Sexfight at the Saloon by JB57

Sexfight at the Saloon by JB57 Story

JB57‘s Take on Corvus‘ Story

Rival’s Note: This is JB57‘s take on Corvus‘ story Showdown at the OK Saloon, a story which is also featured on this site.

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The stranger rode into town early one hot, dusty afternoon. Her tall cowboy hat shielded her face. Her long, thick hair bushed out from under the hat, an unruly mop of red curls. The woman was dressed in worn dungarees and a stained, thick leather jacket. She was covered in the dirt of the road. She rode up to the OK Saloon and swung off her tired brown horse.

The woman left the horse tied at the trough in front of the saloon and sauntered through the swinging doors. She looked around. The saloon was quiet, with a few women scattered around the tables, drinking and playing cards. Behind the bar, an attractive brown-haired woman in her mid-40s was wiping down the mahogany counter.

The redhaired stranger walked towards the bar, her cowboy boots clomping on the wooden floor. The bartender looked up and studied her as she crossed the room. The older woman’s eyes lit up as she took in the woman before her. What she saw was impressive. The redhead was easily six feet tall, her green eyes bright and alert. Even the grime of the road could not hide the fact that the woman’s face was beautiful. Her body was incredible, a dream of voluptuous curves and taut flesh. Cantaloupe-sized breasts pushed firmly against her dusty red cotton shirt. A gunbelt with two pistols hung from her wide hips. Her dusty dungarees emphasized her long, powerful legs and her round, firm ass.

The redhead sat at the bar and turned a brilliant smile on the bartender. “Howdy, ma’am,” the redhead said. “I’d like a whiskey.” She slapped a dime down on the counter.

The bartender smiled and nodded. She cleaned out a glass with her towel and filled it with golden whiskey. She placed it before the redhead, who seized the glass and threw her head back as she dashed the entire drink down her parched throat in a single gulp.

“Ah, that hits the spot, sugar lips,” she grinned at the bartender. “Keep them coming, honey.”

The bartender smiled easily and filled the woman’s glass again. “Sure thing, Red. My name’s Bonnie Mae. I own this establishment. What’s your name, where are you from?”

The redhead threw back the whiskey and coughed a little as she set the empty glass back on the counter. “Well, Bonnie Mae,” the redhead replied, “My name is Virginia, but people just call me Ginny. I’m the baddest girl in three states and four territories. I can outfight and outfuck anyone around. Do you know where someone with my talents can get a job in this town?”

Bonnie Mae smiled. “Well, if those are your skills, you may have come to the right place, Big Red,” the bartender said. “As it happens, I happen to run a little game in the back for the ladies of the town. It can be very lucrative for the woman with the right…talents.”

Bonnie Mae gestured to a thick wooden door at the back of the bar. “If you’re willing to put down a ten dollar gold deposit, I can give you a chance to prove how tough you are.”

Ginny looked at the door, then back at Bonnie Mae. She gave the older woman a mischievous grin. “And what does it pay for me to prove how tough I am?” she asked.

“No guarantees,” Bonnie Mae replied, “but if you’re half the woman you claim you are, you can make a lot of money really fast. Why don’t you come back and have a look? See if you want to take your chances?”

The redhead looked a little hesitant. Bonnie Mae leaned over the bar; Ginny leaned in closer to hear her.

“Ginny, behind that door, you’re going to find the toughest women around. You can go up against them, tooth and claw, tit and cunt. This establishment is the only place around where a woman like you can really prove that she can outfight and outfuck any other woman in the territory. Catfight, sexfight, whatever you want, it’s there.”

The redheaded beauty absorbed this information for a few seconds. Then, she grinned. She reached into the wallet strapped to her hip and extracted a 10 piece gold coin. She handed it to Bonnie Mae. The bartender bit on the coin to test its truth. Smiling, she placed it in a strongbox under the bar.

“Now, that’s my last gold piece, Bonnie Mae,” Ginny drawled. “I hope you’re not leading me astray here.”

“Not at all, Ginny,” the bartender assured her. “I think that a woman like you could do real well here. Come with me, baby, and I’ll and show you around.”

The two women began walking on either side of the bar towards the thick wooden door. When they reached the end of the bar, Bonnie Mae paused.”Sorry, darlin’, but I don’t allow any hardware in the back. You’ll have to leave all your weapons here.”

“That’s fine by me,” Ginny said, undoing her gunbelt. “These are just tools. My real weapons are my tits and pussy.” She handed Bonnie Mae the gunbelt, then reached behind her back and pulled out a long-blade Bowie knife. “Here, you’ll want this too, I expect.”

The bartender placed all of the weapons into a locked box beside the wooden door. “You can get all of these things back when you leave…provided you’re not carried out.”

The bartender pulled a large key out of a pocket on her vest and fit it to the door lock. She pushed the wooden door wide and ushered Ginny into a short corridor. At the end of the corridor was another large wooden door. The bartender locked the first door, then opened the second door with a different key. A wave of sound came roaring out as the massive portal swung open.

Ginny’s eyes widened as she took in the sight before her. She was in a large chamber, more than 20 feet high. The center of the room was dominated by a large, circular pit, which was cut out of the wooden floor, about a foot deep, and covered in sand, straw and sawdust and lined with blankets. The pit was about 16 feet across. Surrounding the pit were two rows of wooden benches. At that moment, the benches were filled with about twenty-five screaming, shouting, women. Many of them were half-naked, topless, or naked. They were leaning forward, shouting and cheering the action in the pit. Ginny grinned, her eyes lighting with fire.

Inside the pit, two naked Amazons were locked together in a vicious sexfight. The women’s hands were clenched in each other’s hair, their legs were twined. They rolled around in the sawdust and sand, their heavy tits mashed tight, so taut that they looked like fleshy balloons about to burst. The women were grunting and moaning, their cries of pain and lust barely audible over the growing shouts of the crowd.

The big, black-haired Amazon got an advantage over her slightly smaller blonde opponent. She managed to roll into the top position, then hold it. She positioned her muscular thighs just right and slowly, agonizingly, spread the thighs of the blonde woman beneath her. The dark-haired woman began thrusting her hips down, her thick, black bush crushing down on the sparser, blonde bush of her foe. As she picked up the pace, the sound of hard bellies and wet cunts slapping began to punctuate the raucous noise of the arena. The blonde strained and writhed, she struggled to free herself from the pussy attack. But the black-haired bitch was too powerful and the erotic attack too delicious to resist for long. The blonde’s grunts and moans began to turn gasps and howls of pleasure. The black haired woman now had her enemy pinned and was grinding, grinding her cunt deep and hard into the spread, juiced up twat of the blonde below her. The blonde was clinging to her attacker, no longer trying to push her away or roll her over. The women’s bodies were locked, pumping furiously into each other.

Ginny watched the fight avidly, her green eyes shining with excitement and lust. All around them, female spectators were fondling themselves or kissing the woman next to them. The aroma of aroused womanhood permeated the air.

“Now, that’s what I call quality entertainment,” Ginny grinned at Bonnie Mae.

The bartender smiled. “We aim to please at the OK Saloon.”

Bonnie Mae pulled her eyes away from the fuckfighting Amazons and scanned the crowd. “Lulu, get over here!” she called to a pretty, brown-haired young woman who was sitting on one of the front benches. The woman had her shirt open and did not seem to be wearing anything on her lower body. She was shouting with excitement as she watched the battle in the pit. She looked up as Bonnie Mae called her name.

“Ah, Bonnie Mae, not now! It’s getting good! Calamity is about to make Susie pop her cunt!”

“Get over here now, missy!” the bartender shouted, a bit of steel in her voice. The brown-haired girl sighed, picked up her skirt, and quickly made her way over to where Bonnie Mae and Ginny were sitting.

“I need someone to watch the bar, honey,” Bonnie Mae explained, her tone gentler. “I’m going to introduce Ginny here, once Calamity finishes up with Susie.”

“Hi, Ginny,” Lulu smiled shyly. “You’re really pretty and big.” The girl grinned wider. “Are you going to take on Calamity?”

Ginny looked into the pit. Calamity had Susie spread and open beneath her and was hammering her powerful hips down onto the other woman, her cunt driving into Susie’s yielding twat. The black-haired woman’s perfect round ass clenched with the power of each thrust, her eyes were closed tight, her gorgeous face was contorted with effort as she strained to ram herself all the way into the blonde, even as she held back her own pleasure. Susie, the blonde, was screaming like a banshee as her enemy fucked her brains out.

“I sure would love to, darlin’,” the big redhead said to Lulu. Bonnie Mae could see that Ginny’s eyes were glazed with lust.

“Get out there now, sweetheart, before I’m robbed blind,” Bonnie Mae said to her reluctant employee. As Lulu walked by, Bonnie Mae reached out and pulled the girl in for a rough kiss. “Sorry, babe, you’ll get more time back here later.”

Lulu smiled and left the room.

Ginny and Bonnie Mae moved to one of the front benches. Two half-naked women moved aside to let them sit. Ginny removed her hat and placed it by her feet, then ran a hand through her thick mop of wild red hair. She undid the first two top buttons of her red cotton shirt and flapped the collar, fanning herself in the hot air. Her eyes remained fixed on the sexual struggle in the pit.

Down in the pit, Calamity’s hips were working hard, pounding her dark pussy deep into Susie’s battered snatch. The blonde was writhing and bucking, but clearly more in pleasure than in any effort to throw off her opponent. The crowd was becoming even more animated and began chanting “Calamity, Calamity…” as the fight neared its inevitable conclusion.

