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The Cleaners by Sidekick

“Ummmmppf”! Maria felt another rush of excitement and adrenaline as she jerked the dirty hair of the bitchy blond and pounded a fist into her ribs. Grunting, groaning and panting could be heard as the two women rolled slowly over and over on the dirty floor. They clutched each other tightly, pulling hair, kicking and punching as best they could.

The women had been fighting for about 20 minutes in a dark and dingy room in the basement of the Calagonia County Executive Building. A mop and bucket were shoved into one corner with a housekeeping cart full of toilet paper and cleaning supplies in the other. Maria, the saucy 32-year-old Latino and Maggie, the 35-year-old blonde were janitors who both worked the night shift. Tonight they were working on each other.

The janitorial contract in Calagonia County had just been awarded last month. And both Maria and Maggie had been placed in the County Executive building only last Monday. The two women were the only people in the building from 10 pm until 4 am. From the first day on the job, they did not like each other. Neither could explain it. But it was there, hanging in the air like the dust rolling across the desert. On Monday and Tuesday, they stayed apart, preferring to work in different parts of the building. But on Wednesday, they found themselves working on the same floor. Maria noticed the dirty looks from Maggie. She didn’t know why, but this got her blood up and she quickly realized she was scowling back at the stuck-up blonde.

They rarely spoke to each other but found that working in close proximity was so very distracting. There was just something about her, thought Maria. She hated the inefficient way Maggie cleaned the floor, always managing to leave a bucket where Maria could stumble over it. She would frequently kick it out of the way, angrily. For her part, Maggie despised that stupid radio playing Latin music all the time. Before they realized it the two women began to push past each other roughly, sometimes bumping into each other as the did. They began to mutter curses under their breath. Maria secretly wished the blonde cunt would start something.

On Wednesday night they turned the corner and came face to face with each other. Instead of moving on they just stared at one another. For long minutes they glared and let their anger burn through the air between them. Maria could see Maggie’s breasts rising and falling quickly. She felt her own muscles tighten and her own breath become short.

Images bombarded her mind. They were images of the two laying in a tight embrace, tearing and punching at each other. She could almost feel the fist in her side and the hand jerking her hair. They continued to glare and become totally unhinged at the sight of each other. It was totally unreasonable; totally out of control. Finally, Maria motioned with her head and turned with Maggie following closely.

The two descended the stairway to the basement and entered the first room they came to. It was a storage room that had been mostly cleaned out recently. Maria flipped the light switch on the way in but nothing happened. Turning quickly she heard the door close and realized she could see absolutely nothing. Maggie had slammed the door when she entered without even thinking that the lights didn’t work. Now the women stood uneasily in the dark. They were much less concerned about the light and fixed instead on their anticipated physical confrontation.

Slowly they shuffled their feet. Cautiously they searched for each other. Both women held their hands in front of them, searching and ready to grab each other. Maria realized in a few moments that she could hear Maggie’s feet and hear her breathing somewhere to the left of her. Moving in that direction, she clutched at the air, hoping to snare the hated blonde. Eventually, she felt something brush her hand. At the same time, Maggie felt it also. Four hands clutched and pulled two bodies together. Then in the darkness, the room began to fill with the sounds of fighting women.

Exploring frantically, their hands found each other’s hair and began pulling and jerking. They stumbled about, using each other for balance. Maria thought it weird that they were right in each other’s face but still could barely see the other’s form. It was almost like fighting a shadow. Still, the hair pulling was real enough and hurt no matter what the light conditions.

Maggie punched wildly, hitting only the darkness. Maria slugged the air viscously. Without visual clues, and having only touch and sound to guide them, the women flailed their fists. After a few seconds, they found their range and began punching on target as they held onto hair with the other hand.

The women stumbled around the darkness, scratching, punching and pulling hair before they fell into a dark and dirty little ball of fury. Slowly they rolled over each other while trying to do maximum damage. Their legs were grapevined together and their muscles straining to control each other. Maria punched and scratched and pulled at Maggie’s body and clothes. Maggie did the same and the two had torn off their uniforms in no time at all.

Still rolling over the floor, they grasped for each other’s breasts. Ripping at the flimsy fabric of the others’ bra, they tore them from each other’s bodies. Now clad in only their panties, they lay on their sides; legs tangled, hands in hair. They rested for a moment but knew the conflict was a long way from over.

They were both panting and catching their breath. Maria could smell the dirty floor beneath them as well. She and Maggie were now sweating heavily from their fight. The perspiration was dripping and running between them and Maria could smell their own odor along with the musty, dirty smell of the storeroom. Slowly they rolled over each other as they regained their wind.

