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The Showtime Contest by KingofdaPirates1

The blonde woman walked into the medium-sized venue with an annoyed look on her face as she took in her surroundings. Several people who were not regulars gawked at her due to her stunning physical appearance that overpowered her resting bitch face syndrome that usually forced people to look away. She moved towards the bar in her skin-tight black jeans and much too short t-shirt that covered her well-sized tits but only made it halfway down her stomach revealing her lightly toned midriff. An instrument of some kind was thrown over her back and bounced slightly like her chest as she moved through the crowd towards the bar centered in the back of the room. Once she got there, she placed the instrument down with care and took a seat on a raised stool making some of the men openly glance trying to catch her eye, whom she ignored. The working female bartender noticed her quickly and gave a smile as she made her way over to the alone woman a light grin on her face, her eyes sparkling.

“Long time no see Amber, the band has been here a few times without you, and I wasn’t sure if you had quit.” The bartender said to clean the space in front of Amber with a dirty rag and put a small napkin in the now shining bar top. Amber gave a small smile at the woman; they weren’t close enough to be friends but there was a familiarity with each other and maybe something more sensual that had been long-standing and building between them.  She ran her brown eyes up and down the bartender who stood on the other side of the wood, she was a very pretty girl with a slightly long pixie cut hair and a daring smile. The woman’s blue eyes were almost grey, but they glinted with mischief. She was wearing an unflattering apron and had the look of a woman who was deep into her shift, but even still that couldn’t hide the hint of sexiness hidden beneath the clothes. Truthfully Amber had never seen the bartender not in her uniform or even without the apron. But she had seen the rate men hit on her, it was clear she wasn’t the only one who sensed the hidden flower in front of her and wanted a piece.  “No, I haven’t quit. I just took a break for some other stuff.” She did a hot stretch as the other woman’s smile grew, “ It’s good to be back though feels like it has been forever since I played.” Amber said, looking at the tomboyish face of the woman whose eyes glanced to the blonde’s chest. The bartender smiled and leaned forward giving Amber a glance under the apron and into the woman’s deep cleavage that the dirty apron covered, she was more stacked than she let on. The light glisten of sweat made her look incredibly smooth and Amber could glimpse the sexy white bra the woman was wearing, curious what the woman’s skin tasted like.

“It has been, and I look forward to hearing from you tonight. What will you have?” She asked in a flirty tone grinning as Amber was still giving Silvia’s breasts a good look unable to help herself. She couldn’t help comparing them to her own puppies behind her t-shirt and how it would feel to press them together covered in sweat. The tomboyish girl looked like a snack to Amber as she felt her desire give a small jolt from actions of both of them and their poses with them displaying their tits for each other.  

“Vodka and coke please Silvia.” Amber replied leaning forward slightly too, her shirt didn’t allow for any cleavage to show but she could still show off her impressive rack in which Silvia looked at with a smile that was more than friendly, filled with lust and desire. Their flirtatious game seemed to be turned up a few notches since the last time Amber had been here, openly checking each other out and Amber wondered how long it would take them to flirt each other into bed if she wanted it, and she did.

“Coming right up.” Silvia turned around giving Amber now a great look at her bubble butt in the black yoga pants she was wearing. It was full and toned with a clear amount of muscle. Amber again shifted in her seat wanting to compare it to her own, directly if possible. She got to enjoy the view for a few seconds as Silvia leaned over for a bottom shelf glass even with a bunch of clean ones up top. She looked up as Silvia turned back towards the bar and poured the drink slowly into Amber’s glass, she then took a cherry from a jar and staring right at Amber; gave a spit covered lick around the fruits base clearly wetting it, her eyes locked to Ambers watching for any reaction in which she got with Amber biting her lip slightly and giving a small lick to her own wet lips. She placed the wet cherry into Amber’s drink and put it on the napkin, Amber who was still looking at Silvia’s hazel eyes reached for it but felt Silvia’s fingers still on it.

Their hands brushed touching for the first time as Silvia finally released the drink with a small wink promising more than what they could do right now. They had flirted many times before but less since the other stuff in Amber’s life had gone awry, but this was the most forward they had been; basically, offering sex. Amber would have fucked the woman right on the bar if she could have, it had been too long since she had fucked someone she wanted and not just because of fuck all reason. Perhaps not surprisingly as Amber reduced her flirtatious behaviour after she had started fucking Maggie more regularly, Silvia had stepped up her motions  towards Amber; becoming more flirtatious and even aggressive at times as if she was insulted Amber wouldn’t take the bait and now she was throwing her biggest net at the blonde. ‘She likes a challenge and wants what she can’t have.’ Amber thought as Silvia gave her another daring smile and moved down the bar taking orders from the next patrons who had been enjoying the show between the bartender and the blonde. Amber smiled back at her feeling more tempted than ever to fuck the bartender if anything to relive some of the massive sexual tension she felt.

Amber took her drink and stared into the crowd pulling her eyes away from Silvia as the room and bar started to fill out and a small-time band got on stage to play, the first of many tonight. Her own band was the final act and had an hour or two before they would be called up to the stage. The random band introduced themselves starting the music, as Amber’s mind drifted elsewhere going back to think about what led her here tonight and the actions that caused all of it.  

The two nights replayed in her head like a broken record, constant and jarring and even time had yet to null their gut-wrenching feeling that Amber refused to put a word on. The first of the two nights began on what could be described as a normal night for her, or at least what had become normal for her. It started at the flat she had become so accustomed to being at with her most hated enemy, turned despised tutor, turned occasional fuck buddy, turned almost every night fuck buddy Maggie Reynolds.

Maggie and she were laying on the bed watching a tv show about the planet or something that didn’t matter, playing with each other’s hair in a tender way that had slowly become natural to them, this though came of course after a very intense round of sex in which Amber had pinned the mousy redhead down and finger fucked her into submission; when Maggie gave up, Amber reverse school girl sat on her face and made the girl eat her out, again standard for the victories girl of the night.

Now they were relaxing and cooling off from the intense fuck fight, it had been very weird at first just fucking, and fighting and leaving each other to brood. The problem was after Amber had finished their class; they really did not have a reason to hang out besides wanting to have sex. It only took three days after when they booty called each other as Amber and Maggie began to change their relationship and themselves in their own personal lives, Maggie becoming more confident and Amber becoming more relaxed and willing to open up.

Now the first night Amber couldn’t forget was coming to an end and the nude Amber moved off the bed much to the annoyance of her redheaded companion. “Ravage and run huh? I thought we were past that little game?” she quipped her green eyes narrowing at the other woman, “I thought I had the whole day AND night with you?”

“Shut up, you know I have to go.” Amber said, looking for her clothes. “Plus, you know I don’t hang out with girls who can’t make me cum.” She added with a little grin on her face knowing Maggie and she hated losing even their little ‘friendly matches’. The winner of the night always got to strut with a little bit more sway in her hips and tonight she had finger fucked her mousy girl into screaming her name in nerds’ own bed.

“You could make me shut up.” Maggie grinned as she pushed her tits out, her freckled face and short red hair completed the nerdy girl’s mousy look. Amber huffed at her but still exited the bed, secretly liking the confidence her fuck girl was giving off and knowing she would have to come back in the morning to continue their discussion. Maggie had been more like this with her, confident, sexually open, though she had yet to put this in public or at work from what Amber had understood.   

Amber stood and started to get dressed, her thin body showing off her impressive humps. Maggie watched appreciating the woman she now spent so much time with both in bed and regularly in everyday life. To think how much she hated her, when the blonde cruelly ripped her favourite books and threatened her in the library. How she forced revenge after and went trying to destroy the blonde’s life in any way that led to two showdowns in which they took each other to the edge both times, physically and they discovered sexually. Neither had ever fully apologized for how they met or acted, but just kind of ignored it not wanting to open that can of worms between them.

The blonde reached down and picked up the small light blue cloth that Maggie had discarded very early in the afternoon. It was a string lace thong, nothing more than shoelaces tied strings connecting the back and only a slightly larger front that in no way could cover the full pussy of either of them.  “I think I will be keeping this one, it’s really nice and I think I will look better than you.”

Maggie gave a fake groan, “Ugh, fine but I’m taking it back next time I see you.”

“You can try, but I plan on keeping it.” Amber gave her a scowl that was very playful, and Maggie stuck her tongue out at her as if daring the blonde to come suck it. The redhead bounced off the bed and went to her pyjamas door to cover up in shorts and a tight t-shirt as Amber pulled up her workout leggings, each relaxed in the small room together.

“Hey, so tomorrow I have a gig, so I won’t be able to come over. Do you want to come to mine after?” Amber asked, looking to where Maggie was now searching for her notebook.

“I should be able to, just promise me you will clean up your room prior?”

Amber rolled her eyes, “Fine, the room will be a clean bookworm.” She made her way to the door glancing back at Maggie’s own toned ass in the short shorts as the woman leaned down looking for her book still.

“Perfect, then I will see you tomorrow. I love you.” Maggie said it without even looking at Amber but froze nonetheless as if she caught herself a second too late into a fall and had crashed as a result. They had never said those words in that sequence and Maggie had learned on a night drinking that Amber did not take those words well.

Amber stared right at Maggie, sure what she had just heard, startled at the words that had just escaped Maggie’s mouth and felt a need to escape. Maggie was staring too, mentally screaming at herself that the thought that had been in her head the last month, she had just let escape and now her stupidly growing feelings for Amber were out in the open. Deep down she knew what she wanted to hear back from Amber but felt she had jumped too soon, dropped it on the blonde and worried it would be a damning mistake….it was. Amber didn’t respond with the words back or anything really, just looking at the redhead with confusion in her eyes and maybe a slight bit of her classic annoyance as if Maggie had just become a familiar thorn, “Sure.” Was all that passed Amber’s pink lips as she moved going out the door, unsure of what just happened and in her own mind going blank and leaving without another word to Maggie.

They didn’t see each other the next day and though Maggie tried to call and text; Amber didn’t respond. She felt nervous seeing the redhead’s name appear and ignored it; angry that Maggie would say those words. ‘This isn’t you.’ She thought at the high-class spa she had checked herself into spending a good chunk of money which now wasn’t much to her at all with her inheritance she had been given for her good completing college with passing grades. It felt weird what she had been doing the last 8 months with the nerd, she felt she had gone soft with the redhead and honestly softer in general, losing her Amber before the world edge. She had plenty of money now, her band stuff was going well and gave a small income to keep it up, life was going well. So why had she spent more time with the redhead than anyone else in her young life? She wasn’t sure and needed to figure it out for her own sanity.

‘I love you. I love your tits, I love your ass’ Amber had heard it before from drunken boys and girls who she had known for less than a day or even one night, from guys who were so desperate to hold onto a body like hers they would say anything. Those words didn’t mean anything to her, but when Maggie said them, she felt something. That the real problem now is she did feel something for the redhead, something more than and somehow stronger than her initial hate for the girl. Maybe not quite as strong as her desire to fuck her but she didn’t know anything that would top that after the wild sex they had administered on each other over the last months or their first two fights.

Then the next night happened the one that she couldn’t get it out of her head for her own stupidity and the anger she felt burning in her core for her now ex-fuck buddy. She remembered going out with her roommates and band for what they said would be a wild night out. Amber turned down boy after boy, the idea with sex with them being unappealing as it had since almost a month ago when she last fucked Maggie. She had not had sex since even when a hot girl hit on her, Amber just didn’t care enough to do it.

Then she decided to drink, and then she drank more, and more than she had drunk in a long time. She went home and to sleep but it was restless with the thoughts in her head and when she woke it was already mid-day. In a moment of clarity, she knew what she wanted, she wanted Maggie and if that meant saying I love you back then she was ready for it and thinking a relationship with the nerd might be something good for her. Her life and sex life was better when Maggie was in it. She felt a lightness in her stomach as she jumped up. She knew Maggie would be working and didn’t even consider messaging her until the redhead was done, and because she didn’t want to see all the missed calls and messages Maggie had tried to reach her with. She wanted to talk to her in person after spending a month apart already feeling guilty for this delay she had done to their relationship. She decided a quick workout to pass the time dressed in her hot short pink volleyball shorts and black sports bra followed by making her way to her car. The gym workout was fast and before she knew it, she was already at Maggie’s only to find the redhead’s apartment empty. “Mags, you in there!?” She knocked on the door a few more times but nothing but quietness returned. She finally brought out her phone and texted the redhead not looking at the many previous messages Maggie had sent but got no response. ‘Must still be at work’ she thought, not knowing if the redhead’s schedule had changed in the last month. But she knew a way in, simply going around the side and climbing through a window which she did easily sliding into the room. The room looked the same and she sat on the bed pulling out her phone and going through the messages reading some of Maggie’s she had sent.

Amber took a seat on the bed looking around the room that she had spent so much time in studying, watching tv and just chilling with the girl again knowing at this specific moment she had made the right choice coming back. She didn’t have to wait long hearing Maggie enter through the front door and make her way to the back room. She heard the door open and mentally prepared herself to talk, not to run away and say what she needed to say.

Maggie walked in and Amber couldn’t help feeling her heart skip a beat. The redhead looked like a sexy teacher, black stockings and hair done up in a tight bun, her glasses firming framed on her face with her black stockings showing every curve of her legs in the work heels. The redhead looked shocked at the intrusion.

“Amber, what are you doing here?!”  

“Hey Mags, I tried to text you, but I didn’t get a response. So, I came here, and your window was unlocked, and I wanted to talk…so I thought I would wait here.”  Amber said standing up and starting to move towards Maggie.

“What is with the outfit? I mean you look great, but I haven’t seen you wear that before.” Amber taking in her girl’s sexy teacher look. She really liked it.

“It was for an important meeting…” Maggie responded looking dazed, but Amber didn’t really notice as the blonde pressed her body into Maggie’s making the librarian moan. “Looks Mags…I kinda sorta missed you…and thought we could talk about us after…” She paused then with brown and green eyes staring into each other, hot body on hot body Amber sighed. “I think…I think I love you too.” Amber said finally admitting it, and in her mind giving Maggie what she wanted, closing the distance slowly as if taking in her own words and moment from the time. The blonde moved forward wanting to kiss her now lover and then renew their passionate sex.

“Wait…Amber. I…” Maggie stammered but it was too late as their lips touched and Maggie seemed to shake to the sensation of feeling that came crashing into her from the blonde. After the day Maggie endured with Bianca it was almost too much for her and she almost came just from the kiss alone. It only lasted a second when Amber tasted something else on the redhead, the distinct smell of sex she had learned over their time together. She broke the kiss, her mind reeling as Maggie started to explain. “You don’t taste like you…” She remembers saying before the walls came down.

The rest is a blur, but she remembered, screaming, threats, slapping and even an intense make out between them that sent their emotions wild. Maggie admitting that she had fuck fought another woman, and for some reason that crushed Amber. In her mind she thought what they did was between them, their personal way to fuck and Maggie had said I love you. Amber took that as a promise, even though she hadn’t responded Maggie returned her anger, pissed that Amber had ignored her the last month, both girl’s feeling they had been wronged. It ended with Amber leaving and Maggie staying, both threatening to hurt each other in every way they could if they were ever alone again, a fuckfight that would break one of them for good. Honestly Amber barely remembered most of it, just the intense hatred in her mind was betrayal. But the truth was and even though she wouldn’t admit it to herself or know that Maggie was thinking the same; they were each missing each other more than they could imagine.

They didn’t speak the next day or the day after, but on the third day Maggie couldn’t help herself, desperate to talk to her friend, fuck buddy, and now her want to be girlfriend that had Amber had become even if she was not in the wrong. She felt guilty about Bianca and her sexfight with her, but angrier about Amber’s overblown reaction and how she had painted her as a cheater. It didn’t help that she knew Amber was telling the truth about not having sex since the ‘I love you’ incident. The knowledge that Amber blamed her drove Maggie crazy and the redhead one the third lonely night of drinking by herself got angry. She went to a bar and drank more that caused her to send some messages to Amber that at least started politely.

Amber’s phone lit up with the name Tutor Bitch, weirdly she had never changed it from when she first put the number in her phone months prior and even as they had grown closer. The name seemed to fit better than ever she thought as Amber finished a set at the gym looking at the messages.  

Tutor Bitch: Hey.

Amber did not respond and about 10 minutes later a new one appeared.

‘Hey, message me back please!’

No response.

‘Message me back now’

Amber could feel Maggie’s anger through the messages and as she stared at the phone, she got the sense it was only getting worse. She wanted to message back but knew the way to hurt Maggie was to not give her the chance to talk.

‘Are you fucking home? I will come over right now and we can deal with this’.

To credit Maggie there was an hour delay from the next text that all came in a record 3 minutes of each other.

‘Your pathetic body isn’t even that great and I can do better. I know I’m more attractive than you and can out fuck you!”

‘Your a bitch. I remember fucking your brains out in that classroom. I WON, I WAS AND AM. A BETTER FUCK THAN YOU, THAT’S WHAT MATTERS TO YOU RIGHT?! YOU NEVER BEAT ME LIKE THAT.’  A grammar mistake Amber thought, now she knew Maggie was either nearly blackout drunk or angrier than she might have ever been, but most likely both.

“I HATE YOU! FUCKING FIGHT ME RIGHT NOW!” Maggie’s text screamed.

“FUCK YOU DON”T FUCKING TEXT ME!” Amber responded, unable to ignore it any longer, her own anger overwhelming her reason.

Amber stopped looking at her phone and was getting drunk herself planning on grabbing a random girl from the bar and taking her home. But before she could 1 hour later, she got the last message she had received from Maggie.

‘Please Amber…I miss you.’

Amber had thought about replying to that one wondering if she had ever heard Maggie curse as much in the messages except during their fights.  She also could fuckfight right now and it seemed Maggie was willing, hell even considering just going over there and seeing Maggie face to face; she resisted and took home the cute girl at the bar who barely lasted a minute. She didn’t want to be associated with those feelings and knew if Maggie and her hooked back up or even saw each other they would roll in like thunder.

She ignored it letting the anger fester at the redhead, so called betrayal. Amber had never been in a relationship for longer than a month without moving on or getting bored, until Maggie. 8 months. It was a long time when she thought about it, a very long time they had been seeing each other on a regular basis but no more.  

It had now been 3 months or exactly 84 days without Amber and Maggie having any communication with each other and for the first time Amber had reached out to her band to play in a gig at the local bar Showtime. It was a nice place, made for small bands with a good crowd and plenty of drinks that ensured everyone was excited for all types of music. Now Amber sat on the bar drinking alone and thinking about the previous nights over and over. She wanted to play this music or get a girl and go home and fuck her senseless. She wouldn’t have minded finding a woman who would fuck back just as hard, she was still looking to match Maggie who had gotten into another sexual encounter at work something that bothered her.   

She had watched the first band with a bland edging on bored look, it wasn’t her type of music and she was already itching to get on the stage. With her small fortune secured Amber had taken to doing these gigs more frequently prior to the fight with Maggie looking for more hobbies, it had become more of her thing as she moved away from the raves and nights to rather being on stage. The crowd was alive, swaying to the music and generally seemed to be positive cheering loudly for the band as they finished. Amber held her guitar slightly askew near the back, waiting for Saliva to come back and eyeing the crowded taking in the sights and sounds feeling more relaxed than she had in a good while. ‘Maybe Silvia would be up for the challenge, see who was more dominant in bed.’ She thought as she watched the door just as it opened.

Her other band mate arrived; a good-looking guy named Ron who smiled at her as he approached. Amber gave him a smile as well motioning to a bar stool. They had fucked a few times in the past before but not in a while that she had given him the peak of pleasure. “Hey Amber. I’m going to grab a drink, look out for the manager’s assistant, he said he needed to talk to us shortly.”

“What for?”

“Didn’t say.” His attention was already on Silvia who was now taking his order with her eye’s flashing towards Amber trying to get her attention and perhaps resume or escalate their flirting. She didn’t get the chance as another man approached who Amber knew as the manager’s assistant though had never talked before. She always went straight to the manager. The man was young, but grey and thinning hair made him look older than his years. “You are Miss Fielder correct?”

“Yes, what’s up?” Amber asked, taking a look up and down at the man who returned her motion except at a slower pace. Credit to him, he didn’t hesitate or seemingly drool at Amber and kept his professional tone as he met her eyes before darting back down to his clipboard.  

“I’m sorry, but we double booked the stage for two main bands. You won’t be playing tonight.”

Amber nearly dropped her drink at the proclamation. “What?” She asked the man her infamous death glare, his professionalism manners cracked a little bit from the intensity of the gorgeous face going so cold. She needed this, she needed a release from her thoughts, and this was her chance to play her music and most likely fuck Silvia afterword’s a full double win. She had been looking forward to this ever since the ‘love’ incident and was not going to be overbooked by another band. “I’m going to go talk to the manager.” She said matter of fact and with so much authority that the assistant didn’t dare question. Her bandmate didn’t hear trying to get Silvia’s attention fully on him as Amber left the bar only looking back to see Silvia giving her tight jeans covered ass a good stare as she walked away. She stopped so their eyes met, each girl licking their lips as if the other was a piece of candy ready to be eaten.

Amber made her way back to the manager’s office which was down a long corridor away from the stage and other doors of the building. Having been there before she knew the manager took ‘favours’ from band girls sometimes to get a better spot, and while Amber hadn’t needed to do that now having the money to influence people, she was feeling dangerous tonight, willing to do anything. The music still made its way all the way down but sounded like a low rumble that could shake the foundations of the office as she finally got to the door. Not waiting for an answer or a knock Amber let herself in finding the manager, but he was not alone, another person, specifically a long wavy brown-haired girl was in the room with him leaning into him, her seemingly amazing body pressed in tight against the man. Amber had clearly interrupted a meeting of the favour kind judging how close the brown-haired woman was standing to the manager, but only he jumped at the sound of the door getting swung open, whilst the woman simply turned her head at the noise with a slight annoyance on her pretty face. Amber stood at the doorway stunned by the shocking green eyes that pierced her and for a second she thought the redhead whore had followed her here. Even after seeing the brown-hair, the eyes gave her pause, their shade of green were the exact same hue as Maggie’s and Amber watched as they narrowed, her own brown one’s following course, she felt that this bitch wasn’t happy with her presence in the room and Amber felt the exact same way.

“Ahh Amber!” The manager recovered quickly from the unexpected entry moving towards the angry looking blonde. “I’m sure you’re here for the same reason as Jenny. Yes, I’m afraid we double booked so only one of the bands can play the headline tonight and I just told dear Jenny here that she and her band would get to play.” He was about to continue when Amber cut him off with a look.

“Why them and not us?” Amber asked, a dangerous tone in her voice as she crossed her arms over her endowed chest glowering at the man who crumpled slightly from the chocolate eyes piercing him. He opened his mouth to respond but nothing came out of him not sure what to say. Luckily for him a voice carried over his shoulder.

“Why you?” Amber heard the woman say from behind the manager who nervously looked back at the suddenly stalking green-eyed girl who was moving towards them, heels clicking as she went. Her own impressive chest gave a little shake each step, her long legs in near identical black tight jeans as Ambers, in fact both their outfits were weirdly similar.

“Was I talking to you?” Amber breathed in a threatening tone eyeing her clear competition for the show over the man’s shoulder.

“No, but you should be.” Jenny retorted back with an equally threatening tone as she came right behind the manager, the man the only thing separating the two women from getting into each other’s face, instead they eyed each other’s beauty taking in the small details and looking for flaws. The brunette noted the stunning blonde with her red lipstick and light makeup that brought out her natural beauty with her sharper nose and brown eyes. She had a rich look to her and if it wasn’t for her outfit and fresh pink streaks in her hair, one might think she would belong only at elegant dinner parties. The blonde on the other hand noted the brown-haired woman had a more girl next door look with her big green eyes and soft cheeks. Her dark makeup amplified her sexiness and none more than the dark purple lipstick she wore making the lips stand out even more so.

The man did a back and forth between Amber and Jenny knowing the chance of getting the favour from Jenny he was promised had sadly disappeared with the entrance of the blonde. Judging by the look on their faces he was not about to propose them to ‘share’ even though he must have outweighed them by at least 80 pounds. Something out of this situation made him nervous and he felt that he had to remove himself from this situation and find the bandmates who could deescalate it. Whatever was unfolding in front of him he had to stop, before something happened under his watch. “Listen ladies, I will go find the guys and tell them you are back here. Honestly, I don’t care which of you play tonight, but I need an answer in the next hour. Ok?” The girls didn’t acknowledge him still glaring at each other in an attempt to force the other back down.

He looked back and forth between them knowing his words fell on deaf ears as they seemed obsessed with only each other. In doing so he took a proper look at how physically attractive each girl was in her own right standing so close to him. Now that he saw both of them together, he couldn’t help imagining a fantasy beyond what he could have hoped in the morning when he got the message from Jenny stating that she was hoping to play today, knowing he had already booked Amber’s band. The wavy brown-haired girl offered a very very enjoyable night and for a second felt almost brave enough to petition them for a threesome.

He started at their shoes, each wearing short two-inch heels, of different design, Jenny’s more sandal based and Amber’s more boot like. They had nearly identical tight black jeans on that seemed to be filled out in every right place with the right amount of muscle and fat. Amber’s lightly toned stomach was showing from her white crop-top while Jenny’s mid was covered but with her white t-shirt tucked into her pants tightly only increased how close it held to her body. This gave her an emphasis of how large and full her tits were; stretching the cloth out to its tearing point. He almost chuckled how similarly they were dressed as he had seen plenty of girls with the same look making them both seem slightly more basic than I’m sure they would admit. Amber had her resting bitch face on, the high cheek bones and crystal-clear skin, like the head blonde cheerleader of every team who was the queen bee. Her hair still had the long pink strands that she had picked up a year or so ago that went past her shoulders with tight red lips from her dark red lipstick. Jenny had slightly more makeup starting with her dark purple lipstick and mascaraed eyes, a girl next door kind with a punk twist. Her green eyes were like pools you could get lost in during sex, her smile always had a cocky look and was aimed at the blonde intruder.

“Ok, I’m going to go get the guys” He said again, this time he got a small notion from Jenny seemingly excusing him from his own office.  He moved passed them thinking of them kissing and how hot that would be unable to push it from his mind. Hesitant to leave the two-sex appealing woman alone, or at least out of his sight before trying to take a mental photograph he headed to the exit. He took his leave closing the door behind him feeling an almost relief being out of their presence as if they were some drug that filled the air. He moved down the hall looking for the two men who could help him.  

Amber and Jenny found themselves alone in the manager’s office, the beat from the sound speakers below seemingly shaking the room from whatever rock band was now on stage. The tension was thick between them for only knowing each other for roughly a minute, the decision down to them now and how they would decide who gets to play on stage. A few more seconds passed before Amber gave Jenny a lip only smile like they were ‘friends’.

“Well Jenny, I’m afraid my band will be playing tonight, and that is how it’s going to be.” She placed her hands on her hips in a power stance that would prevent most other women from stepping up to her, but Jenny only raised an eyebrow whilst giving a clear fake laugh. “You have quite the mouth on you don’t you bitch? Well, that is NOT how it’s going to be. You will not be playing because I will be singing, so back off.”

Amber felt a tick in her eye as she eyed the brown-haired bitch who continued to glare back.

“Did you not hear me?” She hissed her patience already thinning, this was not what she needed.

“I heard you. I just don’t give a fuck if you think you are playing tonight. I was here first and that is enough.” Jenny declared her eyes looking past Amber at the door where the manager had just left. She nearly started towards it when Amber adjusted herself back into the green-eyed girl’s vision and moved her body in the way.

“I’m not the one who was about to use her mouth to get on stage slut, you look like a prostitute, not a performer.” Amber spat, making Jenny get a light red blush as if she had been caught. ‘A prostitute?! Who the fuck is this chick’, Jenny thought starting to build rage inside her as she stared down the other woman in front of her wondering what this was leading to?

“You were coming back here too, I wonder why?” Jenny mused giving Amber a knowing look. Amber didn’t flinch or respond at the implication, so Jenny continued answering her own question, “because you were going to prostitute yourself to play too you whore, but it wouldn’t have mattered. He already had my favour and why the hell would he downgrade to you?”

That line took Amber by slight surprise. Was this woman questioning which of them was sexier? Which one the manager would take a favour from? Amber didn’t like that. “The fuck he would take you over me.” Amber hissed unable to stop herself, as if this woman thought she was hotter than her or in any way better at sex something Amber took personally. The two-woman started at each other whilst the war of words continued to escalate little by little their breathing picking up in turn.  Amber’s tongue loosened more, “Listen you whore, just because you offered to blow the manager doesn’t mean you just get to go up. I don’t give a fuck if you were here first and IF had come to favours, the manager would have wanted this”, she gestured to her incredible body. “Over what you have.”  

“You think so?” Jenny asked sarcastically a new glint in her eye as their bodies became the new target of their insults. She would absolutely not take this random blonde talking like she was better than her at sexual favours or had a better body. The first really made Jenny wonder and the second made her furious.

“I know so.” Amber huffed thinking the girl might be backing down, but it was the exact opposite as Jenny continued to smile.   

“Well I guess we will have to disagree on that.” Jenny said sweetly, a sudden change in tone. Her voice was naturally sweet and soft and lowered people’s walls easily. “But honestly, I don’t think you will be performing on stage with your outfit torn like that.” Jenny said, taking a step forward and moving herself less than a foot away from Amber; who ignored her warning signs going off in her head.  

“What the fuck do you mean by that?” Amber asked, instinctively looking down at her shirt and jeans wondering why the subject had just changed. She felt Jenny’s hands before she had looked up as the brown-haired girl had reached forward and got a hold of her sleeve. She pulled harshly causing Amber to pull away instinctively causing a quick rip in the thin material that carried up near her chest and gave a glimpse of a heavy built red bra that she wore underneath.

“What the fuck is your problem?!” Amber gasped backing up in her heels, her mind racing from the aggressiveness and boldness of this random woman and feeling her own blood boil. ‘This bitch just fucking ripped my shirt!’.

“My problem is you being a stuck-up bitch trying to use her body to get the manager to change his mind! I was here first! I am singing tonight! I need this!” Jenny growled as she reached again for Amber looking to finish her work. She was too slow not expecting Amber to retaliate when the blonde slapped her hand away aggressively.

“You bitch! I am going to be on that fucking stage and you will be fucking topless.” Amber hissed launching on her heels and grabbing Jenny by her own shirt. The purple lipped girl was ready however, and their faces became matching scowls as they took each other’s sleeves in their hands with intent to tear, violence winning over words. They screamed as they stepped back and forward on their heels, their shirts already tearing with the thin material stretched out from their tits and now hands. They grunted and gasped trying to find balance on their heels looking to use their whole body as a weight to rip the clothes of the other girl’s upper body. Jenny pulled lower falling to her knees looking for gravity to assist but Amber followed down not giving her the chance. On the wooden floor the girls grappled, pulling back and forth looking to remove the shirt of the other, tears appearing from where their nails gripped grunting, growling and cursing as the music pumped the room. 

After another round of violent tearing Amber released Jenny’s shirt and forced Jenny’s hands away from her own shirt, but their fingers intertwined in the moment. Jenny forced their arms out from their upper bodies as Amber pushed her bountiful chest right into hers. The light slap of tit on tit was muffled from being separated by their shirts and bras, yet the sensation resonated in their bodies as they pushed in tight almost looking to topple each other by the chest alone. Neither was successful but each got a feeling of how much breasts the other woman possessed and felt a pang of annoyance there seemed to plenty to go around. “Fake Slut!”


They hissed like cats as they pulled each other away, their eyes closed in frustration as they grappled now with their hands. They fell to the ground with Amber suddenly pulling Jenny to her and twisting to land on top, but Jenny’s jean covered legs entangled into the blondes immediately not allowing Amber to get a pin. Instead they began to roll in a small cat ball, their tits now compressed in between their hot bodies, purple and red bra meeting where their mutual tears had opened in their shirts. Their faces an inch or two away, their cheeks brushing several times including their lips. The rest of their lush skin aches to touch hidden behind their clothes.  They may have had only met minutes prior, but it felt as though Amber and Jenny were going to find a way to fight in any circumstance that included making each other topless.

The ball of womanly flesh rolled twice more each girl having a second on top, but unable to untangle their legs as a source of balance. They finally came to a stop as Amber got on top of Jenny bumping into a table, their matching black jeans stretched to the limit as their toned asses flexed in combat. Mounting each other had seemed to be key, a goal each girl was desperately trying to achieve as they squirmed on the floor in the catfight with Amber having the advantage.  They growled and screamed as their clawing pushed past cloth and into their skin as they began light mauling of their shoulders, backs, and tits began. Using the leverage of the table Amber used the slight pause and leverage to force herself fully on top of the struggling Jenny. Her own hands were dug into Jenny’s tits while her own were being mauled both somewhat protected by their bras. Her jeaned covered legs untangled and locked Jenny only by the ankle, spreading their legs out and bringing their already hot bodies into further contact.  

They came to a break with multiple tears in their shirts as Amber had successfully mounted Jenny by their hips while their hands released from their breasts, interlocking by the fingers on the wood floor. Amber was keeping the pressure on the bottom girl’s body who groaned in annoyance at allowing herself to be mounted. Both Jenny and Amber squirmed as a pulse of pleasure rolled into their bodies as they pushed harder into each other. Their chests moved in and down in sync with their deep breathing showing their size and fullness pressing into each other deeper, the colour of their bras in full display from the multiple tears. Their lower bodies were close, and as Amber pushed by the hips this brought their hidden sexual organs near each other and made them close to humping. They squirmed a few more times and indeed both girls gave a small hump pushing their hips into each other feeling another strong pulse of desire. Amber arched her back and pushed her tits into Jenny’s on the ground mushrooming each other and bringing their faces nice and close.

“Give up whore?” Amber breathed in Jenny’s face, her hot breath hitting the purple lips.

“Never thot. Only one of us is going on that stage tonight and it won’t be you.” Jenny glowered back, their closeness allowed their perfume to mix with their natural scent filling their noses and intoxicating them. It seemed to drive them forward more and more in their sudden conflict. As their muscles began to flex again in preparation for continued battle a different sound took their attention away from each other.

The music had died as they had been fighting, and in the silence; even with their heavy breathing could hear what was coming as they looked up towards the door. The mute room was stunning enough to hear the door handle turn, though luckily it didn’t open right away, but it was clear other people were about to enter the office. Amber jumped off of Jenny breaking their erotic pin standing and straitening her clothes, Jenny did the same rolling up trying to remove any sign they had been in a ball of hot catfighting flesh seconds prior. They ignored each other as they fixed their clothes but did have time for one last glare that promised this wasn’t over.  

“This is the one, right?” The voice from the slightly cracked door said. “Yeah must be, let’s just go in, the manager said they were back here.”  The delay gave the woman a full chance to clean themselves up as two men walked in who were instantly familiar to Amber and Jenny. The men both in their late twenties young but showing some signs of age similar to the manager who had talked to Amber just a few moments before had smiles on their faces. Both a little less hair and some grey in one of their beards, but attractive enough to warrant Amber and Jenny’s attention.


“Jenny! There you are, we have been looking for you both!”

The girls smiled at their bandmates, standing an awkward distance apart and breathing heavily that would have raised questions if not for the men taking little notice of the details and more just the woman’s hot bodies; as men mostly did with Amber and Jenny. The hiding of the small indications they had been catfighting just a few seconds prior went oblivious to the new occupants. The tears in their shirts luckily blended well with their outfits and wasn’t out of place from what some women would normally wear to these events.

“Well, we are glad we found you.” Ron, Amber’s band mate said.

 “Yeah we were just discussing which one of the bands gets to play. We think flipping a coin is the best way.” Martin, Jenny’s band mate followed up looking at the girls appreciating their faces and bodies.

Ron grinned and cracked a joke about them sharing which was followed by them laughing together quickly becoming friends. The same however, could not be said for the two women staring at them, still breathing slightly heavier from their little tussle; both wishing the boys gone so they could renew their ‘discussion’. Martin reached into his pocket pulling a small quarter, “Well, let’s do it now and we can all go get a drink before whoever plays.”

No one spoke up, Jenny and Amber both still breathing too heavy to object racking their brains to get back at each other.

Martin continued, “Alright, heads we play, tails you guys do.” Rob nodded. He started the motion to flip the coin when suddenly. “Wait!” Jenny yelled; both boys stopped, Marin mid flip to look at her and so did Amber whose eyes had a fire in them, her own mouth was slightly open as if she was going to stop the boys if Jenny hadn’t. It looked like both of them were desperate to find a different way, something that would humiliate the other. Now she looked at Jenny wondering what she was up too and exactly what the other woman had thought of.

Jenny paused thinking quickly looking at the boys, and then at Amber who stared back. A loathing look passed between them that Jenny felt down to her core. That is when the idea came to her, her cocky happy look came to her face with a smile that confused Amber before she spoke. “Well, I think that flipping a coin is boring, Amber and I here were just talking about more fun ways we could decide who gets to go on stage.”

Amber hid the confusion on her face and gave a small nod to the boys whose heads went back and forth between the girls keeping their eyes above the girl’s bras and tits through sheer force of will. “What do you mean Jenny?” Martin asked.

The boys also had a look of confusion, Jenny’s eyes flashed with a calculating anger as she looked back at Amber and the blonde felt the flush of blood from it, a thrill and sexual desire she hadn’t felt in a long time. It reminded her of when she and Maggie had fought the first time, the anger they had each other prior to the first slap, the catfight that followed, then the fighting and fucking till she forced the redhead to cum. That was the look Jenny gave her, and Amber could feel it between them and whatever it was growing every second.

Jenny had their full attention, but she kept her eyes solely on Amber as she continued.

“Well, now that the boys are here, how about a little fun competition?” She asked expecting Amber to play along, knowing if she backed down it would be her personal loss after they had their little fight.

“What kind of competition?” Amber questioned feeling a pulse of desire at the word. She had just had a small catfight with this whore, and she had a feeling a woman like Jenny would be willing to get dirty in any sort of competition that would get her what she wants.

Jenny’s grin grew clearly with malicious intent towards Amber thinking similar things about the light-haired slut who clearly wasn’t above letting her claws out. She gave the blonde a full look up and down taking in her new rivals ample chest, toned stomach, and legs, Amber felt herself sticking her tits out a bit more at the look down, showing off her assets to Jenny, making sure she knew who had the best body in the room. Jenny seemed to almost raise an eyebrow at Amber’s stance, remembering how they had argued who the manager would have rather gotten a favour from. She matched the stance by pushing her own chest out and made sure her green eyes met the brown as she continued.  “A blowjob contest.” The music had decided to die right as she said it and the other 3 in the room looked at her with shock on their faces.

“What?” Amber asked not sure if she had heard correctly, the boys had similar looks of confusion of what the purple lipped girl was suggesting.  Jenny turned fully and walked two steps right back up to Amber, so they were face to face, their tight t-shirts an inch away from pushing into each other, they took deep breaths taking in each other’s scent and expanding their proud chests so you couldn’t slip a dime between them.  “Me.” She pointed a finger at herself, “Versus you.” Poking Amber very lightly in the chest with her nail that Amber had to resist slapping away aggressively.  “Using our boys here.”  She used the same finger to point them out. “To find out who gets to play, by who’s better at giving head.” Amber’s shock had faded, and her death glare returned only to be matched by Jenny’s own dark look. Jenny had just upped the ante turning things sexual between them, all the whore and prostitute comments came flooding back to their minds and Amber remembered she had said the favours comment. ‘She didn’t like that one, did she?’ Amber thought of the idea of a blowjob contest going through her head.  

She and Jenny were again in a standoff and even the men could feel the tension between them but unaware of how much it really was. The boy’s eyes seemed to fall on the woman’s lips, Jenny’s exotic dark purple lipstick clashed against Amber’s bright red and Rob struggled to remove the idea of them blending those colours in a wet kiss as the girls continued their stare off without Amber yet accepting the sexual challenge laid out.

“Umm…” Rob said while Martin was speechless, his head going back and forth between the blonde and brown-haired girl whose eyes had not looked away from each other yet. Each knew their own girl’s body was something out of Instagram, like a bikini model, and neither was scared to show it off, the new woman however, Jenny to Ron and Amber to Martin was a mystery and they wanted to solve it.   

