When Larry Met Anna by A.Penman and Anna the Marine Chick

Preamble by A.Penman

Dear readers,

Some time ago, a sexy fellow writer named Anna The Marine Chick, who I’ve never actually met, informed me of an erotic dream she’s been having.  You could say that I was taken aback by this admission of REM sleep promiscuity.  Long story short, I suggested that we should turn it into a story.  Here is the result.

Laurence Pennomo savored the first sips of his freshly brewed ground Italian roast coffee.

It was early May, and the first day warm enough to actually put out a deck chair and enjoy the delightful, often voluminous morning birdsong of his tree suffused yard.

As Thelonious Monk’s music trickled through the open screen door, he smiled and thought to himself how cool it would be if Monk himself was sitting across from him, explaining the various time signatures that each bird was using.

He looked up and regarded the stunning progression of the buds on the branches, noting that yesterday there were almost none.

Then, after a few more sips of his delicious morning elixir he relaxed and let out a wistful sigh.

“Ah, springtime,” he mused…

“In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish’d dove,

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”

Fuck Lord Tennyson! I’m damn near too old for that, he thought to himself.

If it wasn’t for Jane, his benevolent neighbor, who stopped by every so often for a chat, a glass of fine wine and to help him with his story “research”…well, you get the idea.

But as hope springs eternal…

“Who in the fuck?” Larry said aloud to himself as a black 4 x 4 Jeep turned into his driveway.

Either someone was in need of directions, or one of the local Christians was stopping by to ask about the status of his relationship with God.

Now up and leaning over the railing, he watched cautiously as the SUV came to a full stop. The engine was cut and he heard the sound of an emergency brake being set. This did not appear to be a lost soul seeking directions. Indeed, the stunningly beautiful woman who stepped out of the vehicle appeared to know exactly where she was. And, if saving his tarnished soul was her objective, this could prove to be a delightfully redemptive afternoon. Praise Jesus!

“If your planning on coming up, and I hope you are, those high heels could get you a sprained ankle.”

The woman assessed the seven long cement steps, some of which were in a state of disrepair. Thinking better of it, she returned to her vehicle and, in seconds, re-emerged in a pair of flats.

“Much better,” he chided her, “now you’ll arrive at your destination unscathed.”

“Your eloquence has always been a source of inspiration to me, sir,” she retorted without hesitance, “or should I address you as Mr. Penman?”

Then, with a casual confidence, wearing a pair of high end sunglasses and a tight dress that was short enough to display her shapely legs, she made her way up the curved steps. He noted how the change from heels to flats had altered the shape of her calves. The muscle was no longer in a flex. It was smooth and curved naturally, yet it was tight and obviously well maintained. Very nice!

About halfway up, she removed her shades to reveal dark, mysterious eyes that she balanced with a beaming smile that was aimed directly at him. It was a blatant attempt to make him swoon, and it worked. He thought, who is this vision?

Finally negotiating the four wooden steps to the deck, the glorious woman set down her rather large travel bag with a sigh of relief. She then took a deep breath in, looked around in order to take in the bucolic surroundings and nodded as though she was impressed.

“Wow! What a nice place you have!”

He regarded her with unabashed admiration. “I confess that you have me at a disadvantage, miss.”

She knew he didn’t recognize her, so she thought she’d have some fun, mess with his mind, so to speak.

“I’ll bet you thought you’d never actually see me in the flesh.”

“And you’d win that bet.”

Without saying another word, she closed the distance between them. Her forward progress was stopped by his body. Without compunction, wrapping him up in a hug, she mashed her substantial, soft breasts into his chest. They felt fantastic! Enough so that he wondered if per chance, he was still asleep…that he had not yet awakened from an intensely erotic dream. He wrapped his arms around her in a polite response, but without an agenda.

“Ummm…” she cooed, “I’ve been looking forward to this hug.”

“Excuse me miss. Are you real?”

She moved to face him directly. “You’re even more handsome than I imagined.”

“Well, thank you…I…”

“AP, shut up!” And then, she planted a full mouth kiss on him.

At first, her lips were fluid on his, as if they were searching for the most intimate caress possible, finally settling in a place she found most pleasing; a place where their lips shared fullness of the flesh. This made his neck hairs bristle and sent a shiver down his back. She held her tongue back. Her objective was to let him know how soft her lips were. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but he got the message. Wow! This woman knew how to kiss! This woman understood the idea of not giving too much too soon. They looked at each other.

“Who…are…you?” he asked, as though he was face to face with an enigma.

“I think you know…I just finished up a covert assignment that took me to Boston. Now I have a few days off so I thought it might be really cool to drive up to see you…to finally meet you.”

He still looked puzzled. “A covert assignment?”

She ignored the question.

“When I was done, I located Jackie and spent the night with her at her apartment in Cambridge. In fact, she helped me solve the case. That hot bitch helped me a lot!”


“Yes, Jackie! You know…Doctor Jacqueline Cara Taylor.”

“That can’t be right…some mistake.”

“No, sir, Jackie told me where to find you.” She paused, “Well, it took several long, sweaty hours of heated interrogation, but I finally pumped the information out of her.”

“Several hours of…”

“She’s one hot bitch! And damn smart, too!”

He shook his head in disbelief. “You do know that Jackie’s not real, right?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“She’s a character in a story, a figment of my imagination.”

“Oh no, no, no sir, she’s as real as it gets. And may I say thank you for giving her such an abundance of ass.”

“Well, boob man though I may be, I can still appreciate a prodigious posterior.”

