Morsel by RR

The club throbbed like a heartbeat. Noise from the hard driving band, the smoke- filled atmosphere, the jostling crowd, and flashing strobes assaulted my senses. However, I was largely successful in tuning out the environment. I sat at the end of the bar, concentrating instead on the smoky burn of my scotch. The first drink of what I hoped would be many that night. I was there to celebrate or mourn my breakup with Penelope. That is Penelope, not Penny, never Penny. Looking back I wondered how I ever got involved with her. Here I was a big, successful, macho man and suddenly, I was a puppy on a leash, willing to follow her anywhere. How the hell did that happen? Hell I know. It was her eyes. One look into those big, beautiful, green eyes and I was a goner. Of course the rest for the package was pretty spectacular. Penelope had long, wavy, mahogany locks that tumbled down to mid-back. She had smooth, light, creamy skin that I couldn’t touch enough. Her large, almost perfectly proportioned breasts went well with a spectacular figure. Her legs went all the way up. As for her face… Strange, for the life of me I cannot seem to remember her face. Shaking my head almost violently I turned my attention back to my drink. I wanted to forget her face, her body, and especially her eyes. Staring at my suddenly empty glass I snorted with amusement. If I could forget her face with just one drink, I felt pretty sure I’d forget her completely by the time I finished the bottle. Raising my glass I gestured to the bartender for a refill.

The harried bartender quickly mixed the drink and sat it down on the bar before me. He quickly picked the cash (and tip) I had laid out on the bar for him and turned to another customer. I picked up my drink and paused to admire the smoky liquid, when my memory chose to kick in and show me why I broke up with Penelope.

The night before in a club very much like this one, Penelope left for the restroom. I’d never liked having her out of my sight. Between our dates, I would find myself getting antsy. I’d get more and more nervous. What if she no longer wanted me? What if she decided to break up with me? I’d call all day only to get her machine. Then, early evening we would connect. I’d call her or she me and we would arrange to meet at one of the clubs in the area. We would drink, (actually I would) and dance for an hour or two. Then head to my home for the most mind-altering sex that I had ever had. Then, I would find myself waking up alone, always alone.

Anyway, Penelope left for the restroom and I waited a whole 5 minutes before giving in to my impulses and following. I waited in the hall outside the ladies room 10, 15 minutes and still no Penelope. Almost beside myself I stopped a pretty, petite, redhead leaving the restroom, gave a brief description of Penelope, and asked the redhead if she saw her. “Sorry Honey, nobody in there like that.” She said with a sly smile. “However, if you can’t find her, come look me up.” Red then turned and slinked out to the dance floor.

Beside myself I quickly looked around and spied an exit door. The door was wedged open by a piece of wood to prevent it from closing and locking. I went through the door carefully, making sure that I didn’t accidentally close it and lock myself out. I found myself in a dimly lit alley. It was fairly clean as alleys went and pretty empty, save for a couple of battered green dumpsters set up against the club on my right hand side. I did a quick look around and spotting nothing I turned to enter the club when I heard something on the other side of the dumpsters. A quick gasp, a moan, and a bit of whispered conversation intrigued me. That, combined with an all too familiar rhythmic sound brought a smile to my face. Normally, I am not a voyeur. In this case however, I couldn’t help myself. I stealthily made my way around the dumpsters to peek in on the lovers and found myself staring at Penelope and some pencil dick of a stranger.

Pencil Dick was sitting on the ground, his back against the club wall, his pants and briefs around his ankles with Penelope, my Penelope, riding his woody. I couldn’t see Pencil Dick’s face, obscured as it was by Penelope’s long, thick, hair. But I could tell by the way those two were moving; they were enjoying themselves. Stunned, I stepped back into a dumpster making it rattle a bit. Penelope’s head whipped around to look at me and… I can’t remember. I do remember turning, striding through the back entrance of the club, kicking away the wood wedging open the door and slamming it, marching through the club, out the front door, getting into my car and roaring off into the night. I remember not going home that night, just sitting in my car at the beach. Just sitting and thinking.

When I got home in the morning a couple of calls waited for me on my machine. It was Penelope. It was full of the usual tripe; you don’t understand Darling, let’s get together and talk, etc. What struck me about the calls were not the words she used; it was that her voice no longer had the effect it had on me that it had. I was no longer affected by her siren’s call. I called her back and told her that it was over. “Don’t call me, I won’t call you,” “Penny”. I then hung up, made myself a good breakfast, and hit the sack to sleep the day away. When I woke in the afternoon, I felt better than I had in a long time. It was as if I discarded an immense weight from my back. I felt I had to celebrate my newfound freedom and independence. So I drove from my beautiful house on the hill down to the strip with its trendy, high class and low class clubs. I picked one that Penelope and I never went into and started drinking to my life without Penelope.

