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The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 14 by JustLooking9000

If Valentina Martinez had hoped the Chinese girlfriend would give up on Li Song after her humiliating loss (Office Mayhem chapter 5), she was disappointed when the obstinate Lily Chen asked a colleague to drive her home to confront the man stealing Latina whore and defend her place in Li’s bedroom.

The atmosphere became thick with sexual tension as the jealous girls refused to leave the apartment, exchanging a litany of profanities in front of the man they both coveted. In the heat of the moment Valentina declared a “pleito sin tregua” (See The Duel Room Explainer, Pleito sin tregua subheading for fuller explanation) a mode of pre-duel pageantry made famous by the steamy Latinas. Essentially, the feisty Venezuelan promised her sexual rival she’d contest every drop of semen, anywhere, anytime. Not to be left behind, Lily declared she’d fight to the bitter end for her man and her place in his bedroom.

It was a crazy time for Li as the competitive sex kittens made good of their pledges, both females thirsting for his cock turning every inch of his house into a warzone, and every second of his affections like a life or death struggle.

Lily felt herself faltering by day two under the stress of “pleito sin tregua.” Knowing the seriousness of “pleito sin tregua”, Lily’s friends initially pleaded with her to give up, or at least not to engage in this sordid contest that while would no doubt impress Li but leave her body broken by (or before) duel day.

If she was honest to herself, the Asian beauty at several times felt her will falter in the face of the cock hungry whore’s relentless attempts to seduce her man. Yet her relationship was hanging by a thread, and nothing but total, absolute war against her sexual nemesis would suffice, no matter how destructive it might be. Her womanly pride was on the line, and she didn’t intend to show weakness in front of her boyfriend.

Valentina, having declared “pleito sin tregua” for the first time in her life to impress Li with her willingness to fight for his cock, was not faring any better, feeling increasingly exhausted as she fought the stubborn Chinese girlfriend non-stop in Li’s bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, work. No place was off limits. Regretting her declaration, Valentina tried to find a face-saving way out, hoping that the Chinese wench would break first, so she could offer some truce and stop the madness that was “pleito sin tregua.” Yet Lily proved surprisingly resilient. If anything, the Asian girlfriend kept on fighting and fucking even if she seemed half dead by day three.

The cruel war of attrition took a heavy toll. Each day was a continuous festival of blow jobs, hand jobs, love making, violent threesomes, shower sex, fighting, fucking, scratching, clawing and biting, each girl taking heavy doses of painkillers as they tried to find the willpower to keep going in this relentless sexual contest. The sexual struggle acquired a desperate tone by day 4, the girls using all their love making prowess to outdo their romantic rival in bed while at the same time fighting tooth and nail to tear the other woman off Li’s cock.

The government supervisors were shocked to see the sorry, spent state of the two women which were supposed to fight on day seven. The scratched, lacerated women with huge lumps of hair missing of their scalps and a limp gait looked nothing like the beautiful girls in the photos. They scolded the girls for their recklessness, then pleaded with them to arrive at a settlement or plainly give up the struggle. At least to postpone the duel until they recovered somewhat. Surely the boy they were fighting for wasn’t worth this much? Yet neither girl backed down, intending to fight to the bitter end for Li’s cock.

Unable to convince neither girl to stop the duel, the doctors quickly gave them some of the medicine and painkillers that only the government had access to. It would be just enough to get them in some sort of fighting shape for the duel, but still wouldn’t be enough to heal their wounds. Everyone knew if matters already had reached this point, it was bound to be a savage, brutal duel, especially considering the type of duel they had requested.

The fact that two ruined girls were going to go at it in a claiming duel had already made several female supervisors queasy. Going over the other rules of the duel sent a shill in the supervisor room. A dog fight…an idea Lily had suggested to impress her boyfriend with her bravura, an old way of fighting for females of Arab and African cultures. They combatants would locked in a small cage with a height not exceeding 1.2 meters, forcing the girls to fight crawling on all fours like dogs. Their hands would be wrapped into fists, denying the combatants the chance to slap, pull hair or sink their nails into the other woman. They instead they would bite, chomp, tear, kick like street dogs fighting for turf. All that while trying to claim the man’s cum.

