Queen of the Pirates by JB57

Part I

Allara looked out on the ocean and smiled. She loved days like this, when the sea was calm and the sun was bright and the breeze coming off the ocean was sweet and strong and reliable. She was particularly happy because today she was finally going to do something that she had longed to do for the past two years. She was going to meet Rhianna, the queen of the pirates, in a battle to determine whether the queen would retain her title or be forced to surrender it to Allara. She felt the tension of uncertainty in her chest and deep in the pit of her stomach. But these sensations were more than compensated for by the sense of excitement and eager anticipation that made her heart beat harder. She smiled wider, a touch of animal heat lighting her eyes. One way or the other, things between Allara and the pirate queen would soon be settled.

The wind blew through Allara’s fire red hair, which was only partly controlled by her black head band. Her green eyes sparkled with the light bouncing off the water. A pair of golden earrings dangled from her earlobes and a golden bracelet adorned each wrist. She was wearing a pure white blouse, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. The blouse should have been loose-fitting, but it strained to contain her magnificent chest. Her thick, sharp nipples cut into the fine cloth, her firm, mammoth breasts rolled and bounced with the movement of the boat she was in.

The blouse was unbuttoned all the way down her chest, and then tied into a knot just below her rocking tits. Her beautiful belly, sun-kissed, powerfully muscled and smooth, was naked all the way down to her pubes. Her navel was decorated with a small, shining golden stud. A large belt buckle, silver and jeweled, clasped a narrow leather belt which hugged her broad, rounded hips at their widest point. Skin-tight cloth pants clung enticingly to her ass and outlined her powerfully muscled thighs and calves. She wore calf-high black boots, turned over at the top. At her left hip hung a scabbard and a saber with a gold-studded hilt. A dagger was strapped to her right thigh. Another dagger was secreted in her left boot. Allara was the perfect picture of a savage, beautiful pirate queen and today she would stake a claim to that title that no one else could challenge.

Allara was standing in the bow of a dory, balancing herself sure-footedly as four hulking, grim-faced men rowed the small vessel toward the jungle island of Alusia. At the back of the boat, a giant African man held the boat’s tiller and directed it to a specific spot on the approaching beach. Alusia was one of the treasures of the ocean, a small, verdant piece of beauty in the middle of the sparkling blue sea. But this small island only appeared on very special maps. It was known only to the pirate clans of the Southern seas, and it served as both a gathering place and an arena and court in which disputes between the various clans could be resolved.

As the boat pulled closer to the island, it began to buck and jump as it was caught by the surf. Allara crouched down in the bow, and the men relaxed and pulled in their oars, letting the waves carry them closer to the shore. When they were near enough, they pulled hard and brought the craft to a smooth landing on the sandy beach. Allara leaped out onto the tide-hardened sand, and began walking up the beach towards a large wooden totem pole closer to the edge of the forest. This was what the pilot had used to guide the boat in. Behind her, the men clambered out of the dory and pushed it higher onto the beach. At the forest edge, Allara stopped and peered into the thick vegetation. She could just make out a path, moving away from the wooden totem. Other totems would act as markers for the path far into the jungle. She would follow this trail to the meeting place.

Allara turned back to her men, who were now gathered on the beach, waiting for her. Hands on her naked hips, she walked toward the hardened men. She read their expressions. They all looked at her with respect and fear, but also with a barely contained lust and longing. It was a dangerous thing, to be the female captain of a pirate ship, but these men were trained and disciplined and they knew that she had earned her place and had the skill and savagery with the sword to maintain it. They also had learned to appreciate her intelligence and cunning. When they looked at her, they saw a terribly beautiful and desirable woman who had earned their loyalty.

“Rorgo,” she said to the strapping African man, her first mate and most reliable ally. “I’ll be going into the forest now. If I’m not back in two days, come looking for me. I won’t stray from the path, so finding me should not be difficult.”

“Yes, Captain Allara,” the giant man replied. He pointed out to their ship, the “Spartan”, at anchor off the coast. “We will return to the ship, then be back here at late afternoon, two days from now.” He paused, then lowered his voice. “I wish you the best fortune, Captain. Rhianna is a powerful foe, but you are every bit as skilled and resourceful as she is. Just be careful.”

Allara smiled. “Thank you, my friend,” she said. “When I return to this beach, it will be as the new queen of our clans. And I will have proof of my victory. And we will all be a lot richer for it.”

Rorgo handed her a water sack and a small side-bag containing food and other essential supplies. Then, he and the other men bowed low. She nodded in acknowledgement of their fealty, then turned and walked into the forest, following the path. Rorgo watched her as she strode away, her bountiful hips swaying, her bare back shining in the sun until she disappeared into the shadow of the trees. He turned to the men.

“Well, let’s head back to the “Spartan”,” he said. The men nodded. As they muscled the dory back into the water and began to row through the surf, one of the men called out to him.

“Do you think the captain can do it, Rorgo?”

Rorgo paused. “Yes, I think she can. But defeating Rhianna – in any contest – is something no one, no man or woman, has done before. She will need all her gods around her this time.”

With a troubled look, Rorgo returned to the task of steering the small boat through the crashing sea.

Allara had been dropped off on the beach in the late morning. She expected to reach the ancient ruins where she would meet Rhianna by the mid-afternoon. After two hours of walking, she stopped to relieve herself, drink and eat. As she sat on a fallen tree, basking in the jungle heat, she poured some cool water down her ample cleavage, enjoying the trickle of water as it slid between her tits, then leaked down her naked belly, momentarily pooling in her navel, before continuing down to her belt. She contemplated the battle to come.

The pirate clans of the southern seas were outlaws and brigands, but they also had strict codes of honour and laws that governed their relations with each other. Every three years, one woman would be chosen to be the queen of the clans. This was not merely a ceremonial title. The queen was entitled to a share of the bounty of every ship under clan control. She had a special and important role in any of the clans’ deliberations. She also was designated to be the mate of the reigning king.

The current queen, Rhianna, was a black-haired beauty who had suddenly appeared more than six years before. She rose rapidly through the ranks on her ship and, within two years, had gone from being the first mate and mistress of the captain of her ship, the “Gladiator”, to being the captain of the powerful vessel. She defended her position ruthlessly, proving to be so deadly with a blade that she rapidly became a legend within the pirate world and beyond. Where she had acquired this skill, no one knew, but then no one knew anything about her except for the fact that she had begun her career as the captive of the “Gladiator”’s captain, taken prisoner when the pirate ship had raided a luxury vessel sailing through the southern waters.

A year after becoming captain of the “Gladiator”, Rhianna challenged the reigning pirate queen, the beautiful golden-haired Justine, for her position. Justine and the incumbent king, Hugo, had served together for more than six years and, in that time, had become renowned for the strength of their bond. Rhianna and Justine went into the jungles of Alusia, met in ritual combat, and Rhianna emerged victorious. Justine survived the encounter seemingly unscathed, save for a few bruises. But it was clear that her will had been broken. She gave up her title and her man to Rhianna. Rhianna had not been particularly interested in Hugo, but she bedded him anyway as one of the perks of her new position. It was rumored that Hugo and Justine continued their affair in secret, but Rhianna seemed to care little for this. She had her own affairs and her interest in being the queen of the pirates had much more to do with the economic incentives than the physical.

When men fought for the role of king, maimings and death were common. When women fought to be queen, maimings and death occasionally happened, but it was far more often the case that both women walked away with only minor physical damage. Most pirate men, rather foolishly, attributed this difference to the gentler nature of women. But Allara knew well the viciousness of which women were capable. She knew that Rhianna and Justine had resolved their differences in a way that was particular to powerful, sexually voracious women. She smiled in anticipation.

As she rested in the shade of an ancient mango tree, Allara vividly remembered her first meeting with Rhianna two years before, and the events that had led to this day. She had been at a small meeting of the clans, an unusual event that was needed for some of the local private groups to resolve a series of minor disputes. The day’s meetings had gone well. Allara had been talking to a group of men, hardened pirates, enjoying their adoration and frustrated lust. They looked at her with unabashed desire, but they all knew that they could not have what they wanted.

Allara enjoyed this sense of power over these lustful, brutal men, who were so used to doing what they wanted with women. In the midst of their flirtation, however, the conversation had suddenly stopped and all the men had turned their eyes from Allara’s beautiful body, which she had been proudly flaunting in an open shirt, bare belly and tight leggings, to something behind her. Allara turned around and suddenly found herself face to face with the most beautiful and voluptuous woman she had ever seen, outside of her own mirror.

The black-haired, blue-eyed beauty confronting her was Rhianna, only one year as queen but already a legend. Rhianna had just arrived at the gathering, to give her blessing as queen to the arrangement that the disputing pirate lords had reached. Rhianna was dressed in as revealing a way as Allara, her massive tits challenging her tight shirt, a deep and alluring cleavage drawing all eyes, her belly bare and rippling with muscle, her hips wide and inviting, her powerful legs sheathed in skintight leggings. It was immediately apparent to both women that they rivaled each other in every respect. The women’s eyes locked, green to blue, and the heat that passed between them shook both Amazons to their very cores. The intense sexual jealousy that immediately blossomed in Allara’s heart was mirrored in Rhianna’s eyes. They were two fantastically beautiful, dominant women, both brimming with sexual power. One of them had to establish herself as the alpha bitch.

The two beauties had stood, hands on their jutting, rounded hips, massive chests and hard nipples thrust out at each other in an almost instinctive challenge. Then Rhianna had smiled. “You must be Allara,” she said, in a deep, melodious voice. She extended her right hand, offering Allara, as was the custom, the opportunity to kiss her ring, a diamond set in gold, the symbol of her status as queen of the pirates.

Allara had leaned forward and taken Rhianna’s hand, then kissed the ring. But she let her soft lips press to the skin of Rhianna’s hand, and she softly caressed the other woman’s wrist and hand as she pulled back. She smiled inwardly as she felt the erotic shudder that ran through Rhianna’s body at her sensual touch, the fire that flared brighter in the raven-haired beauty’s eye, the involuntary parting of her moist lips as she locked eyes with Allara again. The women wanted each other, wanted to break and master each other, with an intensity that shook them both. Rhianna recovered herself. “I would be very grateful if you would join me for dinner tonight, in my tent.” Allara hid her eagerness, but readily accepted. “Milady,” she replied. “I would be honored.” The women exchanged hot, promising smiles, then Rhianna moved away, to greet other clan members. The tension in Allara’s tits and cunt grew with each beat of her heart.

That night, Allara had arrived at the tent of the new queen. She had absolutely no desire to be queen and her interest in Rhianna was, to her mind, entirely private. This was a matter between two alpha bitches who needed to establish which one was dominant. She was admitted to the tent by Rhianna’s guard. She was wearing the same brief shirt and tight leggings she had on earlier. Rhianna was also wearing her cropped shirt, with her tits practically spilling out, and her belly completely naked. But she had removed her pants and boots, and was now dressed in a kind of skirt, but one which consisted of only two long, narrow strips of cloth, supported by her belt. One strip hung down between her legs at the front, the other slipped over her ass, though it provided little protection. This outfit left her bare legs completely free and exposed. She was barefoot. Allara felt a shot of heat when she saw the other woman. She knew that Rhianna was putting her fantastic flesh on display for Allara’s benefit, and the redhead could not stop the arousal building between her legs and in her chest. She licked her lips, lust shining in her eyes.

Allara and Rhianna arranged themselves on the seating cushions and rugs on the floor of the tent and had soon aligned their bodies. Rhianna’s naked legs, curving hip, bare belly and heavy tits spilling enticingly from under her shirt, captivated Allara. Allara’s equally voluptuous body entrapped Rhianna. The women ate and talked, but it was clear to Allara that this encounter would soon end in a sexual duel. It had to; she and Rhianna were burning with mutual desire. Even so, however, Rhianna seemed curiously unwilling to take the next step and challenge Allara to sexual combat.

Finally, after almost a half hour of innocuous conversation and shared food and wine, Allara decided to take the initiative.

“Surely, my queen,” she said, “you did not invite me here to talk about ships and treasure and crews?”

Rhianna smiled. “Oh? Well, then, what do you think I invited you here to do?” she asked archly.

Allara smiled, then put down her glass of wine. Her eyes were glowing with heat, and her green gaze locked to Rhianna’s luminous blue eyes.

“I think that you asked me here so we could fuck.” Both beauties smiled at each other, at the words. Allara continued, murmuring gently. “I think that both of us want to know which of us has the stronger tits, the better cunt. Which of us is the greater woman. Am I wrong?”

Rhianna put down her wine, her smile now vicious, the hunger and desire to dominate and control a rival bitch blazing in her eyes. “I think that you’re absolutely right, Allara. What would you like to do about it?” she whispered, the softness of her voice doing nothing to hide the heat of her desires.

Reaching out across the short distance separating them, Allara slipped her warm left hand into Rhianna’s billowed shirt and cupped the queen’s magnificent right tit. She hesitated only a moment, then squeezed the dense flesh, sinking in her fingers, then rubbed her palm over the erect nipple. Rhianna closed her eyes and bit her lip, suppressing a groan of need. She responded by slipping her right hand inside of Allara’s shirt and, in a moment, the redhead felt a jolt of erotic energy that shot down to crotch and caused her to arch her back like a cat as Rhianna’s gentle hand caressed her left breast and squeezed her engorged nipple.

Allara was panting with excitement. She could see and feel Rhianna’s heaving tits, her pounding heart. The redheaded beauty leaned closer, pushing her face towards Rhianna’s beautiful visage, her mouth open, her tongue desperate to meet and tangle with that of the queen. Rhianna moved to meet her, her mouth half open, wet and inviting. Both women pushed closer, glaring at each other through half-opened eyes, breathing in the other’s musk, continuing to squeeze and knead at the other’s yielding tit. They began to breathe the other’s hot breath as their gorgeous faces moved close, as the pants of hunger and desire grew faster and more desperate. They moved their bodies closer, naked, thrusting hips touching, Rhianna starting to drape a bare leg over Allara’s perfectly-formed calf. Allara felt her cunt growing tight, the heat and wetness between her legs already overwhelming.

Then, suddenly, an explosion disturbed the sounds of ribald revelry coming from outside the tent. Drunken shouts of crude laughter turned to screams of anger and pain, cries of excitement turned to shouts of surprise and rage.

Shocked from their lustful trance, the two women pulled apart. Allara leaped to her feet and drew her saber; Rhianna retrieved her own weapon from beside the cushions and followed the redhead out of the tent. The encampment was under attack by the king’s soldiers, who were now overrunning the camp. Off-shore, the many pirate ships were now locked in an exchange of cannon-fire with royal battleships. A number of the brigand vessels were already burning.

Rhianna and Allara exchanged one last, hot look of lust, then fell to slaughtering the king’s troops. The last time Allara saw Rhianna, the black-haired beauty was howling like a banshee, the body of an unfortunate soldier stuck to her end of her saber, another in the process of having his throat slashed open by the queen’s dagger.

That night had been chaotic and violent, but the pirates had finally managed to drive back the attacking military and escape to their ships. Allara assumed that Rhianna had gotten away, but it was not until two months later that she received a letter from the pirate queen. Its message had been simple:

“Allara, -I regret that we were not able to decide the matter between us when last we met. I am most anxious that this matter not go unresolved. I think that we would both be happier with a clear understanding of where we both stand. I invite you to meet me on the island of Alusia, in the central temple, on the day of (and here she named a date). I think that two days and nights together should be enough to settle our differences. Please respond as best and as soon as you can. Rhianna.”

