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Karl Butters’ Stories

About the Author

My name is Karl Butters and I wrote my first catfight story when I in middle school.  I’ve lost all my early stories which, even though they were very bad, is a shame because I would love to read them now. 

The first catfight I ever remember was Wonder Woman in the old 70s television series.  I was young, only 7 or 8, when I saw the famous office fight between WW and a Nazi spy.  Seeing WW, who I idolized and I thought was so strong and dominant, almost defeated by an ordinary woman made my stomach fill with butterflies and I felt flushed and lightheaded.  At first, I was disturbed at the sight of WW being roughed up but discovered that I couldn’t look away.   After that, I would watch WW episodes, desperately hoping to see another catfight, and extremely disappointed when I did not. 

The old Wonder Woman series imparted a deep love of seeing powerful women in catfights.  Most of the stars of my stories are tall, shapely, powerful (or at least seemingly powerful) women. 

Also, a lot of my stories involve women fighting in front of their man.  A woman passionately fighting to impress her man is incredibly sexy to me, especially when she fails. 

Recently, I started writing The Andrea Chronicles.  These were not written for the entertainment value of others but are a chronicling of the “pillow talk” between my wife and me.  Over the years we (mostly me, with my wife contributing sections) have created stories involving my wife, Andrea, as the star.  Andrea is not like the Amazon beauties that star in most of my stories.  Instead, she is only 5’2 and about 120 lbs., but like most of my female lead characters, she is shapely with a nice rack and a healthy butt.  I have said many times that Andrea is a better wife than I deserve.  She is way out of my league, yet she selflessly treats me like a king.

When I first brought up my fantasy of seeing her in a fight, she was hesitant, not liking the idea of bringing another woman into our love life.  After she realized that she was the feature attraction and the other woman in the story was unimportant, she began to warm to the idea and now appreciates the stories.  My wife loves a good spanking and would probably really get into the S&M scene, if that was my thing, so she seems to enjoy being roughed up.  She also delights in defeating another woman, which does happen from time to time. 

The first stories were mild wrestling type fights, as I gently introduced Andrea to the world of female fighting.  Over the years, the fights have gotten wilder as my wife has proven she can handle a rough fight (and in many cases a bad beating).  The fights are also somewhat accurate to who my wife and I believe would win IRL.  

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Karl Butters’ Stories

All Quiet in the Library

Without my help, Ms. White was still able to buck Karissa off. Her cool confidence was gone, Ms. White now had a look of desperation as she tried to crawl away from the redheaded student. Karissa grabbed her skirt, in an attempt to stop her escape, but it slid down the blonde’s long, shapely legs.

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The Andrea Chronicles:
Chapters 1-3

My wife was the stronger of the two and was able to mount the brunette and put her in a schoolgirl pin. Andrea did not maintain her dominate position long though. Her lush, heavy breasts were too inviting of a target, and Eve reached up and grabbed them, digging her nails deep into the soft, creamy mounds of flesh. Eve drove my wife onto her back, maintaining her torturous grip.

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My Neighbor Mona

In the struggle, Mona’s robe came open. Tommy did not want to see his mom so exposed and with the fight in hand, went inside his apartment. I, on the other hand, was very aroused by the sight of her scantily clad body.

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Summer Steele, Action Star

“I don’t need your help, you cheap slut.”

“Cheap slut?  Maybe you deserve to be beat.”

” You Bitch! I’ve a good mind to beat your ass!” Chloe was clearly letting her temper get the better of her. Summer was significantly bigger and had proven to be a skilled martial arts master. This was making for great TV.

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