Trump Rally Catfight by Luffy316

Luffy316’s Preamble:

Heads up! I’m not at all political, so there may be some made up terms and references I only learned from memes in here. I really do not care about politics either way, it’s just a commission story. Also, it gets bloody and brutal, so watch for that! I don’t believe most of the stuff I write, let alone this, so just…. I guess shock warning?

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The music fest had been going great. Jennifer had gone with a group of friends, though David had her eye in particular. He was tall and good looking, and they had been friends for a long time. Not much had come of it besides just that: friendship and affection. There was just something in the air that night. It might have been the music, or the liberal atmosphere that had everyone cheerful and open about their distaste for the new president. Of course, the sheer amount of people smoking pot in the open could certainly be the “something” in the air. Either way, the group was all having fun and Jen and David were growing quickly closer until it was clear to all their friends that the two of them were falling in love.

The last band was just winding down their last song when Jennifer saw something that threatened to ruin her perfect evening. Angelina stood out from the crowd, the rich blonde sporting huge tits that stretched out a shirt with the “Make America Great Again” slogan stenciled across her jugs. She got some dirty looks from the clearly anti-Trump audience, but she seemed to ignore them as she enjoyed the music.

While most people were content to simply glare at the blonde intruder, Jennifer was in too high spirits to let it stand. As soon as she had a path, the short and cute redhead stormed up to the Trump-backing blonde, clad in a light summer dress compared to the busty tramp in her tight red t-shirt and tight jeans.

“Hey!” Jennifer snapped at her, getting the chesty outsider’s attention. “What do you think you’re doing here?”

Angelina looked back at her with annoyed confusion on her face. “Enjoying the show with some friends,” she excused, gesturing at said friends. “What’s it to you?” A total of five men their age were accompanying Angelina and standing behind her, but they were not the only ones turning to watch the spectacle.

“You don’t belong here, you hatemongering bitch,” Jen insisted, getting a few cheers and shouts from random festival-goers. “You can take your ignorant shit somewhere else, but we’re all having a good time here without you fucking it up.”

“Excuse me,” Angelina scoffed. “I’m not breaking any rules here. I’m allowed to enjoy the show as much as anybody else. Just because I don’t subscribe to your hippy bullshit and fake news propaganda doesn’t mean I can’t go to a fucking concert. So step off, bitch.” She folded her arms under her big breasts, getting a few agreeing chuckles from her accompanying male friends.

“Oh no you don’t!” Jennifer snapped, getting in Angelina’s face. “Your slutty ass is already stinking up the place. Either you leave or we’ll make you leave.”

Angelina smirked back at her and shrugged. “So then call security. Tell them all the shit I’ve done ‘wrong’ here.” She gave Jen a mockingly chipper smile and turned on her heel to walk away.

She didn’t get far before Jennifer grabbed her shoulder, spun her around, and bitchslapped her right across the face. Angelina almost went to the ground from the single slap, Jen being an outdoorsy kind of girl to earn her strong build and tanned skin. The blonde went wide-eyed in surprise while Jen grabbed her hair, bending the taller girl over and forcing her to stumble back towards the exit. “Let me show you out myself!” Jen snapped, getting more hoots and cheers from her friends and the random crowd.

However, the blonde didn’t give up as easily as expected. Jen gave a surprised grunt when Angelina suddenly punched her in the side, stopping her in her tracks. The busty right-winger grabbed Jen around the waist, sending more wild punches into the redhead’s guts.

“You cocky little bitch!” Angelina hissed, suddenly barging forward and sending them both crashing into the dirt with Jennifer landing on her stomach. Angelina grabbed her red locks and pulled up, ready to drive another punch into the back of her head when Jennifer twisted her upper body and smashed her elbow into the blonde’s tit. Angelina howled out in pain as her soft tits squashed back against her ribs, grabbing her jiggling chest and pulling back away from her foe. Jennifer pushed herself back up in a hurry, leaving Angelina still on her knees when the redhead kicked her square in the tits.

“Did Trump buy your tits like he bought your vote?!” Jen shouted at her as the blonde landed roughly in the grass, her footprint smeared roughly over her Make America Great Again shirt. Jennifer straddled Angelina’s flat stomach, throwing punches across the blonde’s pretty face to knock her head back and forth while she cradled her beaten breasts. While Angelina looked like a Barbie doll, Jen was petite but with a stunningly beautiful face, natural looks and built for actual athleticism.

