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Office Feud Part 2 by Luffy316

Michael had been enjoying the party as best he could, even if the tension felt ever-present in the background. Everyone else seemed to be having plenty of drinks and fun, talking and laughing and eating the various snacks.

Michelle had invited what he counted as a dozen people at the apartment, which he knew was shared by Michelle and her recent office rival Anna. Just a few weeks ago, they’d torn eachother apart at the office before Michelle took Michael away from the scene to give her battle-damaged body a fucking of a lifetime. Michelle had been mingling with the guests, but he’d yet to see Anna the entire time. Michelle may not have been showing as much skin as she might have, but she was looking better than she had after the battle at the office.

An hour or so after he arrived, Mike went to the kitchen for to freshen his beer. He must have been out of sight, because Anna started a bit when she saw him rise up from within the fridge. She wore a loose top and shorts, clearly not dressed for a party so much as laying around the house. Mike and her exchanged smiles as they calmed down, Mike sitting at the kitchen table calmly.

“Just looking for a drink and a minute of quiet,” he explained, nodding towards the living room and all it’s laughing and music.

Anna sat down with him, sighing. “It’s always like that. She’s always being loud and acting like I’m not even here. And she smokes all the time and doesn’t care that I’m here.” She made a sour face at the ash tray on the table, dumping it into the nearby trash.

“Do you say anything about it?” Mike asked, though her reply was obvious after the thought escaped his mouth.

“Not since the fight,” Anna said a bit solemnly. “I just stay out of her way while I look for other apartments. She knows I’m going to leave soon, she just wants to hurry me up about it.”

“Sorry about that. The fight and that she’s being such a rude roommate.” Anna shrugged, but smiled a bit as she was comforted by his words. They chatted and caught up a bit, having been out of touch with each other for the last week since the fight. She’d rested up from all the injuries, and while she was still marked up pretty badly, she was working back to normal after a few days on pain pills. Still, she was smiling again, and catching up with Mike seemed like just what she’d needed after hiding away in her room.

Michelle burst into the kitchen suddenly, laughing at the sight immediately. “You!? Really!?” she mocked loudly, smirking smugly at the blushing Anna. “Bothering the guests, are we?” Her eyes darted over the two of them. “Were you fucking flirting with him!?” she demanded.

“What?!” Anna gasped back in outrage and confusion. “We were just talking!”
“You think he wants that?” Michelle went on, stepping up to the two of them. “The bitch with the broken tits? The skank who can’t fight for shit and got fucked by every dick in the office?”

Anna’s face grew red, as much with anger as embarrassment. She’d have thought it was the alcohol talking if she hadn’t said the same sort of things throughout the week. “It’s not like that and you know it,” Anna hissed firmly, bracing an arm on the table. “Now go back to your party and I’ll go back to my room.”

“What, with him?” Michelle snorted, taking Mike by the arm. “Come on, let’s go back to the fun, Mikey.”

“Don’t tell him what to do,” Anna objected sharply.

“Or else what? You’ll try to ruin our good time and sell your body to the entire party? Hey, let’s pass you around like a party favor. That might-“

Michelle was surprised when Anna snapped and rose up, punching her clean across the face. Michelle staggered back into the counter behind her, holding her mouth and looking outraged at Anna. “You nasty little bitch!” she growled through her fingers, finally pulling it away from her face.

Anna still had her fist clenched, ready for her to get back up and fight back. Instead, Michelle kicked her leg up into Anna’s stomach, getting a pained grunt from her as she doubled over. Michelle was quick to throw herself at her roommate, beating over her back to keep her bent over. Anna shoved at her chest suddenly, launching her back so that her spine hit the edge of the counter. She was stunned enough for Anna to charge her and grab her by the neck in one hand, shoving her further over the counter. It didn’t last long enough to actually strangle Michelle, since she grabbed at the counter and swept up a spare drinking glass, smashing it over her roommate’s head.

Anna shrieked and released her as she clutched her head, brushing the loose glass shards out of it and thankful that it hadn’t cut anywhere too deeply. Michelle kicked at her stomach again, but Anna managed to bring a hand up and keep the attacks away while she backed off.

“You want to go, you miserable little pig?” Michelle snarled, starting to unbutton her shirt readily. “Cuz I will kick your ass all over again right here!” Michael could see that people had started to gather around the kitchen door to watch the fight. Given the clearly volatile tempers involved, nobody acted to interrupt the women or hold them back. Plus, they were all a bit wasted, so why not just enjoy the moment?

“I’ve been looking for a chance to finish off those ugly tits,” Anna snapped back, slipping out of her clothes quickly as well. She still bore several scars from the last fight, clearly visible when both women wound up standing there in just their bra and panties.

“You don’t have the guts for it,” Michelle hissed back, stepping out of her skirt and sizing up Anna as they steadily moved towards eachother. They both pounced at once, slamming their battered breasts into eachother through their bras as they clawed and slapped at eachother wildly. Michelle was the first to gain the advantage as she took Anna by the hair, twisting her body so that she could smash her face down onto the kitchen table repeatedly.

