Teacher Tales 1: Teacher Meets the Stripper by Andrew Scott

Teacher Tales 1: Teacher Meets the Stripper Story by Andrew Scott

I am not absolutely sure where my love of women fighting got started. I know when I was young, my mother watched Dynasty and I was glued to the TV watching Alexis and Crystal fight it out. It may have been movies. The first one I can remember watching was From Russia with Love, the gyspy girls rolling around added more fuel to my fire. I can also remember going to the local grocery store and looking at wrestling magazines. The early ones with Apartment Wrestling in them. And who could forget the ads for some more adult themed fights in them.

I have always been told I have a vivid imagination and would fantasize about fights between celebrities, bikini models from Sports Illustrated, teachers at my schools, women I grew up with. I also am a breast man. Maybe it was the lingerie section of the Sears catalog or going back to Sports Illustrated but I love boobs. I always seem to gravitate to women with a nice set. I did date a lot in school but never had a girlfriend fight over me until I was older and it didn’t turn out like I wanted, but I will address that in a little bit. Girlfriends always had other girls they didn’t like, so I would picture them in wild brawls over me. Some were in prom dresses getting torn to shreds, some in gymnastic leotards fighting on the mats, and some in cheerleading or pom pom uniforms.

Fast forward to my first real relationship with a woman. Her name was Tracy. She was a few years older than me and was a teacher. We dated for a little over a year and then it fizzled out. But there was something about her and her attitude towards other women that had her in my dreams to this day. She never got into a catfight over me but I always dreamed about her doing it. One of the best fantasies about her against my girlfriend Dawn.

Dawn and I started dating a few months after Tracy and I broke up. I always played Tracy as the bad girl, the one who wanted me back and would fight tooth and nail to do it. I imagined Tracy confronting Dawn outdoors and the pair got into a wild catfight stripping them naked. They would move to the shower in the house and then to the bedroom. I will detail the story in future tales. Another future tale will be of Tracy and Amber. Amber was an 18 year old who was cousins with a good friend of mine. She had a thing for me and would flirt with me even though she knew I was dating Tracy. In that story I will detail their first encounter with each other and in another fight years later as Amber became a teacher too.

Tracy never liked that I once dated a stripper. The busty stripper’s name was Bobbi Buns but her real name was Karri. In real life, Karri and Tracy never met or crossed paths in anyway. But in my fantasy world they got into heated catfights all the time. Some Karri won and some Tracy won. This story will revolve around these two women.

Tracy was pissed, not all directed at me, but she was mad! I was sitting on the couch in my apartment as she paced back and forth, still dressed in her teaching garb, blue blouse with her E cup breasts pressing nicely against and a conservative khaki skirt that came down to her knees and was tight enough to show off her hips and butt. She rarely wore heels around me because she was 5’9” tall she was already taller than me. Her hair was a dirty blond that came down to her neckline.

“I cannot believe you Andrew!” She said walking back and forth, “I can’t believe you still talk with her!”

“Tracy,” I said as she paced, “Karri and I are just friends now. There is no need for you to get all worked up about this.” I regretted that last statement as soon as I said it.

“Worked up about this?!?” Tracy asked, stopping her walking and spinning to look at me, “You don’t just stay friends with a former girlfriend who happens to be a prostitute!”

“Exotic dancer!” I quickly corrected, again I winced at what I said after it came out of my mouth.

“WHATEVER ANDREW!” Tracy said very loudly, hands on her hips, fingers drumming her khaki skirt, “I forbid you from seeing her!”

I raised my hands in surrender. I really did not feel like arguing with my girlfriend right now. “Fine Tracy. Are you planning on coming out to the dinner?” I was referring to the dinner that was going to happen for my latest promotion at work.

“Yes, I am,” She said calming down, “I have to run home and shower and change clothes. I will probably be a little late.”

I got up from the couch and went to kiss my girlfriend which she did accept. “Ok, honey, I will see you there.”

Tracy left right after that and drove to her townhouse across town. We had talked about moving in together but just hadn’t finalized things yet. She took her time undressing and going into the shower. As the hot water sprayed over her, she thought about confronting that damn stripper and giving her not only a piece of her mind but getting some of Karri’s skin underneath her nails.

