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Trish Stratus vs. Victoria: Hardcore Match by Luffy316

Trish Stratus vs., Victoria Hardcore Match by Luffy 316 Story

The crowd was faintly booming out in the stadium, the fans a distant vibration through Trish Stratus’ walls. Her match was a several more into the card, so she was just out of her shower and starting to get dressed and warmed up. Her tight black shorts and bra were on, but her matching leathery top and boots discarded neatly nearby. They were laid out by her attendants, because she knew she was a star of the women’s division. It why she had her own private dressing room and bathroom, while most of the ladies were stuck using their own locker room. She was adjusting her blond locks in the mirror when she saw the door slam open behind her.

Her rival stood in the doorway, the dark-haired Victoria. She was already in her red two-piece wrestling gear, Trish feeling shocked and vulnerable for a moment before snapping “The fuck are you doing in here!?”

“Came for a little friendly warning,” Vicky grinned at her, storming into the dressing room and getting into Trish’s face. The blond stood her ground, glaring daggers back at the interrupting opponent. “If you want to stay in this league with a shred of dignity left, you’ll bow out of next week’s match. You think you’re hardcore? You think you’re badass, little Barbie? You ain’t got the guts for MY kind of match!”

That’s right. She’d hardly thought about it yet. After this week, there WAS to a hardcore match next week, with almost anything legal once that bell rang. No DQ. It would go on until one woman was out cold, pinned, or screaming their surrender. It wasn’t Trish’s usual, but she was champ material and a star of the league. She wasn’t about to be scared off by just another league brawler.

“I’m every bit as badass, fatass!” Trish shot back. “I can take whatever you can dish out.”

“Please!” Vicky cackled. “You’ve barely chipped a nail, let alone cracked a rib.” She stepped closer to the blond wrestler, who still didn’t back down, letting her bump her breast into hers. She lowered her voice to an almost sensual level. “You have no idea how much I’m going to love tearing you to pieces in the middle of my ring on Raw. There’s no refs for you fuck and hide behind this time.” She grinned wickedly as she locked eyes with Trish.

“Is that all?” Trish replied fearlessly, the wrestlers’ chests nearly touching at their intimately tense moment. “You came here to run your big mouth and hope you’d scare me?”

“Yea, that’s about it,” Victoria smirked back at her.

“Looks like I did my job just fine.”

Trish rolled her eyes, largely unphased by the intruder as she started to return to getting dressed.

“Oh yea, almost forgot one thing.” Trish looked back up at her, turning to face her again just as Victoria leaned on one knee suddenly, slamming a fist into Trish’s crotch. The blond’s lovely face erupted in shocked pain, her eyes and mouth popping wide open as she fell over to the floor of her dressing room.

Victoria leaned down to grab her by the hair, bending down to her level and hissing in her ear. “I’ll see you in the ring, bitch!” she insisted before letting Trish drop back into her near fetal position, slowly crawling to her feet as Victoria stomped out of her room.

The week went on with both women readying and training at the gym. Finally, Victoria’s name was boomed over the roaring crowd, strutting down the runway towards the ring with with a bold, toothy grin. She was back in her wrestling gear from last week, and confident in her inevitable victory. She’d readied and trained herself to destroy the blond in front of all her fans and show them and the league who was truly the most dangerous diva on Raw. She scaled the steps into the ring, ducking between the ropes and holding her hands up, waving on the crowd to encourage their continued cheers and whistles.

The entrance music changed as Trish came out, a wiggle in her hips and a glare in her eyes centered right at Vicky. The darker-haired wrestler paced in her side of the ring with her hands on her hips, smirking right back at the irate Trish. Trish had plenty of claps and cheers, sparing the crowd a few waves and smiles in return but keeping her red-got glare centered on Victoria. She slid in under the ropes, leaning her palms on her knees eagerly and rewarding the fans with a tasteful peek at her cleavage.

The ladies didn’t have long to wait. As Trish’s music died down, the bell rang and both women circled the ring rapidly, trying to subtly outmaneuver the other enough to catch them off guard. When neither succeeded for several seconds, they both rushed for eachother. Their hands went in for a lock up, braced against eachothers’ shoulders and shoving and jockeying for position.