As Allara read the note, her body responded. Her loins grew tight, her pussy moistened and almost contracted. Sharp nipples grew in size, throbbing with heat, and her tits seemed to grow even denser and hotter than their usual weight. She responded immediately. She noted that Rhianna had named a date of meeting exactly two years from the night on the island. It was a long time to wait, but Allara also understood the subtext to what Rhianna was saying. For she and Rhianna to fight 2 years in the future meant that Rhianna’s crown would be part of the prize. Allara did not really want to be queen, but she understood that Rhianna was increasing what was at stake for both of them, making the prospect of a battle between them potentially far more humiliating to the loser. Allara did not to wait for two years. But she had to. The sense of anticipation tortured and excited her for the next 22 months. She went to bed dreaming of her hand on Rhianna’s breast, sharing hot breath with the pirate queen, of blazing blue eyes and soft satiny skin. She dreamed of what it would be like to crush that magnificent body under her own, to rub naked flesh to naked flesh, to master the other woman’s hot, hairy sex. And she was quite sure that the lustful fascination was mutual. So, she waited, letting her body get more and more excited, preparing herself as best she could, for the confrontation with her dark-haired enemy.

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Allara shook herself out of her reverie, downed another gulp of water, then picked up her bag and continued down the path. According to ritual, Rhianna’s ship would have landed her on the other side of the island. The two women would meet in the ruins of an ancient temple located in the middle of the island.

Two hours later, Allara reached the ruins. Little was left of the temple except stone walls jutting out of the foliage and a few pagan statues. But the site retained a sense of power and some of its walls still enclosed ancient rooms that were now open to the sky. Allara wondered if she had arrived before Rhianna. No sooner had that thought crossed her mind, however, than a dagger came shooting out from the ruins, aimed directly at her head. Reacting with the reflexes of a cheetah, Allara caught the blade by its hilt. She dropped her bag, drew her saber with her right hand and, holding the thrown dagger in her left, crouched down, ready to fight.

A deep chuckle came out of the shadows of the temple, followed by the gorgeous Rhianna. The pirate queen walked gracefully into view, her womanly hips swaying as she moved, her beautiful, firm breasts rocking gently, her eyes glittering with a sadistic mirth. She held her saber in her right hand, but her left hand was empty.

“Very good, Allara,” the black-haired beauty smirked, brushing some of her wild, thick mane out of her face. “You really are a gifted warrior.”

Rhianna paused 4 meters away from Allara, who faced her rival with her weapons drawn and her senses ready for any attack. The queen was relaxed. She placed her left hand on a cocked hip and looked Allara up and down. Her eyes lingered on the redhead’s sweat-glistening breasts and taut belly, the golden stud glinting in her navel. Rhianna’s blazing blue eyes sparkled with heat.

Allara used the moment to study the beauty before her. Her nipples tightened and her pussy moistened. A deep throb of heat rippled in her loins.

The pirate queen was dressed in a sleeveless blue blouse. Like Allara’s blouse, it was also open all the way down her chest. It was knotted just under her breasts and her muscular brown belly was completely bare. Her belt buckle sat so low on her torso that it looked as though it was just above her pubic hair. Her navel glinted with a tiny diamond stud and she wore silver hoop earrings and a pagan cross on a golden chain around her neck. The ring of her office was on her right hand. Skin-tight black leggings outlined her thighs and buttocks. Calf-high brown leather boots covered her lower legs. She wore a small black head scarf that was tied like a cap on the top of her head and blended with her lustrous black hair. Her taut, ripe flesh overflowed from everything that she was wearing and Allara was hit with the sense of overwhelming erotic power that she encountered the first time she met this woman. Rhianna’s massive breasts, shining with perspiration, pushed aggressively at her blue shirt, stretching the cloth tight, her hard brown nipples and round areola clearly visible through the straining material. Her smooth torso, glistening with sweat, narrowed into a lithe, slick waist, centered by a narrow slit of a navel, which then flared to round, firm hips. Her arms were tightly muscled, her blue eyes shone with a mesmerizing power, her red lips stretched over beautiful white teeth, which were now bared in an animal grin. Her upswept nose and high cheekbones marked her as a classical beauty.

Allara glared at her rival, sexual rage and hunger building in her. The heat in her pussy, the ache in her breasts, told her of her need to master and break this beautiful whore. And, as she stared into Rhianna’s fevered gaze, she saw that the other woman felt just as she did.

Allara relaxed, though still alert, and straightened up. She tossed the dagger back to Rhianna, who caught it and replaced it in her thigh-scabbard in one smooth movement.

“You’re a bitch, Rhianna,” Allara said, conversationally. “That could have killed me.”

“Maybe,”the black-haired beauty replied. “But isn’t that why we’re here? To see which of us is the better woman?”

“Then let’s get started,” Allara snarled, crouching down and drawing her own dagger. “Which will it be? Sabers or daggers?”

“Why not both?,” Rhianna replied. Then, suddenly, the pirate queen was moving like lightning, her dagger back in her hand, her body flowing across the distance separating her from Allara, her saber out, a blur of steel.

Allara rushed to meet her, moving just as fast. The women came together, their bodies rippling with effort, their sabers flashing with speed, their daggers darting in and out, clashing together, probing defenses, looking for any opening. Both women’s faces became masks of absolute concentration as they locked together in a deadly dance where any misstep or miscalculation could leave one of them dead or severely maimed.

For 10, 20, 30 minutes, the two pirate women clashed, their swords beating out a staccato rhythm, their daggers flashing toward taut, flawless flesh before being turned away at the last second. Their breath came in hard pants, and hot sweat began to drip down their faces, though Allara’s head band and Rhianna’s headscarf did much to soak up their perspiration. Their bodies shone with moisture and their heavy tits bounced and jolted with every lightning movement, threatening to spill out of their gaping blouses at any moment. Their torsos twisted and rippled, their legs leaped and danced as the battle raged on.

The women moved around the temple clearing, using the walls and the statues to dodge blades, to jump to the higher ground, to buy time. The women were both starting to tire. They had set a breakneck pace for their combat for more than 30 minutes and it was starting to take a toll.

Allara concentrated, her instincts fully at play, her body moving almost of its own accord, but still straining to counter Rhianna’s attack. Allara had trained for years with sword and dagger and in every other form of combat. She had fought against and worked with the best swordsmen in the world. She had come into this battle quite confident of her chances of success. But she had never encountered a warrior like Rhianna. Allara was beyond fear, she was beyond doubt, her entire mind and body were engaged in the process of staying alive. But she was shocked at how good Rhianna was. It seemed the rumors of the queen’s skill were true.

For her part, Rhianna was equally shocked. She had been a pirate woman for more than six years, and she had trained long and hard as a warrior before that. In her time on the seas, she had fought and killed many men and women, and she had thought that she had encountered every kind of threat. But this redheaded beauty was very, very good and Rhianna knew that she was being pushed beyond any point she had gone before. She realized how remarkable it was that, so far, neither she nor Allara had drawn first blood.

Even so, both women were now approaching the limits of their bodies. The hilts of their sabers and daggers were wet with sweat, their limbs felt heavy from effort, their breath came in burning gasps. In a clearing near the center of the temple, they thrust and parried with their swords and daggers, then suddenly came together, sabers locked in an “x”, daggers bracing their swords. Rhianna and Allara glared hatefully at each other through their crossed weapons, blazing blue eyes locked to green, hot, sweet breath mixing. They pushed forward until they were almost nose to nose, their bountiful chests held apart by the crossed weapons, but still pushing at each other, hot nipples grazing their counterparts.

They pushed at each other in a test of strength, holding each other in a quivering stalemate, their legs and naked abdomens straining, neither woman wanting to break off, both wanting to prove herself stronger than her enemy, but both also leery of the moment that her opponent might suddenly shift her weight and throw the other off-balance, or slip her dagger free and into the shining bare belly of the woman she was straining against. As they pushed against each other, as their breath mixed and their eyes bore into each other, Allara felt something shift inside of her. The tension in her pussy suddenly grew tenfold, and her cunt convulsed. A blast of hot, wet pussy juice suddenly soaked the crotch of her leggings. Even as her mind registered, with a shock, what had just happened, she saw a look of surprised consternation in Rhianna’s eyes and realized that the same thing had happened to the pirate queen.

With a gasp, the women pushed apart and retreated a few steps, to glare at each other with anger and surprise. Then, leaping onto a nearby rock, Allara unexpectedly launched herself at Rhianna, bringing her saber down in a sweeping arc. Rhianna stepped back to parry the blow but, just as Allara had hoped, her foot caught on a raised stone and she lost her footing. Fear flashed in the queen’s eyes. Rhianna got her saber up in time, and her arm shook with the force of Allara’s sword coming down on hers. Rhianna’s back hit the ground and she rolled, struggling to put distance between herself and Allara before the redhead could press her advantage. But when she rolled back to her feet, she saw Allara’s saber coming straight for her and she barely had time to block the blow with her own weapon. Her sword arm shook and her weapon went spiraling out of her grip, into a temple wall behind her.

For the first time in her life as a master swordswoman, Rhianna found herself disarmed. But, she did not pause to consider this. She still had the dagger in her hand and another in her boot. With a lightning movement, she locked Allara’s saber with her dagger and grabbed the other woman’s sword arm, pulling the weapon over their heads. At the same time, she lashed out with her right foot and managed to kick Allara solidly in her left forearm. The redheaded beauty cried out and dropped her dagger, but then lashed out with her now empty left hand, landing a solid punch to Rhianna’s jaw. Rhianna fell back, still holding her dagger, momentarily stunned. She fell into the wall, close to where her saber had landed. She stole a glance at the weapon. It was too far away to risk a leap for it. Instead, she crouched down and readied her dagger, trying to work out a strategy whereby she could distract Allara with the dagger in her hand while grabbing and throwing the other dagger in her boot.

Allara faced Rhianna brandishing her saber in her right hand, her dagger in her left, smiling with animal pleasure, panting with effort and excitement. Neither woman had yet blooded her blade, but Allara knew that she had gained a decisive advantage. Suddenly, however, she threw her saber aside and stood facing Rhianna, dagger to dagger. The black-haired beauty looked momentarily startled, then her face clouded with anger. Then her smile returned, savage mirth lighting her face. She knew that indignant anger was exactly the reaction that Allara had hoped to provoke with her apparently magnanimous gesture. Enraging Rhianna by making her feel as though she had been handed charity was a sure way to make her careless. Allara smiled when she saw that Rhianna had not fallen for the bait.

Now, both women armed with their daggers, Rhianna and Allara began circling each other in the center of the temple, crouched over, their massive tits almost spilling out of their sweat-soaked blouses, their bare midriffs glistening with perspiration, their belly rings glittering in the late afternoon sun. Both women shifted their weapons from hand to hand, hoping to catch the other woman by surprise. Allara shifted her dagger to her right hand, then suddenly leaped for Rhianna. Rhianna had also shifted her dagger to her right, and she moved to meet Allara.

Each women grabbed the other’s right wrist with her left hand. Rhianna and Allara grappled, then struggled to control each other, muscles straining, bodies trembling with effort. They pushed close, face to face and nose to nose, exchanging hot breath, glaring hatefully into each other’s eyes. Allara felt the heat building in her groin once more, the tension throbbing in her tits, as she breathed in Rhianna’s sweet breath, as she gazed lustfully into the other woman’s burning blue eyes. Slowly, deliciously, their heavy tits pressed together, rock-hard nipple to rock-hard nipple. Rhianna and Allara both swallowed groans of raw pleasure.

Then, as if she could not take it anymore, Rhianna suddenly darted her head forward and locked her hot mouth to Allara’s lips, forcing her tongue against the redhead’s clenched teeth. Allara gasped, opening her mouth, feeling her tongue tangle momentarily with Rhianna’s. An electric shock of pure erotic sensation flowed through both women, lighting their crotches, rippling in their tits. For a long breathless moment, the entire battle shifted to their twisting, licking tongues in their mouths. Then, Rhianna threw her weight back, pulling Allara with her and, rolling onto her back, catching the other woman on her legs, flipped her redheaded adversary over her head. Allara landed like a cat. Both women were on their feet in moments, facing each other once again, daggers extended. But the look of hate and lust that they exchanged sent heat rippling through the erogenous zones of both beauties.

Panting, anger and lust fighting for supremacy in both women’s faces, Rhianna and Allara glared at each other, neither sure what to do. Then, suddenly, Rhianna’s crotch moistened once more. She felt the power of her convulsing cunt, the wet heat that filled her groin and leaked out between her legs. Rhianna made up her mind. Her body was burning, her hunger was uncontrollable. If she needed it, she still had a spare dagger in her other boot. She threw away the dagger she had been holding on Allara and stopped, waiting. Allara saw this, then hurled her own dagger aside.

The two women glared at each other for only a moment longer. Then Allara hurtled forward, arms extended, reaching for Rhianna. Rhianna could easily have thrown the attacking woman, but she did not. Instead she opened her arms, her body aching with sexual tension and need. Allara did what she had been longing to do all day, for two years, ever since she had laid eyes on Rhianna. She wrapped her arms around the queen’s slim, naked waist and crushed her massive tits to Rhianna’s equally massive jugs.

A shock of pure erotic pleasure ripped through both women and they both cried out in sheer joy. Hot, heavy tits mashed and strained, hard, thick nipples caught and rubbed even through the sweat-soaked cloth of their blouses, naked titflesh bulged up and plastered into one. The two pirate beauties fell together, landing hard on the soft grass, their bodies perfectly aligned, their tits squashed tight, their slick bare bellies slapped hard together, their hard belly studs pushing at each other. Rhianna wrapped her arms around Allara’s back and squeezed tight, groaning with pleasure as the tension in her tits grew unbearably.

Allara returned the squeeze and, cheek to cheek, the women rubbed their naked bellies together, both enjoying the feel of their belly rings crushing. Their long, hot limbs tangled together, they writhed in each other’s arms, and for a long, luscious moment Allara and Rhianna simply held each other and ground their bodies, enjoying the delicious feel of naked flesh sliding on hot, naked flesh, of sensitive tits crushed into one, of burning areola throbbing with tension and friction. This was a dim shadow of what they had both wanted for two years, but at least bare flesh was now rubbing and sliding against bare flesh, hard nipples were grinding together through only the lightest of barriers, strong legs and hot crotches pressed tight.

Then, Rhianna rallied and threw Allara away, rolling her off of her body. The two women lay side by side for a moment, struggling to catch their breath. Then, they rolled to their feet, each extracting her boot dagger at the same time, and stood crouched and facing each other, daggers drawn, eyes locked, tits heaving with heat and passion, nipples piercing the cloth of their blouses.

“So,” Rhianna said, smiling savagely, her voice hoarse with passion. “Do you want to finish it like this? Or do you want to do this the other way?”

Allara smiled back, her eyes shining with lust. “Woman to woman, cunt to cunt, tit to tit. You against me, all day, all night, as long as it takes. That’s what I want.” She licked her lips, her body trembling with arousal.

Rhianna smiled wider, her animal lust flaring bright in her savage eyes. Then, she placed her dagger back in her boot and straightened. She reached up, locked eyes with Allara, and slowly untied the knot of her blouse, beneath her tits. The cloth came undone, hanging down her bare, flat stomach. Then, slowly, tantalizingly, Rhianna seized both sides of the sweat-soaked garment and peeled the wet cloth back from her massive, thrusting tits. She shrugged the shirt off, letting it drop down her back, and stood topless and magnificent in the jungle heat. She licked her lips, her heart pounding, her breath coming faster as her lust and excitement built.

