Rogue vs. Ms Marvel Deathmatch by Luffy316

Carol Danvers had always had it out for Rogue, ever since their first encounter. She had been attempting to stop an evil band of mutants when Rogue attacked her, stealing her powers with her mutation. Even when they were gone, Rogue didn’t let go, and had drained so much of Carol’s strength that it nearly killed her and put her in a coma. It took Carol years to recover while Rogue had permanently gained her super strength and flight. Now, at the Avengers mansion, Carol literally had her on her radar. Their systems were specially honed to tracking flying superhumans, which picked up that the former villain turned X-Man was flying over the Savage Land. The tropical region was hidden in the Antarctic, famously dangerous in the superhero circles; volcanoes all around the area, live dinosaurs throughout the land, and variously other dangerous locals.

It also made for a great hideout for those who could get there. Plenty of villains had set up hidden bases in the region for its secrecy, and some had even left behind weapons and structures. Rogue, she noticed, was landing just outside of a part once held by Mr. Sinister. The villain had used a massive device to disable the powers of heroes and mutants that would wander into his plans.

Ms. Marvel couldn’t let herself pass on this kind of opportunity. She climbed into one of the Avengers’ spare jets and drove off. She knew that she couldn’t fly back under her own power if she landed there, after all, and this would make for a fully even fight. They were similarly matched ever since Rogue stole her powers, but this would remove the mutant’s draining powers as well.

Rogue was resting in a clearing in the middle of another of the Savage Land’s many jungles. She had been sent on a basic scouting mission, making sure that the isolated region wasn’t having any more troubles. Checking with a few contacts, the place seemed quiet for a while now.

She turned to see Ms. Marvel approaching, clad in her dark bodysuit, boots and mask. Rogue’s muscles tightened readily, the busty Southern gal filling out her own lime green bodysuit. “Now whatya want?” Rogue growled back. She had tried making amends once or twice, but she had come to accept there was no good blood between them.

“Payback,” Ms. Marvel snapped, striding up to her old nemesis. It wasn’t like she could fly to her, and throwing a boulder was completely out of the question in the range of the power-draining device. She wanted to look her in the eye when she got her revenge anyway. “You took a whole lot from me that day, you thieving little witch.”

“It was a different time, a you know it.” Rogue turned to face Carol, stepping towards her aggressively. “And I’m sick and tired of you throwing that in my face every time you set eyes on me.”

“You put me in a coma!” Carol snarled, baring her teeth with a sneer. “Don’t expect me to forgive you for murder just because I pulled through.”

“I told ya I didn’t mean to! I didn’t know it would happen!” Rogue stomped towards her angrily, Carol glaring from behind her small eye mask.

“Just because your mutie-hugging school overlooked the whole thing doesn’t mean that I will. I’m the one you ambushed, and you taught me to watch my fucking back. Maybe you should watch yours, you fucking cunt, because payback’s coming your way.”