“Oh…I’m gonna learn a LOT here!” she moaned.

“I get the feeling I’m also going to learn a thing or two…” the lightbulb went off in his brain,


She laughed. “It took you long enough, you old geezer!”

“Excuse me. That’s handsome old geezer, if you don’t mind.”

They both laughed, and then Anna planted a far more assertive kiss on him.

He ran his hands up and down her back, feeling muscles that he only dreamed of having. And then the kiss broke off.

Then, abruptly, the sexy mid-morning reverie of two smitten humans was rudely interrupted as Anna’s stomach growled, rather loudly.

“Oops!” she said, slightly embarrassed.

AP nodded knowingly. “Come on.” Then he took her hand.

“Pray tell, sir, where are you taking me?” she asked, coquettishly.

“Inside, dear lady, so I can feed you.”

Once inside, Anna took his arm as they traversed the length of his grand living room. Halfway through, she stopped directly between the large floor-standing speakers of his sound system.

“Wow! That’s very nice…great sound clarity!”

“Thanks. Nothing like a great sound system!”

“Is that Monk?”

“Yes, it is! How did you know?”

“I could tell by the dissonance and his percussive attack.”

Penman was dazed…he was astonished! A stunning woman who could define the piano style of Thelonious Monk was rare to find. Hell, a stunning woman who even knew who Monk was could also be considered a rare find. He knew then that he was in the presence of a multi-faceted woman.

“You are one amazing lady, Anna!”

In the kitchen Anna watched, making small talk, as he skillfully sliced ingredients like scallions and mushrooms and lovingly put together an Italian style frittata. He served it with a side of wheat toast, locally sourced bacon and orange juice. He even made a second pot of coffee.

“Don’t tell me, ‘black, like your soul,’” he said, placing a mug of steaming hot coffee in front of her.

“You remember that line?” She was astonished.

“One of my favorite lines of yours. It was from your first meeting with Doctor Jackie Taylor.”

“Oh…AP! I…”

“Stai zitto e mangia, cara Anna!” He smiled at her. “Shut up and eat, dear Anna.”

The “Solo Monk” CD had ended. A few appreciative ooohs and ahhhs interspersed the otherwise quiet air, along with some well placed lip smacks.

Fifteen minutes later…

“That was wonderful!” said a satiated Anna as she leaned her head back on the couch, stretched out her legs and sighed deeply. Penman had to consciously avert his eyes from the already short skirt that had now risen up well past mid thigh when she touched down on the couch. He could almost see the soft pink thong as it lovingly caressed her fulsome pussy lips.

“Music!” he said. “How about a string quartet?”

Anna gave him a thumbs up. He started to pick Beethoven, but changed his mind. Instead, he opted for Brahms.

Through the half closed eyes of a completely relaxed woman, a now quite mellow Anna cooed, “I like it!”

“We aim to please, Miss Chambers.”

Now what, he thought? Do I drop anchor in a chair? Or do I join her on the couch? That could be interpreted as an aggressive or seductive move. He decided to play it safe.

His surprise guest looked at him.

“You know, AP, I didn’t drive all the way up here so that we could sit so far apart. Please, come sit with me on the couch.”

“Well, I didn’t want to be presumptuous.”

“Get over here!”

Penman then plopped himself down next to his lovely guest, making sure there was some hip and outer thigh contact between them. She then surprised him by sitting up and looking at him oddly.

“I’m sorry, but when I said, ‘come sit with me on the couch’ I meant to say, ‘come sit with me and place your hands all over my body.’”

Knowing of his fondness for large, soft breasts, Anna then reached around, unzipped and then slipped the top of her dress down and off of her arms.

Feeling strangely relaxed, Penman nodded, “Your command is my wish, m’lady.”

Next second, she was kissing him hard, making sure her slick tongue found his as he filled his left hand with her right tit. Under the bra, he found the turgid nipple and twisted it, gently. She gasped through their connected mouths. She then broke off the kiss, her breathing was now labored. But then, she stopped to ask permission…


“Are you OK with all of this, AP?”

He gave her a look of disbelief, grabbed her right hand and placed it on his crotch. “What do you think?”

“Hmm,” Through his jeans, she squeezed his cock, “I guess you are.”

Standing up, her half-off dress dropped and collected at her ankles. Anna stepped out of it and then kicked off her shoes. She knelt back down on the couch, her knee coming down directly between his legs. Penman then reached around to unclasp her bra. What followed was a sense of wonder as he marveled at the magnificent mounds of femininity that came pouring forth as the brassier slipped away. Good gracious!

Then, a deliciously perverse thought crossed his mind: Jane’s boobs would be a great match for…

JESUS H. CHRIST, PENMAN!!! Stop being Penman and just be grateful for this gift. Appreciate what has been given you. Revel in the moment.

Anna skillfully undid his belt buckle while he lifted his “Grab ‘Em By The Pussy” T-shirt over his head and tossed it. He then took those breasts in his hands and applied lips and tongue, alternating back and forth between her nipples. The tension in Anna’s loins was almost boiling over. Penman then slipped his hand neath her panties and used his middle and forefinger to stroke and separate Anna’s thick, wet labia.

“OH!!!” she cried out. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!”

“Somebody’s ready,” Penman observed wryly.

She took his head in her hands and locked eyes with him. “Bedroom…NOW!”

Every three or four feet of the hallway to the master bedroom became littered, piece by piece, with their remaining clothing. In the bedroom, they wrestled each other down to the bed. But Anna wasn’t expecting the wave.

