Pain and Promotion by Luffy316

Author’s Preamble:

Hamish co-wrote this story and designed characters with me. I love Hamish’s work on the forums, so it was great to work with him.

The two young wrestlers stared hard at each other as they stood in their corners, waiting for their fight to begin. It was the final match of the evening, and these two teenaged rivals were the hottest talents in their league. The atmosphere in the arena was already electric, but in the center of the ring stood a beautiful young woman, clutching a microphone, smiling as she made an announcement which would ramp up the anticipation even higher.

Her name was Amanda O’Harra. She didn’t even work for this wrestling division – instead, she was manager of a much richer, successful and higher-profile professional league. The glamor of her wrestling company was reflected in her appearance: a stunning, leggy brunette in her early twenties, clad in a smart black dress, her lustrous brown hair falling in carefully styled loose curls around her beautifully made-up face. She radiated power and wealth, and had the charisma to have this crowd hanging on her every word.

As the two wrestlers looked on, Amanda explained how she’d been bowled over by the bright young stars fighting in this division, and was interested in recruiting to her own, star-studded league. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and would make a young wrestler’s career. However, she explained, these girls would have to be prepared to fight for it – there was only ONE promotion place on offer tonight. The crowd noise intensified at this revelation – the girls would be fighting for more than pride, more than a title belt, they would be fighting for their very careers, and would be going all out to impress.

“It’s make or break time,” Amanda grinned. “Maybe it will be your high-flying starlet, Sammie Saturn!!” Amanda had now taken over the role of ring announcer as she motioned to the first wrestler. There was a loud cheer at her name, and Sammie waved brightly to her fans.

Sammie was an athletic, tanned brunette, with cute features and a warm, impish smile. She was youthful-looking, even for her nineteen years; her two-piece, lime-green outfit played up to this by including a short, pleated skirt, with a look of ‘cheerleader’ about it. Her white boots belied the fact that Sammie was a capable wrestler, though – an agile high-flier with a lot of energy, and a fondness for crowd-pleasing aerial attacks. She was a true face, and a fan favourite, and blew the crowd a kiss as the cheers for her name died down.

“Or maybe…” Amanda continued, “it will be your ruthless, unstoppable, black-hearted Becky Blaque!!”

There was noticeably less of a cheer as the second wrestler was introduced. Though Becky was the same young age as Sammie, her cold, stern look made her seem older. Dark mascara and lipstick contrasted with her soft, pale skin, and her sexy features were framed by jet-black hair. She wore a corset-style outfit which pushed up her pert cleavage, atop panties which showed a lot of her peachy ass. Big black boots matched the rest of her garb, with a dog collar completing her goth dominatrix look. Becky’s appearance matched her attitude in the ring – she was mean, nasty wrestler, and wanted everyone to know it. She gave an indifferent sneer at the crowd’s less-than-warm reception, and tilted her head to fix her dark gaze on Sammie.

“Well, there we have it!” Amanda crowed. “Two top girls, but only one star contract!” She theatrically held up a sheet of paper, a big empty square at the bottom awaiting a signature. “Let’s find out – who wants this the most!!”

Smiling broadly and nodding to the wrestlers, Amanda exited the ring, taking her seat at the ringside table. The young promoter was grinning broadly; having fanned the flames of rivalry with the promise of cash and career, she was as desperate as anyone in the arena to watch this fight unfold.

True enough, the teenage wrestlers seemed itching to tear into each other, flexing their muscles as they awaited the opening bell.

“Bad luck, Becky, it looks like they want real stars in the league,” Sammie goaded mischievously, flashing a smug, cute smile to rile her opponent.

“You’re going nowhere but the hospital, bitch,” Becky spat back.

The two fighters advanced on each other as the match bell rang, signaling the start of this charged conflict.

The crowd shouted encouragement for both of the fighters. The girls circled a few paces, then rushed in near sync with each other to lock arms in a quick test of strength. Gorgeous faces twisted in effort, at a standstill for a moment but then Sammie starting to push her opponent back. Becky’s wrists bent, arms being forced back by the slightly stronger face. Becky was sweating it out before she suddenly let herself step back, throwing up a boot to smack into Sammie’s belly.

