Party Favours by JB57

Britney Johnson sipped slowly at her glass of Chardonnay. It was early in the evening and she wanted to keep a clear head. She had accompanied her uncle and aunt to the Fosters’ Christmas Party. She did not know either Miranda or Gerald Foster, other than what little she had read about them in the media, but that was enough to inform her that they were incredibly wealthy and that Mrs. Foster kept an impressive collection of jewelry on the premises. She had happily agreed to come along to the party with her relatives with the intention of casing the four storey apartment, discovering the strengths and weaknesses in its security, then coming back at some future date to burgle the place. She would have to wait for her opportunity to do that; right now, under the terms of her agreement with her rival, the Cat, she was only able to rob places on the West side of town, and the Fosters’ apartment was in the East. The West side of town was generally wealthier and a more lucrative target. Soon, however, Britney and the Cat would meet for their monthly fuckfight to determine how to divvy up the city. She was considering throwing the fight, just to get a chance to steal from the Fosters.

There were so many guests that Britney could do a good deal of snooping without anyone realizing what she was doing. She had only been at the apartment for a half-hour. She planned to begin her survey mission after the first hour, to avoid drawing any unwanted attention to herself and giving the rest of the guests more time to get sloshed and distracted.

Britney was wearing a short black cocktail dress, one that hugged all of her voluptuous curves skintight and showed off her beautifully muscled, bare, tanned legs to full advantage. The dress dipped low in the front, allowing her to put her full, gorgeous tits on display. The amount of cleavage showing in the dress’ neckline was truly impressive; the rounds of her remarkable tits were fully visible. Her incredible boobs strained the tight black cloth. Her thick nipples tented the material like small spears. Her thick, black hair fell in waves about a quarter of the way down her bare back. She was wearing three-inch stilettos. A silver choker and discreet silver earrings finished off the ensemble. She projected an air of devastating sexuality, something she was powerless to avoid. This drew men to her like flies. Tonight, however, she gave each man who approached her a haughty look that warned him off. She did not want to be disturbed as she went about her work.

Britney was standing alone in one of the siderooms, away from the main hall, where most of the guests were socializing. The room was quiet. A beautiful Monet was framed on the wall. She was contemplating the painting, wondering if it could be removed safely. Paintings were not usually her things, but she had an appreciation for beauty in whatever form it took and the Monet was an appealing target. Suddenly, her sensitive nipples began to tingle, then buzz with sexual electricity. It was her early warning signal, her body’s response to womanly pheromones, a certain sign that another Alpha bitch was in the immediate vicinity. Before she could turn around to locate the source of the disturbance, she heard high heels clicking across the marble floor.

“Do you like it?” said a smooth, smoky voice. Britney turned her head; an incredibly beautiful redheaded, green-eyed woman had sidled up beside her. The women was wearing her lush red locks in a series of interlocking loops on top of her head. Her gold earrings and a luxurious gold necklace flashed. The necklace sported a pendant that hung down her chest, between her bulging breasts. The woman wore a red dress that traced the curves of her voluptuous body, even as it looped up over her neck, leaving her arms, shoulder and back bare and providing a low collar that dipped to reveal lush, deep cleavage. The dress was long, falling to the floor, but a hip-high slash on the right side allowed the full reveal of the woman’s tanned, muscled leg and a good portion of even more enticing flesh. Her feet were shod in three inch pumps; out of the corner of her eye, Britney could see the woman’s toe nails were painted red to match her hair.

Britney turned to face the interloper. Her nipples were fully engorged and pointing straight and hard at the other woman’s nips. The redhead’s nipples were also straining against the fabric of her elegant dress. She was every bit as aroused as Britney, but the woman did not acknowledge this. She smiled sweetly at Britney, gestured at the painting with the glass of wine in her hand, and repeated the question.

“What do you think?”

Britney glanced at the painting again. “I like it. It is very subtle, very gentle, but strong too. But I’m afraid I’m not much of an expert at art. On the other hand,” Britney nodded at the redhead’s necklace, “I do like jewelry. That’s a spectacular necklace.”

“Thank you,” the redhead said. “It’s early 1850s Faberge.”

The redhead held out her hand. “I am Miranda Foster. I’m the hostess here. I’m afraid I don’t know you.”

