New Neighbors II: The Rematch by JB57


This story is a Sequel to the Legendary Author Rodman’s story New Neighbors, which can be found here.

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Part 1

After the night in the hot tub, Lynn and I had very little to do with our new neighbors. We would see them practically every day. Steve and I would nod at each other. As the two men involved, we did not have a problem with each other. But Lynn and Diane would simply exchange icy glares. This went on for quite a while. But one night, about a month after the titfight in the hot tub, Lynn surprised me with an unexpected announcement.

We were getting ready for bed. Lynn was dressed in a sheer, short black nightie and nothing else. I was exhausted after a hard day, but just the sight of my luscious wife in her revealing, barely-there nightgown was enough to bring my cock to throbbing attention. Lynn smiled as she saw my reaction to her beauty. She wore the nightie because she knew the effect it had on me and it did not impede our ability to fuck in any way.

I was waiting for her in bed, doing some reading. She came out of the ensuite, brushing her hair. Her expression was pensive and strangely excited, but I did not notice that at first.

“Mark,” Lynn said to me.

“Hmmm?” I replied, trying to focus on my reading. My erection had flagged a bit, but I knew it would come back full force the moment Lynn slid into bed beside me.

“Something interesting happened today,” Lynn went on. “Diane came over for a visit.”

Immediately, Lynn had my full and undivided attention. And that of my cock, too.

“Really?” I asked, my throat a bit dry. “What did she want?” I was wondering what the two women may have done to each other when I was not home. My imagination was already running wild. Ever since Lynn’s titfight with Diane, we had used the experience as an inspiration for our lovemaking. A number of fantasy scenarios that we had already discussed leaped to mind.

“She wants a rematch,” Lynn said, a small smile playing on her beautiful lips. “I told her ‘anytime, anywhere.”

Lynn smiled at my erection, which was now lifting the bedsheet like a circus tent. “So, on Saturday night, you and I are going over to spend another hot tub evening with our neighbors. Diane and I will… have another go at it.”

Lynn turned her back to me and returned to the ensuite. She put down her brush, turned off the light, and walked slowly across the room towards me, her incredible body oozing sexuality. Her eyes were bright. Her magnificent tits rocked, her hips swung seductively.

“Diane pointed out that we are neighbors and it doesn’t make much sense to be at war with each other,” Lynn said, as she pulled up the sheet and slid under the covers. Her hot, smooth leg rubbed its silky length across mine. I pulled off my pajama bottoms, almost frantic with lust, and rolled on top of her, my cock desperate to lodge itself deep and hard inside of her hot, wet pussy. She laughed, clearly delighted at how incredibly turned on I was.  But she kept her legs locked together, teasing me, playing with me, dragging out the moment of delight.

“Just thinking about how it will feel going tit to tit with her, all that thick meat, rubbing and squashing, our nipples stabbing each other…..mmmmm, it just gets me really hot, Mark,” my wife whispered in my ear. Her hard nipples stabbed into my chest, her thick titmeat compressed under my weight, as if to illustrate her points. “Can you just imagine that….Diane and me, tit to tit, grinding each other, nipple to nipple, until one of us can’t take it anymore?”

“Please, baby,” I moaned. She was driving me crazy. But she wasn’t done yet. She kept this up for some time, rubbing her body into mine, murmuring about what her tits would do to Diane’s, about how it would feel, how it would look. Finally, when both of us were excited beyond measure, Lynn spread her legs wide. She was as wet as a lake as I drove my pulsing cock all the way up into her burning hot cunt. She whooped with pleasure. I almost screamed with relief and desire. She tightened her pussy around my swollen member, squeezing me deliciously. We fucked hard late into the night, both of us looking forward to Lynn’s next titfight with Diane.

We made love feverishly every day for the rest of that week, our sexual escapades growing hotter as the days crawled by toward Saturday. Finally, the day itself arrived. Diane had told Lynn that we should come over around 10 PM. That would still leave lots of time for the women to settle things and the darkness would guarantee the privacy that we all wanted.

Lynn wore the same black string bikini she had the first night that we shared the hot tub with Steve and Diane. It was her sexiest swimsuit and she figured that it was her lucky bikini. I watched with awe, my heart in my throat, as my beautiful wife slid on the miniscule black thong bottom then tied the tiny triangles of the bikini top over her huge, perfect tits. Her nipples speared the material and her breasts bulged out from the top, thick titflesh straining the material.

I slipped on my swim trunks, my erection impossible to hide. Lynn smiled. She had already applied her waterproof makeup. She slipped into some incredibly sexy pumps, then modeled the entire getup for me.

“How do I look, baby?” Lynn cooed at me, her eyes shining with excitement. She did a little twirl, presenting herself to me in all her voluptuous glory, her sleek body and smooth skin shining. I ate her up with my eyes.

“God, you’re absolutely beautiful, honey,” I grunted, so aroused that I could barely say a word. I wanted to fuck her right there and then, but we had already spent a good part of the day in bed and she wanted to be fresh and ready for Diane.

She grinned, then pulled a short black robe out of the closet and slipped it on. I got a matching robe from the wardrobe and slipped my feet into some rubber sandals. Arm in arm, Lynn and I walked from our house across the street and over to our neighbor’s home. It was a cool night, a perfect evening for hot tubbing. And titfighting too, I thought to myself.

We went around to the back. Dim, atmospheric yard lights illuminated the beautiful backyard. Lights inside the hot tub made it glow with a gentle luminescence. As before, Steve was alone in the tub when we arrived.

“Hi, neighbors!” Steve called out, his voice sounding a bit too cheerful. I knew that it would take a while for all of us to relax in each other’s company again and, given what we had come here to do, it might not happen at all.

“Hey, Steve,” I greeted him. Lynn smiled warmly, then slid off her robe. She left on her high heels for the moment. In the half light reflecting off of the pool, her nearly naked body looked utterly magnificent. She put her hands on her hips and thrust out her bulbous chest, modeling herself for Steve. “So, where’s Diane?” Lynn asked coolly.

“Uh, she’s inside, getting us drinks and snacks,” Steve said, his eyes hungrily eating up every inch of Lynn’s gorgeous body.

“Seems like she really does want an exact replay of the last time,” Lynn muttered. Even as she said this, Diane appeared. She was carrying a tray loaded up with snacks, a bottle of wine, and some glasses. She was wearing her white string bikini, the one she had been beaten in before, and high-heeled sandals. The bikini was a virtual mirror of Lynn’s swimsuit, except in white. The white bikini was wet and, therefore, both skintight and almost translucent. Diane’s nipples were visible in excruciating detail. Her camel toe was prominently displayed.

Diana and Lynn locked eyes. Both women smiled grimly at each other. I could see the glint of lust and anger in both women’s cool gazes.

“I’m so glad you could make it, Lynn, Mark,” Diane cooed. She leaned down to put the tray of drinks and snacks right on the edge of the tub. Her breasts almost fell out of her bikini top as she did this. “Come on, why don’t we all get into the tub and catch up?”

Lynn removed her high heels and I kicked off my slippers and dropped my robe on a deck chair. Together, we sat down on the edge of the pool and slowly lowered ourselves into the hot water. Across from us, Diane slipped into the tub beside her husband. Steve wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they watched Lynn and me settle into the tub. I put my arm around Lynn’s shoulders and pulled her close. For a few moments, the four of us stared at each other. Then Steve reached up and took the bottle of wine from the tray beside him and filled up two wine glasses; he passed them on to Diane. Diane received the two wine glasses then walked across the pool, still with a cool smile on her face. As she approached us, Steve filled two other glasses.

“Come on!” Steve said cheerfully. “Let’s all drink to putting the past behind us and burying the hatchet! After tonight, no more fighting.”

Diane gave the glasses of wine to Lynn and me. As her hand touched Lynn’s, the two women paused for a moment, letting the touch linger as their eyes locked. Then, smiling sweetly, Diane retreated to her side of the pool and took her glass from her husband.

“Well, I think that we’re here for a little more fighting, Steve,” my wife purred. “Diane asked us over here for a rematch. I think that she wants another titfight.”

Steve smiled. “Well, after that, no more fighting.”

Diane smiled. Lynn and Diane’s eyes locked from across the tub and the sexual tension grew thick and hot. My cock was absolutely throbbing and as hard as I could ever remember it being. The four of us sipped champagne and carried on small talk for a while longer, but all the time the sense of anticipation built and built. Finally, after almost 20 minutes, Diane put her drink on the edge of the tub.

“Shall we get started?” she said, her eyebrow rising in an inquisitive arch.

“Absolutely,” Lynn replied.

Both women stood up and moved slowly towards the center of the tub. Diane spoke over her shoulder to Steve. “Steve, baby,” she said. “Untie my top, please.” I got up immediately and moved behind Lynn. She looked back at me, over her shoulder, and puckered her lips in a kiss. I began to untie her tiny black bikini top. Steve was doing the same for Diane. After a moment, both women’s tops were hanging loose on their chests. We pulled them away and both women stood, once again, topless, facing each other in the boiling water. Diane and Lynn looked down at each other’s breasts, studying the other intently. Steve and I did the same. I examined every inch of Diane’s incredible tits. They looked perfect, heavy and high, thick pink nipples and pebbled areola. They looked completely recovered from the earlier titfight. I also looked over Lynn’s shoulder at her magnificent rack, enjoying the incredible view of my wife’s meaty tits, their hard nipples.

Diane suddenly reached underwater. She untied the string holding her thong in place. She pulled the tiny cloth up out of the water and brandished it in Lynn’s face for a moment, before throwing the white scrap of clothing out onto the deck. She was now absolutely, beautifully nude. I could not see much through the bubbling water, but I felt my dick grow even harder, knowing what was down there.

“I wouldn’t want you doing what you did last time, Lynn,” Diane said, a nasty tone in her voice. She was as good as accusing Lynn of cheating in their last fight. I had to admit, of course, that Diane had a point. Lynn had grabbed Diane’s thong and used it against her. It was probably this fact that convinced Diane she could beat Lynn in a rematch.

Lynn hesitated only an instant. Then, she reached under the water. A moment later, she pulled her black thong out of the bubbling tub. She held it up for all of us to see, then she threw it towards Diane’s thong, on the deck. The black cloth landed on top of the white scrap. Lynn smiled at that, appreciating the symbolism.

“I’m happy to take you on any way you’d like, Diane,” Lynn said quietly, a dangerous sexual timbre to her voice.

The women moved closer and closer to each other. Diane raised her arms, her hands cupping the back of her head, her elbows pointing forward. The act lifted her magnificent tits up, pointing her hard nipples directly at Lynn’s rival nips. Lynn mirrored the move. Slowly, slowly the women brought their nipples together. Head to head, the thick knobs pushed directly into each other. Diane and Lynn gasped in concert at the initial contact, then began slowly, carefully, rotating their nipples into each other, applying a bit of pressure, pushing against each other, trying to keep their nipples in direct, head to head contact. Both women were panting, not from exertion, but from excitement. They moved a little closer, their eyes locked together, their expressions full of anger and lust. I knew my wife’s facial expressions, particularly those related to sex, but I had never seen an expression like this before. She seemed torn between intense arousal and furious anger.

As they pushed closer, their straining nipples bent upward together, none giving any quarter to its opponent. Diane and Lynn pushed a little harder, until their nipples were pointing up and the undersides of their fleshy cylinders were plastered to each other. From the expressions on their lovely faces, I could tell that the women were feeling a combination of intense pleasure and pain.

Diane suddenly moved just a little, causing the women’s nipples to lose their grips. All four, fleshy shafts snapped down and embedded themselves in enemy areola. Diane and Lynn gasped. I knew how sensitive Lynn’s nipples were, so I could imagine how this hard, pulsing grinding was affecting her. The women moved their hands from behind their heads and grabbed each other’s biceps. Holding each other tightly, the women began rotating their nipples around and around each other, keeping their thick shafts buried in the other woman’s areola, scoring the pebbled flesh with their rock-hard nipples. Lynn’s head snapped back and she gasped, a sure sign of intense sexual pleasure. Diane gritted her teeth harder, evidently trying to keep control of her own feelings.

“Fucking cunt!,” Lynn gasped. I could tell from the trembling in her voice that her sexual pleasure was building.

“Filthy slut!,” Diane panted in reply.

Holding each other tightly, the women began flicking their nipples back and forth against each other. The hard nubs caught and snapped as they held for an instant before releasing. Lynn and Diane began to gasp and grunt harder and harder and the thick meat of their beautiful tits quivered with the tension of the sword fight. After a few minutes of this, both women were panting furiously and glaring at each other ferociously.

“No more games, Diane,” Lynn snapped, her voice hoarse.

“I’m not playing games, you cheating bitch,” Diane replied,

Lynn tightened her grip on Diane’s biceps. I could see Diane’s fingers sinking into Lynn’s strong muscle as she returned the hold. The women slowly moved forward, their equally perfect DD tits trapped between their arms, both women pushing into each other with their chests. Steve and I watched, our cocks at full attention, as our wives’ gorgeous, bulging tits crushed into each other, taut flesh compressing and quivering under the tension. They pushed as hard as they could, both women groaning as their meat seemed to condense into four tightly packed, quivering balls of flesh. Their gorgeous boobs mushroomed out, spilling over their arms. Diane and Lynn pushed in tight until they were pressed forehead to forehead. Both women looked down at the tight, trembling cleavage formed between their massive tits. After 20 or 30 seconds of holding each other this way, their bulging chests locked in stalemate, Diane and Lynn pulled back, letting their tits slowly withdraw. They paused, still nipple to nipple, and glared at each other.

“My tits pushed yours flat,” Lynn said to Diane, her voice confident.

“Bullshit. My boobs squashed yours like the soft bags they are,” Diane snapped back.

Lynn’s eyes flashed and her mouth settled into a grim little line. “No more fucking around, Diane,” she growled. “If you want to titfight, let’s do it!”

“Fine by me, bitch,” Diane replied. “You’re not going to catch me by surprise like last time. This time, I’m going to spread your soft little bags all over your fucking chest!”

With that, the women tightened their grips on each other’s biceps and began driving their tits together in earnest. Lynn’s massive DDs crushed hard into Diane’s equally big, equally taut tits, grinding the woman’s tits across her chest. But Diane pushed back just as hard, rubbing her tits against Lynn’s in the opposite direction. Their four massive glands compressed each other, slipping in and out and around each meaty mass, getting caught between each other as the women’s chests moved back and forth, then up and down. From my vantage point, I could see the incredible spectacle of those four glorious mounds of luscious meat compressing and deforming each other, then resisting full compression as the taut meat reached some kind of point of no surrender, then sliding past, quivering with tension, before starting again. Diane and Lynn’s swollen nipples kept flicking past each other, catching and bending, stabbing and grating on areola, before snapping back, then digging into the unprotected titflesh.

I had never seen anything so erotic, so arousing, in my life. The whole thing was made even better by the women’s grunts and squeals, their gasps and occasional curses. They were going at each other like animals, throwing all of their naked bodies into the effort to grind down each other’s tits. Diane released Lynn’s biceps and slipped her arms around my wife’s slim waist, grabbing Lynn in the small of her back, just above her ass. Diane used this grip as leverage as she increased her grinding, thrusting attack on Lynn’s boobs. Lynn slipped her arms inside Diane’s grip, grasped her rival in the small of her back, and shoved back just as hard.

The nude women grunted, squealed, gasped and moaned as they worked their backs and shoulders, slipping and sliding, slapping and slamming their magnificent tits into each other, shoving and mashing, pushing each other tits around on their chests, grinding in opposite directions to increase the pressure. My cock was as stiff as a piece of iron, just from watching what these two gorgeous women were doing to each other’s spectacular tits. I glanced at Steve and saw that he was just as mesmerized as I was.

Diane and Lynn had been going at each other for some time, at least 10 minutes of relentless titfighting. Whatever else would happen tonight, their battle had lasted longer than their first tussle. Then I realized that something else was happening between them. I noticed it first with Lynn, my gorgeous wife. Her grunts and moans were becoming more clearly sexual. She threw back her head and moaned, an expression of pleasure that I had seen from her many times. At first, I wasn’t surprised; Lynn had shown signs of intense pleasure in the previous tit-rubbing fight and I knew from experience how deliciously sensitive her nipples were. Given what she was putting them through tonight, I could only imagine they were throbbing with pleasure! Then, only moments later, Diane gasped and moaned too, in a way that sounded a lot like a woman having passionate sex.

