Pizza Thot: Oil Royal Rumble by Luffy316

Preamble by Luffy316

An oil wrestling story I did for AcGats and his Pizza Thot series. A sexed up pizza restaurant hosts an oil wrestling night with a tournament between their sexy employees. I’ve written lots more for them at Hentai Foundry or Amagato is creating Adult Content! | Patreon.

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“Okay, folks. This month’s Saturday Night Special is coming up, so that means another theme night.” Boss tossed her clipboard out onto the main table of the lounge. There was a series of blank spaces with “Boss” written along the top line. “There was a special going on, so I put in a bulk order with our supplier. We’re doing olive oil wrestling night. Got a little set of ring ropes to put around the inflatable pool and everything. Anybody who wants to volunteer can sign up here.”

The employees looked closer at the paper, realizing it was a tournament bracket. Tips was already signing it before Boss was done talking. “So why would we do this?” Cash asked. She eyed it skeptically as Chad went to sign up next.

“Because it’s a stripclub classic with the Pizza Thot twist. The guys should go nuts for it,” Boss dismissed. “Give ’em a nice and tacky show.”

“Yea, but come on.” Cash gestured at the two who had already signed on. “Tips is a giant titty monster and Chadsworth is like a very polite moose.”

“Thank you,” Chad and Tips both replied.

“So why would I risk busting my moneymaker and go up against those two?”

Boss rolled her eyes. “Because we’ll leave donation jars out for everyone so the customers can back and support you during the show. Like a betting pool but with no payout. Maybe some coupons or something. Also, because we’re not trying to kill each other out there. You’re just trying to get the other to give up. Besides, does Tips look like the type who knows how to wrestle?”

“I’m really more of a hugger than a fighter,” Tips piped up.

“Me too!” Pineapple chirped. He hugged Tips around the waist, burying his face into her rack as he felt around for the signup sheet.

“And finally, because whoever wins gets three days of paid vacation.”

Cash instantly tried to grab the signup sheet, but PB was already there to pluck it off the table. Suddenly even the most skeptical of the team was onboard. Boss felt like the event would be big enough an attraction that it would make up for any vacation time they might win. Either way, the entire staff seemed ready to do anything for some time off.

“Glad you’re interested. Just wear something skimpy that you don’t mind rolling around in a few gallons of olive oil.” A few minutes later, Boss threw a few of her spare dice back at her office and just like that, she had her brackets.

Fortunately, Boss had been right. Their monthly special occasions took a slight dip into their funds but it always drew a crowd. The place was packed as Boss peeked out from behind the curtain, every single employee dressed for the occasion behind her. Boss had posted up the lineup for their tournament, getting a mixed response from the crew as they checked itou.

“Ouch. Sorry about that, Milk,” Cash noted as she saw the brackets. “Chad in the first round?”

“Ah, it’s not so bad. It’s all for fun, right?” Milk said brightly. “I’m more worried about the audience watching than the actual match…” The shy Thot peered sheepishly at the curtain and the eager crowd of customers.

Cash glanced over at the burly moustached gentleman and shrugged. “Whatever you say.” She scanned over the lineup one last time, considering herself lucky all things considered. Pineapple worked security, but he wasn’t what you’d call a heavy hitter.

“Hey, everyone. This thing on?” Smiles tapped on the microphone at the little table she’d set up near the edge of the main lobby. She wasn’t an official employee at Pizza Thot, but she was friendly with the staff (and just about everyone she ever met, come to think of it) and had done some part-time work around the restaurant. The toweringly tall and lanky blonde leaned over the table, her hefty boobs pushing down on the table and almost knocking over the mic stand. She caught it with an awkward feedback squeal. She gave an enthusiastic smile and adjusted her glasses.

“Whoa! Yea it is! Hi, everyone. Special guest Smiles here! How you been? Oh! I guess don’t all answer at once cuz… wow, that’d be overwhelming. But I’d love to hear about it later on! So anyway, welcome to T-Versus-A Wrestling Night here at Pizza Thot!” The crowd cheered and whistled as the spectacled girl smiled back. “Wow, fun crowd! Super! So I’m your host Smiles. Friend of the store. They called me in to host cuz they’re all looking to put on a great show for you tonight, and boy let me tell ya! I was backstage before and they are lookin’ SUPER cute. So let’s get it going, huh?”

Smiles gestured towards the roped off corner of the restaurant near the kitchen. There was a large inflatable pool that was ankle-high with slick and largely clear oil. Some sturdily mounted elastic surrounded it a good five feet off the ground. “Introducing first, it’s your favorite freckled fighter! The winner of the… uh… ‘annual I bet I can fit more pepperoni in my mouth than you contest.’ Seriously? Wow… uh, it’s The Towering Tiiips!”

The freckled fan favorite hopped out from behind the curtain with her irreplaceable giant grin on her face. She wore a red sling bikini and her frizzy dark hair bounced around almost as much as her big, freckled, pale ass and tits. The fanged delivery girl was greeted with tons of cheers, her donation jar well-stuffed with her beloved tips. The only thing missing (besides all of her clothes) was her glasses, but the ring was small and near enough that they didn’t see it becoming a problem. She pranced around to hi-five a few fans/customers and squeezed a few big hugs before she hopped over the ring ropes… just to quickly regret it as she grabbed them to keep from falling on her ass.

“Whoa! Hell of a first step! Gyahaha!”

“And for her opponent, the cool cook and mysterious master of the kitchen! It’s the Sizzling Cheeeef!”

Chef stepped out to his own generous share of cheers. There wasn’t really anyone you’d call unpopular at the restaurant, but people had their tastes. For how relatively little time he spent on the floor, Chef had a huge batch of fans in the crowd. He wore some snug, bright blue briefs as the slim Asian cutie waved to them rather casually. He stepped between the ropes before adjusting the modest bulge in his underwear.