Victoria took the initiative first by grabbing a handful of blond, yanking back on Trish’ head and getting a quick shout of pain from her, arching her head back to try and ease the pressure. It was all Vic needed to take a pace back and ram her knee into Trish’s stomach, forcing her to bend back over with a loud “UFF!” Vic wrapped an arm around her neck, the other staying securely latched onto her hair like a crude leash to keep Trish stuck in the headlock.

“I’m just getting warmed up, Barbie!” Victoria crowed at her, cranking at her neck a bit more. Trish grabbed at her midsection blindly, but managed to find her way around her lean figure enough to wrap her arms around her waist, charging forward and plowing into Vicky’s stomach. It didn’t have much of an impact, but it did power into Victoria like a football player, hurling them both into the corner with Vic sandwiched between Trish’s shoulder.

“AUGGH!” The dirtier diva blurted out as her back was slammed into the turnbuckle, immediately losing her grip on Trish to grab the ropes with one hand, the other tenderly cradling her stomach. Trish also grabbed onto the ropes, cornering the stunned Victoria and allowing herself to yank on the rubbery ropes, spiking her shoulder into her upper abdomen with far more momentum than before. “OUFFF!” Vic gave another big grunt, a bit of saliva flying from her lips as her body bent from the blow.

Trish stepped further back this time, letting go of her grip on the ropes, crouching down a bit to size up the rising Victoria. Just as the woman started to stand fully upright, Trish charged and swung her boot up high, the sole bashing her in the face and dropping Victoria down to the mat holding her face and slowly rolling in a daze.

“That’ll teach you!” Trish shouted down at the stunned opponent for the crowd to hear, thrusting a finger accusingly at her. “Don’t mess with me, you dirty bitch!” The commentators mused over how she may have still been a bit steamed from the low blow from last week.

Still a bit hazy, Victoria didn’t seem to rise fast enough for the blond’s liking. She grabbed Vic by the arm, yanking hard to force her up and fling her into the farthest set of ropes. Vicky’s toned body bounced off the taut chords, breasts jiggling coming and going as she rocketed back towards Trish. She had enough wits about her to throw an arm out for a clothesline into Trish’s neck.

The blond still saw it coming, ducking quickly under it and letting Vic hit the opposite ropes, waiting for her when she rebounded again… right into Trish’ waiting arms. She seized Victoria and hefted her up by her neck and waistline of her bottoms, suplexing the darker fighter into the mat so hard she bounced a solid inch off the ring. Vic arched her back, lovely face wincing and her mouth hanging open in shocked, numbing agony.

“Get up!” Trish insisted aggressively, waving her hands at Victoria daringly. Vic waved a hand at her pleadingly, unable to get her breath back to actually reply verbally. Trish threw a stomp into her ribs for good measure, making the sluggishly rising Vic flop back to the mat. “I said up, bitch! Thought you were ‘hardcore!”

Trish paced around the dizzied Victoria, legitimately letting her rise this time. Vicky seemed to milk it for all it was worth, trying to get her wits and footing back under control. She got her boots back under her as she rubbed her back once more, starting to take up a wrestling stance when Trish zipped in, capitalizing on her opening by grabbing her by the wrist and twisting, trying to press her into an armbar.

Victoria’s face twisted in pain, bending down and trying to contort her body to minimize the pain. She grit her teeth to keep from screaming as her joints were worked over, bracing her legs and reaching up to pull and press at Trish’s offending fingers. It was really just a halfway point for Vicky, though, and as soon as Trish leaned into the hold for more pressure, her painted nails reached up to rake across Trish’s lovely face.

Trish’s head whipped back instinctively, too late to keep the claws from raking her eyes. She rubbed her watering eyes as she staggered back, Victoria running at her blinded blond body and leaping up to grab her head and spike her face into the mats below. Vic let her bounce her face and tits off the mat before settling back down, the dark wrestler climbing onto her back and pressing her knee into her spine, grabbing Trish by the arm and pulling it into a chicken wing behind her back. Trish gave out a high pitched cry, beating her palm on the mat furiously to try and vent some of the pain.

“Come on!” Vicky barked loudly in her ear. “Give up!” She cranked the elbow joint out of shape some more. “Give up before I rip it off, blondy!”

