Transformations by JB57

Barb squirmed and stretched, her incredible body’s muscles cracking and straining delightfully. The morning sun hung low over the distant mountains, illuminating the open air shanty nestled in the bosom of the small tropical island. The beautiful blonde woman writhed a little against her silken sheets and enjoyed their soft caress on her deliciously naked skin.

She listened to the sounds of the tropical jungle around her and smiled as she massaged her massive, meaty breasts and fondled her hard brown nipples.

Barb sat up and surveyed her beautiful surroundings. The morning sun cast shafts of light through the trees and began to chase the morning mist away. Barb’s straw colored hair shone as the sun rose, its golden light striking her head.

A movement in the jungle a hundred meters away caught Barb’s attention. She gave a lusty smile as she saw who was approaching.

An equally buxom and equally naked brunette was slowly, steadily approaching the tiny shelter. The brunette locked eyes with the bedded blonde and returned the lusty grin. She carried a pair of open coconuts in her hands as she continued to pad toward the other woman.

Barb kicked the silk sheets away from her body to reveal the rest of her nakedness. She licked her lips seductively as the naked brunette stepped up onto the deck. The brunette paused, her eyes roaming hungrily over Barb’s naked perfection. Slowly, teasingly, Barb spread her legs, revealing the lush, thick-lipped vulva between her powerful thighs. The brunette’s smile grew even more ravenous. She climbed onto the bed and straddled the blonde woman. The brunette’s thick, juicy cuntlips settled wet and hot on the blonde’s matching cunt. The women gasped and moaned in unison as spikes of intense pleasure radiated through their incredible bodies as their juiced-up twats mated.

The brunette handed over one of the open coconuts to the blonde and the women slowly drank the nourishing milk even as they slowly moved their hips, carefully undulating their nether regions against one another. The women drank deeply, gulping back the rich liquid, as their bodies grew hot with erotic tension. Their massive clits swelled up and began rubbing, grinding against each other.The brunette closed her eyes and moaned as she tossed the empty coconut to the side. Barb did the same, then reached up and filled her hands with the other woman’s magnificent, massive tits. She began to massage the other woman’s bountiful breasts.

The buxom brunette smiled, throwing back her head to moan in exquisite pleasure. Then, she reached down and returned the favor, squeezing and kneading the blonde’s equally massive tits. For long minutes, the women pleasured each other, moaning and gasping in concert in the early jungle heat. Their hearts pounded and their lush bodies began to sweat as the heat and excitement built to a fever.

Nipples and vulva fully sexually inflamed, the brunette slid down on top of her blonde lover and the women twined their luscious bodies, long, powerful limbs wrapping together, hard bellies and thick, meaty tits crushing tight and hard. The sex-crazed women shared a deep, erotic kiss as their bodies began to hump and grind against one another with increasing force and feverish lust.

The women’s breathing quickened as they began to grunt and moan loudly into each other’s mouths; their mutual orgasms began to bubble to the surface. They gently yet firmly pulled one another’s hair as their incredible bodies shook and trembled against each other. A spike of incredible pleasure roared through the voluptuous women’s grinding bodies, causing them to convulse, their muscles locking and straining against each other. Sexual juices soaked the bedsheets beneath them as their burning cunts exploded and gushed in unison.

The women’s combined howls of ecstasy echoed in the jungle morning, frightening away small woodland creatures. The two naked Amazons continued to hump and grind into each other, fucking and fucking furiously, prolonging their shared orgasms as long as possible, their screams of unbearable pleasure filling the hot air..

Finally, the waves of pleasure began to abate, and the women melted into one another, gasping and moaning in pleasure, exchanging deep, lustful kisses. Barb moaned, feeling her body already beginning to recharge, feeling her desire building again…

The alarm clock went off, snapping Barb out of her deep, erotic dream. She came awake with a shock, her body dripping with sweat and fully aroused.

“Fuck,” she moaned to herself. Barb reached over and turned off the clock, then fell back onto her bed. The dream continued to echo in her mind. It had been incredibly vivid. She could almost taste the saliva, the sweat of the brunette even now. The heat between her legs was all too real. Her hands wandered over her body, one hand dipping between her wet thighs, the other kneading and squeezing her small, firm breast. She had to spend the next several minutes masturbating to relieve the pressure. Barb let her imagination return to the jungle scene and she imagined what she would do to her brunette lover. Finally, her back arched in pleasure and she let out a deep moan of joy and relief.

Sighing, Barb rolled out of bed. She padded to the bathroom, losing her nightgown as she went. She used the toilet, then stood beside the shower as she ran the water to get it to hot. As she waited, her attention turned to the naked image staring back at her from the full-length bathroom mirror.

She examined what she saw. She was a blonde woman of medium height and build. Her breasts were small but perky and her body was not bad, but it was not the stuff of bikini or fitness magazines. She had done a reasonably good job of keeping herself in shape, but she was not entirely happy with the results. Her face was pretty but still a bit plain. Her blonde hair was the color of straw. Like many people, Barb was not really happy with physical appearance. She did not obsess over it, but she wished she was more like the Amazonian jungle woman she had been dreaming about for the past few weeks. Of course, she thought with a smile, who wouldn’t want a body like that of her dream Amazon?

Barb enjoyed a quick hot shower. As she soaped, she thought about her dream again. Her masturbation had taken the edge off of it, so she was able to examine the fantasy in a more critical way.

She could not really understand the dream or why it was so vivid. She knew that the woman in the dream was her, though magically enhanced to the point that she was a specimen of incredible physical perfection. That was not unusual; most people made themselves into what they wanted to be in their fantasies. But what threw her about this dream was its sheer intensity. When she was in it, it was impossible to distinguish fantasy from reality. She had never had such a realistic dream in her life. Moreover, as far as she knew, she was not a lesbian. Admittedly, the brunette woman who was having sex with her was so beautiful and voluptuous that Barb could see herself changing over to the other team just to get a piece of the woman’s ass. But she had a hard time accepting that repressed lesbian tendencies should be coming out of her psyche at this stage in her life and in this one dream. As far as she could remember, she had never had lesbian fantasies before.

Barb began her day by driving out to the Smitherman Labs. She worked for a large private security firm and it was her job to test the security systems of their various clients. This was a one week job and she had been enjoying it, but she knew that she needed to wrap things up today. That would mean staying out at the lab late tonight.

Barb said her good mornings to the security staff in the Smitherman security control room and set herself up at the security station she had been using for the week. Her job was fairly complex: she needed to test the various cameras and other monitoring devices used in labs throughout the building. Usually, she could do all of this from her station, but she occasionally had to go down to the labs to establish physical connections. The building’s entire system had been replaced and updated recently.

Barb worked steadily into the afternoon. She paused for supper, then returned to the lab about 7 PM. She could think of other ways she would rather spend her Friday evening, but she had to admit that the job was interesting. She had always been a science geek and she had been fascinated to learn a bit about the kind of projects Smitherman was involved in developing.

When she returned to the security control room, she met the one guard on duty that night. The guard was a small, somewhat plain dark-haired woman named Rebecca.

Barb introduced herself. “Glad to meet you,” Rebecca said. “Just call me Becky.”