The cute face let out a pained shout, doubling up and her grip weakening a bit. Becky repeated the underhanded move twice more, Sammie weakening a bit more each time before falling to her knees. Becky grinned cruelly down on her, raising her boot to slam it into Sammie’s temple. The green-clad girl surprised everyone when she suddenly raised her hands, catching Becky’s heel and flipping her up and backwards, crashing onto her back.

Sammie rose slowly, afforded the time to recover her wind a bit. She pushed herself up on one knee, lifting up Becky by her hair. The heel was forced to rise by her own will, or else suffer the pain of the hair pull (a choice she herself would not have afforded anyone in her way of this opportunity). Sammie got her back to her feet before shoving her hip into Becky’s midsection, hip-tossing her back to the mat and crashing her onto her butt. Becky let out a quick cry of surprise and pain, Sammie quick to move in behind her and grab her around the neck. She bent Becky into position as she put her into a chokehold, the heel grunting and coughing as she smacked at Sammie’s arms, a reflex more than a strategy since it proved to do next to nothing. Even when she scratched at her arms, Sammie barely winced and kept squeezing.

It kept the black-clad girl coughing and struggling a bit before she reached up and clawed at Sammie’s eyes. The pretty young good girl cried out and fell back, rubbing her watering eyes as Becky tried to rise again, though much slower than before.

With Sammie blinded, Becky took a moment to wind up her arm, pulling it far back before swinging her hand forward, a loud knife edge chop smacking across Sammie’s breasts. They bounced from the impact, Becky winding up and quickly smacking another that made her breasts continue to jiggle like they were caught in an earthquake. Sammie was forced to stagger back into the ropes, back resting against them briefly before Becky grabbed hold of her arm, whipping her at the opposite side of the ring. Sammie was whizzed along with the throw, hitting the ropes and flying back at Becky.

The Canadian swung her tough boot up at Sammie’s lower belly for a quick and painful stop… only for her foot to be snagged by Sammie in mid-flight. Sammie kept moving at high speed, though, so she rather quickly and easily (if not sloppily) shoved Becky’s leg up too high for her own good, flipping her heels over head and pulling harshly at her thigh muscle.

Becky crashed onto her back and rear of her skull, seeing stars as she held her aching thigh muscle. Sammie finally got her footing back under control, turning and yanking Becky up to her feet by her hair. Becky winced and flailed, suddenly swinging a wide-handed slap at Sammie, who saw it coming and ducked low. Becky’s slap went out of control, spinning around from the force of her own blow. It landed her backward, perfect for Sammie to suddenly grab her by the underarms and swing her backward into a suplex, slamming Becky into the mat. The slam of the mats on her body almost drowned out the “AWWW!” from her painted black lips.

Sammie rose up, grinning widely and clapping her hands over her head. The crowd started to join in, either approving and supportive, or just encouraging her to keep her arms up for the way it made her chest look. Becky was dizzily starting to rise up, only for Sammie to turn and rush at her, kicking her in the lower calf muscle, taking the feet right from under her and putting Becky back on her back. She hardly had the time to wince when Sammie hopped up a few inches, bouncing both of her boots onto Becky’s belly and knocking the wind out of her before bouncing right back off, leaving Becky trying to moan but only managing to cough and hold her pale tummy.

Becky was looking pretty dazed now, the pale-skinned fighter visibly struggling to stagger upright. Sammie, all smiles, swaggered over to ‘help’ her, grabbing the other girl by the hand and yanking her to her feet. Sammie pulled hard on Becky’s arm, sending the hapless heel running towards the ropes in an Irish whip.

Sammie quickly turned and ran to bounce off the opposite set of ropes, so that when Becky groggily rebounded, both girls were running towards each other at high speed. Having set her opponent up, Sammie skilfully went for the payoff, throwing herself forwards for a flying spinning heel kick. She connected beautifully, her lithe legs arcing round as she twisted in mid-air, and her white boots crashed hard into Becky’s chest.

