The Meeting by Sidekick

Doris Bickell tapped her foot nervously on the inside of the cab door as she was whisked through the streets of Philadelphia. It was 2:00 in the afternoon and the skies were gray. With each passing minute she was closer to the meeting she was both aching for and dreading.

She could hardly believe this afternoon would be the climax of a bizarre year-long relationship with a woman she knew intimately and yet had never met. She had flown in from Kansas City earlier that morning; no luggage. She stood in a brief line and then told the cab driver what address she wanted. She plopped into the back of the cab and stared out the window as they made their way out of the airport and into the city.

She shifted her ass on the well worn seat and thought of what lay behind and what lay ahead. A year ago she was a bored HR executive working for a newspaper in Topeka Kansas. She was comfortable and liked her job. She had her own circle of friends.

A few men came and went, but there were no really serious relationships. She had turned to the Internet in her spare time and found she liked the guilty pleasures that could be found there. She had first monitored and then joined a discussion group or two dealing with sexual topics It was surprisingly fun and easy to do. She quickly left her inhibitions behind and hid behind her screen and email name of “”.

Then one day she happened on a site which strangely made her tingle with forbidden pleasure she hadn’t known before. It dealt exclusively with female fighting or “catfighting” as they called. it.

The images she saw there titillated her instantly, in spite of herself. She felt guilty all the next week as she kept coming back and reading and looking. There were pictures of attractive women pulling each other’s hair, wrestling, scratching and occasionally punching. Sometimes they were wearing jeans or shorts, sometimes they were depicted in their underwear and even sometimes naked. The pictures had a dirty, forbidden and animalistic quality about them that drew her attention.

She also enjoyed reading the dirty stories she found there about women fighting. They were amazingly detailed about the circumstances, the emotions, the details of the combat, the spectacle of it all. It was clear that a good many people liked this sort of thing and Doris Bickell was undeniably one of them. She was reminded of her school days, when she and the other students would occasionally watch two of their classmates fight. She remembered feeling guilty about watching,but also excited.

Doris caught the cab driver looking at her in the rear view mirror. She was dressed provocatively in a short skirt, heels and tight fitting blouse. She blushed slightly and swiveled her hips so as to prevent the guy from seeing up her skirt which rode very high on her thighs. She thought about the first time she had sent a message to the catfight site’s bulletin board. She enjoyed the exchange she had with others and became bolder about saying what she liked.

Doris had never been in a fight in her life, even as a girl. But this was all so wonderfully exciting somehow. And she became bold about saying what she felt and enjoyed. She imagined what it would feel like to fight another women in the way shown and depicted on this site. She became very interested in how everyone seemed to enjoy the uninhibited, raw emotion. She was strangely attracted to the notion of the women fighting because they liked it, and taking it as sort of a secret hobby or something.

Then there was that first email message from someone she had not met. The header said it was from “”. She had chuckled to herself about there being at least 25 bad girls on hotmail. And then she read the note and became strangely titillated and intrigued.

 "I know what you want.  I enjoyed your posts.  You and I are the
 same kind of woman.  If you want to talk about it, I'm here. --
 bad girl".  

She had read the note over and over that first day. She went from interested, to scared to angry to excited. Who was this woman; if it was indeed a woman? She finally concluded there was no harm in answering and sent her first reply.

 "I already know who I am, thank you bad girl.  But I do admit to
 being surprised by how interested in this board I've become.
 What makes you interested in my posts and in contacting me?  What
 part of this fetish interests you?  -- sassy"

And that began a dialog between them which still continued through the year. Bad girl said she liked everything about catfighting, including participating. She asked about Doris. Where did she live? What was her family situation? What did she do for a living? How old was she? And Doris found herself revealing more and more about herself as she became comfortable with this new acquaintance. It seemed harmless.

The woman didn’t know her real name. She only told her the State in which she lived. It was all anonymous and yet still strangely intimate. At first she was suspicious of a fraud. But the more they communicated, Doris became convinced this was a real woman who was having a genuine exchange with her.

The cab exited the parkway and began to enter the city. Doris felt little butterflies rise in her stomach. She remembered the escalating dialog with bad girl last winter:

 "So, you're bored.  You need some excitement in your life.  What
 do you like about watching women fight?
- Bad Girl"

 "Well,  you presume I like it.  Maybe it's just like watching a
 car race  for the chance of seeing a crash.  It's mostly seeing
 how the men go crazy over all this, that amazes me.
 - Sassy"

 "No, it's not the men. We're two women who've been discussing
 fighting for many weeks now".  The men have nothing to do with
-Bad Girl"

 "All right.  I admit that it interests me.  I don't know why. It
 excites me.  It makes me wet.  What does that make ME?