The women leaned into each other, crushing their breasts harder, resting their heads on the other’s shoulder. I could see that they were whispering things to each other, but I could not hear what they were saying over the sounds of the jets and the bubbling water. Their facial expressions were difficult to read. The women’s expressions were those of anger and mutual resentment combined with sexual ecstasy. Their eyelids were hooded, their lips were parted, their faces soft with pleasure. They pulled back and pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, hooded eyes locked, again saying inaudible things to each other, their moist lips almost touching. For a moment, something changed. Both women shifted their grips and suddenly wrapped their arms around the other’s upper back and squeezed tight. They threw back their heads and cried out as the mutual bearhug mashed their massive tits hard. Again, Steve and I were treated to the delicious sight of two side-boobs, compressed into tight balls, straining and quivering against each other as their owners sought to crush the other. I knew how heavy and firm Lynn’s gorgeous tits were; it was clear that Diane’s boobs were every bit their equal. After several seconds of trying to crush each other flat, both women released their bear hugs, slipped their arms back below the water, and resumed the tit-grinding battle. So far, their conflict had been evenly matched.

The water had been boiling this whole time and the women’s constant tit to tit mashing was churning it up even more. But the jets suddenly cut off on the timer, and what had been going on below the surface, between the women’s lower bodies, soon became clear. I don’t know how long it had been going on, but in grabbing each other by the lower back, by leaning back to give their tits more room to slide and grind against each other, the two women had pressed their lower bodies together. Somehow, I’d almost forgotten they were both nude. Now, with the jets off, we could see that their bellies, their pubes, their entire lower torsos all the way down to their hot pussies, were pressed tight and rubbing and working against each other. The women’s thighs were touching, but also slightly spread. With no thongs to protect them, it was clear to me that Diane and Lynn were crotch to crotch, almost certainly clit to clit, and that the titfight had become something even more erotic.

Both women threw their heads back and moaned, their eyes shut tight, their teeth gritted in effort, their gorgeous faces wearing expressions of pain that I soon realized were the expressions of two women trying to hold back intense pleasure. Their tits kept jousting, nipple to nipple, but the focus of the fight had shifted to the women’s cunts. Their hips jerked, their asses rippled, they were clearly rubbing and grinding just as hard below the water as above, and had been for some time. Diane’s hands slipped from the small of Lynn’s back to grab Lynn’s perfect, rippling ass. Lynn immediately returned the grip. Holding each other’s asses tightly, the two women worked their hips furiously, fucking each other relentlessly.

“Wow,” I heard Steve say, “Just fucking wow.” His eyes were wide, but so were mine. My fantasies had always revolved around two titfighting women naturally segueing to a full-on sexfight but I had not expected to see it in real life, let alone see my lovely, busty wife as one of the participants. The fact that she and Diane had almost identical, voluptuous bodies and that, so far, they had each held out against the other, only added to the incredible excitement! This could be the best night of my life!

Diane and Lynn pressed forehead to forehead, nose to nose. They were panting and groaning and gasping, their eyes were locked together in a death glare, even as their hips and asses worked hard under the water. I could tell that both women were willing the other to cum first, that they were both holding back powerful orgasms. My cock was pulsing so hard by this point that I felt I was on the verge of cumming myself.

“You dirty fuck,” Diane whispered to Lynn. She practically groaned the words, even as she squeezed Lynn’s hard, pumping ass, pulling Lynn’s bucking body into her cunt.

“Fucking slut,” Lynn groaned back. She seemed to work her hips just a bit harder, matching Diane pump for pump. It was clear to me that the women were racing to the finish line. They were going clit to clit under the water, torturing each other with raw pleasure, and it seemed that the winner was only a few hard thrusts away.

The end came suddenly. Diane and Lynn tightened their grips on each other, pressed their foreheads together even harder. “Unnnngggggghhhhh!” Lynn cried, her eyelids fluttering as she suffered through what seemed to be an incredible orgasm. At exactly the same moment, Diane screamed out. “Arrrrrgggghhhh!” she howled. Both women went stiff in each other’s arms, their bodies shaking and shuddering as tension rolled through them and released, again and again. Their tits were pressed flat, their bodies writhed against each other, they threw back their heads and moaned out in sheer bliss. Lynn was making sounds I had not heard from her in quite a while, and that I only heard from her when we had a particularly spectacular round of hard sex. Diane was matching her groan for groan. The women pressed cheek to cheek and shuddered some more, gripping tight, crushing their bodies together, before they seemed to collapse in each other’s arms. The strength seemed to have left their voluptuous bodies, but they leaned into each other, holding each other up.

For a minute or more, there was silence in the backyard. Steve and I exchanged glances, but both of us were just waiting to see what would happen next. Lynn and Diane were standing in the middle of the quiet tub, their arms loosely wrapped around the other woman, their naked bodies pressed tight, their chins on the other’s shoulder, panting and moaning, coming down from an incredible high. Their breasts were crushed and I imagined they could feel the other woman’s heart pounding in their chests. Below the water, I thought they were likely still pressed clit to clit, feeling the other’s throbbing sex in the most intimate way possible.

After a minute, Diane and Lynn seemed to regain their senses. They pulled back, staring eye to eye, and finally pushed apart. Each woman slowly retreated to the opposite side of the tub.

They sat down, still glaring at each other, still panting. Their hearts must be pounding, I thought to myself. Their beautiful tits floated in the water in front of them. Their nipples remained hard, despite what seemed to be an incredibly powerful orgasm – maybe several powerful orgasms – that the women had shared. I started to move towards Lynn, thinking that my place should be beside my wife, but then Diane spoke.

“So, who went off first?” Diane asked, her eyes never leaving Lynn’s eyes. The two women were glaring at each other, the animosity between them even stronger than before. She was talking to Steve and me.

Steve looked at me; I looked at him. “I think you went off at the same time,” I said. “If one of you went off before the other, it was too close to call.”

“Bullshit!” Diane snapped. “I know I made this slut cream before I got anywhere near cumming!”

“Um,” I replied. To me, this was clearly wrong. I looked to Steve, hoping he would back me up.

“I’m sorry, love,” Steve said, apologetically. “I think that Mark is right. I couldn’t tell who went off first either.”

“You hear that, cunt?” Lynn hissed at Diane. “You still can’t beat me. Your tits can’t beat me and your little girl clit can’t beat me, either.” I thrilled at the confirmation that what Steve and I had witnessed was a full-on clit to clit battle. Two women could not fight each other in a more intimate, sexy way and I could not wait to get home and have Lynn describe to me every sensation that she felt – preferably, as we were fucking each other senseless.

“Fuck this,” Diane said. The brunette beauty stood up in the tub, then reached back, still facing Lynn, and pushed herself up on the edge of the tub, lifting her body out of the water. I ate up the delicious sight of Diane’s beautiful naked body. Her pussy was absolutely clean shaven and was deeply cleft, very much like my lovely wife’s beautiful pussy, that I knew so well. Diane sat on the edge of the hot tub deck and swung her legs from the tub onto the deck. Still on her ass, she scooted back on the smooth, artificial material, until she was about a meter away from the pool. She spread her legs, fully exposing her beautiful, flawless cunt. Again, my eyes widened and I stared intently at her perfect twat, trying to memorize every inch.

“Let’s settle this, Lynn,” Diane said. “Cunt to cunt, right now. I don’t want you or anyone else having any doubt about which of us has the better pussy.”

Lynn did not hesitate. I knew my wife well enough to see the flash of lust in her eyes. She was looking forward to going at it again with Diane. And why wouldn’t she? Given how much she had screamed and moaned and shaken at the climax of their first fuckfight, it was pretty clear that having sex with Diane was extremely enjoyable, to put it mildly. But I also knew her competitive instinct. She really wanted to put the other woman in her place.

“That’s fine by me, you cunt,” Lynn replied.

Lynn crossed the tub, stood up on the seat where Diane had been, and pushed herself out of the water. Steve and I admired her perfect, heart-shaped ass. She got onto the deck on her knees and then swung her legs around and sat on her ass, her legs bent at the knee. Lynn spread her legs and began sliding down the deck towards Diane. I could not believe Steve and I would get the chance to see the women go at each other, cunt to cunt and clit to clit, in full, vivid, unobstructed color! I almost tripped over my own legs as I scrambled out of the pool. Steve was also wide-eyed with excitement.

We positioned ourselves on either side of the women, Steve on the hot tub side, me closer to the house. We were down on our hands and knees, watching intently as Lynn and Diane moved together, sliding their smooth, muscular legs over and under each other, lefts over rights, scissoring as they lined up their deep-slitted cunts. They were both absolutely clean-shaven, as smooth as silk. Their pussies were wet. Some of this was water from the tub, of course, but I suspected a lot was also being generated from inside their sopping twats.

When the women were only inches apart, they both stopped, their eyes locked. I had the strange sense that, for both Diane and Lynn, Steve and I had almost ceased to exist. They only had eyes for each other, they only wanted to destroy one another, woman to woman. They had entered some kind of primal state, where their sexual competition was the only thing that mattered.

Lynn reached down between her legs and spread her wet, juicy cunt lips with her fingers, teasing her swollen clit out. Her clit was huge, bigger and harder than I remembered it being. It twitched with tension.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking your cunt until you explode, Diane,” Lynn purred, her voice almost a growl. The pure animal lust that I heard in her voice sent a shiver down my spine and a spike of electricity through my cock. I had heard that tone before but, again, only when my wife was aroused beyond belief.

“I’m going to enjoy destroying your little girl clit with mine, Lynn,” Diane murmured back, her voice sexy and vicious at once. She reached down and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips. Her throbbing clit popped free. I almost gasped as I looked from one woman’s clit to the other. Just like their breasts were exactly the same size and weight, the way their nipples were equally long and thick, so Diane and Lynn’s clits were perfect matches. If I had a ruler to measure them, I was sure they would prove to be equal in size, thickness and length. In fact, as I stared down at the perfect pussies, I realized that I would have a hard time telling whose cunt belonged to who, if I saw both women’s vulva in separate photos. Fully engorged, shivering with sexual tension, the women’s sexhorns were also indescribably beautiful. It was intoxicating to think that, in moments, the women would bring those incredible appendages together and use them to overwhelm and conquer each other with raw pleasure.

The women’s eyes locked and they both leaned back, bracing their bodies with their arms. I took the opportunity to examine both women’s bodies, marveling again at what perfect matches they were, at how perfect and voluptuous they were by any measure. The women’s thick, heavy DDs quivered on their chests as they panted with growing excitement. They spread their legs a little wider, pointing their juicy, pink cunts directly at each other, clearly planning to lock labia and enter and penetrate each other as deeply as they could on the first thrust. I had the real sense that Lynn and her beautiful rival wanted to eat each other alive with their glorious genitals. The women nodded at each other. They surged forward, thrusting powerfully with their hips, closing the final inches between their steaming cunts.

Diane and Lynn’s succulent pussies slapped together with the sound of wet meat. I watched in awe as the juicy pink flowers of their lush labia seemed to mash and fuse, how the powerful muscles of their cunt lips seemed to close and fold on each other, sealing tight in a death grip. Their swollen clits came together head to head, striking each other like two fleshy swords, then holding, slipping and sliding on each other, but not separating.

Diane and Lynn threw back their heads and screamed. Their massive tits quivered powerfully, and I had the distinct impression that their tits had swollen to an even greater size and hardened even more as their bodies experienced a new level of sexual arousal. If it was possible, their nipples looked even harder and longer than before. The women’s screams faded to pulsating moans. Their beautiful faces were contorted, as though they were in agony, but I realized they were really caught in excruciating pleasure. They groaned, the animal sounds they were making somehow conveying both an incredible hunger and a shared dread. The women clenched their teeth as they glared at each other. They braced their bodies and began to buck and thrust, rubbing clits furiously, driving wet, hot cunts deeper and harder into each other.

Tears began to stream down the women’s faces; their pants and groans grew more desperate. I could only imagine the kind of sensations they were giving to each other. I knew the jealousy of the man who appreciates, maybe for the first time, how much deeper and more powerful sex can be for women. Here were two absolutely beautiful women, equal in every way, striving to destroy and overpower each other by forcing more pleasure on each other than they could bear. What a wonderful way to fight!

Diane and Lynn settled into a hard rhythm, moving in concert as they fucked. Their tits bounced, their hips undulated, their bellies rippled with effort. The sounds of hot, wet cunt sucking and mashing filled the air. The intoxicating scent of hot womanhood wafted up from the women’s locked twats. Diane and Lynn moaned and gasped, groaned and sobbed as they worked their genitals deeper and harder together, as they matched each other womanhood to womanhood and sought to overpower the other beautiful woman. They pushed closer as they sank more deeply into each other. Each woman wrapped a thigh around the other’s hips. They continued jerking as they shared thrust after thrust, but they also pushed their bodies nearer, bending up, until their massive, bouncing tits met nipple to nipple. The surge of pleasure from their burning nipples seemed to set the women off on another round of gasping, groaning cries of pleasure. They were now almost face to face, their hips and asses jerking as they clit-fucked, their arms straining to hold them up. Diane and Lynn pressed nose to nose, glaring at each other hatefully, their lips almost touching. They shared panting breath, their animal sounds seemed meant for their ears alone. I waited for the women to kiss, to join the final parts of their bodies that were not locked together in intimate combat, but somehow the women resisted.

The fuckfight went on and on. Steve and I watched intently, both of us trying to memorize everything we were seeing. By this time, I had cum into my swim trunks a couple of times, but my cock still burned and was as hard as steel. I was sure that Steve had the same experience. I did not feel ashamed. It is hard to convey just how primal and erotic what we were witnessing actually was. It was like we were in the presence of pure sex. It was as though our beautiful wives had become true goddesses of sex and were now locked in a primal duel to decide which of them was the superior deity, which of them had greater sexual power stored in their throbbing clits, their hot, tight cunts, their massive, hard-nippled tits.

For 15, 20, 25 minutes, Diane and Lynn fucked. I did not think it was possible for them to hold off their orgasms for so long. It was clear this was what they were doing. They were pushed up to each other, their equal, DD tits crushed tight, belly to belly, their hips and asses jerking with each clit to clit grind, their pussies squeezing and squeezing each other. For 25 minutes, they had rammed and rubbed and slotted the most sensual, erotic, deliciously sensitive parts of their perfect bodies against and into each other, torturing each other with pure bliss, all with the goal of forcing the other woman into the most powerful, most devastating orgasm of her life. The women were nose to nose, staring into each other. Seeing each other, watching each other for signs of weakness, of surrender – I was sure their shared hatred was giving them the strength to resist the natural, inevitable results of the unbearable ecstasy they were forcing on each other.

I heard Diane whimper, cry out with a tone of desperation. I looked closely at her gorgeous face, wondering if this was the end. A moment later, however, I heard the same kind of sound come from my beloved Lynn. Once again, I could see they were racing each other to the edge, each one trying desperately the push the other off the cliff before she came herself. Their hips jerked a bit harder, signaling they were rubbing clits with a bit more force. Diane suddenly lifted one hand from the deck behind her, slid it over Lynn’s hip, and grabbed my wife’s beautiful, flexing ass. A moment later, Lynn grabbed Diane’s ass, with first one hand then both. Diane gripped both of Lynn’s buttocks and, suddenly, the women were holding each other’s asses, pulling each other in even harder, fucking to the end. Their cries grew even more shrill.

Diane suddenly closed the distance between their beautiful faces and locked Lynn into a deep, probing, hungry kiss. I saw the women’s tongues working furiously inside of their inosculated mouths as they kissed passionately, lustily, for the first time. It seemed to push them both over the edge. With a spray of spit, the women stopped kissing and threw back their heads to scream soundlessly at the sky. I realized, after a moment, that whatever they were feeling was too intense to express with words or sounds. They released choking gasps. Their grip on the other’s ass intensified, their hips jerked uncontrollably and, abruptly, they fell back from each other, catching their bodies with their hands. Their hips and asses bucked hard, their powerful abdomens rippled and, suddenly, girl cum was bubbling up from their interlocked pussy lips. With choking screams, Diane and Lynn fell flat on their backs, their bodies locked tight at their genitals. They writhed and moaned, they screamed and bucked, they rammed themselves together with all their power. It was obvious that they were both cumming, cumming and cumming, cumming into each other over and over again. It was like a dam had burst inside of them and was now overflowing.