Angelina still refused to stay down, reaching up and clawing her hard fingernails into Jennifer’s face. The dominating redhead shrieked and grabbing at her hands while pulling away, Angelina glad to shove her and let her fall off. The blonde rubbed her face with her forearm, a few sore spots where bruises were starting to form. “You dirty little skank!” she fumed, grabbing Jennifer by her hair and throwing her to the ground. She grabbed Jen by the top of her dress, starting to pull her back up when the shorter girl drove her knee up into her belly. Angelina grunted loudly and bent over, balanced on her knees and clutching her stomach.

“Let’s get this propaganda bullshit out of here,” Jen hissed angrily, grabbing the bottom of Angelina’s shirt. Jennifer pulled the red top over Angelina’s head and the crowd cheered for various reasons as it both covered up the slogan and exposed the black bra that barely contained the blonde’s giant tits. Jen was content to hold the top over Angelina’s head, sending a few more relentless knees into the Trump-backing bitch’s breasts for extra punishment and humiliation. Angelina thrashed and squirmed enough that she was able to pull free of her shirt, leaving her in just her bra and jeans in front of the whistling and catcalling crowd.

“There! We don’t buy your shitty campaign promises here!” Jennifer declared proudly as she flung the shirt off into the audience. A random tomboy gladly took a lighter to the overly-political garment where it landed.

Angelina’s face went red with rage to match her shirt as she lunged and tackled Jennifer to the ground. The women rolled back and forth in the dirt while clawing and smacking at each other wildly, stinging the other more than causing any real damage. The blonde grabbed a fistful of Jennifer’s hair and yanked to the side, getting a shrill cry of pain from the redhead. Jennifer drove a few angry punches into the sides of Angelina’s breasts, but when she still didn’t let go she grabbed the offending hand. Jen dug her nails into Angelina’s’ fingers and shoved the hand back, though the blonde didn’t go quietly. She tore out some of her hair with her, and her clawing hand caught on the shoulder strap of Jennifer’s dress.

Jen’s torn garment slid off to one side, exposing some of her pink bra to the crowd. The cheers of the crowd picked up(especially those that had come with Angelina) at the extra skin, but Jennifer surprised everyone with a sudden comeback in the form of a furious punch to the jaw. Angelina went flying off of her, caught completely off guard by the escalation of the fight. The busty blonde was floored, holding her mouth and moaning in pain. She was too dazed to stop Jennifer as she grabbed the waist of her shorts and pulled down. She started yanking them back and forth to whip Angelina’s limp legs around until she tore off her shorts and panties alike.

With the political outcast of the festival left wearing nothing but her black bra, the onlookers laughed and cheered for Angelina’s humiliating position. The blonde seemed too stunned from her beating to properly register her situation, Jennifer throwing away her bottoms callously. The crowd’s praise her her feeling cocky while her bustier nemesis was crawling away from her on all fours, curvy ass up in the air. Jen was quick to storm after and stomp on the nearly-naked Angelina’s back, getting a quick cry from her as her tits were flattened under her body into the dirt.

“This’ what you get, you racist slut!” Jennifer mocked her proudly, stomping again and grinding her heel into her back. Angelina emitted more pained screams as she worked her spine, but she rolled over and swung a wild elbow at Jennifer. It caught the redhead in the knee and brought her crashing down to Angelina’s level. She pounced on Jennifer, who panicked but managed to lash out with her claws and start scratching all over the big fake tits. Angelina shrieked from the fresh pain that reddened her breasts and tore at her last piece of clothing, but she burrowed her hands under Jennifer’s top and returned her favor on her own smaller chest.

Angelina dragged her fingernails up the underside of Jennifer’s tits, getting a drawn out scream from the redhead as the naked blonde mounted her. “You mouthy little cxnt! Where do you get off telling me where I can go and who to vote for!?” She pulled her hands out of Jen’s stretched out top to slap her across the face a few times, but the fight was clearly growing into more than just trying to eject one another from the festival. Jennifer yelped from the hits, but leaned in and bit into Angelina’s fingers. The blonde shrieked and recoiled, clutching her hand. “OWWW! You fake news-watching savage!”

Jennifer ignored her and just took it up another level as she pushed Angelina back off and sank her teeth into the Trump-friendly blonde’s huge tit. Fake or not, it still got a shrill scream from Angelina, her eyes growing huge with shock and pain. Jen grabbed her around the waist and started to push her to the ground, but Angelina continued to surprise her with just how hard the controversial bitch could fight back. She threw punches into her face, pelting her with lefts and rights. Jennifer’s mouth stayed latched onto her like a pit bull, but that left her as a stationary target. Angelina’s fists quickly started to bruise and sting her face, forcing her to open her mouth and back off. The spot of spit and blood she left behind stained Angelina’s gorgeously false tits, causing her rage to take over while Jen was reeling from the punches.

