Wildcats of the West: Chapter 8 by Ahna Brown

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The Cats Come Home to Roost

Will Connolly, one of Levi’s men, ran from the telegraph office to the Gem. 

“Mr. Mathews, Sir,” he said as he entered. “The Army will be here in less than a day.”

“What Army, Will?” Levi said standing from his normal table. 

“From New Mexico, General Wainwright and over 200 soldiers,” Will stated.

“Damn it all to hell,” Levi spat. 

“Should I go and warn Major Brogue, Sir?” Will asked. 

Levi Mathews sat back down and sipped his whiskey. “No, Will,” he said slowly, “I do not think that is necessary.”

On the Stevens Ranch, I sat sipping coffee as I loaded both of my Colt Lightening’s as well as the Winchester repeating rifle. I had bribed the telegraph operator in Rattler’s Holler, $100, to send word to me when the Army was coming. I finished my coffee and stood. Both revolvers were placed into the cross draw holsters. I grabbed the rifle and walked out to find Jed Ten Bears and Bill Iron Buffalo waiting for me. I slipped the rifle into the leather holder on the side of the saddle and mounted Clementine. We heeled the horses and rode towards town. 

The parade of mounted the Army Cavalry unit brought the towns folk of Rattler’s Holler out of their homes to watch. The lead horses stopped at the Gem Hotel as their riders dismounted. A tall, grey haired man with a thick handlebar moustache stretched. Levi Mathews walked out with his sister a step behind him. I rode up and hitched my horse near to the group. 

“General Wainwright,” Levi said, “It is an honor to meet you. Our small town stands ready for anything you and you men need.”

The General looked Levi and his sister over, “And you are, Sir?”

“Ah, I am Leviticus Mathews,” Levi said as he stood up straighter. “I am the head of the town council.”

“Good, good,” General Wainwright said, “Now which of these people is Ahna Stevens?”

Levi and his sister looked dumbfounded until I walked up. Levi spoke, “Um, this is Mrs. Stevens, Sir. A valued member of our …”

“You can stop talking now,” Wainwright said to Levi as the general turned to face me. “Mrs. Stevens, I have a bone to pick with you.”

Deanna Mathews half smiled. 

“I am afraid you have me at a disadvantage, Sir,” I said perplexed. 

“Your daughter is the most persistent woman, next to my wife of course, that I have ever met,” he said with a grin. 

I returned his smile. “General, you have no idea. If she were here, I would relieve you of your burden.” 

“Thank the stars,” he said, “Stevens,” he yelled to the crowd of soldiers, “Make yourself presentable.”

I looked from him to a pair of figures emerging from the swath of Army blue. One was dressed in a tight fitting brown button up shirt, black riding pants with the legs tucked into black boots. On her hip was a single holster set cavalry style over her left hip. Next to her was a Native woman in a short buckskin skirt and bone breast top. I rushed to hug my daughter, Katerina and her Apache lover, Red Flower. 

I stepped back as I was looking up now at Kat. “Hell, girl, did you grow and get more beautiful?” 

“Only a few inches,” Kat smiled. “Mama, you haven’t aged a day.”

“Oh hush up,” I beamed as I leaned closer, “And thank you.”

Kat smiled as I greeted Red Flower.  

“Now that you have been reunited,” General Wainwright said, “I need to bring a wayward Army officer and his men to justice. I will leave 20 of my men here to secure the town if anything bad should arise. If you will excuse me.” Wainwright and the majority of his soldiers headed towards the fort. 

“Now Mrs. Stevens, who are these beautiful young ladies you have before you,” Levi said with his smoothest voice. 

“Let me introduce to you my daughter, Katerina Stevens and Red Flower of the Apache Nation,” I said, “Ladies, this is the head of the town council Levi Mathews and his sister Deanna.”

Deanna stepped forward and offered her hand to both Kat and Flower, “It is a pleasure to meet you.” She looked Katerina up and down, with her eyes falling on the decorative markings on Kat’s gun belt. “My dear, the artwork on that leather is magnificent, may I ask the meaning?”

