a moment before continuing.

“I’m going to take a few vacation days. I suggest you do the same.”

Niki thought for a moment, knowing her rival was right, but didn’t want to agree with her. Without looking at Lauren, Niki replied, “I think I’ll be taking a few days off too.”

“And Lauren…”

“What Niki?”

“This isn’t over.”

“No. No, it’s not.”

Both women got into their cars and drove off in opposite directions.

-30 minutes later – Lauren’s condo-

All the blood was finally off her face, even though some was still in her hair. She had a bruise on her chin and what was turning into a pretty swollen black eye. She couldn’t believe the way the day turned out still. Not that she had any regrets. Fighting Niki was one of the most exhilarating things she had done recently. As she continued to survey the damage in the mirror, she couldn’t help but think about her and the blonde going at it. It was so pure, raw, and… intimate in a way. Two women settling their differences, not for a crowd or a group of guys, but just because the hate they felt for each other demanded resolution.

She actually felt sort of sexy looking at the cuts and bruises on her knuckles and face. She grabbed some ice from the freezer and a beer from the fridge and sat on the couch to relax. Sexy or not, she still felt sore as hell. Lauren couldn’t remember the last time beer tasted this good. She was emotionally and physically spent, and was torn if she should just relax on the couch or go soak in the bathtub. After about 20 minutes of icing her face and hands, she stripped off the rest of her clothes and headed to the tub to soak. All she was able to think about was Niki, both the fight they just had and also how they would inevitably fight again. She just wasn’t sure how that might play out. She was ready to take the blonde on in any way. She barely noticed that the more she thought about Niki, that she had started to rub her breast and nipples almost involuntary.

-Across town – Niki’s condo-

Niki was in a similar state. She was surprised at how much damage the brunette had done to her, but still took incredible satisfaction at her bruised and bloody knuckles. She knew that she had hurt the other woman just as much as she was hurt. She was hoping more so. Niki had taken her ice bag straight to the hot tub she had, letting her body soak while she iced her face down. Niki was in a mix of feeling very sore and still feeling a euphoric high from the fight. She had never imagined that she would get so much pleasure from a physical fight with another woman. Well not any woman. Lauren. Her name was still running through Niki’s head.

The way they had looked at each other, and the way they spoke to each other. She had never felt that much of a pure emotional connection with someone else. Sure, it was based on mutual hatred, but it was still pure, raw emotion. She was still tingling thinking about it. The pain in her scalp reminded her of the two of them rolling on the ground with their bodies entangled. She would match herself against Lauren again at any time, and in any way. She knew that they were far from finished from each other, and could only imagine where their next confrontation might lead. As she closed her eyes and lay back, she thought about Lauren being pinned under her, her body pressed down against the brunette’s equally hot body. As she thought about this, she couldn’t help but slide her hand down between her legs and start to slowly massage her shaven pussy.

-10 Days Later-

It was still an hour or so until lunch, and Lauren was filing away some paperwork from a recent project. She had definitely reached a stopping point and was trying to decide what to move on to next, not really feeling like starting anything major before lunch. She pulled up her Outlook calendar to see what the rest of her day looked like. Only one meeting in the afternoon. Just one. One meeting that had dominated her thoughts for the past 3 days since it showed up on her calendar.

“Discuss 3rd Quarter Marketing Initiatives,” was the title of the meeting. Sounded innocent enough to the casual observer. Her boss, John, has asked her to meet with him and a couple others to start to discuss strategy for the upcoming quarter. When the meeting invited arrived, it only consisted of 3 names: John, Lauren, and… Niki.

Lauren remembered reading it the first time. At first she couldn’t believe that that bitch was being including in a strategy session. As she thought about it more and more, she started to look forward to it. Lauren couldn’t believe that it had already been a week and a half since their confrontation. She found herself thinking about it every day. She had taken 3 extra days off of work, and then returned to work wearing more makeup than normal. Lauren was finally to the point to where her wounds had mostly healed, and she felt confident about her looks in every way. She was happy that there really weren’t any noticeable permanent marks. Sure she still had a few marks on her knuckles, but that didn’t bother her. She did have a slight scar near her left eyebrow, but it was very slight and she had been rubbing ointment into it daily to lighten the scarring.