Angelina rose to her feet, but as she did she swung her knee upward. It crashed right into Jennifer’s nose with a fleshy crack, causing it to spray a gout of blood across the dirt. The liberal redhead fell flat on her back with a short wail, clutching her swollen face while Angelina got to work on her. Jen was far too distracted to stop Angelina as she grabbed the top of her dress with both hands and started pulling apart. The fine but flimsy material started to rip apart, exposing more of Jennifer’s skin and undergarments. The purple bra and panties were bared, though the clawing from earlier had left her breasts hanging out and over her bra’s cups.

“You fucking bitch! I’ll fucking destroy you for this!” Jen ranted furiously as she finally brought her hands away from her face.

“Ha! Sounds like more fake news to me!” Angelina crowed, grabbing Jen by her panties and pulling them down around her ankles. Jennifer kicked at her blindly, one dirty sole slapping into Angelina’s breast a few times before the blonde managed to catch her foot. She spread her legs out and reached in between them to bury her claws into Jennifer’s twat, earning her a high scream of agony from her opponent.

The crowd watched as Angelina took control of the fight, paralyzing Jen with her cxnt claw. Her nails raked down Jen’s lower belly before her fingers curled and stabbed their way inside her pussy, scratching at her tender insides and able to use it as a means of brutal leverage to control Jen’s bodily position.

“Are all you liberals this soft? I thought you’d have a tougher cxnt than that with all your ‘free love’ bullshit!” Angelina spat insults down at her to the general boos and grumbling of the crowd. The dominant blonde threw Jen over her lap, her knee digging uncomfortably into the redhead’s gut as she unbuckled and tore off her bra. With both girls naked, Angelina lifted up roughly on Jen’s pussy to lift her ass into the air and delivered a loud and sharp spanking. Jen shrieked and kicked her legs frantically, trying to escape the humiliating position without hurting her pussy any further. Angelina just laughed at her expense and kept up the spanking, bouncing and reddening her perky little butt in front of her shocked fellow concert-goers and the blonde’s own cheering friends.

Jennifer had enough as she turned her head to bite into Angelina’s tit. The huge lump of flesh and silicon distorted as her teeth pulled at it, getting an ear-piercing shriek from the busty blonde. Angelina grabbed her red hair to try to tear her off, but Jennifer’s teeth held on enough to start drawing blood. Angelina gave another pained cry, but Jennifer finally released her bite to swing her head right up into Angelina’s chin. While the reverse headbutt stung Jen herself, it hit Angelina even worse as her skull connected with the blonde’s jaw.

The naked Angelina tumbled off her into the grass, where the angry Jen quickly pounced on top of her. She was feeling vengeful after the humiliating spanking, so she lifted her by two handfuls of blonde and started banging her head off the ground. Angelina couldn’t even see straight by the time that Jennifer lifted her head back up and punched her right across the nose. A spray of blood came from Angelina’s perfect nose as she flopped back into the grass and dirt, coughing and spitting out blood that ran over her lips.

Jen finally got off of the blonde, though the red-state bimbo was still slowly starting to rise. Jennifer didn’t take the opportunity to rest, more content to lift her up by her hair. She drove a knee into one of Angelina’s hanging silicone lumps before dragged her on her knees towards the stage. She pulled Angelina back to throw her into it, but the blonde suddenly shoved her forward instead. Jen let out a hard grunt as her tits were crushed against the hard edge of the stage, slumping her front half onto the stage as she rubbed her stinging chest. A distinct line of reddened skin marked where the stage had impacted her chest.

“That all you fucking got, you titless skank?” Angelina snapped, spraying blood from her lips onto her naked nemesis. Jennifer turned to shout something back, just for Angelina to grab her shoulders and knee her right in the cxnt. Jennifer went down to all fours before one hand grabbed her aching twat, the cruel blonde laughing at her despite all the boos and insults from the crowd. “It looks like you’re losing this election AND this fight!”

Jennifer groaned miserably, rubbing her pussed while her other hand rested on one of the smaller speakers in front of the stage. While Angelina finished gloating, she grabbed the speaker’s handle and swung the hefty little block like a crude hammer. The heavy prop hit the side of Angelina’s knee, knocking the foxy blonde off her feet with a pained scream. A thick-looking bruise started to spread on the blonde’s leg, but still Jen pushed herself up and kneed Angelina in the jaw to put her down again.

With the blonde limp and dazed from the fresh pain, Jennifer was able to grab and throw her onto the stage. The busty Trumper rolled across the hard wood as best she could, her big aching breasts making her rolls bounce like speed bumps. Jennifer climbed up after her, and while Angelina struggled to rise, the redhead grabbed a microphone stand left out by the previous band.