Michael was surprised when his beer vanished, Anna grabbing it from under him and throwing it up into Michelle’s face and eyes. She yowled in surprise, holding her face instead of Anna’s. She grabbed the wooden stool by the fridge and swung it to crack it along the side of Michelle’s head. She went down to the tile floor with a thick thud, gone limp for a moment before she groaned and held her head, tenderly feeling a lump under her hair.

The cheap stool fell apart on the floor beside her, feeling Anna grab and shove her head into the tiles so she had leverage enough to work on the buckles of her bra. “Think we should show Michael how your ugly old hangers are coming along!?” she mocked bitterly, Michelle slapping and scratching at her weakly from the ground. Her claws left a few rough lines down Anna’s arms, but with a proud flourish, Anna bared Michelle’s breasts to the hooting crowd. She had her own old scratches and scars, but most notably her left tit kept its bulk but hung like a popped balloon, as if aged 20 years older than the other.

“Still think you’ve got the best tits in the office!?” Anna shouted angrily, swinging the bra to whip Michelle’s freshly healed but still sagging tit. Michelle cringed at the hit, but she swung a punch into Anna’s crotch.

“OUGGH!” Anna gurgled sickly from the hit, falling to her knees cupping her groin. With a furious growl, Michelle grabbed the nearby trash can and lifted it up to empty it over Anna’s head. She shrieked in disgust as the various snacks, beer cans, and unidentified wet sludge spilled over her half-naked body.

“That feel more at home, you fuckin’ tramp?!” Michelle shouted at her. “You already smelled like shit to begin with anyway!” Michelle grabbed at Anna’s tits, squeezing into the messy jugs with her fingernails and getting a shocked whine out of her roommate. She shook them violently, scratching at the already injured tits and tossing Anna from side to side with them as lumpy handles. She jerked Anna to the fridge, popping open the door and shoving Anna’s head inside.

“Looking for the snacks you little pig?!” she shouted down before she started to smash the refrigerator door on her neck over and over.

Anna screamed and twitched in her vice of an appliance with each slam, Michael wincing at the rough treatment before she got her hands into the way of the door and held it open. “Oh, need another beating, you stupid little whore?!” Michelle snapped at her, throwing open the door to the fridge angrily to get at her victim. But Anna was ready, grabbing the bottles of ketchup and hot sauce meant for the snacks, instead applying them to the hostess as she squeezed them tightly.

Michelle screamed at the sauce stung her wounds and painted her tits and face, clumsily trying to block it with her hands. The condiments sputtered to a stop, but did their job in blinding and stunning Michelle in their bright red mess. “Only way to make those ugly things look appealing!” Anna snapped at her, standing up to grab Michelle by the hair and whip her into the counter again. This time, she landed close to the fridge and the other appliances. “Since it’s still too fat to fit into the blender, I’ll just have to make something hot!” She grabbed the sandwhich maker and slapped Michelle’s tit into it, a faint sizzling immediately heard as her flesh hit the heated metal.

“Aghh! No, you fucking bitch!” Michelle screamed, shoving a hand into her face and clawing at her eyes. Anna shrieked as she raked a bloody line down along her eye, shocked but shrugging the hand away until it yanked on her bra instead, popping one of her own tits free. She still angrily slammed the sandwich maker shut around her breast like she thought it was a waste of the condiments not to. The combined crushing force and scorching heat had Michelle screaming, beating her hand on the counter top while her other hand wrestled with Anna’s to make her let go of the machine. She finally threw Anna’s hand away, freeing herself and cradling her saucey, scalded tit as if it were a bizarre, unappetizing piece of grilled cheese.

“You fucking cunt!”

“It’s not like they weren’t fucked for life already!” Anna shouted back, but Michelle grabbed a frying pan hanging nearby to clang it into Anna’s head. She stumbled from the hit, looking out on her feet as she blinked dizzily. Michelle just grabbed a second, swinging them like cymbals to crush her tits together.

Anna fell to her knees clutching her battered boobs, and one more clang rang out as it smashed across her cheek, knocking Anna to the floor in a drooling, punchdrunk state.

“Leave it to the slut to wind up passed out on her back at the party,” Michelle snapped, spitting down on her witless opponent.

She descended onto her Anna, the stunned and beaten girl barely aware of her assault tearing at her remaining clothes. Michelle kicked her in the ribs forcing her onto her side. On top of getting her into position for her next attack, Michelle forced Anna to expose her ass to Michael, sporting the scarred-over injury from the last fight that spelled out “slut” carved crudely across one cheek.

Anna was still seeing stars as Michelle dropped to one knee, with said knee crushing down on Anna’s tit. The pressure of most of her body weight had her tit swelling and pulsing with pain. Anna started thrashing and screaming on the ground, clawing at her bare legs and trying to push herself free. She couldn’t budge the dominant Michelle, who reached up onto the nearby table as she spotted her lighter and a spare cigarette. She lit up and blew smoke into Anna’s face, getting her to cough and twist her face in disgust as a non-smoker.

“Can’t handle the good shit, you little bitch?” Michelle demanded, twisting her knee for another stinging shiver of her breast. “Then maybe I should put it out.”
Anna had a moment of realization as Michelle took another breath of it, shaking her head wildly. “No! No no, stop!” she pleaded, but Michelle jabbed her blazing cig down to twist it into Anna’s tit. Anna squealed shrilly as the smoke singed her skin, Michelle just grinning and drilling it in deeper into her flesh.