“Okay, folks! It’s classic mud wrestling rules tonight (apparently),” Smiles went on. “Pin somebody for five seconds, make them tap out or say ‘I give’ and you win! So let’s ring that bell for service!” Smiles happily tapped the little tin bell at her table, cuing Chef and Tips to start off the night.

Nobody at the Thot was especially good at fighting, so the whole night was a fairly cute and clumsy affair. There was some easing in while both sides got used to the feel of the oil underfoot but Tips finally made the first attack. She grabbed for Chef, but he ducked out of the way of Tips’ diving hug. He had no question that she would be the more aggressive of the two and was just waiting for her to pounce, sending her splashing down into the oil. The first row of fans got a little wet from the impact of her giant tits hitting the pool, but Tips laughed it off.

“Gyahaha! You’re a slippery kinda guy, Chef!” Tips cackled as Chef hopped onto her back. He tried to get a hold of her wrists and hold them down, but Tips was nearly a foot taller than him and infinitely curvier. Tips only had to stand up to toss Chef off, but he wrapped his legs around her waist and grabbed onto the first thing he could think of; his hands stuffed their way under her oily swimsuit, squeezing the abundant tit flesh to stay on her back.

“Hey! Get offa there!” Tips called as she staggered around on her knees, trying to grab the slippery Chef. “Or at least wait til a little later…”

Even just holding on for dear life, Chef’s groping hands were keeping her distracted (not to mention that Tips’ giant boobs were one of her main points of balance on her entire body). Even his shifting feet kept rubbing against her crotch, making the suit wedge even deeper to show off her cameltoe.

“You know what? If you’re gonna stay back there, you might as well take me from behind!” Tips accented her announcement by jumping backward, squashing Chef between her tall body and the big foam ring post. Chef grunted as the wind was knocked out of him, grabbing the ropes to keep from falling further into the oil. He dropped back to his feet, but Tips didn’t bother moving away before she thrust her butt back into his crotch. The force she used got a pop of “Ooh!” from the crowd, but Chef didn’t feel anything so painful. Her big plump ass nearly swallowed his cock, even through his briefs.

“Oof! Watch it,” Chef grunted as he pulled on her hair in an attempt to escape her grinding butt.

“Gyahaha! Keep squirming! That feels great!” Tips even tossed her head to make him pull her hair even harder. She gave another firm wiggle of her ass to hotdog him a little more before Chef got one firm shove in. Tips slid along the oil enough that he finally had some breathing room, trying to make a break out of the corner. Tips whirled around and like she was guided by some natural dick-seeking instinct, she dove and caught him by the legs to drag him down into the oil. A yank at Chef’s waistband had his modestly-sized cock out in the open and Tips was quick to wrap her mouth around it. Chef shuddered as she gave a long and hungry slurp before licking her greasy lips.

“I gotta tell ya!” Tips said with a satisfied and wolfish smile on her face. “I never tried olive oil on dick before, but it’s pretty tasty!” Chef knew the hungry look in her eye from her assorted flirting with the staff and customers. Tips was in the mood and nothing was going to stop her. He kicked and pushed away from her, feet mashing her boobs around. Her tits bounced harmlessly and he managed to slip away by leaving his briefs in her hands, but by the time he got to his knees she was back on him. She cupped his balls as she grabbed him from behind, running her long tongue slowly up his neck.

“Wow, not the kind of submission I woulda thought of!” Smiles noted from her little microphone. “But it’s one heck of a distraction! Tips has got Chef by the balls and is dominating the match! Good for her!”

Chef shuddered from Tips’ eager teasing, but she suddenly tugged on his shoulders. He found himself laid on his back across her knees, Tips leaning forward and easily smothering out his face with her hefty jugs. She started to stroke and suck on his shaft again, rapidly getting him off in front of the cheering customers. Between the oil and Tips’ talented mouth, Chef didn’t last long before he came into her mouth. He let out a short, sharp gasp as Tips pulled back just enough to let the audience see him cum over her face. She flashed her fanged grin before diving right back on it, opening her mouth wide to stuff him completely in her mouth and swallow him up to his balls.

“And Tips goes back for seconds! I don’t know if Chef can take much more of this!” Smiles declared as indeed, Chef slid clumsily off of Tips’ lap. He dragged himself away towards the ropes but Tips stayed latched onto him like a horny leech. Her tongue bullied his cock around in her mouth, teasing the head precisely until he squirted a second load into her mouth. Chef shook even harder this time as the audience cheered Tips’ oral expertise.

“I can do this all night, Chef!” Tips declared, drooling a bit of cum over her lips and his thighs as she flashed him another smile. “You know I can! You’ve seen me do it!”

“I know,” he grunted as Tips opened her shark-like mouth once again. “I give!” he yelped, but Tips was already in motion. This time she caught his balls in her mouth, suckling noisily until Chef shot another load across her face while the bell was still ringing.

“Whoa! Not what you’d call a clean victory, but Tips wins!! Get it? Cuz of all the oil, I mean. Or I guess it counts cuz you might call blowjobs kinda dirty. You know what? It’s got lots of levels, that joke. I’ll explain it after the show if you want. But Tips is going to the next round!”

Smiles made a few quick lines on the dry erase board as Chef feebly pulled himself up by the ropes. A few squealing fans snuck in playful gropes of his oily butt while Tips rose and handed him his briefs with a smile. He eyed them blankly before simply holding them in his hand, not bothering to try and slip into the greasy briefs before he walked back towards the kitchen to towel off.

“Okayyy so, Tips is going on to round two, and that means she’ll be facing whoever wins this next match. We have another boys vs girls match! Introducing first, the cutest goth on the block! The punky brawler who will chew you up and spit you out like yesterday’s’ gum (oh, ew) it’s your crush, The Crushing Cash!”