“Oh AP…a waterbed! How cool! It’s been years!”

Penman silenced her…mounting her…thrusting his cock into her, feeling her, body to body at last.

“Oh FUCK!!!” Anna cried out. “FUUUUKKK!!!”

“GEE…ZUZZZ!!! Anna, what a body!!!”

“We aim to please, Mr. Penman.”

They kissed hard and then the single-minded fucking began.

But Anna wanted to drive, and Penman was more than willing to hand over the wheel. She rolled him, mounted and began to leisurely ride his member. He slowly worked his hands up her tight, muscled abs. This lady was in great shape! Anna picked up the pace slightly, locking into a satisfying stroke as she rode AP’s cock. She then leaned forward, offering, no, tempting him with her tits.

“Take them, AP. You know you want them.”

And so he took them, because he wanted them. Raising up on a couple of pillows, he filled his hands with Anna’s sublime knockers, squeezing them hard and eventually working the nipples into his mouth. Anna groaned and began to ride him harder.

“Uggghhh!!!” Penman groaned.

“Hufff…hufff…” Anna gasped…

Outside the second floor master bedroom, Jane Foster pulled in and parked her Toyota Prius. The hybrid electric car was silent. Nobody was aware of her arrival. Back a day early from a conference in Boston, she thought it might be nice to drop in and surprise Larry with a “neighborly visit,” hoping he might be in the mood for an afternoon tryst. Stepping out gracefully, the pretty, buxom redhead assessed the black SUV.

“Hmm, Larry has company,” she said to herself.

The door to the living room had been left unlocked. Jane let herself in. As she casually scanned the living room, her surprised eyes came to rest on the dress, shoes and bra of what appeared to be a rather well endowed woman. From the bedroom, she could hear the unmistakeable sounds of raucous fucking.

The busty redhead was livid! She wasn’t sure why. There had been no promise of exclusivity between her and Larry Penman, no declaration of fidelity.

Then came an uncomfortable realization, as she picked up the woman’s brassier and examined it. Whoever this bitch was, she had a set of knockers that were easily a match for her own spectacular tits. In Jane’s mind, this was the tipping point.

Now, busty redhead Jane Foster knew how it had to be. Whoever this brazen bitch was, she would fight her. She would strip down and grapple with this impudent bitch, body to body for sure. She would match legs, arms, bellies, nipples, tits and, if necessary, pussies with this slut, in a protracted woman to woman brawl…and her once in a while fuck buddy, Larry (A. Penman) would have fodder for yet another story.

Lovely Jane felt the tsunami of biological urges in her loins as she acknowledged that she and this cheeky tramp would catball to a crescendo of mutual lust, anger and desire…in a perfect story line…

Susan Jane Foster; forty-two years old, five feet six inches, 137 pounds, 34 DD breasts with a twenty-six inch waist and thirty-six inch hips, auburn hair and brown eyes, beautiful skin tone with the requisite amount of redhead freckles.

An educated woman, with a master’s degree in healthcare management, lovely Jane was a CEO at a local rehab center. She was happy in her job, but when her husband of fifteen years passed away unexpectedly just over one year ago, the striking beauty found widowhood most unappealing. She was lonely for male companionship.

Three months ago, at a fundraising dinner for the Rehab Center, she met the first man who had even remotely captured her attention in over a year. Jane knew that a speaker had been booked for the event, but she had no idea who. That speaker was local author Laurence Pennomo. At first, she paid no attention to him, busying herself with tasks that accompany these types of charitable functions. But when she heard applause and several outbursts of crowd laughter, she stopped what she was doing to observe a casually dressed man on the podium with the kind of wit and charm and elegant good looks that had always appealed to her. Jane liked what she saw and what she heard. The name resonated as someone who’s articles she had occasionally enjoyed in this or that New England magazine. She had always liked his writing style. And now, it seemed, she quite liked the man himself.

Unbeknownst to either of them, they were neighbors…not next door neighbors, but nearby neighbors. This nice little detail proved to be convenient for Jane when she started walking a few blocks over to Larry’s place for a spot of tea or a glass of wine on the deck.

No car in his driveway also meant no nosy neighbors to wonder what she was doing at his house. Eventually, Jane came to not care about who saw her going to his place. She was a mature adult, after all, and she could do what she wanted.

As their friendship grew, and the occasional afternoon glass of wine on the deck evolved into a periodic romantic assignation, Jane learned, through a confidential confession, that her friend and sometimes lover didn’t just write fluff pieces for magazines. Larry eventually told her about his penchant for writing hot lesbian stories. To his surprise and delight, Jane was not put off by this. Indeed, she seemed a bit intrigued by the idea, indicating that she might enjoy reading some of his more erotic writing.

Now, a seething Jane Foster removed her blouse and skirt, then charged down the hallway to the master bedroom in order to meet her fate. Forgetting that her heels were still on, Jane stopped to pull them off. As she leaned up against the wall and bent down to remove them, she noticed something. She reached down and picked up a soft pink thong that had been hurriedly removed and tossed. On pure impulse, she held them to her nose and sniffed the intruder’s womanly scent.

“Not bad,” she thought. In fact, Jane found the fragrance of this woman’s arousal intoxicating.

Confused, Jane stood silent for a few long seconds, tightly clutching the woman’s thong in a combination of anger and excitation and, for the life of her, she could not tell which of the emotions was stronger.