-“Hello lover”-purred Lily as she entered the room, revealing a black lingerie set consisting of a black bra, thong, stockings and strapped heels. Her hands were already tied into fists. The heavy make-up couldn’t quite hide the nasty pink welts on dotting her usually smooth pale skin, courtesy of Valentina’s razor-sharp nails. She planted a deep, passionate kiss on his lips-“Today I’ll teach that brown biaozi about going after my man. Your cock is mine and mine alone”

That said, the sexy Chinese bombshell wiggled around, crouching and entering the small metal cage right in front of Li. He stood there, outside the cage, the plastic panel on the roof of the cage allowing him to make out only his girlfriend’s silhouette sinuously moving inside the small cage. He walked forward, inserting his half hard manhood inside a small whole: the only connection he’d have to the duel room. He gasped when he felt his girlfriend’s tongue eagerly licking his manhood from inside the cage.

Just as he was enjoying Lily’s eager blowjob, he heard someone slamming the door open.

-“It’s finally just me and her…fighting over your cock”-cooed the exotic Valentina as she made her entrance, with an scanty blue lingerie set that matched her brown skin well. Her mestizo skin hid her wounds better, but Li couldn’t help but to note a slight limp when she walked, no doubt the work of Lily’s talons. She sashayed towards her man, planting a deep kiss on his lips-“I just wish the wall was transparent, so you could see me tearing your EX girlfriend’s tiny peckers into oblivion”

Li felt Lily’s mouth tugging his cock in a way that made clear the Chinese minx was displeased at Valentina’s assertions. The rasher the brown girl’s assertions, the more forceful Lily’s strokes became until finally Valentina then entered the cage, ready to fight for Li’s cock!

This is how they would fight. Two jealous women of different races, fighting like wild animals over his cock, each trying to quench their thirst for his white-hot liquid before turning their fangs on each other! The man in dispute heard a muffled “chink whore” coming from Valentina’s mouth and then felt a second tongue roaming his cock. Soon he could feel the two tongues, clashing, wrestling as the girls fought for possession of his cock with their mouths! A string of unladylike insults broke the silence of the room as they vigorously pushed and fought for his cock, eager to claim his semen for themselves.

Inside the stuffy room, Valentina and Lily could feel the man they coveted getting closer and closer to orgasm as their soft tongues fought for possession of his cock. Even though they could only see his silhouette standing above them like an omnipotent master looking down at his warring pets, they could clearly hear his muffled “I’m cumming I’m cumming” grunts, whipping them into a frenzy!

-“Get off my man’s cock!’-jeered Valentina, headbutting the Chinese girl. Feeling slightly dazed from the headbutt, the Latina minx wrapped her eager mouth around his cock and was promptly rewarded with a torrent of semen coming down her throat.

-“You fucking cum slut! I’ll make you spit my man’s cum!”-roared the seething Chinese nymph, charging at the gleeful Latina wench as soon as the starting bell rang.

-“I’ll be feasting even more semen tonight…argh!”-yelped Valentina as she felt the Chinese seductress’ shoulder clashing against hers and then sinking her teeth on her arm. Valentina’s furiously retaliated, chomping on Lily’s arms. The girls quickly started contorting their battered bodies around, looking for weak points to dig their pearly white teeth into the other like hungry piranhas! They tore into the delicate bras, pulling and stretching the sheer fabric to the limit, ruining he expensive tops with their lethal teeth, dislocating and ripping off the flimsy bras as the trashed around the padded floor.

Valentina moved her lithe body under Lily’s physique, twisting her back so that she faced her enemy’s chest and then ate! into the Lily’s flimsy bra, chomping some of Lily’s melons with her. The Chinese goddess let out a blood curling shriek before wrapping her arms around her nemesis’ scandalous physique and biting down in retaliation! She promised herself to return the tit biting 10-fold! She practically masticated Valentina’s melons to deepen the wounds and drawn out the pain.