Kat turned to show Levi and Deanna the markings went around the left side all the way to the middle of the back. “Each mark is a bounty I have claimed with Red Flower. 213 to date.”

“You must be a hellcat in a fight,” Deanna said with her eyebrow raised. “Fast on the draw too.”

“Almost as fast as my momma,” Katerina said to Deanna. “If you and your brother will excuse us, I would like to catch up with my mother.” They all nodded as I lead Katerina and Flower to Kat’s Ranch. She took one look at the sign and swatted me on the arm. “Mother! You named a whorehouse after me?”

Red Flower bent over laughing as Anna Gonzales came out. “Well don’t you two look like a sorry sort!”

The women embraced and Kat inquired, “Anna, are you seriously running this house of ill repute with my damn name over the entrance?”

“We just thought of the nastiest woman we could think of and your name came to our lips,” Anna teased, “See, Flower likes it.”

“White people,” Little Flower chuckled. 

“And I am just the muscle, Jennifer is the brains of the operation,” Anna said as her lover sauntered out in a blue dress that would make the sky jealous. 

“I have heard much about you both but words cannot describe your beauty,” Jennifer said as she shook hands. 

“Silver tongue this one,” Kat whispered to Anna.

“A wonderful tongue,” Anna smiled. 

“Oh!” Kat exclaimed, “Good for you both!”

I chimed in, “Anna, you and Jennifer are invited to supper this evening. Rosalina is putting on a spread.”

Anna groaned in delight. 

“How is her cooking compared to Nettie’s?” Katerina asked. 

“Hotter!” Anna immediately answered. 

As we rode with Jed and Bill flanking us, Red Flower rode closer to me.

“I am pleased to see these men with you,” Flower commented, “Your stance with our people seems to have softened. The Comanche and Apache work well together when we are not fighting each other.”

“Flower, you know you helped a lot with that,” I said as we rode. “And the boys and Rosalina have taught me so much. I wanted to tell you to your face, how sorry I am about Red Blossom.”

“I went to wear her spirit rests,” Flower smiled, “She visits me from time to time from the spirit world. Katerina does not understand, but Blossom told me you do.”

My head snapped, “I thought that was a dream!” 

“Blossom told me of the struggle between her and the Sioux woman, Lonely Warrior,” Flower went on. “They fought for days until Red Blossom forced her to retreat. Little Feather, the Cherokee woman who killed her in combat has reached out to me. I want it to be away from Cherokee and Apache land. Katerina recommended here.”

“Wait!” I said, “Is Little Feather coming here?” 

“With Diane Farragut,” Flower added. “Did Katerina not inform you?”

“Kat, I swear I am going to put you across my knee!” I yelled as my daughter laughed, digging her heels into the sides of her horse, and taking off in a fast gallop.  

Anna and Jennifer joined us later and told me privately about what Eva learned. 

“Girls, please be safe,” I said, “Do you want one of the boys to come stay at the saloon?”

“Heavens no!” Jennifer said, “It is hard enough keeping the pawing cats from that tall drink of water, Howard. Add another man to the mix and I will up to my ears in hissing bitches!”

I stifled a laugh as Anna grinned. The meal was amazing as everyone talked and got on well. Flower watched as Rosalina showed her some herbal remedies. Rudy White Owl and Katerina played with the bullwhip, seeing which would break the bottles the fastest. As Rosa and Red Flower walked back to the table, I pulled Rosa aside. 

“Expect two more guests tomorrow,” I said as I told her about Little Feather and Diamond Diane coming. 

“This Cherokee woman is a brave soul to not only travel with a white woman but to come here to meet with the sister of the woman she killed,” Rosalina said, “There is special medicine when warriors can talk instead of fight.”

“Rosa, you are wiser then I am,” I said shaking my head, “I am expecting the worst already. Moreover, Diane and I do not get on that well. Most of the time we are beating the tar out of each other.”

“You and she need to find that medicine too,” Rosalina said smiling.

“If by medicine you must mean a naked catfight,” I said as we both laughed. 