 "It makes you a woman who likes fighting, my dear.
 -Bad Girl"

And so it went. They continued to discuss their strange interest and passion for the next few months. They talked about childhood memories of fights. Doris made further admissions that she fantasized about going at it with another woman, just like the pictures and the stories
on the Internet board.

Bad Girl congratulated her on her honesty. She told stories of fights she had in the past. Their running conversation grew into a friendship of confidence. They shared honestly and openly with each other. Doris enjoyed this tremendously. She began running home from work to chat online with Bad Girl; sometimes long into the night. She exchanged email with her from work.

Their discussions just made her want more and more. She wouldn’t have believed she would act this way if anyone had asked her before. She began to daydream about it. She began to look at other women differently. She still was afraid to confide in anyone but Bad Girl. But she imagined how it would be to lock up with others she knew in a real fight. She wondered if they ever had such fantasies. Had they ever been in a fight? — Recently? She was still afraid to ask anyone but Bad Girl such an intimate question.

Then late last winter, the tone of Bad Girl’s messages began to change. She wasn’t distant or bored. They still corresponded every day; even more than they used to. But she became a little belligerent at times. She became haughty and superior in the way that she talked. Doris tried to ignore it at first. But then she started to confront it. Things escalated quickly and their relationship changed in a significant way.

At first, they began to argue about being tough or scared. Bad Girl insulted the naive, unsophisticated and boring way of life she said Doris led. Doris took offense and for a while, they just bitched at each other like school girls.

They hadn’t ever been afraid to let four letter words drop into their conversation from time to time. But now they began to curse each other. Bad Girl called her a boring and naive little bitch who was afraid of her own shadow. Doris got pissed off and said that Bad Girl was a spoiled whore that no man would give a second look to. And so it went.

As things escalated Doris remembered how uninhibited and nasty their conversations became.

 "You pitiful little girl bitch, you would go running from the
 first signs of a confrontation.  Why don't you admit it?"
      -Bad Girl

 "You know what? -- Fuck you Bad Girl.  I'm not intimidated by your
 superior brand of bullshit.  You're just a whore pretending to be
 respectable.  I don't give a damn what you think or say."  

 "Yeah?  You wouldn't say that to my face, cunt.  I'll bet you're
 to scared to even talk to me by phone."  
      -Bad Girl

 "I'm certainly not scared of a dyke slut like you.  Give me your
 fucking number, you cow."

 "My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Why don't you drag your fat ass
 off the chair and dial it?"
      "Bad Girl

 "Just listen for the ring, slut"

Doris felt the butterflies rise in her stomach, but she was angry and determined to confront Bad Girl. She nervously dialed the phone; making a couple of attempts as her hands were shaking so much. Finally she heard a voice at the other end answer, “Hello”.

“Now what do you have to say bitch? You want to call me names? Go ahead.”, blurted Doris.

“Ooooh, I’m officially impressed, slut.” replied Bad Girl sarcastically.

“Did your fat fingers get sweaty dialing the number?” Doris was breathing harder as she became angrier. They argued childishly back and forth.

“Fuck you”. “Fuck YOU”. “Slut”. “Bitch”. “Dyke”. “Whore”. “Cunt”, “Cow”. Doris was panting as she spat out each curse.

“You wanna fight, you bitch?” Bad Girl asked. Doris had no hesitation at all.

“Yeah, I’d love to pull your hair out and bash your face in, you fucking whore”.

“Well come one, let’s pull hair, if you have the guts”. Doris heard a static rising on the line. Bad girl said something else that she couldn’t quite hear. Then the static took over the line and they were cut off.

Doris sat clutching the phone receiver tightly with her chest heaving with every breath. She was seething mad. After a few seconds she realized that she was sitting in a wet spot where her pussy had soaked through her panties and onto the seat. She had never felt like this before in her life. She was angry, turned on, scared and exhilarated all at the same time.

It took several minutes for her to calm down and get her wits about her again. She paced around her apartment nervously. Should she try to call back? Should she forget about it? She strangely felt guilty; as though someone was watching. But that was ridiculous. She was alone. Finally she made herself a margarita and tried to lie down. But she could not shake the strange feelings.

She drifted to sleep eventually, wishing that Bad Girl was there so they could settle things.