In preparation for today’s meeting she had bought a new dress and shoes just for the occasion. She knew that Niki would go all out, so she had really upped her game today – and for someone who was generally considered one of the hottest women in the building, that was really saying something.

-Same Time, Niki’s Office-

Niki was staring at her Outlook calendar, preoccupied with thoughts of Lauren. She couldn’t believe that she was going to be in the same room with that bitch in just a few hours. Her and Lauren had had no interaction since their “chat” after work. In fact, they hadn’t been in the same room or even been within 20 feet of each other.

She was a mix of excited and nervous to be in the same room with her rival. They definitely had unfinished business. Niki had bought a new dress and shoes just two days ago just for this meeting; it was borderline inappropriate for work, looking more like club attire. She had definitely turned some heads so far this morning. As her thoughts wandered, Niki absent-mindedly straightened the dress and ran her hands down her nylons. The anticipation for her meeting with Lauren felt electric. She was also excited that John was including her in the strategy development.

-30 Minutes prior to the Meeting-

Niki and Lauren opened the email that John just sent almost simultaneously. It read:


My apologies for the last minute change, but Mr. Robbins asked me to attend to an issue with a client in Houston. I’m jumping in my car now to drive to the airport. You two are both qualified to start to draft an outline for the Q3 Initiatives. Please go ahead and keep the meeting on the books, and see how far you can get today. I’ll catch up with you guys next week when I get back in town.


Both women read the email three times. They were going to be behind closed doors for almost two hours together – with no one else. In none of Niki’s thoughts leading up to this meeting had this crossed her mind as a possibility. Niki headed to the restroom to check her makeup one last time.

Lauren stepped away from her desk and grabbed her purse to reapply her lipstick, and then checked her hair one last time. She wanted to look perfect. Her skin tight black dress showed off her figure in intimate detail, and the neckline was just deep enough to show a decent amount of cleavage. Not at all work practical, she was nonetheless completely comfortable in her white 4 ½ inch heels. These shoes would have definitely been considered “come fuck me pumps,” with straps that went behind her leg and an open toe that showed off her blood red nail polish. Satisfied that everything was just right, she started walking to her meeting.

As Niki, opened the door she saw Lauren already seated and waiting, with her legs crossed, clearly showing off her nyloned legs and provocative heels.

“Hello Niki,” Lauren said smugly, a coy smile on her face. Lauren noticed that Niki was dressed as her mirror opposite, wearing a skin tight white dress with nearly identical heels, but in white. The two women looked more ready for a cocktail party than they did for a work meeting.

“Hello Lauren,” Niki replied, copying the other woman’s smile. Niki shut the door and walked toward the conference table, sitting down next to Lauren instead of across the table, upping the tension in the room.

“So, how should we start?” Lauren asked in a challenging manner, the smug smile not wavering one bit.

“I don’t know, I was thinking maybe some light hair pulling, followed up with repeatedly punching each other in the face?” Niki said through her smile, her eyes never leaving the brunette’s.

“Niki, I’m shocked,” Lauren said in mock surprise. “I didn’t think you would be that eager to get your ass kicked again already.”

Niki laughed at Lauren’s comment, “Lauren. Honey. If you really think you kicked my ass, we can walk outside right now and have a rematch. I really enjoyed the way you looked covered in blood.”

Lauren smiled back, and inched herself slightly closer to Niki, not backing down in the least. “If I remember correctly, I believe most of the blood I was wearing was yours…Honey,” Lauren’s retort was delivered in just a calm of voice that Niki had used.

