The Duel Room: Office Mayhem – Chapter 5 by JustLooking9000

1:25 PM Office emergency stairs

Li Song loitered around the emergency staircases, furtively looking at the door to the 4th floor. His heart skipped a beat when the door opened.

-“Hello handsome…”-cooed the stunningly beautiful Valentina Martinez, a Venezuelan intern that had come with the Latin American contingent and had quickly made herself at home in cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

Li’s cock stirred just looking at Valentina black, short dress with a free-flowing miniskirt, which an excellent job at emphasizing her toned physique, her abundantly exposed bronzed skin, perky boobs and shapely long legs. The black-haired woman was a truly Latina mestiza, a testament of the rich mixed heritage of the Southamerican continent.

-“I need your pussy. NOW!”-declared the horny Chinese guy, aggressively kissing his new lover as his hands eagerly roamed her smooth, bronzed skin. He soon found Valentina eagerly undoing his belt and pants before tugging his hardening cock with her delicate, eager hands.

-“Let me take care of this”-purred the Venezuelan goddess trying to drop on her knees to give him a blowjob.

-“NO. I need my cock in your pussy”-commanded Li, stopping her. He turned her around, hiking up her flimsy dress, his fingers easily bypassing her miniscule black thong and started fingering her from behind. The Latina beauty moaned, her cunt quickly making sloshing sounds as his expert fingers wetted her vagina and his hard cock started teasing her clit. Valentina closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his shaft sliding inside her moist love hole, slowly, lovingly thrusting inside her before picking up the pace.

When she arrived to Hong Kong a month ago, Valentina never imagined she’d be fucking a Chinese guy. She was therefore pleasantly surprised when Li Song started flirting with her. He seemed to have a sincere appreciation for her culture and the history of her country. Plus, he proved to be a horny beast in bed, making her climax over and over in their clandestine rendezvouses, away from the prying eyes of his Chinese girlfriend. Even though it had been only one month since they started sleeping together, the sizzling Latina minx knew she wanted him…exclusively. She quickly staked a claim over his cock, having some “words” with his girlfriend, Lily Chen (Chinese name Chen Lili), over the handsome Chinese guy.

Valentina smirked. Lily’s cheeks flushed deep red with anger and surprise at the sheer brazenness of the newcomer. It took the determined efforts of the security staff to separate the brawling girls, but the Chinese girlfriend had been shocked out of her complacency. Valentina believed Asian girls were not accustomed to go fight as aggressively as the Latina girls for their men, and planned to use that fact to stay on the romantic offensive until she removed the girlfriend from the picture.

The sound of someone opening the door startled Valentina. She wondered who it could be, since few people used the emergency stairs, but before she could find out, she found herself bending in pain, the sharp tip of a beige high heel pushing her off Li Song’s cock.

-“I warned you to stay away from my man”-said Chen Lili (Lily), rearranging her brief beige minidress, a mixture of slutty and elegant, which showcased her long, pasty white legs and a titillating amount of cleavage bust but made a token concession to modesty by covering her shoulders and arms.

Chinese Lily was Li’s girlfriend and Valentina’s sexual rival. Like many girls in the office, she was less than thrilled to see these foreign bitches making a play for their men. Of course, arguments over men was common currency everywhere, but many disputes between Asian women were usually behind closed doors, never boiling above hateful remarks in private. Their job security was too valuable to risk a duel. Therefore, the Chinese women were taken aback by the willingness of the Latinas take the conflict public, openly flirting and challenging their romantic rivals in front of other people, forcing the Chinese women to raise the stakes in public or risk a serious loss of face. Plus, they seemed recklessly eager to throw duel challenges around, with zero regards to the possible consequences. The guys ate it up, but many girls in the office, found this behaviour scandalous and outrageous.

Lily, as the Li Song’s legitimate girlfriend for the last 7 months, could never countenance this brash, insolent foreigner thinking she could just barge into her nascent relationship and steal her boyfriend under her nose. Her pride as a girlfriend demanded she confront this pretender, and fortunately, she had the temper to rumble with the feisty Latina in an all-out catfight!

She had been wanting a piece of the Venezuelan skank for some time already, but had refrained from tearing her hair out when Amy Lin suggested that they should all get together and pick a day when security was understaffed to then confront their individual sexual rivals in surprise attacks with zero interruptions. The idea was to give the other women a good enough beating that they’d stop seeing their men. It wasn’t much a better plan than just straight up pulling the Latina whore’s hair, but it had the advantage that no one would interrupt her when she was teaching the Venezuelan whore a lesson.

-“You dirty chinita (little Chinese)”-screeched Valentina, angry at being rudely interrupted mid coitus. Making no effort to rearrange her minidress, the cantankerous Latina practically leaped at her Asian rival. The two ill-tempered girls tore big chunks of brown and black hair as they awkwardly danced on their high heels.