Finally, it happened. Susie wrapped her legs tightly around Calamity’s waist and screamed. “Fuck, oh Fuck!!” the big blonde cried. Calamity shoved her pussy even harder into Susie’s abused mound and rubbed it around and around, working herself as deep and tight into her opponent as she could, trying to rub Susie’s clit down to a nub with her own powerful clit. Susie’s back arched as she shrieked in ecstasy; Calamity thrust as hard as she could, her face a mask of concentration and lust as she felt the blonde break beneath her. From where Bonnie Mae and Ginny sat, they could see Susie’s ravished quim spurt sex liquor onto the dry sand and sawdust, leaving a dark, wet spot. Susie howled as she came, her hips bucking up and down and side to side, her arms and legs flailing desperately. The women in the room clapped and cheered and stomped their feet. Ginny and Bonnie Mae threw their arms into the air and cheered along with the rest of the appreciative audience.

When Susie had gone limp, her body sexually exhausted and overwhelmed, Calamity pulled herself off of the defeated blonde. She sat up. Her long dark hair was tangled and wild, sweat trickled down her massive, dark-nippled tits, tracing lines in the sawdust sticking to her sweat-damp flesh. She was breathing hard as she pinched Susie’s thick pink nipples. At first, Ginny assumed the dark-haired warrior would take a victory fuck from her defeated blonde opponent. Instead, Calamity squatted over Susie’s face. The blonde obediently shoved her tongue up into her victorious enemy’s quim. Calamity used her fingers on herself, stroking her bulging clit, teasing and stroking her labia. After a few minutes, the black-haired Amazon threw back her head and moaned powerfully. Her hips jerked and her dark blue eyes squeezed shut in pleasure as she had a short, intense orgasm. She yipped as her juices spurted over the tear-streaked face of the blonde below her.

Calamity got up, gloriously nude, and walked over to a bench at the far end of the pit. She sat down heavily. It was clear she was tired. Susie slowly got to her feet and walked with hunched shoulders over to her bench. She gathered up her clothes and began to dress, clearly angry and humiliated, as one of her friends tried to console her. In the meantime, money changed hands all around them as the women betting on the outcome of the match paid their dues or collected their rewards. From what Ginny could see, most women had bet on Calamity. There was some grumbling, but none of it became violent. Bonnie Mae turned to Ginny and smiled. “If people don’t like how things turned out, they know they can settle their disagreements in the pit.”

Bonnie Mae nodded towards the naked Calamity, who was now gulping back a tin cup of water. “So, Red, do you think you can take her? It’s worth a hundred bucks to you if you win.”

For a moment, the redhead was silent as she stared at Calamity on the far end of the pit. Bonnie Mae could see a slight fever in Ginny’s eyes. Then, in answer, Ginny started to unbutton her shirt. The bartender watched lasciviously as the redhead’s magnificent breasts came into view.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Bonnie Mae smiled, releasing her breath. The proprietor could feel her heart pounding with excitement. Then she turned her head towards the arena and whistled out sharply. Calamity looked up from across the pit, her dark eyes alert. Bonnie Mae crooked her finger and the big, black-haired Amazon got up and walked around the pit towards the bartender and her redheaded guest.

The Amazon stood over Bonnie Mae and Ginny. Naked, she looked down at the two women, her magnificent body still dripping with sweat. Calamity was gorgeous. Her face was hard but beautiful, symmetrical and strong, with lush lips and large dark blue eyes. Her tits were massive and heavy and high, with thick black nipples. Her stomach was flat and hard and nicely toned, her bush was thick and course. Her tight pink pussy dripped with liquid. Her long legs seemed to stretch on forever, thick, luscious columns of muscle. She smelled of sweat and sex. Her skin was dusky and streaked with sand and sawdust.

Ginny reached down and pulled off her boots. Then, she stood to face Calamity. The women were eye to eye, exactly the same height. Ginny finished unbuttoning her shirt and let it hang down and open. The inside of her tits were exposed, but the nipples were still covered. Her bulging breasts forced the shirt to hang quite far away from her luscious body.

Bonnie Mae stood. She put an arm around the naked Calamity and pulled the other woman in for a hot kiss. They touched and stroked tongues, briefly. “Great match, darling,” the bartender drawled, “you made me really,really wet.”

The proprietor continued. “Now, how would you like to tangle with what just blew into town? This rusty-haired wrangler is Ginny, and she’s looking to make some good cash. She also wants to prove that she’s the toughest fucker in three states.”

Calamity turned her head to look at Ginny. She swept her eyes slowly up and down the redheaded beauty. She grinned, a quick, evil smirk. Then the black-haired beauty took her hands and parted the front of Ginny’s unbuttoned shirt, pushing the cloth aside like a curtain to reveal the magnificent tits hiding behind. Bonnie Mae barely suppressed a gasp of desire as the redhead’s tits were unveiled in all their glory. They were as high and round and heavy as Calamity’s powerful tits. Hard, light brown areola and thick nipples jutted from the centre of the dense flesh.

Calamity moved forward slowly, easing her massive round orbs into direct, nip to nip contact with Ginny’s matching pair. The two pairs of tits pressed into each other and both women’s eyes fluttered with the exquisite contact. All around the room, conversations grew silent as other women realized what was happening. A new girl had come into town and was now tit to tit with the best sexfighter in the district. This was something unexpected and exciting.

Brown pebbly nipples met dark ones. Before her eyes, Bonnie Mae watched both women’s aroused nips lengthen and thicken until they were both jutting more than an inch from their breasts.The women rubbed their nipples together, using their stiff, thick nips to trace and tease the rough areola of the other. It felt unbelievably delicious as their incredibly sensitive nipples stroked and rubbed, hard shaft side to side with hard shaft. As they rubbed, Ginny introduced herself. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance, Calamity.” Her voice was a low growl.

Calamity continued the slow, rubbing nipple fencing. She locked her hard nips against Ginny’s matching nips and pushed tight. “Hey, Ginny,” she replied. “I like your looks, Red. You ready to tangle?”

Ginny pushed her full tits into Calamity’s a bit more aggressively. She pushed harder, and the women’s dense titflesh met and kissed. “Anytime, sweet lips.”

The women began rubbing their full tits together, nipples disappearing into dense, round orbs. The women began rolling their tits against each other, slow and gentle for now, but the potential for much more aggressive and violent conflict was building rapidly. Ginny and Calamity’s eyes fluttered, both women bit their lower lips and suppressed moans of delight as their contact grew more intense. They were staring at each other intently, blue eyes locked to green, as the electricity built between their jousting nipples and throbbing tits.

Bonnie Mae realized that if she did not step in, the two women could soon be down on the ground, in the pit, going at each other. She wanted this match to play out differently.

“Hey, girls, enough of that,” the proprietor said. “Calamity, you just finished a really tough fight. Ginny, you just came in off the trail. Why don’t you girls relax a bit, take some time to get to know each other, and regain some of your strength? That way, when you take each other on, you’ll both be at your best.”

The proprietor put her arms on the shoulders of both women. “How about a nice hot bath? The tub’s big enough for both of you.”

The women continued to roll their breasts together, their eyes fixed on each other. Without missing a beat, Calamity replied “That would set right fine with me, Bonnie Mae. What do you think, Ginny?”

Ginny did a slow rub of her thick tits across Calamity’s bulging, naked rack. “Sure thing, Bonnie Mae. Let’s get cleaned up.”

Bonnie Mae walked towards a large door at the back of the room and pushed it open. “Calamity, you know the way,” the barkeep said. “The tub is ready.”

Inside the backroom was a large wooden tub, big enough to accommodate two. It was about five feet across and three feet deep. The wood was thick and banded with iron. The tub was filled with steaming water that had been piped in from a galvanized iron water heater that the Saloon kept filled and ready at all times. Two stools were set on either side of the tub to make it easier to get in.

Side-by-side, arms around each other’s waists, Calamity and Ginny ambled into the room. Their hips swayed and rubbed, Calamity’s naked ass rolling and flexing. Ginny was carrying her boots and her hat in her free hand. Once inside the room, the women separated. Calamity walked over to the tub, stepped up on the stool, and climbed into the steaming hot water. She moaned in pleasure as the warmth engulfed her tired, sore muscles and eased the ache in her battered pussy and tits.

Ginny pulled off her red cotton top and threw it aside. Bonnie Mae thrilled as the redhead’s magnificent tits bounced completely free. Ginny sat down on a bench against the wall. She plopped her boots under the bench, then stripped off her soiled dungarees and threw them aside. Bonnie Mae made a mental note to have the redhead’s clothing cleaned.

Ginny stood up to her full height, magnificently naked. Her massive, beautiful tits bounced hard, her long, hard muscled torso rippled down to swelling hips and a thick thatch of red pubic fur. Her powerful, womanly pussy peeked out from under the thick bush, juicy pussy lips wet with arousal. Her body tapered to long, strong, beautifully muscled thighs and gently curved calves.

Ginny walked up to the tub. The barkeep admired the redhead’s thick auburn bush, the gentle bounce of her massive its. Ginny placed her right foot on the stool and swung her other leg over the rim of the wooden tub. When her foot hit the hot water, she let out a guttural moan and eased her voluptuous body deep into the steaming water.

Bonnie Mae smiled indulgently. Closing the door to the arena behind her, she approached the tub slowly, stripping off her shirt and exposing her small, perky breasts.

“Calamity, you know the drill,” the proprietor purred to the dark-haired Amazon. “Ginny, you and Calamity are going to wash each other. It’s a good way to get to know each other really well. Have fun, but save the rough stuff for the paying audience.”

Bonnie Mae grabbed some big bars of soap and some wash rags. “If you come in the tub, it doesn’t count. It just primes the pump, if you know what I mean.” She gave the two women a lazy smile.

The barkeep handed Calamity and Ginny the washrags and soap. They smiled and moved to the center of the tub, and sat down on their beautiful asses. The water came up to their shoulders. Their cantaloupe-sized tits floated like four small islands on the surface of the steaming water. The women fit their delicious bodies together, slipping between each other’s thighs, pushing their hairy cunts dangerously close to kissing.

