Queen of Cats by AnubisX

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Additional Credit

This story is in part based on Emery’s Story: Costume Party

Surrounded by stars, the full moon shone in the clear night sky, just above the Alpha Phi sorority house. The party noise —a mix of loud music and intoxicated voices— could be heard several blocks away but, fortunately, nobody would complain that night: it was Halloween and that, on the university campus, meant rave and freedom.

Walking through the party with a glass of punch in her hand, Kelly enjoyed the interest that she was raising in the party: her long and silky dark mane swayed in the air with every movement of her head, capturing the attention of the most clueless, while her Catwoman costume definitely attached this attention to her perfect body. Sure of herself, Kelly had opted for this skintight black leather catsuit in a daring gesture which, as she knew perfectly well, made her the queen of the party.

To know that there were other great beauties just turned their dominance into something even more delicious: Kelly smiled when a spectacular redhead —a vampiress with fake fangs, tight costume and killer curves— lowered her head in her presence; she also enjoyed the moment when an amazing blonde, dressed as a sexy young witch, fixed her eyes full of envy in her feline body.

All that female hatred was fuel for her ego; an ego that never ceased to grow since her body had begun to bloom late in her senior year, in an incredible way that had surprised everyone around her: from being a short, ordinary adolescent, to be a goddess with long legs and firm butt. The flat boobs disappeared almost one day to another, giving way to a solid, heavy and raised bust, able to fill bras and necklines in the most suggestive way possible. Being a sporty girl —she played tennis, volleyball, swimming and gymnastics—, her newfound woman’s body quickly toned into what it was today: a figure so powerfully feminine that everybody lost her breath in her presence. It was then when the boys —and even the girls— began to notice her, in a new social situation that changed her personality: with the shy girl disappearing, the femme fatale was born; having the body, the looks and attitude, Kelly felt that she was unstoppable.

Still moving through the crowded sorority house, the beautiful brunette noticed how, after several glasses of punch, the alcohol began to flood her bloodstream. The explosive mix between the beginning of drunkenness and the feeling of being loved and hated at the party began to affect her, accelerating her pulse and dilating her pupils. Suddenly, Kelly noticed that, somehow, her own catsuit was absorbing her; she felt herself wild, dangerous, free, able to do and say things that, even despite being an arrogant girl, she never would consider at other times.

Kelly then came into the kitchen, and immediately her deep blue eyes were drawn to a force present in the room: Leanne. To her dismay, the other brunette was wearing a costume identical to hers, as tight to her perfect curves as it was her own Catwoman costume.

‘I warned her…’ she thought furiously, watching the young woman from the doorway. Leanne was in the far corner of the kitchen, chatting with the captain of the varsity team of football. The long red fingernails of Leanne flirtatiously brushed her soft raven hair, while the conceited beauty inclined her head to show her long and appetizing ivory neck to the man. Kelly couldn’t avoid hating the beautiful smile that lit up the face of the other brunette; a sexy and sweet, confident and mocking smile that was well known on campus; Kelly had seen the mischievous expression flashing on the beautiful face of the other beauty on countless occasions, especially when Leanne wanted to embarrass a guy.

Leanne’s spell also worked with the captain: he was starting to look around the room nervously. However, at that moment Leanne moved her hungry attention away from the man to finally realize the presence of Kelly.

The penetrating glances of the two beauties met each other electrically, stopping Kelly’s hearth beats for a few seconds before her heart run wild in an accelerated race. The eyes intensely green of Leanne seemed to glow in the soft shadows of the kitchen, as her smile disappeared momentarily from her face to make way for a jealous expression; however, soon her red fleshy lips curled sensually in a new mocking sneer. Unconsciously, Kelly licked her own thick lips, forcing the red lipstick that she was using to stand out bright and wet.

Kelly and Leanne knew each other since just a few months, but the relationship between them was so deep that they seemed to have been in the life of the other forever. Coming from the neighboring state, Leanne had arrived at the town at the beginning of the academic year, causing a disturbance in the social forces that dominated the campus: her entry into Tri Sigma had been a boost for the sorority, with the popularity of this community growing quickly as everyone knew that the stunningly alluring and hot new girl was one of its members. As it couldn’t be in another way, Kappa Delta, the other great sorority of the campus, and stubborn rival of Tri Sigma, had felt the blow as an attack against its authority, so the tense relations between the two female congregations became even tougher.

Soon, the bond of rivalry between the two sororities had been felt as belonging to Kelly, being herself the most prominent member of Delta Kappa. Just a few days after the arrival of Leanne, the first rumors comparing the two outstanding women began to spread through the campus as if the surreptitious war between Tri Sigma and Kappa Delta remained focused almost exclusively on them. A competitive tension began to grow within the arrogant ego of Kelly, fueled by the antagonistic stares that Leanne threw on her every time they passed each other on campus.

For months, the struggle for power between them had been festering but curiously, in some way, the two beauties had been avoiding the confrontation to which they seemed doomed. However Kelly knew that her nemesis and she had been close to coming to blows on more than one occasion, especially when they competed in the tennis court. The night after each match between them was always long for Kelly because her thoughts about the other brunette harassed her for hours: helplessly, her mind projected images of Leanne running across the tennis court, with her short T-shirt full of sweat clinging to her full breasts and her short black skirt barely able to cover her beautiful, toned and female thighs. When the boundary between dream and reality was becoming hard to define, Kelly always remember what expression gleamed in the hated Leanne’s lips after the game of the day: a smug and contemptuous victory smile… or a resentful and jealous grimace of defeat.

With her opponent facing her several meters away, Kelly felt every one of her muscles tensing beneath the skintight catsuit; the black leather rustled slightly as she straightened up to face Leanne’s eyes. For the umpteenth time, both females evaluated each other but, somehow, Kelly felt something different in the air that night of Halloween.

Then, ignoring the captain of the football team, Leanne walked straight to her, walking seductively on her long legs. ‘Yes, definitely, tonight everything will change,’ Kelly was able to read the proud expression of her rival. Looking for privacy, the girl took one last look over Leanne before turning around and returning to the main hall.

Leanne followed Kelly through the crowded party, always keeping the distance, always alert to the glances that the other brunette threw on her over her shoulder. Trying to drown the envy that she felt because of the provocative swinging of the spectacular ass of her enemy, Leanne saw Kelly climbed the stairs to the bedrooms. ‘Good thinking, kitten,’ she smiled, stopping for a moment next to the drinks table. Quickly pouring herself a glass of punch, she drank it in one gulp. The liquid was refreshing and hot at the same time; slipping through her throat, it didn’t ease the sudden tightness that she felt in her groin when she saw Kelly disappearing into the darkness of the upper floor. ‘Here we go.’

Leanne climbed the stairs with resolute steps, looking for the woman who had given her so many problems since she came to this town… and she found herself in a dark hallway filled with doors. Through them, Leanne heard soft gasps of pleasure and words whispered by lips loaded of passion; all were close… except for one.

“I thought you weren’t coming.”

Grimacing at the words of welcome from Kelly, Leanne closed the door behind her. Immediately, the feeling of being alone with her nemesis for the first time overwhelmed her, tightening her body under the body-hugging leather.

“I like your costume,” Leanne spat teasingly, trying to gain the psychological advantage. Stepping forward, she found herself just a few meters from the other brunette, in a darkness that only the light of the stars and the full moon could light up slightly through the window. “Leather suits you perfectly.”