“Okay, let’s all chill for a second.” Martin said trying to break thick tension in the room that he had finally picked up on radiating from the women. “How would something like that work? Like, who wins? The guy who got off or the…” He was cut off by Jenny who was still looking at Amber as she spoke. “Obviously, the winner is the GIRL who can bring the other girl’s boy to orgasm first.” She finally looked away from the hungry eyes of Amber and turned her head, giving a big smile at Ron who was still staring dumbfounded at her, seemingly stripping her nude with his own eyes.

Martin spoke up again, though he was now hungrily looking at Amber after hearing the idea from Jenny, “So, hold up, you two are gonna blow both of us and we’re gonna rate who is better?”

Jenny breathed out a sigh of annoyance that they weren’t understanding the simple concept. “No, she is going to blow you, and I’m going to blow him, you two have to try not to cum. Winner is the girl who makes the other girl’s band mate cum. It’s really not that complicated.” The gears in his mind turned and him and Ron finally connected the dots, taking a few back and forth glances of the woman. “Well, that sounds hot.” Ron said after getting a good look at Jenny.

“Fucking hot.” Martin replied, still taking a good look at Amber who in turn looked at him; his mouth gaping a little bit at the beautiful blonde taking in her legs and already wondering what she must look like with a little less clothing.

“Have you ever gotten a blowjob from her?” He asked Amber , looking at her beautiful face and red lips.

Rob found his voice, “Yeah, and they are fucking amazing.” Even as he stared at Jenny’s purple lips, imagining his dick wrapped around it.

“Can’t be as good as hers” Martin popped up nodding towards Jenny. “Best head I have ever had.” The girls both felt a sense of pride hearing their skills announced as the best and another sense of anger that it would be disputed. It was clear that they were in the presence of another queen bee and they both wanted to find out who was on top.

Ron grinned at Martin, “Guess we will find out huh? I think the contest sounds great” Martin smiled back and they high fived as Jenny turned back to the platinum blonde.

“Only if she is willing to play…what do you say Am-ber? Dare to test your skills against mine? Find out which one of us is better?” Jenny cheekily taunted at Amber drawing out her name, as the blonde watched the boys turn to her and give what could only be called puppy eyed looks; desperate for their dicks to be sucked by the girls and not even listening or caring about the blatant challenges Jenny posed to her personally. She turned back to the taunting green eyes that looked so much like Maggie’s but which only could be described as challenging, as Jenny knew that if Amber backed down, she would be giving up the performance show as well as admitting she was scared to put her sexual skills up to match.

Like Jenny, Amber also felt the thrill of both the idea of the contest, a feeling she got from this woman that reminded her of her little redhead problem in a good and bad way. This was similar in a way, Maggie and she had been fighting when it turned sexual, Jenny and she had tousled and now some sexual skills were being brought in, a deep desire was building in her and she didn’t intend to stop it. She considered two things, first: she was amazing at giving head and would willingly put her skills against anyone, and second; the idea of not playing her show tonight was not something she was about to consider. She didn’t care what she had to do, this was her night and if that meant playing the bitch’s game then fine. The whore had to be put in her place and if that meant she Amber had to go on her knees to do it, then fine.

She looked back and gave the boys a big yet slightly fake smile and then turned to Jenny, “Oh, I’m very willing to play this game, should be a fun friendly little contest”, Amber said a little to sweetly as the boys looked back and forth between the two babes, suddenly realizing that this was actually going to happen. They looked as if they had just won the lottery and the girls couldn’t blame them. Jenny’s face broke into a wide predatory grin that was hidden by her hair to the side showing to the boys, but Amber could see it and felt a small shiver. “Oh, perfect! It will be fun!” Notably leaving out the friendly in which Amber agreed too. She reluctantly pulled her tits and body away from Amber and moved back to the guys who looked almost nervous something would somehow stop this idea from becoming reality. “Would you boys set up the room for us?” They nodded and got to work as the girls stood confidently to the side watching them but side eyeing each other the entire time. The boys moved the furniture by Jenny’s direction, pushing the two comfy seats from the front of the desk so that they were facing each other. Two pillows were also grabbed from the couch and placed in front of the chairs where the girls could rest their knees and focus fully on sucking the cum from their rival’s boy toy.  It took only a minute and the arena was set; during the time the girls again faced each other as the boys now awkwardly stood near the chair in which they would occupy waiting for further instructions. They continued looking back only to see the girls whispering in each other’s ears.

“I’m going to fucking humiliate you slut; you wouldn’t understand what I can do with my mouth.”

“Please, you don’t know what you are talking about, I can suck the life out of boys.”

Amber was about to retaliate before the boys spoke up. “Hey! We are finished!” Martin said snapping them back to reality. “Oh good, yep looks perfect”, Jenny said, not missing a beat moving down with Amber following her closely behind.

 “So how does this contest officially work? I get the jest but what are the details?” Amber asked the other girl who was giving Rob a sultry look, batting her eyebrows and puckering her lips. Jenny broke her flirty stare and looked at her, blatantly giving her another annoyed glance as if she would dare interrupt her flirty stare.

“First girl to get the other girl’s guy off wins and that band plays tonight, the losers go home.”

Martin spoke up before she could continue, “No, the other team should be allowed to stay and watch, not just leave, this is just for fun right?”

A flash of annoyance passed Jenny’s face but only Amber caught it and she knew that Jenny like her wanted this to be more than just about the bands playing. It was about humiliation and showmanship against another woman in a duel of sexual skill. With the men here, it would reduce how much the woman could taunt each other or do more if this contest didn’t settle it.

“I already knew that. Are there any other rules, or does it use every asset we have?” Amber asked, genuinely wondering as she thought about her strategy and how she would approach it. When she gave blowjobs men usually were desperate to cum, this would be one of the first where the man’s goal would not to, so she knew she might have to get creative. She and Maggie had indirectly competed with blowjobs back when they both were using Wayne but that was different from what was happening now. She had even given a double blowjob with a girl once, but it was more friendly than combative. Jenny had started to continue and Amber shook her head slightly to focus.

“The boys are loosely tied down; they can’t use their hands and are not allowed to touch us.” The boys didn’t object and just nodded along.

“Mouths, hands, tits?

Jenny paused considering this, “Mouths and hands. No tits.”

Amber pounced at that hesitation and choice, “No tits? Scared to use them or don’t have them?” She gave a taunting look amplified with her proud chest thrust forward; Jenny flushed at the comment and gave her a glare pushing her chest out and stretching the already thin material of her tight black t-shirt. The tears showed off their bras and some of the tasty skin was visible where they had successfully clawed a few minutes before. “It’s a blowjob job contest, if you want a titfuck off, I’m more than up for that.” She used her hands to push the hidden meat together making sure the boys and Amber knew how much she had up top.

“So am I.” Amber responded as they matched poses, herself squeezing her own chest; the standoff again resumed with them pushing their chests out in a display of intimation like bucks showing off their horns, neither wanting to back down or display a second of weakness. ‘Be easier to smash her flat than this game’ Amber thought wondering if she asked for a tit pushing contest right now would Jenny accept. Before she had the chance, the silence was broken by Ron noticing the standstill and the woman lost in thought. Not wanting to lose out on what he deemed might be once in a lifetime opportunity he spoke up, “You guys agreed to do blowjobs which involves mouths and I guess hands for variety, let’s just stick with that.” Martin nodded in agreement wanting to get this started as soon as possible.


“Sure.” Both women quickly said, but Jenny felt a pain of regret, her tits aching to crush Ambers. A titfight unable one woman cried out in defeat, back on the wall or the floor and she could tell Amber wanted it too.  

They turned back to the boys but continued to side eye each other now more than ever, targeting their chests, faces, and assess as the comparison points. The boys smiled and moved back towards the chairs easily picking the one they wanted and took a seat. The girls followed towards their boys to the selected chairs still keeping their eyes locked together the whole time. They stopped and stood in front of their guy facing each other, the men getting an amazing view of the tight jeans and full asses.

“Winner shows the loser the cum in her mouth so there can be no denying her skills.” Amber declared turning only her face and licking her lips at Martin. The boy returned the hungry look, the sexual tension between the men and women was not anywhere as high as the two women, but there was enough for everyone to enjoy this.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Jenny mused back each wanting to show her willingness to meet any of Amber’s demands. She smiled at Ron and he smiled back ready for his dick to be sucked into oblivion.

There was a slight silence as the men and women undressed each other with their eyes, giving Amber her own idea to get her boy as turned on as possible.

“Shall we beg…” Jenny started turning back to Amber seeing the blonde had already begun to remove her shirt peeling it over her head until it slipped off. She tossed it away and stood there in a hot red bra. She grinned at Jenny who was giving her a ‘really bitch?’ look.

“I have a feeling your boy likes big tits; I’m going to make sure he can’t look away from me.”

Jenny just huffed, ‘This bitch definitely would accept a titfight, fuck I should challenger her’ she thought as she eyed Amber’s annoying amazing chest. She would never admit it though, “Trust me, my tits are bigger and better”, Jenny peeled her own shirt off, her breasts doing a small bounce in the simple purple bra that looked just like Ambers. With her shirt gone, the visible lines of a high waisted thong could be seen hanging on Jenny’s hips way above her black jeans.

Each girl was well stacked and at first glance it was impossible to tell who was actually bigger up top, their bras seemed to strain holding their melons up.

Jenny didn’t stop with just her shirt and she reached down to her jeans, and Amber matched with zero hesitation both girls unclipping and zipping the zipper down. They both then wiggled out of the impossibly tight jeans in front of the men; who were gapping at the free strip show they were getting and how scantily clad the woman had become.

The girls kicked their pants away and faced each other from across the room nearly nude, unsurprised yet still annoyed the body of the other woman was as perfect as they had imagined. Both women were wearing tiny thongs that matched the colour of their bras. While their bra types were the same, a simple t-shirt style that provided ample cleavage and made their already impressive breasts look somehow more delicious; their thong styles were uniquely different. Jenny’s t-shirt had hidden her very high waisted g-string purple thong that seemed to hang up near her mid stomach. From her mid obliques it dove down the back with the two strings into a small purple triangle no larger than a penny right at the crack and a purple string around connecting to the front. From the front it started low with a slightly larger triangle starting right above her pussy, showing nearly all her navel and skin.

Amber’s thong was a more traditional G-string, with the lacy red strings around the waist that met at the lower back connecting with a third string that split her cheeks. With only the strings it was thong that showed off nearly her whole ass and one she had planned to fuck Silvia in. The girl’s took notice of their rival’s choice of attire thinking each other as sluttier and more pathetic.  

The boy’s both yelled across from each other taking in the wonderful view of the woman in front of them. “I think Amber’s ass looks better, but Jenny’s tits are perfect.”

“You’re crazy! Amber’s tits are bigger and firmer, but Jenny’s ass is slightly more toned.” The comments only drove the girls wanting more dirtier action as they moved around each other stalking like lionesses and giving both boys a full 360 view once before turning towards their men who sat facing each other on their chairs in anticipation.

Jenny came in front of Ron moving her hips with a sexy sway. He looked up and pass Jenny to Amber’s hot ass in the hot red string thong doing her own little dance in front of the other guy. His view was suddenly blocked by some of the best tits he had ever seen, full of a deep set of cleavage. “Eyes on me big boy.” Jenny smiled, her hands ran up her sides to her breasts where she squeezed them together and filling her palms with the huge balls of fat she had grown. Their firmness a near miracle with their size, as the boy desperately looked for glimpse of the nipples underneath the bra. Ron’s eyes moved up to her face where she was already sucking her middle finger. She gave a hard suck and with a light pop the finger came out and began to run down her neck in-between the valley of her chest his eye’s following it the whole way. “That is, you in just a few minutes.” Jenny breathed while Ron just nodded feeling more nervous than he had minutes before.

Amber ran her hands up her own body, then twisted so her ass was facing Martin and she was peering back, giving him a sultry look making sure his eyes were glued to her defined, toned ass and the sight of the string thong and how it plunged into the crack. “Like what you see?” She asked making sure she sounded as sultry as possible. She gave a little shake making her butt somehow bounce like the muscle flexed. He gave a small nod as she twisted again leaning at the waist while she put her hands on the arm rests. She brought her tits right to his face and used her forearms to squeeze them together.

“You two are taking this very seriously.” Ron gulped as Jenny ran her tits up his covered shaft.

“Yeah, I thought this was just a blowjob contest, but I won’t complain!” Martin yelled over the top as Amber pushed her body into him.

“Oh, it’s all just fun, right? And us and getting you too hard is part of that fun.” Amber laughed, grinding on Martin with her ass now in a light lap dance. Her hips moved in time with the light thrust Martin gave with his own hips, his dick wanting to be nowhere else but her ass cheeks.

“Exactly, it’s just fun for us and a little show before the main event and a fun way to decide who gets to play on stage,” Jenny said reminding them of the stakes, she was also giving a similar lap dance motion allowing the girls to look at each other and compare their chests again while grinding their opponent’s man. They used the word fun, but their eyes spoke a different story as each girl tried to move her hips with a little extra swing to the man under them, getting them harder quicker and more desperate to unload his cum into the other girl’s mouth. Amber wondered what it would be like if the men weren’t here, how would her and Jenny settle their little dispute? She had an idea that any girl so willingly wanting to compete sexually with her blowjobs might be willing to do so in other ways and honestly, Amber was more than willing to fight that way, hell she preferred that.   

They swayed and grinded, going back and forth, front to back so the men got a sight at both sides of their woman and as it slowed it became tits in face and ass on dick as much as possible.  Both men were hard as rocks just 2 minutes later, bulging out of their pants, quietly demanding to be sucked. Jenny felt how hard it was on her cheeks as she sided it between them. She slowly stood up separating herself as Amber watched her from the other side slowly disengaging herself off of Martin as well.

“I think that is enough foreplay, don’t you? Poor Ron here is so hard.” Jenny quipped giving the boy a small wink.

“Yes, I agree. Let’s get to the main event, shall we? I’m worried Martin will burst before we even start.” Amber shot back getting off Martin while bending her back and pushing her tits out a few inches from his face again. She turned to look at Jenny who had put her ass back on Ron’s dick and Amber quickly took a seat as well, Martin’s dick pressed between her buns. They had blocked each other’s guys’ view as they faced each other in only their bras and thongs atop of the other boy they planned to suck. Jenny stuck her long tongue out at Amber who returned the favour with a similarly long taste muscle, seemingly childlike in their taunt, in truth they were displaying the real weapons they were bringing to this war of blowjobs and sex.

“Fuck you”, Jenny mouthed at Amber.

“No, fuck you,” Amber mouthed back flipping the other woman off in the process and giving her finger a long lick with her tongue.

“Fuck, common girls.”

“Yeah, let’s get this race on.”

They gave each other one last glare and one last glance at the devastatingly hot body of her rival from their dick, green to brown as they hopped off the dick of their rival’s boy and turned away from each other back to back and tiny thong covered ass to tiny thong covered ass.

Each girl went to her knees, getting their bodies and pillows adjusted around them taking in the moment. They each pulled their hair back into ponytails, Amber’s blonde straight and Jenny’s brown wavy, clearing their beautiful faces, and ensuring there was no chance of it getting in their way. They adjusted their bras and finally pulled down the pants of the man in front of them revealing the already hard dicks from their dancing. Each man stood at 6 inches and the girls eyed up their shaft thinking how they would attack it and break the man in front of them by pulling him to orgasm before her rival. An almost stillness came over the room as the music had gone off and each girl was prepped to start slurping up the men.

“Well then Ron, would you do the honours and give us the start?” Jenny moaned at him, sounding like she was already mid sex. Amber huffed knowing that Ron would enjoy that talk from the times they fucked previously.

Rob smiled, at Jenny’s expression as she lightly bit her own purple lip looking up at him, he looked past her at Martin who was grinning at him with a nearly nude Amber looking back as well giving him an annoyed glance.

“You ready buddy?”

Martin gave him a delirious grin, “You know it.”

“Amber you ready?”

She turned back and looked up at Martin who had also looked down but was looking clearly at her tits. She pushed them together with her upper arms squeezing them erotically.  “More than ready.” She breathed sensually, her voice dripping exoticness that made Martin shiver. The warm air from her red lips brushed on dick as she visibly licked her lips before blowing a kiss at it as she moved in closer.

“Jenny are you ready?”

She breathed in deeply stretching her bra to the limit and expanding her chest, her two pointing fingers went to her purple lips and wrapped around them giving them a light suck in and out as Rob visibly gulped. “I’m ready.” She said as she finished by pulling her fingers out with a pop and soaked with spit. Both girls got a final adjustment moving their lips and faces closer to the penis in front of them.

“Well, then may the best blowjob win. Go!” As if on cue, some music roared underneath that drowned out the duplicate groans from the men as purple and pink lips connected to their shafts to begin their dirty sensual contest.

They both took the dick in their mouths right away and began to bob their heads up and down in rhythm covering it with a light sheen of spit as they began their strategies.

Amber spit on the dick, the lube landed on her head and she used her hand to run it up and down giving the whole dick a nice sheen. She kept up the motion as she moved lower to soak his balls with her succulent mouth, wanting to ensure that everything down was wet.

Jenny had kept her mouth on the dick keeping her hand on the base and mouth on top, ensuring the whole pipe was being touched by her soft hands and warm mouth. She lifted her head slightly, spitting a huge gob of lube right onto the head before lowering her mouth back to push it down with her lips focusing on not giving his dick any sense of cooling. The different tactics were working wonders on both men as the thong wearing woman pushed more and more pleasure onto them only 20 seconds into the race. Looking down was too much, as seeing their dick so expertly licked by such a hottie caused them to shake. They avoided each other’s eyes and settled on the ass of their lead girl across the room, but that didn’t do much good in avoiding the pleasure each woman spending plenty of time in the gym focusing on building an ample butt that swallowed their thongs whole.

‘Fuck’, they both thought as the race sped up the woman getting more into it.

They adjusted their moves looking for the simulation that would drive their man crazy as the boy’s did what they could to stop the pleasure. Both girls found themselves deepthroating the boy taking in each six inches of dick in front of them down all the way to the base and back up over and over. Sometimes they held it all the way in, putting their lips on the base of the dick, almost gagging to swallow it. The men could only look down at the wide eyes of Jenny and Amber who stared up at them unblinking as they swallowed their dicks whole. The sound of a gargling dick could be heard when the music got low. Amber took the whole dick in her mouth nearly down to her throat and back up, long strands of spit kept her lips tied to the shaft as Martin audibly groaned aloud for the first time, “Oh, you like that huh?” Amber breathed sensually rubbing the soaked dick with her hand. “Yeah, but I won’t cum.” She cocked an eyebrow at him and gave him a beautiful smile “Keep telling yourself that baby.” Before he could respond she lowered her mouth back down into another deepthroating suck.

Ron’s first groan came a few seconds after Martins as Jenny ran her tongue from the base of his balls across them, up the shaft to focus right on the tip, giving a hard suck to the sensitive spot.

“Fuck!” Ro groaned at the ministrations of the brown-haired girl who sucked the head like a lollipop and with a loud pop released her mouth with spit strands connecting his dick to the purple lips. She gripped the dick and began to stroke it while keeping her lips lightly touching it.

“Just cum Ron, it will feel amazing”, she said running her hand up and down feeling his pulse and the light twitch that went through her hand. He settled his breathing and gave a grin at the girl, “Amber and I will be playing tonight, and you won’t get me to cum.”

She licked her wet purple lips, “We will see, I’m going to swallow your soul.” She brought them back to the head and doubled her speed, bobbing it and down with a force as Rob’s breath increased to match. On the other side of the room Amber had Martin melting into her mouth, with her corkscrew sucking style, tongue lapping around and around covered in warm spit. She had arched her back to show off her heart shaped ass and top of thong knowing the visual pleasure was just as important for the boys to get off. Doing so lowered her upper body and brought her down to his balls in which she took one in her mouth working them again.

Martin gave a shudder as Amber used her right hand on his tip while sucking on his balls followed by running a hard lick up the entire shaft and around the head.

“Just cum babe…” Amber gave him a second beautiful smile with her white teeth running her hand up and down the shaft.  “Right into my mouth, I’ll swallow it. Every single drop.”

“No…” Martin breathed but with nearly zero conviction as Amber began to suck the head again, her tongue flicking the front spot every second as his walls broke down inch by inch.

Just a few feet away Ron groaned louder than before squeezing the handles of the chair as Jenny worked her magic, not able to be holding anything back as the girl gave him a doe eyed sight with him unable to look away as she did slow deep sucks, going all the way down and back the full length of his dick over and over in perfect rhythm. She left a trail of wet spit tinted slightly purple as she took the full shaft and held it in her mouth near her throat while her hands teased his balls.

On and on the woman duelled without even looking at each other, only acutely aware their rival sucked closer and closer to the finish line a few feet away. The sight of Jenny and Amber together in one room, dressed in only their underwear alone could have most men hard in a second and off in a minute. The competition and drive to play is what drove the woman, and the fear of disappointing and anger of their bandmates is what had the guys holding on.

 Jenny had kept up her rhythm of deep sucking she had been doing for the last minute when Ron groaned louder than any of his previous sounds. She looked up as he looked down at the sight of the green-eyed beauty with half his dick in her mouth. Her eyes flashed feeling the pre-cum drip out the tip of his dick and coating her tongue, a sign that Rob was losing control and her victory close.  She sucked harder working right on the front most sensitive spot, she put both hands wrapped at the base pumping the shaft while her mouth sucked the head like a vacuum in which Ron had no escape. She felt nothing could stop her from winning when her concentration broke as a cry from Martin hit her ears, a pitch of his she knew quite well from their recent fucks, and it wasn’t good for her. A bit of Martin’s own pre-cum slipped into Amber’s mouth, the red lipstick covered dick cracking, Amber’s own breathing increasing knowing the man might be seconds from unloading his cum into her hungry mouth. She dove back in sucking and corkscrewing the head with her tongue and lips as one of her hands pumped the shaft and the other one fondled his balls. Her tongue rotating around the head of the dick again and again, licking and tasting the skin drawing more groans.

The blonde and brown hair bobbed up and down as they pushed more and more pleasure on the dick in front of them sensing they were neck and neck with the other slut. They were both now using their mouths on the heads of their guys dick going up and down in a more desperate motion pushed by the sounds of her own boys’ pleasure. Each wanting to be better than the other woman and prove it.  

The men groaned as they tried to hold on as the two dick sucking goddesses did their work in a race of skill, daring, and tonguemenship as drops of pre-cum coated their girls’ tongues like a dam about to burst fully open crack by crack.

More and more pre-cum dripped out of each dick onto the girls working tongues, speeding up their motion seven fast the race reaching the final lap of this erotic race, Amber and Jenny neck and neck as the two sluts pushed up making sure their tits were in display for their boy they had literally in the palm of their hand.

 If one would open the door, they would find two tiny thong and bra covered women back to back blowing their men, they might think it was a foursome for fun and not a secret sexual duel where the men were just lucky pawns in a game the women were playing.

“FUCK, I’m sorry Amber! You have to get him off!” Ron gripped the chair, his hands digging into the sides of the material trying to hold on as Jenny sucked harder than she ever had on this boy’s dick.

“HOLY FUCK, HURRY UP JENNY!” Martin cried, the brown-haired girl looked back seeing Martin squirming in his seat in time with Amber’s blonde hair going up and down swallowing his dick nearly whole.

The girls dripped in sweat from the heat in the room and the intensity as they raced.

Both men were shaking as the girls raced to the finish pumping their hands with their lips locked to the tip sucking hard as if their life depended on getting this dick off. The girls were sweating profusely from the heat of the room and the contest, making them look as those they had been dipped in oil and were now ready for an erotic photoshoot.

“FUCK, GOD, FUCK!” Ron gasped and Jenny moaned as his tortured dick began to pump shooting thick streams of cum into her mouth releasing almost 10 minutes of pent up pleasure and frustration. She kept her purple lips covering the entire dick and pumped her hands lightly as she collected her prize from Ron, nearly shaking herself from the pleasure and satisfaction of the blowjob.  Amber popped the dick out of her mouth with long strands of spit connecting, breathing heavy as Martin continued to shake trying to control it with every inch of his will power.  She turned an annoyed eye at her challenger watching as Ron came. She struggled not to admire how great Jenny’s ass looked in the high waisted purple thong and how much she wanted to sink her claws in it.

Jenny squeezed her bra covered sweaty tits relishing in the feeling of Ron’s dick muscles spasming in her mouth, her in full control of the situation as the cum shot in like a gun, a just reward. Her own pussy soaked her little thong from the circumstance of the situation, sucking the dick and knowing she was indirectly battling another woman in skill, especially one that looked like Amber. She didn’t hear Martin scream out and knew her boy had stood strong against the bitch’s slutty mouth. They would be playing their music tonight, but she wanted more, especially more humiliation to the blonde, that is what she cared about, now more than the music for the other woman to dare compete against her. She didn’t waste much more time enjoying the shrinking and increasing floppy dick in her mouth, pulling every drop out she could with a few more light sucks. When she finally knew it was done, Jenny gave one last suck from the base to the tip making sure Rob’s dick was perfectly clean and releasing the dick with a light pop before standing up, her glorious body flushed with a light red glow. The sound of Ron’s groans had signified that the duel was over, and Amber had stopped sucking and was looking back at them slightly unsure how that had happened.

The boys stared at the now standing victorious woman, but as she swung around, she only had eyes for the girl still on her knees now with a light pink tone on her cheeks as the situation set in. Amber had released the dick, pre-cum still somehow leaking out, while Martin was almost shaking, seconds from releasing his own load into Amber.

Jenny leaned forward, her large bra covered tits hanging down and showing her delicious cleavage hanging down near Amber’s face. Her face about a foot from Amber’s as she opened her mouth revealing the white thick cum of Amber’s band leader, her tongue rotating it around her mouth like gum. No words were needed from Amber except to open her own mouth and reveal the cumless orifice signifying her defeat. Amber just glared back keeping her mouth closed, not willing to give Jenny the satisfaction of the view of her non-cum filled mouth but the few seconds pause was all Jenny needed to know that she had not been able to pull the man to orgasm. Only one of them at that moment had a mouthful of warm delicious cum and that was herself.

She leaned back up and jumped up, her tits jiggling excitingly, hands flipped back her hair, mouth still full of cum. “Yes! I win!” She gargled, a big smile on her face with her mouth still full of the white substance continuing to hop and down like a sexy doll her tits bouncing easy, she gave a little shake of her toned thong covered ass to the music that had started up again, all the other eyes watching her celebrate her blowjob performance. She celebrated a few more seconds relishing the taste and eyes of the boys in the room and even more the defeated woman on the ground, still on her knees, ‘where she belongs.’ Jenny thought and she herself belonged on stage.  

Jenny opened her mouth, her purple lips separating as white cum came dripping out. She caught the drip with her finger and pushed it back into her mouth. She sucked the finger clean, her eye’s dancing as she ran them up and down Amber’s body, her mind racing to how to humiliate her further.

Amber glared but turned back to Martin and put her mouth back on the tip looking to fill her own mouth with cum. Martian groaned at the re-initiated contact and Amber felt the final shake preparing to take the cum into her own mouth. Then she would spit it on Jenny’s stupid face. As Martin groaned, she felt Jenny’s hands on one shoulder and the other in her blonde hair followed by a harsh ripping pull. She gasped as her mouth separated from Martin’s dick with a light pop as Jenny slammed her body into Amber’s knocking the blonde off balance and to her side. She looked up angrily as Jenny had taken her place in front of Martin, on her knees and his dick slid easily between her tits.

“To the victor go the spoils.” Jenny giggled not looking at Martin but at Amber as she pushed her tits harder together titfucking the stolen dick; which exploded with white cum shooting up towards her neck and upper chest in several large pumps. Martin breathed heavy as it was a huge load Amber had prepared that Jenny now expertly pumped up and down twice more squeezing out the last drop onto her chest and bra as she titfucked him into oblivion using Amber’s own spit as lube. Her tits nearly covering his whole dick, she covered herself in the loser’s hard earned cum in another insult to the blonde.

Martin finished groaning with his eye’s closed, he had been so close with Amber’s mouth, and to be titfucked by Jenny was everything he wanted in life. Both boys had their eyes closed and were catching their breath not noticing the girls still were glaring at each other. Amber’s anger over its peak, ‘how dare this woman take my hard-earned cum.’

Jenny equally as mad, ‘who the fuck does she think she is trying to get the cum after she lost.’

Amber stood and so did Jenny letting Martins slide out from her breasts nearly fully soft. They adjusted their hair but watched each other a foot away; both girls having a dangerous smile on their faces that screamed they were ready to tear into each other the boys be damned. Amber’s tits jiggled in her red bra as she took a step towards Jenny who held her ground, ready to smash her cum covered tits into Ambers and get violent. Right as they reached for each other they stopped, as the boys had opened their eyes and spoke up. “Girls, the contest is over.” Ron’s voice carried over the music making sure they heard him.

This stopped Amber in her tracks, and she had to watch as Jenny gave her a coy smile as if she knew exactly what Amber was thinking. They would be separated before anything could really get going between them and that wouldn’t be enough to settle the more personal questions between them that were bubbling in their minds.

“Yeah, Amber, Jenny please, it’s over and it was awesome and fun for everyone. Who cares who really won? How about you two kiss and makeup? We can all be friends and laugh about this later.” Martin asked which was followed by Ron saying, “I agree!”. It was clear that even after all that the boys thought the girls could just move on it and there was no underlying reason.

The girls didn’t move for a second looking for an excuse, but Jenny’s eye’s glinted with mischief as Amber was still calculating her next move. The brown-haired woman moved forward quickly and before Amber could object, the singer brought their bodies closer than they had been, touching plenty of hot skin to hot skin in their skimpy underwear.

Jenny gripped Amber’s shoulders and pulled into her a cumswapping kiss to “makeup” in front of the boys; locking purple and red lips together with only a light gasp from Amber.

Jenny’s cum covered tits squished loudly into Amber’s spreading the white goo as proud bodies came together in a tight pull, their arms wrapping around each other’s smooth backs. Amber kissed back right away; their tongues given easy access sliding past each other as they split the lips of their rival. This allowed the white goo to be pushed by Jenny’s tongue into Amber’s mouth aggressively who pushed with her own pink muscle increasing the sloppiness as some cum leaked out of their conjoined jaws.  Unbeknownst to the hooting spectators enjoying the show; inside a tongue duel was in full swing Jenny trying to force more cum into Amber’s mouth as Amber pushed it back, their teeth almost clicking they pushed in so hard, eye’s closed in concentration.  Their tongues rotated around each other over and over, twisting the cum and spit in a swirl that had a somewhat familiar taste to Amber. She could taste Ron mixing with Jenny’s spit and this only increased the humiliation she felt that she couldn’t return the favour of making Jenny taste her boy.

Their lips moved in sync and Amber felt the wild sensation of how sexual Jenny really was, the kiss itself being all consuming and intense. In just one short kiss Amber could tell how aggressive the girl she would be in bed and now intended to get this whore alone and exactly there.

Both Ron and Martin howled with delight; even in their exhausted states they cracked a grin watching the babes make out, some of Ron’s cum dripping out the side of their moving mouths as their tongues were pushing against each other. The spit was building up as they tried to force the other to break off first their breathing increasing and their arms wrapping tighter. Martin’s cum from Jenny’s chest made the top of their tits slide easily with slight squishing sounds and Jenny was sure she could feel Amber’s hardened nipples through the red bra. Inside the oral arena, their tongues had backed off now struck like snakes trying to trap the other in the roof of their mouths, but the spit and cum was starting to overflow. It was as hot a make out that the guys had ever watched; somehow the hotness increased as the girls started using their legs to rub up on each other. Their hands started moving down their backs planning on massaging the sweet full ass of the other. It seemed the length of the kiss had caused the cum in their mouths to be swallowed by each of them. Jenny’s fingers had just reached the top of Amber’s red thong when ‘Slap!’ Amber gave Jenny a hard spank that seemed to resonate through her body. She gasped as her tongue retreated and she broke the kiss backing down now almost gagging on Amber’s spit unable to keep her focus. The blonde raised her eyebrows as if to say ‘Nice try bitch’ as Jenny suppressed a cough that Amber could feel but the boys couldn’t as she had to swallow the large amount of spit back.  

“See? We can be the best of friends.” Amber said looking back at the boys and Jenny nodded in agreement even as her eyes blazed with a renewed fire. She wanted these fucking guys gone so she could kiss Amber again and make this bitch choke on her tongue.  

The guys laughed, “Great, glad you guys can be chill after that. That was one hell of a kiss.” Ron said as if asking them to start up again, the girls were now just staring at them as the boys pulled up their pants and remade the room back to what it was. They didn’t notice that the woman had not yet started to dress and remained very close to each other.

“Oh shit! We only got 5 minutes to find the manager and tell him you guys are playing.” Ron said with a grin.

Martin took a look at the clock, “Fuck, time flies huh?” They made their way to the door taking a look back at the girl’s still half hugging each other in their minimal clothing looking like twin snacks.  

“Alrighty, Martin and I are going to tell the manager that they will be playing. Are you guys okay to get dressed and get the room back together a bit more?” He eyed the girls but felt no two people who could kiss each other like that would be able to hate or fight anymore.

“Yeah, we will be fine!” Amber said, and the boys gave a satisfied nod, not reading the room or the woman well at all but giving them exactly what they wanted. They turned and left closing the door with a light slam that sounded louder than it should have. The boys didn’t bother to check it though thinking it must have been the door, but the smacking sound wasn’t the door at all. It was the two-woman attacking each other like wild cats. Their bodies came together with a slap as they pulled each other to the ground gripping each other by the hair, their catfight renewed with no hesitation screaming a few seconds later as the music started again.

Just like their make out a minute prior they pulled their bodies tight and close skin on skin. This time however their claws were out, and they struck into each other’s thong covered asses in an attempt to leave marks as they fell onto the ground. They tumbled once with Jenny taking the top position, her hot sexy hot body aligning with the equal Ambers, pressing their best assets together in their skimpy underwear. They glared for a second, a slight pause in the grappling, then red and purple lips met harshly between them bringing their tongues out play. Spit instantly was flowing between their mouths almost as they kissed deeply, tongues almost at each other’s tonsils. Jenny pulled back separating their lips and tongues a few seconds later with long strings of spit still connecting them like bridges. She broke them with her tongue and spat them into Amber’s mouth who caught it all on her tongue swallowing the mix, each woman turned on more than ever and wanting to fight.

“This isn’t over.” Amber gasped as the top of her chest, spread and rubbed against the hot sticky skin of Jenny, the cum of Martin making them sleek and shiny as they glided across one another. They grunted in annoyance as they were still frustratingly separated by their bras not letting their full chests in contact to see who had more up top.

Jenny gave a confident smirk at the girl under her, “The boys think it is and your boy just showed how much better I am than you at sex.”, she gloated on top of the losing woman opening her mouth and sticking her winning tongue out. Amber felt herself go slightly red knowing the bitch had won their contest and she would no longer get to play her guitar tonight. The one chance for mental relief of being on stage, where she could let go, the one thing she needed was gone. The growing anger bubbled over, her aggression and sex drive peaking. She knew there was another way she could get some tension out; one she hadn’t thought was a possibility until Jenny showed up. Now she just had to get the slut to match her aggression and get her into a fuck fight.

“Blowjob’s aren’t sex bitch!” Amber growled trying to put a bit of doubt in Jenny’s mind, even as she didn’t fully believe herself personally considering them a huge aspect of her sexual arsenal. That didn’t matter though, she had to get Jenny to doubt her victory and try to double down against her, so she pushed forward. “This little contest doesn’t mean shit mean shit about which one of us is better at sex; you could have fucked your guy earlier today and that’s why he lasted longer.” Jenny’s green eyes narrowed and Amber felt she was getting the brown-haired woman drawn in. Amber continued looking to get her point across quickly and as aggressively as possible, her own pride unwilling to admit anyone was better than her and draw Jenny into further dirtier type of confrontation. “But I know there is another way we can settle that question. A real test of which one of us is better in bed.” Amber hissed, the singer’s face looked ready to rebuke but Amber pulled her into another sloppy kiss before she could retaliate making her sexual intentions known, Jenny returning it with equal passion. The sounds of lips smacking, and slurping filled the silence as they moaned into each other’s mouths, their tongues invading each other’s oral hole exploring freely. Amber ran her tongue on Jenny’s pearly white teeth and felt her own teeth licked as well until they withdrew their pink muscles and rested their foreheads together breathing into each other’s faces.  

Amber eyes fluttered, their lips by less than a centimetre.  “Next time I’ll get you alone and show you who is really better at sex, personally.” Amber erotically breathed, she wanted her revenge right now and a fuck fight was the best way to do it and settle the score. She was going to fuck this bitch Jenny until she came and couldn’t stop; right here If she had too.

She felt Jenny freeze on top of her taking in the words, stopping her erotic soft chest on chest rubbing with Amber who own tits and nipples burned with a needing sensation to meet the other pair nude. Then she breathed a slight sigh as she moved her head down, the purple lips pushed into Amber’s ear, the wet tongue millimetres from the skin. “That sounds like another challenge slut. Firstly, you thought your favours were better than mine, I proved that’s not true. You also said your body is better, and we know that’s not true and now you’re threating a challenge of sex…you don’t learn quickly do you?”   

“I know I’m better at sex than you.” Amber said, cutting Jenny off, licking the singer’s ear. Their hot womanly bodies sending further signals down, wetting cunts and sending shocks to their clits.

“Sounds like I need to teach you another lesson tonight…” Jenny breathed sexually but with an undertone of aggression while sitting up on Amber’s hips, her bubble ass pressing down, her purple nails moved to the blonde’s full tits dragging them lightly across the punk girl’s smooth skin. Amber sat up by the waist slightly but let Jenny’s hands fill themselves with her meaty chest not yet clashing back, the singer elated in squeezing her enemy’s large breasts. The blonde’s heart was speeding up from Jenny’s words and actions, she had a feeling she had the brown-haired girl right where she wanted her, and Jenny confirmed it. “How about another contest Amber, a real sex contest?”, She said that gave Amber a near shiver all the way down her spine to her cunt as her thong became more soaked. Amber brought her right hand between them using her left to hold her upper body up. She ran the fingers up Jenny’s smooth stomach and around her rival’s chest giving it a bit of a grope herself. Her eye’s flashed Taunting Jenny with the same line she had used prior. “I will outfuck your pathetic body anytime anywhere to make sure you never show your face here again.”

Amber felt her cunt give a jolt at the idea and that Jenny knew what she was implying, “Do YOU want a fuck fight slut?” She whispered back into Jenny’s ear, her tongue giving a small lick as if to show her willingness.

“I would love to out fuck your body as a final lesson.” Jenny whispered back as their bodies seemed to prepare for sexual combat.

“I would fuck your body till you begged me to stop.” Amber growled.

‘Bitch, I would be the one making you beg like my personal whore.” Jenny growled back with equal fervour.

“Fuck fight me, right here, right now.” Amber challenged knowing if Jenny and she were as similar as she slightly suspected the singer wouldn’t be able to decline.

“Fuck you slut, I have a show that I won.” Jenny growled back but made no movement to relieve the pressure she placed on Amber’s egregious zones. Their sexed-up bodies more than ready for a more intimate showdown they threatened at each other.

They both moved their mouths forward touching purple to red and kissed again as if sealing the agreement of a promised sexfight. Jenny’s hands had released their grip and had moved towards the top of Amber’s chest rubbing the breasts sensually, while the red nails played with the top of the tiny purple thong teasing it with her finger. Their wet thongs touched lightly as Amber spread her legs further apart giving better access to Jenny. They gasped at the feelings of how wet they both were, the wet material almost sticking together from their mixing cum.

Amber’s eyes flashed with challenge and she reached down using her red nails to pull the purple cloth slightly to the side to bring Jenny’s cunt out to play. Jenny didn’t hesitate for a second as she matched the tug pulling Amber’s to the off making both of their final bits of clothing ajar. They could feel the heat radiating off their rivals own pussy like waves hitting their enemy’s hands. She wanted to see how far she could push the wavy-haired slut before she pulled back or backed off. The back of their hands could feel each other’s knuckles from where they pulled the red and purple material, they pushed each other in the smallest test of strength knuckle to knuckle while only 3 inches separated their soaking cunts.

Jenny’s green eyes had narrowed, and she licked her lips. “Don’t worry whore, you and I aren’t done with each other, but I won the blowjob contest and am going to go play this show for my reward. That was the deal.”