Britney took the offered hand. A spark of pure erotic electricity rippled through the women’s bare flesh where they made contact. Both women shuddered slightly, and then smiled at each other, a secret smiled that revealed they both knew exactly what was happening between them. Britney’s tits were positively throbbing now, her breasts felt engorged to twice their normal size.

“I’m Britney Johnson. My uncle and aunt are David and Melissa Johnson. I’m staying with them for the foreseeable future.”

“Britney Johnson?” the redhead said with a smile. “I’ve heard of you. You’ve made a bit of a splash on the local social scene.”

“Not too much, I hope,” Britney smiled. She had been out on a few dates with rich, eligible men, but she had done that to establish her presence in the city. Other than using the men for sex, she was not interested in romantic relationships. She was interested in developing a local profile that would give her independent access to the homes of the rich and famous. She did not want to keep relying on her uncle and aunt for invitations.

“I’m glad you like my necklace,” Miranda continued. “I like your choker, too. It’s a Bulgari, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Britney replied. “Good eye.”

“I’m a bit of a connoisseur of these things,” Miranda smiled at the understatement. “In fact, I’ve got a whole vault full of them right here in the apartment. Would you like to see?”

Britney’s eyes widened in surprise. “Wow, I’d love to see,” she said without needing to feign excitement.  Her plan to case the apartment was working out incredibly well, totally by accident.

“Leave your glass here and come with me,” Miranda instructed. She put her wine glass down on a nearby table and gestured for Britney to follow her. Britney placed her glass beside Miranda’s and followed. She was conscious of Miranda’s swaying hips and ass. The two women made their way down another corridor, past some of the party guests who had gathered in an anteroom, and down a darkened, quiet hall. They stopped at an elevator. Miranda pressed the button and the doors opened immediately onto a beautifully ornate car. “We need to go up one level,” Miranda explained, as the elevator doors closed. “The vault is in my bedroom.”

The doors opened on a beautiful cherry-wood hallway. The hall was lined with abstract paintings alternating with tasteful sculptures every few feet. The women made their way down the hall, Miranda sharing little tidbits about the art, until they stopped before a massive wooden double door. Miranda keyed in a combination – she blocked the pad with her body so Britney could not see – then pressed her thumb to a fingerprint ID pad. “Can’t be too careful about security,” she explained to Britney. “We’ve had the occasional break-in here.”

“Really?” Britney said, as the women stepped into a huge, beautifully furnished bedroom. “Did the thieves get away with anything?”

“We’ve only had one successful burglary,” Miranda said. “We’ve upgraded the security since then. But I’m … very optimistic about my chances of getting back what was lost.”

Miranda led Britney into her walk-in closet, which was easily the size of an apartment. She picked up a remote control and keyed in some numbers. One of the massive mirrors on the wall slid away, revealing a shiny steel vault door. Miranda keyed in some more numbers on the remote keypad, pressed her thumb to another pad; the steel door opened silently and a bright light clicked on automatically.

The women entered a large room, more than half the size of the closet. The walls were covered in glass cases that held row after row of glittering jewels – necklaces, brooches, earrings and every kind of accessory. A column in the center of the room contained its own selection of expensive jewelry.

Britney walked up to the column and examined the amazing variety of finery on display. Besides gold, silver and diamonds, there were also objects made of pearl, jade and obsidian. Many were ornate; all were very beautiful and incredibly expensive.

“Wow, this is just fantastic,” Britney said, her mind estimating the value of what she was seeing as well into the tens of millions. Despite her proximity to all of this wealth, Britney was not really tempted to steal anything. The purpose of her cat burglary was to give her the thrill of overcoming obstacles to achieve an objective. She certainly did not need the money. Being led right into the heart of the vault did not pose much of a challenge.  

“Do you have a favorite?” Miranda asked sweetly.

Britney looked more closely. “Well, I really like this obsidian pendant,” she replied. “The design is lovely.” She looked back at Miranda and grinned. “But what I really, really like is your necklace.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Miranda smiled. “I’ll make you a deal. I like your choker. You like my necklace. Why don’t we have a little competition and the loser gives the winner her jewelry?” 

