Supremacy: Parts 1-5 by James347

Although she came from a well-to-do, upper class family, with access to private schools, she had always prided herself on being a Black girl with a somewhat ‘street-wise’ mentality. This helped set her apart in the elitist, mostly White college town that made up the surrounding area. But Tasha always considered that part of her personality an ‘act’ for the most part since she always felt on equal ground with everyone and was always treated respectfully as well.

Being beautiful helped a great deal of course, that always helps.

And yet, her edgy attitude, the ‘act’, seemed to take on a more significant meaning from the first moment she met Erika. Almost to the point of being hypersensitive to her surroundings and suddenly feeling ‘on guard’ and even ‘defensive’ at times whenever in Erika’s presence. Never had she sensed such an immediate feeling of hostility towards another woman, or any person for that matter, in her life. She was certain the feelings were mutual, but as yet unconfirmed.

Erika’s roommate Sharon, one of Tasha’s best friends, and also White, had initially dismissed the whole affair whenever Tasha would breach the subject, “That’s just Erika’s casual attitude, don’t let it bother you as being arrogant or off-putting.” But Tasha was not letting it go so easy, maybe she did not want to let it go. Only out of respect to Sharon had she laid off Erika and not taken a more confrontational approach. Not that Erika had ever said or done anything to provoke such a response, but something riled Tasha’s emotions when she was around the tall, blonde. Something ‘provoked’ her terribly, as if their mere physical presence around one another was threatening.

‘She has to be sensing the same thing as me.’ Tasha often told herself, more as a form of comfort, just so she didn’t feel like she was going crazy. In any case the most simplistic task at the moment, applying her lipstick, was becoming an effort in futility as her mind continued to take stock of the number of scenarios where she had attempted to make pleasantries with the blonde, White girl. Those efforts were often met with the cold shoulder or feeling as if she was being stared up-and-down as if some object on display, or in judgment. ‘Then again could be my imagination is getting the better of me.’ Closing her eyes and counting to ten, Tasha took a deep breath and looked back into the mirror, “Okay no big deal, I’ll just make note of things a bit better tonight.” Suppressing this tormenting affair out of her head was a must so she could focus on finishing getting dressed.

Slipping the one-piece dark-blue dress over her head she let it slip down around her shoulders, the thin fabric instantly clung to her ample breasts requiring a swift tug to get the dress down around her hips. A few more tugs and the snug outfit settled in to the curves of figure properly. Even with the dress properly adjusted her Black breasts gave up a lot of cleavage in the low cut dress. Turning several times in the mirror to see how the whole package looked Tasha paused and exclaimed “Damn girl, you look fine!” in a proud tone. Finally she pulled the Black thong from her dresser, and stepped each of her newly shaved long, tone legs into her panties. Pulling at the thong until it was snug on her hips, and pulled tight into the crack of her ass quickly she let her dress down and smoothed any subtle wrinkles away. Turning again in the mirror she checked to ensure there was no interruption in how it conformed to the round firmness of her ass cheeks, ‘perfect’ she thought as it now hugged every curve of her body like a second skin.

Again she found her mind returning to the striking blonde. The comparisons immediately led to the physical side of things as well, which annoyed Tasha to no end. Erika was the an amazing specimen of a woman and the two of them seemed to have a subliminal competition going on.

All it took was a slight nod or even a look to send her suspicious thoughts reeling and for some reason Erika being ‘White’ only seemed to add fuel to this fire of resentment that had been burning inside for several months now. Tasha began to wonder if it was some type of racial tension between the two? Perhaps. She had never had any racial problems with anyone while living here so why now? And her good friend Sharon was White, ‘White as White gets’ Tasha thought humorously, and never once a hint of problem with Sharon.

Or was it, and this thought actually frightened Tasha, was it some underlying sexual tension?


Tasha rebuffed that thought instantly, the female sex never ‘did it’ for her.

It had all become too difficult for Tasha to keep a level-head about any of it anymore it seemed.

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Confusion – Part 2

The two women made their way into the party.

Erika socialized with friends she had not seen in months and it felt good to mingle with old friends, and maybe a few new. Her first clue that wearing such a provocative outfit, given her figure, might have been a mistake came right after the tenth guy pestered her for a number, a date, anything at all, just to be able to hang out with her. After awhile a slight buzz helped to numb the barrage of flirting guys. Glancing down at her glass she realized it was time for a refill.

Erika excused herself from the cluster of male admirers, and some female, even having to curtly protest several men wanting to get refill her drink for her, “Damn can’t I get a minute to myself.” muttering under her breath as she walked down the hall, clearly aware she was being watched.

From the perspective of the men, some not so discreetly, watched and contemplated if Erika was wearing any panties at all by the way the dress clung perfectly to her firm buns without a hint of undergarment. But in fact she was, it was a tiny thong that barely did it’s job.

She turned the corner into the large kitchen and paused by a small mirror hanging on the wall to check her makeup, but her focus and moments peace was broken by a voice appearing out of nowhere.

“Well, well, well. You do manage to get out of the house, I guess you couldn’t hide away forever.”

Erika froze as she suddenly recognized that voice, her heart even skipped a beat and she slowly turned around. Her tongue came out of her mouth and slowly wet her lips. She observed Tasha wearing a skirt, not too short, maybe a tad bit longer then Erika’s. Her top was wrapped around to a knot on the side of her waist and showed off a lot of nice features.

Tasha shook her glass of ice and finished off the drink, ‘Damn’ she thought checking out Erika in her outfit, ‘This girl does have one hell of a body on her.’ Erika’s physique unnerved Tasha to the point of being self conscious, even insecure, and never has she been confronted by those emotions before. Such insecurity only made her all the more angry, all the more competitive.

The two women stared one another down yet again but with even greater intensity then their first confrontation, as both had a good buzz from the alcohol going. Erika’s normally logical mind couldn’t deny the strange unspoken dialog that was carrying on between them.

“Hiding? Hiding from what and whom? And what are you doing following me around like some freak with an obsession.” Erika snapped as she felt an enormous rush of excitement coiling deep inside of her, ready to spring outward.

Tasha started to totally lose it again, but brought her emotions quickly under control, “Me? Following you?” Her voiced raised but came down quickly so as not to draw attention. She then walked right up next to the White girl again trying to invade her personal space. She stood towards the Kitchen counter to make herself look busy and not draw too much attention to the two of them. They now stood side-by-side but facing opposite directions. Tasha firmly believed in one-upping during arguments, and she liked to do so by pushing people’s physical boundaries. Erika wasn’t on her home turf and Tasha wasn’t about to let her come out of this confrontation with the upper hand this time.

“Don’t make me laugh. If I walk in a room and you happen to be there, don’t flatter yourself with bullshit talk about me following you.” Tasha glared.