Rogue had naturally felt guilty about the whole incident. So much so that it had threatened her sanity for a while. She had only gone through with it after being tricked by her mother, Mystique, and Rogue had never forgiven her for it. But no amount of avoiding her or apologizing seemed to be enough for Carol to understand. It made her more angry than remorseful as time went on, and it finally peaked as she punched the blonde superheroine in the face. Ms. Marvel staggered back from the blow, touching her face in a moment of surprise. To be fair, it was only surprise because she had expected that if Rogue hadn’t backed down, she would have been the one to throw the first punch. It did serve to prove what she suspected; she had been knocked back a few steps rather than a few city blocks. They were both powerless, and they were on even ground.
Rogue seemed to realize this herself. She pulled off her gloves, the ones that she normally kept on to prevent her absorbing powers in check, and balled her hands into fists. “Now you’ve got yourself a choice. You going to fly away home, blondie? Or you going to give me the pleasure of knocking you out with my own bare hands?”
Ms. Marvel growled wordlessly back before she pulled off her own long, black gloves. “You’re going to regret that, you little shit,” she threatened, stomping back towards Rogue and landing a punch right into Rogue’s toned stomach. The suit was never built for armor, and with her super durability missing, Rogue could only double up and hold her stomach. The mutant grunting as her heavy but perky breasts bounced beneath her chest.
“I don’t even need powers to kick your ass,” Carol gloated, grabbing Rogue by her white-streaked hair to keep her in her bent over position. Carol slammed a knee into one of Rogue’s hanging udders, smashing it painfully into her chest. Rogue let out another pained groan, but she grabbed Ms. Marvel around her thigh and pulled, throwing her off balance and slamming the blonde into the dirt.
They wrestled and rolled over each other clumsily through the grass, grunting and growling furiously. For two heavy hitters of the superheroine world, they hadn’t had to fight without their powers in a very long time. Rogue regain her hold on Carol’s thigh, spreading her legs and punching through them to hammer the blonde’s belly repeatedly.
“AGH! AGH! AGH!” Carol grunted hard from the quick barrage, but she caught Rogue’s arm and pulled it between her legs before flexing her thighs around the brown and white-haired head. Rogue let out a quick choking noise, clawing and pushing on Carol’s bared legs.
“You like it down there, you miserable dyke?” Carol hissed bitterly, tightening her scissor until she saw the blood rush to Rogue’s head and bring some red to her face. “How about you suck on that, you pathetic little leech!”
Carol didn’t count on Rogue’s desperation taking the insult so literally. She turned her head enough to bite Ms. Marvel’s thigh, digging her teeth into the pale flesh just below her spandex. The blonde screamed in startled pain, spreading her legs again to crawl back.
“Anybody tell you that ya taste like pig shit, you self-righteous bimbo?” Rogue snarled, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
“I guess you would know if anyone, you slutty hick,” Carol snapped back, starting to right herself when Rogue rushed to her and kicked her in the chest. Carol gave a hard grunt as she was knocked onto her back, hugging one arm to her breasts protectively. Rogue’s boot had managed to stretch and tear a bit of the costume, baring some of the pale white skin on her chest.
“You fucking cunt!” Carol shouted at her, giving a sharp slap across Rogue’s cheek that echoed through the jungle’s treetops. Rogue’s head whipped from the blow, but she dug her nails into one of Carol’s breasts and squeezed with her sharp nails and strong fingers. Carol howled from the pain and tried to pull back, just for Rogue to grab her by the throat and push her over. The blonde heroine landed on her back with Rogue on top, who was trying to choke her out with both hands as they landed.