“I warned you,” Kelly growled, putting her hands on her ample, female hips. “I warned you that this costume was mine…”

“Wow, I’m sorry,” Leanne imitated the challenging pose of the other beauty, and the two girls thrust her boobs out in front of her rival. “I must have forgotten.” The leather rustled as the girl shrugged her shoulders, and Kelly’s catsuit replied with its own whisper.

“Bullshit, you have not forgotten anything,” Kelly gasped with controlled rage.

For a full minute, the girls traded looks saturated with envy and rivalry, in a silence that didn’t augur well. Leanne gradually twisted her gesture, lost in the irritated beauty of the rival’s face, while Kelly’s blue iris flashed in the darkness of the room like the eyes of a stalking cat.

“You’re right,” Leanne’s voice sounded slightly hoarse in anticipation of what might happen in the bedroom as soon as she admitted what had been his plan. “This…” Her long nails claws moved by her silhouette, crawling with deliberate parsimony from top to bottom on a tour full of dangerous curves. “This is a challenge…”

In front of her, Kelly’s body vibrated visibly, and Leanne’s own body responded in kind. Hearing the challenge, Kelly felt her skin filling with sweat under the tight Catwoman suit, which suddenly seemed extremely claustrophobic. Kelly gritted her beautiful teeth, white like pearls, making known to Leanne that both of them were remembering what happened a week earlier, when they had met casually in the same costume shop in the city center. In the store, the fake smiles had illuminated both faces, with the two most beautiful women in the campus looking for the perfect Halloween costume party next to each other. The girls had chosen the same costume, and Leanne and Kelly had wasted no time in showing the choice at her nemesis.

‘This costume is mine. Get yourself another one, if you know what’s good for you.” Leanne could still hear the words of warning, subtly menacing, that the other brunette had spat in the store. Of course, the tense warning had only reinforced her decision to take the dark leather suit: she visualized herself at the party as the queen of cats. But during the week before Halloween, a very specific concern had clouded her arrogant plan to humiliate Kelly using the same costume: the image of the magnificent body of her hated antagonist under a leather as tight as a second skin. Even today, Leanne recalled Kelly’s insolent smile when she had walked to the store cash with the costume, perhaps believing that she could intimidate her with her veiled threat. ‘Or maybe it was always her plan as well,’ Leanne mused, knowing that the other hot girl had been looking for a confrontation with her as long as she had been looking for a confrontation with Kelly.

“A challenge?” Kelly played the card of innocence, with her thick lips forming the shadow of a smile. “What kind of challenge?”

“What kind of challenge do you think that two women like us could have?” Pretending to be an innocent girl too, Leanne observed the long and red fingernails of Kelly, moving anxiously over her rival’s wide hips.

The answer came in the form of steps: Kelly walked toward Leanne and the other brunette responded in the same way. The impressive amazons were placed side by side, rubbing their hips subtly but hotly, black leather against black leather. Leanne stifled the groan that wanted to leave her throat after the first contact of the night, and she took comfort in the same gesture of restraint she saw in the beautiful face of Kelly. Striking green eyes collided at close range with suggestive blue eyes.

“I don’t know,” Kelly said. “It’s Halloween… Maybe we should let the animal in us out…”

“And what animal would that be?” Leanne’s pupils traveled through opponent’s body, carefully analyzing the buxom silhouette of the breasts and ass of the Kappa Delta’s star.

“If you don’t know the answer at this point, you haven’t paid attention during these months…”

After throwing her last words, Kelly swallowed and licked her lips again. Across the connection between women, Leanne replied running her own tongue across her fleshy mouth. Kelly felt that what was quickly being formed there was something primal, something undoubtedly animal. Perhaps it was because of alcohol or because of the hatred that Kelly was riding for months, but she perceived how something incredibly suggestive, darkly feminine, promised her from the shadows that all her problems with this incredibly and conceited girl would be resolved if the two women followed the path that they had begun to walk, even if none of them really understand which path it was. Kelly’s flushed body trembled softly, feeling a kind of raw sexuality crossing her flesh from top to bottom, but she was unable to see beyond, to understand where everything was heading.

Without realizing it until now, Kelly saw that she and her nemesis were walking in circles around each other, almost shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip. Leanne’s envious eyes never stopped studying her curves and Kelly wasted no time in comparing the virtues of the other brunette with theirs. For months, Kelly had finally accepted that Leanne was a statuesque woman, with a body painfully similar to hers in height, weight and complexion; however, she had never accepted that she was rivaling with a beauty that could certainly match her in all aspects. The boobs of her antagonist were large and firm; her ass, well-shaped and compact; her legs, toned and long. But Kelly saw each Leanne’s female attribute below her own strengths: she thought that her boobs were bigger and firmer, her ass, more well-shaped and more compact; her legs, more toned and longer. Perhaps the differences weren’t big, but for Kelly was enough to think that Leanne’s body was nothing but a cheap copy of hers.

For now sated, Kelly looked up to meet the green iris of Leanne facing her gaze. Halting their steps, the girls turned their bodies to present against each other, and the silent but tense analysis rose to their faces. Kelly knew that her facial features were different to the characteristics that Leanne’s face was showing: no one would ever confuse them as sisters or cousins. However, it was also undeniable that they shared the same kind of beauty: feline eyes, light iris, delicate nose, fleshy lips. Their hair seemed a perfect reflection: equally long —falling upon their formidable tits—, equally dark, equally silky, the manes shone under the same straight hair hairstyle, divided in the middle by a line. The smooth skin of the youth women was similar, although Kelly’s skin was slightly tan.

“I have a proposition for you, Kelly,” Leanne’s voice broke the silence almost like a shout, despite being a mere whisper. For some reason that she didn’t know, Kelly could only shudder slightly when she heard her name pronounced by her rival for the first time since they had met. “But I warned you that someone might get hurt…”

Kelly noted that other brunette had opened her legs, straightening up proudly on her long high-heeled boots in an aggressive gesture. Not wanting to be surpassed, Kelly copied the arrogant pose, with both beauties returning to place their long fingernails claws on their hips.

“That I hope, Leanne,” she confessed in a murmur closer to a snake hiss that a human voice. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

For a few seconds, the breaths of the girls took possession of the darkened room, growing irregular and rough. Kelly barely managed to contain her animal instincts, which only wanted to sink her long fingers on delicate hair of Leanne and finish with her troubles once and for all.

“Perfect,” her nemesis growled, with a forced and full of teeth smile on her face. Stepping forward, Leanne brought the boobs of the two beauties together, forcing the firm flesh to flatten against each other. Both amazons moaned, halfway between discomfort and excitement. Kelly felt the warmth of Leanne’s tits against hers through costumes, sensing the strength of the rival’s chest as a much greater threat than any words spat out by the other woman.

“Perfect,” Kelly repeated softly, instinctively pushing her body forward. The leather that was covering both bodies groaned around their locked tits in a whistle that Kelly found, to her regret, extremely seductive.

With her smile still gleaming in her face, Leanne approached her thick red lips to Kelly’s ear, pushing their boobs even more together.

“I’m gonna fuck you up,” she purred at close range. Kelly felt in the heat of the air how Leanne’s sensual mouth almost touched her earlobe.