Trish shook her head, bravely enduring the pain and starting to dig her boots and hips into the mat, pushing herself towards the ropes. Seeing her resistance, Victoria stepped up her cruelty a bit by raising the arm, reducing the pressure on the hold but allowing her to bite into Trish’s fingers, getting a shrill scream out of the heroine of the league, her boots smashing into the mat as well like a pained tantrum.

Victoria grinned wickedly with her teeth bared (and wrapped around Trish’s fingertips) before finally releasing the hold, throwing the arm down roughly. Trish curled up a bit to cradle the limb protectively under her body, rubbing the pain from her hand.
As she laid there distracted by her pain, Victoria gave her a quick stomp to the back of her head, making sure she was good and down before she slid out of the ring.

Victoria left her opponent reeling in pain as she flipped up the ring apron, digging around underneath. The announcers took the time to confirm that it was a hardcore match, and so “perfectly legal” in this situation. Vic came out after a few seconds with a steel folding chair, tossing the apron shut behind her and sliding the classic wrestler’s weapon into the ring.

Trish had managed to get into a sitting position, still groggy and holding her sore back when Victoria appeared in front of her. The darker fighter lined up and slammed the bottom of the chair forward, using the center bar to slam into Trish’ throat. The lovely blond let out a sharp gag and fell backward, the chair still pressing down in her like a dull guillotine on her windpipe. Trish’s eyes bugged out, kicking and thrashing wildly as she pushed up on the chair’s end, trying to afford herself what breathing space she could under the relentless steel and Vicky’s pressing muscles. But gravity and the element of surprise was on Vic’s side, so Trish’s struggles proved all but fruitless.

Vic finally relented and pulled back up on the chair, letting Trish grab at her throat and roll over, coughing and gasping for air as her pretty face went through a few of the uglier colors it had in its palette. She rolled over to face upward again, just for Victoria to toss the chair down at her. It hit with a quick and startling (but harmless) clatter over her head, just for Vicky to jump up deliver a leg drop on top of it, smashing the metal into her face. Trish flopped underneath it, laying motionless under the chair.

Vicky laughed loud and proud at her limp body, getting back up and giving a thumbs down at Trish’s body, as if declaring her death in a coliseum battle. “Real fucking badass, huh?!” she crowed to the crowd, many cheering her but Trish’s loyalest fans and the face-loving crowd booing her. “One good chair shot all it takes to put down the princess?!” Vicky leaned down and took hold of Trish’s listless arm, lifting it up and letting it drop to indicate she was out cold. The crowd boos and can’t believe it, Vic laughing again and lifting her arm. Officially 3 drops meant she was truly KOed, not that it mattered. Vicky was planning to have a lot of fun with her after she was out.

When Victoria let go of Trish’s arm the second time, it sprang to life halfway to the mat. In fact, it clenched into a fist and shot up as Trish rose from playing possum under the chair. Her face and nose were a bit red from the chair’s impact, but it was also looking plenty pissed as she uppercutted Victoria in the jaw. The hardcore hottie was knocked flat on her ass, Trish rising up and shoving the chair aside. She had whited out from the big impact move, but she knew she was far from out of the fight.

Victoria fell back, rubbing at her chest before she massaged her aching jaw. The blow had cracked her teeth together and still stung as she crawled on her hands and knees for a corner. Trish got back up with a head full of steam, going in behind Vic and stomping on her lower back, knocking her onto her belly.

“This hardcore enough for you, skank!?” Trish spat down on her, grabbing Vic by the hair and lifting Victoria to her feet. She pressed her back into the ropes, raising a fist as Victoria threw up her hands, waving them wordlessly in a desperate plea for mercy, then motioning for a timeout. Trish sneered at her cowardly approach, raising her fist and leaving herself completely off guard for when Victoria spit the mouthful of wet powder she’d snuck into her lips while she was rubbing her jaw.

