Rent Wars 1 by Mr. Cage

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I was visiting an old graduate school friend, William, in London. He had been studying business, but had to drop out and head back home when his old man’s heart popped. Well it was ten years later and I was headed to London for a business meeting and he said I should spend the weekend with him and he’d guarantee me some entertainment. I asked what kind and he said something about it being my dream ticket. Now I was interested. We did a lot of crazy things at school including everything from wild week-long gambling trips to brain numbing drinking at strip clubs to going to high class whore houses and picking up street crack whores and paying them to fight one another for their fixes. We were pretty bad boys. I was intrigued.

I checked out of my hotel and met him out front. He was driving a hot looking jaguar and took me straight to his fabulous townhouse near the U.S. Embassy. I unpacked and he told me to dress down because we were going to one of the tenement houses his family owned. We left in a tiny toy car and rumbled out of the ritzy neighborhood he lived in and drove into a seedy area. I was clearly a little nervous, he just chuckled and told me not to be such a tourist and trust him.

We pulled into what he called a lock-up and what I would call a concrete block house. We exited the block house and padlocked the chipped blue painted metal door. The road or wide alley smelled of piss and garbage. We walked to the back door of a decaying five story row house. The back door on the left side seemed to be the rear of a pub and the back door on the right looked and smelled like an Indian restaurant. The back door to the house we entered led to a stairwell and a storage room that was stocked like you would expect a convenience store.

William said, “We own all three houses and rent out to ground floors to a Jamaican pub, a Pakistani dry goods store, and an Indian restaurant. Fifteen extended families live in the three buildings. None of them has any excess money and the rents on the storefronts are high enough to encourage the operators to play my games. Within this district I have another six houses and forty-six families, most with single mothers and at least a few teenage girls. I have plenty of more than willing contestants.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked, still perplexed.

He led me downstairs to a locked basement. I went inside with him and was startled to see placed in the center of the dingy dank hole, a bright white wood pen with a white plastic mat covering the eight by eight foot enclosure. The pen was composed of two wooden planks screwed into the four metal poles that seemed to form the support for the floor above. The bottom plank was flush against the floor and the top plank was about three feet high leaving what looked to be a two foot gap between the planks. The poles were also painted white. Each of the four poles had a bright spot light and a video camera angled down into the pen. Two standing tripod cams looked over the top of two sides of the pin and two lower cams looked between the bottom and top planks on the other sides. All the cameras were cabled to a bank of digital recorders with a rack of servers nearby.

William said, “A little hobby of mine. You are looking at the highly secret and exclusive Amazon Warriors Club. Only the richest of rich can attend in person and the rest of our members attend by internet with a subscription of 50 pounds per live fight with a ten percent discount on videos, dvds, and fight memorabilia.”

I looked around and asked, “Rich people in attendance?”

He laughed and said, “Always important to present an air of exclusivity for a British business. We’re born and bred to expect it. The punters will pay their fifty happily if they believe their betters are plunking down a thousand pounds to see the same thing. The lights and camera angles keep the surroundings from being seen. I have a series of random sound tracks that sound like a small crowd of rich men and women. I tweak it with cheers and jeers when I see something that I know would get the same reaction.”

“Do you have any subscribers?” I asked, doubtfully.

He smiled and said, “I clear an average of 5000 pounds a month over the cost of equipment and the rent breaks I give the fighters. I also get the occasional sponsorship fight which is done privately for the sponsor. Of course I bring them to another place and the tape is made for them and them alone.”

“So what is on today?” I asked still not sure whether my buddy was about to burst out laughing at the joke he might be pulling on me.

He replied, “Well today is a contender’s match for one of our many titles. Contender’s matches have another fifty pounds tossed to the loser and one hundred pounds to the winner. Plus the winner gets to challenge the champ the next month and the champ gets an extra two hundred pounds a fight. Amazingly enough, the fighters have really gotten into it and they are settling years of grudges and they actually take the position of champ seriously. And of course some fights in some categories come with a bonus.”

“What types of categories?”