Cash came out with a drawn-out flip of her middle finger to the crowd that got her plenty of cheers all the same. The short-haired brunette had worn some smaller studs instead of her usual earrings, minimizing anything that might get pulled the wrong way. She wore a short black belly shirt that was the remains of a cut-off old band t-shirt, exposing her pale belly and even some hint of her upper hips before they vanished under her low-cut bikini bottoms. She hopped over the ropes just to sit on the corner post, popping her gum once more before sticking it to the outside of the pole.

“And her opponent! The horse-hung high-flyer! Your favorite femboy! Trapping you with his girly looks or his inescapable headscissors! It’s your owwwwn Prettyboy Pineapple!” Pineapple all but skipped to the ring, smiling and waving at the audience who whistled for the curvy boy. Between his soft hips in his tight-fitting bottoms, hairless body under a sports bra, cute smiling face, or the tremendous bulge in the front of his string bikini bottoms, he seemed to have something for everyone to cheer about. He ducked under the ropes and stretched while shaking out his fluffy orange hair.

“Okay, everybody! Let’s oil it up!” Smiles chimed as she smacked down on the bell. Cash slid out almost like she was ice skating, smart enough not to try running as she quickly closed the gap on Pineapple. He tried to circle around her but Cash quickly grabbed him by the arm and spun him around, hooking her arms under his armpits to trap him in front of her.

“Sorry not-sorry, dude,” she said loud enough for the audience to hear. “But that vacation’s mine. I got a whole lot of nothing planned for those days off.” With a quick and sudden gesture, Cash tossed him to the mats. Pineapple yelped as he landed with a splash, fumbling around in the oil to try and get himself back up. It was slippery enough to prove almost impossible, especially when Cash came crashing down on top of him with an elbow drop to the stomach. Pineapple let out a quick little gagging noise, more surprised than really hurt. Cash had put on a bit of a show with the move more than trying to really hurt him, but it helped her get down to his level quickly enough. Cash went for a quick finish as she turned and planted her slick behind in his face, landing a tidy facesit with her toned ass.

“Wow, Cash taking a commanding lead right out the gate!” Smiles announced as the fans went wild. The more aggressive goth was clearly owning the femboy and looking good doing it. Pineapple sputtered around the faceful of oily butt cheeks, kicking wildly as he flailed his way out. Pine primarily worked security for the Thot, but that was thanks to his sweet and disarming personality rather than any actual fighting prowess. He was a lover/bottom more than a fighter/top. Cash managed to pin down one of his arms, but he used the other to grab her bikini bottoms and pull. Cash jumped and yelped in surprise as they got stuck around her knees, still more than low enough to show the audience Cash’s neatly trimmed pussy and some of her bolder piercings.

“Hey, you little asshole!” Cash objected, scowling and blushing as she tried to fix her bottoms.

“I know you don’t mean that!” Pineapple yelped as he seized the opening, pushing on her butt. It sent her falling forward so that she fell with her chest on his lap, letting Pine lock his legs around her neck. Rather than hurrying back to his knees, Pineapple found his thick thighs caught tight enough around Cash’s neck that he rolled along with her, ending up sitting right on her face with his plump balls over her mouth.

“Whoops! I mean, aha! Who’s pinning who now?!” Pine boasted, trying to sound more confident in his clumsy counter.

“Get off me so I can kick your MMMPH!” Cash made a muffled and gutteral noise as Pineapple stumbled, shoving his barely-covered balls into her mouth. Cash’s eyes went wide and she tried to wriggle out of the cleavage of his bulging sac, slapping and pushing at his greased-up chest. The slippery teabagging was proving too distracting to make much progress against Pine.

“Oh what was that? You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full,” Pineapple giggled, getting some hoots and whistles from the group. He wiggled his hips to bounce his balls in her face a few times, humiliating Cash while putting on a show for his rowdy fans. It all made his cock grow hard until it was easily reaching out higher than his bikini could cover, resting against his belly as he started to lower his bottoms. “Last chance, Cash. Feel like giving up?”

“No… nngh… no way!” Cash coughed as he finally lifted his balls from her mouth. She immediately seemed to reconsider her choice as Pineapple leaned forward, bracing his hands in the oil and shoving his cock into her mouth. Even a wild nympho like Tips had her hands full with Pineapple’s footlong of a cock.

Cash instantly shuddered as a mere half of Pine’s monster of a cock filled her mouth and pushed at her throat. Pineapple moaned softly as he gave a few firm thrusts. Cash was unable to sit up with him in such a dominant position. Smiles got the crowd to count to five with her and at the stroke of four, Pineapple shivered and came down Cash’s throat. She clearly gagged as the shaking and moaning Pine gave a girly wail along with the count of five. The bell rang and he flopped back off of Cash, catching his breath as Cash sat up to spit out a mouthful of cum.

“Phew! Sorry if I was a little rough on you, Cash,” Pine apologized, smiling warmly at her. “But that was super fun.”

“Yea, whatever. At least I can sit the rest of this weird thing out,” Cash shrugged. “Just consider giving me one of your days off if you win.”

“Oh sure!” Pine chimed as he helped Cash back to her feet.

“Hoo! Looks like Piney sure gave her a mouthful, huh?” Smiles went on. “I was about as excited see that as the rest of ya, but not as excited as Pineapple, huh? Cumming and winning at the same time’s gotta feel good. Anyways, let’s bring out another couple of favorites cuz you know what? When you think about it, everybody is someone’s favorite. I bet all of you out there are somebody’s favorite. Point being, here comes the big booty in a small package! The wrestling manager that you DON’T want to hate. Best not mess with The Boss!”

Boss came out in a g-string and bikini top speckled with a pattern of tiny pizza slices. She hadn’t changed much about her hair or look, but she wore a fluffy robe and kept up a haughty attitude to go with a regal wiggle of her hips. She received her share of hoots and cheers, of course, working at the shop nearly every night. She had also remembered hearing that the heels/jerks of wrestling managed to get pretty popular in their own right, so she thought she could play that part easily enough.