And then, Jane did something she never thought she would do. Slipping a thumb under her own black thong, she slipped out of it. The perplexed redhead then pressed the two thongs together, crotch to crotch and sniffed them, as though wanting to know whose scent was more tangy and tasty. She then tied them together in an unbreakable knot. Woman to woman, she thought, as a tingling sense of the unknown shot through her thick labia, just like in one of those hot, lesbian sex stories she had recently started reading online.

In the bedroom, sheets all torn asunder and bunched up beneath them, Anna and Larry were locked in the throes of imminent orgasm as she rode him like a cowgirl in a Texas roadhouse.

Then, on an upstroke, Larry realized that he was thrusting into the afternoon air. Anna was suddenly gone. The splat of two bodies meeting could be heard. The waterbed heaved mightily then settled down. He cleared the euphoric haze from his brain and turned to his right to see the scenario he had spent most of his adult life creating in his mind coming to life in real time. Or was it fantasy? Anna Chambers had been taken down to the bed, flat on her back, with Jane Foster stretched out on top of her.

“Goddamn motherfucker!!! BITCH!!!” Anna cried out.

“Get that skank pussy off of A. Penman’s cock!!! Slut!!!” Jane Foster screamed.

Although he knew he shouldn’t be, Penman was beside himself with prurient excitement. He knew full well Anna’s penchant for locking up in naked bodily combat with another woman…But Jane? Hot damn!

“Fuck! AP, who is this floozy?”

Manners always make the man, Larry thought.

“Oh, I’m sorry…Anna, meet Jane Foster…Jane, allow me to introduce your beautiful tits to the spectacular tits of one Anna Chambers.”

“Not quite,” Anna snorted, reaching around to unsnap Jane’s brassier. She yanked it and tossed it onto the floor. Then, with a soft slap and a firm crush, Jane introduced her fulsome, naked knockers to Anna’s gorgeous tits.

Anna released a grunt of pleasure. “That’s much better…nice to meet you, Jane.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Anna.” Vitriol oozed from both of their voices.

But then, Jane’s eyes lit up. She turned to Larry and literally gasped, “Huh? Anna? THAT ANNA CHAMBERS? OH MY GAWD!!!”

Penman nodded, “Exactly Jane…THAT Anna Chambers.”

And then, it dawned on him, “JANE…have you been reading my stories?”

“A few, but I’ve been reading a lot of HER stories. They get me hot! All those busty bitches banging their bodies together in hot catfights!”

“Well, then, Jane, since I make you hot, why don’t you and I get busy and bang our bodies?” Anna offered.

With a hard crotch bump, Jane stated, “I’m going to enjoy taking you down a peg, you slut!”

Anna slammed back, “You aren’t woman enough, you russet haired tramp.”

“Oh, really?” Jane slammed back, only this time there was a wet squish.

Anna’s eyes rolled back. Another grunt was forced out with her diaphragm. A sense of ecstasy overcame her as her naked pudenda felt the surprising lushness of Jane’s thick and soaked labia on hers.

“Perhaps I spoke too soon.” Anna said as her hips reacted to Jane’s pussy to pussy provocation.

“Woman to woman, Anna.”

“Body to body, Jane, it’s the only way.”


Then Jane surprised even herself as she reached for the knotted-together panties. She placed half of the knot in her mouth and offered the remaining half to Anna. Penman wasn’t sure what this meant, but his sense was that he was witnessing an intense moment between the two women. Anna seemed thrilled to her bones to accept this most intimate, womanly challenge. She bit down on her half of the knotted panties. Their mouths came together and gently struggled for dominance. Then, ever so slowly and erotically, Jane and Anna began to move their naked bodies in slowly increasing rhythm against each other. The waterbed began to move in concert with them. Anna managed to put a few words together through the close quarters of the gnashing mouths and teeth that were sharing

joined-at-the-crotch thongs.

“You taste pretty good, for a skank redheaded slut.”

“And you taste pretty good, for a home wrecking whore.” Jane responded.

Penman’s eyes widened. He never saw Jane as a jealous woman. Maybe it was just a simple insult to her that another woman would brazenly come into her yard and fuck her man. Whatever the dynamic, he loved it because it generated so much heat between the two sexy women.

Penman took a few seconds to note that he had been absolutely correct when he observed that Jane’s tits were a good match for Anna’s. Hell, they were a perfect match! This was going to be epic!

“Ladies, please commence your womanly combat activity.”

They paid him no verbal acknowledgement, but their bodies eagerly locked in a sensual shit-storm of smacks, splats, grunts and writhing sexual dueling.

“Oh my gawd!!!” Anna joyfully cried out.

“Too much woman for you, bitch?” Jane taunted.

“Not enough woman, bitch!”

Anna then summoned all of her strength and womanly wiles, waited for the perfect split second and then rolled Jane onto her back.

“No!” Jane screeched.

“Yeah, bitch, now it’s my turn.”


First Anna re-aligned her tits into a perfect coupling with Jane’s tits and locked them into a meaty crush. Their nipples mated in the heat of the moment as lovely Jane, proud of her own set, responded in kind by rolling her tits rhythmically with Anna’s set. She made Anna gasp with delight. The Marine chick then slammed her experienced pelvis downward, expertly matching her lush pussy lips with the redhead’s labia, initiating an assertive stroke of wet pussy on wet pussy. Jane yelped in anger, then moaned in pleasure.

“Yes Jane, fuck!”

Anna massaged Jane’s sticky pussy with a stroke so perfectly skillful that Jane’s body quivered from her head to her toes.