Ginny smiled, the lust burning in her body plain to see. “Oh, I’m gonna make you come so hard, Calamity. You’re gonna be seeing stars in the daytime!” She lathered up the rag with soapy water and started to roughly wash Calamity’s heavy round tits, running the cloth over and around and under the thick, hot titmeat, massaging and caressing the taut flesh.

Calamity smiled lazily, her eyes glazed with pure desire. She returned the favor, scrubbing and massaging and kneading Ginny’s delicious tits. As the women scrubbed each other, as they fondled each other’s beautiful bodies, their eyes closed in bliss and they moaned passionately. Bonnie Mae lathered up a rag, leaned over the side of the tub and began washing Ginny’s back. The busty redhead arched her back and purred like a cat.

The women rubbed and cleaned and washed, and soon their clean skin was shining like a dream. Their bodies were twined together as they played with each other. Beautiful thighs rubbed, heavy tits slapped and slid against each other. The women squealed with laughter and delight as they explored each other’s bodies, first with the rags, then with their hands, squeezing and kneading throbbing tits, running eager fingers over curved hips and muscled bellies and beautiful backs. Mischievous hands slipped down between the other woman’s legs to feel and caress and tease thick pussy lips and swelling clits. Soon, Ginny and Calamity were mutually finger-fucking each other, eager digits probing and thrusting into hot, tight fuckholes.

The water splashed against the rim of the tube as the women worked their fingers into each other’s cunts. Bonnie Mae sat back to watch the erotic tableau, her eyes shining with lust. Calamity and Ginny sat in the tub, each with an arm around the neck of the other, the other arm attached to the hands that were working two and three fingers into the other woman’s sopping cunt. The women rested their foreheads together, they panted feverishly into the other’s beautiful face. Their thick, wet hair tangled as their moans turned to cries and gasps of erotic bliss. They grunted and panted, their beautiful bodies starting to quake as their relentless fucking neared an explosion.

Ginny and Calamity came as one, screaming and shrieking in sheer ecstasy. Their cries of passion were loud and lusty and prolonged. They crushed their upper bodies together, grinding their tits as the orgasms rippled through their bucking bodies. They buried their heads against the other’s shoulder and moaned uncontrollably as the orgasm flowed on and on. The barkeep stroked her nipples and her own pussy as she watched the two Amazons collapse against each other.

Finally, the women pulled their heads back, their pants and pounding hearts slowly coming back to normal. They smiled at each other, their grins hiding nothing of their incredible, building lust for each other.

“Nice eye-opener, Ginny,”Calamity said. She leaned forward, hooked an arm around Ginny’s neck and kissed the redhead roughly. Ginny kissed back, just as roughly. For a long few minutes, the women’s tongues played and twisted together within their locked mouths, spit flowed between their maws, their moans grew feverish once more. Finally, Ginny broke the kiss.

“Not bad,” the redhead murmured. “Now you know what it will feel like when I make you come out there.”

Calamity laughed. “No way, Red. You’ll be screaming God’s name like a preacher before you know it.”

The women lay back in the tub and relaxed in the afterglow. Bonnie Mae went to a special locker, opened it and took out a bottle of good brandy. She poured two large snifters and grabbed some fifty-cent cigars and some matches. She handed the brandy to the women in the tub. The wooden rim of the tub was wide enough for the glasses to rest there. Calamity and Ginny each took a cigar. The barkeep lit the cigars with a match. Sweet clouds of tobacco soon filled the air as the women puffed on the expensive cigars and sipped their drinks. All the while, their eyes were locked, green eyes to blue, challenging, taunting, teasing each other. Under the water, the women’s long, luscious legs stroked and caressed. Bare feet pushed at each other, toe to toe, then ran along smooth calves and inner thighs. Ginny’s toes pushed at Calamity’s thick-lipped pussy and Calamity immediately returned the caress. The women smiled at each other, their bodies shuddering with growing passion.

While Ginny and Calamity continued to prime each other’s pumps, Bonnie Mae went out into the arena to get things in order. She returned to the big room and the pit just in time to see and hear the cat cries from another defeated woman, a short blonde woman screaming in pleasure as her pussy gave in to the hard thrusts of a slightly bigger, brown-haired woman.

“I have an announcement,” Bonnie Mae shouted. “We are going to have a special match between Calamity and the redheaded stranger, Ginny. This will be a fight to remember. Odds are set at 50-50. Get your bets in!”

The OK Saloon owner went into the main barroom and told Lulu to spread the word. The little barkeep left the Saloon to spread word among the rough and tumble women of the town while another girl watched over the bar.

Bonnie Mae slipped back into the pit room and then the back bath room. She arrived just as Calamity and Ginny stepped out of the tub. The barkeep handed each woman a large, thick towel and helped them to dry their magnificent bodies. She noted that the redhead and the dark-haired woman were almost identical in their bodies. Their tits were equally large and heavy, their hips the roughly the same width. They probably weighed the same, within a few pounds. Bonnie Mae was excited. This could be as even a battle as she had ever seen.

“So, when do we get it on, Bonnie Mae?” Ginny asked. “I’m so ready to take on this wildcat. I’m gonna make her sing.”

Calamity snorted. “You’re gonna be doing opera,Ginny! Soprano, if I work it right.”

The women faced each other, mere inches separating their angry eyes. They pushed tit to tit, nipples hardening as their titflesh crushed.

“Steady down, polecats,” Bonnie Mae insisted. “Leave it for the customers. In about ten minutes, you’re gonna march through that door and tangle. I want it rough, but clean. Eyes will be handed back if they’re gouged out.”

Ginny and Calamity regarded each other with narrowed eyes, breasts lightly bumping.

Bonnie Mae opened the door to the bath and checked the house. It seemed that Lulu had done a good job. At least fifty women were in the arena, the noise a low roar. The proprietor realized that even after giving a hundred dollars to the winner of this fight and seventy-five to the loser, she would still make a tidy profit. After another ten minutes, Lulu signaled to Bonnie Mae that the house was full. The saloon owner turned to the two naked women behind her. “OK girls, are you ready to rumble?”

The two beautiful women glared at each other, competitive tension and pure sexual lust flowing between them. They nodded tersely at the barkeep.

Bonnie Mae opened the door and marched out into the arena, followed by Calamity, with Ginny bringing up the rear. The crowd cheered wildly as the women appeared. Many of the spectators whistled or their eyes widened in surprise and delight when they saw Ginny’s fantastic body. It was clear that the redhead was a physical match for Calamity in every department. But it remained to see if she was as good a sexfighter. Bonnie Mae and the two gladiators made their way to the sawdust coated pit. The crowd parted to let them through.

Bonnie Mae led Calamity and Ginny to the center of the pit. She held up her hands. The raucous noise quickly died out as the crowd paused to hear Bonnie Mae speak.

“The OK Saloon, home of the baddest sexfights around, has something special. Y’all know Calamity, undefeated in more than twenty fights. Here to challenge her is Ginny, the redheaded stranger. Y’all give me a hurrah for these battling wildcats!”

The crowd went wild, stomping, whistling and applauding wildly. The women in the audience could sense that they were about to see something special and their excitement was infectious. The sexual energy in the room began to overflow.

Bonnie Mae paused to instruct the two fighters. “OK, ladies, listen up. This is a catfight and sexfight. The winner is the woman who makes the other one come first. Try not to do permanent damage. That’s it. Let’s see you tangle.”

Bonnie Mae left the pit and went to sit in the front row, next to Lulu. Lulu had closed up the main saloon and now came to enjoy what promised to be a spectacular fight.

The two naked Amazons locked eyes as they warily circled around. They were slightly crouched, their hands in front of their bodies, open and ready, slowly moving. Their big breasts swayed from side to side as they danced around.

The women jumped to the center of the pit and grappled, big bodies quickly coming together. Calamity managed to hook her arm over Ginny’s shoulders; Ginny grabbed Calamity around her waist. Side to side, powerful legs and bare feet struggling for leverage, the two beautiful women strained to throw each other to the ground. Grunting and snarling, they pulled each other around the pit for a moment. Then Calamity managed to hook one of her feet around Ginny’s ankle, and pulled hard. Ginny went hurtling onto her beautiful butt. She squawked as her incredible ass hit the padded floor.

Calamity reached down and seized Ginny by two handfuls of her wild red hair. The black-haired beauty viciously pushed back on Ginny’s head, pushing her own weight forward. Ginny had no choice but to fall onto her back, hauled down by her hair. Calamity was now on top of the redhead, straddling her. Bonnie Mae frowned in concern. Calamity had Ginny down on the floor and on her back in a matter of seconds. The barkeeper was afraid that Ginny might turn out to be all talk and no show. It looked like the fight might be over really soon.

But, to the raucous shouts of the crowd, Ginny managed to turn herself over with lightning speed, so that Calamity ended up riding her back. Calamity reached around and filled her hands with Ginny’s thick tits. She squeezed the redhead’s rack exuberantly, delighting in the feel of the taut meat and the hard nipples pressing into her palms. But she did not use the chance to apply a strong scissor lock on the redhead with her naked thighs. Bucking like a bronco, shoving back with her magnificent round ass, Ginny succeeding in throwing Calamity off of her. With a yell, Calamity went flying backwards, landing on her own perfect ass in the sawdust and sand.

The two naked warriors got to their feet and shook their heads.

Gathering her strength, Calamity snapped at Ginny. “Oh, you carrot-topped slut, I’m gonna make you scream your lungs out.”

Ginny wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “You’re gonna be the one screaming in a few minutes, fucker. Just wait til my cunt makes you spill like a cheap whore.”