I awoke the next day to bad news and worse news. The bad news was Diane and Little Feather had arrived. The worse news was General Wainwright secured the fort but Joshua Brogue and 30 of his men escaped. I walked out to greet Diane and Little Feather. Diane’s white button up shirt with sleeves rolled to her elbows, accentuated her curves. She loved split skirts and was wearing a grey one today. The Colt Single Action Army sat on a holster on her right side. Little Feather was beautiful. She was Red Flower’s height and size. The buckskin top strained as Flower’s did against her bone breastplate.

“Welcome to you both,” I said, “I was only informed of this yesterday.”

“Oh Kat, you devious little bitch,” Diane said.

“That is devious tall bitch, Diane,” Katerina said as she now towered over Diane.

“With that said,” I butted in. “Little Feather and Red Flower, the boys and Rosalina set up the stone circle for you to talk. They can lead you there. You will have your privacy to talk.”

Diane stepped next to me, “I do hope they do not try and scalp each other.”

“Me too,” I said as I heard a wagon riding up with Mathias driving, Samantha holding Rufus in her arms and Howard Trapper alongside on an Army horse. 

Diane looked at me, “She and he? Baby?”

“You are full of complete sentences, Diane,” I said as the remark earned me a fist to the arm.

“If you would have told me, I would have brought something for the baby,” Diane grumbled. 

“Maybe if we did more talking than fighting,” I whispered as she and I waved, “I would have told you.”

“What is the fun in that?” Diane smiled. 

Diane went to Sam and the baby as Mathias walked next to me and nodded. I nodded back.

Little Feather and Red Flower prepared themselves. Hair was combed out and place in braids. Paint went onto faces. They carried bows with buckskin quivers filled with arrows. Each had a bone handled knife strapped to thighs with Red Flower carrying two bone handled tomahawks. Each nodded and followed Rosalina and Bill Iron Buffalo to the site. It took a few minutes for Rosa and Bill to return. 

“They will have all the time they need,” Rosalina said. 

“Ahna!” Jed called out and pointed. Two riders were galloping fast towards us. 

Anna Gonzales and Jennifer Dumont quickly jumped off the horses. 

“Thirty or so riders are coming,” Anna said, “Brogue is in the lead. There are women with him too.”

Rosalina rushed back into the house and returned with an arm full of rifles, shotguns and ammunition. 

“Get inside with the baby,” I shouted at Samantha. I turned to Jennifer, “Get in there too.”

Jennifer and Anna kissed passionately, “You be safe,” Jennifer said after breaking the kiss. 

Jed and his brother Micah took repeating rifles and bandoleers of rounds from Rosalina. Bill and Rudy took double-barreled shotguns and extra shells. Anna took the 8 gauge and loaded shells into her pockets. Katerina pulled a Lancaster repeating rifle from her saddle and slapped the horse to let it run off. Howard Trapper and Mathias checked their revolvers as Diane walked up to me.

“Well you do know how to throw a lady a good time,” Diane mused. “I take it this Brogue intends you harm.”

“He does,” I said as turned to her, “This isn’t your fight, Diamond. Go inside with Sam and Jenn.” 

“Fuck you, Stevens,” Diane said as she removed the Colt Single action from her holster. “That is a hell of a thing to say to me. You getting killed ruins my naked plans for us.”

I laughed as I removed both pistols from my holsters. The plume of dust from the riders looked like a small dust storm coming towards us. The group slowed and stopped. Joshua Brogue was in the lead. The grin on his face widened as he saw our numbers. 

“Well, well, Ahna Stevens,” he said, as he remained seated on his horse. “The plan to kill me was a bad idea. While this heathen whore was a good fuck, she never had the chance to do the job your savages wanted of her.”

I looked confused until one of his men pulled a bound native woman in torn clothing forward. Her face as bruised and cut but I recognized her. It was the Comanche woman who worked with the Mathews crew. And Brogue did not know. 

“You are outnumbered here,” Brogue shouted, “If you lay down your arms, I promise your deaths will be quick. Even for you, traitor!” He said as he looked to Lieutenant Howard Trapper. 