He counted them off on his fingers as he said, “Well let’s see, we’ve got champions in these general categories: Straight Pins and Submissions Wrestling, Straight Boxing, Face Sitting, Modified Catfights, Striking Fights, Tit Fights, Crotch Fights, Sex Mauls, Sex Fights, No Rules Catfights, and All-in Extreme Rules Fights. That’s eleven categories and each category has three weight groups.”

“That’s a lot of champs,” I joked.

He laughed and said, “Part of the advertising, old boy. We also have a class of Ultimate Champs. We have an over fifties champ, an over forties champ, a girl’s champ for the under fourteen, the teen champ and then the unlimited champ. These have no weight groups and the type of match is randomly determined. And of course there are stipulations and specialty challenges like hair matches, bloody towel matches, I quit matches, anything you can think of and are willing to pay for matches.”
I laughed and asked, “So what’s on today’s schedule?”

He smiled and said, “Do you remember me talking about my younger sister, Melody?”

“Vaguely,” I replied wondering where this was leading.

“Well she and some of her Oh-So-Posh girlfriends like a bit of rough and tumble with the less fortunate of our society so in addition to the religious and ethnic conflicts we’ve got some old fashion class warfare going on. And what I love about Melody and her girls is that I can practically double the charge rate when I put on a Lady versus Woman match and her friends aren’t about the money at all. They go out and blow it on drinks and drugs after the fight.”

I shook my head and said, “So will Melody be on the agenda?”

He smiled and said, “Well of course coming live from the exclusive underground Amazon Warrior Club sometime in the next two weeks after I finish editing will be a card of ten matches. The seventh and eight matches on the card will be shot today. The seventh match is a Lady versus Woman challenge match for the number one contender spot for the ultimate teen championship. Our random generator match selection computer will produce a specialty striking match, with cutter gloves over an unlimited number of five minute rounds with Total KO stipulations and knockdown penalties.”

Perplexed I asked, “Random generator?”

“Yep,” he laughed sarcastically. “I’ve already programmed the computer program to spit out those rules when the girls arrive. The girls hate each other and asked for three stipulations. Since it an ultimate championship contenders’ match the match type is supposed to be random, but both girls are good with their fists and savage. So I’ve I assure a lot of blood and a sure winner.”

“What is a Total KO with penalties?”

“That means if you are knocked down and can’t get up for a count of ten, I stand you back up in the corner and restart the fight. Then you pay a two punch to the body penalty at the end of the round. The fight is stopped when one woman cannot be revived to start the next round.”

“Somebody could get killed,” I mumbled.

He nodded and said, “It’s happened old boy. Big money for death matches on the private market. Of course, on the internet we do a crawling legend that says so and so was so severely hurt that she has retired from the Club.”

Next I was treated to the pre-match graphics. Melody was shown wearing a micro thin piece of floss that showed her ivory skin, trimmed blonde bush and hard high pink nippled- breasts. Her blonde hair was braided and hung down to her fine dancer’s ass in the side view. Her body was lean, hard and hot. Her stats said, 16 years, blonde, blue-eyed, rich heiress, 5’9’’ (in parenthesis with the metric system crap shown outside the parenthesis), 127 pounds, 35C 24 34, 5-1-1 and two KOs. She wore a white cloth mask that covered just her eyes. She went by the name Lady Blood.

Her rival was called Riya the Street Avenger. She was obviously Indian, darker brown, long black hair in a braid with unusual emerald green eyes and full lips. She wore a red mask and a red piece of crotch floss that exposed a thick, curly untrimmed black bush. Riya was shorter and heavier, but I thought extremely sexual. Her stats said, 17 years, black hair, green-eyed, waitress, 5’4’’, 139 pounds, 36D 28 38, 7-1-0 and three KOs.

The next chart showed that they had fought twice before. Melody had won a boxing match and Riya had won a modified catfight. They were otherwise undefeated and were the natural challengers to Black Brixie, the Jamaican Assassin the current Ultimate Teen Champion.

I watched as he set up the fight and set the lights. From the camera view it did look like there could be a room full of people just out of sight. The crowd noise was excellent and the whole thing looked genuine. I was impressed. William was a master of fraud and illusion. Finally he got a call from above. He ran up the stairs and ushered Melody in. Melody was very much younger than me, but she seemed more than interested. William and her chatted like brother and sister for a bit. Then he got another call and that was the end of their chatting. Riya had arrived. Melody followed quickly.