She finally relented, pulling it back to toss lazily into the ashtray and leaving a red and black burn on the side of Anne’s breast. Anna’s eyes were wide and watering at the horrible burn, cupping her chest to try and ease the agony. It left her powerless to stop Michelle from grabbing her hair, yanking it roughly while she was paralyzed with the pain.

“Should have stayed in your room, naughty girl. Or better yet, gotten the fuck out of my apartment!” Michelle snapped at her as she shoved her into one of the chairs, leaving her on her knees with her ass out and tits and belly resting on the seat.

Anna was left groaning and propped over the chair, her beaten body on display to them. The fresh slashes stuck out in their bright red, but also the notable sag of scarred breasts, the scorched mark on her teat. Michael and a few other positioned partygoers could also see under her ass, her injured and loose vagina pulsing with her heavy breathing. Michelle came up behind her brandishing a rolling pin, sitting on Anna’s back and squashing her belly against the chair, forcing a painted squeal out of her beaten opponent.

“You should have learned, bitch!” Michelle laughed down at her, swinging the rolling pin to spank her ass. Anna gave another pathetic wail as the blow jiggled her cheeks, making her legs flop limply apart and exposing her crotch even more to Michael as the paddling went on. The whacking noisily reddened Anne’s ass, leaving her squirming underneath her powerless to escape. When Michelle seemed content that she’d had the fight beaten out of her and gotten tired of her cries, she dug her nails into Anna’s ass cheeks.

Anne whimpered under her as Michelled spread her out, patting invitingly on one scarred cheek as she grinned back at Michael. “What do you say, Mikey? Want to plow this broken piece of ass up the ass?”

Mike was wound up from watching the fight, and a few of the women in the gathered crowd cheered and whistled for him to follow through. The whole scene seemed like it wouldn’t move on without him, so he set down his drink and the crowd gave a quick roar of approval. Already hard from the battle so far, Michelle held Anna open for him as he slid his cock into her asshole. The battered girl gasped sharply as she was penetrated, Michael’s hardon persistently stuffing into her tight rear. The onlookers laughed and jeered as Anna’s face turned bright red, partly from the shame and the rest from the pressure of being squashed and roughly penetrated in her humiliated position.

With the strength to resist beat out of her, she was tight but yielding to Michael’s hardon. Michelle laughed at her pain and suffering, holding her cheeks apart as she leaned forward to kiss Michael, urging him on to hump her harder as her hands ran up his chest. “That’s it. Give that gutter whore what she deserves. Use her like your toy, Mikey. Cum right up her dirty little ass.”

Between the tightness and the dirty talk, he couldn’t hold out long. Anna felt him shudder as he came inside her, squirting up her asshole. Michael pulled out of her as Anna shuddered, the party laughing and whistling as Michelle climbed off of her, giving a dismissive shove at Anna’s head.

“Don’t worry about her, Mike. This should be about the usual for this back alley whore.” Michelle went to where they’d thrown aside their clothes, pulling her top back on. She had to do so carefully given the beating and burning she’d taken to the chest, but it felt more comfortable with it back on. It also gave her the sense of pride that she was the only one dressed of the two roommates.

While Michelle bent over to grab her panties, she didn’t notice the change in the pitch and point of the party’s cheers. Apparently Anna hadn’t been as properly beaten as she’d thought, as she was charging clumsily but quickly after her. With Michelle bent over, she had a perfect shot at kicking up into her cunt from behind.

“AWWW!” Michelle gave a huge painful grunt, grabbing the counter in front of her to stop from falling face-first into it. She held herself up while her other hand cupped her throbbing crotch, Anna taking advantage as she threw frenzies punches into the back of her skull.

“You dirty cunt! How fucking dare you!? You think you can fuck me up in my own apartment like that?! I’ll tear your tits off and shove them so deep up your pussy people will think you’re pregnant!” Anna raved wildly, attacking even with the tears still in her eyes from the humiliation she was rapidly converting into unbridled fury.

Michelle’s head rocked from the blows sharply, her mouth hanging open from the rattling pain. Her head was pounding from the pounding, and she blurrily noticed something within reach on the counter. She grabbed her half-full ashtray, turning and throwing its contents into Anna’s eyes. She screamed as the ash stung and blinded her, Michelle dropping the emptied tray and backed off into the living room, limping a bit as her head spun and her pussy throbbed.

“No you don’t!” seethed Anna before lunging after her. She tackled Michelle around the middle, crashing them both onto one of the coffee tables that snapped under their combined force and weight. Drinks and busted wood spilled around them, clawing and punching at eachother savagely. Their rage and fear fueled them into a frenzied attack, each of them far more motivated with hurting the other than they were with protecting themselves from that same harm.

Anna leaned onto her hated roommate and latched onto her throat with both hands, choking and shaking the gagging Michelle. Michelle slapped and clawed at Anna’s aching tits, but she still kept her death grip on her neck. Seeing it wasn’t such an easy escape, Michelle instead grabbed a loosened table leg, swinging it up to smash into the side of Anna’s breast. The fleshy smack sounded out along with Anna howl of pain, the sagging flesh flopping from the improvised club’s impact. It let Michelle shove her hands aside and sink her teeth into her other breast, sending shocks of pain through the both of her mammaries.