Barb went back to her computer and ran a diagnostic. As she waited for the computer to run through the program, she and Rebecca talked. Soon, they were chatting like old friends. Barb took a powerful liking to the little security guard and she considered asking her out for a friend’s date some time. Something about the brunette woman seemed strangely familiar, but Barb could not place it.

Over the course of the next few hours, Barb and Becky got to know each other quite well. Barb found that she really liked the little security guard. But she also recognized in the woman many of her own insecurities; uncertainty and dissatisfaction with her body, a certain kind of loneliness borne of lack of confidence. Becky did not seem to have any close family, something that she and Barb also shared, and she was not dating anyone at the moment. Barb found herself taking a real shine to the little brunette.

“Becky,” Barb said, “would you like to get together sometime next week? Just a girlfriend date? We can go out for dinner and maybe go someplace else later.”

“Oh, that sounds great, Barb,” Becky eagerly replied, smiling brightly. “I haven’t been out with a friend in a while.”

As their bright eyes met, something passed between them and Barb had a strong sense of déjà vu and something else. Becky seemed to sense it too. She turned her eyes back to her monitor quickly, apparently a little embarrassed by whatever had sparked between herself and Barb.

Barb was a little flustered herself. She wondered if these were the lesbian tendencies that she was sure she did not have? The women quickly worked out a time and place to meet after work the following week.

As she talked to Becky, Barb was distracted by something that came up on the monitor. Several parts of the complex were currently unavailable for monitoring through the usual security board because Barb was updating the system, so only she had access to what was happening in them. There were several labs that were still busy during the night, which was hardly surprising. But one lab that was supposed to be locked down was registering as showing activity. The motion sensors detected someone walking around the lab. The card key monitor did not show anyone checked in. Barb checked the screen; this was the human engineering lab. Barb keyed in the security cameras for the lab but found that they had been disconnected. Immediately, she alerted her new friend.

“Becky,” Barb said. “Something weird here. There is someone in the human engineering lab and that is supposed to be shut down for the night. There’s no card key record. Also, the cameras are out in there.”

Becky came over to look at Barb’s monitor. She frowned. This section of the complex was one that she did not like going into, largely because of the animal testing that went on. Still, it looked like something was happening that she needed to check out.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Barb asked Becky as the little security officer got ready to leave the safety of the control room.

“Nah, don’t worry,” Becky replied. “I’m sure it’s just a scientist who forgot to check in. Maybe his card key didn’t register because of the upgrade. I’ll go down and see what’s up.”

Barb returned to her work, running other programs and updating other security files for other jobs while she waited for the Smitherman programs to run. She became preoccupied with her work and it was almost 30 minutes before she realized that Becky had not returned.

Puzzled and a bit worried, she decided to check out the situation before she called for help. Getting down to the human engineering lab was an almost 10 minute walk, so it was possible that Becky was still coming back. When she called the guard’s security phone, however, there was no answer. Barb decided to re-check the card key codes. To her surprise, she discovered that a code was now registered; there must have been an earlier glitch in the system. The lab had been accessed by a Dr. Mark Strang about the time that the monitors began detecting movement. The only other card entry was from Becky. Barb did not have access to information on Strang, other than his picture and the fact that he was based in the human engineering lab. His presence there was not suspicious at all. Still, something about the situation bothered her. She decided to go check things out. If all was well, she would probably run into Becky as the guard returned to the control room.

Barb set up her phone to call the security alert number and then left the security control room. As she made her way towards the human engineering lab, her sixth sense began to act up. She had the increasing sense that something was very wrong. But she had to be sure. She did not want to call in backup only to find she had jumped the gun.

When Barb arrived at the lab, it was locked. She opened the door with the master key card she had been given for her work. She entered the lab, leaving the door ajar. It was too dark to see anything in the lab without the light from the hallway. She started feeling around for a light switch when she realized that there was a light coming out from under another door across the room. Carefully, she made her way across the lab, between silent computers and tables covered in beakers, test tubes and the other paraphernalia of experimentation. She approached the door and tested the handle. It was unlocked. Slowly, she opened it.

At first, Barb was not sure what she was seeing. A tall, thin, grey-haired man in a lab coat was standing facing the wall. She recognized him from his picture as Mark Strang. He seemed completely transfixed by what he was watching. Chained to a metal slab fixed to the wall was a woman. The woman was absolutely incredible. Barb realized that immediately. The woman’s body was the picture of physical perfection – she was tall, beautifully muscled, with powerful limbs, a firmly muscled torso, and massive, perfect breasts. Her hair was a luxurious dark brown. Her awesome body was writhing, straining against the bonds that held her. The effect was unbearably erotic, as every rippling muscle and bulging curve in the woman’s stunning body undulated powerfully. The woman was silent, but her face was contorted in a rictus of pure rage. Barb realized that the woman was silent because her teeth were gritted as she strained with superhuman intensity against the massive metal chains holding her in place. Her eyes were wild and savage and a chill went through Barb as she saw the raving madness in those otherwise beautiful green orbs. As Barb watched, the woman fell back against the metal slab, momentarily defeated by the chains. She collapsed panting, but a deep, animal growl came from her throat. With a start, Barb realized another fact: while this incredible woman was mostly nude, she was wearing the remnants of a security guard uniform. The uniform was clinging to her gorgeous body as scraps of cloth. Even her leather shoes looked like her feet had exploded out of them.

“What’s going on here?” Barb cried out. The man spun around, his face a mix of anger and shock. Clearly, he had not expected anyone to barge in on him.

“Who are you?” he barked. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?” Barb looked into this man’s eyes and saw the insanity there, too. Clearly, this man was, literally, a mad scientist.

“I’m Barb Matthews. I’m the security consultant. Why do you have that woman chained to the wall? Where is Becky?” The man began moving towards Barb.

“Hold it right there, buster,” Barb threatened, holding up her phone. She had already pushed the button and she was confident that a response team would soon arrive. “I’ve already called for backup. You had better just back off and sit down.”

The man smiled, an evil grin. “This lab is equipped with jamming equipment,” he said. “Your signal is not going anywhere. And neither are you!”

The man leaped at Barb, grabbing at her phone. For a moment, Barb and the man struggled over the instrument. She finally had to let it go; he threw it away, smashing it on the far wall. Barb used the moment to brace her legs and shove hard into the crazy man’s chest. He staggered, falling back. Barb retreated, jumping back through the door and into the darkened lab. She slammed the door shut, then tried to hold it closed while the man pulled on the other side. Barb did not want to go dashing through a dark lab but she knew she would not be able to hold the man off for much longer.

Suddenly, there was a terrible crashing sound from the other side of the door, the sound of metal rending and snapping. This was followed by a shriek of anguish from a distinctly male voice.

Barb released the door and backed up. She knew what had happened. Somehow, the savage Amazon chained to the wall had broken free. Barb remembered the raging insanity in that woman’s eyes. She was not reassured.

The door exploded in a shower of glass and wood. Barb screamed and turned, running as fast as she could for the outer lab door, now revealed in the light pouring out of the back room. She glanced behind her just in time to see the Amazonian beauty making her way through the door, the rage and hatred in her eyes so intense that Barb felt her blood freeze.

