Yoga Battle by Luffy316

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One day, Jamie decided that she’d had enough. She had been teaching yoga at the local gym for a few years now and she was still on bad terms with Amanda, a fellow yoga instructor at the Amandae gym. They were both fit, confident women, and perhaps that was where the conflict came from; two alpha females existing in the Amandae space. Both blonde, both in their early thirties, and both with attractive bodies and big egos.

Either way, things escalated from angry gossip to catty comments, and after a near fight in the locker rooms, the women decided to settle things once and for all. They didn’t want an audience, in case it would put their jobs at risk, but they knew that their husbands would be interested in the idea. They decided to set up their match in one of the side rooms of the gym usually reserved for gymnasts. The floor was lined entirely with rubber mats to prevent any nasty falls, but it would serve their purposes as wrestling mats.

As for their men, Jamie had set up their digital camera on a tripod off in a corner to record the whole fight. She switched it on and stepped back into view, checking the lens to make sure they were both good and visible. Jamie had stripped down to just a pink sports bra and a pair of gray shorts ending just above her knees.

Jamie waived for the camera with a proud smile on her face. “Hey, babe! Looks like we’re all ready to throw down here. Hope you like watching me kick this bitch’s ass.” She stepped back onto the mats with a wiggle of her hips, showing off for the camera. She had talked about it with her husband, and despite Amanda looking more toned than she was, Jamie felt confident that she could win.

Amanda laughed back. “Don’t listen to her, hon. Tubby here’s going to be begging for the camera when I’m done with her.” She was stretching her limber body on the other side of the mat as she flirted with her own man through the recording. She wore her own snug pair of black shorts and matching sports bra. The camera was good enough to pick up that she’d spared no expense on her appearance for this match. Her nails were freshly done up on her feet and fingers, and she’d delicately applied her makeup for the show, just like Jamie had.

Jamie scowled across the mats at her, feeling like she was showing off the extra definition to her body and muscles rather than actually getting ready for the fight. “You ready to fight or not?” Jamie demanded impatiently, Amanda finally running a hand through her hair and nodding.

“More than ready enough for you,” Amanda shot back, stepping out briskly towards her rival. Jamie brought up her arms and the two quickly locked up in a traditional grappling position, grabbing each other by the arms and shoulders as they jockeyed for position. They shoved and pulled back and forth before Jamie twisted and lunged forward, managing to catch Amanda in a headlock. She squeezed her arm shut around her neck, locking her fingers together to trap her in place as she leaned over, pulling at her neck and head.

“Gotcha, bitch,” Jamie grunted with a proud smile, leering down at her trapped rival. Amanda grabbed and slapped at Jamie’s sides, but when she couldn’t put her off balance with that, she used her lower position to grab Jamie by leg and pull it out from under her. Jamie fell to the mats with a quick shout, landing in a clumsy heap. Amanda was far more ready to slip on top of her, grabbing her by her ankles and sitting on her chest in a quick but effective pin.

“What was that, slut? Something about someone having the other?” Amanda gloated as she wiggled her ass against Jamie’s breasts. Jamie growled as she tried to push and claw at the top girl’s legs, but her position had her fairly well trapped with her size and leverage advantage.

“Mmm, you know my boyfriend loooves it when I get him just like this,” Amanda taunted, clearly turning to wink at the camera while squeezing her knees together around Jamie’s face and shoulders. She was able to bring her arms up to keep her from getting any further grip on her. Jamie figured that if she was going to play the leg game, she could too. While Amanda held onto her legs to keep them bent upward and show her shorts-clad ass to the camera, Jamie linked her ankles beneath her chin and pulled back. The improvised head scissor tossed her back to the mats, Jamie quick to roll to her side and squeeze her calf muscles around Amanda’s neck.

“You’ve got a big mouth, you know that?” Jamie sneered at her, leaning back and wrenching her legs around Amanda’s head. Amanda let out a long wail, slapping at Jamie’s legs and arching her back to try to escape.

