Marvel Catfight: Tigra vs Wolfsbane by Luffy316

Rahne Sinclair and Greer Nelson lounged quietly against one of the walls of the Avengers mansion. Better known to the world as Wolfsbane and Tigra, they had been urged together by their teammates to mingle with each other during the small party. The two teams had figured they would have a lot of in common, and not just for their beastial instincts and appearances. They were both mothers and teachers, and had been through alot in their pasts between supervillains and troubled lives.

“Funny, eh?” Rahne offered with an awkward smile. “You and me with practically the same powers, but one of us is called a minority.”

Tigra chuckled and shook her head. “Technically, we ARE a minority, but I get what you mean. Those of us who are super soldiers, alien experiments, and different colors of Hulks are too rare to even really call ‘minorities.’ Just don’t think it’s easy being different because it’s under a different name.”

Rahne nodded lazily. “Aye, and you know the first thing everyone would think of when ye say we’ve got problems…”

Tigra grinned and then boy answered together. “Fleas.”

The two shared a laugh, and Tigra ran a hand through her hair. “But really, it’s not even the looks at this point. You can turn it off all you want, but I’m more comfortable in this form these days. You just have to watch for the instincts.”

“Damn right. If’n ye don’t keep an eye on it, those nasty beastie sides creep up on ye.” Rahne raised her eyebrows in realization. “Oh, you really should see Doc Samson. The man’ a right proper genius.”

“Yea? What for?” Tigra asked, looking at her quizzically.

“Fer the instincts. The whole feral rage doesn’t go well with a Scottish temper, let me tell ye. My sessions with the doc were a big help in keepin all that in check.”

Tigra’s expression soured a bit as she looked at Wolfsbane from the corner of her eye. “Oh… well, thanks but no thanks. I’m not crazy.”

“Scuse me?”

“I mean, don’t lump me in with you. I’ve got some problems, but I am definitely not therapy level crazy. That’s on you.”

“Well fer a lass that prances about covered in nothin’ but fur and a bikini, I don’t think ye’ve got any right sayin’ you’re right in the head.”

Greer leered back at her. “Look, just because you’re a psycho, rageaholic mutie doesn’t mean that everyone in the world is. You don’t know me.”

Rahne scowled back as she met the orange heroine’s eyes. Those instincts she’d mentioned were starting to build up again, and she felt her muscles twitching that told her a change was coming on if she wasn’t careful. And she certainly wasn’t going to be.

“Oh, I don’t, eh? Doesn’t look like yer tryin’ to hide much for some horny slut trottin’ around in her underwear for attention. Or is that just what ye wear while yer in heat.”

Tigra’s face would have gone red if it weren’t already covered in fur. “Hold on! I’M the slut? I’ve read your files, you Scottish mutt. I’m not the one who went off and slept with her own student!”

Wolfsbane growled lowly, the wolven hair starting to sprout over her cheeks. “Ye’ve no place teaching in the first place. A failure like you’s gotten her fuzzy arse kicked so many times, no wonder your lot keeps dyin’.” Tigra bared her teeth as Rahne smirked at her successful emotional blow. “Or maybe ye like bein’ a weak little pet, eh? How many’s that now that’s owned ye? Kraven, Molecule Man, Red Hood… surprise ye don’t just wear a collar all day and save yourself the trouble.”

Tigra clenched her fists and readied her claws, ready to start a fight. She sucked in a deep breath to regain some of her control, but smirked back grimly with her mouthful of fangs. “Some talk from the kind of girl who had her religion beaten into her. Wasn’t that how Reverend Craig raised you?” Rahne’s wolf form was developing its final touches, and her canine ears folded back aggressively. “And that time you ‘bonded’ with Havoc. You have all this bark like you’re some kind of alpha wolf, but you know that deep down you’re a helpless puppy, looking for the next person to abuse you and make you their bitch.”

Rahne snarled and dove into her. Tigra was braced for her and hissed back, the X-man and Avenger crashing to the ground as they clawed and kicked at each other wildly. The party was quick to react and pull them apart. Colossus easily scooped up Wolfsbane in a bearhug while She Hulk took Tigra by the arms from behind.

“Easy now, Reeve,” She Hulk urged, squeezing her arms to try to steady her. “It’s a party. We’re here for a good time. Let’s get you some air.”
Rahne was having a similar lack of success escaping Colossus’ iron grip. “This ain’t over, ye dirt cxnt!” the wolf-woman snarled. “We’re gonna settle this woman to woman!”

“Not now, you’re not,” grunted Colossus, starting to lug her away from the scene. But Reeve agreed, and they would be in contact very soon to hash out when to settle this. Between their human pride and their animal instincts, neither heroine was content to let this unsettling attack slide.