Allara drank in the magnificent tits facing her with her eyes. She took in the thick, jutting dark brown nipples, the rough areola, the perfect, round, taut orbs, the overflowing flesh which demanded to be sucked and bitten and squeezed and crushed. She felt excitement and lust pounding in her groin, she felt her own heavy tits seem to grow even denser and heavier with the weight of their arousal, she felt her nipples crust. God, oh God, she thought. I’m going to fuck this bitch, I’m going to fuck her so, so hard… Her throat had gone dry with her excitement and she swallowed.

Then, raising her eyes to Rhianna’s blue orbs, she replaced her boot dagger, reached up to the knot under her straining tits, and slowly untied her blouse, peeling it away from her own massive chest. She watched with pleasure as Rhianna’s eyes darkened with lust and need as she stared, mesmerized, at Allara’s beautiful tits, magnificent golden orbs with coffee-brown areola and thick nipple shafts fully erect and shining with sweat in the jungle heat.

The women locked eyes. What they wanted to do to each other was absolutely clear.

“Yes,” Allara moaned, whispered, her eyes half-closed with passion and lust.

“Good,” Rhianna nodded, her own voice a thick whisper as her blood pounded and the fire built in intensity between her legs and in her tits.

The women slowly stripped, watching each other as they moved, teasing, seducing the other, trying to show who was sexier, who could turn on the other more. Allara and Rhianna peeled off their boots and cast them aside. They removed the dagger scabbards on their thighs. Each woman undid her belt buckle, then slowly pulled her tight trousers down from her luscious hips, her saber scabbard dropping with them. Neither woman wore any underwear and, in moments, they stood in the jungle heat, the late afternoon sun shining on their perfect bodies, admiring each other. Allara reached up and pulled off her headband, then shook her fire-red locks free, her perfect tits wobbling with her body’s movements. Rhianna reached up, her massive tits rising, her nipples pointing, and removed her head scarf. Her wild black mane flared out as she shook her head, her tits bouncing. Rhianna removed her jeweled ring, the symbol of her office.

“This is yours,” she said, holding it up, “if you can beat me.” Then the pirate queen placed the ring on a fallen pillar beside her. She removed her cross and placed it beside the ring.

The two women stood four meters apart, contemplating each other. They burned each other with their gazes as each examined every inch of the beauty standing before her. Allara’s eyes swept over the perfect legs, the thick pubic bush, the thick pussy lips that dripped with moisture. She lingered on the flat, muscled belly, the glinting belly ring, the heavy, firm tits that stood high and proud without any support. She looked at the beautiful, savage face of the black-haired Amazon facing her and a blast of heat burned through her crotch. Her hot pussy gushed and she smiled, pure lust lighting her eyes.

Rhianna enjoyed examining Allara’s fantastic body. She subjected it to equal scrutiny and she soon realized that Allara was her match in every way. The massive, thrusting tits, the thick flaming red hair of her pubic bush, her juicy pussy, so hot and hungry. Yes, Allara had everything she could want. She could not wait to break this bitch’s cunt with her own. Their pussies, their tits would soon meet in battle and Rhianna knew that hers would prove to be stronger, hungrier, sexier. She smiled as she felt the heat between her legs flare to new intensity, and her pussy contracted and gushed with liquid, matching Allara’s display. Both women could smell each other’s aroused cunts, and the scent was enough to drive them wild.

“I’m going to enjoy this, Allara,” Rhianna said. “I’m going to fuck you inside and out. When I fought Justine, I disarmed her and then I rode her cunt for two days. By the time I was done with that bitch, she didn’t know if she wanted to beg me to stop or beg me to keep going. I wonder what you’ll do.” Rhianna smiled, her eyes burning with fever.

“Don’t worry, Rhianna,” Allara replied. “I won’t have that problem. But I am going to fuck you until your cunt falls off. And I’m going to suck your clit right out of your juicy little twat.”

Slowly, carefully, Allara and Rhianna moved closer to each other, their bare feet feeling out the soft grass on which they were standing, their hearts pounding as their lust built unbearably. Their eyes were locked, their expressions glazed with hunger. Their massive tits wobbled as they moved closer, their nipples almost hurting with the intensity of their lust.

They stopped, their nipples perfectly aligned and jutting like spears, only 2 centimeters apart. The women stared deeply into the other’s eyes. Heat and hunger passed between them like almost palpable forces. Then, both grabbed the other’s biceps.

“Titfight me, you cunt,” Allara moaned. “I want to see what you’ve got.”

“Nipple to nipple,” Rhianna murmured in agreement. “Let’s do it.”

The two magnificent women pulled one another in, and their hot, hard nipples pressed tight, tip to tip. A shock of erotic electricity raced through their bodies and both women closed their eyes, groaned with pleasure and smiled with joy. Opening their eyes, exchanging savage, hungry smiles, Allara and Rhianna began to rub their throbbing nipples around and around, back and forth, fencing and flicking, sending delicious shockwaves of sensation pulsing through their tits. Their burning cunts flamed hotter and grew tighter, then released another gush of pussy juice as the pleasure built.

“Yes, oh yes,” Rhianna moaned, squeezing Allara’s biceps tight. Then, she pulled her enemy in closer, and pushed harder with her burning chest. Allara thrust back, and the two women felt and watched their firm tits slowly crush each other back, rock-hard nipples crushing and holding as they pushed back into the slick titflesh, beautiful areola eclipsing each other perfectly, each bump and ridge fitting and grinding with little electric shocks of erotic energy. Rhianna and Allara continued to rub and roll their tits hard against each other, around and around, applying more and more pressure as they ground each other down. They pressed their faces close, nose to nose, forehead to forehead, breath flowing between them as they watched their tits struggle. Their massive tits quivered with tension as the women drove at each other, as they pushed out with their chest muscles, as they bent their legs, thighs touching, then thrust against each other, trying to force the other’s tits back. Their bellies slapped as they ground against each other, their thick pubic bushes rubbed and twined, then pulled apart. Around and around they worked their tits together. Their breath came in panting heaves, their constant grinding was lubricated by the hot sweat that kept their glistening orbs sliding in and out of each other, around and through, thick, dense flesh straining and merging, burning with delicious sensations.

The tension and pleasure in their tits was fantastic and both women were soon moaning, crying out, as each thrust of tit to tit was like a delicious mutual penetration that they felt in their burning cunts. Their heavy, dense titflesh rolled and mashed, filling up with raging pleasure with every moment of hot, wet friction. Allara released Rhianna’s biceps and slipped her arms around the queen’s muscular back. Rhianna immediately returned the grip and the women sighed and groaned in mutual pleasure as they squeezed tight, as their straining tits flattened each other with a spasm of pure ecstasy. Cheek to cheek, they whispered obscenities in the other’s ear even as they continued to work their tits into each other in tight, hot circles, their nipples piercing each other with raw sensations. Pussy juice continued to gush down from the women’s enraged cunts, dousing their inner thighs, trickling down their calves to water the soft, mossy loam beneath their bare feet.

The women rubbed bellies, both delighting as their navel rings caught, then pushing harder and feeling their deep, sweat-moistened navels suck at each other. They pushed thick, hot thighs up into the other’s cunt, smiling as cunt juice gushed out to warm their bare flesh, as it trickled down to mix with their own pussy juice. Their bushes caught and tangled and they pulled apart. They pressed their mons together and both groaned with the surge of heat that poured down into their pussies and fed the hardness in their clits.

Allara felt transported by pleasure. Her tits were burning, they were like furnaces of erotic electricity, feeding the pleasure all over her body, as they struggled to crush and be crushed by their magnificent counterparts on Rhianna’s chest. Tit to tit, the women continued to battle, lost together in the wild pleasure of their mashing boobs, their nipples fusing them together with spikes of pure, unadulterated pleasure. Every nipple thrust felt like a delectable mutual penetration, like Rhianna and Allara were fucking each other’s pussies with burning cocks. Allara was lost in the ecstasy of this mutual violation, panting and groaning, forehead to forehead with her hated rival, sharing deliciously hot breath and bitter curses, when, suddenly, she realized that the pleasure was reaching an apogee. Her eyes shot open, her body shuddered.

“No, no, no…,” Allara cried out, struggling to hold back the pleasure. But it was too late. Groaning, squeezing Rhianna with all her strength, driving her tits as hard to the black-haired woman’s as she could, delighting in the sensation of their thick titflesh squashing tight, Allara screamed out in a devastating nipple orgasm. The stimulation of her tits, nipples and areola was enough to cause her throbbing clit to explode with pleasure.

Rhianna chuckled and crushed Allara even harder to her. She began pumping and grinding her tits to the redhead’s with even greater strength. As Allara’s cunt gushed, jetting hot cum out, splashing both women between their thighs with fragrant juice, Rhianna pushed her rival until the redhead’s back was pressed to the nearby ruined wall. Then, with a smile, the black-haired alpha bitch pumped her tits into Allara’s massive pair, even as Allara suffered through another delicious orgasm. Allara continued to cling to Rhianna, even as she groaned out in time to each nipple thrust. Allara’s tits would not give. They were every bit as strong and thick as Rhianna’s crushing jugs. But there was no doubt as to which of these magnificent women had given first in this duel of erotic power and control. Rhianna started with bended knees, bare feet flat to the ground, then ended on her tip toes as she drove herself, nipple to nipple, into Allara’s exploding tits.

After Allara had stopped shuddering in orgasm, Rhianna smiled and leaned her temporarily exhausted enemy against the wall. “You couldn’t even hold out going against me tit to tit, whore,” she whispered. “Can you imagine what I’m going to do to you cunt to cunt?”

“Fuck you, bitch,” Allara groaned. “This is far from over.”

“No, it’s not,” Rhianna murmured. “You’re mine now. I’m going to fuck you senseless, just like I did Justine. You’re going to be my fuckbitch for the next two days, little cunt.”

So saying, she pulled hard on Allara’s thick red hair, yanked the other woman back, and drove her mouth down on the redhead’s open maw, forcing open her ruby lips, thrusting her tongue deep into Allara’s waiting mouth, eager to claim her prize, eager to make this gorgeous redheaded rival submit completely and then satisfy Rhianna’s raging lust in every way.

But, to her surprise, Allara kissed back ferociously. Her tongue corkscrewed around Rhianna’s, and the pirate queen suddenly found herself becoming dizzy with erotic pleasure as a vicious tongue and kissfight ensued. With a sudden shove from Allara, Rhianna found that she was now the one with her back flat to the wall. Even worse, Allara’s eager right hand was sliding down Rhianna’s smooth, muscled belly, raking through her black pubic fur, and cupping her hot, wet cunt. Rhianna felt two questing fingers thrust up into her sex hole, then she shrieked in nearly hysterical pleasure as those fingers found and worked her burning clit. Still locked in the kiss, tears streaming down her cheeks, Rhianna slipped her right hand down Allara’s belly and inserted two fingers into her enemy’s aching twat. But even though she quickly found Allara’s clit and worked it, even though the hot sex nub was still rock hard and throbbing with sensation, Allara had already had a series of devastating orgasms and her clit was less sensitive that Rhianna’s. The queen’s sex horn had been aching for release from the nipple fight. Now, under Allara’s eager ministrations, Rhianna could only gasp, then shriek in absolute bliss as her cunt exploded in pleasure. Hot cum erupted from her pussy, soaking Allara’s hand and arm, but the redhead refused to let go. Instead, she kept working her enemy’s clit, even as Rhianna tried to work hers in retaliation. The two struggling women slowly slid down the wall, their erotic groans and whispered curses finally stopping after Allara had forced several more orgasms from her foe and had been forced to another sexual explosion herself.

Gasping, Allara pushed away from Rhianna. They were both sitting flat on their round, firm asses, their legs spread, their wild hair wet with sweat and hanging over their faces. Rhianna sat with her back against the wall, her eyes closed, her head propped against the stone, turned to the sky. Allara sat facing her, her arms behind her, bracing up her torso. The women panted hard, sexual fire still racing through their bodies, the aftermaths of their orgasmic struggle rippling in their tits and cunts.

As they panted, facing each other, Allara and Rhianna examined each other, each taking in the other’s perfect, voluptuous body, the heavy, heaving tits with their enflamed nipples, the thick, juicy pussies, their hungry pink slits now dripping with moisture as the women sat with their legs spread. Allara stared into Rhianna’s hairy, juicy pussy and smiled with pure lust. She could not wait to get into that sex hole, to lock clits and cunts and fuck this whore, to violate and master Rhianna’s cunt with her own. She turned her fevered gaze to Rhianna’s, who was staring with a burning lust at the hot, hungry maw between Allara’s legs. The women locked eyes and smiled. In unison, they both moistened their dry lips with their hot tongues. The real fight was about to begin.

Part II

The night fell suddenly, descending like a dark curtain. The hot, humid air of the jungle kept the island a furnace. The sounds of nocturnal animals and birds emanated from the deep forest. Allara and Rhianna ignored it all. That had eyes only for each other, their minds were consumed with nothing more than the fuckfight to come. As the full moon began to rise in the sky, casting a brilliant silver light over their battleground, they pushed toward each other on their round, bare asses.

Allara slid her right bare foot over Rhianna’s approaching inner left thigh, rubbing the sensitive flesh with her toes, then looped her leg around her enemy’s smooth hip. Rhianna took a moment to push the big toe of her right foot at Allara’s hot cunt, running the digit up the redhead’s moist vaginal lips, briefly tangling her toe in Allara’s dens pussy fur, evoking a shudder of lust from her rival. But Rhianna quickly moved her foot, sliding her calf around Allara’s hip, locking the redhead in place. The women pushed close, scissor-locked, until they could feel the heat from their pussies warming their inner thighs, until their rough pubic bushes began to touch and tickle, course hair interlacing. Allara rested her arms on Rhianna’s shoulders and pushed her face close to that of the queen. Rhianna placed her hands on Allara’s hips, then ran them up the redhead’s hot bare skin to the side of her tits, stroking gently, sending shivers of erotic tension through the other woman, before sliding them onto the redhead’s back.

The women pushed closer, until the nipples of their aching tits touched and caressed gently. Pulses of electricity rippled away from their stroking nipples and both women bit their lips in an effort to keep from crying out and groaning. But their breathing picked up, their hearts pounded faster, and their eyes shone with pleasure and they exchanged hot smiles of lust.

“Are you ready to fuck, bitch?” Allara whispered to her beautiful foe.

“Oh yes, Allara, I am,” Rhianna whispered. “I’m going to fuck your cunt inside out.”

Allara did not bother to respond. Instead, she pushed closer, smiling as their breasts crushed tighter, their nipples pushed in and penetrated each other, and their areola rubbed. She slipped her tongue into Rhianna’s mouth and the raven-haired woman eagerly accepted it, sucking on the thick pink probe. The women’s mouths sealed together and they kissed deeply, tongues twisting, slick spit moving between their sucking mouths. Then they pulled apart, keeping their tongues touching as they separated, playing with each other, both licking hard at lips and faces until, with shuddering sighs, they leaned back and readied their cunts for combat.