-“Let go my hair you brown monkey”-grunted Lily, tackling the mestiza against the wall. The Venezuelan temptress squealed, feeling the air leaving her lungs as her romantic rival tore through the thin piece of fabric preventing her boobs from popping out.

-“Don’t call me monkey you hija de puta (daughter of a bitch)”-moaned Valentina, blindly bring her hand forward and pulling the Lily’s dress down, baring the Chinese minx’s boobs. Feeling her way around Lily’s soft pale skin, Valentina’s nails found Lily’s jiggling melons and sank her nails! Li Song’s girlfriend howled, moving away to get away from the tit mauling only for Valentina to bring her leg up and kicking her with her heel, causing the Chinese beauty to reel backwards before she stumbled on the floor.

The Venezuelan goddess caught her breath, her unconstrained tits bobbing up and down as she sucked up air. She pushed herself off the wall, walking towards the fallen Chinese nymph and stomping Lily’s tits. Lily wailed, her high-pitched yelps echoing through the stairs, pain reverberating through her body.

-“Attacking me when I’m fucking your soon to be ex huh?”-said Valentina before stomping the writhing Chinese beauty again-“You’re a nasty little bitch you know that?”

Valentina raised her leg again, ready to continue stomping the writhing Asian vixen when Lily kicked her on the shin, making her fall. Quickly getting her bearings, Lily leaped at her supine opponent. Valentina welcomed the pouncing Chinese tigress with her claws! The young sex kittens wrapped their arms around each other and rolled on the concrete floor, their ruined dresses gathering dust as they etched their nails on the other’s smooth skin.

Li Song was speechless as he saw the girls tearing each other dresses to pieces as they rolled on the floor, exposing their black and red panties for his benefit. He had been thinking about Lily’s apparent unwillingness to confront the exotic Valentina in a catfight but now he was positively thrilled to see the two women fighting tooth and nail over his cock.

-“You fucking jinu(prostitute)”-grunted Lily as she managed to pin the feisty Latina in a schoolgirl pin-“Let me repeat what I said before”



-“MY MAN!”-slap

Li’s Chinese girlfriend continued holding onto Valentina’s hair, trying to stay on top of the wild Latina, who bucked and trashed like a wild bronco until she was able to throw the Chinese aggressor off.

A groggy Valentina tried to stand on feet only for Lily to tackle her, sending them both careening over the flight of stairs. The Venezuelan beauty managed to hold onto the rail guard, preventing herself from sliding any further while Lily grabbed Valentina’s dress, tearing it all in one go as momentum forced the Chinese siren down the lower floor.

-“That was my favourite dress you puta (whore)!”-cursed Valentina, who was now totally naked except for her black thong and high heels.

“Here, have your cheap dress saohuo (slut)!”-jeered the topless Lily, hurling the torn remains of Valentina’s mini dress after she shakily regained her footing.

-“You fucking chink”-said Valentina, walking downstairs to meet her sexual rival-“Later I’ll go to the mall with Li Song to buy a new one!”

-“As if he’ll spend money in a cheap whore like you”-said Lily throwing a sucker punch that Valentina barely avoided.

-“Don’t call me cheap whore, worthless excuse of a woman!”-spat Valentina as she counter attacked with a punch to the face, sending the Chinese temptress reeling backwards.

-“That coming from the woman who has to sleep with taken men to get laid!”-jeered Lily, throwing a wild haymaker landing on Valentina’s right tit, making the Venezuelan beauty wobble.

-“He came to me saying he was breaking with his boring, vanilla girlfriend”-replied Valentina, surprising Lily with a kneecap to the side abs-“He forgot to mention ugly as a cow”

-“Hah! Have you seen yourself in the mirror? You look like a brown pig”-said Lily latching onto Valentina’s dishevelled hair and pulling her close, then using her free hand to pummel the bruised Latina minx. The girls waltzed around the room like drunk hookers, their toned legs rubbing against each other as they exchanged hammer blows at a close range, contorting their bodies in this festival of violence as they tried to unbalance the other woman.

-“After I’m done…you’ll stay in hospital…for a long time!”-grunted Valentina as she hurled another body shot into the sultry Lily.

-“The only place…I’m going to tonight…is my man’s bed!”-groaned Lily, uppercutting the Latina hyena. Valentina yelped, staggering backwards while Lily advanced forwards, tugging the Venezuelan’s tangled tresses and savagely slapping the beleaguered Venezuelan.

Valentina was dizzy, seeing her field of vision rapidly change from left to right as the stinging slaps reddened her light brown cheeks. Thinking fast, the struggling Latina goddess sank her sharp stiletto into her tormentor’s pale thighs, leaving a long, red gnash and then digging her heel into Lily’s foot, twisting her heel for maximum effect.

