The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 13 by JustLooking9000

Fumiko Hayashi took a deep breath as she passed through the supervisor checkpoint and then she stepped into her boyfriend’s apartment. It had been the first time she’d been there in 8 days since she’d been beaten unconscious in a nasty office catfight (Office Mayhem chapter 4) by Zhang Ying (English name Naomi Zhang. Also called Yingying). Her first reaction had been to go back to Euji’s apartment, where she got into an angry shouting matching with Chinese skank she had just fought against. The Asian girls were about to sink their claws into each other once again until Euji Oue got in between, ordering his Japanese girlfriend to get a hotel room.

Fumiko cried the whole night, not sure if she had lost her boyfriend for good. To her relief Euji called, saying he was going there to talk, bring some of her clothes and pay for the hotel room. The Japanese beauty quickly put on some make up on her clawed up face and waited for her man in a sexy lingerie set. She eagerly welcomed Euji as he crossed the door to her hotel room and fucked him like never before, enthusiastically pleasing his every kink to ensure he’d still consider her worthy of his bed. As the young couple made love until late in the night, Euji asked Fumiko what she wanted to do about the Chinese interloper now sleeping on her bed.

-“She has to go”-said Fumiko back then with no hesitation, her heart seething with fury-“I’ll rip her tits off and leave her bald, just like I fucked Manami up (1.The Duel Room: Work Wife vs Girlfriend)”

Thus a duel was set up. In the meantime, Fumiko wanted the Chinese harpy to know she wasn’t afraid of her. Donning even shorter dresses, the unchastened Japanese siren made a show of going daily to the office buildings to visit her man. She barely hid her intentions, exchanging dirty glares and charged words with her sexual rival. They got into a few hairpulling scraps that were quickly broken up by the beefed-up security personnel and Fumiko was soon banned from entering again. But she had made her point.

Today Fumiko would kick the Chinese wench out of her apartment and regain her place besides her man. Just like Manami, Yingying would be nothing but dust at the end of the duel. She promised herself as much. Just as she reached Euji’s bedroom, the attractive Japanese girl tossed aside her robe, revealing sexy two-piece black contraption consisting of a tight long-sleeved shirt with a huge whole in the chest area, exposing her delicious tits for her man’s sake; and a micro skirt with a big hole at the back, showcasing her exquisite ass. It was clear she had worn no thong, leaving her crotch totally undefended, yet she still wore strapped black heels. It was little tiny outfit designed to drive her man wild with desire.

Fumiko was slightly unnerved when she entered the bedroom to see the queen-sized bed she usually slept on surrounded by plastic bars. A change she had agreed to for the sake of the duel, yet something that filled her with anxiety, bringing the point home that another woman was invading her turf to fight her for Euji’s cock.

The Japanese seductress brimmed with jealousy when she caught the smell of several days of sex, no doubt a little fuck you Yingying had engineer just for her benefit. That was the price she paid for losing that impromptu catfight l 8 days ago. That Chinese slut was coming for her man, and if she lost again, not only would she forfeit him and her apartment, but she would be expelled out of Hong Kong.

Fumiko rested her eyes on man, waiting on the bed, naked, his two extended arms chained to the bedposts, his back lying on the headrest. She felt his eyes hungrily devouring her figure with savage lust, which made her feel sensual, feminine, desirable. She stepped on her strapped black heels and entered the duelling area.

-“Hello handsome”-cooed Fumiko as she got past the bars and into the mattress. She undid her ponytail, letting her lush brown hair drop down her nipples-“Looking forward seeing me tearing that skank apart in our bed?”

-“I’m thrilled to see you defend your place in my bed”-whispered Euji, feeling Fumiko’s hand caressing his naked body as the couple’s tongues wrestled with each other.

-“I won’t only reclaim my place. I’ll make you proud of being my boyfriend”-cooed Fumiko before wrapping her mouth around Seiji’s male member. Seiji moaned, slightly struggling against his chains as Fumiko crouched and started giving him an enthusiastic blowjob. For 10 long minutes, the young man enjoyed as his girlfriend’s tongue teased and toyed with his manhood, effortlessly making him explode in excitement. She drank his semen like it was water in the desert. Just as he was about to forget all about Chinese beauty who coveted his romantic attentions, he caught a sight that made him hard again, like he had never cummed in the first place.