With that, the two big, beautiful Amazons leaped at each other. Their perfect bodies came slamming together. Ginny and Calamity wrapped their arms around each other and, face to snarling face, tit to tit, they tumbled to the floor. They rolled around and around, back and forth, in the dust and sand. Their magnificent bodies twined together, long, powerful legs straining against each other. They pulled hair, they bit and clawed and cursed each other as they fought. Both women loved every moment of this preliminary skirmish. They loved the feel of their thick, meaty tits crushed to each other, the slick feel of hot abdomens rippling against each other. They felt their thick bushes of black and russet rubbing and twining together. Pulling each other by the hair, Ginny and Calamity rolled back and forth across the pit, neither able to quite gain and hold the top spot. Their bodies writhed and strained and the women grew wetter and hotter between their legs as they thrashed and ground against each other. Their cries of pain and lust grew louder and angrier.

The women finally rolled apart. They glared at each other from across the pit, their magnificent tits heaving as they gasped for air, their bodies wet with sweat and stained with sawdust. When they had regained their breath, the women were ready for the next round in their struggle. Ginny and Calamity began to crawl across the pit towards each other, moving like cats on their hands and knees, their eyes locked. They pushed up until they were nose to nose and forehead to forehead, pressing tight into each other, glaring deeply into the other woman’s eyes. Then, suddenly, by mutual understanding, they pushed themselves into a kneeling position and wrapped their powerful arms around each other’s backs. They began squeezing, squeezing, struggling to crush the air from each other, struggling to mash their tits into one fleshy pancake. Instead, their firm, powerful tits resisted the terrible compression. The meaty orbs squashed tight, rock-hard nipples and areola perfectly aligned and digging into each other. Calamity and Ginny closed their eyes, threw their heads back, and moaned as the struggle wore on. Tears trickled down from their eyes as the two powerful women used all of their strength to try to subjugate the other. Ginny and Calamity began rubbing their tits up and down, twisting their torsos against each other, hard nipples scoring firm titflesh, solid bellies sliding abdomen to abdomen, muscles rippling with effort. They moved their boobs up and down and then side to side, driving and rolling and grinding their tits into one, each woman fighting to break the will and power of the other. Sweat flowed freely from their bodies, lubricating the slick grind between their struggling tits. After some time, the women screamed in concert and shoved each other away.

The women in the audience shouted encouragement to their favorite fighter. “Get her down and fuck her brains out, Calamity!” yelled someone. “Tear her a new one, Ginny!” screamed someone else.

Ginny and Calamity retreated to the opposite ends of the pit, panting and cradling their massive, tenderized tits. They glared angrily at each other. Bonnie Mae could see the women were getting tired. They had tried their incredible bodies against each other in tests of strength and tests of boobs. Now, the only thing left was to resolve their conflict by getting to the heart of the fight – pussy against pussy.

“Let’s settle it, slut.” Calamity called out. “Bring your pussy over here! Let’s go at it, now.”

“I’m more than ready, bitch,” Ginny responded. “Open those legs, baby. Ginny’s coming to town and she’s not leaving until you’ve creamed!”

The women crab-walked to the center of the ring. It was going to be a scissor start, cunt to cunt. The women paused when their feet touched, toe to toe. They spread their legs and reached down to pull apart their hot, wet labia. Ginny used two fingers to spread her twat and tease out her hard, pulsing clit. “Take a good look at this, baby,” she smirked to Calamity. “This hot clit is going to grind yours into putty.”

Calamity stared at her enemy’s thick clit with furious eyes. She was so aroused, so feverish with lust and anticipation, that she could barely respond. But she reached down and pulled apart her pussy lips, letting her equally massive clit pop free. “My beautiful clit is going to milk every drop of cum from your cunt, whore!”

The women pushed forward, sliding right legs over lefts. The women shoved closer, the heat from their fully aroused cunts warming their wet inner thighs. Their bodies were dripping with sweat and shining in the dull light of the arena. Their massive tits were engorged, hard and thick, their rock-hard nipples jutting more than an inch from their throbbing tits. The women pressed closer until the thick, wet lips of their drenched pussies kissed slickly, then crushed together, soft, moist flesh slowly sliding and sucking. Erotic electricity burned through the two women. Ginny and Calamity gasped in unison as their genitals met and mashed. Pussy juice poured from the intersection of their voluptuous bodies and their muscles trembled with barely-suppressed lust. Ginny and Calamity paused and locked eyes glazed with lust and desire. They rested like that a moment, twat to twat, feeling each other, feeling the heat. Calamity and Ginny smiled at each other, grins of feverish lust, tinged with the raw desire to possess the other woman. Then, they began. The women worked their hips around and around in small circles, working their wet, wooly bushes into one tangled mass of intertwined hair, drilling their aching cuntflesh into one.

Ginny and Calamity offered the other her right leg. Grabbing each other’s right thigh, anchoring themselves, the women thrust as hard as they could with their hips and asses. Wet cunts crushed hard and flattened against each other. With thick, juicy sounds of wet flesh sucking and smacking, the women’s powerful cunts mated.

Ginny threw back her head and moaned in uncontrollable pleasure. “Oh fuck, yesssssss!!” she groaned.

Calamity closed her eyes, threw back her head and cried out in joy. “You cunt, oh God, you cunt!” she gasped.

Gathering themselves, the two women pulled back from the intimate violation, then thrust hard at each other again and again. They hammered their cunts into each other, hips and asses flexing and thrusting, powerful abdomens rippling, Calamity’s dark-haired quim smashing exuberantly into the rusty thatch covering Ginny’s pussy. The room reverberated with the sensual sound of hot, succulent flesh pounding together wetly as the women’s engorged cunts became thicker and juicier as they grew more and more aroused. With each hot, wet impact, Calamity and Ginny grunted in unison. But after a while, the grunts turned to moans of pleasure as the cunt-pounding fed the hunger burning in their cores. They closed their eyes and beat out a hypnotic rhythm as they thrust and rammed their heated cunt-flesh together. Moisture spattered out with each juicy impact, speckling their thighs. Flakes of sawdust and straw dappled their skin, their voluptuous bodies dripping with sweat as they fucked mercilessly.

After a few minutes of pounding their cunts together, the women smashed together again, but this time Calamity held Ginny’s leg firmly, not letting the redhead pull back. She worked her ass and hips powerfully but more deliberately, grinding her gash deep into Ginny’s matching fuck slit. Ginny returned the thrust, working her pussy as hard and deep into Calamity’s yielding cunt flesh as she could. Slick labia met and folded together, melting into one, unleashing a torrent of pussy juice. Ginny and Calamity gasped in unison at the exquisitely delicious merging and mashing of their labia. The women’s hungry cunts sucked and sealed like passionately kissing mouths. Their rock-hard clits ground directly into each other, head to head, attacking each other within the hot, tight, fleshy arena of the women’s inosculated twats. The women screamed, short, sharp shrieks of almost unbelievable pleasure. Then, eyes locked, teeth clenched, beautiful faces contorted into masks of lust, rage and concentration, the women rubbed their tumescent clits directly against each other, as hard as they could. The throbbing sexhorns grated against each other head to head, the nerve-rich, exquisitely sensitive nubs of flesh sending bursts of electrical energy coursing through their trembling bodies. Their clits jousted, rubbing side to side, flicking and twisting and caressing. The women fought in a flood of pussy juices as their enraged cunts burned with erotic heat, as the tension built in their beautiful bodies to unbearable levels. After several minutes of this incredible clit to clit grinding, Ginny and Calamity pulled back, gasping with pleasure, then resumed their cunt-smashing battle, before locking together again for more clit on clit fuckfighting. The battling women’s heavy tits bounced deliciously, spraying sweat. Their bodies glistened with perspiration, their moans and cries of pure ecstasy grew more and more insistent.

Bonnie Mae found herself fingering her wet pussy. She looked around and saw that many of the audience members were also stroking their pussies or their nipples, or caressing each other, or kissing. But everyone’s eyes were fixed on the erotic duel in the pit. It was easy to see that there would be more than one orgasm in the room before the sexfight in the arena was over.

The fuckfight raged on and on, Ginny and Calamity’s screams and snarls and shrieks of rage and pleasure growing louder and more frantic as they fucked each other’s brains out.

Calamity realized that she was losing. Her body was shuddering with sexual pleasure, her clit felt like it was 20 times its normal size, her pussy felt like it was on fire, her jerking tits sent pulses of pleasure radiating through her body with every bounce. She forced her eyes open to stare at Ginny’s beautiful face. The redhead’s eyes were closed tight, her gorgeous, sweat-streaked face wearing an expression of intense concentration combined with intense pleasure, as she panted with effort and excitement. Her majestic tits bounced deliciously, her powerful abdomen quivered with effort. Calamity knew that Ginny had to be close to exploding too, but she could not afford to wait. The two women were grinding clits directly into each other. Calamity tightened her grip on Ginny’s thigh and thrust even harder, faster, trying to push Ginny over the edge. Ginny moaned uncontrollably, but then redoubled her own efforts, matching Calamity thrust for thrust. The women opened their eyes and locked green eyes to blue. They panted furiously. They snarled and moaned. Each could see the other could not last much longer.

Calamity sat up and reached for Ginny. Ginny reached for Calamity in reply. The two women wrapped their arms around each other, snaking their arms down to grasp the other’s round, pumping ass. They pulled each other in, trying to increase their mutual penetration. Their thick, fully aroused tits crushed nipple to nipple, their hard, sweat-soaked bellies slapped tight. Calamity shrieked as she felt the pulse of pure ecstasy radiate from her squashed tits, her nipples exploding with sensation as they locked and crushed back Ginny’s nips. The black-haired warrior knew she could not last another moment. The terrible certainty of her impending orgasm filled her loins, an unbearable tension yearning for release. Calamity tightened her grip on Ginny, pulling the redhead in as deep as she could, jerking her hips, grinding her swollen clit on Ginny’s matching sexhorn. Calamity forced her mouth on Ginny’s and kissed the redhead passionately, wildly, ramming her tongue into Ginny’s maw. Ginny met and matched her every step of the way, the redhead’s furious passion and lust on the verge of a volcanic eruption.