Allara leaned back far, her arms supporting her, her legs spread and her pelvis arched to give Rhianna easiest access to her soaking cunt. Rhianna moved back to match her. The women glared at each other over the fleshy mountains of their throbbing tits. Their massive boobs wobbled enticingly on their chests as they moved into position, right leg over left, thighs wide, hot, hairy cunts now lining up hot, wet slit to hot, wet slit. Allara pressed closer and closer, her pussy moving to meet Rhianna’s eager cunt, millimeter by millimeter. Their thick pussy bushes pushed together, tangling tight. Allara’s heart was pounding with excitement and lust, her breath was coming in hot pants. Rhianna was panting too, excited beyond all measure, both women anticipating the terrible pleasure of their clit to clit fuck. They had waited years for this moment, and both beautiful, vicious women planned to savor it. Blue eyes locked to green, animal heat and desire passing between them, the two pirate goddesses closed the final distance and pressed their boiling, slick cunt lips hard together.

It was raw, wild pleasure and, with a hard jerk of their hips, they crushed tight. Their wet pussy lips sucked and yielded, soft, sensitive flesh ablaze with sensations, thick fluids lubricating their hungry cunts. The women slid their slick lips on each other, rubbing their soft cunts around and around, up and down, grinding and tangling their pubic hair. Their cunts began to force their vaginal lips apart, began to work into and penetrate the other. Allara moaned with the agony of pure lust, her teeth clenched, her eyes almost desperate with desire as she put all her power into jerking her hips and driving her soft, sensitive cunt as deep and hard into Rhianna’s matching pussy as she could. Rhianna thrust back, her eyes ablaze with lust, her face a mask of concentrated rage, her need to fuck, to penetrate and devour Allara’s cunt with her own written on her face.

“You..dirty..fucking…CUNT!!!” Rhianna snarled, each word punctuated by a hard thrust, as she pumped her ass and shoved with her hips, driving her cunt deep into its counterpart, invading her enemy’s blazing sex with her own.

“Bitch..bitch..you dirty, fucking TWAT!!,” Allara groaned back, her own hips and ass pumping furiously, matching Rhianna with every thrust, violated by her enemy but violating in turn.

Their bodies bucked, the erotic sound of their wet cunts slapping echoing through the ruined temple. Both women sank their fingers into the soft ground and, anchored strongly, fucked at each other with all of their strength. Their hips and pelvises rocked in rhythm, their powerful asses pumped with incredible power. They held each other’s asses rigid, several inches off the ground, as they entered and violated each other in the most intimate way possible. Their breath came in panting gasps and their massive tits bounced and rocked as their bodies jerked and trembled with effort and erotic tension.

Slowly, agonizingly, the two women worked their pussies into one. Around and around their cunts rubbed, thick juicy pussy lips kissing and parting, thick pink labia melting and merging, clear, pungent liquids lubricating their delirious thrusting. Like two fleshy pink flowers, the women’s cunts opened completely to each other and slowly flattened and melted together, the hot wet slap of taut, yielding flesh giving way to the sound of the delicious flesh sucking tight and sealing, twats forming an unbreakable wet suction, heat and pleasure pouring out of the women’s open sex holes into their enemy’s welcoming body. Allara and Rhianna were bonded to each other, joined womanhood to womanhood, struggling with each other at the deepest level. Within the hot, fleshy arena of their inosculated cunts, Allara’s swollen red clit, so aroused that it hurt, reached for Rhianna’s equally huge, equally sensitive sexhorn. With a thrust of their hips, they brought their boiling clits together for the first time.

Allara and Rhianna shrieked in unison, their cries of raw ecstasy blasting into the night sky. Pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt roared through Allara’s body, and she could only scream and sob, her body quivering with erotic power, her massive tits shuddering with the shock.

“Oh GOD,” she howled, “Oh God, you CUNT!! You cunt…!!”

But she drove her clit back to Rhianna’s swollen sexhorn, rubbing tight, shrieking with rage and joy as she kept up the fuck attack.

“BITCH,” Rhiann screamed, “You BITCH, ah, AHHH, God…” her voice trailing off into hitching sobs of ecstasy.

“God, oh god,” Allara screamed in her head as she stared blindly up at the blazing full moon in the night sky. “Oh god, I can’t take this, this is too good, it’s so, so good…”

Her body felt like electricity was running through it constantly, making everything harder, tighter, more aroused. She felt like she was being sucked and melted into the depths of Rhianna’s fantastic body, surrounded by the wet heat of the other woman’s cunt. But she kept on fighting, kept on jerking her hips and driving with her ass, powering her clit into Rhianna’s matching sexnub, all the while praying that the fucking would never stop.

Rhianna fought back with all of her strength. Tears poured from her eyes and her body shook with the electricity of the incredible clit to clit fucking that she and Allara were administering to each other. She had never felt anything like this, she had never before locked up cunt to cunt with a woman of such enormous erotic power. Even Justine had never forced such pleasure on her. She screamed and sobbed, she gritted her teeth and snarled with hate and lust, struggling to keep fighting in the face of the terrible pleasure wracking her body.

Neither woman could stop. Lust and need drove them on. The pleasure was unbearable as heat flowed through every atom of their bodies, as white hot sensations rippled through their joined flesh. Their heavy tits bounced with every delicious thrust, their sealed cunts sucked and squeezed tight and hard as the women tried to eat each other’s pussies, their powerful abdomens rippled with effort, their muscular legs and hips flexed and quivered, their toes dug into the soft grass, trying to anchor them as they drove into each other, struggling to become one enraged body.

Within their locked and soaking cunts, their swollen clits ground around and around, sliding and grinding, fencing with the same kind of energy that the women had used to fight with their sabers. The swords within their merged pussies rubbed and thrust, locked and pushed, smashed head to head, each delicious lick, each blow, sending pounding pleasure roaring through the two beautiful combatants. Their screams and curses filled the night air. Finally, during an excruciating side-to-side rubbing attack, the women’s swollen clits wrapped together into a trembling knot of fused flesh.

The twisting and knotting of their engorged clits sent erotic sensations like atomic bombs blasting through the fucking beauties.

“CHRIST, oh God, CHRIST!!!,” Allara shrieked, her body on fire with the unexpected, raw sensations, her mind struggling to hold on to consciousness.

“FUCK, oh FUCK, YES!!!,” howled Rhianna, her perfect body almost overwhelmed by the incredible electric sensations.

Sobbing, the two women let their powerful asses drop to the soft grass. Both women shuddered and sobbed with the overwhelming pleasure, struggling to control each other and themselves. Allara squeezed their merged clits with her internal vaginal muscles and sent a devastating shockwave blasting through both women. They screamed together. A moment later, Rhianna squeezed back, to the same effect. They held each other in this trembling erotic stalemate for another several seconds, bodies heaving, teeth clenched with pleasurable agony, eyes locked in a glare of shared hate, before they finally let their cunts relax and released the mutual squeeze.

Locked together, panting furiously, their massive tits heaving, their eyes glazed with raw lust and the desire to devour the other, Allara and Rhianna stared at each other, both almost delirious with the pleasure burning out of their cunts. Then, moaning with need, Allara reached out with her right hand and grabbed a handful of Rhianna’s beautiful black hair on the queen’s left temple. Snarling, Rhianna reached out and wrapped a large hank of Allara’s crimson-colored hair around her hand.

Pulling hard, inflicting delicious pain on each other, Allara and Rhianna smiled at each other, expressions of raw savagery and unquenchable desire.

“Baby, let’s fuck…,” Rhianna whispered to her foe.

Allara tightened her grip on Rhianna’s hair and panted. “As long as it takes, bitch. Do me hard.”

“Harder than you can take, cunt,” Rhianna promised. Allara smiled, sick with lust. This was going to be good, so good.

With that, the two beauties began to jerk their hips, pulling on their entwined clits, then rubbing them up and down on each other. The ecstasy was unbearable, and the two battling pirate goddesses screamed in agony, shrieking like banshees, sobbing uncontrollably as they threw their heads back, closed their eyes, pulled with all their strength on the other’s hair, and worked their asses up and down, back and forth, torturing each other with pleasure.

Allara and Rhianna were transported, both of their bodies so alive with tension and pleasure that they were almost lost in the delirium of sexual ecstasy. On and on they rode each other, using the other’s hair as an anchor and a rein, bracing themselves with their other hand, their bodies thrusting and grinding in a delicious rhythm of joy. As they fought, their engorged clits grew ever harder and tighter, making their pulling and thrusting ever more excruciating until, suddenly, their rock hard clits snapped apart and resumed rubbing side-to-side.

Both women gasped when this happened, then squeezed each other. Allara forced her eyes open and glared at Rhiann, whose head was still thrown back. The women were panting like bulls, snarling with rage and joy, hatred and lust fuelling their every jerking thrust. Allara kept driving herself against Rhianna’s body, delirious with pleasure, but struggling to stay lucid enough to win. But she knew she could not take much more and she did not know how any body could stand the kind of ecstasy that she and Rhianna were forcing on each other.

For her part, Rhianna was completely lost. Her body was trembling, almost convulsing with pleasure and she worked her ass and hips automatically. Her clit stroked and licked and struggled with Allara’s equally huge, powerful sexhorn. Rhianna kept grinding, knowing that she might explode in orgasmic violence at any moment but wanting, more than anything, to just keep fucking. Her breasts were so hard and heavy that every jolt sent erotic electricity rocketing down to her clit, even though her overstimulated body certainly did not need more. Ah, oh God, she thought, please let me hold out, just a little longer. Surely Allara could not take much more.

The two women held onto consciousness, keeping their orgasms at bay only with the greatest effort of will. The clitfuck raged on. Their clits rubbed and rubbed, side to side, flicking each other up and down, going at each other head to head. Their cunts were sealed so tight that even the gushing cunt juices lubricating their battle could not escape and could only moisten the edges of their joined cunts. Their abdomens rippled with the power of their thrusts, their heavy, sensitized tits bounced like taut balls.

Just when she knew that she could only die from the pleasure, Allara knew that she had only one chance. Lining up her clit to Rhianna’s, head to head, she began to pump harder. The pleasure was unbearable and her mind almost collapsed as Rhianna started driving back. The two women opened their eyes, pulled even harder on the other’s hair, and smiled at each other, animal lust and rage lighting their faces. They were two alpha bitches at war, and they both knew that this was the only way to settle their battle for dominance – fighting each other with the raw essence of their womanhood, clit to clit.

“Yes, give it to me, give it to me, you cuntfucker,” Rhianna whisper-snarled at her enemy, her ass pumping furiously, fucking Allara with all her strength. Their clit heads kept grinding, rubbing in agony.

“I will, bitch, I will you fucking whore,” Allara gasped back, her green eyes locked to Rhianna’s blue, the hate and lust flowing between them like a living thing. They kept pounding each other, jerking hard. Allara suddenly took her free arm and grabbed the hair on the other side of Rhianna’s head. Rhianna reciprocated and, now anchoring themselves by the other’s hair, they pulled each other close until their swollen, super-sensitive tits met nipple to nipple. Sobbing, screaming with the ecstatic pain of the contact, the two beauties pushed even closer until they were nose to nose. Tongues touched and tangled, then the women locked into a long, slow, panting kiss, their tongues scouring the inside of the other’s mouth, their faces wet with tears. They licked at each other. All the while, their hips jerked, their clits sealed head to head and sending a constant pulse of excruciating pleasure through their flesh. Nose to nose, lip to lip, they gazed hatefully, lustfully into the other’s pleasure-wracked eyes.

“Cunt,” Rhianna whispered, struggling to form words. “Let’s finish this…” she gasped.

“Dirty fuckbitch,” Allara moaned in response. “Let’s do this…”

They licked each other again, hot tongues playing and twisting, rubbing cheeks and noses. Then, slowly, they both leaned back, repositioning so that they could grind clit to clit, with the greatest strength, releasing the other’s head and bracing themselves with both arms as they prepared to fuck to the end.

Eyes locked, panting with heat and desire, Allara and Rhianna smiled at each other again, expressions of pure hunger and raw lust. Each beautiful woman prepared to devour the other completely.

Allara and Rhianna began to grind once more, their cunts one burning mass of ecstatic pleasure, their rock hard clits stabbing and thrusting head to head, trembling with pressure as the women used all the power of their asses and hips to drive together. Gasping, panting with lust and effort, pushing hard with their arms, Allara and Rhianna fucked each other with all their remaining power. The women’s tits bounced and jolted on their chests, sweat spraying. Their bodies glistened in the moonlight, soaked with the sweat of their exertions, the heat between their legs burning, pussy juice coating their inner thighs and trickling down to their ass cracks. Their bodies rocked and rolled in a delicious rhythm, both women intent on driving through the other, on crushing her enemy’s rock-hard clit with her own. Their world narrowed down to the terrible pleasure and tension exploding in their battling clits and bouncing tits, and the sheer hate and lust shining in the other woman’s eyes.

“Yes, that’s it, that’s it, fuck me whore, fuck me hard…,” Rhianna snarled, gasping as she worked her body into Allara’s beautiful form.

“Dirty, fucking slut,” Allara moaned, “I’m going to ride you, I’m going to eat your pussy…”

Glaring at each other, their bodies jerking and shuddering with each delicious impact, their clits fused into one mass of pure ecstasy, Rhianna and Allara fucked mercilessly, their bodies trembling with erotic tension, both struggling to hold back the unbearable orgasm burning in their cores. They pumped hard, moving together, never separating, keeping up the constant pressure on their clits, both women riding the other to the end.

Suddenly, Rhianna’s left arm slipped out from behind her. Now off-balance, the dark-haired beauty found that Allara’s thrusting body was enough to throw her down, and Rhianna suddenly found herself on her back on the soft ground. Allara screamed out, but kept pumping. She did not try to mount and master Rhianna. Rhianna sank her claws into the grass and tried to find purchase from which to thrust back. But she could not get a good grip and she soon herself being forced back by the pressure from Allara’s beautiful body.

Allara sensed her advantage. Driving hard, scissored tightly with Rhianna, she kept smashing her clit, head to head, on Rhianna’s matching sexhorn. The women screamed together, Rhianna writhing her whole body in ecstasy into the soft ground, Allara throwing back her head to howl and redouble the thrusting of her ass and hips.

“That’s it, that’s it, take it you bitch, take it, ride my clit, feel it…,” Allara snarled at her prone enemy, who was gasping and moaning as the redhead intensified her fuck attack. Rhianna’s clit refused to give, but she found that she could not buck back with equal power to Allara’s attack. The intensity of the pleasure continued to build and she was receiving far more than she was giving. Still, she fought back.

“That’s it, fuck me, fuck me hard, you cunt, you filthy fucker…,” Rhianna moaned and snarled at her attacker. She was being ridden hard, on the verge of being fucked into submission, and she could not believe how good it felt. She now arched her back, throwing all the power of her ass into driving her clit back against Allara’s sexhorn. Allara screamed and snarled, but kept up the attack, grabbing Rhianna’s left leg to anchor herself and smashing, ramming her clit to the raven-haired woman’s hard sex, desperately trying to force the queen’s magnificent sexhorn to collapse and surrender.

Rhianna bucked back, her long, muscular body writhing with passion, her hands digging into the grass, reaching over her head, trying to find some anchor from which to fuck back against the attack that was slowly forcing her into submission. Allara’s powerful thrusts were driving her back, pushing her along the soft grass on which they battled.

The women snarled and screamed like animals as they rode each other to a climax.

“Fuck, you bitch, you bitch, you’re mine, you’re mine…,” Allara sobbed, gasped as she pounded herself into Rhianna, as she drove her clit into the other woman.

“Never, never, never…,” Rhianna chanted, cried, her body on the verge of an orgasmic release, her tits rocking furiously as she was cuntfucked to the end.

Rhianna suddenly bucked high and hard, her eyes shooting open, her hands reaching out blindly to the sky, clenching and unclenching as a tremendous orgasm, one she could no longer contain, suddenly erupted from her body.