Niki stared at Lauren for a long moment, before saying, “I’ve never hated someone as much as you Lauren, and I want nothing else for us to tangle together in an all-out bitch fight again, but I don’t think either of us want to risk losing our jobs. And I think another week off nursing black eyes and busted lips will start to look suspicious.” Niki almost regretted saying it out loud. She truly was of two minds about the situation, Lauren’s hair was within arm’s length and she wanted to bury her hands in the bitch’s hair and take her to the ground, but she did not want to be forced to leave another firm.

Lauren debated internally what response to give, at first she was inclined to tell Niki that she was just chickening out, but when she looked at her rival she knew that wasn’t the case. She wanted, no needed, another confrontation with the blonde, but needed her job as well.

“We seem to be at impasse then. What do you suggest we do?” Lauren asked.

“I don’t know,” Niki responded.

“Well, the one thing that isn’t changing is we have work to do. Can we agree to focus on work for now, and set aside our differences for a couple hours?” Lauren asked, now switching to a more professional tone.

“I’m willing if you are.”

“Ok, let’s get started.”

For almost 90 minutes the women dove into the work. At first it was slow and tentative, but then they started working together and their individual talents started to shine through. These were both women who understood their industry, were damn good at their jobs, and they found themselves working well together. There was even a moment or two of laughter.

“Finished!” Lauren said as she pressed the last key on the keyboard with some emphasis. The two women shared a brief smile as they were both feeling a sense of accomplishment as the work was both complete and well done. “I just need to attach it to an email and send to John now.”

“Wait a second. Why should you send it to John?” Niki Asked.

“Huh?” Lauren asked back.

“We both just spent almost two hours on this, why should you be the one to send it? You’ve already ran your mouth about how you don’t think I do my fair share – which is complete bullshit by the way. I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t send it.” Niki stated with conviction.

Lauren was shocked. “Are you serious? You want me to email you the file and then you send it to John? Are you really that petty?”

“Please. If we did the work on my laptop, you would have same issue. Don’t act like you are all innocent and a great team player. You look out for yourself 99% of the time.” Niki replied as the volume of her voice started to rise.

“Niki, we may have worked well together on this project, but the majority of work was mine. I appreciate your help, but let’s be honest, you couldn’t have done this without me.” Lauren’s voice was a mix of anger and feigned superiority.

“And you couldn’t have done this without me either. Admit it Bitch.” Niki’s comment was full of venom, as she leaned forward and got in Lauren’s face.

“Are we really having argument about who sends a fucking email?” Lauren said as she stood up and looked down on Niki.

Niki stood up and stood eye to eye with Lauren, “Don’t pretend like you are better than me Lauren.”

“I’m not pretending, I am better than you bitch.” Lauren said as she took a step closer to Niki.

“Then prove it, bitch.” Niki said in even tones as she stepped into Lauren to where their breasts were pressed against each other.

“Anytime you want bitch.” Lauren emphasized the last word as she pressed her breasts against Niki’s even harder.

“Why wait? If you’re so much better than me, how about we settle it today?” Niki said defiantly.

Lauren could feel the blonde’s nipples stiffening as she glared at her rival, “And what exactly did you have in mind?”

Before Niki could respond, there was a knock at the door. Their time was up for the room they had reserved. They both took a quick step back, and gathered their things. As Lauren opened the door she apologized to the group waiting that they had gone over their time, and had hoped that their voices hadn’t been too loud to be heard.

Lauren hurried back to her desk, opened up laptop, and immediately sent a message to Niki.

Lauren: So

Niki: So

Lauren: It appears that we still have a problem between us

Niki: It does appear that way

Lauren: I think we need to settle this once and for all

Niki: I couldn’t agree more

Lauren: Today. After work. Woman to woman

Niki: What did you have in mind?

Lauren: The 5th floor is being renovated, it’s completely locked down, but its 99% finished.

Niki: And?

Lauren: There is an executive lounge there that is brand new and empty except for a few couches and carpeting. It would be a perfect place for a long, intimate chat

Niki: If it’s all locked up, how do we get in?

Lauren: I had to let some delivery people in last week, so I was given a key that I haven’t turned back in yet

Niki: No chance of us being interrupted?