But Jane fought back, wanting desperately to fuse herself even more fully to her opponent’s slick labia. Deep down, Jane sensed that the best and only chance she had against this incredible, experienced woman was to fuse every square inch of her womanly anatomy completely to Anna’s. Then, maybe, just maybe, Anna would get so overheated with pleasure they might arrive at the crescendo at the same exact moment.

Anna held Jane’s wrists above her head, restraining her as the redhead squirmed and writhed beneath her. This exquisite body on body friction was driving both women almost to the brink. But the more Jane wriggled beneath Anna, the more apparent it became that all sheets had been loosed and were now bunched up and slotted between the mattress and the frame. The squeaks of Jane’s bare skin on the mattress told Penman what needed to be done.

He leapt from the bed and moved quickly to the master bathroom, his cock bouncing with each step. On a shelf he located a large bottle of baby oil, pulled it down and clutched it to his chest, as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. He nodded. His reflection nodded back. A sweet memory of oh so long ago entered his mind.

As a young man in San Francisco, he and two other humans met in a naked orgy on an oil slicked waterbed. The only difference was, in that instance, and despite his efforts to convince them, the two women were not interested in going at it with each other. He remembered it not being an issue then, because his twenty-four year old cock had super human stamina and very impressive turn around time. Jane and Anna had managed to spark the kind of sexual response in him he thought to be slowly waning with his advanced years. And so, fleeting though it might be, this was his long awaited moment of glory!

The image in the mirror flashed him a lascivious grin as it spoke to him. “This is how it has to be. Go forth and do what must be done.”

On the bare waterbed, Jane and Anna struggled mightily against each other. Both women doggedly determined to out fight and out sex each other with a full marrying of every square inch of their flesh. Grunts and groans, once full of rage, now seemed more infused with deep sexual desire. Still…

“I don’t care if you are a tough Marine chick, you’re going down, whore!” Jane proclaimed through the now spit drenched thongs.

“Pretty bold statement from the bitch on the bottom.” Anna spat back.

Jane squealed a few incoherent words in response. Then, she shook her head vigorously and tore the thongs from Anna’s mouth.

“Pffttt!” The knotted thongs were ejected.

Without a split second hesitation, Jane and Anna locked their hungry mouths in a succulent kiss. Each woman clearly intended to use lips and tongues as an additional weapon only to discover that joining their mouths and tongues raised the level of heat to scorching.

Anna broke the kiss, “You fucking slut!”

Jane licked Anna’s lips, wanting her saliva. “Who’s calling who a fucking slut, you goddamn bimbo!”

And then the two women kissed even harder, cursing at each other through their spit-soaked desire. Their tongues wrestled and their beautiful lips sucked and chewed. Jane then somehow sensed Anna’s body relaxing a bit. Or maybe she was tired. She hoped that she was tired because Jane was sick of being on the bottom. She felt she had a chance to regain the top position.

The Rubenesque redhead yanked her wrists free from Anna’s grip, braced her right foot on the waterbed frame and used it for leverage as she rolled her hips and pushed Anna’s left shoulder. Anna was now flat on her back once again, side by side with Jane.

Penman watched in utter fascination as four fantastic tits rose and fell with their sexually overwrought breathing. He knew this was the exact moment. It was now or never.

Before Anna and Jane could resume their intimate battle…

“What the…” Jane began, “…fuck?” Anna finished.

Both women looked up to see a long, shiny stream of oil coming down on them in a series of curlicues and s’s.

“Larry you devious bastard!” Jane screened.

“Relax Jane. Have fun with it.”

“He’s right Jane. We should make the best of this. What do you say?”

“You want us to match our bodies in oil, Anna?”

“You bet I do, Jane!”

“I don’t know Anna. I wouldn’t want to embarrass you anymore than I already have.”

“In your dreams, slut!”

They managed to roll into each other with ease and enthusiasm because the oil had not yet made its way to the mattress. It would eventually coat the plastic, Penmen knew. And that’s when things would get really interesting. Still, he couldn’t help himself. He took aim at a couple of spots surrounding them that he knew would turn this body to body naked tussle into a slip ’n slide wrestle. In a matter of seconds, the women’s bodies were completely coated in a sheen of oil which gave them the appearance of two lusty, glistening goddesses.

They squirmed and wrestled as arms and legs tangled in a desperate struggle for even a slight positional advantage. Their only recourse was to keep their battling bodies tightly pressed together, as far as the oil would allow. Every attempt to roll each other was futile. Their efforts were foiled as the grip of their bodies was broken, and one or the other went sliding off to the side. It was an erotic struggle to be sure, and one that now prompted a few giggles from the two women.

In the meantime, Penman decided to enjoy what he had created by sitting on the edge of the bed. This vantage point gave him the best possible view.

Then it occurred to Jane that she had spent the last three months navigating the waves of this body of contained water. She was far more familiar with it than Anna.

In what seemed like an awkward move, Jane swung her body and ended up near the foot of the bed, sitting up on her haunches. Anna knew instantly that she had to move, or Jane would be down on her, heavily. Surprisingly, Jane waited, allowing her to maneuver into a similar position. Both women now sat facing each other, with four feet of open space between them.

“Come on Anna. Come get you some.” Jane boldly challenged.

“Oh, don’t worry, Jane. I’m comin’” Anna snarled.

Hands on hips, shoulders pushed back, both women proudly stuck out their fulsome shapely breasts in challenge. And with each heaving breath they took, Penman gaped in delight and disbelief. A collision was coming…so was he.