Sammie nailed her onrushing opponent with a lot of momentum, and Becky cried out as she was knocked backwards, crumpling painfully onto the mat with a loud thud. The black-haired heel had been hit hard, and she lay on the mat clutching her head, moaning loudly. Following her attack, Sammie rolled neatly to her feet, to find the fans cheering and Becky lying flat on her back, moaning loudly.

Miss Blaque really did look in a bad way, face buried in her hands, groaning and whimpering in pain. With the roar of the crowd egging her on, Sammie saw a great chance to finish off the match completely.

Sammie hopped over Becky’s crumpled form, to stand facing the nearest turnbuckle. Grinning, she clambered up to the top rope, facing out towards the crowd, ready to perform her finisher. She called it the ’Moon Landing’ – she liked to give the fans a cheeky glimpse of her rear, before jumping off to crush her opponent. Balanced atop the turnbuckle, Sammie put her hands on her hips, swaying them provocatively, building up the anticipation in the crowd. This was going to be the best moment of her young career, beating the bitch Becky Blaque, and being universally cheered (and rewarded) for it.

A broad smile across her beautiful face, Sammie hooked her thumbs into the hem of her skirt, and inched it downwards. Laughing, Sammie slowly exposed the top of her peachy rear, and impishly began to wave her bare behind in Becky’s direction. The crowd was loving this, cheering and applauding her cheeky display.

Smirking, Sammie pulled her panties back up, and readied herself to leap backwards onto her opponent. Then, suddenly, she felt a sickening lurch, her carefully-balanced legs being swept from under her, and she plunged downwards. She dropped onto the turnbuckle, landing crotch-first onto the metal with a terrible CLANG. Totally stunned, and in eye-watering agony, she moaned in anguish, now sat perched atop the ringpost while clutching at her wounded womanhood. There was a sharp intake of breath around the arena, in sympathy at the brutal blow she had suffered.

Poor Sammie was in shock, not understanding what had happened. She shouldn’t have been too surprised, though – Becky had simply played a very nasty trick on her. The ruthless, black-clad fighter had been playing possum all along, exaggerating the injury from the spinning heel kick and faking her helplessness. Becky had been watching carefully as Sammie climbed the turnbuckle, and as soon as the brunette had finished baring her bum, Becky had dashed in to knock her legs from under her. Thanks to Becky’s sneaky strategy, Sammie’s moment of glory had been twisted into a humiliating reversal!

“Aww, what’s the matter, did you think you were going to win?” Becky mocked as Sammie clung to the top of the turnbuckle, gasping at the incredible pain in her pussy. Sat facing the crowd, Sammie’s agony was visible to all. Some sections started booing the cheap trick Becky had pulled, but the heel didn’t care one bit.

“You,” Becky hissed, grabbing Sammy’s hair as she still hung onto the ringpost. “Are a fucking idiot.” Becky sneered, placing her pale hands on the brunette’s back. “And now you’re going to suffer”.

Becky gave the other girl a hard shove. Poor Sammie toppled forwards from her seat on the turnbuckle, and was pushed out of the ring completely. She cried helplessly as she tumbled down, plunging through the air, nothing to stop her until she hit the arena floor with a punishing thud. Her tanned body jolted at the hard impact, and she lay in a sorry heap at the bottom of the ring steps. The drop from the top rope down to the arena floor was a heavy fall to take, and Sammie was left twitching and groaning on the cold hard concrete. Unlike her devious opponent, she clearly wasn’t faking any of this pain. Miss Saturn was in serious trouble now.  

To a chorus of boos, Becky imperiously exited the ring, marching down the steps and fixing her dark gaze on the girl at her feet. She gave Sammie’s downed form an impetuous little prod with the toe of her boot. The groggy, green-clad wrestler moaned weakly, her face grimacing in pain, and tried to drag herself up off the floor. Sammie’s hands reached up, fumbling for the edge of the ring, which she used to haul herself off of the concrete and up into a kneeling position. Though her expression was dazed, she still shot a dirty look at her cheating foe.