Greer and Rahne met up again in secret at one of the several Avenger safehouses. It was a cozy and practical setup, a large two-story house modified to include a med bay, a minimal arsenal, and most importantly, a padded training room. They came with a small gym bag each, and as Tigra set eyes on the Scottish woman she smirked and pulled a studded black dog collar out of her bag, making sure that she saw it.

Rahne raised an eyebrow a bit, Tigra thinking she’d gotten into her head before Wolfsbane pulled out a bright pink leash and collar from her own. She dangled it before Tigra, complete with a little bell at its throat before she tossed it into a corner. The room was very purposefully empty, the walls lightly padded and mats along the ground.

“Feeling more at home now that you’re in a padded cell, psycho mutt?” Tigra spoke first.

Rahne growled and quickly started her change. Her wolf form had gone through a few different incarnations over the years, something that The Professor had dismissed as the mutation itself adjusting to her moods and needs. She had lately been settling on a fairly human look, with dark, almost skin-tight fur, slightly ears, and distinctly clawed fingertips. Despite all her anger, she wasn’t out to just rip the fellow heroine apart. Rahne wanted to break and humiliate her more than anything.

Tigra was already in her furry skin and classic bikini, with Wolfsbane dressed similarly in a sports bra and simple panties. “So how ye want to play this, kitten?” Rahne growled at her, baring a few of her pointed fangs in the process.

“Who’s playing? We don’t need rules here, now do we, you freak beast? We fight it out and the loser’s the bitch. Winner’s the alpha.”

“Fine by me!” Rahne lashed out with a swipe of her claws, grabbing for Tigra’s hair. The orange-furred Avenger hopped back from the attack, but Rahne pressed the attack and rammed her shoulder into Tigra’s stomach. The Avenger grunted and hit the wall behind her, Rahne throwing a flurry of swift punches into her side and stomach.

Tigra grunted with each blow, but despite her combat record, she wasn’t so easily taken down. She grabbed Rahne’s wild mane of hair and adjusted her position to knee her in the guts, taking the fight out of the wolf.

“Don’t get cocky, beta bitch,” Tigra snarled while Wolfsbane coughed from the body blow. Tigra hooked a leg around Wolfsbane’s and shoved her to the ground, falling on top of her chest to chest. The Avenger pressed her forearm into Rahne’s neck to try to pin and choke her out, but braced her legs and flipped the tigress over her head. Tigra grunted and landed flat on her back as Rahne rolled back upright quickly.

“What’s all that about landin’ on yer feet, pussy?” Rahne spat at her as she seized one of Tigra’s ankles, kicking the other aside so that she could twist it painfully. Tigra gave a sudden howl of pain from the attempt at a submission hold, digging her clawed fingers into the mats to try to vent the pain in her vulnerable foot. With a primal hiss, Tigra lashed out with her free leg. The claws on her toes slashed across Wolfbane’s breast, tearing a part of her sports bra and leaving several shallow cuts along her chest. It was hardly enough to draw blood, but enough to make the she-wolf recoil and release her hold.

Tigra rolled to all fours, not bothering to even get back upright before she pounced onto Wolfsbane. They rolled around the mats a bit before Tigra ended up on top, slipping a leg to either side of Rahne and locking her ankles together. “You should have stayed in your junkyard, mutt,” Tigra snarled, flexing her powerful thighs and crushing them together around Wolfsbane’s abdomen. The she-wolf gasped and pushed at the toned legs, leaving shallow scratched but unable to move the orange heroine’s tight body scissor. “That’s it. Squirm! Let’s see how pathetic you are against a real woman, you weak fucking psychopath!”

Tigra turned to face away from Wolfsbane, which the trapped mutant thought was to avoid her claws and fingers. It was soon revealed that she was simply upping her game. Tigra rolled Wolfsbane onto her stomach, taking her by the chin and pulling upward, getting a shout of angry pain from the Scottish heroine.

“Ready to break, bitch?” Tigra gloated, giving an extra sharp jerk to send another aching bend through Rahne’s neck and back. Wolfsbane had her arms free, but not much to grab at. She managed to get to her knees, even if Tigra was still mounted on her back and neck. She grabbed the tigress by the wrists, pulling her hands off of her chin long enough to force her way to her feet. Tigra had enough time to gasp, but couldn’t remove herself before Wolfsbane charged backward, crushing the cat in between her back and the wall.