The thought of tangling with Karri caused Tracy’s nipples to grow hard and she squeezed her full breasts and tugged at her nipples bringing a moan from her lips. She was going to make sure she and I ended up ravaging each other in bed later. She shut the water off and toweled dry, walking back into the bedroom and went to her special drawer for some of the new lingerie she purchased. She was still naked when she heard the doorbell ring and hurried to throw on a baggy sweatshirt and sweat pants and rushed to the door. She opened it and standing there in front of her was a tall brunette wearing a scandalous dark purple dress that was so tight it looked like a second skin and a neckline that showed a massive amount of cleavage. She wore 3 inch heels which made her tower over the barefoot teacher. In fact she was only and inch taller than Tracy at 5’10”. The bottom of the dress ended mid-thigh and should off lots of bare legs. Karri’s hands were on her hips, fingers drumming as she looked Tracy up and down.

“So you are the teacher,” Karri said matter-of-factly, “Not as frumpy as I thought.”

“And you are the hooker Andrew used to date,” Tracy replied coldly.

“Exotic dancer honey,” Karri purred, “We get really angry when we are called hookers.”

Tracy folded her arms in front of her chest.

“So, you decided to show up to Andrew’s party,” Tracy said looking Karri up and down, “And you dress like that.”

“Hey sugar, when you got it,” Karri said moving her hands up and down her body, “Flaunt it.”

“What the hell do you want?” Tracy asked, teeth clenched.

“Andrew is a big boy, Tracy,” Karri said, her hands back on her hips, “He can be friends with whoever he wants. It is only a small minded, shallow, stuck up little girl who would be truly threatened by an ex-girlfriend. I mean, if your relationship with him is so strong, than he would look twice at me.” She said that with a smirk, knowing she was pushing Tracy’s buttons.

“Why don’t you go back to your street corner, whore?!?” Tracy said loudly, “You are not wanted here!”

The slap came so quick Tracy had no time to react. SMACK!!! Tracy’s head whipped to the right and came back glaring at Karri, her hand holding her left cheek.

“I told you I don’t like to be called that, bitch!” Karri said.

Tracy didn’t know what came over her in that next moment. One second she was glaring at the women who slapped her, the next, she grabbed two handfuls of Karri’s hair and started pulling. Karri let out a yelp of pain and grabbed Tracy’s damp blond hair, pushing forward, the two women slammed into the wall and Karri kicked the front door closed. Tracy’s ass banged against the little table by the door, knocking down her purse and car keys. Karri still had the height advantage with her heels and she pulled Tracy’s head back and forth. Tracy held onto Karri’s hair and tried to yank her off to the side but the taller woman had her in a bad way.

Tracy moved her left hand to the slope of Karri’s neckline, where the breasts bulged out and latched her fingers in the fabric. She twisted her body and her ass came off the small table and the pair careened into the living room. Tracy stumbled and the two of them tumbled to the carpet. Karri’s dress tore at the front and her breasts came right out of the top of the dress. She didn’t bother wearing a bra in the tight dress and now the E cup tits mashed into Tracy’s sweatshirt covered pair. Karri tried to straddle Tracy’s legs but the tight skirt stopped her. Tracy turned her body and they rolled to the side and Tracy shoved Karri roughly away and rolled back and scrambled to her feet. Karri had lost one of her heels as they went to the carpet and as she rose she took the other off and tossed it back by the door. Tracy’s eyes darted from Karri to the door leading to her bedroom. If she sprinted maybe she could get there before Karri caught her.

Karri saw the door out of the corner of her eye and knew what Tracy was thinking. She glaced down and saw her exposed breasts in her torn dress and knew the party was a no go but she was going to school this teacher in a catfight. Tracy feinted to grab at Karri and then darted to her right and toward the bedroom door. She reached it just as Karri’s fingers grabbed the back of her hair and sweatshirt, stopping her momentum but then Karri’s body hit her back and the two went through the door way and back onto the carpet but this time in the bedroom. Karri grabbed the back of sweatshirt and pulled it up.

Tracy was momentarily blinded as the sweatshirt covered her head and face. She felt Karri’s breasts press down into her back and hard nipples stab into her shoulder blades. Tracy wiggled her arms above her head and freed herself from the sweatshirt and her own bare breasts where mashed into the carpeting. Karri’s skirt had worked its way up over her hips, exposing a purple thong. Her legs were freer now and she straddled the small of Tracy’s back and grabbed two handfuls of dirty blond hair and pulled back, making Tracy’s head come back and back to bow.