Carol grunted and dug her fingernails into Rogue’s wrists, pulling and shaking the Southern woman’s arms and managing to tear them away from her throat. It was a slow struggle, but she managed to force her mutant attacker’s arms back bit by bit. “You’ve got one hell of a weak grip when you’re not sucking the souls out of people,” Carol taunted back, leaning up and delivering a head butt into Rogue’s face.
The X-Woman shouted in pain and clutched her face, letting Ms. Marvel shove her off with one quick push to her chest. Carol hurried unsteadily back to her feet, so while Rogue was still getting to her hands and knees, she kicked a black boot into the busty Southern woman’s ribs. Rogue grunted from the cheap shot and fell back to the dirt clutching just below her jiggling breast where the kick had landed. While she recovered from the blow, Carol stomped the heel of her boot down onto one of Rogue’s breasts, grinding it into the ground as she screamed in pain.
“Ya dirty skank! Get offa me!” Rogue shouted at her, grabbing the heroine’s boot and pushing up. It not only lifted the offending footwear from her tit, but shoved hard enough to toss Ms. Marvel off her feet entirely. The boot was pulled off in her hand and Carol landed on her ass in the dirt next to her. Rogue started to rise, but Carol slapped her across the face before she could. Rogue reeled hard to one side, but returned with a punch of her own to Carol’s cheek. The blonde fell similarly to one side, having to catch herself with both hands.
The blonde heroine rose again, this time digging her fingers into Rogue’s breasts. The Southern mutant screamed at the attack on her sensitive chest. She wasn’t used to them being targeted, especially not when she was missing her superhuman endurance. Rogue gave a few awkward blows with her fists and wrists to Carol’s head, finally dizzying her enough that she could knock her to the ground completely. Carol simply fell rather than letting go, and her nails tore down the front of Rogue’s costume. It lightly scratched over Rogue’s chest while exposing several jagged stretches of her skin through the elastic fabric, some going as low as her belly.
“Why you dirty bitch!” Rogue snapped in outrage. She grabbed a handful of the blonde’s long hair and pounded her in the ribs with a few more punches. Ms. Marvel grunted from the blows, grabbing Rogue by the collar of her uniform and tearing, exposing the chesty mutant’s breasts to the humid jungle air. This mostly just served to make Rogue angrier, moving to match Carol at her own game as she grabbed the black spandex just above the thunderbolt symbol. Rogue tore a huge v-neck straight down the middle to her belly button, baring Carol’s cleavage and even the edges of her nipples.
“Aughh! Now you’ve done it!” Carol snarled, lunging back into Rogue and seizing her by the white stripe of hair. The two women rolled across the dirt and grass of the jungle floor, clawing and fighting with more rage and fury than they did skill. Carol finally shoved Rogue at the same time she rolled on top of her, landing them a few feet apart and both sporting several fresh scratches on their skin and cheeks.
“You don’t know when to let things go, do you, bitch?” Rogue panted, pushing herself up to her knees before wiping some sweat away from her forehead. She had forgotten how exhausting fighting could be without super powers.
“You’re the one who didn’t know when to let go,” Carol growled back bitterly. “And it almost took my life. Now I can finally pay you back when I put your skanky ass into a hospital bed.”
Rogue growled and lunged with her hands outstretched for Carol’s face, but the blonde ducked and tackled into the mutant’s waist. She charged regardless of her missing boot, and soon Rogue’s back collided with a thick tree. The mutant gave a painful cry as her body was rattled by the impact. Carol threw a few fists into Rogue’s belly, crushing her body further against the tree as hard as her powerless punches could. Rogue grunted hard with each blow, finally pulling down on Carol’s upper half of her uniform. Rogue raked her nails over Carol’s bared back, getting a shrill screech from the heroic blonde. Rogue cut her off by kneeing her in the breast, the naked orb bouncing against her chest before flopping back down. Carol gave a guttural howl of pain, Rogue doing the same to her other tit with the same results.
Before the former villainess could go any further, Ms. Marvel grabbed her by the hips and shoved her to one side. Rogue was caught completely off-guard when this tossed her face-first into a low, thick tree branch, cracking her in the nose. Rogue fell to the dirt, touching her face and feeling some blood trickling down her pretty features.
“Dirty cunt,” Rogue hissed, trying to rise, but she was dizzied from the blow. Carol grabbed Rogue by her torn up uniform, yanking it apart in separate directions. The green and yellow spandex tore noisily, leaving Rogue’s breasts bouncing in the open air. Carol squeezed one of the hefty orbs, burying her nails into the flesh and Rogue screaming as she arched her back against the tree. The busty mutant finally slammed her knee up into Ms. Marvel’s black-clad cunt, making the blonde double up as she cupped her privates in both hands.

“Serves ya right to have a little payback, sugar,” Rogue hissed at her, rubbing her breast as she pushed herself back upright with the tree. Carol was in no position to reply before Rogue grabbed her hair and threw her into the nearby hanging vines. Carol tripped over them and landed on her stomach, grabbing them for balance but only serving to stick her ass out towards her opponent rather than falling over. With her hands and feet busy, Rogue marched in behind her and mounted her back, reaching over Carol’s shoulders to grab her breasts through what remained of her costume and pull back. Carol screamed in pain as her tits were stretched and lifted, the rest of the upper half of her clothes scraping against her skin before it was ripped off in Rogue’s hands at last.
While Rogue discarded the scraps of spandex, Carol jerked to one side to try to escape. It worked to some extent, as the heroines’ combined weight proved to be enough to rip down the vines. The two of them landed in a collection of grunts, Carol giving Rogue a quick punch to the face. The Southern beauty rolled back to safety, the superhuman women rising to her their knees.

Rogue pushed a bit at her outfit as some of the hanging fabric caught on her belt. It was becoming less and less useful as the fight went on, and after catching Carol’s eye and confident she wouldn’t try anything further, Rogue pulled the last of her costume off. She was left naked in the jungle, wearing even less than some of the primitive natives. Ms. Marvel took a page from her book, casting off the last of her boots, spandex, and mask. There was no Avengers or X-men there anymore, as far as they were concerned. Only two bitter rivals. A pair of bruised, scratched and bloodied women looking for some brutal, hands-on revenge on the other.