Becky was unmoved by her victim’s plight. “Ha, looks like I really knocked you off your fucking pedestal!” she said coldly, a cruel sneer on her black lips. She reached down and grabbed a handful of Sammie’s hair.

“I don’t know what I liked more about that… the look on your face when you hit that turnbuckle…” Becky used her hold on the kneeling brunette to slam Sammie’s face straight into the adjacent corner post with yet another hard ‘clang’. Sammie howled as she was given this brutal demonstration, and fell back onto the concrete, clutching her face and writhing in pain.

“…or the way you moaned as your pussy got pounded,” Becky continued, stooping to take hold of the floored girl’s ankles. She stood up, holding Sammie’s legs wide apart, a wicked sparkle in her dark brown eyes. Everyone knew what was coming next, even poor Sammie, who pulled her hands away from her face to start pleading and begging.

“Oh, no, don’t you… aaiiiigggghhh!!!” Sammie shrieked as Becky stamped her big black boot down between her open thighs, crushing her already-sore crotch. The ruthless heel grinned, heavily grinding her foot into Sammie’s pussy, maximizing her victim’s discomfort and making her squeal and squirm in extreme pain.

Eventually Becky seemed to relent. “Haha, yeah, that last one was definitely my favorite,” she taunted, before lifting her boot up… and stamping it straight down into Sammie’s crotch again! The brunette jolted hard on the concrete as her sore pussy took another hit. Immense agony flowed from between her legs, utterly excruciating, making her whole body shake and leaving her wide-eyed and helpless.

Inside the ring, the ref girl looked out disapprovingly at the turn this fight had taken, but there was nothing the officials could do. This league had fairly lax rules regarding out-of-ring behavior… a fact which Becky was now perfectly placed to exploit. While Sammie whimpered on the floor, pawing at her wounded womanhood, Becky turned and reached under the ring apron. She rummaged for a short while before pulling out a black, heavy-looking nightstick.

“Yeah, this ought to do the trick,” Becky smiled cruelly, eyes shining, as she ran her fingers up and down the weapon, weighing it in her hand.

Sammie hadn’t seen what was happening; the injured face had rolled onto her front and was now desperately trying to crawl away from her tormentor. The poor girl looked pretty pathetic on her hands and knees, and was far too slow to escape Becky now. Miss Blaque advanced on her victim, looking down on her with a callous sneer.

“Going somewhere?” she mocked the girl at her feet. Becky raised the nightstick, then swung it down onto the back of Sammie’s head.

“Agghhhh!” Sammie wailed as pain filled her skull. The crawling girl hadn’t realized that Becky was now armed with a club, so the severity of the blow came as a brutal shock. The sudden, head-splitting agony threatened to overwhelm her; Sammie hunched her shoulders and clutched her hands to her temples, unable to cope.

The crowd was booing these cold-blooded weapon attacks, but Becky enjoyed playing the bad girl. This unnecessary brutality was just the start of what she was capable of.

“Mmm, that’s getting you nice and tender, isn’t it?” she taunted. The young heel raised her nightstick again, this time slamming it down onto Sammie’s upturned back. There was a heavy thud as it hit her body.

“Nnggg!” Sammie groaned as her spine was struck, taking the bruising blow on her lower back. She had been on all fours, but the force of the strike sent her limbs out from under her, and she dropped flat on her front, sprawled across the concrete. Her kidneys ached, and pain was flowing into her muscles from her injured spine. Sammie was in a bad way now, groaning weakly, unable to even lift her face up from the floor.

“Pathetic,” Becky spat. The cruel Canadian reached down and grabbed a handful of Sammie’s hair. “I’m just getting started, bitch,” she hissed into her victim’s ear. Becky then started to hair-pull Sammie back up onto all fours, but even with this vicious, painful move, the battered brunette was still sluggish and unresponsive. To get more control over her groggy opponent, Becky used her other hand to grab Sammie’s panties, pulling them up above her hips in a brutal wedgie.