The splash of green mist hit the blond’s eyes, screaming as the stinging mess blinded her and left her staggering around the ring, tears and green gunk in her eyes. Victoria grinned and wiped her mouth, letting her walk drunkenly around until she was facing her again, sheerly by coincidence. Vic took off at a full sprint for the defenseless diva, jumping up and straddling her waist to crash her into the mats, panicked and stunned on her back as Vic grabbed her hair and rained her fist down into her head as fast as she could deliver them. Trish seemed struck dumb by the blows, unable to think straight or mount any defense as her blind vision was rattled by the barrage of Vic’s knuckles to her forehead. Vic finally stood back up, leaving her hurting and leaking painful tears as she went to fetch her chair again.

This time she threw the chair down near Trish’s legs, grabbing the blond by her wrestling boots and lifting them off the mat. Trish winced and tried to pull back as a weak reflex, but a stomp to the knee cut off her resistance. Rather than pull her into a submission hold as she feared, she yanked Trish’s leg in between the partly unfolded chair. Trish felt the metal on her skin, her fuzzy eyes going wide and waving her hands in a genuine plea for mercy rather than a trick to buy time for another dirty trick. Vic ignored it anyway and jumped to stomp both boots down on the leg of the chair, crushing it like a metal vice around Trish’s knee.

Trish writhed and howled in agony, unable to break her leg free as Victoria pressed her boot down, persistently mashing it down on her vulnerable joint. “NO! NOOOO STOP! AUGHHH!” Trish screamed and begged as her knee exploded in pain and didn’t seem to stop.

“In your dreams, cunt!” Victoria snapped back as she kept pouring on the pressure. “I told you I’d tear your pathetic ass apart tonight, and I’m a girl who keeps her promises!”

Vic finally stepped off the chair, letting Trish hold her knee and pull it out, rocking in mind-numbing agony. Victoria noticed that with all the torment she’d dished out, Trish’s leg was looking swollen and bruised where she’d been crushing it. She wouldn’t be running anywhere for the rest of the match, she was certain.

Trish grit her teeth as she winced in pain, the tears washing away most of the “mist” that Victoria had spit in her eyes. She dragged herself away towards the ropes, pulling on the middle rope to at least lift her upper body off the mats. Victoria watched her work up a sweat just reaching the ropes, then barged in behind her to press her knee into the back of Trish’s head, forcing her neck forward and her throat across the ropes. Her mouth popped open to let out a strangled scream, arms flailing and trying to shove her way free.

Victoria just reached around her head to pull up on the ropes, forcing an even tighter seal on her breath. She’d only just regained her breath from the steel chair attack, and couldn’t afford to go through the same thing again. Spots started to flicker before her eyes when she swung her head back, slamming it into Victoria’s chest as she leaned down to grip the ropes. Vic backed off, hand over her cleavage, to rub the sore spot. Trish kept her grip on the ropes and threw back a mule kick that connected with Vicky’s stomach, making the air whoosh out of her lung as she doubled up and hugged her guts with both arms.

Trish’s leg ached and head pounded, but she knew it was do or die at this rate. She winced as she quickly rose to her feet, rushing after Victoria as she stumbled backward. Just as she reached the ropes, Trish swung an arm into a diving clothesline.

Victoria reached up to try and grab and stop her, but took the hit as she reached too late. The divas both went flying back over the top rope, crashing to the hard floors around the ring. Both women laid still, slowly writhing as Victoria rubbed the small of her back, arching so that her chest thrust out even bigger than it normally appeared. Trish laid face down on the ground, clutching her head as she’d landed roughly on her face at the point of impact.

The crowd went wild, shouting and cheering for the women to get back up. Both rose slowly, but Victoria a few seconds ahead of her opponent, grabbing the guard rails and pulling herself to her feet. She used it for balance as she tromped away from Trish, bending down holding her back with one hand as the other grabbed a random length of cable attached to one of the cameras. As Trish was pushing herself up to her knees, Victoria wrapped it around her neck as a makeshift leash, twisting and pulling on the chord.

Trish was instantly gagging and clawing at the chord, Victoria trudging backward and dragging her with her. Vic grinned maniacally, apparently too sadistic to look away from the thrashing and squirming victim. The darker diva used one hand to grab her by the hair, used in combination with the camera cable to lift her up to her unsteady feet. Trish waved a hand in a quick plea for air, choking and drooling over herself as she struggled to get whatever air she could. Vic yanked on the chord like a brutal tug of war, swinging it to one side and forcing Trish to stumble along with it. It hurled her like a hammer throw into the guardrail, wincing and shuddering as the metal punched into her side and ribs.