Anna pulled back from her, the clawing and biting opponent leaving nasty slashes over her skin in order to break free. She rolled back across the floor, Michelle crawling after her panting in exhaustion and pain but driven on by her rage. Anna quickly kicked the handle on the nearby recliner, the leg rest swinging up and smacking into Michelle’s jaw. She fell to her side as Anna grabbed the corkscrew that had fallen from the table where they’d been opening the champagne bottles. She gripped it in her teeth while she ripped at Michelle’s recovered top, tearing it open noisily and exposing her once again. With that opening, she grabbed Michelle’s right breast and squeezed the base until it puffed up and stuck out, giving her a perfect target in stabbing the corkscrew into her nipple and twisting.

Michelle screeched at the piercing pain as blood poured from her teat. “So that’s what it took to open you up,” Anna growled. She twisted and gouged the tool into her, Michelle thrashing and trying desperately to claw her way out of her grasp, nails digging into the carpet to crawl away while her nails went up for Anna’s face. They dug into Anna’s cheek and slashed a few shallow red lines across her face, making her release the small weapon as her hand went to her face. Michelle fell back and away, even if the corkscrew was caught deep and twisted enough to stay stuck a half inch deep in her tit. She was outraged enough to not even bother removing it before she swung a fist across the already injured cheek. She threw a few heavy, wild punches at Anna’s face pummeling her silly as her face flashed dim expressions of witlessness before she was clocked to the ground.

Michelle saw Anna land near the raised recliner, and while she groaned on the ground, she shoved her under the footrest head first. It left Anna’s top half hidden under the chair, wondering why it was so dark when Michelle stood back up and kicked the handle on the chair. It swung the footrest back down, snapping it shut as it squashed Anna’s tits like a vice between the footrest and the floor.

Anna’s lower body thrashed and flopped before the crowd that had followed the show, including Michael as he buttoned his pants back up. The flesh of Anna’s chest oozed out from under the seat, squashed out of shape from the pressing force of the chair fighting with her natural elasticity. Michelle caught her breath between laughing at her expense, lifting the lever at last to let Anna’s heavy sobs and gasps be heard by her audience. “Ready for another ride, bitch?” Michelle taunted before taking the lever again, Anna shaking her head wildly. “No!! NO, you bitch!!” She grabbed the brass candlestick that had landed nearby when they’d crushed the table, rolling to one side enough to swing it like a club into Michelle’s knee.

“AOOOUGH!” Michelle gave an unintelligible howl as she fell to her knee, a thick bruise rapidly appearing on the side of her leg as she held the assaulted knee. Anna ignored her pained expression and pulled herself out enough to slam a kick into the same injured spot. Michelle screamed again as it took her off her feet entirely, landing on her side wincing in blinding pain. Her awkward balling up made it easy for Anna to get to her knees and lift Michelle’s mostly shredded shirt off over her head, exposing her midsection and ramming her claws into Michelle’s pussy. Her blind thrashing made it difficult to maintain her grip, but Anna’s scraping and pinching nails did all the more damage for it, stretching her labia and slashing the delicate insides of her privates.

“I’m gonna neuter this bitch!” Anna hissed bitterly, her tits still hanging out and throbbing from her own beating. “I’ll have you pissing blood for days out of that slut cunt!” Michelle kicked wildly, aiming more directly at Anna’s tits. They bounced against her chest, but she grit her teeth through it. She kept her death grip on her crotch, dragged Michelle by her pussy and one of her legs to drag her back towards the kitchen.

“Let go, you fucking cow!” Michelle shrieked, but Anna ignored her and pulled forward abruptly, slamming her body into the kitchen chairs. She toppled one over and nearly took the table with her, landing in a heap and trying to scramble to her feet on the tiles slick with spilled drinks and the womens’ blood and sweat. Anna stomped after her, Michelle throwing some wild slaps at her midsection but Anna throwing a heavy punch to her face with a nasty crack. Michelle went down with her nose out of shape and blood running from her clearly broken nose, shuddering and gagging from the pain.

It wouldn’t stop there, though, as Anna seemed to meticulously pick up the chair that Michelle had knocked over. She shoved it back into place, only to lift it up and smash one of the front legs down on top of Michelle’s grill-scorched tit. Michelle thrashed and screamed like a lunatic underneath her as Anna pushed down on the seat to squash her ruined tit flesh.

“Feels like it’s gonna pop, huh cunt!? How about I smash some new nipple ring holes through your entire tit!” Anna shouted back at her. “Maybe then you can have Michael fuck that bloody hole right through your pathetic tits!” When she started to feel tired from all the forceful pressing, she shifted herself so that she sat down hard on the seat of the chair, adding her entire body weight to the crushing force. “I am gonna LOVE watching those tits of yours die!” she snarled through grit teeth, kicking her bare foot lazily into Michelle’s howling face.

When Michelle could finally register any thought besides blinding agony, she thought of how to escape the torturous trap. She clawed ineffectually at Anna’s leg, leaving some bold red slashes over her calves but little else. Groping around for a way out, she felt something long and smooth come into her grasp. Thinking as quickly as she could, she grabbed the base of it and lunged upward, grabbing Anna’s leg for leverage and ramming the half-emptied beer bottle into her pussy.

