New Neighbors by Rodman

Part 1

Pulling into the driveway that evening as I returned from work, I couldn’t help but notice the large moving van parked in front of the house across the street. The house had been on the market for over a year and we had heard rumours about our new neighbors ever since the Sale Pending sign went up. As I walked in the front door, my wife Lynn excitedly acknowledged that the new neighbors had been moving in all day. “A couple or a family?” I asked, peering out the window. “They seem to be a single couple, look,” Lynn said as we noticed a young couple supervising the movers. They were an attractive looking young couple, somewhere in their mid thirties, just like us. “Great” I said, feeling a little self-conscious about acting like nosey neighbors.

Later that evening, we were surprised by a knock at our front door. Sure enough, it was our new neighbors, Steve and Diane. We politely invited them in to get acquainted. They were indeed a very attractive couple. Steve was average height with olive skin and dark features. Lynn and I thought he resembled George Clooney. Diane was a stunning creature, a brunette beauty, standing around 5’ 7”, with a fantastic body. I couldn’t help but notice her ample breasts considering her small, athletic frame. Her body reminded me of my wife Lynn, as they both possessed that rare combination of a small butt with big boobs. I did my best to look her in the eye as we talked but struggled not to let my eyes wonder down to her cleavage by accident. After some small talk about where they were from and then some quick neighborhood gossip, Diane said, “Everything is still in boxes, but we decided to have a little house warming party tonight anyway.” “There won’t be much food, but lots of alcohol,” Steve said as we all laughed. Lynn and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, “We’ll be there.”

As soon as the door closed behind our new neighbors, Lynn looked at me and said, “Ok, I know what you’re going to say, she has big boobs, I know.” “Whaaat?,” I said, trying to act stupid. “You think that’s the first thing I’m thinking about whenever I meet someone new?,” I said in a defensive tone. “No, No, I don’t care, actually it’s the first thing I noticed too, if you really want to know,” Lynn said with a smirk on her face. “How could you not notice,” she said. “I still think your’s are nicer babe,” as I playfully grabbed Lynn and tickled her while cupping one of her melon sized natural breasts. She squealed and struggled to escape in a half-hearted way, loving the attention I was giving her breasts.

Lynn has always known I am a huge tit man. I even made a feeble attempt to explain my titfight fantasy to her once, but she dismissed it as a spin-off of the typical male lesbian fantasy. I never got the chance to explain my fantasy in detail to her. She’s made comments about other women’s breasts from time-to-time making me think that she is trying to participate in my boob fetish, but she has never gone as far with it as I’d like.

As the party time quickly approached, Lynn and I showered and dressed for the occasion. I noticed that Lynn was taking an unusually long time to get ready. She had several outfits spread out on the bed and was having a particularly hard time deciding what was appropriate to wear for the evening. She ended up wearing her tightest jeans and a very tight fitting top with a plunging neckline showing off an ample amount of cleavage. Her breasts looked firm and high because of the push-up bra she was wearing. I knew something was up and decided to question her about the sexy attire she had chosen for the party. “I love that top baby. You looking to prove a point tonight?” I said with a smile on my face as I admired her fantastic rack. “Well, if you are going to do your little fantasy boob comparison between me and Diane, I figured I would wear something that would make it absolutely clear who’s are better,” Lynn said as she stood in front of the mirror, teasing her hair.

“Don’t do this just because of my stupid fantasy, ok,” I said with a serious face.

“No, it’s not just that babe. I know you love it, and that’s fun for me, but I have to admit, this whole thing is turning me on too,” Lynn said with a shy smile on her face. “It’s making me really hot to be competitive with Diane about our bodies, especially our boobs.”

“Are you sure,” I said, relishing the conversation.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” Lynn said as she continued brushing her hair. “I’ve always secretly compared my body with other women, especially my boobs, but never openly like this. Openly talking about comparing my boobs to Diane’s is really exciting me,” Lynn said as she turned to look at me, almost blushing. “I’m just going with my feelings, don’t worry.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I think Diane is in for a big surprise when she sees you in this top,” I said as I moved behind Lynn standing in front of the mirror wrapping my arms around her flat stomach just below her breasts kissing her on the neck. As I did so, I used one of my forearms to lift both of her heavy breasts slightly. This caused Lynn’s breasts to bulge out of her low cut top, looking even larger.

“You really think mine are nicer than her’s?” Lynn said as she reached both hands up to caress my neck, obviously loving me bragging about her breasts.

“I don’t see how she can match these babies,” I said as I now caressed both breasts with my hands.