All the next day at work, Doris was a wreck. She couldn’t concentrate on anything. She couldn’t get Bad Girl out of her head. Fleeting images of the two of them rolling around the floor would not leave her. She imagined the two of them standing together nose to nose; cursing and spitting at each other.

At lunch she had to lock herself in a bathroom stall and masturbate before she found any relief at all. This was not something Doris had ever done at work. But these were not normal times for her. And still that afternoon she imagined how it would feel to slug her fist into that bitch. She thought it would feel very satisfying.

Practically racing home after work, she burst into the apartment, throwing her keys in the direction of the table. What time was it in Philly? – only one hour later. She lunged for the phone and dialed the number that was still scrawled on the paper pad by the phone. Then she
hung up instantly.

What was she doing? This was not like her. What do I want? She fretted for several more minutes until deciding that she wanted to confront Bad Girl again. She wanted it in the worst way. She was alone in her apartment and no one would know what the two of them said to each other. Once more she picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hello?”, she heard at the other end. Doris hesitated a moment, still a little unsure of herself. Then, sensing the situation, Bad Girl said, “Hello cunt. It’s you, isn’t it?”

“Fuck you, slut.”, spat Doris. “I’ll snatch you bald”. “Yeah? come on baby. I’ll pull hair with you if that’s what you want. Your stringy mane will soon be all over the floor.” “And your pitiful little girl tits will be scratched and bleeding, whore!”

“Ooooh, you really wanna fight? Come on, dyke! You wanna catfight?” “I’ll fight you anyway you want, you fat cow!” Doris was about to come totally unglued. She had never let her emotions carry her away like this. But the butterflies in her stomach, her heavy breathing and her leaking pussy all betrayed the fact that she wanted it bad.

“I’d love to feel my fist smash into your scrawny stomach and my knee pound into your smelly cunt”, said Doris. “You try it and I’ll trap you between my legs and dig my nails into your big cow tits until you scream, bitch”, answered Bad Girl. Then Doris head the faint sound of a chuckle over the line.

After a pause, Bad Girl said, “I think you want it bad don’t you? Remember how you used to be so timid and shy about talking like this? You have really gotten in touch with your hidden side, girl”. Doris did not know how to respond immediately but realized it was certainly true.

“You know,” Bad Girl continued almost in a whisper, we don’t live worlds apart. We could really get together and do it”. Once more the butterflies jumped around inside Doris as she heard that.

“Let’s get together and fight. Let’s fight any way we want, as long as we want and as many times as we want.” Doris groaned into the phone as her pussy soaked through her pants, making an obscene wet spot she would have been mortified to show in public. Another chuckle from Bad Girl, louder this time.

In the next few minutes, they had made the deal. Doris didn’t want to run any risk of being seen around her home. The people talked to much and she would never recover her reputation if discovered. Bad girl, on the other hand, lived in a much larger city and was not afraid of discovery. Doris would travel to meet her.

As they made arrangements, Bad Girl urged Doris to go all the way if she were going to do this. “Let everything ride”, she said. “Just come as you are for the weekend. Don’t even bring a change of clothes. You and I will lock the door and spend the weekend fighting in every intimate way we want. You won’t need clothes. I’ll have food available. You can borrow something or buy something to wear back if necessary.”

Again Doris heard that little chuckle. “We’ll just be too sluts getting together to fight. What do you say?”

Doris groaned again as she experienced a small orgasm right there in the chair with the images flashing through her mind as Bad Girl described them. “I’ll be there this weekend. Tell me your real name and address, cunt. I’m coming to fight you”, Doris said, as she rubbed her soaking pussy.

And so it was that Doris Bickell and Kate Johnson had set a date for their first face to face meeting. Now, as the taxi turned quickly in the residential neighborhood on the West side of Philadelphia, Doris tried to slow her breathing. She shifted in the back seat to look at herself in the driver’s rear view mirror. She primped and fussed with her hair just a bit. She had taken a deep breath and decided to dress the part for the trip. It seemed appropriate for her to look a little bit slutty to meet the slut Kate. And having no change of clothes, she was committed to the role for the weekend.

“Heh, heh, heh, Big date doll?”, said the sleazy cab driver as he watched her primping in the mirror. She flushed as she realized how she must look to him.

“Oh what the hell”, she thought, crossing her legs and letting her skirt ride up her thigh.

“Sort of”, she answered him and smiled sweetly.

“Whoa!”, He swerved suddenly to avoid a turning pickup truck as he brought his eyes back to the road.

“Fucking dickhead redneck drivers!”, he swore. Then he added, “Pardon my French,” as he glanced back at her.

