Power Girl vs. Wonder Woman – Part 3: Wonder Woman vs Harley by Luffy 316

Wonder Woman was having trouble imagining things getting any worse than things were. She had been serving as her step-mother’s handmaiden for over a week, and whether intentional or not, Power Girl had been humiliating her at every turn. Forcing her to wear the outfit she had designed for her (really a glorified sling bikini), slapping her with her big bouncing breasts when she turned too quickly, and setting her to demeaning tasks around the palace (guarding the door while PG made noisy love to her mother among the worst) were starting to wear down on princess Diana. But that was before Karen’s guest had arrived.

“Harley!” the blonde heroine squealed.
“Peej!” The former clown princess of crime hopped up and hugged Power Girl tightly around the neck, letting the busty blond lift her off the ground in her own bearhug. “I heard ya finally got hitched! It’s all over the news and everythin’!”

Diana cringed quietly nearby. She had heard about the supposed change of heart from Harley Quinn when The Joker had vanished and she spent time with Power Girl instead. Although Harley was relatively harmless to an empowered woman like herself or Power Girl, it didn’t exactly redeem her of her numerous crimes in the past and the danger she posed for normal citizens.

“You know it. Believe me, the married life has been great!” Karen proclaimed proudly. “Come on in and meet my wife. You’re an honored guest in my kingdom. I think you already know my daughter, Diana.”

“Oh yea, Wondy,” Harley grinned at the blushing brunette. “Almost didn’t recognize ya in the new getup. Been puttin’ on some weight or somethin’?” She quickly pinched Wonder Woman’s ass as she walked by, getting a startled gasp from the princess but she didn’t dare to speak out against her mistress or her guest, feeling honor-bound to uphold the role of handmaiden.

The next few days were even worse for Diana. On top of Power Girl’s normal playful hijinks, Harley took this as an invitation to get grabby herself. She gave Diana far too many playful swats on the ass, whether in praise or urging her to hurry things along.  “Shake a leg there, eagle tits! Don’t be afraid of showin’ a little jiggle in ya booty!” Harley would chime before skipping ahead of her to catch up with the queens, leaving Diana to self-consciously glance at her hips. Harley would oggle Hippolyta and flatter both of her mothers, finding any chance to talk about amazon fashion so that she could use it as an excuse to feel up Hippolyta’s curvy, motherly body.

After a few days, Harley started a toast while the four of them were gathered for dinner. “I just wanted ta say, you’ve all been just swell to me!” Harley smiled happily around at her hostesses. “I know I done some lousy stuff in my days, but you all just treated me like a real sister. I don’t deserve that kinda love like you moms and daughters got, but I sure feel it. So just… thanks, ya know?”

“Aww, Harley,” Hippolyta smiled back warmly, patting her on the hand. Diana sighed quietly. She had heard some of the horror stories about what Harley was put through in her past, and it wasn’t hard to imagine how she’d turned out this way. Maybe she was being hard on her…

“So how’s about a big family group hug?!” Harley blurted, throwing out her arms excitedly. Diana’s hope for her quickly fell to pieces. Power Girl laughed and squeezed Harley, Diana, and Hippolyta into one big hug. Harley’s height difference became pretty clear as the only non-amazon in the room, burying her face in between the three busty warrior women. She nuzzled her face into Power Girl’s bosom before rubbing her face back and forth, using the hug as an excuse to motorboat all three women at once. Diana was thoroughly disgusted, but she couldn’t leave the powerful hug until her step-mother let go. Karen just ruffled Harley’s hair as if she were an impish child rather than a criminal molesting her daughter.

“I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the stay,” Hippolyta said as they took their seats again.

Harley chugged down her goblet of wine before gesturing for a refill. “You got no idea, Mrs. H. It’s a real piece a’ heaven you got here. In fact, I was thinkin’ about movin’ here, if that’s okay with ya. Not like royalty or nothin’ but ya know. Get a little hut somewhere, pretty little wife or somethin’. Ya know, be a real bonafide amazon!”

“That sounds great, Harley,” Power Girl replied happily. “But no need to be modest. You can move right into the palace with me.”

Wonder Woman couldn’t stand it any longer. Her pride (and temper) as an amazon overcame her obligations as a handmaiden. “My queen, you can’t!” she erupted suddenly, enough that Harley jumped comically in her seat. “The island is…” She paused to consider the carwashes and sports teams that had arisen from the island of amazons lately. “…it WAS founded on honorable warriors and righteous cause! Your guest is a professed murderer and a serial killer!”