“Really?” Britney asked. She hesitated. Her choker was a family heirloom. But she also thought she knew where this was going. “What is the competition?”

“We fuck,” Miranda purred, her face suddenly going from sweet to ravenously hungry in a heartbeat. Her green eyes glowed with lust. “First one to cum loses.”

Britney smiled savagely, the heat that had been building in her body ever since she met Miranda flaring to fill her, suffusing her flesh. Her tits grew even thicker and hotter, her pussy burned and lubricated. She felt her thong grow wet.

“I wondered when you would get to that,” Britney murmured. The women moved towards each other, reaching out with their hands. Miranda’s tits had also swelled, grown even hotter and harder. “I agree. We fuck each other. The first to cum loses. And the loser eats the winner’s pussy.”

Miranda nodded. “Let’s use the five second rule. Winner gets off more than five seconds after the loser, or it’s a tie.”

Britney nodded her agreement. “Fine by me,” she replied.

“I hope you like the taste of hot cunt, bitch,” Miranda said, a hungry grin lighting her gorgeous face.

“I like it just fine, slut,” Britney purred. “But I like getting eaten and sucked more by the bitches who submit to me.”

“I can’t let a woman like you come into my orbit and not try out your pussy,” the redhead smiled, interlacing her fingers with Britney’s. The women shuddered openly as bare flesh touched to bare flesh, palm to palm.

“It’s going to be an awfully expensive fuck for you,” Britney murmured. She pulled their hands up, causing their massive tits to rise and thrust out at each other.

“Only if I lose,” Miranda moaned. She pressed her throbbing, aching tits directly into Britney’s matching pair. The women cried out as their nipples pulsed at each other through the thin cloth separating them. Their tits swelled out of the deep necklines of their dresses and bare titflesh slid on bare titflesh. The women groaned even louder as their mammary glands sizzled with erotic electricity. Both women released each other’s hands and slipped their arms around the other’s body. They squeezed tight, mashing their straining tits. Moaning desperately, they turned their beautiful faces, slipped their noses past each other, and sank into a deep, tongue-filled kiss. Their tongues scoured the insides of the other’s mouth, and lapped and pushed and wrestled, sending waves of pleasure searing through their bodies. Their kiss deepened as the two women pushed their mouths tighter, each woman seeking to dominate and control the other with the power of her kiss. Britney slid her bare leg against Miranda’s bare, beautifully muscled leg protruding from the slash of her dress. The women’s moans deepened as their naked flesh caressed. Their sleek legs twined, firm muscle flexing against muscle.

Britney and Miranda staggered back and forth inside the secure room. Miranda reached up and twined her fingers into Britney’s dark locks, pulling viciously; Britney yanked at Miranda’ red hair in reply, pulling it out of its looping rings, leaving it long and wild down to between Miranda’s should blades. Both women’s moans betrayed the mutual pain they were inflicting. Their voluptuous bodies strained and writhed.

Britney pulled Miranda’s head back, forcing the redhead to stare at the ceiling, her eyes tight with the flash of pain. The women’s kiss broke; strands of spit joined their red lips. Britney licked it up and bit Miranda’s gorgeous throat before she ran her tongue along Miranda’s panting mouth; Miranda lashed out. For a moment, the women’s tongues touched, tip to tip.  They paused and played with their tongues, lapping at each other, swapping spit. Their gorgeous tits shifted on their chests, their tit bullets throbbing.  Their expensive dresses threatened to rip as the women’s lush bodies moved against each other with increasing force.

“Let’s strip down and fuck this out,” Miranda whispered, nose to nose with Britney, their hot breath mixing as they gasped. Spit dribbled from their red mouths down into their mashed cleavages.

“Yes,” Britney panted, her need for the other woman’s body overwhelming her senses.

Britney and Miranda pushed apart, disentangling their bodies. Britney reached behind her and unzipped the back of her little black dress. The sheath loosened and she slid it down her body, shimmying it down her muscular thighs and calves, until she stood wearing only her wet black thong, her silver choker and earrings, and her three inch heels.

As Britney stripped, Miranda unhooked her expensive dress from its clasp behind her neck. The entire garment slid down her beautiful body, unfolding gracefully as it fell at her feet. She picked it up and gently tossed it towards the door. Britney threw her black dress on top of Miranda’s red sheath.