She was ignoring him and looking out the window again. In just 2 more turns, he slowed and stopped in front of a huge gate. He spoke into the microphone on the side, “Taxi to 315, Stanton Place”. There was a buzz and the gate swung open.

Even in the gray weather conditions, it was evident these grounds were immaculately kept. This was obviously some rich community and very secure too. They drove around the wide curving lane and passed three or four huge houses with lots of land between.

Finally coming to number 315, the taxi stopped and Doris looked out at a lavish, but smaller home with a beautiful oak front door, bay window in the front, two stories with wide green yard to either side and high and well-kept hedges all around the property.

She stepped out and tipped the cab driver and turned to walk up toward the door. On the left was a beautiful flower garden of many varieties and colors. She struggled to control her breathing again as she stepped up to the front door, took a last deep breath and pushed the buzzer. Nothing happened for what seemed like a very long time. Doris shifted her weight back and forth nervously until at last, she heard the latch open.

Standing in front of her was an older woman of perhaps 38 or 40 years of age. It was hard to tell for sure. She was obviously healthy, just a bit overweight, but only slightly. She was full figured as was Doris with a light and snugly fitting sleeveless blouse. Below was a blue skirt which fit snugly over her shapely hips and stopped three or four inches above her knees. Her legs were bare and her feet were slipped into stylish violet heels.

Kate’s brownish golden hair was pulled to one side and loosely bound together by a gold band of some sort which allowed her curls to rest on her shoulder.

Kate displayed a mischievous smile, as though she had just been told a naughty secret. She examined the women standing on her porch and found someone in her mid thirties, also full figured with a very short, tight skirt, bare legs and black heels. Her blouse was short sleeved and very snug. Kate could see a gap between two of the buttons in front as her breasts pulled the fabric a little farther apart than its design would allow for. Her hair was long, black, straight and down to her shoulders.

The two women examined each other for a long moment. Doris felt extremely uncomfortable. She wondered if she had done the right thing and desperately wanted to get inside.

After a moment, Kate stepped back and motioned with her arm for Doris to come in. She did so quickly and grateful to be out of the scrutinizing eyes of neighbors or anyone else who could be watching. She only glanced briefly at the comfortable and nicely decorated room in front of her. Turning back to Kate instead, the two women regarded each other again. Kate stepped down from the door and they stood facing each other.

Kate curled her mouth slightly and her eyes sparkled with the look of someone amused at what she was seeing. Doris regarded Kate with an unsmiling, expressionless face; evaluating, calculating, wondering. After a minute Kate stepped closer and spoke the first words between them. Spreading her arms over her form she said, “This is what I thought you would be like; professional, attractive, sensual but just a little conservative. I wanted to meet you on your own terms. But instead I find you look like a slut”.

Doris then spread her hands over her form and said, “Well THIS is how I thought you would look. Slutty, brazen and on display just like a whore. And I wanted to meet you on YOUR own terms.” Then she added “bitch”.

Kate stepped up closer until their breasts were almost touching. The two never took their eyes from each other. She spoke in a low voice, almost whispering. “You want to fight about it? We have all weekend.” Doris answered back in a similar voice; her butterflies now racing round inside her. She had forgotten the earlier awkwardness of standing outside.

“I came here to fight you, cunt. And I mean to enjoy it as I beat your haughty ass in your own house”. Kate stepped up closer and felt their breasts push slowly into each other.

The women stared at each other. She replied, “You can try, baby. How do you want it? Catfight? Fistfight? Sexfight? Just tell me. How does a bitch like you like it?”

“I don’t want to fuck, you stupid cunt. I said fight. Doris pushed closer. Their faces were pressing together and Doris pushed her leg in between Kate’s. They felt each other’s lips move and the warm breath of the other as Kate whispered her reply, “come on, let’s go”.

She then reached up behind Doris and clutched her hair with both hands and wrapped it around her fingers. Doris felt this and returned the move, quickly dispensing with the gold band around Kate’s hair. As the band dropped to the floor, the women began to pull each other’s heads back by the hair.

Their breasts smashed and rubbed against each other. Doris was way too excited to really notice the slight pain of her hair being pulled. She felt her fingers pull hard and then began to jerk Kate’s hair. The women leaned against each other and groaned with pain and delight. Doris was thrilled to finally be here at long last. Less than five minutes after finally meeting face to face for the first time, they were fighting.