Tracy let out a scream of pain as she was pulled back. She grabbed onto Karri’s wrists and dug her shorts nails in, trying to pry them from her hair. Karri let out a high pitched yelp but held fast. Tracy turned her arm and her elbow slammed into the bottom of Karri’s left breast. Karri howled and release the hair and rolled off to the side holding her left tit. Tracy knew there was no flight left only fight. She rolled and got to her knees and came at Karri who was also on her knees. Tracy grabbed the shoulder of Karri’s dress and yanked hard, ripping the fabric but also caused Karri to come forward and off balance and with a twist, Tracy was on top, pulling and ripping at the dress.

This fucking bitch, Karri thought as Tracy was shredding her dress. Karri tried her best to grab at the hands but Tracy was just too fast for her. But Tracy’s big bouncing breasts were in reach, so Karri reached up and grabbed both in her hands and dug her nails in and started squeezing! Tracy howled in pain and immediately reached for the hands on her tits. She grabbed at Karri’s wrists trying to pry them off. Tracy tried leaning back but Karri just kept squeezing and kneading the big boobs. Tracy looked down through blurred, teary eyes, she let go of Karri’s wrists and plunged her hands down to Karri’s large breasts and latched on.

Both women had tears streaming down their faces as they grabbed and twisted each other’s breasts. Hard nipples stabbed into the palms of their hands as the gripped and re-gripped the tits; flesh spilled through greedy fingers, kneading the breasts like bread dough. Tracy stayed on top of Karri and tried using her body weight to press down as she squeezed but it caused her to lose balance and she fell off the Karri’s right. They mutually broke off their tit attacks and rolled apart again. Tracy was slower getting to her feet and it was impeded by her sweatpants, which were sagging down to her knees. Without thinking about it, she stripped them off and threw them off to the side of the bed but when she got up, she realized she was naked. Karri got to her feet and saw Tracy strip and the new look of fright on Tracy’s face being the only one totally nude.

“Well, bitch,” Karri said, “I don’t want you to feel under dressed.” And she started shrugging out of her dress and wiggled her hips as she pulled the remaining torn clothing and purple thong off, kicking it to the door of the bedroom.

Tracy almost felt relieved as she was not the only one with any clothes on. She and Karri started to circle each other in the bedroom, sneering and showing teeth like predators stalking prey. They lunged at the same time, hands going for hair; big breasts slapping into the others, mashing flat and rebounding to normal shapes as the struggled. Hands pulled hair from behind and their nipples stabbed into breasts and tummies rubbed as they held each other, trying to force the other back on strength alone. Karri pushed forward and the backs of Tracy’s legs hit the bed and she fell back pulling Karri with her. Legs came into play now as they wrapped long legs around the other, calves locked in tight, thighs rubbing.

Before the she rang Tracy’s doorbell, Karri had thought a physical fight with the school teacher would be an easy experience. She had fought many a fellow stripper in her day. She had participated in mud and oil wrestling at the club; so she thought Tracy would be a push over. But now she was amazed the fight was lasting this long.

Tracy had a few fights in college and at bars in her day but since becoming a teacher; she hadn’t tangled with a woman in a long time. But it was all coming back to her as she and Karri struggled on the bed. Tracy arched her left hip and they rolled first to their sides and then to Tracy on top. Heads weren’t being yanked back and forth but it was a long push and pull, slowly, trying to out muscle the other. Their breasts and tummies never broke contact from the other. Tracy was looking down at Karri’s face inches from hers, then Karri spit right in Tracy’s face, hitting her mouth and eyes.

Angered, Tracy spit back, lobbing droplets of spittle on Karri’s face. Karri arched her head up and latched her teeth ono Tracy’s left shoulder. Tracy screamed out on pain! She dug her nails deep into the scalp of Karri’s hair and tried to remove her mouth from Tracy’s shoulder. The nails stabbed hard into Karri’s head and she yelled out in agony, her bite broken now. The two started snapping their teeth at each other’s faces, banging teeth together painfully. Karri used this to roll them back over with her on top. She moved her chest up, finally breaking the constant contact and slammed her breasts down on Tracy. There was a slap of tits meeting tits and Tracy groaned in pain. Karri brought her breasts up again but Tracy pushed off a little with her shoulder blades and met Karri’s descending boobs with her own. Another slap and both women moaned in pain.