The Chinese goddess squealed, abandoning the hairpull as she limped on the floor with one foot only for the Latina whore to kick her on the stomach, pushing the harassed Asian beauty down the stairs. It was a long, heart wrenching, downward spiral for Lily until her battered physique hit the platform of the lower floor.

Valentina breathed heavily, massaging her scalp as tears rolled down her pretty cheeks. She looked at her romantic rival, who hardly moving as she moaned and whimpered in agony. Aware the man she coveted was watching her every move since the beginning of this vicious catfight, the foxy Latina picked up the remains of her torn dress, walking downstairs and using the fabric to tie up the barely conscious Chinese tigress.

-“Guess who’s going to be sleeping in Li’s bed tonight”-huffed the tired Valentina, mercilessly punting wailing girlfriend -“That’s right…it’ll be me…and after I’m done fucking…his brains out…he’ll forget all about you”

-“What are you doing?”-asked Li when he saw the Venezuelan victress dropping her panties and crouching in a 69 position in respect to his defeated girlfriend, her moist pussy just directly above Lily’s face.

-“Oh, this is something we Latinas do to let the other woman that she’s lost her man to a better woman”-cooed Valentina wiggling her ass-“Come here…I want you to cum inside me”

Li knew what the fiery Latina wanted to do, yet he was taken aback by Valentina’s sordid request. He started to comprehend why Hispanic women had a feisty, relentless, jealous reputation, neither asking nor giving any quarter as they fought for their men, usually doing their best to degrade their defeated love rivals. All which could end in either the defeated woman giving up her romantic pretensions or a brutal, nasty, sordid rematch in a duel room. What would his Chinese girlfriend do? Not quite thinking straight, Li Song obediently got on his knees.

Valentina gasped, feeling her lover’s cock sliding inside her moist pussy, mmming and moaning as he started pumping her. As Li picked the pace, droplets of cunt juice and pre-cum started dripping down Lily’s face.

-“Don’t you dare!”-exclaimed the Venezuelan temptress as she felt the beaten Chinese siren trying to squirm free.

-“You disgusting slut”-wept Lily as she weakly trashed about, trying to break free from this degrading humilliation. She was unwilling to be shamed in that way, yet she was firmly locked between Valentina’s toned legs and her hands were tied in a tight knot.

-“What’s the matter puta?”-purred Valentina enjoying demeaning the insolent Chinese minx-“You want a last taste of his cum? I’m giving it to you…and I’ll add my cunt juice as a bonus”

-“Li…Li…Li!”-moaned Valentina, ignoring Lily’s inconsequential complaints and threats. Valentina moaned…she closed her eyes, feeling her man’s cock rocking her body-“come baby…I know you want to explode inside me…fill me with your cum!”

-“Cumming!”-grunted Li, tightening his grip around the sexy Latina’s waist and then ejaculating inside her before grinding to a halt and slumping on the floor, sated.

-“You like hija de perra?”-said Valentina as she rested her pussy on Lily’s face, smearing Li’s semen it all over the beaten girlfriend, who was too weak to resist such humiliation. The elated mestiza beauty shamelessly rubbed her semen-lathered cunt on Lily’s face for several long minutes before she was satisfied.

-“If you know what’s good for you, stay away from Li Song. He’s mine now”-taunted Valentina as she let go the sobbing Lily. Standing up, she accepted Li’s coat and tried to make herself decent…or as decent as a woman who had just been in an all-out, savage catfight over a man could be. She then opened the door to the third floor, whence all eyes of the legal department fell upon the slovenly, ruined woman coming out of the emergency exit.

To Be Continued in Chapter 6.

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Even as the bruised Lily Chen is writhing on the dirty floor, she’s already thinking of her next move. The Malaysian Chinese has decided her relationship with Li Song is too precious to give up just yet. She’ll go double or nothing, challenging the Latina firecracker to a formal woman to woman duel over her man!

Valentina Martinez for her part is enjoying her conquest. Having just literally clawed his way to his bed, she’ll fight tooth and nail to stay there! Can’t wait to see who will ultimately prevail and win Li Song? The direct sequel is in Office Mayhem Chapter 14. You can go straight to chapter 14 without missing much of the action.

However, sometimes it’s nice to take it slow and savour every little detail. The afternoon has just started, as several ravishing Chinese girls are of right now confronting their equally stunning foreign rivals to settle their romantic issues mano a mano. The office is be filled with pained screams and agonizing moans, as an orgy of catfights has exploded all over the place. Hair is being pulled, slaps drop like rain from the sky, long nails are being sunk in enemy skin. By the end of the day, the victresses will be enjoying the spoils of war in the intimacy of their men’s beds!

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