Lauren: None

Niki: Good, but only if you are thinking it’s time that we have a very intimate chat

Lauren: I think it’s time we find out who the better, hotter, and sexier woman is, bitch

Niki: You have no idea what you are getting yourself into Honey

Lauren: Is that so? I think you got a little preview today and your nipples obviously liked what they felt

Niki: Your nipples were looking pretty stiff too Slut

Lauren: Enough of this 5:30, 5th floor, let’s find out who the hottest bitch is is

Niki: Are you ready to get down and dirty bitch?

Lauren: I can get as nasty as you can bitch

Niki: 5:30 bitch

Lauren: 5:30

Niki pushed back from her desk. She had an hour to kill, and knew that she wouldn’t get any more work done. Her body was tingling; she couldn’t believe what this woman was able to do to her. In her mind, she had an idea of what the upcoming confrontation would lead to, but couldn’t be completely sure. She was about to match herself, her womanhood, her sexiness against another woman. She was nervous and excited. Had this gone too far? Could she go through with it? What would Lauren be willing to do to prove herself?

As she thought through it, Niki became more and more sure that she was willing to go as far as it took with the brunette bitch. She would get as down, dirty, and nasty as that slut wanted to get.

-Lauren’s Office-

Lauren couldn’t believe where things ended up. She felt very comfortable going toe to toe with another woman and slugging it out if necessary, but wasn’t sure she was ready for the imminent battle. She knew this war would be waged with weapons other than fists, and wondered exactly how far the blonde was willing to go. While she was nervous about what their battle would bring, her anticipation and excitement was outweighing any nervousness she was feeling. She had never pitted herself another woman in this way, though she had heard about other girls in her sorority settling differences this way. From some of those stories, things often got very down and dirty.

She was confident in herself, her body, and her sexuality. The idea of showing that blonde whore who the alpha bitch was around here was making her wet just thinking about it. She put aside all doubt and readied herself for the encounter.

-5:30PM Main Elevator-

No longer avoiding her rival, Lauren waited in front of the elevators for Niki to arrive. She heard the other woman approach by the sound of her high heels clicking on the tile floor, and immediately felt the electricity flow through her body. Niki rounded the corner and the two locked eyes. Lauren stood with a hand on one hip, in a challenging pose. She didn’t move a muscle while the blonde walked directly to her, stopping inches away from Lauren.
After a short 5 second stare down, and without taking her eyes off of her opponent, Lauren reached out and pressed the call button for the elevator. Once it arrived, the two woman stepped on board, neither talking, nor taking their eyes off of each other. Still standing as close as they could without touching, and continually staring at each other, Niki pressed the button for the 5th floor.

Once the elevator arrived on 5, Lauren finally broke eye contact and walked purposefully to the locked door that was in the lobby. She opened the door quickly and let the blonde enter first, locking the door behind them. The automatic lights came on as they passed down the main corridor toward the executive lounge, this time Niki trailing the brunette. They entered the lounge and Lauren immediately strode to one of the counters and set her purse down, and began removing her earrings and jewelry. The blonde shut the door and then began copying her lead, and removed all of her jewelry.

After the two of them were left with nothing but their dresses, nylons, and shoes they stepped toward the center of the room. Lauren could feel her nipples stiffen and noticed that Niki was in the same state. They slowly walked toward each other until their breasts came in contact. Both breathed in deeply, causing their nipples to press into each other even more.

Niki smiled at Lauren, “I’m the better woman Lauren.”

Lauren smiled back, “Niki… you are about to find out how wrong you are.”

“Are you really ready to go at this… woman to woman?,” Niki responded as she pushed her chest into her rival’s.

Lauren stared directly into the blonde’s eyes as she pushed her breasts against the other woman’s, “I’m the hotter and sexier bitch here. I can out kiss you, out suck you, and out fuck you any day of the week.”

Niki slid her hand up Lauren’s outer thigh and let come to rest just behind the brunette’s hip, pulling her rival in slightly closer, “Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is?” Niki asked with a coy smile.