Barb made it to the lab door and through. She swung it closed. The door was made of steel and could only be opened with the card key, even from the inside. She hoped the crazy Amazon would not know what to do.

A massive blow shook the steel door. A moment later, a second blow followed. An enormous dent suddenly erupted from the metal. Barb could not believe her eyes. Nothing human could do that kind of damage to a steel door! The roaring from behind the door grew louder, more insane. Another resounding blow shook the door, followed by another dent. The steel bent away from the frame and, as she watched, Barb saw a powerful looking hand come over the edge of the door. She knew it was just a matter of time before the Amazonian goddess inside ripped the steel door off its hinges and came for her.

Barb dashed down the hall, desperately looking for a place to hide. She had begun running back towards the security office and she was now in the administrative area of the building. She still had her security card, but none of the doors around her were steel and she knew that the enraged, beautiful monster behind her would go through wood like it was papier mache. Barb heard a resounding crash. She glanced back and saw the steel door bounce down the hall. She used her card to open the nearest door and ran inside, closing it as quietly as possible. Quickly, she felt her way through the dark, hoping to find a phone, but mostly just looking for a place to hide.

Crouching under a desk, Barb felt her heart pounding, her breath coming in frightened gasps. The Amazon woman thudded down the hall, doing nothing to hide her presence. She bellowed in rage. The sound of wood and glass smashing echoed in hall. Barb knew that the woman was beginning a room by room search for her. She shivered. She could not stay here; she would soon be trapped.

Barb made her way to the door of the office she was in. She removed her shoes. When she heard the sound of the Amazon breaking into another office down the hall, Barb left her hiding place and ran, as quietly as she could, back from where she had come. The Amazon would not think to backtrack and, with any luck, Barb would be able to find a phone in the human engineering lab.

Barb managed to make it into the lab just a moment before the crazed Amazon emerged from the office she had just ransacked. Barb hazarded a peek around the corner. The woman was truly incredible. She was like a goddess; maybe six and a half feet tall, with massive, incredible tits and a perfectly proportioned, magnificently muscled body. At this point, the brunette Amazon was completely naked. Barb could see that she had a thick thatch of pubic hair. Otherwise, her body gleamed in the harsh light of the hall. The monstrous woman smashed her way into the office Barb had just left. Barb retreated further into the lab, entering the back room to see what had become of the mad scientist and to see if she could find a way to call for help.

Barb paused inside the door. The man was lying on the floor, his body a crumpled mess. It looked like every bone in his body had been broken. Incredibly, he was still alive. Looking at him, Barb could see the gleam of insanity had left his eyes.

“Who are you? What have you done?” Barb asked, kneeling beside the dying man.

“I’m sorry,” the man whispered. “I did not mean for this to happen. I just wanted to see if it would work…”

“If what would work?” Barb asked. But she suspected she had a good idea.

“A human growth serum. A super serum. We’ve been working on it for so long, but no way to test it. I had taken a bit of it, but it did not have much effect. Just…” Here he paused, and his face crumpled. “Just made me insane, threw off my sense of right and wrong. It made me obsessed with testing it. I realized that it would only work on women. I needed to test it on a woman. I knew there would only be one woman guard tonight. I ambushed her. Didn’t know you would be here, too.”

“What did you do to Becky?” Barb asked, outraged. “How do I reverse it?”

“It can’t be reversed,” the man whispered. He was fading fast. “It’s made her a perfect human being. Given her enormous strength. Enhanced everything about her. Her strength, endurance, her body. But it’s also caused a psychotic break. Intense rage. I didn’t expect that…should have seen it coming. She may snap out of it herself, but by then she may kill someone else. I did not know this would happen.”

“Well, it’s too late to apologize now,” Barb snapped. “I’ll save you if I can, but you look pretty badly hurt,” she said bluntly. “Right now, I’ve got to find a way to call for help. Is there any phone here, any way to call out or to turn off your jammers?”

“Won’t help,” the man moaned. “She will find you before help comes. Help won’t be enough. They can’t know what they are facing.” He moaned. He was fading fast. “You have only one chance.,” the man murmured. “Use the serum yourself. It’s on the table. Injection. Ready to go. Marked EM1. Use it on yourself. It will give you the strength to survive her attack.”

Barb felt her entire body go rigid with fear. She did not want to do this. But she knew that the man was right. Becky would kill her if she found her and the woman’s incredible strength and power strongly suggested she would be more than a match for any backup that might arrive. Even if Barb could find a working phone, would anyone believe her story? Would a SWAT team even be enough to stop a monstrously powerful Amazon who could rip steel doors apart with her bare hands? Besides, she did not want to see Becky hurt. The woman was the victim of this whole thing.

While she had been considering what to do, the scientist faded. Barb looked at the dead man sadly. It sounded like he was not an evil man. He had been frustrated then stupid and arrogant enough to test the drug on himself, not anticipating its psychological effects. He had paid for his mistake with his life. Barb now had to save herself.

Barb found the needle easily enough. It was marked EM1 and was loaded up with the full dosage needed to cause the transformation. Barb was about the same size as Becky had been. The drug should have the same effect on her. Still, she was terrified. There was so much that could go wrong. .She had no desire to spend the rest of her life as a caged monster, raging against imprisonment, no matter how perfect her body became.

From out in the hall, Barb heard a crashing sound and a low growl. Becky was coming back. She had figured out that Barb had doubled back. Barb gulped. She no longer had any choice. She glanced at the man’s broken body. Becky would break every bone in her body if she did not give herself a fighting chance. Barb shucked off her jacket, took the needle and, gritting her teeth, plunged it into her arm. She cried out from the pain, but she depressed the plunger fully, feeling the liquid inside course through her veins like molten lead.

“NO!!” came a roaring voice from behind her. Barb spun around. Monstrous Becky was standing in the doorway, glaring at her in pure, animal rage. “NO!!” the brunette roared again. “IT’S MINE!”

Barb barely heard the cry. The world had suddenly started to spin and the fire in her veins grew to a scalding heat that sank into every fiber of her body. She was in excruciating pain. She wanted to scream but it was too much. Barb felt herself passing out. At the same time, she felt a powerful anger growing inside. She barely understood what was happening when Becky leaped across the room and picked her up by her biceps. The brunette giant shook Barb the way a terrier shakes a rat. With a snarl, she hurled the limp blonde woman across the room. Barb’s body struck the drywall on the far side of the room and went smashing through, falling into the gap between the inner and outer security walls.

Becky roared again. The insane rage that had taken hold of her almost the moment that the scientist had injected her with his drug seemed to grow only more intense. She began to advance on the spot where Barb had disappeared, pushing aside tables, her bare feet crunching unharmed over glass and debris that fell as the tables rocketed across the room to smash into the walls and other obstacles.

Becky got to within 6 feet of the hole in the wall when something smashed through the wall from the other side. The brunette’s green eyes grew wide as she suddenly found herself staring eye to eye with an incredible, nearly nude blonde Amazon.

The blonde woman had deep blue eyes, which glowed with insane rage. Her gorgeous face was contorted by a savage snarl. Her body was incredible, every bit the equal of Becky’s voluptuous, muscular beauty. The blonde’s massive tits bounced threateningly on her chest. Her powerful arms flexed, her hands balled into fists. The blonde was wearing only scraps of clothing, scraps that fell off of her body even as Becky watched, leaving her completely nude.

