Sibling Rivalry by Celeb Fight Lover

It is a bright sunny day, and Sandy James walks into the bedroom she shares with her Sister Emma, and she sees Emma poking through her closet. 

“What the hell are you doing you bitch?” Sandy asks. 

Emma looks at her sister, and she holds out a very sexy and flimsy black bra. 

“You really think you’ll look good in this bitch?”  Emma says

“It’ll look better on my firm tits then your saggy pair you skank, so fuck off and get out of my closet.”  Sandy says.

Emma slams the closet door, and she glares at Sandy. 

“What did you call me you fucking whore?!”  Emma screams. 

“You heard me Emma!”  Sandy screams back. 

Emma and Sandy glare at each other. 

“Let’s settle this with a tit fight bitch, after all, it’s the only way we can settle who has the best tits.”  Emma Says. 

“You’re on whore” Sandy says.

Emma pulls her shirt up over her head, and throws it on the ground, Sandy unbuttons her shirt, and slides out of it, and throws it behind her, where it lands on the mirror.  They reach behind, and undo the clasps of their bras, and they remove them and drop them on the floor.  Emma and Sandy slowly approach and bump their tits together, gasping as they bounce back, then they bump together again, a little harder, their breasts swell, and both feel their breasts become larger and firmer as they continue their fight.  Emma and Sandy grunt as they slam their tits into each other, both adding more force each time their breasts slam together.  They feel their nipple harden, and both gasp in pain as the hardened nipples stab into their rivals skin.  They grab each other’s back to gain stabilize themselves, and to also add force to their fight.  The sisters lock eyes and glare at each other, and grunt out a few words between breast hits.  “Give up Emma, I’m going to fuck you up.” Sandy grunts. 

“Fuck you, you’re the one who’s going to be fucked up you slut.” Emma grunts back.

Emma hauls her chest back, and slams it hard into Sandy.  Sandy gasps as she feels Emma’s erect nipple stab into her tender flesh, so she hauls back and slams back into Emma just as hard, and Emma gasps in pain from Sandy’s erect nipples.  Sandy and Emma’s tits are slick with sweat, and are bruised from each other’s nipple slamming into breast flesh.   Their hair is matted, and sticking to their foreheads from sweat.  Emma and Sandy slam their tits together and gasp as their nipples once again stab into flesh, leaving yet another bruise.  Emma and Sandy are trying to hold in sobs of pain as they continue their fight.  They slam together once again, but this time, they can’t hold back their sobs of pain, they look into each other’s eyes, and see tears running down their cheeks.  The pull back again, and bang their breasts together, and Sandy cries out. 

“I give up Emma, you win” Sandy sobs out.  The sisters let go of each other, and survey the damage to their tits, which are covered in bruises from each other’s nipples.  Emma notices tears spilling out of Sandy’s eyes, and she hugs her sister gently, their breasts pushing lightly into each other.  Sandy pulls

Emma’s head down, whispers.

“I want a rematch sometime” Sandy whispers into Emma’s ear.

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