Steve and I sat back and watched what was happening with astonishment. The women we loved were fucking each other senseless, maybe fucking each other to death, fucking and fucking and cumming and cumming, their lush bodies undulating and jerking and writhing uncontrollably, tears streaming down their faces, animal groans and deep, choking screams echoing into the night. This could only have lasted two or three minutes, but it felt like forever. We realized that we were witnessing a level of sexual pleasure that I don’t think either of us had thought possible. Finally, arching their backs, lifting their hips high off the deck, their massive tits bouncing like balls, Lynn and Diane erupted in their final orgasm. They screamed as copious amounts of gooey cum squirted from their inosculated cunts, trickling down their asses to drip onto the deck. A little nipple cum even jetted from their distended nipples. Then, they collapsed.

For one or two minutes, Steve and I stood in shock, not quite knowing what to do. The women were not motionless. Instead, their bodies were gently writhing as they rubbed their genitals together. We were not sure if this was a prelude to something more or if this was simply the instinctive response of the bodies of two women who had fucked each other’s brains out and now did not want to separate from what had given them so much pleasure.

They finally stopped moving. “Come on,” Steve said. “We better separate them and get them to bed.” He moved towards his wife. I reached out and stroked Lynn’s soft hair, trying to wake her up. I realized that physically separating the women might be hard. Their pussies were slicked with viscous cum but, from what I could see, their voluptuous bodies seemed to be locked cunt-deep inside of each other in a meaty join I had not thought possible and their swollen clits seemed knotted together. Well, I thought to myself, these women had fought to a standstill once again. Lynn would be happy with that. It meant she was still one up on Diane, even if the other woman claimed that Lynn had cheated to win that one decisive victory.

“Lynn,” I whispered to my gorgeous wife. “Lynn, baby, it’s time to go home.” I heard Steve saying similar words to his wife. Lynn stirred a bit, her eyes fluttering.

Suddenly, I heard Diane’s voice. It was harsh and guttural, but it was clear. “No,” she moaned, “No, it’s not over yet.” I looked to see Diane had pushed herself up with one arm. She placed her free hand on Lynn’s muscular belly, just below the navel. Diane’s massive tits looked thick and hard and were dripping nipple cum and sweat.

“Baby,” Steve pleaded, “Please. It’s time to stop.”

“No,” Diane insisted. She sounded almost intoxicated, but she seemed to be aware of what she was doing. “Need to fuck,” she moaned. “Need to fuck Lynn.”

I was about to object when I felt Lynn’s hand on my wrist. I looked down at my lovely wife. Her eyes were open, though they seemed dazed.

“Lynn, baby,” I began, but she cut me off.

“No, Mark, need this. Need to fuck her. Let her come.”

Reluctantly, Steve and I pulled back to watch whatever would happen. Diane pushed herself up, bracing her body with her arms. Lynn propped herself up on her elbows. The women looked at where their bodies were joined together and slowly worked their hips. Their swollen clits popped apart, forcing a groan from both women. Diane braced her heels on the deck and used her hands and feet to pull her body away from Lynn’s prone form. The women’s cunts pulled apart with a sucking sound and cum splattered onto the deck.

Lynn fell back onto her shoulders and did not move. Diane got onto her hands and knees and slowly crawled up to Lynn’s body. Lynn reached out as Diane got closer. She spread her legs, opening her wet thighs and presenting her red cunt to her rival. Diane mounted Lynn slowly but eagerly. The women were staring into each other, eye to eye, connecting in some intimate, secret way I did not understand. With a shared moan, Diane’s body dropped onto Lynn’s equally lush form. The women’s massive tits crushed tight, they slapped belly to belly. I could tell when Diane slid her hot, wet cunt down onto Lynne’s waiting pussy. Both women moaned in shared bliss as they mated, a sound of pure erotic joy and lust, and Lynn’s hips jerked up to make the bond as tight as they could. The women pressed nose to nose, panting and moaning at each other, whispering words I could not hear, but they did not kiss. Lynn slid her hands down to grasp Diane’s taut ass. Diane slipped her hands under Lynn’s body to grip my gorgeous wife by her equally perfect ass. As Steve and I watched, the women began to move together, their bodies thrusting in rhythm, undulating like mating snakes, every inch of flesh fusing and merging with every other inch of flesh. Their moans grew louder and harder until, as if reaching some threshold, Diane and Lynn sank into a hot, passionate kiss. We could see their tongues moving inside their sealed mouths, we could soon see spit overflowing. The women must have swallowed it back as they went along. Their asses and hips moved in concert, they rubbed clit to clit, their cunts caressed, slick pussy lips sliding on slick pussy lips.

I did not know where they had found this incredible energy, but somehow Diane and Lynn were in a full body-fuck mode, gripping each other’s flexing ass, swallowing each other’s moans and screams of pleasure, grinding and grinding clits and tits and bellies, sealing their bodies in a writhing wave of pleasure. After about 20 minutes, they went stiff in each other’s arms. They broke their relentless kiss. Diane and Lynn looked deep into each other’s eyes as they let out cries of pleasure. I could tell when they both came, when their cunts released simultaneously and they injected hot cum into each other. The look of sheer, delicious pleasure that passed over their gorgeous faces as this happened, as they stared into each other’s eyes, flagged that moment with certainty. They kept bucking, kept pumping cum into each other, but I was entranced by the look they shared as they did this. They were staring into each other, sharing some deep, intimacy that surpassed anything I had seen in my wife’s eyes before. As their shared orgasms rolled to an end, Lynn wrapped her powerful legs around Diane’s slim waist and squeezed tight.

Nose to nose, lip to lip, Lynn and Diane kept staring, kept sharing whatever profound intimacy they had fucked out of each other. The women touched tongues, then whispered something to each other. They sank into another passionate kiss, their tongues lapping, the spit flowing freely between their mouths. Lynn twined her legs through Diane’s perfect legs. Eyes fluttering, their bodies crushed together from head to toe, the women passed out in each other’s arms.

After another minute or two, to be sure they did not stir and start something again, Steve and I approached the unconscious women. Slowly, he rolled his naked wife off of Lynn’s nude body. Steve picked up Diane and smiled at me with a somewhat embarrassed, somewhat confused look.

“Well, I’m not sure what happens now, but I hope this went some way to burying the hatchet,” he said to me.

“Yes, I’m sure it will,” I replied, as I picked up my naked wife. I looked around the deck. Our robes, Lynn’s and Diane’s bikinis, a few other items were scattered around. “I’ll come by early tomorrow and pick up our stuff,” I said to Steve. “For now, I just want to get my wife to bed.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Steve said. He turned towards his house, his naked wife in his arms. “Have a good night.”

I did not bother acknowledging this. I carried my naked wife next door. I slid Lynn into bed and stripped off my swimsuit, then snuggled up to her under the covers. I held Lynn, but I could not miss the scent of Diane on Lynn’s sexed up body, or the smell of dried cum and sweat and everything else that indicated the incredible sexual battle I had just witnessed. I remembered Lynn and Diane staring deep into each other’s eyes, sharing orgasms and hot cum, whispering to each other, sharing some kind of intimate, erotic connection that left me feeling excluded. I wondered if I had anything to worry about. I decided that I needed to talk to my wife about what had passed between her and her rival. I wrapped an arm around Lynn’s waist, cupped her melon-sized tit, pulled her close to my naked body, and fell asleep.

Part 2

When we woke the next morning, Lynn did not have much to say about what had happened the night before. Her breasts and pussy were a bit sore, but she was otherwise fine. She seemed angry, but it was hard for me to figure out exactly why she was upset. As I pointed out to her, she had battled Diane to a standstill at least twice. True, their struggle ended with both women passed out in each other’s arms, with Diane on top, but that was not the same as losing to the brunette beauty. Lynn did not seem to quite see it that way and I could only conclude that she had wanted a decisive victory over the other woman, like the last time they fought.

“I can’t stand that fucking bitch,” Lynn fumed. She was standing in our en suite bathroom, naked, brushing her hair. I sat on the bed, admiring Lynn’s beautiful nude body, remembering how it looked striving and struggling against Diane’s equally beautiful body. Not surprisingly, I found myself getting hard.

“What did you say to each other?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Lynn replied, continuing to brush her hair in the mirror.

“A number of times during the fight, I could see that you and Diane were saying things to each other, but you were whispering or the jets were on, so I couldn’t hear.”

She paused mid-brush, as if trying to remember, then replied slowly. “I guess we were just cursing each other, calling each other names, saying we would crush each other, that kind of thing.” She did not seem entirely satisfied in her answer and I certainly was not, but I did not really want to push things, at least not yet.

“I think that Diane and Steve will probably invite us over again, sometime. Probably fairly soon. Are you up for that?”

Lynn put down her brush and came into the bedroom. She stood in front of me, completely naked, her hands on her hips, her massive, perfect DDs thrust forward. She smiled at me, a slow, sexy grin. She raised her hand to her breasts, cupped them and squeezed them together, then ran her hands down her taut body, until they framed her smooth pussy.

“I’m not finished with Diane, baby, and I know she isn’t finished with me. When they ask us over, we’ll go.”

It was another week before we got the call, but it came in the form of a note slipped under our front door. The note was addressed to “Mark and Lynn” but it was written by Diane and really meant for Lynn, which wasn’t surprising.

“Dear Lynn and Mark,” the note read, “Steve and I would love to have you over for another hot tub session this Friday. Please come by around 10 PM. We have some ideas for how we can make our little competition a bit more interesting and fun for everyone. RSVP.”

Lynn smiled when she read the note to me. It was a strange kind of grin – part amused, part excited, part vicious. “Well, I think we’ll be going, right?” I asked. “You bet your sweet ass we’re going,” Lynn replied. “I’m just dying to see what kind of ‘competition’ she has in mind.”

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur – work, home, hot sex with Lynn. We were both excited about whatever was waiting for us at our neighbors’ home that weekend. One thing was sure: before Steve and Diane moved in, our sex life had been very good, but their arrival – and everything that had happened since – had given it a shot of adrenalin. We fucked every night, first thing in the morning and, when possible, as soon as I got home at night. We were as horny as we had been as newlyweds, and now we were approaching our mid-30s! I knew it couldn’t last, but it was fun while it was happening and we planned to enjoy it while we could. Of course, I also knew that women hit their sexual peak in their early to mid-30s; maybe this was happening right on time for Lynn and Diane.

Finally, Friday night arrived. Lynn and I had sex between about 7:30-9, then showered and slipped on our swimsuits. Even after a round of good, hard lovemaking with my beautiful wife, I was still semi-hard when I pulled on my trunks and my robe. Lynn took a bit longer to prepare, as she put on a very light touch of makeup and brushed out her hair. I watched her tie her black bikini into place – the tiny thong and then the tiny triangle bra that barely contained her luscious, firm DDs. “God, you’re gorgeous,” I said to her, admiring her beautiful body as she modeled herself in the mirror. She winked at me. “Let’s go see our neighbors, baby,” she purred, a sexy smile on her lips. Lynn slipped on her short, black robe and some high-heeled sandals. She took my arm. Together, in the dark, we walked from our house to Steve and Diane’s place.

It was pitch black in front, but we made our way around to the very private backyard. Once again, the only light was the eerie glow coming off of the lights in the tub. I could see a faint luminescence from inside the house, in what was probably the kitchen, but it was too dull to make a difference. I noticed something I had not seen before: a couple of thick exercise mats were lying on the deck, between the tub and the house. Steve was in the tub, immersed up to his chest in the bubbling water. Diane was nowhere to be seen.

Steve waved to us. “Hi neighbors! Come on in! I just started up the tub, but it’s nice and warm!”

“Hey Steve,” I said, doffing my robe, dropping it on a deck chair, and slipping off my crocs. Steve’s eyes were fixed to Lynn as she slid off her robe and dropped it on mine. Her magnificent body, almost naked in the tiny bikini, her tits straining in all the right places, was mesmerizing in the half-light. She slid out of her high heels and stood, barefoot, on the deck. We were just approaching the tub when Diane called out.

“Hi Lynn, Mark,” Diane said, her voice cheerful and friendly. I looked up to see her approaching us, carrying a tray with drinks and a couple of bottles of wine. But my attention immediately focused on something else: Diane was completely nude. At first, I thought she was wearing her white, translucent bikini. But the uninhibited sway of her massive tits and the deep shadow of her smooth vulva made me realize that she was naked. “Didn’t Steve tell you?” she continued, smiling. “We’re doing hot tubbing the way it was meant to be done – completely in the nude. Come on, take off those scraps of cloth and join us.” She said this last while staring directly into Lynn’s eyes. Diane put her tray down on the deck beside Steve, her perfect breasts swinging like pendulums. Rather than getting into the tub, she stood, her hands on her hips, her eyes locked with Lynn’s.  Her naked body gleamed in the light, the shadows accentuating the size of her tits, the defined muscle of her abs, and the deep valley between her thighs.

I did not hesitate. I slid my trunks off, dropped them on the deck chair. My erection was fully visible and Diane broke her stare down with Lynn to arch an amused eyebrow at my stiff cock and smile. Then, her eyes went back to Lynn.

Lynn had a half smile. She walked up to Diane, her big tits swaying gently in her tight bikini top. When she was just a foot or so away from Diane, she stopped and matched Diane’s hands-on-hips stance. “Mark, babe,” Lynn called out. “Would you mind undoing the knot on my back?” I walked up behind her and untied the string holding the bikini to her muscled back. Even from behind her, I could see her big tits bounce as the pressure released, but they barely sagged at all. “Why don’t you go get a spot in the tub, baby?” Lynn said to me, without breaking Diane’s gaze. “This will just take a second.”

The women stood staring at each other, one nude, the other almost nude, as I made my way around to the far side of the tub and lowered myself into the water. I did not want to miss anything, but they did not seem to want me to miss anything either. When I was settled, Lynn reached up and pulled the black bikini top away from around her neck and threw it onto the chair in one movement. The women eyed each other’s incredible tits. They were both panting with excitement; their tits were moving up and down in unison, the bare nipples pointed at each other like twin spears. Diane reached out with both hands and grasped the cords of Lynn’s thong, that tied the minute scrap of cloth to her hips. Diane pulled both strings at once. She whipped the loose thong away from Lynn’s body, leaving my wife standing naked before her.

The women continued to stare, to let the incredible sexual tension build. Their tits were now heaving, their lips were parted as they panted softly. They were incredibly horny. Lynn moved, suddenly closing the distance between their naked bodies, pressing nipple to nipple with Diane. The women groaned in concert as their tits met and compressed, just a bit, the thick meat pushing in and forming a delicious bulge. Lynn and Diane pressed nose to nose, belly to belly. They must have felt the heat coming off of their wet, hot cunts. Their thighs pressed tight. Their lips were almost touching. Then, as if they received the same signal, the two women wrapped their arms around the other’s naked body and pulled each other in tight. Their massive tits compressed, Lynn slid her leg around Diane’s to lock calf to calf. Their tongues tentatively reached for each other and lapped gently. Then, as if a fire had been lit inside their bodies, the women turned their heads, slipped their noses past each other, and sank into a deep, tongue-thrusting kiss. They moaned loudly as they kissed savagely, their mouths working. They both placed a hand on the back of the other’s head to push their mouths more deeply together. Their bodies writhed and I realized that their torsos were beginning to undulate in rhythm. One of Diane’s hands slipped down to caress and squeeze Lynn’s ass and Lynn replied by seizing both of Diane’s ass cheeks and squeezing hard. The women’s animalistic moans became louder, harsher, and I wondered if they were going to take each other on in a stand up fuck right here or if they would wrangle each other down to the deck and start rutting like two animals in heat.