The women stood before each other, wearing only their thongs – black for Britney, red for Miranda – their high heels and their jewelry. They examined the other woman’s magnificent body, letting their eyes roll hungrily over thick, round EE tits, beautifully muscled abdomens, deep slits of navels, wide, curving hips, long, powerful legs.  Their tiny thongs tightly cupped clean-shaven pussies. Smiling, Miranda cupped her delicious tits, pointing the golden orbs and their swollen nips at Britney, before sliding her hands down her taut abdomen and her rounded hips. She hooked the strings of her red thong with her thumbs and slid the tight, damp thong down her powerful thighs and over her smooth calves. She twirled the red scrap of cloth on her finger, the other hand on her hip, one leg thrust forward, modeling her incredible body for Britney. After a moment, she tossed the thong into the corner, near her dress.

Britney let her eyes drink in Miranda’s slick, clean-shaven cunt. Miranda’s pussy was beautiful, thick-lipped and wet, prominent labial folds protruding to hint at the slick flesh within. Britney licked her lips, then followed the other woman’s lead, slipping her tight thong off her hips and down her muscular legs, before kicking it away.

Hands on their hips, the nude women presented themselves to the other, letting their eyes wander every inch of the lush body before them. They were almost identical, equally tanned, equally buxom, their bodies well-muscled but voluptuously curved in all the right ways. Britney realized that Miranda had the body of an athlete, like her own; she briefly wondered what the other woman did to keep herself in such great shape.

“Beautiful,” Miranda murmured, as her eyes devoured Britney’s naked perfection.

“So are you, baby,” Britney whispered, her voice thick. A surge of unbearable lust rippled through her body, from her tits to her clit. “Come on, let’s fuck.”

Both women slipped off their stilettos and threw them aside. Their massive tits jiggled deliciously as they sat down on the marble floor, their bare asses settling on the cool tile. Smiling at each other, Miranda and Britney spread their legs, fully exposing their beautiful cunts. The redhead gently stroked her slick pussy, tracing her tight slit with one middle finger, pushing on her pussy lips to coax her growing clit out of its hood. Britney pushed two fingers deep into her cunt, finger-fucking herself, teasing her clit to full hardness. The women watched each other masturbate, their eyes fixed on the other’s glistening twat, their pants growing hotter and harder as they stimulated themselves to greater levels of arousal.

Britney’s nipples throbbed with heat. They felt harder than rocks. Her entire body burned. “Mmmnnnn, fuck!” she gasped, her need for the redhead’s pussy spiraling out of control. She needed to lock up with Miranda; she needed to go cunt to cunt with the whore, right now!

“Yesssss,” Miranda hissed, her eyes glowing with lust, her gaze locked to the hot fuckmeat between Britney’s legs. “Oh, yes….”

The women pushed themselves forward, their bare asses sliding on the tile, leaving a trail of cunt juice as they slid toward each other. Their naked legs slipped over and under as the incredible women moved into a scissor position, hot, muscular cunts lining up slit to slit. They leaned back and looked down between their massive, jiggling tits at their approaching quims. A centimeter from kissing twat to twat, Miranda and Britney paused. They enjoyed the moment of excruciating anticipation, the heat from the other woman’s succulent cunt warming her rival’s smooth inner thighs. Their heat mixed and grew; both women inhaled the heady scent of aroused pussy. Their pulsing clits twitched, eager to meet and mate, eager to engage in the fuckfight.

The women’s glowing eyes locked and they smiled again. Signaling with their eyes, Britney and Miranda closed the final distance. They thrust out with their powerful hips; they powered into each other with a clenching of their asses. The women’s wet, hot fuckmeat came together with a thick slap.

“Yes, fuck, yes,” Miranda grunted, her teeth clenched with effort, her red hair flying.