“You are a disgrace to the uniform,” Howard spat.

I heard the barn door open. 

“By my count, Ms. Stevens has the right amount to deal with you,” came a drawl from behind me. 

I turned to look as 15 men with white hats and silver stars of Texas Rangers walked out of the barn to take positions with us. 

“My name is Danny Fog,” he said, “Each Ranger with me counts for at least 3 of your sorry dogs. So it looks like you are outnumbered, Sir.”

“All of you are going to die,” Brogue seethed. 

“Which one of you is Ferguson?” Anna asked. 

A grizzled man rode forward, “I am, half-breed.”

“I have something for you from Alice Burns,” Anna said. 

The man’s eyes went wide but it was too late. Anna Gonzales fire the 8 gauge with the impact throwing Ferguson off the horse. Then all hell broke loose!

Everyone fired almost at once. Horses bucked off riders, Rangers and my friends fell or took cover behind whatever they could. Rounds flew overhead as I ducked behind the horse trough. I rose up to fire back, killing two of Brogue’s men. I ducked back down to reload. I looked over as Kat and Diane advanced. The rifle Kat was firing emptied of rounds; she dropped it and pulled her Lightening out and began to fire. She caught a round to the left shoulder, spun and went down to the dirt. Diane rushed up and grabbed Kat’s revolver and fired back. I saw a soldier ride up and shoot Diane. She fell to the dirt next to Kat and did not move. I screamed out and rushed as I shot with both of my pistols. Rounds hit the man, sending spouts of blood out from his body as he tumbled off the horse. I came to where both lay as Kat sat up and grabbed the rifle to reload. I turned Diane over and the lower part of her white shirt was seeping blood. 

“Gut shot,” she moaned as I pushed my hand over the wound. “I am done, Ahna.”

“Shut the fuck up, Diane,” I shouted, “You ain’t gonna die here!”

Kat stood as she held the rifle with her right arm. She fired and spun the rifle, working the lever to put another round into the breech. She started walking forward from were Diane and I were. I looked up as two of Brogue’s men reloaded pistols and took aim at Diane and me. I reached for my pistol with my right hand but arrows struck the men in the necks. I turned my head to see Little Feather and Red Flower rushing forward loosing arrows. Flower removed her tomahawk and threw it to embed in the skull of one of the soldiers. Little Feather pulled a rider down to pounce on him, knife and the other tomahawk slashing him to death. Each woman gave out war cries, as my boys answered with ones of their own. Diane looked wide-eyed and tried to speak when a boot slammed into my back. I hit the ground hard and rolled over with my Lightening out, but it was kicked from my grasp. 

Joshua Brogue stood over me. “You may have won, Stevens, but you won’t live to celebrate.” Brogue pulled me up by my hair, putting his pistol to my head. “Goodbye Bitch!” 

He cried out as his body arched. He released my hair and spun around. A knife was sticking out of the middle of his back, put there by the beaten Comanche woman. He back handed her to the dirt and took aim with his gun. I pulled the bowie knife from its scabbard and leapt on his back, stabbing the blade into his neck. I rode him down as I twisted the knife, ripping his throat open. 

The remaining members of Brogue’s riders took off but were met by General Wainwright’s men. 

The smell of gunpowder burned my nostrils. I looked through the haze of smoke to take stock of my friends. Samantha rushed out from the cellar of the house, checking on people. Howard Trapper limped over to us with blood staining his right leg. He knelt down by Diane and pulled the shirt up. He rolled her over gently to check her back. 

“It went through and the blood is the right color,” Howard said, “It did not hit her liver which is good. I need to get her patched up.”

“Yourself too,” I said as I pointed to his leg. 

“I am fine,” he replied, “Ricochet, just hurts.”

Of our group, Katerina was shot in the shoulder; Micah Ten Bears took a round to his calf and also his side, Jed, helped him to lie down on the porch. Rudy and Bill were bloody but it wasn’t their blood. Three of the Texas Rangers were killed, with the same number wounded. Mathias and Danny Fog came out unscathed. Anna’s left shoulder dripped blood as she limped, having taken a round to the leg, towards the body of the man she first shot, Private Ferguson. She looked over to Red Flower.