Diane reached up, sank her fingers into Lynn’s thick hair, and pulled Lynn’s head away. Lynn pulled Diane’s hair in reply. The women’s kiss broke apart. A thick strand of spit joined their lips as they glared at each other, their eyes on fire. Their bodies were still pressed tight, from tits down to thighs, but they slowly disengaged, stepping back, letting their nude flesh pull apart. I could tell neither woman wanted to do this; I knew Lynn’s expressions and the face she had on now was her “I want to fuck until I drop face.” It was pure savage lust and hunger, a passionate need for complete sexual union. Diane had exactly the same expression and, if it was not clear before, it was certainly clear now that these two women wanted to fuck each other raw. It must have taken enormous willpower for them to disengage. As they separated, Diane reached out and gently stroked one of Lynn’s massive tits; Lynn returned the gesture and, for a moment, the two women stood, holding each other by the tit, their thumbs caressing a hard nipple. They released each other and stepped back.

“That was a nice way to say ‘hello’,” Diane smiled, her voice a sexy purr.

“We’re just starting to say ‘hello’, Diane,” Lynn replied, her voice rasping slightly.

“Let’s get into the tub and warm up,” Diane suggested, cheerful again. “We can discuss my ideas for a little competition.”

Lynn walked around the tub and slid in beside me. I noticed that Steve’s hungry eyes followed my wife’s naked body until Diane lowered herself into the tub beside him. For my part, I used the opportunity to eat up every inch of Diane’s voluptuousness. I knew every inch of Lynn’s gorgeous body and I had to admit that Diane really was a match for her in every way. The women were made to fight each other, I thought to myself. My dick pulsed a bit harder with that thought.

Steve passed around drinks to everyone and all us sat back for a few minutes and sipped on the delicious wine. I was sure it was meant to help the women lower their inhibitions even more, if that was possible. But the wine was also needed to make it easier for Steve and me to let go of some of our own self-imposed restrictions, as I soon learned.

After a few minutes of relaxing and calming down, Lynn finally broke the silence. “OK, what’s your idea?”

Diane took a sip of wine. “It’s very simple. You and I have a sexual competition going. After the last time we met, I think it’s pretty obvious that we are very evenly matched. You won the titfight we had the first night we met, though I maintain you cheated.” Lynn snorted. “I won the last time we met, in a full-on fuckfight.”

“Like hell!” Lynn snarled. “That was a tie!”

“Hm, I seem to recall mounting you and fucking you until you passed out,” Diane snapped back. “But,” she retreated a bit, “I agree that how it ended was tough to call. That’s why I think we should have a series of competitions tonight. We fight three different times, in three different ways. Whoever cums first in any of the fights is the loser.  Best two out of three. The loser has to watch the winner get fucked by her husband.” When Diane said the last part, she looked at me directly and grinned. My cock seemed to expand to twice its normal size.

“So,” Lynn said slowly, “If I lose, I have to watch Mark fuck you? And if you lose, you have to watch Steve fuck me?”

“That’s it,” Diane nodded.

The two women glared at each other from across the tub. I understood what was happening. What Diane was proposing was that each of them had to put something they valued – their husbands – on the table. The loser would have to face the absolute humiliation of watching the person who sexually defeated them fucking the brains out of their partner. Nothing could be worse for either of these two Alpha bitches.

“That’s perfect,” Lynn breathed, her eyes glowing, locked in a death glare with Diane. The women smiled at each other savagely, the pure desire to destroy and humiliate each other never more apparent. I could see what Lynn was imagining: taking on Steve, bucking and grinding under him, all the while keeping her gaze locked with Diane, forcing the other woman to watch while Lynn fucked her husband senseless.

“Um,” I interjected, “Do we men get a say in any of this?”

“No,” both women said in concert, their gazes still locked in pure hate.

Steve shook his head at me, almost sadly. “Sorry, buddy, we’re just tools to be used in all this.”

I considered objecting, but one look at Lynn made me realize that it would be futile. That deep erotic intimacy that she shared with Diane was clearly present right now, as the women stared at each other. Whatever this bond was between them, there was no affection in it. It was completely sexual and completely about dominating the other woman. Lynn was usually a very sensitive and considerate partner. But right now, whatever was going on between her and Diane demanded this effort at complete mutual humiliation and how I might feel about it just didn’t matter to her. Don’t get me wrong: the idea of shoving my thick dick all the way up Diane’s wet, hot snatch and fucking her brains out gave me chills and made my cock swell up like a balloon. I had not been with another woman since marrying Lynn and Diane was physically perfect and exactly the kind of woman I desired. I imagined squeezing those massive DDs in my hands and I could not keep from smiling. Fucking another woman with the permission of my wife was one of my fantasies. There was also no doubt that Diane would be going all out to give me as much pleasure as she could, just to anger and humiliate Lynn further. But if this happened, it would be because Lynn lost to Diane, and it could put our marriage on the rocks. On the flip side, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of Lynn writhing and grinding and giving her all to Steve, just so she could rub Diane’s face in her defeat and humiliation. That could create problems from my end.

I thought about all this and then decided to put it out of my mind. My wife wanted this and I don’t think there was any way I could stop her. Besides, if she won and fucked Steve, I would know for sure it was not because of dissatisfaction with me. I decided to sit back and just try to enjoy what was about to happen. Two incredibly beautiful, busty women who were equal in every way were about to try to destroy each other by fucking each other raw. My deepest fantasies were about to be realized.

“What are the contests?” Lynn asked. She was excited and she wanted to start.

Diane held up her hand and counted down on her fingers. “First, 69; second, pussy to pussy, clit to clit fucking; third, double-headed dildo. If someone loses two in a row, we stop and go right to the end. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Lynn said. “How do we decide who starts on the bottom in the 69?” Apparently, this was the disadvantageous position.

“We could flip a coin,” Diane suggested, shrugging her shoulders.

“I’ve got a better idea,” Lynn smiled. “We fuck for it. Right here in the tub. Just an appetizer. Winner gets top position.”

Diane smiled, her eyes growing brighter. “I like the way you think. That’s fine by me.”

Diane and Lynn pushed off from the sides of the tub and came together in the center. Diane wrapped her arms around Lynn’s upper back; Lynn slipped her arms around Diane’s wasp waist and pulled her in. The women moaned as their heavy tits mashed, their nipples sank into each other. Lynn had told me that her nipples burned like erotic fire when they were linked with Diane’s nips, that her breasts throbbed and felt they would explode with pleasure, and I imagined that was how they felt now. The women pressed nose to nose and forehead to forehead, smiling at each other viciously. They tightened their holds, their arms closing around their bodies. Their bare bellies slapped tight, their swollen tits flattened to each other. The women touched tongues, lapping at each other, then locked into a deep, hungry kiss. They moaned in exquisite pleasure, the hunger they were feeling for each other coming through in the sounds.

Steve reached up on to the deck and pressed a button. The jets shut off, which gave us a clearer view of what the women’s lower bodies were doing. They were undulating, their bellies moving in rhythm, their legs spread, their pelvises tilted forward, and their hips rolling. Their moans, stifled within their locked mouths, grew more frantic, and their hips began to jerk in a way that indicated they were rubbing pussies, thrusting and jousting with their clits in the hot water. Lynn and Diane both lowered their arms, grabbing each other first by the lower back, then even lower, filling their hands with the other’s jerking ass as they fucked harder and harder.

They broke the kiss and pressed nose to nose, forehead to forehead, glaring balefully into each other’s eyes as their pants, moans and grunts of pleasure grew louder, more frantic. Their bodies moved in a hard rhythm, matching each other thrust for thrust. Water splashed up from between their mashed cleavage, the only place it could squeeze from between their grinding bodies. The women’s teeth were clenched, their faces were contorted in agony as they each tried to hold back their orgasms, as they tried to outlast and outfuck the other.

Lynn threw back her head and groaned in agony, but she jerked her hips even harder. “Oh, oh, you fuck!” she gasped.

Diane screamed out and pumped hard, matching Lynn thrust for thrust. “Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she groaned. Both women’s eyes were shut tight, their faces savage, their teeth gritted. They were both on the edge of an orgasmic explosion.

The women’s fingers were sunk deep into the other’s taut ass, their bodies were bucking and thrusting, they were racing to a devastating end. Lynn suddenly screamed out. “FUCK, oh FUCKKKKK!!” Her hips jerked hard, her eyes fluttering as intense pleasure overwhelmed her. Diane took advantage of her distraction, pushing her to the side of the tub. Fortunately, this was a spot where there were no seats, so Lynn was able to stay on her feet.

“God oh God, Oh, FUCCCCKKK!!” Diane shrieked a moment later. Her ass jerked, her hips bucked. The two women pounded their cunts together in ecstasy. They clung to each other as they rode out the waves of pure pleasure wracking their bodies. Finally, the orgasms abated. The women leaned into each other, gasping, resting nose to nose, their faces pushed tight, still clinging to each other’s asses. The women slowly came down from their powerful orgasmic high.

Diane kissed Lynn gently on the lips. Lynn kissed back. The women shared breath, almost mouth to mouth, as they regarded each other through hooded eyes. “I beat you, fucker,” Diane panted. “You came first.”

Lynn nodded. “You won,” she panted. “You get the top position.”

“You better get used to saying that,” Diane taunted. Neither woman seemed to want to separate. For a few more minutes they stood, leaning into each other, Diane pinning Lynn up against the wall of the tub, rubbing their naked bodies together. Finally, Diane pulled back and moved to her side of the tub, sitting in her seat next to Steve. Lynn rejoined me. For a minute or two, there was quiet as the women’s breathing returned to normal.

Steve served us all some more wine and we sat in silence, waiting for the women to recover. After about five minutes, Diane spoke again.

“Are you ready?”

 “I’m ready when you are,” Lynn responded.  

“OK, time to get started,” Diane purred.

Part 3

Diane stood up on her seat and lifted herself out of the hot tub. I watched her beautiful ass flex, her hips sway as she walked towards the far end of the deck, where the exercise mats lay. Diane stepped onto the mats, turned around to face the tub, then dropped to her knees on the soft surface.

Lynn climbed out of the tub and approached Diane. Steve and I hurried to join them, not wanting to miss anything. Lynn dropped to her knees in front of Diane, their knees touching, their legs folded under them, their hands resting on their thighs. For a moment, the two gorgeous women just stared at each other, their bodies almost mirror images. Diane reached out with her hands; Lynn took them, and the women interlaced their fingers, pressing their palms tight. There was something deeply intimate about this, another matching of flesh to flesh, like to like. Their arms trembled a bit as they pushed into each other. Then, as if by mutual agreement, the women rose up, still on their knees but lifting their bodies with their thighs, spreading their arms with their fingers still interlocked, and came together tit to tit, belly to belly. They released each other’s hands and wrapped their arms around the other woman’s body, crushing each other tight. Groaning, they locked into a deep, probing, passionate kiss. Their hands roamed over their naked bodies, caressing and squeezing, slapping taut asses, tracing ass cracks. They rubbed their bodies together, their heavy tits mashing and straining into each other. Lynn and Diane pulled the other by the hair as they fought with their kiss, each trying to overwhelm their opponent. They broke the kiss, strings of spit linking their mouths. They glared at each other for a moment, then Diane pulled hard on Lynn’s hair, yanking her back and pulling her body down, forcing her back to arch.

Lynn’s tits pointed upward, jutting to the sky as Diane bent her back. Eagerly, Diane lowered her face to Lynn’s chest, took the hard nipple of Lynn’s right tit in her mouth and sucked powerfully, nibbling at the sensitive nub. Lynn moaned, a cry I recognized from the many times I had done the same thing. Lynn let Diane suck her tit for a while, clearly enjoying every moment of it. After a while, Lynn pulled Diane’s hair hard, yanked the woman’s head back from her tit, then pulled even harder to force Diane’s back to arch and her tits to point skyward. Lynn lowered her head to take Diane’s left tit in her mouth and worry the thick, hard pink nipple. Diane cried out in pure erotic joy. I saw Lynn sink her teeth into the dense flesh and bite and suck, returning the delicious abuse Diane had inflicted on her. Diane grabbed Lynn’s hair and Lynn returned the grip. For nearly a minute, the women pulled hair, pressing their foreheads together, gasping, groaning and cursing as they struggled to control each other, their breasts ramming and slipping in and out as they fought. They stumbled around the mat on their knees, then fell on their sides. Instantly, the women wrapped their arms and legs around each other and, tit to tit, belly to belly, began to roll back and forth on the mat.

At this point, I was not sure why they were doing this. They were supposed to be having a 69 battle but, somehow, through some kind of mutual agreement, they had become involved in this skin to skin brawl. It was apparent to me that the women really just wanted to rub their bodies together, they wanted to feel the other woman’s flesh sliding, grinding and mashing against their own. Lynn and I often did this and I knew it was part of lovemaking she really enjoyed. Lynn succeeded in rolling Diane onto her back for a moment. Diane’s legs were spread wide, exposing her cunt. As I watched, Lynn thrust down with her hips, pussy-punching Diane. Diane bucked up to meet her. For a few moments, the women’s wet cunts slapped together in pleasure and it really looked like they would start cunt-fucking each other. Diane grabbed Lynn’s head on both sides and pulled her into another wet, deep kiss. Their naked bodies undulated gently, their movements calming for a moment as they moaned into the other’s mouth. They rubbed their pussies together, both women clearly enjoying it. Then, Diane broke the kiss, pulling Lynn’s head back.

“It’s time to eat, baby,” Diane murmured to Lynn, licking Lynn’s lips. Lynn licked back but then, reluctantly, dismounted Diane and lay flat on her back on the mat, her legs spread, her knees akimbo. Her bountiful tits lolled to either side of her chest. Diane crawled over to Lynn, turned around and swung her leg over Lynn’s head, so she was positioned with her pussy directly over Lynn’s mouth. Diane stared down into Lynn’s perfect, wet cunt. The women looped their arms over the other’s hips, spread their hand on the other’s naked ass and, without hesitation, buried their faces deep in their enemy’s twat.

 Lynn had to raise her head to get at Diane’s pussy, but she went at the woman’s cunt vigorously, licking and sucking, tracing Diane’s deep slit with her tongue, chewing on her rival’s labia, lapping gently at the swollen clit. Steve and I were down on our hands and knees, our cocks at full mast, watching everything intently, like a couple of wrestling referees watching to make sure that all of the holds were legal. But, in this battle, everything was legal. I realized this when Diane pulled on Lynn’s ass cheeks and whirled her tongue around Lynn’s puckered asshole. Lynn cried out in delight, then immediately replied in the same way. A moment later, Diane shoved her two index fingers up into Lynn’s tight hole. My wife bucked and moaned, never lifting her mouth from her rival’s genitals, and shoved her own fingers deep into Diane’s ass. Both women fingered each other viciously, but most of their focus was on using their tongues, lips and teeth to attack the other woman’s clit.

Lynn slapped Diane’s ass viciously, one of the few advantages that her position gave her.  Her slaps left fingerprints on the woman’s taut buttocks. Diane could not retaliate directly, but she devoured Lynn’s cunt like a dog with a piece of meat. Both women reached down from time to time to pull the other’s hair or caress a smooth back or a meaty tit. After almost 15 minutes of eating each other, the women’s faces were streaked with tears. They trembled, their bodies barely able to control the pressure building in their cores. Lynn closed her thighs around Diane’s head. Diane rolled on her side, enabling her to close her thighs around Lynn’s head in reply. Rocking back and forth, trapped between each other’s muscular legs, Lynn and Diane redoubled their efforts to pleasure the other woman into submission.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Lynn moaned as her tongue worked on Diane’s clit. Her fingers probed her rival’s pussy and teased the woman’s anus. Diane had her mouth and lips wrapped around Lynn’s pulsing clit. She was sucking it gently, teasing and stimulating it, but apparently trying to do so in a way that would not overstimulate Lynn and leave her numb to the pleasure pouring through her body. Watching this, I realized that Diane seemed to have more experience with this technique than Lynn, a skillset that might give her an insurmountable advantage. I knew that Lynn had experimented with other women in college, but that was a long time ago. Even so, I had faith in Lynn. She was a remarkable lover in bed and I had no doubt she would find her rhythm in her assault on Diane’s sex.

