Mom’s Fight Club by Mr. Cage

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Anthony, a kid down the street, and me had been watching two teenage girls fight. We stayed on the outside of the crowd since the older boys would have kicked us around in accordance with the General Theory of Teen Bullying. When it was done Anthony said something about his mother getting in a fight with his aunt and how she could kick either of the girls’ asses. He bragged about how tough Italian women were and then talked about his sister bullying him.

I told him about my mom coming home for her night job at a bar with a ripped blouse and a black eye and swollen lip, but happy and pumped up. Normally she was exhausted after her second job, but she got on the phone to a friend of hers and excitedly told about what she had done to a rival waitress after work with everyone watching. Then she whispered about fucking the woman’s boyfriend afterward, not knowing I wasn’t asleep on my pad in the tiny room off our one bedroom apartment’s kitchen. Mom and sis shared the bedroom. Dad hadn’t come back from the Korean War and we were not exactly well off. Anyway, Mom’s disclosures gave me a raging hard-on which I had to self-treat a couple of times after sneaking to my sleeping pad.

Well one thing led to another as it will with boys whose voices have just finished deepening. We plotted how to get a fight started between our moms. Our sisters were the second topic of conversation. But, both were bitches and would probably slap us around and tell our Mom’s what perverts we were so we set them aside. After playing out endless, painfully contorted scenarios I wondered if I should just ask Nom if she thought she was tougher than Anthony’s Mom. She looked at me strangely. My sister had run for her bus to high school. I walk to my school.

She smiled. “Probably, why did Anthony say something?”

I hemmed and hawed and choked on my tongue and she started laughing, something she didn’t do often in the morning. She looked at me a long time and then nodded.

“So you two are young men now, checking out girls and women, having fantasies, masturbating I assume?”

I think I almost passed out trying to find the breath to deny it, but she giggled and said, “Go to school, oh and I already beat her up twenty years ago when we were fifteen and she made a run at your dad.”

I decided not to talk about that anymore, but Anthony said his mom had said she had already beaten my Mom’s ass, but then got jumped from behind. I figured it was over, but then a Friday night or so later, my Mom waited until Melissa, my sister, left for a date. She came out wearing her one piece swimming suit under her shorts carrying a bag over her shoulder and motioned for me to follow her.

She led me straight down the block into the three story apartment building Anthony lived in, down the stairs to the basement apartment. Maria Carlo opened the door glaring at my mother. She stood to the side and blocked the doorway halfway with her big fat boobs. Mom pushed by, brushing tits. I followed, trying to keep my face out of her bosoms. Anthony looked excited.

Mrs. Carlo was a widow too. Her husband had died in a truck accident on one of his long hauls. The two women looked each other over, staring into each other’s face.

Mrs. Carlo snapped, “So Rebecca, nothing to the face, except hair pulling and headlocks, body punching, pinching, kicking and kneeing.”

Mom nodded, “No biting, but we can claw and maul.”

“And only the sons can call a break.”

Mom agreed and reminded her, “Each break is one more punch to each tit. Five breaks are five punches to each tit.”

“We go until one of us gives up our boy’s virginity.”

Mom nodded and then asked, “Where we going to do this.”

Mrs. Carlo led us to the same room in her apartment off the side of the kitchen. The floor was covered by Anthony’s mattress and the mattress off Mrs. Carlo’s bed. The women pointed to stools on the other side of the stained counter top between the kitchen and the empty room. Mom dropped her shorts and turned to Mrs. Carlo in her too tight blue and white one piece. Mrs. Carlo dropped her jeans and faced mom in a red one piece that showed her black bush creeping out around the tight leg openings.

Mrs. Carlo stood about 5’5’’ and weighed maybe 160 pounds with huge boobs and but straining against her red suit. Her belly was round and protruding. Her long curly black hair was loose and hanging down to her big ass. Her finger and toe nails were painted bright red and she had a lot of make-up on. Mom was about 5’7’’ and weighed a sturdy 150 pounds with big boobs, smaller than Mrs. Carlo’s udders but still big. Her belly protruded slightly and the pale skin on her big thighs had little crinkles of flesh, but she was in better shape than Anthony’s mom. Her big curly dirty blonde hair ended at her shoulders.

The two women knelt down on their knees about an arm’s length away. They glared at each other, nostrils flaring, eyes flashing, breasts heaving. They were really getting worked up and I admit I was too. I wasn’t sure what the business was about winning sons was, but if it was what I thought it was I wasn’t sure I wanted my Mom to win.

Mom moved forward on her knees and snapped, “Come on you fat old cunt, let’s do this thing.”