Harley raised her eyebrows in what seemed to barely qualify as a surprised expression. “I mean, yea, a little. But that’s all behind me, right Peej? I’m one a’ the good girls now. Real Super Friends material, right? Or at least a Teen Titan, if I lie about my age a little.”

Karen looked over the various important women of her life, running a hand through her hair as she thought. “You both make fair points,” she mused aloud. “I think it’s best to settle it by a trial by combat.”

“Ooh boy!” Harley chimed. “I’m not usually a fan of trials, but by combat’s my favorite kind!”

“Harley, if you win, you move into the palace and become an official amazon. Diana, if you win, then Harley has to leave by the end of the month like we discussed.” Wonder Woman frowned a bit, but seemed to begrudgingly accept this. “AND,” Karen added. “You”ll be allowed to get your original costume back. But you have to fight her without any of your powers. As a mortal like any other amazon.”

“No problem at all.” Diana smirked over at Harley, who smiled back as excited as ever.

The duel was to use the same arena where Wonder Woman last fought with Power Girl, though with the addition of this being made into a cage match. The tough metal bars surrounded the classic wrestling ring, the steel hugging close enough to reach within a few inches of the ropes. Diana still had to wear her skimpy outfit, but she was confident she could win to finally be rid of the ridiculous costume. She was a warrior trained from birth, fighting far longer than Harley, who only seemed to have a few years of random street brawling under her belt.

Power Girl was standing in as the referee after promising neutrality on the matter over and over again to Diana. She still wore a black and white bikini bottom and a top tied up under her breasts. Hippolyta wasn’t attending the match herself, which Karen assured her was just a matter of her being tired from a busy day and that she would watch it later. The women were locked into the ring/cage, Harley playfully making kissy faces at the grimly focused Diana. Karen waved them both to the middle, running briefly down the rules; it was brief because the only real rule was neither of them were armed, no use of powers, and the winner would only be decided when one of the fighters pinned the other for ten seconds.

“Well this oughta be fun,” Harley observed as merrily as a psychotic clown might be. She was dressed in her favorite outfit as of late; bright red booty shorts and a revealing white t-shirt with her mostly-blonde hair done up in multi-colored pigtails. “I’ve been waitin’ ta get my hands on ya since I got here, Di.” Harley took a few theatrical jabs at the air like a readying boxer, getting a few laughs from the crowd.

“Alright, ladies. Let’s give our people a show!” Power Girl declared, stepping back out of their reach. Harley tried to rush in, but Wonder Woman swung her foot straight upward and caught her in the chin. Even without her powers, the difference in their technique alone was becoming apparent right out of the gate. Harley staggered back, rubbing her jaw with one hand. Diana just smirked at her, trying to ignore how much the tight new attire rode up on her with such a high kick.

“So tougher than ya look, huh?” Harley huffed. “Shoulda known with an outfit like that you’d be one heck of a mud wrestler.” The crowd laughed at her taunt before the clown princess charged at her again. Diana threw a swift hook at Harley’s head, but the acrobatic outsider surprised her as she ducked under the punch. She sprang back up and latched her legs around Diana’s neck, flipping back over and bouncing the amazon off the mats head-first. The flying head scissor surprised Wonder Woman more than it hurt, leaving her dizzied enough for Harley to jump onto Diana’s back as she went to all fours.

“Whatsamatta, horsie? That big ass slowin’ ya down?” Harley jeered obnoxiously as she grabbed the back of Wonder Woman’s suit and pulled up in a painful wedgie.

Diana screamed as the already clingy outfit was pulled even further up her ass, but she stood up sharply to throw Harley off her back. Harley landed on her butt behind her, and as Diana turned to face her opponent, the criminal clown threw a kick straight for the princess’ stomach. The amazon had expected the attack and caught Harley by the boot. The demented challenger’s face dropped into one that universally spelled out “uh oh” before Wonder Woman twisted her leg around and straddled it to bend it so that Harley was pushed onto her chest and the leg bent behind Harley’s back.

The clown-themed crook shrieked out in pain and childish outrage, beating her fists on the mats as Diana put on the pressure with her hold. Harley couldn’t reach the dominant amazon in this awkward position, and it was doing a number on her back and legs alike. The one thing Harley still had in her reach, though, was her wristband. She pulled a tiny remote she’d tied underneath it and tapped the button.