Amber tried to think fast, make an excuse as to why they had fought and had to be tonight, but luckily for her Jenny wasn’t planning on letting the blonde escape her clutches that easily. The singer was fully aroused and wanted more than anything to fuck this guitar playing whore down and make her, her own personal bitch. She leaned close to Amber’s face again filling the blonde’s brown eyes with her green as Amber sucked in breath as a memory of Maggie filled her head.

“How about after the show here in the bar tonight?” Jenny offered her green eye’s flashing with a deep and hidden hunger… Amber didn’t want to look eager and just glared back. Jenny smirked at the blondes reaction, she wanted this fuck as much as the blonde but wanted to hold it over her head, “If you are a good girl and stay to watch my show, I would be more than happy to fuck you and make you cum underneath me like the slut you are.” Jenny said giving Amber another predatory smile, with plenty of pearly teeth. Amber glowered, she didn’t want to watch this bitch sing when it should be her on the stage but if that was the price to get this fuck contest, she knew she would have pay it.

“I know someone here who would be willing to give us a room where we really could go at it.” Jenny continued, “it would be nice and private and give us plenty of time to really find out who is on top between us when it comes to sex.” Jenny said  

“Those are my conditions Watch my show, the show you wanted and then we can settle this afterwards,”

Amber eyed the other woman wanting to tell her to fuck off, but the need was growing in her loins. She lost her chance at a show, but she was going to fuck this woman and beat her in a battle of sex. “Fine, you are on after this show slut.” Amber confirmed pushing their bare cunts together, the cum nearly dripping between them and drawing a gasp from Jenny.

Amber’s wet cunt rubbed right into Jenny’s as both girls moaned deeply at the first contact of their wet pussy, feeling them align like a perfect match. In sync both girls rubbed up and down sliding up and down, already wet enough to slide without any friction, their hands now trying to push the other away while their hips pushed forward increasing the pressure.  

 Jenny pushed down into Amber again, electricity seeming shocking between their bodies as more sweaty skin made contact with their nerve endings connecting. “I hope you enjoy the show slut, but I promise you, the price for you losing our fuck off will be much much higher.”

Jenny leaned back but Amber took the reduced pressure as a chance. She rolled their hot bodies, their hot bubble asses switching places as the red thong took the top position from the purple pushing them together again and drawing a groan from Jenny. The singer was put on her back, her tits crushed by the large pair of her rival. Amber pushed their heads together again, so brown eyes were locked to green.

Amber licked her lips at her rival. “You will be the one paying for challenging me at anything. I’m going to do things to you that you can’t imagine, I will make you beg my name to finish you and then I will.”

Jenny gave a confident smirk and adjusted her body placing her hands down Amber’s sides till they found the red thong-ed ass taking the time to squeeze her rival’s sweet booty. “I guess we will see what this ass can do, because for your sake it better be better than your mouth.”

“I’ll show you what this mouth and ass can do.” Amber said as she pushed her red lips into Jenny’s again this time but was slightly softer than expected. They kissed lightly as their hands explored each other’s bodies, Jenny’s massaging Amber’s ass and Amber rubbing Jenny’s tits, they felt like her own.  

It lasted a good 20 seconds but with a glance at the clock told Jenny that her show was only 20 minutes away, meaning in 1 hour or so they would be fucking, a good amount of time to relax from the sexual height she felt during the BJ contest. Though it felt near impossible to separate her body in such a state of desire from this slut, she was not going to miss her show, the one she had competed and won for. Jenny separated their kisses, breaking the sticky lip lock and bringing her purple fingers off of Amber’s ass to the other woman’s shoulders, pushing her off slightly.

“Get off me bitch, I need to get ready for my show, or we are not having our contest afterwards.” Jenny threatened using the leverage she understood she had even though she wanted it equally to the other woman.  

Amber begrudgingly agreed knowing she didn’t have as much leverage and had lost the BJ contest to the conditions they set. Also, the boys would find them if they did start fucking right here anyway and again separate them. She needed some serious alone time with the slut.

They separated, their sweaty bodies easily letting their skin slide across each other giving Jenny an idea for later. She rolled off of Amber and ended up sitting next to her facing the same way side by side, their bodies showing clear signs of sexual arousal with their thongs still slightly ajar. Amber turned her head to look at Jenny who was already looking at her. “One hour, then it’s me versus you again, this time one on one, till one of us submits to the other’s body.” Amber said as she pushed their tongues together kissing again promising and sealing the deal that a dirty aggressive fuck contest would happen tonight. Where they would be able to fuck and humiliate each other with zero consequences except for what the winner would do to the loser afterwards.

“One-hour slut, then I’m going to break your sex, just like I broke your boys, but enough talk for now; I will see you after MY show.” Jenny stood before Amber could respond and moved away, her ass being taunted into Amber’s face while the brown eyed girl’s eyes were glued. The singer began to dress as Amber followed suit seething, it was going to be an hour. They no longer spoke to each other as they knew and understood what was going to happen between them and would save their insults for later.

Each woman put their shirts and pants back on in silence right as the boys came back in much to their surprise. “Why are you guys still here?!” Martin asked, “We have to get our show.”

Jenny simply shrugged at the guy not looking worried. “Sorry boys, Amber and I just had to talk a bit more but, you are right! Let’s go get our stuff and get on stage, it will feel so good to sing tonight!” She pulled on her heels and began to make her way to the door not looking at Amber as Martin turned to Ron and Amber.

“Hey guys, so that whole contest was uhh cool…yeah, let’s all get a drink sometime soon yeah?”

“Yeah man, for sure.” Ron replied, while Amber was glaring at Jenny’s ass swaying in the tight black jeans thinking of only being back to back with her and ass to ass.  

Jenny turned back, catching Amber’s wandering eye with a smirk. ‘I’m going to fucking destroy this big tit-ed slut.’ She thought as she held her head high feeling the rush of victory. The boys sensed the renewed tension between the woman from their glaring eyes, but Amber spoke up before they could interfere again. “Common Martin, leave the losers and let’s get ready to play.” Martin was about to say something but instead just shrugged at Ron who signed back, watching as the man led the singer away to the door. Jenny paused at the frame and turned smiling back at her blonde prey. “Enjoy the show Amber, I’m really looking forward to our drink afterwards!” She called back in her sweetest voice that sent a shiver of anger down Amber’s spine only able to watch as Jenny’s perfect toned jeans covered ass walked victoriously out of the room, the door closing behind them.

Ron was looking worriedly at Amber now alone with her hoping she didn’t lash out at him, while the blonde continued to stare at the door the other sexy punk girl had just left, telling herself she just had to wait 1 hour to get back at the bitch.

“Hey, I’m sorry”, she heard him say from behind her.

“Don’t apologize”, Amber huffed and then sighed sitting down and began readjusting her clothes, the cum stains blotching her white t-shirt as she pulled it on tighter.  

This was going to be a long hour, but she didn’t feel angry at Ron, just herself for putting them both in this situation. She looked up at the man and gave a small smile glancing down at his now hidden package.

“I’m serious, don’t worry about it.” Amber said again as Ron slightly relaxed and took a seat next to her.

A silence loomed as the defeated band duo chilled until Amber looked over and gave Ron another small smile. “When was the last time you got laid?” She asked going back to her clothes and hair, letting the straight pink and yellow stand down from the ponytail. The long straight hair fell down to her mid back, longer than she had worn it recently.

He thought for a second, “like 2 weeks ago?”

Her eyebrows went up, “and you lasted that long against her? That’s impressive.”

He gave a grin, “Haha, yeah but I should have held out longer, you almost had him he was telling me.”

“Yeah, I was sure I did, considering how fast he came on her tits.” She said motioning to the cum stains she displayed, her thoughts still on Jenny while Ron laughed.

Another silence as Amber stood now fully dressed, thinking of her next move, patience was still something she struggled with even if it was only an hour.

“I do miss our hook-ups.” Ron blurted out glancing again at Amber, “If I had had one of your blowjobs or a hook-up recently with you, I’m sure I could have lasted longer.”

Amber again looked at him knowing he was right; it would have helped against that sluts’ mouth and probably helped clear her head if she had just jumped back in bed with her band mate after the Maggie incident. He wasn’t the worse lay she had done over her sex life.

 But she didn’t feel up for it then and especially not now, not with him that is or really anyone not named Maggie Reynolds if it was just going to be plain ol sex. She and the redhead had built their personal sex life on the competition they felt, but she wouldn’t deny they had a few vanilla sex nights. It wasn’t as fulfilling as when they fought, but the sex was still amazing and better than she had found elsewhere as Maggie and her had gotten closer. Silvia might have been a good quick release and she still did want that after all the teasing and flirting they had done. She had wondered if the incredibly sexy bartender would be the one who would break the sex cloud, she had over her once they finally seduced one another into bed. But now there was Jenny, the surprise bitch of the night and who was going to be the one Amber fucked that night.

well she was what Maggie used to be to her, a straight fuck fight something these last 3 months she had missed. But Maggie’s body was the one she wanted most and she hated that even now she wanted to call and talk to the librarian.

She just enjoyed it so much to prove herself better than another woman, and now without the competition basic sex didn’t seem as appealing…unless it was with Maggie in which she could do both she admitted to herself again, but that was only because the librarian knew her body like no one ever had.

“Again,” she said with a bit more steel in her voice. “It wasn’t just you; I haven’t blown or fucked a guy in a few months. I started slower than I should have and just didn’t have that finishing blow. No pun intended” She said rolling her own eyes and feeling a jolt of heartache remembering Maggie’s constant puns, another thing she didn’t realise she missed until then.  The sentence was more to herself than to Ron, who shrugged unsure on what to say to her back. Another calm silence filled the room as Amber sat back up, she finished pulling her heels on and moved the room back to before the contest had occurred grabbing her instrument and other stuff from the corner. “You ready to go watch?” Amber asked but Ron hesitated.

“Hey, can I ask you a question?”

Amber looked back slightly annoyed, she wanted to just leave and get to the bar for a drink before the show, but she heard the little nagging Maggie voice in her head telling her to relax.


“Do you know a redhead named Maggie?” Amber’s eyes went wide as she turned towards Ron fully, her mouth slightly gaped, the little Maggie voice in her head replaced by her own voice wanting to lash out in surprise. She hadn’t expected that question. “Who are you talking about?” She asked suddenly, sounding fiercer than expected and Ron looked taken aback by the sudden change in Amber, but simply shrugged his own curiosity at getting the better of him.

“Well she is about your height, red hair, glasses, uhm cute face, lots of freckles with a rocking body.”

Amber’s mind was turning, ‘how the fuck did this guy know about Maggie.’, “Why?” Amber asked, trying to keep the curiosity and anger outside of her voice, but she didn’t. She stared at him waiting for an answer and Ron seemed to realize he would have to explain himself more if he wanted to get out of this room in one piece.

“Well, umm long story short a few months ago she came to a bunch of our shows, well not all of them, just the ones you were in. A few of the guys tried to hit on her, you know how they like nerds and this girl was like hot, once you got past the nerdy exterior.” He grinned at Amber hoping to ease the look on her face, but the blonde did not return it, so he continued. “Well, she turned them all down, but I tried on the last show she was at and actually got her talking. She let her name slip, and that she was here watching you and well we put two and two together that she must have been your roommate or friend or something?” Amber again didn’t make any motion and simply stood gawking slightly struggling to keep the annoyance of her face as she felt her feelings again do flips in her stomach. Maggie had never told her she would come to watch her shows, she felt herself thinking that it did mean a lot to her, but she wasn’t going to talk to Ron about this. “Honestly, I don’t know who that chick is.”

“Really?” He said with a decent amount of doubt. “Well if that is true yikes, maybe you have a stalker that you need to check out haha.” He gave a slight pause then grinned at her.

“Just saying that girl had one of the best bodies I had ever seen one night she was here; I love hot nerds, so if you do happen to run into her, could you maybe get her number for me?” Amber had turned to glare at him, and he corrected himself not knowing where he messed up. “Only if you know her! And… umm your body off course is better and maybe that Jenny chick tonight if we are being honest. Weird, maybe you hot girls attract each other as much as you attract dudes?” He finished, really not knowing when to shut his mouth.

Amber was done with this conversation, and she needed to process this new information about Maggie in her own time. “I’m going to the bar and watch this shit show. I’ll see you next time.”

Ron didn’t press the subject of the redhead. “Alrighty, I’ll text you later Amber.” Ron replied, noting the final tone Amber used and he was being slightly dismissed. He wasn’t to be worried; he had already gotten his sexual appetite filled, but little did he know the same could not be said for Amber.

She made her way back down the hall leaving the manager’s office and Ron behind. She re-entered the packed area of people in front of the bar noting the noise and wildness. The crowd were moving around as Jenny’s band had yet to take the stage for the final performance of the night and a glance at the clock showed they still had 10 minutes before they began.

She looked towards the bar, hoping to see Silvia and talk to her. She wanted to explain that she would be back to fuck her tomorrow, and that something had come up she couldn’t ignore. But as the crowd of people shifted Amber was able to see that the bartender was busy. Her lips attached to the slutty brown-haired girl who Amber had become sexually familiar with and would be meeting in less than an hour. The beautiful pixie cut girl and Jenny were engaged in some hot tongue on tongue action as the patrons of the bar cheered at the sight. Jenny’s whole upper body was nearly on top of the bar, her perfect ass sticking out as some of the bolder men snapped photos of both it and the kiss. Amber watched on as the two women got more into it, and Amber couldn’t help but feel they were competing for something, their kissing more aggressive than normal. ‘God, now I can’t even watch people kiss without thinking their fuck fighting’. She thought as Amber felt another pang of jealousy wishing she was making out with Silvia instead or had Maggie here to make out with. ‘Fuck! What is wrong with me.’ She groaned thinking that Maggie and her relationship thingy had changed her too much and that this night was supposed to clear her head. Instead Amber took a seat near the back putting off such an aura that not even the drunkest man or woman dared approach her, lost in her thoughts.

Clearly the person Jenny knew was Silvia herself and they were more than just acquainted as the crowd gave another cheer. Amber couldn’t help looking over seeing Silvia’s hands now had felt up Jenny’s tits outside her clothes, as the singer had slid her whole body across the bar and was now standing toe to the toe with the other woman. The singer hands gripped the yoga pants covered ass that every man had wanted to grab that night giving a hard squeeze. They finally stopped kissing to applause while Jenny whispered something in Silvia’s ear. The bartender’s eyes narrowed and her face looked weirdly annoyed at whatever Jenny had said, but she nodded, and Jenny gave her a dangerous smile as she moved away from behind the bar and headed to the stage.

She came on to the small platform waving to the crowded who roared in applause at the sight of the beauty of the act. She smiled and blew a small kiss to everyone eyeing the room until she found Amber and blew a second one directly to her. The guitar player could do nothing as the band did its final checks and started to play. For a wild second Amber thought about marching up on stage and starting a sexfight in front of the whole crowd, damn the consequences, but the moment passed, and she reluctantly sat back to get through the next half hour.

The show didn’t help her body come down from its aroused state as she watched Jenny sing and dance on stage over the next 25 minutes enjoying the mental release that Amber so desperately had craved. Jenny’s voice was also incredible, and Amber couldn’t help giving a slight appreciation to it even as Martin was not up to scratch and was clearly holding her back. It also didn’t help that Jenny’s body was so similar to Maggie’s in voluptuousness and definition, but it was her green eyes that were the most annoying part to Amber.  Thinking of the redhead would not help her here, but she couldn’t help remembering the words Maggie had said during their last conversation and meeting.

The librarian had cried that a woman at work named Bianca had challenged her to fight sexually over job they both desired; at the time she didn’t almost believe it and didn’t like to think about Maggie having sex with another woman the way they did, aggressively. As if that had been their thing and the redhead had spoiled it, but as she looked across the room at Jenny, she knew there was no difference in what she was doing now. Was there another woman all around who would fight this way? Should she have been so unreasonable about how Maggie and her own rival settled their dispute?

Would she have backed down if the girl here had challenged her to a fuck fight if she and Maggie were still sleeping together? As she looked at where she was and what she was doing right now, she knew the answer, maybe she had overreacted, maybe Maggie felt the same way about that work whore as she did about Jenny. Impossibility attracted but a need to use their bodies to settle scores and attempt to put each other in their place. ‘Fuck, stop thinking about that!’ She screams internally as she pushes all the thoughts about Maggie out of her head.  She couldn’t let Maggie distract her any more than it already does.

The show ended snapping Amber back as Jenny took a bow to the largest cheer of them all, Amber being the only one in the room who wasn’t clapping their head off for the brown-haired beauty. The singer blew a few kisses, sent another one directly towards Amber who could almost feel the purple lips already on hers. Instantly the crowd began to clear out and Amber followed deciding on getting one more breath of fresh air as the bar emptied out.

She left the bar filling her lungs with the cool night air and pulling out her phone as people around her jumped in cars and called cabs. She scrolled through the multiple texts and passed Maggie’s number which she stupidly refused to delete making every excuse she could come up with in her head. Maybe she did care for the redhead slightly more than she admitted to herself. Her emotions gave a second flip with the 22 unreturned messages from Maggie to Amber along with the intense hoariness she was having after her little match with Jenny, from I’m sorry, to fuck you bitch, to the last one, I miss you.” But there was something different this time.

Her heart did a double flip at the notification that a new one from Maggie, today of all days was there. “Hey”, from Tutor Bitch was on her phone and her whole body seemed to shake at the idea of texting her back. As if the redhead had a sense that Amber was thinking about her and what she was going through with Jenny. She wanted to text back, hell, she just wanted to talk about what was happening with her and Jenny to someone, and that someone had to be Maggie.

She thought about just leaving, fucking off everything with Jenny and accepting her loss to go see Maggie. She thought about calling her and first fucking the redhead till they were exhausted, and then talking to her, and maybe, just maybe figure things out between them and somehow go back to the way things were before their last confrontation, her heart did a jolt at that final thought. Her hands were already on her phone and she had the text up to Tutor Bitch and almost typed ‘Hey’ before deleting it. Her own stubborn pride, and not wanting to be the one to apologize, overwhelmed her heart as she locked her phone and turned back to Showtime making a beeline to the entrance. She didn’t need Maggie, that wasn’t who she was, she didn’t need anyone. She would out fuck this singing bitch and settle the score before this night was done and prove she was still her old self. Her life was going exactly how she had planned, and she was going to continue it her way. She neared the entrance, noticing that in her lost thoughts the bar seemed now completely empty and the closed sign was turned on, but when she tried the door it opened with an issue.

She walked in taking in the surroundings again now of the closed bar. It felt very different being nearly unoccupied except for two other people who were at the bar making conversation while standing very close to each other. One a girl with short pixie brown hair that was longer in front than it was in back going past her eyes and a cute angel like face. Her apron now off she stood there in a white tank top that didn’t hide her huge tits and thin black leggings she had worked in. She turned her face to look at the door and her blue grey eyes seemed to flash in excitement as the blonde had returned to the bar.

Amber had planned on fucking Silvia as soon as she saw the woman working that night and finally brining their game of cat and mouse to a hopefully mutual orgasmic end. Now that had to be on hold, because the other girl talking to Silvia had in the last 3 hours become one of Amber’s most loathed people in her life. The other woman’s green eyes seemed to dance as she watched her rival approach. Without any hesitation or words, Amber made her way to the bar and walked right up to Jenny, getting face to face and nose to nose with her. The singer didn’t at all look intimated letting the blonde get right up to her so they could feel the breath of each other and allow their tits to lightly touch. Silva was watching with a smile on her face as the two beauties eyed each other with clear dripping sexual tension, her eye’s undressing them both in her mind.   

Jenny suddenly laughed, breaking the silence. “Didn’t think you would come back after your poor performance earlier.” She put a finger in her mouth and pulled it out making a popping sound. Amber hands went to fists as she felt her need to thrash this woman a bit before fucking her. The singer seemed to know how to push her buttons and wasn’t able to keep the look.

Jenny giggled knowing she had gotten to Amber again. ‘So easy to frustrate her, that’s good to know’, Jenny mused thinking how she could use that against her once they were nude and on top of each other.  Silvia spoke up breaking the eye lock between them as they turned to the beautiful worker.

“Welcome back Amber.” Silvia said sultry eyeing up the blonde’s body as she had done previously, but with a new sort of hunger that Amber picked up on. “I had a feeling you were the girl Jenny was talking about even before she mentioned your name.” Amber raised an eyebrow at the working woman.

“So, you are the person Jenny knows, you seemed both well acquainted.” She said with a hint of sarcasm remembering them kissing at the bar. A clearly annoyed look came to Silvia’s face and she was about to respond but Jenny stepped in cutting her off. “Oh, Silvia here knows all about the way you and I are going to settle this, she’s familiar in it.” Amber watched as the other two women shared a glance, but she couldn’t tell if it had been them two in a sex competition or exactly what Jenny was implying. The idea was appealing to Amber thinking about it. She had never watched a sexual fight only participated, but it sounded amazing, and she suddenly wished she had recorded some of her and Maggie’s sessions, that might have helped get through the nights of lonely masturbation.

She pushed the thoughts from her head and turned back to Jenny tired of wasting time. “Where are we doing this? Right here?” Amber asked, her body and desire wanting to get to the fucking as quick as possible as Jenny looked back at her, the green eye’s glowing with a fervour that she only hoped her own eye’s match. She didn’t care if Silvia watched as long as she didn’t interfere, this was personal as it could get between women and no one could get between them once they started.

“We can.” Jenny breathed, taking a step towards Amber, the blonde’s eyes narrowed ready for the upcoming violence right in front of the bar prepared to rip into her rival. The idea of Silvia cheering them on and moaning herself as she watched them fuck each other appealed to both women’s egos, but the bartender had other ideas as she stepped between them first before they could grab each other, she held up one hand to each of them near their shoulders keeping them separate.

“I won’t have you two fighting up here, I need to clean the mats.” Silvia said taking the attention away from the women and now towards the mats in front of them, a large bucket of soapy water and purple soap jug had already been placed out.

She turned her face to Jenny and gave her a lustful smile that Jenny returned, and Amber realized there was a huge amount of lust going around all three of them.

 “Jenny, I already set up a few clean mats in the back with some extra stuff you two can use to settle your little dispute.” Their smile grew and Amber felt she was missing out on the inside joke they were sharing. 

“Did you? Thanks babe.” Jenny said with a slight bit of sarcasm, she reached for Silvia’s outstretched arm and pulled her in, her arms going around the other woman as Silvia did the same. They began kissing hotly with Amber only able to watch on as Jenny filled her hands with Silvia’s hot yoga panted covered ass the second time that night kneading the meat hidden behind the clearly thin black material. The sounds of lips smacking filled the room as the make out continued Silvia’s red lipstick and Jenny’s purple pushing into each other.

Amber huffed in annoyance but struggled not to find the scene of the two kissing women attractive in their lust and even a little annoyed that she was not part of the action. The kiss continued, soft moans and slurps as Jenny and Silvia seemed to become lost in their little world hands lightly playing with each other starting to explore more freely. Finally, after 20 seconds Amber had had enough, and she reached out and gripped Silvia’s shoulder from behind and broke her away from Jenny with a light smack.

“Hey!” Jenny quipped but Amber didn’t care as she spun Silvia around. The short haired girl had a look of deep desire after her kiss with Jenny that made Amber hungry for sex and her.

She pulled Silvia into her own kiss, the bartender not seemingly caring about being traded between the two sexy women, as Amber and her parted lip tongues sneaking into their wet mouths.

She felt the woman’s ass nearly groaning herself at how perfect it felt as she had her own groped in return in the jeans. She felt Silvia grunt a bit, clearly annoyed that Amber’s jeans didn’t give her as much gripping motion as her own yoga pants did. Amber almost moaned out loud as she felt a similar fire in Silvia as she did in Jenny earlier in the night, a dangerous lust that under the surface was ready to be unleashed. She felt that she and Silvia were just one little confrontation or disagreement away from their own hot messy sex contest, and she would be more than willing for that. She was only able to get a small taste as Jenny wouldn’t wait as long as Amber had as she began trying to pull the bartender back to her. Silvia ended her kiss with Amber with a light lick to Amber’s red lips, but as she was pulled back, she dodged Jenny’s attempt at another kiss and quickly moved away from the rivals but used her arms to pull the lustful woman together.

The blonde and brown-haired girl did not need any more of an invitation to touch. Amber’s brighter than Silvia’s red and Jenny’s purple lips blended as they tasted themselves and Silvia swapping the salvia that had built up. Kissing Jenny was more aggressive than Silvia, and Amber could notice the same hunger Silvia had possessed in their kiss, but with an already built up fire from their night. For Jenny and Amber the annoyance of their earlier confrontation was bubbling just under the surface, their tongues becoming less playful every second as they twisted them around, their lips pushing in a little harder knowing their full confrontation was dangerously close, and that one of them was set to dominate the other. She wondered if the other woman could feel her own hunger for sex and competition and she remembered kissing Maggie and feeling like the both wanted to devour each other’s sex like a wildfire; and they did. Their kiss was longer and deeper, and Silvia was biting her finger as she enjoyed the pre-erotic show, the girl’s hands in each other’s long hair rubbing the scalp deepening the kiss. ‘Fuck their hot.’ The short haired girl smiled at them unbeknownst to the kissing rivals whose eyes were closed in the passion.

After almost 45 seconds Jenny gave a light bite to Amber’s lip breaking the trance as their eye’s shot open. Jenny bit just hard enough to make Amber hiss and give a light bite back. Their kiss broke with some strings of spit connecting the purple to red lips breathing heavier and holding each other tight dressed in their matching black jeans and white tops.  

“I’m going to fuck your body until you beg me some to stop.” Amber said, licking her lips.

“I’ll make you cum so hard it will break you.” Jenny whispered back, “There won’t be anyone to keep me off you now.”

“Nope, just you and me. Alone.” Amber said, leaning forward and lip locking Jenny as if they were sealing promises only one of them could keep from dominating the other.

Silvia watched, her own nipples hard and cunt threatening to leak as these two goddesses threatened to fuck each other as hard as possible right in front of her. ‘Fuck, I need to watch this.’ She thought as Jenny and Amber rested their forehands together with lusty but evil smiles on what they planned to do to each other.

“I think you two need to go to the back room and get this settled before you start here.” She breathed her own lust growing; she wanted both of them and she would get one either way.  The girls didn’t say anything but moved away from each other knowing the bartender was right, they had done quite enough foreplay and there was nothing else to discuss, only action and sex.

Jenny motioned her head to the door that led to the hall and the manager’s room. Amber gave the smallest of nods they both turned and walked in silence to the door that led to the very room where they had blown each other’s band mates just an hour prior.

Silvia came up after them twirling a key on a ring as Jenny opened the door getting ready to head in.  “I’m going to lock the door from the outside with this key, so you too won’t be disturbed unless it’s urgent and I need to interrupt.” She looked back and forth wondering internally who she wanted to win. ‘Ugh, I want them both.’ She thought as she focused on their massive tits imaging her own crushing both of them.  

“The one who comes out on top can unlock it from her end and come back to the bar, I’m sure the other woman might need some time to…compose herself.” Silvia finished as Amber and Jenny side eyed each other but looked away quickly when they both noticed each other staring, the idea of defeat not something they would consider.

“Well girls, may the best woman win, I look forward to congratulating her…personally.” The bartender said, biting her lip and fluttering her long eyelashes. She didn’t say she was going to outright fuck the winner, but it was so heavily implied that it needn’t be said as she pushed her own tits and ass out. The girl’s eyed the pixie’s girls big toned ass flexed from the side and she laughed knowing to Jenny and Amber, it was just a little bit of extra motivation, that the winner would be nicely satisfied by Silvia’s incredible body.

Jenny motioned for Amber to follow and the girl’s moved past the door leaving the horny Silvia and the bar behind as they made their way down the hall to the back rooms focused only on what was to come, walking side by side, hips swaying but not touching. The only sound besides their heels was the small click of Silvia locking the outer door, sealing them in alone and finally together.  They turned prior to the manager’s office and Jenny opened a second door and gestured for Amber to enter. The tension somehow doubled its intense level instantly now that they were the only people in the room. Jenny closed the door with a small click leaving them in what looked like a large storage room with a single handing light on the ceiling.

The room was nearly cleared out except for some mats right in the centre as Silvia had promised, and to Amber’s surprise a decent sized bottle of baby oil in the centre of it. Besides that, there was nothing really else in the room except for boxes in the corner. Amber turned to face Jenny, but the singer was already moving away from her and reaching into her small bag. The brown eyed girl watched as the other girl pulled a long single side flexible dildo from it. It was roughly 8 inches long with balls on the end, as if it could be attached to a wall.

“Wow you are a slut, aren’t you? Just carry that around everywhere?” Amber questioned watching as Jenny tossed the dildo onto the mats that landed slightly near the bottle.

“Oh, I brought it to use on Silvia after my show when I learned she was working tonight.” Jenny said not chantingly as if they were talking about the weather. “I didn’t know she was planning on fucking you, but that was before all this. Now I think it’s the perfect tool to use during our little dispute.”

“And most bars just have a bottle of baby oil just laying around ready to be used?”, Amber asked with a high amount of doubt.

Jenny laughed aloud this time, “This isn’t the bars, it’s Silvia’s, she has some wild tastes if you couldn’t guess and knows personally what fuck contests are. She was planning on fucking me too before you showed up, I assume.”  

Amber didn’t respond to that and again looked at the mats, feeling slightly nervous for the first time. For all Maggie and she had done while they were ‘together’, she had never oil wrestled or even fucked in oil so this would be a new experience which was not ideal.

“So, I think it goes without saying what the stakes are but just in case they aren’t clear to a whore like you…” Jenny said moving again now on the other side of the mats facing Amber fully, presenting her body and what Amber would have to conquer.

Amber interrupted, “Loser doesn’t show her face in this bar again.” It meant more to both women than they would admit as if you had any chance to ever get discovered or make it as more than just a small-town band the ShowTime was the only place in the city to make those dreams a reality.  In her mind Jenny felt a wave of nervousness but wouldn’t show it. She loved singing and it was her dream to make it bigger, it was all she had going for her.

“That’s exactly what I was going to say. We both know this bar is the only place in this fucking city where talent can be discovered, and I’m not leaving until then. Silvia can make sure the loser keeps out” Jenny smiled her white teeth looking predatory. “I won’t have you try to get in the way of my performance ever again after tonight.”

They glared at each other, still able to taste the cum they had shared from their earlier kiss cumswapping and the spit they had shared just a few minutes ago.

“Whoever submits to the other’s sex first is the loser.” Jenny said as Amber nodded.

“You don’t know what sex is, bitch. I’m going to be on top.”  The blonde growled and Jenny openly growled back.

“Alright Am-ber. I think the only way we will get over this is by getting at each other. How about we start our little fuck contest and find out who’s the better woman?”

“If you’re that eager to cum, sure.” Amber replied more than ready to throw her sex in the arena with this bitch.

They began to strip on the opposite sides of the room revelling the body they were both so proud of and the weapons they would bring to the arena of sex. 

Jenny smirked and peeled off her shirt while Amber did the same, losing the white shirts at the same time and showing off their red and purple bras. Containing their perfect breasts.

“Have you ever had a fuck contest in oil?” Jenny asked eyeing Amber curiously as she pushed down her black jeans, showing off the same small purple thong she had been wearing before, some clear cum stains visible present on the lacy material. Amber didn’t answer and Jenny couldn’t tell if the blonde had or hadn’t as the other woman pushed her own pants down leaving her only in her own red thong. Heels got tossed aside to the opposite corners followed by the shirts and pants leaving the sex goddesses nearly nude.

Jenny continued, “It’s great, every piece of your skin turns into a weapon, something to slide erotically up your opponent’s body. Fingers, tongues, toes, anything can be used once you’re nice and oily.”

Amber ignored the comments choosing action instead as reached behind her unhooking her bra and her red bra and for the first let her tits out in front of her rival. They gave a small bounce looking firm and large with her brown nipples and Jenny almost gaped at how stunning the blonde’s upper body was. “Like what you see dyke?” Amber taunted and Jenny scowled back.

Jenny, not to be outdone, matched taking off her own purple bra and showing off her own huge jugs with matching brown nipples and then with zero hesitation hooked her thumbs onto her thong and peeled the cloth down her legs slowly leaning forward while doing so.

“I think it’s a good start to lose all our clothing. Don’t you?” Jenny teased pushing the thong all the way down to her ankles bending at the hips and showing off some hidden flexibility. “We have already seen each other in our bras and thongs, let’s make it more interesting, and you were so quick to strip right out of your clothes during the blowjob contest, this isn’t a problem, right?” Jenny teased.

Amber hesitated, preferring to start the fight with her thong on as she felt she could rip Jenny’s off easier than the other girl could get hers. Her fingers toyed with the side strings of her own thong until she came to the conclusion, she would have to do what Jenny did, she wasn’t going to give the bitch any reason to doubt her victory once she had outfucked her.

“We agreed to a fuck contest right slut. So, I’m more than ready to do this the right way; nude.”

She slid her own red thong down her legs letting the warm air hit her lower lips, letting her tits hang down once the thong hit the floor. They stood up at the same time revealing their pussy lips to each other and confirming that they were both perfectly smooth. There would be no friction between anything they had once they were oiled up.

Amber stepped onto the mat first and Jenny entered about 5 feet away, her feet sinking into the soft rubber pads, the oil bottle and dildo in between them. They stared at each other taking the final preparations as they prepared to start the long-awaited contest. When Jenny held up a hand to Amber wanting to give one last proposal.

“We are going to do so much fighting. How about one last little game? How about you come here, and we oil each other up nice and friendly. I wouldn’t mind exploring your body before I rip you to shreds.   Jenny leaned down and picked up the bottle shaking it at Amber. The pink streaked hair girl gave Jenny a less common almost bashful look, and a small smile.

“I don’t know how long we will be able to keep up nice and friendly, but I’m game. Bring that bottle over here and let’s play nice with each other.”

Jenny smiled back as she and Amber moved took steps towards each other, the brown eyes looking into the green pools that felt so familiar to her. They grinned with a fake friendliness as Jenny popped open the bottle as they came to the centre ready to play.


A knock on the door of the bar took Silvia’s attention away from the mirror in which she was touching up her light makeup. She sighed looking at the door that Jenny and Amber had disappeared into a few minutes ago already wishing the girls would hurry up.  She looked towards the front door wondering who could be knocking at this time of night when the bar was clearly closed with the red neon sign flashing the same.

She had just thinking about whether she should sneak to the back and get a little show of Amber and Jenny as they wrestled, she had a feeling it would be one hell of a fuck contest. She wondered which woman would outfuck the other and wanted to see first-hand when the winner broke the loser’s sex having also never watched a fight like this.

She had experience though and had personally fucked fought Jenny before and knew how sexual the brown-haired girl was, and that Amber could be in trouble. Her own experience was enough to know how seriously Jenny took challenges to her womanhood and what she could do with her body.

She also grudgingly admitted to herself that she lost two back to back intense fuck contests to Jenny over the last 6 months, both being sessions of aggressive sex in which the other woman found herself on top in the end. She remembered the last time she and the long-haired brunette were alone, lying in a random guy’s bed in a hotel that had served as a music convention they both attended. The room a mess from their fight, their clothes long discarded both fully nude, as she was forced onto her back into the soft sheets with her own massive tits were crushed by Jenny’s pair. Their smooth cunts sealed together until she had screamed in pleasure underneath the singer as she came cum dripping out between them.

Jenny had leaned forward to her ear and whispered, “Say you submit Silvia…” as she forced another orgasm from her perfect body.  The memory of that night pissed her off, and she knew the fight had been closer than Jenny ever let on but there was no denying she had lost, cumming and saying the dreaded words of defeat. She satisfied the winner the rest of the night her body being used like the world’s best fuck doll.

Since that fight Jenny had taken a dominant status in their relationship, mostly teasing Silvia anytime she could when they met at the bar or anything music related, and frustratingly ignoring Silvia’s attempt to get a third match for revenge. They weren’t really enemies, but friends would be too much, more just polite sex rivals with one trying to claw back her place on top. But if Jenny thought that the two fights had permanently set the status of their relationship, she was very wrong. Both sex contests had been so close, and that only drove Silvia on, their last battle each girl had shared multiple orgasms and it could have gone either way. Silvia’s original plan for the night was to get the singer into a rematch here again and she knew the third time would be the charm. She would out fuck her opponent and make Jenny cum until she begged Silvia to stop and then use her body for the rest of the night for her own desires like a sex slave. At least that had been tonight’s plan, but life is full of surprises and the blonde that Silvia had been wanting to fuck for nearly a year had decided to make her appearance. The best part was that Amber was clearly willing to fuck, a willingness that in their last meetings she had not been putting out. Silvia had yet to get Amber into her folds or into her bed and the blonde had turned into Silvia’s ultimate tease at work and 10 months ago she was sure she was just one flirtatious night away from getting her in a hot fuck. But Amber had backed off seemingly overnight, as if someone else always had her attention each night. This drove her crazy, but truthfully, she always enjoyed a hunt and Amber was becoming the ultimate prey.  Her desire to get the woman underneath her moaning had grown exponentially since the blonde had seemingly almost been avoiding her and when she walked into the door tonight, Silvia’s plan changed. She was going to do it tonight, getting Amber underneath her and finally seeing what that blonde could do with such a body against hers. Then Jenny had shown up and she realized she had a chance to get the bitch into a re-match. It was a tough choice she debated with but the decision got made for her and ow the two people she had hoped to fuck were fucking each other in what would be a hot sexfight but she wasn’t happy.

Annoyingly she seemed to have missed both her chances for tonight. Jenny and Amber were fuck fighting in the back of her bar covered in what she assumed was baby oil. Sure, she would get a good lay with the winner, but if it was Jenny it wouldn’t be a rematch, and if it was Amber she might be equally exhausted for a good hard fuck that Silvia was looking for.

But this also opened up some new possibilities she had never considered, ‘so Amber has experience fuck fighting huh?’ Silvia thought with a smile thinking of all the implications that could be done. She didn’t really care who won tonight, the winner would be so horny that Silvia was getting an aroused victor in either circumstance, and if Jenny’s amazing body was the condolence prize, then she really couldn’t lose. She would also use the fuck tonight to learn something about either girl’s body and get a one up on Amber if a fuck contest ever started between them and get some more sexual info on Jenny before their inevitable next fight. She was going to out fuck the singer to the end and pay her back two-fold.

But her revenge and rematch against Jenny could wait a little longer she supposed, she wanted the brown-haired girl at full strength so there would be no excuses when she won, so she guessed she was pulling slightly more for Amber. She felt she was ready for her sexfight with Jenny again and extra night of fucking her for fun wouldn’t give any huge advantage, though she still had a great body and would never say no to fucking the singer.

She mused that if Amber won, that would be a nice surprise, but she didn’t expect that. She knew first-hand how Jenny liked to play with her opponents, hiding what a sexual being she was and acting sweet until you were nude and eating each other out. Her singing wasn’t the amazing thing about that slut’s mouth and her body was equal to Ambers to her well trained eye.

She wouldn’t mind just fucking the blonde if she won however and at least get that mystery solved with the sexual tension between them. She walked over to the door in her work flats having  light skip in her step at the pleasure to come, her tight yoga pants showing every curve, her gym toned ass seemingly flexing every step, her well-endowed chest seemed to bounce with the skip, for being a bit tomboy she sure had one hell of a body and almost angel like face. Her clear skin big eyes, and thin lips that she liked to make a multitude of colours, she was sex personified.

She answered the door only to come face to face with a woman of her own height and bright green eyes that were eerily similar to Jenny’s which is what she noticed first. Her face was fully freckled, and she had an almost mousy look to her with her short curly red hair down to her shoulders and glasses on. Below her neck though her body was incredible, and Silvia was almost taken back with the woman wearing a white tank top like hers with an excessive amount of cleavage and sexy plaid skirt that went to slightly above mid-thigh. The redhead seemed equally surprised at the pair of tits on the woman opening the door as if she thought no one would answer.

“Sorry, we are closed.” Silvia said, already moving her arm to close the door as the other woman spoke up.

“Wait, sorry! Hello, I’m looking for my friend Amber and she said she was here.”, Maggie lied easily while already scanning behind the bartender into the room looking for the blonde. She didn’t see Amber, but knew the punk girl was here with her car out front. ‘Where is she?’ She thought while ignoring the annoyed woman in front of her who had reopened the door a bit more at the name of Amber.