The hit was dead on, and the smooth open head popped right between her pussy lips before hitting her inner walls at near top speed. Anna let out a sickly gurgle as she was penetrated by the filthy bottle, stumbling to get at it and falling over backward with her chair. It freed Michelle at last, but she was still gasping and sobbing as she held her tit. Her nose dribbled blood over it enough to match her other bleeding breast, and it was swollen and sagging to show how badly Anna had bruised and broken the fat and muscle inside.

Anna was still on her back, trying to get the precariously placed bottle out of herself when Michelle staggered to the counter and grabbed the cheese grater from one of the shelves. Anna had just gotten the bottle out of herself with a relieved moan as Michelle dropped her bare ass down to sit on Anna’s belly. “I was thinking nachos at first,” she growled. “But I think the guests would rather see those ugly things get shredded!” She slammed the grater down on top of Anna’s tit and scraped it back and forth, savoring Anna’s screams of pain as the sharp little edges started to slash over her nipple and areola. The attacked breast bounced back and forth with the brutal pulling, much like how Michelle’s own battered tits jiggled back and forth limply in their ruined state.

Blood and skin was rapidly ripped off of Anna’s breast, urging her to act quickly as she shot her knee up into Michelle’s lower back. “AWW!” She shouted and held her spine at the impact, just for Anna to hit the same spot again. When she’d lifted off of her enough from the angle of her pained back, Anna knocked the cheese grater away with a desperate slap before she smashed her fist into Michelle’s naked cunt. The fist hit with a meaty slapping sound and an almost lusty grunt from Michelle, then again and again as Anna kept up the ruthless beating. “I’ll show YOU a fucking fat lip!” she threatened as she beat it until even Michelle’s cunt looked too bruised and swollen to be used for days. Even then, she sunk her claws from one hand into her twat, gettin an animalistic yowl from Michelle as she used it like a twisted handle to force her off and leave Michelle whimpering and beating the floor with a fist.

“Who wants a new fucktoy!?” Anna shouted to the crowd, several of the men starting to crowd in at the offer.

“What!? Wait, no! Stop!” Michelle objected, trying to wriggle free but quickly halted by Anna’s handful of her swollen pussy. Anna just balled up her other hand and punched Michelle in the back of the head, smashing her face into the ground before. Anna released her as she backed up and the men still interested moved in, calling various holes on her (“That cunt looks like hamburger meat. I’ll get the mouth.” “You say it like it’s a bad thing. I’ll take the pussy.”) Every man at the party was lined up, many of them thinking of sleeping with her for a long time now.

Anna helped herself up by the table and walked unsteadily over to Mike, still sporting several ugly bruises and slashes on her body but smiling despite it all. “So? Still think she’s hot stuff now?” she chuckled, running a hand over his chest. “Cuz I was thinking maybe we can try what we did before, but in a bed rather than that bitch bending me over a table.”

She could hear Michelle screaming threats and struggling against the lusting men, but her cries of “Get out! Get out!” assured Anna that she was getting what was coming to her just fine.

She did not, however, imagine the scene including Michelle tearing herself free, pulling the men back out of her and charging wildly after Anna. Mike didn’t have time to warn her when Michelle barreled into her from behind, smashing her chest and stomach against the countertop. Michelle pulled on Anna’s hair, lifting her stunned face up before slamming it repeatedly on the counter with loud, hard thuds.

“Girls, stop!” Mike urged, trying to reason with them. “You’ve made your point! Stop the fight!”

“Never!” snarled Michelle as she lifted Anna’s head back up by the hair, blood coming from her split lip. “This’ what gets you hot, isn’t it Mikey?” she purred bitterly to him as she showed him the badly beaten and dizzied Anna. “Watching me beat the blubber out of this pig get you off? Or this?!”

She opened the cabinet door, shoving Anna’s head inside and slamming it down on her head and neck. Her body writhed miserably as the hard wood thumped against her. “Or this?! Or this!?” she repeated as she kept smashing the small door on her opponent like a brutal but strangely arousing example. “I can keep this up all night if it’ll keep you hard, Mikey,” she moaned through her broken nose and painfully heaving tits.

But the attempt at a seductive look with her ruined face suddenly faltered as Anna landed a carefully-aimed kick into her knee, the same one she’d bashed with the candlestick. Michelle almost collapsed on the spot, grabbing her knee and faltering back from her victim a step or two. She tried to get another grip on her hair, but Anna had grabbed a bag of loose salt while she was in the cabinet. She spun back around and whipped it, the open end splashing the salt everywhere around her as Mike was glad he didn’t get too close while urging them to stop.

Michelle was less fortunate as the salt landed right in her face, speckling her with the stinging white powder as it sank into her eyes and many open wounds. She screeched madly and clawed at her face, spitting it out and eyes watering. Anna seemed to only stay standing out of pure rage at this point, charging Michelle and tackling her towards the far wall. She grabbed two handfuls of butchered tit meat and shoved her back sharply, letting her head smash the window and shatter it. Michelle was left speechless with the pain, too confused and scared of what was going on as she heard traffic below her, still blind from the salt stinging her eyes and the shards of glass leaving multiple lacerations over her bared face, arms and chest.