Victoria relentlessly pulled in the other direction, spinning and whipping Trish around in a small circle to build up momentum before finally letting go of the cable. She timed it to send Trish flying like a runaway train straight into the announcer’s booth, face and chest crashing into it with a loud CRACK before falling onto her back like a rag doll.

Victoria regained her balance a bit as she smiled at the downed Trish, who stared blankly into the spotlights overhead. “What’s up, bitch?!” she cackled. “Sleepin’ on the job? Or you actually got a brain in there to damage!?” She squatted down over Trish, propping her into a limp sitting position against the announcer’s booth. She swiped one of the microphones as she started to slap Trish across the face (not the gentle reviving kind, but full, cracking backhands). Trish finally seemed to writhe and her eyes flutter open with a semblance of consciousness.

“Morning there, Sleeping Ugly,” Victoria cooed to her. “Thought you’d get off that easy?” Trish mumbled incoherently, head feeling worse from the throbbing of a nasty lump growing just above her hairline.

“I just wanted you awake for this,” Victoria purred to her, taking a handful of blond to hold her head against the booth. The diva starred dimly back at her, unsure what she meant until Vic leaned into her, looking for a moment as if she were making out with Trish right there on the floor. A closer look and the echo of Trish’s screams in the microphone corrected any such thoughts as Vicky dug her teeth into her forehead, biting the already tenderized flesh around her skull with the ferocity of cannibal.

Trish’s earsplitting shrieks echoed in the mic as Vic bit down viciously, and finally pulled away with a deep red scratch across Trish’s forehead. Trish panted and sobbed beneath her as Victoria straddled her legs, reaching into her outfit’s cleavage. She pulled out a set of brass knuckles, flashing them overhead for the crowd as she slowly slid them onto her fingers like a strange, brutal striptease. Trish barely had the wits about her to shake her head pleadingly, which didn’t stop Victoria from planting the jagged, arcing metal to her forehead, grinding it back and forth like a hand-powered belt sander. Trish gave long, pleading sobs as she felt like her skull was being crushed, and felt blood running down her face and over her nose and screaming lips.

Victoria worked her forehead for a few agonizingly long seconds before slamming her fist into it with a quick punch, leaving Trish clutching her face as she laid back against the announcers booth in agony.
Victoria kissed her metal-lined knuckles before slipping them back off, approaching the guard rail and seen talking with a fan in the front row. She handed him the bloodied brass knuckles and seemed to trade it off for his bottle of beer, turning back to the helpless Trish.

Victoria emptied the beer over her head, shaking and pouring it out all over her hair, skin and clothes with the scummy booze. Trish could only recoil as it stung her wounds and foamed over her skin. Victoria threw the bottle aside, letting it shatter and splash its sticky shards over the arena floor. Trish was still spitting out some blood and beer that leaked into her mouth when Victoria came over and grabbed her in a headlock, lifting her into a bent position with her head under her armpit. The crowd went nuts, screaming and the announcers protesting desperately, Victoria just drinking up the attention before she lifted Trish by her head and the hem of her spandex shorts, suplexing the blonde right on top of the glass.

Trish bolted into sitting upright, seemingly too shocked to move or scream as the bottle’s shards scratched or dug into the bare skin of her back. She reached gingerly back to feel a few smaller pieces stuck in her skin, delicately pulling them out as her eyes teared up again, dirtying herself with yet another fluid.

Victoria remained heartless and sadistic as she rose and charged for her, throwing a boot into Trish’s face that floored back into the mess of glass motionless again. “This’ why you don’t fuck with the best!” Vic shouted at her, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her like a caveman’s bride, forcing her body to slide through the glass as she pulled her roughly backstage without any resistance from the dazed and dirtied diva.

The staff made way as the Victoria burst back through the runway to enter the vast and gray backstage area. The cameras tracked their activity closely, always ready for such brawls, promos and hardcore matches as this one.

Trish was only just starting to wriggle and claw at Victoria’s wrists as she felt herself dragged over the hard floor behind the curtains. She managed to stagger to her feet and succeed in shoving Victoria away, but still trying to regain her balance when Vicky raised a boot and kicked her in the chest, knocking her back into a supply closet. Trish was a clambering heap among dirty mops and rags and buckets, and allowing Vic to reach for a number of props for specialty matches stored in there.