The two girls obviously hated one another. The looks they gave each other as they got prepared were chilling. First they stripped naked and put on their thongs and eye masks, white for Melody and red for Riya.

Then William taped their hands and wrists lightly before slipping on what he described as cutter gloves, color coordinated as well. The cutter gloves were tight, leather affairs with ridged knuckles roughened backs and faces. The gloves were closed so there would be no nail play, but the fingers were free to grasp and I noticed that the same roughen material was on the palms and inside of the fingers as well as the backs. He pushed in their colored mouth guards.

The rules of this cutter glove match were essentially anything goes as long as someone wasn’t face down or on their ass. If one or both of the girls went down they would be broken apart and stood up, although attacks while on the ground were allowed until the referee, William, in a leather mask got them separated.

The girls both spit out their mouth guards upon entering the fight ring between the two planks. Watching each of their quite sexy and distinct asses as they slid between the wooden planks was well worth the price of my admission, which was actually already free. Riya’s cunt must be quite impressive because her red thong practically bulged as she bent over and shot me a close look between her rich brown haunches. I caught Melody’s tight little ass and equally tight cunt package a second latter. Too very different, but delectable crotches turned my cock from hard to rock.

William standing between the girls in his black mask announced, “So you both intend to risk your teeth and tongues just to get in a little biting. Well be forewarned you could lose the end of your tongue or break your teeth.”

Melody said, “I’ll chew of the little wog’s nips and take them home for my trophy case.”

Riya snorted, “You’re going to bleed today, you fucking upper class whore. This time I’m going to ruin your face, bust your tits and rupture your filthy whore’s cunt.”

William announced, “So without further ado, tonight’s match is a special cutter glove standing striking match over an unlimited number of five minute rounds, with five minute rest periods but no corner treatment between rounds. This is a measure of endurance, skill and stamina. The fight will go on until one woman cannot stand for a round. Ring the bell.”

The special effects would be added later as would the crowd noise and ring side comments. William motioned for the two girls to go at it and stepped back to the rails.

Melody, the tall lithesome blonde, moved quickly forward and displayed good skills, jabbing with her left at the brown face and red mask stalking her. Riya moved far slower, but with determination. She wanted to close with her pale skinned opponent. As the ring was small, there was little the English fighter could do to keep the determined Indian from closing.

Riya lunged forward and took a pasting straight on her right cheek. She swung a hook into Melody’s ribs with a satisfying thud. Melody hammered the Indian on the left ear, side-stepped, hooked low to the outer right breast and then kicked at the right calf. Riya grunted, took the shots and drove a hard straight right that squashed Melody’s pale 35C right breast like a water balloon. The white flesh ballooned around the red glove and actually looked like it would engulf the brown wrist.

Melody groaned, gasped and staggered back to the hard rail while grabbing her already reddened damaged orb. Riya smiled and stepped forward sinking a roundhouse left straight into Melody’s perfect navel. Melody grunted again and to my amazement took the punch on her hard, firm belly with no more than a slight bending motion. She cursed and backhanded Riya with the hand that had been cupping her wounded breast.

The roughened glove skinned Riya’s luscious mouth and drew first blood by opening the lower lip in three places as the rough surface dragged across the tender flesh. Riya cried out and twisted in a half circle grabbing for her mouth instinctively. She paid for the mistake as the blonde drove a nasty right into Riya’s exposed kidney. Riya gasped and brought an elbow back for protection as she turned back around. Melody’s left sank into the round brown softness of Riya’s lower belly.

The Indian girl grunted and doubled over. Now I found out that striking included knee strikes. Melody grabbed Riya’s black hair and drove her right knee up into the Indian girl’s down turned face. Crunch! The Indian girl fell hard on her knees and then face first on the mat.
William jumped in and grabbed his sister just as she got ready to stomp on the downed girl. William started counting with an exaggerated waving of his arm marking each count. At the count of nine, Riya pulled up. Her bloody lip was now clearly busted open. I hoped none of her pink colored teeth broken.

William declared, “No knockout, no penalty. Fight on.”