Lynn slowly turned and engaged me with a long, deep kiss, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Finally we separated and Lynn said, “Come on, I can’t wait to get over there.”

Part 2

The party was well under way by the time we crossed the street, our normally empty street crowded with parked cars. We rang the doorbell and waited anxiously. The door opened and we were pleased to be greeted by our new neighbor Steve. He said, “Come on in!” showing us in. As we crossed the doorway, Steve turned into the living room and called, “Diane, Mark and Lynn are here!” We looked up to see Diane walking toward us. We couldn’t help but stare as Diane approached. She was wearing a stunning outfit consisting of spike heels, a short black leather skirt, and a shockingly tight white top, every bit as tight and revealing as Lynn’s. Diane’s top hugged her impressive bust, making her breasts look even larger than before. I even thought I noticed the slight outline of her nipples poking though the sheer material. Lynn looked over at me with eyebrows raised as Diane spoke. “We were wondering if you were going to make it. Come on in and have a drink.” I was still in the process of shaking Steve’s hand so Diane immediately stepped forward to hug Lynn. As I shook Steve’s hand, we both looked over at our two stacked wives as they embraced. I think Lynn was still in shock as Diane hugged her tightly, pressing her big firm breasts into Lynn’s equally endowed pair. I could have sworn that the two buxom ladies held their hug a few seconds longer than what normally would have been expected from a doorway greeting. I can only imagine what Lynn must have been thinking while Diane’s challenging pair stabbed into her own big breasts given the secret competition she had in mind. As the women separated, you could almost feel the tension in the air as they stepped back to admire each other’s bodies. Finally, we all walked into the living room to join the main party.

After a few stiff drinks, Lynn and I separated and mingled with the crowd, engaging in the usual small talk as we met new people. Several hours passed and I noticed the crowd shrinking as more than half of the guests appeared to have left. I scanned the room for Lynn and was surprised to see her and Diane standing together chatting. They seemed to be getting along quite well as they talked, occasionally flipping their hair back and laughing. I became mesmerized watching them as they were standing quite close to each other. I couldn’t help comparing their almost identical bodies. Both slim and athletic looking with large firm breasts stuffed into their tight tops. Even with them together like that, I was unable to determine who had the bigger set or for that matter any advantage one might have over the other in the chest area.

I began to notice a distinct difference in the women’s demeanor as they talked to one another. Diane was now whispering in Lynn’s ear. Lynn then laughed and whispered in Diane’s ear. Suddenly, they both looked directly at me with big smiles on their faces. The women then put one arm around each other’s waists and squeezed together tightly. I was shocked to see Lynn’s right breast and Diane’s left breast press together as they rotated slightly in their one armed embrace. Diane flirtatiously waved at me as both women arched their backs and stuck out their breasts. Lynn had a huge grin on her face as she squeezed Diane tight and winked at me. At that moment, I felt my face blush as it dawned on me that Lynn had told Diane about my titfight fantasy. They were obviously teasing me with their pose and I felt my embarrassment grow as I gave Lynn a look of disbelief. Just then, I felt Steve’s arm around my shoulder.

“What are they talking about over there?” he said with a grin on his face. “Let’s ask them.”

It was the last thing I wanted to do right then, but Steve walked me over to the giggling women. They immediately separated and Diane grabbed Steve and whispered in his ear. I took Lynn aside and said, “You told her didn’t you!”

“I did honey, and you won’t believe what she said.”

Before we could talk any further, Steve and Diane approached us.

“Diane and I are cranking up the hot tub after everyone leaves tonight, would you two like to join us?”

Lynn and I looked at each other and both nodded “YES.”

Part 3

We acknowledged that we needed to go home first, but would return at midnight when everyone was sure to be gone.

As soon as Lynn and I walked out the door to go home, we began to discuss exactly what might happen when we went back to Steve and Diane’s house.

“I can’t believe you told Diane about my fantasy?” I said in disbelief.

“Yes, and do you know what she said? She said that Steve has the exact same fantasy you do. Diane said the first thing they talked about after we met today was how my boobs compared to hers,” Lynn explained with excitement.

“I can’t believe you told her Lynn,” I said.

“I told you, it’s a turn on for me when I talk about comparing with Diane out in the open. I can’t explain it. Diane feels the same way about Steve’s fetish. She wasn’t that into it until they started talking openly about her boobs compared to mine.”

“I didn’t get a chance to talk to Diane much more about it, but I bet she’s wondering if her boobs are better than mine, just like how I’m thinking the same thing about her,” Lynn said in an excited voice.