“Your body isn’t good enough for that,” Kelly gasped in response, directly against the ear of the other beauty. The flat bellies and the succulent thighs kept the battle begun by the tits and pressed each other. From top to bottom, the queens of the campus measured their bodies in a direct comparison of virtues, in a mutual provocation that heated up the blood running through veins and arteries.

The angry heat between their dueling bodies was suddenly broken by the coolness that Kelly noted in her left hand: she didn’t know from where Leanne had taken, but her enemy had just left a key in her palm.

“In half an hour, in the basement of my house,” the grunt of the other brunette sounded agitated, slightly impatiently. “Don’t forget your catsuit, dear. Neither your mask and gloves,” she added defiantly. “It’s time for me to teach your sweet Kappa Delta ass who the real feline really is.”

Driven by the tight contact between bodies and by the angry snort full of contempt that Kelly exhaled after her challenge, Leanne couldn’t avoid making real her last words: her long nails bordered the wide hips of her foe to sink them in the mighty butt of Kelly with controlled passion. Her antagonist gasped at the unexpected assault, but only took a second to take revenge, squeezing the firm Leanne’s ass between her long fingers.

“It will be your nice Tri Sigma ass the only one that will get a lesson,” Kelly discussed, as the two girls jealously was measuring the strength and malleability of rival’s buttocks through the creaky black leather. “And undoubtedly I’ll be the one showing you who the real feline really is.”

Leanne threw back her head, facing the hot stare of Kelly. Deep in her blue eyes, the beauty saw the same desire that she felt scorching her inner. For a moment she was tempted to hit Kelly’s beautiful face right there, but she understood that this would start a fight that, in a sorority house full of people, would be frustratingly inconclusive.

‘If we are going to fight, we’ll do it in private… and until the end,’ she said herself, reluctantly pushing her claws away from Kelly’s sexy ass. The other woman also liberated her compact buttocks; the heated amazons backed a couple of steps, separating their perfect figures.

“Half an hour, you bitch,” Leanne recalled before left the room with a last, intense look full of desire and hate, and hitting Kelly’s shoulder with her own.

Kelly looked back, watching the wiggly she-cat disappear through the door. She wanted to scream something, anything that would respond to the b-word of Leanne, but the words wouldn’t come. ‘Never mind,’ she thought, looking at the key of her enemy’s house as if it were the key to her future. ‘I’ll have the last word when it really matters…’

Just after crossing the door of the bedroom, Kelly noticed the change: even though the overloaded party air, the girl could feel that she left behind the suffocating atmosphere that she and Leanne had created in the room. But, as soon as she came down the stairs, the noise and the smell that filled the sorority house suffocated her, overwhelmed her to the point where she knew she couldn’t be there any longer. Shoving her way through the drunken crowd —sometimes roughly— Kelly went out… and the cold of late autumn received in its arms.

Gasping for fresh air, several white streamers of breath emerged from her mouth while, trembling with pleasure, Kelly felt that the high temperature that her body had achieved during the intense encounter with Leanne began to descend. But as soon as she remembered her brunette enemy, an angry blush flooded her body, filling her thin skin under the tight catsuit with a thick layer of sweat, even in the freezing night.

“Half an hour?” she whispered to herself. “No fucking way!”

Walking on her high-heeled boots, Kelly left behind the sorority house, determined to solve her deep and numerous differences with Leanne once and for all. The sounds of intoxicated laughs, wild shouts and loud music were gradually fading as she walked down the empty street, in the direction of home. ‘Why the hell she wants me to take my mask and gloves?’ she growled, hating to waste valuable time that she could spend tearing Leanne’s hair out. But she knew she would accept all the challenges from her hated enemy without hesitation.

The full moon lit Leanne’s house under a silence broken only by the singing of crickets… and Kelly’s heels. Standing in front of the main door, the girl took a deep breath before put the key in the lock with a slightly trembling hand. The crack of the door opening echoed through the night and throughout the house: inside, there was only darkness.

For a moment, Kelly didn’t move: beyond the boost of alcohol and hatred that it had pushed her to accept Leanne’s challenge, the rational part of her brain was screaming about the danger of meeting her nemesis in the dark solitude of her basement. However, all doubts disappeared when Kelly recalled Leanne’s smug green eyes, mocking smile and provocative words. Suddenly, she thought that she could feel again the long fingers of the other brunette in her ass, her dense breasts crushed against her boobs… It was enough to move the muscles in her toned legs.

Closing behind her, Kelly quickly located the basement stairs; the door was open for her, like the jaws of a wolf. ‘Or a cat in this case,’ she mused. Taking air again, she covered her face with the costume’s mask; Kelly had ruled out using it at the party to brag about her beautiful female features and about her perfect makeup, but now that she was hiding under it, she felt more dangerous than before because the mask —a hood of black leather witch cat ears, actually— only she showed her eyes, nose and lips. Behind, her long black hair appeared beyond the hood, caressing the top half of her back. Kelly then put on the gloves that she hadn’t used in the party for comfort: the groaning leather adapted perfectly to her forearms, covering her skin from hands to elbows. Raising her hands in front of her, she watched with delight how the tips of her fingers —and more importantly, her fingernails— were exposed.

‘I’m pure leather,’ Kelly thought, wishing to have a mirror in front of her at that time. ‘That bitch will only see eyes, nose, lips and nails,’ she smiled nervously, knowing that, surely, her opponent would be waiting her with the same menacing outfit. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest because of thought, while her blue eyes watching carefully the steps waiting for her.

Step by step, surrounded by the sound of her heels, Kelly went down to the dark basement, feeling like she was descending into hell, towards the most important moment of her life. At the end of the stairs, the hot brunette saw another open door; beyond it, she thought that she could hear a cat’s meow, if that was possible. A penetrating excitement ran through her body with an almost unbearable effect that forced her to grab her heavy boobs. Moaning almost silently, Kelly kept going down as she slid her gloved hands through her leather flat belly to touch her wet crotch. ‘Am I horny?’ Kelly asked herself, feeling that her whole body was turning into a huge erogenous zone when she was only three steps to reach the last door.

With a soft grunt, Kelly walked into the basement and, without turning around, she used her right heel to close the door and shut herself up with her archenemy. But what she found there was far beyond anything she could have imagined. The only light that illuminated the place went through a small window near the top of one wall: some faint rays from the full moon that glistened on the black leather of the motionless figure of Leanne. The other brunette was squatting in the center of the basement, with her pretty face hidden under the same hood that Kelly was wearing. Even in the gloom, the newcomer girl could see the brightness of Leanne’s green irises, although unlike the gleam that Kelly saw at the party, now the eyes of her foe was flashing with an undeniable and envious viciousness.

“You’re early,” Leanne’s voice was a feline purr that was answered by several purrs, to the surprise of Kelly. With great effort, she looked away from her formidable rival to observe that several metal cages formed an irregular circle around the center of the basement, in a kind of ritual combat arena. Inside each cage was a cat with dark fur and dangerous eyes; lurking, the cats watched the scene in a silence broken only by occasional purrs, as if they couldn’t fully control their agitation by the private, feminine and feline war that was about to take place.