Diane moaned and cried out as Lynn’s tongue moved delicately over her clit. Both of the women sighed, moaned, groaned and gasped as they worked each other, their powerful, naked bodies writhing side by side on the sweat-damp mat. For more than 20 minutes, the women ate cunt, feasting on each other. It was incredibly erotic to watch. Steve and I enjoyed the sights, the sounds and the intense smell of the two women locked in sexual warfare, their luscious bodies soaked with sweat, gleaming in the dim light, rocking and wriggling on the slick mat. Lynn suddenly surged and rocked and succeeded in rolling Diane onto her back and assuming the top position. I hoped this meant that Lynn was about to lick and finger-fuck the brunette into submission. However, only a few minutes later, Lynn’s moans and cries started to become louder and more desperate.

Lynn threw back her head. A long string of pussy juice and spit trailed up from Diane’s red twat to Lynn’s lips. Lynn’s gorgeous face was contorted in an expression of pure agony. Eyes closed tight, teeth clenched, her whole face scrunched up as she fought to prevent herself from cumming, my wife struggled against her own body. But it was too much. Diane, sensing victory, redoubled her assault on Lynn’s pussy. She sucked on Lynn’s clit like a lollipop, even as she plunged three fingers into Lynn’s vagina and used another finger to probe Lynn’s asshole.

“Oh, oh, oh fucking God!” Lynn groaned. “Unnnnnngggggghhhh!” she cried. “Ahh, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhh!” As she let out this gasping groan, her pussy clenched hard, then released a gusher of cum right into Diane’s beautiful face. Diane instantly covered as much of Lynn’s pussy with her mouth as she could, filling her mouth with Lynn’s discharge. I saw Diane’s cheeks working, as though she was drinking back all of Lynn’s liquids.

“Fuck, oh fuucccckkkkkkk….” Lynn gasped. More cum spurted from her pussy. Diane continued licking her, rubbing her wet, hot pussy, trying to tease more orgasms from her. Lynn shuddered through her entire body, groaning with pleasure, and ejaculated one final time, directly into her opponent’s mouth, before collapsing onto Diane’s body. Her face rested on Diane’s soft, slick twat. Gasping, Lynn licked the hot fuckpie for a moment, but she seemed too depleted to continue.

I felt a sense of dread. As much as I wanted to fuck Diane, I did not want my wife to lose. Now, she had lost two contests in a row. That was not a good sign, I thought.

After a few moments, Diane pushed Lynn off of her. Lynn sprawled on her back, gasping, trying to regain her bearings.

“Finish me off, bitch,” Diane said to Lynn. Diane wiped her face with the back of her arm. She remained on her back, her legs spread. She humped her pussy at Lynn. I could see that Diane’s pussy was red and swollen; her prominent clit was fully visible and looked like it was twitching with tension. She must have been just moments from exploding when Lynn came first.

Lynn rose to a sitting position. She gave Diane a nasty glare as she ran her arm across the back of her wet mouth and chin, but she spun herself around and crawled up between Diane’s legs. She lay down on her stomach, her legs crossed at the ankle and in the air and buried her face in Diane’s succulent pussy. She began to lick and suck the woman’s pussy. Soon, she was finger-fucking Diane as well.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” Diane moaned. Her beautiful face wore a smile of intense pleasure, her eyes were closed. Her hips moved gently and her legs trembled with tension. She squeezed her own breast with her left hand while she twined the fingers of her right hand in Lynn’s hair and pushed Lynn’s face into her cunt even harder. Lynn continued sucking and licking, but she also slid her free hand, the one that was not gently and teasingly pumping Diane’s cunt, up Diane’s belly and cupped one of the woman’s tits. She sank her fingers into Diane’s lush titmeat and massaged the dense globe. Diane cried out and arched her back in pleasure. It was incredible, to watch one beautiful woman service the other, to see the mind-blowing pleasure that these two gorgeous women gave to each other.

“Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh fuuuucccccckkkkkk….,” Diane moaned. She buried both of her hands in Lynn’s hair and shoved Lynn’s face deeper into her twat. At the same time, her hips jerked as she rubbed her cunt on Lynn’s face. Lynn continued to suck hard on Diane’s clit. Only moments later, Diane arched her back even harder and screamed in release. “FUCK, oh Fuck, YESSSsssssss…” She came hard, hot ejaculate exploding over Lynn’s face. Lynn covered Diane’s erupting cunt with her mouth and let the juices fill her mouth. She reached up and squeezed both of Diane’s tits hard. Diane’s ass slapped the mat, pounding it as her body writhed in ecstasy. “OH GOD, YESSSSS!” she shrieked, as she twisted and jerked. She came hard, at least three times, until she collapsed on the mat with a pulsating moan, her body spent.

Lynn sat up on her haunches and wiped her face with the back of her hand. She looked down on Diane sprawled before her, a crooked grin on her face. She may have been defeated by the other woman, but she had the satisfaction of reducing Diane to an exhausted puddle on the mat. Diane looked up at Lynn with hooded eyes, then opened her arms, reaching for my wife. Lynn did not hesitate. Eagerly, she mounted Diane, covering the woman’s naked body with her own. Their oversized tits crushed, their slick, flat bellies slapped, they wriggled their hips to rub their naked pussies. Lynn’s face hovered over Diane’s, nose to nose, and Diane opened her mouth. It was then that I realized that Lynn had held Diane’s cum in her mouth. Lynn opened her mouth and drooled a thick glob of cum and spit into Diane’s open mouth, then immediately sealed her opponent’s mouth with her own. The women moaned together in shared delight and I could see they were slopping and sucking the cum-spit back and forth between their locked mouths. Through some unspoken communication they knew exactly what they wanted and were eager to give it to each other. It seemed they were sharing the globule, each woman taking part for herself. They swallowed it back. When their mouths separated, their tongues were still twined. They licked, sharing spit, before finally pulling apart. Diane and Lynn smiled at each other, their eyes half-closed. I could see and sense their mutual hate but also the deep intimacy they shared. Once again, I was aware that these two beautiful women were communicating on an erotic wavelength that I did not share with my own wife.

The women kissed again before Lynn rolled off of Diane. Both of the women stood. The mat was slick with juices and sweat. Lynn walked ahead of Diane, heading back to the hot tub. Three of us – myself and the two women – went back into the tub. Steve went into the house then came back a minute later with a jug of water and some glasses on a tray. He joined his wife on their side of the tub and we were soon all drinking water out of the glasses. The women drank considerably more than we two men.

“Are you ready to surrender, Lynn, or do you want to continue being humiliated?” Diane asked, after a time. She was goading Lynn, trying to gain a psychological advantage, but the fact was that she had won both of their encounters so far tonight.

Lynn snorted. “Hardly, Diane. You’ve won one out of three. That’s it.”

Diane smiled condescendingly. “I don’t know. The last time you were here, I did better than you in the pussyfight. I beat you already tonight. I don’t think that pussyfighting is your thing. And 69 obviously isn’t either.”

Lynn smiled coldly. I could tell she was enraged, but she managed to keep her temper in check. Any doubts she had about her own abilities were well-hidden. “And titfighting isn’t your thing, if what I did to your soft little bags the first time I was here is any indication. I notice that titfighting isn’t one of your contests. Why is that?”

Diane’s eyes flashed. She was not as good at playing it cool as my wife. “I’ll be happy to take you on tit to tit when this is done, Lynn,” she snapped. “I’m looking forward to smashing your meat flat. But we agreed to the best out of three and we agreed to what those three contests would be. I chose them because it’s easier to tell who wins and loses when it’s about who cums first.”

Diane’s logic made sense, but it was clear that Lynn got under her skin. Her surrender to Lynn during their first meeting still rankled and I was sure she really did want a tit to tit rematch to avenge herself.

We rested for several more minutes, giving the women time to recover from their multi-orgasmic first contest. Steve and I engaged in some small talk, but Diane and Lynn just stared daggers at each other, both ramping themselves up for the next battle in their sexual showdown.

After about 20 minutes, Diane nodded at Lynn. “Are you ready for round two?”

“You bet your sweet ass I am, baby,” Lynn replied.

“Good,” Diane smiled. She moved her head over to Steve and whispered something in his ear, then kissed him on the cheek. Diane winked at me. “I hope your cock is ready for some action, Mark. When I finish off your wife, I’m expecting you to give me a nice hard ride. It’s going to be the best fuck of your life.”

“After Steve shoves his dick up my cunt, he’s never going to want to go back to you, Diane,” Lynn replied smoothly. “I’d worry more about that, if I were you.”

Diane’s eyes flashed again. “I’m going to make Mark forget you even exist, Lynn.”

“You’ll have to beat me first, and I don’t think your pussy can handle my pussy.”

“I already have. Twice.”

The trash talking could have gone on for some time, but the anger both women were feeling was feeding their mutual lust. I could see that Lynn’s nipples were hard and thick and her breasts looked swollen. The women wanted to go at each other and neither could wait any longer.

Diane shot Lynn a challenging look, then stood up and climbed out of the tub. Lynn followed her a moment later. Steve and I were right on the heels of the two women, determined not to miss anything that they did to each other. Round two, the cunt to cunt fuck-off, was about to get started.

Part 4

Diane and Lynn walked over to the mat. It had dried off a bit in the half hour or so since the women’s 69 fight, but it was still damp in the humid air. Diane looked around and gestured at her husband. “Steve, babe, pass me that towel please.”

Steve picked a towel off a nearby deck chair and gave it to his wife. Diane smiled her thanks. She used the towel to wipe down her wet body. Then, she got down on her hands and knees on the mat and quickly wiped it off. Once she finished, she tossed the towel aside. She did not bother getting up. She crawled to the top of the mat and then turned around. She sat on her ass, her arms bracing her body, her legs extended before her, her knees akimbo and her thighs spread and waited for Lynn.

Lynn had used the time to dry herself off with another of the towels. She dropped to her knees on the mat and then sat down, braced her body with her arms, and spread her legs. The women sat like that for a long moment, pointing their juiced-up, naked cunts directly at each other. Their eyes devoured the other woman’s voluptuous body. They were clearly psyching themselves up, getting ready for the fuck battle to come. Lynn was in a difficult spot. If she lost this, she would lose the entire contest and she would face the humiliation of being defeated by Diane and then forced to watch as the woman she hated fucked her husband. Diane had room to lose this battle but I sensed that she wanted to overwhelm Lynn in every way, to leave no doubt as to which of them was the sexually superior woman. So far, she had done a good job. Since this evening started, she had proven the dominant woman. I suspected she fully expected to win this battle.

Steve and I took up our positions on either side of the mat, so we could get a good view of whatever the women did. Lynn’s tits looked swollen, at least a cup size bigger than her regular DDs, her nipples engorged and jutting from her areola. I compared them to Diane’s tits and saw that the other woman’s tits looked every bit as aroused. The women started to pant as their excitement built. Their tits bounced gently, their pussies grew wetter. I detected the pungent scent of hot pussy in the air. The women’s musks were intoxicating and grew more overwhelming as the delicious scents combined and formed a heady erotic miasma.

After another minute of facing each other, trying to intimidate the other, Lynn and Diane pushed themselves towards the center of the mat. Diane reached out with her bare feet and pressed her toes and the balls of her feet into Lynn’s feet. Lynn pushed back. The women shuddered at the sensual contact, their hooded eyes narrowed as they glared at each other. Their breathing got heavier, the excitement building. I glanced across at Steve and saw that his cock, like mine, had stiffened into a hard rod in anticipation of what the women were about to do to each other.

Lynn and Diane disengaged their feet then slid their muscled legs over and under each other, lining up their naked pussies. Diane reached between her legs and pulled back her clitoral hood, exposing her hugely swollen clit. Lynn’s sexnub rose to meet the challenge. The women’s clits twitched with tension.  They leaned back, pushed their hips slowly forward, and brought their naked cunts into direct contact, clit to clit, cunt perfectly slotting to cunt.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!” Lynn and Diane cried out, throwing back their heads to moan in shared sexual bliss. I could not imagine what it felt like, to press the most incredibly sensitive and sensual parts of their bodies together in direct combat. Lynn had said it was like an explosion of pleasure and heat, coursing through her body like electricity, making every inch of skin, every muscle, feel like it was burning from the inside. The thick clits the women used to attack each other were only the periscopes of the much deeper nerve cluster that ran through their pussies in the shape of a “v”. When their clits were at war, their cunts felt like they were dipped in fire, sending powerful sensations surging through their bodies, heating up their erogenous zones.

Leaning back, Lynn and Diane rammed their pussies together powerfully, forcing the hungry mouths to merge and lock, labia melting to labia. Their swollen clits remained in constant contact, rubbing and rubbing, sliding over and over each other, slick and hot. The women moved their hips in microscopic thrusts, their clits fencing like small, red swords. Lynn and Diane’s beautiful faces were masks of concentration and desperate arousal. They were gasping and crying out constantly, subjecting each other to overwhelming pleasure, fucking each other senseless. The women were clearly already on the verge of orgasmic release. Yet, somehow, they fought back the pleasure and continued to torture each other, clit riding on clit.

Grunting, groaning, crying out in agony, Lynn and Diane fucked and fucked. The juices leaking from their wet pussies turned into a constant trickle, wetting the mat beneath their flexing asses. Their tits bounced, hard and taut, their nipples swollen into fleshy buds. The women took each other straight on, genitals rubbing and penetrating slit to slit, their legs spread wide, their hips and asses flexing in rhythm as their pussies battled. The women’s eyes were locked, but their eyelids were heavy with pleasure. Every several seconds, one or the other would throw back her head and let loose a tortured moan. Beads of sweat dotted their smooth, tanned flesh as the fuckfight raged. Their cries of pleasure grew louder, their moaning harmonizing.

After some time, Lynn shifted her position, swiveling her hips so that she could come at Diane more from the side. Diane instantly mirrored Lynn. The women slid solidly into the fork of the other’s legs. They gasped in unison as their wet, thick-lipped cunts sank even more deeply, spreading each other and sucking tight. Their meat fused into one with the thick, wet sound of juicy flesh sucking.

“Ah, oh God, fuck, yesss!” Diane cried out, her gorgeous face momentarily lit by a rapturous smile.

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” Lynn moaned, her eyes shut tight.

The women grabbed the other’s sweaty thigh. Using the muscled limbs as leverage, they pumped each other harder, more aggressively, grinding and driving into each other’s cunts. Their powerful bodies moved in sync, each woman helping the other penetrate and violate her as much as possible. They did not speak, but their eyes were feverish with lust and pleasure. Both women must be teetering on the edge of the cliff yet, somehow, they managed to keep themselves from going over.

“Come on, baby!” I shouted encouragement to my wife. “Show her who’s boss!”

“Arrrrrgggghhhh,” Lynn moaned. She pumped harder.

“Keep it up, Diane!” Steve shouted, taking his cue from me. “Really lay into her, baby!”

“Unnnngggghhhh!” Diane cried out, her hips and ass rippling with her concentrated thrusts.

The women rode each other like horses, racing to a finish line that neither wanted to cross first. Lynn tightened her grip on Diane’s thigh and used her other hand to take a handful of Diane’s hair; Diane grabbed the back of Lynn’s head. The women pulled each other until they were chest to chest, their heavy breasts compressing. They locked into a passionate kiss, their tongues wrestling and twisting inside and outside their mouths, their gasps and moans of sexual passion growing more desperate as their fucking grew more frantic, their hips and asses jerking as they pounded into the other.

“You dirty whore!” Lynn gasped at Diane, when their lips briefly separated.

“Filthy cunt!” Diane groaned back. “Cum, you fuck!”

“You first, bitch!” Lynn snarled, her gorgeous face twisted in a combination of intense pleasure and sexual agony.

They locked mouths again, kissing hard, trying to overpower the other in every way possible. I saw Lynn’s fingers sink deeper and harder into Diane’s rippling ass. Both women suddenly broke their savage kiss, threw back their heads, and let out cries of sheer agony and ecstasy. I had never heard Lynn make such a sound of intense sexual pleasure before, but her cry was harmonizing with Diane’s and I could not be sure which woman was making what noises. The only thing clear was that they were both experiencing intense orgasms at once. They clung to each other tightly as their beautiful bodies convulsed. I could see they were cumming and cumming. The puddle of juices under their asses got much bigger. They kissed deeply, passionately, trying to ride each other into submission even as they ejaculated into the other. After they convulsed and released at least three or four times, Diane and Lynn went limp in each other’s arms. A moment later, they fell away from each other, flat on their backs on the wet mat. Their tits heaved as they panted and they remained locked tight at their cunts. I studied the meaty join of their genitals, entranced by the sight. Their bodies were merged, pussy locked to pussy. Their bellies were streaked with sweat and cum. Their bare, forked legs were tossed over and under the other’s body.