So there I was, starting on my second drink when my elbow was suddenly jostled. I heaved a sigh in mourning for my spilled drink, turned to deliver a cutting comment to the culprit, and found myself staring into the most beautiful pair of blue eyes it has ever been my pleasure to meet. The conversation was a blur. I do remember her name, Tina. She had beautiful shoulder length platinum blond hair. She wore a tight low cut little black dress that showcased large, 38DD breasts, an hourglass figure, and long sexy legs.

I wasn’t there for a pickup, but within 10 minutes of meeting Tina, we were out of the door and on our way to my place. While in my car, Tina turned up the heat. She started stroking my thigh through my pant’s leg causing me to push down on the accelerator. I retaliated, by taking my right hand and slowly stroked her naked thigh from her knee to her crotch. She then started rubbing my erection through my pants, almost causing me to lose control of my car. I slid my hand up her thigh, past her thong, and into her heat. Tina stopped her assault on my senses to lay back and enjoy as I stroked her towards orgasm.

Just before I reached my house on the hill, she came. Biting back a cry, she shuttered in her seat. Jamming on my brakes, I squealed to a safe stop in the driveway of my semi secluded home. I got out of the car, pulled Tina out and pretty much dragged her through my front door.

We didn’t make the master bedroom upstairs, We collapsed on the cream colored carpet at the entrance of the livingroom. The room itself was tastefully done with modern furnishings, black leather couch, love seat, and easy chair. The tables and entertainment center was done with glass and brass. Abstract paintings and statues were placed in strategic locations. Tina however wasn’t interested in the room and I wasn’t interested in showing her. In our hurry to get to each other, clothing was ripped away. When both of us were nude, I pushed her onto her back on the carpet, got between her legs, and with a little manual help from her, entered her smoothly with one stroke.

It was like plunging into a cauldron. The heat of her brought me immediately to a boil. The was no finesse from either of us. Both of us were in a rutting mood. I savagely plunged into her and she matched me stroke for stroke. Suddenly, as we were getting close to orgasm, she rolled me on to my back, straddling me, and started to ride for glory. By this time both of us were slick with sweat. I found myself panting where she was merely breathing heavy. Suddenly as we both started to cum, Tina bent down and latched on to my neck, just like “Penny” did. And like I did with “Penny”, I exploded into an orgasm that was absolutely mind numbing. Tina lay full upon me, still sucking at my neck, squirmed and shuttered with the strength of her orgasm.

Slowly, as awareness returned to me, I felt a chill go through me. Tina finished up our intercourse just like Penelope did. “Tina.” I whispered. “Tina!” Tina raised her head and smiled at me. But it wasn’t her tight-lipped smile I was looking at; it was the drop of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth to her chin. She spoke. “That was spectacular Honey. Ready for round two?”

I felt myself sink deeper into her voice and ruthlessly fought back to gain some control. “What are you?” I snarled. She recoiled in surprise and as she opened her mouth to answer. The front door burst open in splinters. Both Tina and I looked up to an enraged Penelope. She was as lovely as I remembered. She was wearing a green strapless silk mini dress, black pumps, and carried a tiny black purse. But it wasn’t her breasts or dress or hair or figure I was looking at. It was the fangs she bared as she uttered a bone-chilling hiss. The fear I began to feel with Penelope’s presence took root fully within my soul when I heard Tina hiss in response. I sounded to me as if Penelope offered a challenge, and Tina accepted. Lying there as weak as a kitten, I swallowed to wet a suddenly dry throat and gave a whisper to my sudden unbelievable fear…


Penelope glided into the room, pushing what remained of the front door behind her closed. The door bounced on the frame and opened a bit. She then stepped out of her shoes and dropped her purse; her face displaying a rage barely kept under control. Tina on the other hand, stood and stretched languidly. She glanced down at me and said with a chuckle, “Don’t go away Morsel, we are not through yet.” As she stepped away to fully confront Penelope, I tried to stand, but could only manage to sit myself up. Even in the shape that I was at that time, I could feel that the potential violence in the room was ready to explode. I managed to slide myself out of the way and prop myself against a nearby wall.