“Fucking Trump humper!” Jennifer hissed before swinging the stand like a staff, smashing it across Angelina’s back. The blonde screamed in pain as the heavy rod was clumsily bashed over her several times more. Angelina tried to crawl to safety, but Jennifer was still eager to dish out more punishments. Jen grabbed the microphone and the wire attached to it between her hands, straddling her naked pussy onto the fake-titted blonde’s back. She looped it around Angelina’s throat like a noose and pulled up into her throat. The blonde choked and drooled over her tits and the stage, pulling desperately at the chord while face started turning a deep, dark red.

Jennifer pulled up until her upper body was lifted off the ground, just to drop her suddenly. Angelina’s breasts smacked loudly into the stage, weighted down by the silicon and bouncing off the hard wood. They hit hard enough that they flopped out in front of her, unable to be contained under her chest and resting under her chin like fleshy pillows.

Jennifer released the microphone, but Angelina still couldn’t rise as she coughed air back into her lungs. Jennifer walked out in front of her, dragging her by her tits into position before she stepped behind one of the huge speakers left onstage.

“I think I found the one thing louder than you are, you brainwashed cxnt!” Jennifer shouted at her just before kicking the back of the towering speaker. It landed just short of Angelina’s head, but landed perfectly to crush her tits beneath the dangerous weight. Angelina screamed as tears came to her eyes, both from the pain and the unsettling popping sensation inside her chest. Her implants had been destroyed by the awful weight, kicking and screaming in agony.

“MY TITS! YOU FUCKING PSYCHO HIPPY BITCH! GET IT OFF!” Angelina ranted furiously, her tit flesh distorted as she squirmed to try to pull free. Jennifer ignored her pleas and insults, going back behind the thrashing blonde to retrieve the mic stand once more.

“She always gets like this when there isn’t something stuck inside her,” Jennifer joked sadistically for the cheering crowd. “Well maybe this will replace the stick up your ass!” She aimed the handle-end of the stand towards Angelina and shoved it up her pussy, getting more pathetic wailing out of the trapped blonde. Jen ground it there until she could see her pussy walls were clearly scratched and swollen.

By the time Jen finally pushed the speakers away, Angelina was a bloody and sobbing mess. Her face was still damaged from the earlier punches, blood starting to dry on her lips and nose. Her crotch was raw and red from the abuse, bruises along her torso and back. Her tits seemed to have it the worst from the speakers landing on them. There was a deep indent across both her breasts, and the once big and perky jugs were now drooping and misshapen as the liquid shifted inside in ways it wasn’t supposed to. They were badly bruised and swollen, and even her nipples were bleeding from the damage and sudden change in pressure. Her proud rack was ruined, and Jennifer couldn’t have looked happier about the fact.

“Hey, you!” Jennifer pointed to a random concert-going man. “You looking for a new whore?” She kicked Angelina in the back, sending the the bruised up blonde tumbling over the front of the stage. Her breasts hit the ground a moment before her face did, smearing dirt on her face and once glorious tits. People cheered for the stranger until he stepped forward and grabbed Angelina by her arm and turned her onto her back. The swollen blonde bitch barely seemed to be aware of where she was when the man grabbed her sloppy breasts. He proceeded to grope her as he pulled his thick cock out, finally slapping her tits together and shoving his cock between her damaged goods.

The rest of the crowd cheered on what appeared to be the beating and raping of the woman who stood against most of what their gathering was about. Jennifer watched with smug pride as Angelina just started to come to and realize what was happening to her. Much to Jen’s surprise, the blonde proceeded to lean down and wrap her mouth around the head of the stranger’s dick. Those close enough could even hear the moaning as she cupped the man’s balls encouragingly. Jennifer couldn’t believe it! She was enjoying herself!

Angelina escalated things as she spread out her legs and leaned back. Even with her damaged pussy put on display, she shamelessly took the stranger’s dick inside her. Jennifer was shocked as she not only let him fuck her, but the busted plastic bitch started to moan. Angelina rode him in front of the crowd, her heavily damaged tits flopping against her chest and stomach before he grunted hard and came inside her. Angelina winced a bit before she gave a content groan before sliding off of him, his cream sliding out of her loosened pussy.

“Sorry about that,” Angelina said smugly, smirking up at the gawking Jennifer. “Needed a break for my fans. Come get some more, bitch.”

Jennifer snarled and hopped off the stage to go after her hated rival. Surprisingly, Angelina seemed to be ready for her and dodged the clawing redhead. She punched Jen in the gut before throwing her into the dirt, bracing her knee on the aggressive redhead’s back to hold her down. Angelina struggled to stay steady with all her opponent’s thrashing, but she was able to reach far enough to grab a loose beer bottle.