She settled on a singapore cane, similar to a rougher Japanese boken. Trish was still trying to untangle herself from the clutter of cleaning supplies when the dark-haired brawler smashed the cane over her head, getting a loud and painful crack and Trish flopped back to the ground, curling up in pain. Vic gave a few more sharp smacks about her body, getting her to recoil in pain each time before Victoria grabbed one of her ankles. She held the leg steady, Trish too exhausted and hurt to fight back yet as she pulled it away from her body.

Vicky reached down to grab her spandex shorts, yanking them down her legs (technically up given her position) and leaving Trish in just her top and pink panties. The blond gasped and weakly tried to cover herself up, but Vicky threw the beer-soaked bottoms away and kicked Trish’s hands from her groin. “Don’t act like you don’t love it, you slut,” she growled before ramming the cane forward, stabbing its hard, blunt tip into Trish’s barely covered pussy.

“AOHHHHH!” Trish howled like a wounded animal and shook like she had a seizure as the hard, smooth wood gouged into her crotch. “Noooo! No no NNOOO!” she shrieked, as if in denial rather than trying to get Vicky to stop. Vicky rammed and twisted it around some more before finally throwing the weapon aside when Trish’s agony seemed to fade a bit.

“That get you wet, you little princess?” Vic hissed venomously in her ear, grabbing her hair and twisting a handful as she forced her out of the closet. “Your skanky cunt ever get fucked like that when you’re on your little throne?”

Victoria shoved Trish forward, letting her crash into a push cart full of steel chairs. She crashed through them to land in a pathetic heap, half buried and half on top of the collapsed mess of metal. She weakly pushed a few off, practically swimming in the improvised weapons. Victoria looked for something more unique to entertain her violent urge to make the blond beauty regret ever thinking the word hardcore, let alone going up against her.

She spotted a door left open to a changing room, and just what she needed inside. While Trish struggled to pull herself out of the noisy tangle of chairs, Vicky kicked the door open, returning a few seconds later with a large vase full of flowers from an admirer. Trish could hardly keep track of herself let alone her opponent, so she gave no resistance when Victoria smashed the vase to pieces over her head.

Water sprayed everywhere as the flowers fell apart around her body, Trish going cross-eyed a moment before she collapsed back onto the chairs. Victoria sneered down at her corpse-like form before going to work behind her back, adjusting the clasps on her top and loosening it enough to pull it up and over her head, leaving her in nothing but her bra and panties, various parts of her exposed skin caked in sweat and blood and beer.

With Trish reduced to her own personal Barbie doll again, Victoria smirked and decided to bring her match to an end just how she wanted; never slowly, but painful and obvious who had won tonight. She propped up one of the folding chairs, hefting the dizzy blond onto it in a loose sitting position. She grabbed a length of chain from a nearby supply pallet, wrapping Trish’s arms in it behind her back before snapping them in place with a spare padlock she found among them.

With her opponent securely strapped to the chair, she grabbed the top of it and dragged Trish and the chair to the back to the top of the ramp to the ring. The crowd’s cheers and occasional boos rose up again as Victoria showed them her bloodied, stripped and bound diva, the former champ now a ruined mess before them.

“I do love my fans,” Victoria called out. “And I’m sure she does too, in her own skanky way. God knows how many dicks she sucked to get to where she is today!” she laughed, grabbing her hair and yanking sharply. Trish’s head wobbled, but she visible winced a bit when Victoria tore a few blond strands out, showing she wasn’t totally out cold. “So I thought you’d all like to see this cumdumpster’s new look!”

Victoria reached down her skirt with a saucy wink, but came out with a few small metal objects from a hidden pocket. She revealed to the finer eyes (or the jumbotron closeups) that she had a piercing gun and a pair of black spikes, slightly thinner than a carpenter’s nail and with small spider-like shapes instead of the usual flat heads. She took one and stood in front of Trish, using it to slice down the front of her body. It tore through her bra, splitting it in half to pop her breasts out.