Tigra’s arms went limp and released her foe as her entire body jolted from the impact. Tigra fell to the floor in a heap as soon as Rahne stepped away to rub her aching neck. She didn’t spend long recovering, lest her opponent to the same. Wolfsbane stood over Tigra, grabbing her by the hair and pulling her head up between her thighs and crushing the cat woman’s neck in a headscissor. Greer gave a cry of pain, grabbing and pulling at Rahne’s legs just to find her lower body far stronger than her hands.

“Get use to it, ya stripey cxnt,” Rahne snarled at her over Tigra’s grunts and cries. “I’m gonna collar you up tight just like this and make you my bitch just like half the villains in this fuckin’ city already have.”

Tigra tried to find air enough to backtalk her, but had to settle for a few coughing curses. When she finally opened her mouth enough to shout something back, Tigra instead buried her fangs into Wolfsbane’s fuzzy thigh.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell!” Rahne pulled back with a curse. Her sleek hair kept Greer from getting too firm a hold on her with her teeth, but enough to break the skin. Tigra rubbed her neck, but jumped not Rahne’s back while the mutant was busy checking on her leg. Tigra hooked her arms under Wolfsbane’s armpits and pulled up sharply, stretching up and back on her upper body.

“Dumb little monsters like you belong in a cage, Sinclair,” Tigra snarled into Rahne’s ear, leaning back to stretch the she-wolf out. Wolfsbane’s breasts pushed against her sports bra, the slashes in the small piece of underclothes stretching and tearing under the pressure.

“Ready to give up, puppy dog?” Tigra taunted into Rahne’s pointed ears. Wolfsbane’s only response was a furious snarl as she kicked backward into Tigra’s calf. It sent the nimble cat off balance, loosening her grip enough for Rahne to grab for of Tigra’s arms and shoulder throw her over the wolf mutant’s head and to the floor.

Tigra landed on her stomach, but Rahne grabbed her by the legs and flipped her back over. Greer’s breasts were squashed under her chest as Rahne mounted her back and pulled her legs up behind her back. Tigra gave a loud cry of pain as Wolfsbane put her fury into the boston crab. The tigress tried to kick her way free, but the angle was too awkward to resist. Rahne just buried her laws into her tender leg muscles, securing her hold to pull harder still.

“Still think ye can beat me?” Rahne grunted as she poured on the pressure. “Cuz you’re lookin’ ’bout as weak as a kitten.”

Tigra just clawed and tried to pull herself free from the hold. “Fuck you, you rabid movie monster cxnt!” Tigra shrieked back, clearly berserk with rage at her currently dominant foe. She had lost too much throughout her history as a heroine. She was tired of being the jobber of the Avengers. Her instincts were supposed to be an asset, but they were used over and over again to tame her. Never again…
With her hands and legs busy, Wolfsbane hadn’t considered that Tigra might use more than that herself. So when the feline’s tail snaked its way over her chest and between her arms, Rahne was too surprised and too unwilling to let go of her hold to stop it. The prehensile appendage wrapped around Wolfsbane’s neck with a few tight loops and squeezed with all its might. While it wasn’t as strong as limb, it was still enough to get Wolfsbane to let out a startled choking noise as her vulnerable neck was crushed.

“Where’s that big mouth now, Fido?” Tigra hissed. She was still in the hold, but Wolfsbane’s grip was weakened enough that it was more uncomfortable than painful. “Not so big with your new leash on, now are you? This what your dirty priest did to you, you weak mutie whore?!”

Tigra managed to wrench one of her legs free, though Rahne’s tight grip tore a few fresh cuts along her inner thigh. Tigra ignored the trickle of blood running through her fur as she flexed her hips to tighten her tail’s grip on the mutant.

Rahne let the leg go to grab at Tigra’s tail, pulling at the lengthy appendage. It wouldn’t give completely, but she did uncoil one of the circles the tail had taken around her throat. Tigra’s grip was still tighter than Rhane would like, so as soon as it was out far enough, she bit into the striped tail. Tigra gave a mix of a primal yowl and a woman’s scream as her enemy crushed the long tail between her teeth, stiffening up and hurrying to try to run away from Rahne and regroup.

Rahne had none of that, and as Tigra pulled her tail back out of her mouth, she wrapped it around her fist and pulled. Greer was dragged back into Wolfsbane’s reach, where she wrapped Tigra’s own tail around her throat and pulled back like a piece of piano wire. Tigra gasped and gagged as her own tail was turned against her, tugged tight by Rahne like another bone-chilling collar.

“Say ye give, ya housebroken twat!” Rahne demanded, giving the tail another rough yank into Tigra’s neck. “Or’s the has the slutty cat got yer tongue?” Wolfsbane shifted her grip to hold the tail in place with one clawed hand, her other grabbing the struggling Tigra’s wrist and pulling it backward. Wolfsbane dug her knee in between Tigra’s shoulder blades, sticking her impressive chest out while she did a number on her already aching back in a modified surfboard hold.