Karri raised herself up one more time and Tracy released her right hand from hair and slapped Karri hard in the mouth. Karri went off to the side and Tracy slid up her body to straddle Karri. Karri’s arms were trapped under Tracy’s knees as Tracy inched further up Karri’s chest. Tracy sat down on Karri’s breasts and tried bouncing up and down. She felt Karri’s tits compress under her butt and thighs. Karri was in hell! She felt like her breasts might burst under Tracy’s weight. Karri planted her feet on the bed and bridged up and sent Tracy flying forward, her chest smashing into the headboard of the bed. Tracy quickly spun around but Karri had her legs up and they wrapped around Tracy’s head, Karri’s calves locking behind Tracy’s head. Tracy slammed down on Karri, her breasts smashing into Karri’s sweaty belly. Tracy was able to lock her thighs around Karri’s head and they had each other in a 69 on the bed. Karri’s tits were mashed flat under Tracy’s tummy.

Karri and Tracy started getting really dirty to try and end the fight. Teeth bit thighs, fingers scratched skin; they moved their faces to pungent crotches and stabbed each other’s pussies with fingers. First one, then two, then three fingers entered each other, nails scratching their insides. Tracy bit down on Karri’s pussy, teeth latching on to her labia and pulling it out as she jabbed her fingers in the stripper. Karri screamed in Tracy’s cunt, biting down and jamming her fingers in but also her thumb into Tracy’s rosebud between her ass cheeks. Neither woman could take it anymore and pushed away from each other, rolling off opposite sides of the bed. They lay there, crying and moan, hands trying to rub the pain away from their most intimate areas. Tracy got to her hands and knees and started crawling around the end of the bed. Karri was doing the same and they saw each other and crawled slowly towards each other.

As they got within arm’s reach of each other, hands shot out for dangling hair. They pulled until they rose up on their knees, breasts mashing angrily together. The two women went cheek to cheek, whispering in each other’s ears.

“Whore… you’ll… get…yours…” Tracy said breathlessly.

“Bring…it….school…bitch…” Karri answered her back.

Their sweat covered breasts slide back and forth as they jostled for position on their knees. Their tummies slide back and forth as perspiration dripped down from faces to chests and down chests to their bellies. Both were hurt and exhausted but neither wanted to lose this. They pushed back slightly and slapped their breasts tougher. SMACK!!! UGH! The sounds of flesh violently meeting flesh and the moans from lips filled the bedroom. The moved back again and slapped their large breasts together


They gripped shoulders, glared into teary eyes and let their breasts war! They twisted torso and let the mounds slap together from the sides. Reared back and met them head on.


Karri and Tracy had tears streaming down their faces. Vision blurred, bodies hurt, breasts throbbing in pain. They lined up their nipples, still hard, and pressed together tightly; the hard nubs meeting and sliding off to bury in flesh. Arms wrapped around the other’s backs and they squeezed tight. Breasts crushed, oozing out at the sides. They were moaning and grunting as they squeezed with everything they had.

Faces turned up to the ceiling as they both cried out in pain and released each other and crumpled back down to the carpet. They stirred and moaned, both chests heaving with sobs. Both women pushed tired muscles to get back up to a kneeling stance in front of the other. Karri’s right hand grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Tracy in close. Her left grabbed Tracy’s reddened right breast and squeezed. Tracy howled and reached behind Karri’s back to grasp a handful of brown hair, fingers digging in, her right hand grabbing Karri’s wounded boob. They brought their faces together.

Tracy biting Karri’s lower lip and Karri biting Tracy’s upper lip. Mouths filled with saliva and blood and they pushed their mouths together to try and force the mixture into the other’s mouth. Pink drool cascaded down their chins to there already damp chests and tummies. The fingers gripping breasts were just holding them, the strength drained. They were leaning against each other, holding each other up. Both seemed to sense there was no fight left in the other and they gently pushed away from each other, falling back limply to the floor.

Almost ten minutes passed as the two women sucked in breathe and sobbed as they had pushed their bodies to the limit. Neither could fight on anymore. After what seemed like an eternity, they ended up a few feet from each other sitting and rocking back and forth.

“GET….OUT…” Tracy said heaving in gulps of air.

“THIS… ISNT… OVER…BITCH…” Karri answered back.

“ANYTIME….WHORE… ANYTIME…” The school teacher answered the stripper.

It took a few minutes more for the two to get up and Karri stole a robe of Tracy’s to cover herself. Tracy was too weak to protest. She looked at the clock on the bed and the fight started over an hour ago. She looked at her phone with a text message from me, wondering where she was at. She heard the door close and she laid her body onto the bed and fell asleep.

Karri could barely keep her eyes open but she made it back to the hotel and got to her room for collapsed on the bed and went to dream land. Both women knowing this would not be the last time they faced each other.

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