Mrs. Carlo snarled and suddenly slammed against my Mom, her left hand grabbing Mom’s shoulder length dirty blonde hair and her right hand hitting Mom in the side. Mom almost fell backwards but she managed to stay up on her knees and took the thudding punches. And she punched back with both fists hitting Mrs. Carlo in her fat gut again and again. Mom’s fists sank into the red suit pretty deep.

Mrs. Carlo grunted and cursed. She jerked Mom’s head to the side by the hair and then slammed into her, throwing her back and to the side. The bigger woman came down across Mom’s belly still yanking hair, but Mom kept her down with both hands in the shiny black hair. Mrs. Carlo struggled and got her fat tits across Mom’s, but her hair was being yanked hard. Some came out in Mom’s fist.

The Italian tried to get her knee over Mom’s thrashing thighs, but as soon as her right leg went over Mom’s, Mom turned at the hips and drove her upper knee, the left, into the bigger woman’s barely covered crotch. Mrs. Carlo grunted and then cursed, “Dirty cheating whore.”

Mom tried to knee her again but the Italian’s fat thighs caught the knee. Mom twisted the head by the hair and was really hurting the woman if her moans and frantic eyes were to be believed. Suddenly Mrs. Carlo released Mom’s wrists.

Mom almost twisted the woman off her, but Mrs. Carlo’s right fist sank into Mom’s belly right above her prominent mound and the left elbow started dropping on the swell of Mom’s already pushed up and squashed boobs. Mom took it for a bit, but after several belly punches she had to release the black hair and grab for the arms.

Mrs. Carlo slide over Mom’s crushed chest and got a knee over Mom’s kicking legs. In a single motion the fat bitch ended up sitting on Mom’s bucking hips, legs spread over my Mom’s hips and knees digging into the mattresses. Mom grabbed the woman’s shoulders to roll her off, but Mrs. Carlo used her left to rip at the front of Mom’s dirty blonde hair and her right to grab the mattress to keep from being rolled off.

Mom bucked frantically lifted the heavy bitch up, but could not dislodge her. When she stopped bucking and started ripping out black hair with both hands, Mrs. Carlo pushed her right hand into Mom’s armpit and then pulled at her suit. Suddenly Mom’s big white left boob was exposed all the way to a large wrinkled pinkish nipple. Mrs. Carlo’s fingers sank into Mom’s tit and then she crushed the nipple with her thumb against the palm of her hand. Mom screamed and bucked wildly, but she could not stop the torture.

She yelled, “Stop! I give I give! Fucking cunt you’re tearing out my nipple. I give!”

Mrs. Carlo snarled, “Take it cunt. You can’t give only Bobby can give.”

I suddenly remembered the rules and shouted out, “Break. She gives one time.”

Mrs. Carlo laughed wickedly and set up on Mom’s belly. Mom’s tit slouched to the side. Its pale white flesh now bore red finger marks and the nipple looked bright red and larger than it was before. She quickly stuffed the milk bag back inside her suit. Mrs. Carlo laughed again and got off holding her hand up in victory. Anthony applauded. I gave him a look and he stopped.

Mrs. Carlo demanded, “Get up on your knees you blonde cunt and take down your top. I get to punch your fat bags at least once before you give up the fight.”

Mom shouted back, “I’m not giving up the fight you cock-sucking wop.”

Mom pulled down the straps of her suit and then exposed both her fat tits, the right one had a bright red mark from the elbow and the left was visibly harmed by the mauling. The nipple was indeed larger and looked redder. Mrs. Carlo took aim and crushed the right one with a savage left roundhouse punch. Mom fell on her back writhing, her hands cupping her hammered boob.

“Get up and take it to the other one you weak bitch!”

Mom did. And the right fist drove the left boob up from below and almost over her shoulder. Again she screamed and fell on her back holding the damaged orb.

“Quit or fight on, cunt?”

Mom yelled, “Back up and let me get back to my knees you cheating pig.”

Mrs. Carlo backed up. Mom got back to her knees and gingerly stuffed her damaged tit flesh back into the swimsuit. Tuffs of blonde hair joined the larger amounts of black on the mattresses or stuck to their skin and still between their fingers. I could not believe how hard I was.

“You ready, bitch?”

Mom charged forward and slammed into Mrs. Carlo, head down. The fat bitch went over backwards, her hands ripping at the back of Mom’s hair. Mom tried to climb on top, but almost immediately she was rolled onto her left shoulder and Mrs. Carlo was on her right shoulder. They exchanged knees to the crotch and belly, before their jiggling legs got tangled into a twisted wrestling match. Mom’s left hand was twisted deep in Mrs. Carlo’s hair, holding her head down on the mattress. Mom’s upper hand, the right, was pounding the woman’s boobs and ribs. Mrs. Carlo mirrored the position with her right under Mom’s head yanking blonde hair and her left flailing away at Mom’s tits and ribs. Both women were grunting and gasping, sweating through their suits, hair tangled and wild, now getting stringy from the sweat. It went on and on until both stopped punching.