Harley had done her share of prep work for the fight. Harley Quinn knew that she was a hell of a fighter, but also that Diana would have the edge in a head-on fight. She came in prepared, but she was still going to honor the rules of the match. The remote was rigged up to the jumbo tv screen that played various footage, replays and intros with her private video feed she’d rigged up from her cameraphone.

“You’re doin’ great, Hippy,” Harley’s voice came over the loudspeakers. Diana looked confused before she looked up at the monitors, seeing footage of Harley in a sports bra and gym shorts skipping rope in the royal training quarters. Hippolyta was there as well in some bright pink spandex workout outfit and ankle warmers, but her motherly chest pushed out her top half much more than Harley. She was using the jump rope alongside her, and Harley (and most of the audience) was busy staring at the busty queen’s intense jiggling as she worked out.

“Thanks, Harl,” the sweaty milf smiled back at her. “It’s been awhile since I had a workout quite like this.”

“Ya just needed the right partna. Your wife and kid’re cute and all, but it’s no fun workin’ out with someone who can benchpress a truck. Ain’t good for the self esteem, y’know?”

“I know, right?” Hippolyta beamed. “Finally able to work up a real sweat.”

“Here, I know a good trick for that!” Harley happily reached over when Hippolyta stopped her bouncing, tugging down on the cleavage of the spandex and getting in a few adjusting gropes to expose even more cleavage, and more jiggles when she started back up.

“Ooh, you’re right. You can really feel the air going down there!” Hippolyta cooed excitedly as her breasts bounced even higher each time now.

Back in the present, Diana gawked at the scene, completely distracted from the hold. “Mother?!” she blurted, shocked to see Hippolyta bonding with her visiting enemy. Harley used her lax grip on her legs to slip out of Diana’s arms and perform a double mule kick to her back. Wonder Woman gave a pained grunt as she was knocked to the mats, wincing and holding her aching spine as she rolled to her side.

“Didn’tcha mom ever tell ya watchin’ too much tv’s bad for ya?” Harley gloated, stepping up to brace her feet on either side of the princess’ head. Her rubber soles pinned down both sides of Diana’s curly black mane while her hands grabbed the straps of the heroine’s ridiculous costume and pulled them apart, baring her breasts to the crowd. While Wonder Woman fumbled to cover up her chest (just one more thing to distract her), Harley quickly pinched her nipples and pulled up on them hard enough to lift Diana’s back off of the mats.

At least, it would have been hard enough if she weren’t standing on her hair. Diana let out an agonized scream as Harley painfully worked both her hair and her tits with the ornate hold, grinning at her madly. “Come on, sugar tits! It’s choir practice time! Let’s hear you hit those high notes!” Harley leaned into her pull even harder, burying her red and black-painted fingernails into Diana’s nipples. Tears formed in the heroine’s eyes as her beautiful breasts were stretched out by the painful pull and a few of her dark hairs were pulled out by the roots.

When Harley let her drop to rest her arms a moment before refreshing her titty twister from hell, it gave Diana a moment’s reprieve to realize that Harley had done nothing to restrain her arms. When Harley leaned in to prepare another stretch, the amazon delivered a classic boxing of her ears, clapping her palms to either side of the pigtailed skull.

Harley let out another childish squeak as she backed off holding her aching head and ringing ears. Diana rose once again, one arm cradling her sore and bright-red breasts. Her other hand was free to punch the disoriented Harley right in the face, sending her stumbling back into the ropes. Only then did Wonder Woman gingerly release her chest, grabbing Harley’s arms and throwing them back over the ropes. Diana grabbed the ropes herself to pull herself forward, driving her knee repeatedly into Harley’s stomach.

The killer clown grunted as her slender body was rocked back into the cave with each hit, Wonder Woman clearly too angry to be embarrassed at this point (not to mention that she’d run out of the jumprope footage). After a half dozen of those, Harley gripped the ropes and slid to one side, letting Wonder Woman’s knee thrust between the ropes instead of into her guts. With the princess off balance and her leg caught on the ring’s ropes, Harley swung her leg back and forth in a huge arc. The toe of her boot smashed into Diana’s pussy, getting a huge, pained grunt from from the heroine as she fell to her knees and grabbed her groin.