We were inside now, standing in our master bedroom. I just stood there in silence, my cock beginning to harden, my heart pounding.

“I’m going over there,” Lynn said as she pulled her sexiest black bikini from the dresser drawer. Lynn also threw my bathing suit on the bed. We both began to disrobe to change into our suits. Lynn noticed I was already semi aroused and smiled as I slipped into my suit.

“You’re loving this, aren’t you!” Lynn said as she stood there topless with just her thong bikini bottom on.

“What, you think Diane has nicer tits than I do?” Lynn said, pulling her shoulders back and thrusting her chest out, holding her tiny top in one hand. I couldn’t help but marvel at my wife’s fabulous breasts. They were full across her chest yet they seemed to defy gravity. I could tell she was already excited from the situation since her nipples were extremely erect, her normally puffy areolas now pulled out into her long rubbery shafts.

“I think she’s about a DD cup just like you honey,” I said.

“Yes, but are they as high and firm as mine?” she said, gently cupping her breasts with both hands and lifting them slightly.

“I don’t know,” I said, “I’d have to see you both topless, side-by-side.” I said with a playful look on my face.

“I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you,” Lynn said in a seductive voice. “I bet you think about us doing a lot more than just comparing topless, don’t you baby.”

“I told you, it’s only a fantasy,” I said with embarrassment.

“Well, I think your dirty little fantasy might come true tonight.”

“If things go the way I think they will, it should be the perfect opportunity for us to compare our assets in front of you boys,” Lynn said as she finished putting on her tiny black string bikini top. The top was the kind that only had two small triangles covering her breasts with strings tied around her neck and at the back. Her breasts bulged out from the top, her nipples peaking like two nail heads poking through at the center of each small piece of material. My mind was spinning at the thought of what might happen in Steve and Diane’s hot tub.

When we arrived at Steve and Diane’s house, it was completely dark and it was evident that the party was over. It was so dark, in fact, that we weren’t sure if Steve and Diane were still awake. We walked up to the door and saw a note that read, “Walk around back.” We grabbed the note from the door and proceed through the side gate toward the back yard. As we turned the corner, all we could see was a single dim light obscured within a column of steam rising from Steve and Diane’s built-in hot tub.

As we approached the tub, we saw Steve sitting in the large hot tub, the water all the way up to his chin. Diane was nowhere to be seen. Due to the powerful jets of the hot tub, we could not see the rest of his body. Once he noticed our presence, he greeted us warmly and invited us to hop in. We anxiously peeled off the sweats covering our suits as Steve watched. I could see his eyes glued to Lynn’s body as she exposed her fantastic black string bikini. The water was extremely hot and both Lynn and I had to enter slowly. I noticed the goose bumps rising on Lynn’s body as she entered the hot water from the cool night air. Her already hard nipples became even harder and began to poke through the fabric of her bikini top like two small tents. Steve’s eyes were glued to them as Lynn finally lowered her breasts down into the bubbling water.

For a moment, the three of us said nothing, thinking of some small talk. Finally, Steve spoke, “Diane is inside mixing some drinks. She will be out soon.” Just then, Lynn and I turned to see Diane walking toward the Jacuzzi with a large pitcher of margaritas and several glasses. She was wearing a stunning white string bikini that barely covered her crotch and breasts. She still looked wet from her initial dip in the Jacuzzi and the fabric of her bikini top clung to her breasts. Her large breasts swayed as she approached and I could clearly see the outline of her pointed nipples and bumpy areolas like she was wearing clear cling-wrap. I noticed that Lynn’s eyes were also glued to Diane’s breasts, as she approached.

“Glad you two could make it,” Diane said as she set the pitcher and glasses next to the edge of the Jacuzzi. As she bent over, her breasts heaved forward, almost popping out of her top. Diane poured us each a drink and then slipped into the Jacuzzi herself. I watched as every inch of her body entered the bubbling hot water. Surprisingly, Diane sat next to Lynn instead of next to Steve. Lynn and Diane began to chat privately on the other side of the Jacuzzi but the jets prevented me from hearing what they were saying.

Steve and I also moved closer to have our own conversation.

“Look at those women,” Steve said, admiring our two stacked wives. “Are those the two nicest racks you’ve ever seen?”

Lynn and Diane had moved very close to each other now, the water level just about at nipple level. The steaming water boiled under their breasts, bouncing them around and bubbling up through their deep cleavage. I couldn’t help but notice that Diane’s boobs were every bit the equal of Lynn’s. Both women possessed full, high DD cup natural breasts. The contrast of Lynn’s black bikini clad breasts up next to Diane’s white bikini top was stunning. Their breasts couldn’t have been more than a couple of inches apart as they chatted.