“There is no one here with that name,” Silvia lied back easily, “And if you can’t read, we are closed.”

“I know she is here.” Maggie said putting her foot between the door and frame making sure this woman would not be able to shut it.

“And how would you know that?” Silvia asked, almost amused at the boldness of the somewhat nerdy attractive woman standing up to her.

“Her car is outside, so it’s pretty obvious you are lying.”

Silvia hadn’t expected that and was caught off guard that the woman knew Amber’s car. Unable to think of a comeback she decided to just get to the point.

“What do you want?”

Maggie knew this might get her in trouble, but she walked right past the other woman to a slight “HEY!” from the big jugged worker. She had to talk to Amber and this was the best place, or at least the easiest to find her.

Silvia stood at the door slightly stunned at the abruptness of this woman as the redhead gave a little call, “Amber, you here?”, there was no response. Silvia knew the blonde would not be able to hear this woman behind the soundproof walls.

She had been preparing for an easy clean up to mop up the rest of the mats as Amber and Jenny were in the back up looking for a place to fight. The dirty rubber mats still had some of the dropped alcohol days’ work and were laid out in front. Next to it was a giant bucket of clean soapy water she had filled from the back and a giant jug of sweet-smelling lavender soap. Maggie walked past the stuff ignoring the complaints of the bartender who followed behind her huffing.

“Hey, listen bitch, I don’t know what you want with Amber, but she is busy, and you need to get out right now.” Silvia demanded but the words fell on deaf ears.

“I need to talk to her.” The woman replied ignoring most of what Silvia had said.

“Why?” Sivlia growled, while her eye’s looked at the plaid skirt wondering if the woman’s ass hidden behind it was as impressive as her breasts.

“It’s none of your business.” Maggie snapped back frustrated by the woman’s lack of assistance in helping her.

“Well it is now that you are walking in here without my permission.” Silvia retorted, their voices slightly rising as they tried to get their point across.

“Listen, I’m not normally like this, it’s just a little favour, and you just need to not interfere.”

Maggie wanted to be nice and she wasn’t normally one to break the rules, but she was feeling crazy, the kind of crazy that Amber somehow seemed to bring out of her.

“Well, I’m not going to just let you walk around my bar, and I need you to leave now.” Silvia said her tone getting higher as she noticed the redhead wasn’t paying attention for the second time.

“Well, she is not here out front so she must be in the back.” Maggie said aloud going to the door and trying to open it only to find it locked. She turned back as Silvia was standing still on the mats. “How do I get through here?” She asked to try the door again, looking back at the other woman. She tried not to be aroused by how tight the other woman’s yoga pants were, and how pretty her face was, shame she was acting slightly bitchy after getting caught in a lie.

Silvia’s patience was nearly at its own breaking point, “The door only can be unlocked from the outside with a key, and I have it and you don’t, so to make it clear for a person like you. You. Can’t. See. Her.”

“I’m going back there, and I need you to give me the key.” Maggie said, glaring through her glasses at the bartender knowing Amber was just down the hall. She didn’t care in what position she found the blonde in though she felt a pang of jealousy as Silvia mentioned another woman and this woman seemed to be very interested in not letting her see the blonde. 

“You’re not.”

“I am.”

They glared at each other each wanting the other gone but unable to ignore the body of the other. Each seemed stacked up top and Silvia noted Maggie’s legs looked quite muscular in her short skirt while Maggie had seen the short haired girl’s full ass.  They were secretly comparing themselves to their own wondering who was better.  

Maggie took off her glasses and placed them in her bag, luckily her eyesight was not terrible without them and it didn’t matter with her contacts in. As the redhead looked up without her specs Silvia’s memory was jogged. She knew who this bitch was, she had seen her before, several times in fact.

She then smiled with an evil smirk, “Listen bitch, now I remember you. I have seen you around here before, watching shows every time Amber and her band come to play. Considering how you followed her here, I assume you must be some type of stalker. Is that it? Nerd wants the hot blonde to notice her?” 

Maggie’s face flushed red from those comments, “How dare you. You don’t know a thing about my relationship with her.”  She said without as much confidence as she wanted knowing her actions tonight could be seen slightly stalkerish.

Silvia gave a little fake laugh. “Honestly I don’t care. Whatever is happening back there is her business, but when she is done, I am making her my business.” Silvia said as she turned back to the bar thinking that she had dismissed the redhead.

“No, she is talking to me first about our business.” Maggie countered making it obvious she was not leaving; she had noticed that the pixie cut girl’s ass was incredible looking in the yoga pants and Maggie felt a desire to show her off on her own. Silvia turned around again shocked at how defiant this bitch was being. “I don’t think so, you are in my bar and it’s my rules and now I think it’s time for you to leave or we are going to have a serious problem.” She moved back towards Maggie with a dark look on her face, but the freckled girl didn’t look intimidated.

“I’m not leaving until I talk to her, and there is nothing you can do about it.” Maggie started dropping her bag to indicate she would not be moved. The redhead crossed her arms over her impressive chest as Silvia gave her an annoyed glance both at how big the redhead’s tits looked in the thin white blouse.

The pixie cut girl walked right up to the redhead until they were face to face on the rubber mats in front of the bar, the tension reaching a breaking point.

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.” Silvia said as she suddenly pushed Maggie who stumbled back on her flats. “Don’t fucking touch me.” Maggie said catching herself, her own anger bubbling over this woman.

“I said, get out.” Silvia said threateningly

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“I guess it’s the hard way then.”

“I guess so.”

Silvia reached out to grab Maggie’s arm and pull her out of the bar by force, but Maggie slapped her hands away roughly. “Excuse I said DO NOT TOUCH ME!”

 Silvia hissed reaching again, but this time Maggie aimed a slap not onto the bartender’s hands but right across her face.

SLAP, Silvia gasped as the stinging pain spread from her cheek down her body and she stumbled back. “I told you not to touch me, now back off.” Maggie said standing her ground. Silvia rubbed her cheek once and looked up. ‘That is, it.’ She thought as her eyes saw only the ginger of Maggie’s hair. “I’m going to kick your ass!” She lunged forward, claws outstretched and aimed right for Maggie’s face, but the redhead was quick and ducked avoiding the damage, but the bartender’s hands found the girl’s red hair and dug into the roots drawing a scream from Maggie. Silvia’s own even shorter hair didn’t offer much of a grip, but Maggie’s hands found it and the two women savagely pulled and tugged each other back and forth by their hair.

They screamed at the top of their lungs as they fell onto the rubber pads with Silvia successfully tripping the redhead with their legs intertwined, their thigh muscles grinding into each other. Maggie fell to the side pulling the other woman with her to the ground and in the process knocking a large bucket of water and soap over. It poured out covering the matts and soaking the entire ground in a thin layer of sweet-smelling soap. The battling girls took little notice and rolled right into the water and soap mix, their thrashing mixing the substances and started creating bubbles around them. Their backsides made a slight splashing noise as they soaked up the water trading top position. Silvia’s already tight yoga pants soaked up the water easily and stuck to her like a second skin. The problem was she felt her legs get heavier and she found herself struggling to keep up with the skirt wearing redhead. The redhead stranger used the small advantage to push the pixie cut girl’s legs down into the water, but the soap was starting to make everything slippery as the wrestling turned more into brawling on the ground. They cursed at each other as their hands found their opponent’s clothes and began to rip and tear away the wet materials off their incredible bodies.

Jenny and Amber stood tit to tit completely nude in the storage room of the Showtime music bar, a far cry from where they thought they would be earlier tonight. Their clothes discarded in the corners and on top of each pile was a small thong. One of red and the other purple in colour matching the fingers, toes, and lips of their owner. Their matching light brown nipples were an inch apart as the singer lifted the bottle of baby oil and began to ooze it out slowly in a pour as they smiled at each other. She started on her own jugs and then began moving back and forth to Ambers ensuring they were getting oozed with an equal amount of the lube.

The oil made lines on their lightly tanned skin; both of them had used a similar tanning oil before during the summer so their skin was nearly identical in tone and were used to oil being used on it. The girl’s followed the dripping with their eyes as it began to cover their upper chests rolling down in droplets to their breasts first and then to their smooth lightly toned stomachs. Some of it started slipping off their nipples and went straight to the floor pooling in around their feet. Amber looked up after following a single drop that had ran down between Jenny’s mountains of breasts to her navel to find Jenny was already looking and licking her lips at her, the long wavy brown hair covering one of her eyes as she smirked at the other punk girl while the oil continued to pour.

Amber noticed some of the oil had already been soaked up into the wavy brown hair that was laying on the top of the purple lipped woman’s tits, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. In Jenny’s mind if they were really going to do this as dirty as they had promised then either of their entire bodies would be dry soon anyway.

As they devoured each other with their eyes preparing to devour each other with their bodies they took time to look down at their rival’s nude body. Their features really were similar to the untrained eye with their chests maybe less than a centimetre difference, their thin waists and strong bubble asses that looked like they had been working at the gym for more than necessary hours. They had hot bodies built for sex and desire in this age and Amber couldn’t help thinking that she had found another bitch like Maggie who felt made to fight like this. She also wondered if the redhead had thought the same thing about her when facing the work slut she had fought on the night of their fight.

The oil bottle was about one third poured out when Jenny stopped tipping it back up. Amber felt the liquid stop and she looked up from her rivals mesmerizing tits that she personally planned to crush with her own. The purple lips went into a grin as she gave Amber a little flip sign with her finger to turn around and begin to have her backside equally covered. Amber hesitated for a second, not because she was scared to compare or show off her ass to Jenny knowing her hot bubble butt was what many women dreamed of having, but to show her back to an enemy such as Jenny when a sexfight was intimate made her have to second guess an action that put her in an disadvantages position.

Jenny noticed the hesitation and gave Amber a coy smile, “Don’t worry Am-ber, you can oil mine once I oil yours. Now turn around.” She finished with a demanding tone that only made Amber more willing to tell her to fuck off, but she didn’t as she considered the situation. There was no point in showing any weakness or unwillingness this early Amber thought, and she didn’t feel as nervous as maybe she should. It felt there was a sense of ritual in this oiling that neither of them would break. Her other thought was even if Jenny did attack, only one woman in Amber’s life had outfucked her to the limit before. That was Maggie and for some reason she felt she could hold on against this bitch in any circumstance after what she had done with the redhead twice.

 She grinned as she moved forward just enough to flick her nipples on Jenny’s letting their oily dripping rubber nubs touch for a breath of a second and send pleasure down their bodies that both women stoically ignored keeping their faces neutral. The blonde flicked them once more as she took one sexy step to the right and turned around showing the other woman her lightly toned back and huge muscular ass she would use in this fight. Jenny paused admiring the marble-like body that was presented to her like a gift, feeling her blood run hot as she planned to tame it and make it hers.

Jenny began to pour the oil again, down the pink streaked hair girl’s golden locks, shoulders and back; letting gravity do its work to bring it to Amber’s long legs and toned ass that stuck out behind her. It seemed to make the blonde shine in the light and Jenny felt another pulse of desire, as she told herself she had to control her urges against the sexy woman in front of her. She couldn’t know how experienced Amber was in sexfighting, but with how attractive the blonde was, it was crucial for her to control the situation of the fight and not go all out with her lust just yet. She needed to feel Amber out slightly more.

 She was about to drop the bottle and use her fingers to spread the slickness when Amber flipped back around and reached for the bottle without warning like she knew Jenny was about to rub her up.

She took the bottle in hand, her fingers touching and overlapping with Jenny’s who didn’t release it and they seemed to tug each to themselves for a half a breath, the oil still dripping on the floor and their tits again. This second physical contact from the tips of their fingers were slightly electric as Amber gave a sexy breath. “My turn.” She demanded as she gave the same motion to turn around with her free hand and tugged harder pulling the bottle out of Jenny’s grasp. Jenny showed her white teeth in a dangerous smile and erotically did a quick turn flipping her long brown hair slightly onto the blonde who brushed it away with a slight huff.  The flipped woman now was able to show her own equal sized butt to Amber and use it to excite the blonde more as she gave a little shake to it. With her thin waist and nicely sized hips it gave her quite the sexy hourglass figure that matched Amber seemingly inch for inch.

‘Fuck’, Amber thought, it was a bubble ass like her own, like Maggie’s, the kind that was built to be shown off at the gym, wear thongs to the beach, and fuck harder than anyone else. It did excite Amber much to her annoyance that she had found an opponent that looked like this.  

Jenny took it a step further to taunt her rival, as she leaned over at the waist showing off her flexibility even as Amber started to pour the oil on making the pourer miss the leaning girl’s shoulders and ended up pouring most of the oil on her rival’s taunt glutes and lower back. ‘Two can play that game of one up,’ Amber thought and before Jenny could turn around Amber dropped the not yet fully empty bottle and placed both her hands and the red nails onto Jenny’s ass rubbing the oil into the soft skin. Jenny gasped at the sexual touch and quickly brought herself back to full erect while flipping her hair up and over her shoulders. She gave a slight glare over her shoulder suppressing a slight groan as Amber kneaded her ass. ‘This bitch wants to touch already huh?’, the singer thought. Amber couldn’t see her rivals smirk, because instead of turning to face Amber again, Jenny simply took a step back so that her toned dry upper back pushed into Amber’s wet oily front connecting their dripping bodies as she began to grind on her looking to spread the oil with their nude bodies and the exoticness doubled in an instant.

The sounds of their skin slapping, and quick breathing filled the room as the two womanly bodies writhed around each other exploring without hands back to front in a hot grinding motion. Then suddenly both Jenny Amber gasped out loud at the sudden heating sensation that was coming off the oil where their bodies touched increasing in temperature at an alarming rate. That did not stop the grind however and they only pushed their bodies closer together looking to spread the lube everywhere and make the other woman’s oil hotter than her own.

‘Oh, Silvia, you sneaky bitch,’ Jenny thought now fully understanding that the short haired girl had not yet fully accepted her inferior position in their relationship and would have used this oil on her if she had fucked the bartender in a fuckfight tonight.

Yes, that had clearly been Silvia’s plan, but she would deal with that persistent slut again once this new fuck fighting blonde bitch was covered in her own cum and defeated.  As they grew more acrosome to the heat, Jenny put her hands-on Amber’s hips looking to bring the new sensation to her rival’s sides and soon everywhere on their bodies as she ran them up and down Amber’s obliges softly while the blonde’s hands were rubbing Jenny’s stomach itching lower and lower to her navel.

They were being almost too playful and sweet in their lubing up, an overly drastic change from all of their earlier confrontations and blowjob contest, but it was impossible for them to extinguish the fire and anger they felt for each other and Amber wanted to no pun intended pour oil on the flame of competition knowing what Jenny had taken from her this night.

“Want to feel the ass that will dominate yours?” Amber asked, not waiting for an answer while she turned her own body around putting them back to back with a loud slap as ass met ass with a groan of desire from Jenny and Amber. Their glutes compressed in a muscular battle, their backs almost touching, their hair blending as they huffed and groaned from the contact.  

“I don’t feel much.” Jenny taunted as their taut asses began to heat up with the dirty contact. Their lower backs arched as their legs bent so that as much glute muscle as possible could touch each other and feel each other out.

“Yours is flatter than I expected.” Amber shot back as they slid their behinds in a circular motion, Amber clockwise, Jenny counter-clockwise as they shared the sensation of pushing on of the prime muscles in-between the others own, the constant motion made the oil heat up faster as some of it penetrated the muscle and wet the crack with a hot sensation around their asshole, a very unique feeling.

“I’m so glad you know what fuck fighting is.” Jenny playfully said as they continued their ass play while she ran a hand on Amber’s hip leaving a trail of wet oil from behind heating the musician’s hips. She then leaned forward separating their behinds by an inch before slapping them back together as they began to bounce off each other.

“Yeah, it’s a coincidence, but It’s also the perfect solution for me to put you in your fucking place.” Amber retorted with a less playful tone as she gave an extra hard ass slap.

Jenny again smiled at the aggressiveness of Amber, just like Silvia before their first fight. She loved breaking these kinds of bitches with her body. “I know my place, it’s on top of you and on stage here, without some slutty guitarist trying to get in my way and I’m going to show you tonight.”

Amber didn’t reply but turned her body and turned Jenny to so that there were front to front again. Amber brought her hands up and ran them across her rival’s oily stomach until they ran across the woman’s massive chest filling them with her palms and beginning to oil them thoroughly. Jenny leaned back moaning lightly as the woman tortured her tits enjoying the heating sensation of her nipples and asshole at the same time. Jenny attempted to return the favour, but Amber pushed her hands away and pulled the brown-haired woman to her, continuing to use their bodies to oil each other breast on breast and stomach to stomach.  

Amber groaned as Jenny and her body rubbed their legs lightly intertwining.  Jenny’s body had a similar feel to Maggie’s, the size of the woman’s tits, the firmness of her ass, but it was also so unique, the taste, the smell, the way she moves her body that seemed to just scream pleasure, she was more confident in the way she moves her body. They were understanding each other on a deep level looking for any extra sensitive spot that drew an extra moan, and extra flinch that singled it as a place to attack in moments. Their tits took turns on top of each other as each would lower themselves bouncing lightly. They gasped and even giggled as the oil nearly spread evenly on their bodies while the anger and hate bubbled under the surface. They almost kissed once, but the purple and red lips missed each other by an inch.

After a minute of this Jenny made Amber twist again, the heat reaching sweating levels as they had been rubbing leg to leg. She got a grab of the blondes behind with a little rub that didn’t last as Amber pushed her own ass into Jenny’s cunt starting to grind on her hard with some sexual dances that made the oil and room reach another level of temperature. But after a second the blonde paused when the brown-haired chick did not start dancing back and had stopped moving her body except for her claws. The purple nailed fingers took hold of Amber’s amazing mammaries filling them with the meat while the singer’s own large tits pushed into Amber’s back, nipples stabbing into her skin. She felt the physical change in their bodies and knew she was slightly caught in this position as the nails lightly dug into inner tit flesh locking her in place.

Amber turned her head slightly just as Jenny’s purple lips went to her ear starting with her tongue, “Time for us to fuckfight bitch.” She breathed with the anger and built up frustration they had been hiding under the surface of their friendly oiling. Amber tensed the playfulness in Jenny’s voice gone but the hunger and venom remained, and it was too late for the blonde to flip around, giving the singer an advantage position already behind her she was going to take. Jenny’s tit’s pushed into Amber’s back with a sudden force, her right leg entangled with the other woman’s like a snake as the purple lipped woman pushed her full weight into the blonde sending Amber down onto the mat’s, first onto her knees and then tit first to her stomach with a splat as Jenny landed on top of her. They screamed in unison as the sensual playful oiling ended in a second and the aggressive bitches who wanted nothing more than to get the other submit with sex and pain remained, beginning to fight nude on the ground. Jenny gripped Amber’s hair pulling the yellow and pink strands and used her other hand to slap the blonde’s ass before taking a handful and squeezing hard into the guitarist prized muscle while Amber thrashed.

“You are going to pay for trying to out stage me!” Jenny screamed as she attacked her disadvantaged for switching to the other oily cheek for a second good grouping making Amber hiss as her body was felt out and heated up by the oil. The bottom girl struggled reaching behind her to grip the brunette’s wavy hair and try to throw her off by pulling her forward, but it had little effect, while her ass got played with like a toy, her full backside to Jenny’s front as they spread their legs for better leverage.  

“Fuck you cheating bitch!” She growled as Jenny slapped her ass again, sending a pleasure shock from her behind to her cunt starting to really turn her on more and more.

The top girl laughed, “I told you I’m going to teach you a lesson baby girl, and my body is the instructor.” Jenny quipped, sliding her oily body up Amber’s back who could feel the singer’s large tits and hard nipples trace lines on her skin to her upper back. Jenny pulled Amber’s hair again so that her face was forced to side, and they could make slight eye contact. They growled at each again as Jenny free hand slid from Amber’s ass between her legs and onto her slit. “Lesson one.”

“You whore!” Amber growled while she writhed in pleasure as Jenny rubbed her finger up and down Amber’s cunt, the oil heating up the already warm cunt as Amber painted in pleasure and Jenny laughed in control of the fuckfight.

Soaking wet and mounted on Maggie by the hips, Silvia grappled the purple jug of soap just within reach. She lifted the bottle and started squirting a load onto the redhead’s chest that looked weirdly like purple cum splattering onto the bottom woman in spurts covering the pale skin. Maggie hissed as the purple goop rolled down her chest oozing down onto her stomach as she attempted to block the second spurt as Silvia squeezed the bottle again onto the bra covered tits.

 Their white tops had been easily torn off a minute ago and lay discarded in the water, but they continued fighting; their half nudity revealing each girl was wearing simple colour bras that struggled to remain on. Silvia’s was white and Maggie’s was light blue; each of them were barely built to contain their impressive chests and not at all built for a battle they found themselves engaged in with each other. In fact, Silvia’s left tit had already popped out and was bouncing freely around as she held the top position trying to squirt more soap onto the redhead aiming now for the other woman’s green eyes that Maggie protected with her hands. Seeing Silvia lean forward during her attempt to get around her palms, Maggie bucked, sending Silvia forward and landing into a goop of soap. She caught herself on her hands for a millisecond releasing the jug until they slipped, and she landed on her chest, her tits splatting into the water and a huge gloop of purple soap that had built up. The second delay of Silvia slipping allowed Maggie to roll up from under her and get behind the doggy style positioned woman. She grabbed at Silvia’s soaked yoga pants to pull her back towards her and rip at the short brown hair.

Silvia attempted to kick back at Maggie launching a flurry of feet but by straightening her legs it just allowed the cloth to be pulled easier off her sexy body as it rolled down her legs inch by inch.  Maggie pulled harder, blue nails digging into the wet yoga pants until it stopped going down her legs by getting caught at her ankles. Maggie realized it wasn’t working and attempted to move forward to get a better grip on the bartenders’ legs, her green eyes following the toned legs up until they paused on the white thong the other woman slightly surprised at what this bitch wore. Her own pause gave the thong and bra wearing woman a chance as she launched a flurry of kicks, kicking her feet at the stripping redhead who had moved to close.

Maggie let go with a scream avoiding any of the kicks and fell back onto her ass with a light splash, the impact bouncing both of her tits outside her light blue bra that gave up its personal battle to contain them. Silvia flipped herself over glaring at the stacked redhead from 6 feet away and then down at her own nearly nude body.

“You clothes ripping cunt!” She growled kicking off her own pants in a rage, not willing to let them hamper her at getting back at her sudden unexpected rival. She tossed them to the side as both she and Maggie stood up soaking wet and eyeing their enemy’s more revealed body now that they had lost plenty of their clothes. Silvia’s yoga pants didn’t lie, her body even looking better without the material with her well-toned legs showing off the light muscle that stationed one of the best asses Maggie had ever seen. The bartender stood there soaking wet in a simple white t-thong from the front that was already becoming translucent, the rest of her body had purple spots of the soap, none so more than the amount that seemed to drip off her nipples.

Maggie’s entire upper chest was covered in the sweet soap that was now sneaking its way down to her braless tits as they continued to eye each other. The reason she had paused seeing Silvia’s thong was that she had been surprised to find they both happen to be wearing near identical brand simple white t- thongs that covered their backsides, though hers was still underneath near the soaked skirt that somehow remained on.  

No words needed to be exchanged as it went unsaid that they were not done with each other and one of them had to submit. Silvia stood there, her short brown hair covering one of her eyes, barely reaching her neck in the back, wet as if she had just exited the shower and in only a white thong. She gave Maggie a come-hither motion with her finger signalling it was time to continue their fight. Maggie was more than happy to oblige.

Maggie charged going low for Silvia’s legs while the pixie cut girl tried to push the red headed down to the ground and not fall, but with Maggie’s force and the wet ground it didn’t work. Silvia’s legs were pulled underneath her, and she fell to her ass as Maggie attempted to mount her as she had done before. This fall had Silvia’s right tit popped out of her bar officially freeing both of her tits out of her bra like Maggie’s as the redhead succeeded in getting on top of the flailing woman by the hips, their tits bouncing around like melons. She leaned down with her whole body aiming her own breasts right for the huge chest of the fallen woman.

Maggie used her large tits to pin Silvia’s own pair as she pushed the pixie cut’s girls back onto the rubber mats; their bodies closer together than they had thus been so far breathing heavy from the exertion as their chests melded into each other expanding and receding every breath.

Maggie’s skirt was the only thing stopping them from being only in the underwear, but one didn’t need much imagination if watching the two alternative beauty’s struggles. Their bras were both underneath their own tits ensuring all of their meat could touch and Maggie’s skirt pulled up showing off her own white t-thong was near the exact design of Silvia’s.

Their wet soapy bodies made every part of their touching skin slide against the other Silvia moaned in desire and frustration as she finally freed her leg from the mount and used it for leverage around Maggie’s. She forced their bodies into another ball of rolling wet flesh, but Maggie resisted halfway into the turn as they had a small test of strength on their sides glaring at each other.

“You want up? Give me the key.” As Maggie pushed her tits weight onto her rivals magnificent pair increasing the pressure as they mushroomed with each other with their leg muscles straining to overwhelm their rivals.

“Fuck you.” Silvia grunted back pushing her proud chest up to show she was not intimated and increase the already crushing pressure. She began to struggle harder as each woman tried to put more weight onto her rival’s chest mushrooming each other like sandbags.  They huffed and groaned like a woman mid sex as they wet girls engaged in their contest grunting and hiss each time they gained or lost an inch as they reached for each other’s bras to try and pull each other even closer.

Amber’s oily body was laying atop Jenny’s, but still back to front so that her ass was still pushed into Jenny’s pussy, she ground it with her glute to bring any sense of pleasure to the still advantaged singer. The blonde tried to use her own hands to pull Jenny’s apart, but they slipped the first attempt. On the second try she thought she had succeeded with the bottom girls’ hand releasing Amber’s waist, but she hadn’t. Jenny slid her maws up them up and grabbed the blonde’s huge tits again that hung slightly to the sides filing her palms and rubbing the hard nipples. Amber couldn’t suppress a moan having her tits so thoroughly rubbed and abused in the right way. She threw her head back near Jenny’s shoulder as the sound escaped her lips bouncing off the walls.

“You fucking like that don’t you baby?” Jenny licked into Amber’s ear who growled back an indecisive sound which came off as a mix of fuck you and yeah.

Amber rolled again but Jenny continued to hold on by Amber’ tits rolling with the blonde easily, so she remained glued to the woman’s perfect back side, her own pussy pushed into Amber’s heart shaped ass now on top as Amber screamed in frustration unable to get free. One of Jenny’s hands released the oily globes, running down the smooth back of the struggling blonde and across the well-toned ass till finally down between the blonde’s legs again looking to bring the bitch to a first decisive orgasm with her fingers. She ran two ringers up the lower lips of Amber feeling how smooth and slick they were with the oil and pre-cum that had begun to wet her inner walls. Amber let out an un-charasicatally whimper as Jenny teased her outer folds, the trapped woman frustrated beyond hell that she hadn’t been able to get a sort of leverage in their fight and was closer to getting off than she had expected. It was her first sexfight in almost 3 months her body seemed to be more eager than normal. Even without the oil Jenny’s fingers could have slipped into Amber easily with how wet the blonde was, but with the oil reduced the resistance to zero. Amber groaned again as two of Jenny’s fingers began to pump in and out of her with the girl’s thumb rubbing around the blonde’s sensitive clit and Amber cried out in shame as she felt her orgasm coming.  

Amber reached forward and grasped the oily dildo that still lay on the mats in her hand as she was finger fucked. She swung it back to the side hitting Jenny in the oblique who flinched at the impact. “Fucking take another then.” Jenny hissed as she added another finger putting three into Amber who groaned feeling her pussy well filled and herself closer to the edge. She swung the dildo again with more force, but Jenny moved forward sliding on Amber’s body to dodge the hit on her sides as it landed near her hips. The whole while her fingers continued to pump hot oil into Amber’s incredible pussy reaching the first limit of the blonde’s resistance.


“Fuck!” Amber cried her vaginal walls tightening onto Jenny’s fingers who smiled at the feeling that this slut was cumming into her hand and the fuck contest was going every way she wanted still laying on top of her now writhing rival. Amber’s whole body seemed to ripple, the pleasure spreading down her joints, but she was still fighting and knew she had to stop Jenny from extending her pleasure. As the orgasm continued Amber swung the dildo again, but this time at Jenny’s face who had moved too far forward, her tits nearly on top of Amber’s shoulders now.

She jumped back avoiding the contact to her face, the purple dildo missing by an inch. Amber went to her knees still shaking as the small waves of pleasure flowed through her. It wasn’t as devastating as it could have been with her ability to separate her body from Jenny, the singer’s fingers giving a slight pop as they exited her rival. But an orgasm was an orgasm and it did its work, her pussy still dripping cum slightly into the oil.  

Jenny pushed herself up and didn’t attack again right away, watching her enemy with a look of carnal desire, and Amber stared back as the woman began to lick her fingers cleaning herself of Amber’s cum like a cat licking its paws. It was incredibly erotic. Amber pushed her oily hair back now on her knees feeling her body and its hoariness recovering from the high of cumming. She held the 10-inch dildo in her hand glaring as Jenny sat up on her own knees too watching her as she sucked her middle finger extra-long and released it with a pop.

Jenny’s eyes danced, “Was that a wonderful orgasm Amber? Come here and bring that dildo, I’ll give you another one.” She taunted making a fake orgasm face at Amber and giving a girl a sequel of delight.

Amber was breathing heavy, her body and mind incredibly turned on and unable to turn off like a faucet. She knew she had not been doing well so far this fuck fight by any standard not yet even touching Jenny’s cunt let alone drawing her enemy to her own powerful orgasm, but this wasn’t a one-off fuck. It was a war of attrition and her body wouldn’t be satisfied that easy at all. She told herself again only her annoying redhead had done that to her in her life back at the school, and this bitch wasn’t Maggie. In Jenny’s mind however, Amber had already started this fight worse than her greatest conquest that was Silvia, maybe she could go all out on her lust to fuck this bitch without worry.

They continued to glare as Amber made a quick plan, and it revolved around using this dildo to get her back in the game.

Amber gripped the dildo and brought it up to her red lips giving the tip a little lick. She spit on the head and then wrapped her mouth on it taking it deep into her mouth, near the back of her throat; her eye’s never leaving Jenny who went to her hands and knees arching her back with her heart shaped as high in the air as if she wanted the dick in her. She licked her purple lips as Amber took the whole dildo into her mouth before pulling it out slowly with plenty of oil and spit.

“Where were those skills earlier?” Jenny giggled watching the erotic display, her own cunt dripping just from the constant touching and holding of Amber’s body in that position for so long.  

“Just getting it ready to fuck you nice and deep.” Amber signed giving it one more lick eyeing the woman in front of her, it was time to turn this fuck contest around and she knew she was ready to do it.

“Yeah? Well, I can’t wait to fuck you with your own spit covered dildo.” She purred back as she filled her palms with her own tits and squeezed them together making sure Amber was looking at them. The brown eyes were indeed watching Jenny’s chest and not to be out done, Amber put her hands behind her head and gave her chest a little shake, “During the contest I remember you were scared to use your tits, you want to meet a real chest fair and square now? Or do you need to cheat again?” Amber taunted giving a small shake to her chest, her tits almost rolling with their size and somehow retaining their perkiness.

Jenny huffed at the taunt that hit a little sore part of how many people thought Jenny’s body was fake and taking into consideration how hard she worked, “All is fair in sex and war bitch, but sure! Bring your own fake looking tits over here and let’s find out who’s got the better chest and bring the dildo too because I’m personally going to fuck you with it next.”

Amber rushed forward on her knees in the oil as Jenny stood her ground hands on head, waiting for the challenging tits, letting the blonde get into her face and crushing perky tits to tits with a loud slap. A mutual scream bounced off the walls as they fought with hands behind their backs, slapping their bodies together with grunts and pushing themselves tighter.  Oily woman met the oily woman, the rubber dildo in hand desperate to be inserted into one of their sloppy cunts and help settle the score.


Down the hall Maggie and Silvia grappled in the soapy water that had exploded with white bubbles, their tight small see thru white thongs the last of their discarded clothing. Maggie’s skirt, bra and Silvia’s bra ripped off their bodies and lay discarded in the pool of water.

Their bodies were tougher to tell apart now covered in white bubbles and looking almost identical fighting in the near complete nude, each girl’s translucent white thong and random bubbles the only thing dawning their nearly perfect built bodies.

They had come together and were meaty chest to chest on their knees going back and forth on the rubber while their heads rested on each other’s shoulders. Each girl’s left hand was in their rival’s hair and the right hand had a grip of the thong of their rival trying to control their opponent pulling it up into each other’s asshole. They wedged each other while pushing with their tits to force each other to break her hold and be thrown down to be pinned by the other’s ass or tits. It became a tit sumo of some sort, the weight of their breasts leading the way as they rubbed and moved around each other like champion sumo warriors pushing up and moulding into each other. When they went directly into each other, their tits mushroomed to the side and they grunted into their ears as their hard nipples dug in to the titflash sometimes finding each other and bending in almost a painful way.

Silvia pulled harder and Maggie moaned as the cloth dug deeper into her pussy and ass, a painful feeling, as she tried to wring up Silvia’s harder getting her own moan in return. The duel became a test of endurance, each girl fully wedged by her own cloth as they pushed hard with their breasts, their nipples pushing into each other directly. An extra had pulled on her thong and Maggie’s face scowled as her grip slipped off of Silvia’s string and she pushed her body up to relieve some of the pressure on her ass. The shift in weight gave Silva a chance to get her huge tit’s under Maggie’s matching pair and she pushed up in a breast uppercut of sorts.

Maggie screamed as Silvia used the redhead’s own thong to pull her to the side off balance and force one of her own thighs in between Maggie’s own thighs for leverage. She twisted their bodies and finally succeeded in slamming Maggie into the rubber ground in their second near nude pin, sweet body on body each girl giving off hot groans of desire as they felt their stomachs touch as Silvia pushed herself down onto Maggie with extra force.

Silvia’s own white t- thong was near completely translucent and a bystander would likely miss each girl’s final piece of clothing as they wiggled on the ground thinking them both fully nude, their pussy lips clearly visible to any man or woman have been lucky to see them from behind. Silvia had released Maggie’s thong and now held her hands looking to starfish Maggie in the water as the librarian resisted, both gasping and squealing. The extra struggle lasted a few extra seconds until they finally came to a pause with Silvia now fully on top of Maggie getting their legs spread, one of their hands interlaced the other’s in each other’s hair. Their chests in contact as the top girl raised up to look Maggie in the eye, green and grey eyes showed their fire as the fight had escalated beyond either of their imagination now laying nearly completely nude with each other. They hadn’t separated their breasts in almost 3 minutes and Maggie was annoyed at how great it felt to have another’s chest like Silvia’s push into hers like Amber’s had before.

“You fucking bitch.” The angel faced woman hissed, she hadn’t expected this mousy looking redhead to have such a body, one built like hers, one she wanted to fuck. She was built just like herself, Jenny and Amber, ‘how the fuck did four woman who looked like THIS find themselves together and fighting in rooms 30 yards apart.’ She thought as she felt her desire grow the water not the only thing making her wet.

“Fuck you, all you had to do was get fucking out of my way.” The freckled faced girl growled back, her own body enjoying the close contact of the bitch. Of course, the woman who stopped her going after Amber would have such a great body she thought. These big breasted, thin waisted, muscled ass girls were appearing over and over, and she seemed to end up naked and fighting each of them. Amber, Bianca, now this slut.  She remembered hating big tit-ed sluts growing up and before Amber, and now…she was one of them trying to out fuck as many as she could.

They used the word fuck and their hard nipples gave away the desire they had built up during the fight; though both eager to save her orgasm for the girl or in Silvia’s case both girls they wanted, yet it was impossible to hide how much they were attracted to each other. Their soapy hot bodies continued to rub and touch, the sensations were impossible to ignore as they painted in each other’s faces. “You must be a dyke your nipples are pretty fucking hard, you that turned on?” Silvia taunted as her hard nubs seemed to find Maggie’s between their warring breasts the first taunt of their sexual preferences.

“Excuse me? There are two pairs of hard nipples between us slut.” Maggie retorted back moving her soapy chest an inch so that their hard nipples slashed across each other causing them both to hiss in pleasure goose bumps rising around them. It was aggressive and sexual and in an instant Maggie had the sudden feeling she knew what Amber was doing in the back room.


“So, there are.” Silvia said no disputing her own nipples were like rocks and the sexual tones that floated in the air around the near nude woman. The looks and feeling was starting to consume them and push them into a different type of fight. Maggie struggled again and was able to break the hold only on her right arm, but she didn’t lash out or go for the hair, it went straight to Silvia’s ass where she palmed as much as she could, squeezing hard with her light blue nails, feeling up her rival.  The white t-thong did not give any protection to her muscle, but Silvia wasn’t surprised, most people wanted to grab her ass, but it was rare that she wanted to grab the other’s persons as much as she did this redhead slut.

Her own now free hand didn’t try to stop the ass grabbing and went between their bodies, she shifted just enough to get a hand between their breasts where she groped Maggie’s left tit in her hand, her thumb rotating around the pink nipple. As if on cue from the sexual clutching they moaned into each other’s faces as the newly found sexual aspect of their attraction came to the open. Then as if on cue again they released each other’s engorges zone as they remembered they were fighting for what they wanted but Silvia couldn’t help thinking, ‘why not both?’ If they were going to fight nude anyway, and this bitch was here for Amber who was having her own sexfight in the back, it was safe to assume the redhead knew how to fight like that too and she was going to throw it out there.

“I told you, you are going to get the fuck out of my bar.” Silvia said, bringing her face right into Maggie’s, her wet brown hair covering her eye as Maggie’s red curls lay out behind her.

“And I told you, I’m not going anywhere until I see Amber.” Maggie breathed slipping one of her legs free but instead of kicking she erotically ran it up and down the top girls own pythons sending another sign that she was down to fuck fight and Silvia was picking them up loud and clear.

“So we fight until one of us quits and gives the other what she wants?” Silvia questioned, her breath picking up faster as their hard nipples were proving a deeper distraction now that they were nipple to nipple again after the intense wrestling and erotic teasing. Maggie gave a small nod ready to go the distance in this fight or whatever this bitch wanted to do to make sure she got into the back of the Showtime Bar. Silvia nodded back but was now going to throw out what she suspected Maggie was ready for, “Or I propose we make a deal, and work this out with our hard nipples while we settle our dispute like the two sluts in the back.”

Maggie’s eyes narrowed, her suspicions confirmed about Amber, she didn’t reply right away as Silvia brought her lips somehow even closer to the other red pair, an inch separating them.

“You must know what they are doing down there?” Silvia asked, her eye’s flashing in desire and fire.

“I can surmise.” Maggie said with a deadpan tone.  It wasn’t her favourite thing to think about Amber fucking other people and it was something she now somewhat understood about the blonde’s reaction to her and Bianca’s fight, but they could talk about it when she beat this slut. She could tell what this whore on top of her was hinting at, considering they had already stripped each other of their clothing and lay soaking wet nearly fully nude on top of each other. Instead of continuing to tear each other to shreds this woman was suggesting a sexfight. A sexual womanly fight where they would attempt to force each other to orgasm in order to win.

As Maggie felt the pleasure in her body next to this slut’s she knew what she had to do and a sexfight did offer a clear way to know which one of them would win and who would get what, because unless one of them submitted, the catfight could go on a long time. Or at least long enough for Amber or the other slut to come out from the back and intervene.

“I know exactly how you want to settle this, and personally I think dealing with our hard nipples together is a perfect way for us to figure out who gets what she wants.” Maggie replied in what could be described as her sexy voice leaning her face up an inch and giving a small lick to the bartender’s own red lips. In her mind this was faster solution than just trying to fight for what could be another two hours, she could just out fuck this bitch something she had proven she could do to woman; even woman with bodies like this.

“That is exactly what I mean.” Silvia whispered as she lowered her lips locking Maggie into a hard kiss, their tongues sliding together instantly as they twirled around sealed in the spit filled oral arena. Their bodies seemed to react as well as Silvia gave a light hump to the bottom woman changing the scenario as Silvia backed up her eye’s full of desire and anger with her new sexual challenger. It looked like in the end she was going to get her own fuck contest tonight. It seemed life was funny that way, taking Jenny and Amber away but delving this random bitch to her doorstep.