Steve and I watched the women, both of us as stiff as steel. Steve had been stroking himself as Diane and Lynn battled and I had to admit I had come close to cumming a couple of times myself, just from watching and taking in the intoxicating scents and sounds of their battle. I was tense and hot, my cock throbbing with need. I knew that I would need to release before I could take part in whatever might follow, especially if Diane won and I was required to fuck her. The way I felt right now, I knew I would go off the moment she presented her hot pussy to me.

The women lay on the mat, their chests slowly rising and falling. After five minutes, Lynn let out a deep groan, sat up, put her hands on the mat and began to push herself away from Diane. The women’s cunts separated with a popping sound. A thick glob of shared ejaculate stretched to link the women’s twats as Lynn pulled away. Diane grunted and stirred but did not get up. Lynn looked bleary-eyed, but determined. She disentangled her limbs from Diane’s but immediately crawled back towards Diane and lowered herself onto her rival’s naked body, covering the other woman from head to toe. Their tits crushed and bellies flattened to each other. Diane grunted again, but she did not fight. Instead, she spread her legs wider and angled her pelvis, presenting her cunt. She opened herself to Lynn’s assault, welcoming it, and wrapped her arms around Lynn’s waist, pulling my wife down onto her. I assumed Lynn was duplicating what Diane had done to her at their previous battle. The women whispered things to each other that I did not catch and then Lynn began moving her hips and ass, rubbing her wet cunt onto Diane’s waiting twat. Diane grasped Lynn’s rippling ass and moved with her, meeting Lynn’s thrusts with her own. They pressed nose to nose, gasping and panting into the other’s face, but not kissing.

After a minute, Lynn did something unexpected. She pushed herself up, separating her torso from Diane’s, and sat up, her pussy still pressed down onto Diane’s cunt. She grabbed Diane’s right leg and placed it on her shoulder, so it was pointing straight up at the sky and resting between her delicious tits. At the same time, Lynn shifted her right leg, placing it on the outside of Diane’s left thigh, re-establishing the fork between the women’s legs. The new position gave Lynn’s cunt even better access to Diane’s twat. It allowed Lynn to thrust harder and deeper. She took immediate advantage, driving hard with her hips and ass. I could see her swollen clit sink deep into Diane’s soft, thick cunt lips, where it crushed directly onto Diane’s throbbing clit. The women cried out. Diane moved with Lynn, keeping their clits glued together, never separating as the women drove each other insane with lust. Their tits bounced wildly as they fucked and Diane reached up to grab Lynn’s massive boobs. But Lynn’s hands intercepted her’s; the women’s fingers intertwined and they held each other tight, hand to hand. Lynn used her superior position to lean forward and push Diane’s arms back to the ground, pinning her rival down. The action lowered her body so that she was, once again, tit to tit with Diane, and pushed the woman’s right leg back until it was almost parallel to the rest of her body. This position did not bother Diane. It seemed to delight her. The women were nose to nose, grunting and moaning, staring into each other’s eyes as they fucked to the end. Lynn’s hips and ass were galloping, riding Diane relentlessly. Diane bucked, her hips moving with Lynn’s body. The women trembled. Diane began writhing uncontrollably. She whipped her head from side to side, biting her lips, her groans of pleasure growing in volume as she neared the end.

“Oh God, you fucking cunt!” Diane screeched. She bucked hard, almost throwing Lynn off, her back forming a deep arch as she came hard. She shuddered and writhed as multiple orgasms wracked her body. Lynn managed to stay on, riding Diane, her body trembling with tension, until she reared back, screamed out in agony, and came. “Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” Lynn chanted. She released Diane’s hands, placed a hand on Diane’s rippling belly, and ground into Diane’s twat, her hips jerking, her twat pumping a copious amount of ejaculate into her opponent.

With a final pulsating moan, Lynn collapsed on top of Diane. The women lay sprawled together, their perfect bodies almost eclipsing each other, forming a tangle of tanned, smooth arms and legs, bulging curves and sensual flesh.

Steve and I waited for a couple of minutes to see if either woman would stir, but they did not.

“I guess if there’s going to be a third round, it will need to be tomorrow night,” Steve finally said.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “The tie-breaker.”

I rolled Lynn off of Diane. She remained asleep, passed out from exhaustion and the intensity of the fucking she had given and received. Her voluptuous body was soaked in sweat and cum. I had to dry her off a bit before I could pick her up. I wrapped her in the towel. I was naked but it was late and the house was just across the street.

“I guess I’ll probably see you tomorrow night,” I said to Steve.

“Yes, I expect so,” he replied. He was in the process of drying off his luscious wife, before he carried her inside. “It’s really up to the women, isn’t it?” He looked up at me and we shared a salacious grin. Steve and I were enjoying this sexwar between our wives. Like with Lynn and me, I was sure that Diane and Steve’s sexlife was getting a boost like rocket fuel from the women’s shared hate for each other. Their desire to act on their hate was providing all of us with sexual fantasy material for years to come. I was sure that, whichever woman won this competition between them, the other would demand a rematch.

I carried my beautiful warrior wife home and slipped her into our bed. I had just crawled into bed beside her when she reached out to me, running her hand along my thigh until she found my stiffening cock.

“Please baby,” she whispered, “Fuck me. I need you inside me.” I was amazed that she had any sexual energy left at all, given what she and Diane had done to each other, but I was more than happy to oblige.

I mounted my lovely wife, enjoying the feeling of her firm breasts crushing under my weight, her hot belly pressing to mine. I slipped into her tight wet cunt and moaned in pleasure as she closed herself around my shaft. Her thighs wrapped around my hips and she gripped my ass.

“I’m going to finish off that bitch tomorrow,” Lynn murmured to me. She did not have much energy left, but that was fine. I was more than happy to provide the energy for both of us.

Part 5

The next morning, I got up late and I let Lynn sleep in even later. She needed her rest to recover from the previous night and to be ready for what was coming tonight. I went over to the neighbor’s house. As I had done before, I picked up what Lynn and I had left behind – my swimsuit, her bikini, and our robes – and returned home without disturbing anyone. I saw no sign of Steve and Diane, but they were probably sleeping in late, too.

I made breakfast for my lovely wife and took it upstairs to her in bed. She sat up and stretched. Her magnificent tits wobbled, proud and firm, on her chest. “Thanks babe,” she said. I set the tray in front of her and sat on the edge of the bed, admiring my wife’s beautiful body.

“You were incredible last night, babe,” I said proudly. She really had been. I had started thinking of her as my personal sex goddess, going to war with another sex goddess.

“Yeah, but tonight is going to be hard, one way or the other. If I lose, I have to watch you fuck Diane and you know that bitch is going to be rubbing salt in that wound for as long and hard as she can. If I win, you have to watch me fuck Steve and – well, you know I have to give him the ride of his life. That’s going to be hard for you to watch.”

I thought about it for a moment. In truth, I had to admit there was a big part of me that really wanted to fuck Diane. The woman was gorgeous, her body was incredible, and I had not been with another woman since Lynn. But watching my wife take it from another man, knowing that she would be giving it her all, was a sobering thought. Could our marriage survive what was coming, one way or the other, or would the partner who was forced to watch harbor resentments and a sense of betrayal?

“I think that I can take watching you with Steve,” I said slowly. “If I know that you’re having sex with him because of a bet and not because of anything that I have done or that you feel about him, then I think I can work around any resentment I may have. What about you? Can you see me screwing Diane and take her taunting without it coming between us?”

Lynn was quiet as she munched on the bacon I had made for her. “I don’t know,” she said after a while. “I hate that bitch so much, watching you with her is going to be unbelievably humiliating.”

“We don’t have to do this,” I said. “We can stop this right here. There has been no harm done so far.”

Lynn hesitated. She shook her head. “No. I can’t be the one to back down. That bitch will take it as her winning and me losing and I’ll never live down the humiliation. I know that is shallow of me, but I can’t let her win.”

“I guarantee that Diane and Steve are having exactly the same conversation as we are right now.”

“Doesn’t matter. Unless they reach out and stop this, I’m going through with it.”

With that, Lynn rolled over and went back to sleep. She was exhausted after the long night and needed her rest for tonight. I went over to the neighbour’s place and rang the bell. After a minute, Steve answered. He looked a bit bleary-eyed, so I realized he was probably sleeping. I apologize and then asked to make sure Lynn and I should come back that night.

“Yes,” Steve replied. “Diane is determined to end things tonight, one way or the other.”

I nodded. “OK. We’ll be here at 10:30. Does that work for you?”

Steve nodded. “Yes. I’ll let you know if there is any problem.”

That night at 10:30 on the dot, Lynn and I made our way across the darkened street. I was wearing my robe over my swimsuit. Lynn was wearing her robe, her flip flops, and nothing else. We entered the back yard. By the light glowing off the pool, we could see that Steve and Diane were already in the hot tub. They waved at us. “Come on in,” Steve called, cheerfully.

Lynn and I walked up to the edge of the pool. I dropped my robe and climbed in, enjoying the steaming water. Lynn paused dramatically, pushed one luscious thigh forward to pose in the robe, then untied the sash and slipped the garment off her voluptuous body. Steve smiled lasciviously as he goggled at Lynn’s spectacular, naked body. Diane’s eyes narrowed as she examined Lynn’s beautiful nude form, almost clinically. Lynn slipped into the tub, her tits floating on the surface of the bubbling water. She sat beside me. The women’s eyes locked. After a moment, Diane stood. She was topless, her massive, perfect tits surfacing, water streaming off her hard brown nipples. Evidently, Diane was naked under the water too, something I had not realized because of the bubbling foam. She moved towards the center of the tub. Lynn stood up and moved to meet her.

Steve and I watched as our beautiful wives’ naked bodies came together, their perfect tits mashing and pressing into each other, the firm orbs crushing each other back and bulging out to the sides. Their bellies flattened to each other and they wrapped arms around the other as they kissed deeply, forcefully, their cheeks working as they sucked spit and their tongues wrestled, their hands roaming and caressing the other woman’s naked flesh. Their hips and asses moved under the water, suggesting they were pushing pussy to pussy, maybe even clit to clit. Finally, they broke the kiss, both licking tongues and lips as they separated. Already, my cock was fully aroused.

“Are you ready for the tie-breaker, bitch?” Diane asked, as she pressed nose to nose with my wife.

“You bet your sweet ass I am, cuntlicker,” Lynn shot back.

“Then let’s get started.”

The women licked each other’s lips again. They separated. Diane climbed out of the tub first, Lynn right after. As the naked women rose out of the water, I could not help but be impressed, once again, at how perfectly the women’s incredible bodies matched the other. They were practically body-doubles, a fact that I knew was fueling their mutual hate.

Diane dried herself off and passed Lynn a towel to do the same. Steve and I followed, both of us fully erect. Steve stripped off his trunks and I followed his lead. I guess it was understood, by this point, that both of us would be masturbating as our wives fucked each other senseless. Diane led Lynn back to the mat. There, a massive dildo lay waiting. It was about 18 inches long, I guessed, and about two and a half inches in diameter. Every third of the dildo was marked by a red line. The rod was hollow on the inside and each end had a hole, designed to allow the fuckfighting women to cum into each other. One way or the other, this was going to be a very painful penetration for both women. Lynn and Diane sat on the mat facing each other, legs spread. Their naked cunts glistened in the dim light. They were both juiced up, ready for the mutual fucking. Diane took the shaft and placed it against her pussy, then shoved it, working it an inch or so into her twat, so that her thick lips spread and tightened around the invader. When she had a good grip on it, Lynn slid up to her. The women slipped their legs over and under and Lynn took the shaft, shoving herself forward, working the rod about an inch into her tight-lipped twat. Once they were equally penetrated, the real work began. The women grunted, using each other as an anchor, as they slowly, agonizingly, impaled themselves on the rubberized prick. I watched as their hot, tight cunts slowly spread and expanded to accommodate the massive shaft. Their natural cunt lubricant gushed. Lynn and Diane panted as they worked the dildo deep, deep into their steaming cunts. When they were both at about six inches, they stopped for a moment and glared at each other.

“You’re a fucking cunt, Diane, and I’m going to shove this thing right out your ass.”

“You’re a weak little whore, Lynn, and I’m going to ream your little girl cunt out.”

With that, the women braced their arms and pushed with all their strength, their bodies sliding down and swallowing the final six inches of the cock.

Lynn and Diane leaned back, their massive tits bouncing in the same rhythm, their powerful, muscled bellies rippling, as their deep, internal muscles wrestled for control of the monstrous shaft. Their swollen clits ran along the top of the shaft and crushed directly into each other. It was clear that the two women were overwhelmed with pleasure almost immediately. Their eyes locked; they glared at each other in hate. But soon both were having problems keeping their eyes open. They threw back their heads, their teeth clenched, as they groaned and gasped in sexual agony.

“Mmmmmmnnnnnnnnn, fuck!” Diane choked out.

“Uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhhhnnnnnn….” Lynn moaned.

The women wrapped a leg around the other’s hip and locked each other in place. Leaning back, tits jiggling furiously, they pumped each other viciously, each struggling to take control of the shaft and shove it deep into the other woman’s cunt. Their panting and grunting, growling and screaming reached a fever. It quickly became clear that neither woman could overpower the other and that both were fighting off building orgasms in their cores. Their perfect, luscious bodies trembled with tension and dotted with sweat. Drops of perspiration dripped off the tips of their engorged brown nipples.

Lynn lashed out and slapped one of Diane’s jiggling tits. Diane screamed, then gritted her teeth and growled. Lynn seized the tit and squeezed the nipple. Diane filled her hand with one of Lynn’s tits in retaliation and two women now aggressively mauled each other’s breasts as they fucked.

“Cum you little whore, cum…” Diane groaned, her eyes burning with rage and desperation.

“Never, you little fuck. You cum first, bitch.”

The women had been going at each other for more than fifteen minutes now and it was apparent both were on the edge of the cliff. They pulled each other in and crushed their massive tits together as they writhed, rubbing titmeat to titmeat, trying to overstimulate each other, trying to push the other over before they went themselves.

“You dirty whore,” Lynn panted into Diane’s face. “I’m going to give your husband a ride he’ll never forget.”

“Fuck you, cunt,” Diane shot back. “I’m going to squeeze Mark’s cock dry. He won’t be able to get it up for you for a week!”

Snarling, the women locked in a savage kiss. Their hips and asses were galloping now but, as far as I could tell, neither beautiful fuckfighter had succeeded in moving the shaft at all. They were still caught in a stalemate.

The women broke their kiss in a spray of spit, throwing their heads back, their eyes shut tight, their faces twisted by sexual agony.

“Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhh…,” Lynn moaned, her body shaking like a leaf as she came hard.

“Nnnnnnnnnnn, fuck, fuucccccckkkkk…..” Diane groaned, her body jerking spasmodically.

The battling women clung to each other as they rode out at least two, maybe three, orgasms. They clung to each other, biting the other’s shoulder, as they shuddered and moaned, as orgasms peeled through their struggling bodies. Hot cum must have been flowing into both women’s vaginas. It bubbled up from around the shaft and streamed down their ass cracks, leaving them sitting in an expanding puddle of ejaculate on the mat.

Finally, they released each other and fell back, flat on their backs. They remained joined at the cunt, the shaft invisible inside of them. Their legs wrapped around the other woman’s torso, their chests heaved with their pants, they groaned in a combination of sexual bliss and temporary exhaustion.

After a few minutes, Lynn propped herself up on her elbows and looked down her wet, tan body at Diane. Diane propped herself up and glared back.

“Alright,” Lynn snapped, obviously angry that their battle had ended in another tie. “This time, ass to ass.”

“You want to go asshole to asshole?” Diane asked. She sounded surprised, but not all averse to the idea. In fact, it seemed to excite her.

“No, not yet. Let’s do that if this doesn’t break the tie. For now, I’m saying pussy to pussy but ass to ass.”

“Fine by me.”