“Ha! Two for flinchin’!” Harley jeered and grabbed Wonder Woman by the hair. Diana was swung by the head so that her face slammed into the hard iron bars, bouncing off with a dizzy but pained expression. Harley pushed her opponent back into the bars and dragged Diana’s lovely face across them. Diana screamed and struggled as rough scratches and scrapes were left all over her face.

“We used ta’ call this the ‘new meat grinder’ back in tha ladies’ prison,” Harley cackled over the heroines miserable screams, stopping only when she reached a corner and twisted at her hair to grind her face into the last iron rod that waited there and resting Diana’s breasts on the top turnbuckle. Harley turned to continue the gruesome ride, but Diana stopped her halfway to the next corner by grabbing onto the bars.

“Hey, leggo!” Harley snapped, tugging at Diana’s scalp a few times before the princess sent an elbow back into Quinn’s face. Harley stumbled back and Diana whirled around on her. She threw a few punches at Harley’s head, but she put up her arms to block and fend off Diana’s fists as she retreated further.

Harley showed her acrobatic nature as she did a reverse cartwheel away from one of Wonder Woman’s kicks, just to handspring back at her. Harley locked her legs around Diana’s neck in a midair scissor, but the princess grabbed her by the thighs before she could proceed with any sort of takedown. “Not this time,” Diana snapped, leaving Harley suspended in midair with her pigtails dangling beneath her. Wonder Woman lifted her up higher and piledrove her head-first into the mats. The stands erupted at the big comeback, and even though she was weary, topless, sweaty and lightly bleeding from her forehead, Diana took a moment to flex for the crowd over the stunned criminal as any self-respecting amazon would.

Harley scrambled up to her feet, trying to charge Wonder Woman for a punch of her own, but Diana sprinted at her too quickly and clotheslined the villainess to the mats with one powerful limb. Diana braced her boot on Harley’s chest, pinning her to the ground. “For a lunatic, you aren’t very creative to try the same move on me twice,” she gloated.

Harley squirmed underneath her, but as Power Girl moved in to start her count for the pin, Harley pulled the miniature remote from under her wristband again. “What are you-?” Diana started just before her questionable visitor hit the button.

This time the sound of hip hop music brought Diana’s eyes up to the video feed, her jaw dropping at the sight of her mother once again. This time, she had the same tight spandex, but she had her hands on her knees and her ass thrust out at the camera as it jiggled so wildly it was as if it were made of liquid rather than flesh.

“What… what is…?” Diana babbled, at a loss from the sight of her mother’s perfectly bouncing buns.

“It’s called twerkin’. I forgot you gals only just got Youtube out here,” Harley explained, taking advantage of the moment of confusion to slide out from under Diana’s boot and ending up behind her. Diana was too hesitant to turn her eyes away from the sight of her mother twerking at a professional level, her cheeks bouncing up and down and even clapping into each other as if starring in her own sleazy rap video. Harley had an easy time grabbing Diana in a full nelson, yanking up from under her arms and giggling in Diana’s ear.

“She’s a real cutie. That’s a nice ass on your ma, ain’t it?”

“What?! No!” Diana blurted. “I mean, yes! She’s lovely! But she’s my mother, and my queen! I couldn’t!” The flustered princess was too busy dealing with her confusing thoughts and urges brought on by the clip, allowing Harley to charge forward and slam Diana’s breasts into the cage. Diana let out a loud, sharp groan as her hefty breasts were crushed out of shape, the flesh bending around the bars.

Diana gave a big grunt as she bounced off the bars, trying to grab the ropes or hold her breasts, but Harley still had her in the full nelson. She forced Diana to bend over and rest her breasts against the top ropes, but Wonder Woman was too busy reeling from the impact with the cage to piece together what the crook was doing. Harley darted to one side and dragged Wonder Woman’s breasts across the ropes, leaving the brunette heroine screaming at the top of her lungs as the friction along the rough elastic burned bold red lines across the underside of her breasts.

The burning pain only stopped when she felt her breasts slap into the corner post, only for Harley to turn again and repeat the move across the next rope. And the next and the next, until she had returned back where she’d started with Wonder Woman choking back tears and her breasts bright red.