Penelope spoke, her voice as soft as silk, and as hard and dangerous as an unsheathed knife. “Get away from him and leave now Tina. I’m feeling charitable and may forgive your poaching.”

“Poaching.” Said Tina in a mixture of amusement and incredulity. “Poaching!” “He has to be yours in order for me to poach him.” “He’s not yours, not now. He broke free of your control, didn’t he? You letting old age get the better of you, you toothless old bat! Still I can see why you want him. He is quite handsome, a magnificent fuck, and with a touch of alcohol in his system, absolutely delicious.”

“I noticed that you haven’t made him yours yet, little girl.” Penelope growled.

“No, I haven’t Granny. Due to your bungling, he has managed to learn how to resist.” Tina hissed back. “But give me a little time, and I’ll take care of the mess you made.”

“Go!” Penelope ordered, pointing toward the door.

“No!” Hissed Tina, fully baring her fangs.

“You dare challenge me?” Penelope said with a throaty purr, her fangs fully displayed.

“Well let’s see.” Said Tina coyly, as she glided up to stand before Penelope. “ We absolutely hate each other, but that goes without saying .We already established that you are slipping in your old age. It’s also obvious to me that you have yet to feed; I on the other hand, have. So why not!” With that, Tina suddenly seized Penelope’s hair and bent her head back. With a venomous hiss, Tina attempted to bury her fangs into Penelope’s throat. Only to be stopped short by Penelope who by that time had two fists full of Tina’s platinum hair.

Both vampires screamed, cried and hissed as they cruelly pulled each other around the room by each other’s hair. Each was attempting to get at the other’s throat with her fangs. Suddenly, Penelope’s screams rose in pitch as one of Tina’s hands came away with a clump of Penelope’s hair. Losing control of her opponent’s head, Tina was forced into retreating, backpedaling, to keep Penelope from burying her fangs in her neck. They hit the wall with a thump, denting the plaster. Tina stopped Penelope’s attempt to bite her throat by raising her free hand and burying her nails into Penelope’s face. Penelope’s scream reverberated throughout the room as Tina dragged her nails down Penelope’s cheek, peeling her face like an orange. Maddened by the pain, Penelope suddenly whirled and threw Tina across the room. Luckily for Tina, the couch broke her fall. Shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, Tina squeaked and dived off the couch, just narrowly dodging the 40-pound sculpture that Penelope threw as easily as a frisbee. The sculpture hit like a cannon ball, folding the couch around it. Penelope then made an impossible leap across the room landing on the Tina’s prone body. Grasping Tina’s hair in one hand to hold her head in place, Penelope then started to rake cruel nails down her opponent’s face. Tina, in obvious agony, reached up and tangled her left hand in Penelope’s hair, dug her right hand’s nails in her enemy’s face, and pushed. Both vampires rolled across the floor, each struggling to get on top. Both pulled hair, scratched and pummeled one another while attempting to bite one another. Both left a trail of hair, blood and in Penelope’s case, a shredded mini dress across the once pristine carpeting. Neither cared about the damage they were taking, both of the nude females cared only about inflicting anguish upon the other. Suddenly Tina uttered a soul-chilling shriek. Penelope had her fangs imbedded into Tina’s left shoulder and Tina with both hands in Penelope’s hair, was frantically trying to pull her away. Finding that she couldn’t pull Penelope away from her shoulder, Tina cocked her right fist struck Penelope in the head with it. Each time Tina struck, it sounded like a pistol shot. At the fifth or sixth punch, Tina was free of Penelope’s agonizing bite. By the tenth punch, Penelope was so groggy that Tina managed to get a foot between them and shove Penelope clear across the room. Penelope hit the wall hard, causing a crater. As Penelope pulled herself from that hole in the wall, Tina spun and staggered for the door. Reaching up for the top corner of the door, Tina pulled and with a crack came away with a large sliver of wood. Tina smiled evilly at Penelope as she hefted the long dagger-like sliver of wood. Penelope, having extricated herself from the wall, pulled herself short of charging Tina when she saw the makeshift stake in Tina’s fist.

“That toothpick won’t help you bitch!” Penelope snarled. “I’m going to suck you dry!” Tina’s only response was to touch her fingertips to her wounded shoulder and flick a few drops of blood toward her hated foe.