“Cheers, you bigmouth butch!” Angelina shouted as she shoved the bottle up Jennifer’s ass. The redhead screamed and stiffened up, kicking her legs frantically at the blonde. Angelina just laughed and spanked her ass before backing out of her reach, letting the humiliated Jen pull the bottle out of herself herself.

“You fucking cxnt! I’ll kill you!” Jennifer fumed, face red with embarrassment and fury. The fight should have already been over, but the bitch had to not only stand but ENJOY being fucked by that guy.

“You don’t have the tits for it, tiny!” Angelina sneered back at her.

“Neither do you anymore! I’ll rip that one off of you!” Jen charged and grabbed Angelina by the arm, dragging her nails down the blonde’s soft skin. Angelina hissed and smashed an elbow into her enemy’s smaller and vulnerable chest, but Jennifer rammed her claws into Angelina’s pussy. Angelina gasped and jolted as the rake not only damaged her twat but forced her lips apart. Jennifer would have cringed at the feel of her recent partner’s cum ooze out of her foe’s snatch, but she was too furious to care right now. She’d yank hard on Angelina’s twat to force her around, suddenly pushing her back to make her fall on her ass. It just so happened that her ass landed right on the bottle that Jennifer had left behind.

The busted blonde froze at the crunching noise and screamed as she felt the stinging sensation at her hips. She pulled up to find multiple fresh lacerations marking up her ass as well as the existing ones on her tits. Jennifer tried to charge her while she was distracted, but the bloody blonde dodged around her and caught the redhead from behind. Angelina shoved her from behind and sent her crashing into one of the picnic tables left out for the guests. Jennifer yelped as her knee hit the bench and sent her flopping onto the table itself.

Angelina followed her over, gleefully admiring the naked redhead laid out like an unwilling patient for her to operate on. She stood by Jennifer’s head and swung both fists down to crush her aching tits, getting a huge shout of pain from her startled opponent. “I’m going to crush those bitches flat!” Angelina shouted down at her as she dragged her nails across Jennifer’s jugs, leaving rough red trails in their wake. “Just when I thought they couldn’t get any smaller!”

Jennifer reached above her head to claw at Angelina’s thighs before grabbing and squeezing her ass. The blonde hissed from the pain, but kept beating on Jen’s tits and belly before dropping an especially stunning elbow drop to her face. Jennifer grunted and flopped on the table, clutching her face while Angelina climbed onto the table as well. She stomped both of her heels down on Jennifer’s stomach, grinding her heels there until the redhead’s screams sounded like she was ready to puke. Before things got that far, Angelina jumped up and sat down hard on Jennifer’s face, crushing it under her ass and pussy.

Jen gave a low grunt, muffled by her opponent’s muff as she weakled pushed at Angelina’s plump ass cheeks. She felt her full weight crushing down on her as Angelina reached down and raked her claws over the red-bushed pussy while pelting her with insults. “I bet some libby whore like you could take this whole audience at once, couldn’t you? You’d fit at least ten dicks in that big mouth of yours!”

Jennifer’s trapped face twisted in revulsion as she felt the cum from the random guest dripping out of Angelina’s twat, plopping onto her face as her used cxnt tried to smother her out. The redhead gave a furious snarl, refusing to go out like that as she thrashed and kicked. When the blonde wouldn’t budge, she buried her teeth into her loose pussy lips. Angelina howled in pain, jumping up and grabbing her crotch with one hand. The other vengefully slashed her nails across Jennifer’s pussy, lucking out as her fingernail raked right across her clitoris. Jen gave a shrill scream and rolled to flop off of the table, holding her stinging cxnt while Angelina stayed hunched over, moving to one of her friends from earlier.

The blonde shamelessly grabbed him by the belt, fiddling briefly before she ripped it from his waist. Jennifer was left helpless as she came back and swung her improvised whip, snapping loudly across Jennifer’s ass and back. She screamed in agony, curling up and rolling to her side to try to protect her back. Angelina just took the belt and wrapped it around Jennifer’s tit, pulling it tight. She cringed as it formed a tight noose, making her injured and bruised boob puff out from the belt’s pressure. Angelina proceeded to kick and punch the big, red and purple boob like it was her personal punching bag, Jennifer in too much agony from her torment to fight back.

“Just like you third-party pussies! As soon as things don’t go your way, all you do is cry while WE do everything for you!” Angelina drove another sickening kick into Jennifer’s stomach before dragging her in front of the stage by the belt, putting even more pressure on her bruised and bleeding tit.