Lauren copied her opponent and placed her hand in the same place on the blonde, virtually no space between them now. “The question Niki is: Are you ready to put your mouth where my mouth is?”

“You think you can out kiss me bitch?” Niki asked hungrily, her body tingling with a mix of hate and sexuality.

“I know I can bitch,” Lauren replied, finishing her comment by slowly running her tongue across her red glossed lips in a challenging manner.

Niki reached up with her other hand and grabbed a hold of Lauren’s hair and said, “Then bring your slutty mouth here bitch.”

“Gladly bitch,” Lauren said as she grabbed the blonde’s hair as they brought their faces together, heads slightly tilted.

Niki felt a jolt run through her whole body as their lips first touched. She pulled the brunette’s hair to get her head into a better position as their initial kissing was awkward and tentative. She felt pain in her scalp as Lauren intensified her grip as well. Niki bit down slightly on her rival’s bottom lip and felt a bite on her upper lip in return, as the two were more focused on pulling hair then kissing.

Lauren pulled back, “I thought you said you could kiss bitch.”

Niki responded, “Enough bullshit, you ready to swap spit for real bitch?”

“Let’s go bitch.”

Both women relaxed their grips on each other’s’ hair and moved in, parting their lips and engaging in their first real kiss. Lauren felt her breath catch as she was drawn into the moment. She opened her mouth further as the two women began aggressively kissing each other. Her eyes closed, she slid her hand down to the back of Niki’s neck to make sure the blonde couldn’t pull away. Their kissing was hungry and needy at first as both women had sexual energy coursing through their bodies. Lauren was the first to push her tongue into the other woman’s mouth, Niki’s tongue met it readily, as their tongues began to swirl around one another.

Battles were being fought on multiple fronts now, their lips were locked, and their tongues waged war on each other. They were using their tits as additional weapons trying to push the other woman off balance, while holding each other’s heads in close. Saliva and spit started to flow freely as lipstick began to smear on each other’s mouths. All Lauren could taste was that bitch’s tongue, she was a mix of emotion as she couldn’t get enough of her rival, but was determined to overwhelm her.

On and on they made out, licking lips, sucking on tongues, and trying to shove their tongues further into one another’s mouths. The kissing duel lasted15 to 20 minutes, when Niki started to make small movements away so she could ram her tits into Lauren’s. Lauren realized what the blonde was doing and started ramming her tits forward as well. Finally the two women broke a part.

“You really want to go tit to tit with me?” Niki said between heavy breaths.

“My tits will crush your tits flat bitch!” Lauren practically shouted.

“We’ll see about that bitch!” Niki shouted back, and took a slight step back and began to unzip her dress. “It’s starting to look like we are overdressed for the occasion”

Both women stripped down to their bras, panties, nylons, and their 4 ½ inch heels. Niki stood there looking gorgeous in a lacey white bra, matching lace panties, nylons, and black heels. Lauren stood across from her in equally sexy black lace bra and panties and white heels.

The women’s chests were heaving as they glared daggers at each other. As if by a mutual signal they started walking back toward each other until their tits were pressed tightly together, and wrapped their arms around each other in a bear hug. Niki started to move her body side to side as she ground her tits into Lauren’s. Lauren matched her movements as 2 pairs of gorgeous breasts battled it out. The women switched from grinding their tits together, to slamming them together.

“Oomph,” Lauren groaned.

“Uhhhh,” Niki moaned.

Niki gritted her teeth as the pain was becoming noticeable. The pain in her breasts was tolerable, and the look of pain on the brunette’s voice was giving her motivation to continue.

Lauren delighted in the look of agony on the blonde bitch’s face, and was ready to up the stakes of their game. She pulled the blonde in tight to where their faces were inches apart, “Let’s go tit to tit for real, bitch!” Lauren spat in her face as she reached up the blonde’s back and unhooked her bra.