She got no response from Erika. Who seemed to just stand there almost ignoring her while looking straight ahead. Irritated by this lack of response Tasha abruptly dumped her ice into the sink and whipped her head to the left speaking close into her adversaries ear, “Why don’t you and I go somewhere private to finish this.” She was so close Erika could feel the hair stand up on her neck and Tasha’s breath flowing into her ear canal. With a loud clink, set her glass down before turning away and walking quickly out of the kitchen.

Erika felt her temper flare as her skin flushed with anger, the glass in her hand began to almost visibly tremble. The alcohol was having it’s effect, maybe too much alcohol and she knew better. She found herself struggling between not being goaded into some cheap, slutty confrontation at this party, but neither was she going to let this trash, talking Black girl walk all over her. ‘This is not like me at all.’ and looked back down at her near empty wine glass.

Tasha had paused in the hallway to look back at the kitchen alcove, but nothing. Disappointment plunged into the pit of her stomach and she even began to feel foolish for pushing the issue. ‘What am I saying? What am I even suggesting?’ it seemed all the more insane by the ticking seconds while standing there alone. But a quick flash of Erika’s body hugging White dress came into view, the blonde’s eyes were ablaze with fury. Tasha’s heart jumped and she frantically took a deep, nervous breath. Her big beautiful eyes narrowed doing her best to give that ‘beckoning look’ for the blonde to follow her, if she dared.

It was a large house and Tasha had no problem finding an empty room near the back. Away from crowds and people. Erika had followed her without missing a beat. The light to a small lamp that dimly lit the room was already lit, Erika closed the door behind them.

“You had better come here to do more then just talk.” Tasha spun around started in almost immediately, letting her mouth and nerves get the better of her, she felt herself getting scared. Things were becoming a little too real but she also wanted that now.

“Or what?” Erika threw it right back in the Black girl’s face, “Since you’re so big on being honest why not just say you are looking for a fight with me, you have been trying from day one!” Erika shot right back at her.

Tasha didn’t step in close this time but kept her distance, even with all of her tough bravado she felt guarded and a little unsure of how this would all play out. “It seems obvious what I want, and it’s what you want to, so stop playing the dumb blonde bitch. Otherwise….” Tasha raised her left arm and pointed at the door behind Erika as if it were her last option.“….you can just scoot your ass out of the room now and runaway.”

Erika felt her buttons getting pushed and pursed her full lips. She then cocked her head to one side with a smirk, her right hand set the wine glass down on the dresser and waived her strong, muscular arms briefly out to her side in a ‘bring-it-on’ gesture, “I’m still here, or is that not ‘woman enough’ for you?”

Tasha got an excited look in her eyes but before Tasha could even respond Erika spoke, “But not here!” she snapped and pointed down to the ground with her left hand for added emphasis of their location.

Tasha’s lips parted, and then closed, the damn girl had a point. They couldn’t very well ‘throw-down’ right here in the middle of someone’s house, full of people. But she wasn’t going to let it go either, “Why not here? Afraid everyone would see me kick your high-and-mighty White ass!”

Erika’s lips curled into an amused smirk as she straightened up her back to emphasis her clear height and size advantage, “Kick my ass? Like that would ever happen.” she followed up with a snorted chuckle her head tilting back in amusement. Erika could see how this infuriated Tasha, to be talked down to, so she kept it up. “You’ve been aching for a confrontation with me for months now. I think you can wait just a little longer for the ass-kicking I’ll give you, although I’ve rarely seen anyone so anxious for one.” Erika casually picked up her glass of wine and brought it up to her lips to take a sip, acting very cool and self assured.

Tasha definitely noted this new air of confidence coming from the girl, a simmering fire in Erika’s eyes that was not there these past few months, and while these new developments excited her, it also did cause her a great deal of worry. Nonetheless Tasha was enraged at how condescending and self-assured the blonde was suddenly talking and acting. If she was trying to really piss her off, well, it was working.

“You are such an arrogant, self-righteous cunt, you know that.” The beautiful Black girl spoke through gritted teeth as she took a step forward. Immediately Erika inched ahead, just a little, to meet the challenge. The close proximity again emphasized the height advantage that Erika had, the revealing dresses also displayed just how more defined Erika’s muscles were, but it was their amazing breasts which were of equal proportion, that were proudly on display.

Her heart pounded so hard that Tasha wondered if Erika could notice, but none of that mattered anymore, the adrenaline and excitement was pumping the likes she had never experienced and pushed her toward a desire she must fulfill before their meeting might come to an abrupt end any second. Tasha tempted fate again and allowed her chest to push forward. The contact of their bodies caused Erika to mentally stumble for a second, she almost gasped at the pressure against her breasts.

“You really want to fight me?” Erika scowled, her beautiful face tightening up.

“That’s right, so come on bitch, why not here and now?” Tasha fired right back.

The two women exchanged heated stares and an uncomfortable silence took hold of them. Erika glanced down and saw her cleavage protruding up the top of her dress as Tasha pressed in a bit more. Her right hand reached over and set down her glass of wine on a nearby dresser. Her mind raced and wondered excitedly if this might actually get violent.

Tasha’s peripheral vision saw Erika’s left fist clench, her forearm and biceps flexing with amazing power.

“I’ve been aching for the two of us to lock-up together and I know you have too.” Tasha’s breathing got heavier as her heart pounded. Both women had become completely impervious to the party in other parts of the house. Their ears could only hear their own heartbeats and the flow of blood coursing thru their veins.

“I bet you have been obsessing over this moment.” Erika seemed to seethe with pleasure. Now their lips were only inches apart as measured breaths coursed across each other’s lips. There was an underlying sensual element that Erika wasn’t totally prepared for and Tasha’s threats seemed to convey more then just fighting, like she wanted to really test herself against the White girl. Not to be outdone Erika leaned in pressing her own breasts against Tasha’s.

Tasha’s dark, full lips parted as she tried to hold her her breath, but she had not anticipated the blonde’s breasts to be so firm and could feel a slight ache spread thru her own chest. She tried arching her back some more, her Black breasts pushed forward but it was extremely uncomfortable. She felt like Erika could almost sense her discomfort and even got some amusement out of it.

A sneer of amusement seemed to crease out of the corner of Erika’s mouth. Tasha’s disgust with the White girl’s smugness began to boil over beyond any rage she had ever known and was ready to lash out. More than anything she wanted to smack that look of self-righteousness off of the blonde’s face, an image she could actually envision playing out right before her eyes.

The latch clicked. The door to the room opened and both Tasha and Erika broke off completely, stepping away just as it flung open and a couple barged in.

Erika turned away and franticly attempted to compose herself.

“Oh we’re sorry,” the couple said in unison, “we didn’t know this room was taken.” They both smiled and laughed a bit awkwardly.

Tasha quickly wiped a bead of sweat from her brow and turned around to walk out of the room, pushing passed the couple and out the door.

“Your not interrupting anything.” Erika sighed and also brushed past the couple, shutting the door behind her.

Tasha stood waiting right outside the door, “We have some unfinished…..” She started in as the blonde pushed past her at a brisk walk, not even turning to acknowledge her. Tasha didn’t follow, she was a little lost in her own confusion and wondered back down the hall to the main part of the building were the party was still bustling.