“I do whatever I want,” Kelly growled at last, with her voice slightly hoarse with excitement. Carried away by the moment, she walked toward her opponent, squatting in front of her. Separated by just a couple of steps, the hungry catwomen examined each other. In defiance, Kelly raised her gloves, from which emerged her long red nails; letting the moonlight illuminate her claws, she purred softly, dangerously. The other beauty was quick to copy her gesture, showing her gloved hands and her equally long, equally red nails arising through the holes in the black leather. Stretching and flexing her fingers in the dim light, the beauties purred and the black cats joined to the harmony that the two females was sharing with their own purrs.

“I’d say you’re still in time to get out of here and save your ass,” Leanne hissed, still proudly showing her fearsome claws. “But I’d be lying. I won’t let you walk away until we resolve our pending matter.”

“I’d be also lying if I said that I would accept an offer like that,” her nemesis replied, moving her nails under the light provocatively. “All the shit I had to put up with you for months… I won’t miss my big chance to put you in your place.”

Although it seemed that the thoughts of the two amazons were hidden by masks, the reality was very different because the beautiful eyes glistened surrounded by dark leather in an undeniable exhibition of what was going through their heads: hatred, envy and passion. Leanne thought that she could read something else in Kelly’s blue irises, something deep that gradually began to rise to the surface, something that she also began to feel through her body from top to bottom. ‘Lust?’ she asked herself, even knowing the answer.

The rivals menacingly watched each other for what seemed like an eternity; their fleshy mouths breathed no sound but the occasional purr. Leanne realized that the atmosphere that she had created in the basement —the tight leather outfits, the mysterious masks, the anxious cats, the shadows of the solitary room— began to affect her as much as obviously was affecting Kelly. The vicious aura of the battle arena took hold of her body, fitting perfectly with their proudly femininity to create a feline feeling on her; Leanne felt like a real she-cat, wild and dangerous, fighting for her territory.

The females fell on knees and hands, beginning to crawl in circles around each other in a silence that even the cats respected. However, the leather of the costumes rustled softly in the shadows while the incredible toned bodies of Kelly and Leanne tensed seconds before the time of the claws.

The beauties then jumped against each other. The sudden movement caused a frightening outbreak of sharp meows from the cats; with bristly hairs, they jumped and clawed the air inside the cages. Leanne joined the violent chaos exhaling a shout full of excitement, and Kelly added her own hot, sharp howl.

At last, after months of dirty competition, the girls got tangle up with her hated nemesis in close combat, struggling on their knees at the start of the fight that undoubtedly will define how their lives would from now. Growling, the two hugged each other impetuously with red fingernails seeking the desired opportunity to hurt the foe. However, the effort was vain: the nails crawled through other soft costume, scraping it futilely with a sensual sound of scratched leather, but nothing more. Kelly sought immediately destroy Leanne’s face, but the mask protected the cheeks of the girl that, intelligently, countered by grasping the bottom of Kelly’s raven mane, which sliding under her hood, fell on the back of her enemy. With a fierce tug, Leanne managed to get the first cry of pain of the night from the other brunette, but immediately her own hair began to be torn by Kelly’s gloved fingers.

Between awkward yanks, the hot females fell to the ground, still surrounded by the feline racket. Losing the grip on the other hair, Kelly and Leanne hissed with angry frustration while they disputed the top position in a contest where their perfect bodies were crushed together under a tangle of arms and legs.

“Whore!” Leanne croaked, with their heavy, hard breasts slamming and flattening against the equally large, equally strong tits of Kelly. “I’ll show you who has the best body!”

“I am who has it!” the other brunette roared, instinctively pushing her boobs against the set of her nemesis. “I’m the only one that should be wearing this catsuit, slut!”

Giving up the futile attempts to scratch the other skin, the amazons surrounded the other torso with their arms, while their legs intertwined each other from the wide thighs to the high heeled boots.

“You haven’t yet accepted that it suits me better than you!” Leanne attacked, managing to roll over her rival. “You should accept it in the store, but no, you had to force me to humiliate you in the party!”

“If you weren’t a stupid bitch, you would have known already in the store that you would get the worst of the comparison between you and me!” Now it was time for Kelly to mount the other beauty. “Nobody will speak of your body tomorrow, but everyone will remember mine in this leather suit!”

The women kept rolling from side to side, sometimes colliding with some cage and scaring the cats even more. Leanne and Kelly shouted their hatred without fear of being discovered, knowing that despite all the fuss, there was no one in the houses around to hear them.

“I should rub your body with mine until wear your pathetic curves away, you fucking cunt!” Leanne cried out, feeling Kelly squeezing her body with increasing passion. Stretching every muscle of her own body, the girl squeezed her nemesis with the same impetus; the rivals exhaled a double pained gasp when they felt themselves compressed between the other arms.

“I can rub myself against your pathetic body all night if necessary!” Kelly spat in a strained voice. “If you think you’re in better shape than me, just remember how many times I’ve beaten you on the tennis court!”

“No more times than I’ve beaten you!” Leanne exclaimed, in spite of knowing perfectly well that none of them was right; obsessively keeping track of their tennis matches, she was aware that Kelly and she were tied in wins and losses at this moment. The real tie-break was the one that they had right now in the basement.

Finally, after minutes and minutes of matched fighting, Kelly managed to mount Leanne, pinning her between her body and the cement floor of the room. Gasping out of stock, the women kept squeezing each other, now almost rhythmically: the ragged grunts mixed with the whistle of leather rubbing against leather, creating a seductive harmony that, at regular intervals, was forcing pulsations in both crotches.

Cursing in a low voice, Leanne forced upwards her pelvis, desperate to dismount Kelly. As if she could read her mind, her foe pushed her hips downwards at the same time… and the clash of bones resounded through the basement walls. The breath of pain moistened the eyes of the beautiful girls, but also warmed their pussies.

“Fucking slut,” Kelly murmured, lowering her voice for the first time from the start of hostilities. The pelvis’ collision and its dirty side effects suddenly calmed the fight, slowing it down to a competition of entranced hugs that, despite everything, were still extremely painful.

At that time, both beauties visualized the body of the antagonist as a python. All the hours spent on the tennis and volleyball, in swimming pools and gyms had given them gentle but toned muscles, perfect for a battle so close, so intimate. Perfectly matched from the neck to foot, the girls found themselves wishing had spent more training time, regretting the many parties that they had visited in recent months in a desperate attempt to overcome socially to the nemesis of the rival fraternity.

But remember these parties served to fuel Leanne’s muscles as an infinite number of images of Kelly dressed to kill flooded her mind and her blood. Before the other brunette could react, Leanne managed to push her and, with a deft movement, mount her.

“What’s wrong?” she bragged, with Kelly writhing between her arms. “Don’t you were in better shape than me?”

“Just give me a minute, and you’ll see!”

The fight broke out again, with a beauty struggling to subdue and the other to escape. Spitting unintelligible grunts, Kelly grabbed Leanne’s mane once again, pulling it as if it were the point of support that she needed to turn the tables. Hissing in pain, Leanne closed her watery eyes for a second before replying, holding Kelly’s hair. Sobbing and moaning, the two spectacular brunettes grew tired in a war of strength, jerks and rubs, with black leather rustling in the shadows of the basement.

True to her promise, Kelly pushed Leanne aside, but before she could take revenge, the long right leg of the other woman went across the air. The dangerous heel of her boot came so close to her face that Kelly felt the sharp air on her cheek a moment before she moved back. Falling backwards, she also tried to kick her rival, but Leanne managed to roll away from her heel.