“And her opponent! The uh… well, I don’t know a whole lot about her, but I’d like to! So… the mysterious enigma of The Thot! The unseeable babe behind the mask! Please welcome PB the Punishing Beauty!”

PB had surprised no one by keeping her face and most of her skin hidden. She had a black catsuit from her thighs to her cleavage with a long, low V down just above her navel. The teasingly coffee-colored skin effectively ended there, her face and hair wrapped up tight in a black and red luchadora mask. She still waved to the audience and blew some kisses before the masked delivery girl swung her legs over the ropes and perched her juicy ass on the ringpost, crossing her legs daintily to kick off the high heels she’d worn to the ring.

“You big showoff,” Boss scoffed as PB finally hopped into the ring properly. Smiles rang her bell again and both girls moved surprisingly quickly. Boss’ low center of gravity let her move safely through the oil, but as she tried to take out PB’s knees the masked girl leapfrogged over Boss by her hair buns. It sent the shorter Thot splashing down into the oil, smearing it on her chest and more noticeably her raised ass. PB landed in a crouch and slapped a quick hand across Boss’ oily behind.

“Too slow, mamasita,” PB taunted from behind her mask, bouncing back to her bare feet. Boss jumped at her and made a grab for her arm. PB dodged away from that, but Boss settled for the middle of her costume. PB went tumbling into the messy mats Boss pulled one of her plump brown boobs into view. She climbed on top of PB, trying to plant her hips on top of her chest to keep her down. PB caught her by the thighs and suddenly stood up, turning Boss completely upside down and dangling her by her legs.

“Ooh, there’s PB using that height advantage! Boy, if anybody told me height was good in wrestling I mighta signed up…” Smiles mused in the mic.

“Could you focus on the match?!” Boss complained at Smiles, getting a few laughs and playful boos from the audience. She squirmed and pushed at PB’s waist until she could get her thigh legs around her neck. Boss squeezed and leaned into her with all her weight, surprising and dragging PB down with her headscissor. Her plump thighs were put to good use squeezing PB’s masked face into her groin.

“Time to give up, Peebs,” Boss grunted as she wiggled her ass, grinding her thighs back and forth around the masked face. PB shook her head, but that did little besides get Boss a little more turned on. She slid her employee’s costume off of her chest, pinching the slippery nipples and getting a short but high squeak out of PB. PB managed to splash and thrash enough to start sliding across the ring but not enough to escape Boss’ mighty thighs. Boss frowned as she found her approach wasn’t working, so she decided to play a little dirty.

“That’s it! If you won’t give, then the mask’s coming off!” Boss hooked her fingers under PB’s lucha mask, getting a big burst of cheers and whistles from the audience. PB’s response was immediate and frantic.

“No! Wait! Not in the hair!” PB yelped, waving her hands in front of her. Boss raised a playful eyebrow as she gave another tug, just enough to expose a dark brown jawline and the edge of a full bottom lip. That was enough for PB as she tapped her hand frantically against the oil to show her surrender.

“And that’s a win for Boss!” Smiles declared as Boss finally parted her oily thighs. PB got to her knees and quickly adjusted her mask, but sighed in relief to have it back in place. Boss helped her get back on her feet before the two of them stepped backstage.

“And now for the last stop in our first round! The extra beef on your meat-lover’s pizza! The masked, moustached rider himself! Please welcome the Perfect Gentleman Chaaaadsworth!” Chad stepped out wearing his pizza-patterned speedo, flexing his burly body for the crowd and wearing a tiny eye mask as if it helped hide his identity in the slightest. He easily hopped over the ropes and splashed down. His share of ladies and fellow gentlemen whistled and cheered as he took a handful of the oil to polish up his muscles.

“Is it weird I sometimes forget what a fucking Chad Chad is?” Cash asked as she watched from the curtained waiting area.

“Nah. He’s a super dork,” Boss replied as she wrung some oil out of her hair.

“I just hope he doesn’t get too into it tonight. Poor Milk…” Pineapple sighed. “Luck of the draw I guess.”

“And now for the last of our naughty Thotty girls! The big girl who’s built for lovin’ as much as she is for fightin’ She puts the ‘dairy’ into derriere! Give it up for Raging Bull Milkbar!” The busty and dark-skinned girl got plenty of cheers as her boobs poked through the curtains before her face. She stepped out meekly, already blushing as the audience went wild for her cow print one piece swimsuit, cut low on her chest and high around her upper thighs. She mustered up the usual meager courage she had on the job and waved as she shuffled her way into the ring. She squeezed between the ropes, nearly tripping about three times as she kept getting tangled in them before she found her footing and barely avoided falling over in the slippery center of the ring.

“Alright! Let’s see who’s the last to make it to round two! I really wish everyone could make it, myself, but I guess that would make for a really weird tournament, huh? Everyone winning means there’s not really any reason for rounds… oh! Right! Let’s start the match!”

Chad was quick to step out of his corner, the athletic gent showing the extra weight and nearly six-inch height difference between them. “Worry not, Milkbar! I’ll be sure to end this as quickly and politely as possible!” Chad declared.

“Oh! Oh… okay! Thanks I guess!” Milk blurted right as Chad grabbed her by the arm. She grabbed his other arm in return and the entire restaurant stared as she whirled around and threw Chad not only off his feet, but flying completely through the air as if Chad was just a t-shirt she was flinging into the laundry basket. Chad landed with a dense thud followed by a long squeak as his oiled up body slid along the floor. Everyone’s heads craned to follow his path until he bumped lightly one of the pushed aside tables.

“Oh my G! Chad, are you okay?!” Smiles asked over the mic.

“Just fine, thank you!” Chad called back, if sounding a little loopy. “But I would like to surrender here, if that’s quite alright.”