Erika refilled a new wine glass and found Sharon. She mingled back into the crowd while still shaking just a little and covered in a faint sweat. ‘The only reason I went along with that little stunt back there is because I am a little drunk, that’s all to it.’ She thought to herself.

Tasha was much worse off, her strong legs felt wobbly as she tried to compose her emotions, the effects were messing with her psyche in ways she never experienced before. She was now trying to instigate something to a culmination she had now previous experience at. Tasha always felt above picking a fight with anyone, but for the first time in her life she wanted to throw everything she had at the blonde and kick her ass!

Both women avoided one another the remainder of the night.

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Across town, after the party, Tasha sat in her room and brooded. She desperately wanted to figure out a way to deal with this situation. It was consuming her in an almost unhealthy way, but she didn’t care anymore about etiquette or what was right or wrong, everything just felt so damn exciting and she wanted the two of them to….to….she felt it but was still afraid to admit it.

The conclusion of how and where it would all take place seemed as elusive as ever.

‘Damn, what now?’

It wounded her pride to admit that the interruption tonight brought some much needed relief, time to figure out what she might have gotten herself into. This blonde might be more woman then she can handle, she was having some serious self doubts now. Curling up on her bed Tasha didn’t even change clothes, she wanted the smell of the whole experience to remain with, her dress, the sweat, the odor of Erika’s perfume and sweat in her nostrils still lingering.

‘Soon enough’ she thought ‘soon enough, I’ll figure this out.’

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The bright sun and cool air on an April morning made the walk to the Bookstore extra enjoyable. One of the typical large chains that had a coffee shop, basically she enjoyed ordering some coffee and then browsing up and down the aisle ways as a soothing way to relax after a hard workout at the nearby gym. Days had passed, and then another two weeks. Erika had not see nor heard from Tasha, for that she was thankful, the whole situation seemed more absurd as time slipped by, putting more distance between her and that uncomfortable event at the party.

A particular book caught Erika’s attention, ‘Photography and Art’. Setting her cup on a nearby table she flipped thru the book, stopping on the odd page to admire a picture. Turning to pick up her mug she quickly paused mid-step, not more then twenty feet away was Tasha, intensely browsing thru some books as well.

“Un-fucking-believable” Erika gasped under her breath. She looked at the ground and just remained frozen in her tracks. Her mind once again swelled with conflicting impulses. A better idea crossed her mind, taking a deep breath she turned away and continued to browse, tempting fate to see if Tasha would take the initiative, ‘Just how determined was this girl?’ Erika wondered. ‘Would she approach me?’

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Tasha’s peripheral vision caught sight of a striking blonde, but didn’t even contemplate that it might be ‘her’, part of her actually didn’t want it to be ‘her’.

“Damn.” she muttered under her breath as she glanced over and saw that it was in fact the tall blonde. Tasha took a deep breath and doubted her resolve. She slowly began to turn and started walking toward the girl, her heart beat a little harder as the distance closed, her feet clenched inside the tight confines of her designer shoes. A faint smile almost crossed her lips, she was not expecting that reaction, a smile? Originating from where within her? And why?

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A sixth sense was going off before she even looked up. The ebony skinned lady was coming right at her and Erika could feel the confrontation coming. The inevitable war of words. Erika glanced over, noticed the girl’s hair was combed straight down and she had little to no makeup on. A truly beautiful woman, full lips and a gorgeous body. She was difficult to miss.

Tasha stepped in close and the two women gave glancing looks but finally looked into each other’s eyes, reminiscent of all their prior exchanges as if to acknowledge the others presence. But for the first time Erika thought she saw desperation instead of Tasha’s usual tough bravado.

Erika’s alluring hazel eyes had Tasha fighting thru a mix of resentment and lust. She never thought herself to be attracted to a woman, especially a White girl. There was an odd way their perfume slowly intertwined as they stood in tight proximity to one another, it had an intoxicating effect on Tasha’s senses, at least she thought it was their subtle perfumes.

“You again.” Erika sighed in an almost casual, bored tone.

“Me again.” Tasha replied in a similar tone, almost mocking.

There was a lightness that seemed to take ahold of their conversation making them both uncomfortable with this new twist to their usually instant hostile encounters.

Tasha placed her own cup of coffee on the nearby shelf and bit at her lower lip, struggling with the next choice words. Her mind spun with an opportunity at civility, ‘but why and how did this suddenly occur?’ It was very confusing to think of being anything but a total bitch while in this other girl’s presence.

“Was that the subtle effort of a civil tone? Or are you Tasha’s nice twin-sister.” Erika cocked a semi interested eye at the girl, jumping at the chance to avoid anymore unpleasantries. Erika was confident she could kick this girl’s ass, but she would rather not expend the energy on any more of these distractions.

Both were proud, strong women and neither one was going to back down or appear ‘they’ were offering the option of peace first. That would be a sign of weakness. The conversation felt awkward and difficult to navigate as both knew only meeting as equals might provide any long lasting peace. One slight word perceived as insult would send everything back to the ugly beginning, and most likely, to a disastrous physical confrontation which they had originally seemed destined for.

“Civil? Well I don’t know, are you capable of being more hospitable while in my presence?” Tasha spoke as she narrowed her eyes, she actually began to entertain the idea that they might have stumbled upon some manner of closure to this rivalry, or something more courteous at least. She was not really warming up to the idea quickly, their last two encounters had left her pride wounded at being out-bantered and even intimated by the blonde, something she has never come close to experiencing in the past. Tasha prided herself on being the Alpha Female in any group of women, but Erika was the one woman that seemed more than her match.

“Perhaps if you try being less hostile and even more reasonable, things might be better. Maybe, I haven’t decided.” Erika shrugged and sipped her still hot coffee and fought to suppress a smug smile while looking back at the row of books with more interest.

“God damn, you are so arrogant. So this is all my fault? Always someone else’s fault with you I bet. You think I am the one in need of fixing?” Tasha suddenly unloaded her venom and then clenched her jaw line tight as her temper began to flair up.

“See, your doing it now. Lashing out at me because you simply don’t like me.” Erika glanced over briefly and waved her hand as if casually gesturing. She then turned her head and scanned the wide expanse of the bookstore.

“What are you looking for now? Another escape route?” Tasha anxiously.

“Lower your voice.” Erika snapped in a hushed tone and glanced around.

“Lower my voice? Nobody is paying any attention to us, and another thing…..” Tasha lowered her voice but followed Erika’s stare becoming a little paranoid herself. Her whole body felt on fire, that familiar feeling, she wanted to rip into Erika that very second and struggled to speak in a tone that was controlled and low in volume. She leaned in closer and waited until Erika made the courtesy of looking at her, “…..don’t you ever tell me what to do.”

Erika’s body went a little rigid, she could see some real hatred in Tasha’s eyes and felt just how serious she might want to take this girl. Tasha was no slouch physically, the Black girl was toned and fit, she had heard Tasha was very athletic and competitive. Still though, the blonde maintained a calm, cool exterior against the girl’s threat.

