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Mariana lived a good, bloody life. Her old castle went undisturbed, and the village that lived below her was plentiful with peasants and farmers. They all made easy prey for a seductive vampire to pick off from the rest and drain of their life force. Mariana smiled down on the village from her balcony, baring her bright and deadly fangs. She was pale with elegant golden curls that flowed past her shoulders, a few chords of blonde draped temptingly over her large, round breasts. She wore a sleek and elegant black dress and polished matching dress shoes, a gift she had tempted out of a passing noble before she literally bled him dry. They would have been impractical for any normal person to wear if going on a silent hunt for human blood, but the undead beauty would have no trouble. She had done it many times before, and she knew that she would do it many times more. Moving like as quick and quiet as the midnight fog, she made her way into the village for another hunt.

Vampires carried themselves with an air of tradition and eerie calm. Their grace and aloof mannerisms often convinced unwitting mortals that they were simply pretentious lords and ladies. It was, however, coupled with a feral intensity that fed their gruesome passions and sadistic glee. These vicious instincts came out easily whenever they were threatened, and for some reason, Celia felt all of her sharpened senses alerting these survival instincts. Something was off. There was something new in the village.

Celia didn’t have to seek it out for long before she found Mariana. The gorgeous brunette was as pale as she was, clad in a seductive dress so deep a red that it partially blended into the shadows. Celia could smell it on her, as if the formally-dressed woman out at midnight with catlike grace wasn’t a clear enough sign. There was another vampire in her territory!

Mariana turned down an alley to stalk another street when Celia dropped from the rooftop, landing daintily in front of the intruder. “What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded, keeping a calm and authoritative tone as she marched up to the brunette.

“Simply looking for a way to spend the evening,” Mariana cooed sweetly, resting a finger ponderously on her cheek. “And nothing passes the time quite like another warm body. Am I wrong?”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know.” Celia sneered, baring one of her sharp canines. “You’re hunting on my grounds, you thieving harlot. This valley is MINE!”

Mariana grinned back at her, exposing her own teeth to seal the deal. “Then perhaps you should do a better job of protecting it. I thought you were merely hiding in case a more dangerous mistress of the night appeared.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Unless you are afraid,” Mariana jabbed back. “At least then I would let you live. You would serve as my thrall, following me and feeding off of my table scraps when I permit like a serving wench.”

“Then expect no hospitality from me, you sorry excuse for a whore!” They both suddenly darted to opposite sides of the alleyway, pressing themselves almost flat into the shadows. They were perfectly still and quiet as a passing member of the town watch coughed and wandered past without a second glance. They could have destroyed and devoured him with little effort, but vampires found that to be far more troublesome than working from the shadows.

When the man was well gone, they slinked back out of their hiding spots. “We settle this now… but not here,” Celia instructed. “There is a park with a small garden on the northside of town. The mortals don’t find it safe to travel there at night, so I lure my victims there to feed on them. The winner will be the rightful mistress of this territory.”

“Gladly,” Mariana replied, folding her arms beneath her pale and heavy bosom. “I’ll show you what it takes to be a true vampire.”

The two dark beauties arrived there quickly, waiting in the open yard of the park. They glared intensely, but it wasn’t purely a look of hatred. Smoldering eyes locked as they stepped towards each other. Celia took long strides, each step exposing more of her long and shapely legs until the dress’ slits rode up to her thigh. Mariana took a somewhat slower pace, advancing while her thighs flexed and her hips wiggled from side to side. It created a sensual sway of her lower body like a hypnotic pendulum, shifting her dress temptingly one way then the other.

It was another of the unspoken trademarks of a vampire. They were stealth hunters first. They only approached openly like this in duels and formal meetings, preferring to hide and ambush rather than attacking their targets head on. Likewise, they did not seek to wrestle their victims down and tear their throats open. Their approach was slow and intimate, seducing their way past their defenses before burying their fangs. It was the same with their duel; it was a test of wills as they oozed their supernatural charisma in an effort to break the other with their sexuality.