“I can’t really tell whose are bigger, can you?” Steve said in a clinical voice.

“No, I can’t either,” I said, relishing the comparison.

“I always wondered how Lynn stacked up to Diane,” I said laughing.

“I know, they look like they would be a good match for each other,” Steve said with a silly grin on his face.

His words made my head spin, fantasizing about Lynn and Diane pressing their breasts together to see who’s are better.

“Let’s ask them who has the better tits,” Steve said.

“Are you kidding,” I said in a panic.

“Sure, it will be fun,” Steve said, as both of us slid over to the girls.

“We want to ask you ladies something,” Steve said with a playful smile on his face.

“Mark and I want to know which of you has the nicer boobs,” Steve said, looking over at me.

“Oh, I bet you do,” Lynn said, taking another gulp from her drink.

“What do you think Diane, should we give these boys a little show?” Lynn said as she arched her back, lifting her breasts above the water, rotating her upper torso toward Diane.

“Sure, let’s give them a show, why not. Anyway, I’ve always wondered how we compare,” Diane said, also raising her body up out of the water, arching her back facing Lynn.

Part 4

Both girls were now standing in the middle of the Jacuzzi, hands on their hips, chests thrust out. Their breasts were only inches apart as they slowly rotated their upper bodies to compare. Steve let out a little cheer, “Yeh baby, you show her who has the nicest ones!”

Both girls had huge grins on their faces as they stared down at each other’s wet, bikini clad breasts, occasionally glancing over at us to gage our reaction. For just a moment, Lynn and I locked eyes as Lynn winked.

Then Steve said, “Well, you gonna take your tops off or what?”

“I will if Lynn does,” Diane said, looking Lynn in the eye.

“If we take our tops off, don’t you think the guys should take their suits off?” Lynn said, looking at Diane with a big smile on her face.

“Absolutely!” Diane said, looking over at Steve and me.

Steve and I immediately reached down, removed our suits, and flopped them on the side of the Jacuzzi, then turned back to the women like two puppy dogs.

Both women smiled, simultaneously reaching back to untie the string of their tops.

“Wait, let’s let the boys untie us, ok?” Lynn said, trying to get Diane’s approval.

“Yes” Diane giggled, “but I want Mark to untie me and Steve can untie you.”

“Oh yes, I’d love that,” Lynn said. “Is that ok with you honey,” Lynn said looking at me for approval.

Steve and I turned to each other with blank looks on our faces for a split second then smiled as we switched places, moving behind the other’s wife. The women flipped their hair out of the way to expose the upper knot of their bikini tops. We both began by delicately untying the bottom strings of the other’s wife. My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest now as I closely examined Diane’s muscular back and shoulders. I glanced over at Lynn to see that she was extremely conscious of Steve’s presence behind her, untying her lower knot. She looked at me, smiling, setting me at ease.

As I reached up to undo the top string of Diane’s bikini, I suddenly became acutely aware of my now throbbing erection only inches from Diane’s hard ass. I tried to use the length of my arms to keep my rigid cock away from Diane’s ass, but she took a step backward and leaned into me. As I moved her hair off the back of her wet neck, I heard Diane quietly gasp as the full length of my erect shaft brushed against one of Diane’s firm buns. I froze, thinking I had crossed the line with my new neighbor’s wife.

“Go ahead, untie it, it’s ok,” Diane whispered to me, obviously referring to our intimate underwater contact. Just then, Diane shifted her luscious ass and I felt my vertical shaft flop right between her two hot buns. Unable to resist, I pressed my body up against Diane’s back and continued to untie her top. At that moment, I looked over at Lynn to see her head tilted back, her eyes closed as Steve untied her top bikini knot. I immediately realized what Lynn must have been feeling, out of sight under the boiling water.

Diane’s top finally fell into the churning water, as Lynn’s did. I looked down over Diane’s shoulder to admire the sight. Her breasts were magnificent. I looked down on them as they floated in the bubbling Jacuzzi. Her cleavage was deep and long and her breasts seemed to protrude from her chest almost a foot. Her pink nipples were just showing above water level and I estimated them to be almost a half-inch long, puckered and hard. I looked across at Lynn to see Steve looking over her shoulder admiring her equally stunning breasts. Both women had stunning tan lines where their bikini tops had once been. The contrasting white skin just made their breasts look more forbidden to be seen this way. I could feel that Diane’s breathing was ragged now as she proudly displayed her assets. Lynn’s breasts also looked magnificent in the soft glow of the Jacuzzi lights, her nipples as hard as I can remember seeing them, darker, but at least as long and hard as Diane’s. Lynn flipped her hair over her shoulder making her breasts jiggle and sway firmly. Diane also flipped her hair back as the women moved forward, nipple-to-nipple, looking down at each other’s wet breasts.