Angelina finally threw Jen into the stage, letting her chest and tits smack into the edge of the hard wood. Jen let out another loud cry as her swollen and tender boob hit the corner of the stage and her jugs finally rested on top of the surface.

“What do you say we make this fair? I had my turn…” Angelina purred, looking over the crowd. She caught David’s eye, recognizing him from before and daring him to stop her. He knew that Jennifer had done the exact same thing to her before and hadn’t stopped it. It felt hypocritical to cut in now.

Another random man stepped forward, Angelina grabbing and spreading out Jennifer’s legs for him to access before she climbed onto the stage. She watched Jen’s face with a sinister glee as the beaten redhead groaned and sobbed as her clawed up pussy was fucked until it was leaking a grotesque mix of blood and cum. “Aww, poor crybaby cxnt!” Angelina cooed to her mockingly. “Let me give you something to distract you!” She jumped up and stomped again, this time driving her heels down on top of Jennifer’s tits. She screamed and shivered as the pain tore through her bleeding breasts. Jennifer felt sick with the pain, and even worse when she felt the dick of the stranger fucking her cum inside her.

“Alright, I’ve heard so many of this bitch’s screams they’re getting boring now. Who wants her mouth!?” Angelina spent the next agonizing minutes all but auctioning off Jennifer’s orifices, mainly to her friends and fellow Trump supporters. Jennifer’s friends avoided her gaze until they finally let her go, David quick to move in and catch her before she collapsed into a bloody, sweaty pile of cum on the ground.

“Get that used-up cum rag out of here,” the bruised up and saggy-titted Angelina mocked one last time as David carefully carried her back to his car. The friends shared quick goodbyes and he brought the dazed but conscious Jennifer back to her house.

“You’ll be okay,” he assured her. “Your ego’s hurt worse than your body… not that your body isn’t…”

“Fucked up?” Jennifer muttered weakly from her spot on the bed. David came back with a bowl of hot water and some towels after Jen said that a shower would hurt too badly against her skin.

“I was gonna say injured… she got your face and chest pretty good. And… I don’t want to make assumptions, but I imagine you weren’t that loose and clawed up down there before.”

Jennifer gave a weary snort. “Not exactly. But… you’re sweet to stay. Even with me looking like this.”

“What can I say. I’m into more than just your looks.” He had to admit, they had taken a real blow today. A thickly blackened eye, dry blood on her nose and split lip, tits swollen to look like deformed grapes, and wild scratch marks around her twat like a bobcat had snuck into her panties. He pressed the damp cloth against her crotch, getting her to twitch and hiss. She moaned softly as he rubbed more carefully, even as the lingering glob of cum fell out of her. He promptly and wordlessly cleaned it up.

Jen was glad to have him, even in her damaged state. Maybe especially so. But she wasn’t forgetting about Angelina. She’d find her and pay her back for all she did to her today.

Jennifer only got angrier as time went on, deciding that she couldn’t just beat Angelina in a rematch. She had been beaten on “her own turf” at the liberal music fest, so she wanted to beat Angelina in front of her own people. Some minor digging online found her profile and that she was going to be attending a nearby pro-Trump rally before the election. It was exactly what she wanted to send the right message.

She wasn’t so blind as to go on her own. She brought along backup in the form of David and Dana, a similarly slim but fit African American friend. There was a whole whole crowd of Trump supporters to wade through before they spotted Angelina near the front of the crowd. Jennifer stepped in behind her and shoved her back, making the blonde stumble and turn to her with a look of surprise. Her boobs were stuffed into a tight sports bra beneath her shirt, but even then they showed the sag that indicated she hadn’t been able to repair her silicone jugs.

“Remember me, bitch?” Jennifer grinned devilishly. “Bet you didn’t expect to see me here!”

Angelina regrouped as people started to turn and make space for the girls. More and more were watching, and even a security officer stopped Donald Trump himself from walking on stage for a speech until it cooled down. “No, I expected you to be off at some pussy drum circle, crying over how bad I beat you,” Angelina snapped back. “Why? You get off on the pain so much you want a refresher?”

“Refresh this, you hateful cxnt!” Jen punched Angelina squarely in the tit, getting a pained howl from the damage blonde. Jen followed up with a hard cross from her other fist into Angelina’s lips. The hot blonde spilled clumsily into the dirt, some loud cheers and shouts starting from the thick crowd.