The two women seemed to spring forward from their haunches and move through the womanly funk of the afternoon air like two gazelles loping on the African plains…two graceful female gazelles meeting in combat over a potential mate.

The splat of Anna’s body meeting Jane’s body was breathtaking. Both women let out incredibly sexy, womanly grunts at the moment of impact, then landed on the oiled mattress once again in a tangled mass of arms and legs, screams and groans as they resumed their tumultuous body wrestle fuck fight. Jane seemed determined to beat Anna’s tits with her own massive breasts. Anna fought her, tit to oily tit. But as the battle raged on, it became apparent that the Marine chick was hoping to ignite a full on war of their oil slicked pussies.

Jane fought gamely on both battle fronts. And while she seemed to be holding her own, tits to tits, she was slowly becoming overwhelmed in the duel of their thick lipped, pounding cunts.

“Anna! You fucking lesbian whore!” Jane was slowly loosing it.

But then, much to Penman’s surprise, Anna made a sporting offer she sensed Jane would not refuse. She pushed herself away from the busty redhead, stretched out flat on her back, then wriggled her body up toward the head of the bed. Penman damn near shot off his load at the sight of Anna’s body negotiating the oiled mattress in such a serpentine motion.

“What are you doing, Anna?” Jane asked, but she knew.

“This has been lots of fun, Jane. But we need to finish this the way two women settle things.”

Anna looked at Jane with all the suggestiveness she could muster. She parted her legs, pointed to her engorged labia and invited Jane to meet her in woman to woman sexual warfare.

Penman wanted to intervene, but he couldn’t. He knew this had to be Jane’s decision. She looked at him.

“Whatever you decide, Jane, is fine by me.”

Jane’s eyes moved from Penman’s face directly to Anna’s welcoming, challenging womanhood. In the hallway she had resolved to meet this woman in any challenge no matter what. But this was the big one…the ultimate coming together of two women. Body to body they could grind and smack. But in a scissor-lock, there was no turning back. Was she truly ready for this? Was her relatively inexperienced pussy up to the most intimate of womanly confrontations?

As she focused on the glistening, tumescent pussy, her uncertain mind was then made up by an unexpected, quivering response from deep within her thighs.

“Indeed,” was all she said.

Then the shimmering redhead slithered into position. Penman had never seen Jane’s body look so hot and desirable. The two women slowly worked their way into an over-under leg scissor. A foot of empty air separated the two lustful twats. Propped up precariously on their elbows, Jane and Anna were now able to fully see each other’s naked pussy for the first time.

“Just like the porn videos on the internet.” Jane observed.

“No, Jane, much better than that.”

“Oh really? Why?”

“Because those women are acting. You and I are two real women with two seriously hot pussies and a score to settle.”

Anna’s spot on pronouncement of their mutual fate sent shockwaves of electricity through Jane’s body. “Indeed we are.”

The dark eyed brunette flashed Jane a sinister grin. Jane rolled her eyes at the sight of the unctuous pussy that her twat was about to engage. This was either going to be a colossal mistake, or one of the most intense sexual encounters of her life. The only way to know for certain was to throw caution to the wind and meet this amazing woman cunt to cunt.

As for Anna, she had gone up against many women. She could read Jane’s face and her thoughts. But as confident as she was, Anna knew to never underestimate the other woman. Never!

“What’s the matter, Jane? Too much pussy for you?”

“Oh, it’s impressive, Anna…but let’s get something straight right here and now.”

“And what’s that?”

Jane softly stroked her thick outer labia, “The only pussy that’s gonna be riding Larry’s cock tonight is this beauty, right here, bitch.”

“It’s a beauty, I’ll give you that. But as far as the other stuff goes…nothing is settled until these two meet and duel for AP’s manhood.”

Penman’s mind became a vortex of lewd, disgusting and oh so sexy thoughts. Two beautiful women were about to match their naked cunts and fight sexually for his cock.

He looked lovingly at his stiff member and thought, “This is a lifelong dream come true. You deserve this.”

He gestured for the two women to move closer. They accommodated him, so that he could best observe the two glorious anatomical structures when they copulated in womanly sex.

Anna glared at Jane. Jane glared back. Anna then turned to Penman, smiled, winked and spoke.

“Don’t worry, AP. This won’t take long. Once I knock this off, you and I can finish what we were doing before this redheaded bitch rudely interrupted us.”

The words had their desired effect. Jane became flushed in the face with anger. She thrust herself into Anna with a reckless abandon, but her aim was true. The squish of their cunts was sublime! It was the sound that Penman had conjured in his mind and committed to words thousands of times in his stories. Only it was now utterly real and far more succulent than he could have ever imagined. Jane cried out over what she had set in motion. As for Anna, as experienced as she was in such matters, she still seemed a bit overwhelmed. The fleshy thickness of Jane’s labia was more than she had anticipated. She was in a cunt war and she knew it.

“Oh! Oh! Oh f f f fuck! Perhaps I spoke too soon.” The busty brunette groaned.

“Too much pussy for you, bitch?” Jane scoffed as she and her rival quickly locked into a satisfying, rhythmic pelvis rotation.

New at this, Jane was surprised at the depth and fullness of this most womanly merging. It sent shivers through her like nothing she had ever before experienced.

“I’d say quite the opposite, Jane. There’s way too much woman down there for you. AP, keep that cock hard. This bitch is going down in flames soon.”

“FUCK YOU, ANNA!” Jane grunted through her burgeoning passion.

Anna was mocking Jane, but in truth, she found the redhead’s pussy to be quite a good match for hers. The two succulent pudenda slotted and sucked together quite nicely. This wasn’t a cold war, this was a hot war.