Rhianna screamed, “AAAAH, oh GOD, OH GOD!!! Fuck! FUCK!!”

The steaming liquids that jetted from her convulsing pussy shot out from the very core of her womanhood. They squeezed out from the women’s locked cunts, though some of the discharge shot up into Allara’s body and she trembled with pleasure as she felt the liquid heat invade her snatch. Rhianna bucked, screaming with passion and the pleasure of her release. She did not stop grinding though, rubbing her exploding clit into Allara’s, trying to force every orgasm that she could out of herself, trying to drive Allara into a matching orgasmic explosion. Allara held on, riding Rhianna’s bucking body, forcing her own raging orgasm back, determined to grind Rhianna down until the other woman’s clit softened and collapsed beneath her own. But Rhianna’s driving hips and bucking pelvis proved too much. Even as the black-haired beauty was suffering through her multi-orgasmic defeat, her writhing body ground Allara’s clit to a pleasure beyond anything the redhead could stand.

With a howl of joy, Allara finally gave, her orgasm detonating in her body, sending heat burning through her aching flesh, all the way down to her straining toes. So much cum gushed from her pussy that she almost felt like she was peeing, soaking the women’s merged cunts, sending hot warm liquid streaming down into Rhianna’s welcoming womb. The pirate queen gasped and moaned with pleasure as she felt her body suffused with the warmth of Allara’s release.

Allara collapsed onto her back, gasping for air, grinding pussies with Rhianna, squeezing at the other women, suffering together through a multi-orgasmic climax, until they finally rode each other out.

For some time, the women lay together, joined at their cunts, their thick pubic bushes tangled and rubbed into one wet, inextricable mass of intermixed hair and dried cum. Their arms were splayed out on either side of their bodies, the only sound their ragged breathing as the women struggled to regain their strength.

After some more time, Allara summoned her will and pushed herself up to a sitting position. She looked down at Rhianna’s prone body, the pirate queen’s tits still rocking with her panting breath, and smiled. She had won. She had fucked the whore into submission. Without trying to separate their bushes, Allara pushed herself forward, throwing herself on to Rhianna’s naked body. The redheaded pirate woman was determined to enforce her victory, to humiliate the pirate queen as a sign of her hard-fought victory. She moaned with pleasure as her dense tits crushed down on Rhianna’s matching pair, as their hard bellies slapped. Allara reached around Rhianna’s back and grabbed the back of the queen’s head. Their legs tangled. Rhianna fought back. She slipped her own hands to the back of Allara’s head, she pulled the redhead in for a lustful kiss. And, as their mouths locked, as their tongues tangled, as their moans and gasps began to grow, as their hardbodies began to writhe in mutual pleasure, Allara realized that the battle was still far from over. Rhianna was determined to keep fighting her.

With a groan, breaking the kiss, Allara collapsed in the pirate queen’s arms, too exhausted to keep fighting, on the verge of passing out.

Rhianna wrapped her arms around her rival, twined her legs through Allara’s beautiful pair, and held the other woman firmly. She pushed up, making sure that their pussies were resting together, throbbing in unison. She was too tired to fight, but all she needed was time to recover. She had been fucked to a defeat, but one battle did not make an entire war.

“We’re not done with each other yet, cuntlicker,” she whispered in Allara’s ear, her face buried in her enemy’s red hair.

Allara only groaned, then passed out. A moment later, swept by a tide of exhaustion, Rhianna joined her.

Part II

Halfway through the night, with the full moon high in the sky, Allara was wakened by the sensation of Rhianna sucking at her left tit and the delirious sensation of a skilful finger rubbing at her clit. Allara cried out and then fought back, thrashing and bucking, forcing Rhianna over onto her back. She found herself sucking lustfully at one of Rhianna’s thick, salty nipples, she found her own fingers penetrating and stroking, teasing Rhianna’s slick vaginal walls and engorged clit. Pleasure broke over the battling women in irresistible waves. Somehow, the two struggling beauties eventually ended up in a 69 position, sucking hard at each other’s burning clits, licking and feasting upon the other’s pussy, rubbing their eager faces into the other’s soft, fragrant cunt until they forced each other into another series of orgasmic explosions. Rhianna’s hot pussy juice gushing into her face, filling her mouth, Allara groaned with pleasure and then passed out, exhausted. Rhianna had already lost consciousness.

Allara did not stir again until the morning sun was beating down upon her naked body. She returned to consciousness lying on her side. Rhianna was lying on her side beside the redhead, their bodies reversed, their faces mere inches from the other’s hairy, juicy pussy. Allara contemplated launching a sexual assault on her enemy, but her parched throat and her aching body silenced the thought.

With a moan, Allara rolled to her feet. Rhianna barely stirred. Allara began walking, somewhat unsteadily, towards the center of the temple ruin. Along the way, she picked up a dagger lying on the ground, just in case she needed it for protection. She also retrieved her traveling bag and pulled out some well-preserved salted meat and some fruit. She ate as she walked. A few minutes later, she stopped at the edge of the ruins of a large stone cistern. The cistern had been positioned at the center of the ancient temple. Now the place of worship lay in rocky ruins around it, but the walls of the stone container remained intact and cool water flowed in and out of the structure through pipes linked to a natural stream.

Allara stood on the edge of the pool and looked down. The surface of the water was almost 3 meters below her, and she knew from past experience that the pool was very deep. The cistern was shaded by thick vegetation. A number of ancient trees stood guard around the perimeter, and their twisting roots reached down into the watery depths to drink. The root systems formed a natural ladder that Allara climbed down, the dagger in her teeth, to reach the surface of the water. Jamming the dagger into a root, Allara drank from one of the cistern pipes, which was providing clean water to the ancient tank. After she quenched her thirst, she dived gracefully into the water, and smiled with pleasure as the cool, clean liquid washed over her naked, sweat-encrusted body, rinsing away the scent of hot sex that had developed through the night, restoring her energy. Allara immersed herself in the water, diving into its dark depths. After a few minutes of splashing around and drinking the fresh liquid, she felt awake and reborn. The cool soothed her aching muscles and salved some of the scratches and bitemarks that she had acquired during the night. Allara retrieved the dagger, then climbed back up the root ladder to the top of the cistern wall. Just as she was pulling herself back over the well wall, something caught her attention.

One of the roots was shining with a slick coating of some kind of sap-like substance. Allara recognized the root as a kind of tuber – something that was long and flexible, yet also smooth and slick. It was a harmless plant, sometimes used as a kind of chewing gum by natives, sometimes used to form a kind of rubber wax. As she stared at the root, an idea formed. She smiled with a sudden revelation. She used the dagger to cut a length of root from the tree. The cutting was about 18 inches long, and almost 3 inches thick, and remarkably slick. She grinned savagely. It would do perfectly for what she had in mind.

Allara made her way back to where she had left Rhianna, brandishing the length of root in one hand and the dagger in the other. When she got back to the site of her battle with the pirate queen, the black-haired woman was gone. However, only moments later, Rhianna came into view from behind a temple wall. She was wet, her magnificent, naked body glistening in the early morning sun. Allara realized that Rhianna had gone to wash too, but had used the stream running along the edge of the temple complex.

Rhianna had her hands behind her head, squeezing the wet out of her long, black mane. Her amazing tits were high on her chest and bounced gently as she walked. She smiled viciously when she saw Allara, and her eyes lit up even more when she saw what Allara was carrying.

“What have you got there?” Rhianna asked, nodding towards the thick root. She walked up to within 2 meters of Allara and stopped, her tits jiggling for a moment longer, her hands on her wide, womanly hips.

Allara smiled, raising the root up to her face, holding it gently.

“Just something I found by the well. Does it remind you of anything?” she asked. As she said this, she ran her tongue along the rounded head of the tuber.

Rhianna smiled, lust lighting her beautiful face.

Allara smiled tightly. “We could just keep going at it clit to clit all day – I’d be happy doing that. Or we can try something a bit different.”

Rhianna stepped up and grasped the lower end of the tuber, which was pointing directly at Allara’s bushy cunt. Rhianna pulled on the root, smiling at how flexible it was as it easily twisted in her grip. She turned her blue gaze to Allara’s burning green eyes.

“I like the way you think, girl,” she murmured, her voice already thickening with desire, her nipples hardening in the morning sun. “But we don’t need to use this. I’ve got some things that we can try first.”

So saying, Rhianna walked over to one of the ruined temple walls and stepped into the shadows. A few moments later, she re-emerged, carrying a leather bag. She reached into the bag and pulled out two flexible leather strap-on dildos. The dildos were about 10 inches long, and about 2 inches wide, though only about half as thick. They appeared to be slick with oily lubricant. Allara’s eyebrows shot up. “You brought those with you?” she asked, incredulous.

“You don’t come to a sexfight without being properly prepared, girl,” Rhianna replied, with a smug smile. “At least, I don’t. Keep your root. Maybe we can use it later. But I think that these can be useful for now.”

Allara nodded towards the patch of sheltered green lawn on which they had spent the night. The women moved towards their sexual arena, their bodies quickly growing in arousal, their hips swaying provocatively as they moved, their tits hardening, their pussies quickly moistening. Allara and Rhianna turned to face each other once they reached the grass. Rhianna passed Allara a strap-on, and both women took a moment to adjust the sexual weapons around their hips using the sex toys’ leather straps. The thick shafts fit just above their pussies, approximately where a man’s engorged cock would be.

“Alright,” Rhianna said, once both women were ready. “I’ve seen what you can do with your sword and your cunt, whore. Let’s see what you can do with your fists.”

Before Allara could react, Rhianna’s right fist came lashing out. The redhead’s lightning reflexes allowed her to block the blow with her left arm, but she found herself vulnerable as Rhianna’s left fist drove into her bare stomach, crushing her golden navel stud into her muscled abdomen. Allara gasped, the wind knocked out of her, and dropped to the ground, the dildo flopping like an extra appendage as she instinctively grabbed her aching stomach and curled up. This lasted only for a moment as Rhianna’s bare foot caught her hard in her massive tits. A jolt of agony flashed through her as the redhead found her body rolling over and down the lawn. Gasping, momentarily disoriented, Allara heard Rhianna coming up behind her. The dark-haired beauty threw herself at Allara’s back, driving her knees into the other woman’s kidneys.

Writhing in agony, Allara found herself face down, her ass jutting into the air, Rhianna holding her by the hair, using her red locks as a rein, and pushing down on Allara’s shoulders with her free hand. Allara felt Rhianna’s strong thighs clamp on either side of her hips, and Allara knew what was going to happen. Her cunt was fully exposed and open, and so was her asshole. She was helpless to do anything to prevent what was coming.

She felt the massive leather probe push at her soft, pink labia. Then, a moment later, with a good, hard thrust from Rhianna’s bountiful hips, the shaft drove all the way up Allara’s vagina, filling her completely, sliding luxuriously and deliciously along the underside of her stiffening clit. In a moment, her clit had become engorged with pleasure. Allara screamed, the ecstasy of the sudden violation enormous and humiliating. Rhianna threw herself on to Allara’s back and the redhead felt the tight weight of the other woman’s tits, the pressure of the pirate queen’s hard nipples, stabbing into her shoulders. Rhianna jerked Allara’s head back by her hair, forcing her to grit her teeth with the sudden sting of pain.

“I’m going to fuck your cunt off, Allara,” the black-haired beauty moaned in her ear. “I’m going to rape that delicious little twat. You might as well enjoy it, because you can’t stop me.”

Looping her arms under Allara’s body, grasping Allara’s magnificent tits like handles, Rhianna plastered herself as tight as she could to Allara’s back and began driving with her dildo. She worked Allara like a sexual piston. Allara fell forward, so that her body was flat to the ground, and she writhed with agony and pleasure.

“No,” she cried, “Fuck, fuck, noooo!” Allara squirmed, rubbing her aching tits into Rhianna’s grasping palms, struggling to free herself from the vicious fucking being administered by the pirate queen. Rhianna continued to writhe and grind along with her victim, using her hips to drive the cock deep into Allara, using her thighs to keep herself locked to the redhead’s body, using her hands to squeeze and maul her enemy’s massive tits. She threw her head to whip her hair out of her eyes, then leaned down and bit Allara’s smooth shoulder, rejoicing in her sense of control. Allara turned her head towards Rhianna and the queen quickly locked her redheaded rival into a tongue-twisting, spit-soaked kiss, their moans and growls of hate and lust swallowed by their inosculated mouths.

Allara placed her hands under her body and pushed up, lifting Rhianna with her. Rhianna squeezed Allara’s nipples hard, she drove her tongue deeper into the redhead’s mouth, she wrapped her long, powerful legs around the other woman’s waist and squeezed tight. All the while, she kept her hips and ass rocking, drilling the dildo into Allara’s core, torturing the other woman’s aching clit with the hard friction, forcing ecstatic pleasure onto Allara as the redhead’s internal muscles involuntarily contracted and worked around the thick, slick invader. Allara still fought back. She broke the vicious kiss and, as Rhianna panted in her ear, cursing her, promising still more violations, more delightful humiliations, she threw herself onto her side, then managed to roll their writhing bodies so that Rhianna was on the bottom, her back to the ground. Rhianna was still locked around Allara, mauling her tits, naked legs twined around Allara’s waist and through her legs, the ankle and hamstring of one of her legs working the groove of Allara’s dripping cunt. Allara writhed and tried to free herself, but the cock was sunk too deep in her boiling hot snatch. Rhianna held on, then succeeded in rolling Allara back onto her stomach.

“I told you that you are mine, you bitch,” Rhianna gasped in Allara’s ear. “I’m going to ride you until you cum like a whore, then I’m going to fuck your cunt until you beg me for more. You’re going to be my bitch for the rest of the day and night.”

Allara could only groan. Even as Rhianna felt that she had her enemy beaten, however, Allara suddenly whipped her head back. The back of her head caught Rhianna with a stunning blow to the side of her face. The pirate queen gasped, saw stars, and was whacked again by the redhead’s hard skull. Her grips on the beautiful body that she was riding into submission faltered and Allara thrashed mightily. With a cry, she freed herself, moving forward to pull free of Rhianna, to pull her aching cunt off of the dildo, separating from the sexual weapon with a gush of hot cunt juice.

Allara leaped ahead, away from Rhianna, then lashed a powerful kick back, catching Rhianna directly in her heavy tits. The black-haired beauty let out a choking scream as her engorged boobs compressed painfully, and she was sent rolling, landing hard on her back two meters away. Allara pushed herself from her hands and knees and back to her feet. She turned around to face the pirate queen, murder and rage in her green eyes, her own strap-on swinging like a club between her legs, her massive tits rocking, red from the rough handling they had undergone. Rhianna rose to meet her, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, a savage grin on her beautiful face.

“You fucking slut,” Allara snarled. “I’m going to ream your pussy out for that, whore.”

“Come and try, cunt,” Rhianna replied.

The two women closed on each other, rage and hate boiling in their hearts, pure lust burning in their pussies. They lashed out at each other, landing and parrying high kicks and punches, beating each other savagely around the clearing, until Allara grabbed Rhianna’s black hair with her left hand and began pummeling her rival with her right. Rhianna twisted Allara’s red hair around her left hand, then struck back. The women battered each other’s taut breasts and tight bellies ferociously. Allara landed a savage blow to Rhianna’s solar plexus. The pirate queen gasped and dropped to her knees. With a desperate effort, Rhianna drove her right fist hard into Allara’s soft, vulnerable cunt. Allara shrieked, then fell to her knees in front of her enemy. Gasping, panting with pain and fury, each woman snarled at the other, then reached for her enemy, anxious to continue this vicious fight. The women exchanged hard blows, sending their beautiful faces whipping around, their long hair flying, as each beat at the other, grunting with hate and nakedly sexual rage as they exchanged painful blows, until Rhianna succeeded in driving a powerful uppercut to Allara’s jaw.