“So, what do you boys think?” Lynn said.

“Judging by what I fell stabbing me from behind, I think Mark is enjoying himself,” Diane said giggling.

“You’re not kidding,” Lynn said. “Steve is having a heck of a good time too based on what I feel.”

“Oh, really” Diane said as she looked Steve in the eye with a jealous look on her face.

I immediately backed away from Diane and gestured to Steve that I wanted to switch places back behind our own spouses. The women stayed put, facing each other, as Steve and I passed each other toward our wives. As I approach Lynn, she turned and embraced me, her warm, wet breasts pressing against my chest. She reached down with one hand and grabbed my erect cock as she whispered in my ear. “Stand behind me and grab my arms,” she whispered in a husky voice. I could feel Lynn shake a little as she breathed rapidly. I obeyed, moving behind her, grabbing her biceps just above the elbow. I looked over Lynn’s shoulder to see that Steve had done the same. To my surprise, he was holding Diane’s arms exactly as I held Lynn.

Part 5

“We want you boys to decide who’s are better,” Diane said, still with a playful smile on her face.

“What do you think honey,” Lynn said as I looked over her shoulder down at the two spectacular sets of breasts.

I was light headed now from the excitement and couldn’t speak. I looked a Steve and he was also extremely turned on and remained silent.

My wife Lynn broke the silence. “Mark said he would need to see us very close together to make a decision.”

“Well, come over here then,” Diane said directly to Lynn.

With that, both women inched forward, Steve and I still grasping our wives by the arms. As the women inched closer, we couldn’t help but be pulled along behind them. I could feel Lynn flexing her shoulder blades as she arched her back and thrust her chest out. I felt the change in her posture and gently pulled Lynn’s arms back. Diane assumed the same posture and Steve also pulled back on her arms as the women drew closer. I looked down now to take in the stunning sight. The women’s nipples were only about an inch apart, poking out sharply, perfectly lined up. Their arched backs and pulled back arms made their breasts rise completely above the water level. The comparison was stunning now as the only movement was the women’s deep breathing which made their breasts rise and fall. Suddenly, the timer for the Jacuzzi jets expired with a loud click and the water went flat and silent. A copious amount of steam still rose from the water, glowing in the underwater lights. The water became calm and clear and I could now make out Diane’s legs clearly, her little thong bikini hugging her waist. You could cut the tension in the air with a knife as we all stood there silent, all four sets of eyes looking down to make the comparison.

“Well?” both women said almost simultaneously as they stared at each other’s breasts, occasionally glancing up to meet eyes.

“I can’t tell,” Steve said.

“They are a perfect match,” Steve said as he looked at me over Diane’s shoulder.

“THEY ARE NOT!,” Diane said, the smile now gone from her face.

“We are just having a little fun here Diane, calm down,” Lynn said in a bitchy voice.

“Screw that!, I just want to make sure there’s no confusion here,” Diane said directly to Lynn, quickly glancing down at their heaving breasts before returning her glare up to Lynn’s eyes.

“No, there’s no confusion honey, I think you’ve finally met your match,” Lynn said, also looking down and up quickly.

“Well, from where I’m standing, I don’t see what you mean, I’d say I have you beat in just about every category.” Diane shot back.

The women were now speaking directly to each other as if Steve and I were not present.

“What category would that be?” Lynn said as I felt her shoulder’s tighten again.

“First of all, I’d say I’m fuller than you and overall a bit bigger,” Diane proclaimed, looking down at the breast comparison, slowly rotating her upper torso back and forth, showcasing her breasts.

“You must be joking sweet heart, I’m definitely bigger than you,” Lynn said rotating her own chest as she looked down.

“And look at my nipples next to yours, they’re longer than your’s,” Diane stated as she lined her long pink points up with Lynn’s darker tips, holding perfectly still.

“I’m not sure what you are looking at honey, but I’m every bit as long as you and I think a bit thicker in the nipple,” Lynn responded as we looked down at the line up.

“COME ON BOYS! GIVE US SOME HELP HERE!” Diane said loudly, jolting us out of our fog of arousal.

Steve just stuttered, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Unable to control my fantasy-mind I said, “Well then, line your nipples up side-by-side, shaft-to-shaft and see whose touches the other’s areola first.”