“Why don’t we finish our little chat over there.” Erika’s hand, holding the coffee, raised and gestured toward a small table in the coffee shop that looked to be secluded.

“Fine with me.” Tasha’s steely gaze never left Erika till this blonde turned away and then she followed.

Tasha couldn’t help but vent under her breath, just loud enough so she knew the blonde could hear her.
“Our little chat? You have such a condescending attitude.” She had never wanted to tear apart another girl….no strike that….tear apart ‘anyone period’ as bad as she wanted to put this arrogant blonde bitch in her place. The fact that Erika was beautiful, taller, more physically fit, ’the total package’ only spurned Tasha on even more. She so badly wanted to take this girl down several notches.

They drew the stares of several male patrons who admired them as they made their way to the remote table. Hushed whispers and necks craning to watch them walk by, something both women reveled in.

Two chairs, and each girl seemed to sit strategically across from the other, perfectly.

Erika spoke with no opening ceremony, “Two weeks.”, not even making an effort to look into Tasha’s eyes, she just kept eyeing her coffee. Sliding it around the table with the tips of her fingernails in a semicircle almost.

Tasha straightened up and squared her shoulders, “Two weeks?”

“Yes, to see if we can go without a cross-word between us. Think you are up to the challenge?”

Tasha smiled in a surprisingly confident tone and leaned forward her dark eyes narrowing in on the woman sitting across from her, “Oh yes my dear, I am more than up for any challenge you have to offer.”

Erika’s head remained cocked down slightly but her hazel eyes peered up for a minute as a smile crossed her lips, “Keep telling your self that. But I think it would make Sharon happy if we could tolerate each other for a little while.” Erika said trying to maintain a casual tone.

“So is that your peace offering, a two week cease fire? And don’t bring Sharon into this either. Do it because you want to or not at all.” Tasha remained leaning forward, her eyes drilling into girl across from her, but Erika evaded her stare.

The blonde felt a little awkward in this particular part of the exchange. Usually confrontations with people in the past ‘just happened’ and passed quickly, this was something different, something building at an almost painfully slow pace, and with a lot at stake. More importantly, Erika’s ego wasn’t pleased with conceding any ground to Tasha. She brought the coffee up to her lips and took a small sip, “Fair enough on the Sharon point.” she straightened up her back and finally faced Tasha looking her dead in the eyes now, “Yes that is my peace offering.”

Tasha’s felt her anger fall to a low simmer, ‘Did the girl actually back off?’ But she wasn’t willing to back down just yet and claim victory. This was no dumb blonde she was sitting across from, she wondered what kind of mind-fuck the girl was playing with her now. She wanted to fight this girl more than anything just minute ago, as if her life depended on it.

“Shake on it?” Erika smiled and tilted her head off to the side while reaching across the table with her left hand.

Tasha actually felt excited at the offer and went to extend her own left hand, but paused just short to read the girl’s face, looking for…..well…..she wasn’t sure, just a suspicious feeling.

Erika cocked an eyebrow in response to Tasha’s hesitation, “I’m being sincere.”

Tasha quickly bridged the gap and the palms of their hands pressed against one another, it was a firm handshake. The african-american girl almost sighed with excitement and made sure she matched the blonde grip-for-grip as the touch of skin thrilled her slightly.

Erika felt the same tingle run up her spine, she observed the muscles along their forearms tighten as did their biceps. Erika would have wanted the touch to last longer but she had an ulterior motive, she was carefully gauging the pressure and calculated Tasha was nowhere in the same league as her strength. She really began to wonder why the girl kept pushing things. ‘Foolishness’ she thought, ‘But don’t underestimate her either.’

Tasha felt Erika loosen her grip first, she then relaxed her own and they slowly withdrew their hands. Tasha saw this as another small victory, very small perhaps, but still something to take note of.

Without any warning Erika suddenly stood up with her coffee and walked away from the table. Tasha watched the girl walk away, the cocky sway of her broad shoulders and firm butt beneath the tight pants was all very revealing. It rattled her nerves to the point she felt compelled to turn away, she actually felt some admiration for the blonde and her great physique. A sick feeling of envy soon followed….and even jealousy now. Never has she questioned her own looks, physical attributes, and abilities, but this was like a smack in the face every time she saw the White girl.

For the third time she felt that the blonde had somehow walked away with the upper hand, even after initiating the peace offer. But Tasha was determined to uphold her end of the agreement. ‘Two weeks, then what?’ she wondered, ‘Could things really be better between us?’ She doubted it. Seriously doubted it.

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Erika never looked back, she wasn’t trying to ‘mess with’ the girl, or be overtly rude, but ‘How does one handle a situation like this.’ she wondered. ‘I’m an adult, 25 years old, so is Tasha. Was it all coming down to a fight to settle our differences? Would things really be put to rest then?’ Erika shook her head, the whole idea seemed absurd now, and she doubted there was any road that led to peace with Tasha. Her stomach fluttered and her nerves tingled when she allowed her imagination to contemplate a series of ‘what if’ scenarios between the two of them.

Erika knew how to handle herself, she took martial arts classes, knew how to grabble, box and kick-box. She was almost positive Tasha was not at all versed in any of those, but she really didn’t know she never bothered to check into Tasha’s background.

So what then? What was the girl after? A cat-fight? Erika almost spat the word out loud, the absurdity of such a spectacle made her whole face scrunch up. No way! Erika decided she would rather back down and be called a coward then lower herself to such a thing. She had never even been in one before. ‘Hair pulling? Scratching? Biting? Slapping?’ sounds pathetic she thought.

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Rough Start – Part 3

‘This isn’t going to work’ Tasha kept telling herself as she paused in the downstairs foyer of Sharon’s complex.

Her right foot came to rest on the first step, she paused, and looked up the twenty or so steps leading up to Sharon’s Townhouse. The first social gathering that would be the initiation of their two week truce. Tasha let her right hand gently come to rest on the banister as she took a minute to compose herself; ‘Just be cool and calm, no matter what, it’ll work out for the best.’ Nervously a finger brushed a faint hint of perspiration from her upper lip and forehead before running hands and fingers over her short dress, trying to compose herself for the sake of appearance.

But just knowing she was about to get in close proximity of Erika seemed to annoy her. The mere thought of the next two weeks of ‘peace’ as they agreed upon annoyed her. And now the sound of a door creaking from behind her was really annoying the hell out of her as she spun around to see who was coming into the complex.

Erika froze as if caught in a state of suspended animation.