Their bodies locked as tightly together as flesh could be, their perfect forms straining and jerking against each other in wild passion, Ginny and Calamity shrieked into each other’s mouths as a massive, shared orgasm shook them to their cores. Their screams of pure ecstasy were stifled in their locked mouths as they shrieked into each other. Grasping each other’s asses, they drove together as hard as they could, keeping their clits glued together, straining, straining desperately, to become one body. Wave after wave of pure pleasure enveloped them. Tears trickled from their tightly shut eyes, their tongues twisted and tangled inside of their hungry mouths as another orgasm rolled through their bodies, electrifying every muscle. Their pussies soaked with womanly ejaculate, their lower bodies grew wet, their thick bushes drenched with moisture. A widening wet spot blossomed on the sand beneath their pumping asses.

Calamity pulled one hand from Ginny’s bucking ass and used it to haul back on Ginny’s head, pulling the redhead out of their passionate kiss. Ginny yanked on Calamity’s hair. The women screamed at the top of their lungs as they pumped hard at each other, still trying to sexually overwhelm each other.

“FUCK, FUCK, YOU FUCKER!!,” Calamity screamed, her eyes shut tightly, her beautiful face slick with sweat and tears.

“Oh, YOU CUNT, YOU CUNT!!,” Ginny shrieked in reply. Her red hair thrashed as her head whipped back.

Cheek to cheek, gasping and sobbing, the two big Amazons clung to each other as the orgasms ran their course. Finally, Ginny and Calamity fell flat on their backs, their bodies still writhing and wriggling as they drilled their aching cunts into each other, both women still trying to milk the other one’s cunt to the last drop. Scissored between each other’s legs, trapped together, they writhed and thrust, moaning in pleasure and effort. Finally, they were both still, except for their heaving tits, punctuated by their exhausted gasps. The women stretched out on the sand, their bodies gleaming with sweat, their thick bushes tangled and wet and streaked with strands of the womanly cream they had discharged into each other.

Around the pit, the cheering and shouting became a pandemonium. Many of the spectators were still recovering from their own orgasms. Bonnie Mae had not come, but she felt almost dizzy with lust. There had never been this kind of epic fight before at the OK Saloon, but there had also never been a tie. She considered how she would save herself some money by paying each of the combatants $75 for a second place finish, but she was already thinking about planning a rematch. Given what had happened here today, a rematch between these two hellcats would be a very lucrative affair.

Down in the pit, Ginny and Calamity began to stir. They rolled in opposite directions and twisted their cunt-locked bodies apart, their sucked twats separating with an audible pop and gush of womanly cream. Gasping, the two gorgeous women glared at each other from over their heaving tits. Their eyes raked over each other’s naked body. They were both filthy, covered in sawdust and sand, the mess sticking to their sweat-drenched skin. Their hair was wet and disheveled. For both fighters, the other woman was the most enraging, erotic sight either had ever seen.

Both women crawled to their knees to face each other. Around the pit, the audience began to quiet down as the spectators realized that the two combatants were speaking to each other.

“You want to call this a draw, Calamity?” Ginny asked her enemy, her voice hoarse. “Or are you ready for another round?”

“I can fuckfight you all night, if I had to, Ginny,” Calamity replied. “I’m more than ready to take you on right now.”

Ginny reached between her legs and stroked her sore, battered twat. She smiled. “Let’s give each other a little taste as a warm-up. Then we can get back into it, cunt to cunt. What do you say?”

Calamity smiled. She crawled across the pit towards Ginny. When she got close enough, she stopped and rolled onto her side, her left leg lifted in the air, exposing her wet, sloppy pussy.

“Come and eat it, baby,” Calamity purred. “I can’t wait to see what you taste like.”

Ginny smiled. She crawled up to Calamity, then rolled on her side so that their bodies were facing each other, but their heads at the opposite ends, their faces pointed right at the juncture of their enemy’s thighs. Ginny also raised her left leg and scooted forward, offering herself to Calamity.

The women fell on each other’s pussy. They eagerly drove their beautiful faces deep into the other woman’s cunt, their tongues probing deep and lapping and licking. They closed their mouths over the other’s twat and sucked furiously, swallowing back as much cum and pussy juice as they could, feasting on each other with raw lust and vicious desire. They closed their powerful thighs around each other’s heads, slipped their arms around each other’s wide hips and spread their hands on the other’s heart-shaped ass. They pulled apart the other woman’s butt cheeks and used eager fingers to probe tight anuses and tease wet, hot cunts. Lying on their sides, Ginny and Calamity ate each other with a ravenous hunger, their muffled moans and cries of pleasure filling the air.

Once again, the audience of excited women sat down to watch and marvel at the pure sexual energy that the two beautiful Amazons were unleashing on each other. “Get her Calamity! Eat her cunt out!” shouted one woman. “Suck her clit off, Ginny!” yelled one of the redhead’s supporters. “Ream her ass, Calamity!” someone else suggested. The audience seemed to break down evenly between supporters of the black-haired beauty and the redheaded stranger. But Ginny and Calamity paid these calls no mind. They were far too lost in the sheer pleasure of devouring each other.

For some time, the women sucked cunts while lying on their sides, their massive breasts crushed tight to each other, underside to underside. After a while, Ginny pushed hard and muscled Calamity onto her back, the redhead rolling herself on top of her opponent, eagerly spreading the other woman beneath her and redoubling her licking and sucking of Calamity’s most sensitive nether regions. Calamity moaned in delight. She attacked Ginny with renewed effort. Neither woman was trying to simply overwhelm the other. Both were trying to slowly, agonizingly tease and seduce the other to the point of sexual surrender. Ginny nibbled and licked and gently sucked at Calamity’s slicked labia when she was not gently sucking and tongue-stroking the other girl’s clit. She probed Calamity’s vaginal canal deep with her fingers and tongue, and used her fingers and tongue to tease and explore the other woman asshole. Calamity did all the same things to Ginny. Both slowly, inexorably, drove the other insane with lust.

The cunt-eating had only been meant to prime their pumps to get both women back in the mood for a twat to twat grand finale. But the women were soon too immersed in what they were doing, too determined to prove who was better at eating pussy. They would not stop. Calamity rolled their locked bodies, taking the top position. It was not long before Ginny rolled her over and resumed the top spot. After that, the two women began slowly rolling from side to side in the pit, their muffled cries of rage and lust becoming ever louder and more urgent. Their bodies became covered in sawdust and sand and straw as they churned around and around the pit, struggling to force each other to an orgasmic defeat.

Ginny and Calamity finger-fucked and ass-fingered each other, while they sucked on each other’s clits. The pleasure and tension built and built inside of them. Ginny could feel a terrible orgasm swelling deep in her core, straining and growing and expanding. She knew that she had to break free of Calamity’s attack. With a grunt, she released the other woman and pushed Calamity away hard, using her legs to kick apart from the black-haired woman. Calamity glared at Ginny, momentarily stunned by the sudden separation from her fuck-fighting partner. She started to smile, believing that Ginny had admitted that she could not handle much more pussy-eating. Before Calamity’s smile had barely started, however, Ginny spread her thighs wide. She panted as she rubbed her hot, sloppy pussy smartly and smiled lasciviously.

“I think that was a lot of pump priming, Calamity,” the redhead drawled. “I think we’re both nice and lathered up. Don’t you think it’s time for the main event?”

Calamity smiled widely. “Why, yes, I think I do, Ginny. Are you ready to cream, whore?”

“Oh, I’m ready to make you squirt ‘til your cunt dries up, Calamity,” Ginny replied.

The two women crab-walked across the sand and sawdust, their dirty bodies aching to be reunited, twat to twat. The excitement in the room reached another fever pitch as the audience screamed for Ginny or Calamity to destroy the other.

Ginny and Calamity’s wet, throbbing pussies came together with a hard, wet slap of enraged, engorged cuntflesh. The women screamed in concert, then grinned at each other savagely as they gripped the other’s thigh and began grinding and pounding and thrusting their burning cunts together. The women’s grunts soon turned to moans and groans of pleasure, then screams and cries of ecstasy. Ginny and Calamity rubbed their clits together relentlessly, ferociously, each determined to make the other come, to outlast her enemy. The fuckfight raged on, the battling women’s cries of sexual agony mixing with the cheers and shouts of the excited spectators.

Calamity and Ginny grabbed each other’s legs and ground their clits together furiously, their asses and hips moving in a hard circle, their tits bouncing hard, their eyes wide and glaring with desperate lust and the determination to fuck the other into submission. The incredible mutual fucking went on and on. The crowd grew more frenzied as Calamity and Ginny’s moans and screams of pleasure grew more frantic.

Suddenly, Calamity gasped and shuddered, her eyes fluttering and her concentration shattering as an incredible fire erupted in her loins, threatening to explode. She felt the intense tightening in her lower belly, the sign of point-of-no-return. She had been on the verge of climax for a while, but this time the sense was different. As Calamity struggled to hold back the orgasm boiling up from her cunt, Ginny saw her advantage. She shoved Calamity hard, causing the black-haired beauty to fall over onto her back, momentarily disengaging the women’s battling quims.

Ginny quickly leaped on top of Calamity. She used her powerful knees and thighs to push apart Calamity’s knees and thighs, leaving the black-haired woman’s juicy gash open, unprotected and inviting. She wrapped her arms around Calamity’s back, grabbed the woman’s raven-black hair and yanked hard, anchoring herself. Ginny slammed her massive, throbbing tits down onto Calamity’s equally luscious rack. Calamity screamed in rage and pain and exquisite pleasure as her meaty tits pancaked with Ginny’s orbs. At the same time, Ginny powered her throbbing clit down deep into Calamity’s waiting fuckmeat. The redhead shuddered as she felt her pulsing sexhorn slide between Calamity’s labia, even as the rest of her thick, meaty twat squashed tight and hard and wet to Calamity’s cunt, pussylips flattening against pussylips.