Steve’s head snapped up as I spoke and I saw him grin.

I could feel Lynn squirm at the mention of my proposal but Diane immediately said, “Fine, put you nipples up next to mine Lynn.”

Not even sure if my wife had agreed or not, I carefully guided their erect shafts alongside one another careful not to let them touch. Steve likewise guided Diane’s pink shafts alongside Lynn’s rubbery brown ones. There was only about an inch separating their sensitive nipple shafts as the tips passed each other.

I’m not sure who got careless, but as we moved the women’s nipples closer toward each other’s breasts, the two sets of rubbery shafts momentarily scraped along their full length eliciting a sharp gasp from Diane as I felt Lynn hold her breath as she bit her lower lip.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived as I could see the tip of Lynn’s nipple shaft touch Diane’s pink, bumpy areola, but at the same time, Lynn’s darker, somehow rougher looking point touched and then penetrated Diane’s tight areola.

“I think they touched at the same time,” Steve said with a shaky voice.

“Who’s thicker?” Diane asked in frustration.

Steve and I pulled the women back, lining their rigid shafts up once again, still careful not to let them touch.

“They are differently shaped, but you both look the same thickness,” I said, unable to unglue my eyes from the nipple contest.

“If you think you are thicker, then let’s see who’s bend first,” Diane challenged.

“If you want a nipple fight then fine!, Bring those weak things over here.” Lynn immediately shot back and I could tell she was fuming now.

“Let go of me honey,” Lynn ordered me.

“Let me go Steve!” Diane commanded as she yanked her arms from Steve’s grasp.

The women placed their hands on their shapely hips and pulled their shoulder’s back once again. They moved forward slowly and lined up the tips of their distended nipple shafts.

Part 6

“I think someone’s a little insecure about their boobs, don’t you think,” Lynn said teasing Diane.

“My boobs are nicer than your’s, you just can’t accept it,” Diane snapped back. “Anyway, this is about our nipples right now.”

“If you want to test the strength of your nipples against mine, that’s fine with me,” Lynn said with cold confidence.

“Any time you’re ready little girl,” Diane said, as both women seemed to strike the bitchiest possible pose in the waist deep hot water, steam rising from their bodies.

The women glared down at each other’s nipples as I could see them line up again, slowly moving into position. Finally, I saw Lynn move forward with her shoulder’s pulled back, bringing both tips of her rubbery nipples into direct contact with Diane’s sensitive tips.

Steve and I stood there with our eyes wide-open, barely blinking as the women expertly touched the very tips of their throbbing nipples together. I was stunned by how the women could keep just the tips of their distended shafts in contact without their breasts mashing together. It looked to me that both women were now holding their breath, concentrating to maintain their intimate contact. Steve and I strained to see which one would bend first.

“I thought your big hard nipples were going to bend mine,” Lynn said through gritted teeth.

“Who’s bending now,” Diane grunted as she arched her back, increasing the pressure on Lynn’s rubbery shafts.

I noticed that both women’s nipples seemed to be bending upward, neither pair completely bending under the pressure.

The women’s breasts and nipples were still slick from the hot steam rising from the hot water of the Jacuzzi and suddenly, slipped apart from their head on contact, sending them sliding down the length of each other’s agonizingly sensitive shafts, then stabbing into their counterparts taut, bumpy areolas. Both women let out a little squeal and roughly separated, their big breasts swaying just about the water.

“Don’t stab me with those things! Lynn said in a pissed off voice, bringing her thumb and index fingers up to both violated nipples as she glared at Diane.

“If you can take it, give in and we can be done with this,” Diane popped off, hands still on her hips.

“If you stab me again with those things, I’ll stab back next time,” Lynn said, putting to rest any idea Diane might have that she would back down.

With that, the women moved forward again, lining their breast up like before. This time, both women targeted each others textured areola’s as their rubbery shafts passed each other. Both women’s shafts penetrated the other’s areola’s simultaneously and we heard Lynn say, “How’s THAT feel!”

“Feel THIS!” Diane grunted as she rotated her left shoulder, stabbing her long hard left nipple shaft deep into Lynn’s right areola. Lynn made a grunting noise and I could tell Diane’s nipples stung her. Lynn immediately rotated her opposite shoulder, burying her left nipple shaft to the hilt into Diane’s puckered right areola.

“OUCH! You bitch!” Diane said as the women separated. I noticed Diane lightly circling her right areola with the tip of her finger as she glanced down at Lynn’s weapons.