Anna pulled her back fully into the apartment, but only to turn Michelle back around and force the window open. She shoved Michelle’s face against the remaining glass, resting her tits inside the windowsill before she slammed it back closed. Both of her floppy breasts were smashed flat in the middle as it came crashing down like a guillotine. Mike could see the damaged ends of Michelle’s tits outside the window, puffed up from the pressure and trapped bloodflow as Michelle sobbed and kicked her feet childishly from the agony.

“STOP! PLEASE STOP!” she howled, but Anna left her trapped in the window. The whole city could see her busted rack for all she cared. She grabbed a spatula from near the stove, flicking the burner on to heat it over it.

“Anna, let me go! Stop! It’s over!” Michelle still pleaded.

“Listen to her, Anna. She’s giving up,” Michael urged, but Anna took the heated spatula back to her and wound up, rapidly starting to spank her ass. Between the hot metal and the vicious slapping, Michelle was screaming and her ass cheeks bright red within seconds. Several bright red marks in the shape of the spatula were burnt into her cheeks for some time, and when it seemed her rump was nothing but a pattern of bright reds, Michelle rammed the hot tip of it up between her cheeks. The flat edge pressed against Michelle’s anus, squealing pathetically as it burned over her sensitive asshole.

“Bout time someone branded you, cow cunt!” Anna snarled, twisting it there a few moments before throwing it to the ground and then locking the window shut. “She’s fair game now, boys. Aren’t you, cow cunt?” Anna twisted a handful of Michelle’s hair, and she only whimpered and sobbed in reply. Anna left her trapped there as the men moved in again, seeing her half-blind and beaten worse than before, and far less resisting as the men started to stick themselves into her ass and pussy while groping or sucking on her brutalized tits and face.

As she was buried in her unwilling orgy, Anna went over to weakly take Mike’s hand. Even as the victor, she looked like she’d taken as bad as she gave it. She still smiled loosely at him as she tried to lead him back down the hall. “You mind helping fix me up?” she asked softly. “My bedroom should be just the place.”

Mike was so shocked by the whole experience that he followed her lead, soon alone in the bedroom, where Michelle’s groans of protest were blocked out. Michael looked around for a first aid kid, but she motioned him to the bed. He sat down to join her and she ran her weakened arms around his neck, kissing him softly with her bloodied lips. Mike quickly found himself returning the gesture, rock hard as they shared their lips and tongues quietly in the room. His hand ran up her side and cupped one of her breasts, but she gasped and broke the kiss suddenly as he touched the naked woman’s openly wounded tit.

“I’m sorry,” Mike muttered. “They’re just so gorgeous. I should have realized they would still be tender.”

Anna shook her head. “It’s fine. I’m glad you like them,” she breathed hotly. “Even when they’re beat to shit like this.”

“Don’t worry,” Mike assured her, cupping one in his hand and kissing at the bitten nipple. “They’re still sexy. It’s a good look for you.”

“Then we’d better make the most of it,” she smiled, starting to unbutton his shirt.

While Michelle was molested out in the kitchen, their lovemaking was a thrilling experience for them both. They stripped down and kissed the whole while, and every touch from Michael got the maximum reaction out of her. The hypersensitive lover jolted and shivered from every brush of his fingers and hands, from kissing her throat or cupping her ass or teasing her nipples. Everything was in a dull agony, which mixed into a strong and nasty cocktail that drove them both wild.

That was to say nothing of when he penetrated her. She was all screams as her already delicate womanhood had been clawed and beaten, making her nails dig into the sheets and bite her lip passionately with every thrust. His cum felt all the stronger and hotter in her damaged pussy, getting her to scream twice as loud as any lover he’d had before as she returned the favor, cumming with him as they exchanged their fluids. He held her a while as she weakly kissed him back, finally whispering to him. “I’ve got to do one more thing… come on.”

Anna pulled on some panties before stepping back into the main apartment. Michelle was still in the kitchen, but laid out on the floor as someone had released her from the window. The force-fucking had not stopped by the look of it, as Michelle was wheezing and spitting up cum in a puddle next to her as one of the men were putting away their shafts. One of the women at the party had even gotten into the fun, sitting on a chair over her with her legs out as she squirted her sticky cum over Michelle’s face below.

“Alright, party’s over! Everyone get the fuck out of my apartment!” Anna called. She hadn’t planned on the party to begin with, but she was ending it. “And that means you!” she added, pointing at the stained and broken Michelle. She couldn’t even manage a reply as Anna grabbed her by the hair, dragging her out with the rest of the partygoers as if she were a bag of garbage. She dumped Michelle out at the doorstep of their apartment. “It’s mine now,” she spit at her before giving Mike a last kiss goodnight and shutting the door, eager to shower and go pass out before handling the mess in the morning.

Back outside, Mike looked down at the shuddering and leaking Michelle, various fluids coming from her various holes. He took the coat he’d worn to the party and wrapped it around her, holding her shoulders to help stand her up. “Come on. You’re not sleeping in a hallway like that,” he insisted, the coat big enough to cover most of her up. He walked her back to his own apartment, and despite sleeping with her enemy just an hour ago, he helped clean her up as best he could. Her pained but appreciative moans kept distracting him as he ran the hot washcloth over her various sagging, bleeding, or broken parts, especially when he had to help with the claw marks to her crotch.