Angelina wiped her arm across her mouth as she started to stand back up, finding a thin streak of blood from her lip. “Oh, that’s it you little…” She wasn’t even fully up when Jennifer straight kicked her in between her tits, sending her flying to land on her back near the stage. Jen’s friends cheered her on as she followed up on Angelina, grabbing her hair and forcing the dazed woman to her knees as she was too busy rubbing her aching breasts. The floppy tits threatened to pop out of her top with another hard enough hit.

“Make America great again, huh? Too bad you’re too pathetic to even make yourself anything but a weak slut!” Jennifer taunted, getting a few boos from the crowd as she kneed Angelina in the nose. More blood came from her face, but the blonde finally mounted a counter attack as she grabbed Jen around her waist. She pulled down on her shorts, exposing her panties and jamming her sharp nails into Jennifer’s twat. It got a loud scream from the redhead, and a cheer from Angelina’s own backers.

The microphones even picked up laughter from Trump onstage. “That’s it! Grab her by the pussy!” he encouraged rather than breaking up the fight.

Jennifer was frozen in pain while Angelina raked at her crotch and thighs, but she finally steeled herself enough to pull up on the blonde’s new “make America great again” shirt (replaced since the last one was burned). She pulled it up over Angelina’s pretty, bloody face like a hockey player, tangling up her arms and giving her free reign to start ramming knees into her huge but saggy tits. They bounced around as the blows drove the air out of the blonde, getting muffled choking noises from inside the controversial shirt. A dozen or so breast-busting shots later, Jen grabbed the back of her bra and shirt in one go to rip them off the now topless blonde. Her tits hung like half-deflated balloons, the busted silicon weighing them down and swelling around her areolas.

“Looks like your fighting’s as fake as your tits,” Jennifer taunted, but Angelina tackled one of the redhead’s legs to tip her over. Angelina was hurt but furious, grabbing Jennifer by the collar and pounding her fist into her face as fast and hard as she could. She only got a couple shots in before the more level-headed Jen ducked around her next punch and squeezed one of her overly-heavy tits. Angelina howled and recoiled out of instinct, allowing Jen to brace her shoulders on the ground and double kick right into her bared belly. Angelina went flying back, tearing a chunk of Jennifer’s shirt with her before landing and clutching her tits, sobbing as Jen stood back up and went after her.

“Let’s get our next Trump-humping suckup on stage for all these hatemongers!” Jennifer shouted as she grabbed Angelina by the hair. She wound her head back before smashing her face into one of the lights at the foot of the stage, the large and hot stagelight shattering on the impact with her face. Angelina flopped limply against the stage, groaning as she laid with her upper half propped up amongst the broken glass. The crowd started to boo and protest, but Jen’s friends stood firmly in their way.

“I must have knocked the bimbo slut’s lights out!” Jen quipped, grinning sadistically at her success in paying back the blonde. She grabbed her by the hair for another slam. “She’s got about as much hopes as you do for winning the election. Now let’s keep up this light test…” She had just lifted Angelina up when the blonde took the chance to grab a handful of the powdery remains of the lightbulb, hurling it into Jennifer’s eyes. She screamed in surprise and covered her eyes, stinging and temporarily blinding the redhead.

Angelina turned to a random rallier and held out a hand. “Give me that,” she growled, the Trump-backing man gladly passing off his half-empty beer. Angelina smashed it into pieces over Jennifer’s head, blood trickling from her scalp to mix with her red hair. “You’ve got some balls coming here,” Angelina fumed, tossing the remains of her bottle aside. “Now you’re going to get beat harder than Romney.”

The crowd returned to its cheers as Angelina forced Jennifer to her feet and shoved her into the crowd. David recognized one of her friends from the first fight among the crowd, who grabbed Jennifer’s arms from behind. She was too dazed to even struggle against his grip, letting Angelina march up to her and freely knee her hard in the twat. Jennifer looked ready to be sick, especially when Angelina patiently lined up and drove home two more similar cxnt-busters. “This’ what happens to bitches who get in our way!” Angelina shouted, getting a cheer of agreement from the bloodthirsty crowd.

Angelina grabbed the tear she’d left in Jennifer’s top, ripping it wide open before yanking down her bra to expose her tits. David and Dana tried to intervene, at least to stop the heartless double-team, but they were quickly stopped. By turning their back to the crowd to help with the fight, several of the bigger men in attendance could grab Jen’s friends. They quickly set to work stripping the thrashing Dana of her clothes while David felt some rope being wound around his wrists behind his back.