She kept on dragging it, scraping up her belly with a sharp, shallow cut that traced over her skin before slicing the front of her panties open as well, leaving her front fully exposed as her underwear barely clung to her sides. Her trim blond bush marked the top of her pussy lips, the bottom hidden just behind the loose mess of her panties. Her breasts wobbled in place with her heavy breathing, hurt and afraid as her pearl-like nipples stuck out prominently at the tip of her plump but perky tits. Her body jiggled as it was jostled a bit more when Victoria pulled down her boots, leaving her totally nude before the fans as her underwear fell aside flimsily.

Trish seemed awake enough now to writhe in her seat, but not much else. Her bleeding had slowed, but she was still sore, dizzy and bruised all over, her lovely face and body beaten all around the arena. Victoria brandished the piercing gun over her head before roughly grasping one of Trish’s tits, squeezing it tight and slipping her nipple in front of the tip of her weapon.

“Please… no…” Trish sputtered in a weak plea for mercy. “I’m sorry! I won’t challenge you again. I’m hurt so bad…”

“Good,” Victoria mused as she seemed to ignore her. “You can talk, you can still scream.” There was a CHUNK like a stapler went off, and Trish’s highest screams of the night told the tale. Victoria pulled the gun back, showing the bloodied nipple to the crowd that jiggled and leaked as Trish’s thrashing made it bounce. Vic let her tire herself out before going to the other, repeating the process so her other teat seemed to lactate blood.

“HAHA! We got a bleeder, folks!” Victoria gloated ruthlessly, throwing the gun aside. “But I’ve got just the thing to stick in there!” She knelt down and applied the needles through each of the holes, Trish shaking her head and crying wordlessly. “Don’t act like you haven’t had filthier things inside you, you blonde cow,” Vicky snapped as she spit on her face.

Trish openly sobbed, seemingly all her strength and dignity gone. Vicky smiled proudly, but was still not done. She dragged the chair with her down the runway, scraping over it loudly until she got to ringside. She dug out a table from under the ring, propping it up as the crowd went wild. Victoria leaned down, throwing the still securely chained up Trish over her shoulders, chain chair and all. Trish could only scream in her ear and kick frantically, trying to break free but still chained in place.

“Time to put you down for good, little girl!” Vicky snarled, setting Trish up to smash her through the table.

Vic suddenly gagged as Trish finally slid her arms loose of the chair. It fell to the ground with a clatter as she’d realized she didn’t have to escape the chains, but the chair that bound them in place. The bindings still wrapped around her wrists, she pulled back to start choking Victoria from behind in her awkward position. The crowd screamed at the sudden comeback, Trish hurt and exhausted but pissed as hell. She hurled herself forward, performing a modified bulldog that planted Victoria’s face into the table instead of hers, bouncing both women off of it and back to the cold arena floor.

Vicky was nowhere near as bad off as Trish from the one hard hit, but she was still certainly stunned to see any fight left in Trish at all. The blond hurried to grab her by her dark hair and throw her back into the ring, sliding after her with her pretty face twisted into one like a bloodied, naked blonde Valkyrie.

Trish quickly swung a knife edge chop across Victoria’s breast, making the dominant fighter stagger back as the metal-lined wrists smacked against her. The blond wrestler wound up again and smacked her with another, and another and another until Victoria winced and held her chest, trying to rub the soreness from her cleavage. Trish didn’t have much strength left in her, but the metal reinforcing her swings was having their effect. With Victoria finally hitting the ropes from the beating, Trish sprinted back to get some real momentum behind her, charging and throwing a high kick for Vicky’s face.

Vic saw the kick coming and ducked under the launching leg, catching her by the ankle. Trish looked down in shock, trying to keep her balance. Victoria didn’t give her much chance before she plunged a fist into her pussy, rapidly punching her twat with sharp uppercuts. Trish screamed in agony with each one busting her crotch, Vicky finally pulling on the leg and letting Trish’s foot fly over the top rope, heel catching on it. Trish gave a quick shriek, grabbing the ropes for balance as her leg was stretched awkwardly, but not quite painfully high. She tried to pull herself back and get loose, but Vic reached under the middle rope to grab her ankle again. She pulled hard enough to make Trish straddle the top rope, her naked pussy invaded by the hard elastic cord.