Ginny’s swollen clit scraped along the underside of Calamity’s engorged clit, licking and stroking the length of the other woman’s sexhorn, until the two clits squashed head to head, directly crushing each other’s most sensitive, delicious parts. Ginny began grinding her aching clit, her soaking twat, deep into Calamity’s matching fuckhole. The redhead writhed along the length of Calamity’s delicious body, rubbing all of her slick, hot flesh to the raven-haired woman’s equally voluptuous form. Ginny wriggled her round, heart-shaped ass, using short, hard thrusts to grind and grind at Calamity, clit to clit. Her tits locked nipple to nipple and areola to areola with Calamity’s, each slight movement of tit on tit and belly on belly enough to send pulsating ripples of pleasure vibrating through both women.

Calamity arched her back and thrust back at Ginny, moving her hips, keeping their clits glued together, writhing and rubbing her body back against her powerful attacker. The women were pressed cheek to cheek, their heads turned in the same direction. Their eyes were closed, but their whimpers, moans and snarls of raw ecstasy spiraled higher and higher. Their sweaty manes tangled and they groaned and sobbed uncontrollably as they fucked and fucked.

All around the arena, the audience of randy women screamed and whooped, their sexual arousal and excitement almost volcanic in its intensity. “Throw her off, Calamity!” one woman advised. “Grind her clit to mush, Ginny!” another woman screamed. The women with a view of Ginny and Calamity’s rippling asses could see the incredibly erotic scene of the constant, rhythmic thrusting of Ginny’s swollen clit to Calamity’s equally huge, hard sexual weapon.

Calamity bucked hard and arched her back even higher in a last ditch attempt to throw Ginny off of her. She tried to work her hands between their struggling bodies and onto Ginny’s massive tits. But Ginny was too strong and her grip on Calamity’s body too tight.

Both women were trembling, shuddering with sexual power and desire. Calamity felt her body filled to the brim with incredible erotic power and she knew she was on the verge of an unbearably intense explosion. Ginny felt the same way. She kept her clit plastered to Calamity’s clit, even as she struggled to force Calamity to take more pleasure than she could stand, but Ginny was barely able to keep her own body from collapsing in sexual bliss. She felt like her magnificent body had melted to Calamity’s body, she felt as though she and her opponent had become one shared throbbing, thrashing mass of erotic, burning flesh, their meaty tits and their juicy cunts and their electric clits all fused into sheer ecstasy.

Ginny’s insistent pounding and grinding awoke the insatiable erotic lust building in Calamity’s core, filling it to overflowing. Calamity lost control, suddenly desiring nothing more than to fuck and be fucked senseless. Calamity spread her legs even wider, tilted her pelvis to allow even better and fuller access to her blazing cunt. She wrapped her arms around Ginny’s sweating, thrashing body, then slipped her hands to Ginny’s round, pumping ass. She sank her fingers into the taut, round assmeat, pulling Ginny harder into her cunt, begging for even deeper violation, even stronger clit to clit fucking. Ginny happily obliged, ramming and grinding her pulsing cunt as deep into Calamity’s ravenous twat as she could. The pace of the women’s bucking, grinding fuck increased frantically, their limbs twined and straining.

Calamity screamed as she came, thrashing uncontrollably beneath the redheaded victor. The big, black-haired Amazon arched her back and struggled to pull Ginny’s attacking cunt as deep into her as she could. Ginny ground her wet, hot pussy into Calamity’s crotch with all of her strength and passion, arching her back as she rammed her twat as hard as she could into Calamity’s sopping wet cunt. Ginny’s body was trembling with erotic power, but she concentrated on stabbing Calamity’s engorged clit with her own sexhorn. The dark-haired woman shook and trembled as orgasmic contractions rippled through her voluptuous body. Her cunt liquor spurted and sprayed onto the dusty floor, some of the fragrant liquid splattering the audience in the first row. Some of the hot, creamy cum injected up into Ginny’s conquering cunt, washing the women’s locked clits with liquid heat.

The redhead felt Calamity’s nails raking her back, Calamity’s teeth scoring her shoulder as the raven-haired beauty shuddered and screamed. Ginny bit and scratched back in reply. Ginny’s face streamed with tears as she struggled to control Calamity’s bucking body. The redhead pinned Calamity beneath her and let her weight keep her clit grinding on Calamity’s clit, her tits mashed to Calamity’s tits, as she rode her opponent to the end. Ginny knew she was so close to an excruciatingly delicious orgasm, but she wanted to hold it back.

Around the room, more than a dozen women moaned as members of the audience diddled themselves and came from their own twisting fingers. Then the room was in turmoil as the audience cheered and hollered their approval. Money began changing hands and Bonnie Mae got up to collect and distribute the bets.

The redhead and the dark-haired woman lay wrapped together, their limbs twined like mating snakes, their bodies soaked in sweat and cum. Their pulsing clits throbbed together in the aftermath, knotted tightly within their inosculated twats. The women were panting and gasping for air. After awhile, Ginny hauled herself off of her defeated opponent, their luscious bodies peeling apart. Calamity lay on the ground of the pit, an arm thrown back over her eyes, hiding her tears of anger and humiliation. Her chest rose and fell, her magnificent tits shuddering.

Ginny was magnanimous in victory. She reached down and offered her hand to the dark-haired woman. Calamity looked up. She had expected Ginny to subject her to a humiliating victory fuck. But, apparently, the redhead was not going to extract a victory orgasm for herself.

Ginny pulled strongly until Calamity stood beside her. She leaned forward and whispered something in Calamity’s ear. Then she put her arm around Calamity’s shoulders and led the dark-haired beauty away into the bathing room. The naked Amazons walked side by side, naked hips swaying in unison, pressed together. Their beautiful bodies were filthy, covered in womanly liquids as well as the sand and sawdust of the arena. The bathing room door closed behind them.

In the arena, the room gradually quieted down as the wagers were settled. Bonnie Mae patted Lulu’s hand. The little assistant barkeep looked a little dazed. Bonnie Mae could not blame the girl; it had been quite a match. Bonnie Mae smiled as she collected her share of the earnings. The battle between Calamity and Ginny had been very profitable and the barkeeper already saw the prospects for a lot more profit. Bonnie Mae made her way into the bathing room to see how the two sexual gladiators were doing.

Ginny was sitting outside the tub. Calamity sat in it, her demeanor subdued. Ginny was bathing her, running her hands over Calamity’s beautiful tits, dipping her hands down deep into the water to run them over the dark-haired beauty’s belly to probe at her cunt. When Bonnie Mae entered the room, the two women were kissing, tongues gently lapping at each other.

“Hey, girls,” Bonnie Mae smiled. Calamity and Ginny disengaged, turning their attention to the barkeep, but both distracted. Bonnie Mae grinned. She knew what both women would rather be focused on in that moment. “I won’t take a lot of your time, girls. First, great match! The best we’ve ever had here. I’ll go get your money. Ginny, you’ll get $100 for your win. Calamity, you’ll get $100, too – $75 for your fight with Ginny and another $25 for beating Susie earlier.”

“Sounds good, Bonnie Mae,” Ginny smiled. The big redhead was cupping one of Calamity’s breasts with her right hand.

“One question, Ginny,” Bonnie Mae asked. “What did you whisper to Calamity after the fight?”

Both women smiled lewdly.

“I told her that’s one she owed me. We’re going to settle up in here.”

Bonnie Mae smiled at the naked wildcats. “Well, then, I’ll be back…after payment is rendered.” The barkeep left the bathing room and pulled the door shut behind her. In the arena beyond, the sounds of a new battle could be heard. The fight between Ginny and Calamity had left behind a whole room full of juiced-up women, anxious to go at each other. But, in the bathing room, Ginny and Calamity were in their own world, ready to settle what was owed.

Sexfight at the OK Corral, Part II

Ginny poured a pitcher of hot water over Calamity’s hair, washing the grime and sawdust out of the woman’s raven tresses, leaving the dusky beauty with a long, thick column of dark hair sliding down her back. Much of the dirt, sweat and cum had washed away from Calamity’s gorgeous body, leaving her shining and slick. Ginny smiled down at her defeated foe, then stood up. Calamity admired the redhead’s magnificent body with hungry eyes. Her gaze lingered on Ginny’s heavy, round tits and hard nipples, her taut stomach, her thick thatch of red pubic hair, her fat-lipped pussy. Calamity felt her sexual fever building, but at a leisurely pace, like a slow-burning fuse. She had just experienced a series of the most intense orgasms of her life and, while she certainly wanted more, her insatiable sexual appetite was momentarily a little less hungry than usual. By contrast, she knew that Ginny had worked herself into a sexual lather without release. Getting away from the direct clit to clit contact had helped the redhead regain some control, but the sexual need burning in her core was unabated and rapidly growing to a fever as she caressed Calamity’s perfect body. Now, Ginny wanted her release. She wanted to feel Calamity writhing and grinding beneath her, she wanted to feel her powerful cunt convulsing and jetting steaming hot cum into her beaten opponent. She wanted to claim her reward for being the dominant bitch.

Ginny and Calamity smiled at each other with wanton hunger as the redhead stood on the stool beside the tub, then lifted her leg over the tub’s rim and into the hot water. In a moment, she lowered her entire delicious body into the steaming hot water, then immersed herself completely. After a moment, her head emerged from the water, her red mane now wet and dark. She raised her hands to behind her head, to smooth back and squeeze out the long braid of hair hanging down her back. As she did so, her massive tits rose high on her chest, their sharp nipples pointing right at Calamity. Calamity smiled lasciviously and reached out and gripped each hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard, rolling the thick brown cylinders. Ginny gasped and her eyes fluttered with the sudden, intense pleasure. With a moan, she reached for Calamity’s swollen nipples and returned the grip. For a few delicious moments, the two women squeezed each other’s nipples, until the pain and pleasure caused them to gasp and push away.