They lay on their sides gasping. Mom’s right hand went to Mrs. Carlo’s fat left boob which was half out of her suit. Very soon it was out and Mom was trying to rip off the dark brown nipple. Unlike Mom’s bumpy raised pinkish aureole, Mrs. Carlo’s was smooth, flat, brown and about two inches bigger than Mom’s. Nipple to nipple the nipples were about the same size not counting swelling. Mrs. Carlo finally got Mom’s right tit out of its cup, but in doing so she let Mom’s legs get loose.

Mom rolled on top of the fat Italian. She immediately went for the top of the suit, jerking and pulling it. Both tits flopped out and sagged on Mrs. Carlo’s sweaty belly, but Mom was not after the tits. She seemed intent on popping the thin red shoulder straps. Mrs. Carlo worked on getting both of Mom’s fat red and white tits out of her top. She was mauling both orbs when her red shoulder straps gave way with a loud rip. Mom only kept from going over backwards by the firm hold on her agonized tits.

Mrs. Carlo pushed up and back on Mom’s tits and forced her shoulders back. Mom was now punching both of the Italians huge brownish boobs, rolling them left and right across her chest, making them bulge and bounce with each hard fist. All of a sudden, Mrs. Carlo’s right leg captured Mom’s left for arm as she raised her fist for another blow. Mom wobbled and struggled against the leg. She stopped punching and tried to get the foot off her shoulder.

Mrs. Carlo dropped Mom’s left boob and shot her hand down her own belly and into Mom’s blue covered crotch. Mom gasped and tried to grab the hand, but the distraction gave the downed Italian additional leverage. Mom squealed and suddenly fell backwards onto the mattress, Mrs. Carlo’s foot pinning her shoulder down.

Mrs. Carlo rose up. Mom’s heels were trapped under her ass so her knees were spread and her crotch exposed. Mom grabbed the offending leg and started to free her shoulder when Mrs. Carlo pushed her fingers under Mom’s suit, exposing her hairy slit as she pulled the blue suit’s crotch to the side. Mom screamed for her to stop. She didn’t. Once Mom’s pussy was exposed, the other hand grabbed her hairy meaty lips and twisted them. Mom screamed and cried out writhing in agony on her shoulders, desperately trying to reach around her bruised boobs. They were sagging up to her face since her hips were higher than her head. She didn’t say anything between screams, but I decided to give for her anyway.

Mom was crying as she took down her top. Mrs. Carlo smiled as she drilled two punches into each tit. Each punch put Mom on her back. Mom was crying as she pushed her red and bluish boobs back in their white cups. She was gasping. Her hair was limp and matted. She looked at me in shame.

Mrs. Carlo waited with her swim suit down around her waist. Her massive boobs sagged and showed lots of damage, but she waited on her knees almost arrogant.

“Well what do you say, Becky, do you want some more. I knew you couldn’t take it in the tits and cunt. You only managed to stay up with me with your fists to my face last time and even then I had you beaten, but I let up. I won’t let up this time. I’ll have your cunt bleeding before the night is over unless you quit.”

Mom hung her head and mumbled, “I quit.”

Mrs. Carlo stood and spit on my Mom. “Get dressed and go home. Anthony you go down to the drugstore and buy a coke. Bobby you stay with me.”

Mom cried as she gathered herself up and left. Anthony had to be yelled at but her left. Then it was me and Mrs. Carlo. She grabbed my hand and demanded I help her put the mattress back on her bed. She shed her suit and sat down. She pushed me to my knees and pulled my head into her hairy, sweaty brown cunt. I admit she had to give me a lot of instruction, but even with her fat belly, sweaty smell and nasty attitude I was ready to pop by the time she came. Then she gave me orders to strip. I did. Then we spent the rest of the night fucking. I learned how to use every hole that night. I hated the fat ugly bitch, especially for the beating and humiliation she had given my Mom, but I appreciated the graduate course in grudge fucking.

Anthony came back to the house when we were started number four. His sister Lily was banging on the door while Mrs. Carlo rode my face for the second or third time. Her mother told her to fuck off and sleep with her brother. I know they both listened to us fuck until I finally could not get it up and Mrs. Carlo had come enough that she wanted to sleep. She shooed me out of the house.

I came home. My sister met me at the door furious. She had found Mom beaten and crying. She forced an explanation out of her. Somehow I was a traitor for fucking Mrs. Carlo. Melissa promised me that she and Lily would fight, and then she and I would fuck Lily until she bled. Mom apologized and said she would get even. I was smart enough not to thank her for getting her ass beat so I could have my first everything. Of course, it wasn’t the first everything, but I wouldn’t know that until our now Family Grudge fight went to the next level.

The End

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