Tasha wasn’t even sure if it was Erika at first, although she knew it was, she was just taken aback by the site. The blonde’s hair was unusually pulled tight into a ponytail, dressed in a pair of sandals, khaki shorts and a snug fitting White tank-top. Her body was devastating looking, ‘Damn she is looking harder then ever!’ was the first thought to cross Tasha’s mind. The cotton tight tank-top only made her already decent size breasts seem more powerful and firm. The thin veil of fabric did little to hide the wall of abdominal muscles that moved with her every breath. The blonde had what appeared to be heavy grocery bags in each hand, making the sinewy lines of muscle along her arms all the more impressive. She also had what appeared to be the start of a light tan, which only accented every one of her alluring endowments. Tasha felt her face blush as she didn’t know if she wanted to fuck or fight this White girl, she didn’t care, she wanted to do both!

Shifting her weight over to her left leg Erika tried to disguise the nervous trembling that suddenly developed in her leg muscles, ‘What is wrong with me?’ silently scolding herself, fighting for control. She was thankful her sunglasses were still on as her eyes blatantly roamed over Tasha’s body, soaking in every inch of the beautiful, dark woman before her, yet her very presence perpetrated a threatening air which aroused Erika’s own inner hostility.

“Your early.” Erika snapped. Her words projecting an intentionally, unfriendly tone as her right hand shifted a bag of groceries to the left. She now carried both bags in one hand but that didn’t seem to phase or strain Erika’s posture. Her right hand came up to finally remove her sunglasses. Eyelids blinked in adjustment from harsh sunlight outside, until her pupils finally focused.

Tasha just about balked and was ready to respond curtly as her back went up straight, her female senses reeling at the hostile tone from the blonde, but she played it wiser this time; “I’m right on time, I offered to help setup for the party.” Tasha spoke in a calm, measured tone as she slowly strutted her long, dark legs across the inlaid tile flooring, her back arched a little making sure her cleavage was right in the blonde’s face. She watched how Erika’s eyes narrowed at her approach. Tasha stopped just inches from the blonde girl and couldn’t help but slowly accentuate the word “Remember?” even ending with a slight pucker of her full, soft lips.

Erika felt her emotions rise like a series of tidal waves, each one carrying a different reaction; anger, hostility, and then suddenly embarrassment. She did forget that Tasha was indeed coming by early. “Must have slipped my mind.” Erika spoke a little softer now but mentally braced herself as Tasha probed her face and eyes.

‘This feels good.’ Tasha thought and let her shoulders even relax some, she had out maneuvered the blonde in their little game of words.

Erika raised a suspicious eyebrow as Tasha spun around and walked up the stairs. She swung her hips a little more then usual to accent the sway of her firm butt, as if she knew Erika would be watching. In fact, if it wasn’t for the slight tan in her cheeks, Erika’s embarrassment would have been instantly evident.

Sharon was elated to see her two closest friends actually mingling at the same party. No curt comments or nasty looks, she had to take several double-takes to be sure it was actually Tasha and Erika in the same room, and in close proximity. ‘Had something happened?’ her own gossiping, nosey drive wanted more information but she kept it in check for tonight.

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At First Fight – Part 4

Erika rolled her eyes in frustration and turned around onto her stomach laying her head down upon her folded arms. Slowly she let her mind wonder how how it would all play out, but with that came a sense of relief that maybe, just maybe it would all finally be over and done with.

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‘Somewhere out there,’ Tasha glanced off to the window that overlooked the city street, ‘she’s walking around, thinking she’s always gotten the better of you.’ Almost every encounter seemed to feel that way and it helped fuel her desire for retribution against this girl.

“Two weeks.” Tasha huffed, “Two weeks of hell. This was inevitable.” she mumbled.

‘My rival.’ Tasha almost smirked at the thought. The thought that a singular person could invoke such strong emotions actually made her insides tingle with excitement, as if everything was finally coming to some resolution. Tasha knew that it might get ugly, really ugly, and it was because everything now seemed very personal between her and the blonde. The words, the traded insults, it always brings out the worst.

The final insulting argument was still reverberating around the insides of her mind…..

“Stop staring at me, stop following me, and stop obsessing over me.” Erika said with that glaring and condescending tone. Almost immediately after the two weeks were over. The blonde didn’t wait long and verbally struck first, breaking any lasting hope of peace.

“How dare you! What the fuck makes you think I’m the one with the problem?” Tasha spat right back. “You’re the one who is pushing my buttons, you approached me just now!” Tasha thought she almost saw a glimmer of spit fly from her trembling lips.

And that bitch, did she ever know how to twist the knife into Tasha’s psyche, Erika just calmly smiled and waved a hand at Tasha’s face, daring the girl to fight her as if mind-reading; “Just like you’ve been coming at me from day one, so let’s go for it, tell me when and where bitch.” she taunted. Erika’s voice oddly calm, mockingly self assured.

It was a challenge that Tasha eagerly accepted.

The negative energy between them was uncontrollable now and needed a physical resolution.

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Erika reached the summit, the place where the two had agreed to meet.

It had been a painful back and forth negotiation on where-and-when to have this meeting. It had to be someplace neutral that they both could agree upon, they even thought of Sharon as a neutral party in case things got out of control, and then there were the rules;

‘What rules?’ Tasha sneered sadistically. But Erika would have none of that, she wanted the following: No biting, scratching, hair-pulling, eye-gouging, or grabbing of private areas. Tasha agreed reluctantly.

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Tasha swallowed hard and was glad she brought the water bottle along to sip. She still couldn’t shake feeling like a fool when she propositioned they fight in swimwear so clothing wouldn’t get in the way. Erika looked at her like she was a pervert, but Tasha thought it was a hypocritical act on the part of the blonde, they were having a fight after all, not a tea-party.

‘She probably won’t show.’ Tasha actually worried, ‘Another humiliating tactic, to stand around and wait for her while she sits at home laughing her ass off.’ and now her temper was really boiling. Yes she was nervous, yes she was scarred, but she was also excited at the same time. She had never tested herself physically against anyone before and now she ached for it so bad she didn’t care what she did or said to make it happen.

As long as she could finally get a hold of that blonde bitch with her two bare hands.

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Erika sighed quietly as she turned and walked to the picnic table and took up her sitting position, she rested her elbows down onto her knees and lowered her head. It looked as if girl might be praying, the way her hands were clasped together and head down.

The sound of footsteps echoed up the trail and Erika’s heart began to pound feverishly and yet she prayed it would not be Tasha coming up the trail, but a flash of the girls dark green jacket betrayed that it was in fact Tasha. Erika closed her eyes and turned away hoping this last minute dragged out forever, but just in case it didn’t she began to relax her body while tuning everything out, and Erika took a couple of long deep breaths as she turned herself over to that part of her that could wade thru the competition at tournaments.

That part of her that crushed her competitors.….

Erika opened her eyes and unclasped her hands, she slowly dismounted the table and turned around to see the ebony skinned beauty approach from the trail. ‘So this was it, what everything comes down to?’ she wondered, ‘That bitch finally got her way. She wanted a fight and now she was going to get one.’ Erika pondered. She thought herself above such spectacles, but had to admit something about Tasha rubbed her the wrong way, and in such a raw way, that she rationalized that she could indulge in this outcome. Just this once.