Away from each other for the first time in several minutes, the feline warriors knelt to nine steps of another female. Under their second leather skins, their bodies sweated profusely, fired by the physical, mental and emotional intensity of the encounter that took months fermenting between them. Catching the breath, both intently watched the face hidden behind the cat mask, looking for any sign of doubt or weakness in the deep eyes or the pouty lips. But what they found was quite the opposite: an even greater determination to finish what they had started.

The beauties rose, standing proudly but still out of stock on their long legs. The cats tensed around again, with its bright eyes alert to the second assault, while the girls jealously watched the other figure. Kelly found the body of Leanne more impressive than ever before; at the party, the tight leather hadn’t hidden any curve, adhering to Leanne’s shapes perfectly, but now what Kelly had in front of her exceeded the term ‘tight’: more than just a second skin, the catsuit now exhibited the body of her foe almost as if she were naked. She didn’t know if this was the effect of some kind of suggestion, set up by the darkness of the basement and the emotional chaos that burned in her head, or if the Catwoman costume had ended really adjusting further Leanne’s body because of the overexcited squeezes that her arms and legs had forced on her nemesis. ‘Whatever it is, I hate her body,’ she mused, watching the curved lines and the roundnesses that sculpted the perfect figure of Leanne. ‘Whatever it takes, I have to beat her, or I can’t live with it.’

On the other side of the unusual fighting arena, Leanne’s thoughts traveled the same confusing path. For the young brunette, Kelly had never been so incredibly sexy as at that moment. Her sweaty body seemed undeniably curvaceous, more shaped than it had never been. Leather hugged her figure even more firmly than her arms moments before, emphasizing her breasts, her pelvis and her thighs like there was no material covering every virtue. Leanne recalled how many times she heard the boys of the campus comparing their bodies; she had always eavesdropped these discussions with insane attention, enjoying when she was the chosen one and repudiating when —for whatever reason— Kelly was the favorite of the guys. ‘What do they think now?’ she thought, momentarily mesmerized by the swaying of the enemy’s tits on her chest. ‘To whom they would choose now?’

The doubts that were corroding to both beauties threatened the security that they had felt moments before, but the hesitations were countered by the certainty that what shone in the other eyes were deep jealousy.

“Ready?” Kelly hissed, for a second closer to a snake than a cat.

“Always,” Leanne growled with a tone broken by hunger of destruction.

With a new war cry, the girls clashed again in the center of the basement, this time standing up. Locking hands in a duel of strength, both groaned against her rival, matching and confronting the muscles of her arms, intoned by the long sessions of volleyball and tennis. The red nails dug into antagonist’s gloved hand backs, while gradually the faces and bodies of the women were getting closer each other.

“I’m gonna tear you apart! Do you hear me?” Kelly said, opening her arms in a cross to bring her boobs against the strong pair of Leanne.

“You would have to be a real cat to do that!” the other brunette discussed, panting along with her nemesis when she felt the hard tits crushed together. “And you’re nothing but a sow!”

Through the noisy leather, the two beauties noticed the heaviness of the other bust with a clarity that they could never have imagined. Kelly groaned with envy, feeling the exceptional curve of the breasts of her antagonist, while Leanne bit her lower lip to smother the burning sensation that ran over her soaked flesh because of the tight contact between tits. The young women had always assumed that they shared the same bra size and the same bra cup, but still they had been sure that, beyond that, their own boobs were slightly larger. Now, however, with the stubborn pressure from the other breasts, both began to doubt about that smug assertion.

With arms outstretched to the sides, Leanne and Kelly struggled between unstable heels, feline meowing and hateful glares. With their sculpted bodies and beautiful faces hidden under the black leather, with the shadows of the night dominating the basement, their fierce green and blue eyes and their heavily made up lips were the only spot of color in this dark world. While the eyes were talking about animosity and rivalry, the mouths highlighted in the shadows with their red fleshiness. Every word breathed through them seemed to be even more threatening, even more dangerous, because of the contrast between those fleshy and desired rubies and the darkness around.

“Whore,” Leanne found herself whispering, with her green irises fixed in nearby Kelly’s lips. Plump and lewd, they seemed to defy her femininity in the same way that the hard breasts of the other beauty were doing.

“Hooker,” Kelly muttered, feeling the sweet, hot breath of Leanne on her lips. Her eyes were unable to get away from the mouth of her rival: red and succulent, it hypnotized her so hard that she lost track of time.

Following an animal instinct that neither understood, the girls let go the other hands to embrace each other again, squeezing the other curvaceous body desperately, while the right leg of each one was placed behind the left leg of the enemy. Once again they were interlocked from top to bottom, with the amazons went back to compete each other muscle by muscle, in a hot and suffocating grip that, despite everything, wouldn’t be the main focus of this second assault between the sexiest women of the university.

None knew who started it… or even why they followed the lustful instincts that had taken control of their bodies. However, before they know it, their lips locked together in an aggressive and oppressive kiss. Kelly and Leanne gasped against another mouth, kneading together the thicker lips of the campus in a battlefield unknown for both beauties. However, intoxicated by alcohol, by the friction of bodies and by the jealous hatred, their dirty minds believed that this way was logical, as it seemed the only way to resolve who really was the hotter one.

The mouths feasted the fleshiness of the rival, sliding aggressively together in a struggle that combined, in equal parts, excitement and hate. Savoring each other, the brunettes soon began to use their teeth to give gentle bites into the kiss, as if both wanted to keep the state of war between their bodies. The right arms ended up circling the other head, the other mask; the hands tugged at the cat ears to control the warlike movements of the enemy, while the left hands of the beauties kept hugged the other torso.

The tongues then went into action like wet and hungry snakes. Leanne felt raped, with Kelly’s tongue pushing itself into her mouth with an unstoppable momentum, but after a couple of lashing, her tongue managed to push back the invading snake. In revenge, she profaned the interior of the mouth of Kelly with her own tongue.

For five, ten minutes, the girls battled mouth to mouth, tooth for tooth, tongue to tongue between female purrs replicated by cats around. Crushed against Kelly, Leanne could feel that, beyond the leather, the body of her archenemy felt enviably strong; instead, the full lips that she was licking and biting exhibited a softness so intense that the girl soon understand how much truth there was behind the rumors that circulated around campus about Kelly’s kisses. ‘Fucking hot bitch!’ she cried inside her head, obsessed by the insistent and irresistible lips of the other brunette.

Without warning, the kiss broke roughly; the two beauties backed away from the other between unsteady steps and heavy gasps. With rage, Leanne and Kelly tore off their cat’s hoods with a sharp tug. The beautiful faces were reddened with a blush that went far beyond the heat of the basement; the makeup that had improved their virtues perfectly at the party was now smeared around eyes, along their cheeks, intensifying the glances full of female resentment.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, fucking lesbian?” Leanne growled, throwing poison through mouth and eyes. Despite her hateful words, her tongue licked her own lips in a reflex action that revealed how much she had really enjoyed the kiss. In front of her, Kelly replicated the gesture instinctively, tasting once again the flavor that the mouth of her nemesis had left on her lips.

“And you, fucking dyke? What the hell were you doing?”

Running their hands through the wet dark hair, the brunettes tried to regain their breath while they were guarding the movements of another beauty. It was undeniable that the fight had changed abruptly, with the sexual nature that had always lurked in their rivalry jumping to the fore. Kelly could hardly believe that she had kissed the woman who she hated most in the world but, at the same time, she couldn’t wait to do it again. The shaking and gasps of Leanne had made her feel irresistible, femininely powerful, while her own signs of weakness were demanding revenge.