“Uh… yea. Sure. Ring that cowbell, cuz Milk wins!” Milkbar gave a relieved sigh, leaning on one of the ropes. She promptly slipped with a high-pitched yelp and landed on her stomach, splashing the olive oil all over her swimsuit and down into her cleavage. She blushed harder as she hurried backstage with her now mostly see-through swimsuit.

“What the heck was that?!” Tips asked, grinning excitedly and orbiting Milk while Cash passed her a towel.

“Nothing special. I just gave him a toss,” Milk said with a shrug.

“But how did you get that strong?” Pineapple asked. Milk was starting to get a little embarrassed from all the prying, but at least it was among familiar faces now. She gave a modest shrug.

“Well I grew up on a farm. Once you’ve had to help push a stubborn cow into a barn, tossing somebody around the ring seems pretty easy.”

“Well color me impressed!” Boss admitted, poking at one of Milkbar’s chubby arms. There was some surprisingly firm muscle underneath all that softness. It suddenly made a lot of sense that Milk volunteered to do the heavy lifting jobs whenever Chad was busy. “But could you maybe try to keep it inside the ring tonight?”

“Um, er… yea. Right. Sorry, Chad.”

“Haha! Think nothing of it, my dear Milk. Well fought!” Chad gave her hand a firm shake. His other hand held a bag of ice from the drink dispenser against his head.

Back on the showroom floor, people had refreshed their drinks while Smiles cleared her throat for the mic. “Okay, folks. Settle down because I just figured out how brackets work. That means we’re all ready for round two! First we have Tips versus Pineapple, followed by Boss vs Milkbar!”

Tips eagerly hopped into the ring, jogging in place to jiggle about in her sling bikini while splashing some oil underfoot. Pine eased himself between the ropes, looking a bit overwhelmed by just keeping his balance while his massive bulge kept popping out of his bikini bottoms. With both fighters barely able to stay inside their swimsuits, Smiles quickly rang the bell to let them loose on each other.

Tips was much quicker to cross the ring with her long stride, leaving Pine to squeak in surprise as the huge brunette tackled him into his corner. The pads were plenty soft but it still winded the soft little guy. Having Tips’ massive tits in his face didn’t do him any favors either.

“Gyahaha! No getting’ out of this one, Pine!” Tips gloated as she shook her shoulders, bouncing her jugs around in his face. They quickly flopped out of her swimsuit, slapping him with the warm and oily flesh to keep him disoriented. “Though if you think about it, this is probably basically what I’ll be doing on my time off.”

The audience cheered for both sides as the crew watched on. “Come on, Pine!” Cash called from her perch behind the counter, having showered off during the break. “Get outta there. Hug it out!”

“Ah! Um, if you say so!” Pine squeezed Tips around the midsection, getting her in an almost comical bearhug. There was an easy foot difference between their heights, but Pineapple was a passionate hugger. He gave a high-pitched grunt and actually managed to heft Tips off her feet, if only for a couple seconds. Tips gave an excited hoot and kicked her feet around in the air, leaning further into him until he was completely blinded by a face full of titty.

“Wow, Pine showing some impressive strength! Not just a pretty face, huh, folks? Or a pretty dong, I guess… woops. Nope. Looks like I was wrong. Pine’s a lot prettier than he is strong.”

Pine slipped on the oil with all the extra weight. With a quick yelp he fell on his plump behind, bringing Tips crashing down with him. While it wasn’t intentional, Tips landed on his lap right as his massive cock popped out of his bottoms. In a happy coincidence for the both of them, Tips was impaled on his slippery shaft on the way down, sitting right in his lap as her eyes lit up.

“OOH! It’s been a while since I felt that one!” Tips squeaked in surprise before smiling blissfully. She started to grind on Pineapple’s lap, making him moan as she road the ridiculously hung femboy.

“And it looks like Tips is getting distracted by the ol’ Pineapple Surprise in there! Though it looks like it was a surprise to Pine too,” Smiles narrated for the hooting audience. Pineapple just moaned and leaned back on the ropes, letting Tips’ thick hips slap up and down on his lap as she started to help herself.

“Yo, Pine! Pin her down!” Cash called again. She had nothing against Tips (they were even pretty friendly), but she was still holding out for Pine sharing some of his time off with her.

“Oh! G-got it!” Pine mumbled as he came to from the commonly-known bliss of Tips riding on your dick. She gave a small grunt as he pushed her bouncing breasts, knocking Tips over onto her back. He mounted on top of her, thrusting into her as Tips squealed with glee. She even wrapped her legs around his waist, even as Smiles started the 5-count for the pin.

“One! Two!” Smiles counted down as Pineapple kept humping Tips uncontrollably. The oily slaps of their hips colliding could be heard throughout the club as Tips gave a delighted squeal, squeezing hard enough to pull Pineapple’s face between her lubed-up tits. Her shaking orgasm had her grinning and drooling as Smiles cut herself off.

“Oops! Looks like Tips got her shoulder up. Pin doesn’t count. I’m pretty sure that’s how pins work anyway…”

“Gyahaha! That was a good one!” Tips sighed as she rolled on top of Pine. She pulled herself off him with a wide, fanged smile on her face, her cum running down her leg and mixing with the oil. “I can always count on you for a nice hard treat! Now it’s time I returned the favor!”

“Oh… wait, what?”

Tips went to one side of the ring while Pine was still confused. She reached over the front counter and pulled out a thick sausage from a display case while she happily shook her jiggly ass for the audience.

“Oh wow! It looks like Tips is going for a foreign object! I don’t see anything here in the rules against that…”

“I told her to quit using those,” Boss sighed. It was why she’d replaced that one with plastic, so Tips wasn’t doing much harm in the long run. She’d been threatening to lock up the sausage, pepperoni, and anything phallic whenever Tips was around. The tall Thot pounced back on Pine and got him into a hug from behind as she lined the rubber sausage up with the feminine boy’s cheeks. Pine gasped and perked up as Tips stuffed it deep inside him, getting his to moan and slump weakly against her pillowy chest. His hips started to hump against the improvised sex toy, bouncing his booty against it while his hefty dick bobbed in front of him. He let out a few soft, needy moans as Tips reached around to simultaneously fuck his ass and stroke his dick.