Ying Ying, stepped loudly onto the floor, making her presence felt as she entered the bedroom. She took off her ponytail, shaking her head and letting her bring black hair on her shoulders for dramatic effect, before sashaying around the bedroom. Not to be outdone in the slut department by her sexual rival, Yingying had opted for a flimsy, red strap tastefully hugging her perky body, yet leaving her delicious, young boobs exposed to the world, like the proud woman she was. This “attire” would hardly offer protection against Fumiko’s nails, but then again, Fumiko’s dress wouldn’t do much to protect her from Ying Ying’s lethal nails.

She wanted to show Euji she wasn’t at all concerned about his mediocre Japanese girlfriend. She strutted on her red high heels, her every step oozing sensuality as she approached the bed she coveted with feline grace. The Chinese seductress had chosen red, the colour of war, because she had come here, to do war against his inferior girlfriend!

Ying Ying had been enjoying this very bed for 8 days, her reward for beating the Japanese whore in that vicious catfight inside the office building. That night she felt a rush of emotions as they fucked raw and hard on this bed. The faint smell of his masculine aroma around the bedroom, his reassuring embrace as he held her in his hands, his warm body giving her comfort through the cold night…she had a taste of paradise and now was greedy for more.

Euji told her all this could be hers…if she proved herself the better woman. The thought Euji visiting his unworthy girlfriend every other day drove Yingying mad with jealousy. He often saw him coming the next morning, exhausted, his skin grafted with her bites, a way for Fumiko to tell Yingying “he’s still mine.” She played that game to humour the Japanese bitch but what Yingying really wanted to do as to tear her sexual competitor on duel day.

She wanted all that the Japanese whore had and Fumiko didn’t want to give it up. Official girlfriend and office lover were thus in a collision course neither was intent on backing down from.

-“Ready to be replaced by a better woman?”-taunted Ying Ying as she gracefully hopped on the bed that was going to be their battlefield. She frowned when she Japanese harlot turned around, sliding her wet pussy into Euji’s cock, like YingYing wasn’t even there at all.

-“What’s the matter jianzi(cheap bitch)? Sore about me showing Euji how a real woman fucks like?”-continued YingYing trying to get a reaction from her sexual rival. Fumiko stared daggers at YingYing but kept her silence, her insolent cock riding doing the talking for her. Fumiko’s message was clear: “This is my cock, and if you want it, you’ll have to pass through me”

-“Pay attention to me you second rate Jap whore”-shouted the Chinese beauty now working herself into a rage, pulling Fumiko’s brown hair up as soon as the starting buzz rang-“I’m going to…my eyes!”

-“That was for last time you fucking whore”-said Fumiko, spitting Euji’s cum on Ying Ying’s eyes and seeing her sexual rival stagger backwards. Fumiko pursued her blinded antagonist, latching onto black her hair and pounding YingYing’s head against the plastic bars-“Enjoy the last taste of his cum you’ll ever have!”

-“You cheating bitch”-said YingYing, using the heel of her palm to push Fumiko’s shin upwards while her left hand tried to wipe off Euji’s cum off her face. The Chinese minx pulled her legs close to her chest and kicked up, compressing Fumiko’s bouncing breasts with her heels and sending the rabid Japanese girlfriend flying to the other side of the bed. YingYing stood on her feet, walking precariously on her pumps towards the other side of the bed.

Fumiko groaned as her back crashed against the plastic bars surrounding the bed. She gritted her teeth as she clutched her tits trying to massage the pain away. Standing on her feet, YingYing grabbed the bars for stability and trampled the whimpering Japanese vixen over and over again-“You think you can beat me with cheap tricks bitch? After I’m done with you I’m going to make your EX boyfriend cum and smear his semen on your eyes!”

Fumiko withered, feeling the air exiting her lungs as the Chinese slut sank her heels into her stomach. She heaved, barely avoiding the next attack at the very last second and sprung upwards, tackling Yingying and sending the belligerents staggering on their two feet against the opposite side of the bed. Fumiko’s exposed melons swayed violently as she landed savage slaps on the Chinese goddess’ face.

The Yingying quickly returned the favour, the girls whirling around the unsteady bed using the bars to support, slapping and pulling chunks of black and brown hair in an intimate embrace. Their proud, bare tits rubbed against each other like sand paper as the girls danced on the mattress, as if engaged in their own vicious contest for supremacy. YingYing moaned, feeling her nipples colliding against Fumiko’s, and then brought her hands up, squeezing a handful of titflesh, twisting, raking and pulling Fumiko’s bust with wild abandon.

-“You’ll regret coming after my boobs bitch!”-squealed Fumiko, sinking her talons into YingYing’s jugs and mercilessly twisting her rack.

-“You call those things tits? You’re flatter than an airport!”