The pulling and jerking went on for many minutes. It escalated until they jerked as hard as they could and pulled each other up and down at the waist. They panted as their feet shuffled around. They tried to keep their balance on their heels. Presently they stumbled against the table by the wall and knocked it to the floor. They slumped against the wall to steady themselves and continued to pull hair and groan and pant.

Doris felt the stinging pain on her head. But she loved the feel of jerking Kate’s hair and hearing her grunt. Their legs strained against each other. Their tight skirts were rising as their legs wrestled standing up. Doris stumbled a bit and lost one heel. She kicked the other one off. Kate also stumbled and threw a shoe as they continued to pull their heads back as hard as they could.

Kate began to rub her breasts against Doris in an exaggerated motion. Doris imitated the move and soon her blouse popped open from the strain. Presently the women began moving back and bumping their chests into each other. They continued to clutch their hair and smack their bodies against each other as they jerked and moaned. Doris could feel her pussy leaking down the inside of her leg. She wanted to fight with Kate this way all weekend.

Eventually the women slowed a bit in their bumping together and began to drag each other around and around by the hair. Now in their bare feet, they pushed and tried to trip each other. “Come on you fucking bitch.”, panted Kate. “Let’s fight on the floor”.

“Wait, wait”, groaned Doris as she pushed her arms out stiffly. They two women let go of their hair and Kate smirked.

“You have to wear that home don’t you?” She began to unbutton her skirt and step out of it. Then as she removed her blouse, Doris peeled off her skirt and threw it on the chair. In a moment the women were in just their panties and bras.

Kate cupped her breasts provocatively and spread her legs to face Doris. She smiled wickedly, held out her hand, palm up, toward Doris and curled her finger repeatedly. “Come on cunt, let’s do it on the floor”, she said again as she slowly dropped to her knees.

Doris could scarcely believe she was acting out this fantasy in real life. In a second she was also on her knees and they were inching toward each other. They launched themselves at each other, clutching and twisting and falling to the carpet in a heap of wrestling arms and legs.

Pulling hair once again, their legs tangled and strained to control each other. They began to roll across the floor while savagely pulling hair and twisting their heads. They each grunted loudly as their large breasts were smashed together and roughly dragged across together in a fight of their own.

The women were now sweating and snarling at each other. Doris loved the release of all her inhibitions. She left the hang-ups of a lifetime behind on the doorstep and reveled in being in a dirty catfight on the floor with a women she had actually never met before. She felt Kate’s hot breath on her as they rolled over and over.

As they wrestled, they rubbed and smacked their slick, sweaty skin together. Her nipples were rock hard with excitement. They were growling at each other as they fought. Doris loved the animalistic sounds they made. She marveled at how natural this all felt.

“Unnnngggg!”, she exclaimed as Kate threw her fist into her rib cage. That started an escalating battle of fists raining down on each other for what seemed like 5 long minutes.

They strained their legs together tightly and punched each other over and over until their arms were exhausted. Then, laying together, puffing and panting and resting, they lay their heads on the floor and relaxed a bit for the
first time.

Doris felt Kate relax her grip. They rolled away from each other and rested on their backs for a couple of minutes. Groaning, Doris rolled over and slowly raised up. She slumped on her knees and watched as Kate got slowly to her feet. Turning to face her, Kate brushed the hair from her eyes and stared back at Doris. Her hair was hopelessly tangled and there were scratches on her neck and shoulders.

Then, with a faint smile on her face, she reached down with both hands and hooked the waistband of her panties with her thumbs. She pulled them down, ever so slowly over her hips until they revealed her dark pubic hair.

Continuing, the light fabric clung to her soaked pussy lips as the waistband continued its southern journey. The panties pulled taught until finally they snapped down her legs and she let them fall to the floor around her feet. She kicked them aside, spread her legs and smiled wickedly at Doris.

Doris got to her feet and slowly slipped out of her own panties. Kate watched and as Doris threw her panties aside she raised her arms wide and cupped her hands and waived at Kate in a fighting invitation. “Let’s go, bitch”, she whispered. Kate smiled and spread her own arms, invitingly as they two circled each other slowly.

Then, coming together, their hands clasped around each other’s breasts and they felt sharp fingernails digging in. They pressed their bodies together as they began to scratch and claw at each other’s tits. Their faces were only an inch apart and they glared at each other and scratched each other and groaned and grunted at the rising pain.

Doris found Kate’s nipple with her right hand and clawed and sliced at it with her fingernail. She felt Kate pulling her own breasts down and apart painfully with her vice like grip. Doris was out of control. She was a slave to her lust to hurt this woman. And hurt each other, they did. For several minutes they scratched and clawed until their breasts were red and bruised. Finally Kate released one hand and slugged Doris in her rib cage.