Sammie whimpered and moaned in utter agony, forced up onto her hands and knees by both the pain in her scalp and the pain in her pussy. Using these twin torments, Becky made her crawl along the side of the ring, dragging her by her hair, and by the stretched underwear cutting up into her crotch. Sammie’s face was screwed up in a grimace of pain and humiliation as she endured this forced march down at Becky’s feet.

Becky led her hapless victim up towards the announcers’ table, ignoring her pleas for mercy. She pulled Sammie up by the head, almost as if she were showing her prey to the officials. In effect, this was exactly what she was doing; in particular, she was aiming to get the attention of Amanda O’Harra. The glamorous promoter sat at the other side of the desk, hands clasped together, enthralled by the action while keeping a tame smile on her face, even facing the brutality that was now taking place right in front of her nose.

Amanda could see first-hand just how bad Sammie looked now. The brunette’s tanned body was kneeling, but limp, held up only by the harsh grip Becky had on her hair. Sammie’s eyes were struggling to focus and she was whimpering in pain. The groggy girl looked up, and finally saw that she’d been dragged in front of Amanda. With dismay, Sammie realized that she was being brought low, right in front of the very promoter she had been so desperate to impress.

“Sorry, just borrowing your desk,” Becky called out dryly. She dragged Sammie up and marched her towards the ringside table. Amanda and the other officials saw that the action was coming their way, and quickly slid their chairs back a few feet, to stay out of danger. Sammie, though, had no such escape route; she was bent over the table, then slammed face-first down onto it.

The green-clad wrestler gave an anguished cry as her pretty features were crunched painfully against the smooth but hard wooden surface. She slumped weakly over the table, wracked with pain. The only saving grace was that her limp body was now held up by the table, rather than her hair, which saved her agonized scalp for once. This brief respite, though, only came because Becky had found herself a microphone.

“Hey everyone!” the heel called out, grinning as her own voice rang through the arena speakers. “Seems like I’m going to be leaving this shithole soon, for bigger and better things.” The crowd were in uproar at being goaded like this, but Becky just grinned at their disapproval.

“Yeah, sorry, I know it’s rough, being left with Sammie ‘The Dumb Slut’ Saturn in your league. I’m kind of sad too… it’s my last chance to torture her!”

Cackling, Becky would callously pull up on Sammie’s wedgied outfit again, cutting into her sensitized pussy and making the brunette moan weakly in anguished misery. Becky’s microphone meant that her victim’s whimpers were now played throughout the arena, and every fan could hear her suffering.

“Aww, don’t worry,” Becky gloated to the audience. “As it’s a special occasion, I’ll give this talentless trash something to remember me by!”

With that, Becky left the microphone on the desk, and grabbed the hem of Sammie’s miniskirt and panties. Instead of yanking them upwards (for once), she pulled them downwards, dragging the cheerleader’s costume down her thighs and below her knees. With Sammie bent helplessly over the table, this left her peachy ass fully exposed to the entire arena.

The brunette moaned as she felt the air against her now-naked nether regions, dreading what Becky had planned for her. Sammie’s cute features started to blush with embarrassment, but she was Becky’s plaything now and there was nothing she could do. She feared she was in prime position for a bare-assed spanking, but the first attack came elsewhere. Suddenly she felt a hard flash of pain as her enemy slammed her nightstick against her head again. Next, her hair was grabbed, pulling her face up off the table, while the end of the nightstick was jammed into her mouth. Sammie’s eyes widened as the black club was thrust between her lips, Becky working it back and forth in an obscene motion, laughing as she did so.

“Suck on it, bitch, you know you love it,” Becky cackled. Whilst she was having a lot of fun watching Sammie squirm as her mouth was faux fucked, this was merely a warm-up for what the cruel heel had planned. Becky yanked the nightstick from Sammie’s mouth, saliva trailing from the cheerleader’s parted lips. Miss Blaque then pulled the weapon round to the rear of Sammie’s naked form… and, with an evil grin, shoved it forcefully up between the brunette’s thighs.