The women pulled apart, pulling away from the monster dildo in opposite directions, until the dripping black rod slid out of their cunts and dropped to the mat. Diane picked it up and got on her hands and knees and turned around, her ass to Lynn. She reached behind her to position the shaft at her wet pussy. Lynn got on to her hands and knees, turned around, and backed up into the dildo, slowly taking it into her body as she pushed herself up to Diane. Inch by inch, the women’s hungry cunts swallowed the massive prick once again, only stopping when Lynn’s perfect ass pressed firm and hard into Diane’s equally beautiful buttocks. The women flexed their ass muscles against each other and pushed their gorgeous, heart-shaped rumps into the air, pressed their massive tits into the mat, and began to thrust and grind. Their hips rotated powerfully, their asses rippled and slapped, as they worked on drilling the dildo as deep and hard into the other woman’s twat as they could.

Grunting, moaning, gasping, Diane and Lynn struggled ass to ass for several minutes, neither able to gain any real advantage or control over the dildo, but both clearly enjoying the competition between their round bottoms. Buttocks slipped between buttocks, up and down, across, grinding and stimulating at the same time. From time to time, their puckered assholes touched and rubbed and both women grunted and gasped in pleasure at the contact. At one point, I stood over the women and looked down at their battling bodies. It was almost as if one woman were pressing her ass into a mirror and grinding. Once again, I marveled at how evenly matched Lynn and Diane were in every way, even, it seemed in their level of sexual skill, strength and stamina. However, their frustration was growing at their inability to decide which of them was the better fuckfighter.

Suddenly, Diane did something unexpected. She pushed herself away from Lynn’s wet ass, just about six inches, sliding herself down the shaft. She took advantage of Lynn’s iron grip on the dildo. Then Diane rotated herself around the rod in her cunt, swinging one of her legs over Lynn’s body, turning herself on the slick shaft so that she was now facing Lynn, doggy-style. Lynn sensed something had changed but, a moment later, Diane slid herself back down the shaft, gripping it tightly, and pressed her crotch into my beautiful wife’s ass. A moment after that, Diane reached around Lynn’s torso and filled her hands with Lynn’s massive tits and squeezed hard, twisting Lynn’s thick, throbbing nipples.

“What the fuck!?” Lynn shrieked. Her body bucked and she tried to pull herself off the dildo, but Diane moved with her, keeping the monstrous cock buried in her core. Lynn sat up straight on her knees, but this only gave Diane an opportunity to slide her hand down my wife’s bare belly and teasingly rub her clit.

Lynn screamed in pleasure as her enemy ravaged her body very efficiently, Diane’s hands working her tits and clit, even as the woman’s hips worked the dildo in and out of Lynn’s juicy cunt.

“You cheating whore!” Lynn cried, her body trembling as the pleasure built. Diane bit her neck and shoulder from behind. Lynn twisted her face to glare at her nemesis and Diane locked her into a vicious kiss.

“I’m not cheating, fucker,” Diane moaned in Lynn’s ear. “I just changed position. I thought it was time to shake things up a bit.”

Lynn held out for as long as she could, but the outcome of the battle was now a foregone conclusion. Diane pumped Lynn’s cunt. Lynn had lost control of the dildo as Diane’s attacks on her tits and clit proved too distracting, too pleasurable for her to maintain her internal lock on the shaft. Now, Diane had full control and used it to ream Lynn’s pussy as hard as she could, driving the massive shaft all the way into Lynn’s womb, rotating and grinding it around and around inside her tight, hot vagina. Diane pressed Lynn down into the mat by her shoulders. Diane’s ass pumped, her hips jerked. Lynn moaned and writhed, building to an orgasmic explosion.

“Cum, you little shit, cum you fuck, cum, cum, CUM!” Diane chanted as she worked Lynn over.

“You bitch, you bitch, you fucking bitch…,” Lynn moaned, but she was clearly holding on only by a thread. Her wet body writhed into the mat, grinding her tits and nipples into the smooth surface, feeding the sexual fire.

“OH GOD, OH FUCKING GODDDD!!!” Lynn howled as she came like a firehose, her body convulsing as the powerful orgasms she was trying to contain came roaring out in a deluge of pleasure and pussy juice.  A lot of it must have shot up the hollow inner tube and into Diane’s body, as her face was lit by a delicious grin of satisfaction and pleasure. Lynn rubbed her voluptuous body hard into the mat, trying to sustain the intense pleasure roaring through her writhing, bucking body. I felt my heart drop as my gorgeous wife was finally, decisively defeated by her mortal enemy. It was terrible to watch, but my cock was unbelievably hard at the same time.

Lynn fell forward, sprawling on the mat. Diane fell on top of Lynn. For several minutes, the women lay in a wet, panting heap of lush flesh, mutually penetrated by the dildo. Finally, Diane slowly got to her feet, pulling the dildo out as she rose. I watched the plastic prick draw out of Lynn’s defeated pussy, the thing dripping and gleaming in the dim light. It looked almost like a blunt knife. I thought of it as the weapon that had succeeded in humbling and humiliating my wife.

Diane threw the dildo aside and dropped to her knees on the mat. Lynn rolled over onto her back and glared at Diane. “You fucking cheating whore,” she rasped.

Diane smiled at her. “No rules were broken, bitch. No rules were set on how we used that thing. You lost, fair and square. Now, I want you to watch this.”

Diane got up and walked towards me. Her hips swayed deliciously, her tits jiggled enticingly, her eyes were lit with lust. “Hey Mark,” she smiled. “I’ve got a real nice treat for you.”

Diane pressed her luscious, naked body right up against mine, every inch of her womanly flesh burning into me. I almost came on the spot. My prick was as hard as rock. It stabbed into her stomach. She grabbed my shaft in her warm hand and moved it to the side so she could press against me, flesh to flesh. She pulled me into a long, deep, tongue licking kiss. It was very soft, very sensual, but it rocked me to my core, setting my prick on fire. Clearly, she was sending the message she planned to prolong her fuck with me. I couldn’t help myself. I ran my hands down the delicious curve of her back, I cupped her perfect, round ass. I held and separated each of her buttocks, squeezing hard, just like I liked to do with my gorgeous wife. Finally, Diane broke the kiss. Smiling, she dropped to her knees in front of me. I felt my shaft surrounded by wet warmth, a tickling that soon turned to even more intense fire as her tongue and lips expertly worked my prick, worked the exquisitely sensitive tip. I groaned, my body trembling. I couldn’t help it; I buried my hands in her thick hair and pushed her deeper into my crotch. I was too caught up in the delicious sensations to even think about my poor wife.

When I thought I would have to explode, Diane released me with a smile. Her teeth played on my cock, gently nipping the tip. She sucked each of my balls carefully. Then she pushed back and slowly, seductively, fell onto her back and spread her legs wide, exposing her beautiful red pussy.

“Come on, Mark,” Diane cooed, reaching out to me. “Time for me to get the prize.” She glanced up to look at Lynn. For a moment, my head cleared and I saw my wife standing a few feet away, her face red with rage, her eyes blazing with humiliation, her hands clenched and her naked body trembling with emotion. Steve was standing behind her. He did not look too happy either, though he was wearing a look of resignation. I considered stopping right there. But Diane pulled me down to her by my cock, her warm hand closing on my member and stroking it softly and all rational thought left me. I became an animal, swept away by desire.

Diane guided me into her soft, hot, tight cunt. It felt impossibly good as I thrust into her, going balls deep with a single, powerful shove. I slid up into her twat and she closed around me, trapping my prick in her hot, tight hole. Her inner muscles rippled on my cock, massaging it, teasing, stimulating. My chest crushed down onto her amazingly firm tits, her massive glands compressing into tight, thick meaty balls that still, somehow, resisted my weight, just like Lynn’s tits. She began to writhe, scoring my chest with her rock-hard nips. Her flat belly slapped to mine and we began moving in rhythm, her body working my cock the whole time.

I have to admit it felt unbelievably good. Her kisses burned like lava, her body seemed to wrap all around me, encompassing me in its sweat and heat. I think it was probably the eroticism of the whole situation but, when I am being completely honest with myself, the sex that Diane gave me that day was as good as the best I have gotten from Lynn. One of the striking things was that, even as I was fucking Diane, I still marveled at how much her body felt like Lynn’s. Still, she was different. She smelled different, still sweet and hot, but not the same as my wife. She moved her body a bit differently, doing something with her ass and hips that added a bit of torque to the deep erotic massage her vagina was giving to my throbbing, pulsing shaft.

As I lost myself in the haze of sensual pleasure, I caught something out of the corner of my eye that pulled me back to reality. A few feet away from where Diane and I were rutting like rabbits, Lynn was giving Steve a very skillful and dedicated blowjob. I don’t know how long they had been at it, but it looked like a while. She was sucking each of his balls when I caught them and returned to licking and teasing the tip of his shaft. He moaned in exquisite agony. It was a testament to how into sex with me Diane was that she had not noticed what was going on much earlier. However, she saw what was happening now.

“FUCK!” Diane screamed, in a sudden rage. “You CUNT!” she screamed. “Get your filthy mouth off my husband!” She was bucking and thrusting beneath me the whole time.

Lynn ignored her. Instead, she lay back and led Steve down to her by the hand. Steve seemed to be in a kind of mindless sexual trance. As I watched, Steve slid his massive shaft all the way up Lynn’s tight hole. Both of them grunted in pleasure. I couldn’t watch anymore. I hated seeing another man balls deep in my wife, despite the fact that I was balls deep in his wife. I hated seeing Lynn’s eyes close, her mouth twist and her head throw back in ecstasy. In that moment, I wanted to hurt Lynn too. I was playing by the rules. She was not. That angered me. I redoubled my pumping of Diane’s cunt. Diane looked at me with surprise, then gave me a vicious smile of understanding. “I’m going to take you places your wife and her little pussy can’t ever get to, baby,” she whispered to me. She pulled me down to kiss me and I disappeared into her luscious body.

I don’t know how long the fucking went on, Steve laying it into Lynn by my side, me fucking Diane with all my strength just a few feet away. At one point, as I was driving into Diane’s steaming depths, surrounded by wet tightness, I noticed that Diane had her head turned and was glaring at Lynn and Steve, When I looked again, however, I realized she was locked in a staredown with Lynn, who was glaring at her from under Steve. Even more, both women had extended their arms and were gripping each other, hand to hand, nails digging into the back of the other woman’s hand. It was shortly after this that I exploded in an excruciatingly powerful orgasm. Diane squeezed me, cutting it off, sending spasms through me, until she released me, then squeezed again. She managed to turn a single powerful orgasm into at least three. Grunting, crying out with pleasure, I collapsed on top of her lush body, floating on a cloud, enjoying the feel of her heavy titmeat crushed to my chest. Diane stroked my back and tightened her luscious thighs around my waist, before running her bare feet down to my calves, twining our legs and locking me in place.

After a minute or two, as I regained my senses, I became aware of the sounds of grunting and moaning beside us. The moans were those of my wife, of course. The animal grunts were coming from Steve, who appeared to be almost delirious with pleasure. As I watched, he reared back and howled as he came. His body convulsed as I saw Lynn squeeze him with her deep vaginal muscles, helping him prolong his pleasure even as she wrung him out like a sponge. Lynn cried out, her scream of orgasmic delight definitely not faked. Steve collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him and bit his shoulder. Again, I felt a pulse of rage. I was not sure if my wife was doing this because she really wanted to or if she knew that Diane and I were watching and she wanted to turn the knife in Diane, but the effect was to hurt me, too.

Diane gave me a deep squeeze that sent a shiver of pleasure through me, to get my attention. “Get off of me, Mark. I’m going to teach your little bitch of a wife a lesson she won’t ever forget.” As I pulled myself out of Diane and rolled off of her lush body, I saw Lynn pushing Steve off of her. She had heard Diane and was getting ready for whatever came next.

Both women got to their feet, their voluptuous bodies near mirror-images, cum dripping from between their thighs, their lush forms shaking with rage, their equally massive tits jiggling dangerously. The naked women threw themselves at each other, their claws out, both determined to destroy the other, to make their enemy pay for every humiliation they had inflicted on each other. Lynn and Diane grabbed each other by the hair with one hand; with the other hand, they seized their enemy’s tit and squeezed hard, mauling each other. They pulled each other around the deck, shrieking and raging at each other, their bare feet slapping on the wet surface.

“You fucking cunt!” Diane shrieked. “You cheating whore!”

“You’re the cheating whore, you bitch! I was just paying you back!”

“Lying slut!”

“Cunt-eating fucker!”

The women fell to the deck and instantly wrapped their arms and legs around each other and became a rolling, spitting, slapping catball. They bit and clawed at each other, cursing and shrieking, as they slapped each other’s asses, as they scratched and snarled. They churned from one end of the deck to the other, their nude bodies twined so tight I wasn’t sure where one woman ended and the other began. Steve and I staggered to our feet and rushed to our battling wives. I grabbed Lynn around her waist and pulled her off of Diane. Steve wrapped his arms around his wife’s narrow waist and held her in place. Both women strained in our arms, reaching for each other, desperate to get to the other woman and tear her apart.

“Enough of this!” Diane snarled. “Steve, babe, shove your cock up my ass. Leave my pussy free. It’s going to be busy.”

“You heard her, Mark,” Lynn spat. “Balls deep in my ass, baby, but not in my cunt. I’ll need it to eat that bitch alive.”

I had no idea what was going on, though the women and Steve seemed to understand. Steve was fully erect, brought back to life by the erotic spectacle of the naked vixens rolling around on the deck. I was similarly turned on. I did as my wife instructed. I aimed my stiff shaft at her tight, puckered asshole and shoved in. It was hard going; Lynn was incredibly tight, but it felt unbelievably good, especially when she contracted around me to offer some encouragement and reward. My rock-hard shaft grew even thicker and harder in response. Lynn and I generally enjoyed anal, but we only did it from time to time. This seemed a strange time to do it but, obviously, she and Diane had something planned. Lynn groaned as I fully penetrated her, a combination of pain and pleasure. I glanced over and saw a similar look pass over Diane’s face as Steve filled her completely from behind. When we men were fully locked into their anuses, the two women glared at each other, their mutual hatred palpable.

“Now, take me over to her, Mark,” Lynn said. “This cheating fucker and I are going to settle things, once and for all.”

“I’m going to crush every part of you, you dirty fucking whore,” Diane threatened. Steve and Diane were moving towards us, in a strange shuffling walk. The whole thing felt crazy, but I finally understood what was going on. The women wanted the weight of their husbands, the strength of their husband’s thrusts, to use against each other as they tried to destroy each other, tit to tit and cunt to cunt. They were the meat in a sex sandwich, except they were trying to devour each other.

We all came together with a hard, thick slap. I could hear the sound of the woman’s thick titmeat slapping and mashing. The women’s bellies clapped hard. Instantly, Diane and Lynn buried their hands in the other woman’s hair and began jerking their hips, slamming their naked cunts together. It wasn’t long before they were both gasping and crying out as they fucked each other clit to clit. They writhed at the same time, working and working their tits and bellies into each other. Steve and I thrust in the same rhythm, using our weight to push the women together as hard as possible, our thrusts helping them to grind into each other even harder, cunt to cunt. I was not into men and neither was Steve, but the whole thing was incredibly erotic. Diane’s hands were on Lynn, but also on me, trying to pull me in harder. Steve grabbed me too; I grabbed back. The bucking and grinding went on for some time, the women’s bodies crushed tight, warring on each other. Nose to nose, Diane and Lynn spat and cursed at each other, before locking in a vicious, biting kiss. I looked over Lynn’s shoulder and saw how, even now, under all this weight, her and Diane’s remarkably firm tits still resisted full compression.

I felt the point of no return grip my balls, my lower body. With a grunting cry, almost a scream, I released a torrent of cum deep in my wife’s ass. A moment later, Steve cried out, his body bucking and shaking with every powerful spasm. Probably pushed over the edge by the feeling of their husband’s cum saturating their insides, Lynn and Diane screamed in orgasmic completion. Their pussies gushed in tandem and I felt the woman cum splattering on my feet.

At this point, I was close to passing out. Steve had already started to fall, pulling Diane with him. I collapsed onto my side, still lodged deep in Lynn’s tight asshole. Both couples were stretched out on the deck, a few feet apart, sprawled in post-orgasmic bliss. I faded in and out, too drained to do much, barely conscious. Slowly, I became aware of angry voices.