“Flower, your knife,” she called out. Red Flower threw the knife which Anna caught. She started to stab the dead man over and over. The first strikes her fast but she soon started to slow. Jennifer came out and rushed, pulling Anna back as the two lovers cried and held each other.

“We need wagons!” Samantha said, “I need all the wounded back to town were all my supplies and medicine are.” She looked at the wounded riders too. “As much as I don’t want to do it, they need attention too. I need a place big enough to triage everyone.”

“Take everyone to Kat’s Ranch,” Jennifer said as helped Anna up, “My girls will help care for them too.”

We got the wagons hitched and started to put the wounded in them. Diane and one of the Rangers, Robert Stanley, needed the attention first. Sam instructed Mathias to take them to the docsoffice. As Jennifer helped Micah into the wagon next to Anna, he looked up at her.

“Is there any special care coming from your girls?” He weakly laughed. 

“Anything you want, darling,” Jennifer smiled. 

As we got to town, Jennifer kicked out the patrons of the Ranch and instructed her girls to boil rags and get the whiskey out. Howard had Katerina, Micah, and Anna, two of the Rangers, along with 10 of Brogue’s men laid on the bar, tables and the floor. The contingent of General Wainwright’s men came in to watch over Brogue’s men. 

Red Flower went to Kat who was lying on the bar with a bottle of whiskey in her good hand. “Stay with me Flower,” she said with a dullness to her voice from the pain and alcohol. 

“Always,” Flower answered as she placed her forehead on Kat’s.

Doris and Alice Burns ran into the whorehouse. 

“How can we help?” Doris asked Jennifer. 

“Please instruct the girls how to properly boil rags to clean them,” Jennifer said, “They aren’t much for homemakers.” Doris smiled. 

“What about me?” Alice asked. 

“Take care of Anna,” Jennifer said pointing. 

Alice rushed over and started to tend to the Latina. 

“Alice,” Anna said quietly as their eyes met, “I got him. He won’t ever do anything to anyone ever again.” Alice smiled as she placed a cool cloth over Anna’s forehead.

At the docs office, Samantha with Mathias’s help, performed a quick surgery on Ranger Stanley, removed 2 bullets and six shotgun pellets from his body. She gave Diane laudanum to make her sleep as she inspected the wound. Satisfied the bullet did not perforate any vital organs, she sowed Diamond up. 

“Go to Kat’s Ranch with this,” Sam said to her husband as she pointed to clean linens, bottles of laudanum and tools for stitching. Send a couple of girls back to sit with these two. I need to clean up.”

As Mathias left, Samantha did one more check on her patients before walking out the back of the house. She used the pump to pour water into a bucket. She glanced down at her white blouse and grey skirt that were soaked with blood. She started to clean her arms when she heard something behind her. She turned quickly to find Persephone Morgan, wearing the same black dress, staring at her.

“God, Persephone,” Sam said startled. “You gave me a fright!” 

“I did not mean to scare you,” the redhead said. “I saw your husband leave with supplies and heard the back door open. I wanted to make sure you were alone.”

Sam froze at that statement, “What is going on, Persephone?”

“I came to talk about what you think you discovered,” Persephone said. “I want to make sure you were mistaken about what you told my mother.”

Sam stood defiant, “Mrs. Morgan, science does not lie. Your husband was shot by your cousin. I do not have time for this, as you can see by my appearance, I am busy. Come back when you find your sense.” Sam started to walk towards the back door when the young redhead grabbed her arm. 

“Do not turn your back to me!” Persephone hissed. 

As Sam spun around, she instinctively swung out with her left hand, slapping the young woman across the face. “Don’t you touch me!”

“I am going to do more than touch!” Persephone growled as she lunged. 