The two began slugging each other at close range with all the force they could muster. For the next several minutes the violence escalated with fists thudding into flesh. Maggie smacked her knee into Maria’s pussy. Maria executed the same maneuver and the two women kicked and punched and scratched each other in the dark. Maria’s pussy was becoming wet as she was getting more excited by the abandonment of all proprietary and inhibition. Neither woman had the slightest thought about their job in that building. There was only the fight.

More and more they punched and kicked and escalated the violence as they both wanted to destroy the other. After several really good punches, Maria finally felt the blonde relaxing and giving way under her. With some final thumping of her fist into the bitch’s tits and stomach, she heard a loud “ooooofff!”. Then Maggie was limp.

Rolling away and resting on her back, Maria could see nothing above her in the pitch dark room. She lay there for several minutes until finally crawling away to look for the door. After tracing along one entire wall, she found it and opened it so there was enough light to stand and find her clothes. The blonde bitch was nearly naked and only semi-conscious, but breathing OK. Maria left her there to recover by herself and went upstairs to dress as best she could and clean up.

Maria made a token attempt to clean up the building after that, but she didn’t really have the heart or the energy to accomplish much and left early for home. She felt a strange sense of satisfaction. No matter how she tried to convince herself she should feel ashamed, she just didn’t. She was glad she and Maggie had fought and was proud to have been the victor. She had not known such feelings since the schoolyard playground as a girl in the inner city of Pittsburgh. That night she slept like a baby.

When it was time to report for work the following evening, Maria was ambivalent. On the one hand, she didn’t want to go anywhere near that awful building again. But she knew she had to keep her job. On the other hand, she was looking forward to “taking her victory lap”. She wanted to see that bitch Maggie behave herself and demonstrate that she finally knew who was boss of their little shift.

Approaching the front door of the building, she sighed at the sight of her uniform, still soiled from the dirty floor the previous night. She had scrubbed and scrubbed, but it still wasn’t quite clean. “Screw it!”, she thought. “It was worth it”. With another huge sigh, but this time with satisfaction, and she went inside.

For several minutes she busied herself with the start of shift chores. Then, inevitably, Maggie came traipsing in. She was late and Maria glared up at her as she rounded the corner. The two stared at each other in the front hall on the first floor. And they continued to stare holes in the air toward one another.

“This can’t be happening again”, thought Maria as they two scowled. But she was not about back down from this bitch. She beat her yesterday and she was ready to fight her again if necessary. All thoughts of work just evaporated in an instant. Just as they did the previous night, the two women became angry at the sight of each other.

They began to mutter under their breath as they continued to glare. Tonight was Maggie’s turn: with a jerk of her head, her jaw set and a determined look on her face she turned back up the hallway with Maria following close behind.

When they arrived in the middle floor conference room, Maggie flipped the light switch, and the two women moved into the plush arena and slid some chairs out of the way. The woman turned to face each other as they slowly removed their uniforms. In their bras and panties, they clenched their fists at their sides and began to slowly slide around each other coming closer and closer.

Maria circled around Maggie slowly at close range. The two could see their large breasts swaying gently; their nipples were hard and protruding; their breathing was shallow and their fists were clenched in front of them. Maria could see the bruises on Maggie’s arms and the scratches on her stomach and breasts. She enjoyed seeing the markings of her victory from their fight yesterday.

But she knew her own body bore similar marks. The bitch Maggie made the first move and then in a split second they were slugging each other wildly at close range. Neither woman was covering up much. They just stood toe to toe, naked and slammed fists into anywhere they could reach. Maria winced at the punches against her tits, stomach, ribs, and neck.

The two women glared and snarled at each other as they slugged away. “Fuck!”, it felt so good to Maria when she drove her fist into Maggie’s flesh. They stood there beating each other up for several minutes.

Their punching slowed as they became winded and they finally stopped and brushed back their hair. They panted and continued to glare at each other. Both knew they were barely getting started. Maggie reached her left hand forward and Maria quickly matched the move.

They two grabbed a secure handful of their opponent’s hair and began punching wildly with their right fist. They pulled down on their hair and bent each over at the waist. Then they danced round in a tight circle while slugging their stomach’s, breasts and sides.

In a few minutes, once again the punching slowed as their arms tired. They stopped punching but continued to hold onto each other by their hair. After a minute to catch her breath, Maria heard Maggie start talking. She could not speak any English at all. But under the circumstances, it was not hard to imagine what was being said. Maria started talking back. She said what was on her mind. She expressed the hate that was in her heart. She cursed

Maggie and challenged her to fight some more. The two women stumbled around on the carpet, holding each other by the hair, simultaneously arguing and cursing in their respective native languages. To a bystander, it may have seemed they did not understand each other. But they actually understood each other all too well.