-“You must be blind! Yours look pathetic next to mine!”

-“Really? Euji tells me they’re best he’s ever seen!”

-“You’re lying! He tells me he loves nothing better than feeling my tits massaging his cock!”

-“After I’m done with your tits no man will ever want you!”

-“Try it bitch! Let’s see whose tits get destroyed!”-said Fumiko, plunging her head down and sinking her teeth on YingYing’s right boob. The Chinese siren wailed as her tit was being bitten…no…chewed like it was meat by her relentless romantic rival. The withering Yingying stopped her tit mauling, but not to admit defeat. No, rather the Chinese goddess brought her hands up and raked her nails on Fumiko’s face! The Japanese hyena winced, bringing her arms up, trying to defend her pretty face against YingYing’s mauling talons.

Fumiko reeled backwards, losing balance on her precarious heels and dragging the Chinese seductress down with her, falling just besides the man they were fighting for.

-“That’s it! No more Miss nice girl”-jeered YingYing, tears streaming off her red cheeks as she bit Fumiko’s tits! Fumiko let out a high-pitched wail, pulling YingYing’s long tresses and whacking her face to get her off her aching melons but YingYing held on like a pitbull yanking on meat.

Euji watched transfixed, his manhood rock hard, as he watched these two sensual sex kittens furiously fight over his cock in a wild rolling catball. He raised one of his legs, letting the angry 110 kilos of female mass pass and then bent his knees to contain the furious catball between his legs. He watched with rapt attention, feeling tresses of hair caressing his dick as the jealous lovers fought tooth and nail over him!

Knowing Euji’s cock was over their heads, standing like a Roman emperor watching two gladiatrixes fighting in the colosseum made the women fight even harder, neither wanting him to see her sexual rival get the upper hand, making the catball a very dirty affair where they scratched, mauled, lacerated and bit her rival in love. The brawling beauties raised their long legs and rammed! The pointy end of their heels on the other’s thighs, leaving long, deep gnashes as they fought for the top position.

-“Today I kick you out of my apartment!”-said Fumiko, managing to pin down the obstinate Chinese skank in a schoolgirl hold. The Japanese temptress then closed her hands into fists and rained punches into YingYing’s bouncing tits, which compressed and expanded as she repeatedly abused them. She took a second to look at her boyfriend in the eye-“Another of your whore co-workers bites the dust!”

-“Get off me you Jap cow!”-squealed the beleaguered Chinese stunner as she kicked her legs into the air and bucked like a wild bronco to dismount the Japanese hag. In a last-ditch attempt, the rapidly exhausting Yingying felt her way around Fumiko’s toned legs, reaching her inner thigh before making her way up her crotch, finally sinking her fingers in Fumiko’s unprotected love hole.

The Japanese goddess shrieked, jumping to the side to ward off the potentially devastating attack, closely followed by an unforgiving Yingying bent on payback. Seeing the angry black-haired piranha leaping at her, Fumiko panicked, kicking her sexual rival with a powerful thrust, sending the rabid Yingying to the other side of the bed, Euji’s cock marking the dividing line between the two sides of the bed.

-“So that’s how you wanna fight chink slut?”-huffed the perspiring Fumiko, her sweat drenched clothes hugged her supple body even tighter as she got on her knees.

-“I’m sorry, I thought we were fighting like real women over a man and not like little schoolgirls!”-heaved YingYing, her perspiration soaked skin glistening against the lighting.

-“I’m not afraid to fight as dirty as I have to for his cock”-replied Fumiko, obscenely exposing her moist crotch to her sexual rival-“Come and get it if you dare! Let’s see who comes out walking out of here”

-“You’ll never have sex again after I’m done with your cunt!”-screeched Euji’s co-worker as the two women crawled towards each other, their shoulders clashing against each other right above Euji’s hard dick as they extended one arm, looking for her nemesis’ cunt!

The two otherwise refined ladies fought like street whores as they cried and heaved, moving their legs and hips to avoid her enemy’s sharp talons while she tried to violate the other’s intimate womanhood.

-“Cheap jinv(prostitute)!”-squealed YingYing in a high pitched moan as she felt Fumiko pinching her labia with her nails.

-“Dirty slag!”-wept Fumiko, wincing as she felt YingYing’s devastating nails working her womanhood. The warring harpies felt sideways, their heads falling on top of Euji’s crotch, just above his erect shaft, as they continued this heinous contest.