Allara flew back, gasping with pain and struggling to stay conscious. Her head cleared just in time to see Rhianna diving through the air at her, her hands extended like claws, aiming for the redhead’s spectacular tits. Allara caught her enemy with her feet and sent Rhianna sailing over her head. The pirate queen landed heavily and was momentarily stunned. Allara took advantage of the situation, leaping to her feet and grabbing Rhianna from behind, as the black-haired beauty staggered to a standing position. Allara wrapped her arms around her enemy’s massive tits and gave her a powerful bearhug from behind, squashing the other woman’s voluptuous rack. Then, she shifted her grip, lowering her enfolding arms to just below Rhianna’s tits, so that her interlaced arms actually supported the other woman’s magnificent boobs. Before Rhianna could react, Allara slammed her, tits first, into a nearby rock wall. The queen gasped, then braced herself against the temple wall. Allara pushed hard, crushing the other woman to the abrasive rock, then used her thighs to muscle Rhianna’s legs apart and aimed her massive dildo up into the pirate queen’s beautiful snatch. Rhianna stiffened, then let out a howl of pleasure as Allara’s monstrous shaft rocketed up into her soft, yielding cunt. Rhianna was impaled on the artificial cock, groaning with ecstasy as it filled her to the brim, as her body’s deep sexual muscles closed around the shaft and involuntarily gripped it, sucking and securing it in place. As Allara pulled back and thrust again, quickly establishing a hard, driving rhythm, the pirate queen gasped and moaned, caught between the wall and the paralyzing force of her own pleasure. She lubricated massively, cunt juice flowing down the violating shaft, and Allara fucked her all the harder.

Allara smiled with joy as she pumped Rhianna. She powered into the black-haired beauty’s tight cunt, her feet flat on the ground but ending on her tip-toes as she used all the strength of her legs and ass to ram the cock as hard and far into the pirate queen as she could. Rhianna also stood on her toes, her beautiful legs straining as part of her struggled to escape from the assaulting weapon, while another part tried to drive her body deeper on to the invading sex instrument. Rhianna sobbed with the agony of sheer erotic bliss.

“I’ve got you, fuckbitch,” Allara whispered in her enemy’s ear. “I’ve got you, I’m going to split you in half with your own cock…”

Rhianna could only groan and snarl in reply. Allara’s right hand moved down the queen’s naked belly and buried itself in the woman’s thick, soft pussy. Allara separated Rhianna’s soaking wet labia and felt out the woman’s throbbing, burning clit. Allara was working the massive shaft as hard to Rhianna’s clit as she could, but now her invading hand found the woman’s swollen clit and began to tease and stroke the throbbing nerve-rich organ. Rhianna screamed.

“Oh God, Oh God, you FUCKING CUNT!!!” she howled, her body almost convulsing under the double attack.

“Take it, fucker!!,” Allara snarled as her hand worked harder and faster, as she concentrated on driving the oiled leather shaft up into the heart of Rhianna’s womanhood. “Take it! Beg me for it!!”

Rhianna gasped, her erotic moaning getting more and more desperate as the pleasure built, her body losing control as her hard, sensitive clit was assaulted by the constant friction from below and the teasing probing from above, as her hard nipples rubbed into the grinding rock wall. Allara rubbed Rhianna’s rock-hard clit smartly into the thrusting dildo and, suddenly, it was just too much.

“OH FUCK, YOU WHORE, YOU CUNTFUCKING WHORE!!,” Rhianna shrieked, her eyes wide, her body convulsing. Then she came in a brutal, devastating orgasm that roared out of her body with a fantastic rush of hot juice. “FUCK!!,” she howled, the ecstasy enveloping her, blazing through her tits and belly, distending her swollen clit even more. Her body strained against the wall, her legs rigid with tension, her arms reaching, desperately, for some release.

The gush of juice rushed down the dildo, soaking Allara’s naked belly, dousing her thick bush. She smiled, delighted in having forced Rhianna to a catastrophic orgasm.

“That’s it, little girl,” she snarled into the queen’s ear. “Enjoy that because I’m about to ride your cunt until it falls off. I’m going to make you cum like the slut you are.”

“No, no, no,” Rhianna moaned weakly, struggling to recover from the incredible release, trying to keep her sudden vulnerability from causing her defeat. But Allara thrust and ground hard, assaulting the black-haired beauty’s clit yet again, trying to force more orgasms out of her exhausted enemy.

“Yes,” Allara replied. “Yes, yes, YES!!,” each exclamation punctuated by a hard thrust.

Using her momentary sexual release, fighting off her body’s desire for multiple orgasms, Rhianna placed her hands on the wall and, summoning her will, gritting her teeth, pushed herself back into her tormentor. Allara fell back, her hands still fixed to Rhianna’s womanly hips. Rhianna twisted her upper torso around, using her elbow to batter Allara’s head. Her tits swung with the movement, whacking into Allara’s massive mammaries. With a few more hits, she weakened Allara’s hold on her and was able to pull her body up and out from the dildo as the redhead staggered back. With a scream and a gush of cunt juice, Rhianna freed herself from the invading shaft, and staggered forward, into the wall. Then, quickly, she turned around and delivered a roundhouse kick to Allara’s head. The redhead only barely managed to block the blow, and was still sent staggering back to the edge of the lawn on which they fought.

Panting, both women almost insane with lust and hate, Allara and Rhianna regarded each other from across the span of three meters, each considering how she was next going to attack and humiliate the woman before her.

Allara reached up and rubbed her dripping dildo suggestively. “Think you can take me face to face, cunt to cunt, you titfucker?” she snarled.

“Fine, whore,” smiled Rhianna. Inside, she was a bit worried. Her body still thrummed with sexual energy, her engorged clit still longed for more and multiple releases. But she had to meet this challenge. She grasped her dildo and readjusted the leather strap, so that the shaft now lay on it side, its widest point running up and down. She lowered the sex weapon, so that it now sat directly overlapping her hot cunt slit. Allara understood, and readjusted her dildo in the same way.

Slowly, carefully, like two scorpions in a bottle, Allara and Ravanna moved together. Their eyes burned with fury and desire, their sexual organs were engorged with power and lust. They moved close, and then leaned back, arching out their pelvises, and slid their dildos side to side until the nub of each leather fucktoy touched the thick, wet vaginal lips of the other woman.

Allara and Ravanna smiled at each other then, grasping the round, wide hips of the other, they both pushed slightly. Their dildos slid side by side and penetrated and spread the first layer of each woman’s cunt, nestling into their thick, pink labia, tweaking at their monstrously swollen clits. Allara and Ravanna gasped together then, eyes locked, rage and hate and raw sexual desire flowing between them like water, the women pulled back (not enough to disengage dildos from pussies) and thrust with all their strength. The massive cocks penetrated beautiful cunts, sinking into labia, squeezing and running along the deliciously sensitive undersides of throbbing clits, sliding powerfully up into warm, welcoming, vaginas, driving home all the way until the women’s rock hard bellies slapped, until their cunt fur crushed and twined, until their massive tits smashed together and held, taut flesh quivering in tension.

Allara and Ravanna threw back their heads, their eyes wide open in ecstasy, their voices choking on inexpressible carnal joy. Their hands gripped the other’s trembling ass and they held each other until, sobbing with pleasure, they began to work the cocks around in the other’s cunt. The women began pumping each other, their leather sextoys sliding against each other as the womens’ powerful hips moved in a hard, pounding rhythm. Allara and Ravanna stood, their legs pulled apart but braced to each other, their hands grasping like claws and spread on their enemy’s perfect ass, their asses pulling back, then driving forward, fucking each other with all of their strength. They pounded the soft leather dildos deep into each other, penetrating to the maximum length of the shaft, before pulling back and driving hard and deep again. Their bodies slammed together each time, bellies slapping tight, thick tits squashing hard, rock-strong nipples piercing and struggling, pubic hair tearing and then crunching together with each push and pull. Each time, they aimed their dildos slightly up so that the thick shafts rubbed and stroked their opponent’s oversexed clit all the way in.

Nose to nose, panting furiously, whimpering with erotic joy, the two women pounded at each other. Their eyes were locked in hate, and they cursed each other viciously as they fucked each other’s cunt off. They locked into a deep, probing kiss, then broke it to sob and whisper obscenities at each other, cheek to cheek. The thick manes of their bouncing hair began to tangle. Slowly, they sank to their knees, their asses and hips still working in a brutal rhythm, each woman driving herself hard and remorselessly into her enemy, hoping that the relentless friction and pleasure would eventually force the other woman’s pussy to break in orgasmic defeat.

They slammed together again, then Rhianna wrapped her arms around Allara’s back, holding the other woman to her so that their massive, overstimulated tits could grind mercilessly, so that they could kiss each other and bite at the other’s lips and face. Their lower bodies continued to pull back and thrust together, the enormous leather shafts sliding smoothly in the delicious lubrication from the women’s cunts. Pussy juice sprayed and dribbled as the dildos moved back and forth, in and out of the women’s twats, sucked into the hot, wet core of their voluptuous bodies.

“Oh god, oh god, you pussylicker…,” Rhianna moaned at her foe, her body burning and trembling with erotic bliss and sexual tension. She did not know how much longer she could hold out. This bitch was fucking her so very, very hard. She felt like she was getting the best of a man and a woman rolled into one luscious body.

“Bitch, cunt, dirty fucking whore…,” Allara moaned in reply. She did not think she could stand much more, but she continued to answer every one of Rhianna’s thrusts, her cunt clutching and tightening involuntarily around the oiled up, invading rod, her clit burning unbearably with friction and constant stimulation, her body rejoicing in the feeling of being filled to overflowing with long, hard, thick cock.

Struggling with each other, impaled on the other’s thick shaft, the two beautiful women slowly fell to their asses. They scissored each other and grabbed the other’s hips and, holding tight, each redoubled the force and speed of their driving thrusts. Both were on the verge of absolute ecstasy and needed to force the other to surrender.

“Fuck,” Allara moaned, “oh dear Fucking CHRIST!!,” she shrieked, then sobbed with desperation. She could feel a terrible orgasm building in her core, but she resisted with all her strength, determined not to lose this dildo fight with this whore. Her tits jolted wildly as her body jerked and pounded with Rhianna’s equally beautiful form.

Whimpering with delight, Rhianna continued pumping Allara’s cunt, desperate to overpower her enemy, feeling the pressure building inside of her like a mountain of tension demanding release. She sank her claws into Allara’s hips and tried to push and pull the other woman up and down her slick dildo as hard and fast as she could. At the same time, her hips and ass worked furiously.

“Nnnnngghh,” Allara groaned, biting her lip, struggling to keep the enormous orgasm in her core from exploding out. “No, no, no,” she chanted.

“Come bitch, come for me, come you FUCKER!!,” Rhianna pleaded, then shrieked, her own pussy burning like a sun, her clit so thick and tense that she felt she would have to die to relieve the strain.

“Oh, oh, ohhhh, FUCK, FUCKING GOD!!!,” Allara howled as her clit finally detonated, the pleasure and ecstasy just too much to stand anymore.

“WHORE, Oh God, you CUNT!!,” Rhianna screamed, her body convulsing almost simultaneously, her deep muscles contracting around Allara’s invading dildo like a trap.

Both women threw back their heads and howled, their aching pussies gushing cunt juice down their battling leather shafts, warm cum splattering on both women’s drenched pussy bushes and flat bellies, some thick liquid following the shafts into the cores of the battling women and mixing inside. Rhianna and Allara continued to fuck furiously, their asses and hips working with irresistible lust and power, both women now determined to pull every orgasm possible out of the aching cunt of the other. Tearing at each other’s hair, their bodies bouncing and jerking furiously, their hips rocking, they continued to force more pleasure on the other, neither woman letting up.

“FUCK, FUCK, Oh FUCK!!!…” Rhianna screamed, as her orgasms built to unbearable levels, as her muscles tightened and released with exhilarating, exhausting intensity. She was being fucked out of her mind and could do nothing except fuck back with all of her power.

“WHORE, Oh GOD, YOU FUCKING WHORE!!” Allara shrieked as her body reached the limits of its ability to withstand pleasure. Her firm flesh overloaded with physical sensations, she felt herself starting to black out, the raw pleasure too much for her mind and body to take.

With a final convulsion, clinging to each other, their hips and asses still pumping, Allara and Rhianna moved together, cheek to cheek, tit to tit, bodies locked, struggling and fucking to the end. Cunt juice flowed between them like water.

Finally, the pleasure abated and the women fell flat onto their backs, heaving with anger and tiredness, their perfect bodies wet with sweat and every other juice their burning cunts could produce. Their perfect stomachs rippled as the women fought for breath, belly rings winking in the morning sun. The huge leather dildos remained firmly and deeply inserted into their burning cunts, joining them tightly at the crotch.

With a groaning sigh, Allara passed out with exhaustion and pleasure. Her body could not take anymore and she needed to rest. Rhianna struggled to hold on to consciousness, knowing that she could use this moment to her advantage if she could just remain awake. But she had been fucked to the limits of her endurance and her magnificent body finally collapsed into a deep sleep.

To be continued:

Queen of the Pirates, Part IV

Hours later, Rhianna awoke. The sun was now high in the sky, its light baking down on her well-bronzed flesh. It was moving on to the afternoon, and neither woman had yet gained a decisive advantage in this incredible sexual contest. The dark-haired beauty groaned and raised her head to look over her considerable tits to see what Allara was doing. Allara was still in place, attached to her by the massive leather cock, her legs draped over and under Rhianna’s body, her feet to either side of the queen’s head. Rhianna’s blue gaze locked with Allara’s green; the women sneered at each other. Rhianna pulled herself back, ignoring the tired protests of her body, and slipped her leather cock out of its sheath in Allara’s cunt, even as she slipped herself off of Allara’s violating dildo. Allara pulled back too and, in a moment, the women were disengaged from each other, their sore pussies still red from the pounding and abuse they had endured.

Rhianna glared at her enemy, but then her angry frown turned to a malicious smile.

“Let’s try that root you found, cunt,” she murmured. “I’ve got some ideas about how to use it on you.”

Allara smiled back. She rose to her feet, somewhat unsteadily, then removed the strap-on. She threw it at Rhianna, who batted the thick leather probe aside, then walked a short distance away from the lawn on which they were fighting, to retrieve the root she had cut from the wall of the well. She picked up the tuber, still moist and slick with its internal liquids, and then turned back towards Rhianna, holding the cutting at the level of her breasts. She walked back to the pirate queen, who was still kneeling on the soft grass. Allara stopped in front of her enemy then, their eyes locking, she slowly inserted one end of the tuber into her soft, yielding pussy. Slowly, shoving steadily, she thrust the massive root high and hard into her cunt, until it was almost halfway in. Then, Allara turned her back to Rhianna and bent over, placing her hands on the grass, spreading her legs into a “v”, with the root dangling down, tightly gripped by her powerful pussy. Her pussy lubricated and hot cunt juice begin to trickle down the cutting. Allara turned her head to look over her shoulder and locked stares with Rhianna again.

“Let’s see how good your ass is, bitch,” she murmured.