Li’s arms rested on the iron cage, surprised at how the two girls that 30 minutes ago had to be literally carried to the duel room managed to fight with such fanatical fervour. Even as each proud beauty had tried to brave face in front of him, he knew that the “pleito sin tregua” had taken a terrible toll on their sensual bodies. Valentina and Lily were in dire need of rest and recuperation, yet they were here somehow, fighting tooth and nail for his cock, as if the last 6 days of non-stop clawing, scratching, biting, kicking, hair pulling, eye gouging, violent threesomes hadn’t just taxed their feminine anatomies to the limit.
He intently watching the duelling shadows clashing and tearing onto the other woman’s body with wild abandon, astonished at how quickly the fight had turned down right nasty. He shouldn’t have. Dog fights make for the dirtiest duels precisely because the only weapon at the belligerents’ disposal are their teeth and legs. His two lovers knew quite well what they were getting into when they accepted to fight like this. They had options. One of them could have backed out, forfeiting Li Song’s bed. They could have agreed to a less brutal duel. They didn’t. Any of them could have spoken with Li privately so that he could help them save them face by making him propose another type of duel, yet neither beauty spoke a word of retreat or weakness in the 6 days they battled for his cock.

Tears rolling down her cheeks as she weathered the Venezuelan’s bitch furious assault on her boobs, Chinese Lily lopped her shoulder downwards and then pulled her elbow upwards, hitting her Latina tormentor straight the chin. Valentina let out a pained yelp, her arms automatically covering her chin as she curled up in agony.

Lily leaped on the squirming Venezuelan nymph, applying something akin a nelson hold on the dazed Valentina and chomping into the Latina bitch’s neck! Valentina screeched, frantically trashing and buckling to get the Chinese wench off her back, only for Lily to vigorously raise her knee up and hit her solar plexus from behind.

-“What’s the matter foreign harlot? Regretting going after my man’s cock?”- whispered Lily, maliciously ramming her knee again into her sobbing nemesis’ cunt knee again, making the proud Latina screech like a banshee as she curled in a foetal position.

-“Stay here while I please my boyfriend”-jeered Lily, releasing the wailing Valentina and crawled on all four towards Li’s long, hard cock.

Outside the duel room, Li gasped, feeling a warm, wet tongue travelling the length of his cock. He had seen the sensual silhouette moving walking towards him like a cat, not sure which of the two girls vying for his cock was giving him this enthusiastic blowjob. He closed his eyes, focusing in the feeling of the tongue stroking his cock, its expert twirling and deft manoeuvring around his moist shaft, the particular sensation of the mouth wrapped around his manhood…

-“Lily”-stated Li with confidence-“I knew it. There’s no one more familiar with my dick than you”

He sighed, feeling Lily’s tongue signalling her pleasure with his guess. He kept his eyes closed. Even though Lily’s mouth was choke full with his hard rod, it was almost as if he could hear Lily voice ringing into his head. “I would never surrender my man to that saohuo (whore). Today I’ll show you I’m the better woman, not only in love making but in the duel room”

As Lily was busy pleasing her boyfriend, Valentina slowly stirred herself out of her stupor. Her eyes landed on the sight of Lily’s undulating ass. She inwardly snarled, there was no way she would that chinita (little Chinese) outdo her in the duel room! Making sure she did not cue her nemesis of her intentions, the Latina goddess got on all four, stealthily closing in the distracted girlfriend from behind. She then plunged her head, her lips pressing against Lily’s vaginal labia and clenched her teeth together! She viciously pulled Lily’s black panties, dislocating the thin layer of fabric getting in between her mouth and Lily’s moist cunt and then went straight for another helping of Lily’s pussy.

The Chinese girlfriend let out an agonizing howl as she felt her crotch being torn asunder. Her wrapped hands tried to comfort her aching pussy when the Latina whore slammed her weight on her back. Her legs buckled under the pressure as her exposed nipples precipitously hit the padded floor.