“God, oh fucking god, yes,” Britney groaned. She threw back her head and rammed herself into Miranda as hard as she could, keeping their cunts glued together, working her hips and ass to spread Miranda’s cunt lips and penetrate the beautiful redhead. Miranda thrust back just as hard, working her hips in the opposite direction, trying to drill her genitals into Britney’s and achieve a deeper lockup. Their tight pussy lips spread under the pressure. The women rutted hard, sliding their slick slits up and down, slowly sucking and merging their burning genitals. Their cunts fit together perfectly, juicy labia slowly melting into wet flesh, a thick suction slowly forming between their ravenous fuckholes. Their rock-hard clits pushed and pulsed head to head, before sliding side to side and wedging tight within the arena of the women’s locked twats.  Waves of exquisite pleasure radiated out from their kissing cunts to every inch of their luscious bodies. Their tits bounced hard as the women fucked, every jerk of their hips reflected in their jiggling boobs. The pendant of Miranda’s gold necklace swung with every thrust, slapping her chest.

The beautiful women threw back their heads, their long hair flashing, and moaned in unbearable sexual pleasure. Their cries and grunts of ecstasy harmonized, spiraling higher and higher as they fucked harder and harder, laying into each other with all their strength. Their hands braced their bodies, their flexing asses were slightly off the floor as they applied pressure to each other, humping and bucking. Their taut abdomens rippled as their muscled cunts wrestled for sexual supremacy.

Panting and moaning, Britney and Miranda fucked and fucked, riding each other furiously, giving each other too much pleasure to stop. Their voluptuous bodies undulated sinuously and began to dot with sweat as their powerful exertions continued. Their grinding clits fused, sending waves of ecstasy through their struggling bodies, causing the women to scream together in pure joy.

“Oh God, fucking God!” Miranda cried.

“Christ, Jesus Christ!” Britney shrieked, every inch of her lush flesh shuddering with tension. The women shifted their hips, turning so they could sink more deeply into the other’s cunt. Their pussies locked and merged tighter than ever, the women fucked even harder. Both grabbed the other woman’s sweaty thigh for greater leverage as their hips pumped furiously, each trying to fuck the other over the edge of ecstasy.

“Dirty whore, cum you little fuck, cum!” Miranda shouted, her beautiful face contorted with a  combination of rage and unbearable pleasure as she tried to outfuck her dark-haired rival.

“Ginger shit, cum for me you whore, cum!” Britney screamed back, her equally beautiful face a mask of savage lust and anger.

Both women began to feel their hands slip on the marble floor as the sweat poured from their bodies. Even their grip on the other’s thigh became harder to hold as their skin grew slick. Droplets of perspiration flew from their rocking tits. The women shifted their bodies again, never letting their cunts separate. They spread their legs wider and faced each other, slipping their arms around the other’s narrow waist, reaching down to sink strong fingers into round, sweaty asses. The women’s massive, sex-engorged tits came together, thick titmeat mashing and compacting into four hard balls of lush, quivering flesh, searing nipples lining up head to head and crushing each other back into the meat, areola grating and fusing with tension. Nose to nose, forehead pressed to forehead, sharing hot breath, glaring into the other’s gorgeous eyes, Miranda and Britney resumed their all-out fuck. Occasionally, they touched tongues and lapped at each other, but otherwise they moaned and gasped into each other’s beautiful, sweat-streaked faces as their struggle consumed their breath. They arched their backs and slapped and rolled their taut bellies, each woman trying to use every sensual trick to push her foe over the edge into orgasmic ecstasy first. Their hips rocked and their asses trembled as they humped powerfully, fucking and fucking.

Their engorged clits twisted into a knot, detonating like an erotic bomb within the struggling women. They screamed and sobbed in concert, their trembling bodies on the verge of exploding. Crying out, Miranda shoved her index finger deep into Britney’s slick, tight asshole. Britney was not expecting the intensely pleasurable stimulation of this sudden violation.