The two antagonistic women began to fuck each other’s adversarial twats with a fervor and determination that Penman never imagined was possible. Anna was right. The online videos paled in comparison to the sight of two women in live action cunt to cunt fucking…right there, in his bedroom…the real thing in real life! The sight of such a profound sexual conflagration made his manhood erupt. Anna and Jane were so ardently locked in their pussy to pussy skirmish, they didn’t notice. Now Penman hoped that this match would last long enough to allow him time to recover, just in case the services of his cock were called upon.

Jane, it seemed, was doing well…perhaps giving the tough Marine chick more than she bargained for. But as this scrumptious labia lock continued, it became apparent that, despite her bravado, Anna was not the least bit interested in a quick victory over Jane. She was enjoying the oiled inosculation of their thick cunts far too much. The pleasure induced contortions of her beautiful face were a dead giveaway. As for Jane, she was riding a wave of hedonistic delight like she had never known. She did not want it to end…or at least, not end quickly.

The bedroom became silent except for womanly moans, grunts and soft sucking sounds. The two women had become so absorbed in this affair of honor that Penman became an asterisk. For him this was fortunate, because his brain needed time to process what was taking place. How was he going to write this? He only hoped that when the time came, his words would serve him well.

Jane Foster and Anna Chambers were seriously fucking, furiously fucking, savagely fucking. The waterbed was responding to their rhythmic thrusts and pelvic rotations. These were not serene waters. Then Jane felt something that curled her toes.

“Oh! You fucking bitch!” Jane cried out.

“What’s the matter, Jane? Can’t you handle a real woman’s clitoris?” Anna taunted.

“What clitoris? I don’t feel anything.” Jane snapped back in desperation.

Anna scoffed at Jane’s mocking remark. She knew that her hard shaft was right where it needed to be. But rather than responding acrimoniously, she decided it was time to turn up the heat.

Penman took an even closer look to see that the two swollen rods had engaged each other. Lovely, inexperienced Jane seemed to know instinctively that it was necessary to fight Anna clit to clit, with the very core of her womanhood. Anna was delighted by Jane’s eagerness to fight, girl cock to girl cock as both women tried not to break the frisson of pleasure. The two fully erect rods were sliding and grinding into each other, poking and stabbing, then disappearing into thickly folded labia. Jane’s body thrills had now reached the level of excruciating.

“GODDAMN YOU Anna…you can fuck…you slut!” Jane screeched, no longer in control or even giving a damn that she wasn’t.

“Give it up, Jane!”

“No! No! No! Too soon…too…” the redhead gasped.

Then, in one final attempt to regain some ground in this fuck war, not to mention some of her dignity, Jane had the idea to grab onto Anna’s right leg and pull hard for leverage. Through her own euphoria, Anna felt the sudden reassertion of Jane’s thick labia and clitoris locking up with her, more profoundly than ever.

“FUCKFUCKFUCK!” she bellowed, “you’re one tough bitch, Jane…but you won’t win this!”

“What’s the matter Anna? Not so sure anymore?”

Penman observed with some pride that Jane was acquitting herself quite well in what he assumed was her first pussy fight.

“You’re good, Jane, but not good enough.”

Anna then followed suit and grasped Jane’s right leg, using leverage to re-establish herself as alpha female. But to her astonishment, all she could achieve was a parity in this cunt on cunt fuck. Jane had somehow figured out her fuck stroke, and it was every bit as devastating as her own formidable rub. She held on to Jane’s right leg for dear life because she knew that nothing was decided yet. Her head smacked down on the mattress, her eyes rolled back in her head, her tits shook as her lungs inhaled and exhaled at twice the normal rate…NEVER underestimate the other woman. NEVER!

Despite the oil, the two women squashed and mated their thick labial flesh. Two embattled clitorises waged an all out war deep inside folds of slotted cunt meat. Verbal jousting ceased as the two women closed their eyes, pulled on each others’ legs and kept their pelvic rotations tight and economical in order to direct every scrap, every molecule of energy left in their fatigued bodies to their quarreling cunts.

But then, something happened…IT happened…equanimity.

The dueling women were now flat on their backs, both staring up at the ceiling through glazed over eyes. They had released their grip on each other’s leg and had, almost imperceptibly, reached out and clasped each others hands. This ecstasy train was pulling into the station. A long, treacherous and exciting journey was coming to an end.

Penman checked each of their faces. Jane’s expression could be described as tearful bliss. Anna’s expression could best be described as one of both shock and ecstasy; shock because Jane was a much better fuck than she had anticipated and ecstasy, because Jane was a much better fuck than she had anticipated.

Their upper torsos were mostly still, yet their lower bodies moved rhythmically against each other as Anna and Jane wrestled with their womanly hips, keeping their pussies churning in a luscious, buttery fuck.

The site was so sublime that Penman found himself thanking the universe for the glory of female hips. It was his furtive wish that Jane and Anna could continue this agonizingly beautiful fuck for hours, exactly in this position. But he knew that the sustained deep friction between such highly enervated anatomy would soon have both women rapturously writhing out of control.

Now, as if mutually resigned to their situation, the two fuck warring women pushed themselves and each other to the event horizon. They began to alternate a slow, deep intercourse with a fast and furious fucking. Each of them hoping this would give them even the smallest advantage. But at this point in this most intimate battle, it didn’t matter if the pace was fast or slow. The adrenaline rush was the same. Neither woman was able to garner even the slightest advantage. Their mutual frustration was apparent.