-“Did you really think I’d give up on his cock just like that?”-whispered the unforgiving seductress Latina as she wrapped her arm around Lily’s neck, sinking her teeth into her neck as the perspiring girls furiously trashed and rolled inside the stifling heat of the caged room.

-“Get off me…”-grunted Lily as she arched her back and bucked wildly-“and fight me woman to woman!”

The cage shook violently, making a terrible sound as the girls clashed against the metal mesh over and over in their furious struggle. Li Song watched entranced as he saw the outlines of the two girls squirming inside the confined space.

Then it stopped. One silhouette had overcome the other, pinning the other outline into the floor. Li Song moaned, feeling his hard dick being wrapped around a pair of moist lips. He concentrated on the sensations, the animalistic, passionate cock sucking; the long, smooth tongue twirling around his cock like a snake. He recognized this technique, this wanton desire well.

-“Valentina”-said Li-“There’s only one woman that sucks cock with so much raw passion”

It was an intimate experience, and just like when Lily was blowing him, it seemed almost as if he could hear Valentina talking to him. “Your girlfriend isn’t too shabby, but there’s a reason why we Latinas are known as the best lovers in the world. We’re simply BETTER. There’s no way she can compete with me”

From inside the room, Lily’s perspiring body was firmly pressed against the floor as Valentina used her whole weight to sit on her back. The swarthy temptress continued leisurely sucking Li’s cock with almost careless disdain for the Asian hellcat pinned under her crotch. She maliciously slurped some precum, letting some of the lurid liquid drip directly onto the wailing Lily’s face as she worked her lover into an orgasm.

Lily would not stand for this humiliating treatment! She had come with her boyfriend to the duel room and she intended to leave with him today! She abruptly pushed up, quickly getting on all fours, sending Valentina’s head crashing against the roof. The metal cage rattled violently as Lily crawled, grinding Valentina’s screaming face against the harsh metal mesh until the Latina whore fell onto the padded floor clutching her face!

-“The only woman allowed to suck that cock is me!”-roared Lily, crawling towards the beleaguered Latina seductress only to see Valentina’s heels aimed straight at her face. The Chinese belligerent yelped, managing to mostly avoid the sharp end of the heel and get away with just a pink welt etched on her cheek.

-“You hija de la gran puta(daughter of a whore)!”-shouted the outraged Latina, getting back on all four limbs and quickly clashing shoulder to shoulder with her Chinese antagonist! Her face let out a silent scream as Lily bit her side abs, tearing into the sheer piece of fabric still hanging onto her body. Valentina’s blood was boiling with destructive anger! If that’s how the Chinese skank wanted to play, the Latina vixen would see to it that her nemesis was destroyed at any cost! Valentina extended her arms, wrapping them around Lily’s thigh and bringing her ass in range of Valentina’s lethal fangs.

The perspiring women frantically moved in an awkward concentric motion, chasing the other’s tails as they tried to get out of range of her enemy’s canines and at the same time sink their teeth into her rival’s exquisite figure. Sweat dripped from their hard nipples as they violently tore and ripped the other’s lingerie as a prelude to direct contact with the other’s soft skin.

Lily’s eyes could not help but to be drawn by Valentina’s jiggling tits as they chased tails’ each other around and decided to sneak her head under Valentina’s arms and bite! Valentina’s nipples, twisting her head for maximum effect. Valentina howled before quickly retaliating with some arm biting. The girls quickly regrouped, sweating copiously under the suffocating heat inside the cage, only to start going after each other’s nubile physique with wild abandon, their perfect teeth targeting anything directly in front of them.

Lily shook her head to combat the urge to faint after a particularly agonizing bout of biting. She saw the Latina lunging at her on all four and quickly got on her two knees, careful not to touch the roof of the cage and extended her two arms in a “welcoming hug.” Valentina met her challenge, bringing her upper body upwards as she charged at the Asian hussy. The belligerents quickly wrapped their arms around each other in an intimate, tight bear hug and re-started the vicious biting and tearing into the other’s bruised skin!