Then, like some invisible starters gun went off, both women moved forward quickly, roughly poking their nipples together again, but this time vigorously flicking and stabbing their nipples together, over and over again. Their long hard nipples reminded me of swordplay as they scraped along their full length trying to bend their counterpart over, ultimately burying themselves in the other’s areolas, eliciting a grunt or squeal from one of the women. This nipple jousting went on for several minutes as the women only slightly rotated their shoulders to drive their nipples together. The slick coating of sweat and water on their nipples prevented either from settling anything in this manner and I could see the frustration on both women’s faces as they continued.

Finally, the women separated, both panting as their chests heaved up and down.

“I’m tired of playing with you. Why don’t you bring those saggy things up here so I can prove to you and the boys who has the best tits in this neighborhood,” Diane said as she labored to talk in between deep breaths.

“I’ve been holding back until now,” Lynn responded. “Mine will work your’s over bad if we press them together,” Lynn proclaimed like it was a fact.

“Don’t make me laugh honey,” Diane said. “Your flabby boobs can’t possibly stand up to these,” Diane said as she lifted her big firm breasts with both hands and showcased them to Lynn.

“You are gonna need to hold them up after mine are done with them,” Lynn said, whipping her wet hair over her shoulder as her heavy breasts firmly swayed.

“You’re gonna be wearing a training bra again after my tits flatten yours,” Diane said, letting her breasts drop, causing them to bounce back to their menacing high yet firm position.

The women slowly approached each other, hands on their hips again, breasts leading the way.

“Someone’s in for a big surprise,” Lynn said, looking down at Diane’s wet breasts.

“You’re right, but it’s not gonna be me,” Diane responded.

Part 7

Their nipples only inches apart now, both women reached up from their waist and grasped each other firmly at the bicep, just above the elbow, careful not to touch their breasts. Steve and I cringed expecting the women to violently mash their breasts together out of pure rage, but the first full, deep contact between the two pairs of magnificent breasts was slow and deliberate.

“Last chance to back down little girl,” Diane said with a shaky voice.

“Not a chance,” Lynn said as the women slowly pulled each other together.

Long, hard nipples penetrated wet clammy breast flesh and then disappeared as the four firm breasts pressed together. The pressure increased as I could see the women’s fingernails digging into each others bicep’s as they pulled themselves together. Their breasts slowly mushroomed upward and to the side as they reached full compression. Both women let out an audible groan as their breasts slid together forming a tangled cleavage between them. They held their compression as each looked down to see how her own proud breasts had fared against the other. Full compression was held for about 10 seconds before they slowly backed away, still holding each other by the arms.

“Mine crushed your weak things,” Diane claimed, looking down.

“I flattened your pathetic tits!,” Lynn responded in disbelief from Diane’s statement.

With that, the women pulled each other together again. This time, they jerked their bodies together as they pressed their breasts together head on. Water splashed up between their bellies as their breasts once again mushroomed up to the side. Diane looked down to assess the battle like before, but Lynn had a very different reaction. To my surprise, Lynn leaned her head back and closed her eyes as she let out a low moan. The way she flipped her head back was very familiar to me. I knew my wife very well, and this was definitely a pleasure response. She flipped her head back the very same way when I kissed her nipples.

Seeing Lynn’s head flip back, Diane said, “You’re feeling me crush you now, aren’t you.”

With that comment, Lynn’s head snapped back up, her wet hair flipping forward over the women’s tightly compressed breasts.

“I don’t think so!” Lynn barked as she squeezed Diane tightly, rotating both shoulders, making her slippery breasts flop across Diane’s equally slick boobs.

“Aaaaaaah!” Diane yelled as Lynn’s right breast slid across Diane’s left, her long hard nipple scraping across Diane’s upper breast flesh and burying itself deeply between Diane’s boobs. At the same time, Diane’s right breast flopped between Lynn’s boobs. Both women squealed as their shoulders shifted positions. Lynn’s firm right breast has squished Diane’s left boob out to the side and I could see a look of pain and surprise on her face.

“Nooooo!” Diane moaned as she struggled to maintain the tight compression.

“Yeeeees!” Lynn barked as she shifted her shoulder again, raking her slippery boobs back across Diane’s the other way. I could see Lynn’s breasts push Diane’s boobs across her chest as they flopped and then squeezed out on the other side.