Between the pain, the humiliation, and the difficulty breathing, Tigra’s vision was starting to blur. Her one useful hand couldn’t reach anything vulnerable enough to prove useful. It was either let her strangle her with her own tail, or…

Tigra didn’t quite have the air to surrender, so she tapped on the mats in the old sparring cue that she gave up and hoped that Wolfsbane recognized the signal. Fear started to set in when Rayne didn’t release her right away, but Tigra was finally allowed to gasp for air when Wolfsbane suddenly released her. The once proud tigress fell to the floor, clutching her throat and coughing fresh air back into her lungs. Tears ran down her face at the mixed pain and relief of escaping the stranglehold.

Wolfsbane only gave her a moment before she grabbed onto Tigra’s top. The Avenger could only try to cower away, but that just made tearing it off that much easier. “Dumb little beasties like ye don’t wear clothes, now do ye?” Wolfsbane sneered, some vengeful pride in her voice as she tore off Tigra’s few pieces of clothing unhindered. Tigra only whimpered as she tried to cover up her curvy body, but Wolfsbane slapped the hands away from her breasts.

“Take it back,” Wolfsbane demanded coldly. Tigra looked up at her fearfully, her body still feeling weak and disoriented from the fight.


“Take it ALL back,” Wolfsbane growled more firmly, kicking lightly at Tigra’s chest. It was enough to knock her onto her back as Wolfsbane pinned her beneath her foot, glaring down at her.

“I… I’m sorry!” Tigra blurted, looking up at the cruel eyes of her opponent. “I take it all back. Really. You’re not insane. You’re not a pet, or an animal.”

“No. I’m an alpha.” Rahne slid her bare foot up Tigra’s bare chest and shoved it into her face. “Start kissing, pussy bitch.” Tigra didn’t dare hesitate for long, kissing over the clawed toes obediently. “There’s a good little kitten.” Rahne grinned cruelly, and Tigra’s body trembled in shame and repressed memories as she licked over Wolfsbane’s sweaty, fuzzy feet.

The Scottish mutant finally relented as she stepped off of Tigra. She hoped it was over, but Rahne just went to her bag and produced the leash and its belled collar. She leaned over and jingled it like a toy, giving Tigra an expectant grin. Tigra visibly shuddered in disgust, but she crawled over on all fours for Rahne to fasten it into place.

“Good girl,” Wolfsbane growled confidently. “Now who’s a weak little kitten?”

“I am…” Tigra admitted in a tiny voice, finding herself frightened to break Wolfsbane’s gaze. Too many supervillains had done terrible things to her for disobeying them, and that was boiling up in her all over again. Wolfsbane was indeed not so different from Tigra in their history of emotional and mental abuse, which just meant that she was savoring being on the giving end for once to someone who deserved it.

“Then meow for me, kitten,” Wolfsbane ordered, giving the collar a sharp tug. Tigra’s body jerked with it as the bell at her throat jingled, and she let out a few small, high meows for her forceful victor. She followed her further orders, licking her paws and rolling over as ordered rather than risk any further beating.

At last, Wolfsbane went into her bag again, this time producing a straight razor. Tigra’s eyes went wide in horror, but Wolfsbane laughed at her. “Oh relax. I ain’t gonna kill ye. I’m not crazy, remember?” She flashed Tigra an intimidating grin, but indeed didn’t even intend to hurt her any further. Not physically, anyway. “Now let’s see them tits, pussy.”

Tigra was allowed to rise to her knees, where Rahne pulled on some of the fur on her breasts and off the bit of orange fuzz. It wasn’t especially painful, but it left a small patch of hair that was shorter than that around it, right next to her cleavage.

Wolfsbane held up the bit of fur between her fingers. “There. I’ve marked ye. That means ye’re mine, you pathetic little wannabe. I’m your alpha. You can hide it, and you can try to ignore it, but every time ye look at that bit o’ fur, remember who gave it to ya and who owns yer arse.”

Tigra shivered and broke down into quiet weeping. Wolfsbane walked away from her, but stuffed the small amount of fur into a pouch in her bag as a souvenir. She casually kicked Tigra’s torn up bikini of a costume back at the broken tigress as she passed it by. Rahne left Tigra to her own devices, uncaring as she went back to the Xavier mansion for a late lunch. She must have been smiling, because Storm asked what had her in such a good mood.

“Just feelin’ top o’ the world today, y’know?” she said with a dismissive shrug and a satisfied smile.

The End

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