“Howzat for a show, folks!?” Harley boasted, flexing her slimmer arms to the cheering and whistling crowd. Wonder Woman was left on her knees, tenderly rubbing her chest and struggling just to get to her feet. Harley finished playing to the crowd and turned back to the injured heroine, balling her fists together and swinging them for her head. Diana still managed to duck under it, letting Harley’s swing go wild. The princess swung a fist into her gut, suddenly knocking the wind out of the crooked clown. Harley gagged as her tongue rolled out over her painted lips, but she threw another punch at Wonder Woman’s head. The brunette blocked it with her forearm and slammed Harley with another stomach punch, this one knocking the blonde back several paces. She didn’t have the time to rise up again before Diana charged into her with her teeth bared in a furious growl. She tackled into Harley’s midsection, but grabbed her by the thighs and lifted her off the mat to go along for the ride as she kept charging.

Diana kept plowing forward until she slammed Harley’s back into the far side of the cage. Harley’s body bounced from the whiplash of the impact, but Wonder Woman rebounded smoothly off the ropes and turned to spike Harley’s freshly injured back into the mats. Harley grunted from the rough power bomb, Diana breathing heavily from the sudden outburst but Harley looked outright dizzy from the blow.

“Anybody catch the number of the truck that just suplexed me?” Harley muttered as her head rolled side to side. Wonder Woman was sweaty, aching, and humiliated, so she wanted to end this quickly. She grabbed Harley’s leg to go for the pin, but Power Girl had hardly reached two when Harley produced her remote again.

“NO!” Diana released the pin to grab for the remote control, but Harley had already hit the button. A loud, sexual moan came from the loudspeakers and filled the arena. Diana froze before daring to look up at the monitor, both disgusted and relieved to see the footage was of Harley giving Hippolyta a hot oil massage.

“Oh goddddess! Quinn, you are amazing,” Hippolyta praised. She was laid out on her stomach, nude apart from a towel over her hips. Despite her recent choices in wardrobe (or rather, Power Girl’s choices that Hippolyta just really enjoyed), there weren’t many who had seen the queen in the nude. Harley’s firm and oily fingers pressed into the small of her back, getting another high-pitched moan from Diana’s mother.

“Boy, you’re reallll sensitive back there,” Harley observed as she rubbed deep into the muscles just above the queen’s shapely ass. “For a buncha chicks real into wrestlin’, you sure don’t seem to know a lot about massage.”

“Mmmf! That’s it. Right there. Lower… lower!”

Diana was staring in disbelief when Harley Quinn suddenly came into view, headbutting the princess right between the eyes. Diana rolled right off of Harley holding her head, blinking the stars out of her eyes when the supervillain grabbed her from behind and once again locked her into a full nelson.

“What the…? No! Not again!” Diana gasped, but Harley forced her back to her feet. Harley twisted around and shoved Diana tits-first into the cage, smashing her tits into the bars. Instead of just bouncing them off, this time she did another run around the ring to drag Wonder Woman’s breasts against the bars. Her tits were already tender from the rope burn, but now they were rapidly slapping against every on the bar on the cage along the way. Wonder Woman gave a torturous shriek for almost the entire way, tears coming down her cheeks. By the time Harley finished her full trip around the ring and slapping her breast into every bit of steel the cage had to offer, Diana had to look down as she thought she felt blood running from her chest. She was lucky enough that it was only a trickling of milk instead, but her chest was still bigger than ever from all the painful swelling.

“One more time!” Harley crowed triumphantly. “Who’s up for one more ride on the teacups before we wrap this up and head on home?” The crowd cheered and a few started up a chant of “One more time!”

Diana’s eyes went wide with dread at the idea of another circle around the ring, imagining it would simply burst her breasts to go through with it. “Nooo!” she cried out. She pulled frantically, but was unable to pull free from Harley’s grasp. Instead, she thought quickly and raised her legs, planting her feet on two of the bars and kicking off hard. The move sent them both crashing backward into the mats, and Harley lost her grip in the fumbling fall.

Diana hurried up first in the chaos, quickly delivering an elbow to Harley’s thick head. The clown princess fell over again, grabbing for her remote once more but Wonder Woman was already on top of her.

“Not this time!” Diana growled, wrapping her arms around Harley’s arms and chest and lifting her off the mats in a bearhug. Harley shrieked and kicked, but the shorter woman was completely caught in the hug. Her hands grabbed for each other, but they were successfully bound by the crushing bearhug. “Submit, you little brat!” Wonder Woman growled. “None can escape my grasp, powers or not!”

Harley kept on squirming, but it only made her pigtails slap against Diana’s breasts. Seeing the golden opportunity, Harley locked her lips around the heroine’s teat, and no amount of cold shouldering could stop her from sucking to her heart’s content.