“Bring it bitch!” Niki spat back, as the two women yanked each other’s bras off. When their tits finally came in contact, Niki felt shivers shoot down her body. Her nipples stiffened even further, and dug into the brunette’s titflesh. She felt Lauren’s nipples stiffen as well, as both women positioned their tits to let their nipples line up to battle it out.

“Ahh, you dirty slut!” Lauren yelled.

“You nasty bitch!” Niki yelled back.

The women raked their nipples back and forth sending pleasure and pain shooting through their breasts as they glared at each other, groaning and moaning when one of their nipples was struck solidly.



“Fight my nipples Bitch!”

“Bring it harder you cunt!”

The verbal sparring encouraged them to fight harder and harder. Breasts were becoming red and swollen. Nipples were still taught, but becoming sensitive as they each were using them as weapons. Lauren decided to up the ante in their fight again as she took one hand off of her opponents back and slid it between them and down into Niki’s panties, driving two fingers into her rival’s gushing pussy. Niki leaned her head back and moaned, “Oh, you whore.”

Niki responded immediately, upset that she hadn’t taken the contest to this point first. She started sliding her fingers in and out of the brunette’s pussy forcefully as they both started finger fucking each other. Their titfight set aside for the moment, the two women resumed their tongue war while they pumped their fingers in and out of each other. Tongues were swirling around each other as they locked lips, each moaning into each other’s mouth.

Lauren began bucking her hips against Niki’s hand, wanting release as much as she wanted to make Niki come. The two fucked each other’s fingers while they swapped spit, eyes open and glaring at each other. They were still standing in the center of the room, two of the hottest women in the city, wearing only nylons and high heels – bucking against each other while they moaned and continued to spat verbal insults.

Finally, Niki threw her head back, “Ohhhhhh fuck!!!!” she yelled as she came all over Lauren’s hand. Lauren came immediately when she heard Niki come, “Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!!” Lauren yelled as she filled Niki’s hand with girl come.

The women paused, holding onto each other and panting heavily and then each stepped back. Lauren looked up at her hated opponent. “It’s time we settle this for real Niki,” Lauren said through the pain and pleasure.

Niki glared at her opponent, “You ready to go pussy to pussy bitch?!”

“Yes! Let’s fuck fight Niki! Pussy to Pussy!” Lauren challenged

“Cunt to cunt,” Niki challenged back.

“And tit to tit,” Lauren growled.

“And tongue to tongue to bitch!” Niki finished, as she slid her panties off.

Lauren slid her panties off and sat down on the new carpet, spreading her legs apart, “Bring your pussy here then bitch!”

Niki got down on the carpet in front of Niki and placed one leg over Lauren’s left leg, and her other leg under Lauren’s right leg, “Let’s fuck bitch!” Niki challenged back.

The women brought their pussies together and once again felt the electricity flow through them, Niki had never had her pussy feel this way before. She knew this bitch was her perfect match in every way, and was willing to fuck her all night long if necessary. She grabbed the brunette’s ass so she could pull their bodies even tighter together. Niki leaned forward and her mouth and tongue up to Lauren’s waiting mouth as the two engaged in an all out tongue duel.

“Fuck me Niki!”

“Fuck me Lauren!”


“Ahhhhh, fuck!”

Their nipples would occasionally a hit as they were more interested in grinding their pussies together. Their pussies moved in perfect unison as they humped and ground their way into each other, moans, grunts, and insults continued to be thrown each other’s way. Niki finally lay back, the better angle her clitoris against Lauren’s, and was finally rewarded with clit on clit contact.

“Ahhhh!” Lauren moaned.

Niki thought she had the upper hand finally, but quickly realized she couldn’t control the pleasure that was flowing through her pussy. Niki began to moan uncontrollably as the pleasure was overtaking her, just before she exploded she felt Lauren’s come rush into her pussy as the brunette lost control. That was all it took to push Niki over the edge as she came harder than she ever had in her life.

“Oh, Fuuuuuccck!” Niki yelled. “Fuck me Lauren, fuck me!”