“I’m going to love tearing you apart, mutie,” Carol growled, starting to circle with her stripe-haired opponent.

“Not as much as I’ll love hearin’ you cry for yer mama when I got you right where I want ya,” Rogue grunted back just as gruffly. At this point they were both too angry to be modest about their bodies, ultimately just charging into each other until their bare breasts and bodies collided.

Rogue threw wild slaps into Carol’s head and face, sending the blonde’s head bouncing wildly to the side over and over again. Carol returned with much of the same, clawing and slapping Rogue’s face as their bodies pushed and pulled for a better position. Carol finally resorted to biting down on Rogue’s shoulder, the mutant screaming as the blonde bit hard enough to draw blood.

“Dirty little bitch!” Rogue snarled, grabbing Carol by the hair and driving her knee up into the blonde heroine’s stomach. Carol’s mouth released Rogue’s flesh as her wind was knocked out through her lips, Rogue quickly shoving her to send Carol toppling over. The blonde landed roughly on her side, only for Rogue to immediately land on her and shove her face into the dirt.

“Wanna play dirty, do ya, bitch?” Rogue grabbed Ms. Marvel’s arm and pulled it upward, pressing her knee into the blonde Avenger’s back. Carol gave a pained scream as her arm joint was crudely yanked, reaching back to grab and claw at Rogue’s arm. When that proved to be ineffective, Rogue shoved her knee into the Avenger’s groin, getting a long and guttural groan out of the blonde. Carol instead rolled over enough to sink her nails into Rogue’s breast and squeeze, pulling down with her nails and leaving rough scratches over the Southerner’s skin.

Rogue let out a pained cry of her own, pulling back so that her bare crotch and hips rested on Carol’s ass. Carol pushed up and shoved her shoulder backward, ramming Rogue as hard as she could at the awkward angle. It was enough to knock her off, Rogue tumbling to the ground before winding up on her back. She groaned and rubbed her chest, but before she could get up, Carol had gotten up and stomped directly onto her crotch.

Rogue let out a shrill scream, her upper body arching up as the pain shot through her pelvis. Carol ground her foot into Rogue’s tender mound, twisting her heel over it before Rogue could catch her leg and pull. Carol fell hard to the ground, her head bouncing off the dirt and making a further mess of her hair. Ms. Marvel still rolled over before Rogue could get over the low blow, grabbing the mutant by the throat and squeezing with both hands.

Rogue gagged for a few seconds as Carol strangled her, but the Southern X-Man braced herself enough to punch the blonde dead in the face. Carol’s angry features dulled into a stunned expression, encouraging Rogue to pound her with several more blows to her face. Carol’s nose and lip were bleeding after Rogue’s pounding, her grip loosening at last so that Rogue could raise her legs and kick her off.

Carol was still looking a bit punch drunk when Rogue stumbled back to her feet. She rubbed at her neck where Carol had squeezed her throat, but when Carol got to her hands and knees, Rogue sneered furiously and turned sharply, kicking Carol in the ribs. The blonde and naked pilot grunted hard as she fell back to the ground, where Rogue just kicked her again.

“Some Avenger you are! I kicked your ass when I was a little girl, and I’ll do it again now!” Rogue growled, taking Ms. Marvel by the hair. Rogue forced her up to her knees, where she bashed a knee into Carol’s cheek. Her head whipped to one side, stunning her so that Rogue could give her a second knee to the face. Blood-specked spittle flew from the blonde’s mouth, but Carol grit her teeth and delivered an uppercut right between Rogue’s legs.

The mutant gave a shrill scream, immediately letting go of the blonde to tenderly hold her privates. Carol seized the opportunity and grabbed her around the legs, tripping Rogue to the ground beside her. Carol forced her legs apart, throwing Rogue’s protecting hand away so that she could gouge her fingers into a pussy claw. Rogue screeched like a wounded animal, thrashing madly to try to escape the torturously intimate hold.