Diana started to moan. Her hold momentarily weakened, but she fought her maternal instincts to soften her grip. Releasing her would surely mean more humiliating videos, so she couldn’t bear to let go of Harley now lest it cost her the match. Diana quickly threw herself forward, pinning Harley underneath her, but even this couldn’t stop her suckling.

Power Girl floated over and started her count for the 10 second pin, but it felt like she was taking forever with each painfully drawn out number. Wonder Woman blushed heavily, but kept up her combination hug and pin. Harley seemed utterly content with this anyway, slurping and sucking noisily for the crowd to hear as she actually drained the milk from the princess of the amazons.

After what felt like forever, Power Girl hit ten. The bell rang outside the ring before Diana dared to shove at Harley and sit back up, not wanting any last second technicality making her go through that again.

“Your winner and princess, Diana!” Power Girl praised. She raised her arm, but Diana found that Harley hadn’t actually let go. She was still curled up against her, hugging around Diana’s waist and sucking like a vacuum. Diana gave her a disgusted look while the crowd laughed, the heroine shoving at her face for a near minute before she finally got the clown princess off of her.
Even with her loss, Harley grinned widely, a milk moustache spread across her lips. “Just like mama used to make,” she sighed contently, getting one more laugh from the crowd.

Power Girl laughed at the sight and shook her head. “She did a real number on you, Harl. And you’re not looking so good either after all of that, Di.” The princess frowned and looked over her various scratches and bruises, but Karen patted her palm against her breast. “She was just working on your right and not your left. Don’t want the one to heal and look bigger than the other, now do you?”

Diana gave it a sickly look, considering that her stepmother had a point and what that would imply. “Hey, Harley! Wanna get the other one while you’re at it!?” PG called to her friend.

“With plesha, Peegee!” Wonder Woman tried to pull away, but Power Girl held onto her arm and kept her trapped in place.

“Come on, don’t squirm. You’ll just make it worse,” PG scolded as she pulled Wonder Woman’s arms behind her back. Diana could only squirm and moan as Harley wrapped her mouth around the opposite breast, sucking loud and wet as the heroine trembled in her step-mother’s grasp and on the match’s loser’s lips.

Two days later, the four of them were back in the royal bath. Diana was dutifully washing Karen’s back with her wet and soapy breasts, and Harley was “repaying” the favor by grinding her own tits into Wonder Womans’ back to sandwich her in between them. She still had her week or two to stay, after all, as part of the bet, but at least Wonder Woman had won the match, reclaimed her old costume, and kept the criminal out of her people. Hippolyta just sat back nearby, smiling at the cute scene.

“If you’ll excuse me, my queens,” Diana finally sighed, pulling sharply away from Harley’s chest. “I think I’ll go to towel off now.” Diana rose to her feet, but as she started to walk out of the tub, Harley casually stuck out her foot and let Diana slip on her slippery skin.

“Woohoo! Dogpile!” Harley declared, grabbing Karen and Hippolyta by the arms and pulling them into a pile on top of her. Diana grunted as she was squashed under the laughing trio, which only got worse as she felt Harley’s groping hands slide around under the water.

“Ooh… Harley, easy there,” Power Girl cooed softly, clearly not very dedicated to stopping the handsy psycho.

“Mmmhm. That’s the spot. Little lower,” Hippolyta agreed, sounding suspiciously like she did during Harley’s massage treatment. It slowly dawned on Diana what was happening. She grabbed for the edge of the tub, but Power Girl’s breast was in her face and Harley and Hippolyta’s ass were holding her down.

“Yes… yes…” Karen panted, starting to write and kiss her wife in the heat of the moment. If she could hear Diana’s muffled protests, she ignored them. Diana had nowhere to go but under the hot water, and at least here she wasn’t going to suffocate. She stared wide-eyed as she looked the only place she could: she stared into her mother and step-mother’s eyes as they shared an orgasm, moaning and shaking against their princess.

They finally rolled off the breathless Diana, who dragged herself back to her knees as the royal couple shared a loving stare.

“Wow… thanks for the quickie, Quinn,” Karen sighed, pulling Hippolyta to hold the giggling queen in her lap. Harley sat up and gave a happy little wave as her naked, wet body was casually put on display.

“Think nothin’ of it, yer highness. C’mon now, puddin’!” She helped Diana to her feet, just to smack her firmly on the ass. “You’re bunkin’ with me tonight! We get to be roomies!”

The End

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