The new Barb roared and shook her immense tits at the other woman. Her crazy-eyed expression matched Becky’s. Blue eyes and green eyes locked, animal rage building to a peak. Becky found the anger inside of her growing even more intense. She was challenged, challenged as a woman, challenged in her dominance, by another one like her! It was more than her primitive instincts could endure. She was filled with an all-consuming rage, an absolute need to destroy this blonde interloper. Nothing else mattered.

The two naked, buxom women slowly circled one another, both looking for an opening to press their attack. Both women roared and shook their massive breasts as a primal indication of challenge. Then, they threw themselves at each other! Their naked, perfect bodies came together with a slap of hard, strong flesh. The women’s thick tits crushed hard and tight as they grappled, chest to chest. The women strained against each other, their bare feet and toes seeking purchase on the slick tile. They wrestled, muscle against muscle, legs flashing as each tried to trip the other, powerful bodies twisting as they tried to get each other in headlocks, to push each other back..

The naked amazons strained against each other, their incredible bodies quivering with effort. They exchanged grips and holds, each trying to control the other, to force the other beautiful woman into submission. Becky managed to gain the upper hand. She managed to slip behind Barb. She picked the blonde up off the ground like a doll and hurled her across the room into one of the beaker tables, spilling dangerous chemicals onto the table and floor.

The brunette planted herself, extended her palms and motioned with her fingers, taunting her rival, daring Barb to meet her in battle again. Barb roared as she leaped across the room and tackled her enemy into the refrigeration unit behind her. With a smash of glass and tearing of metal, the two Amazonian goddesses thrashed and punched at each other, smashing the refrigerator and its contents to pieces. The spilling chemicals and solutions seemed to have no effect on the battling women. The sharp glass bounced off of their perfect bodies harmlessly.

Barb succeeded in getting a good grip on her brunette enemy. Spinning around, she hurled the other woman across the room, through another lab table and into cabinets against the far wall. More chemicals splashed to the ground. Becky lay in the ruins of the table and the cabinet behind it, seemingly momentarily stunned. The blonde thundered toward the brunette to press her advantage. She ran right into a powerful kick to her abdomen by Becky.

Barb was stunned for a brief moment and stumbled back a few steps. The other Amazon capitalized on the opening. Snarling, Becky threw herself at the blonde, tackling the other luscious woman to the ground. Instantly, the naked, buxom beauties wrapped their powerful arms and legs around each other and squeezed tight, each trying to crush the life out of the other, to overwhelm her opponent with sheer muscular power. Their limbs locked, their bellies crushed hard, their massive tits compressed between their incredible bodies, the dense titflesh swelling up like meaty balloons packed against each other, resisting compression. Moaning and snarling, Becky and Barb ground and writhed, their locked, straining bodies rolling back and forth, slow and hard. They bucked and wriggled with her hips, ramming and grinding crotch to crotch, each woman trying to roll the other and take the top position. Their thick pubic hair matted and tore at each other. They grabbed each other’s hair with one hand then both hands, pulling savagely as they tried to control the other. Their bodies trembled with effort, their massive tits swelled up between their crushed chests. Their powerful legs locked so tight that the twined flesh seemed like one; their hard bellies rippled against each other, hot navels sucking, pressed flat so that it was impossible to tell where one woman stopped and the other began. Becky and Barb struggled relentlessly, their Amazonian savagery driving them with the need to completely overpower and conquer the other.

As the women ground and trembled against each other, a more primal hunger emerged as their incredible bodies began to react to each other and their intimate, skin to skin contact. Their bodies were burning with sensations, sensations that grew more intense as the women’s flesh rubbed and writhed, as their sweat lubricated the slick friction generated by their perfect bodies, as their heavy tits and throbbing nipples continued to grind hard and hot. Nose to nose, still pulling each other’s hair savagely, Barb and Becky instinctively opened their legs, driven by a growing erotic hunger which was slowly fueling their need to break and consume each other. Massive clits swelled out of both women’s vaginas and came into immediate contact, sending a shuddering pulse of unbearable pleasure roaring through their writhing bodies.

“Oh, oh FUCK!!,” Becky shrieked.

“Aaaahhhh!” Barb cried out.

The erotic contact was more than either woman had expected or could stand. Barb released Becky; Becky pulled her legs up, placed her feet on Barb’s rock-hard abdomen, and kicked hard. Barb shot out of the lab, across the hall, and into the steel door protecting the opposite lab, marked “neuroleptics.” The door crumpled around her incredible body and slid with her into the neuroleptic laboratory. For a moment, Barb lay in the wreckage of the door, stunned by the impact, but also by the incredible sensations radiating out from her groin, filling her entire voluptuous body. Vaguely, even in her addled state, she recalled the erotic dream that had been haunting her for weeks. .

Barb pulled herself to her feet, shoving the door aside. Becky burst through the open doorway. The brunette’s eyes were shining with heat, but the hunger in them was for more than just violence. Barb locked eyes with her Amazonian rival and felt a deep, powerful shiver run through her body as she saw the intense erotic heat building in her body, the unbearable sense of sexual need, mirrored in her rival’s glare. The women were both panting, but not from exertion. Their eyes roamed hungrily over the other’s voluptuous perfection. They noted the other woman’s hardening nipples and dripping cunt.

The women slowly circled. They arched their backs and presented their massive tits to the other. With their left hands they cupped and fondled one of their meaty tits. Their right hands descended down through their hairy thatches of pubic hair, to explore their slick, hot groins. They fingered their swollen vulva and shuddered as their fingers discovered and began to stroke their obscenely large sex horns. Becky and Barb licked their lips as they continued to circle, eyes locked, hands and fingers preparing their bodies for the erotic confrontation to come.

Becky finally spoke.“You’re a sexy bitch, aren’t you, Barb?” she whispered, her voice a deep, throaty growl..

Barb smiled and nodded. “I want to feel you inside of me, whore,” she snarled, her own voice a deep, guttural growl.

The two hungry Amazons advanced on each other, their massive tits heaving with their excited pants, their ravenous pussies leaking with a torrent of lubrication, their engorged clits pulsing like drums. There was no finesse in their initial contact; the women were not intent on teasing or playing with each other. They simply had a deep, erotic hunger that could only be satisfied by ravaging the body of the other, by grinding their succulent flesh on flesh until they exploded. They still wished to break and dominate one another, but now they needed to do so by fucking the other into absolute submission and by satisfying the insane lust that was burning through every cell in their enraged bodies.

The women came together, rock-hard nipples lining up perfectly and crushing directly into each other, forcing the hard brown cylindrical nubs back into dense titflesh. Their areola eclipsed each other. The women’s throbbing tits crushed and mashed, sending quaking blasts of pure pleasure racing through their bodies. Their boobs grew even harder with arousal. They rolled their tits against each other, drilling their nipples together, grinding their pebbled areola, feeding the unbearable sensations filling their tits. Their hard bellies slapped, tight as drums, slick flesh rippling against slick flesh, deep navels sucking and locking. Panting uncontrollably, Becky and Barb jammed muscled thighs into the other woman’s crotch, even as they pressed together nose to nose, forehead to forehead, eyes locked with insane desire. Their wet, slippery pussies greased their smooth thighs with cuntjuice. Their throbbing clits pressed hard into the taut flesh. The women groaned and screamed as one, their need for each other growing to unbearable levels.