“Not getting out that easy, skank!” Jamie taunted her, leaning further into her hold to clamp on the pressure. Her long legs, strengthened by her years of yoga practice, squeezed tightly around her head, Amanda starting to turn various shades of red between her frustration and trouble breathing. Jamie leaned on one elbow as she flexed her other arm for the camera, smiling and kissing her bicep proudly.

“You like that, baby?” Jamie cooed, lowering her flexing arm just to yank on Amanda’s hair and pull her further into the head scissors. The shift in position must have given Amanda the opening she needed, because as she cried out from Jamie’s hair pull, she reached out and grabbed Jamie by her delicately groomed little toes. Amanda twisted bitterly, getting a high-pitched howl from the attack to her tender toesies. She broke her scissors to try to crawl to safety, but Amanda just slipped free and kept her grip on her foot.

“Aww, did I hurt your little piggies, piggy?” Amanda cooed sarcastically just before she pinched and bent Jamie’s pinky toe. She howled as the delicate digit was bent out of shape, Amanda twisting her ankle with it and forcing Jamie onto her breasts and belly. She repositioned herself to sit on Jamie’s lower back, still pulling and bending the leg into a basic mimicry of a single boston crab. She leaned back and abused Jamie’s flexible figure to stretch her leg out until her ankle nearly touched her own ass. Not that the position was impossible for her, but doing the position and being forced into it by your most hated enemy felt completely different.

“Like the view, boys?!” Amanda called to the camera, turning Jamie beneath her until she and Jamie’s ass could face the camera. She pushed down on one of Jamie’s legs and pulled up on the other, forcing her legs further apart and showing her shorts riding up her ass as she laughed at the sight. “Of course that slutty ass would look better in a thong,” Amanda scoffed, treating any watchers to a hard, loud spank of Jamie’s tight ass.

Jamie gave a startled yelp from the spanking, but flexed her legs suddenly and and pulled the back forward. Amanda was holding on tightly enough that she was flung to the mats theatrically. Amanda grunted as she landed, rubbing her chest where she’d hit the mats. She was more startled than hurt by the escape, but it gave Jamie time to grab her from behind.

Jamie slid her arms under her arms and pulled up, leaning back as if to fall onto that mats. Amanda’s weight kept her from falling all the way, but not in the way she’d liked as the full nelson stretched out the more muscled fighter’s chest and abs for the camera. Amanda let out a quick shout of pain and frustration, grabbing blindly at Jamie but her arms forced too high to reach anything but the air over her head.

“Knew you couldn’t fight for shit,” Jamie gloated, leaning back enough to sit flat on her ass. She’d reach her legs up to wrap around Amanda’s belly, flexing her legs as well to squeeze her stomach and stretch her out even further.

“AAHHH! Let go! You bitch!” Amanda shouted at her, thrashing back and forth to try to shake her off.

“You know you love taking it in both ends, slut,” Jamie chuckled, her voice a bit strained with effort in trapping Amanda between both her arms and legs at once. Jamie stretched her out before easing back in to relax her muscles and give Amanda some fresh pain, but as she leaned in the second time, Amanda reached up and grabbed her by the hair. Amanda pulled hard enough to get a scream out of her opponent, Jamie letting go of her to try to minimize the damage to her scalp and hair. She had gotten it freshly cut and styled just for this match, after all.

Amanda rolled quickly out of her grasp, but maintained her hold on Jamie’s hair as she got to her knees. Amanda rose enough to throw an uppercut into Jamie’s stomach, briefly taking the wind out of her noisily grunting opponent. When she bent over from the blow, Amanda turned and pulled on her hair to fling Jamie over her shoulder and onto the mats.

As Jamie winced and tried to sit up, Amanda scrambled over her prone body to shove down on Jamie’ legs.

“Aghh! Get off me, bitch!” Jamie shouted furiously, beating her hands against Amanda’s back. They bounced off of her with dull thuds, leaving Amanda trapped by the yoga instructor’s properly applied leverage. Amanda took it a step further by planting her ass down on Jamie’s face.