It was very early, and this part of the park they were both familiar with, they should have enough privacy to settle their dispute woman-to-woman.

Tasha knew she looked nervous, but she was also anxious and eager to whip this girl’s ass.

“Still agreed on the ground rules?” Erika asked.

Tasha’s eyes narrowed and studied how the White girl seemed unusually calm and relaxed, this caused a little worry, ‘Did she bring backup?’

“Yeah I got your email and said all of that was fine.” Tasha said while glancing around.

“Don’t worry, it’s just you and me.” Erika said noting the way Tasha seemed a little distracted. The blonde casually began unzipping her warm up jacket and peeled off her sweats.

Tasha ignored the comment and and unzipped her own jacket, “Slapping, punching, kicking, and kneeing is good. Agreed? Otherwise might as well play a game of checkers.”

“No problem.” Erika felt her right cheek almost pull her lip into a sneer.

There were no doubts, both women were exceptional, their bodies were fit and toned. There was no coordination of attire here but both had on low-rise, high-cut Black compression shorts that really showed off the roles of muscles along their thighs and calves, up-top each also had on Black sports bra. But it was Erika’s body that stole the show and caused Tasha’s resolve to weaken as she eyed the powerful build on the blonde.

Erika took a step forward, then another quickly, the first sign and it wasn’t a welcome sign either. Tasha almost…..almost, took a step back at the forward initiative of the blonde, but held her ground.

“I’ve looked forward to day I get to smack the hell of that pretty face of yours.” Tasha lips barely moved, her jaw was so clenched with hostility it seemed wired shut. Her feet nervously shifted on the ground.

Erika was within four feet of Tasha now, she had invaded that private space and sure enough Tasha instinctively launched her right hand out to push Erika back.

Erika saw it coming, it was easy when she was in fight mode, she typically saw things like this before they happened. ‘People are so predictable’ Erika once told herself and it was true. The way Tasha’s eyelids flenched and her brow tightened a second before the push was the setup Erika needed. With little effort, and quicker speed, Erika slapped the oncoming palm of Tasha’s right hand away and stepped in, hooking her right arm under Tasha’s left armpit while thrusting her hips into the girl. The blonde had performed a perfect hip-toss sending the ebony girl flying…..literally. Her feet were propelled straight up in the air as if performing a cartwheel and then Erika let go.

Tasha’s body went flinging across the ground with a terrific thud, all before she even realized what had happened.
“Fuck!” Tasha grunted a loud as her body smacked the earth. The wind was knocked from her body, but not severally. Quickly she struggled to her feet, looking over, Erika was adjusting her tight shorts while slowly walking over.

The Black girl seethed as she bought some time to get a game plan together by circling in a crouched position to the right of Erika.

“I’ve wanted to humiliate you from the first moment we ever met.” Spit flew off Tasha’s bottom lip as her fists curled up and raised in front of her. In turn, Erika’s hands came up, her palms open in a somewhat lackadaisical manner.

Tasha threw a couple of short jabs testing the distance before committing anything as she circled the blonde. Gone was her prior fears of Erika, the adrenaline flowing now had her confidence high.…real high, but that doesn’t mean she checked her brain at the door either. Tasha came in closer and threw a right jab, trying to close the gap a little more, but Erika’s left hand seemed to be waiting for her and closed about Tasha’s wrist before she could recoil, pulling her forward and she went stumbling forward past Erika’s right and felt her right foot trip on something, again sending her stumbling to the ground. Now her pride was hurt worst of all as she quickly recovered, furious. She was stunned at the speed of the blonde, or rather how quick she was to be more precise.

Erika whipped around to face the recovering girl, her stance was relaxed almost business like. Erika was hoping that Tasha would get the point, that how easy it was for Erika to deflect her attacks without even trying. But somethings have to be learned the hard way as Tasha face had that familiar look….that look of rage.

Tilting her head back, Erika arched her back so she was standing close to her full 5’11” frame. With a look and air of pure confidence she clearly, calmly stated, “I’m sick of all your attitude and trash talk.” Erika sighed in a very a mater of fact tone. “Do you think it was just luck that I tossed you to the ground so easily, twice in a row?” Erika sighed.

A genuine smiled crossed the Black girl’s lips, her teeth flashed for a second, “Luck? Sure, if that is what suits you.” Tasha was becoming amused by the whole thing now, she felt like Erika was just playing mind games with her now, and she knew how to play mind games as well.

Erika semi-crouched and smiled, “You know, we could walk down to the nearby field, and let everyone watch, that way there would be witnesses.” Erika’s tone had a sadistic quality, something that Tasha had never picked up on before, it unnerved her but the hair on her neck bristled with aggression.

“Shut up.” Tasha fumed.

An opening, that was what Tasha wanted and found, her right hand swung towards the left side of Erika’s face. But her swing didn’t connect, and now her body was falling, but it was a controlled fall….and not under her own control.

Erika had stepped in using her left forearm to deflect the punch while slipping inside, pressing the right side of her body into the front of Tasha’s as her right arm hooked under Tasha’s left armpit. With a vicious twist to the left as Erika’s right calf hooked in front of Tasha’s stumbling legs, thus knocking them out from under her. Tasha felt the fall and instinctively braced for the impact, but her right arm would not move, it felt trapped during the fall and still trapped when she hit the ground. While her senses tried to factor everything happening, she seemed to always be one step behind what had already occurred.

Erika brought her right leg over, mounting Tasha’s fallen body. The Black girl was laying on her left side, her right arm sticking straight up in the air, trapped in the confines of Erika’s left arm while the blonde’s right palm applied pressure to the girl’s shoulder.

“Lay still.” Erika said calmly. Tasha gasped and thrashed her legs in response, then let a scream out at the top of her lungs. Then the pain stopped, Erika had relaxed her grip on the trapped arm and the pain in Tasha’s shoulder went away.

“Lay still and listen.” Erika sighed. Tasha was infuriated beyond anything she had ever experienced, her whole body was at the mercy of the pain in her right arm and sure enough, the slightest adjustment on Erika’s part sent shock waves of agony thru Tasha’s shoulder and into her whole body.

“You bitch” Tasha seethed and looked up at the blonde who had her trapped, “What does this prove?”

“Maybe nothing.” Erika warmly smiled, but quickly that vanished, “Then again….” Erika suddenly let go, her arms flew apart releasing the hold and slowly stood up from where she straddled the girl. Slowly she took a few steps back allowing Tasha to stand. The girl slowly got up, rubbing her shoulder and rotating it with concern, the pain slowly faded.

“You think I couldn’t have gotten out of that?” Tasha said.

“I think I had you at my mercy.” Erika’s brow tightened and her look of smug, mightiness drove the Black girl insane with fighting rage. Tasha quickly tried to sit up and make a lunge for the blonde, sure that Erika might just be caught off guard. She was ready for Erika’s martial arts bullshit this go-around and managed to get her hands on the blonde’s strong, thick shoulders when Tasha suddenly felt a sharp pain in her right leg. Erika’s left shin had slammed into the side of her right knee, collapsing her leg. The blonde quickly muscled Tasha over onto her stomach and then drove a knee into the back of her head.