The metal cage shook and reverberated incessantly as the battling beauties’ upper bodies clashed against the roof, the humidity and abundant perspiration allowing them to quickly slip out of holds and pin and return fire with their fangs. Outrage was met with outrage!

Even as she felt herself faltering under the smothering heat, the mestiza beauty could not contain her rage, her desire to destroy the woman standing between herself and Li’s bedroom. She could feel Lily’s broken yet struggling body still meeting her relentless assaults blow by blow, as if the Asian floozy kept drawing into an inexhaustible source of energy.

She wailed, feeling the slant eyed wench turning her head ever so slightly and getting a small portion of Valentina’s sweaty cheeks between her teeth. Another scalation in what had already been an incredibly nasty, dirty duel. The Venezuelan goddess managed to get away with a nasty impression on her left cheek. Bringing her legs forward, she then sank her heels into Lily’s throat, sending the raging pitbull away from her ravaged body.

Lily felt her hair graze against her boyfriend’s hard, expectant manhood as she her body careened to the other side of the small cage. The Chinese beauty gagged, taking deep breaths as her eyes squinted, focussed on her sexual rival across the room. Valentina didn’t chase, focusing on taking stock of her own wounds. There was an unspoken truce as the girls rested on opposite corners of the room, Li’s cock marking the dividing line between them. The fight had been even more savage than either could have ever imagined, yet they could still see Li’s manhood, still waiting to be sucked, still calling for its rightful owner to come claim possession of its cum!

Lily forced her reluctant body to stand on her four. She looked at her boyfriend’s manhood, and just farther away, the woman who contested her ownership of it. A haze of conflicting thoughts ran through her head, some calling for surrendering her boyfriend, some shaming her into thinking such a thing, some looking for ways to best her sexual rival.

Valentina quickly got on all four, hissing and snarling as she saw her antagonist move toward the middle of the room. Her body stiffened, expecting a resumption of the savage biting. Yet Lily stopped just in the middle of the room and started licking her boyfriend’s cock while at the same giving her sexual rival a defiant, challenging staredown.

Valentina got the message loud and clear: If you want my boyfriend’s cock, come and fight me for it right here, right now!

-“Get away from that cock!”-roared the Latina Valkyrie, knowing full well how the optics on the video recording would look like if she shied away from this brazen sexual challenge. She wasn’t going to be looked down upon, especially by one of the inferior slant-eyed sluts!

Li panted, trying to guess the identity of the woman hungrily sucking his hard rock dick when suddenly he saw the womanly shadow at the other side of the tiny room move towards his shaft! The female outlines clashed in the middle of the room, each silhouette on opposite sides of his male member, clearly sinking their teeth into the other woman’s skin.

He felt another mouth wrapped around his dick for a few good seconds only for it to give up the blowjob and other woman’s tongue frenetically licking his manhood! It was furious struggle; he could hear the banshee like shrieks of the battling sex kittens as they took turns between chewing the other woman’s body with their teeth and sucking his rod in a desperate attempt to make him ejaculate. Possession over his male member changed repeatedly and heatedly, neither silhouette giving up control willingly or easily as they literally fought for every inch of his-soon-to-climax cock. He could feel the intensity of the struggle, the sweat-drenched skin and messy hair grazing and rubbing against his moist dick as the Asian and Latina harpies fought for sexual supremacy!

-“I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”-said Li as the lewd spectacle just below him, the constant and frantic sucking and rubbing of his cock against the sweat drenched bodies brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

His declaration turbo charged the desperate struggle below him! He could feel the desperation inside the cage as his spent and battered lovers tried to marshal whatever ounce of strength they had in order to claim his coveted hot white liquid.

He could contain himself no more! His brain went blank as his manhood exploded into one eager mouth for what seemed an eternity, only to feel his shaft exposed to the air as soon as his throbbing manhood blew its load. He heard the claiming buzz, indicating one of the duellists had successfully claimed his semen. The problem was, who was she, and could she still gather enough strength to knock her stubborn antagonist out?

-“You fucking ZORRA(slut)!”-shouted Valentina angrily inside the stuffy room, seeing Li Song’s semen dripping Lily’s mouth-“I’m going to kill you!”