When they finally came within striking distance, no blows came. Mariana caressed Celia’s hair, brushing some of the blonde curls away from her puffed up bosom. Their breathing came out deep and heavy, blowing across their opponent’s necks and lips as they look longingly into each other’s eyes. Celia wrapped a hand around Mariana’s waist, pulling her closer so that their breasts were pressed into each other. Both were busty enough that they couldn’t be crushed totally flat, leaving the lusty vampires to lean in the last few inches over several drawn out seconds.

“You’ll break first,” Celia whispered to her foe, almost sweetly for how intimately close they were to each other.

“I can see you sweating already, my pet.” Mariana decided to throw in a needy little mewl before locking her pouty lips with Celia’s. The competing women forced their rival as close as possible so that they could force all of their sexual powers and skills onto them. Cool, bloodthirsty tongues rubbed together as their hands wandered, cupping Mariana’s ass and squeezing it through the dress. Mariana returned the favor by stroking back Celia’s hair while her fingers ran teasingly over her pale cleavage, lingering on the telling birthmark on the side of one of her breasts.

They finally broke the kiss and opened their eyes, gauging their foe once again. Celia slid out her tongue to lick up the trail of saliva that had dangled between their lips. “Your charms are too weak for me, you powerless whore,” she taunted. “Why don’t you go back to your cave and masturbate while imagining by beauty?”

Mariana scoffed back, cupping her own breasts and boosting them up invitingly. “If that was supposed to excite me, then you’re far from it. The only excitement I felt was how easily I’m going to beat this sexless old hag.”

Celia’s eyes flared with anger, but she never let it cross her face. She was ready to pull out the big guns as she slid a hand down to Mariana’s leg, caressing her lower thigh before letting her fingers slide under her skirt. “It sounds like the boasting of a mewling virgin,” Celia purred, upping the intensity of their duel. She had to be more sensual than her foe. She should have been able to seduce circles around any who dared enter her territory. “Or perhaps you’ve never had someone to show you the proper way to… appreciate a woman.” She whispered the last part into Mariana’s ear, letting the warm breath reach her tender lobe.

“Is that what you call that clumsy grope fest?” Mariana purred back. She rested her hands on Celia’s shoulders, slowly stroking down her shoulders and slipping her fingers under the top of her dress. Her black-painted nails teased over the soft and plentiful flesh, tracing the curve of Celia’s breasts until she could rub her thumbs over her nipples. Mariana let out a low, drawn out moan meant to admire the blonde’s body, all while sliding her leg in between Celia’s and rub her thigh against her crotch.

Celia remained steadfast, glaring back at the seductive intruder. She bit Mariana’s lip lightly, flicking her tongue against hers. Celia rubbed their feet together while stroked Celia’s neck. The women rubbed and moaned greedily, but they were both ceaseless in their sexual attacks. Neither way giving way.

“Are you serious?!” Mariana finally hissed. She shoved Celia in her big breasts, sending her stumbling a few steps back. “Nothing!?”

“It’s not MY fault you have such trash for taste! Any mortal within a mile would have been begging me after that!” Celia defended her pride sharply. “All the more reason you should get off of my land!”

“So you can fail to seduce any of these mortals just like you did with me and starve to death? Ha!” Marian clenched her fists, the deceptively strong little arm muscles tensing. “How dare you mock my sexual powers!?”

“How dare you insult me on my own turf!” Celia growled and bared her fangs. In a flash, both women had charged into each other, tumbling into the ground before snarling and moving around the park at inhuman speed.

“It won’t be your turf for long, you cow!” Mariana shouted back. She landed on the bottom of their intensely fast catball, but she braced her elbows on the ground and shoved into Celia’s stomach with both feet. The kick sent the local blonde flying until her body hit a tree with a dense crack. Her inhuman body took the hit well, but the impact was still jarring as it left a deep, splintering crack in the trunk. Celia twisted to land on her feet with catlike speed, but Mariana darted after her and drove a knee into her ribs. The blonde hissed from the sudden pain, but she caught her by the leg and pulled the intrusive vampire off of her feet. Mariana grunted as she landed on the ground, the grass and dirt staining her fine dress.