Smiling, Rhianna rose to her feet. She walked over to Allara and ran her hands over the other woman’s taut, round ass, running her index finger down Allara’s ass crack, teasing at the redhead’s anus, until she slowly slid her hand down to Allara’s cunt and wrapped her hand around the protruding root. Then, with a fevered grin, Rhianna turned around and placed her fantastic ass to Allara’s matching buttocks. She pushed hard, but Allara supported herself with her braced arms, and pushed back. Rhianna reached between her legs and grabbed the tuber, then aimed it at her own cunt. She inserted it slowly, working the massive root past her labia, all the way up her vagina as far as she could. She assumed a position mirroring that of Allara and, hands on the ground, ass in the air and pressing hard into Allara’s ass, Rhianna thrust back, fully impaling herself on the root. Allara pushed back to meet her.

“Aaaaahhhh,” Allara and Rhianna sighed in unison as they fully penetrated each other, as the hard root slipped completely into them, filling their vaginal canals to overflowing. They both shuddered with delight as their deep vaginal muscles locked and tensed around the thick shaft, both women’s bodies prepared to do sexual battle once more.

The women’s beautiful asses worked hard against each other. Both women rubbed around and around, slipping their powerful buttocks back and forth and between each other, slowly working their cunts down the last few inches of the protruding tuber until it disappeared from view completely, swallowed whole by the two pirate women’s beautifully distended pussies. Their pussies pushed tight, thick lips meeting and pressing, pink labia merging and sliding. They pushed just a little harder, a little farther, dropping lower to the ground and angling their pussies and raising their asses, and finally succeeded in bringing their swollen clits into direct contact. With an explosion of erotic power, they pressed their aching clits tight.

“God, oh God, you filthy fuck,” Rhianna groaned, the sheer bliss almost more than she could take.

“Ah, you cunt, you stinking twat,” Allara moaned, her ass and hips moving hard as she rubbed her butt around Rhianna’s, as she rubbed her aching clit into that of the pirate queen. Rhianna rubbed and writhed back, giving Allara almost more ecstasy than she could stand.

The women’s heads were almost to the ground, their heavy tits were hanging down and pressed to the soft earth. Slowly, agonizingly, still working each other, they fell to their knees. The soles of their bare feet pressed and, for a moment, struggled. But then, bracing her hands to the ground, Allara squeezed the tuber tight with her internal muscles, then pulled forward, just a few inches. She felt the tuber slip those few inches out of Rhianna’s cunt. Before the black-haired beauty could react, Allara thrust back with her ass, driving the tuber hard and firm into Rhianna’s twat.

“Bitch!” Rhianna shrieked. “Cuntlicker!” she cursed. Then, she clamped down with her own deep muscles and, for a few moments, the women struggled for control of the two-headed dildo that the root had become. Allara relaxed for just a moment, giving Rhianna the chance to seize control of the plant, pull back, then thrust hard into her redheaded rival’s blazing cunt. Allara screamed in rage and anger and delicious pleasure.

The struggle between the women’s cunts began in earnest. Over the next half-hour, they thrust back and forth, first one woman then the other gaining temporary control of the root and using it to pump the cunt of the other woman. Their powerful asses slapped and rubbed, the thick pads of muscle working hard against each other as each woman struggled to control the tuber. Their deep muscles clenched and clasped, relaxed and gripped, stimulating both women deep in their cores. Their cunts lubricated massively, thick liquids flowing through their vaginal canals to soak the tuber. Hands to the ground bracing their bodies, heavy tits pressed into the soft earth, the women thrust back and forth, their animal cries and groans growing ever more frantic, the pleasure of their ass to ass, cunt to cunt conflict growing ever more intense.

Caught in the raw pleasure of the fuckfight, rubbing her clit into the invading root, Allara suddenly realized that she was losing control. The pleasure and tension suddenly grew to unbearable levels and she found herself on the verge of a terrible orgasm. No, she thought, no, I won’t give in, I won’t. She groaned with effort. “No, no, no,…” she chanted. But it was too much. The erotic dam suddenly burst and Allara found herself exploding, her overstimulated clit firing like a rocket, her deep muscles convulsing and squeezing hard at the giant dildo then, suddenly, releasing. The lubrication in her cunt was complete. The root slid easily in and out of her expanded cunt and the orgasmic pleasure made it impossible for her to concentrate on holding the root.

Rhianna heard Allara’s cries of ecstasy, she felt the gush of hot liquid as the redhead came, she felt the deep shudders that ran through Allara’s body. Thick juice slathered the root and was smeared into Rhianna’s ass crack as the redhead wriggled and bucked and as Rhianna worked against her. Allara’s tits seemed to explode and she rubbed her aching nipples into the abrasive grass.

“NNNOOO!!,” Allara cried in despair, her body betraying her, her sex weakening and surrendering to her enemy’s pussy despite her best efforts.

“Yes, oh yes, you cunt…” Rhianna groaned, her face breaking into a smile of pleasure and triumph. She had not yet won, but she was clearly wearing the other woman down, the first step on the road to mastering the redheaded bitch.

Taking advantage of the situation, Rhianna loosened her internal grip on the root and spun around on the pole of the dildo, rotating her cunt and her whole body around the shaft, raising her right leg over Allara’s body and then turning herself around. The shaft was still deeply embedded in her cunt, but she was now facing towards Allara’s back. With a cry, Rhianna threw herself on the other girl, crushing her aching tits to Allara’s muscled back. With a groan, Rhianna reached around Allara’s waist, then slid her eager hands up the redhead’s belly to her chest. She filled her hands with Allara’s round, taut tits, she eagerly squeezed and massaged the tight flesh, delighting in how it molded to her probing fingers, enjoying the pulse of the sharp, swollen nipples in the palms of her hands. Holding Allara’s tits like handles, anchoring herself to the other woman’s fantastic body, Rhianna began fucking Allara hard, clamping down on the tuber, controlling it, and ramming it deep and hard into her enemy’s cunt, pumping her ass and her hips as hard as she could. Hard, sweat-slicked flesh slapped rhythmically as the all-out fuck commenced.

“Yes,” Rhianna moaned. “Oh, yes. You cuntfucker, you dirty whore, I’ve got you, I’ve got you now, oh God, I’m going to fuck you, so hard, so hard….”

Rhianna fucked Allara mercilessly, and the redhead suffered through one delicious orgasm after another. Her cries of erotic ecstasy continued to build and she could only throw back her head and scream in frustrated rage and pleasure as Rhianna rode her hard. Cheek to cheek, panting at each other, thick hair billowing and tangling as their bodies rocked and their cheeks rubbed, the women exchanged curses and taunts, and then turned their heads to twist their tongues together in a vicious kiss. Rhianna fucked Allara hard and Allara was forced to take it, her own body betraying her to its incredible pleasures. Allara pushed herself up, her hands moving to cover Rhianna’s hands which were grasping and squeezing her tits. Allara tried to pull Rhianna’s hands away, and turned her head to lock the pirate queen in another luscious kiss. But it was not enough. Rhianna pushed Allara back to the ground, and soon the redhead’s fingers were digging into the soft earth, her ass moving in rhythm to Rhianna’s bucking hips, her cunt building to another orgasmic release.

Then, suddenly, Rhianna stiffened. Her eyes went wide, she freed Allara’s aching tits and placed her hands on the redhead’s beautiful back shoulders instead. Pushing Allara’s face and shoulders down to the ground, Rhianna howled, arched her back and thrust hard with her hips and ass, driving the dildo as deep into Allara’s welcoming cunt as she could, then convulsing in ecstasy as her clit exploded in orgasmic release. Allara felt the shaft slicken with cunt juice as Rhianna’s pussy contracted powerfully around the thick root, then erupted with hot cum that streamed down the shaft, moistening Allara’s labia.

“NNnnngh, no, oh fuck, FUCK, FUCK, NOOO!!!,” Rhianna screeched, the incredible pleasure her body had been trying to contain bursting forth in a shower of erotic energy. She rammed hard, driving herself against Allara’s beautiful ass, then stiffened in pleasure as the sensations became unbearable, her tits jiggling as her body shuddered in bliss. Rhianna smiled in sheer ecstasy, her eyes closed, her face rapturous as her sex emptied through her cunt. She continued to push down hard at Allara’s shoulders, holding the redhead in place as she rode her.

Allara saw her chance. She was on the verge of another devastating orgasm, but Rhianna’s sexual release provided her with an opportunity. She pushed up with her hands and threw Rhianna back. Too caught up in the wave of her orgasm, Rhianna could not resist. She fell heavily, her back on the ground, as Allara pushed herself up. Then, the redheaded pirate woman spun her body around on the penetrating root, lifting her left leg over Rhianna’s body, turning herself around, so that she was now facing Rhianna. The women ended up scissoring each other, bodies locked between the other’s thighs, their pussies joined tight by the thick tuber they were using to fuckfight.

As Rhianna continued to suffer through her orgasm, Allara squeezed her deep muscles around the root, pulled back with her hips, sliding the root several inches out of Rhianna’s dripping cunt, then rammed the dildo back in, driving it as far up into Rhianna’s vaginal canal as she could. The pirate queen shrieked at the pleasure, and suddenly realized how quickly the tables had turned. Allara continued pumping, pulling back and then violating Rhianna with all her strength. Both women were lying back, propped up on their sides, their heavy tits rocking with each pounding thrust.

Allara smiled in bliss. This was good, exactly what she wanted. She forced back her own orgasm and continued to pump at Rhianna, determined to force so many orgasms from the queen that she would be unable to fight back. Rhianna found her body being slowly forced back across the lawn under the pounding impact of Allara’s attack, and she struggled to rein in her own orgasmic explosions so that she could retaliate. No, she thought, no, I won’t be fucked into submission like this! Only moments before she had been in control, but now her body had betrayed her and she and Allara were fucking each other, once again, on almost equal terms.

Allara suddenly stiffened, then shrieked with joy as another orgasm took her body. Her cunt lubricated and gushed with cunt juice, the slick tuber became even more slippery, and Rhianna used the chance to regain control of the dildo. She was soon driving Allara back, sliding the massive root in and out of Allara’s sucking cunt like a piston. But Rhianna quickly found herself jerking in pleasure as another orgasm took her, and the advantage passed to Allara once again.

The see-saw battle continued for some time, each woman slowly and deliciously fucking her enemy to orgasm, the women exchanging control of the dildo as one or the other convulsed with pleasure. Their bodies slapped and pounded, their tits rocked and bounced, hot sweat spraying from the meaty orbs. Their hips and asses thrust and rippled, the women panted and screamed in lust and frustration, their wild, sweat-damp hair thrashing around their heads as their bodies jerked and struggled. Rhianna reached out and seized Allara’s red locks, pulling hard; Allara returned the grip, baring her teeth in a feral snarl as she yanked viciously at Rhianna’s dark hair. All the while they fucked mercilessly, both women determined to grind and thrust the other into submission, to ride each other until one of them could not take it anymore.

Finally, Rhianna let out a screaming cry and collapsed, her last orgasm pushing her into physical and sexual exhaustion. She fell flat on her back, gasping for air, struggling to ride out the pleasure and pain rippling from her cunt through her entire body. Allara was unable to take advantage of the situation, however. She was too exhausted and hurt to carry on. With a moan, she pulled back, slipping the thick, wet root out of her aching pussy, and then rolled away from Rhianna, coming to a stop a few feet away and passing out into a spent sleep. Rhianna pulled out the root and cast it aside. She remained on her back, gulping air and struggling to bring herself under control. Her body thrummed with sexual energy, but she was too depleted to do anything other than feel the sex power burning in her core. She finally collapsed into a dreamless sleep.

More hours passed, the two spent sex warriors slowly regaining their strength as they slept. By the time they stirred again, it was the early evening. The air was still hot, but the sky was now fire-red as the sun dipped toward the horizon and the shadows of the temple deepened and stretched out onto the lawn on which they were fighting.

Allara pulled herself to her feet and regarded Rhianna, who remained lying on the ground. The redhead considered attacking the other woman, but she was hungry and thirsty and needed her energy. She went off to find her pack to eat and to find the stream for a drink. While she was gone, Rhianna regained consciousness. She realized that Allara must have gone for nourishment. She found her own bag, pulled out some food and a canteen, and replenished herself. As she was finishing her meal, Allara returned from quenching her thirst at the stream.

The two beautiful women sat facing each other, hard bodies aligning once more, sexual energy starting to build as each took in the other’s form, as memories of the incredible pleasure they had inflicted on each other so far began to stir their blood.

Rhianna spoke. “It is time to finish this, Allara. You are beautiful and powerful. You are easily the most impressive woman I have ever met in sexual battle. But you cannot defeat me and it is time for me to show you why I am the queen.”

Allara smiled. “I have enjoyed my battle with you, Rhianna. You are truly a worthy foe, every bit as formidable as the rumors say. But you have not defeated me yet, and you will not. By the end of this night, every part of you will submit to me.”

With that, the women moved to meet each other, their legs spread, hot, hairy cunts ready for battle. They scissored each other, right legs over left, and slowly pushed until their aching pussies were only 2 inches apart. Rhianna and Allara leaned back, holding themselves up with their arms, the final battle concentrated between their legs, giving each other complete access to the other’s cunt. But Allara reached out and cupped and fondled Rhianna’s magnificent right tit. Rhianna returned the grip, stroking and caressing Allara’s engorged nipples. Then, the pirate queen reached down and ran her questing fingers along the slick, hot rim of Allara’s cunt lips, stroking and stimulating the sensitive flesh, coming dangerously close to the redhead’s rapidly hardening clit. She ran her fingers up and patted Allara’s thick cunt fur. The redheaded challenger shuddered with the stimulation. She squeezed Rhianna’s nipple tight then, as the queen gasped, took her hand and cupped Rhianna’s hot pussy, feeling the heat of the other woman’s sex radiate into the palm of her hand. She then sank two fingers into the Rhianna’s soft, yielding cunt, and worked the palm of her hand into the thick, sucking vaginal lips. Rhianna’s hand was still on Allara’s pussy. She moved it down to mirror the other woman’s grip.

For a moment, they held each other like this, eyes locked, magnificent tits heaving with their panting excitement. Then, they released each other and placing their hands behind them, bracing their bodies, they closed the final space between their pussies and thrust together hard.

“Aaaahh,” sighed the women in unison as their boiling, juicy pussies, pressed tight and softly sealed. They threw back their heads, closed their eyes, and smiled in ecstasy. The final fuck was about to begin. Yes, thought Allara, this is how it should be – cunt to cunt and clit to clit to the end. Rhianna forced her eyes open to glare at her beautiful foe. The two women began to work their asses and their hips, slowly turning their pussies in circles, drilling into each other. Hot cunt juice lubricated their battle as their powerful asses and driving hips forced their cunts into one. Slowly, agonizingly, the women’s pussies spread each other. Thick, wet cunt lips pushed and spread, opening onto soft, pink labia. Rhianna and Allara pushed and spread each other, penetrating deeper and deeper, until they could almost feel their vaginal holes sucking at each other. Their aching clits were now fully engorged and slowly swelled up to incredible size, gradually expanding until they touched, then pressed and crushed.

Allara and Rhianna shrieked together on the first clit to clit contact, then could only squeeze their eyes tightly closed and whimper and moan as their terribly aroused bodies struggled to dominate each other, clits fusing into one, trembling with tension. They began to fence, rubbing their clits back and forth, flicking each other, their proud, sensitive weapons stabbing and raking each other with pleasure, struggling to force the other back into defeat. Leaning back, their tits bouncing hard with each thrust of their powerful bodies, Allara and Rhianna fucked each other with all of their strength. Their moans grew quickly into screams of pleasure and despair as each sought to overwhelm the other with her raw sex.