Maggie returned the lustful glare, but her own fire remained to force this slut gone and out of the way. ‘Another rival’ she thought unsure if she felt lucky or unlucky that again she had to use her sexual skills to get what she wanted. So far in their struggle they had seemed pretty equal in terms of strength and now it seemed she would do it with her pussy and tongue to break that endless tie.

For another 10 seconds they stared at each other until the redhead licked her lips and broke the silence. “Maggie.”

The top girl cocked an eyebrow but replied in her own sexy voice, “Silvia.” It seemed to roll off her tongue.

“Well Silvia, If I make you cum, you have to let me back there and get out of my way.”

“Deal Maggie, but when I make YOU cum, you get the fuck out and don’t return.” The use of their names seemed to make it seem even more personal as if they now knew the other’s secret.

“Deal.” Maggie agreed as she slapped Silva’s ass drawing a yelp of annoyance from the top woman before rubbing it tenderly to sooth it, a taste of the pain pleasure Maggie would force on Silvia going forward.

“Then let’s fuck bitch and settle this!” Silvia yelled humping Maggie hard so that their soaked thongs pushed in.

“You’re on cunt!” Maggie screamed back as she thrust up just as the bartender kissed the librarian hard, their teeth nearly clicking as the nearly nude catfight continued with sexual twist as the enemies made out in the soapy water as their incredible pussy lips, visible in the translucent things seemed to gravitate towards each other.

Oil drops flew off their bodies as they slapped their breasts together, side to side at first twisting their obliques, then frontal pushing, nipple to nipple, using their quadriceps to power themselves forward and drive their nubs together like knives surrounded by the hot oily tit flesh. The impacts drew girlish gasps and grunts from the combatants who fought with their milk jugs like horns trying to make the other quit and retreat in shame. They pushed in hard enough so their stomachs would brush as they whispered in each other’s ears what they would do once one was forced onto her back and mounted them.

“Fuck your tits bitch, I’m going to make you an A-Cup.” Jenny said, licking Amber’s ear as she swung her torso again, her abs flexing as her boobs met Amber’s with a thud. The blonde grimaced as their nipples dashed across each other as they separated again, loading up for another strike.

“Don’t think so, but you are going to be flat as a board when we are done” Amber breathed back as she launched her chest forward meeting Jenny’s tits head on and sending the wavy-haired girl back by an inch who grunted loudly on the impact. Amber leaned forward aggressively, pressing her advantage as their tits continued moulding into each other, as if trying to become one combined amount of fat.

It went unspoken as a short time passed, but their hands were still behind their own backs, each woman seemingly determined to break the other’s chest only with her own boobs from their jealousy and pride. Knees were digging deeper into the rubber as they tried to settle who had the best chest right then and there; each losing an inch on their left tit but gaining one on their right as they slowly rotated each other around in an erotic dance of breast supremacy. They continued to turn as they melded their titflesh in harder letting their faces rest on each other’s shoulder’s cheek to cheek, breathes becoming laboured as they continued to up the pressure using small quick motions, their sweat pouring out of their pores mixing with the hot oil that made their tits burn from their constant rubbing.



They traded insults that got filthier and more degrading as their stalemate continued.

“Till one of us quits bitch.” Amber challenged with an extra grunt, her breasts on fire with the oil.

“Till YOU quit.” Jenny growled as she settled in for what she assumed would be the start of a long titfight and pained she was ready to win, but Amber had other ideas. Behind her back, forgotten by Jenny in the passion of their titfight, she still was holding onto the purple dildo and she knew time for her to use it. As the tit duel continued, she locked Jenny into another wet kiss as each girl grunted into each other’s sharing their spit. Each had been trying to get their own boobs underneath their rivals to throw her off balance, but now were pausing the boob wrestling to kiss deeper and deeper. As they forcefully mauled each other’s oral orifices with their tongues, Jenny felt Amber shift awkwardly giving up a hard-earned inch between their chests with a grunt. She didn’t think anything of it except her own body finally breaking the blonde and pushing harder looking to capitalize on the weakening slut. She pressed her purple lips into the red firmer, keeping their tongues swapping in the enclosed mouths as their nipples slashed each other for a second and she gained another inch.

It wasn’t until she felt Amber’ arm move after another inch was easily earned that her eye’s shot opened knowing something was off. The green peered into the already open chocolate orbs already open and staring at her with malice and intent. In her peripheral vision she saw one of Amber’s arms moving towards her cunt. She snapped the kiss spit flying out of where they had been connected and reached down on instinct, intercepting the shaft that was only an inch from her wet cunt. Amber’s other arm went around Jenny’s neck making sure she couldn’t escape, and Jenny duplicated the move trying to keep pace.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing!?” Jenny cried, her left arm flexing at her side directly against Amber’s own, matching poses, with their fingers overlapping on the dildo, tits still locked at their nipples, eyes glaring until Amber smirked with her sparklingly white teeth knowing that she had caught Jenny slightly unprepared. “Payback.” She said, as she lowered her head in a swift movement and locked her teeth and lips onto Jenny’s neck, nipping and sucking the sweet sensitive skin while their fingers touched still between their legs, all of their body parts struggling and fighting on multiple grounds. Jenny hissed at the attack, swinging her head away and then forward, trying to suck Amber’s neck back. They feigned and moved until they bit into each other’ shoulders focusing more on the other parts of their heavenly bodies.  

This whole time continuing to combat tit to tit as their hands engaged in a test of strength with the dildo under them as they worked to fuck each other with the shaft. One arm each wrapped around each other’s neck to keep them up and close, ensuring neither could run away even if they fell to the ground. Their knees dug into rubber pads, oil pooling around them, looking to pump her enemy during the titfight in this position. Jenny sighed a girl’s huff as they hissed and panted as Amber’s arm began to win the war of strength and the spit covered purple dildo edged closer and closer to her dripping cunt. “Get ready to get impaled.” Amber gasped and Jenny didn’t respond, trying to focus her muscles.

5 seconds later the purple dildo touched Jenny’s outer folds and she gasped desperately to stop what she knew was coming, but with her pride, she still was unwilling to stop the titfight she was engaged in, not planning on giving Amber the satisfaction of thinking she had a better chest. With a surge of strength, she forced it back towards Amber by one inch, but her sexed up body couldn’t resist the matching aggression of Amber who would not be stopped so close to her goal. After 10 more seconds of muscles burning Amber had regained that inch and the purple head touched and lightly spread Jenny’s folds. Each woman had one hand down between their legs, incidentally, pushing their own tit’s together as they still learned their oil globes together tighter, but their finger fight on Jenny’s cunt was what their focus was on.

The dildo slipped into Jenny’s cunt slowly as she slowly lost the test of strength centimetre by centimetre, the tit stimulus more than enough to widen her fuck hole allowing it easy access, with the hot sex oil warming her insides as the pleasurable feeling spread. She moaned louder and deeper than before as Amber gave her two good pumps up and down her vaginal walls loving the sensation even as she hated the woman giving it to her. She had to stop it and she caught the guitarist’s wrists and held Amber from the next pump for a second as their arm muscles flexed again against each other while still keeping their tits engaged.

Green and brown eyes met and glared as Amber licked her red lips at her sex rival with an unsaid taunt. Jenny tried to give the bitch a whatever look, but midway her grip slipped, and the dildo re-entered her and she moaned loudly. The brown eyes flashed with victory while the green widened in shame as she gave another whimper getting fucked on her knees still pushing her chest against Ambers but weaker by the second.

“Take it whore, feel my spit in your cunt.” Amber growled, finally getting her tit’s under Jenny’s and pushing them up, making Jenny’s upper body bend back as she was fucked by the dildo. The brown-haired vixen screamed and her whole body seemed to weaken as she struggled to compose herself, her strong thighs shaking as Amber got one more good pump into her, her cunt swallowing the dildo, filing her insides in a perfect sense, their breathing and struggle the only sound in the room as she was toyed with.  

For another 5 seconds the fucking continued, and Jenny felt she was about to fall to onto her back giving up the tit fight and take more of the fucking all at once. “Ugh you bitch!” Jenny gasped and for a second Amber thought she had brought a delicious orgasm to her opponent as she continued to bear down with her sex and muscles on the brown-haired slut. But Jenny wasn’t cumming, she was changing tactics to get out of this situation. She released the blonde’s arm letting Amber pump her with the dildo a few more times with no resistance, sending pleasure down her limps and making her squeal lightly. But with them now free, she wrapped her arms around Amber whose eye’s flashed as she was squeezed into Jenny’s sexy body with her own in a one sided bear hug, their oily lightly toned stomachs fully aligned and touching as Amber’s arms were trapped on their her sides, unable to use the dildo. Amber struggled for a millisecond with her tits squished tighter together and against the other large pair as she was held close, she normally enjoyed being crushed against a womanly body like Jenny’s or Maggie’s but not in the circumstance. Jenny didn’t pause, as she twisted their bodies by her hips almost lifting the trapped girl up an inch for a second before surging forward and to the right slamming Amber onto the oily ground with a smack even with the purple dildo still inserted into her own wet cunt.


Maggie and Silvia were still making out on the ground in the cooling soapy water, their bodies ready for the sex war to come with the conditions laid out. They ran their hands up and down each other’s bodies, exploring the wet flesh until Maggie settled on Silvia’s ass and Silvia settled on Maggie’s tits filling their hands with their opponent’s sexual weapons and fondling them lightly. The explosion of bubbles in their arena made them look as though they were both partly dressed in white puffy gowns that were missing in key places and also could magically vanish with the passing of a hand, which they did further explored each other’s very attractive body. They penetrated each other’s mouths with their tongues deeper than before, running the pink muscles against each other’s teeth and gums as the kissing intensified, each trying to prove her tongue was superior, her kissing technique more erotic. As if on some internal sex clock, Maggie felt Silvia release her left breast from its squeeze and begin to slowly slide the hand down her stomach, teasing the skin on a direct line to her nether regions.

Maggie, not to be outdone or caught off guard, took her own hand that had been caressing Silvia’s back and moved it to intercept the wandering palm of her new rival. She succeeded and they interlaced their fingers right under their belly buttons all the while the sound of their kissing filled the room, somehow even deeper, reaching for each other’s tonsils and opening their jaws even wider. They flexed their joined fingers while their nails dug into the back of their enemy’s hands painfully for a second before they released and now together moved down their bodies further until they reached the edge of their enemy’s white thong, the back of their hands still touching. The kissing slowed as they traced the line along their navels, teasing and daring the other to go first, to slip in and feel the cunt they would be fighting against in their womanly duel. On and on they teased as Silvia began tracing Maggie’s cunt lips outside of her thong, the thinnest of white cloth the only thing between their first contact. Maggie countered by outlining her rival’s slit moving down towards Silvia’s asshole and then back up till she reached the top of Silvia’s thong again stopping for half a breath; until the fingers slowly entered from the top breaking the seal. The bartender’s breathing hitched for a half a breath and she immediately mimicked the move, entering Maggie’s thong as they broke their kiss, giving each other bitchy looks as their hands passed on and came to rest on their enemy’s twat; which was warm compared to the water around them.  

Their faces didn’t show any emotion as each woman was trying to hide any sense of pleasure she felt as the women began to rub their rival’s slits teasing the entrance of each other’s folds, grey and green eye’s staring at each other deeply as if she was trying to find her rival’s weakness and her eye’s would give it away.

“You ready to be fucked by a better woman?” Maggie asked sexually as her finger ran smoothly up Silvia’s slit, a layer of cum already wetting the bartender’s labia, her eagerness for the sexfight unable to be hidden. The librarian rubbed the cum between her fingers and breathed in deeply knowing what she had to do, her proud chest pushing into the equally stacked pair against hers. She felt like she could do this Maggie thought as she dived cunt first into another sexfight. She pushed down the doubt in her head, the small voice that said she wasn’t hot enough for this, for Amber.  She knew she was sexually skilled from Amber’s own mouth and body. Sure, she might not be traditionally hot like her blonde fuck buddy had been with her short bright red hair was plastered to her forehead in the water, her freckles on her pale skin, and her mousy like face, but that made her unique. She had been considered a quiet nerdy girl most of her life by everyone, including herself, but this last year had made her more confident, more willing to use her body and go for what she wanted. That was something that Amber had given her, and a reason she had started to stupidly fall for the blonde a few months into their agreement. Even if it was by accident Maggie’s feelings had grown and she created an image in her mind that Amber’s was too, and she knew now that had been a foolish mistake. The blonde hadn’t built any feelings and maybe she never, but Maggie had to try and talk to her, understand where everything was between them. The relationship had given her more confidence and she loved the feeling that the blonde seemed to have on her, she craved it even and would do anything to get it back or at least understand why it left and what they were now.

“Bring it on little girl.” Silvia responded, her pixie face, with her big grey eyes and a small nose gave her an angelic look atop Maggie as she eyed the mousy woman, with the insane body. The look she gave always made her seem sweet to everyone, except those who like Maggie were her sexual rivals, Jenny too had seen past it. The bitch would learn her place by being thoroughly outfucked, breaking what each of them held so much pride in as a woman. She leaned down again and gave a small lick to Maggie’s lips whose own tongue was too slow to make more contact, missing her rivals by a millisecond, but it was a clear sign they should begin and settle their dispute.  

The sex race began as they entered each other with their middle finger simultaneously and began to mutually masturbate each other with Silvia still on top of Maggie, soaking wet and covered in bubbles. Their hands the only thing moving, in and out of each other, splitting their slits, the room quiet as they except the sounds of finger fucking and light splashing of water.  They held in their pleasure and simply glared eye to eye while pushing their huge mammeries against one another ready to fuck the other girl to defeat.


Amber pushed her red lips into the waiting purple as she and Jenny began to kiss, nipping at each other’s lips and swapping the shared spit they had flung into each other’s mouths while Jenny bearhugged Amber on the ground in a tight hold. Their tongues were quick to seek each other, sliding past the meshed lips and twirling around each other like snakes. Their skills with their tongues downplayed by their attempt to choke each other with their taster and make her rival gag. The kissing intensified like they were desperate to find out about each other, almost like lovers who had been apart for years finally re-embracing. Amber felt one of her arms get free and went to grab Jenny’s hair to pull her even closer.

“Ughh!” Amber growled as Jenny’s free arm swung a punch into the side of the bottom girl’s oblique, making her winch to the right as their lips separated with a loud smack and letting Jenny roll away, the trance of the kiss broken. The singer sat up and widened her legs; she gave a sexy gasp as she pulled the dildo out of her wet twat dripping with her own cum. She was quite amazed at herself that she didn’t cum yet, especially while impaled by the purple shaft while Amber was beneath her rubbing body to body; it was a dangerous combination.

She turned to see Amber’s eyes glaring at her with a wild look highlighted by the frown she wore with the circumstance of losing the dildo. With a cat -like cry she leaped at Jenny trying to get the dildo back in her possession, but Jenny was quick using the oil to slide, and Amber gripped nothing but air as Jenny feigned back. Jenny launched herself forward catching the blonde hair and ripped it forward towards herself as Amber screamed in pain thrown onto her front before Jenny pulled it to the side in another harsh tug and Amber rolled to her back to ease the pain sliding around and giving Jenny the chance to reverse mount her.

“I’m going to stick my cum up your cunt slut! Let’s see how you like it!”. Jenny turned by the torso and slapped Amber heard sending the blonde’s body back down on the map with a thud. The blonde was stunned, her cheek stinging as Jenny turned back sitting on Amber’s stomach. When her chocolate eye’s opened, she was not staring at Jenny’s face but her sexy back and long oily brown hair and bubble butt on her hips. The next thing she felt was the rubber dildo rubbing against her and entering her by an inch.

The blonde’s legs shot up and her sexy calves wrapped around Jenny’s neck whose whole body tensed at the feeling of the snake-like attack.

“Fuck!” Jenny cried dropping the dildo which fell out of Amber’s cunt, her arms flying up to try to pry Amber’s legs apart and off her neck.

“I’ve got you now bitch.” Amber huffed as she began to pull Jenny down bringing her chest towards the ground. Jenny groaned and slowly did begin to move down, the calves of Amber tightly locked around her, but she would not just be trapped without some leverage.

She twisted to the side forcing Amber’s head slightly off the ground so that she could stretch her own legs towards the blonde’s face. Amber tried to bite the legs away, but the muscular snakes wrapped around the blonde’s neck and began to flex like Amber had a few seconds ago.

“Looks like we have each other slut.” Jenny grinned, as she gave an extra squeeze, but didn’t get the gasp she expected and only had Amber’s legs tighten on her own neck in retaliation.

“Looks like we do.” Was the taunting reply from Amber, neither trying to break out for a few seconds; resting on their sides as the two full bodies of the incredible looking women were locked in their duel head scissors.

They ended up in a duel scissor headlock, the dildo now discarded to the side still dripping in Jenny’s cum and the head with a bit of Amber’s. They struggled against their thighs with their necks, slapping asses and clawing hamstrings to break the other’s gold. They were able to slide up and down the pythons with the oil but not to escape.  They wiggled more moving down towards each other’s asses and also getting them in a clear position to suck and eat each other out which was Jenny’s intention from the get-go.

The struggle stopped as Jenny ran her nose on Amber’s cunt ensuring the blonde knew that she had arrived at her desired destination. The blonde’s pussy lips shinned in the oil and Jenny smirked knowing she had already pulled one orgasm out of her rival’s fuck hole, but figured it would take several more to fully dominate her opponent. The blonde blew a breath of cool air into Jenny who shivered at the sensation and confirmed they both knew what was coming next as they slightly began to loosen their head scissors giving the other woman the chance to get her mouth closer to the other woman’s succulent cunt.

“Well this is an interesting position to find ourselves in.” Jenny painted, sending hot breath into Amber’s cunt.  The blonde’s lower lips were full and smooth, and the singer felt a small wave of jealousy. She couldn’t stand a woman like Amber, a woman who seemingly had everything and was now trying to take away her bar, her chance at becoming famous.

“This whole thing began with who between us could use her mouth better, I think we should continue that dispute without the boys.” Jenny mused running her hands up Amber’s hamstrings now tenderly and around to the quads massaging the muscles, her mouth almost drooling with anticipation of latching onto Amber and eating her out.

The blonde shifted her body on top, her oily skin slipping around, “It started with you being a slut trying to get on stage, but sure, I’ll make you cum into my mouth if you want it that bad.” Amber looked down at Jenny’s immaculate pussy and gave a cheeky light lick as each girl relaxed their tensed legs, accepting that in order to get full access to her rival’s delicious cunt, they would have to give access.

“Like you made my boy cum into your mouth? And also, you were planning on being just as slutty, don’t deny it.” Jenny sarcastically quipped as she felt Amber’s red nails dig a little extra into the skin. ‘That’s right bitch, I’ll never let you forget who can suck dick better.’

“Fuck you, I don’t need to do that anymore. I have what I need.” She hissed back at Jenny, but also a bit to herself. She needed a reason to be in this fight, and it couldn’t just be boredom. Sure, Showtime was important to her, but was it that important enough to fuckfight a random woman for? Did she just really want to fight and fuck someone hot, and Jenny just happened to be bitchy enough for it. If she had just…called Maggie. ‘NO.’ She thought, this was about pride and nothing to do about Maggie or anything else than being better than this slut. A nip to her leg muscles as Jenny did some love bites to her legs snapped her mind back into the fight.

Amber was on top of her rival, her legs spread and her clean-shaven cunt an inch from Jenny’s mouth whose purple lips were in an unseen smile. Eating woman out was something she considered a true gift of hers, a skill that she had practiced and perfected earning her the admiration of her female lovers over the years and the despair of her sexual challengers. This of course included Silvia, the best body she had conquered with sex and sweetest cunt she had ever tasted. Their own 69 duel in their second fight had raged on and off an enter night between the rest of their sexual fighting, sharing pain, delicious cum and  powerful orgasms until the short haired brunette broke off their love sucking with her body still orgasming as Jenny mounted her cunt to cunt for the final fuck, She could still see Silvia’s pixie face as she screamed in pleasure cumming like a whore under her, proving the her incredible body and sex were inferior to Jenny’s like the singer had told the bitch it was after their first fight. She would remind Silvia of who was top once this one was done, but for now Amber was going to be her next prey as she eyed her enemy’s dripping slit.

Jenny leaned up and pushed her purple lips right onto Amber’s cunt in a puckered kiss pushing hard. Amber returned the kiss but let her tongue slip out slightly, splitting Jenny’s cunt lips and entering her rival as they began to sixty-nine. They ran their tongues the full length of their slits and tasted the delicious cum of her enemy mixed with the sensual oil in which they fought. Their hands massaging each other’s asses, heating up their glues as they began to probe deeper testing the waters as they explored looking for what would make their rival squirm. Jenny’s head was turned as if she was making out with Amber’s cunt, kissing it sensually and starting to push her tongue in deeper and deeper warming up Amber so her clit would be ready for the torture she was preparing to give her.

Amber stuck her tongue as deep as she could, getting an instant reaction from Jenny who gasped lifting her head off of her rivals’ smooth slit. Jenny hadn’t cum yet during their fight and now after only 20 seconds of the 69, she felt the edge and knew she wouldn’t be able to stop it.

They tongued fucked each other loudly; both trying to go deeper than her rival, their tongues turning into two dicks as they tried to out pump the other woman. Amber suddenly felt Jenny’s walls constrict on her pink muscle and the singer give a little gasp and wail from her purple lips shifting slightly. It started at her clit and spread down her limps as the singer began to cum, the fucking of the dildo and body rubbing paying its price. She attempted to lift her ass off of Amber’s face wanting to squeeze the pleasure back down with little success. Amber found her clit and pressed her tongue into it ending her chance of keeping the orgasm down.

Amber could feel Jenny shaking on top of her, the singer humming and moaning thru her orgasm as cum dripped out of her.  Amber licked up what she could, but after a few seconds the singer seemed to fight through the rest of the pleasure and continued to eat Amber at the same pace only gasping a few times on the final spasms rocked her body. She had a small hidden smirk on her face knowing it would take way more than a single orgasm from Amber’s mouth to get down or even close to submission.  She swung her body rolling them over and taking the top spot fully coming down for the orgasm high. Her gym-built toned ass now visible was instantly groped by Amber pulling the muscle down to her mouth harder as the ball of sexy oily flesh tighter. They slurped for another minute as Amber huffed, she still felt behind her rival as Jenny’s orgasm didn’t seem nearly as strong as she expected and was now feeling her own pussy pulse.

They moved to each other’s clits and a few seconds later Amber nearly gasped as Jenny attacked her most sensitive organ delicately but with a fervour.  To Amber the singer’s orgasm had just turned Jenny on more, making her more ravenous. She suppressed a groan, her brown eyes going wide as she felt the pleasure begin to build fast. She couldn’t believe she was already feeling close to an orgasm again after cumming into Jenny’s hands a few minutes ago. She could feel what the slut was doing, Jenny would drool her warm spit onto her love nub and then suck the spit back up pressured by the purple lips. She did this without a break , ensuring Amber’s clit had no break in heat and pleasure as Amber’s mind struggled to focus on her own task. Half of her wanted to lay back and enjoy the sensation of how skilful Jenny was, like how Maggie had done to her so many times after their intense fights when she won. She admitted to herself she hadn’t had someone eat her this well to her since her librarian and missed it. A flash thought too was this woman might even be beyond Maggie’s skill in terms of timing and precision and she wondered how did Jenny get this good at this?

She pushed the thoughts and began to make up the lost time as she went to work on Jenny’s clit causing the brown-hair woman to shift in pleasure, her own skills she would match against anyone. Jenny may have forced her orgasm to be less than others, but it seemed her clit was already ready for more, a price to pay for holding back the pleasure. Though felt a wave of panic after the millisecond of pause when Jenny returned to her clit work which spiked Amber’s pleasure even higher. Amber worked to keep twisted her tongue around the clit and began to flick it over and over as they made out with each other’s cunts.

They rolled, once, twice, three times neither releasing the other’s clit during the twisting in the oil.  They came to the edge of the mats and Jenny settled on being on her back enjoying the feeling of Amber’s bubble butt in her hands squeezing the muscle. She brought one hand down to insert one finger into Amber’s twat curling it up and rubbing the woman’s g-spot as she continued her clit work, a little spit on the clit and a quick suck over and over. She felt two fingers enter her in response, even as Amber’s whole body was shaking slightly. Amber’s clit felt ready to explode with Jenny’s skill outmatching hers in this cunt eat off, and again she suddenly felt very out of practice. The blonde told herself she had to keep going, she had to even the score, trying to replicate the techniques Maggie had unknowingly taught her when the redhead performed them, running her tongue on Jenny’ clit in small circles, but it had been so long since she had been eaten out like this or at all really. Jenny could feel Amber’s closeness, the blonde was practically humping her face unable to deny herself the pleasure, but she didn’t speed up; deciding to keep the constant pleasure. One finger on the g-spot, and keeping the clit sucked between her purple lips would be enough she knew. Another 30 seconds passed as the girl’s sucked and played upper lips to lower lips, the squealing of spikes of enjoyment getting higher and higher more so from the blonde.

Jenny knew it was happening before it did, the guitarist body sending all the signs that she had reached her limit.  Amber stopped flicking her clit and started humping her face aggressively and then the guitarist almost seemed to relax from their vice like grip. She lifted her head up, biting her own lip and let out a small whimper followed by a high-pitched gasp, her body desperate to release the built up cum and pleasure as Jenny gave two more small sucks to her clit and a sudden slap to Amber’s taunt ass. “No! NO! FUCK ME!” Amber cried as Jenny’s mouth proved its incredible skill again the second time that night drawing the blonde into her another orgasm faster than the first. Amber gave yelp that turned into a deep moan as her clit exploded still trapped between the purple lips which continued to slurp upping the pleasure. She couldn’t concentrate, biting lightly into Jenny’s leg muscle as the waves began and spread through her body. She tried to close her legs to stop Jenny from drawing her pleasure out, but the brunette wouldn’t not be held from her direct source cum this time, clawing at Amber’ ass and pushing her head closer between the oily thighs keeping them apart. Jenny continued to suck her rival’s clit expertly and after another moment she was rewarded with a leakage of cum that she was able to catch on her tongue. It was devastating for Amber whose whole body was shaking slightly from the pleasure as she was rolled to the bottom, her muscles straining against the womanly body she was attached to.

Amber continued to groan as she came slightly down from her orgasmic high as she slapped Jenny’s perky ass in defiance and drew her rival’s clit back into her mouth to try to return the favour, but Jenny wasn’t very close yet. This would be another race with Jenny as the brown-haired slut was beginning her ministrations again working the pussy lips to draw the blonde’s clit back out of its hood. “Fuck, I can’t keep up in this!” Amber’s mind screamed as she released Jenny’s buns and pushed her rival’s sexy lower body away. Luckily, she was on top which allowed her to roll off the other woman’s body even with Jenny trying to hold on to her, but the oil let the blonde slip away.

“Hey!” Jenny yelled in annoyance as her oily opponent slipped free and spun away from her clutches. She was equally not happy with the separation of their sexy bodies that had been in contact for almost 15 straight minutes. Her green eyes followed Amber’s perfect ass and hair as the pink streaks ended up about 5 feet away where she stopped and was laying on her back looking at the ceiling. Her heavy breathing from her orgasm and muscles exert the main sound in the room as she wiped some oil from her eyes. ‘What is wrong with me?’ Amber asked herself. In the past she had lasted so much longer with Maggie in the same type of 69s that she found herself now with Jenny. Was the absence of doing this with another woman, and even sex in general throwing her off so much where she would cum this quickly? So far, the sexfight was not going well for her at all, only having gotten Jenny off once to her two sweet orgasms. She wished she had just called Maggie back for a fleeting second but pushed it down again to the deep corners of her mind. She needed to do something, or she would never be at Showtime again and risk being fucked like a slave all night by the singer.

Jenny sat up and turned to look at the panting Amber eyeing her blonde prey, her purple lips spotted with dripping spit and cum and a wild look in her green eyes. She made sure Amber was watching as she licked her lips around with her tongue, collecting the rest of the cum and pulling it into her mouth. Jenny swallowed her cum with a loud gulp for effect as she smiled at Amber, the green eyes glowing with pride knowing her mouth won the other contest that night.

“That is another orgasm for you baby, are you getting tired? Want to give up?” Jenny asked with a smile. Amber didn’t reply and Jenny smirked bigger. “I hope not, I’m just warming up and want to get you off a few more times before you submit.” She taunted getting to her knees a few feet away from Amber and stretching her fantastic body, her lightly toned abs stretching showing off with her arms in the air while her firm tits giving a small jiggle. “God, you taste fantastic, I want more, so no more running from me.” She sighed as she licked her fingers clean of Amber’s cum for the second time at night cleaning each purple nail. The blonde glared, her body already starting to recover from the pleasure as she watched Jenny, turned on by the sight. She tried to think of her next move because she didn’t want to find herself into another cunt eating race with that slut, that purple mouth was dangerous. While she thought, the brown-haired girl got to her knees and began to stalk around Amber on all fours like a lioness moving in for the final kill.


In the main bar Silvia and Maggie lightly wrestled for position while continuing to masturbate each other; looking to drive the other woman to an intense finger driven orgasm and claim her quickly earned victory. But anytime one or the other would start feeling a bit too much pleasure, they would break of their finger fucking duel and begin to wrestling in the water again, lightly slapping each other’s faces and tits as they rolled around to let their sexual organs cool down before fingering each other again mid tumble, a tactic they both were exploiting.

Maggie had just tackled Silvia and was sitting on top of her by the hips still dressed only in their invisible white thongs. She slapped Silvia’s face slightly harder than before, and then squeezed Silvia’s large tits in her hands. The bartender’s face shot back to glare at Maggie and used her own hands to reach up and fill them with Maggie’s globes kneading them aggressively. Her fingers clinched the pink nipples that were dripping with the purple soap as she fondled the rubbery nubs in her between her digits. They played with each other’s chests for almost 10 seconds, thumbs twirling around their rival nipples, anything to turn the other girl on more and more until Maggie slapped Silvia’s hands away and crushed down mushrooming each other’s tits again and began to kiss aggressively. They traded spit for a few seconds until Silvia bucked, knocking Maggie off slightly to the side and breaking their spit filled kiss that connected their red lips. The bartender’s white nails reached for Maggie’s thong in order to pull her back but missed and Maggie capitalized at the lunging woman. Silvia fell with a splash and Maggie jumped on her back grabbing the white thong and her short hair pulling both bending the bartenders back. Silvia screamed until Maggie released both and then reversed to get a good look at her rival’s ass. It was every good as hers annoyingly, and she pulled the thong harder and spanked it.

“Not a bad ass, but not as good as mine”, Maggie said aloud more for her own amusement.

“It looks and is stronger than your weak ass!” Silvia growled, her pride over her butt almost as large as the meat and comparisons she didn’t lightly.

She almost jumped not realizing she had said it out loud but recovered quickly. “Oh you think so?” Maggie said, “Well, I have seen yours, how about you have a look at mine.”

She gripped the thong and hair again but ripped them to the side lifting up slightly and rolling Silvia over. The bottom woman resisted and thrashed but was stopped by a good punch to the stomach. She fell down now on her back and caught her breath as she felt Maggie’s own ass rub up on her tits and nipples as she slid back. She tried to thrash again but it was too late.

She could do nothing but feel Maggie’s hot toned ass push into her face as the redhead took a seat in the erotic position atop her rival. Silvia struggled desperately, trying to roll her body but Maggie pushed down harder and squeezed her thighs keeping Silvia on the ground underneath her ass and pussy. Now on top, Maggie slowly reached down and slid her hand into Silvia’s thong and began to erotically rub the woman’s exposed clit with her finger causing the bottom girl to scream in sexual frustration sending vibrations up Maggie’s legs and into her own clit which made her smile. Her nose was separated by Maggie’s asshole by the string, and when she tried to use her tongue to fuck back, Maggie would shift and press some extra ass cheek to her face cheek easily.

“Enjoy being on the bottom? You like my ass in your face?” Maggie smiled as she fully found Silvia’s clit and she pinned it between her fingers. Silvia screamed again in reply that turned into a drowned moan as the top girl easily masturbated her on the ground, in HER bar. Silvia felt her clit begin to pulse in desire as Maggie slipped one extra finger into her, pumping her lips while lightly rubbing the clit side to side. Silvia groaned again feeling the wet soapy buns of Maggie roll on her over and over as she was masturbated in the water. Maggie finally stopped taking a nice seat on her enemy’s pretty face, her white thong touching rubbing the bartender’s nose briefly trapped as she screamed in anger still under the ass with her arms held to her body by the redhead’s thighs. For a half a minute she had to just take the fucking as Maggie worked her cunt, her own thong pushed easily to the side, fingers going in and out of her. “Cum and I will let you up!” Maggie hissed but only got a desperate fuck you in return.

She started to worry that she wouldn’t get out of this before she came in a puddle as she struggled more to break the hold of her ass clutching from pleasure radiating off her clit. ‘Fuck this ass is so firm’ she groaned as Maggie increased the pressure, but during her wiggling she felt her a new sensation her arm. Silvia could feel some soap on her ground under her limps and began to rub fast and quick making it bubble and slick. ‘Yes, she is close.” Maggie thought happily, feeling Silvia shaking from the pleasure, which she was, but that was not the only thing the bottom woman was doing. The soap made it slick enough Silvia finally freed a hand and kicked her legs up. Maggie backed up way more than necessary and in doing so inadvertently let Silvia get just a decent grip on her red hair that she tore down towards her as hard as possible. Maggie screamed at the unexpected ripping on the back of her head, snapping her head back. She was pulled off her face chair, her ass leaving the bartender’s face as both of Silva’s hands now found the red curly locks. Silvia gasped air in freedom as she twirled her body around still holding onto the red hair. Maggie tried to twist to get around but was slapped hard as her face sent her down to the mat holding her cheek on her stomach. “Fuck your ass!” Silvia cried as she slapped the meat with a loud smack and a groan from Maggie, her face and ass cheeks stinging. She flipped herself over to avoid the next spanking but in doing so Silvia jumped on finally releasing the hair and planning to return the favour Maggie had given her. She gave Maggie another slap and the spit on her face for good measure. The redhead was on the defensive giving Silvia the chance to turn herself around reverse mounting Maggie and with a vengeful smirk lowered her body down, thong first towards her rival’s mousy face.

Maggie’s green eyes widened as she watched the fantastic ass of Silvia lower itself towards her face. The white little string of lace was the last thing she saw as the muscle connected to her face and pushed in. Maggie moaned in frustration as Silvia’s muscled ass pinned her in a sexy reverse schoolgirl hold just as Maggie had done to her a minute or so before. They had traded positions and the sexual advantage swung back into Silvia’s corner. The top woman filled her palms with Maggie’s pale tits and clawed them drawing a muffled scream from the pinned woman as Maggie thrashed underneath her.  Silvia grinned at the feel of the redhead’s chest in her palms before she reluctantly released the boobs and slid her hands down the red headed woman’s lightly toned stomach towards her rival’s wet cunt. She reached Maggie’s white thong that had miraculously stayed on her body with the way they were stretched and twisted. She slid right in the small underwear and began to masturbate the trapped librarian finger fucking her with two fingers on as the redhead cried out in sexual agony fully trapped and not able to fuck back in anyway. “Now who is on bottom slut?! Whose got the best ass?” Silvia growled wanting this slut to understand that who had the better body between them was now just as important to who could out fuck who in their sexfight. They were built so similar and she couldn’t stand that with this nerd. Maggie gasped trying to breathe best so she could get her nose and face somewhat free. She attempted to use her own tongue to push Silva’s thong to the side, just like Silvia had done to her, but Silvia adjusted just like Maggie had anytime she got close to licking her rival making sure more ass cheek was implanted on the mousy forcing her hands to just slap Silvia’s back instead until the pressure reduced. The short brown-haired girl gave a huff as she caught her breath with the redhead under her like she had been both girls faces had been pushed by ass. She had the advantage and now she had to use it and end this sexfight quickly.

“You know, this is the fastest I have ever gotten into a sex contest or even a catfight with another woman. Is it yours?” Silvia asked as she giggled feeling fully in control knowing the other woman couldn’t respond as she pressed her glutes harder to the mousy face for good measure. Silvia waited for Maggie to try to say something, but when she didn’t even try the bartender smiled thinking the redhead’s will to fight seemed to evaporate under her amazing ass. She leaned forward and continued her slow finger fucking as water droplets fell off her body and the bubbles started to disappear leaving their bodies on full display. She wanted to humiliate the challenger in the best way and getting the bitch off while her face was covered by her magnificent ass seemed fitting. She played on with her middle finger inserted deeply into the redhead’s cunt while the other two rubbed the sensitive lips as her wet fingers were re-soaked with cum. Suddenly Maggie’s legs shot up going for Silvia’s head, but she missed as Silvia backed up pulling her hand out of the thong to quickly and raised an eyebrow as she pushed her ass harder into the trapped woman, ‘So she hasn’t quite quit yet…good’, she thought as she readjusted on top of the face. She leaned back for a second putting more of her ass weight onto Maggie’s face who groaned at the increased pressure which was enough for the translucent thong to touch her red lips, her leg gambit failed. “Nice try bitch, want to try that again?” Silva said as she spit onto Maggie’s tits with a loud sound, the goo landing between the mounds. Maggie hissed again lashing her legs out trying to buck Silvia off again, but the top woman had a good hold. She ran her nails through her pixie cut short brown hair pushing some water out as she re-established her position watching until the redhead’s legs struggled until they returned to the water in which Silvia smirked.  “This is kind of fun isn’t it? No build up between us. We don’t know each other at all.” She breathed heavily from the fight and leaned forward again and now began to rub Maggie’s clit side to side causing the redhead to thrash again as pleasure spiked and spread down her body almost paralyzing her from the sensation. “And yet here we are, fighting in just our skimpy underwear to make each other cum, over what? Some blonde slut in the back for you?” She said with a hint of sarcasm as she again lifted herself up slightly to get a good look at the redhead’s pale body she had trapped, her almost grey eye’s running up and down the woman’s form. “You do have a fantastic body…” She mused aloud with a hint of jealousy as she ran her hands again on Maggie’s tits, feeling, testing them like she did her own every morning and night noting how similar they felt to her own puppies. She had always compared her body to other women for many reasons, dating, fucking, and recently fighting, finding thrill in the comparisons and 99% of the time coming out on top in her mind. Her first meeting with Jenny had made her acutely aware that other women existed who did the same and when two met, more often than not, sparks flew. “Maybe next time, I will fuck you like the submissive you are. I want you to beg me to get you off, but for tonight it’s time for you to cum like the little slut you are and get the fuck out of my bar.” She leaned forward again to finger the pale woman confident she could move her head out of the way if the slut tried to catch her again and began to work the clit again.

The words ‘blonde slut’ sent Maggie into another rage, unwilling to let this bitch get her off trapped under her ass ruining her chance this night. Her emotions exploded as she thought about Amber and this entire situation, everything in her life about sexfighting was because of the blonde and she and Amber had to talk for Maggie to get any sense of understanding. It reminded her again why she was having this sexfight with this random woman and besides the pleasure of dominating this bitch, she needed to win this, just like when she had outfucked Bianca. She bucked hard making Silvia take her ass off slightly to use her hands and control the redhead’s wild hips again with a growl.