Tasha groaned as the blonde smashed her face into the earth with the pressure of her knee digging into the back of Tasha’s neck. Then she whipped Tasha’s right arm into a hammerlock while she bore down on the back of the girl’s neck with her full weight. The veins in Tasha’s neck bulged and it seemed to be over all too soon as she appeared to be on the verge of submission.

“You fucking bitch.” spit flew from her lips as she strained to speak, the bitter taste of leaves flush against her mouth.*

“Now, now, now Tasha. I suspect that you’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with me.” Erika watched as the ribbons of muscle flexed and rolled under the girl’s dark skin, but the blonde felt confident in her hold, so confident in her abilities she released the hold and leapt up from the pinned girl.

Tasha rolled away and didn’t hesitate to charge again, leaping like a panther, her muscles tense and rippling. Erika’s eyes narrowed as she swung her left leg around in a low kick. Her shin caught Tasha on the inside of her right thigh, whacking a primary nerve and causing her right leg to catch air, sending her whole body sprawling backward with her arms and legs thudding against ground.

“Gaaaawwddd” Tasha groaned. ‘What the fuck?’ every attack the she had launched Erika had somehow used her own momentum against her, always one step ahead of her. Looking up, she noticed Erika had barely broken a sweat while Tasha felt drenched and was breathing hard. Her body shuddered and writhed as her hands massaged her sore thigh, she couldn’t hide the discomfort no matter how hard she tried.

“Me the one with an unhealthy obsession? You must be kidding.” She managed to block the pain for a few seconds and sat up. ‘That won’t happen again.’ she thought and she pounded her fist into a lump of dry leaves that lay on the ground angry with herself for becoming reckless in her drive to quickly subdue the blonde. Showing signs of favoring her right leg as she stepped down on it after regaining her feet. ‘Your just tired, concentrate you idiot.’ Tasha told herself, pure luck on the part of Erika.

Erika stood totally placid eyeing the Black girl, it wasn’t at all strange to be this way, this was the typical mentality she held when dealing with any opponent. Only thing was, she was used to a bit more formal surrounding.…not the woods. Erika noticed Tasha’s frustration, especially her punching the ground prior to getting up.

“Come on now,” Erika taunted with her right hand, waiving her on, “I don’t have all day.”

That comment embarrassed Tasha and once again she lost her composure and all sense of planning. She quickly charged Erika driving her right shoulder into Erika’s gut, the blonde staggered back several feet and then fell back with Tasha on top of her. Even with careful calculation on the part of the blonde the earth below her was not as forgiving as she anticipated, almost smacking all of the air from her lungs. But she could care less, being on the bottom had no disadvantages from her perspective.

“This is more like it.” Tasha hissed.

“You really disappoint me Tasha.” Erika grunted.
“Oh fucking really?”

“I though you had better sense then to walk around thinking you could actually win.”

“Then you’re the one in for another disappointment, cause things aren’t looking to good for you now.” Tasha sneered. The strong Black girl simply assumed Erika was aimlessly thrashing her legs about, but soon felt those incredibly strong thighs lock around her upper waist as loose and fluid as a snake at times, not until Erika could feel her ankles touch did the looseness of her muscles snap into action. At the same time, Erika threw her left arm around the back of Tasha’s neck and pulled her down, locking them together, their heads side by side. This would be the most intimate contact between both women yet, and while this was a fight for control and supremacy, there was no denying another effect that it had on both of them. Their strong, young bodies seemed to crave the contact, it burned into the forefront of Erika’s brain as she squeezed Tasha closer. Tasha instantly squeezed back as they seemed to embrace each trying to crush the other.

It was a distraction and feeling both girls also didn’t seem prepared to handle as they awkwardly pushed aside the emotional and physical sensations and struggled to continue the fight. Tasha was fighting internal desires she had no idea would be so strong, she totally craved this contact and wanted more of it, but at the same time knew she had to emerge as the Alpha Female between them. Everything about them seemed destined to prove which woman was the better!

Tasha groaned in agony and tried to push away from the blonde with brute force, the pressure on her waist was getting unbearable. Instinctively she moved her legs into a missionary style position, trying to sit up. Sensing this, Erika squeezed hard, crushing Tasha’s rip cage and stomach.

“Oh God! Fuck!” Tasha cried and tried to fight off the crippling squeeze by trying to flex every muscle in her body. Even under the agonizing hold, Tasha displayed her own amazing strength as she rocked back, lifting the blonde into a position resting Erika’s butt on Tasha’s thighs. Despite the new position, the scissor hold were still intact.*Tasha heaved upward and then smashed the blonde’s strong back to the floor once more. Erika moaned in discomfort, the blow was not nearly as painful as a full body slam. Erika could feel the sweat that was pouring from Tasha’s body, the girl’s grunts and moans in fast gasping breaths were a indication that Tasha was expending more and more energy to prove her strength and endurance alone could free her. Feeling Tasha rear back once more Erika waited to the last second and uncoiled her legs, her feet snapped away to either side of the now squatting Tasha and pushed off. Tasha was still flexing her back when the scissor hold let go, the next thing she felt was Erika pushing off from the ground, sending the girl sprawling backwards.

Tasha moaned wearily with the weight of Erika suddenly on top, she attempted to bridge upward, their pelvises against one another, it felt hot and moist, and Erika didn’t anticipate the shudder that rippled thru her body as her most sensitive of regions came to rest on top of the Tasha’s groin and she felt a sudden challenging thrust from under her as if calling her out. And Erika did return, clenching her two round buns tight, tilting her pelvis.

Tasha hadn’t expected the girl to have the guts to respond, and she moaned. Tasha let her thrust lower, allowing her toned buns to touch the ground as her left leg coiled around the blonde’s, their diamond hard calves ground against one another as Tasha sought to engage her opponent in a test of leg strength.

Getting her mind back into the fight, Erika then felt Tasha’s legs scoot up to either side of her rib cage and bridge violently up. Erika leaned to her left, to Tasha it feel as if she had successfully unbalanced the girl.

“I’ve got you now bitch.” Tasha moaned as she felt Erika squirm like some contortionist under her, but that confidence in Tasha is what Erika was counting on. Erika had swiftly moved both legs with Anaconda like precision, she wrapped her left leg about the back of Tasha, while pushing her right knee under the girls left arm. Rotating her left hip, she pulled her calf up the sweaty back of the girl until she could feel her left foot.

Tasha wasn’t showing signs of panicking, but then again, she had no idea what the blonde was trying for.

Meanwhile, Erika was slowly, methodically converting her cinching legs into a triangle-choke.

As she felt Erika’s legs move up near her head she used the freedom of her legs and arms to try and stand, as best she could. Looking down at that pretty, White face, framed in wildly strewn blonde hair edged Tasha’s temper over the top. Erika had this look of serenity and Tasha suddenly had the urge to punch her lights out. She reared back her left hand balling it into a tight fist to strike. Her left fist was now fully chambered when suddenly everything seemed to shut down and her head felt like she might loose consciousness.