“Goddamn you Anna chambers!!!” Jane groaned.

“Goddamn you Jane Foster!!!”

“Is that all you’ve got, you overrated ex Marine?”

“This is a fuck to the finish Jane! And when I finish you, I’m gonna finish what I started with A.P!”

“Not in MY house, you cunt.”

Anna tried to respond but was unable.

Thick, creamy liquids now began to appear at the junction of the two women. Someone was cumming, but who?

“Aaaggghhh!!!!” Jane howled out first.

“FFFFFFFFFFuuuuckk!!!! Oh FFFFFuuucckkk!!!” Anna wailed, a split second later.

Two exhausted women now relinquished every grip they had on each other, except for the tight clench of their cum soaked pussies. Through a lavish coating of oil and viscous cum that covered them, the two pussies continued to slowly fuck each other, as if they were on autopilot, as if they didn’t want this to end, as if there was one final statement to be made.

After about ten minutes, lost breath returning to their spent bodies, Jane and Anna struggled against the slick surface of the waterbed and managed to work themselves into an upright embrace with their legs still scissored and their pussies still mated in antagonistic copulation. Tongues darted into and out of each other’s mouths, fulsome lips nibbled and gnawed and sucked in slobbering kisses as four perfectly matched breasts began to smack and massage in slickness of oil.

As Penman watched the two shimmering goddesses writhe against each other in renewed lust, he knew in his heart that he did not want this to end.

Then some of Anna’s first words came back to his mind.

“Now I have a few days off, so I thought it might be really cool to drive up to see you…to finally meet you.”

He pondered for a few seconds, then rolled the figurative dice. As he saw things, he had absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“So, Anna…”

The former Marine reluctantly withdrew her tongue from Jane Foster’s mouth and looked at him. “What, A.P?”

“…where are you going to be staying while you’re here?”

“Well, I saw a motel about a mile north on Route 7. I could stay there, I suppose.”

“Oh Jesus, no,” Penman said with conviction, “that place is a dump!”

Anna’s eyes lit up. She knew what was coming…or she hoped.

“Why don’t you stay here? I’d love to have you as a house guest for as many days as you’d like.”

“Oh A.P! I’d love that!”

But, as expected, Jane took umbrage. “Absolutely NOT!”

“Relax Jane, it’ll be…” Penman started to explain, but Jane wasn’t having any of what she considered an unacceptable arrangement.

“Anna,” he sighed, “would you please explain to her…”

“There’s no fucking explanation needed, Larry. This cheeky bitch stays here over my dead body!” Jane asserted.

“Jane, darling…” Anna cooed.

“WHAT!” Jane snapped.

“Damn, Jane! You may be Larry’s lady, but you don’t know his mind like I do.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean, you fucking bitch?”

“It means, you bitch, that he wants me to stay here, but over your living, breathing, oh so fucking hot body.”

“Huh!” Jane gasped as her mind swam in the murky implications. “OMG, Anna! Seriously?”

“Jane…you and I…we’re just getting started. This was just the first round.”

“Not to mention, Jane, that no sexy woman in an A.Penman story is satisfied with just one steamy encounter…one fuck fight.”

Then, Anna threw gasoline onto the fire. “Unless, of course, your tits and your pussy aren’t up to the challenge.”

Jane saw red. She forcefully pushed Anna backward, causing her to come down on the slick bed with a loud splat, flat on her back. Then the busty redhead (34 DD-26-36) stretched out on top of the busty brunette (36DD-24-36). Anna wasted no time wrapping her legs tightly with Jane’s as she felt the moist incursion of Jane’s thick cunt into her welcoming nether region.

“You ain’t all that tough, you washed up, home-wrecking ex Marine!”

“And you aren’t woman enough to out fuck this hot ex Marine. How many times must I remind you of that, bitch!”

Jane Foster glared at Anna Chambers, then threw down the gauntlet.

“You know what, Anna?”

“What, Jane?”

“To paraphrase you, we are two real women with two seriously hot bodies and two seriously hot pussies…and we’ve got a score to settle.”

Jane’s words were so hot and profound that Penman had to grab his cock and relieve himself.

“Then let’s settle this score, cunt!” Anna grunted.

Jane sealed off Anna’s mouth with a fierce kiss. Cursing and less than flattering epithets spewed from both women as their bodies once again began the rhythmic undulations of fucking. Back and forth they tussled, breast to breast, belly to belly and pussy grinding on pussy, cursing, screaming, moaning and groaning…challenging each other, woman to woman. This went on repeatedly for the next six days. During that time, Penman got in his fair share of slipping and sliding and fucking with two glorious women. But when it wasn’t his turn at bat, Anna and Jane seemed to constantly want to lock their bodies in a sexual donnybrook.

Laurence Pennomo savored the first sips of his freshly brewed ground Italian roast coffee.

It was early May, and the second day that was warm enough to relax in his deck chair and enjoy the delightful, often voluminous morning birdsong of his tree suffused yard.

But on this morning, and for the next six mornings that followed, those pastoral chirps, peeps and tweets were eclipsed by the boisterous, often billowing sounds that drifted through the opened bedroom windows…the moans, shrieks, grunts and groans of two busty, body slamming women determined to out sex each other as they accosted each other again and again, woman to woman…Life was good.

Ah, Spring, he mused…

“In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish’d dove…

In the spring, an old man’s fancy turns to thoughts of two busty women brawling and fucking.”

Thank you, Lord Tennyson.

The End

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