“Rolling in the mud like a pig, are we?” Celia taunted, grinding her heel into the brunette’s breast. “If you’re so quick to surrender, you should have given up when I was just charming your skirts off. Now I’m going to have to rip the sense right out of your throat!”

Celia raised her shoe to stomp on Mariana’s head, but the downed brunette rolled towards her other leg. It left her in a prime position to throw a speedy fist right under the local blonde’s skirt and into her thinly-veiled pussy. Celia let out a pained shout as the knuckles punched her panties right into her tender crotch, crossing her legs and dropping to her knees.

“It’s a bit late to kneel for your mistress,” Mariana taunted. She shifted her weight to one side, delivering a kick into Celia’s head that toppled her into the grass. Mariana rose to her feet a bit unsteadily, but she grabbed the blonde locks below her and forced the still groaning Celia to bring her head level with the brunette’s belly.

“I’ll have you AND your land as my own,” Mariana growled before ramming her knee into Celia’s right breast. It wobbled around in her top, the blonde howling with pain. Celia relished her cries of agony as she spiked another powerful knee into the other tit as well. With Celia wincing and hugging her round and tempting chest, Mariana was free to take her by the throat and lift her off her feet. Even with her strength, the suspended brunette’s flailing kicks did little to her captor.

“I do believe you mentioned getting something from my throat,” Mariana purred, smiling wide to bare her fangs. She opened her mouth to surprising lengths as she turned Celia’s head to expose her neck. Celia felt her hair brushed aside as Mariana went for the jugular, but it was not the first time Celia had to deal with a fellow vampire. The blonde timed a palm strike that struck Mariana in the nose, emitting a yelp of pain as she recoiled. It left Mariana to drop to the ground, but she had hardly landed when she grabbed Celia by the straps of her dress.

“Don’t go getting ahead of yourself, dear!” Celia scoffed before she turned and flung Mariana like a sexy ragdoll. Her amazing strength made Mariana fly through the air as if she had been launched out of a cannon. She bounced roughly off of a cluster of rocks at a speed that would have shattered a mortal, but it merely stunned the busty vampiress.

Mariana was slowly dragging herself back to her feet when Celia loomed over her. She dragged the brunette back to her feet in one powerful yank, drawing a pained moan from the unsteady vampire. She moved in behind her and reached under Mariana’s arms, burying her delicate-looking nails like claws into her intruder’s lovely bosom.

“AUUUGH! Let go, you pathetic whore!” Mariana howled as her silky skin was scratched along her cleavage.

“I’ll show you who’s the whore, you meddling whelp!” Celia hissed back. She moved her hands to grab the edge of Mariana’s dress instead of her skin, just to bring them down with two quick gestures accompanied by a harsh tearing sound. Given the goal of the seductive vampires, Celia was barely surprised to find that Mariana was entirely nude beneath her dress.

“How dare you!?” the brunette shouted, turning to Celia with fury in her eyes. It was clear that if she had the blood and the pulse to do so, she would have been red with anger.

“What? It suits you,” Celia said, smirking with feigned innocence on her voice. She threw the shreds of Marianna’s dress away over her shoulder. “I’m sure there’s a blind beggar woman somewhere who would love to wear a color like that.”

Mariana caught the local vampire by surprise when she kicked Celia in the stomach. The blonde let out a husky grunt before Mariana could grab her by the hair and swing her completely over her head to smash her into the ground. Celia landed with a meaty thud and a miserable groan as her entire body flopped. It was a huge enough impact that her breasts bounced right out of her dress, showing the same lack of a bra in her nightwear.

“I will teach you to stand in the way of Mariana Velina!” the brunette threatened as she the heel of her foot in between Celia’s breasts. The blonde was grabbed by her arms and pulled upward, leaving her screaming in pain. Mariana yanked on her limbs like she didn’t care which came first; tearing Celia’s arms off or stomping her chest flat, tits and all.

“You’ll wish you’d given up and become my slave, you pathetic little leech!”