Then Maria grabbed Maggie’s breast and clamped down with her nails. Maggie groaned and grabbed Maria’s breast in the same way. They continued to stumble in a circle, pulling hair and scratching their breasts and cursing in two languages. Maria pulled and jerked both of her hands, trying to hurt Maggie.

They were both in pain. They felt their breasts were on fire from the torture. But neither woman was about to back down. Still, they were obviously at a stalemate and they eventually disengaged and stepped back to rest and glare and curse. Involuntarily, they brushed their hair back as if they need to look good at that particular moment.

In spite of spending the last 30 minutes trying to hurt each other, Maria felt the wetness of her pussy and could not deny that she wanted this very much. She stepped toward Maggie and while staring each other down, they wrapped their arms around each other in a tight embrace. Their breasts mashed together and their faces were only inches apart as they squeezed and slowly wrestled in this standing position.

They thrust their legs between each other’s and circled and stumbled around. They dug their nails into each other. They resumed their cursing and felt each other’s hot breath on their faces. Maria now felt her pussy literally dripping. They were spiting their curses at each other as they took one hand and began to jerk their hair from behind.

Maria was trying to rub her sopping wet pussy against Maggie any way that she could. The bitch Maggie was obviously excited as well. They clutched so tightly and humped each other’s leg. They brushed their lips together while spitting curses until they both finally erupted in orgasms. They pulled their heads back by their hair and felt the pleasure run over them in waves. They slowly slid to their knees and let their arms drop to their sides in momentary extreme satisfaction.

The women rested and composed themselves a bit before Maggie struggled to her feet and left the conference room. Maria took little notice before rising to her feet a minute later. She stepped over her uniform and underwear on the floor before stepping into the hall and turning toward the bathroom.

It seemed a bit strange to be walking naked down the hall. A few hours before, this hallway would have been bustling with county office workers and managers. She passed by the County Executive’s office and caught a glimpse of herself in the glass wall. “Ummm, nice ass”, she thought as she scooted past and turned into the bathroom door.

After relieving herself, she stood at the mirror surveying the damage. Her hair was hopelessly tangled. She may never get it straight again. She gently caressed the red scratches on her breasts and stomach. And she could see fresh bruises raising on her forearm and shoulder. There where also scratches on her cheek and a bruise that would be impossible to miss on her forehead. She shook her head and shrugged as she turned to leave. There was no way to hide that she had been fighting. And just now, she wasn’t sure that she really cared.

She felt a strange freedom and a bit more comfortable walking naked back down the hall. As she approached the conference room doorway Maggie suddenly darted out into the hall. And with the mop bucket in her hands, she heaved it at Maria, drenching her with dirty water! Maria felt the shock of the cold water hitting her and stood frozen a few seconds with her mouth open in surprise.

Maggie dropped the bucket on the hard floor and sneered something in English that Maria didn’t understand. Then she shook off her surprise and launched herself at the bitch with her talons raised. Maggie eagerly stepped into a clinch with Maria as the two locked up in a snarling, naked mass of flesh. Their hands flew over each other, clawing, punching and clutching. Quickly they pulled each other into the hard floor and began wrestling wildly in the dirty water.

They rolled from one side of the hallway to the other and both were wet and filthy in seconds. They jerked their hair savagely and pummeled each other with their fists. Their legs were tightly wrapped together. Maria was aware they were both grunting like animals as they fought. Each time Maria rolled to the top position, she slammed her knee into the bitch’s cunt.

“Fuck Yeah!”, she thought. Maggie dug her nails into Maria’s ass cheeks and quickly started scratching her asshole raw with one nail. Maria screamed and punched Maggie in the face as they rolled to their sides and both grabbed each other around the neck with both hands. As they tried to choke the life out of each other and strained their legs together, they could both smell the dirty water all over and around them.

Meanwhile, Ricky Malone and Donna Childress had used their key passes to enter that same Calagonia County Executive Office building about 10:30 pm. Lately, they had made a habit of sneaking into the office at night to conduct their affair in secret. Ricky was only hired three months ago and was still living with a roommate downtown in a very small apartment. Donna was just an intern from the local community college, still living with her parents. So the office was an easy and safe place for them to rendezvous.