“I’ve always known that I turn you on,” Leanne spit, slowly taking off her leather gloves. “From the first time we met, I noticed it in your eyes…” Her green eyes descended to the heavy chest of her antagonist. “I noticed it in your slut nipples… just like now.”

Kelly didn’t need to look down to know about what was Leanne talking: the tension in the center of her tits was enough to make her know that her nipples had hardened more than ever before in her life. Fixing her blue irises on the bust of the other brunette, Kelly took pleasure in the toughness of Leanne’s nipples, clearly marked through the black leather.

“It seems I’m not the only horny here,” she mocked, licking her lips again. “Your nipples are about to break your costume.”

“They only want to show yours which pair is the longest, the fattest.”

“For that they would have to grow twice, lengthwise and widthwise.”

Keeping an eye on the opponent, the beauties slowly approached each other, step by step, attracted by a gravitational force that none could resist. The moonlight disappeared momentarily. extinguished by a cloud, and the basement went dark. The cats purred, watching the women moving towards the nemesis in total darkness.

The cloud passed just as Leanne’s and Kelly’s boobs flattened together. Both attempted to control the moan that was born from the touch, but at this stage of the confrontation it was impossible: the hot breath of every woman kissed the beautiful face of the rival, while the four eyes were flashing with animal desire. For now, the fight hunger seemed satisfied or, at least, it had been replaced by something deeper, more intimate, after sharing the passionate kiss.

“Do you feel it?” Kelly growled, moving her breasts to one side and then the other with deliberate delicacy, dragging her nipples across the bust covered by leather of Leanne.

“The only thing that I feel is that you’re a liar,” her enemy replied, returning each friction. “Mine are twice as large, not vice versa.”

“Prove it, you whore,” Kelly whispered, and the couple immediately brought their nipples together. The young women growled immediately, with an electric shock crossing her chests without the leather could help.

Nose to nose, forehead to forehead, Kelly and Leanne rubbed together their breasts, their nipples for a full minute, with the smell of sweat and perfume overwhelming their senses as much as the threatening gaze at close range from the other girl. The heat in the room began to be dangerously suffocating, forcing their lungs to work heavily.

“You bitch,” Leanne meowed, impaling her right nipple against Kelly’s left nipple. “What do you think now of my nipples?”

“I don’t know,” the other brunette was sincere, trying to bend Leanne’s left spear with her right weapon. “They seem weak and small, but these damn costumes don’t let me feel them properly.”

“Do you want us to continue this without leather?” the green-eyed beauty gasped, with her face reddening as much as the beautiful face of Kelly. Somehow, Leanne felt that this way was the right way: if she wanted to prove that she was the best woman, she hadn’t only to beat her bitter nemesis with claws and teeth, but also —and above all— with her feminine virtues. Only then she could corroborate what she had always thought: that her body was superior to the body of that cheap and conceited copy called Kelly.

“Come on,” the blue-eyed beauty exhaled with a voice fraught with tension and lust.

Following the new impetus of the confrontation, Leanne and Kelly hugged each other, further constricting the other tits while matching their crotches against each other. Resting her head on the other shoulder, both closed their trembling eyes for a moment, feeling the impressive body of the opponent. Then their hands slid behind the other’s neck to grab the zippers of the catsuits; pulling down, the girls stripped the sweaty back of the other brunette with deliberate parsimony, until reaching the end of the zipper just above their round, toned bottoms.

“Show me yours,” they muttered in unison, throwing their torsos slightly backward. Instinctively, theirs powerful legs had locked each other muscle by muscle, still keeping the women together.

The red nails gripped the leather that still covered the other shoulders to continue with this exciting double striptease: the vigilant cats mewed in ecstasy, observing how the young women undressed rival’s upper body, pulling the costume from the shoulders to the hips.

The eyes didn’t lose a moment to focus their attention on the foe’s bust: Leanne gasped when she saw the heavy breasts of her enemy, just covered by a bra that imitated the skin of a dangerous panther, while Kelly licked her lips as she scanned the dense boobs of the other girl under a bra that reproduced the skin of a threatening tiger. The generous chests gleamed in the moonlight, covered by several layers of sweat, like the rest of their silky skins.

They had never seen the tits of the woman who most hated so close, so naked; the rivalry that had joined them from the first day had much to do with her boobs, so the magnificent views that they now had in front of them only blackened their negative feelings even more. Kelly savored the envy in her mouth, unable to completely swallow it, and felt the same reaction in the Leanne’s female aura.

“Your tits have long been giving me problems,” Leanne confessed, slowly raising her hands.

“Yours too, you sow,” Kelly admitted, imitating the gesture of her rival. “The question is: what are we going to do to solve it?”

The answer came in the form of claws: the lacerating fingernails of the beauties dug into the other tits, squeezing them calmly but firmly in a desperate attempt to defeat the incredible virtues of the adversary. Beyond bras, Leanne and Kelly felt the firmness of other chests under their fingers; the jealousy that was devouring both girls from inside grew to toxic levels.

“Fucking panther,” Leanne growled as she dragged her fingers along the delicate nylon bra.

“Fucking tigress,” Kelly croaked, forcing a wince in Tri Sigma’s beauty by lacerating her breasts. “My girls are bigger and firmer than yours.”

“Keep dreaming,” Leanne answered. “What I feel in my hands is no match for my girls.”

“Well… feel them better!” Kelly got angry, tired of the arrogance of her nemesis, tired of the incredible sensuality of her perfect tits. Suddenly, her right hand left the other breast to hit Leanne’s beautiful face with a slap that —given the closeness between them— was awkward but, at the same time, painful. Without losing a single second, her enemy replied with her own slap… and the fight broke out again.

Several harsh and clumsy slaps hurt the cheeks of the young brunettes that ended up falling to the ground between groans of pain and excited cat meows. Rolling through the basement, the rivals pulled hair, slapped faces, arms and asses but, above all, the four hands desperately sought the hated tits of the other woman, wanting to destroy what most envy provoked in them. With renewed viciousness, they ended up tearing the bras, baring four boobs so sweaty and red as heavy and dense. Red fingernails violated the smooth skin and the rough areolas, while fingers pinched the thick, dark nipples of the girls.

With tears running her flushed cheeks, Leanne used all the strength of her fingers to destroy Kelly’s orbs until, at last, the other brunette removed her hands from her breasts to grab her wrists and, with a powerful pull, release her own suffering tits. Thinking that her foe had given up, Leanne prepared the appropriate mockery for the victorious moment, but she had no time to spit it out: suddenly, the sweaty breasts of both beauties hotly clashed together, forcing them to scream and moan.

“Stop beating about the bush,” Kelly yelled, hugging fiercely Leanne. “Let us settle this with our tits, not with our fingers!”

“You whore!” Leanne angered, rolling chest to chest with her antagonist through the basement. For a moment, she hated that Kelly had instigated the fight between their bare boobs instead of her. “If you want me to fuck your little things with my fat girls, go ahead!”

“If we talk about fucking, I’ll be the only one that will do it!”