Maggie used the distraction, using her free hands to grip the side strings of Silvia’s white thong and with a surge of a motion like a dumbbell press, she pushed the thong up wedging Silvia as hard as she could. The bartender hissed in pain trying to control Maggie’s legs while also having to lean forward to alleviate some of the pressure flowing into pussy lips from her own thong that could only be described as painfully pleasurable. With the slight space granted Maggie took one hand off the thong string and brought it down to Silva’s pussy before the bitch could sit back down. She moved the cloth aside and stuck two fingers into Silvia’s wet cunt. The bartender moaned with a scream as she struggled with her indecisive needs, if she tried to push her ass back down she would only let Maggie’s fingers go deeper but if she leaned up, she would lose the top advantaged position and put her in the range of Maggie’s legs. A tough choice and one made for her a second later. Maggie pumped her fingers twice and Silvia moved forward and found her head between the pale calves that had gone up to her head. She continued to masturbate Maggie, pleasurable wet fingers going in and out of her pussy of the librarian as the top woman sped up trying to go all in on the exposed clit and force Maggie off in the decisive orgasm they had agreed to win. Maggie took the pleasure in waves trying to stop her heavy breathing as her pussy felt like it was pulsing. She focused on her plan of freeing herself as the pleasure sent waves in her body way faster than she had expected, her ass involuntarily humping up as Silvia’s finger fucked her. She was able to tighten her grip with her pale toned calves and simultaneity pushed the thong up and fingers. Silvia let out a scream of pleasure above her, as Maggie successfully dislodged the top woman off to the left side as Silvia’s hot body hit the rubber with a grunt as Maggie’s fingers also slipped out from the bartender’s wet cunt. Maggie only had time to sit up taking a deep breath and wipe the water from her eyes when Silvia jumped on her, crushing sexy wet body to sexy wet body with a slap as they fell back onto the mats in a tangle of limbs. Somehow their faces found each other, and Silvia’s tongue shot out and so did Maggie’s twirling around each other outside their mouths. They kept their faces close to continue their tongue duel on the floor while wrestling for position, splashing the limited amount of water and soap left around them. They gasped and squealed into each other’s mouths as they twisted arms and clawed skin in their cat ball of feminine flesh leaving light red marks from their combat. Their tongues separated after Maggie clawed Silvia’s ass with her nails causing a screech of discomfort as she withdrew her spit covered weapon. Maggie retracted too but pushed her face closer, so their lips were touching but not really kissing.

“I’m gonna ride your face bitch, drown you under my ass.” Silvia whispered as her white nails found Maggie’s rump and gave it an equal clawing back to a small squeal.

“No, you will be under my perfect ass while I make you cum like a bitch in your own bar.” Maggie threatened, her anger overwhelming any sense of reason after being face sat. She WOULD return the favour like she had been given from the ass whore. Their touching lips sent shocks down to the clits, both of which were twitching to be rubbed between fingers. They rolled again as Silvia’s nails latched onto Maggie’s thong strings and Maggie clenched her ass cheeks ready for the pain that never came. With Maggie slightly on top during their roll Silvia’ didn’t rip the thong up but instead down, peeling the white cloth aggressively past the full ass and thighs of the librarian towards her knees as they tumbled further, and she lost the grip as she was away. Maggie shrieked in anger feeling her wet thong removed, the last bit of her modesty pulled off her body. She forced them to roll again with her thong half on, putting the other woman on top as her fingers found Silvia’s identical thong a second later and began to pull it down getting it to midway of Silvia’s legs strong thighs who spread to stop it with a snarl. She pushed Maggie away, but the redhead leaped at her a second later wanting their bodies together again. They crushed together again now on their knees, thongs half down their legs as their meaty tits met and arms wrapped around each other. They pulled each other tight for a few seconds before releasing and diving forward to get their claws back on each other’s thong going on all 4s side to side in opposite directions.  Silvia got her hands latched onto Maggie’s first and the redhead screeched, trying to keep hers up for a second holding on to the white strings with one hand. After a second she gave that up, forgetting her own thong and getting her hands back on Silvia’s in return screamed in anger. Both clothes seemed to be stuck at their knees and thighs as they worked to pull the tiny slices of cloth down the rest of the way. Howls of anger and frustration filled the front bar as they fought to be the first to remove the final article of clothing from their enemy and continue their fuckfight in the nude.

Amber lashed out with her legs and Jenny jumped back in slight surprise; her oily tits jiggling as she moved and a light growl escaping her purple lips. Her mascaraed green eyes raised an eyebrow at the nude blonde who had just thrown a kick at her from the resting position glaring at her. “You have some fight left? Well, unfortunately for you, I can fight sluts like you as well as I can fuck them.” Jenny said as she approached on her knees again, this time with a bit more caution and her fists balled. Amber let her approach getting to her own knees and making fists, eyeing each other carefully and putting up what could barely pass as knee boxing stances. As they looked for an opening Amber was racking her brain on how she could win this sexfight against the equally aggressive vixen she had crossed paths with. She wasn’t sure she would be able bring Jenny to where she was in terms of number of orgasms as the brunette would fuck her back in nearly any position they found themselves. Unless of course she could trap her and have her way with her, but how to achieve that? Smothering Jenny with her tits would be near impossible in the oil, but maybe could be done for a short time. Face sitting would be tough with their thighs being so slick. In fact, she considered any pin would be incredibly difficult with their smooth oily skin, even when they tightly coiled each other like snakes. To Amber that led to one option, she had to get Jenny off so hard that she couldn’t move for a bit and then she could trap the purple lipped girl with something. It would have to be such an orgasm, that it was similar to the one Maggie had done to her in the shower. She didn’t get to plan out any further as they both came into striking distance and a flurry began. The duelling woman swinging punches at each other aiming for the other’s flushed cheeks and sore tits as the optimal targets.

They almost seemed to settle into it like drunken brawlers swinging wildly and missing a lot. After 10 seconds of this awkward boxing, Amber finally connected a shot on Jenny’s left tit who cried out in pain as the first drove into the sexy fat. She returned the punch a second later into Amber’s own matching left tit and that seemed to spark something darker between them as she wailed in agony. They broke apart for a breath, and then Amber and Jenny screamed as they came together body on body fighting in the oil like wild cats from hell. No longer did they attempt to throw punches but now used their claws and teeth to scratch and bite each other with just enough force to draw yelps of pain. They seemed feral as they rolled around the mats and a renewed wave of violence descended upon the combatants each determined to hurt as much as fuck their enemy till, she couldn’t go on. Jenny’s skin was clawed with a few long red marks on her back and ass while Amber’s skin was slapped hard enough to leave handprints as the oily woman fought on and on. The slaps rang along with their screams, some muffled as they bit into each other’s shoulders when they could taste the sweat and oil mix that coated their bodies. While Jenny scratched Amber’s legs, she screeched in shock as Amber got a claw on her right tit and twisted harshly with her nails around the nipple. She shouted in discomfort as she gripped the oily blonde locks and ripped as hard as she could to the right by the roots. Amber shrieked, releasing the other woman’s chest as she went to side with Jenny now on her knees and Amber on her side. Jenny tried to drag the guitarist by the hair to the edge of the mat for maximum pain, but Amber sent her foot flying , hitting the singer directly in the stomach and knocking the wind out of her. She fell to her side as both girls lay for a near minute of earned rest.

Amber sat up first and moved quickly before Jenny could react. The blonde was not ready to get back to the fucking just quite yet and still had a burning need of catfighting in her blood. Jenny tried to roll away in the oil but was caught by her long brown wavy hair as Amber leaned down filling the strands of locks in her fingers. From her standing position, she pulled the roots of Jenny’s brown hair roughly who shrieked from the sudden jolting pain. She was pulled to her feet and led off of the mats by her mane, not yet fighting back with the pain on her scalp. They stepped on the concrete floor of the storage room, where walking became easier, but the threat of injury shot up as they left the safety of the oil mats. Amber spun Jenny around and pushed her towards the wall next to the door where she slammed her rivals back and ass into it with a smack. She forced her own body onto her breasts to breasts and began to finger her roughly at the same time. “UGH SLUT!” Jenny gasped as she slapped Amber’s thigh and ass in retaliation, feeling trapped with the rough wall on her back and the hot body on her front that held her there. Amber pushed in so tightly that their navels touched, and Jenny could nothing but kiss her rival deeply as the fingers worked her open wet pussy like the flute, two fingers going in and out like piston. The make out continued until Jenny bit onto Amber’s red bottom lip hard in retaliation for finding her g-spot. The bite shocked the blonde from who backed her face off from their kiss. Amber growled at the raw attack and instead took the built-up saliva and spit onto Jenny’s chin. She moved to lick it up when Jenny punched Amber’s oblique without warning. Amber grimaced and lost some of the pressure she used to hold Jenny to the wall giving the purple lipped woman the ability to thrust her chest forward and twist them around, crashing Amber’s back against the same wall. Their full nude bodies were still in near full contact as the purple lips smirked and she spit on Amber’s face with equal force that dripped down Amber’s cheek. Jenny followed it with her tongue to spread the saliva while Amber licked back on her rival’s chin letting their tongues pass each other, but they didn’t kiss.  The focus went back on their tits as Amber slapped Jenny’s ass a few good times that the singer let Amber off the wall. “Tit on tit again bitch?” Jenny taunted as she put her hands behind her back. Amber took the challenge and they met their oily jugs again this time on their feet. It swayed back and forth but their muscles were not in the same condition as they had been after the wrestling.  The contest lasted only a few seconds as their oily boobs struggled to crush, slipping and sliding erotically on their rival’s pair. Jenny’s foot hit the edge of the mats where she tripped and allowed Amber to fall atop her. Jenny immediately reached for and clawed the blonde’s huge tits and seconds later felt her own puppies clawed in return. They cried out in pain with their nails digging deeper into their breast flesh sharing screams that bounced off the walls.  Only a second or two Amber howled as she knocked Jenny’s hands away from her nipples with a slap reliving her sore bosom. Instead of re-clawing back she slid from Jenny’s hips to her stomach but her nude ass on Jenny’s belly button. She then leaned down and before Jenny could stop her, the singer’s face was covered with hot oily titflesh. Amber smothered her rival covering her mouth and nose best she could with her large jugs as Jenny shook her head wildly as her head was pulled by the hair towards the boobs. She began to claw and scratch wildly on Amber’s back as the breast smother continued underneath the blonde who growled in pain but kept up the attack as best she could even though oil allowed Jenny to slip around and breath slightly. They remained like this for 10 seconds until Jenny’s white teeth started to bite and chew at Amber’s brown nipples and titflesh, not to cause devastating pain, but maximum discomfort to free herself while also turning Amber more on. She also took her pointy finger and slipped it right into Amber’s ass oily asshole. The blonde groaned as she felt the penetration and the finger twirl in her ass while her nipple was sucked. She gave up the smothering and slid down her rival’s body as Jenny gasped for the extra air she had been missing, until the blonde stopped moving; her upper body coming to rest between Jenny’s legs. With a hiss she pushed her right oily tit in between Jenny’s legs and right onto her cunt.  Brown nipple connected into the singer’s clit directly while the rest of the oily warm tit covered Jenny’s labia. Jenny howled and tried to close her legs from the sudden burst of pleasure from the different type of titfucking she was getting from her busty rival. Amber pushed as much of her titmeat into Jenny, covering her brown nipples with oozing cum as Jenny’s legs began to win the battle. The nipple left Jenny, who groaned again as she felt her clit squished in slightly passing by it. “AH!” Jenny cried and she clamped her legs up and around Amber’s neck. The blonde gasped at the binding but didn’t panic using their slick skin to slide down the legs and thighs where she dug her tongue deep into Jenny’s pussy. “FUCK!” Jenny screamed as she used her neck hold to control Amber and flip them over. She took the top position sitting on Amber’s chest with the blonde tongue still in her. She reached back to finger Amber, but the blonde’s legs shot up and wrapped around her chest while moaning into Jenny’s pussy as the singer’s fingers entered her. The singer struggled against the legs while fingerfucking as Amber’s tongue went deeper in this dual showdown. Amber’s legs tired quickly trying to keep the bitch in place and soon had no choice but to let her tongue slip free as she sent Jenny to her back with a thud. This put them both on their back facing away from each other but brought their pussies in a direct confrontation. Jenny recovered quickly on her back and slapped Amber’s legs off her body. She was angry and hornier than ever catching her breath free from the tit clutch she had been trapped in and having her pussy tongue fucked. She looked up over her tits and down her body at the cunt of her exposed rival. “You fucking whore!” Jenny screamed, all sense of civility in her mind over after being covered for a near minute by those oily boobs. She was going to fuck this woman into a coma and beat the shit out of her in the process if she didn’t lay down and take it. “You will not come to this bar again. I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk. You think you have a chance? You have only gotten me off once you fucking bitch, you are not in my league!” She said, flipping her oily hair from her face as she began to move forward. “You want to really fuck!? Quit bitching and get over here! Let’s go at it clit to clit!” Amber yelled back as their legs passed each other bringing their cunts directly into each other not pausing to savour the moment as they began to oil fuck. They gasped as they re-intertwined their limbs and wrapped their arms around each other’s necks pulling each other to kiss; sharing their pain and pleasure the confines of their arena. They slid so easily and wetly but each girl could feel their folds push into each other causing them to pick up their humping even faster. The oil started to heat their cunts making the pleasure only grow and grow, as they gasped and fucked leaning back on the mats and letting their conjoined pussy’s do their talking. Their clits flicked up and down every time on or the other girl would move in the right direction. The gasps got higher and higher and they tribbed in the oil. Two minutes passed and Amber realized in her sexual daze that they were going to go off together at the rate they were going which would not be good for her. It was impossible to control the pleasure as they ground their labia together, tits crushed when they could as they fucked cunt to cunt. If Jenny went off Amber felt, she would go off in sequence and vice versa if their pussies stayed in contact. “FUCK!”, Amber cried as she made her decision and Jenny’s eye’s flashed in victory.  She pinched her own brown nipple and squeezed the whole tit. It only took that and one more meeting of their clits for Amber to begin to cum letting herself go off. “YES! CUM BITCH!” Jenny hollered as Amber came in a gush and groan as her clit sparked lost in the hot flesh of Jenny. Jenny moved to mount her but Amber immediately separated her pussy from Jenny’s for both her own sake to remove the chance of being ridden to submission. Secondly, was to ensure Jenny didn’t go off with her despite how bad she wanted them to cum at the same time for the sensation alone. Jenny’s legs did squeeze her slightly as Amber escaped but not hard enough to stop the full separation of their overheated cunts as she realized she was far too close to ride Amber just yet. Long streams of Jenny and Amber’s shared cum kept them connected for almost 6 inches before they broke dripping back to their respective owners. Amber groaned as her third orgasm of the night wrecked through her body pushing her closer to sexual and physical exhaustion. She breathed through it while her toes curled and through her willpower was able to avoid the overwhelming peak that might have put her in a position to no longer compete. The orgasm began to subside and pass and Amber’s eye’s fluttered lost in the glow.  Jenny on the other hand slid away, her oily body shaking in anticipation watching the blonde go off, her cunt twitching to get back onto Ambers and feel what she was feeling. She hadn’t cum in almost 35 minutes of this intense fuck fight and had gotten off the blonde again for the third time. She was dominating this fight and the blonde was proving to more of a weak sex bitch than Jenny had anticipated. She was exhilarated that she was getting even better at fuck fighting. Jenny pushed down the pleasure again, looking to show just how dominate she was to Amber, though a little voice in her head sent a warning that she was holding a lot of sex back now.  She had almost just cum with Amber and had to lower herself from the cliff edge. She would let herself get off once Amber had given up by using the blonde like a sex slave until she was satisfied.

“Do you give up?” Jenny asked, twirling her wet brown hair around her finger.

“No.”, came the blunt reply as Amber’s eyes found her rivals. “You sure? Ha, well the third time is normally the charm for sluts to break, but it looks like you need one more hard fuck to accept that I am better than you.” She got to her hands, and knees. “At blowjobs, at performing on stage, sex…and everything else.” Jenny hissed as the singer began to stalk around Amber again for the second time that night. She eyed her prey who sat up slightly, ‘One more will be enough to finish her’, Jenny mused and if the blonde needed a 5th or even 6th to accept her defeat, then she would happily give it to her. She was so far ahead of this fight, that she hadn’t even cum twice! Jenny smiled knowing she was getting better at sex contests because Silvia and she had been a much more equal fight. Though maybe it was because they both maybe wanted it and each other more after a month of dirty build up, taunting and teasing until they finally had their climatic sexfight that left them both covered in cum and sweat; with Jenny on top of course. She gave herself and Amber some credit however, considering they had only met tonight and ended up fighting in the most intimate way which was a record for her. Amber watched Jenny approach, not as confident in her plan as she had been a few minutes prior after cumming again for the third time that night. Her body felt plenty sore and hot from the oil. Thankfully it hadn’t been too devastating of an orgasm because she had been able to separate their wet cunts in time, but her muscles and clit were still feeling its effects.  If Jenny got her off again and was able to really draw it out of her, she wasn’t sure she would be able to hold on and keep going. She could not bear to surrender, but her limit was close with this slut. She had a feeling Jenny wouldn’t just take her surrender as well and another hour of being a sex slave could be a possibility, something she couldn’t have known was a idea at the beginning of the night when she came to the Showtime. She had one shot, and that was to build up Jenny’s desire more, put as much water behind the dam as possible until Jenny exploded like never before, and she would need moments to recover. In that time, she could maybe tie Jenny up and get this bitch off without the slutty singer able to fuck back in any way, the chance she had. She would not wait for Jenny on her balk and pushed herself up to her hands and knees and began to circle Jenny who circled back, the two oiled warriors looking to finish each other. Amber’s arms and legs felt shaky, oil wrestling turning out to be a much harder workout than she would have anticipated but noticed Jenny’s arms were doing the same as they went round and round. ‘Just a little bit more.’ She thought as they came side to side feeling each other’s asses before pushing up on their knees. They reached for each other and allowed their bodies to meet and rub once again.


“Fuck! LET GO!”

Two white thongs lay discarded in a puddle of water a few feet away from their sexy owners. The catlike sounds and words came from the two nude struggling women on their knees as they continued their own sexfight in the front of the Showtime bar 30 yards from Jenny and Amber. They were side to side, with Silvia’s right tit rubbing and bumping up to Maggie’s left with every effort of the rest of their bodies. They stayed connected hip to hip as their amazing figures fought their war moving around the wet mats on their knees in a slow struggle. They had their arms around each other’s necks as they tried to throw one another down towards the ground, teetering back together and the forward in exaggerating motions. Maggie’s wet red hair was flipping around each time, while Silvia’s short brown was plastered to her face every way they went. Like a slow dance they moved on their knees, boobs jiggling enthusiastically while their faces had twin snarls of discomfort and anger side eyeing each other every step. They had danced over to the furthest corner of the mats where the ground was still slightly dry except for the water and limited soap the wet woman brought with them. They groaned and grasped, cussing each other out as their arm muscles burned with effort. “GET DOWN!” Silvia screamed as she violently twisted her body to and finally succeeded in pulling Maggie towards the ground in an almost summersault motion by the head as the redhead screamed. but Maggie didn’t release Silvia’s neck as she was pulled down and Silvia went with her as they tumbled together keeping their arms around each other as they rolled for top position in order to keep fucking.  

Their sore chests came together as they made out on the floor, finally pausing, rolling on their sides, but still holding each other’s necks threateningly.  Silvia kissed Maggie who kissed back with equal enthusiasm sending their long thigh muscles into each other’s cunts and began to rub. Their high-pitched wails filled the music bar as the girl’s neared the inevitably ending of their sexual contest.  Maggie was close, her body nearing its sexual and physical limit as she tried to force Silvia to her back on the ground and into a wet trib fight, her cunt itching to finally meet its rival’s on Silvia’s lush body. It would go without saying even without the water that covered their arena her white thong would have been soaked thru and just as damp from her own cum. Her rival Silvia was just as if not more nearing the edge of her own wonderful orgasm. Her humping on Maggie’s leg indicated she was more than willing to go womanhood to womanhood with the red headed bitch and settle it down there. They were actively moaning in each other’s faces , not even remotely hiding how much they wanted to cum as they rolled in the water in a wild ball yet again towards the water.

Maggie moved one of her hands from the neck and sent her red claws into Silvia’s left tit nails first. Silvia screamed as her breast was mauled right on her pink nipples and she tried to return the favour, but Maggie let go in time and pushed her upper body away separating their bellies even as their legs were still entangled like vines, keeping them in delicious contact. They began to fight , attempting to pin the other woman’s legs with their own as their upper bodies relocated away from slapping distance little by little. The leg wrestling quickly began both women just kicking wildly at each other, hitting each other’s thighs and calves with force. Silvia connected the first kick that landed hard on Maggie’s stomach who grunted in pain and almost allowed the pixie cut girl to pin her pale muscular legs into the water. Maggie forced her legs back in the air and kicked back missing but getting close enough to Silvia’s jugs that the bartender had to lean back with a shout. Suddenly both girls sent kicks at each other aiming for only their large boobs that stood like targets swinging on their chest. Neither got close, and they got up on their arms attempting to get closer now to kick her enemy’s wet face, but this of course this bought each woman’s own heat and tits in greater danger of being stuck; something they were desperate to avoid from the flying feet.  Foot met foot time and time again as they moved closer and closer until their thighs came side by side, legs in between each other. As Silvia dodged another kick she latched on and wrapped one of Maggie’s legs in her arms trapping it between her tits, but an instant later felt her own pull in turn between Maggie’s breasts. Grey and green eyes met as they held the limb and Silvia gave a small lick to Maggie’s calf, her eye’s tracing the leg to the redheads’ pussy that happened to be only a few inches away from her own in the hot position. Maggie attempted to escape for a second till she felt the tongue, and quickly returned the lick to Silvia’s calf, as they shared a look of desire in the tribble position panting heavy from the exertion of their sexfight.

“You want to trib bitch?” Maggie said, licking her lips at Silvia as she followed down to what the brown-haired girl was still looking at again, their two cunts less than a foot apart begging to be brought into the combat. “I’ve been waiting for when you would dare try meeting me down there.” Silva replied, pecking red her lips and doing an obnoxiously loud kissing sound at Maggie. The redhead didn’t respond, but this was something she too had wanted since the beginning of the sexual turn in this fight and amplified when the white things were finally lost. She felt confident after her last long real fight with Amber and her one fuck off with that library slut Bianca that she could out pussyfight anyone and especially this bitch here and now. Silvia looked up to the freckled face as each girl waited for the other to make the first move, staring into each other’s eyes, questioning each other’s motives and desperately looking for a sign of weakness. They found none in both their eyes and their bodies, which seemed so equal like they were made in the same mould, set to meet again in battle. Without warning Maggie lunged forward making their nude cunts meet with a light slap. Silvia gasped but instead of backing up, she squished her vulva back into Maggie with matching force. They groaned in unison from the heat and instant desire from their womanhood finally meeting as their most sensitive skin shared nerves and cum. The pace picked up quickly as they began to move their lower bodies in tune with the other.

“Let’s see how well you really fuck whore!” Silvia jeered as her body sent signals of desire as her pussy finally connected with Maggie’s after nude wrestling with the intruder.  

“You are going to wish you didn’t do this with me bitch.” Maggie hissed back, their bodies relishing the feeling as their connected cunts. “I’ll show you…come here bitch.” Silvia whispered back, releasing the redhead’s leg and reaching for Maggie’s arms so that they were face to face. Silvia stuck her tongue out, but Maggie didn’t suck it wanting to focus on their pussy duel. Instead sent her own taster out and they twirled them around each other, ensuring that only their bottom set of lips were joined to their rivals, each equally as ready and confident in her fucking ability. Silvia pushed Maggie’s body away lightly ending the tongue playing as they leaned back on their hands facing each other. They gasped in turn as they worked their most intimate parts in a new dance and continued to rub up and down in turn working to touch their clits. They found each other’s nub a few seconds later, clit flicking clit and they loudly gasped at the overwhelming sensation while their asses flexed determined to break the other.  


The girl’s found themselves in tightly knotted missionary tribbing position right in the centre of the oil covered mat, their legs twisted like vines on each other as they attempted to fuck the other one off by the cunt again. Their asses twerked into each other, oil and sweat flying off in drops as their pussies met over and over, spreading oily lips so they could mate as closely as possible. Jenny had secured the top position and Amber had her legs spread full starfish to give Jenny the best ability to find and clash their clits in a delicate dance. Amber moaned into Jenny’s face after a particularly thorough rubbing of their love nubs but was silenced by another deep kiss, their tongues duelling inside their mouths in a mirrored dance to their clits between their legs. Amber’s hands went to Jenny’s flexing ass, spreading the cheeks by gripping the muscle wide before releasing and giving it a hard spank make the singer fuck her faster. She then clawed it again amazed at the muscle the other woman possessed, it felt like her own when she massaged it after a hard workout. Their bodies were as closely knotted as a ball until Jenny wanted to stop her ass being played with and pushed up so they could trib with her on top as their breasts jiggled in tune with their rocking bodies.

“I’m going to make you cum again bitch, number four. You won’t get up after this one.”

Amber didn’t respond but spit on Jenny’s face knowing the singer might be right as the pressure began to build again in her loins. Jenny returned the favour and spit on Amber’s face and then leaned forward so they could both lick it up. Their oily bodies drove each other insane, cum dripping out of their rubbing cunts as they fought to the peak, the orgasms building to extreme levels especially in Jenny’s cunt as she tried to hold her unbelievable amount of pleasure in while breaking the blonde fully.  

Their eyes met and they could see in the brown and green orbs a woman like her, using her body to get what she wanted. In this case a battle against a seemingly equal opponent who they had met just a few hours ago. Now locked in an intimate sex duel that could intertwin their lives as tightly as their legs. in another world a perfect fuck buddy or an incredible one-night stand, but now an enemy, a rival, for a stage they were unwilling to share.

Amber also saw into Jenny’s green eyes feeling as if Maggie was looking back at her remembering their fights and the feelings. Knowing she had to win this one for her own sanity and make a choice about the redhead on some level. She had gotten Jenny turned on over the last 20 minutes keeping the bitch from orgasming the best she could. Her own limit was near and if Jenny forced her off again, her plan might not work, so she had to now go for it. She pushed up on her hands to rub Jenny’s tits and began to trib faster than ever, no longer worrying about herself cumming as she and Jenny’s ass moved faster than ever. Jenny picked up the pace as well as they screamed and spit down towards their duelling cunts that didn’t add much to the cum and fiery oil that severed as excess lubrication.

They continued this desperate fucking for another minute, until Amber felt one of Jenny’s thrust seemed to slow by a breath in their seemingly endless tribfight. Jenny was trying to control her own lust from the constant humping she was given by the blonde beauty feeling her whole body.  She hadn’t expected to meet another woman like Silvia tonight and get locked up for her for this long. This was the longest she had ever held in an orgasm during a sexfight, and this was only because she wanted to win without a doubt to taunt Amber. She paused trying to stop her clit from exploding and in doing so allowed Amber to push Jenny down and take the top position in the trib with Jenny’s leg near her shoulder. Their clits found each other and seemed to bend and squish together as Amber thrusted down with a slam. Both women screamed at the top of their lungs, but one kept screaming even after their clits finally broke apart.

Jenny’s thighs squeezed into Amber’s body as the singer let out a scream like a siren that even in her despairing pleasure was sweet to the ears of the combatants. Her green eyes opened wide as the sensation began to spread like lava and for the first time that night and she felt a sense of dread. This feeling came from her loins and a pressure that had grown to a level she had not expected or experienced in a fuckfight or even sex. She had been so focused on getting Amber off multiple times that it left her blind to her own desire for release that were hidden behind the sensations she normally felt when fuck fighting woman like Silvia and Amber. Like a lightbulb she understood why Amber had pulled back each time she had almost cum and now she was like a built-up hose and the pressure on her clit was almost painful. She had to let it go, there was no pushing or holding this amount back and with the loudest scream of night she released the tension that already started to make her feel light-headed. Jenny’s back arched on the ground as their clits found each other in the vaginal flesh as she began; her eye’s closed tightly as she felt her orgasm overflow her defences in one swoop. Right then, Amber’s clit pushed into hers and the monstrous amount of sexual frustration in Jenny pushed out all in one go. The scream was followed by a series of moans as Jenny came on the oily mat. Amber watched for a second then used her flexibility to lean down and bring red and purple lips together swallowing the sensations and as she took control of the fight ridding Jenny like a horse. The singer’s toes curled, fingers clenched, and Jenny could feel her own convulsing pussy release cum onto the equally wet labia of her rival which seemed to only drive her wilder. Amber again invaded Jenny’s mouth searching for her enemies’ pink muscles but was unable to draw Jenny’s out in the cusp of her pleasure. The blonde broke the kiss with strings of spit, leaving Jenny’s mouth still slightly open and mute before wailing like a banshee with her heavenly voice. “AHHHH!” Jenny cried followed by “YES!” as Amber responded, snapping her hips in perfect sequence to Jenny’s moans. The bottom girl screamed in passion as she was properly fucked like an animal in their trib. “OH, FUCK YOUR BODY! MORE!” 10 seconds had passed with Jenny’s cunt was still completely connected to Ambers as she seemed to have passed the peak, but Amber knew she had to keep going. She regrettably separated their matching pussies and slipped down Jenny’s oily body letting her tits rub down Jenny’s stomach till her mouth got to Jenny’s cumming cunt. “NO! CUNT TO CUNT!” Jenny screamed, wanting back the heavenly sensation of their clits in each other’s pussies and trying to get the blonde off with her still trying to fight back. Amber had reached her destination and had picked up the cum covered dildo on her way bringing it to Jenny’s vaginal lips teasingly.

The purple dildo entered the singer effortlessly who cried out in craving as Amber put her red lips between Jenny’s legs simultaneously for a final attack.  She easily found the visible clit and gave it a powerful suck while pumping the shaft into the singer. “AMBER! FUCK! FUCK!” Jenny wailed as she reached down and gripped the blonde’s pink strands of hair to pull her off, but the grip slackened, and she fell back down only lightly tugging the blonde’s oily locks as the sensations somehow doubled on her body. Her orgasm seemed to begin again anew, and her green eyes widened as the dam fully broke in her cunt. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” She spat as her back arched on the ground, muscles contracting and spasming again while Amber sucked the clit of her sexy rival to finish her in the best way. All the pent-up pleasure Jenny had been holding back to prove her dominance came rushing out, and in her current state Jenny was unable to comprehend how Amber had gotten her seemingly off twice in less than 20 seconds and now, she only wanted more. “FUCK, YES, FUCK”, Jenny continued to cry, her body surrendering to the indulgence as her legs involuntarily opened wider, unable to resist the feeling that this blonde slut was drawing out of her. She wanted the dildo deeper, she wanted Amber’s tits on hers, she wanted her clit sucked harder, she wanted everything. Her mind was only focused on her own pleasure and no longer in a state to compete in this sex contest. It was a paradise that she wanted to go on forever until ultimately it finally finished and her whole body seemed to relax at once. The brown-haired girl collapsed with a light thud in the oil as the orgasm finally subsided, her long wavy hair matted with oil around her head, an arm covering her eyes, and her legs still spread open as she lay in bliss. A few small spasms continued that Amber could feel thru her rival’s clit that she held between her red lips. She wasn’t ready to let go just yet, enjoying the taste and sensation of her rival. Finally, the shudders stopped, and Jenny seemed to rest with shallow breaths, which brought a small satisfied smile to Amber’s mouth knowing her plan had luckily worked. The singer had orgasmed for almost 20 seconds straight, ‘a long time even for a hussy like her’, Amber thought, wondering why she had never done this to Maggie in their time together.  She gave Jenny a few more light sucks and then finally released the clit, moving lower to savour the taste of the singer and clean up her wet cunt. Three good licks did it before she sat up admiring her fallen opponents’ body, the elation of victory in her blood. Then to her surprise Jenny gave a slight stir. Amber’s brown eyes widened in shock at how fast the singer was recovering and she knew from experience that a woman that looked and acted like herself would be up in a matter of minutes. Then they would be fucking again like rabbits and she wasn’t sure she was ready or would last against the vixen. Jenny had gotten her off three times and a fourth was worrisomely close that could exhaust her completely. If she couldn’t conquer the slutty whore in the lapse of this orgasm, then she would be in concern. She moved quickly though her own soreness and exhaustion to take advantage and get Jenny trapped before the singer could get up and back into the fight. Amber first gripped the dildo and took a look at Jenny’s laid out body. She licked her lips ready to lock in her victory, standing up shaking somewhat. She took a look around the room.

She moved around to look down at every side of her beautiful rival thinking what she would need more to keep this bitch in place. Her rival’s pretty green eyes were still closed, and she was breathing lightly as Amber moved off the mats and picked up their thongs and bras.  She came back over to Jenny smirking again knowing how the brown-haired girl felt having been in the exact same position 8 months ago in the teachers’ lounge against Maggie. She went to Jenny’s side and rolled her over, the brunette going with the motions and not resisting at all as she was pushed onto her front and Amber sat atop her beginning to tie her up.


The top girl came on the trapped woman’s face as she moaned in victory filling her hands with the loser’s soapy wet tits as she moaned. She kneaded the balls of fat and nipples as she shook in pleasure and victory a minute or so after the bottom girl had gone off herself in shame, face sitting underneath the hot ass of her rival. The victorious woman rubbed her cunt and ass harder into the loser’s wet face; both girls knowing it wasn’t only water and soap that was being spread on the loser’s lips and cheeks.


In the oily pool Amber had Jenny on her stomach while sitting on her lower back. She ran her hand down the lightly tanned back of the beautiful singer tracing the light muscles, toying like a cat with a mouse. She now had the situation under control as the woman below her shifted with a grunt of annoyance. “I told you were a fucking whore. Now moan.” Amber growled, her hand reaching behind herself to the girl’s firm ass in which she delivered a hard spank that rang throughout the room. Jenny involuntarily did what she was told, letting out a moan as her ass jiggled and the inserted dildo adjusted in her. She started to struggle again but with her feet bound by their clothes and her body spent from the near hour straight of oil wrestling she couldn’t do much. “Good girl, now cum.” The blonde demanded as she reached back and began to use the dildo to pump Jenny who gasped as she widened her legs as far as she could for more pleasure. “Fuck you bitch!” She hissed as she took the shaft over and over for 30 seconds before her orgasm began, “Oh you bitch, fuck! You will pay for this…” Jenny cried as she began to cum, her pussy spasming and leaking onto the dildo and Amber’s hand. Her purple fingernails dug into the mats and she again tried to push up only to feel the blondes’ large tits land on her back and crush her back down squishing her own tits into the rubber. “No, you don’t.” Amber whispered as she humped Jenny’s ass while the singer spasmed on the ground as the peak of the orgasm passed through her body. She moaned in orgasm for the 3rd time that night as the sensation faded and they came to rest in this position as Jenny’s clit and cunt continued to pulse and tied up like a slut. Amber’s own clit was shocking her on the hot oily skin of Jenny’s behind, after feeling the beauty go off under her, she barely held it in. ‘God, I could have had a 4th already…’ She mused as she sat up keeping her clit away now just in case.  Jenny groaned again and the blonde sighed, enjoying the moment of full sexual control over her now defeated rival, as the bottom woman spread her legs a little wider as if welcoming the defeat, but her words said otherwise. “Ugh fuck you! This isn’t over! I got you off more than you got me off!” The brunette cried as she attempted to use her ass to try and buck Amber, but her muscles had long begun to quit and now nearly tied up put her in a hopeless situation. “Give up?” Amber asked the trapped woman. A minute passed of just breathing and silence as Amber reached for the dildo again but stopped at Jenny saying in a small voice. “You win…” as her arms gave up. Amber felt the singer begin to relax until she fully collapsed onto her front again breathing lightly, all her sexual and physical energy spent. The sexfight had reached a satisfying sexual conclusion for the bottom girl and a satisfying sexual victory for the top but that wasn’t enough for Amber.

Knowing the singer was fully exhausted, She then rolled the vixen onto her back; the green-eyed girl groaned as Amber mounted her again as two by far the hottest woman ever to grace the Showtime stage; personal sexual duel was over for now. Amber laid down onto her, amazed on how Jenny and her bodies seemed to match together so perfectly, how each of them seemed to be built to satisfy both men and women. She adjusted her body making sure their tits were perfectly aligned as she found Jenny’s purple lips, and began kissing them lightly as if they hadn’t spent the last hour and a half fuck fighting each other to the ground. There was a peacefulness to the kiss that seemed to go on and on, their bodies relaxing into each other as they breathed in deeply feeling their sore tits compress, a sign of their long battle.

After a whole minute of kissing Amber ended the tongue action and sat up as Jenny’s green eyes fluttered open slowly, her mouth slightly agar having become lost in the moment.  Amber put herself on Jenny’s hips while using her fingers to trace small circles around Jenny’s nipples enjoying the woman’s body now that she was being more submissive. “Well, seems your lesson wasn’t good enough to teach me huh?” Amber asked the bottom woman who didn’t respond, “I think we now know who the best at sex between us is really.” Jenny’s face quickly switched from its dreamy state to a glare. “I’m still a better blowjob giver than you and I know I can eat you out better! You were about to fucking get finished if you hadn’t run away like a bitch! I got you off more!” Jenny breathed out with defiance repeating her points, but she didn’t make any move to re-engage in the fight, her body at its limit. It did annoy Amber that Jenny did have the small victories in the night, and this wasn’t a complete victory. She wanted nothing more than to mount the bitch again and fuck her all night, an idea she was sure they could both handle if they hadn’t already tried to break each other with sex and only played nice. But they wouldn’t play nice, that she knew for certain. “But I got you off so hard your little body couldn’t get up or stop me from tying you, so I guess there is really no debate about who won right?” Amber asked sarcastically back making Jenny go slightly red for once in the losing situation of a sexfight. “And if I hadn’t gotten trapped, TRUST ME, I would have outfucked you by pure stamina anyway. You were never going to outperform me in that.”

“Bullshit. I had you and you fucking know it!” Jenny gave her a cocky look even as she sat under Amber, “At least I didn’t get humiliated in front of the boys, they will always see you as the loser between us.” Amber shot her own glare and huffed out air from her nostrils trying to keep calm in the wake of the defiant mouth still on Jenny.

“You lost and gave up. Deal.” Amber said getting up and separating their oily bodies, leaving Jenny still laying on the ground who slowly used the freedom to untie herself. If she was going to rise and attack this would be it, but she didn’t move and only glared at the blonde’s body as it moved away. Amber took that as the clear sign that Jenny was done at least for tonight. “You submitted and as we agreed you don’t show your face here at Showtime ever again.”

“I’m not done performing here.” Jenny said, a little desperation sneaking into her voice that she didn’t want to show. She shifted around to her front and began to crawl at Amber who was surprised and sensed that she was going to try and pull her back down to the oil and lock their bodies into another sexfight. She could appreciate the ferocity of Jenny even in her defeat.  “We agreed, and you lost, learn to fuck next time.”

“I don’t care! I don’t care! I’m going to perform for her next week! I have too.” Jenny said her face red in embarrassment as she pushed herself up onto her hands.  She gave a slight lunge to wrap her arms around Amber’s ankles and to pull the woman down into another oily catball, but Amber simply stepped back and Jenny missed groaning as she fell back to the pad. She let out a growl while slamming her fist into the mat and she prepared to lunge again from the ground. Amber watched, and for the first time ever she understood why Maggie had left her number after their incredible sexfight in the office and lab. She was curious about Jenny and how far this slut would go to get her place on stage back. She could also tell that no matter what she did, Jenny was going to come after her for revenge, the way she would have if it had been reversed. ‘There surely were only so many women who would settle things this way right?’ She asked herself, though in less than a year she knew of four others, Jenny, Silvia, that bitch Maggie fought and the redhead herself. If this was going to turn into a thing in her life, which she considered not a bad thing as long as she always won, she might as well keep their next meeting on her own terms. This and she could humiliate Jenny further, before the singer plotted a time for them to hook back up. A thought came to her again as Jenny lunged and got one hand on her ankle and tried to pull and make Amber slip down. Amber didn’t fall but went to her knees and slapped Jenny who fell back to her back with a shout. She felt the blonde mount her by the hips as she rubbed her sore cheek. “How about this Jenn-y” Amber taunted, now drawing out her defeated rival’s name as Jenny had done to her so many times the night before. Jenny’s green eyes almost looked fearful for a second underneath the blonde before she pushed the feelings down and brought back her sexy look as she ran her hands up to Amber’s breasts filling her palms with as much tit as she could, trying to get the sexfight renewed.

Amber intercepted the touchy hands and pushed them out to their sides, lowering her upper body, “No, no, no, rubbing my girls isn’t going to get you a rematch right now.” She said as she gave Jenny a hot kiss tasting themselves on their rivals’ lips for a long minute. Their tongues played for a few seconds until Amber ended the kiss abruptly, but kept their mouths close so that the blended red and purple lips could still feel each other. “You still want to perform here?” She didn’t wait for an answer as Jenny looked at her with a scowl. “Well, I’m willing to give you your stage back at Showtime, on the condition you have to use that ‘talented mouth’ of yours and eat me out”.