Calamity leaned back in the tub. She stretched out and spread her legs wide, lifting her legs out of the water and placing one ankle on each side of the tub. Her arms rested along the tub’s back rim. Her magnificent tits floated in front of her beautiful face. She smiled at Ginny, a slow, arrogant grin. Then she raised her pelvis, pushing it up, up until her pussy broke the water, allowing Ginny to stare into the thick, dark fuckmeat. The redhead licked her lips, her body throbbing with lust, her breasts and cunt swollen with heat.

“Come and get it, Ginny, “ Calamity breathed. “Come over here and give me a little ride. Let’s see if I can milk that little red pussy good.”

Ginny was almost crazy with lust. She knew that Calamity was taunting her, she knew that the black-haired bitch was not nearly as humble as a humiliated, defeated woman should be. She knew that Calamity was flaunting her greater control, her ability to drive Ginny crazy with need. But Ginny did not care. In that moment, all that mattered was locking her body into Calamity’s luscious body and fucking and fucking and fucking…

Struggling to control herself, the unrelieved heat in her loins almost as great as it had been when she had fucked Calamity into submission, Ginny leaned forward, moving her body between Calamity’s legs, raising her tits up and then lowering them slowly down onto Calamity’s waiting boobs. Their breasts came together nipple to nipple, sending an electrical pulse through the gasping women. Ginny pushed herself forward, mashing her thick titmeat to Calamity’s luscious rack. Both women groaned in pleasure, but Ginny could hear even in her own cry that she needed Calamity’s body desperately. Calamity’s arms folded around Ginny’s powerful back and tightened, crushing the women’s tits into one throbbing, meaty join. Swollen nipples grated and penetrated each other. Ginny placed her hands on the rim of the tub on either side of Calamity’s head, bracing herself. She felt her hard belly slap and meld to Calamity’s taut belly. Ginny slid her aching twat onto Calamity’s waiting cunt. The women’s bodies mated. Forehead to forehead, eye to eye, nose to nose, the two women struggled to keep their eyes open, their stares locked, as their slick, hungry cunts mashed and melted into one, sending flares of exquisite sexual pleasure and raw power racing through their forms. Green eyes locked to blue, Ginny and Calamity looked deep into each other, both determined to see and share their mutual violation at the most intimate level. They panted into each other, moist breath mixing. Calamity wrapped her thighs around Ginny’s waist, locking the redhead into place. Moaning madly, Ginny thrust down into Calamity’s lush, hot cunt with all the power of her ass. She needed to feel the insane pleasure promised by the succulent meat between Calamity’s legs. Calamity thrust up to meet her and both women screamed, then moaned, with incredible pleasure as their bodies violated each other once again.

Ginny’s rock hard clit slid between Calamity’s soft, wet labia and pressed tight and hard against Calamity’s sexhorn. The dark-haired beauty’s clit was hard, but not yet as solid a shaft as Ginny’s. But, in moments, Calamity’s clit grew as hard and thick as Ginny’s clit, the incredible arousal rushing through the women’s locked bodies too powerful to resist. Ginny and Calamity felt Calamity’s clit swell against Ginny’s invading sexhorn, swelling up to lock and twine tight with Ginny’s clit. The women screamed in unison, then sobbed uncontrollably as wave after wave of ecstasy rushed over them.

Ginny began driving, pumping her hips and ass, riding Calamity with all of her strength. She gripped the rim of the tub and crushed herself as hard and tight to Calamity as she could, tit to tit and cunt to cunt. Calamity moved with her, her body fixed to Ginny’s perfect form, her hips and ass working to keep her body writhing and grinding back against Ginny’s, clits fused in erotic bliss.

As the women bucked and humped together, the water in the tub sloshed up on all sides. They kept fucking, kept grinding.

“That’s it, Ginny, fuck me, fuck me good,” Calamity moaned. “Come for me, baby, come for me, you dirty carrot-topped whore!”

“Fuck you, cunt, I’m going to make your pussy weep, Calamity,” Ginny snarled back in reply, her body heaving and trembling. But she knew that she was too close to the verge, she knew that her pussy would be the one weeping hot cum before long.

The women panted into each other’s beautiful faces, their eyes shining with hate and lust as they fucked and fucked. Ginny was trembling, her body shuddering with erotic power. Calamity was quivering too, the incredible pleasure of the clit on clit fuck almost too much to bear. But she tightened her grip on Ginny’s bucking body, she squeezed her redheaded rival’s cunt with all the strength of her cunt, and she worked her clit harder against Ginny’s throbbing clit.

Ginny’s grip on the tub’s rim tightened, and she arched her back as she shrieked in ecstasy. Her hips and ass drove her clit against Calamity’s sexhorn with incredible force and pleasure. Her insides convulsed and a delicious, unbearable orgasm burned up from her cunt to envelope her entire body. She felt a long, hard shot of ejaculate erupt from her quim to shoot into Calamity’s welcoming twat.

“That’s it, baby, come for me, come for me, you cunt, you fucking whore!” Calamity snarled at her, the dark-haired beauty’s face and eyes alive with lust and malice. She clung to Ginny, keeping the redhead locked tight. Calamity kept her rock-hard clit working against Ginny’s exploding clit, eager to force more cum out of her rival.

Ginny gasped as her pussy drained, then cried out in passion as Calamity’s clitfucking stroked her throbbing sexhorn back to the point of near orgasm almost immediately.

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh,” Ginny moaned, struggling to control herself. But the pleasure inside of her ballooned to unbearable levels under the power of Calamity’s vindictive clit and Ginny felt herself fill to the brim once again.

“FUCKING GODDD!!,” Ginny screamed as she came a second time, her inner core growing unbearably tense, then releasing in a long, hard shot of cum. She bucked wildly, ramming her hips and cunt down on Calamity’s twat as hard as she could. Calamity’s hands were on Ginny’s ass, her strong fingers digging into the redhead’s assmeat.

“Yes, give it to me,”Calamity snarled, “give me all of your cum! I’m going to milk every drop from you, whore!”

Ginny tried to resist, but it was useless. A moment later, her body convulsed again as a third orgasm burned out of her thrashing body. Calamity was watching her intently, eye to eye and nose to nose, the dark-haired beauty’s gorgeous face smug with a look of vengeful triumph.

Suddenly, Calamity’s smug smile disappeared and her eyes widened in shock. She felt an incredibly powerful orgasm trembling in her core, something that boiled up out of the deepest levels of her womanhood. She knew that she could not control it and her cries of triumph turned to a shriek of pure ecstasy.

At the same instant, Ginny felt a fourth, mind-shattering orgasm building in her core, a climax that built on the fury of her previous three explosions. She knew that it would strike with devastating force and pleasure.

The two women looked into each other’s astonished eyes. They could both see what was happening and, wordlessly, they resolved to outdo each other, to force the other one to come first. They bucked and humped in unison, grinding clit on clit, then twisted and locked their pulsing clits into one. Their clits fused, then seemed to expand like fleshy balloons, swelling up with indescribable pleasure, filling their grinding bodies with erotic electricity, before releasing at the same moment.

“OH FUCKING GOODDDD!!!,” Ginny shrieked, her quim convulsing and ejaculating with a force and pleasure that left her drained and almost senseless.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUUCCCKKKK!!!,” Calamity howled, her body shooting a stream of hot cum deep into Ginny’s vaginal canal, but flowing out to season the hot water in which they struggled.

The women locked onto each other, they twined their legs tight, they wrapped their arms around each other and squeezed as hard as they could. Ginny locked her mouth to Calamity’s mouth. Calamity eagerly twisted her tongue around Ginny’s invading taste organ and bucked with joy as their bodies flowed together. They heaved and trembled, kissing and sucking, grinding and thrashing, flesh to flesh, tit on tit, cunt locked to cunt, clit fused to throbbing clit. The water from the tub sloshed out on all sides as the women shuddered with pure, unbearable pleasure.

After a while the orgasms receded and Ginny and Calamity lay twined together, their bodies floating together in the post-orgasmic bliss. The steam rose from the water around them. They had released so much cum that Calamity idly wondered if they were also floating in steaming hot womanly ejaculate.

After a few minutes, Ginny raised her head. She looked down into Calamity’s dark blue eyes, nose to nose.

“You’re an ungrateful little sow, Calamity,” said Ginny, her good –natured grin in place, but her eyes sharp. “I could have fucked your brains out in the pit. Instead, I get you in here to do you in private and you try to turn the tables on me. That’s just being unneighborly.”

“You won in the pit because I was tired and pumped up from my fight with Susie,” Calamity replied. “I don’t think you can be that lucky again.”

“Hm. Sounds to me like someone doesn’t want to admit which of us is the better woman,” Ginny drawled. “I fucked your brains out in front of about 50 people, cunt. I’ve got lots of witnesses.”

“I’m willing to settle this in private, Ginny,” Calamity replied. “There are lots of rooms upstairs. Just you and me, tit to tit, cunt to cunt and clit to clit. As long as it takes to work this out. Are you game?”

Ginny smiled. She pulled herself off of Calamity and stepped out of the steaming hot tub. She reached for a thick towel and started to dry herself off.

“I can’t think of a better way to spend my time, Calamity,” Ginny finally replied. “I’m going to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget.”

Calamity climbed out of the tub, smiling. Ginny handed the black-haired beauty a towel. Standing close, almost tit to tit, the two women glared dangerously into each other’s eyes as they toweled down.

Just then, Bonnie Mae came into the room. She instantly sensed the tension. “Here’s your money, girls,”the barkeep said. She was holding two envelopes. She paused. “Anything wrong?”