Celia screamed and writhed from side to side, but he compromising position seemed inescapable. With a savage snarl, she turned her head and buried her fangs into the flesh just above Mariana’s ankle. Marian howled and fell to the ground, releasing her grip on Celia to clutch at her bleeding leg instead. It was shocking to be punctured, if not especially fatal in such a trivial location. Still, a vampire biting another vampire disrupted their powers. It would slow her down as far as sprinting around the park, but she had been more surprised than anything else.

Celia rolled to all fours, her naked chest puffing up with labored breaths as she licked a few drops of blood from her lips. Biting Mariana had reminded her of how hungry she was. It was the entire reason she came out to hunt tonight. While the park was empty, the mortals passed through here during the daylight, and their lingering scent was starting to rile up the instincts of these sexual predators.

Mariana had just let go of her leg when Celia came after her, fangs bared and hungry for more of her intruder’s blood. Mariana twisted sharply, driving her knee into the side of Celia’s face. The blonde landed with a grunt, making it easy enough for Mariana to simply roll over and straddle Celia’s back.

“If you longed so badly for my embrace, you should have just said so,” Mariana hissed, spraying spittle along Celia’s bare back. She grabbed the blonde vampire by the hair, shaking her so that her beautiful breasts dragged through the dirt before she hoisted up her lower body. Mariana cupped a hand under Celia’s chin, forcing her head at an angle so she had no trouble biting into the side of her neck.

Like any vampire of their stature, not a drop of blood was wasted as she drained her victim. Her lips formed a tight seal and her tongue stimulated the area around her fangs to drink it up in a steady flow. Celia gave a short gasp as she felt her power fading with the draining bite, shuddering from the alien sensation. She had been on the other side of things plenty often, but this was strange and unsettling. The disgust and shock drove her to grab Mariana by the hair and yank her away from her throat. The wound healed over rapidly, even if the draining effect still lingered inside her. The dark-haired vampire flashed her fangs with a menacing snarl, but Celia wasn’t as weakened as she might have expected. She proved it by leaning into Mariana and biting right into one of her bare and dangling tits.

“AUGHHH! You filthy little bitch!” Marian shouted. She tried to pull away, but Celia had latched on like some kind of brutally nursing child. The blonde sucked on her rival’s nipple while slurping down her opponent’s blood and life force. She remained stuck on her until Mariana balled her fists together and smashed them into her temple. Celia gave a thick grunt and fell to her side, leaving Mariana to heal over twin puncture wounds and feel the same dizzying sensation that she had.

“You taste like shit,” Celia spat at her. “I’ll need an extra mortal to wash that taste out once I’m done finishing you off.”

“You’ll pay a hundred times over for attacking my beautiful tits, you helpless little coward!” Mariana moved with catlike grace, but both had slowed significantly after their draining attacks.

Mariana pounced on Celia, catching her by the throat and landing few quick punches to the blonde’s face. Celia winced and healed the bruises away, but the process was slower than she had in the recent past. Celia returned the favor by grabbing Mariana by her breasts and using them as handles to knee her in the groin. The black-haired invader gasped as she grabbed her aching pussy. With her grip loosened, Celia kicked her legs up and flipped Mariana straight over her head. Mariana landed with a grunt just behind her, so Celia yanked on her hair to pull them closer. Laying head to head while their feet went in opposite directions, Celia shoved aside the dark hair, opened wide, and bit into Mariana’s throat as if she were hanging upside down above her.

Mariana screamed at the piercing of her throat, but she reacted quickly. She pulled on Celia’s blonde locks to reposition her neck and bite right back, joining her in the hungry suckling on each other’s lifeblood. Even draining their opponent failed to fill the sense of cold and weakness that coursed through them, so it wasn’t long before they both pushed away with a shuddering gasp.

Instinctively licking up the sparse flecks of blood, Mariana shifted back to her feet and overcame the brief sensation of nausea from the supernatural bloodloss. “I will feast on your human cattle as soon as I’m done with you,” the outsider threatened. She accompanied the insult by spitting some of Celia’s own blood at her feet.