Melody rushed forward and took a brown foot in her belly. The blonde grunted and stepped back. Riya’s hard right hook missed. Melody punished her with a left to the right eye and a right to the left cheek. Her long black braid flew in an arch back and forth as her head was snapped back and forth by the blonde’s quick fists. Riya staggered forward and grabbed the blonde.

They wrestled with the heavier Indian girl bear hugging the tall blonde, trapping the left arm inside the hug. Melody rabbit punched the back of Riya’s neck and tried to stomp on the brown girl’s feet. Both women were well worked up, breathing heavy and sweating profusely. I had not kept track of time. I looked at the big digit timer on the wall and saw that only a minute had passed. I knew it would slow down from here. I was right.

Standing wrestling was well within William’s seemingly variable rules. Riya took the rabbit punches and wrestled the blonde back against the rails. Melody cursed and savagely punched the back of Riya’s neck. The brown girl groaned, but she had what she wanted now. The blonde was between her and the hard wood rails. Working her heavier hips into the blonde she forced open Melody’s legs. A shift was followed by a knee into the blonde’s white thong pouch.

Melody grunted and cursed. Three more knees got in until she managed to get her thighs into a more protective position. Now Riya just lunged forward, smacking her body into the thinner blonde’s, using her brown flesh to pound the white flesh against the hard wood. Melody’s fine ass was rammed hard just under the top plank. Her shoulders were just over the top of the plank but her trunk was being hammered. Riya’s brown soft 36Ds smacked and flattened against the firmer white 35Cs, but it was Melody who was groaning and grunting the loudest. The Indian kept the English girl against the rails for the rest of the round.
When it was done they were both gasping, dripping sweat. Their thongs had gone see through due to the moisture. Their braids were sodden as was the lose bits of blonde and black hair plastered to their heads. Blood from Riya’s ruptured lips had spread over both their bodies giving a red splatter pattern design on their darkening tits. So this was the first round. Okay, I was ready for more.

Riya came out pressing in the second round. She took three glancing jabs and one really hard head snapper getting into the English girl’s body, but once there she went to work with a two fisted belly and tit beating that backed Melody up against the rails. The blonde was suffering. She tried to push the heavier Indian back, but Riya was driving forward off her toes and leaning into the blonde while driving fist after fist into the white’s reddening belly and sides.

Melody suddenly grabbed Riya’s long black ponytail and jerked her head back. As the Indian groaned and cursed with her face turned upward, Melody drove a nasty forehead down on the bridge of Riya’s nose. Riya’s knees bent and she slumped against the blonde. Blood poured out of her nose and she slumped more. Melody grabbed her and twisted to the right staggering the Indian into the corner. Melody grunted and lifted the nearly limp girl upward and propped her in the corner with her elbows and shoulders hanging back over the hard rail.

Riya’s nose continued to color her lower face and breasts as well as the white girl’s breasts. Melody held the Indian in place and started driving the point of her right knee up into the red pouch covering the Indian’s prominent, obviously hairy mound. Thud, thud, splat, crunch, thud, clunk, splat and so on sounded the strike of each knee, sometimes right on target, sometimes on the twisting brown thighs, sometimes on the pubic bone, sometimes on the clit. It was as a severe cunt busting as I have ever seen. Riya’s groans and cries continued without a break.

Then the Indian managed to catch the English girl’s brutal knee between her thighs and lock onto it in a standing scissors. Melody twisted to the side and brought her left fist down into the Indian’s guts, but in doing so left her face unprotected. Riya used her open hand to claw and rub at Melody’s face. The blonde girl howled and twisted her head keeping the roughened red leather fingers out of her eye but leaving the bruised skin badly abraded. As Melody twisted away, Riya dropped her knee scissors and pushed off throwing the white girl back out into the ring.

Riya stayed in the corner holding her body up by a combination of her weakened legs and arms hooked over the rail. Melody hurled some curses and rushed forward to beat on the hated brown girl some more. Instead she took a dark brown foot deep in her lower belly. Melody gasped and stumbled backwards grabbing her belly. She had impaled herself in Riya’s desperate defensive kick thrust. She gasped and propped her hands on her thighs to keep from collapsing.