The two young mothers slammed together in the backyard of the house, going down to the grass. Hands dug deeply into long hair as the two women rolled wildly about the ground. Both Samantha and Persephone groaned in pain as their breasts compressed. Each had been breastfeeding their babies and the overabundance of milk made the orbs sore. Sam forgot all about the civility of her profession and pulled sharply on red hair as she rolled on top. The redhead grasped the collar of the blonde’s blood stained blouse, yanking it hard, rolling them back over. The top buttons popped letting their oversized cleavage from both touch.

“Bitch!” Sam yelled out!

“Whore!” Persephone cursed back.

The front of the redhead’s dress tore, showing the round insides of her tits. Sam slapped her hard as they rolled apart only to get onto knees. They glared at the other with hate in their eyes. The chests heaved with their heavy breathing. They knee walked towards the other and lunged at the same time. The swollen tits slammed making each cry out. They each knew why the other was in pain. Persephone reacted first, ripping Samantha’s blouse the rest of the way open, exposing the large breasts. The blondewas not going to let hers be the only ones exposed as she torn the black dress down to the redhead’s waist. The women growled as their bare flesh mashed and mushroomed out at their sides. The breasts were so sensitive; they could each feel the pebble like bumps on the other’s areolas. Harden nipples speared into milk-filled tits as they grunted and yelped in pain. Sam slapped her hands over the outsides of Persephone’s breasts. The redhead cried out and pushed back slightly to get separation, latching her fingers onto the big tits of her rival. With heads pointed to the star filled sky, they squeezed. At first,each set only dribbled milk, but soon they sprayed each other with the warm fluid. Short nails dug in as they each twisted the other’s breast left and right. Neither could take the initial pain to her tits and they let go to slam the slippery bosoms together. Hands tried to lock around the other’s back but because of now slick skin, they pulled at the back of long hair instead. Bodiestipped over and as the women fell to their sides. 

“UGH! Bitch!” Persephone cried out as they rolled. 

“Hussy!” Sam spit into the redhead’s face. 

The slippery tits rolled and squished together as they pair rolled from one side of the yard to the other. Persephone’s fingers slipped through the blonde hair and scratched down to the grey skirt. Her fingers worked desperately on the back buttons. Sam screamed in protest as she reached to pull the back of the dress over the redhead’s shapely hips and backside. The two women kicked away from the other, pulling the torn garments from their bodies, leaving both in white pantaloons. Persephone unleashed a hard right hand that smacked against Samantha’s face, knocking her to the grass. The redhead was poised to pounce when piece of wood slammed into the back of her head, knocking her unconscious. 

Samantha looked at the figure in the shadows as the wood was tossed aside. The figure stepping to the light.

“You are mine!” Helen Cartwright said, her eyes crazed with hate and rage. She quickly shed her worn dress down to her own pantaloons as her daughter was. “We finish this and I take my grandson!” 

“You are sick, Helen,” Samantha tried to tell her mother, “You need help. Please don’t make me hurt you.”

“Hurt me?” Helen cackled. “No, daddy’s little slut! I will hurt you and take what you cherish most!” She leapt upon her daughter. 

In the doctor’s house, Diane groggily opened her eyes as she could hear the unmistakable sound of women fighting. There was movement in the shadows. 

“Who…is….there?” She weakly asked. 

“Hello Diane,” came a voice that Diane knew but could not remember in her delirious state. Betty Abbott stepped from the shadows holding a knife. “Now I start to finish the ones who wronged me.” 

Diane had the sense to grab Betty’s wrist with both hands with her feet knocking over the bedpan next to the bed, but her weakened body only slowed the downward progress. She thought to herself, Make it quick, and closed her eyes. 