“I’ll see to it you taste nothing ever again, you treacherous cow!” Celia threw a kick at Mariana’s belly, but the brunette caught her foot and punched her rival in the pussy. Celia gave a shrill cry, at this point uncaring of any mortals she had disturbed. Mariana rose to catch Celia by her hair, bashing her pretty face into the nearest tree while she was too busy holding her groin. Mariana refreshed her grip on the messy mass of blonde hair and bounced Celia’s face off the wood a few more times. The local vampiress threw up her leg, her sole hitting the tree to hold herself back long enough to elbow Mariana in the mouth.

The brunette invader jerked back from the hit just for Celia to whirl around and throw a high kick into Mariana’s side. It lacked the impossible might and speed she had displayed earlier, but it was still hard enough to take Mariana off her feet and crumbling a few feet away on the grass. Mariana tried to scramble to her feet, but Celia was on her too quickly and wrapped her legs around the brunette’s neck.

“Now let’s see how you fight with a broken neck!” Celia threatened. Her legs were as bare as the rest of her pale body by now, their dresses left in shreds around the park after all of their clawing and biting. As resistant as the monsters’ were, their clothes were not. Even without the need to breathe, Mariana instinctively let out several gagging and choking noises as Celia’s powerful thighs clamped around her throat.

Mariana grunted and rolled sharply to one side, swinging Celia through the air and slamming her into the ground. The blonde still held on tight, her legs seemingly stuck around Mariana neck like a strange and deadly necklace. Mariana kept her hands on the local lady’s legs to keep her from simply crushing her skull with her thighs. She finally parted one of her hands to send a short but powerful punch into Celia’s crotch.

The shocked blonde let out a howl of agony. She let go of Mariana to hold her crotch instead, wildly rolling around in the grass. She was still throbbing from the vicious attack as Mariana pulled herself back up, rubbing her neck as she bared her teeth with a frustrated snarl.

“You dirty whore!” Celia cursed, but she could only drag herself up to a sitting position. Mariana gave a short and triumphant laugh as she pounced on the blonde. The brunette’s knees pinned down her opponent’s arms, leaving her hands free to send a vicious slap across Celia’s face.

“What’s the matter? Feeling weak already, you pathetic little leech?” Mariana taunted. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to admit how worn out she was from them fighting and drinking each other. She went from slaps to punches, bouncing Mariana’s head from left to right with strong but clumsy blows. Even if they somehow resisted her charms, it wasn’t common for a vampire to fight an opponent who took more than one hit. Still, Celia grunted and moaned from the blows as she was knocked around between Mariana’s legs.

Celia finally put a stop to it when she twisted her head and bit into the naked Mariana’s inner thigh. The brunette screamed at the intimate attack and tried to pull away, but Celia held onto her legs and kept her in the prime feeding position. It was a strange and unsettling feeling of cold and weakness that ran through Mariana’s lower body as Celia fed from between her thighs while her blonde locks teased against the brunette’s pussy.

Mariana pulled on her opponent’s dirtied blonde hair, but she was unable to dislodge ther hungry attacker. Since she couldn’t get her to budge, Mariana decided to use it as a chance to leave Celia as an easy target. She shifted her hips to bring her other leg around, ramming her knee into the side of Celia’s head. The blonde grunted, but buried her painted nails into Mariana’s leg to persist in draining her life force. She could only hold out for a few more seconds as Mariana kept delivering harsh grunts and punishing knees that made her head spin. Celia fell back onto her ass holding her aching head while Mariana rose. She was feeling lightheaded herself, even as her thigh’s bite marks healed over. Celia was just starting to stagger to her knees when Mariana grabbed her by the breasts and squeezed, lifting her up by them like they were a pair of fleshy handles.

“How does that feel, you filthy cow!?” Mariana hissed bitterly. Celia screamed as her long legs kicked helplessly, fumbling a few inches off the ground. Mariana flexed her fingers to dig her nails into the soft sides of her breasts, and while she couldn’t pierce the other vampire’s hide it still got her to shriek even louder.

“Let go, you thieving cunt!” Celia yowled, pulling at Mariana’s wrists but she couldn’t break the brunette’s tit-crushing grip. Most of her entire body weight was being used to pull on her mammaries, stretching and torturing her tits as she hung her rival’s mercy.