The two women continued to grind together as their juices began to spread all over their legs. Lauren sat up and grabbed the blonde by the hair bringing her face back up to hers, “Tongue fight me bitch!” Lauren said through heavily labored breaths.

Niki gladly complied as she had completely given in to animal instincts. The two women continued on, each determined to outlast the other. They went at it for hours, with fingers, tongues, and clit to clit battles. Niki lost track of the orgasms they caused each other as they both finally passed out sometime around 1am. Their nylons shredded, legs entangled, and hair a mess. When Niki finally came to, she saw Lauren also starting to stir. The two women glared at one another, and didn’t say a word. They pulled themselves a part and stood up looking for discarded clothing. On impulse, Niki gabbed Lauren’s black panties and bra and slid them on.

Lauren looked at her in acknowledgement and grabbed the blondies panties and bra as her own trophy. Lauren felt the blonde’s girl juices still soaking the underwear as she slid them on. It felt dirty. It felt good. The women grabbed their own dresses and purses and walked out of the lounge and to the elevator. Once in front of the elevator the stopped and turned to each other.

“Whore,” Lauren said matter of factly.
“Slut,” Niki replied.

They turned, boarded the elevator and rode down in silence.

-Saturday Night, Later that Week-

Niki felt her phone vibrate and opened it up to check her message. She didn’t recognize the number, but had no doubt who it was from.

Lauren: So

Niki: So

Lauren: I’m wearing your panties right now

Niki: Is that so? I’m wearing yours too slut

Lauren: We’ve gone 2 rounds and still haven’t settled anything

Niki: We still have unfinished business

Lauren: I was thinking the same thing

Niki: I’m free tonight if you are ready for round 3

Lauren: My place. 1 hour. 6255 Piper Lane

Niki: I’ll be there

-One Hour Later, 6255 Piper Lane-

Niki was unsure of what to expect and had a couple glasses of wine before she drove over. Once there, she rang the bell and was greeted immediately. Apparently the brunette had been waiting behind the door or very close by.

“Come in.” Lauren invited.

Niki stepped past her into Lauren’s condo. Lauren handed her a glass of red wine which she took. Niki sat her things down on a nearby couch while Lauren locked the door behind her. Niki wasn’t sure where things were headed tonight, but felt strangely at ease in her rival’s house.

“I’m glad you texted me,” Niki said as she took a long drink of win

“I hate leaving things unfinished.”

“So do I.” Lauren replied. “I’m glad you were able to come.”

Lauren walked over to her stereo and turned on some music and came back over to Niki to refill her wine glass. The bottle was getting low already and Niki guessed that lauren had had a couple glasses of wine while waiting on her arrival as well. Both women were feeling the wine and were swaying a bit in time with the music.

Niki stepped closer to Lauren, ready to get the evening started. “Still wearing my panties?” she asked.

“I am,” Lauren replied sexily. “Still wearing mine?”

“Yes.” came Niki’s response as she stepped right up against Lauren in the enclosed hallway. She was unsure what should happen next, so she just laid it out there. “So what now? Out to the backyard for some hairpulling and fistfighting? Maybe we go at it with another titfight?”

Lauren reached up and grabbed Niki by the hair and stepped into Niki pushing her back against the wall. Niki instinctively grabbed Lauren’s hair in return, neither of them pulling hard at all yet.

Lauren leaned right into Niki’s face and asked, “Is that what you want Niki?”

“Is that what you want Lauren?” Niki directed the question back.

“Actually Niki. I was just hoping that you would fuck me.” Lauren responded with hunger in her eyes.

Niki only hesitated for a second and then grabbed the brunette’s face in each hand and kissed her passionately. This time there was no awkwardness or apprehension. The lips and tongues moved in perfect unison as their hands started pawing at each other’s bodies and clothing. The two of them took little time in undressing each other, and only paused for one moment:

“I think I’m starting to like you Niki.” Lauren said through heavy breaths.

“Shut up and fuck me Lauren” Niki smiled.

The End

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