Riya took a weak step forward, but her busted cunt was still giving her trouble. She had to grab the rail with her right hand to steady herself. Then she snapped a kick up into Melody’s face. The kick connected perfectly, instep right under the chin. Melody’s teeth crashed together and her head snapped back. Riya stumbled and had to grab the rails with both hands to keep her balance. Melody stood there for a second, transfixed. Then in slow motion, Melody tumbled face first into the white plastic mat. She hit with a bounce and ended up with her ass up in the air and her face flush into the mat.

Riya started to move, but William was already there. He counted past ten and declared a knockout and penalty. Then he grabbed his still stunned sister under the arms and hefted her up and pushed her into a corner. He pushed her ass over the bottom rail and hooked her arms over the top rail. Then he stepped back and waved Riya forward.

Riya staggered forward and delivered another football kick but this time her toes slammed up into the English girl’s white covered crotch. The resulting wet thud woke Melody up with a scream. She grabbed her self and fell forward again. Riya went for a head stomp, but William intervened and started a count. He got to ten again and declared another knockdown. He jerked his sister up again and hung her in the corner. Her head rolled on her shoulders and she looked vacant eyed and her mouth was open.

Riya came in with her fists, but at the last minute Melody ducked her head and thrust forward capturing the brown girl in a weak bear hug. Riya cursed and wrestled trying to get her hated rival off so she could continue the beating. Melody held on like a leech and the brutal second round came to an end, but not just yet.

William held Melody on the corner pulling her arms back over the top rail. Riya blasted two rights and two left straight into the white girl’s already bruised 35C’s. Each brutal shot pancaked the hard tits, spreading them out on Melody’s chest. Riya’s red gloves sank in and then sprang out. Melody screamed with each devastating shot and then slumped against the rails crying, holding both her tits with her roughened white gloves.

Riya’s nose was still bleeding. In fact between her blood and sweat, her body looked like it had been bathed in a slaughter house. She was gasping and still leg weak, but a big smile was on her bruised and swollen lips. She had really busted the white girl’s tits and turned the battle for the moment.

The third round started with Riya on the attack. Melody retreated jabbing. Neither girl had any speed, but they were still throwing hard punches. Melody scored five or six good face shots as Riya pursued her. Riya’s nose and lips started pouring again. Riya in return caused Melody to gag with agony when she finally connected with a looping right hook to the left tit. Melody cursed and drove her own right hard into Riya’s brown 36D, flattening it and spraying blood and sweat droplets from the impact.

Riya took a step back and held her tit. Melody’s left hook took the Indian right in the right eye and sent her staggering to the rail. Melody gasped in some air and dug a nasty left into Riya’s kidneys. Riya cried out and spun around hitting the blonde in the right cheek with an elbow. That sent the blonde staggering and the already swollen cheek ballooning.

Riya came off the rail and tried to kick Melody in the cunt again, but the white girl fended it off with her thigh. She replied with a savage right that splattered what was left of Riya’s lips. The Indian’s girl’s head snapped back as fresh gore poured from her face. She fell back against the rail for balance. Melody screamed bloody murder and actually leapt forward, her right foot rising and then slamming deep into Riya’s quivering lower belly. The white foot sank into the brown belly and then traveled downward ripping Riya’s sodden red thong off with a double snap of the hip floss. Riya’s mouth opened and she could only groan. It was a deep groan. Her knees started to give and she suddenly wretched on her own tits. The vomit mixing with the blood added a whole knew level of fluids to the white mat.

Riya dropped to her knees and then started to roll forward onto her face, but Melody’s right foot, fresh from its invasion of Riya’s womb, drove straight out and down in a standing stomp on the kneeling brown woman’s left tit. The blow crushed the orb, spreading downward and leaving it to snap back in place as Melody’s foot dragged down across Riya’s brutalized belly to finally land in the puddle of blood, sweat and vomit between the Indian’s legs.

Riya gagged and started forward again, but Melody drove her knee into the brown girl. Apparently just being on the knees wasn’t a knockdown. Melody grabbed the rail and kept driving knees into the Indian. Riya grunted and groaned with each blow. William looked on waiting to see if Riya would finally fall to the mat. Melody kept kneeing her, but Riya finally replied by reaching up between the blonde girl’s driving knee and ripping off her thong.