Jenny’s eyes narrowed at the request and Amber smiled triumphantly at her defeated rival knowing her thoughts. “Fine, get on your ass and spread your fucking legs. I’ll make you scream my name.” Jenny said aggressively pushing Amber off who slid to the side and quickly got on her knees looking almost eager to eat Amber again. But Amber shook her head with a malicious smile on her face. She stood back up quickly before Jenny could get to her, “Where are you going?”, the green eyes looked confused as they watched Amber begin to walk away from the mats and towards their clothes to the side. “Oh no, you don’t get off that easy, not after what we just did to each other and how you “humiliated me”, your own words mind you earlier. I don’t mean tonight or right now, what would that fun be? There is not enough of an audience and you just love to perform right?” Now Jenny’s eyes narrowed to slits and she shot dagger’s at Amber’s ass as the blonde reached the corner of the room. “You have to eat me out while the boys to watch, and anyone else I chose who would be willing to enjoy your real performance with that mouth.”

“Fuck you.” Jenny gasped at the indecency Amber presented her. She would have done it privately for Amber, even if it wasn’t tonight but later, but her pride was too much to do in front of a crowd. The thoughts of men and women cheering as she got cummed on by a woman who had outfucked her was too much, and she was sure the crowd would know already or would be informed why she was in the situation. “I won’t do it, not to you or anyone like, not in front of a crowd.”

“Surprising from a girl so willing to do a blowjob contest but, that is totally fine. If you don’t, then our sexfight agreement stands. Simple as that.” Amber said, slightly shrugging her shoulders, as she collected her stuff while turning back to face Jenny whose anger rolled off her in waves. “It’s not the same! We knew the boys and it was just them and you, a crowd of people is different…”. Jenny argued without much leverage and Amber gave her a curious glance. “It’s fine if you don’t want to do it, but you don’t show up here until you go on your knees and satisfy me in front of everyone I chose. Silvia will know the conditions and if you do try to show up, they won’t book you, I’ll make sure the manager knows what I did to you if you try. That’s the price you pay for cumming like a whore. Now say I’m a slut.”

Amber pulled out her phone and snapped a photo of the glaring Jenny who didn’t seem surprised by the blonde’s actions. Amber admired the photo for a second before returning the glare, “If you do what I ask, you get these photos erased. Also don’t worry, I promise not to give them out for any reason except if you try to break our pact, though I will enjoy them in the meanwhile for my own personal satisfaction.”

Jenny didn’t counter or say anything with the blackmail now in Amber’s hands.

“Think it over.” Amber said, giving a small laugh as she put her phone back into the jeans pocket. She gathered the rest of her clothes but didn’t dress, not wanting to ruin them with the oil, except for the red thong in which she pulled on nice and tight. The heat in the room was already too much for any other attire anyway and she could wash off in the little changing room for the bands in the other room. Her eye caught the sight of Jenny’s little sexy purple thong and also, her simple purple bra and couldn’t help herself. “To the winner go the spoils.” She evilly grinned as she repeated the line to Jenny for stealing the cum she had worked for. Jenny who looked ready to fling her body onto Amber’s again but didn’t as the blonde removed the red thong she had just put back on and replaced it slowly with the purple, it was a perfect fit going high around her hips just like Jenny had so proudly worn it earlier in the night. Jenny only watched and gave an internal sigh, hating and loving the way her body felt, almost expertly satisfied, a feeling she rarely if ever got, even if it came at the hands of defeat. The satisfaction was addicting but, it felt nowhere near as good as when she won and rode the defeated whore until she was equally as satisfied. She would get this Amber bitch back when she least expected it and whether in front of a crowd or alone, their next duo performance would end differently. 

Amber opened the door back to the hall breathing in the cool fresh air that hit her oily body like a wave of water washing over her. She turned around again leaning on the door frame with one arm up as if she was waiting for someone in her new purple thong, and making sure Jenny got one last good look at the body that had out fucked her own and redeemed her earlier embarrassment. “I will get the boys to send you my number, and you can give me a text once you are ready to pay up. We can set up some time for you to dress up and…you know”, she licked her lips at Jenny and ran a finger on her purple thong-ed covered cunt. The blonde then laughed at the furious look Jenny gave her, but Jenny didn’t say anything, a silent acknowledgment passing between them that she would end up doing the task. “Until then I guess I won’t be seeing you around here huh bitch?” She stuck her tongue out at Jenny who could do nothing but look like a sexy snack dripped in oil as she watched the door fully close and Amber leave. A second after the door closed Jenny let out a scream unable to contain her frustration as she slammed her fist on the mat. ‘That blonde whore…I hate her…I’ll get back for this’. She thought as she considered how to handle this situation. She would leave through the back, not daring the chance seeing Amber again after being so submissive or especially Silvia, that fucking bitch. The short haired brunette would come after her again seeing that Amber beat her, she was sure of it. Even after getting out fucked twice she would find a way to pick a fight, and they would end up nude and fucking like animals to dominate each other like before. Her working at Showtime only ensured those chances, but only if she ate Amber out in front of everyone and came back to the bar. She didn’t have to obey their agreement, but she would…until she got her chance. ‘Fucking Silvia, how does she want to fight now.” Jenny considered after not being told about the heated oil. After how filthy and close their last sexfight had been, she was sure it would be equally intense and dirty when they locked tits again. Not telling her about the heated oil was a sign that Silvia wasn’t submissive like she should be, and they had not gotten past their mutual dislike of each other. She was just as slutty and bitchy as Amber and now she had to deal with the two hottest women she had fought here at the same bar. HER BAR. The Showtime was her life right now, and she had failed to defend it against an equally endowed sexual woman. Now would have to reclaim her domain in the best way she knew how, sex and fighting. This place was her only chance at getting discovered even for backup voice singers or anything like that in showbiz. It was also her main and really only source of income, along with her joy of singing, in other words everything. Showtime was the only one like it in the city. These thoughts ran through her head like a train. “DAMN IT!” She slammed her hands into the mat. She would get Amber back and outfuck Silvia again just because she could, maybe at the same time if she had too. She would make the blonde pay double for having to go between the blonde’s legs for her next performance.

Amber walked out of the room now boiling room, leaving the exhausted Jenny only able glare at the blonde’s hot ass in HER own high waisted thong from the ground. As the door closed, Amber heard a scream of frustration and it only made her feel better, her whole body feeling the flush and joy of winning the sexfight. The first one she had fought in months and against a woman like Jenny no less. She expected the singer to text her within a week. She knew the girl was desperate to play at the Showtime given how she acted at the end of their fight and she would use that to her advantage. She would let the slut sing here again, but only after the bitch was properly humiliated. ‘I’m still going soft…’ she thought as she walked down the hall slowly wrestling and fighting taking a toll. Before her time with Maggie she would have ruined Jenny’s life to the best of her ability, like any bitch or man who got in her way. Now the little Maggie voice in her head told her that Jenny should be given a chance as long she had to pay some price that involved both of them, that was fair she told herself. In any case it made it so that Amber could fuckfight the singer again, as her lesbian tendencies were at an all-time high. Sure, she wouldn’t mind a good dick to ride once in a while, but more so she wanted a body like she had just fought. In fact, she wanted a specific body and knew she would have to stop herself from picking up the phone and calling Maggie out of sheer desperation when she got to the bar. With her clear mind came a wave and sense of guilt, something she didn’t expect as thoughts about the redhead came swarming in. ‘Is this how Maggie felt…winning a brutally hot sexfight, thinking about me as she made her way home. Would Maggie have wanted to call her and talk about it’. Because she wanted to talk to Maggie now more than ever. ‘I could call and apologize, but…do I want that…’. Amber felt worse every step which was a long walk. Until she finally reached the end of the hall knowing what she wanted to do. She unclicked the lock and pushed the door open back to the bar to another wave of warmer air. As she entered the front of the bar to find she was not alone, and another woman was waiting. Amber’s eyes took in the shocking sight of the room that smelled like soap. Water was spilt everywhere and bubbles all around the mats. But her eyes were drawn more, nothing more than the woman herself standing there in only a see-through white thong, soaking wet, and a big smile on her face.

“I’m so happy you won…” Silvia breathed with a fake friendliness coming up to Amber, so they were eye to eye in the near nude. Both girls looked wet with one covered in slick oil and the other smooth soap and water as the grey eyed girl pushed their bodies right together drawing a mutual moan of fresh desire from just the tit contact alone. Their hands began to explore the body they had teased so much since meeting. “Silvia…what the fuck happened out here…” Amber never finished as Silvia kissed her with a deep hunger that Amber matched, the bartender recalling the last moments in her head as she and Amber finally started to hook up as two victories women of the hour. Yet, only moments prior in this very room Maggie and Silvia had struggled for sexual dominance of each other.

——-Moments prior

They tribbed harder, touching clit to clit over and over, each gasping at the sensation as their love nubs flicked and pressed each other towards the finish. They fell into a rhythm of side to side motions grinding themselves as one. Their nerves felt as if they had connected, and they could feel their own pleasure along with her enemies making their minds numb. The tones from the girl’s voice boxes got lower, more animalistic with grunts and gasps of indulgence as they focused on getting the other off in this sexual duel. Maggie felt a wave of worry, again finding herself near the edge, her clit was pulsating after the past 30 minutes of fingering, kissing, and humping she had given and taken locked with the sexy wet slut. She pushed the senses down concentrating on giving just a little bit more to Silvia than she took as they tempo sped up. Their clits continued to meet, and their pussy lips spread one another pushing more nerve ends together causing the pitch of screams to go higher and higher as the two sexy girls fucked in their dirty contest. Then the redhead felt it, a sign in the form of a slightly less powerful hump from her short haired rival.  Maggie’s green eyes shut harder as she drew on what energy she had left to push on and begin to drive her pussy forward. ‘No, no, NO!’ Silvia cries internally and externally, unable to stop herself, “NO!” She yelled moaning loudly as she was pushed back slightly feeling Maggie increase the already intense pressure on their loins. ‘Not this again, not here, not against this woman.’ Silvia despaired, unable to bear losing against another woman built like her, a woman she had thrown her proud body and sex at with incredible confidence only to clash against an amazingly equal body and confident woman. Just like with Jenny, how they had taunted each other, claimed they were superior until they finally met up and settled it in the sexiest of ways. The memory of getting herself pinned down after their dirty spit covered 69 and Jenny riding her to submission on the gross flimsy mattress still haunted her. She couldn’t lose again, she had to make this bitch cum before her. The pussy fight was nearing a climactic ending for the warring women. Maggie could feel Silvia’s humps weaken as her gasps became louder and desperate, the redhead doubled down, pressing harder, looking to keep her enemy between her legs and make her cum like a slut on the wet ground. Their soft clits met again, and they paused as shocks and pulses ran down their bodies each seeing if this would be the flick that would get her rival off here and now, but each held on. They shifted down and Silvia gave a whimper as her clit pushed into the soft folds Maggie’s pussy until they motioned again past each other, clits glanced again which one was one to many times for the busty bartender.

Silvia gave a hollow scream and broke away, separating their sticky cunts while holding on to her self-control by a hair. She breathed deep trying to bring her sex drive under control now not connected to the hot bodied redhead. Maggie thrusted forward and their vulva slapped, cum spreading on their lower lips, but by near sheer luck their clits missed, and Silvia held on biting her red lips hard. The bartender backed up faster, further distancing their cum soaked cunts. Maggie’s green eye’s shot open as she took in the sight of sexy slut, she had been fucking running from their duel as the bartender’s overly white tits jiggled up and down as she retreated. The librarian lunged her lower body forward to re-establish the connection of their sexes, but Silvia had scampered enough to avoid it from the redhead’s position. “NO! Get back here, we are settling this right now!” She was about to win, she felt Silvia’s cunt about to cum, her pussy proving again it was the best, the most immaculate compared to these other bitches who thought they knew how fuck fight other women down. “Fuck you slut!”, Silvia cried but she knew if she re-engaged Maggie right now pussy to pussy she would cum, and she wasn’t going to risk it unless she knew without a doubt Maggie was equally close as her. The freckled girl thrusted forward again lowering her upper body to get at Silvia while keeping her hand planted behind her. Silvia dodged again but, in a way Maggie didn’t expect. The grey eyed girl pulled her legs back to her chest and now had plenty of separation even with Maggie lunged nearly fully onto back. The bartender pushed up on her hands from behind and rolled up onto her ass and then her feet in a deep low squat position. In less than a second after running away, she launched forward in a full body tackle of Maggie who screamed in surprise as they came crashing together with herself slammed fully onto her back, her arms giving out as her mousy face was covered by Silvia’s large fleshy orbs. Maggie screamed in anger as she slapped Silvia’s perky ass twice at the renewed catfight, and then as she felt a pink nipple pass on her red lips, she latched on and began to suck forcefully even while being smothered. Silvia groaned as her tit was sucked and pushed up on her hands in an attempt to stop the redhead. Not to be denied the redhead moved up with her and continued to suck at the pink nipple, as if to draw an orgasm out of the rubber shaft. “BITCH!” Silvia growled as her ass was clawed again, and she forced her upper body down as hard as she could, banging Maggie’s head back to the mat with a thumb. She went up again as her sucked nipple came free with a loud pop and Maggie groaned slightly dazed from the impact, her head spinning. She felt Silvia shift awkwardly on her and she lashed out with her claws towards where Silvia’s tits should have been but found only the skin of Silvia’s back. Her green eyes opened though the daze and pain to see Silvia’s ass moving back towards her face. The bartender spun around in a devilishly fast spin to the stunned librarian. She tried to sit up and force Silvia’s booty away with her arms. “Fuck you, get away!” Maggie groaned but it was too late, and her body was not in a state to fight the bitch’s ass and gravity at the same time. It was clear to her now that in her desperation to get back cunt to cunt with Silvia, she had left herself vulnerable on her back, and now was about to pay the price.

Silvia’s ass found the mark and the redhead could only moan in sexual anguish as bartender’s perfect behind for the second time that night pinned her face to the watery rubber, this time fully nude in the reverse schoolgirl pin. The pleasure didn’t stop as Silvia’s hand went right back into Maggie’s pussy and began rubbing the g-spot with her two fingers followed by running them back up to the clit while sitting atop her rival. Maggie screamed trying to get out of the pin, throwing her legs up towards Silvia’s face and clawing the back and thighs of her rival, but the bartender was ready, moving back away from Maggie’s clit and applying more pressure of her ass to Maggie’s face to stop her. With that, the redhead’s tongue shot out and licked Silvia’s asshole who almost jumped off in surprise and groaned at the sudden burst of pleasure, but she wouldn’t let the redhead escape, not after she had almost lost during their pussy to pussy fight, this was her fight. She sat on the tongue until Maggie’s legs went back down after a few seconds and the pink muscle retreated. Her legs began, twisting as if to push and hold the orgasam back in, but Silvia was immediately back on her clit and Maggie couldn’t stop herself from humping into the fingers that gave her so much desire.

“Under my ass, just like I promised you would be.” Silvia huffed as she watched Maggie’s legs shake still holding in the impending orgasm. After another 20 seconds of being under her, and the redhead still hadn’t cum despite her clit being rubbed raw, ‘How much pleasure can this bitch take?’ Silvia thought, wondering if she could have handled the same amount in this position. They had proven to be so equal until the end as she continued to work the librarian’s clit determined to find out the slut’s limit and end this sexfight in her favour.

‘No, Amber…fuck’…Maggie cried her body desperate to cum, her mind holding it in by a thread smaller than the thongs she now wore daily since she and Amber had fought the first time. ‘DAMN IT ALL!’, she hated how attracted she was to Silvia, how this bitch had gotten away from their pussy fight, and Amber for introducing her to sexfights in the first place. It all started with the blonde and somehow, she knew it had to finish with her.

Maggie moaned deeply, unable to wrestle out of the pin or fuck back, her muscles spent from the 45 minutes of battle she had endured against her opponent. It was a long slow process as her legs went stiff and she began to cum with her body finally giving in. Trapped underneath the toned ass of Silvia who also let out her own profound moan as she felt the redhead beginning to orgasm knowing she had won! Maggie’s body shook while her back arched and she screamed into Silvia’s ass while her clit exploded sending waves of electricity down her limbs. A second later her pussy convulsed, and she leaked cum as the second wave began which felt just as strong as the first.  This was also due to Silvia lowering her upper body and putting Maggie’s clit into her mouth as she began to suck the nub while still fingering the librarian. It would have been a hot 69 if Maggie was in any position to suck back but in her state, she could only take the pleasure. The redhead screamed again as her body almost spasmed from the new sensation of having her clit pulled between Silvia’s lips as more cum leaked out of her out of her and onto Silvia’s fingers who continued the pleasurable spells. Another 5 seconds passed, and Silvia could sense Maggie’s final groan go up her own pussy and asshole along with freckled girl’s tongue licking her one last time that nearly got her off, but Silvia forced it down. Her superior position she had wrestled for giving her enough of an advantage and newfound energy to keep it up. The orgasm lasted almost 12 seconds and only after it started to subside did Silvia release the clit between her lips and her fingers slowly exited Maggie covered in the redheads cum as she sat back up on her comfy seat eyeing her finally defeated rival.

Silvia was breathing heavy but with a big smile on her face. She brought her own hands up to her body feeling her own massive tits and how sensitive they were, her nipples like daggers. She licked her lips looking around her bar, her domain in which she had just defended from the sexy invader who tried to order her around. She felt Maggie shift under her, and she ran her finger from the redhead’s bellybutton to the valley between her tits enjoying the sense of humiliation the other woman must be feeling. “I believe that was a very decisive orgasm for you…so like we agreed, you ready to get out of my bar slut?” She lifted her ass slightly as Maggie to let her respond, water drops dripping from her behind to the freckled face which continued to glare at the ass of her rival. Maggie knew she had little choice after what had just been done to her and their agreement they had made. She would be face sat again if she refused which was a little extra incentive. Her wrestling and stupidity had been her downfall against this new sex rival. She couldn’t believe she allowed herself to go onto her back to be tackled and out positioned. ‘I had her…’ she thought, thinking of how close Silvia was in their cuntfight, how she was going to get the bitch to cum like Bianca and Amber did, but it was a small condolence that didn’t change a thing.  She breathed in and out before opening her green eyes to the hot ass again in front of her threatening to crush down as Silvia waited for an answer. “I’ll leave…. you win.” She said defeated, the words tasting even more bitter than she could have expected as they passed her lips. She could imagine the smile on the short haired bitches face as she listened to the surrender and she was right. Silvia’s bright white teeth flashed contrasted to the red lips as she made her next move. “Good, now finish me before you go whore.” Silvia lowered her ass again lightly but only for a second as she ground her pussy to Maggie’s lips once and began to cum, no longer holding back the tension. Silvia came onto Maggie’s face as she kneaded the redhead’s pale tits feeling the soapy boob fat in her hands, twisting the pink nipples. Maggie groaned and Silvia sighed through the waves running down her own limbs, shaking slightly as she rubbed her behind on Maggie’s face spreading the cum that dripped out of her. She could feel Maggie squirm, but Silvia ensured her pussy lips rubbed onto Maggie’s red pair until the red lips parted and the tongue caught some of the cum. “That is a good girl.” Silvia laughed smiling, the feeling of victory rolling into her body, a feeling she had craved since cumming underneath Jenny’s hot body many months ago. She slowly disengaged the librarian, lifting her ass off of Maggie and reversing her body to sit atop her. She leaned down and licked Maggie’s face tasting herself and asserting her dominance over her surprisingly hot rival of the night. Maggie didn’t lick back and only glared at the other woman moving her face to avoid the tongue when she could. Once the cleaning was done, Silvia stood up and over the other woman, her own cunt dripping some cum down onto the ground, laying the woman in a superior position.

Silvia glared down at the heavy breathing Maggie who was still laying in the shallow pool of water who glared right back, their eyes both still burning with anger. “Get out of my bar.” Silvia said without another word as she turned back and headed towards the bar, her ass looking as perfect as ever. She stopped a few feet before and leaned down straight legged, giving Maggie another view of the behind that had pinned her down. She picked up both white thongs in her hand and then continued walking towards the bar before turning back and watched Maggie with taunting grey eyes as if daring her to question it.

The librarian sat up in the water and flicked her arms sending droplets everywhere as she stood up. It felt very different now, standing there nude and wet with her and Silvia no longer fighting. She walked to the side and found her soaked clothes and put them on awkwardly clicking her skirt and pulling the wet tank top best she could. She also found her white bra and put it in her small bag even though she saw Silvia almost move to stop her. Clothed as best she could, she made her way to the exit reaching the front door, when she stupidly took one last look at Silvia, who was now wearing a white thong, but she couldn’t tell whose. The bartender leaned slightly forward and blew her a kiss while giving a sarcastic little wave goodbye with her fingers to Maggie as the redhead left the building.

She had been gone about 5 minutes before Amber walked in wearing only a tiny purple thong that Silvia knew belonged to Jenny. The blonde was also covered in the oil she had given the singer and Silvia felt a surge of desire and annoyance that the blonde had conquered the woman that she had struggled so much against. Now they were alone making out near the bar, tasting each other and the other women who they had both defeated.

Amber could taste Maggie on Silvia as the two busty women exchanged spit that flowed like a river from their mouths. She felt a mix of emotions at this turn of events that somehow rung equal with her somehow re-awakening sex drive. Her decision came rushing back to her head, the one she should have made months ago but fuck, Silvia body felt good on hers. She could put two and two together, while she and Jenny had been oil fuck fighting in the back, Maggie had shown up and she and Silvia had done something. Hooked up didn’t see likely, but a catfight did and that she could taste Maggie meant they at least kissed if not more. In the end Silvia was here, and Maggie wasn’t, meaning the librarian had left for some reason…like if she had lost. The blonde wasn’t sure how she thought about that particular scenario. She wanted Maggie to lose…but only to her, and a gnawing voice in her head didn’t like the idea of Silvia fucking her like that other bitch in the library had. Maggie was her fucktoy.

“Where is she?” Amber suddenly asked, ending their heated kiss, a scowl on her face as she lightly pushed Silvia away, who took a step back, eyeing the blonde with new light and a taunting look standing there in just their thongs. “Oh, this is interesting, do you know the little redheaded slut?” The short brown-haired woman asked, raising a slight eyebrow.

A dark look passed on Amber’s face on the word slut as she crossed her oily arms across her chest not liking the tone her ‘friend’ was using. The friendly flirtatious bartender she had teased and been teased by looked more like a predator standing there wet in a see-through white thong. She couldn’t deny Silvia’s sex appeal was off the charts and Amber felt a pulse of attraction with her nerves sending danger signals she had around Jenny and Maggie. The silence answered what Silvia had guessed and a more malicious smile came to her face, no longer playing her role of the needy bartender anymore.

“You do know her! Oh, this is funny, what is your relationship with her? Let me guess.” She brought a finger to her lips, pretending to be lost in thought, but clearly still making fun of the developing situation. “Is she your stalker? No, your face seems more concerned for her. Friend? Close? Oh, or is she a bit more than that, now wouldn’t that be interesting…She did have a good body. Not nearly as good as mine as I’m sure you can see, and she found out.”  

“It’s none of your business what our relationship is. Now, where is she?” Amber demanded eyeing Silvia in a new light from her tone that was nothing she was accustomed to hearing from the bartender. This sexy woman in front of her was a different animal from the flirty friendly girl she had toyed with before her and Maggie started hooking up and she was sure Silvia was thinking something similar about her. The conversation seemed overly stressed and with both of them soaking wet and in tiny thongs Amber couldn’t tell if it was increased the sexual tension that was bubbling or the aggression that made them air thick with tension.  

“Oh, it is my business, and I told her so when she showed up being all demanding and forcing her way into my bar to see you,” Silvia said, taking a step forward, so their equal-sized breasts and nipples stood a centimeter apart. And, where is she? I’m not sure now, because we settled our little issue and I took care of your friend…personally.” Amber’s face struggled to stay mutual as Silvia eyed her for any sense of annoyance, looking for a weakness to push the blonde’s buttons because the minute Amber walked out of that room wearing that purple piece of thread, Silvia’s fury was reignited. This blonde slut had beaten Jenny, and in Silvia’s mind that wasn’t her right. Jenny needed to be humbled but it was she who had to do it, and this anger from not being the first to outfuck the wavy long-haired brunette was focused now on the pink haired blonde. That was her initial thought anyway, but now as they stood there, face to face aggressively, Silvia considered Amber winning might have given her the best chance to get what she wanted. A bonus being she could beat the blonde tease herself who had backed off from their little game, three wins in one night. She just had to push the blonde more, and it seemed the redhead was the exact sore spot she needed to get at Amber.

“Your little nerd friend had a very poor attitude here, up until well, the end of course when I came on her face.” She licked her lips at Amber and pushed her well-endowed chest again into Amber’s who applied her own pressure back as a titfight began to take place between their sore bosoms. As the compression increased it felt as though the walls holding back their unsaid secret attraction and now rivalry seemed to crumble down, and Silvia couldn’t help but shove the blonde with her tits harder as both sets of nipples seemed to harden in arousal from the body on body press. “Looks like your nipples are getting hard bitch. Does this mean the blonde slut finally wants to play with me? You know, I always thought you would be a good fuck, but I could always tell you had a bitchy side to you.”

“Yeah?” Amber said aggressively pushing back and bringing their red lips even closer as her anger grew with every sentence Silvia spurted from her hot mouth.

 “Yeah. And I planned to fuck the bitch right of you.” Silvia said biting her own bottom lip, her short brown hair covering one of her eyes. Their legs moved and took slightly more aggressive stances like they were stepping into each other, tired muscles starting to flex yet again as thigh met thigh.

“You don’t have the body to do that whore.” Amber snarled, as her body screamed to back off. Jenny had brought Amber to the brink of defeat and now after somehow escaping the singer, she had come head to a head with a new rival.

“Yeah, you think so?” Silvia hissed back wanting nothing more now than to fuck the blonde and show her just how good of a body she possessed. She didn’t care if the orgasm Maggie had given her had taken a lot out. There was no way Amber had gotten past Jenny in the same way.

“Yeah. I knew how bad you wanted us to fuck, and it was fun to watch you try to throw yourself at me like a slut every time I was here. And please, you are calling me a bitch? You are just a whore who flaunts her body around for extra tips. But it’s true I did want to fuck you because I knew you would be a little submissive slut once you finally were brave enough to come back home with me.”  Amber quipped as Silvia’s grey eyes narrowed and the pressure between their fat orbs began to ache from their pushing. Oil and water weren’t mixing in the tight spaces that pooled on their bodies. From the outside Silvia looked nearly nude, but Amber’s oily purple strings stood out on her lightly tanned body. They continued to press into each other, daring the other to kiss first and start another fight.

“You were the one who always backed off from our little flirty game when things started getting interesting, and if you think you would have ridden me down when we hooked up, you would be sorely mistaken.” Silvia said moving only her head slightly back and giving Amber a good up and down for the first time even with their tits still compressed. Her body was as good as she had imagined nude, and clothes didn’t seem to enhance what the blonde already had, but the same could be said for her and she knew it.

“I would have fucking left you in a puddle of your own cum when we finally hooked up.” Amber breathed sexually into Silvia’s enticing mouth as their lips started to brush each other.

“After what I just did to your little girlfriend, I know you would be under me like she was, sucking my cunt until I ordered you to stop. I would break you with my sex.” Silvia grinned seeing the fire in Amber’s brown eyes even as her face remained neutral.

“Ha, you think so huh? Amber was unable to stop her hand moving down to Silvia’s hips where she ran it around to the woman’s lower back. She toyed with the back of the white thong.

“I know so. And now it’s my turn to ask a question. Is that redheaded woman really the reason you stopped flirting with me?” Silvia asked, unable to keep the slightest level of jealousy out of her voice as her own fingers came to rest on Amber’s behind, nails ready to claw.

Now Amber gave a smile feeling the fingers who had served her so many drinks rest on her behind, as she too moved her own hands down to Silvia’s equal rump to ensure they had equal footing. She pushed her red lips closer, so they were touching, and their chests seemed to spread on each other. “Yeah, she was, does that bother you? Because it sounds like it does?”

She would never say it, but it did bother Silvia just slightly that anyone would pick a different body over hers. Amber and her had been so close to fucking before the blonde had backed off, and now she knew why. Silvia hated not getting what she wanted and her joy of outfucking the redhead doubled. “Not at all, but I have to say you have poor choice, because I proved who the better fuck was between me and her.” Silvia said as she laughed and Amber felt a new wave of rage towards this woman as she began to see red, her temper boiling over. She felt defensive over Maggie, another tough emotion that Amber struggled to understand why she cared.

Silvia smiled as she saw the crack in Amber’s withheld emotion and went in harder, “I outfucked her body, came on her face, and then kicked her out of my bar half nude, does that annoy YOU what I did?”

Amber held in her rage and tried harder not to allow her face to show it. “And I just outfucked Jenny who I know has outfucked you, so you know what that means, right?”

Silvia’s eyes went from hard to a blaze of fury as the blonde revealed she knew that she had been beaten by the singer and even if Amber didn’t know, she did now. “That bitch got lucky.” She breathed as she decided that Amber wasn’t leaving until she got what was coming to her from that line.

“She got lucky? Nice excuse, but I just fucked Jenny till she quit, then I tied her up and made her cum until she begged me. That means I have basically outfucked you, because if you were her bitch, now you are mine too.” Amber snapped and Silvia’s eyes twitched as sparks were starting to fly between the grey and brown eyes as Amber and Silvia’s friendly flirting deteriorated completely between them. As they were dressed, it seemed almost natural for them to figure this out in their way.

“I don’t really like your tone bitch.”

“The feelings are mutual.”

Silvia smiled at Amber again this time with a clearer intent of violence and sex between them. “Well, it looks like we won’t be the best of friends or even the best of fuck buddies, will we? Unfortunately, I don’t think either of us are in the best condition to go at each other in a full-on sexfight which is what you are asking for.” This was true Amber thought, both girl’s body’s had long scratch marks, hickeys, and teeth marks around their erogenous zones. Some light bruising was already starting to form on their delicate skin from the long sex battles they had endured.

Amber couldn’t help herself; Silvia had just given her a pass to leave, but the blonde wanted to get the last word after the slut had attacked her ‘ex-fuck buddy’. “Yeah, and I’m sure Maggie gave you enough for tonight, and honestly you couldn’t handle me even in my state right now. So, fuck off, and know this bitch, if you ever want to figure out who is queen here let me know. I will come back and fuck your pathetic body anytime you want.”

With that the guitarist separated their wet nude bodies and stepped to move around Silvia planning on leaving the slightly stunned bartender and end this long night. She had only taken one step when her wrist was caught by the white fingernails of Silvia with a tight grip.

“Before you go, Amber, I think we both need to wash off, how about you join me for a quick shower?” Silvia said casually with how they had just spoken to each other.  Amber gave a sigh as the gauntlet was thrown down, and she tensed knowing she had been asking for that.

“What the fuck do we have to talk about?” Amber asked, not wanting to waste more time in this damn bar. Her body was in no state to try and fuckfight another woman, even though she was still confident in her sexual abilities. She tried to pull free, but Silvia’s grasp didn’t lessen and even began to pull her back.

“You have something I want…and I’m going to take it before you run off scared.” The short-haired woman said as she pulled Amber roughly back who stumbled slightly. She caught herself and each stood to their full height, face to face again. Silvia used her free hand to run down the blondes lightly toned stomach to the edge of the newly won purple thong, her eyes glowing with desire as she hooked a finger on it. That little piece of cloth was a key to Silvia, the ultimate bait for a trap she needed to set. A key to getting Jenny and her back at each other for a third hot match and her chance of revenge. Sure, she could get Jenny into a catfight anytime, but this would drive the singer forward and come to her, making it equally about sex. It would put doubt in Jenny’s mind if Silvia was better than her, if Silvia won it from a woman who she had lost too. Amber felt the finger toying with her panties, but she could guess why Silvia wanted it, and when she thought about the look between Jenny and Silvia at the beginning of the night it made sense. Jenny might have won their fights, but in Silvia’s head their relationship of who was the dominant bitch was still up in the air.

“You want it bitch? So, you can go and try to fuck Jenny again? Tough shit, this is mine, so she knows who gave her the best fuck in her life.” Amber said pulling her wrist free but didn’t back away just yet.

Silvia gave a slight shrug, “I won’t lie, you guessed right. I do want to sexfight Jenny until she surrenders to my body like it should always have been before. But that is MY business.” Silvia then without warning licked Amber lips but pulled back before Amber could retaliate.

“So, are you going to give me that thong now or should I rip it off your body?”

“And why the fuck should I even give you the chance to have this one? I won this fair and square and I fought Jenny a lot longer then you fought Maggie. So, fuck off. What’s going to stop me from leaving.” Amber replied, forcing her tongue to stay in her mouth instead of licking back.

“You can try to leave,” Silvia said threateningly before she continued. “That is true you did fight longer, but where you are wrong is, I DO have something I think you want,” Silvia said with a high and mighty voice.

“You have nothing I need, expect to kick your ass and fuck the smile off your face someday soon,” Amber replied not sure what Silvia was talking about.

“Oh, I think I do, see this little thing,” She gestured down to the simple see-through white string thong that Silvia wore, “isn’t mine. This is your little girlfriend and I think you want it as much as I want yours.”

Amber’s own brown eyes flashed down towards the white clear cloth that donned Silvia’s hot wet body in surprise and a sense of the purest form of jealousy seemed to start from her heart. If that was Maggie’s and she figured it was because she now noticed another wet white thong sitting on the bar. She wanted it for herself, because in Amber’s mind there were two reasons: First, she wanted to have anything Maggie wanted as her own, and second she didn’t want this bitch to have her ex-lover’s trophy. The second part she didn’t like to admit to herself.

“If you come shower with me, I’m willing to put your little redheads white one on the line for Jenny’s’. A finger fuck off, winner keeps both. What do you say Amber? You said you planned on leaving me in a puddle of cum, if you are as confident as you think you are, you should be able to handle me easily. And I did just fuckfight a woman like you did, so we must be close to equal. The nerd and I were ravenous on each other. Like we both hadn’t had a good hard fuck in a long time. Do you not take care of her needs? I’m sure she will be back begging me to fuck her again soon anyway. Maybe coming back just for this little thing unless of course you get it first.”

Amber breathing was now at an all-time high, she wanted to fucking put this bitch in her place, and she didn’t care that the odds were stacked against her in her mind. Maybe Silvia was just as tried as she was, she thought. Silvia noticed the changes in Amber’s stance as the still nearly nude woman eyed each other and she decided to push it one more time to get Amber into the gutter with her once more.

“Come on Amber, I’m sure it will be fast once we finally end up nude on each other.  

Amber took a breath, her body weary from the long oil battle, her clit feeling numb from the three orgasms she suffered. She would not be able to go long or hard in this fight and only hope was that Maggie exhausted the bitch as much as Jenny had done to her, so they were equally drained. She wished she had gotten off with Jenny because her forth orgasm was closer than she would have liked, but to reduce the change Maggie didn’t come back was enough. “Lead the way bitch, it’s about time I fucked you, you have been practically begging for it every single night I was in here. I also just fucked your owner, so I doubt her little pet will be much trouble.”

Silvia’s smile faltered again at being called Jenny’s pet, and her own rage spiked at the incredible bodied guitarist standing in front of her. With a glare as cold as ice she offered her hand and Amber took it to be led to their fingers. They interlaced them lightly while also digging their nails harshly into the back of the other’s hand making them wince. Silvia led Amber back through the exact door she had just left but instead of going down the hall to the manager’s office, or the storage room they took a quick right into the band changing room that was connected to the stage. There was a couch and a small table, and two doors. The far one led to the stage, the one on the left led to a small washroom with a sink, toilet, and what might have been the smallest glass shower ever made. The bands used this room while waiting to go on stage, and Amber was quite used to it. She should have been here earlier in the night, if she hadn’t lost the stupid blowjob race, she thought.

Silvia didn’t hesitate in the room and led Amber into the small washroom till she finally let go standing in front of the tiny shower which took up a small corner. The shower was tiny, barley built only for one person who still wouldn’t have much room to twist. The two of them would have to be pressed together extremely tight which was the idea of course in Silvia’s mind. She opened the glass door and turned back to Amber standing there still nearly nude in the thong, a blonde goddess on display with her lightly toned muscles dripping in oil and somehow willing to fight again. “You sure you want to do this? You and Jenny were oil fucking for a long time, you can just give me the purple thong.” Silvia said sarcastically knowing it would only make Amber go forward with the sexfight more.

A small bit of Amber didn’t want to do this staring at Silvia’s incredible body that reminded her of Jenny’s, Maggie’s, and her own. The woman’s legs had a good amount of muscle and the tight stomach and large bust gave her a pristine hourglass figure. Her pixie face seemed to have a permanent cocky grin though Amber was sure she had a similar one after they both had won sexfights that night. But even with that, she wanted more than anything to stop this bitch from keeping that thong and somehow ensuring having Maggie’s to herself. A deep thought came to Amber, that she hated, but she knew if she won that thong back it might stop Maggie from going after Silvia. Why did she want this? She wouldn’t allow herself to answer that question, but at that point she was going to do anything to get it.

“I’m not backing off, and you are going to give me that piece of cloth on your hips,” Amber said cocking her hip and flipping her oily blonde pink hair back.

“Then let’s get this shower nice and hot. Then we can start our little fuck race.” Silvia hummed at her.

Amber gave her a beautiful smile, “I’ve been waiting a long time to sink my claws into that fat ass of yours, every time you leaned over in front of me in those yoga pants to get some drink. I was planning on pinning it down and showing you who had the better ass when I fucked you in my bed.” She breathed wanting to get started.

“That’s good, cause every time you placed your bimbo sized tits on my bar, I wanted to claw them until you widen your legs for me.” Silva shot back as they sized each other from a few feet away. They both turned to show off their asses to the other giving each other full body looks, but still not yet fully nude. The aggressive talk and stances turned them on more, making Amber more interested in finally locking her body to Silvia’s even in their current state. Silvia now ready turned back to the shower and flipped the water on and set it to a nice hot temperature. Satisfied she turned back to the incredible blonde but gave a shift back in surprise as Amber had quietly gotten right up so they were face to face again. The blonde licked her lips and moved her hands to her obliques where the strings of the purple thong rested.

Amber hooked them with her thumbs as Silvia glanced down to see the strip show. The brown eyed girl leaned forward and peeled her high waisted thong to her hips and then down her thighs bending at the waist as it moved down her legs to her feet. She took a small step to get out of the final piece of her clothing. As she moved her way back up, she paused at Silvia’s equal sized tits in front of her face.  

“The one drink on tap at the Showtime I haven’t tried yet.” As she leaned forward and sucked Silvia’s rack right on her breasts. The standing woman moaned as Amber’s red lips lightly sucked and chewed her erect nipples. Amber sucked her rival’s left tit and light brown nipple, licking it hard enough to bend the rubbery shaft. She then ran her tongue across the top of the chest looking up so that her brown eyes stared into Silvia’s grey as she pulled the other nipple into her mouth giving it an equal through sucking. She ran her tongue around and around making sure Silvia watched and never breaking eye contact as if she was blowing a guy. When she finished, she made a loud popping sound leaving small little marks around each nipple. She caught the purple thong with her toe and brought it up to her hand as if she was stretching her quad. Silvia seemed to be planning to give Amber’s tits the same service, but the blonde suddenly kissed her hard and their tongues twinned together like snakes as their bodies came together. Their hands groped the ass they had taunted with hotly as their faces moved back and forth each girl determined to win this kiss fight. After a full 20 seconds Amber pushed Silvia away and entered the shower placing her body to the back of the cool glass and leaving Silvia just enough space to get in. The hot water helped her revitalize as she eyed Silvia who looked more than annoyed that she didn’t get to bite into Amber’s jiggling girls. That didn’t matter though because she was more than ready to shower with her. She pushed her newly acquired white thong down fast and hung it up on top of Amber’s purple one where a towel would normally hang and entered the shower.

Silvia stepped in after and right away the woman’s suck able tits were compressed into each other as each grunted from the tight place. She somehow pulled the door closed as their asses pushed into the glass. The water began to pull them into their sexy arena.

“Move over.” Silvia grunted,

“Fuck you, you wanted us tight, put your boobs under mine.” Amber countered as she felt the glass on her ass and the hot skin of Silvia on her front.

“No way.” Silvia growled as they worked to shift little inches of space back and forth as they finally got settled as best they could and looked eye to eye. Their legs were fully intertwined, and their arms were crushed but hands did rest on their rival’s cunt.