“Get outta my pussy, you dirty li’l dyke!” Rogue howled in pain. Carol just leaned on her enemy’s pelvis, adding more pressure to her piercing nails.

“Go to hell, you thieving bitch! You took my life from me, so you can take a little pain!”

Tears were streaming down Rogue’s face by the time she raised a foot and kicked it into Carol’s face. The hard hit sent the blonde down to her side, Rogue rolling onto her hip to rub her aching crotch. Her fingers came back bloody from the various shallow scratches Carol had left on her pussy, flaring up the Southern gal’s temper again.

Rogue crawled after her and mounted Carol as she buried her claws into the blonde’s big, bare chest. Carol let out a loud gasp, her eyes and mouth popping wide open as Rogue squeezed and scratched hard enough to start drawing blood from her breasts. Carol struck back by grabbing Rogue by her nipples, sinking her nails into her areolas and pulling down as hard as she could.

“How’s THAT for payback, you country cow?!” Carol snarled at her, leaving scratches of her own over the front of Rogue’s breasts and stretching out her tits and nipples alike.

Rogue’s only reply was a wail of anguish and fury. She kept her hold on Carol’s chest, but her body recoiled from the pain, trying to free herself. It gave Carol the leverage she needed to roll Rogue onto her side, pulling herself free just to wrap her legs around Rogue’s middle. The heroine’s powerful calves and thighs flexed together, pressing down on the edge of Rogue’s lower ribs.

Rogue let out another pained cry, clawing at the ground to try to pull herself free. She hardly budged, ending up turning her attention to scrape her nails down Carol’s long legs. The blonde hissed from the pain, but she delivered a punch to Rogue’s hefty chest. The breast bounced on the impact, still sensitive and red from all the clawing and earlier attacks. Rogue tried to cover up her breasts from any further hits, but Carol backhanded her across the face while keeping up the body scissor.

“No escaping me now, you ugly little thief!” Carol threatened. “I’m going to pop you in fucking half if I have to!” Rogue grabbed at her thigh for another attempt to escape, but she was rattled from the blows. Carol easily grabbed her wrist and pinned it to the ground, letting her free hand punch Rogue in the lower belly. Rogue coughed and grunted out a few more puffs of air, which was growing that much more precious while she was in the scissor hold. Carol’s fist hammered around her ovaries, bruising up the flesh just above her crotch before Ms. Marvel seized and squeezed a handful of Rogue’s pubic hair and started to pull up on it viciously.

Rogue let out another half-sob, half-scream, trapped into whatever tortures Carol felt like dispensing on her long-hated foe. When Carol finally tried to push her hips up higher on her, Rogue saw her chance. She leaned in closer and bit into Carol’s fleshy inner thigh, ignoring her opponent’s screams until the mutant tasted blood.

Carol dug her nails into Rogue’s face, clawing and gouging anything she could until finally, both women were forced to release their attacks and pull back.

Rogue spat a mouthful of blood to the jungle floor, a crimson mix of her own and her enemy’s at this point. “I always wondered what slut tasted like,” Rogue growled lowly, glaring daggers at the hated Avenger. The two of them were sweaty, naked, dirty and bruised, their long hair a tangled mess. Blood marked their faces and chests like warpaint, making them look every bit as savage as the primitive locals.

“Does it taste any better than a dirty mutie cunt?” Carol hissed back bitterly.

The two were breathing heavy, but didn’t dare rest for long when they could be hurting the other instead. They barely bothered to get to their knees before they charged again, trading slaps and smacks to each other’s faces. Rogue caught Carol with a pair of slaps from both hands, but the blonde came back by grabbing the white-striped hair and using it to hold Rogue for a few strikes of her own. Rogue smacked one of Carol’s damaged tits, getting a sharp gasp out of her before she gave a hard backhand that almost took Carol to the ground.

Carol recovered well enough to deliver a double uppercut to Rogue’s tits, leaving the sore bags of flesh bouncing painfully. The mutant beauty was stunned enough for Carol to palm the back of her head, shoving Rogue face-first into the dirt and grind her there.