“Not at all, Bonnie Mae, “ Ginny replied, her eyes never leaving Calamity’s eyes. “Just that Calamity and I have a little disagreement that we need to work out. D’ya think I can use some of my winnings to rent a room for the rest of the day and night?”

Bonnie Mae smiled lasciviously. “Hey, no problem at all, Ginny. I’m glad to hear that you two girls are interested in working out your problems, peaceful-like.” She smiled wider. “I can hold your money until you’re ready for it. And I’ll get you our best room right now. Just follow me.”

Their eyes shooting daggers at each other, Ginny and Calamity followed Bonnie Mae out a back door and up an inner staircase. The Amazons were still gloriously naked. There was no need to put on clothing for the short distance they were traveling and what they had in mind when they got there. They emerged on the balcony on the second floor, looking down at the bar below. A few patrons looked up at them curiously. Bonnie Mae led the women down the balcony and then down another corridor that led deeper into the hotel. They came to a double door. The proprietor pushed the doors open to reveal a well-appointed room with a large, solidly-built double-bed.

“Thanks, Bonnie Mae,” said Ginny. “Now, if you don’t mind, Calamity and I should get down to business. Could you hang the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the doorknob on the way out?”

Calamity was already making her way towards the bed, her wide hips swinging seductively, her heavy tits jiggling with each step. She pulled down the bedclothes, then stripped them off the bed, leaving it just a mattress with a covering sheet.

“Sure thing, Ginny,” said Bonnie Mae. “I’ll check in on you girls later, just to make sure you’re alright.”

Ginny and Calamity’s eyes were locked. Ginny was moving towards the bed, her body swaying. Calamity had climbed onto the bed like a cat. She now arranged herself, sitting back on her magnificent ass, spreading her thighs wide, shoving out her sopping wet pussy for Ginny’s inspection. Her thick, round brown tits were topped with rock-hard nips.

Just before she left, Bonnie Mae looked back to see Ginny arranging herself on the bed, spreading her legs to match Calamity’s position. The women were sitting that way, cunt pointing at cunt, tits heaving with excited pants, eyes locked and glowing with shared lust, when Bonnie Mae finally left the room. She hung the sign on the door and then waited a moment longer to hear what went on through the door. She heard the sound of wet meat slapping, followed by screams and growls of passion. The gasps and grunts were suddenly stifled, but the sound of the bed creaking under bucking, grinding bodies continued. Smiling raggedly, her body burning with heat, Bonnie Mae locked the door and then turned away and walked down the hall and left her guests to their private affair.


For the rest of the day, Bonnie Mae passed by the locked door at least once an hour. She listened intently and always heard the delicious sounds of erotic warfare that made her nipples hard and her pussy wet. She heard grunts and gasps and cries and moans of indescribable ecstasy. Twice, she passed by and did not even have to listen at the door as howls of orgasmic bliss traveled from behind the locked door and out into the hallway.

By the time 10 o’clock that night rolled around, Bonnie Mae was almost worried. Ginny and Calamity had been fucking each other for almost five hours straight. But when she passed by the door, the screams and catcalls of two women engaged in a delicious fuckfight continued to greet her.

At around midnight, she could not take it anymore. She used her master key to open the door and sneak in. By the light of a nightlamp on the sidetable, she saw Ginny riding Calamity, their bodies gleaming with sweat. The room was awash in the intoxicating odors of sex and womanly secretions. Calamity’s left leg was on Ginny’s shoulder and the women’s hot cunts were meshed together in a scissorlock. The incredibly erotic sound of wet, hot flesh sucking and squelching together filled the room. Ginny was fucking Calamity powerfully, her voluptuous body almost bouncing on top of the raven-haired vixen, as she drove her clit deep into the folds of Calamity’s steaming hot twat. Both women were kneading and squeezing the other’s tits. Their pants and cries of pleasure were growing in volume. Their eyes were glazed with raw pleasure. Bonnie Mae could tell that the women were so focused on each other, so lost in the world of their own sexual warfare, that they did not even know she was there. She watched until Ginny and Calamity bucked and screamed, both of them ejaculating hard only moments apart. Ginny fell across Calamity’s body, panting and gasping. Calamity wrapped her arms around Ginny and moaned. Bonnie Mae sneaked out.

An hour or so later, Bonnie Mae returned. Once again, she found the women locked together, cunt to cunt. Ginny was riding Calamity again, her hands gripping the bedhead as she rolled and pumped her hips, driving herself deep into Calamity’s thick, wet cunt. But Calamity was holding Ginny’s massive tits in her hands and had raised her head so that she could suck hard at the redhead’s engorged nipples, biting and licking the thick nubs, even as her pussy took a pounding. As Bonnie Mae watched, the redhead jerked and screamed, throwing back her head to howl at the ceiling. Her hips thrust powerfully, her body stiffened, and Bonnie Mae could smell the hot flow of cum that Ginny injected into Calamity’s cunt. As Ginny convulsed in orgasm, Calamity bucked up and twisted, rolling Ginny onto her back. Now Calamity began grinding and pounding her enflamed twat into Ginny’s exploding cunt, clearly trying to fuck every orgasm that she could out her redheaded rival. Her massive tits bounced exuberantly. After a few minutes of cunt to cunt pounding, Calamity reared up, ran her hands through her thick mane of raven tresses, and screamed in bliss, jerking hard with her hips. Ginny moved with her, howling out her own release. Gasping, the two women collapsed in each other’s arms. Eye to eye and nose to nose, they whispered things to each other, things that Bonnie Mae could not quite make out. Calamity slipped her tongue into Ginny’s mouth and the women kissed passionately, hungrily, even as they twined their limbs together. Then, slicked with sweat, cheek to cheek, moaning in pleasure, Ginny and Calamity passed out and slept. Bonnie Mae sneaked out of the room, then went to find Lulu. She needed to find a way to relieve her own sexual tension.

A few hours later, Bonnie Mae passed by Calamity and Ginny’s room. It was the middle of the night and she was going to visit the washroom. The sounds of hot, animal sex came flowing out of the room again and she knew, with a sly grin, that the women had gained their second wind.

It was late the following morning before Bonnie Mae entered the room again. She found Ginny and Calamity sprawled together on the bed, their bodies trapped between each other’s thighs. They had tribbed each other into unconsciousness. The women were even still gripping each other’s right thigh. “Well,” Bonnie Mae thought to herself, “I can’t think of a better way to fall to sleep.”

The women looked sore and battered. Their gorgeous bodies were covered in small scratches and bite marks. They were shining with sweat and cum. The room stank of sex and sweat. But the two locked together Amazons were the most erotic sight Bonnie Mae had ever seen.

The barkeep went to the window and pulled the curtain open, letting in a flow of sunlight. Ginny and Calamity immediately began to stir, both women holding their hands in front of their eyes to shield them from the harsh light.

“Bonnie Mae?” groaned Calamity. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, this is my place, gorgeous,” the proprietor returned with a smile. “How about you two ladies? Have you worked out your differences?”

Calamity and Ginny peeled their bodies apart and glared at each other. Bonnie Mae thrilled to feel the spark of sexual tension filling the air once again. “God,” she thought to herself,”These bitches really are insatiable!”

“No,” Ginny replied. “Calamity still hasn’t accepted that I’m the better woman. I’m going to need a bit more time to convince her.” The redhead’s eyes were blazing with lust.

“Fuck that, Ginny” Calamity snapped. “I made you squirt like a hose for the whole night. We both know that I’m better than you.”

“Ladies!” Bonnie Mae said loudly, before the women started up again. “You’re welcome to stay here and keep on having your discussion for as long as you like! You know how much I love good conversation.” She smiled mischievously. “I’ll have some water and food sent up to you. I doubt you two got much last night,” she said, though she noted that there was an empty pitcher of water on the side table.

“Before you start up again, I’d like to make a proposal to the two of you: in two weeks time, let’s stage an official rematch between the two of you for the pit. And, seeing how much you like going at each other, why don’t we make it a match for the best of five? I can guarantee, if we do this right, we’ll all make a lot of money! Enough to make a $100 pay day look like peanuts!”

Calamity and Ginny glared at each other. Then Calamity spoke. “I’ll do it. But only on one condition: we do it the best out of ten.”

“Ten?” Bonnie Mae gasped. Then she thought about it. These two hellcats had been fucking each other’s brains out all day and night. Clearly, they brought out an incredible amount of lust in each other.Ten might be easy for them. And she was sure that the crowd would not be bored.

“Ginny? Does ten sound good to you?” Bonnie Mae asked the redhead.

Ginny was glaring angrily at her black-haired rival. “Ten is absolutely fine, Bonnie Mae,” Ginny responded. “I’ll be happy to ride this black-haired whore into the ground.”

Calamity glared back at Ginny. “Alright, in two weeks time. In the meantime, we’re not done here. Bonnie Mae, could you have some lubricant sent up, along with the water and food? And maybe a nice, thick dildo, too. We still have unfinished business here.”

“More than happy to oblige, dear,” Bonnie Mae replied, with a happy grin. But she could see she had outstayed her welcome. The two women were now crawling towards each other on the bed, arranging their legs for another cunt to cunt battle. Their eyes were locked in vengeful glares, their chests were heaving with pants and growing excitement. Bonnie Mae picked up the heavy smell of burning womanhood and she knew it was time to leave. “I’ll have them leave everything outside of your door. You can get the food, water, the lubricant and the dildo when you have a chance.” The women were no longer listening to her.

Bonnie Mae hurried to the door and opened it, then stepped out into the hall and locked the door. She listened intently. She heard the sound of angry voices and an exchange of curses. Then, she heard the sound of hot, wet flesh mating, sucking and slapping together. Moans and cries of pleasure began to waft from the room and she heard the bed creaking with the rhythm of violent, eager thrusts. Smiling brightly, her eyes lit with greed and more than a little lust, Bonnie Mae hurried off to make the arrangements.

The End

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