“Nyahhh!!” Sammie squealed as her bent-over body was suddenly violated. The spit-soaked nightstick slid deep into her pussy, forcefully pushing into her slit. Long, hard, cruel, and unyielding, it caused her pleasure and pain in equal measure.

“No, no, no,” poor Sammie whimpered breathlessly as she lay there impaled by the nightstick. Becky slid her weapon back, only to thrust it deeper inside her victim. Sammie squealed again, a deeper moan this time, her pretty face grimacing as she realized Becky meant to fuck her over the announcer’s table.

Becky’s left hand kept a firm grip on Sammie’s chestnut brown hair, leaving her right free to force the nightstick back and forth between Sammie’s thighs. The black-clad wrestler cackled throughout, eyes shining with sadistic glee. Becky was domination personified as she ruthlessly fucked the helpless fan favorite, working her makeshift dildo harder and harder, faster and faster.

Sammie whimpered and yelped at each heartless thrust, her moans becoming more intense as, against her will, she began to feel arousal at the stimulation of her slit. To the young wrestler’s acute embarrassment, every pant and gasp was caught by the microphone, broadcasting her helpless moans to everyone present.

Soon Sammie’s own juices were lubricating the nightstick, guiding it deeper inside her snatch. The repeated thrusts began to force the onset of an orgasm within her.

“Oh, god,” she moaned, desire mixed with her intense despair. Sammie was trapped in a nightmare now, knowing she was about to be completely humiliated by her hated rival. The flustered fuck-toy glanced up from the desk, to see Amanda O’Harra watching on with amusement. Sammie had badly wanted to impress this influential woman tonight, but instead the rich wrestling promoter was just laughing at her extreme misfortune. Everything had gone as wrong as it could have for the poor young fighter – Becky Blaque was fucking her future as hard as her pussy. The climax was growing stronger within Sammie now, she tried to fight it, but she knew her moment of ultimate shame was near at hand. Her body began to shudder uncontrollably.

“Unngghhhh!!!” Sammie moaned deeply into the microphone as her sex betrayed her, overcome with a loud and obvious orgasm. Immediately, the crowd were raucous, and both Becky and Amanda were cackling in Sammie’s ears. The beaten brunette pressed her face into the desk, cheeks burning with extreme embarrassment. Through the pain and fatigue she now felt a cold despair, knowing she had been humiliated like never before. Utterly drained, her sweaty, disheveled form lay slumped over the table, totally lost.

After that eye-opening show of dominance and destruction, it was easy to overlook that this match was technically still ongoing – the out-of-ring action hadn’t found an official winner, even if the outcome now looked beyond all doubt. Becky hadn’t completely taken her eyes from the prize, though.

“Loved to watch ya come, honey, but now it’s time to go,” the black-haired girl said dryly to her hapless opponent. She peeled Sammie’s limp body from the announcers’ table and irish whipped her back towards the ring.

Unfortunately, Sammie’s panties were still bunched round her ankles, so as she was forced into the run she simply stumbled, toppled forwards in an ungainly, half-naked waddle, then crashed face-first into the apron. Becky laughed cruelly at her opponent’s stupid, slapstick fall. She stepped up to remove Sammie’s panties entirely, then hoisted her up by her hair and head, before bundling her under the bottom rope and back into the ring.

The ref girl was standing scornfully, arms crossed, as Becky re-entered the ring. Miss Blaque’s opponent was now dazed, drained, half-naked and utterly humiliated – but this had all happened outside of the ring, and beyond the ref girl’s jurisdiction. The official wasn’t happy about it, but there was nothing she could do.

Becky looked down imperiously at Sammie’s sorry form, before grabbing one of the downed girl’s ankles and dragging her to the center of the ring. Sammie was a ragdoll, albeit one stained with cum and sweat. Becky paraded a full circle around her, taking her time to pose a bit for the crowd before flipping them a double finger and dragging Sammie upright by her hair. Sammie was tangled in her clothes and almost limp, so she dragged her to her ass without much more than a whimper, then forced her to her feet. She wrapped her arm around Sammie’s head and bent her over backward, leaving Sammie’s back arched with her tits and belly shoved out towards the crowd, and her face wedged into Becky’s sweaty pit.