-“Whore!”-cried YingYing, feeling her womanhood being invaded by Fumiko’s unwelcome fingers. She heaved, her moist lips touching Euji’s erect rod as she felt her Japanese nemesis tearing her cunt. She fixed her gaze upon his wet manhood, the sight reminding her what was at stake in this duel. She gritted her teeth, driving her nails deeper into Fumiko’s womanhood! She had come to claim Euji for herself and she planned to leave this room with him!

Euji moaned feverishly, his arms uselessly struggling against the chains as Fumiko and Yingying’s soft cheeks grinded against his manhood. He closed his eyes, feeling the women’s breathing and heaving hot air on his cock as they traded insults, their drenched mammary glands rubbing against his thighs. The lurid sensory overload was too much for the man in dispute, his manhood taking a life of its own when he was licked one more time in just the right way. A torrent of semen shot up just above the battling brawlers and quickly felt down, showering his cum on their faces!

The exhausted YingYing grimaced, biting Fumiko’s shoulder in an attempt to tilt the scales of the vicious cunt fighting to her favour! The Japanese girlfriend let out a silent scream as her cum covered face became a poem of agony. Spent as she was, she forced herself to retaliate, going straight for YingYing’s ear with her lethal fangs!

The Chinese pretender let out wailed like a wounded animal, giving up the savage cunt mauling and bringing her hands up to protect her face. Seeing her chance, the unforgiving Japanese beauty tugged YingYing’s dishevelled black tresses and pulled her up, only to slam her eye into Euji’s hardening shaft!

The beautiful Chinese siren howled, her arms covering her face after the sordid attack but Fumiko didn’t let up! Leaning on her boyfriend’s chest for support, the Japanese temptress banged YingYing’s head against the plastic headrest over and over again until her Chinese antagonist went limp!

Hearing the victory buzz, the Japanese beauty let out a sigh of relief, resting her pretty head on her boyfriend’s shoulder, her hands still holding onto the unconscious YingYing.

-“Another of the…little sluts that…work with you…has challenged me…over your cock…and has failed too…she just couldn’t…compete with me”-whispered the victorious Fumiko, her lips grazing Euji’s ears-“She’ll be exiled…but I intend to…punish her…for her insolence”

With that said, Fumiko took off the tattered remains of her raunchy black top and tied the beaten Chinese whore, arranging her limp physique so that YingYing’s face was around Euji’s crotch. Fumiko then hopped on top of her defeated sexual rival, her nipples stabbing YingYing’s back, and strained her neck, wrapping her mouth around her man’s cock!

YingYing stirred into consciously only to find herself tied, her cheeks just besides Euji’s manhood and Fumiko giving him an enthusiastic blowjob! She tried to move, only to find herself constrained by Fumiko’s solid hold.

-“Shhhh…don’t move”-hissed Fumiko, sadistically licking her adversary’s tears-“You’re lucky to witness how a real woman pleases her man…a honour Manami didn’t have”

-“Let me go…you sadistic whore…”-begged the beaten Chinese temptress, knowing well that she has lost her shot at becoming Euji’s girlfriend and will soon be exiled-“You already have him…what more…do you want..?”

-“Oh no…you don’t get off so easy. You challenged me for my man…and you’ll pay the consequences”-cooed Fumiko-“Soon he’s going to explode again…I can feel it…and I’ll lick all his cum over your face…before the paramedics come. You understand bitch? This is the last time…you’ll taste his cock…while I…I’ll stay here, enjoying my prize”

And for the next 15 minutes, the remorseless Fumiko kept her promise amidst Yingying’s pitiful cries for mercy.


Fighting a duel in order defend your place in your man’s bed is never a nice experience. It’s a brutal and unforgiving experience, bound to leave nasty marks and expensive hospital bills, yet there was no better thrill than winning a duel in front of your man. The more savage the duel the better, the better the pay off as men were bound to reward the winner with gifts, plentiful sex and romantic gestures. Plus, there was the matter of clearly marking your territory and letting other potential sexual rivals your boyfriend is off limits.

Fumiko rejoiced, her girlfriends throwing a nice party to celebrate her prevailing over a second sexual rival.

Yet it didn’t escape her notice that her boyfriend’s workplace was festering with backstabbing vultures, plotting and scheming, looking for a chance to steal her man under her nose. After all, that den of man stealing whores is where Manami and YingYing had come from. She had no doubt another stupid skank would try to take what was hers. Seeing that YingYing’s departure had opened a new vacancy in her boyfriend’s company, the Japanese girlfriend applied, and got a job in the HR department, becoming Euji’s co-worker.

To Be Continued in Chapter 14.

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