Tina charged, her wooden dagger extended like a rapier. Stepping to the side, Penelope narrowly missed getting impaled. Tina stepped back, not giving her enemy a chance to get her licks in, then lunged again. Penelope had to go on the defensive, retreating across the room. Although she tried several times to get to Tina, Tina was too quick and competent with that stake for Penelope to counter attack. Penelope’s face started to show more apprehension and then out right fear as Tina backed her into a corner. Penelope ran out of room to run. Behind her was a table with a small brass lamp and various other nick-knacks upon it. Desperately, Penelope reached behind her and grasped the lamp as a last ditch weapon. It was the opening the Tina was waiting for. Quick as lightning, Tina lunged with the stake. Penelope twisted desperately and screamed as the stake struck and skittered off her chest and along a rib, leaving a long bloody furrow. Her hand firmly on the lamp, Penelope brought it around and clocked Tina on the side of the head with it, knocking her into a wall. Penelope struck again with a backhand, knocking away the stake with a lamp. The stake flew across the room striking the wall above me and falling to within my reach. Quickly, I reached and grabbed my possible salvation, concealing it beneath my body.

Looking back at the combatants, I saw Penelope strike at Tina again and again with the lamp while Tina tried to cover up as best she could. Tina, taking a terrible beating, looked to be almost out on her feet. As Penelope, sensing victory, raised what remained of the lamp high for what would have been a deathblow for a normal human, Tina lunged forward and buried her fangs into Penelope’s chest.

The scream of anguish drawn out of Penelope echoed throughout the room as she dropped the lamp and grabbed the hair of her enemy, trying to pull Tina from her chest. It was to no avail. Tina had wrapped her arms around Penelope and wasn’t going anywhere.

Both vampires staggered about the room. Penelope trying to break the hold; Tina holding on for dear life. It looked to me that Tina was trying to maneuver Penelope to where she wanted her. Suddenly Tina picked up Penelope off her feet in a bear hug and taking a couple of steps forward, plunged both of them onto my plate glass coffee table!

The table exploded like a bomb under the combined weight of both Penelope and Tina. Tina received some lacerations from the impact on her arms and legs, but that was nothing compared to what happened to Penelope. Penelope uttered an almost constant inhuman howl of anguish as Tina ground her body almost sensually atop her, driving Penelope deeper into the wreckage of broken glass and mangled metal. Penelope was being driven mad by the pain by the glass she was lying in, but it seemed to me that it was the fangs of her foe that worried her most. Twisting and pulling Tina by the hair, Penelope was doing her best to remove the fangs still buried in her chest. Absolutely frantic by now, Penelope blindly reached out into broken glass about the both of them.

Seizing a likely shard of glass, Penelope pulled hard with her left hand, turning Tina’s face somewhat into position and then struck with the shard of razor sharp glass.

Tina reared back and screamed, abandoning her bite and forgetting her foe. Her mind completely focused on the shard of glass protruding from her left eye. Penelope seeing her chance shoved with everything she had, propelling Tina across the room. Tina struck the far wall with a bone-jarring impact and then slid down to the floor in a crumpled heap. Penelope crawled slowly and painfully from what remained of my coffee table. It took a couple of tries, but Penelope gained her feet. Swaying, almost out on her feet, Penelope reached behind her and slowly pulled a long, knife like piece of glass from the small of her back. She let the glass fall from her fingers, it fell with a soft thud on the carpet.

Hearing a sudden squeal from Tina, I turned to find her on her feet as well, pulling that sharp shard of glass from her eye. After it was out, she too let the glass drop to the carpet.

I looked back and forth at the both of them as they stood gathering their strength. What were once lovely feminine forms had taken the appearance of shambling horror. Both were covered from head to toe in blood, both theirs and their foe’s. Cuts, lacerations, bruises, and bites marred silky skin. Soft beautiful hair had been ripped out in bloody clumps. Each combatant had inflicted damage upon the other that could have easily killed a normal human being. During the height of the fight I thought I was seeing things, but now they were at rest, I could see clearly but still not believe it. Before my disbelieving eyes, they were healing. Lacerations closed; Bruises faded; Hair grew back. Only the bites remained, angry and oozing. Tina still had her eye out. Penelope still suffered from the wound caused by the makeshift stake as well. Both however, were ready and willing to continue the war.

As for me my eyes were opened. I know now that the vampire was no romantic myth. Looking at the two before me, nude, bathed in blood, fangs bared; I saw them for what they were, primal predators fighting over a meal. As the intended meal, I clamped down on my fear and mentally prepared myself for a life and death struggle, as the two predators started to stalk one another across the room.