“You bitch!” Diane hissed.

“You fucking whore!” Lynn replied.

Vaguely, I felt Lynn pulling away, I felt my still hard cock pull free of her tight anus. I passed out.

Sometime later, I came back to consciousness. I had no idea how much time had passed. My dick was flaccid on my stomach, though still thick. The humid night air was starting to cool. I looked to my side. Steve was lying there, flat on his back, dead to the world. I was still a bit addled and I wondered where the women were. Then I picked up the sound of grunts and pants and moans. I turned on to my side and looked around.

About ten feet further up the deck, Lynn and Diane were locked together in a full-fledged scissor-fuck. Their legs were spread, their pussies were plastered together like hungry mouths. Their meaty tits were solidly compressed, their hands were gripping each other’s pumping ass, their bellies were rippling against each other, their bodies were jerking and thrusting in rhythm. Their mouths were fully inosculated, the only sound escaping the muffled moans and grunts that had drawn my attention. They were in an all-out fuckfight, both women clearly determined to fuck each other to death and giving it everything they had. As I watched, they broke the kiss, glared and snarled at each other nose to nose and forehead to forehead, then threw back their heads and let out choking screams of ecstasy as they came at the same time. They kept grinding orgasm after orgasm out of each other, until they could not continue. They collapsed in each other’s arms, holding each other up, holding each other tight, their heads resting on the other’s shoulder. They whispered curses and other things to each other, then fell on their sides, their bodies still tangled together, pulling hair, gasping. I fell onto my back and let sleep take me.

Sometime later, I woke again. I got the feeling some time had passed. The sky looked different. Once again, I saw Steve sprawled on the deck near me. He had shifted position but was still asleep. The women were not in my immediate field of vision, but I remembered what I had seen earlier and rolled over to see if they were still in their same spot on the deck.

They were, but they were not asleep, as I had expected. Instead, they were in a ravenous 69, eating each other vigorously. I marveled again at their sexual stamina and at the mutual hate that kept them going. I had not heard them at first because their moans were muffled by the other woman’s pussy. The sound of wet smacking as they licked, tongued and sucked on each other’s cunts was clear once I listened for it. Lynn was in the top position but, as I watched, they rolled on their sides and ate each other from a position of equality for a minute or two until Diane rolled on top. A few moments later, they went stiff, threw back their heads, and cried out in mutual delight as they ejaculated hard into the other’s gorgeous face. Both women lowered their heads and sucked up as much of the creamy cum as they could. Gasping, they rolled apart, sprawled side by side. But this lasted only a minute or two. As if powered by some supernatural force, Lynn and Diane both propped themselves on their elbows and glared at each other over their swollen tits. Then, they sat up, turned their bodies to each other, shifted their sweat-soaked legs so they could scissor, and drove their wet, aching pussies together with shared grunts of effort. Their juicy cunts mated with a wet, hot slap. Both women cried out in ecstasy. They each seized the other’s wet thigh. Anchoring themselves, they began to grind mercilessly in a full-on cunt to cunt fuck-off. The look of hate and lust that they shared was sizzling in its intensity. I watched for several minutes as they ground into each other furiously, fucking with all their strength. They pulled each other in and mashed tit to tit, their hips and asses still working, still grinding. They licked lips and tongues, then locked in a vicious kiss. I watched until they threw back their heads to scream in the agony of climax, pulling hair, slapping and clawing at each other as they bodies convulsed in orgasm after orgasm. I collapsed on my back and fell into a deep sleep.

Part 6

It was getting light when Steve shook me awake, hours later. He gestured to the women on the deck. Diane and Lynn were asleep. They were sprawled together, their limbs tangled up, body to body. Diane was slightly on top of Lynn, but they were mostly side to side. They had fucked each other to some kind of stalemate, though it was possible one of them had won. They had been at each other all night, after all. Maybe they had reached some kind of resolution.

“Come on,” Steve said to me. “It’s light out now and we don’t want our neighbours talking. Why don’t you put Lynn in our guest room so she can recover? I’ll put Diane in our bed.”

That made sense to me. Carefully, we separated the gorgeous women’s tangled bodies. As exhausted as they were, both women looked devastatingly sexy to me, probably because I knew what they had done to each other to put them in that state. My prick began to swell and I noticed that Steve was having the same reaction. He gave me an awkward shrug and a grin. How else could a red-blooded man react when moving two incredibly beautiful women who had just fucked each other into mutual comas?

I carried Lynn into the guest room that Steve indicated to me. It was large and comfortable, with an en suite bathroom. I put Lynn on the floor for a moment as I pulled back the sheets. I lifted my unconscious wife into the bed, then covered her with the blankets. I left her sleeping soundly, then joined Steve in the kitchen. He had put Diane to bed. He gave me a pitcher of water and a glass to place on the bedside table beside Lynn, so she could rehydrate when she woke up. I took these back to the room, then rejoined him.

We made small talk, avoiding the uncomfortable question of our experiences with the other man’s wife. I think we both decided that was a taboo subject. I did not want to know if Lynn was the best fuck Steve ever had and I am sure he did not want my evaluation of his wife’s fucking abilities. The talk turned to things like sports and he mentioned a football game that would be on later that morning. I was not much of a football person, but I liked Steve and I also suspected I was not going anywhere anytime soon, so I agreed to watch it with him.  He changed into clothes and loaned me a shirt and pants to wear. They fit well; we were about the same size. We went into the basement, where he kept his massive 75 inch TV. While we waited, we watched TV and discussed some of what was going on on the Sunday morning news shows.

Around 11 AM, just before the game started, Steve and I heard some noises coming from the guest room. They must have been quite loud for us to hear them over the sounds of the TV and in the basement. We looked at each other in puzzlement, then got up to see what had made the noise. Maybe Lynn had fallen out of bed.

As we walked towards the guest room, we both noticed that the master suite door was open. Steve glanced inside, then looked back at me, his eyes wide, and shook his head. Just then, we heard distinct screams coming from the guest room, the screams of two women. We raced to the guest room. The door was closed and locked.

“Oh no,” Steve said, under his breath. The sounds coming through the door were entirely familiar: grunts, moans, screams and curses, gasps. The only thing new was the sound of the bed creaking in manic rhythm as the two women on it fucked like rabbits on meth. Judging from the rhythm of the bed, they were really, really going at it.

“Don’t you have a key?” I asked, very concerned about what Diane and Lynn might do to each other if we were not there to referee.

“No. The owner didn’t have it when we bought the place. It was lost some time ago. We were going to get the lock changed, we just didn’t get around to it yet.” That was perfectly understandable, especially given the other things that had distracted them.

Steve pounded on the door. “Diane, baby, open the door. Let us in.”

“Fuck off, Steve! I’m going to settle things with this fucking cunt, no matter how long it takes! Leave us alone!”

“Lynn, babe,” I called through the door. “Lynn, you’ve got to stop, darling.”

“Get fucked, Mark!” my wife screamed at me. “I’m going to turn this whore’s cunt into hamburger! She’s never going to get her filthy twat on another woman’s husband again!”

“You cunt! You fucked my husband! You cheated and fucked my man!”

“Dirty slut! Only after you cheated and fucked my husband! I’m going to kill you for that!”

“Bring it on, you cunteating bitch! I’m so fucking tired of you! I’m going to make you sorry you ever shook your udders in my face!”

“Cunt! I’m going to rip your filthy pussy to pieces!”

I knocked on the door again. “Please, Lynn, Diane, let us in! You’ll hurt each other!”

“FUCK OFF!!” both women screamed in concert. This whole time, the pounding rhythm of the bed had never let up. Now, it grew even faster, harder. The sounds of moans, pants, building and harmonizing cries of pleasure, grew stronger. A few minutes later, both women let loose with their distinctive orgasmic screams, apparently cumming together, their cries gradually fading into pulsating moans. I looked at Steve and he looked at me. There wasn’t much we could do. Besides breaking down the door, we could not get in.

We went back to the kitchen to talk it over. “I say we just leave them,” Steve said. “Let them work it out themselves. Despite everything that’s happened, they haven’t really hurt each other yet, at least not physically.”

I nodded. “Has Diane ever done anything like this before?”

“No, not like this. She’s had grudges and fights with other women in the past, but nothing with this kind of intensity. Lynn really pushes all of her buttons. But I don’t think Diane has ever had anything like this going with a woman like Lynn before.”

“You mean a woman whose body is the equal of her’s?”

“Yeah. And who doesn’t give up, either, just like Diane.”

Steve shrugged again. “I think we just have to leave them alone and let them work it out themselves, get it out of their systems. It won’t take long for them to tire each other out.”

How wrong he was. As the game began, we could still hear -even in the basement – the occasional shout or other sound that indicated the fuckfight was still going strong. An hour into the game, I went upstairs to listen at the bedroom door. I could hear the distinct sounds of hard sex. The women were not talking, but they did not need to do so. The animal sounds, the cries of overwhelming sexual pleasure, stiffened my cock and made it clear what the women were doing to each other. Two hours later, we heard the en suite toilet flush in the basement. Steve and I looked at each other, then went upstairs to see if the marathon fuckfight had finally ended. It had not. Apparently, they had only taken a break. The room behind the door was quiet for a moment, but soon the sounds started up again – moans, cries, gasps of pleasure. The stifled moaning made me realize they were probably kissing as they fucked. I figured they were probably doing a full body fuck, plastered together, sharing everything, cunts kissing and sucking, bodies undulating like snakes as they consumed each other.

One football game ended and another began. Diane and Lynn were still locked behind the guest room door, fucking each other’s brains out. I was listening at the door when I heard one exclaim “Oh, you dirty whore!” Then “two can play at that game!” A moment later one of them cried out. I wondered what new way they had found to hurt and humiliate and fuck each other. I made a mental note to ask Lynn when this was over.

The second game ended. It was late afternoon. Steve and I listened at the door. There were no sounds. We hoped they had finally exhausted each other. But then we heard pants and groans that slowly, inexorably, rose in pitch and volume until both women were screaming again, screaming in absolute sexual bliss. Whatever they had been quietly doing to each other evidently had an overwhelming orgasmic payoff.

Another hour passed. I went back upstairs and listened at the door. At first it was quiet, then I heard the women talking. They were both panting hard, as if they were trying to catch their breath and come down from an orgasmic high. Evidently, I had caught them in the lull between fucks.

“Unnnnhh, you’re a filthy cunt, Diane.”

“You’re a dirty whore, Lynn.”

“I’ve never met a woman like you.”

“The feeling is mutual. You’re one tough slut.”

“I’m still going to fuck you blind, cuntlicker.”

“Bring it, fucker.”

Soon, the sounds of hard sex followed.

An hour later, Steve and I were in the kitchen, wondering what to do, thinking about making supper and hoping that would entice the women to stop fucking each other and leave the room, when we heard the guest room door unlock and open. We rushed out of the kitchen. Lynn and Diane were coming down the hall, naked. Their magnificent nude bodies were covered in teethmarks and hand prints, especially (as we later saw) on their asses. Their breasts were red from where they were constantly in contact and abraded, and their naked pussies looked red and painful. The women really had fucked each other raw. They had their arms around each other and were holding each other, not just to keep each other up but because, I suspected, they had reached some kind of understanding. They confirmed this a moment later.

“Diane and I have worked out our differences,” Lynn announced in a tired voice.

“Yes,” Diane continued. “We have arrived at a…mutually satisfactory…understanding.”

Steve and I waited for them to say more, but there was nothing. They just looked at us, standing side by side, their side tits pressed tight, each woman with her hand on the other’s hip. I marveled, again, at how identical the women’s incredible bodies were.

“Would you like to stay for dinner?” Steve asked Lynn. “Mark and I were just getting started.”

“No thanks,” Lynn said. “I really just want to get home. Mark, could you get me my robe?”

“Sure thing, babe,” I replied. The robe and our other things were just inside the kitchen patio door. I retrieved my wife’s robe and her flip-flops. She took the robe, but shook her head at the flip flops. I guess she planned to walk back home barefoot. Lynn shrugged on the robe, but she did not tie it closed.

All of us walked to the front door, Steve and Diane prepared to show us out. When we got to the door, Lynn and Diane stared at each other. I could feel the hostility, the intense anger and even hate, between them. Whatever had happened, it had not resolved everything.

“Good bye, Lynn,” Diane said. “I hope to see you around. Very soon.”

Lynn walked up to Diane and put her hands on the naked woman’s shoulders. Diane placed her hands on Lynn’s smooth, curving hips. They pulled each other in, pushing and plastering their naked bodies together, tit to tit, belly to belly. Slowly, teasingly, they brought their lips together and kissed. They kissed deeply, passionately. It went on and on. After a minute, Lynn reached up and pulled off her robe, letting it drop to the floor, so that more of her bare skin could be in contact with Diane’s lush body. They wrapped their arms around each other and ran their hands over their naked flesh, squeezing and caressing, even slapping. I was afraid the women would start fucking again, right in the foyer.

Finally, Lynn and Diane separated. They licked up a string of spit linking their lips. They looked deep into the other’s eyes as they pulled apart. Again, I was struck by the fact that whatever was happening between these women was something primal, something I could not understand. Their bodies, their cunts, were communicating with each other on a level that was beyond my apprehension.

Lynn picked up her robe and pulled it on, this time tying the sash. “Let’s go, Mark,” she said. Nodding a final goodbye, we crossed the street, back to our house.


Lynn never did explain to me what happened between her and Diane in the guest room. “It’s between us,” was all she would say. I figured that they just fucked each other raw, realized that neither one could beat the other, and finally gave up trying to destroy each other. But I knew that it could be more than that, as subsequent developments proved.  

Things between us and our new neighbors improved a lot. We kept visiting them and we made hot tubbing a regular part of our visits. The hot tub visits would invariably end with Diane and Lynn fucking each other to ecstasy. As the weather became cooler, we stopped using the hot tub as often. The first time Lynn and I visited without our swimsuits, the evening took, in retrospect, a predictable turn. Steve and I left the women alone for a few minutes, so he could show me a new electronic toy he had bought to go with his TV. When we returned, about 20 minutes later, the women were nowhere to be seen. We soon heard the sound of erotic moaning coming from the master suite. The door was locked. Steve and I made small talk for a couple more hours, trying to ignore the increasingly loud, ecstatic sounds coming from the bedroom, before the door finally opened and the women came out, both looking exhausted but entirely satisfied.  On the way home, I asked Lynn if this was what would happen during all our visits.

“Maybe,” she said to me. “If you leave Diane and me alone together, we’ve got to find ways to amuse ourselves. There’s a good chance we’re going to fuck each other.”

Shortly after this event, it became apparent that Diane and Lynn were meeting on their own. Both women worked from home, so this was not hard to understand. Lynn told me one day that she and Diane had spent the afternoon in the hot tub. I did not have to ask what they had spent the afternoon doing. After that, I sometimes found marks on Lynn’s body when we were naked together, hickeys and teeth marks. They were from a small mouth, obviously Diane’s.

It was obvious the women were having a sexual relationship and that it had become a regular part of their interaction. The strange thing was this: I was certain that Diane and Lynn hated each other every bit as much as they ever had. They did not act like it, but I was sure that all of their sexual interactions were every bit as competitive and spiteful as anything in the past. Occasionally, Lynn would drop a clue that she was still angry at me for having sex with Diane. For the most part, this did not come up often and, after we talked it through, I was confident it would not derail my marriage. But, in some way, I could tell that her rage towards Diane over this incident was as deep as ever.

But these mysteries were beyond me. I was just happy our relationship with our neighbors was restored and that we were all able to get along. I was more happy that my relationship with my wife was stronger than ever. Our sex life, which had been really good before Diane and Steve came along, became exponentially better. Our fantasy life was rich with events from Lynn’s battles with Diane, but I was also sure that Lynn was doing her best to prove to me that she was a better fuck than Diane and, truth be told, I was trying to prove to my wife that I was better than Steve.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was not Steve I had to worry about. Whatever Diane and Lynn gave each other was so far beyond whatever pleasure they got from Steve and me that it was not even funny. For that reason alone, I was grateful that they hated each other. At least there was no chance my wife would run away with the neighbor. Right?

The End

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