“This what it takes to shut your big mouth?!” Amanda shouted over her shoulder, grinning for the camera as she settled herself on top of her opponent. She wiggled and bounced her hips a bit, grinding her ass into Jamie’s face and makeup. Amanda lifted it after a few moments, letting the camera pick up some of Jamie’ gasps and curses before dropping back on top of her.

Jamie pushed and clawed at Amanda’s back, bothering her more than she was hurting her. She finally thought to grab the back of Amanda’s sports bra, pulling hard enough to tear part of it down and expose one of her breasts on camera. Amanda gave a startled gasp as she instinctively grabbed for her top, trying to protect her breasts and fix the positioning of her bra.

Jamie took it as an invitation to sit up and shove Amanda in the back, sending her tumbling off of her and landing flat on her face. Jamie sat up and wiped some sweat from her hair, the camera picking up on her slightly disheveled look. They’d both worked themselves up enough throughout the fight, enough that the sweat was smearing the lipstick and mascara Jamie had worn to the fight.

“I’m not going down that easy,” Jamie grunted, grabbing one of Amanda’s legs. “And I’m sure you know plenty about going down and being easy, you slutty little cunt!” Jamie climbed over Amanda’s body, sitting on her lower back and grabbing her second leg on the way. Amanda was trying to roll or crawl away with Jamie still on her back. The curly-haired woman had to forget about fitting her breasts back into her bra, especially since her tits were being squashed underneath the combined weight of both of the fighters.

The more muscular woman tried to push up off the mats, but Jamie pulled back on her legs and fully applied her boston crab. Amanda’s change in expression from anger to surprise and pain was obvious as her feet were stretched up and over near the back of her head. Amanda gave a panicked cry as she clawed at the mats, trying to gain some distance between herself and Jamie, but she stayed anchored in place by Amanda’s grip on her ankles. Amanda dug her nails into the trapped opponent’s ankles, adding an extra layer of hurt on her.

“You like that, bitch?” Amanda gloated, bracing Amanda’s legs under her arm to brush back some of her hair. “Must be a shitty instructor if this is the most you can bend those chunky legs!”

“Fuck off!” Amanda grunted, flexing and pulling back with her legs against Jamie’s grip. Jamie struggled to keep her back, losing her hold on one of Amanda’s legs as it slammed back to the ground. It was enough for Amanda to roll and send Jamie tumbling off, both girls tumbling apart and ending up on all fours. While Jamie tried to stand back up, Amanda stayed low and pounced to simply tackle her back to the mats.

“Not so fast, bitch,” Amanda grunted. The women entering a quick flurry of shoves and slaps with each other before Amanda grabbed Jamie’s wrist and forced her onto her belly, leaning a knee into the middle of Jamie’ back to keep her pinned.

“Agh! Get your fat ass off of me!” Jamie shrieked, her pretty face scrunching up with effort as she tried to shake Jamie off of her pinning position. She yelped when Jamie grabbed her by the cheeks, her nails raking lightly over her face.

“Oh, don’t be so moody,” Amanda purred bitterly. “Now smile for the camera.” She angled Jamie’s head up higher, then hooked her fingers inside the corners of the slimmer woman’s mouth. She leaned back and pulled with her fingers, forcing Jamie’s face into a comically exaggerated grin by painfully stretching her mouth and lips. Jamie screamed in outrage as much as pain as Amanda made a show of her for the camera, smiling proudly at her sadistic handiwork.

“Good thing we can only improve that ugly mug of yours, you trashy little bitch!” Jamie provoked her, just for Amanda to turn enough to slam an elbow into the bigger woman’s ribs.

“Would you shut up?!” Amanda hissed, with Jamie’s hands leaving her face to hold her tender side. Amanda seized one of her arms, locking elbows with her and rolling to one side. It crudely but effectively flipped Amanda onto the mats beside her, rolling up to wrench the thicker woman’s arm behind her back. Amanda beat a fist on the mats while trying to pull herself loose, arching her back to minimize the pressure Jamie was putting on her shoulder.