“Hope you’re all enjoying the show!” Tips chimed to the crowd. “Because I know I am, and Pine definitely is! Gyahaha!” Their cheers spiked as Tips shoved the sausage most of the way into Pine’s behind, and the orange-haired boy gave a shrill gasp before he squirted a thick spray of cum that splashed far enough to reach outside the ring. He shuddered and moaned as Tips let him go, splashing into the oil with his thick ass still up in the air. Tips planted a foot triumphantly on his rear as she flexed her pale arms for the crowd.

“Okay! I’m gonna go ahead and call that a knockout by sausage! Tips wins again!” Tips licked some of the cum from her fingertips before strutting out of the ring, the two of them quickly replaced by the next match.

Boss and Milkbar seemed to be at opposite ends of the scale, the husky and dark-skinned girl had most of a foot in height difference on her, to say nothing of their weight. Boss still stared her down fearlessly, even after what she’d done to someone as big as Chad.

“Sorry, Boss. I’ll try not to squish you!” Milk offered meekly.

“Cool. Me either,” Boss replied confidently.

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a real David and Goliath match, folks!” Smiles introduced. “And by that, I mean if David and Goliath were both titties. And covered in oil. You know, maybe it’s just not a great metaphor. Anyway! Boss versus Milkbar! Let’s go!”

She sounded the bell and the girls moved right in. Milk was clearly being more cautious as Boss grabbed right for her one piece. She pulled tightly and while she wasn’t able to throw Milk to the mats, it did wedgie the back of her swimsuit between her big dark cheeks. The busty girl squeaked and tried to fix that while Boss reached up and caught the bustline of her one piece. With both of her grips, she stretched out the bathing suit until Milk was stumbling along after her, tits and ass nearly falling out of her skimpy outfit.

“And Boss is showing why she’s in charge early on!” Smiles announced as Boss finally tugged hard enough to bring Milk down. She fell to all fours with her wobbling breasts splashing against the oil, and while she barely caught herself Boss was quick to jump on her back. She gave a firm but harmless tug on Milkbar’s hair, getting the bigger girl to squeak and scramble off to a corner with Boss riding her like a pony.

“Giddyap, cowgirl!” Boss teased, smacking Milk on her jiggly ass while bouncing her own sizeable booty on her back. Milk scrambled along faster before she caught the ropes, pulling herself up to her knees quickly. Boss landed rather gracefully on the mats, but Milk followed up by ramming her thick behind straight backward. Boss grunted and went right down from the heavy butt bump, sliding a short way into a nearby corner. Milk looked over her shoulder before she shoved her heavy hips into Boss’ face, grinding her meaty booty into Boss’ face to trap her in the corner. She let out a muffled shout of protest, slapping and pushing at the big brown cheeks that were smothering her.

“Ooh! Milk’s not taking that sitting down. Or rather, she is, but she’s doing it with Boss as the seat!” Smiles rambled. Boss didn’t have an easy way out as the bigger girl held onto the ropes to secure her ass in place, so she went to play dirty again. She pulled on the lower half of Milk’s one piece, exposing her ass and pussy as she pulled it aside. The audience loved it, even if Milk started to blush. She only got redder when Boss stuffed her fingers into her slit, groping and fingering her oily snatch.

“Ah! No fair!” Milk squeaked as she fumbled to get Boss’ greasy hand back out of her. Boss refused to let go of her one advantage, sliding out from behind Milk’s booty and pushing hard into the back of Milk’s leg. She splashed down heavily into the oil, ending up flat on her back as Boss pushed another two fingers into her.

“Playing fair’s not sexy,” Boss reminded her as she pulled down Milk’s swimsuit. It was stretched out enough by now that Milkbar’s tits spilled right out, the big oily tits bouncing wildly as the cowgirl gave a shy squeak. She tried to cover herself up but Boss was quick to latch her mouth around her nipple, sucking firmly to keep up her sexy distraction. She straddled Milkbar’s thigh, leaning further into her position as she pushed her tight little fist into the bigger girl’s pussy. Milk moaned deeply as she arched her hips and Boss tasted her starting to lactate, sure she had her right where she wanted her. Boss had learned that Milk could cum just from playing with her breasts (the hard way once, while they were sharing a bed), so she knew she couldn’t last long. She certainly wasn’t going to overpower the chubby powerhouse anyway.

Smiles decided this counted as close enough to a pin to start counting. The moaning and writhing Milk didn’t even seem to notice as Boss reached four when Milk let out a long, loud groan. The big girl bucked and squirted heavily, both from cumming over Boss’ hand and gushing milk from her overstimulated nipples. She rolled over sharply, mashing her soft body into Boss and squashing her into the oil. Boss gave a panicked yell before Milk squashed her face beneath her breasts. With her hand still stuck between Milk’s clenching thighs, there wasn’t much Boss had left to do to get out of it. Smiles excitedly counted down with the rest of the crowd as Milk’s accidental pin finished up the match.

“And Milk pulls it off another udder victory! They do say you gotta watch out for the quiet ones. Which I guess means you don’t have to watch out for me that much! Cuz boy, I love to listen, but I’ll talk your ear off if you let me. Anyways! Time for a quick break, so freshen your drinks, put in your orders and get ready for the finals! Milkbar and Tips are ready to butt boobs for that grand prize and all your naughty entertainment!”

Boss was surprised by her loss, but Milk was glad to find that she was laughing over it rather than irate. Cash tried to give Milk a few pointers, readily shifting her interests to her besty now that Pineapple was out. The fact that Tips also offered some advice on how she could better handle herself was a bit overwhelming for her, but Milk was glad to see that everyone was being a good sport about the whole thing. It wouldn’t be worth winning if it made everybody mad.