“Oh God, you cunt!” Britney gasped. “Oh, fucking Godddd!!!” Britney screamed as she felt her insides convulse, as she felt the unbearable tension in her body suddenly release. She whooped as she unleashed a massive orgasm, hot cum jetting out of her twat and directly into Miranda’s vagina, up into the society woman’s sexual core. Miranda gave Britney an evil, satisfied grin, even as she reveled in the intensely delicious feeling of Britney’s hot cum flowing up her cunt into her womb. An instant later, Britney’s middle finger went straight and deep into Miranda’s puckered asshole, wiping the grin from the redhead’s face and replacing it with an expression of ecstatic bliss as the redhead went over the orgasmic edge.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” Miranda howled. She clenched her teeth and moaned tortuously as she felt her insides convulse, as a continuous shot of hot, mixed cum flowed from her cunt into Britney. The women wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed intensely, writhing hard, mashing and rolling their tits and bellies, holding on to each other desperately as they shared orgasm after orgasm, pumping steaming hot cum back and forth between their locked cunts. The gooey woman cum leaked from the intersection of their genitals, it flowed down their ass cracks and spilled onto the sex-slicked tile floor, it squirted up onto their flat bellies where they rubbed it around and around. Their toes curled in ecstasy, they clung to each other, moaning and crying into the other’s ear, gasping obscenities at each other, as their bodies shuddered through excruciating climax after climax.

Britney and Miranda finally fell onto their backs. They continued to writhe, grinding their juicy cunts. They slowed down as their orgasms abated. They lay quietly on the wet floor, lying in a pool of mixed cum and sweat. Their equally massive tits heaved with each labored breath. Britney threw her arm across her face, her dark hair fanned out on the floor, and tried to regain her bearings. Her body was vibrating in the aftermath of the fuckfight. Miranda moaned, struggling to stay conscious. After a few more minutes, Miranda sat up, anchored her body with her sweaty hands on the floor, and pulled back from Britney. The women moaned as their inosculated cunts slowly sucked apart, thick-lipped pussies reluctantly separating with an audible “pop”. A gush of cum splattered onto the floor and a thick strand of viscous ejaculate linked their naked cunt lips. Miranda used her finger to break the strand and scoop it into the palm of her hand. She licked it up, then got on her hands and knees and crawled to Britney, moving between the brunette’s spread legs and sliding her wet, nude body onto the brunette.

The women moaned as Miranda settled on her rival, their tits squashing tight, their bellies flattening to each other. Miranda slipped her arms under and around Britney’s shoulders and grasped the brunette on either side of her head. Britney slipped her arms around Miranda’s waist and traced the curve of her spine and ass, before using one hand to push the redhead’s face to her own. Miranda opened her mouth, the cum drooled down. Britney eagerly accepted the spit-cum offering. The women’s hungry mouths sank into each other as they shared the slimy combination, sloshing it back and forth in their mouths, twisting it between their thrashing tongues, before swallowing it back. For long minutes, the redhead and brunette kissed deeply, passionately, taking turns sucking on the other’s tongue, tongues wrestling and caressing, before they finally pulled apart. The women pressed nose to nose.

“That was really good, baby,” Miranda murmured, running her tongue along Britney’s red lips. “I haven’t had a good, hard fuck like that in a while.”

“That was great,” Britney agreed. She did not need to tell Miranda that she was getting regularly fucked that hard in her monthly encounters with Jen. “You’re a great fuck.”

“I think that qualified as a tie,” the redhead said, rubbing noses with her rival.

“Yeah,” Britney agreed, “but barely. I went off first, but I would have had you if you hadn’t stuck your finger up my asshole.”

“Mmmm, maybe. But all’s fair in love and war. Still, I think you managed to get me off before the five seconds were up, so we both win and lose.”

Britney wasn’t sure about Miranda’s timeline, but she decided to take the olive branch the redhead was offering. “How should we deal with that?” she smiled.

“I think a mutual pussy-eating should cover it,” the redheaded socialite smiled back. “A good, long 69 is always a great idea.”

The women kissed deeply for a few more minutes, then Miranda pulled her sweaty body off of Britney and reversed herself, lowering her dripping pussy down to Britney’s beautiful face while Britney, staying flat on her back, spread her legs for her gorgeous rival. Sighing with pleasure, the two women looped their arms around the other’s hips, grasped powerful, perfect asses, and ran their strong tongues up and down the other’s cum-soaked slit. Their tongues cleaned out the delicious cum, they licked up salty sweat. Britney spread Miranda’s ass cheeks and eagerly drove her tongue into the redhead’s asshole, licking and sucking at the tight orifice. Miranda moaned in pleasure and happily reciprocated. Both women went for the other’s clit at the same time, wrapping eager lips around the swollen buds and sucking, nibbling and licking, until their voluptuous bodies were quivering with pleasure and their moans of ecstasy reached a fevered pitch. The women rolled onto their sides and wrapped sweaty thighs around the other’s head as they ate each other to another series of delicious, writhing, screaming orgasms. They came hard into each other’s gorgeous faces, cum streaking their hair. They swallowed as much of the discharge as they could and then sat up, face to face, and locked into more passionate kissing. They swapped the mixture back and forth, some of it overflowing and drooling down onto their mashed cleavage.