They had spent the last 45 minutes fucking like rabbits on the desk, couch, and floor of the little office where Ricky worked. And they were laying there resting for another round when they heard a crash from somewhere upstairs. “Oh shit!”, said Donna, expecting to have the building all to themselves. Instinctively she grabbed for her blouse and put it over her breasts. Ricky rose to his feet, listening and walking to the door. He opened it and listened for anything further. He thought he could hear something in the upper parts of the building, but he couldn’t be sure.

“Stay here and I’ll check it out”, Ricky told Donna. “Fuck that, I’m going with you”, answered Donna as she pulled on her skirt. Ricky frowned but took her hand as the two made their way carefully up the stairwell to the floor above. He pushed open the stairway door slowly and poked his head out to listen. Clearly, he heard sounds of some kind coming from down the hall. He couldn’t quite place them. It sounds like a struggle or commotion of some kind. The two came out the door and stood in the hallway to listen. They looked at each other with puzzled looks and began to slowly tiptoe down the hall.

As they approached the corner of the hall, the sounds grew louder. They heard grunting and thumping on the floor and other undefined noises. There definitely seemed to be a struggle going on. At the corner, Ricky carefully shielded Donna with his arm and poked his head around the corner.

There, not ten feet away from him were two naked women fighting on the floor! He sucked in his breath and was unable to take his eyes from the unexpected sight. Donna brushed Ricky’s arm away and peered around the corner herself before stifling a small scream. Neither of the pair could take their eyes from the unexpected and forbidden sight before them.

Maggie and Maria were laying on the floor, locked up tightly by legs and arms. They were pulling their heads back painfully by the hair, punching each other with the other hand and rolling very slowly across the floor. There was a lot of water on the floor and a discarded mop bucket about three feet away. Both women were wet, and dirty, scratched and bruised. “Oh my god!”, whispered Ricky. He and Donna stood there and clutched each other as they watched the women fighting on the floor.

Maggie slammed her knee into Maria’s cunt as they rolled. The two stopped rolling and lay on their sides throwing punches into each other with their free hand. Ricky was totally mesmerized by the sight before him. His cock was poking a tent in his pants and he reached over to start to caress Donna’s tits as he watched. She was also enjoying the spectacle and did not object.

Presently she took one hand and began to rub his hard-on through his pants. Neither could believe what they were seeing. They didn’t know who these women were or why they were here. But they were not about to interfere in their fight.

After clutching each other tightly and punching for several more minutes, Maria and Maggie started slowing rolling again. They continued to throw their knees into each other’s pussies. But then Ricky noticed the kneeing gradually stop as they began humping each other’s thighs.

They grabbed two handfuls of hair and the harder they humped they harder they jerked hair. Ricky was rubbing Donna’s breast with one hand and caressing the crack of her ass under her skirt with the other. Donna had one hand on Ricky’s cock, rubbing away and the other was under her skirt rubbing her clit.

As the fighting women started moaning, so did Donna and Ricky. Donna tugged at Ricky’s zipper and then moaned and put both hands on her pussy, rubbing with enthusiasm. Ricky finished talking out his cock and stroked it with a purpose as he watched the fighting women. “Ahhhhh, god,”, he sighed, as he felt himself coming close to the edge. The women moaned as they humped harder and faster and were now jerking each other’s hair wildly.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”, Ricky shot his load into the air and saw some land on the one woman’s hip.

“Uuuunnnnnhhhhhhggggggg!” moaned Maggie as she came. Maria came a moment later. Donna was the final one to get off. As she screamed with ecstasy, Maria heard and noticed for the first time that they were no longer alone.

Donna and Ricky backed up against the wall beside each other, too amazed with what they had seen and done to flee. Maggie and Maria struggled to a sitting position and rested back on their hands. There was no use trying to cover up.

The lovers and the fighters looked at each other in surprise for several minutes without saying a word. Maria looked openly at Ricky’s cock, still twitching from orgasm and slowly lowering itself to half mast. She had no idea where they came from. But she realized what she and Maggie must have looked like fighting naked on the floor. And she was strangely titillated and way too tired to be embarrassed. These two had apparently seen everything. But it was obvious they enjoyed what they saw. She figured there was a good chance they would not be reported.

The cleaning women slowly began to get to their feet. They went into the conference room to find their clothes. When they returned, the couple had gone. Maggie gathered up the mop bucket. Maria mopped up the water.

And they two of them stared at each other once again in the quiet hallway. They each still saw a challenge in the other’s eyes. But now was the time to get themselves together and close up. They still had a job to clean this building together five days a week. It was going to be the most interesting of jobs for Maria. It was sort of like being clean and dirty at the same time. As she arrived at her apartment later that evening. She wondered what the next evening would have in store.

The End

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