“Uggghhh!”, exclaimed Doris. Then she also punched at Kate with one hand. The two women slugged each other repeatedly while still scratching their breasts. Doris found it a marvelous release of emotion to punch Kate. Over and over again she punched hard and with evil intent.

The women groaned and pounded each other with their fists at close range. Doris was thrilled at what they were doing to each other. How even they were physically. The women stood in the middle of the floor and clutched, scratched and punched away at each other.

Presently they let go of the claw grip on their breasts and separated slightly as they punched at each other. Kate sneered at Doris with her fists held up. Doris also held her fists at the ready. She wanted more punching. Oh god, she wanted them to punch each other and never stop. “Let’s fistfight, you fucking slut”, she panted. And Kate replied, “come on baby, let’s really fight”.

Doris once again felt the butterflies rise in the pit of her stomach as they began slugging it out with two fists flying faster and faster. In just a second the were pummeling each other’s sides, bellies, breasts and even their heads. They threw punches wildly. Each was getting hit and bruised.

On and on Doris felt her fists slam into Kate. She was oblivious to the pain being inflicted on her. She just wanted to punch Kate. As they tired, the women tried to hit each other in the face. Their fists connected on tender jaws and cheekbones and chins.

They finally ran out of gas and had to rest and gulp for air a moment. Doris could see Kate’s fat, bruised lip. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and saw her own blood has been drawn. They cautiously put down their fists and walked slowly around each other as they gulped in some air.

They were sweating heavily. It had been 20 solid minutes of fighting since she had first come through Kate’s door. If they spent the entire weekend together they might kill each other, thought Doris. “No”, she told herself. The thrill was in the conflict. She didn’t want to win, really. She certainly didn’t want to lose. But she did want to be brazen and emotional and savage. She loved the fighting so far. And she wanted to go on fighting.

As the women continued to circle slowly, Doris realized her thighs were sticky and wet. She had cum all over herself while she and Kate were fistfighting. That sensation and that knowledge only made her pussy start leaking more. She knew she was now a fighting slut.

Kate stopped circling and said, “follow me”, as she turned and walked down the hallway. Doris followed and they soon entered a large sun porch with glass walls on the back of the house. Kate continued to lead the way out the back door and onto a large, lush, green lawn with elaborate flower beds spaced here and there. The two naked women stepped out into the bright sun and the humid air and faced each other once again.

Without another word they came together and grabbed two fists full of hair and started jerking. They soon threw each other to the ground and rolled across the grass with their bodies tangled together.

First they rolled this way and then the other way as they wrestled and pulled hair in the hot sun. Doris, who was a shy and reserved HR Manager not long ago, did not feel the slightest embarrassment about fighting naked in the backyard. Not that she took time to notice, but there were high hedges and trees that prevented any of the neighbors from noticing them.

She and Kate wrestled and slipped over each other as they sweated and fought on the lawn. Doris felt her pussy tingle as she wrapped her legs tightly with Kate’s. She pressed her pussy against Kate’s thigh as they wrestled and she could feel Kate doing the same.

Soon they were humping each other as they jerked hair and scratched and punched each other. As her orgasm built, Doris pulled Kate’s hair harder and harder. They came at almost the same time and clutched each other tightly and felt their cum running down each other’s legs. Laying in a fighting (or maybe it was a loving) embrace, they clutched each other and caught their breath.

“Fuck you, you dirty bitch”, whispered Kate.

“You keep rubbing that filthy cunt on me and I’ll make you pay, slut”, panted Doris.

“Come on, if you think you can”. Kate answered.

“Fight me, you whore”.

“Yeah baby, come on and fight like the whore you are”. “Slut”, “bitch”, “dyke“, “cunt”, “cow”; they cursed each other and struggled and strained their muscles against each other.

Over and over their slick, sweaty bodies rolled until they rolled into one of the flower beds. They mashed the flowers and rolled through the dirt and mulch, which clung to their sweaty bodies. Doris may have vaguely felt the flowers and mulch and dirt, but she was intent on the struggle and wasn’t stopping for anything. The two women stopped rolling and lay on their sides, tangled together and covered in dirt sweat.

In another moment, they began to slug each other with the hand on top. First Doris threw a hard wild punch at Kate. Then Kate would return a shot of her own. Over and over they punched at each other.