“You fucking monster!” Carol ranted at her, lifting Rogue’s head up and smashing it back into the ground over and over. “You think you’re a good person now!? You think you’re human!? You’re a fucking sicko who put me in a coma! I couldn’t do anything but have nightmares of you for months! This is what you fucking deserve!”

She slammed Rogue’s head repeatedly into the ground, Rogue sputtering up some blood. Between that and her sweat and saliva, the dirt stuck to her lips and dazed face. The Southern girl finally managed to get an arm beneath her, resisting Carol’s next attempt to pound her skull into the earth. With her attack cut off, Rogue swung her foot upward and backward, smashing her heel into the blonde heroine’s snatch. It hurt and surprised Carol enough for her to fire her elbow backward high and hard enough to thump Carol in the side of the head. The blonde retreated, holding her head as she saw stars for a moment. Rogue was sore, but angry enough to rise and turn with a powerful swing of her fist. While she didn’t have any powers at her disposal, Rogue’s blow still connected with a huge THUD into Carol’s eye. The blonde heroine stumbled into a nearby tree, holding her face gingerly enough that Rogue could see the telltale swelling of a black eye starting.

Rogue moved in to try to finish her, but Carol surprised her with a kick in the stomach. Rogue wretched at the sudden body shot, holding her stomach before Carol sent another low kick into Rogue’s pussy. Her body bounced off the ground for a moment at the meaty slap of foot on cunt sounded out, Rogue looking all the more pained and horrified before Carol slugged her with a heavy uppercut.

This put the mutant on her back, groaning miserably as her hands rubbed at her face and crotch as if unsure where to protect or which pain to tend to first. Her heart racing and mind blurred with rage and pain, Caro climbed on top of her opponent to lay naked body to naked body. Ignoring how their privates touched, Carol savagely bit into Rogue’s neck, digging her teeth into the Southern X-Man’s throat.

Rogue screamed as her every instinct kicked in, urging her to escape the immediate danger. Rogue braced a hand under Carol’s chin, shoving at her face and trying to force her to let go. When pushing wouldn’t budge the blonde, Rogue gouged her thumb into Carol’s windpipe. The Avenger gagged, her mouth opening as she clutched her throat. Rogue was quick to throw a punch into her face, hitting with a resounding crack as the naked blonde was flung off of her.

Ms. Marvel landed in the dirt nearby, coughing wetly and giving off an incoherent groan. Her nose was bleeding heavily, and it was swelling if not fully broken. Her eyes watered, and she couldn’t see or even think straight enough to catch Rogue before she charged.

The Southern mutant ran screaming into her, slamming Carol’s back into the tree behind her. Rogue quickly seized her by the long, dirty, blonde hair, forcing her into a headlock before she pounded Carol’s ribs and breasts with punches and knees (whichever felt more brutal and quickest to deliver to her at the moment). Carol was grunting and gurgling helplessly in her grasp, flailing weakly at her sides and leaving fresh scratches over Rogue’s hips.

With Carol wailing and sobbing in her grasp, Rogue still found no reason to stop being merciless. The woman had tried to bite her throat out! Rogue let herself drop backward, essentially sitting down so that it smashed Carol’s face into the ground. The blonde Avenger let out one more miserable grunt as she landed, bouncing off of her face and plump breasts as she laid powerless on the ground. Rogue quickly rolled over, mounting her back and grabbing two handfuls of Ms. Marvel’s hair with her warm pussy pressed against Carol’s ass. Rogue grit her teeth and started to shove and pull as fast as she could, bashing the heroines bloody face into the waiting ground.

“You bitch! You piece of shit! Ya’ll ain’t better than me! You ain’t got shit! You hear me!? I’m a fucking hero! You’re the petty bitch who can’t get over this shit! LET! IT! THE FUCK! GO!”

Rogue slowed her slamming for a moment as she readied a finishing slam into the ground, intent on breaking Carol’s face with this last swing. Carol’s eyes were blurred with tears and her lips and nose covered with blood. She managed to gather the strength to reach up and bury her nails in Rogue’s wrists. The Southern heroine screamed and let go of Ms. Marvel’s locks, but the blonde swung her aching head backward. It cracked into Rogue’s face, sending her flying off of her back and into the dirt.