Barb and Becky slipped their hands around the other’s hips and down, filling their hands with the other woman’s powerful, rock-hard, flexing ass. The women leaned back slightly, pressing their tits together with their upper arms, causing the bulging glands to push directly into each other even harder. They spread their legs wide and arched their pelvises forward, presenting their slick cunts, their engorged clits to each other. Their hips and asses began to jerk and ripple as they rammed their clits directly into each other. The women shuddered in concert, their pants of excitement and pleasure turning to snarls of unbearable, raging ecstasy as they began humping and thrusting harder and harder, clit grinding at clit.

Becky pushed her face forward, her long, enhanced tongue darting out, running along Barb’s gasping lips. Barb smiled viciously and immediately returned the lick. The women’s tongues twisted and twined together in a hot, spitty duel, their mouths closing on each other hungrily, swallowing their moans and screams of pleasure as the fuckfight raged on.

The women attempted to overwhelm one another with their sexual power as they crashed and staggered around the room, thrusting and clutching each other by the buttocks, pounding mercilessly. Sexual juices flowed freely from their engorged nether regions, slicking their inner thighs, trickling down their calves and dripping on the floor as they continued to hump and grind into each other. Hot sweat flowed freely, lubricating their writhing bodies as they fucked desperately, their mutual hunger growing to unendurable levels.

An overwhelming erotic pleasure built within the buxom duelers as their exquisitely sensitive clits sawed against each other. They began to moan loudly within their locked mouths. They continued to ride each other mercilessly. Pulling each other’s hair viciously, the women yanked their faces apart, their mouths and tongues separating in a spray of spit. They screamed in unison, shrieking at the top of their lungs, as an orgasm of unbelievable intensity burned through their bodies simultaneously. The shared orgasm lit every nerve ending in their perfect bodies on fire, filling them with unbelievable ecstasy. Their pussies exploded, their deep vaginal muscles rippling, squeezing out jet after jet of hot ejaculate. The women sprayed each other with hot cum, soaking their lower bodies and torsos, as multiple orgasms roared through their sex-locked bodies. Incredibly, the orgasms refused to abate. Instead, the women continued to scream as their voluptuous bodies were wracked with unrelenting waves of pure ecstasy. Like a light bulb filament burning itself out when it gets too hot, the supercharged orgasms began to overwhelm the dueling Amazons, the intensity of the pleasure too great for even their incredible bodies to endure. The room started to spin as the women’s senses were overloaded with the unbearable erotic sensations saturating their warring bodies.

The women stumbled backward into one of the powdered chemical cabinets and crashed through the door. A bag of powdered antipsychotic medication burst open, its contents breathed in by the struggling women as they fell into the shelf, Becky on top, Barb below, their bodies continuing to hump and grind as they fucked each other into oblivion, both women still clinging desperately to the other’s pumping ass.

Barb’s last memory was of the incredibly delicious sensation of Becky’s hot cum jetting into her vagina, of indescribable pleasure exploding out of her clit and cunt and filling every inch of her luscious flesh, of her pussy convulsing and ejaculating powerfully, locked tight to Becky’s hot, fleshy twat. It was too much, the sheer ecstasy was just too much. Her world spun, her senses overwhelmed by sensation, and her vision narrowed into a black pool before the world went dark.

For some time, the naked Amazons lay sprawled together in the remains of the cabinet, their nude bodies intertwined, Becky spread out on top of Barb. In the other lab, the chemicals their battle had spilled finally ignited. A fire began to rage, activating the sprinklers and the alarm. Despite the sprinklers, the fire spread out into the hall. The heat activated the sprinklers in the neuroleptics lab. The water cascaded down on the naked women, slowly pulling Becky back to consciousness.

The brunette beauty pulled herself off of the blonde Amazon below her. She looked around. Her mind was her own once again, but everything seemed different. The world was sharper, her senses were more acute. Her mind seemed clearer, faster. She looked down at Barb and a spike of pure desire raced through her luscious body. She remembered vividly the sensations of fucking Barb into unconsciousness. She reached down to shake Barb, trying to wake the other woman. Just touching Barb’s skin sent an erotic charge rippling through her body. Barb did not stir. Becky looked at the remains of the drug she and the other woman had inhaled. From the name she realized that the drug may well have saved them, forcing them to calm down.

She looked around. She knew that she had to get out of here. The fire was building in the hallway. The fire department and police would arrive soon. They would find a dead man in the other room and a smashed lab. She did not want to explain what had happened; she could barely believe it herself. But she also knew that her future did not look good. She and Barb would, undoubtedly, become guinea pigs as the scientists tried to figure out exactly what had happened to them. She had no desire to become a lab animal.

Quickly, she formulated a plan. The hallway was now on fire and Barb did not want to test her new body’s invulnerability against such heat. She moved to the back of the neuroleptics labs and began pounding at the wall. In less than a minute, to her amazement, she had smashed a hole through the cement to the outside. She went back to Barb, reached down and picked her up, throwing the magnificent blonde beauty over her shoulder. To Becky, Barb felt like she weighed almost nothing at all though, with her new enhanced body, she probably weighed around 200 pounds. Becky’s enhanced ears could hear the sound of sirens getting closer. She knew that the only cameras that would have recorded her and Barb were those in the neuroleptic lab. They would have to deal with those. Hopefully, Barb would have access codes and other ways of getting to the camera’s recordings remotely. For now, Becky needed to take her Amazon rival and leave.

Becky raced out into the dark night. It was cool but she did not feel the cold. When she got to the security fence she considered just tearing it apart, but it was even easier and less conspicuous to just leap the fence, Barb slung over her shoulder like a bag of meat. Becky ran into the forest on the edge of the lab. They were not far from a giant national park; there should be lots of room to hide there, at least for the moment.

Barb’s eyes slowly began to open. The world was spinning, but she managed to make out a pair of bare feet running in the darkness. She had a sense that the world was in chaos. She could hear the sounds of far-off sirens.

The blonde had the odd sensation of floating as she continued to watch the feet running below her. She tried to move, but found she was unable to do so. She tried to speak but could only manage a harsh gurgle as she began to cough up a cloud of white power.

“Quiet Barb!” a soft voice commanded.

After running at full speed for another 15 minutes, Becky finally stopped in the shadows under an old tree and gently lowered the other woman to the ground. She knew that she had run several miles. She was still amazed at how powerful she felt.

Barb looked up at the other woman. Her head was pounding, but at least the crazy seemed to be mostly gone. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light cast by the full moon and she made out Becky’s beautiful face..

“Can you move on your own now?” Becky asked. “How do you feel? Do you still want to rip my face off?”

Barb managed a weak response. “Want to… what?” She put her hand to her face and pulled it away. She could see the remains of the powder even in the dark. “What is this stuff? Why is it on my face?”