From the lawn, a cat or rabbit might have seen two arms and fists occasionally raising from the middle of the flower bed and heard the associated smack and grunt as they fell into soft, dirty flesh. The women started to roll over each other again and soon felt themselves crash through the other side of the flower bed onto the lawn again. Kicking and punching, they separated and rolled away from each other.

They sat up and faced each other and saw was a sorry sight they were. Both were covered in mulch and sweat. They were bruised and scratched and bleeding. Their hair was matted and hopelessly tangled.

Far from the attractive older women they had been an hour ago, they were now a wreck born of non-stop, all out fighting. Doris was completely into this. She did not want regret it or want to turn back. Sitting in the hot sun, she sweated and stared at Kate, fully ready to continue fighting with her in the dirt and grass or anywhere and anyway she wanted.

“You wanna go some more or get out of the sun?”, asked Kate. “I just want my fist in your face”, sneered Doris. Kate chuckled. “Fuck, it’s hot!”, she moaned. “Let’s get cleaned up. We’ve got all weekend, baby – a weekend of fighting for you and me”. Doris followed Kate into the house and up the stairs to the large bathroom and enjoyed the coolness of the air conditioning.

Kate walked over to the large sunken tub in the middle of the bathroom. She turned on the water and sighed as she let the coolness of the AC wash over her. The room was against an outside wall of opaque glass allowing the sunlight to pour into every corner.

Doris and Kate stared at each other as the water slowly started to fill the very large tub. The two women were naked and filthy. Doris felt dirt and mulch in her hair. They were both smeared in dirt and sweat. Their nasty, sweaty hair hung partially in their faces and over their shoulders. Doris still felt an animalistic attraction to this woman which drew her forward. Kate also stepped forward as they continued their stare down.

Finally not being able to keep their hands from each other for even 5 minutes; the women reached out their claws. They both took a hold of breast in one hand and hair in the other. And once again, Doris felt the thrill of agressively scratching Kate and seeing the pain in her eyes as her nails dug in.

The women clutched as tightly as they could to their slippery hair and jerked their heads hard. They scratched savagely at each other’s tits and moaned with pain. Looking into each other’s eyes, they taunted each other. “Yeah bitch, that’s it. Come on”, said Kate. “Fuck you. Let’s go, slut”, spat Doris.

They stumbled around, clutching each other tightly, jerking hair violently and digging their fingers harder into soft tits. Doris wrapped her leg around Kate’s and pushed them both over onto the hard floor with a loud thump!

“Ummmph!”, Kate felt some much needed air squish out of her as Doris fell on top. They quickly wrapped their legs around each other and rolled over to the right. And as they clutched and scratched and wrestled on the floor Kate felt it suddenly disappear beneath them. The two women splashed into the tub and continued to catfight as the water lapped around them.

They thrashed wildly trying to maintain control on each other. The warm water felt incredibly good to Doris but made it more difficult for her to keep her hold. They rolled from one side of the tub to the other, splashing water out onto the floor.

The scene instantly became a muddy mess as the water soaked up the dirt that was caked on them. Doris locked her legs around Kate tightly. Both the women regripped their hands in their hair, trying to secure a better hold. Kate brought her knee up hard into Doris’ pussy. Doris grunted in pain and smacked her fist into the side of Kate’s head. The women fought hard as the water rose steadily around them.

They dragged each other down under the water for long seconds and then burst above to suck in much needed air This scene repeated itself for several iterations. Finally tiring they slowed their struggle a bit.

As Kate punched Doris hard to the midsection, she gulped in some water and let go of Kate and jumped up immediately. As she coughed and sputtered and breathed in air, Kate stood and rested her hands on her hips. She panted and looked through the wet hair in her face at Doris just a couple of feet away.

The women could hear their breathing slowly return to normal as they eyed each other. Doris looked like rat who had been almost drowned in a dirty pond. She was soaked with streaks of dirt and scratches showing all over her. Jeez, if Doris looked like that, what must she look like? Then she decided she didn’t care.

She savored the feeling of total abandon and pure, raw emotion that had consumed her since Doris first rang the doorbell earlier. She had loved every minute of the fighting. The two women just stood in the waist deep water and glared at each other. Their nipples were hard and neither made a move to even try to straighten up their tangled hair. They threatened each other with their glaring looks.

And then Doris heard herself muttering, almost under her breath, “You cunt-lapping bitch”. She heard Kate mutter something inaudible in response. She replied, “stinking cunt”. The two muttered curses almost under their breath for two or three minutes, not really listening or even hearing each other.