Angelina took her time beating the fight out of the trapped Jen before she finished stripping her, tearing her bra and panties off to leave her entirely nude. “Remember these beauties? Funny how they’re still bigger than yours,” Angelina mocked, pressing her chest forward to rub her sore and saggy breasts into Jen’s face. “I’m gonna see that no plastic surgery can fix what we do to you!” She grabbed and squeezed one of Jennifer’s breasts, puffing it up between her fingers before she bit the swollen nipple. Jennifer cried in pain as her breast started to swell and bleed, Angelina pulling her head back while keeping her teeth latched on to stretch out her smaller tits. Jen’s orbs were stretched and torn by Angelina’s teeth before she started to punch into the overextended chest muscles, making them bounce and shake. When Angelina finally stepped back, Jennifer’s breasts drooped like smaller versions of her own. “You’re right. I’m glad you came here for some payback,” Angelina sneered before striding off into the crowd.

Jennifer was an absolute mess, bruised all around her drooping breasts and fit belly. Her pussy was swollen and scratched up, with its own share of bruises from the various kicks and punches the blonde had landed on her. She could barely stand between her fatigue and pain, her banged up face looking red and swollen to distort her natural beauty. Her vision was blurry, but she could make out Angelina returning, the naked, bruised beauty carrying something in her hand.

She had stopped by some of the food and souvenir vendors, and with a combination of a portable grill, a baton, and a brass plaque with “Trump towers over the competition,” she had some of the boys make her a makeshift branding iron. Jennifer didn’t have time to recognize it as Angelina ordered the men holding her to push her onto a table. She landed with a sad splat of her softened tits against the tabletop, wailing and struggling to pull herself free.

“Ugh, make sure she hold still or it won’t go on clean,” Angelina scoffed, stopping to pick up one of her stiletto shoes she’d worn to the rally. She held it by the toe and spiked the heel into Jennifer’s breast, getting a fresh screech of pain as her tit was penetrated and effectively nailed to the table. Angelina went to the other side of her with the hot iron, the sobbing Jennifer unable to stop her as she seared the humiliating slogan into her free breast’s sizzling flesh. The quickly scabbing burns were a bit crude, but “Trump” was certainly legible on her latest wound.

“Stopppp! Let me goooo!” Jennifer pleaded, pained and shameful tears running down her face.. “I’ll go! I’ll stop!”

“You start all this shit and then you want out? You must be used to starting losing battles if you’re not voting Trump!” Angelina had grabbed a microphone, getting a laugh from the audience and some more cheers (to say nothing of her fighting dirty with her friends for back up). Donald himself looked rather amused on the stage, starting to step out from behind the curtain. “I’ll tell you what,” grinned the blonde, leaning down in front of Jennifer’s face. “You’re going to be our new toy for tonight. EVERYONE here gets a piece of you, for this and every Trump gathering until the election!”

Jen was crushed inside and out, but the fresh and lingering pain of her impaled breast and its burned twin made her relent. “Yes! Okay! Just let me go!”

“And as for your friends,” Angelina went on, turning to the captured Dana and David. “They’re going to be part of the floor show. They need to fuck in front of us before we let them go.”

“What?!” Dana blurted, looking to the scowling David. “Fuck you! No way we’re playing your sick game!”

“I could always let you join Jen here and feed you to the eager crowd. I’m sure they’re plenty horny from watching red get her shit kicked.” One of the ladies that had Dana held back groped one of her tits roughly.

“Stop it! We’ll do it!” David cut in. Better him than a whole army of strangers. They untied him and shoved Dana towards him,. He gave his friend an apologetic look before he awkwardly pulled down his pants, the crowd laughing and hooting as he pulled her onto his shaft, carefully and tenderly fucking his friend. While they started their humiliating show, Jen was already being groped and grabbed by several of Angelina’s handsy and horny Trumpers.

“Now hold on!” Angelina cut in, a devilish grin on her bruised and bloodied face. “I think it’s only fair that we give the first fuck to the reason we’re all here…” The crowd around her cheered and whistled as Angelina took Jen by the hair and shoved her towards the stage, propping her wounded breasts on the edge right in front of Trump himself. The candidate laughed heartily at the offer and started undoing his belt.

“Ah, why the hell not? It’s my name on all the posters, ain’t it?” he joked with the adoring crowd before raping Jen’s aching mouth in front of them.

Jennifer left the night covered in blood, bruises, and strangers’ cum and full of shame. She limped back home, refusing David’s help so she would at least avoid feeling any more humiliated in front of him. She was distant enough that given the peculiar icebreaker they’d been through together, David eventually gave up and dated Dana instead of her. Jen received a package within the next few days, opening it up to find a slip of paper with a list of rallies and gatherings for Trump supporters, stating that she would be on the “VIP” list for them. The package itself contained a bright red bikini for her to wear, with “Trump” printed across the breasts and “Grab her by the pussy” on the crotch.

The End

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