Valentina charged like an angry bull at the Chinese whore! Li’s cum should have been hers. She was the one sucking his cock at the time and could practically feel Li’s manhood start its inevitable explosion when the Asian wench pulled her back at the last second and stole what she had fought so hard for!

Lily, still feeling her boyfriend’s semen going down her throat, welcomed her love rival with her teeth, ready to battle her to bitter end! Even at this moment the prospects of saving her relationship were uncertain, a contested result leading to an automatic rematch she doubted she could win.

With the contest over Li’s cum over for now, the two haggard harpies locked eyes, wrapping their tired arms in a tight bear hug and chewing into the other’s wrecked figures with reckless abandon! They rolled and squirmed around the now sweat covered mattress, battling in a primal, animalistic fashion, both women too exhausted to think of anything but the total obliteration of her sexual rival!

In the exuberant fracas the battling brawlers ended up an intimate 69 position, their mouths within striking distance of the other’s crotch, barely defended by insignificant pieces of fabric! Their cavewomen instincts now took over, the Latina and Chinese goddesses burying their heads into the other’s solar plexus, intent in annihilating her romantic nemesis for good!

It was a desperate, frenzied struggle, the two spent girls sensing that next minute would decide whether there would be a definite winner now or the issue would have to be decided in another vicious, savage duel a few hours from now. Thoughts of whether any of them would be in any shape to fight later were of secondary importance.

Li Song waited expectantly as he saw the shadows of his two lovers engaged in a brutal catball, the high-pitched moans and screams drowned by the rattling sound the cage made when unrestrained mass of violence clashed against one of the edges of the room.

Then it happened. A feminine outline mercilessly tore into the other like a wolf killing its prey. The victim, trashed and squirmed, frenetically kicking and punching to break free but it was not to be, the beleaguered feminine shadow succumbing to the aggressors’ deadly fangs!

A second buzz sounded, indicating one woman had triumphed, both in claiming his cum and defeating her amorous foe. Li held his breath as he saw the door opening and the triumphant feminine shadow crawling out of the tiny door, revealing his Chinese girlfriend. Lily’s battle worn physique collapsed as soon as she crossed the door, her sweat drenched body making it seem she had just been through a wet sauna. Her glistening, bruised tits heaved furiously, basking on the cool air outside the infernal cage as she glanced at the object of her affections and still boyfriend.

Li hurried to kiss Lily, feeling traces of his semen still on her mouth. Then he knew.

-“I knew you’d prevail in the end. She was just driven by her animal desires. You Lily, you love me”-said Li, helping his victorious girlfriend get on her knees.

-“Your cock is mine”-whispered Lily, feeling her man’s tongue licking her wounds-“You hear it? Mine. I’ll never share you with anyone else”

The Chinese seductress panted heavily, leaning on the cage as she battled the urge to faint. She was aware Li Song was freeing her wrapped hands, yet in her half delirious state she was asking herself “what about the Latina saohuo (slut)?” The biaozi(bitch) who wanted her man? Should she just let her go without humiliating her in front of her boyfriend? Her rational mind was telling her that she had done enough. She had won the duel and taught the Latina skank a lesson. She had proven her femininity to her man. After all that had happened, no one would reproach her for not going through the humiliation. Maybe she should just leave it at that.

Her feminine instincts kicked in, a resounding NO! echoing in her head. No, it wasn’t enough to just win the duel! This foreign prostitute had coveted her man and made it clear that she intended to steal everything from her. Her honour as a woman demanded the sexual degradation of her beaten sexual nemesis! Tossing aside all the arguments her rational mind had just put forward, Lily pushed her loving boyfriend away.

-“No!”-panted the Asian beauty, her hands now free from any constrain-“Not over yet!”

-“You can’t be serious”-said Li as he looked at his girlfriend dumbstruck. Surely winning the duel was enough? He knew what Lily wanted to do, yet he couldn’t understand.