“Oh, I’ll put you down alright!” Mariana hissed. She lifted Celia as high as she could before swinging her right back down. She threw the blonde’s back right across a large rock nearby and Celia could only respond with a twisted screech and some gruesome cracking sounds. Her vampire resistance to pain and damage kept her from her and her back breaking like a common mortal, but it was still an agonizing position for the ageless beauty to be in.

Mariana didn’t bother to savor her victim’s wailing, knowing she had been in just as bad a position not long ago. Instead, she stood over the blonde and pounded her in the stomach over and over. Celia cried and twisted with each blow, and the bruises that slowly spread on her toned and pale stomach assured Mariana that her healing factor was weakening as well. Her back arched against the rock, thrusting her breasts and hips out towards the moon above while she was pummeled by her invading nemesis.

“You should have given in to me in the first place,” Mariana scolded as she walked to the space between Celia’s legs. “This would have been much more comfortable for you that way…” She lifted and spread out Celia’s legs, flashing her fangs ominously before she bit right into the blonde’s open pussy. She gnashed her teeth a few times, making it even more painful for the screaming Celia as she mauled her snatch. Mariana finally found what she’d been looking for when her tongue went lapping up her foe’s blood and brushed against Celia’s clitoris.

“No… please, stop!” Celia pleaded as tears ran down her lovely but dirtied face.

“Too late for that now, isn’t it?” Mariana buried her fangs into her foe’s vagina, making sure that the bulging nub of her clit was pierced by one of her sharp canines. Celia wailed and shuddered in what from a distance must have looked like a pair of passionate lovers making indecent use of the park. Instead, Celia was beating her fists on Mariana’s head as she grew weaker and weaker, the life being sucked right out of her pussy.

Mariana finally broke her mouth away from Celia’s privates with a satisfied smacking of her lips. “You do taste delicious. A shame I can’t keep you around as a treat every few moons or so…”

“Please stop,” Celia mewled weakly. Mariana was delighted to see true fear in her eyes. She was weak and powerless now, easy pickings and easy to finish her off. Still, the brunette strode around her like a stalking cat. Celia tried to escape, but all she could bring her weakened body to do was roll off of the rock. “Please… mistress. I beg of you. Spare me. I’ll serve you faithfully,” she whimpered. She sat up enough to lean on the rock, panting for air as her head spun and her legs shook.

Mariana considered her for a moment. It was a thrilling fight, if exhausting, and the blonde was certainly easy on the eyes. The conquering brunette stepped closer and ran her hands down Celia’s neck, making the blonde cringe before she had no choice but to let Mariana caress all the way down her body. “You would belong to me,” Mariana whispered sensually in her ear. “You would be my pet whore who would yield to me, dancing and fucking when I told you. Eating when I allowed it. Cumming on command…” Her fingers reached Celia’s crotch, and while still tender from the biting, Celia had to moan as her heavy eyelids fluttered. Now that she was finally weak and helpless enough to be aroused by her foe, she really did look quite attractive to the dark-haired invader.

“But… you’re simply too dangerous.” Celia shook her head as the look of horror returned to her face. Mariana still took her time brushing aside her blonde hair. “At least perish knowing you were powerful enough for me to think so.”

With one last chomp of her teeth, Mariana bit into her throat. She drained the blackened blood of her enemy, draining Celia of her power and then her life. The blonde let out a soft gasp as she finally fell limp in the middle of the park. She stared lifelessly back at Mariana, who licked her lips at the sight. “Even now you look lovely,” Mariana reflected. “A shame you wouldn’t truly yield, but… you really were the most interesting woman I’ve had the chance to meet in some time. And while a bit tough for a meal, it was rather fun having someone who could put up a fight for once.”

Mariana turned and bowed to the pale corpse of Celia. “It was a true pleasure. Now if you’ll excuse me, you really didn’t quite fill me up… I’m sure there’s SOME man in this village willing to help a poor defenseless naked woman.” With one last musical giggle, Mariana vanished into the night to hunt once again.

The End

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