“Where’s that big mouth now, hon?!” Jamie taunted, keeping her grip on Amanda’s arm and wrenching it back, twisting her until the thicker woman was facing the camera to capture Amanda’s out-thrust chest and strained, pained expression. Jamie moved her free grab and squeeze one of Amanda’s tits, shaking it derisively for anyone watching before she shifted her grip. Amanda was more concerned with the hold and soreness in her chest then what else Jamie was doing with her grip, so she didn’t catch on until she was actually yanking down her sports bra.

“Ahhh! Whoa, whoa!” Amanda blurted, her top stretching out from her chest. She kicked and thrashed, managing to break free after a few seconds, but Jamie kept hold of her bra. Amanda ended up on her knees, scowling back at her furiously as she blushed across her sweaty, made-up face.

“Oh, I’ll fucking get you for that,” Amanda growled at her opponent. Jamie smirked back and waved the bra at her before throwing it over her shoulder.

The topless Amanda charged like a bull, Jamie sidestepping the main body of the charge. One of Amanda’s arms still managed to hook around her waist, wrestling Jamie down to the mat before kneeling down beside her. Amanda sat on one of Jamie’s arms, trapping her in place so she could shove her feet into the captive woman’s face.

“Uggck! The hell are you doing!?” Jamie sputtered as the firm soles slapped against her face. She grabbed and shoved at them with her free hand, but Amanda used one leg to push the arm back down. With Jamie momentarily pinned, Amanda was free to maliciously rub her sweaty, peticured foot all over her victim’s face.

“Aww, did little girl get a makeover for her movie debut?” Amanda cooed to her mockingly. “Well how about I give you a REAL makeover, you mouthy little bitch! Open up nice and wide, because here come the toes!”

Jamie screamed and squirmed under her feet, eliciting some laughs out of Amanda when her breath and lips brushed against her sole. Jamie spread and braced her legs on the mats, pushing up to try to force her way free but only succeeding in making her shorts ride up on her crotch and ass in front of the camera.

“This is where you belong, you weak little slut,” Amanda growled down at her. “You’re a shitty instructor and a shitty wrestler. You’re not even half the woman I am, and now both our boys know it! Now kiss your better’s feet and I’ll let you off easy.”

“Agghh! No! Fuck you, you no-class tramp! Fight fair and I’ll kick your ass all over this room!” Jamie managed to shout and thrash enough to pull an arm free from Amanda’s pin, quickly going up to Amanda’s inner thigh. A moment later, Amanda let out a startled shout and jumped in surprise. From the camera’s point of view, it was fairly suggestive to see Jamie’s hand going up between her opponent’s legs and get such a shocked reaction.

In truth, Jamie had simply reached up her leg and dug her fingers into Amanda’s tensing thigh muscles. A short bit of angry, pained shouting occurred before both women pushed off each other, rolling into crouching positions a few feet away.

“Cheap little bitch!” Amanda accused, rubbing at the tender muscle where Jamie has struck. “Can’t fight fair, huh?”

“Nothing about that against the rules,” Jamie defended firmly. “Besides, did I feel a bit of fat down there, thunder thighs? Not as in shape down there as you like to pretend to be, are you?”

“Ohhh, keep talking. You’re just getting deader, you big mouthed slut,” Amanda shot back. Jamie had to let her eyes wander over her thicker arms and legs tensing readily. It was as if Amanda was already fantasizing and planning on things to do to her.

“You’ll have to do better than sit there and make up new insults, you big baby. Bring it on.”