Lily loved Li Song, but she knew there were certain things he simple male brain couldn’t wrap its mind around. He didn’t know of the bitter competition, the rampant jealousy, the constant need to prove herself better than her romantic rival, the venomous anger, the fear of losing her man. Lily did know. She had experienced all of that. Simply letting the Venezuelan skank go without punishment wasn’t good enough.

The tired Asian tigress crawled back into the cage, dragging the semi-conscious Valentina out of the cage in short bursts of energy until the beaten body of the broken Latina was out. Then she tore the hanging remains of her sexy lingerie up, using them to tie Valentina’s hands together in a tight knot.

-“Wake up bitch!”-commanded the now naked Lily, slapping the scratched Valentina several times until the perspiring Venezuelan beauty recovered her consciousness…just barely-“You wanted my man’s cum…I’ll give you a last taste of it…to remind you what he tastes like…before you say goodbye to him forever.”

-“No…please…”-whimpered Valentina before she was slapped by Lily.

-“You have thought of that before making a move on my man”-scoffed Lily, sitting on top of the cage she had just been fighting under and brusquely pulling Valentina between her thighs, just directly below her moist cunt. Thus position she cooed-“Li Song, come and fuck your girlfriend”

Li Song complied, his manhood rock hard just imagining of what was about to happen. He approached the two women slowly. He looked at Valentina’s pleading eyes for a moment and felt pity: the once proud Latina warrioress was whipped and pleading to be spared from the incoming humiliation. Then he looked at Lily, proud and swelling with arrogance like never before, her clawed up figure glowing from the euphoria of victory. She looked at him with hungry, demanding eyes as she opened her legs, exposing her soaked womanhood, drips of her love juices falling on Valentina’s tangled hair. The sight of his girlfriend in such a depraved display of dominance made him forget all about Valentina.

The couple moaned as their nether regions came into contact, at first rubbing and grinding gently, then quickly picking up the pace. Lily hugged her boyfriend possessively, her boobs making contact with his chest as he thrust his cock into her at an increasingly frantic pace, drops of mixed cum falling on the crying Valentina. Yet she was forgotten, her face cruelly tea bagged by Li Song’s ballsacks as he made out and pounded into his girlfriend, until he exploded into his third orgasm of the day.

Li’s cum burst into Lily’s womanhood, filling her up like never before. The Asian seductress closed her eyes, feeling the moment…his desperate inhalation, his hot breaths, his rapid heart rate, his throbbing cock still inside her, her own clenching vagina. Lily then opened her eyes, pushing her man aside. The unforgiving Asian goddess then rudely pulled Valentina’s hair, bringing Valentina’s face at the level of her cunt, rubbing her sperm-smeared cunt into the begging Latina’s face for the longest 10 minutes in Valentina’s life.


Lily had saved her relationship and taught the man stealer Latina a lesson about going after her man. After a lengthy stay in the hospital, Chinese Lily made a triumphant entrance in the office, basking on her peers’ praise and envy for having fought tooth and nail against the Latina goddess. Lily had shown that Chinese women could be as vicious and savage as their Latina counterparts.

The savage duel between Lily and Valentina was the talk of the office. Everyone recognized it had been a brutal, grinding affair, far more vicious than all the other duels happening around the same time, including the claiming duel between Amy Lin and Sophie Jansen.

Surprisingly, the duel had proved to be a boon for the remaining Latinas in the office, the loss of a beloved friend notwithstanding. The whole affair from the initial catfight to the duel itself was a festival of depravity and unrestricted sexual warfare few women wanted to get into, leading to several sexual rivals to quietly give up their pretentions on the Latinas’ men/lovers/boyfriends.

Yet the Latina girls didn’t try to push their luck too hard. Valentina and Lily had just set up a precedent on what could be expected when a vivacious Latina and a woman of another race tangled over a man’s cock. Now that Valentina had helped them to cement their reputation for ferocity and unbridled savagery in the bedroom and the duel room, anyone trying to steal their men would no doubt be prepared to fight as hard as Lily did.

There was another empty cubicle…soon to be filled with yet another hire of uncertain nationality.

To Be Continued in Chapter 15.

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