Veterans and fans of the league knew what was coming, even before Becky gave a raised hand and a thumbs down motion. The Blaque Out, her favoured finisher. She took a short sprint backward, timing her short hop to land on the middle ropes before slamming back down on her hip, though Sammie intentionally less fortunate as the back of her head smashed into the mat. Sammie flopped limply and some of the nosebleed seats had to wonder if she was even breathing.

“Ref! Do your job!” Becky barked, throwing herself over Sammie. She straddled her face, pulling her own panties aside with a cackle and sticking out her tongue as her bare ass mashed into Sammie’s face, unresponsive for the three count. The bell rang out, a formality really, the facesit pin finally putting an end to Sammie’s miserable match, and signalling Becky’s total dominance.

Sammie was later revived backstage, a towel over her and street clothes put on, since the dirty and partly torn wrestling outfit wouldn’t do, even if she had more positive short-term memories attached to it. She wore a t-shirt with the company logo on it and some sweats, Becky strutting back from the showers in a black tank top and shorts, hair tried back with a towel over her shoulders.

“Hey, there, squirt.” Sammie got the feeling she was not referring to her size when she called her that. “No hard feelings, eh? Just doin’ our jobs, makin’ it in the biz.” Becky still had a wicked grin on her face as she eyed Sammie, as though she had fun with her cruel victory anyway.

Sammie nodded a bit. “I can’t really blame you,” she sighed. “You gave her a show. I just wanted to apologize and thank Miss O’Harra for the opportunity before I left.”

Becky shrugged and leaned on a locker before Amanda made her appearance, smiling at the women widely. It made Sammie fidget from the way she smiled at her after her loss, but she managed to muster up her famous courage and smile back.

“Wow,” Amanda gushed with a hungry grin. “You girls were amazing out there. Really were. I can see why the crowd eats this stuff up around here. You both showed a lot of potential out there.”

Sammie blushed but smiled and nodded. Becky smacked her playfully on the back.
“Some of us more than others, huh?” Becky laughed.

“Oh, of course,” Amanda said, if not a bit dismissively, as if she were unsurprised by the match. “Blaque, great win out there. You know how to make a crowd hate you and love to come back and hate you more.”

Becky chuckled. “Yea. It’s as if they imagine one of these times, someone will actually beat me.”
Amanda smiled down at Sammy and patter her shoulder, rather fondly rather than condescending. “And you, Sammy. You’re all but a local hero to these horny fans. You’ve got a great figure, but you’re still athletic enough to take a beating.”

“Um… thanks?” Sammie said and hoped she didn’t come off as too much of a ditz.

“And that’s why I’m signing you on for my league.”

“WHAT!?” Becky blurted in outrage, but Amanda gave a calming wave of her palm.

“Relax, Miss Blaque. You’re signing on as well. If you both want in, I can have the contracts ready tomorrow.

Blaque calmed down to a casual smile, but Sammie’s eyes were lit up and didn’t stop. “Really!? But… I thought you only had one opening available!”

Amanda O’Harra shrugged. “It’s a big league. I’ll trim some fat somewhere and ditch some pushover jobber. You, though, Sammie! You’ve got hero and jobber and future face champion painted all over you. It’s a lot of ways you can go, even if one of them seems to be a pretty face the crowd loves to see raped and beaten.”

Amanda had a big smile that might have concerned Sammie if she thought about it a bit more. It was like wishing a punching bag good luck in its career. But that wasn’t what she was, and she knew it. The fans loved her matches, win or lose. Saturn was a star, and she was going to overtake Blaque in her new league, a clean slate to carry over and improve her skills, popularity, and position in the league, even if she had to crawl and claw her way up from the bottom.

Amanda turned with a wiggle of her curvy hips under her business attire. “I’ll be in touch. Later girls. I can’t wait to see what kind of troubles you’ll get to overcome in your career.”

The End

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