Finally Kate noticed the rising water level and reached over to turn it off. She climbed out of the sunken tub and stood on the wet bathroom floor. Doris followed and when standing in front of her asked, “what’s the matter bitch? are we done?”. Kate snorted,

“Ha! Oh no. Not a chance cunt. But let’s get out of here so we won’t fall into the tub again.

“Anywhere you want it”, answered Doris. She followed Kate out the bathroom door. But as soon as they got around the corner into the hallway Doris launched herself at Kate, tackling her with an arm around her neck as she grabbed her breast and squeezed her nails in.

The two thumped to the floor and struggled wildly, thrashing arms and legs. They slapped and scratched and punched as they maneuvered for a good hold on each other. They finally came to rest facing each other. Kate had her legs locked around Doris’ waist and they both had their hands around each other’s throats.

Kate was on the bottom with her head handing over the edge of the top of the stairs. The women squeezed and struggled on the floor. They pushed themselves farther and farther over the edge of the stair. Inevitably they finally tipped too far and slid down over and across the carpeted stairs one by one by one until they came to rest on the landing above the last flight which ran down to the living room.

The women lay on their sides and punched each other fast and furiously. They pushed their faces close so they were cheek to cheek and slugged each other in the ribs and back. Doris slammed her knee into Kate’s pussy and she screamed in rage. Kate scratched her nails over Doris’ breast and punched her in the stomach over and over until she had to rest her arm.

The two rested in a violent embrace and caught their breath. Just a few feet below them, they heard the mailman rattle the front door as he pushed the mail into the house through the letter slot in the front door. Doris wondered what would happen if he only knew there were two naked women fighting only a few feet inside. Would he run away, call the cops, or burst in and watch as they went at it?

She couldn’t believe she had the nerve to come here and do this today. But then she was sorry she didn’t do it long ago. She loved the thrill of the fight. She was fortunate to have a women so completely and evenly matched to fight with.

What a shame it would have been if their fight has lasted only 10 minutes until someone dominated the other. She jerked Kate’s head back hard by her hair and heard her groan. Kate slugged her left fist into Doris’ ribs right her tit. Doris’ pussy was getting wet again. She wanted this fight to go on and on.

The women started wrestling again and easily tumbled down the final, short flight of stairs onto the hardwood floor. They thrashed against each other, scattering the mail all around the floor. Doris straddled Kate on top and wantonly humped her pussy against her leg. Kate grabbed both of Doris’ tits and roughly rubbed her nipples between her fingers. Then she reached up with on hand and grabbed a handful of hair. She pulled Doris head to hers and the two women stuck their tongues into each other’s mouth.

It wasn’t really a kiss. They wrestled their tongues together, moaned and felt the saliva run down their chins. Kate was still pulling Doris’ hair and Doris was still humping Kate’s leg. Doris didn’t know for sure if they were fighting or fucking now. But whatever it was, she didn’t want it to stop.

Faster and faster the the women went at each other pulling hair, kissing and humping. Kate took her other hand and started rubbing her swollen clit furiously. They moaned louder and louder until both came screamed and pulled themselves together in a tight embrace. Finally falling to their backs, they lay naked on the floor and savored the warm tingling sensations.

Finally after several minutes, Kate propped her head up by her elbow and looked at Doris. “Damn! You little cunt. That was fun. We should do it again sometime, don’t you think”?

Doris voiced her first thought, “How about right now, slut?”.

“Anytime and anywhere you want, you fucking slag”, answered Kate.

But neither women moved an inch as they continued to rest. “Oh fuck” Doris said disappointedly. “I have to get back to Kansas City next week”.

A moment of silence pasted while both of them were lost in their own thoughts. Finally Kate said, “Or you could say you got sick and couldn’t return for a week”.

Doris propped herself up and looked over at Kate. “Would you have a spare room for me?”, she asked.

“Fuck no, you can sleep on the floor, bitch”, snorted Kate.

Doris chuckled and asked, “Would we fight all day long?”.

“You bet”, answered Kate.

“Would we punch and pull hair and kick and scratch?”, asked Doris.

“You know we would do all that, and more”, assured Kate.

“Would we fight again and again all week long, stopping only to rest?”, asked Doris.

“Yeah, baby”, said Kate with a gleam in her eye.

“Let’s do it”, said Doris. They smiled at each other and slowly dragged themselves to their feet.

They walked to the kitchen, rubbing their bruises and sore muscles. Kate offered a glass of cold water to Doris and they sat at the table, both still naked. However, in just another two minutes, they were both tangled on the kitchen floor, punching and pulling hair rolling slowly over and over. But that part of the story is for next time. …..

The End

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