Becky gave a little smile and stroked the blonde’s hair a little. “Good. It worked for you too. Can you stand?”

The blonde gave a little nod and was pulled to her feet by the brunette. The world started to spin and Barb immediately collapsed into Becky’s naked bosom.

“There will be plenty of time for that later,” Becky purred as she steadied the other naked woman.

Becky threw the blonde’s arm over her shoulder. Their massive side boobs pressed tight, their meaty hips bracing each other, the two naked Amazons continued into the darkness.

Transformations, Part II

Two weeks later:

Barb squirmed and stretched. The morning sun was rising over the distant mountains. It illuminated the sturdy make-shift shelter that the two women had constructed for themselves in the bosom of the national park. The shelter was a roof held up by solid wooden beams and a wooden floor. There was a comfortable bed consisting of leaves and covered by a strong burlap they had managed to scavenge from a deserted cabin. They had also found quilts, some of which now covered Barb’s naked body.

Barb writhed a little against her ragged blankets and wrinkled her nose as she felt their rough caress on her deliciously naked skin. Barb listened to the sounds of nature around her and smiled as she massaged her massive breasts and fondled her nipples. She was still not used to having so much firm, luscious meat on her chest.

Eventually, she sat up and surveyed her beautiful surroundings. The morning sun cast shafts of light through the trees and began to chase away the mist. Barb’s lustrous golden hair shone as the sun continued to rise. Barb thought back on what had happened over the past two weeks.

On the first night, she and Becky found a cabin to break into. It provided shelter and, even better, had a working internet and a home computer. Barb was able to use the computer to hack into the Smitherman lab computer security system. She erased the digital tape of the neuroleptic lab, after viewing it and making a copy for herself and Becky. It was, she had to admit, a deliciously erotic encounter.

The women journeyed further into the forest, burglarizing cabins along the way as they needed, finding clothing and other supplies. Now, they were deep in the forest, as far from human beings as they could be. They were still trying to figure out what to do, but they had decided to lay low here for a while. They found that their new bodies were incredibly powerful, nearly inexhaustible, and durable. They did not feel cold and they were quite sure they would be similarly immune to extreme heat.

Still lounging in her shelter, Barb’s sharp eyes caught a movement about a hundred meters away in the forest. She gave a lusty smile when she saw who it was.

An equally buxom and equally naked brunette broke from the treeline and steadily approached the tiny shelter. She locked eyes with the relaxing blonde and returned the lusty grin. She carried a pair of water bottles in her hands, bearing water collected from a nearby stream.

Barb slowly kicked the blankets away to reveal the rest of her nakedness. She licked her lips seductively as the naked brunette stepped into the shelter, and spread her legs wide, revealing her fat, thick-lipped pussy. Becky smiled, then climbed onto the bed and straddled the blonde woman. Barb pushed her pelvis up; Becky settled her wet, hot cunt directly onto Barb’s aching twat. The women moaned in mutual pleasure and sighed as their pussies kissed and slowly melted together, hot slits forming a wet suction.

Becky handed over one of the water bottles and the women drank as their nether regions slowly undulated against one another, hips moving slowly, insistently, slick-lipped pussies rubbing and sliding. The women’s oversized clits slowly, inexorably, swelled up, growing firmer and longer with every second. The women’s clits caressed, then began to grind as they grew in size. The brunette closed her eyes and moaned with indescribable pleasure as she tossed the empty bottle to the side. Barb did the same, then reached up and filled her hands with Becky’s firm, jiggling tits. Slowly, carefully, Barb massaged the other woman’s bountiful breasts, kneading the thick flesh, twisting and squeezing the hard nipples between her thumb and forefingers.

The buxom brunette smiled in pleasure, her eyes hooded as they half-closed in response to the raw erotic delight filling her tits, heating up her cunt. Becky reached down and filled her hands with Barb’s massive jugs, squeezing and massaging, sinking her fingers into the dense titflesh. , For long minutes, the women pleasured each other and moaned together in the forest, their lush bodies undulating, their genitals slick and hot against each other, their massive clits stroking and grinding, their hands squeezing, squeezing the other’s thick, taut tits.

Nipples and vulva now fully sexually inflamed, the brunette finally slid down on top of her blonde lover, tits crushing to tits, nipples burning into nipples, belly sliding onto belly. Barb twined her legs through Becky’s legs, muscle straining and meshing to muscle. Their hot breath mixed and the Amazons shared a deep, erotic kiss, their tongues twining and wrestling as their bodies began to hump and grind against one another. Their thick pubic hair, blonde to black, meshed and twisted together into unbreakable knots. The women’s hands roamed the other’s body, Barb seizing Becky’s pumping ass, Becky wrapping her arms around Barb’s back and squeezing their throbbing tits together even harder.

Their breathing quickened as they grunted and moaned loudly into each other’s mouths. Their bodies continued writhing, rubbing, sliding, hot sweat lubricating their passion, strong limbs twining and straining. They humped and thrust harder and harder, their bodies locked and moving as one, their shared whimpers and groans of pure passion and pleasure stifled within their locked mouths. Their clits knotted together, one fused mass of pure ecstasy. The women’s mutual orgasm built and built, coming closer and closer to an explosion. The women gently yet firmly pulled one another’s lustrous hair as their bodies shook and trembled against each other. Their sexual juices soaked the bed, trickling through the burlap to the forest floor beneath them.

Becky and Barb came at the same time, their overcharged cunts exploding in sheer pleasure, spraying hot cum onto their straining, trembling legs and lower torsos. Their combined howls of ecstasy shattered the morning quiet, frightening many small woodland creatures. The two naked nymphs continue to hump and grind, driving into each other, riding each other mercilessly, grinding clit on clit as hard as they could, prolonging their orgasmic ecstasy as long as possible.

For more than ten minutes, the glorious Amazons forced exquisite orgasm after orgasm out of their blazing twats. They sobbed and cried with the unbearable pleasure, they clung to each other desperately as their flesh seemed to flow into one, as their genitals fused tight and hard. Their tits seemed to swell to bursting, their pussies gushed cum. Finally, the waves of pleasure begin to abate, and the women melted into one another. Soaked in sweat and cum, Becky sprawled out on top of Barb. Pressed tight, their hearts pounding into each other through their mashed tits, their thick clits pulsing against each other, the women rested.

After a time, Becky stirred.

“Barb?” Becky purred as she gently stroked the blonde’s hair.

“Yes, lover?”, Barb purred back.

“I want more, baby. I want to fuck really hard. I want us to go really deep inside each other. Clit on clit.”

Barb smiled, stroking Becky’s hair. “Don’t we do that every night, baby? What are you, some kind of nympho?”

Becky grinned. “You know I am. I want to do it now. And it’s not like there is a lot else to do out here.”

Barb smiled and pushed the brunette woman off of her as she sat up. Barb and Becky spread their legs, facing each other, their eyes bright with excitement and anticipation. Both women stroked their sexhorns, getting them even harder and stronger. Their massive clits swelled back up to their full size. Barb ran her fingers through her thick blonde bush, smiling as she saw that her bush was littered with course black pubic hairs. She stared at Becky’s bush and smiled lustfully as she saw her own blonde hairs scattered in the other woman’s black cuntfur.