I heard the clanging sound from the front entrance of the doctor’s office. Mathias had asked that I go to sit with Diane and the Ranger. I rushed in as Betty Abbott was pushing down over Diane. Her head turned as she saw me. She pulled away from Diane and rushed at me with the knife held high. I grabbed her outstretched arm but her momentum had us go into the parlor and slam into the closed door. I felt my hair tugged harshly to the side and the blade came down. It sliced a line in my left shoulder, tearing the shirt. The wound was not deep but it did anger me. I balled up my right fist and punched the blonde in the mouth. I used the strike to push Betty against the door as I banged her knife wielding hand against the glass, shattering it and causing her to lose the knife. She screamed as she pushed me back, her hand coming away bloody. She came at me with claws bared. We collided and went down to the parlor floor. She grabbed my throat with her bloody hands as I slugged her in the side of her left breast. Hair became our focal point as red and yellow were soon littering the hard wood floor. Seams and buttons split as the fight took us to our feet, then back to the floor and then to our knees. I freed her large tits and she tore open my shirt. We bear hugged together with our breasts pancaking as mouths open to sink teeth into faces. I tasted blood as my bite broke skin. I screamed in the bite as she teeth latched on to my jaw. Hands moved to our banging breasts as the large mounds of flesh were stabbed with our nails. We tipped over and started to roll in the bloody ball of hate.

Outside, the mother and daughter slammed and rolled wildly as hands clawed at faces and pulled hair viciously. Sam was dead tired from not only the hard day she had but the fight with Persephone Morgan. Helen rolled on top and reached in to grab her daughter’s tits. 

“I will finish what the redhead started!” Helen gleefully said down at Sam, “I watched you two for a little while. It was so dirty!”

“You sick whore!” Sam screamed as she bucked with her hips. Her mother’s large breasts bounced as the younger woman slapped her hands over them. 

Helen pulled on the nipples as more milk sprayed out. She laughed feeling the wetness strike her body and face. Sam struggled hard to dislodge her but her mother was slowly wearing her down. The older woman sat up and pressed her body weight down on the tits. Samantha screamed out. As she flailed, her knee shot up between Helen’s legs, slamming in the pantaloon covered womanhood. As her mother fell off to the side, Samantha launched herself to take advantage. Soon the mother and daughter were back to rolling with their tits compressed tightly together as legs snaked. Nails stabbed into faces as Sam found the lines she had given her mother a few days prior, re-attacking the face. Helen howled as her skin felt like it had touched fire. The mother and daughter rolled side by side. Out of the corner of their eyes, they saw a shadow fly through the air. Persephone Morgan landed on them both. The three women began to claw and bite with no defense in mind. The heavy breasts slammed as the three slowly rolled. 

“NO! NO!” Helen cried out, “You are ruining it!” Her hand slapped down over the redheads pantaloons and she tore at them. 

“YOU CUNT!” Persephone screamed as she was rendered naked. Her hands found a different pair of pantaloons to tear. 

On the floor of the parlor, the topless Betty Abbott and I tried to kill each other. We rolled, clawed and bit the other as the floor was slick with sweat and blood. Of all the times to leave my gun belt at the saloon. Her nails dug into the wound on my left shoulder and I howled as she forced me to my back. She moved her hands to my throat and started to choke me. I coughed and struggled before I grasped both of the blonde’s swinging tits. She screamed and I shoved her off, rolling away and trying to breathe. She got up faster than I did and her booted foot kicked my stomach. I was rolled to my back from the kick. She brought the boot down to stomp me but my hands caught it and I twisted her leg, causing her to fall onto her ass. Her right hand found a jagged piece of glass. We rose to our feet as the same time. I circled her as she swiped at me, I dodged and moved more with my back towards the door and hers towards Diamond Diane. The bedpan clunked against Betty’s head as she stumbled towards me. I swung a right hand that caught her across the jaw, sending her sparling to the floor. She didn’t get back up. Diane stumbled and I rushed to catch her. I turned to see Betty was still breathing. 

“I really hate blondes,” Diane said weakly. “You owe me one, bitch.” She laughed. 

“Let me get you back on the bed,” I said as we moved back to the bed. I laid her down and found the bottle of laudanum, giving her a pull. Then we both heard screaming. I looked at the bedpan, “Do you mind if I borrow this for a moment?” Diane weakly laughed and cringed from the pain. 

I walked out back to find three naked women tumbling in the grass. I stepped down, still topless from the fight and slammed the bedpan over Helen’s head. The pan dented and the older woman was out cold. Persephone looked at me first in rage, but as her eyes studied my blood-spattered body, they turned to fear. 