Rhianna twisted her burning clit around Allara’s engorged sexhorn and squeezed tight. The redhead shrieked with joy and rage, then twisted back the other way, forcing a shriek of pure delight from her rival. Panting, the women worked their clits into an unbreakable throbbing knot then, tears streaming down their faces and sobs wracking their voluptuous bodies, they squeezed their pussies tight.

“FUCK, FUCK, OH FUCK!!” Allara sobbed, erotic power roaring through her body like fire. But she kept squeezing, she kept jerking her hips, determined to grind Rhianna into defeat.

“WHORE, Oh God, YOU CUNT!!” Rhianna responded, her own body convulsing with the wild sensations. She desperately wanted to just abandon herself to the raw pleasure, but she had fought too long to stop fighting now.

Holding each other in this quivering, ecstatic stalemate for several minutes, the women struggled against each other deep in their cores, their pussies locked and sealed, struggling to eat each other, the hot tongues of their clits twisted and twined, sending ways of unbearable pleasure pulsating through their beautiful forms with every beat of their hearts.

Allara felt the strength in her arms giving out and slowly, fighting it every step of the way, she found herself falling onto her back. Once she realized what was happening, Rhianna pushed harder and tried squeezing even tighter. But Allara continued to return the pussy grip just as hard, sending a shuddering pulse through their fused clits. But she could not stop her fall and, in a flash, Rhianna pushed herself up and followed Allara down. Their clits were too tightly twined to separate, though their cunts sucked apart slightly and gushed with lubrication as Rhianna changed the position. She forced her body down on top of Allara’s flawless form, crushing her tits to those of the redhead, delighting in the feel as taut flesh fought and strained, as hard nipples stabbed and penetrated. The women’s bellies slapped, their navel rings clicking together. Rhianna glared hatefully down into Allara’s green eyes, which were now alive with rage and frustration.

“I have you now, bitch,” Rhianna whispered at her redheaded enemy, pushing her forehead to Allara’s, nose to nose with the beautiful challenger, panting furiously, hot breath mixing.

“It’s not over yet, you cunt,”Allara managed to snarl through the haze of pleasure. “Fuck with me, cunt. We’ll see whose clit comes out on top.”

Rhianna smiled, then turned her head and locked Allara into a deep kiss. Allara eagerly accepted the challenge, twisting her tongue with Rhianna’s, trying to force it back, sharing hot spit. Her legs instinctively twined around the queen’s slender but powerful waist and womanly hips, her hands spread on the queen’s magnificent pumping ass and pulled the woman in tighter. Allara bridged, driving her body up to meet that of her opponent. But her words of defiance were not enough. Deep inside, she knew that she was now on the ropes. Rhianna had the superior position and while it might take a long time, they were too evenly matched. Eventually, the advantage of gravity would hand the pirate queen victory.

Allara tried rolling their bodies, but Rhianna spread her legs to stabilize her position and increased the pumping power of her muscular ass. The warriors broke their sensuous kiss and rested check to cheek, panting and cursing as the fucking continued. Their slick clits slowly untwined and slid apart, but the women pushed them head to head and continued torturing each other. They ground their clits hard, trying to push each other back, trying to crush the other’s clit in a final display of sexual supremacy. Their hands locked to the other’s ass, they fucked hard in a bucking rhythm, their erotic moans and cries growing to full-throated shrieks of pleasure and rage as they struggled.

“Bitch, you bitch,” Allara gasped, as her entire body burned, raged with ecstasy and unbearable sexual electricity. She felt like her straining tits had become one with Rhianna’s matching pair of meaty orbs, their nipples were like twin spikes, piercing and joining them together. She felt each slide of their naked, sweaty bellies like a shock of lightning. The raw pleasure radiating out of their struggling clits was driving her insane.

“Break, you cunt, break…,” Rhianna demanded, her hands now fastened to Allara’s bucking ass, her claws sinking into the yielding flesh. Her whole body was pulsing, trembling with erotic power and she knew that she had to defeat Allara’s raging cunt soon. But she could feel the shuddering tension in Allara’s flesh and she knew that she was in the dominant position. She jammed two fingers up Allara’s ass to add to the stimulation, to violate her enemy even more.

“Cunt…” Allara cursed her, thrashing her head. The redhead was about to retaliate when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something on the ground not far away. Through the miasma of her overwhelmed senses, it took her several moments to realize what it was. It was a discarded dildo, one of the weapons they had used on each other earlier. Almost without thinking, Allara reached for the thick rubber shaft, grabbed it, and, placing it between the thick pads of Rhianna’s clenching buttocks, shoved it hard and deep into Rhianna’s puckered asshole.

“FUCK!!!,” Rhianna screamed. One moment, she was slowly, agonizingly, ecstatically fucking her greatest rival into sexual submission. A moment later, she was suddenly and violently penetrated in her ass, a throbbing violation that sent a shock of pain and pleasure rippling through her body. Allara did not let up. She drove the dildo as hard and far up her opponent’s tight ass as she could, even as she bucked and rammed her clit into Rhianna’s driving sexhorn. Suddenly, overwhelmed with the vicious sensations, Rhianna howled and, in her disorientation, lost control of the fuckfight.

Allara wrapped her arms around her nude enemy and, with a groaning cry, slowly rolled their locked bodies. Rhianna regained her senses too late to prevent herself from suddenly finding her back flat to the ground, and Allara positioned between her legs. Allara reared up, then brought her body down hard on Rhianna. Their taut, wobbling tits crushed tight, their bellies slapped, and Allara slid her slick cunt into place on Rhianna’s matching pussy. She pushed down hard, working her hips around in a circle, and slowly violated Rhianna’s cunt once again. At the same time, she reached behind Rhianna to keep her hand on the dildo, jerking it, pushing it, using Rhianna’s weight to drive her voluptuous body down harder onto the violating rubber shaft.

Rhianna screamed in rage and frustration. Allara locked her into a hot kiss and rejoiced as she felt Rhianna groan inside of their sealed mouths, her body slowly succumbing to the overwhelming assault. Their clits fought deliciously, tightly sealed into the erotic arena of their joined cunts. Slick labia merged and melted, erotic sensations of unbearable intensity wracked both women. They broke their kiss and, panting for breath, Allara slowly and methodically fucked Rhianna to the end.

“No, no, no, I won’t lose, I won’t, not to you, not to you…,” Rhianna groaned, struggling to hold back the terrible orgasm building in her core. Her body shuddered with erotic bliss, the pre-orgasmic trembling now quaking through her magnificent body, her tits burning with the incredible sensation of the constant rubbing with Allara’s equally inflamed boobs.

“Yes, yes, yes…,” Allara chanted. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Her body was on fire and she was almost delirious. But still, she kept pumping and bucking, her clit engorged and in constant wet friction with Rhianna’s equally huge and engorged sex horn.

Glaring hatefully at each other, their eyes wide in shock and desire, Allara and Rhianna brought their clits together one final time. The hard, exquisitely sensitive sexhorns wrapped up tight, twisted together like two snakes, and the women squeezed with their cunts. They sobbed and screamed in unison, each one desperately trying to force the other over that final, erotic edge. With a moan of unbearable pleasure and lust, Rhianna suddenly exploded. Her clit detonated, her body finally unable to withstand any more pleasure. With a cry of despair, she sank her sharp nails into Allara’s ass, struggling to hold on, to hold back the pleasure erupting from her core, but it was far too late.

With a cry of joy, Allara pushed herself hard, driving and knotting her clit even harder to Rhianna’s exploding sexnub, crushing her foe’s tits with her own hard, throbbing rack, doing everything that she could to make every inch of Rhianna’s body submit to her own. Allara seized and squeezed Rhianna’s lush ass, pounding down into the defeated queen with all of her strength, desperate to force her enemy to the final defeat. She thrust and humped hard, hungry cunt eating at hungry cunt until, finally, Rhianna gave completely. Locked in another licking kiss with Allara, Rhianna groaned out and her cunt erupted in a fiery blast of hot woman cum, which jetted out and soaked Allara’s pussy and entered her straining body to mix with her own juices. Rhianna collapsed in a series of ever-growing orgasms, which chained through her body, causing her to buck and heave and shriek in wild abandon. The black-haired beauty clawed at Allara’s back as she shrieked into the redhead’s mouth, her screams of submission swallowed by her victorious enemy, their tongues thrashing in sexual joy.

Allara was shuddering with pre-orgasmic ecstasy, but she somehow managed to hold her own trembling orgasms back as she rode Rhianna to the end. When the black-haired beauty was properly spent, Allara pulled her body off of the pirate queen and, groaning with lust and need, braced her knees on either side of the other woman’s shoulders, holding Rhianna in place. Then, Allara leaned forward and shoved her aching, soaking cunt directly into Rhianna face.

“Eat me, woman, suck me, do it…,” she demanded, her eyes burning with feral light. She needed her release and she wanted to do it this way, in a way that would humiliate Rhianna even more.

The black-haired beauty, despite her exhaustion, eagerly began sucking and licking Allara’s soaking cunt. Rhianna wrapped her lips around Allara’s steaming clit and sucked hard. It was too much. The redhead threw back her head, ran her fingers through her long, thick red locks, and howled like a banshee. Her tits bounced exuberantly as she bucked, her pussy pumping thick hot cum onto Rhianna’s face. The queen gasped and spluttered as her nose and mouth were inundated. She turned her head away, but Allara now leaned forward and began to smother her rival with her gushing cunt. Rhianna struggled weakly, too exhausted and overwhelmed to do much more. Slowly, she lost consciousness, her final smell the fragrant odor of delicious pussy.

Gasping, moaning, orgasms still rippling through her body, Allara fell back off of Rhianna. She had won. Despite having come so close to defeat, she had won. But she knew she needed to consolidate her victory. If she passed out now, she could easily wake to find herself having to deal with the pirate queen again.

Forcing herself to move, she slowly staggered to her bag and pulled out a length of thick twine. She found one of her discarded daggers and used it to cut several lengths of twine. She rolled Rhianna over onto her back, pulled the queen’s arms behind her, and tied them together at the wrists. Next, she tied Rhianna’s ankles together, not too tight, but enough to restrain, using unbreakable sailors’ knots. Finally, she connected Rhianna’s wrists to her ankles with another length of cord.

Allara rolled Rhianna onto her back and stared down at the beautiful woman. Allara contemplated the other woman, her fantastic tits, brown nipples still spike-hard, and drooling cunt, her beautifully curved hips and flat, sexy abdomen, her thick, muscled thighs and powerful calves. Most of all, she stared at the queen’s beautiful face, now wet with Allara’s juices, but peaceful and flawless in repose, wearing an expression of complete sexual satisfaction.

Allara smiled. She was exhausted herself, but in a few hours she would be recovered. Then, the moon would be full in the sky and she would be ready to claim her sexual prize from the beautiful queen she had finally bested. She threw herself onto Rhianna’s voluptuous body, delighting in the feel of their heavy tits squashing each other. She rubbed her nipples and areola into Rhianna’s matching pair. Then, relaxed in that position, she fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.


Hours later, the moon was high in the sky, bathing the jungle with its silvery light, when Allara stirred. Rhianna had bucked beneath her. The queen had awoken and then quickly discovered her new restraints. Allara rolled off of her defeated rival, her eyes glinting with pleasure and victory.

“Fucking whore!” Rhianna shouted. “What have you done? Let me go! Untie me!”

Allara smiled, then reached out and cupped Rhianna’s heaving right tit. She ran her hand over the taut, hot flesh, smiling as Rhianna gasped with the sudden shock of pleasure. Then, the redhead bent her head to her enemy’s tit and began sucking ravenously. She pushed Rhianna over onto her back. Allara slid her other hand down Rhianna’s warm, ridged belly, tangled her fingers momentarily in the thick pussy hair, then thrust two fingers up Rhianna’s cunt and began masturbating the pirate beauty. Rhianna cried out, but her shouts of anger soon turned to moans of pleasure as Allara had her way with her.

Allara ravaged the queen. When she tired of sucking and biting and feasting on one fantastic tit, she turned to the other. She finished her exploration by sucking Rhianna’s clit until the black-haired beauty exploded in her face, hot cum jetting like ambrosia, Rhianna screaming in desperate ecstasy. Allara turned the queen over and took her from behind, using the dildo in her ass and cunt, squeezing Rhianna’s sensitive tits until the other woman howled with pleasure and pain. Finally, Allara turned her enemy over again and conquered her lush body once more, tit to tit, belly to belly, clit to clit. Staring hatefully and ravenously at each other, nose to nose and lip to lip, the women stroked their clits against each other until they both passed out together in an explosion of pure erotic joy.

Come the early morning, Allara pulled herself off of her ravaged prey. She smiled down at Rhianna, who glared at her, her blue eyes blazing with wrath. Allara tightened the other woman’s bonds, then fed her food from her own pack and water. Allara then attached Rhianna’s bonds to a nearby tree, ensuring that the black-haired beauty could not free herself while Allara was gone. The redheaded woman left to wash herself but returned quickly. She could see signs of Rhianna’s efforts to undo the ropes, but they had proven fruitless.

Smiling, Allara went about the clearing, gathering up her clothing and weapons and slowly dressing. Her own body was covered with the marks of the hard sexual combat she and Rhianna had engaged. She smiled wider. These were her scars from this battle, and well worth the price.

When she was dressed, she returned to see Rhianna one final time. The pirate woman was quiet now, but her eyes were alive with rage and her fierce intelligence was clearly hard at work, trying to find a way out of her predicament. Allara took one of Rhianna’s daggers and drove it into the ground a few feet from where the trussed-up beauty was lying.

“I’m going to leave now. This dagger will be here. I don’t think it will take you long to reach it and then free yourself, but it will take long enough that I will be well on my way by the time you leave. But I don’t want your men to find you like this, and I’m sure that you don’t either.”

“Fuck you, Allara,” Rhianna responded. “This is not over between us. You cheated. If this had been just a matter of clit to clit, we both know that I would have made you my screaming fuckbitch.” Her blues eyes flashed.

Allara grinned. “I don’t know that. I think that I would have outfucked you one way or the other. But – well, we’re pirates. Pirates are supposed to cheat.”

Allara kneeled down beside Rhianna and pushed down until they were nose to nose. Then, she locked the black-haired beauty in a long, hot, tongue twisting kiss. When they finally stopped, the women separated only reluctantly, their bodies burning with passion.

“Release me,” Rhianna suggested, panting with heat. “We can fuck some more, all day. There is no need to stop now.”

Allara smiled. “I am sure that this is not over between us, Rhianna. We will meet again, one day soon I hope, and we will see which of us conquers the other. But today, I am the victor. And I claim my prize.”

With that, she walked to the pillar on which Rhianna had deposited her ring, the symbol of her office, as well as her neck chain.

Allara put the ring on her finger and held it up to sparkle in the sun.

“It fits well, don’t you think?” she asked her defeated rival, smiling like a shark. Rhianna glared helplessly.

With a final wave, Allara picked up her bag and walked away from the former pirate queen, her hips swaying, her ass flexing, her voluptuous body alive with the promise of the future.

Rhianna watched her go, her body burning with sexual heat and anger. Then the deposed pirate queen turned her attention to freeing herself. It would not take her long to get to the dagger and use it to cut the bonds holding her. After that, she would return to her ship and plot her next move. Allara had defeated her. But the war between them was just beginning.

The End

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