“Do it,” she whispered softly as he hesitated, and shivered as he rubbed the cloth over and cleaned her stinging wounds. It was that same strange excitement from before, and it apparently reached Michelle too as she leaned up to kiss him as his delicate cleansing became a more intense fingering, deeper and rougher. She slid her tongue into his mouth, moaning louder and even mouthing “It burns” now and then, but never slowing her pace. He’d laid with one injured woman already, that night. Why not go for two?

Michael took Michelle to his room, offering her his shower. She thanked him and quietly slipped into it, leaving his coat behind and showering off her burned, scarred, and generally filthy body.

She came back looking like a broken angel to Mike, beautiful but battered in some way all over her body. Her breasts were visibly beaten if not broken, with old scars and fresh cuts of various sizes over them. Bright red flesh marked the top of one of her jugs, burns from the sandwich maker that had flared up again on her left breast, no doubt burned further by the hot water. The injury looked inflamed, and would was visibly marked in the pattern of the sandwich-maker’s pattern. After being crushed in both this fight and her last, it drooped noticeably lower than her right. Several of her wounds had stopped bleeding by now, but her tits hung almost limply from her chest, the fat and muscle inside clearly and severely damaged.

There was still a bit of blood stuck in her hair from the heavy blows to her head and face, and she had a bit of a limp as she walked back to the bed from all the shots to her groin and legs. She walked past him and brushed a hand lovingly over his chest, only to sit on the bed and wince as Mike recalled one of her last punishments being a red-hot spanking from an overheated spatula.

“You look so sexy,” Michael said softly, touching her fingers as they left his chest. She smiled back, shifting uncomfortably on the bed as she put on her best bedroom smile.
“You’re lying,” she said, meeting his eyes softly in her shameful state. Mike shook his head, sitting down next to her. She rested a hand on his thigh, stroking it dangerously close to his privates. “Prove it…”

She leaned in and kissed him deeply, lips merging together and quickly followed by a sharp, short intake of breath when her broken nose brushed against his. He wrapped an arm around her naked waist, holding her against him before she could recoil from the pain and instead she relaxed into him, keeping the kiss going. Michelle broke it at last to look down and start unbuttoning his shirt, kissing at his face and chest as she saw fit. Despite all her pain and fatigue, she seemed plenty aroused and aggressive about it.

Mike reached down to cup one of her breasts, molding it in his palm. It was soft enough that it almost felt like a liquid in some parts, rolling between his fingers. The deep wound from the blade rippled from his groping, and Michelle gave a long, pained moan.
“I’m sorry,” he muttered quickly, but she shook her head defiantly.

“Don’t stop,” she breathed back, keeping up her act of undressing him to match her own naked body. He took her suggestion to heart, palming and rubbing the breast, even his fingers running over the injury. She let out bigger and louder moans, though not all of them painful this time. Her hips pumped anxiously, and one leg wrapped up onto the bed. He could see the many bruises and claw marks around her pussy from the fight lingering around her swollen pussy. He moved his other hand up to take her other breast in hand, rubbing and mashing them together.

“That’s it, big boy,” she gasped back, eyes going wide and fluttering from his aggressive and shocking touch against her burned and busted breast. “Show me what you’ve got. Give it to me good. I can take it!”

Her wild expression and dirty talk got him excited further, but he had to wonder how much of this was proving herself to him. Showing that even after all the beatings and stabbings, she could still fuck like a pro. He didn’t need much reason either way if she was this into it, and he kept his hands glued to her tits until she managed to free his cock from his pants.

He slipped out of them, letting her gently urge him backward onto the bed. He laid back with his prick high and hard, almost upright in his position as she crawled up to him on all fours at the foot of the bed. She focused on his hips, kissing and softly stroking his cock before she took it into her mouth, sucking up and down with soft, wet slurping noises. As he fucked her mouth, he found her fascinating to watch. Her black eye and scratched and scraped face wrapped around his erection, her red eyes looking up at him for approval. He couldn’t help but moan from her oral skills, gently cupping and kneading his balls to accompany them.

He also watched with fascination as her sagging tits squished around as she went up and down on him, flopping loosely and slapping against the bedsheets. The once proud and perky jugs now hung weak and broken, the old simile of “like fried eggs nailed to a wall” coming to mind with their limp nature. Still, the nipples on their tips stayed hard, tracing over the bedsheets as they hung lower than she could reach when she was at her highest in this position. It was a testament to how huge and powerful they were once, taken from her by the night’s awful encounter.

She finally took her mouth off of him against, stroking the spit-covered hardon and stroking it firmly in one weary arm. “You like it?” she panted, Mike’s wide and fluttering eyes all the assurance she seemed to need. “You like that, Big Mike?” she purred persistently, loudly kissing at his shaft and head.

She kissed her way up his stomach and chest, her bruised body sliding up his. He saw her slightly wince and shudder now and then at the surges of pain, her damaged breasts and belly rubbing against him as she went. She finally kissed his face with her swollen and bruised lips. Her hard nipples dragged over his chest as she straddled his hips, and she gasped at every slightest twitch between them, the pain and arousal clearly overloading her senses.