Barb and Becky pushed forward, sliding their bare, powerful legs over and under each other, and came together, pussy to pussy, in a delicious scissor. The women smiled at each other blissfully, both fully aware of the ecstasy to come. They reached between their legs to spread their cuntlips and aim their massive clits directly into the other woman’s fuckhole. Their clits slid into each woman, lined up side by side, crushing tight. Becky and Barb knotted their over-sized clits together and buried them within their wet, hot vaginas. Both women began to ripple their vaginal muscles around their clits, squeezing and releasing. Wave after wave of pure erotic pleasure soared through the women and they gasped and moaned. They leaned back on their hands, threw their heads back, and cried out with joy. The women began to grind at each other, their asses and hips moving in unison, driving at each other with unbridled desire, wanting nothing more than to pull as much pleasure out of each other’s bodies as they could. Their powerful bellies rippled as they fucked mercilessly.

Cunt to cunt, pubic hair grinding and meshing, asses rippling, hips jerking and thrusting, their massive tits bouncing and jiggling with every powerful thrust, the women fucked and fucked. Their engorged clits remained knotted together, pulsating with pleasure, squeezed and massaged and jousting within their interlocked twats. Their clits swelled even larger, increasing the intensity of the incredible pleasure radiating through the women’s bucking, jolting bodies. They threw back their heads and screamed in joy as their incredible bodies carried them to higher and higher levels of sexual ecstasy.

The women grasped each other’s wet thighs and leaned back, shoving with all the power of their asses, grinding deep and hard into the other’s hot, meaty cunt. Their eyes were half-closed, their beautiful faces alive with unbearable pleasure. They groaned and moaned and screamed, neither one wanting to stop, both lost in the stunning erotic sensations wracking their perfect bodies.

The mutual fucking went on and on, the women’s moans and screams echoing in the morning air, until, finally, they felt an enormous mutual orgasm building up to the point of no return. Barb and Becky pushed up and reached for each other, pulling each other in, mashing their throbbing tits, grabbing each other’s round, heart-shaped asses, locking mouths and tongues together in a final effort to overwhelm the other. The orgasms finally arrived. Pulling each other’s hair savagely, the women threw back their heads and screamed at the top of their lungs as exquisite, indescribably intense pleasure rolled through their rutting bodies. For almost 20 unbelievable minutes, the women rode each other hard, pulling, grinding excruciating orgasm after orgasm out of each other, screaming and sobbing and clawing at each other, finally locking together in a tit-crushing bearhug that mashed their bulging glands together as hard as humanly possible.

Shuddering, the two sensually overwhelmed women finally fell onto their backs, still locked together cunt to cunt. Their tits heaved, their bodies dripped with sweat. After two weeks together, they had taught themselves to remain conscious and endure the unbelievable pleasure they gave to each other, but it was still a close thing. Panting, gasping, Becky and Barb struggled to recover their breath, teetering on the edge of unconsciousness, their bodies overcome by sexual pleasure.

After a time, Barb pulled away from Becky, causing the other woman to groan in distress; the brunette had been enjoying the delicious sensation of Barb’s clit pulsing and throbbing against her own. Barb immediately shifted, however, crawling over Becky, straddling the prone woman’s face, then lowering her blonde head to Becky’s dripping twat. She buried her face in her lover’s cunt and began licking, sucking and feasting on the succulent labia, the engorged clit. She went lower and deeper, probing Becky’s anus with her tongue.

Becky looped her arms over Barb’s hips, spread her hands on the blonde’s heart-shaped ass, and set to work feasting on her rival’s juicy twat, sucking up every drop of cum and then wrapping her lips and teeth around Barb’s aching clit. She licked at Barb’s ass, spreading the tight orifice with her fingers and probing with her tongue, then her fingers and, finally, her fist. Barb groaned in indescribable pleasure and happily returned the violation, pumping the brunette’s cunt and ass with her digits and then her fist.

For the rest of the morning, Barb and Becky eagerly devoured and violated each other, feasting ravenously on each other’s cunts, using their fingers and tongues to explore and stimulate the other woman’s orifices. They enjoyed themselves enormously, delighting in the blissful orgasms that they gave and received, the hot ejaculate that sprayed into their faces time and again. They rolled onto their sides so they could eat each other on equal terms. Before she finally fell to sleep, Barb rubbed her face into Becky’s twat, deeply inhaling the scent of her lover, licking and sucking before resting her cheek on the brunette’s brown bush and falling into a deep sleep, the delicious sensation of Becky’s lips sucking on her clit following her into unconsciousness

Transformations, Part III:

In the early afternoon, Barb and Becky finally stirred. They could easily have resumed their sexual marathon, but they decided to wait for the night. The naked women walked hand in hand down to the stream. They bathed and refilled their water bottles. They returned to the shelter and pulled out some of the stolen clothing they had acquired. The women found that men’s clothing fitted their new bodies better. Both wore men’s shirts, pulled up and knotted under their massive breasts into halters. The blonde wore a white shirt that, loose and unbuttoned, did nothing to conceal her bouncing tits. The brunette wore a lumberjack flannel, also open so her tan tits could catch the sun. Both women had found tight jean shorts. They had not yet had any luck in finding shoes, so they needed to go about their tasks bare foot.

Barb went down to the stream to use a spear to fish for their evening meal. She found that her enhanced senses and remarkable speed and coordination made this task easy. Becky went into the forest to find tubers and mushrooms they could use to balance the meal. They cooked and ate their bounty over a hot fire beside the shelter, using planks of wood on which to fry their bounty. After supper, they stayed up to sundown, discussing and planning what to do next.

The women decided to stay where they were for the next month or two. They had no way of knowing if anyone was looking for them in their present forms, but it was certain that people were looking for them in their old bodies. Both women found that their minds were sharper and clearer than ever before and they planned out their next steps carefully.

“The police will be watching our bank accounts,” Barb said, “looking for activity. They probably think we’ve been kidnapped. And, of course, there’s the problem of Dr. Strang.”

“Yes,” Becky said, unhappily. “I’m really sorry about that. He may have been experimenting on me but he did me a real favor.”

“Yes,” Barb nodded. They had talked about this many times before. Becky felt some guilt over Strang’s death, though she accepted she was not responsible for her actions at the time.

“I think I can figure out a way to access our bank accounts and withdraw money without anyone realizing it,” Barb continued after a moment. “I’ll need to check out some of my theories on the internet, but I think it can be done. Our next step has to be to find access to a computer.”

“OK,” Becky agreed. “There is a lot we can do from a public library or even a university. That should be easy. You’re really good at hacking and I bet you’ve gotten better since our transformations.”

Barb nodded. “If I can figure out how to access our accounts, I also think I can transfer a lot of money to those accounts. We can do bank robbery by remote.”

Becky smiled. The women were not intent on being criminals, but if they wanted to keep their new identities secret they were going to need to break some rules. They agreed that this was a necessary evil and the banks were insured against robbery. Besides, the banks were some of the biggest crooks around, so neither woman was particularly upset about robbing from them.

“We’ll need better clothes,” Becky said. “Inconspicuous clothing. And shoes, of course.”