Driven by the uninhibited contact between their bare and wet torsos and by the terms of the discussion, the arrogant girls locked their lips together for the second time, devouring each other while they were fighting on the floor. Around them, the cats yelled, throwing themselves against the cages in a collective madness, while human females pushed her hard breasts as close together as they could, in a war for living space. Kelly felt her tits gained and lost ground, crushing and being crushed in an oscillating and endless cycle. Her nipples, painfully stretched, rubbed against the dark brown weapons of Leanne, became eroded together mercilessly.

‘If I fully grind her tits, they never will harass me in my dreams,’ Kelly knew, feeling that her femininity was at stake. Tongue to tongue, she kept licking with Leanne until, at last, she managed to corner the body of her antagonist against a basement wall.

“Weak bitch,” she croaked, breaking the kiss between gasps. “When I finish with your tits and your mouth, no one will pay attention to you.”

Leanne’s response was sudden, hot: her tongue sank back between the lips of Kelly, choking her while her boobs jostled against Kelly’s pair with a determination that momentarily flattened the virtues of the other proud girl.

The impetus of Leanne forced Kelly to lose the dominant position: the green-eyed beauty mounted her against the hard concrete of the basement, starting a devastating offensive headed by an oppressive kiss and two breasts as firm as heavy. Kelly moaned under her, momentarily overwhelmed, until the mere possibility of defeat against her hated nemesis charged her body with lusty willpower. Her tongue, her breasts, her nipples recovered lost ground and, before Leanne could react, Kelly had already smashed her to the ground, overpowering her under an unstoppable assault.

For several minutes, the erotic battle ranged between Kelly’s victory and Leanne’s victory, with both beauties dominating the situation for a few seconds before being surpassed by the other brunette, losing the hard-worked advantage. The mouths ended up throbbing in pain by the bites while the tongues were losing energy by the eternal duel of snakes; meanwhile their tits began to lose some of their natural firmness because of the overexcited frictions between them, being terribly marked by rival’s nipples.

But the exhaustion and the equality of mouths and chests caused an instinctive change of tactics: the powerful legs of the girls took control of the fight, squeezing each other like if there were no tomorrow… and inevitably their crotches began to rub against each other under the black leather. Leanne was suddenly aware of the tension that exploded in her groin, a tension she had been feeling in fact —although she had never recognized it— since the first time that she saw her nemesis. But the tightness that ran through her most intimate anatomy at this time was more like a fire about to burst out of control that the far and deep echo that it had been for months. Certainly her sex was soaked for hours, knowing that she would face Kelly at the party, but nothing had prepared her for this.

‘Damn sexy slut…’ she insulted mentally, feeling through the tight leather that she wasn’t the only horny there. ‘I’m going to fuck you…’

“I’m going to fuck you.”

The words of her dirty thought echoed in the basement walls, but they didn’t come from her; separating their mouths for a second, Kelly had spat out her threat against her full lips at close range, as if she could read her mind.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Leanne repeated, now loudly, before diving into Kelly’s passionate mouth. The women kissed each other with fury and pleasure, thrusting their hands in the soaked and dark mane of the rival to lift the other woman on her knees with controlled hair jerks. Nibbling mutually, rubbing against each other chest to chest and pelvis to pelvis, the burning amazons became tired and excited at the same time until, unable to endure the ardor of the confrontation, both pulled the other head back, with watery eyes closed in pain, with delicious tanned necks twisted in uncomfortable position. The perfect teeth flashed in the darkness under the moonlight, clenched by the effort of the endless female fight, seconds before that the two beauties shouted when their scalps started to burn.

Both beauties collapsed then in the other arms; the toned bodies of Kelly and Leanne, prepared for the extreme effort through hours of swimming, tennis, volleyball and gymnastics, had reached their limit after an intense fight that had pushed —and exhausted— them beyond all levels: physical, mental and emotional. However, hugging their opponent, they knew that there was still a battlefield where they could settle what they had failed to solve in the other territories: who really was the best woman.

Slowly, the university students brought their faces together, nose to nose, face to face, to fix their eyes on the opposite gaze. Both read the pain and exhaustion that her nemesis felt in the depths of her eyes, but also the determination to the final duel that was about to explode…

“You whore,” Leanne gasped with a broken voice. “I’ll show you I’m better than you in every way.”

“Before the night is over, you will accept what your body already knows,” Kelly growled, barely able to whisper her threatened. “That I’m the best one.”

“I’m the real cat among us,” the most popular girl in Tri Sigma exclaimed. “I’m the real cat, and you’re just a vulgar copycat.”

“You’re the copycat,” the beauty of Kappa Delta replied. “Do you think you can go around the campus with a body like mine without consequences, you sow?”

“It’s your body the only one that is trying to copy my body.” The hands in the other manes began to relax their grip, allowing the women to return to come face to face. “You walk through the campus with tits like mine, with an ass like mine… and do you really think that I’m going to allow it?”

With the tense conversation advancing in the mutual acceptance of the origin of their rivalry, the foes rubbed their bare tits together again to revive the fighter momentum that they had lost. The memory of months of jealousy and competition boiled the blood of the girls, hardening even more the nipples that each one was dragging through the other delicious flesh.

“You said that you were going to fuck me,” Kelly muttered, with her thick lips rubbing against the fleshy mouth of Leanne.

“You said the same thing,” her enemy said, pressing her face a little more against the beautiful face of the other young girl.

For a full minute, no word was spit; Leanne and Kelly let their bodies speak to each other, with their tits sanding each other with increasing vigor. The gasps echoed through the basement, now dominated by an almost absolute silence; the cats had been hypnotized by the sultry dispute that they were watching while, in the outside world, the moon still dominated the sky, illuminating with its dim light the hot antagonists… and more. Kelly saw the glint sideways: a silvery flash that managed to divert her attention from the suggestive facial features of Leanne.

“Oh, I see you’ve discovered my little secret,” knowing what had caught the attention of her rival, Leanne looked at the object at the same time as Kelly. “I admit it: I like to bring my conquests down here and… being a bad girl.”

The handcuffs were on top of one of the cat cages, shining in a call to attention that looked desperate. Kelly’s eyes widened in surprise, knowing that it had been right now, just at the moment in which both were threatening each other to fuck the other body, when she had seen the handcuffs. ‘There they are, at the right time, just when we need them,’ she thought, terribly excited with the fate that seemed to surround and guide the two females.

“Do you think I’m one of your conquests?” Kelly fixed her suggestive look in Leanne’s green eyes. Their juicy lips curled into a cruel feline smile. “I’m the cat that sneaks up on you every night in your fantasies. I’m the panther that going to hunt you down in your own territory. You’re my conquest… my prey.”

“I’m the tigress that devours kittens like you,” Leanne whispered, rubbing her nose, her mouth, against her rival. “I’m the queen of your dreams and the danger of your nightmares. I’m gotta gobble down you… and your female ego.”

The red fingernails descended through the other back, clinging to the powerful buttocks of the rival, forcing their burning crotches to increased contact.

“Fucking slut,” Kelly gasped, feeling that her pussy was hotter than ever. The fierce fight had exhausted her muscles, but the hunger for Leanne did nothing but increase, did nothing but scream that it had to be satisfied. “I’m the best woman, the best cat and the best bitch… and I’ll show you.”

A low, defiant purr came from the lips of Leanne. The sensual young brunette felt the umpteenth throb of excitement traveling through her sex: her interior demanded food, and only Kelly’s flesh can calm it down.