Michael ran his hands up from her hips, running his hands over her swollen and hanging breasts. Michelle gave a loud, sharp wail as he did, enough that he almost stopped before she nodded excitedly. She grinded against his erection until Mike urged her down at the right angle, using her drooping wounded tits for handles. She gasped and shuddered like a virgin as he entered her, though clearly not from her tightness so much as her sensitivity. She’d had several men inside her already that night alone, to say nothing of their first vicious throwdown at the office. He slid in firm and slow, and she seemed absolutely wild for it, shuddering violently when he squeezed her purple-red breasts.

“That’s it. That’s it. Just like that, Mikey,” she panted, bouncing up and down on his erection at an increasing pace. He held her hips to keep her weakened body steady, allowing her to focus on humping up and down on his shaft. Her wetness was audible with each deeply pumping thrust, more sensitive than ever from all the scratches and intrusions from earlier.

Michelle rode faster and harder, giving small twists of her hips to add extra attention to the shaft inside her. The whole odd but erotic display kept Mike hard and thrusting until she felt him cum inside her. The burst of wetness and warmth got a husky grunt out of her, almost doubling over before she returned the favor, cumming with him as she kissed him heatedly. He pulled at her hair and fondled her chest, urging on her passionate cries as she writhed against him, finally falling exhausted and limp against his chest.

“You have no idea how much I needed that,” Michelle panted as she collapsed limply against him.

“I think you made it pretty clear,” Michael replied, stroking her hair assuringly.

After a few days, the women were due to return to work. Michelle was a sight in her office attire, slightly more conservative than usual. Her various scars and bruises were still visible, and she had a tighter bra on than normal to keep her breasts from drooping too far. It certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

“Nice pair you’ve got there, droopy,” Crystal mocked as she went by, snickering from her desk. Any talk like that wouldn’t have gone unanswered by the alpha bitch Michelle, but now she just blushed and avoided eye contact as she went about her work.

“Well look who’s not so big, proud and firm now,” Stephanie gloated, loving seeing the busty bitch taken down a peg. She had hated and fought with Michelle herself not that long ago, so it felt great to rub her nose in her own ruined body.

“Leave me alone,” Michelle muttered, protectively hugging her chest. It just made her breasts shift and jiggle more noticeably, showing off their sag.

“Wow, you look like you lost a titfight with a steamroller!” Steph laughed, getting more laughter from the nearby employees. Steph tried to ignore them, hoping to focus on her work but every now and then catching another comment from Stephanie to her coworkers, the group bursting into laughter at her cracks about “scarface” and “grandma tits.”

Michelle just seethed over in the cubicle all day, quietly and angrily enduring the insults.

As the night shift went on, Michelle got up for lunch only for Steph to step into her way. “Where are you going to?”

“It’s my lunch,” Michelle sighed dejectedly. “I was going to eat out.”

“Damn right you were,” Steph laughed, grabbing her by the hair. Michelle was still sore and couldn’t resist much as Steph shoved her to her knees. She shoved Michelle’s face into her crotch, grinding it against the crotch of her skirt. Their coworkers laughed and gathered around to watch the humiliating show.

“That’s all the lunch you need, isn’t it, no-tits? Munching on bush like the slut she is.” Steph went as far as lifting her skirt and dropping her panties, burying Michelle’s face into her crotch and grinding against her wincing features.

“You like that, bitch? Must feel reaaaal familiar by now, huh?” Steph went on, squeezing her thighs around her face to stuff Michelle into her bush. “Getting hungry, aren’t you slut? Drooling overseeing a pussy that’s not covered in scars and diseases?” she cackled.

Michelle let out muffled shouts of protest, but the employees could all see she was powerless to stop her, or any of them that would want to. Steph finally seemed to prove her point, Michelle getting up sputtering and spitting with a sour expression.

“One more thing,” Steph added, wrapping an arm around Michelle’s neck and pulling her back to her. She grabbed a set of scissors from the nearby desk, Michelle gasping and wriggling to try and get free as she stared fearfully at the blade.

“Relax, I’m not cutting you,” Steph grinned wickedly, snipping it up front of her blouse instead. It sheared the fabric of her top easily, and then caught and snapped out the elastic in the front of her bra. Steph’s tits flopped out into view, drooping in their pathetic glory before the coworkers. They laughed and jeered, some stepping forward to grope and squeeze the painfully beaten and sagging jugs. The branding burn marks, slashes and bruises were all over her chest, perfectly visible to them all. Steph held her back and trapped her arms, letting the men all have their way with slapping, pulling, squeezing, and pinching at her aching breast and nipples.

“Now get a move on, cow cunt,” Steph snapped, slapping Michelle on the ass aand shoving her away. The other men around the office took the opportunity to pinch or grope her as she went by, Michelle making no real resistance to them as she tried to hurry from her own workplace, powerless to stop them. She could fix the top with a few spare buttons, but it would trashy and she’d still have no bra to wear all day.

“This isn’t over, you bitch,” she hissed to herself more than anyone in the office, hugging her tender chest and trying to shake off the smell of Stephanie’s sweaty cunt. One thing that was clear; things couldn’t stay this way for long without exploding again.

The End

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