“Yeah,” Barb agreed. “That will mean more breaking and entering around the park. When we get our money, we can leave them something for what we take.”

The women worked on more details of their plan until the stars came out. They agreed they would lay low in the park for the next month. Then, when the weather started to change and there was less chance of people being around, they would begin to systematically search for the things they needed in the deserted cabins and homes. In the meantime, they would improve their shelter and get to know the surrounding area so they could escape easily, if necessary.

Barb and Becky fell silent, staring up at the spectacular night sky, enjoying their companionship.

“Where do you want to go?” Becky asked. They had discussed this many times, without settling on any particular place.

“Someplace warm,” Barb replied, remembering her dream. “Someplace where we can live outside year-round.”

“I think we could probably do that here,” Becky observed. “We don’t seem to feel the cold. Whatever Strang’s serum did, it did a really good job on both of us.”

“I wonder if it will wear off?” Barb murmured, looking into the fire. She had already decided that one of the first things she would do, once they were free and clear, was start studying biology and other sciences to figure out what Strang had done and replicate the formula, in case they needed it later. She had no doubt that her new mental acuity would make such a task relatively easy.

“Something to wonder about some other night,” Becky replied, getting to her feet. She finished her water, then smiled at her blonde companion. She slowly, seductively, slipped off her flannel shirt halter, letting her massive tits spill out. They jiggled deliciously. Smiling wider, her eyes sparkling with growing desire, Becky slipped her shorts down her wide hips, letting them fall down her magnificent legs to her feet. She was wonderfully nude, her perfect body gleaming in the firelight, orange flames illuminating her luscious curves, flickering shadows playing in the entrancing crevasses of her voluptuous body.

“I’m going to bed, baby,” Becky purred seductively. “Come and take a ride on my cunt.”

Barb watched as Becky sidled into the shelter and crawled up on the bed. She pushed back the blankets and fell onto her back on the make-shift mattress. Smiling invitingly, her beautiful tits quivering in the semi-dark, Becky spread her legs wide. Her gorgeous cunt glistened with moisture in the firelight.

Barb got to her feet, removing her white top as she did so. Her massive tits bounced free. A moment later, her shorts slid to her feet and she stepped out of them, completely naked. She climbed onto the bed, smiling hungrily at Becky. Barb looked down into Becky’s dripping pussy, then reached down and stroked the wet, slick flesh with her fingers. Becky moaned, arching her back in pleasure. Barb licked her wet fingers. She lowered her face to Becky’s soaking cunt. She rubbed her face in the woman’s fuckmeat, sighing with pleasure at the heat and wet and womanly scent of her rival’s pussy. She licked Becky’s cunt, then gently sucked and nibbled at the brunette’s swelling clit. Becky moaned deeply and arched her back even harder, shoving her wet twat into the blonde’s mouth, working her hips, rubbing her pussy into her lover’s beautiful face.

Barb sucked hard on the other woman’s clit then released Becky’s sexhorn. She smiled up at Becky, who was now panting in heat. Barb slowly licked her way up Becky’s belly, exploring the brunette’s navel, proceeding to lick, then gently suck the woman’s hard, thick brown nipples. Barb began to bite and chew and suck harder at the woman’s thick tits, bringing a moan of pure erotic joy from Becky, who writhed in pleasure on the bed.

Panting with desire, Barb raised herself up over the other woman. She grabbed Becky’s hands, hand to hand, palm to palm, and pushed the woman’s arms to either side of her head. Barb lowered her tits, slowly, tauntingly, down onto Becky’s voluptuous tits. The women groaned in shared erotic delight as Barb rubbed her hard nipples around and around and over Becky’s throbbing nipples. Groaning wildly, Becky could not wait anymore. She freed her right hand, reached up and grabbed the back of Barb’s head, and pulled the blonde down onto her. Barb’s tits mashed and crushed Becky’s matching, overheated titmeat; the women’s muscled bellies settled firmly on each other. Both women rubbed their abdomens together in delight. Becky spread her legs wider and tilted her pelvis up, opening and offering her succulent, dripping cunt to her Amazonian rival. Barb spread her own thighs and arched her back as she slowly pressed her wet, hot fuckmeat onto Barb’s meat, moaning in sheer pure ecstasy as their pulsing, burning clits came together.

The women were nose to nose, lip to lip, as they panted furiously, their eyes locked as the incredible pleasure rippled and flowed through every nerve in their luscious bodies. By the dying light of the fire, they lay that way for a few minutes, simply feeling the exquisite pressure between their swelling, throbbing clits, their bodies shuddering with the erotic sensations, teasing and taunting each other with the ecstasy to come.

Finally, Becky slipped her legs through Barb’s legs and the women’s muscles locked. Slow and hard, they began to move their hips and asses, keeping their cunts glued together. They began to writhe and moan as the pleasure built. Hot tongues licked at each other as their mouths sank together in a lustful kiss. Their engorged clits fused into one and looped together into a thick knot of ecstasy as their humping and bucking became ever more intense.

Barb and Becky fucked and fucked, their hot bodies growing wet with sweat, the fluids flowing from between their legs soaking the bed and dripping down to the ground. They lost all track of time as they rode each other mercilessly, lost to the raw pleasure of their locked, pumping bodies. Their clits became one throbbing nerve of pure ecstasy, their slick, meaty cunts fused, their bulging tits slid and ground, hot nipple scoring hot nipple. Finally, the women broke their deep, probing kiss, throwing back their heads to shriek in unbearable pleasure as orgasm after orgasm roared through their bucking bodies. For the next 30 minutes, they milked every drop of cum out of each other that they could, their driving, humping bodies grinding relentlessly, prolonging their excruciating orgasmic release for as long as they possibly could.

Panting, spent, the gorgeous women collapsed, sprawled on each other, their thick, throbbing clits still wrapped into an erotic knot. Their bodies dripped with sweat and cum, their hearts pounded into each other through their mashed tits. Becky groaned as she reached down and pulled the blankets over their naked, heaving bodies. She kissed Barb’s cheek and nibbled at her lover’s neck and shoulder as she wrapped her arms around the blonde.

“God, that was incredible,” Becky groaned. “You are the best fuck ever.”

“So are you, baby,” Barb gasped. She could barely stay conscious; her entire body felt like it was floating on a cloud.

Barb kissed Becky gently, tongues playing softly. The women settled down, on top of each other, inside of each other, joined at the cunt for the rest of the night. They knew that, throughout the night, their bodies would occasionally drive them to orgasms as they slept, or they would wake and fuck each other back to sleep. This way of sleeping together had become something they did every night, ever since they discovered it was possible for them to stay locked together the whole night.

As the fire died, Barb gently drifted off to sleep. Beneath her, Becky had already passed out, her exotic body overwhelmed by the sexual pleasure they had shared. Barb sighed and smiled, enjoying the heat of Becky’s body, the feel of the women’s thick tits crushed into her own, the unbearably erotic pulse of their knotted clits throbbing against each other. If there was a heaven, she did not think it could be any better than this. She did not know what the future held, but she was confident it would be good, so long as she and Becky faced it together.

The End

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  1. Giannis says:

    Erotic science fiction ! Excellent ! I liked it very much !


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