Finally, the beautiful women pulled apart, though they remained pressed nipple to nipple, their thick, meaty tits pulsing with heat and pleasure. Smirking, Miranda reached behind Britney’s neck and undid her choker; understanding, Britney reached up and unlatched Miranda’s expensive necklace. Without a word, eyes locked in mutual understanding, tit to tit, the women put on the other one’s expensive jewelry.

“How does this look?” Miranda asked, the silver choker playing nicely with her red hair.

“Gorgeous,” Britney murmured. “How do I look?” The gold necklace flashed, its pendant sitting in the intersection of the women’s mashed cleavage, unable to go any further for the moment.

“Beautiful,” Miranda smiled. “But there is one more thing…” She reached up and removed her gold earrings. Britney removed her silver and the two women exchanged their remaining jewelry, to keep the matching sets intact.

Miranda and Britney sat back and looked at each other. They took in the voluptuous, sweat soaked, cum-streaked body of the other, the wild, tousled hair, the gently jiggling tits, the dripping, clean-shaven pussies, the distended clits.

“Perfect,” the gorgeous women whispered in unison.


It was another hour before Miranda and Britney returned to the party. They showered together and that led to another delicious round of intense fucking in the shower. They had to blow-dry and style their hair and retouch their makeup. Finally, they disembarked from the elevator. Miranda went ahead and Britney waited a few minutes before rejoining the party. She found her aunt and uncle. She and Miranda had been gone more than two hours and the party was starting to wind down. Britney’s aunt and uncle were getting ready to leave. Britney’s Aunt Melissa was a great society beauty and remained stunning in her early 50s. She always noted jewelry and had an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject. She immediately noticed that Britney’s Bulgari choker and earrings were replaced by Miranda’s gold necklace and earrings. She took her niece aside.

“Britney,” Melissa asked, “why are you wearing Miranda Foster’s jewelry? And where is your Bulgari? You know that is a family heirloom.”

“Don’t worry, Auntie,” Britney replied. “Mrs. Foster saw my choker and really liked it. She took me to see her jewelry collection. We agreed to exchange for the party, but it’s just a temporary arrangement. I promise I’ll get back the Bulgari.”

“Well, don’t rush,” her aunt replied, admiring the Faberge necklace. “This is a beautiful piece of work.”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it? I think it goes really well with my black dress and hair. And the silver works really nicely with Miranda’s red hair.”

“’Miranda’ is it?” Melissa raised an eyebrow. “Well, I guess you two have to be on a first-name basis now. I’m glad to see you’re making women friends. Miranda Foster is a great person to have as a friend.”

“Yes, she is,” Britney agreed, smiling.

Britney and her relatives prepared to leave. Just before they departed, they found the Fosters to say “goodbye” and express their appreciation for the party.

“It was wonderful having you here,” Miranda assured her guests. “Britney, it was a real pleasure meeting you. I’m looking forward getting together with you for coffee, sometime next week.”

This was news to Britney, but she happily played along. “Yes, so am I Miranda. It was great meeting you and seeing your collection. It’s just fantastic.”

The women embraced. They pressed together, nipple to nipple, and shuddered as their massive tits caressed and challenged each other through the two thin layers of skintight cloth. They held the embrace just a moment longer than necessary, both enjoying the throbbing tension as their nips met.

“Give me a call,” Miranda murmured as they pulled apart.

“I definitely will,” Britney reassured her.

Just before she walked out the door, Britney glanced back. Miranda was still watching her. The women’s eyes locked. Intense heat passed between them and they exchanged secret smiles. Turning away, giving her ass an extra wiggle, her hips a bit more sway, Britney left the apartment, the gold necklace cool against her skin, its pendant swinging between her perfect breasts.

The End

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