Her eyes and mouth wide with shock and pain at the humiliating cunt bust, she froze in place.

“AGHHH! LET GO! STOP!” Trish howled, shoving and tugging at the rope to try and release herself. Victoria not only ignored her pleas, but reached up to grab the top rope with a free hand, tugging it down and snapping it upward. Trish gave a huge, girlish scream as the tight elastic smacked into her pussy, making her want to jump off the ropes completely but forced to stay and endure its rubbery bouncing against her tender twat. She was left to ride it like a bouncing broco as it rubbed and juggled her pussy, humiliated as it pumped into her hardening clit. Her nips thrust out more proudly, even with their gently slowing bleeding piercings.

Victoria rubbed her chest a bit more and leered at her. “You were about to get off easy,” she growled as she leaned under the bottom ropes, reaching under the ring for one last hidden weapon she’d stashed away. “Now… you just get to get off hard.”
She came back up, letting Trish see the big black dildo she had planted earlier that night.

“Wha… what… no!” Trish gasped, eyes wide and batting, distracted by the still bouncing elastic ropes.

“Please! No! Don’t! Please don’t touch my pussy!!” she begged miserably.

Victoria grabbed her by the hair, throwing her back to the mats with a hard thud and a sharp, pained scream. “Who said it was going in your pussy, whore?” Victoria grinned down at her. She kicked Trish in the side to roll her onto her stomach, positioning her with her ass up and face in the mats. She spread her legs and cheeks a bit to expose her asshole to the crowd. Trish was left at an angle where she could see the jumbotron, one of many screens zoomed in on her rear and the imposing sex toy behind it.

“That’s it, squirm,” Victoria snickered before shoving it roughly into her. “Makes it tighter!”

Trish gave a huge, humiliated screech, clawing as she chipped her nails and shredded the mat trying to escape or endure Victoria’s anal invasion. Her face was a mask of pain and disbelief, having fallen so far from a multi-time champion to a now beaten fucktoy in the ring, chained up and anally violated by her hated opponent. She shouted and moaned loudly as Vicky pumped it in and out of her, reaching deep into her ass as her body shook like a seizure victim, every muscle tensing and making the dildo that much more painful to endure. She had no idea why some women would subject themselves to this willingly, as this experience was scaring her off of anal for life already.

Trish was clumsily trying to crawl away, her body hardly obeying her as she panicked from the horrible invasion behind her. Victoria reached between her legs, yanking the chains to hold her in place before using her fingers to jam into Trish’s pussy. It wasn’t so much fingering her as she was clamping down on her snatch with her nails, clawing it as she held her in place.

“You’re not going anywhere, you ugly little shit!” Victoria screamed at her. “You’re gonna take it, and I’m gonna make you love it!” She emphasized her point by pumping the dildo and her fingers faster, Trish’s own body out of control as her hips started humping back at the dildo, forced to bounce along with its momentum in her weakness, and her pussy leaking juices from the attention of Vicky’s fingers, even if they were invasive and painful.

Trish sobbed as she was ruined before the crowd and live TV, finally stuffed so full of plastic and raking nails that she came over the mats, squirting roughly as she screamed, the cum stinging the many scratches and bruises Victoria’s beating and clawing had left on her crotch. When she was emptied, Vicky finally pulled the dildo out of her ass with a sick, wet pop, making Trish jump and shudder as she collapsed to the mat. She started to look up pitifully when Victoria swung the sex toy like a bat, smacking Trish across the face and knocking her flat on her back, eyes blurry as she started to lose consciousness.

“One last hole to ruin,” Vicky chimed in a singsong voice, sitting on Trish’s stomach and taking hold of her chin. She forced her lips open, and the last thing Trish remembered was a foul taste in her mouth, Vicky pinching her nose shut, and something big and rubbery blocking her throat.

The bell rang when Victoria finally motioned for the match to be over, the decisively victory obvious as Trish laid splayed out on the mats, eyes rolled back and drooling around a massive black dildo in her mouth, bloody nipples freshly pierced with spider-marked studs.

“Now who the fuck is HARDCORE!?” Victoria screamed to the crowd, fist raised proudly as the audience chanted her name, grinning with a dark mix of sadistic pride and childish glee.

The End

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