Penelope and Tina slowly approached one another. They both crouched low, holding their hands in position to claw one another. Blood freezing hisses and growls issued through bared fangs. It was as if a pair of two legged tigers was about to see who was queen of the jungle. There was no attempt at circling; each came straight at the other. Suddenly at a signal only they seemed to be able to hear, they screamed and leaped for one another. I winced as they impacted in the center of what was a beautiful living room. The explosion of pure feminine fury took my breath away. Both seized one another’s hair and staggered about the room in a savage struggle for survival. By now I figured out that in a struggle between vampires, that only their fangs left lasting wounds. I also noticed that the wound made by the makeshift stake I had beneath my body had yet to heal as well. Tina at the start of the fight counted on surprise to make a quick end to her foe. I noted that each vampire repeatedly tried to sink her fangs in the neck of her foe. “So that’s how they kill one another.” I remembered thinking at the time. I also found that my strength was returning, but I was still in no shape to go anywhere. After seeing the strength, speed, and savagery displayed here, I knew that my only chance was to kill the victor after she was weakened in this fight. So I laid there, biding my time and playing possum.

Penelope and Tina broke apart, breathing hard. Their attention still focused on one another; they started to circle. Penelope started it. She moved to the right coming up to Tina’s blind side. Tina moved to keep Penelope within her range of vision. Suddenly, Penelope struck. She didn’t go for the hair. It was a neat right cross that snapped Tina’s head sharply to the right. As Tina brought her head back to catch sight of her foe she caught a hard left to the side for her head. Staggered, Tina gave ground, desperately trying to defend against punches that seemingly came out of nowhere. Tina would take a punch to the chin, a blow to the belly, and each blow would force her back a step. Suddenly Tina could back up no further. Her back against the wall she defended as best she could, but all she could do was to take the punishment being dished out by Penelope. Suddenly Tina drew Penelope into a clinch in a hope to alleviate the pounding she was taking. Tina managed to wrap up her foe’s left arm and duck her head where Penelope couldn’t punch it, but this didn’t stop Penelope from raining blows onto Tina’s back.

I thought that Tina was going for Penelope’s breasts again with her fangs. Apparently so had Penelope. She stopped striking Tina and reached for her hair. That was what Tina was waiting for. Suddenly snapping up her head, Tina caught Penelope hard on the chin. Grinning with a dazed viciousness, Tina didn’t go for the throat as I expected. Instead she brought her right knee sharply in to Penelope’s groin. Penelope stood stock still, her face contorted in a silent scream. Tina then grasped her hands together and struck Penelope with a double fist, knocking Penelope to the floor halfway across the room. Then Tina collapsed against the wall. Penelope cupped her wounded womanhood and lay in the middle of the room, moaning in pain.

Tina, supported by the wall, kept shaking her head, trying to clear the stars I suppose. Penelope was on her knees pulling herself together despite the pain. Suddenly Tina lurched from the wall and staggered up behind Penelope. She grasped Penelope’s hair with her left hand and her shoulder with her right. With a quick jerk she had Penelope’s neck exposed and bent down to bite Penelope’s throat. Penelope suddenly aware of her predicament made a quick jerk to the left, causing Tina to miss her intended target. Instead, Tina bit into Penelope just above her collarbone. Screaming, her other pain forgotten, Penelope moved like lightning. She brought both of her hands into Tina’s hair and pulled, tossing Tina over her shoulder. Tina landed on her back with an explosive exhale. Her slightly dazed condition suddenly ceasing when Penelope dug cruel nails into her face. Reacting quickly, Tina brought her right foot up, viciously kicking Penelope in the face, knocking Penelope back and breaking her hold.

As quick as a flash both females were on their knees before on another. Tina had her hands up to block any attempt by Penelope to seize her hair and bare her throat. Penelope instead reached forward and buried her claws into Tina’s tender breasts. With a painful shriek, Tina retaliated. Both vampires were on their knees, engaged in a trial of strength and pain. Both stared into each other’s eyes, their breath hissing through pain racked grins. Their hands twisting, turning, and kneading each other’s breasts in an attempt to see who could inflict the most anguish upon the other. An hour seemed to pass, although I’m sure that it was only a minute or two. It was Tina who broke first. When Penelope made that final little twist and dug her nails into the soft flesh beneath Tina’s breasts, Tina couldn’t help herself. As Tina threw back her head and screamed her anguish toward the heavens, Penelope pounced and sank her fangs deeply into Tina’s throat.