After the break, Tips and Milk returned to the ring. Their swimsuits fit rather loosely after all the stretching and layers of oil, practically hanging off the girls. Tips quickly solved that as she shrugged off her sling bikini, tossing it out of the ring (with a wet splat again a lucky customer’s table) and stretching out her pale, jiggly curves.

“What do you say, Milk? Let’s make it a skins versus skins match! No shirts allowed! Gyahaha!”

“What?! No way!” Milk blurted while the audience started to whistle. Tips quickly started to clap and rallied the crowd into a chant of “Take it off! Take it off!”, Milk hugged her loose swimsuit to her body as a last layer of defense to her dignity, but she finally (and slowly) started to peel it off. She was bound to come popping out of her outfit if she didn’t take it off now, and wrestling naked at least felt more consistent than waiting for it to happen. Her plump brown breasts bounced out into the open air, the rest of her body jiggling along with them. She was at least grateful than her embarrassing lactating had stopped. It was far from the first time she’d gotten naked in the middle of the restaurant, but she still tended to blush a little every time.

Smiles rang her little bell and the two busty ladies went sliding towards each other. Neither was especially graceful about it, so they grabbed at each other’s hands for a simple grapple. The oil kept them going in until their breasts smacked into each other, the oily jugs clumsily sliding around the other pair. Tips’ extra height left her rack resting over Milk’s heavier boobs, but she quickly amended that as she grabbed the taller Thot around the waist. She picked her up in a bearhug while squeezing her around the middle. While Milk was strong enough to lift the freckled amazon, she focused on pulling Tips right against her chest. Her thicker chest pushed back Tips’ softer pair, making her long legs kick as they were mashed back against her ribs.

“Gyaaa! Leggo!” Tips squealed as she pushed and pulled on Milk’s hair. She kept up her unbreakable hug until Tips slid her hands between the oily tits and pinched the chubby girl’s nipples. Milk gasped and let her go in surprise, dropping Tips on her ass in the middle of the ring. A quick push at Milk’s meaty thighs knocked her to the mats with a heavy but harmless splash. The dark-skinned girl started to push herself back up when Tips pulled her legs out from under her. Milk landed on her chest with a grunt, and before she could try to rise again Tips sat on her back and started paddling her ass like a fleshy set of drums. Milk let out a loud and embarrassing squeal as Tips’ spanking wobbled her booty for the audience (as well as exciting her more than she’d like to admit).

Smiles provided her unique commentary as always “The girls are really going for each other’s soft spots! I haven’t seen this much bouncing around since that truckload of tennis balls opened up on the freeway! True story! Hope nobody got hurt when that hap- OH RIGHT the match!”

Tips had warmed up Milk’s cheeks with a nice bit of red from her slapping before she pushed Milk’s legs apart. She gave a firm grope around Milk’s snatch that made her whoop and buck up in surprise, tossing Tips back off with another burst of strength.

“Woo! Don’t worry, everybody! She loved it!” Tips called to the audience. She held up her moistened fingers and licked her lips with her long tongue. “In fact, I better go double check!”

Milkbar was scooting backward through the oil when Tips tried to pounce on her again. She grabbed and pushed apart Milk’s thighs, thrusting her face into the cocoa-brown pussy and giving a long lick. Milk let out a long and quivering moan as Tips gave her a fanged grin from between her legs.

“Why’s everything that comes out of you so sweet, Milk?” Tips teased. “I always wanna come back to you for SECKKHK!” Tips gagged as she was cut off by Milk’s firmly clamping legs, squashing her freckled face in between them. Tips couldn’t reach around the thick thighs and even trying to reach out with her tongue couldn’t make it back to Milk’s pussy.

“It looked like Milk couldn’t take the heat, but she powers through Tips’ pervy attacks with one of her own!” Smile commented as Tips’ face started turning a little red.

“Come on, Tips. Just give up,” Milk urged as her chubby thighs squished around her coworker’s face. Tips fumbled around Milks’ legs to try and pry her way to freedom, but even her legs were surprisingly strong. Her hands went right down the soft and smooth legs before Tips just grabbed her by the crotch, burying two fingers into her wet pussy and another into her ass. Milk gave a startled shriek as Tips squeezed her holes like a bowling ball until she let go and bounced back.

“Wow! Guess they call it ‘the shocker; for a reason,” Smiles noted as Tips jumped on the startled Milk. The tall brunette waved towards the audience before gesturing someone closer. One of the customers dared to slide over towards the crowd-pleasing Thot.

“Thanks! You’ll do perfect!” Tips praised as she lugged Milkbar into a sitting position, holding her by her breasts from behind. Milk squirmed to try and get a grip on her, but Tips reached past her and pulled down the customer’s pants. Milks’ messy bangs were slicked aside as her mascaraed eyes went wide.

“Whoa! Wait a minute, Tips! Hold on!” She squirmed around a bit but couldn’t get free as Tips cackled again.

“Relax! Gotta get those tips somehow, right? Gyahaha!” Milk had the sense of mind to hold her breath right before Tips shoved her forward, sheathing the customer entire cock into Milk’s mouth. Milk gave a startled moan that vibrated the waiting shaft in her throat, and her wriggling only served to toss the dick around more. She tried to push it back out of her throat with her tongue but that just made it even harder in her mouth. Tips pushed and pulled at her hair, forcing her to suck him off rapidly.

“Just let me know when you’re about to… ooh! Never mind!” Tips chirped. Milk gasped as the customer pulled back in time to cum into her mouth, still squirting some of the thick white load over her naked tits and belly. Milks coughed briefly before she threw an elbow backward, nailing Tips in one of her boobs. It didn’t hurt in particular, but it sent it flying so high that Tips’ own freckled tit smacked her in the face, knocking her momentarily silly.

“That’s it, girl! You take that dick like a champ!” Cash cheered amongst the rest of the Thots, cheering on her friend in the unique way that only seemed to work at Pizza Thot.