Erika had closed in Tasha’s neck within the crease of her left leg while cinching her hold by the crease of her right leg hooked her left ankle for leverage. Suddenly Erika was smiling at Tasha’s disorientation. The ensnared girl was gasping and gurgling as drool trickled off her bottom lip. Erika slowly guided the deadly hold downward. For the first time, Tasha felt like she was in real trouble and tried in vain to break the hold, but the pressure of Erika’s mighty thighs seemed unbreakable. Tasha had been rolled over now, she had no choice for that matter. In a very humbling position, she lay flat on her back with Erika sitting promptly on her chest, She felt the rippling muscles of the blonde’s inner thighs against her neck. The feel of sweat on skin and the smell off the girls skin was actually a turn on. Erika pinned Tasha’s hands to the ground while carefully controlling the pressure of the hold.

“Fuck you!” Tasha gurgled out, knowing Erika was about to speak.

“It’s only a matter of time before you pass out.” Erika faintly smiled. Tasha attempted to bridge and roll, but Erika flexed her thighs causing and almost instant asphyxiation. Then, she let the hold lax, enough so Tasha could resume breathing although it was with a struggle.

“You bitch! You fucking coward!” Tasha hissed.


Tasha screamed as Erika palmed her cheek with a vicious blow. The horrors of her worst nightmare were now a reality. Relief only seemed to come one excruciating millimeter at a time as Erika released the hold as slowly as she could.

“You give?” Erika asked calmly.

Tasha continued her struggle, “Fuck you!” she yelled sounding muffled and pathetic.

Another hard smack across the cheek had Tasha crying out loud. “You just let me know when you’ve had enough,” Erika sighed.

Tasha’s whole body was shaking with pure anger and hatred, all the while feeling like some helpless child at the blonde’s mercy. She tried to rest some and contemplate what to do, but Erika leaned close and whispered against Tasha’s ear, “I love feeling you struggle, especially since I know you can’t get out of this.”

As Erika predicted, Tasha began to twist and curse, yelling out venomous threats. Erika responded by tightening the hold even further, sending bolts of pain through the ebony girl’s neck and shoulders. Tasha had mistakenly assumed Erika was using all of her strength. Another feeling began to creep in, not only did she feel helpless, but the fact that Erika didn’t even seem to be trying all out was now ‘demoralizing’, something that made the Black girl feel weak and inferior. The smacks on her cheek and the condescending attitude of the blonde drove the humiliation deep into Tasha’s psyche, one she would never forget, and never forgive.

“What?” Erika opened her eyes and looked over at the tangle of Black hair “You’ll have to speak more clearly, I asked you a question.” Erika sighed as she applied the painful hold a little tighter.

The tears welled up in Tasha’s eyes uncontrollably now from having been so thoroughly trashed by this woman, but during the course of their fight she had become turned-on, very aroused, by the pressure of the blonde’s body on top of hers, tightly squeezing all the fight out of her, being totally at her mercy. But she could hold back the pain any longer, she swallowed all of her pride and admitted defeat; “Please… more.” Tasha sputtering out her words. It was the decision based on that of a beaten woman. She planned on appealing to Erika’s reasonableness and pleading her case to see if she would be willing to accept her submission, whatever it took. She couldn’t take anymore.

Erika tightened her muscles threateningly one last time and Tasha gasped fearfully “Oh no! No!” her voice was barely able to rasp out. She didn’t know what else to say, she would have begged some more but she didn’t know if Erika even cared any longer. Finally, infinite seconds later the pressure eased.

The Black girl was a total wreck as Erika stood up and walked over to the picnic table casually brushing off the leaves and dirt from her arms and legs before sitting down. The once proud african-american girl watched the powerful blonde relax on the table, resting her elbows on her knees as if she had taken some leisurely stroll. Tasha then slowly rolled over and attempted to get up. She got as far as actually sitting up and paused, swaying a little as her chest took deep gulps of air.

It came like a wrecking ball, the final blow to Tasha’s mind, body, and soul. The ultimate snub, in classical, typical Erika form. The blonde simply stood up, put her running pants and shirt on, then walked away, down the trial that led back to the park. No acknowledgement. No words. Not even a look of concern, it was as if Tasha wasn’t even there.

Once she was sure of privacy, Tasha rocked forward as her hands covered her face to suppress the sobbing that her body began to release, all the frustration and embarrassment. In the back of her mind she thought to herself ‘This isn’t over.’ But she hadn’t the courage to actually speak the words, or even whisper them.

She already wanted redemption, she wanted to fight the Erika again. But how and when, those two questions seemed to burn hotter into her psyche then anything.

How could she even prepare herself for another fight against such a powerful woman.

For the first time in her life she felt truly humbled. She had been shown who the Alpha Female was between the two of them really was, and in a fight that Tasha had wanted more then anything else. Halfway down the trail she slowly began pulling leaves and small twigs from her hair, trying to make herself look presentable in case she crossed anyone on the path.

‘How can I ever face Erika again? After having been defeated so thoroughly?’ admitting defeat was half the battle. The other half would be finding the courage to challenge the blonde once again, one day.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 81368624_3165375_dividerrosegoth-e1552612337766.png

Every muscle in her body ached from her ill-fated encounter with Erika.

It was nearly a week before the majority of the pain finally passed. A lesser woman would have been thoroughly demoralized by such a thrashing, but not Tasha. And that’s because she remained confident in the knowledge that she was more than equal to Erika. It was now a deeply personal matter of pride for Tasha, she felt compelled to fight this woman with every ounce of cunning and strength she had.

So during the course of the next month, Tasha worked furiously to regain her prowess. She spent hours in the gym improving her already imposing physique. At 5’8 and 145 pounds Tasha was physically about three inches shorter then her Italian adversary, but their respective structures were almost identical.

While pumping the heavy iron, Tasha would often shake her shaggy dark hair and curse under her breath when she remembered her struggles with the blonde, and the mistakes she made. She had seriously underestimated the girl. She didn’t want to respect her, she wanted to beat her and humiliate her. She knew Erika thought herself superior in every way to the Spanish girl and somehow she was going to humble that mighty bitch.

Erika was very skilled and Tasha needed to be a bit more wary of the caucasian girl’s power and skill.

Then she vented her frustrations on the gym’s heavy punching bag. Donning a pair of boxing gloves, Tasha pummeled the canvas bag with the thought of Erika ever on her mind. Moving to the speed bag, Tasha concentrated on delivering quick, sharp punches and honing her reflexes.

Tasha realized that she must become a more versatile and complete fighter. After nearly four weeks of this arduous regimen, Tasha felt she was ready to issue a challenge, but in the most subtle of ways. She smiled as her mind formulated a plot. But subconsciously frowned if the challenge was not accepted.

This Story is Continued in Parts 6-10

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