The girls moved in on each other rapidly, too wound up and fatigued to bother drawing it out. Their bodies slapped together, Amanda’s bare breasts pushing into Jamie’s sports bra. She could feel the slightly bigger woman’s nipples poking at her, growing hard from the excitement of the fight and their exposure to the cooler air. Amanda’s raw power pushed Jamie back a bit as she skidded on the mats, but she stayed close to her and darted around her. She looped her hands around Amanda’s waist and fell to the mats behind her, pulling her over in a crude but effective copy of a suplex. It still left Amanda flat on her shoulders, Jamie’s grip on her waist leaving her toned legs kicking in the air as if she were clumsily showing off her pedicure.

“Too slow, Amanda slut!” Jamie crowed, using the nickname she’d given Amanda behind her back when talking with her boyfriend. She kept her grip on Amanda’s legs to keep them raised awkwardly over her head and started shifting her body towards Amanda’s front, swinging a leg over the bigger woman’s neck. Amanda’s face went from simple strain and anger to shock when she realized that Jamie was trying to force her into not only a cradle pin, but a facesit.

“Oh! Oh. no way!” Amanda objected loudly, pushing and grabbing at Jamie as she tried to perch above her head. She dug an arm underneath Jamie’s raised knee and hooked her fingers around the waistband of her shorts. Amanda then pushed upward, flipping her back over into almost the exact opposite position. Jamie was bucked into a cradle pin of her own, but with Amanda’s handle on her shorts pulling them down to expose her pantied ass to the camera.

“Aghhh! Get off me, you dirty slut!” Jamie shouted frantically, grunting as she kicked her legs to try to shake out of the pin.

“Slut? You’re the one showing your ass on camera to my boyfriend!” Amanda laughed at her, giving a few hard smacks to Jamie’s bottom. Jamie’ feet kicked as she shrieked in protest, but finally started to buck her legs backward to do a full roll out of the hold instead of pushing down against the stronger girl.

“Not getting away that easy,” Amanda snapped as she caught onto Jamie’s attempted escape. She grabbed the bottom of Jamie’s top, only serving to slow down her attempts before she pulled free anyway. This, of course, came with the price of leaving her sports bra behind in Amanda’s grasp.

The fight had finally rendered both of them topless, and Jamie gasped almost comically before crossing her arms to cover her breasts. “You dirty bitch!” she hissed, throwing a quick kick into Amanda’s leg from her sitting position.

“You went there first, you hypocritical whore!” Amanda shot back, leaning in enough to slap Jamie across her freshly bared tit. Jamie came right back with an angry slap to Amanda’s cheek, only for the bigger girl to jump onto her, still clutching Jamie’ sports bra and shoving it into its owner’s face. “Time to show you why I’m the best bitch around here, you little slut!”

Jamie let out a muffled shout from underneath the elastic garment, but she shoved her hand up and grabbed at Amanda’s face. She pushed and scratched blindly at her, making Amanda recoil enough for Jamie to raise her legs and kick both of her feet into Amanda’s chest. The buffer blonde fell back into the wall, Jamie quickly throwing herself onto her and pinning her against the wall.

Jamie grabbed Amanda by the hair, holding her head up and pelting her with rapid slaps that rocked her head back and forth just as quickly. “Think you’re top bitch?! I’m the alpha here, you fatass cunt!” Jamie ranted at her, red in the face with rage and fatigue. Amanda seemed suitably rattled for a few moments, but then suddenly caught on of Jamie’s furiously flailing arms by the wrist.

“Only room for one alpha, you pathetic fucking twat!” Amanda threw a quick smack of her own across Jamie’s face, making her nearly fall over before righting herself again, though helped by Amanda pulling on the arm she was still hanging onto. She pulled the limb up and over Jamie’s head, using it a a lever to force her to turn around. Amanda slipped an arm underneath Jamie’s armpit while the other hooked around her neck. Her hands met just below Jamie’s collar bone, securing a snug choke hold on the startled blonde with her soft breasts pushing into Jamie’ back.

“That’s it. Say goodnight, you ugly, trashy little bitch,” Amanda hissed sharply, squeezing the hold until Jamie was coughing and her squirming was becoming desperate thrashing. Her breath came out in a frantic wheeze and her eyelids fluttered, kicking at Amanda’s legs and knee. Jamie tried ramming backward into the pillowy breasts, thumping Amanda’s back and head against the wall but with little affect. Amanda stumbled from the struggles, but held on tightly to the fading rival.