“How many times do we need to tell Tips to keep those tits under control?” Chef added dryly as he leaned on the countertop, passing off a few fresh slices to some customers.

Tips was still dizzied by her own bouncing boob when Milk turned and caught her around the thighs. It looked like another bearhug before Milk stood up and turned Tips upside down, hanging her by her long legs as her head and hair were briefly dunked into the oil. With a short grunt, Milk hefted her a little higher to hug around her belly, clasping her hands by her navel with her in a piledriver position. The audience hooted and shouted for Milk until she blushed and complied. She meekly leaned in and kissed Tips on the pussy that hovered right in front of her, immediately getting a boom of cheers from the fans. She stuck out her tongue and gave a few meager licks that fired them up more before she hopped a little and fell to splash Tips into the mats, resting her big body on top of her. Tips looked dazed if still grinning stupidly, plenty aroused by the rough treatment so long as Milk played with her.

Milk leaned over her and mashed her boobs into Tips’ face (the reverse of Tips’ usual encounters with people), but she could only get the pin count to four before Tips wriggled out of it. She gave Milk a few more pinches and slaps to her jugs, bouncing them around before Milk slipped back into a corner. Tips licked her lips as she moved in on her again, hands out and ready for another groping.

“You can’t just oil up around me and not expect me to play around a little!” Tips objected before she lunged for Milk again. With a quick yelp, the big girl showed some surprising agility. She hopped in surprise and grabbed onto the top ropes, letting Tips bump tits-first into the turnbuckle with her missed tackle. She groaned and fell flat on her back, and at the continued urging of her coworkers and the audience, Milk took a prepping breath and bounced off the top ropes. Her big belly and tits splashed right across Tips’, creating one huge, final wave of oil as Tips flopped and moaned, her jugs sliding and slapping against Milk’s. The dark-skinned cowgirl shook her head, seemingly shocked that she went through with the move herself.

“Oh… uh, um… you! Please,” she added as she pointed out a muscular customer. “Can you uh… do the thing like before?”

The customer nodded and gladly stepped up as Milk lifted Tips up like a ragdoll (or with her curves, a blowup doll might be more accurate). The customer took out his throbbing erection as Milk forced Tips’ legs apart and brought her dropping down on his waiting hardon. It went straight into her oily and horny pussy, getting a breathless but delighted squeal from Tips. Her smile went ear to ear as her eyes rolled back, the customer eagerly humping her pussy as she hooked her legs around the middle ropes. She leaned back against Milk’s strong arms and thick chest for balance.

“Ohhhh yea! That’s the good stuff!” Tips ranted, seemingly too exhausted, horny and knocked silly to care about much else but being fucked at the moment. Milk groped one of her pale breasts while the customer took the other, just as Milk heard a splash in the oil beside her. She looked down and saw a plastic sausage rolling towards her.

“Quick, Milk! Avenge me!” Pineapple called to her with a happy smile on his face. Boss raised an eyebrow as she looked at him. “What? I’m just staying in character. She beat me, remember?”

“Of course!” Chad nodded. “It’s part of the canon. Very respectable.”

“I’m still so glad I replaced that thing with plastic,” Boss muttered as she shook her head. Milk still snatched it up with her free hand and stuffed it into Tips’ ass. Her grinning mouth started to drool as she spasmed through an intense orgasm… and within seconds, another and then another still.

“Yes! Yes! Holy crap! This is so good! I’m soooo mad I didn’t watch more wrestling growing up!” Tips ranted, humping the customer firmly before sliding back into the sausage dildo. The practical gangbang finally got a shrill wail from her as she humped so hard that even Milk couldn’t hold onto the oily Thot. She slipped back into the ring, falling off the customer with cum oozing out of her pussy. Her eyes rolled back with a blissful grin on her face as Smiles finally cut in.

“Boy, she’s not moving, huh? Milk, you wanna maybe…?”

“Oh! Uh, right!” Milk scooted over, nearly slipping in the oil again before she quickly sat on Tips’ chest. Tips just spasmed and squirt out a little more cum as Smiles went through her 5-count for the win.

“There you go! Milkbar, you’re the one and only oil wrestling champion of Pizza Thot!” Smiles praised. The crowd broke into rowdy cheers as Milk smiled meekly back at them, flexing one chubby arm as she blushed. Boss passed Cash a plastic wrestling belt from behind the counter, which Cash passed over to Milk with a smirk on her face.

“Here. Enjoy your twenty bucks worth of plastic, Milk. You earned it.” Milk giggled, overwhelmed all the attention on her. She was too excited to be properly embarrassed, so she latched the championship belt snugly around her soft stomach before grabbing Cash in a big hug from across the ropes.

“Ahhh come on! I just showered!” Cash objected, even as she laughed and hugged Milk back. Smiles scooted her way over with the microphone still in hand, flashing Milk one of her trademark grins.

“So, champ! How’s it feel being the sexiest, wrestliest, and I guess oiliest girl of the night?”

“Oh! Uh… um… kind of slimy? But fun!” The audience laughed as Milk wrung a bit of oil from her hair. It felt silly to be wearing nothing but the belt itself, but she ran with it. “I hope everybody else had fun with it too.” Her coworkers clapped, quickly joined by the customers.

“So whatcha planning to do with those three days of paid vacation?” Smiles asked. “Just curious. It’s important to relax and stuff, y’know? Especially when you just threw around some of the toughest Thots this side of Queen’s Beach.”

Milk thought about that for a moment. She didn’t have much planned, but… she looked over at Cash and shrugged.

“I dunno. Cash, you feel like spending a day and a half staying in together?”

“Spend some time at home with my champ? Fuck yea, I do,” Cash smirked, giving Milk a quick fist bump. The slight pressure was enough for the oily and exhausted cowgirl to slip on the oil, squeaking as she landed flat on her butt.

The End

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