Both women panted, sweating and bleeding heavily as they both tried to drag themselves back to their feet. Carol didn’t bother to wipe any off the dirt sticking to her skin, with resisting her pain taking most of her concentration and energy. She stumbled drunkenly to her feet, smearing some of the blood from her face with the back of her arm. Rogue was only just getting to her knees when Carol charged with a furious and primal scream, thrusting her knee straight into Rogue’s face. The mutant’s back arched a moment before she collapsed to the ground, dizzily trying to rise again.

Ms. Marvel was through with waiting and through with mercy. She went after Rogue, but the rising mutant lunged and grabbed her by the thigh, yanking Carol to the ground. She shoved her face into the nearest spot she could, burying her teeth into the flesh of Ms. Marvel’s unmasked pussy. Carol gave a shrill scream, feeling ready to pass out for a moment before she flexed her thighs and slammed them together around Rogue’s skull, effectively boxing her ears and making her release her with a miserable howl.

Carol knelt beside the freshly stunned Rogue, panting for breath as she dragged Rogue’s limp and weary body into her lap, bracing Rogue’s head against her sore but bulging chest. “You shouldn’t have fucked with me, mutie,” she growled into her ear intimately. “You don’t fuck with the Avengers, you don’t fuck with Ms. Marvel, and you DEFINITELY don’t fuck around with Carol Danver’s pussy!”

Carol wrapped an arm around Rogue’s neck and pulled up, squashing her forearm into the brown-haired mutant’s throat. Rogue wheezed as she suddenly struggled to breathe, scratching and pulling helplessly on Carol’s chokehold. Carol grit her teeth and ignored the additional pain, even as it started to draw blood along her arm. She wrapped her legs around Rogue’s waist and squeezed there as well, feeling her stomach squash inward to accommodate the crushing force.

Rogue gave a wordless, pleading wail as she squirmed in Carol’s grip, and the blonde heroine couldn’t help but grind against Rogue’s ass in this position. “See how you fucking like it in a coma, you stupid cunt!” Carol snarled, her lovely face now a vengeful, bloody expression. She delivered a punch with her free hand into the side of Rogue’s head, watching the bloody saliva splash from the Southern girl’s lips and onto her breasts. She made some sick gagging noises, but Carol wasn’t done with her yet.

Carol reached around with her free hand, Rogue too stunned to even thrash any more than some pathetic slapping and pulling on her wrists. Carol was unstoppable in her vengeful fury, grabbing and squeezing violently at Rogue’s breast. The soft flesh molded easily to the rough treatment, fresh cuts and scratches appearing where the blonde’s nails struck. Her breast bounced weakly back into place when Carol moved on to the other, viciously grabbing her by the areola and pulling on the entire breast like an udder.

“You like this, slut? This how your mutie friends treat you back in your little cult?” Carol growled at her captive. She didn’t seem to mind that Rogue couldn’t speak back in her position, only sputter out foamy saliva as she choked her out. Rogue’s eyes rolled back as her tongue hung out of her pouty lips, and even when Carol started to punch at her ribs and kidneys, her twitching became less and less. Carol even lifted up her breast and bit deep into it, tasting her blood and Rogue hardly reacted besides her vacant stare. At last content she wasn’t fighting back, Carol shoved her roughly to the ground and dragged herself back up to her feet, exhausted but content as the adrenaline finally started to fade.

Rogue wasn’t sobbing or wheezing anymore. Ms. Marvel kicked lightly at the body of the mutant, getting no response beyond a limp and lifeless twitch. Carol finally crawled back over and rolled Rogue onto her back, seeing the brainless stare in her eyes. Carol felt a brush with absolute horror as she realized that her payback hadn’t put Rogue into a coma. Her last attack had killed her.

Carol looked at her wide-eyed before looking around. They were the only real sentient life around. Even the primitive tribes of the Savage Land lived far off from here. Carol collected herself, easing back to her feet with a painful wince. The blonde callously spit a bloody glob on the body of the white-striped mutant, giving her a bitter sneer. The many dinosaurs in the area would find and eat her body, and no one would find out.

“It’s been a long time coming, but payback’s a bitch, huh, mutie?,” Carol growled at her one last time before she started to limp her way back to where she could fly home once again.

The End

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