Tina let out a panic filled shriek and grasped Penelope’s dark hair in an attempt to pull her foe from her throat. Then a change came over her. I clearly saw her face go from rage and panic, to acceptance, then finally to desire. Where Tina once had her hands viciously pulling hair, she was now running her hands through Penelope’s hair as she would run them through the hair of a lover. As Tina was pulled into a deeper embrace, she didn’t struggle.

Both of them were on their knees, pressed fully against one another sensually. Each brought her hand to the other’s cxnt and started to rub and stroke. It was as erotic to watch as it was terrifying. It was an erotic work of art in crimson. They writhed and rubbed one another as Penelope drank Tina dry. Suddenly Tina raised her head, went stock still, and gave a moan as both her and Penelope came. Both victor and vanquished shuttered with the force of their orgasms. Penelope then released Tina to collapse on the floor, drained of her blood.

Then before my eyes, the corpse of Tina changed. Slowly at first, then faster the once lush body of Tina’s withered and took on the characteristics of a corpse several months old. Penelope viewed it in silence and when Tina finally finished changing she hawked and spat a glob of blood onto the face of her fallen rival.

Penelope then stiffened and snapped her head around to look at me, no doubt remembering that she had an audience. I could see the wheels turning as she tried to figure out why I didn’t run. The reasons were easy. One, I wasn’t in any real shape to run after being drained of some blood. Two, The nearest house to mine is about 100 yards away through rough terrain and sagebrush. I doubted that I could reach the safety of my neighbor’s house in the darkness without a stitch of clothing on. And three, I was so caught up in the bloody and erotic spectacle before me, I forgot.

Penelope tried to stand only to crash bonelessly to the carpet. I watched, biding my time. She managed to get on to her hands and knees and started to slowly make her way across the carpet towards me. On all fours, she stalked me like a jungle cat. Her progress was unsteady as she crossed the bloody carpet toward me. As she approached, she began to speak. “Darling, I need you.”

Sitting with my back to the wall, I answered. “Go away.”

“Darling,” she said in her siren’s call. “That is no way to talk, especially after what we meant to each other.”

I replied with some heat. “I would say bite me if I wasn’t sure that you would take me literally!”

The siren’s song intensified. “Darling help me, I need you.”

“Yeah.” I answered with a slight slur. “As de, deeesert.”

“I sorry darling.” She said cranking up the siren effect. “But I must feed.” With genuine contrition she added. “I wanted you as a lover to stand beside me throughout eternity. Each night would have brought new sights, new delights for the both of us. Now however I must feed.”

“Why.” I breathed a final whisper.

“Several reasons.” she said as she knelt by my left side, confident that I was under. “First, by the laws of my society, seeing what you saw, I would either have to kill you or transform you. Second, as much as I enjoyed draining Tina, her blood just doesn’t have what I need. I need mortal blood to heal.” “And finally,” Penelope’s voice hardened, “you let Tina have you. You are no good to me anymore except for, what was that she called you, a morsel. Sorry darling, survival of the fittest.” With that, she bared her fangs and bent toward my neck.

The time for playing possum was over, I locked my eyes to hers and snarled “Bite me!” She froze, staring at me in disbelief as I pulled the stake from beneath my right thigh and struck under her left breast and into her heart. She stared in total shock and astonishment as I looked into her eyes and growled, “Survival of the fittest, Penny.”

I took the heel of my right hand and struck the stake hard into her chest. Blood exploded out of her mouth in response, spraying my face, blinding me and working it way into my nose and mouth. As I wiped my eyes I swallowed involuntarily. Penelope’s blood burned its way all the way down my throat to my stomach, causing a violent cramp. I pressed my hands tightly to my stomach as I bent and groaned my agony. A throaty chuckle got my attention. Looking at Penelope I saw she was lying on the carpet, dying and smiling. With a last ghostly chuckle, she died. As time caught up with her body, I stared at her, trying to get the joke.


I got the joke.

How can I describe the hunger? It’s like ravenous hunger, terrible thirst, and acute sexual frustration all rolled into an angry little ball. Instinctively, I started taking steps toward my own survival. Money is no problem, I am considered a great artist and my work commands high prices. I was worried about the mess in the living room, but I had a fairly easy time dominating my maid, Maria as she came to do a weekly deep clean of my house. I took every bit of will power I had to keep from draining her then and there. I need her so I think I’ll keep her. But I need to feed. So now I wait in my living room for sunset. I plan to cruse the nightclub circuit tonight and pick up a morsel or two.

The End

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