Diane let out a high pitched squeal as she released Lynn bicep’s, electing to reach around Lynn’s waist to lock her hands at the base of Lynn’s spine, just above her ass. As Diane changed grips, Lynn continued to push Diane’s boobs back and forth across her chest with her big firm pair. Diane struggled to mimic Lynn’s grinding and rotated her chest the opposite way each time Lynn dragged her boobs over Diane’s. Both women were grunting and squealing now, water splashing up between them making the water in the Jacuzzi look like the ocean. Back and forth they ground their slippery breasts, nipples creasing across breast flesh then gouging into passing areola as their rubbery hard shafts flicked past one another.

Like Diane, Lynn finally released Diane’s arms and squeezed her own arms inside of Diane’s tight hug, but instead of clasping her hands, I was shocked to see Lynn tangle her hands in Diane’s thong and pull.

“Oooooooh!, you little bitch!” Diane yelled as their breasts flopped back the other way.

Lynn pulled up on Diane’s thong as she continued her boob-grinding onslaught. The women were now actually moving around the Jacuzzi as they struggled, and Lynn would pull up on Diane’s thong bikini bottoms each time she would drag her knockers across Diane’s pair. Diane was squealing now each time Lynn pounded her boobs. I wasn’t sure if it was from the thong splitting her pussy, or from the painful tit thrashing she was taking. The leverage Lynn seemed to gain with her hands tangled in Diane’s thong seemed to give her the upper hand now as she moved Diane back a few steps each time their breasts collided. Suddenly, Diane’s calves backed into the submerged step of the Jacuzzi and she started to lose her balance, slowly falling backwards, Lynn still had a hold of her thong, their breasts tightly compressed.

Diane shrieked as she let go of Lynn’s waist to reach back and catch herself by grabbing the edge of the built-in Jacuzzi, which was about at shoulder blade level.

“Nooooo!” Diane screamed as Lynn forced her back against the tiled edge of the Jacuzzi, her arms spread wide.

“I’m gonna rub your tits off!” Lynn said through gritted teeth as she now almost laid on top of Diane, never releasing her thong.

Diane’s legs were spread wide now, sticking up in the air out of the water. Lynn looked like she was fucking Diane now as she ground her breasts in a circular motion into Diane’s now completely defenseless chest. I could see Diane’s boobs spread apart as Lynn’s hard tits forced them to mushroom out on both sides. The women continued to thrash about, Diane struggling to grind her exposed boobs up into Lynn’s heavy pair.

It now looked like the two were having rough sex as Lynn thrust her pelvis down into Diane’s open crotch each time she ground her boobs downward into Diane’s softening tits. Finally, Diane’s resistance diminished as the thrashing subsided.

To my amazement, Diane wrapped her legs tightly around Lynn’s waist as I heard her sob.

“Give in. My tits have beaten yours,” Lynn said holding still for a moment.

“Get off me!” Diane said, making a token attempt to buck Lynn off of her.

“GIVE IN” Lynn said again firmly as she thrust her breasts down into Diane’s flat boobs, making a point to rake her nipples across Diane’s now soft areolas.

“I give, I give” Diane said with a painful moan as her legs fell from around Lynn’s waist.

“Get off her Lynn,” Steve said as we both rushed over to separate our wives.

I pulled Lynn off of Diane, grabbing her around the waist from behind. Steve helped Diane to her feet, also being sure to restrain her. Both women still strained to get at each other again. Diane’s breasts were very red, hanging noticeably lower. Her nipples were now flat, the bumpy texture gone from her areolas. Looking down at Lynn’s breasts, I noticed they were also enflamed, but her nipples still looked hard and menacing as she shook in my grasp, sticking her proud chest out.

“You should leave now,” Steve said as he comforted Diane.

Lynn and I quickly gathered our suits and clothes spread around the Jacuzzi. As we walked away, I noticed Lynn and Diane locking eyes one more time.

The End

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1 thought on “New Neighbors by Rodman

  1. wondering48 says:

    Great Story!!!!

    Actually just loved this story. You have to have at least 2 more stories as I see the following happening as your story ends with the following quote.

    “Lynn and I quickly gathered our suits and clothes spread around the Jacuzzi. As we walked away, I noticed Lynn and Diane locking eyes one more time.”

    We need to see this continue as I recommend the following;

    New Neighbors The Rematch.

    They go after each other as Diane needs to be satisfied and holds a big grudge. This is sexfight only with Diane the winner after a long fight that is back and forth. Winner gets the loser’s husband (Steve) as her husband watches her victory for sexfighting.

    New Neighbors -The Final Catfight. In this fight it is an all out catfight -no holds barred. No deaths etc but still more battle as two women fight for being the top neighbor. Winner gets both husbands as reward as they both get satisfied from the final winner


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