“I’m better woman than you, I’m better cat than you and I’m better bitch than you… you disgusting cunt,” she attacked, beginning to lose control. Her tongue licked briefly her foe’s delicious mouth, and Kelly replied with her own lick. “I’ll prove it to you… once and for all.”

“Prove it to me, whore,” Kelly demanded, biting the thick lower lip of the other beauty. “Prove to me how fucks a bitch in heat like you.”

Leanne’s pubic bone slammed against the crotch of Kelly abruptly, and the bony sound rang through the air as the bell which gave start to a combat. Shouting more for surprise than for pain, Kelly hit back, forcing her opponent to scream with some exasperation. Drinking from the vampire beauty of the other face, the amazons began to rub their genitals together like animals dominated by passion, but they soon found frustrating the protection offered by the tight black leather of their costumes.

“Bitch!” Leanne growled, feeling the claws of the other brunette tugging the leather that was guarding her most intimate anatomy.

“Slut!” Kelly croaked while the nails of her nemesis torn apart the leather that still covered her hot crotch.

Soon, the two antagonists felt a slight and warm breeze kissing their butts and, a second later, their throbbing pussies; the dark leather was ripped from their bodies, revealing one of the dirtiest secrets of the night: none of them wore panties.

“I knew it!” they howled simultaneously, clawing the other’s woman round buttocks. “You sow!”

Completely naked, the girls felt that their hearts were ready to burst beneath their dense breasts because, after months of competition, both knew that they had reached the climax of their rivalry: the naked and direct challenge between their sexes, where everything would be settled.

‘No more tennis matches! No more volleyball, no more swimming! No more stupid rules!’ Kelly shouted inside her head. ‘Just she and me! Her pussy against mine!’

The cunts collided for the first time totally bare, with desperation and anxiety, and an electrical explosion nearly destroyed both women with the most powerful orgasm of their lives. However, the deep enmity that bound the beauties managed to keep them in the fight, although in the verge of the humiliating and final ecstasy.

“A bitch in heat like me fucks like this!” Leanne cried out, remembering the words of Kelly. Her pussy was moving up and down with impetus, rubbing itself against foe’s sex on a wet and hot battle. Kelly’s vaginal lips felt thick, lubricated, while her trimmed pubic hair was scraping harshly against her own dark jungle. Closing her eyes in ecstasy, Leanne felt a jolt of dirty pleasure travelling around her sweaty body.

“For your whore reputation, I thought that you would fuck better!” Kelly attacked, pushing her pussy against the most intimate anatomy of Leanne strongly, with passion. “You’re just a cheap slut who gets horny for my body!”

They could hardly believe that they were fucking with the most hated female in the world, but at the same time, the most stunning beauties of the campus knew that the mutual threats and the reactions of their bodies to the close fight had dragged them to this point… when there was no turning back, where only the sexual submission of the other woman could solve their bitter differences.

“You’re the one horny for my body!” Leanne moaned, rubbing her crotch increasingly faster, more brutally against her enemy’s.

“You’re the one who’s about to cum against my superior cunt!” Kelly replied, leaning back at the same time as the other brunette. Entwining legs, the couple brought all of their pussies in touch, locking them in a tribadism war that could only end with the total destruction of the will and the sexual ego of the other girl. The hands eagerly grabbed the other body, digging their fingernails into her thighs and asses while the smell of the hot angry sex filled the basement room.

“You fucking tramp!” Leanne meowed, with her gaze lost in the sweaty and beautiful face of another female, contorted with pleasure and the feeling of being raped. “I’m the cat queen! I’m your fucking queen! Bow down before me, you bitch!”

“You’re the queen of the jealous hookers, nothing else!” Kelly purred, watching with desire the beautiful, reddened facial features of her foe, enjoying every orgasmic gesture in her face. “I’m the feline queen! The mistress of your body! I’m the woman with the hotter pussy!”

For several tense minutes, the enemies of the two most popular sororities of the city competed cunt against cunt, rubbing their femininities with anger and determination in a pubic war as hot as dirty. Both women were opening their legs more and more, locking their thighs together to force a deeper contact between their crotches.

“Bitch, bitch, bitch!” they cried in unison, unable to think of any other word. A second later, the girls leaned forward and grabbed the other wet hair, kissing each other obscenely, silencing the other insults. Then they started rolling down the basement in a new and full battle between bodies. Around the amazons, the room was nothing more than a chaotic whirlwind: screaming cats, shadows beyond the moonlight and remains of dark leather; a whirlpool where they were the center, united in a struggle of excited hatred and quivering flesh.

Then, in the middle of chaos, Leanne felt the cold touch of metal. Before she could react, Kelly had already closed her handcuffs on their wrists, tying them together in this final battle. But the action was just psychological because neither of the two beauties had any intention of stepping back now, just when their rivalry was about to be resolved.

“Is that what you like, whore!?” the woman with blue eyes asked, gritting her teeth as she felt her tits slip sharply against Leanne’s firm breasts. “Handcuffing your prey so it can’t escape from your basement!? How unfortunate that this time you are MY prey!”

The cunts were shaking more and more, without control; each eager friction approached the girls a little more to the orgasm that both wanted to steal from other she-cat, to the orgasm that both feared to yield to her hated nemesis.

“You are MY prey, smug bitch!” the voice of the green-eyed girl was hoarse and hot. Her mouth was pounding because of the voluptuous war of kisses, while her tongue began to lose strength, just like the tongue of Kelly. “You have made the mistake of your life when you have handcuffed to me! You will never leave this basement! I will fuck you every night for the rest of your pathetic life!”

Unable to keep talking, Leanne and Kelly continued to feel each other, panting more and more erratically as the duel progressed. The excited purrs and meows from the locked cats joined the exciting sound of the carnal combat, creating an atmosphere that affected severely the girls in this definitive stage of their all-out war. Mouth against mouth, boobs against boobs, sex against sex, the young beauties groaned, shouted and spat, rolling one over the other, back and forth, in the final stretch of their physical challenge. Angrily horny, erotically wet, they gave everything they had… until their clits emerged from their skin chapels to join in the final battle…

“Fuck!!!” they shrieked when they felt the powerful and orgasmic contact. The climax that they had been counteracting for minutes broke out in their pussies, and the most amazing orgasm of their lives shattered their iron wills. Cumming at the same time, Kelly and Leanne kept rolling, crying and screaming uncontrollably as the powerful muscles of their asses flexed spasmodically to keep their sensitive clits together despite everything in a desperate attempt to bring another beauty to the total and absolute submission.

The orgasm chained to the next, and this with the next, creating a hot, endless explosion. Unable to stop crying, the girl kissed, bitted and licked each other to vent vainly the earthquake that ripped their pussies. In a pool of sweat, the women became tired for three, four, five minutes… until finally one of them couldn’t take it anymore.

“No, bitch, no, fuck, no!” Leanne wept, with Kelly getting enough self-control to mount her and, with her last strength, force the last orgasms from the defeated and sexy body of Leanne.

Then, surrounded by delicate cat purrs, the two beauties passed out in the other arms, still tied by the wrists, and fell into a chaotic and hot dream where Kelly reaffirmed her victory and where Leanne got her revenge.

Ten hours later, when both were waking, the brunettes would want to make their dreams come true…

The End.

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    Really like this story, I wonder who wins and the aftermath. I think that Kelly is the better woman than Leanne… what do you think?


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