Amanda stepped out, away from the wall and towards the middle of the mats as Jamie’s resistance slowed to almost nothing. She shook Jamie like a rag doll of a trophy, letting her naked tits bounce for the camera. “Like what you see, babe? She’s a pretty little loser, isn’t she?”

Jamie suddenly jerked sharply to one side, elbowing Amanda just below the rubs. Amanda grunted from the hit, still holding on but left off-guard for when Jamie reached back to blindly grab her by the shorts and pull down, exposing her ass and pussy to the camera. Amanda gasped loudly and immediately let go of her chokehold to instinctively grab at her bottoms. Jamie dove away from her grasp, but pulled on the shorts enough to yank them off of Amanda and drop her onto her ass.

The nude and startled Amanda made an easy target for Jamie to climb on top of her, stretching out to lock her arms and legs around Amanda’s. Jamie flexed her thighs into hers and pinned down her wrists in an approximation of a schoolboy pin.

“Gotcha, bitch,” Jamie hissed, sucking in fresh air as she regained her momentum and struggled against the bucking, naked Amanda. “You give? Say you give! Hey, hon! Want me to mount you like this when you watch this part?” she gloated with a grin back at the camera. She was careful not to release Amanda’s toned arms, leaving the flexible rival instructor unable to escape.

She was, however, not totally defenseless. Amanda was able to push up just enough to latch her teeth onto Jamie’s nipple, biting hard and pulling down. Jamie’s reaction was absolute panic, screeching and letting go immediately. She bolted upright, Amanda quick to take the offensive back and tackle into her middle. Jamie tried to crawl away and regroup, but Amanda’s grappling kept her down and unable to get far, or at least not without dragging Amanda with her.

Amanda kept one arm around her waist while the other went vengefully for Jamie’s shorts, pulling them down roughly and angling herself to let the camera watch as she smacked the thinner girlfriend’s ass.

“This little toothpick your girl?” she mocked for the camera. “Really need a paper bag to sleep with this one, don’t you? Here, have a good look at her!” Amanda locked both of her arms under Jamie’s to lean back, stretching her out into a full nelson. This time, however, she was totally nude, her tits and pussy stretched out by the hold. Jamie screamed from the pain and shame alike as Jamie shook her firmly, gritting her teeth to lift her further off the ground.

“You give, bitch?” Amanda grunted at her. “You ready to give up in front of your man?”

Despite all the trash talk, Jamie felt entirely trapped, exhausted, and helpless. She nodded as her pretty face twisted in pain. “Yes! Yes! Stop! I give! Let go!”

Amanda did, shoving her forward to let Jamie land painfully on her aching chest. She rubbed her breasts as she rolled over onto her back, moaning wearily as her eyes hung half open. Amanda kicked her opponent’s clothes away, out of sight off the mats and off camera. She stepped over Jamie and pushed her foot down her breasts, breathing heavy but smiling as she flexed for the camera. Jamie groaned miserably, barely able to squirm let alone fight in her weary state.

Even when Amanda pushed her foot into her face, rubbing the sweaty sole over Jamie’ face, she didn’t resist.

“Come on, slut,” Amanda demanded, starting to shove her foot over her mouth. “Pay your respects to a real winner. Kiss my feet and tell them how much you love it.”

Jamie groaned, but obeyed a she looked up at Amanda and then the camera, kissing and licking at her sour-tasting feet. “I… I love it. Your feet are so good. You’re so strong. You.. you really kicked my ass.”

“Damn right I did!” Amanda laughed, shamelessly nude in front of the camera now as she let her hated rival kiss and lick her foot clean. “Now, babe, if you’re watching this, how about you turn this off and go fuck your champion?” Amanda winked and kissed her flexing bicep before she leaned over and turned off the camera.

The End

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