“Go home,” I growled as the redhead backed away on her shapely backside, gathering her dress to attempt to put it on. When she departed, I went over to a naked Samantha Breecher and offered my hand. She was bruised and scratched with a split lip. I hauled her to her feet as we looked at the unconscious naked woman on the grass. “So what would you like to do with her?” 

We dressed and walked out of the docs office. I whistled for some soldiers to come over. “Here are a couple of women who rode with Brogue,” I said as I pointed to the hogtied Betty Abbott and Helen Cartwright. 

The Sergeant in charge just shook his head. “This town is the craziest place I have ever been.”

Sam and I went back inside to sit with the patients. 

In the Emerald Palace, Karen Dempsey fumed! 

“Where are Eva and Lillian?” She shouted. 

A curly haired blonde with large tits spilling from her top spoke up. “I saw them at the Ranch, Madam Karen.”

“AHHHHH!” Karen screamed, slapping the blonde. She reached behind the bar and grabbed the shotgun. Her boot heels clicked on the wooden slats of the sidewalk as she marched towards Kat’s Ranch. She started to yell even before she entered through the bat wing doors, “Where the fuck are my girls, you….”

She stood before two native women with knives out and a revolver pressing against the side of her head. She looked up at a tall redhead, a younger version of Ahna Stevens. Jennifer walked forward. “These two,” pointing to Eva and Lillian, “aren’t yours any more. If you or Deanna Mathews wants to try and take them, you will leave here in a box.” 

Karen’s eyes went wide the realization that Jennifer knew of her scheme with Deanna. 

“Hand over the shotgun, Ma’am,” Katerina Stevens said softly. “I won’t tell you twice.” 

Karen handed the shotgun to Red Flower who set it on the bar. 

Jennifer walked in front of the women. “When you want to settle it like the whores we are, let me know the time and place. Until then,” Jennifer paused and swung her left fist into the older madam’s tummy, folding Karen over. Jennifer grabbed one hand of blonde hair as the other hand grasped the back of the busty woman’s dress and threw her onto her face in the street. 

The dirty blonde straighten her dress and turned to Little Feather, Red Flower and Kat. “I am sorry you had to see that, but sometimes you have to take out the trash. Now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to caring for my love.” She walked back, sat down next to Anna, took a spoonful of stew, blew on it and fed her lover. 

“Why can’t you feed me stew?” Kat asked Red Flower.

“Because you were only shot once,” she answered. 

“Well shit,” Kat grumbled. 

Red Flower turned to Little Feather, “I would like to continue in the circle tomorrow.”

“I would as well,” Feather replied. “This is not mine,” she said handing back Red Blossom’s tomahawk. 

Flower shook her head, “My sister lived most of her life in war. War with others and with herself. She would want a warrior to have it.”

Little Feather nodded. “We will continue tomorrow.” 

Willamina Mathews watched with amazement at the two native woman. She had not interacted with many like this Little Feather and Red Flower before. Her eyes met Red Flower’s. The two stared at the other as Flower walked to her. 

“You are Comanche?” Flower asked.

“Yes, but I do not know their ways,” Willamina answered. 

“Would you like to learn them?” Flower asked as she checked the rope burns on the girl’s wrist and the bruises on her face. 

“I am not allowed,” Willa said as she averted her eyes.

“We are all born free as the hawks in the sky,” Flower told her, “You are a woman, not a child. You and only you must decide if you want to embrace who you are, or turn away from it.” Flower smiled and turned to walk away.

Willa grabbed Flower’s wrist, “Please show me.”

“Tomorrow,” Red Flower said, “You will come with Little Feather and I to the stone circle. You are a full-blooded Comanche; it is your right to witness. For now, sleep. I will come for you in the morning.”

Willamina laid her head back and closed her eyes with dreams coming quickly. The images from years prior of the two naked redheads, Deanna and her younger sister, Sarah, as they were bathed in sweat and blood, rolling across a floor.

To Be Continued in Chapter 9! Click Here to Go There!

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