Even though she was desperate to fight, to wipe the cocky grin off of Silvia’s face, she couldn’t deny the attraction between them. They had spent months and months flirting, teasing each other every which way. They wanted each other, bad, the sex and pleasure that had been promised with every look, every smile and outfit they had worn to allure the other coming back to them. Now they were nude pushed together in a hot shower as their limbo spiked as Silvia’s short hair covered her left eye and she licked her lips at Amber and for a second they forgot they were fighting.

Lips met and bodies moulded as Amber and Silvia began to unleash their built-up desires on each other and find out who was really queen of the night.  They made out for a whole minute under the falling water, not fighting, just letting their hands explore as best they could in the tight arena. They relished in the sensation of having their hot bodies pressed up into each other like a tight knot like they had promised. It was as good as they had both imagined from the many nights, they had teased the girl across the bar. But this wasn’t a night of just fun sex, and the pleasurable playing didn’t last long however as they both wanted something, and this wasn’t just some hook-up. It was a competition and as Silvia’s fingers left Amber’s taunt ass and moved to her clit, the race and competitiveness was reignited as their tongues began to work deeper, trying to choke the other bitch.

Sore tits crushed harder and they moaned as they kissed under the shower head, water cascading their bodies in long drips, the temperature a perfect heat. Both teased the cunts playfully, that started to open for the welcome fingers of the sexy woman in front of them. Simultaneously they began fingering each other wasting little time to get down to it in this dirty race to get each other off. “You are going to be my fuck bitch.” Amber hissed as their mouths separated by an inch. “I fuck who I want bitch. I finished your girlfriend and now I’m going to fuck your pathetic ass.” Silvia groaned as Amber curled a finger in her rubbing her g-spot. “Fuck you!”

They both had two fingers in each other, and Amber felt the jolt and regret of holding back her 4th orgasm against Jenny. Somehow Silvia was making her horny again, but she knew Silvia wanted her bad with how wet the labia of her rival was. It was going to be a close race, but Amber was sure she could get Silvia off. Silvia hissed, at her body’s reaction to Amber. She hadn’t considered how many times Amber had gotten off, and now with her only coming up to a second, she was already starting to get turned on fast after cumming only a 15 minutes prior.

They found each other’s clits and each squealed as they fingered deeper and rubbed faster in the sudden sexy race of skill. The battle between one girl’s fourth and Silvia’s second each thought it gave her a better advantage. It was happening so fast locked under the hot water as the two intertwined women squirmed in the tight space, sexy skin blending as every part was rubbing against skin or glass.

Each tried to put her tits on top of the other’s full pair as their backs slid on the glass creating gaps in the condensation as steam began to cover the room. Each was close as they focused on the clits that appeared from their hood, each pushing it with her palms.

‘No…’ Amber thought as she tried tongue fucking Silvia harder. The 4th orgasm that she almost had with Jenny had bubbled back to the surface much quicker than anticipated. “Fuck” Amber cried, and Silvia moaned too in pleasure as her second coming over her walls. The build-up of toying with each other causing them to bounce on each other’s fingers. Another 30 seconds past and the blonde started to go off with a deep moan. Her mouth instantly covered, her tongue pressed to the back of her mouth by the ravenous Silvia who started to cum a few seconds later as well, each working their fingers hard on their rivals erect clit. 

Both girls went off, but Amber distinctively had cum a second before the other woman as they held each other through the torrid of water pouring down on them and cum leaking. They could feel their interested fingers clamped slightly by each other’s labia as they gasped through the sensations until they started kissing again deeply, their nerves firing in every spot their skin was touching, from their legs, stomachs, and breasts. Tongues lapped up and tried to pin the other down as they kissed through the shared pleasure of their bodies. As their lips separated and Amber felt the repercussions of her 4th orgasm began to weigh down on her exhausted body. She went slightly slack as her tits shifted under Silvia’s rack signaling her defeat as they finally came down from their shared high.  

She rested her head tucked in Silvia’s wet neck as her tits were pushed down by the other woman, her blonde hair draped down and covering Silvia’s hot body. “Fuck.” Amber breathed as she felt the warm water turn off and both women’s bodies seemed to soften with the battle over. Silvia licked and nipped at Amber’s ear for a bit but didn’t get much response. She grinned not caring if Amber had already been drained, she had won, and a win was a win in any circumstance. She shifted awkwardly but successfully opened the door and the girl’s nearly fell out with the new free space. Amber fell to her knees, her legs quitting on her slightly once again soaking wet as water dripped off of her and onto the floor. The 4th orgasm pushed her beyond just tied and she felt sexually drained like never before. As she attempted to get up, she felt Silvia grasp the blonde pink hair and began to pull while Amber gave a cry of pain at being led. Silvia dragged the guitarist towards the couch, not willing to give the blonde any chance to fight back. She was annoyed that the bitch had gotten her off as well, but Amber had gone first, and Silvia wanted to make sure she knew it. Amber’s head was whipped by her hair getting thrown onto the couch in a sitting position where she sat fully nude and legs slightly spread. Silvia jumped on her as if riding her in a front facing lap dance, wet bodies slapping hotly together once again. She pulled the blonde hair with a tug to raise Amber’s face while leaning down to slide her tongue into Amber’s mouth initiating a sweet wet kiss. The blonde kissed back roughly as her hands filled with the bartender’s toned ass as she was mounted trying to get herself back in the fight but slowly her tongue retreated and her ass grabbing lessened. Silvia’ pink muscle gave chase finding and pinning her rival’s tongue successfully in Amber’s orifice for a good few seconds as Amber struggled to keep up. The blonde broke the kiss with a gasp as wet drips fell from Silvia’s short wet hair onto her face as the bartender ran her tongue over Amber’s cheeks and lips daring her to kiss again. She smirked in control as she flexed her muscles pinning Amber fully, the blonde now beyond drained to fight back. Silvia’s grey eyes danced with glee pining there second perfect body that night no matter the circumstances in which she won. “I win bitch.” She said as she spit on Amber’s face who flinched and glared back as best, she could, but didn’t spit back lowering her head. “Wow, you look so tired.” Silvia purred as she pushed her tits lightly in Amber’s face in a taunting way. “You and Jenny really pushed each other, around didn’t you? Shame your girlfriend didn’t drain me the same way.”

“Fuck you.” Amber said, not buying Silvia really worrying about her for a second. She knew she had been foolish, but she didn’t care, she had to try. She didn’t doubt Maggie would have drained Silvia if they had really fuck fought like Jenny and she had.  

Silvia continued her hot pin as she pulled Amber’s hair again, so they looked eye to eye. “It’s a shame we couldn’t go at each other fully fresh and aroused. You and I could have really had some fun, but the ending would have and will be the same, I promise.” She shifted slightly, feeling Amber’s sexy body on hers, Amber shifted back, their cunts a few inches from touching, a sensation Silvia was willing to do if Amber didn’t submit. Silvia smiled at Amber with her pearly white teeth and red lips “I get a feeling we aren’t done with each other. Don’t you?”

Amber looked up angrily from where their cunts danced without touching, but the fire in her eyes was diminished now only smolders. “Fuck you. You’re damn right we aren’t done with each other. Next time we are going to see who can last longer, and I will fuck you out of this building. You are going to beg for my orders, just like you do when you make my drinks.”

“Keep dreaming baby,” Silvia said with a predatory smirk as they leaned down and began to kiss again with equal passion until this time Silvia ended it in control pulling Amber’s hair with a rough grip. She stepped off of her second defeated combatant of the night leaving Amber breathing heavy sitting alone on the couch. Silvia gave her a cheeky smirk as she walked back to the door of the shower where both little strings of cloth hung in waiting to be claimed.

“Well, you will go off first, so I will be taking this little purple thing unless you object and want to keep going?” Silvia gloated and Amber didn’t reply, annoyed she let her anger get the best of her again. This fight had been a lose-lose situation for her and she had played into Silvia’s hands. But as she watched Silvia look at the purple thong with such passion, she realized that even if she had beaten the bitch in the one-off, Silvia would have jumped on her and kept going until Amber fully surrendered and gave it up. The exact kind of bitch Amber should have expected and who she now knew she was facing.

 Silvia turned back holding the pair of sexy underwear and gave Amber’s wet body another good look admiring the body in front of her. “Oh, I can’t wait till I really fuck your brains out during a whole long night. I know you will just be begging for me to finish you.” Silvia laughed while Amber glared but didn’t respond. “Nothing else to say?” Silvia grinned, “Submissive, just how I like it. Now let’s go back to the front, or I’m happy to drag you by your hair if you want to resist.”

“Bitch….” Amber whispered, and she stood up slowly, her legs tender and her body tired but she would not give Silvia the satisfaction like that. Not now, this wasn’t the full fight between them, next time there would be no quarter. They would go at it again and next time they would start equal till one of them quit. She made her way out of the room as Silvia turned off the lights behind her, following the other nude woman closely.  

Amber re-entered the front of the bar and moved towards her bag that contained her clothes and had just begun to pull them out. Glancing back, she now saw three things in Silvia’s hands. Two white ones and a purple one and assumed that Silvia had been the other white one. ‘Fuck, they must have been fighting in near-identical clothing’, Amber thought and even in this state couldn’t help but think how hot it would have been to watch Silvia and Maggie go at each other.

Silvia watched with a smile and Amber was annoyed she was leaving like this after taking Jenny down. She turned back to Silvia before dressing, remembering something important to do with the singer. “Also, Jenny and I agreed, the loser doesn’t show up in this bar.”

Silvia’s eyes widened a bit at that surprised Jenny had risked that, “Did you both now? Well, no problem, I’m sure this doesn’t mean much after I just made you cum like a bitch, but you can trust me to make sure she keeps her end. Is it forever?”

Amber gave her a shrug holding back the torrent of aggressive words she wanted to say, “That is her and I’s business, but you may find out.”

Silvia looked like she wanted to press the fact but backed off as Amber had already submitted. “That’s fine, but now it’s time for you fuck off unless you are looking for another orgasm.”

Amber huffed “You and I have a really long night ahead of us bitch. I’m going to come back and fuck you on your own bar till you quit to my body.”

“I’ll be waiting for Amber; you know where I am. “And tell your girlfriend, if she ever wants a re-match, I am more than willing. Just like you, she and I need a bit more time to really settle things between us and I’m always looking for a face to sit on.” With that Silvia giggled loudly stepping away from Amber and walking back towards the bar. Amber stood there still trying to decide if maybe she should just go for it and try to fight. Silvia reached the bar where they had flirted so much and turned around showing off her incredible nude body once more. She blew a small kiss to Amber like she had done to Maggie 30 minutes before unbeknownst to the blonde. She seemed almost daring Amber to come at her again, but this time Amber’s sense of reason won out. A moment passed and Silvia winked at the blonde again before she turned heading for the door that led to the back, still gloriously nude, her victorious ass on full display taunting Amber with a sway. Each cheek seemed to flex as she walked, the body still soaking wet and two trophies held on her fingers, two white ones, and a high waisted purple one that she had won in the night. Without another glance or look back at the blonde, Silvia turned the door and disappeared with a slam leaving the fully nude Amber alone in the bar for the first time that night seething in anger and annoyance about the wild night she had taken part of.  

The anger would do her no good, and Amber took a breath to relax though the loss of her red thong was a tough blow. Silvia seemed to want more sexy enemies to come after her. She looked around the front Showtime bar and took notice of areas of soap and water that looked ravaged by Maggie and Silvia. She assumed with the marks on Silvia’s pristine body that the two women must have been catfighting awhile before they started using their sexes. Not wanting to think about that fight and more than ready to leave this bar, Amber quickly dried off using a small bar towel. She dressed quickly in her jeans and soaked tank top and left Showtime a minute or two later.

The drive home was fast and a blur with Amber being completely lost in her own thoughts about what had transpired. Before she knew it, she had pulled into her driveway, half expecting and hoping to see Maggie’s car but alas the driveway was empty. ‘God calm down.’ Amber thought, her mind running like a roller coaster after the crazy night of sex and fighting she had participated in. She was glad all her roommates were asleep as she did not have the energy to even tell them off where she had been, though granted they never would have asked with seeing the look on her face. They wouldn’t have believed the truth anyway, as in the last 4 hours she had done a blowjob contest, an oil sexfight and a shower finger fuck. She hardly believed it herself the more she thought about it. Her head was in a spin and her body battered from the fighting and sex. She had never aggressively cum this many times in one night before, mostly due to people, besides Maggie who she had been fucking relatively recently, everlasting long enough with her to go that far. Even she and the feisty redhead had never gone to four orgasms a piece in their fights though she had little doubt they could if they wanted.  She made her way to the room quietly thankful for her suite bathroom, small fridge, and total isolation from the rest of the house. Entering the slightly messy room, she collapsed onto the bed with her mind still spinning about the dirty night. Images flashing in her head of Jenny then Silvia then back to Jenny and then Maggie. No matter the sequence of images they always ended with Maggie, her obsession, and the reason this had all started. She wanted, no needed to know the details of what had happened at the bar while she and Jenny fucked in the back. Had the redhead come to see her? If so then and why? Did she come to fight? Makeup? Questions upon questions rolled through her head and started to give her a headache that no amount of medicine would cure. Not able to stop herself and only to increase the mental anguish she was experiencing she got off the bed and went into her drawer. She stripped out of her wet clothes and revealed her sexy battle worn body in the full body mirror she owned. She took in the sight of the long claw marks on her ass and back, bite marks on her tits and inner thighs were only the most apparent wounds her body proudly showed. She turned back to the pile of clothes and shuffled through the mess until she pulled out a very wrinkled t-shirt and pulled it over her nude top. She went back to bed, taking a big whiff of the shirt that Maggie had left before they ‘broke up’ and Amber had ‘forgotten’ to throw away. She had ignored it for the last 3 months until this point as her nostrils filled with the redhead’s scent. It made her only more confused as she lay there in her ‘exs’ shirt thinking of what to do next at 2:30 AM in the night. Like a shock to her system the smell triggered a bunch of memories of her and Maggie over the last 8 months they had been together. How they had changed each other and how they had gone from fuck buddies to clearly something more even as Amber had actively tried to ignore it. Their growing relationship had developed right in front of her face as she turned a blind eye. It was now the biggest regret in her life thinking of all the dumb things she had done. She thought about when the change occurred started, and when feelings began to creep in for Maggie and now her. Was it when they started lying in bed together after sex just talking about their lives instead of just leaving after they finished each other? Was it the time she tanned in the backyard and the ever-pale Maggie joined her and it was the most fun she had tanning in her life? Or the time she actually laughed at one of the stupid pun’s Maggie made, or when she made Maggie dinner during a random tv show they binged after their playful sexfights as they spent more and more time together. ‘No, it was all of them as Amber Fielder’s cold heart finally seemed to break and soften.

“Fuck”, she said aloud as the realization of the previous 8 months of her life had been dominated by the redhead even when she wasn’t physically around. The strangest part to her was that she wasn’t bored with the librarian at all. That was the key distinct difference from the other relationships Amber had attempted in her life. And she had thrown it away because Maggie had said I love you? Her mind seemed to have a voice of its own that she was now arguing with. ‘And you didn’t say it back for over a month!?’

‘But then she fuckfought someone besides you, she doesn’t need you like you need her,’ the other voice said.

‘But does that really matter? You just fucked two girls in two different fights tonight and you still think about Maggie, and she came looking for you, you need each other!’ Amber’s own mind lashed out what seemed like an angel and devil screaming their opinions on her shoulder. She still couldn’t get Maggie out of her head even when she wrestled with Jenny or made out with Silvia…and she wondered, just maybe during Maggie’s fights, the redhead couldn’t get Amber out of her head. ‘You want her, all of her.’ The final voice said and Amber shot up.

She had been laying there for less than 5 minutes before she grabbed her phone and attempted to call the redhead at 2:35AM. The first call rang 5 times and went to voicemail. She hung up and tried again and again and again.  She called 6 more times unwilling to stop when on the 7th try a voice answered.

“What do you want?” Maggie’s voice came over the line, it didn’t sound sleepy and Amber could only guess where the redhead was and what she was doing.

“To talk,” Amber said back, holding in the torrent of words and emotions she felt as they heard the voice that had been their obsession.

A long pause before Maggie spoke again, “Did you fuck the short-haired slut?”

Amber hadn’t expected that as she paused, a wave of déjà vu hitting her, and she suddenly felt like she was Maggie and they were back at the redhead’s apartment, but this time she had to admit she was the one who fucked another woman.

“Yeah, but…”

“Stop. I don’t need to hear anymore.” Maggie said, her voice without any emotion.

“No, you do. I didn’t fuck her just because I wanted to…I did it for you.” Amber blabbed out, and only hearing herself made her realize how stupid that sentence sounded. “No… That’s not what I meant…” But she was interrupted before she could continue.  

“So, let me get this straight. I admit my feelings to you, and you don’t talk to me for months.” A slight pause and Amber opened her mouth to speak but Maggie continued in a rush of emotion. “MONTHS AMBER! I DON’T HEAR FROM YOU. I DON’T SEE YOU. YOU DISAPPEAR FROM MY LIFE.” Maggie was breathing wildly, and Amber could only stand there stunned. The last time Maggie had screamed at her like this was when they were enemies trying to kill each other, and Amber’s mind couldn’t process what was happening when she had called to makeup. Now her own anger came rushing back even though she knew she deserved some if not most of the blame as Maggie continued. “Then a woman shows up at my work and comes after my job girl, the thing I cared about second only to YOU, but were you there to talk to me? To help me in any way? NO, YOU WERE GONE! So, I did what I had to do and I fuck fought her because she wanted to settle it that way as bad as I did, and you know what Amber, I’m glad I did. She was a hot fuck with a body as good as yours and I beat her, just like I beat you! You know what else? When she comes at me again, I’m going to fuckfight her again and not even think about you.” Maggie paused again, and Amber got in the quick line of, “Fuck you…I needed….” But she was still absorbing the pain of having her last 3 months thrown back in her face and the pause she took gave Maggie the chance to keep going.

“That’s all you have to say? Well, I’m not done reminding of what a shit person you have been. “Let’s see, then you show up randomly accuse me of being a cheater for again, fuck fighting for my job, even though, and I remind you again, WE were NOT a fucking couple because you have no emotions!!! Then over the next 2 months of me trying to get a hold of you to talk about it and you just fucking ignore me again because you’re a fucking coward!”

Then I finally get out of your roommates when you were going to play, and I come to the bar to…whatever that part doesn’t matter. I came to the bar and ended up in a catfight with another bitch just to see you and I…” Maggie didn’t finish that part and Amber felt another pain of regret. “Afterword’s with you knowing what happened between the short haired slut and me, you fuck her? And you think I would want TO TALK TO YOU!?” Maggie’s voice got shriller and wilder as she began to scream no longer making any sense.

Amber couldn’t stay quiet any longer right then and started screaming back, telling the librarian to at first calm down which only made it worse for both of them. They screamed at each other making little to no sense with a mix of accusations, threats, and blaming on whose fault it was they were in this situation.  A whole minute passed until they were out of breath listening to their ex-lovers gasping as if they were still laying side by side after a night of passionate sex like they had so many times before.

The sound of Maggie’s voice with the smell of the shirt triggered another memory in Amber, and like a light turning back on she was thrown back in time just a week before the ‘I love you’ incident. She was lying next to the passionate nerdy redhead she had just made cum in a torrid, their bodies slick with sweat from the wrestling. This had been one of their more aggressive sexfights and neither girl had wanted to lose, but in the end, Amber out fucked Maggie and had forced the redhead to submit after her second orgasm. She rolled on top of her redhead with a grin, their slick stomachs sliding on each other with their large tits compressed hotly. The green eyes that she had once hated and knew held a hate equal for her brown orbs, now had a softness, a sense of trust. She didn’t know but her own brown eyes sent the same signals to Maggie who enjoyed nothing more than staring at them in their after-fight glow. “I win, and it is now revenge time from yesterday.” She said with a relaxed smile, as if she wanted to be nowhere else in the world expect atop her fuck buddy.

Maggie gave a groan, annoyed her body had surrendered to her fuckbuddy. She leaned up and kissed Amber softly that was returned with equal tenderness, ensuring that Maggie accepted her defeat for the night and would be submissive. “Fine, how do you want me?”

Amber smiled mischievously. “Get on your knees slut.” And the redhead did.

“I’m done with you.” The sentence pulled Amber back into reality as she heard Maggie break the silence that had come after their screaming match. The memory was the last time Amber felt really happy, and she couldn’t imagine why she thought getting on stage and fucking some random bartender would help her get through this? She had to deal with it at the source and that was Maggie.  

“We agreed never to see each other again. I was…not thinking straight tonight, but it won’t happen again.” Maggie continued, but now Amber cut her off, the fire in her heart blazing.  

“You will see me again; we are not done. AT ALL!” Amber screamed back unable to stop a small growl from escaping her lips.   

“I am NOT going to see you or…or fuck you.” Maggie said in a deadpan tone that left little to no debate. “I don’t need your body, and I don’t need you, we are finished for good.” She ended her sentence and just about hung up before Amber’s voice came back though the microphone.

“Is that what you think? Well, listen up Maggie and don’t interrupt.” Amber took a breath and Maggie didn’t say anything her ear glued to the phone desperate to keep hearing Amber’s voice. “You came for me like a stalking psycho bitch after our catfight in the library because you couldn’t stand having your hot little body beaten by a better woman. Now I’m going to return the favor which is long overdue. Because we are not done, not by a long shot. I’m going to come after you and if you or anyone who tries won’t be able to stop me. I am going to fuck you any time or way I want, and you are going to take it until you admit I’m better forever. We can do it the easy way as a fuck buddies like we were. The hard way if you just want to come here and be my sex slave like the slut, I know you are.” She paused as the next words came to her mouth, but she knew them to be the truest. “Or the hardest way with you as my girlfriend and us as a couple. I don’t care which and if you refuse or try to get away. I’m going to come to the library or your apartment or wherever you are. And when you are alone…. I’ll rape you, damn the consequences.” Amber felt a wave of dark saying it to someone she had these kinds of feelings for, but she couldn’t think of anything else. She could still hear Maggie’s hard breathing on the line as she waited for a response to her chilling threat. A good ten seconds passed as Maggie absorbed the words Amber had said to her. They hurt more than she would ever admit to anyone and thinking of what she wanted to say back brought dark thoughts to her mind, because she wanted to wound Amber equally with what the blonde had just unloaded onto her. The idea that the blonde would offer her a relationship now, after all that had happened seemed to rip Maggie’s heart open more. It was a cruel joke in Maggie’s mind that Amber would go so low. The blonde wouldn’t know but a small tear of anger and frustration had appeared on Maggie’s face as she chose her words with care and took a breath before responding. “No Amber, because if you come for me, and at any point we end up alone…there will be no rules, no consequences of what will happen between us. It won’t be like the library or the teachers’ lounge, or our nights alone in our beds. It will be worse, for both of us, but I promise you Amber, no matter what happens between us, that in the end…I will be the one raping you until you can’t go on, and even then, I wouldn’t stop until you are nothing. Nothing to me or anyone else in the world.” The librarian’s cold reply sent a shiver down Amber’s spine that seemed directed to both her heart and her clit as they admitted their darkest desires and the willingness each would go to hurt the other. Before Amber could respond further the line went dead and there the blonde stood in the librarian’s wrinkly t-shirt and short blue cotton booty shorts shaking from the feelings. She didn’t try to call back tossing the phone away to the bed, and instead took a shower, her second of the night in near boiling temperatures. She stood under the torrent of water for 10 minutes trying to wash away her emotions and also to hide the tears that flowed down her cheeks.

She excited the shower once she was sure she had stopped crying and her eye’s looked less puffy. Looking in the mirror again, the red marks on her skin seemed to glow from the heat and became much more sensitive to the touch. She dried off softly in a white towel and laid back down wearing the same t-shirt and cotton shorts prior for a short time, weirdly unable to sleep with how tired she felt. Her hand mindlessly went into her cotton shorts as Maggie’s conversation played in her head , overturning her for reasons she didn’t want to understand. Somehow her clit and cunt, which had been eaten, fucked, and rubbed raw that night to the end had re-awoken from her talk with Maggie. Her sex drive coming back alive all thanks to the librarian. It had seemed impossible, but Maggie had re-ignited something in her and she needed and wanted the release thinking about the redhead alone. This would be her 5th potentially orgasm in less than 4 hours if she got herself off, a new record even hadn’t expected her body to get too. She began to get wet as she picked up the pace slightly, her thoughts on the mousy faced woman under her, screaming her submission, but she needed more. She reached and gripped her phone pulling it to her face and selecting the photos to symbolize her anger at the redhead overwhelmed by her raw desire for the woman. She scrolled through them fast until she found the one she wanted. A few photos of Maggie in a sundress and two in a normal bikini that Amber had taken from their sunbathing afternoon and much like the t-shirt had ‘forgotten’ to delete. She zoomed in towards Maggie’s tits enjoying the sight that was her view only and a rare piece of art in her opinion. The redhead hid her body so often that these pictures were worth a million compared to any of the other photos Amber could have looked at. As she began to finger fuck herself further into desire, the photo and Maggie’s tits suddenly disappeared. The phone began to vibrate making her drop it in surprise as a video call appeared incoming to her screen. She picked it up and her heart seemed to miss a beat as she read the name Library Bitch as the caller. Amber couldn’t believe it as she looked at the screen, her heart tripling its beats per minute after the initial skip. It was like the redhead could read her mind and knew exactly what she was doing. She hesitated her finger hovering over the red button after what had been said between them. The pain hurt and promises could not heal that fast, yet the librarian was calling her for something. There was nothing left to say after their last conversation until they met up again, and she doubted they could hurt each other more with words alone until they ended up alone. That meant there was only one reason Maggie was calling and Amber knew what it was, and more importantly she wanted it just as badly. She hit the green answer button and the redhead’s face came on to the screen illuminated by a small light, her round glasses covering her face, her shoulder length curly red hair slightly wet as if she had just gotten out of the shower too.

“What the fuck do you want?” Amber answered with a growl, yet she didn’t hide that she was mid masturbating, breathing into the screen, her free hand already back on her cunt as she stared at the face she craved.

“I knew a slut like you would answer even after our last conversation.” Came a labored reply of Maggie and Amber sat up with a shot of adrenaline, suddenly fully awake with all tiredness washed away knowing her ex-lover Maggie was masturbating just like her. Even after a period in which Amber had the most orgasms in her life, her body seemed to rejuvenate anew as it became somehow equally aroused as it was in the oil and in the shower with Jenny and Silvia respectively. This is what the redhead could do to her. “You called me slut!” Amber said as she continued to play with herself suddenly soaking wet and leaking onto her cotton shorts. She glared at her rival’s specked green eyes wishing they were this close in person as Maggie played with herself on her bed across the city.  

“Yeah, I just wanted to see how desperate you were, and I got my answer.” Maggie replied with a slight moan as Amber could hear the sound of the redhead’s succulent pussy get played with. ‘Holy fuck, she is that wet for me…’ Amber thought, but her own cunt suddenly became a river and second later the same wet sounds hit Maggie’s ears from Amber’s wet lips.   

“Looks like we are both desperate bitches.” Maggie hissed. “You are just as wet as I am.”

“Looks like we are.” Amber agreed, unable or wanting to deny it. They both could have ended the call there because there was really nothing left to say, but they never even made a movement to the red button. They had threatened and promised to hurt each other with the worst plans and yet neither dared hang up as a sign of weakness, and because though they still couldn’t admit it, they missed each other. They continued to stare at the phone where their rival lover stared back, the dirty horrible threats from their conversation playing back in their head, but now just fingering themselves for each other as if they hadn’t said those hateful words to each other. The desire for each other’s bodies and souls winning out tonight in this terrible game of love and war they played with each other. They could hear their fingers working in themselves knowing the sounds the other girl made as if they came from her own body, her own sweet cunt and the one they dreamed about. “You slut.” Amber breathed wanting to increase the dirty talk between them, wanting to hear more of Maggie and what the redhead would do to her. She wanted to fuck this woman more than any person in her life.

“Coming from you, that’s thick. I can hear how wet you are. Playing with yourself, I bet that is why you answered, just to see this body, the one you wished you had.” Maggie taunted back but gave a little gasp at the end as she hit a sensitive spot on her own body that Amber seemed to have a knack of finding when they were together.

“Fuck you, you have always been jealous my body.” Amber whimpered back lost in their masturbation contest that had begun without an official start, pretending the fingers belonged to Maggie, that they were the one’s pumping her right now.

 “No, I haven’t. Mine is better.” Maggie moaned back getting lost in their hot dirty talk as they kept up the sexy pace.  

“Show me your tits.” Amber growled as if her life depended on it. Desperate to see them live for the first time in months because pictures just didn’t cut it when the real thing was right in front of her. Or at least live on screen.  

“You first.” Came the angry retort from the nerdy redhead. Amber didn’t hesitate and moved the camera down to show she was wearing the librarian’s t-shirt and heard Maggie groan from the sight, both in extreme annoyance and arousal that she would be wearing that, that she would wear it not knowing Maggie would call. Amber lifted the shirt and threw it off, leaving her only in her blue cotton shorts on the bed. She put the phone down propped up on a pillow and then flipped her bedside lamp to fully aluminate her hot lightly tanned body. Maggie’s eyes were glued to the screen as Amber did her little show, the blonde filling her hands with her own huge scratched and sore tits from Jenny’s purple claws. She fondled them for a minute and even spit down to her left nipple to soak it and give it a shine. She then brought the camera back to her face to look at Maggie, and even in the dark Amber could see the faint blush on the librarian’s cheeks, unable to hide how much she enjoyed the sight of Amber’s nipples and body. “Now you.” Amber demanded, wanting her own show and to see the tits she had been using a picture for 2 minutes prior. Maggie gave a smirk that drove Amber wild as she too lowered her camera to the tits that Amber had dreamed about. Amber moaned as Maggie was already topless as the pale jugs appeared and Amber felt her own cheeks get flush. Maggie’s own dim lamp light was flicked on and the pale sexy body seemed to glow showing her own battle scars. Amber’s eyes absorbed the sight, following the nicely sized pink nipples as her hand went to her clit and she began to rub as Maggie shook her tits at the camera lightly. As she filled the screen with her breasts, Amber could see the exact same type scratch and some bite marks on Maggie’s puppies that hers had. Weirdly only made her want Maggie more, to plant her own teeth and nails marks on the marble body and see who could take more. Her eyes took in the sight of the breasts they craved so much and then Maggie’s freckled face appeared again on the screen happy to see Amber blushing red.

“Ass. Now.” Maggie demanded back and Amber didn’t hesitate as she dropped to her stomach. She kept her face on display and lifted the camera slightly to show off her ass in the short blue cotton shorts. She couldn’t help reaching back and pulling them slightly higher making sure Maggie got a good view of the cheek. She gave a little shake, “You like what you see?” Amber said knowing the answer as Maggie played with herself on camera. She put the camera further back to give Maggie a quick close up, but when she brought the phone back to her face, Maggie’s ass was already on display in the same pose she had done. What Amber didn’t expect was to see the redhead wasn’t fully nude at all like she had assumed with Maggie already topless. Amber gasped out loud as she recognized the back of the small black thong with the little bow Maggie wore on her hips and Maggie gave a small cruel smile through the screen.

“Oh, you recognize this thong, do you? That’s good, I didn’t want to have to remained you how I took it after fucking you into submission on our last REAL sexfight. You know, the one that mattered.” Maggie growled into the screen at Amber whose brown eyes seemed flooded with a mix of love and hate as that night replayed in her head like it was yesterday. “Remember that night Amberrrr?” She taunted as she drew out her ex’s name as if they were still in bed together being sweet and playful.  

Amber took a breath calming her bubbling frustration willing to play the game Maggie clearly wanted to play. “I do remember it Mags…it was our SECOND fight because you couldn’t handle losing the first one. When I took your red one and left you covered in my cum in your own library.” Amber snipped while pinching one of her own nipples and moaning while doing so. She used her pet name for Maggie who took it like a shot in the heart as Amber expected. Memories flooding her mind of when Amber started calling her that and how much she liked it when they were alone. She wouldn’t just take that.

“That’s right Ambberrr it was our second fight, the longer and hotter one.” As Maggie shot her own arrow into Amber’s heart for a direct hit using a lover’s word, and then continued trying to dig it in deeper. “The second fight was the first time we face sat each other; I remember that clearly. We fought only in only our skirts for a while on the desk using our girls, then nude in the lab forcing each other to cum till you just couldn’t go on in the shower. I still remember the look on your face when you broke, and I took this little thing as my prize…you know its my favourite piece of underwear because it’ the one I know you want back.” Amber hissed and dropped right back down after pulling off her booty shorts and going fully nude to Maggie’s surprise and deepest desire. Amber was mentally screaming at herself knowing Maggie’s red thong she had won was out of her reach in her drawers. She couldn’t go put it on now with the redhead watching her and how desperate it would look so she did the next best thing and went fully exposed. Maggie snarled back as she looked at Amber’s near-perfect nude form, jealousy wanting to do the same, but she refused to remove her own last strand of clothing knowing it would drive Amber insane to see her in that sexy black little thong.  They each laid on their stomachs showing how full and perky their behinds were, Maggie even slapped her own ass that caused Amber to moan at the impact and sight. The blonde flipped back up pushing her yellow and pink strands behind her and groped her huge again for Maggie, filling her own palms with them imagining it was the redhead doing it for her. In doing so it brought her nude cunt into sight for the first time. Maggie switched too and pulled her black thong aside to show off her own smooth cunt lips. They went back and forth in positions making sure the camera got close-ups of themselves first sucking their own fingers, then spitting on their own tits. Each trying to prove she was sluttier for her rival, that her body was more alluring than the others.  Then their pussies came to the front as Maggie pulled her black thong aside more so and each girl fingered themselves highlighted by the dim lamp lights. Now the full sight of their ex-lover was almost too much and they nearly came at the sight and view of their masturbation show.

They didn’t speak much more except to demand sights from the other. More of each other’s ass, tits, stomach, pussy, and then even each other’s faces which sent their hearts into overdrive as they competed indirectly on the screen in this dirty contest. Finally, they settled on their asses and rubbed their clits for each other. The camera’s getting their near entire bodies in the shot. They were groaning now, having played with themselves for almost 15 minutes to the view they had been missing for months in front of them, closer than Amber could have ever imagined. She felt like she was having sex for the first time in months…how did the redhead have this effect on her. Maggie was thinking something similar and almost said something, but the silence was broken by Amber first as she felt the edge approach.  

“If you were here, it wouldn’t be a debate. I would make you cum first!” Amber cried as an unbelievable 5th orgasmic was breaching her walls as her eye’s stayed glued to Maggie’s clit that had appeared on the screen.

“No…you would go off first! I would out pussy fuck you again! I would pin you down and make you scream my name!” Maggie gasped back, as her own 3rd orgasm of the night after getting herself off once time in the shower threatened to overflow her. They continued to rub their clits, but their eyes were glued to each other’s love nub, tits, and face as they shared a look of incredible desperation.

“No, I would out pussy fuck you!” Amber cried.

“My body is better yours, jealous bitch!” Maggie screamed.

“No, you want me more! You stupid whore!”

“Cum bitch, YOU BELONG TO ME!”

“NO! You cum for me! YOU’RE MINE!”

As they screamed their possession of each other, the end was coming. Their voices became shriller and as they found themselves again locked together in a duel this time 30 miles away from each other.


“MAGGIE! CUM. MAGGIE!! GOD, PLEASE FUCK YOU! CUM NOW!” They scream as loud as they could in the middle of the night in what had turned into the most intense and desperate duel each girl had fought on this sex-filled night.

After another few seconds of their screams Maggie began to cum as she gave a cry and began to lightly hump the air while her cunt started to drip, unable to hide it. Amber’s pupils could not have gotten bigger as she watched the sight of Maggie’s cunt explode for half a second, the pink lips dripping cum onto her still worn black thong. “Yes!”, Amber cried claiming her victory before she too started to cum in turn letting her nearly painful 5th orgasm start, flying high knowing she lasted a millisecond longer than Maggie, somehow still horny as cum dripped out of her. They each rubbed their clits harder listening to the cries of the other woman in her ears and watching the screen without blinking, taking in the sight of the orgasming woman who they each missed beyond words. Their toes curled and cum covered their fingers as they listened to the sound of their ex-lover’s orgasm as if it was the most beautiful sound on Earth. Though even then they wanted their own to be longer, proving she could last at the peak more so than her rival, but each only had a relatively short 6 seconds of peak before they began to descend. The gasping and moaning lowered in intensity as their hard rubbing turned into lightly tender massaging falling onto their sides as the orgasms ended.

She felt a whole new level of dizzy and for almost 3 minutes both women simply laid there on screen, not looking at each other and trying to recoup their bodies as if they had fuckfought in person for the last 24 hours straight. Finally, with only the sound of their heavy breathing they started to stir. The clocks showed almost 3 am, a full 20 minutes of strip teasing and playing in front of the camera for each other they had lasted before scrubbing to their most primal desires. If Amber thought her body was tired before, this was a new high or low. She could barely sit up, her eye’s fluttering down even as she brought the phone to her brown orbs only to find the perfect green orbs staring back through the glass, an identical level of fatigue on her ex’s face. Amber could only wonder if her own eyes reflected the anger, hurt, and need that Maggie’s displayed. The ultimate question that still needed to be answered was between them, and now still went unsaid. This little show they had just done for each other seemed to pour oil on a casket that needed the smallest of sparks to ignite into an all-consuming fire. For nearly 2 minutes they started at each other not saying a word until Amber couldn’t help it, her body and mind shutting down but wanting to talk to Maggie more. “Save a date Maggie…because I’m coming for you.” Amber said unable to keep the venom out of her voice, but with a hidden amount of desire and in truth hidden love. She watched the mousy face stare back with all the emotion held back, the redhead’s own love for Amber now also hidden behind her green eyes as she gave her one final dark glare before disconnecting without another word and a Call Ended flashed on Amber’s phone. Amber dropped the phone a second later as she fell back. Her head hit the pillow and she passed out a second later her last thought on Maggie.  

——-The end

The End

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    Idea for follow up story to Kingof Da Pirates
    Amber and Maggie decide to meet up at Amber’s place to settle score. With Maggie entry into Amber’s apartment, unknown to her Bianca has been followed her to avenge her defect. While following, she bumps pretty hard another women whom she doesn’t know. It’s none other than Jenny who had come over to battle again and it’s instant dislike between Bianca and Jenny sensing alpha female attitude. Anyother day both would had a nasty catfight at that instance. However, They thirst for revenge proved greater and left each other not before giving a mouthful of obscenities to eachother.. Maggie enters Ambers apartment and immediately starts shouting match between Amber and Maggie. It’s interrupted by entry of Jenny who challenges Amber for rematch and Maggie is furious after coming to know that she was the one Amber fought. Before arguments could get out of hand, Bianca enters challenging Maggie for rematch and now its turn for Amber to envy Bianca. In middle of all arguments and counter arguments, Bianca and Jenny warning eachother to stay of the each way else feel wrath of her.So it starts rematch fight between Amber vs Jenny and Maggie vs Bianca. With two fights going in close proximity and ripping each other dresses, Bianca and Jenny bump into each other pretty accidentally get off balance in their respective fights. That’s just the last straw which causes Bianca and Jenny fight each other in mad while not tobe left behind, Amber and Maggie jump on each other… What started as 2 fights descends into mad frenzy fight into 4 way contest with occasionally swapping partners quite often with each fighting all other 3 for next 4 hours…. Despite such struggle, there isn’t any clear winner with all 4 lying down tired watching other three to see battle is going no where and is heading into stalemate… Just then, Silvia enter in bikini planning to surprise Amber and fight her. She brags about winning against Jenny’s victor, Amber and Maggie making her undisputed winner… All that was enough other four ladies in stalemate already to make their blood boil and all 4 without warning jumped on surpised Silvia. At the end, Silvia left unconscious utterly defeated and her bikini torn into pieces and shared by all 4 ladies in victory. With that, they all departed but not before fixing another date for 4 way orgy fight among them so there is no surprise and each one will be better prepared for it and there is just going tobe only one winner. Amber, Maggie, Bianca and Jenny were eagerly looking another ferocious, demanding and tiresome fuck fight soon…


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