Melody jumped back to protect her prized cunt with its trimmed landing strip of blonde hair. Riya fell forward and William stepped in to make his count. Riya whimpered and writhed on the ground. He reached ten, called it a knockout and dragged the Indian to her feet and propped her in the corner.

Melody’s nasty sneer showed no mercy in her soul. She pushed by her brother and drove an open left into Riya’s bloody face pushing her head back and holding her transfixed over the top rail. Then the blonde pressed her own body against the Indian’s using a firm white right hip to pin the Indian’s left hip to the rail. Once her body press was secured, Melody pushed her right arm under Riya’s chin and then grabbed Riya’s left forearm pinning her arm.

Satisfied that her victim was strung up like a peace of beef, Melody started pumping lefts into the Indian’s exposed right side, from mound to right tit. Riya grunted and struggled to get free, but she was trapped. Riya finally maneuvered her left hand into position to grab Melody’s sodden ponytail. The blonde grimaced and strained to keep her head up. She retaliated by dropping her left hand to Riya’s black furry crotch. The nasty roughened up white leather covered fingers hooked into Riya’s bruised cunt and started to work on the tender flesh inside.

Riya screamed bloody murder and started smacking the back of Melody’s head with her left in desperation. Melody easily shrugged off the blows and continued to maul Riya’s hairy crotch. Riya screamed and screamed. The brown girl struggled to free herself, struggled get her legs tight enough to stop the gloved fingers from raping her, struggled for any kind of release, but the savage determination in Melody’s glinting blue eyes showed that there was no respite.

The round finally ended and William pulled his sister off the sobbing Indian. Melody held up her right glove and showed it to each of the cameras in turn. It was bright red with Riya’s cunt blood.

Riya was still sobbing and holding herself when William grabbed her elbows and pulled her hard back into the corner for Melody’s two penalty punches. Melody stood in front of Riya, who was squirming and pleading, laughed and licked the blood off her fingers before driving her right twice up in between Riya’s legs. Each fist splattered sweat and blood and caused Riya to scream even louder.

William let her go and she fell to her knees and pitched forward onto the mat. He let her rest that way for four minutes and stood her up to see if she could fight another round. She sobbed and fell again, refusing to go on.

Melody laughed and crossed the small ring area, squatted and pissed on the back of Riya’s head, stood and raised her hand in celebration. She pumped the air with her bloody glove and strutted around until William finally signaled the cameras were off.

William helped Riya out of the ring and dragged her to the small shower to revive her. Melody stripped off her bloody gloves and mask. Even with her swollen face and badly bruised body she was deliriously happy.

She came over to me and said, “I’ve got to fuck something right now, and you’ll do.”

I looked over her shoulder at William to protest, but her hands were already on my zipper. A second later my cock was in her bruised mouth and she expertly worked me into a raging hard-on. She pushed me down on a nearby office chair, mounted me and rode me like a hobby horse until she came with a shattering, trembling climax and I shot a massive load deep inside her.

William came out smiling and said, “Well I hope you enjoyed yourself, sister dear. You fucked up Riya real good. I’m going to have to pay extra for the doctor to clean up her cunt. Christ, I’m glad you weren’t able to get your nails into her.”

“Next time I want a no rules catfight. I want to bite off her nipples and rip out her clit. I’ll leave the bitch dying in her own blood,” promised Melody as she slipped off my cock, put her hand between her legs, scooped up a handful of our mutual juice and licked it with her long pink tongue.

William snorted, “You are a nasty cunt, sis.”

“Yes, brother and you are a perverted prick for liking it so,” she replied in an “oh so” posh accent.

Good old William. I would have loved to stay and see the next day no rules grudge fight between a Pakistani grandmother and Riya’s grandmother. They had fought seven times before, each time with increasing violence and this time they wanted a no KO, no submission, fight to the finish as determined by the winner. William felt for sure he would be able to sell this one to his private death fight customers while putting it on the web with pre-death edit and an announcement about the retirement of one or both fighters.

It’s good to have friends.

This Story is Continued in Part Two, Which Can Be Found Here!

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